Random Log: Touching the Eggs Again


A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant colour and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colours of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

Niva stalks into the Caverns, ignoring the damp weather outside during the walk from the Sands to the Caverns, sleeves still rolled up on her lightweight top, skirt rolled at the waist as well. Glancing around the Caverns, she tilts her head. "Who here is a candidate, and done with chores?"

Tabearin wanders in from outside, his drawing pad in tow. He looks pleased with himself as well. "At the questions he looks up "I am ma'am" he says polightly. "I just finished up for now, well at least with all that I've been given to do."

With hands about to dump dirty water into the nearest sink in the kitchen, Miiriel looks up from stormy eyes to the wracket in the Caverns. And much to her surprise - finds more people in here then expected. "Geez, I peel tubers.. and the whole Weyr comes to play.." She mumbles, before turning her eyes and quirking a brow towards Niva. Well, she wears a white knot, after all. "Heres one." She says calmly, wondering if she is just volenteering for another chore…

Saelis is busy orchestrating the order of chores… And cleansing of the latest prank. Most of others are done, but by the look on her face, she isn't quite as happy. She has pulled her fiery red locks up into a very, very messy ponytail, and she turns toward the sound of Niva's voice. "I didn't even have anything to do with this… mess," she mutters, snapping something at one of the other snickering candidates. She steps away from the group of them, waving a halfways sudsy hand. "I'm done!" resounds from her lips with an attempt of chipperness.

Matteo had just sat down, stretching out his long legs and raising his mug of tea to his lips. But as Niva calls out he pauses. This was probably a good thing, for the tea was still much to hot for him to drink. Thusly Niva saves Matteo for another burn. "Er, yeah…" He says in response, raising a hand halfheartedly and setting down teh mug.

Niva is mean, certainly, and she narrows her eyes as she finds out just who is a candidate. Taking a deep breath, she raises her voice over the hubbub. "The soap in the baths was determined to be cause by one of you. Which means, the resultant mess belongs to one of you. However, all of you will be cleaning it up, because we have no proof who was responsible, and whether they acted alone." And she pauses to collect her thoughts, gaze drifting from Tabearin to Mirriel, to Matteo and Saelis. "However. Kilaueth is calm enough to let you on the Sands, so that will be done now. The mess will be dealt with promptly after that, however. Or else." And she counts under her breath, eyeing the room. "And anyone who fails to help clean, whether they were involved or not, will find themselves wishing they had."

Matteo heaves a sigh. Wonderful. You spend two nights out at the dock and THIS is what ya come home to. Good job, fellow Candies. But it was just a bit more work. Nothing like mopping for a sailor, eh? But the Sands… More meet n' greets with the eggs, that was worth the missed tea.

Tabearin blinks a little and looks kinda confused "What mess is it that is needing to be cleaned?" he asks carefully. He's been stuck outside working all day and really hasn't had much of a chance to be inside. "I'm not saying I won't clean it, but." he but then he stops a moment and blinks again. "On the sands?" he asks looking just a little startled. "Really?"

Miiriel shudders at the thought of having to mop up a bunch of bubbles, looking over in Saelis' direction with a profound grimace. She takes all in time though and knew some sort of chore was coming, but- eggs? Who would possibly pass on that? She steps fully out of the kitchens and leans against one side wall, waiting for a move.

Saelis groans inwardly. That's what happens when you jump the gun; you end up cleaning up more than you're supposed to… And hearing that they get to touch the eggs again brings on a semi mixed reaction; on one hand - and outwardly - she smiles, whereas the other of her mind trails off on some idle path. "Well, seems like they're not /too/ intent to eat us…" A half giggle, and she places one hand on her hip, shifting her weight.

Niva glances from Matteo to Tabearin. "I'm sure one of your fellow candidates would love to fill you in on that while you work." And she waves a hand impatiently at the entrance to the caverns, and the way to the Sands. "Along with you all, the way you guys move, you'll get out there just in time to be chased off. Come on, now.." And she waves a hand again before turning and heading out herself for the Sands. Pausing just inside the entrance, she turns back. "Remember… Bow to Kilaueth and Alhenaeth. No loud sounds or talking, walk on the Sands, and when I say its time to go, it is time to go. Understand?" And there is no time for questions as she walks quickly off the way she came.


Hatching Sands//

Immensity yawns in this cavern, the space vast in every dimension. Rough walls of natural basalt with the odd intrusion of harsh granite rise up from a carefully leveled floor, arching up into immeasurable darkness that can never be fully banished. Yet, the attempt is sometimes made, with firelizards and the smallest of the green dragons depositing glows on a thousand little ledges until the effect resembles a starlit sky. At ground level, big permanent torches have been built, designed by clever smiths to burn for hours if enough fuel is provided. On those occasions when there is something happening in here, those torches are lit and their bright illumination can be almost as powerful as daylight. Sand covers the floor of the cavern, a wide sweep of sand that is deep enough to bury the largest dragon egg twice over. That sand, however, is unique: a mixture of red and white grains that combine to form a distinctive shade of pink.
There are two obvious exits. The first is the dragon sized tunnel that leads due north, long and gently curved so that the outside is not visible from within. That tunnel is large enough for dragons to fly through, although none but greens could do it abreast. The other exit is the steps that have been built against the waal, leading up to the galleries and ledges where spectators can watch.

People: Niva Vatyri Eulalie
Dragons: Kilaueth Alhenaeth
Eggs: My Duck is Sparkling Cold! Egg Mary, I Vant Your Blood Egg Perfectly Golden Juicy Egg But Where's The Rum Gone! Egg Ruby Red Delight? Egg Pretend To Loose Some Weight Diet Coke Egg Did Someone Say Quick Egg Refreshed with a Flourish Egg

Tabearin walks quite carefully out onto the sands, he eyes the two dragons and directs a bow first to Kilaueth and then to Alhenaeth. He swallows a little and eyes them as he follows along with everyone else. He doesn't think he'd taste too good, but one never, ever knows.

Matteo follows the others in and bows gentily to both dragon parents. His eyes flicker over the eggs, a small smile coming to his lips. Now, who to meet today? He stretches his shoulders and gives the others a once over aswell.

Miiriel follows her fellow candidates and makes her way in amoung the last of them, taking her time to review once again the eggs- and then the large dragons above them. With as much grace as this tomboy can manage to come forth with, a bit of an akward bow is given to the Kilaueth and Alhenaeth. Can't expect perfect, after all. Or atleast Miirial thinks, and hopes.

Saelis is busy straightening up her appearence - and blowing suds off her hand - as she trots up along the edges of the sands. Turning to the dragons, she gives a curtsey bow to each (obviously practiced). Her emeralds catch Miiriel's awkward bow from the side, and a quiet snicker snort passes her lips; she eventually goes of to join the others.

Kilaueth rumbles slightly at the appearance of the candidates, crouching down as her tail begins to curl protectively around an egg. As Niva leans against her lifemate's side, the gold calms slightly, rumbling easing off and tail withdrawing as she shifts to rest her head against her mate's bronze side. Niva waves a hand, lifting her voice some. "Remember… be gentle.."

Eulalie follows the procession and sweeps a bow, eyes still cocked towards the dragon parents. She shoots a wink towards another candidate and then siddles over to Miiriel, "I wonder if a hatchling has ever mistaken a human for food and taken a bite.."

Matteo takes a few steps towards the eggs, apraising each. He pauses beside a creamy one and, after a moment, kneels beside it and places a hand upon it as firmly, yet gently, as he had the many times before.

Miiriel finds her way walking a bit closer, yet tentavely over towards the eggs, making sure that neither parent takes offence. Her eyes turn a bit stormier then as she turns her eyes towards Saelis for just a moment- knowing full well whom the snort came from. She watches the bow and gives a snort herself before turning back. "Uppidy git.." SHe comments lightly before hearing the voice next to her and turning to Eulalie. A light smirk crosses her face and she looks towards the golden mother again. "Well, I guess there is only one way to find out!" Sne laughs lightly to ease the joke and smiling lightly at Eulalie. "I suppose not. I havent heard of any mishaps like that- but if they do happen, they probably are accidents." She answers finally, in am ore serious manner.

Tabearin blinks a little as he steps up to the egg and puts his hands on it. He pulls his hands back a moment and then tentativly touchs the egg again. "What was that?" he asks looking a little shocked.

Eulalie sighs, "Oh, that's too bad. I was rather hoping some poor hatchling would make a meal of the girl in the cot next to me.. of course, I wouldn't want to thing to get a belly ache, and Chaella would definitely sour anyone's stomache."

Matteo's face shows the faint trace of a smile as he crouches down beside it. His mind tunes out everything else. "Hello there." Yet again his voice is kind, but he likes the warmth.

Tabearin gets a really goofy look on his face as he concentrates on the egg "It's almost like champagne in my head." he says and gives a more prominant grin.

Saelis listens to the speech of the other two female candidates she knows, and she blinks a bit. Dear Aurora, Miiriel wasn't the only mad one… As she approaches the sands further, her gaze lands first upon the brightest red egg, and with it comes a shudder. Definitely not that one first. The holder girl's eyes flicker back over the clutch, and with a smile, she walks over and places a hand against the Ruby Red shell's surface. "Hi there." :)

Matteo absently bites his lip in curiosity. "Struggle? Well, pleanty of that I suppose. Victory? Mmm… there is few of that…" He informs the probing mind of the little one. "I guess I have some… Like being here… Victory enough?"

Miiriel covers her mouth then at Eulalie's comment as she tries to control her loud laugh, remembering Niva's warning. SHe takes a look over a Niva, hoping the WeyrWoman doesnt notice her restraint, before calming down and releasing her lips. "Well, you can always find those annoying pests everywhere, it seems." She turns then from Eulalie to glare again at the prissy Saelis before nodding her head and looking back. "The barracks seem a bit too close quartered at times.." SHe mumbles before realising that she doesnt know this girl's name. "I'm- not sure I know your name yet. I'm Miiriel.." She comments lightly, walking along a few eggs and taking her fingers and brushing the shells delicately. "Its nice to look at them all, they all have their own unique shell bumps." TOuching some bumps along one shell to the left..

Tabearin can't help but chuckle "I, it just feels like it." he blinks a little at talking to the egg "Can they here us?" he asks quietly after a moment. "Strange, like champagne without the being heady." he grins again and steps back away, can't hog the egg, right?

Matteo thinks as the little one continues its search. "Hmm… well… Some small victories are good I guess… But i don't typically put up enough of a fight I guess for one. Maybe I don't want things enough. But there are pleasnt of one sided struggles. One sided being the key word." He smiles at it's curiousity.

Eulalie grins after Miir and then regards the eggs with ungaurded distrust. Her eyes meander towards the Duck egg, before wandering towards it with a little inevitable sigh. "And so the crafter is drawn towards that which she cannot ever hope to recreate in all of its perfection and beauty.." She murmurs under her breath.

Matteo gives a nod. "Alright. Bye little one." He stands, lifting a hand from the egg and taking a few steps back. Interesting. As if someone has flicked a switch, Matteo becomes aware of the outside world and the other candidates.

Saelis giggles. "Yep, I'm back… Lots of chores today, though." She blinks rapidly. "Though I don't think you'd wanna hear about that. Still excited about the whole… thing?" she suffices, unable to find a good word to explain it simply enough.

Miiriel takes her time around the other eggs for a moment, not yet settling upon one in general, a finger touch here, and gentle touch there, as she passes a few of the large ovoids. Her eyes glance up then from the egg she comes up to - the one Matteo just left behind. She saw his reaction to it earlier and with inquisative hands, lays her palms upon it tnetavely, seeing if it would "bite", like some of the other eggs..

Eulalie winces, "I do wish you'd keep your hands to yourself, little one." She wrinkles her nose, but keeps her hands in place, "Ah, I do think such as I haven't found a way to recreate emotions in the semblance of unliving glass."

Saelis snorts at this reaction. "When you come out, and all the people cheer for you, of course!" A certain familiarity to some humans comes from this being, and Saelis lowers her laughter. "It'll be awesome, don't you think? So many people, admiring you, all at once?"

Tabearin listens quietly to the others and doesn't feel quite so odd now at being the only one talking to the eggs. Still it is a new experiane for him.

Eulalie draws her hand away almost absently, though she continues to study the egg. She steps back finally, and then takes in all of the eggs again, a slight quirk to one eyebrow as she drinks in everything she sees.

Asiree pads onto the sands, somewhat late and dripping. Someone must have been off taking a bath at a rather random time of the day to take one when the news reached her. The candidate pauses to give proper respect to the dam and sire of the clutch, eyeing the large dragons warily. They could… eat her. Possibly. Or at the very least squish her. Or something like that. Ree moves over towards the gathered candidates who are milling around and not touching the eggs and looks over the present eggs. Hmmm.

Saelis shakes her head a little, back and forth. "There's so much… Right where you'll be is kind of warm," she comments idly. "And there's lots of fun little things to do, you know…" With a shrug, Saelis smiles again. "I guess you'll have to see…" she trails off, teasing the egg's inhabitant.

Miiriel raises both her brows a bit at the unexpected display of warmth from this egg and her hands touch entirely upon it. "Well, you seem a bit timid yourself about the new people you meet." She comments lightly, cooling her expression and lowering one brow, leaving the other qwirked in its ushual fashion as she takes in the ovoid before her. "And with those colors, atleast we know you arnt too timid.." She clucks her tongue lightly and goes over the shell itself, looking at the diffrent bumps and depressions within the shell itself.

Matteo seems oddly content just to watch. Well, watching really wasn't what he was doing. he was looking without seeing, passing into a period of reflection over the last egg. True, he hadn't many victories, but it was also true he never tried fro them as he probably should. Ah well… He walks again over the sands, looking at each of the eggs in turn.

Asiree watches the eggs and then slinks out of the group towards one. A random egg at that. Well, maybe not so random, for it is an egg that is unpestered by candidates at the moment, so Ree's selection process can't be too random. But she does find an egg and puts her hand gently on its surface.

Saelis laughs, shaking her head as she steps away from the Ruby Red egg. "Every time's a new surprise with you, isn't it…?" she muses to herself. The redhead takes to the sides, now, regarding her fellow candidates for their reactions.

Tabearin glances at the red egg and tilts his head a little and then steps forward just a bit tentatively, curious if this egg will feel much the same or be a little differnt.

Miiriel smiles then and for once, then other brow relaxes too - maybe the colors soothing upon her mind. Her fingers follow themselves to a rugged line near the top of the egg and her fingers seem to settle on that for a moment, before looking at the egg again, as if being addressed by it. "Well, a valiant -and- inquisative one we are." She chuckles lightly, eyes taking in every inch of the shell's colors. "But what is it you are looking for? Something that suits you? Something mysterious.. ?" She mumbles to herself, not loudly, no, for there is no need for many other people to hear her. For its the Refreshed Egg that takes the notes of her voice to heart. "I bet you'll find what your looking for, somewhere.."

Asiree almost flinches back from the egg, but the flinch is visible across her face in her expression. But she slowly relaxes and keeps her hand on the egg. Curiosity? Or just a sucker for unpleasantness?

Tabearin gets a shocked look on his face and then he almost staggers, nearly bowled over by the sheer impact. "Such a geyser of emotion." he murmurs and leans closer to the egg a little, touching it feeling it, curiosity in his eyes.

Asiree is going to have to run away and throw up now. Or just remove her hand from the egg's surface. Yeah, that might work. Ree pulls her hand away from the egg's surface, gives that particular dragon egg a look of distaste, and moves away from it.

Miiriel stops for a moment as she looks upon the shell, bringing hands lower on the shell, as if studying to find any breaks on it; though certainly not what she is looking for. But hands pause for a moment and she sits in thought before she takes it all in. "Well, it seems you are much for the call of war.." She meditates on such for a moment before releasing the shell from under her inspection and moving to the next..

Saelis blinks. Huh. "Another Mary, I take it…?" she muses, mostly to herself and for the reference of those who'd gone and touched that beast before. Wearliy regarding that egg for a moment, Saelis approaches. Ruby Red made her feel nice, nad then… Pfft. Well, ici alle…

Tabearin grins and gives a little nod "Yes, here to see you." he murmurs, smiling a little. "And who could resist you?" he asks with a tilt of his head "So bright, and vivacious."

A change from the last egg. A seemingly positive change at that. Asiree's expression doesn't betray any emotion or reaction to this egg, and just remains next to it, her hand lightly resting on its surface.

Saelis shivers quite a few times, before her eyes narrow just the slightest bit. "Ah ah, you can stay out of that section of my mind, dragonet…" she coos. The importance to guard parts of her mind - as well as be as open as possible with this being - war within Saelis' will, and she becomes, visibly, a bit light headed. "You're like that brother or sister of yours over there… But more so prying." Saelis' fingers flex and unflex about the egg's surface, and a she attempts (feebly) at a small barrier in her mind against the Duck egg's grasps and pulls at her knowledge.

Tabearin can't help but laugh "You so remind me of one of my sisters." he says with another smile, relaxing a little bit more as he gets more used to this unusual new event in his life. "I can see why someone would want to stay amongst the eggs and just get to know them."

Why stay among the eggs and get to know them when the eggs can't really talk. They just send confusing thoughts and pry. Luckily they're not all the same, else Asiree wouldn't still be touching the egg she currently has her hand placed on. A light smile plays across her lips as the candidate stands there still. So she's hogging an egg still, but aren't candidates supposed to take their time or something like that? Maybe.

Tabearin starts a little and starts to speak "Wai…" but he trails off and shakes his head a bit at his own silliness and steps back and just looks at the eggs. So different, so new, so strange and yet so tantalizing.

Asiree frowns slightly at the egg's surface. Or maybe her frown and her look of puzzlement bear remarkable resemblance to each other. Well… this is a bit too much for poor Ree's mind to handle at the moment, so with a gentle pet of the egg's surface she withdraws her hand and steps back from the eggs. Maybe she should go finish that bath she was taking, rinse a few suds out of her hair, and ponder these eggs.

Kilaueth starts to shift impatient once more, head moved from where it was dropped lazily over Alhenaeth's back to turn a large eye on the wandering candidates. Niva had been spacing off a little, but at her lifemate's movement, she glances cautiously over her shoulders and then at the candidates, shaking her head her head as she stands, and moves forward. "Okay.. candidates… That's enough.. Kilaueth's getting fidgety, and you have a mess of soap to clean up from your prank.. Everyone, bow and file off the Sands… Quickly now." And she folds her arms in front of her as she eyes the group, keeping a careful eye on their progress.

Saelis shakes her head slowly. "Nooo gossip for you. You're too pully for me, lovely." Not even /attempting/ to make further contact with this egg, lest she end up with another case of 'red fever', Saelis severs the hold of the Duck egg's ties from her mind, quickly standing and bowing ot the queen.

Asiree gives a bow to the fidgety gold. Yes, good time to evacuate, before the gold fidgets onto /them/. As for the messy soap suds, well, Ree was going to wash the suds out of her hair that she didn't have a chance to get to because her bath was interrupted. It has no correlation to whatever prank the younger candidates played. Really.

Miiriel looks up immediately from the current egg she stands near towards Niva, stormy eyes watching the movement of the golden mother. Her hand pulls away from the shell almost immediatly and takes time to akwardly bow to the queen before making ah asty retreat. No need playing with fire.

Tabearin glances up and over at Niva, his eyes wrenching away from the eggs. He bows to Kilaueth and Niva both and then to Alhenaeth as well. Ever curteous he will be, he want's to give them no reason to kick him out of the Weyr, not when there are so many lovely possibilities to draw,

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