A Female Standoff

Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

C'ian reaches for Niva's hand to help her down, looking around. "And look at this. That S'ver. I swear. He works the Weyrlings to death, and they don't get any time to come to the beach. Why, when I was a Weyrling, we were /always/ at the beach."

Kysli is most definitly always on the beach, though normally the main beach. But yet again the woman is taking a walk and has wandered this far, perfectly oblivious to everyone around her.

Niva reaches for C'ian's hand, taking it as she manages to get to the ground slightly less haphazardly then normal, landing softly and without the loud thud. Giving the hand another squeeze, she wrinkles up her nose and glances around, gaze stopping momentarily on Kysli before responding. "I've been told its not just S'ver, though, inflicting all the work.."

"Who else?" the weyrleader asks, before noticing Kysli. "Hey!" he calls over to his ex-weyrmate and gives a wave. It's always a party when these three are together. At least, that's what the rumor around the Weyr is.

Niva has only snapped on Kysli.. once? in the recent past. Only once, really. Niva takes half a step back as he attempts to get Kysli's attention, automatically, before glancing sideways at him, quietly answering the initial question. "Well, L'alie's own lifemate seems to run her ragged.."

Oh sure, a party… uh-huh. The three of them don't tend to get together very often, if at all. Wave is returned and after slight hesitation Kysli starts in their direction, a small smile on her face. Stopping at a nice comfortable conversation distance she stands, head tilted to one side. "Hello to you both." with a nod and all, polite.

A fun, wonderful party at that. A bit of a nervous look is given to Casp as Kys steps closer, fingers curled absently around his wrist before she looks back at Kysli, managing a bit of a smile before ducking her head and peeking up at Kys, her head tilted to one side. "Sorry about, um… Yeah." Blowing up? And one can believe this is the first opportunity Niva would have taken to apologize for it. No matter how long ago it was.

Kysli gives her shoulders a slight roll and actually smiles a little at Niva. "It's okay." Nonchalant and not moving towards Casp at all, she's an equal distance from both. Niva appologizing at all is rather suprising to her actually, but it's not easy to tell that.

C'ian frowns some as he looks between the two. Well, if Kysli isn't going to move forward, than he will. He gives Kysli and hug and smiles. "Doing good? I hope that you haven't been worked too hard."

Niva hangs back at C'ian steps forward, ducking her head idly as she shuffles her feet in the sand. "She told me she would like a vacation…" Of course Niva just /has/ to add that. Not that its really a bad thing..

Kysli returns the hug of course, smiling a little as hugs are nice things. On the other hand it's a quick hug before she steps back again. Niva is here and she doesn't want the woman to well, be suspicious or anything? No causing tension between the weyrmates, that'd be bad. "Working hard, not sure if it's too hard though. And yes, a vacation might be nice." The last part is appologetic sounding.

C'ian frowns slightly, but nods his head in a small smile. "Alright, alright. I understand. Stepping down, are we?" he asks Kysli before looking back at Niva. "Just how do you hear all of this before me anyway? I don't understand.."

Niva takes a step forward, shuffling a bit as she does so, gaze hovering on Kysli for a long moment as she does so. "Its amazing what you hear after a long day in the caverns.." Watching the brownrider for a long moment, she turns to glance up at the bronzerider. "No trick, really.." Question is, will Kysli further explain the story at all.

Kysli doesn't need to go into details, nope. At the weyrleader's comment she tilts her head, seeming to think about it for a moment. "It might not be a bad thing… at least temporarily." Before she runs herself ragged. Niva is given a slight smile, maybe a little wry? Who knows. Hah.

C'ian just looks between the two and nods some. He's not going to pretend he knows what's going on, or why these two women are no longer getting along as well as he thought they did. "Well, if it must be so, I expect you to approach your replacement yourself, then send them to speak with me."

Niva manages a bit of a smile at C'ian before stepping closer, reaching for his hand if he lets her, as she glances over at Kysli. "Probably best to take it before the weyrlings are tapped, if its only going to be temporary.." Otherwise she'll get a fun little mess to come back to, more likely then not.

Kysli gets along with Niva really, see? They're being civil. "Probably a good idea." Then to Casp? "I'll talk to J'ey then, and see what he thinks." It may be temporary it may not, undecided at the moment.

C'ian nods. He takes Niva's hand and gives it a slight squeeze as he tilts his head to Kysli. "Just don't leave the Weyr too far, okay?" He probably would be upset. He backs up and stands next to Niva, leaning into her some. "How have you been today at least?"

Niva gives C'ian's hand a squeeze in return, leaning against him as well, slightly, glancing over at Kys with a shy smile. "Would probably miss having you around." Who else is she going to yell at? Besides the weyrlings, that is. "Hopefully you're not feeling.. off.. as well?" What a random, undetailed question. But so.. Niva-ish.

Kysli does smirk a little at Niva's question, oi. "Why thanks, I think." At least she's amused, no? "And… if I do feel off, it's not in the same way as you." Yup, grin.

C'ian chuckles softly. "If you say so, Kysli. But we had some fun times in our day, you know." He smiles to her before giving Niva a hug. "Funny how things work out, I guess." Maybe there's a tinge of guilt in what he says, but it's not much.

Niva leans against C'ian even after returning the hug, not making any real attempt to move as she does so. "I guess…" And she ducks her head at Kys's response, cheeks slightly pink. "Perhaps at some point, though, Kysli?" Polite way to ask, right?

"I won't go far, this is my home." Yeah, response from Kys to earlier statement. Her smile falters slightly at the more recent comments from Casp but it's quickly covered with a shrug. "Not anytime soon I hope, by the way, congratulations to you both."

C'ian nods and smiles. "Thanks, Kys.." He pats Niva's stomach lightly. "I guess I had a few more left in me," he says with a few blinks. Then he shudders visibly, thinking about his other children that are.. somewhere else in this weyr.

Niva giggles softly at Casp, resting her hand on his as she turns even more red. "I guess you did…" Glancing over at Kys, she tilts her head. "Do you hope at some point, though? Or.. .is there someone to hope with?"

Kysli shifts uncomfortably, it's rather obvious that she feels that way. Yup. "Um.. some point, maybe… and no." Mumble and look down. Hee. Great Niva, you have /tact/

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