Random Log: Visiting R'yn

The Party Shack: Forst Clearing(#2145RAJ)
Two long tables run the length of this natural clearing, the area clearly arranged for entertaining. Empty paper lanterns are set about, and holders for glows are nestled among the trees at the clearing's edge. Secluded spots for conversation have been set up around this entertainment area, away from a crowd's noise, pairs of chairs nestled into the trees' edge, wreathed in flowering vines blossoming with soft lilacs and whites. A wide, natural ceiling is formed by the huge trees which circle the clearing, their branches forming a partial roof. A gap in the centre allows for draconic entry, and ensures that at night, the heavens are clearly visible, and that by day, dappled shade keeps the clearing cool.
All this, however, provides but a frame for the grand entrance to the home on the far side of the clearing. Of considerable size, it is surrounded by a wide porch, which is comfortably littered with hammocks and low chairs. Wide windows can be propped open, allowing glimpses of the rooms inside, and to one side of the double doors lies the luxury of luxuries - a spa, which idly bubbles away to itself, the soft sound of water everpresent. Two couches have been excavated, one to each side of the house, outside their riders' quarters, and their size indicates that their inhabitants are dragons of considerable size. Further back another, smaller couch is visible.

R'yn is cleaning up, in a very half hearted sort of way. That is, he's ambling about with a large sack in one hand, picking up those pieces of rubbish which don't require him to bend over. Three children, all bearing him a strong resemblence, are helping out in a more active fashion.

Niva is, it appears, doing what every new mother does: Showing off her child. Even if C'ian has probably already beaten her to it. Carefully headed along the trail towards the house of the retired weyrleaders, she holds the wrapped up infant close to her body, pausing as she watches R'yn and the children, before piping up. "I hope I'm not bothering you.."

Elia saunters up the path after Niva, clearly doting on the Senior Weyrwoman and her new child more than is really needed. Niva can obviously make it on her own, but Ell seems to want to make dooubly sure Niva doesn't need anything. And being with another female is always good, as Ell looks fairly frustrated by all the male attention she's been getting lately.

"Not at all, not at all!" In fact, R'yn seems delighted by the interruption. Within moments, his sack is dropped, and he's striding across the clearing to greet his visitors. His children, taking this opportunity to display their inherited characteristics, promptly bolt from from the worksite, disappearing inside the house. "I'd heard you'd someone to introduce to me…"

Niva glances over her shoulder at Elia, pausing to let the younger goldrider catch up before turning back to R'yn, ducking her head some. "I suppose you could say that.. Her name's Vivian.." And she shifts the infant in her arms before glancing at the disappearing children, and then back over at Elia.

Elia hangs back, watching the skittering children slip away and Niva's new young'un with wide eyes. Thankfully she doesn't have to deal with any little ones just yet. That doesn't mean she can't fawn all over Vivian. "Isn't she adorable? Like her mother, I'd say, which is good for her really. C'ian's looks on a girl…" she trails off, with a little wince.

R'yn dusts his hands off on his shorts before he reaches the women, leaning forward to examine the Weyr's latest addition with interest. "You've done well, Niva, she's lovely. I love children as much as the next man, but to be honest, some of them are nothing to look at just after they're hatched. Yours is doing very well. Few years yet, of course, until she's really interesting." He's teasing, as he does in everything, his easy grin extending to Elia, albeit only politely. He's experienced enough to know when too much attention can be too much of a good thing.

Niva turns slightly red at the compliment, though admittedly its no where near the shade that is still the skin of Vivian. The sleeping baby's face scrunches up for a moment, and Niva bites her lip nervously, then looks back between the other two. "Interesting for your children, perhaps." And she grins at him before arching an eyebrow and looking back at Elia for a moment, then at R'yn, and then shrugging it off.

Elia wrinkles her nose ever so gently in R'yn's direction. He may be a friendly sort, but he's also a male, and that means he's not trustworthy. "I think it may be just a bit too early to be thinking like that. Besides, she's quite interesting as she is." A soft smile is given to the sleeping baby. "I have been wondering if there is any reason you named her Vivian? Such a cute name…"

R'yn wrinkles his nose right back at Elia, generously including Niva as well. "Honestly, and I'm the one with the reputation. You two are worse by far. I was thinking of the child being old enough to hold a conversation, maybe old enough to learn to swim. I'm ashamed of both of you…" Forget the fact that he invites such assumptions on a daily basis. Assuming his best 'noble and wounded' expression, he leans in to address the infant. "Welcome to Xanadu Weyr, Vivian. This is a good place to live, and you're a lucky girl."

Niva brushes a finger idly over the baby's nearly bald head, pushing the few dark hairs out of the way before looking back at Elia. "Casp and I thought it was a good mixture… And girlish enough." Not to mention nothing like the names of his and Daniella's kids. Arching an eyebrow back at R'yn, she grins slightly. "Is that so? Then I apologize for my incorrect assumption." And she winks before cautiously offering the baby towards the others. "Would either of you like to hold her?"

Elia gives R'yn a whithering look that says she doesn't believe him in the least, but it's only for a moment because Niva quickly draws the young woman's attention back. "It is quite a nice name. Nothing like what some people name their children." She isn't naming names, of course, but a few probably come to mind. At the offer of baby-holding though, she demures. "Oh, let R'yn. He seems to be quite good with children.

R'yn accepts the child with a grin, expertly cradling her in one arm so he can twitch the blankets back to better inspect her. "It's a very pretty name. And you seem well, to be up and about. Let C'ian fetch and carry for you though, mmm? That's what he's there for, the next little bit." He's quite clearly delighted by the baby, only paying half-attention to the adults present as he continues. "Remind me I've got a wineskin to bring over for you both, something special to celebrate." His wine-sourcing ability was, after all, one of the reasons C'ian welcomed him so warmly.

Niva hesitates a slight moment before handing the child over, still hovering close and keeping an eye on both R'yn and her daughter, nodding absently. "Thank you.." At least it went over alright, despite a few initial hesitations. And then her attention is drawn back to R'yn and she nods her head some. "He wasn't too thrilled to have me moving, but I couldn't just sit there any longer.. But he did say he'd take care of anything crucial." Or, anything she doesn't demand she be allowed to do herself. Arching an eyebrow, she nods her head slowly. "Thank you.." Wine is, certainly, a welcome gift.

R'yn laughs, gently jogging Vivian in his arms as he offers her a finger to clutch at. "Fathers never know what to do at a time like this, no matter how many times they do it. It's just how it falls, I think." Seemlingly a little reluctantly, he offers her the return of her child, easy grin fading slightly as he turns his head to survey the disaster area behind him. "Going to have to get some help in on this one, I think. I don't remember it being this wild last night…"

Vivian whimpers slightly, the normal blue eyes of a newborn apparent for a moment before they close once more. Carefully taking the girl back, she holds her arm under her neck, tucking the blanket back around her and glancing back at R'yn. "Well, we may have to see if that is the case with all of them." And she finally takes the opportunity to glance around. "I.. I see."

"I wish I didn't." R'yn is glum for a moment, before his shoulders rise and fall in a shrug. "Still, not my problem. It was my daughter's party, so she can round her friends back up to clean it up, that's what I say." He doesn't sound overly optimistic about this prospect, raising his voice slightly and turning his head, so that he can be heard in the house. "Perhaps if I go for a swim, it'll all be gone when I get back. I'd hate to have to look inside anyone's bedrooms and see what state they were in." Inside the house the blinds twitch suddenly closed.

Niva wrinkles up her nose some as she eyes the area, before just shaking her head once more. "Either way.." And she manages a bit of a grin. "Well, if you do that, enjoy your swim, and perhaps it will just all disappear *between* and your problem will be solved." Vivian starts to move some, and Niva's hurriedly shifting her in her arms and glancing over her shoulder. "I.. I should go before she wakes up the rest of the way."

R'yn grins, nodding his understanding. "Best to keep her from stirring as long as you can. Find yourself a nanny though, that's my advice. Lymera and I couldn't have lived without one. With help, you can do both your jobs - Weyrwoman and mother - properly. Without, both of them will suffer." And with one backward glance towards the house, he's moving with her towards the main forrest path, ever optimistic. They might tidy up. You never know.

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