Bothering People at Western

Living Caverns - Western Weyr
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Niva comes in at a far more sedate pace then is normal for the young woman, her nose being buried in a folded list, biting her lip as she reads it over. On occasion, she lifts her gaze to make sure she's not immediately going to run into something, before looking back at the list once more. "Uh, Kys?"

Kysli follows along behind, oh she'll stop Niva from running into anything, being actually somewhat more attentive at the moment. Well, maybe she'll stop the other women, on the other hand it /could/ be amusing to see her trip and the like. Aheh. Anyhow… yes, she's asked something. "Hrm?"

Ziven is sitting at one of the tables, looking at one of the papers in front of him. His smal brown firelizard is perched on his shoulder, chiding the boy and making swipes at the paper in his hand. "Stop it Zeral, I'm not in the mood to play."

Niva is light and graceful and so not going to run into anything. Honestly, she is. Stopping dead in her tracks, her attention is drawn away from Ziven as she peers at the boy and the firelizard, before shaking her head and looking over her shoulder. "Are you sure we have all of this? Seems like there's a lot more here then we brought."

Kysli steals the list from the other, nicely of course, boy and flitter not noticed yet. "Lemme see." She starts scanning it and frowns slightly. "Well, some of them could be combined in some of those packages, as they're smaller… but…" Hrm.

Ziven wrinkles his nose slightly as his attention is drawn to the noisy Xanandus that are now wandering in the caverns. Zeral stops to chirp curiously as well, his little head turning to eye the unfamiliar people. New prey! Ziven doesn't say anything, however, and merely watches.

Niva is not prey, thank you! Considering all the convincing she's had to do to remain that way, she's pretty good at it. "Hey th-" And she turns around to peer at Kysli, sniffing some as the list is taken away from her. "Do you think they might not notice?" And as she realizes how loud she's being, she turns to look sheepishly at Ziven. Innocent, honestly.

Kysli keeps scanning, not really paying attention to the goldrider's sniffing, why should she care, right? There is business to attend to. Spotting something she frowns more and points to it, holding up the list so that Niva can see it as well. "We definitly didn't bring that." Whoops. Not prey either, really.

Ziven frowns to himself as he continues to watch the two riders curiously, "Erm…can I help the two of you in some way?" Ziven enquires, still watching with a critical gaze. The papers are forgotton…for now.

Niva siddles closer to Kysli to peer at the offending item on the list, wrinkling up her nose as she does so. "Faranth help us… O'course we had to forget something." And she shakes her head, muttering a bit more before looking over at Ziven with a tilt of her head. "Help us? Um… I think we were trying to help you." As in, a general you. "We seem to have messed that up, though." Figures.

Kysli hisses slightly through her teeth, she was the one who was supposed to be keepign track of this, oops? "Good job we're doing, huh." is muttered to Niva before she runs her fingers through her hair, then Ziven finally gets a smile.

Ziven seems to stare at the goldrider for a while before he finally moves from his spot. "Help…us?" A confused look pulls at the apprentice's face as he eyes the two riders from one to the other. "I'm not sure I understand you." Zeral is given a quick scritch as the firelizard starts to become a little edgy at the sudden excitement.

Niva waves a hand idly as she points at the list. "We had, uh, minor problems. And we borrowed a fair deal of supplies. We're replacing what we borrowed, or at least, that was the general idea." So much for that, though. "At least we have some of it?" The goldrider mutters to Kysli under her breath, reaching out for the list once more.

Kysli hands over the list to Niva, after peering once more at it of course. "Yeah, we didn't fully fail." Grumble, unhappy wingleader now? Sure seems like it, but anyhow.

Ziven nods his head and offers a small smile to the two riders, "Something is better than nothing! But I'm not the one you should be talking to, I know nothing about matters here. I'm still quite new." He chuckles nervously as he rubs the back of his head with his hand, causing Zeral to be dishoveled about, "Sorry about that, Zeral." Ziven mutters quietly as he tries to calm the brown.

Saelis enters the caverns, looking over a brightly clad shoulder at the dragons in the bowl. Ropes and the other various miscellany of her current errand are strewn about her neck and waist. Giving a nod to Ziven upon entering, the girl tries to make herself as mockly as home as possible. This, in itself, is hard, but the faux apperance of being part of this weyr runs off smoothly, at least in outer appearances.

Niva takes the list, peering at it closely once more. Pausing, she peers at an item near the top, tilting the paper back towards the brownrider. "We did bring that, didn't we?" Without waiting for an answer, and barely giving the other anytime to identify the questionable item actually is, she tilts it back to peer at it. "We've the majority. And, well, like he said, something is better then nothing." And she inclines her head to Ziven, eyeing the dishovled brown with a wrinkle of her nose. "Well, we've a pretty good idea of what to do with it. Its just.. the principle of it." How could they be that silly? The entrance of the brightly clad one barely registers as the Xanadian focuses once more on the paper. Silly list.

Dawnwind hisses at all the noisy people. Most likely they've woken him up, but as of current he's refusing to live, stretching out his wings in show like a Terran peacock.

Kysli catches most of the item listed and peers over Niva's shoulder for the rest of it. "Yeah, we got that… it was in the really oddshaped bundle that Bergerath found interesting." How can they be that silly? They're from Xanadu, that's how. Didn't you know that place is filled with nutsos? Especially the weyrleader…

Ziven continues to stare at the people from Xanadu, finding slight interest in their antics. "Erm, then drop off what you have, notify someone and come back?" That's his suggestion anyway. "But what would I know." He shrugs his shoulders and turns back to his own papers.

Hey! Niva will be as loud as she wants, thank you. Even if its not her Weyr. A glare at the bronze and she wrinkles up her nose. C'ian doesn't get quiet after a long day's work, why would a random firelizard? Really now. Hmming softly, she ponders it before ooing and nodding to Kys. "/That's/ what that was. I'd forgotten about that." And she ponders this as she turns back to Ziven, wrinkling up her nose. "Unfortunately, I don't think we even have what we forgot.. anywhere." And she wrinkles up her nose again, sighing softly. "I mean, I could have Kilaueth get someone to bring it, if she decided to ignore her eggs long enough to do so." Which is highly unlikely.

Saelis watches them as well, but behind her mossy greens appears a sort of glance to go elsewhere. The flaunting bronze is regarded with a light grin, and a shake of the head. Moreover, though, she appears to be taking a break, and taking note of the unfamiliar people, who then in turn the unfamiliar dragons must belong to. Hearing that some supply or other was forgotten, though, her ears perk up. Saelis stands, smoothing down the skirt, and walks over. "Excuse me, but did you say you'd forgotten something, ma'am?"

Kysli tilts her head somewhat, pondering this. "I'd ask Bergerath, but he's being impossible to wake up at the moment, lazy lump." Lovingly said of course, though with the proper amount of annoyance or well, something along those lines. Blink, Saelis gets peered at as she walks over, only briefly, obviously not talking to her, so she's steal that list back from Niva. "Here, let me check that."

Ziven nods his head, "Well, I'm sure they'll understand…" He trails off, he's not exactly experienced in this matter. Better to keep quiet. Zeral finally settles on his perch but continues to chirp at the visitors, eyeing them with a curious green-swirling gaze.

Dawnwind snorts at the humans a few more times, and then for good measure (and simultaneously no reason at all) at Zeral, before settling in to watch. No sleep anytime soon here.

Niva snorts softly at Kysli. "Well, you know. I suppose we're lucky he woke up long enough to give us a ride? And tote all those packages here?" At least Niva's in a good mood, despite having to rely on others in order to get around outside of the Weyr. "Suppose they have to, now, don't they?" And she glances at Ziven with a forced smile as she shrugs. Arching an eyebrow, she peers over at Saelis. "O'course. Always seems to happen that way." Heck, one could assume she forgot her dragon, if they didn't know better.

Saelis's mind appears to whirl behind its green windows, and she frowns. "Well, is it anything that could possibly be replaced through here, like clothes or something?" She points idly to her knot, done ever reverently up into a bracelet on her wrist. "I'm on buisness now, so if you all left tunics or something like that which you'd need, I could inquire about it for you…?" she suggests. At least trying to be helpful in the middle of a laze.

Kysli grins at the other and rolls her eyes. "Yeah." Hrm… Ziven and Saelis given a glance, eying them really. Instead of waiting for Niva to answer she shrugs off the question. "It was something we were bringing for the weyr, supplies and the like." Not clothes, nope. "But, you two can help us move the packages. Come on." Nope, no letting them say no, she's already turning and walking back out.

Ziven opens his mouth to protest, as he's quite busy, can't you see? He's busy staring at papers but the brownrider's all ready starting to leave. That doesn't stop the apprentice from speaking out, "But…" He trails off, never finishing his statement. He seems to pout for a moment before staring at the rider, "I can't."

Niva dares one of them to say no. Really. Because saying no unleashes Niva's mighty wrath upo-Cough. Wrong idea. Gaze drifts from one to the other, arching an eyebrow as she begins to turn. Yet, she pauses to turn back at Ziven, eyes widening slightly. "Just one trip? All you have to do is come out and grab a load and come back in? We just need to get it out of the bowl.." And her gaze rests on him as she takes a few inching steps towards the bowl.

Saelis can, though. Who needs a break when there's some work to be done, regardless if it's her own or not? She follows after the Xanadian who begins to leave first, and she too now looks at Ziven. "It'll probably not take so long, ya know," she points out.

Ziven lets out a sigh of defeat, doesn't look like he's going to be let off easily. "Yeah, sure, I'll help out. I don't mind helping others, but I just wanted to get in a little more study time." And then he stands to his feet to follow reluctantly. "Guard my stuff, Zeral." Ziven mutters to the brown who takes off to start hopping on the papers. Perhaps sending Zeral isn't a good idea…

Dawnwind chitters, and his eyes whirl with tranquility. Out with the noisy humans!

Kysli catches sight of the brown firelizard and just laughs, quietly yes but a definate sign of amusement. "Quite a character there." Ziven gets a smile though, "thanks, your help is greatly appreciated." Directed at Saelis too of course, though she wasn't the reluctant one that needs buttering up. And out they go.

Niva bobs her head at Ziven, waving a hand. "One trip, that's all we ask…" And she echoes Kys's thanks as she heads out towards the bowl and the waiting brown and packages.

Center of the Bowl - Western Weyr(#2222RJs$)
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns.

Saelis's eyes look about the bowl, mainly over to the three dragons, as she leaves the caverns. "So? How big are these packages, and where do we need to move them?" she asks. A faint smile grows across her lips; the prospect of work is foreshadowed by being able to help out in some way.

Niva glances over her shoulder at Saelis before heading towards Bergerath, waving a hand at the variety of mid-sized packages scattered around him. "Just into the cavern. Grab what you can carry, there's strings, and that's that." And she pauses, to wrinkle up her nose. "Actually… Let me know what numbers you grab, so I can keep track, befor eyou go anywhere." Easy enough, no?

Ziven wanders in after Saelis, his eyes glued to the ground as he walks across the bowl, his hands idly swinging back and forth in time with his steps. He looks up only slightly to eye the dragons and then forward once more to eye the riders. "So, exactly what do you need help with…just unpacking? Where are we going to put them, the storage caverns?" Ziven enquires, his head tilting slightly to the side as he follows behind." And as the weyrwoman speaks, the apprentice nods his head slowly, still seeming rather miffed about the whole thing. "Sounds easy, grab what you can and carry it…"

Bergerath is awake… really, has been the whole time! Peering suspiciously at the two strangers he peers at the packages before swinging his head right back to glare at them. "They're helping, Bergerath." is muttered by Kysli as she rolls her eyes. Oh look… his bond is here… didn't notice that, oops. There's a sniff, he knew that, really.

Saelis grins at Niva and nods. "Sure." Bergerath is given a matching grin as she makes her way over to him; Saelis' friendly, really! For some time, the girl looks over the packages, deciding on which one to take, before taking one by its strings; looking for a number, she frowns momentarily. "Now, where is it… Oh, there!" With a slight trot to her step, Saelis presents it to the Xanadians. "It's box nine. Anywhere in particular in the caverns…?"

As long as Bergerath doesn't eat either of them, Niva's rather easy going. After all, it'd just be messy to explain to Jolie what happened. List is pulled out once more, and she settles with a glance at Bergerath cautiously, against the brown's side, waving a hand. "He doesn't bite, really. Right, Kys?" And her gaze drifts towards the brownrider momentarily. "Grab what you can, and tell what numbers the bundles have." As if that should have tipped them off. That whole missing number issue. As the number is given, she makes a mark next to it on the list. "Towards the back, out of the way?" Should be obvious…

Ziven nods his head and wanders over to the brown, if even a bit reluctantly. Dragons are big, after all, and certainly don't mix well with a nervous apprentice who wants nothing more to go back to studying. He's a very exciting guy, yes. A box is chosen as well as a few others he can carry. "Um, this one's 2, and this other one's a 12."

Bergerath peeks, someone is grabbing /two/ bags? This deserves a sniffing out, and he brings his head somewhat near the apprentice. "Um… no… no he doesn't." The wierd shaped package mentioned "This is one… how come /you/ get to do the checking off." Sure, leave Kys to do the work. Hrmph

Saelis runs her box in, coming out quickly and grabbing two more. These boxes are regarded for a long time before their numbers are found. "Err… 7 and 13?" The ropes are wound around her hands carefully. She didn't notice the list the first time, but when it is spotted, she makes a little bit of a confused noise. The idea hits her a little late, but it is a good one.

Niva is the Weyrwoman… shouldn't it be obvious who's doing the checking off? She smiles sweetly at Kys, marking off the other packages before stuffing the list in her pocket and grabbing a pair of packages herself. "No eating things, Berg-dear…" Someone's in a reasonably good mood at least, which really /is/ a good thing. Compared to usually. And she heads off towards the caverns. "I'm going to take these two all the way back, and find out where everything needs to go and worry about that missing item." Fun, stuff, no? And she bobs her head to the others, pace normal as she makes no move to wait for the others.

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