C'ian Visits Weyrling Niva

Weyrling Beach
With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

C'ian is sitting in the sand, leaning against his giant life-mate, looking out to the ocean. Alhenaeth himself has his head up in the air for once, just staring off into space, his wings spanning a little so that he can get the full effect of the sun's rays. It's no secret that this bronze loves the beach.

Kilaueth lumbers onto the beach, well ahead of Niva, skidding to a stop in the sand, straightening up with wings spread as she notices those that are there. Niva follows rather more sedately, pausing as the gold does, grinning as the recognizes the pair already there. "G'day Weyrleader. Alhenaeth." A bit of a grin and she further closes the distance.

C'ian turns his head to look at the pair and welcomes them with a smile. He picks himself up and pats his dragon, who in suit has begun turning himself to face the new Junior and her queen: his daughter. Caspian smiles and bows. "G'day back to you, Jr. Weyrwoman. Kilaueth." His face breaks into a grin and he chuckles. "Though, I think we can do with out the formalities, don't you?" Alhenaeth wuffles Kilaueth and croons softly. «Hello.»

Kilaueth straightens up all the more, stretching her neck out, attempting perhaps to prove that despite her Weyrling status, she is indeed larger then the bronze. « Hello. » Pause. « What are you doing here? » Not a bad inquiry, just a curious question. Niva bites back her laughter at C'ian's response, inclining her head to him in return before grinning and nodding. "I think we can, if its alright with you, sir." Tacking it on for good measure at the end, she continues to grin.

Alhenaeth snorts and croons none the less. «What does it look like we are doing? We are sunning. It takes a lot of sun to keep my hide looking as good as it does.» C'ian rolls his eyes and walks over to Niva, hugging her as he does so, holding on for just a bit longer than usual. Pulling away he smiles. "What he said. We just didn't want to be in the Weyr anymore for now."

Niva arches an eyebrow with a grin, returning the hug and leaning against him for a long moment before straightening with a light sigh. "And you chose, of all places, to come here?" A bit of a grin, and she shakes her head slightly. Kilaueth on the other hand, ponder this as she settles down on the beach. « But what fun is it to sun alone? Its more fun to sun with others. If you're alone, you're alone. You should be having fun. » A pause and she snorts slightly. « But does your hide look good? »

C'ian nods. "Well of course. Alhenaeth likes the beach more than any other place in the Weyr with the exception of the Star Stones. We /would/ go to the main beach. But there were a few flits there and Alhenaeth doesn't take well to them." He leans closer to her, taking her arm into his whispering, "They don't take well to him either." Alhenaeth wuffles Niva and sits next to Kilaueth. «Why shouldn't we be allowed to sun here? And yes, little one.» Even though she's hardly little. «My hide always looks good. Just as yours does, since you have my good looks.»

« I am not little. You are little, if there is a little one here. » Kilaueth flips her wings once and snorts. « But of course I look good. I have to. » Mind you, beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. Niva reaches out her free hand to Alhenaeth, giving him a quick pat before leaning towards C'ian, giggling slightly. "Is there any particular reason?"

C'ian shakes his head. "Not that I can really see, save for the fact that it /is/ Alhenaeth." Alhenaeth looks amused. « I can't help it if they can't really comprehend what it's like to be me. » He turns twirling eyes to Kilaueth. « They'll never understand what it's like to be us. » C'ian looks at Kilaueth and then to Niva, a questioning look on his face as to what she said. She doesn't look /too/ bad, he supposes. But…

Niva giggles slightly, nodding with a bit of a grin. "I suppose that could be reason enough. Kilaueth just… I dunno. Its not a major draw for firelizards, it seems. So perhaps they simply don't want to be around?" A shrug and she blinks right back at him, shaking her head slightly. Kilaueth flips her wings once and snorts. « Its not too hard to comprehend it. You don't really have to do much. »

Alhenaeth rumbles in agreement. « Being the way we are comes naturally. If you aren't us, you really shouldn't try at all. » Caspian just looks between the two dragons and then to Niva. "I get a terrible feeling I don't like where this is going."

Kilaueth snorts slightly, extending her muzzle towards Alhenaeth. « Not as if anyone would have to try too hard anyway. But they still shouldn't. » Niva follows C'ian's gaze from one to the other, nodding absently while she continues to watch the pair. "This could be… bad."

C'ian considers a moment before pulling Niva off to a side. "How likely is it that Kilaueth's ego is just as bad as Alhenaeth's? I mean… be honest here?" Alhenaeth looks at Kilaueth. « Many get upset with me because of how great I am. They never try to achieve what I can. »

Niva ponders it for a moment, thinking as she glances over at the gold, and then back at C'ian. "Well.. She does think she's better then everyone. And… her being big doesn't help. She tends to get in messes because of it, then I have to get her out." What a nice test of public relations. Really. « Is it possible for them to? If you're great, why try? » And Kilaueth mulls this over, sinking into the sands.

C'ian face palms as he continues to hear them talk. "At this rate, we're going to have two of them on our hands. Everyone knows Alhenaeth will boss anyone smaller than him around. And his Ego is legendary…" Alhenaeth expands his wings again as his tail moves slightly, kicking up some sand. « My thoughts exactly. Especially those foolish little greens.» Caspian looks scared. "Here's the real test…"

Niva squeezes her eyes shut and simply nods, trying hard not to laugh as she does so. "That would imply that we didn't already though. Which we can't be sure about." Pause. "Perhaps its a good thing that Kila's bigger, then. Perhaps he'll get bossed around a bit." Deflate his ego some possibly? Kilaueth turns her muzzle away from the sand with a snort. « Not all are foolish. But they are little. And not as good as the rest of us. But they can be useful. »

C'ian looks at Niva. "But even if she deflates Alhenaeth's ego (which I doubt), won't that just make hers a little bit worse?" Alhenaeth snorts. « How in the world can they be useful? They aren't good for anything. And they continually bother me and wake me up. »

Niva ponders this over, wrinkling up her nose as she does so with a bit of a sigh. "I… Didn't even think of that. But that really wouldn't be a good thing." Its bad enough as it is. Kilaueth stretches out her neck to its full length, then. « They are tiny. They can do things that we can't. Fast things. And they distract people. We can cause problems, then. » Everything has a reason.

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