Random Log: Touching the Eggs

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Lahela smiles up at T'ea from the sidelines, that little scowl of hers gone for the moment being as she moves to one of the seats on the side, watching the candidates. "Someone has to watch them…" She murmurs, setting herself to doing just that. Boredly.

Eulalie sighs in dispair of getting her work done tonight, and then puts on a cheerful smile, "Oy, its what I get for locking myself away most of the day in the smithy, no forsight about this sort of thing.." She grins impishly towards Lahela and T'ea, "Hello, Miss and Sir."

Elia makes a soft noise of surprise, her eyes going wide at what she feels from the Mary egg. "Oh my, you're…different. I'm not sure what has you so guarded, but you can trust me, little one." She kneels down next to the red egg, careful to keep her knees from dipping into the sands. "Such a becoming color, your red. And maybe a little scary."

Eulalie has one of those looks a runner developes when its frightened, eyes big enough to see the whites around, as she approaches the nearest egg, Pretened to Loose Some Weight Diet Coke Egg.

T'ea smiles as he turns to follwo Lahela and nod, "But of course, someone always has to watch them." he notes, settling down in a chair next to Lahela.

Kilaueth shifts absently on the sand, the gold's oversized paws pushing some sand away from her as her head turns and she eyes the little things on the sands.

Saelis blinks in rapid succession, and a smile breaks across her lips. Green eyes look about the sands momentarily, until she pulls a one knee'd kneel beside it. "Well… Hello to you, too," says the Holder girl, "and how do you do…" It's obvious that she's quite a bit shocked, but she continues her distracted smile - and welcoming thoughts- toward the egg.

Eulalie looks horrified and snatches her hand away as calmly as she can, face turned ashen under her tan. She swallows hard and tucks her hand behind her back, staring at the egg as if it had proposed certain death rather than simply a bubbly hello. "Oh my.. I think I'll stick to glass."

Elia snorts slightly, her eyes narrowing at the egg she's touching. "Well you certainly aren't the most friendly thing I've ever met. Perhaps some of your clutchmates are a little more…welcoming." She takes her hand away from the Mary Egg and walks away, laying her palm on the Juicy Egg. "How about you, little one? Talkative at all?"

Eulalie sighs and siddles away from the exuberant egg, headed for the relative safe demeanor offered by the But Where's The Rum Gone! Egg, instead. "Perhaps that should be more sedate." She gives an involuntary shudder, perhaps not realizing that her own personality can be even more effervescant than the Coke Egg she's beating a hasty retreat from.

Elia looks infinetly more relaxed as she gets a much warmer reception from this egg. "How pretty. But maybe a little sad. What could you be sad about?" She traces a finger over the Perfectly Golden Juicy Egg, "You seem a bit nicer than your clutchmate over there, though. I guess I should expect that from such a pretty egg."

Miiriel is more hesitant at first as she comes into the hatching sands, closer to her fellow candidate, stormy eyes taking in all the eggs for a moment. She looks over at Eulalie as she touches an egg and ends up backing up from it and watches as a few others touching other eggs. Her feet bring her around to the Ruby Red Delight? Egg and for a moment her hand hesitates infront of the shell, before making her final first touch of one of the round ovoids…

Eulalie's lopsided look is more of confusion than horror this time, that's something at least. "Ahh, perhaps you're a safer choice than thine exuberant brother or sister over there." She regards the filigree-like swirled amber Rum Egg and allows herself a timid smile. "Hail and well met."

The strawberry blonde only takes a few seconds dwelling there, though, before taking a step towards Pretend, having a little more confindence after no shock from any egg yet so far. Her fingers seem timid upon each shell as if afraid she'll disturb the creature within. She makes her way out of curiousity to the Pretend To Loose Some Wieght Diet COke Egg, having seen a few others touch its shell.

Saelis shudders visibly, from head to toe, at the Mary I Vant Your Blood Egg's greeting, and for a moment, she teeters on whether or not to let go. Indecision plays through her features delicately, trying to dance around the Egg's feelings, but this time, she parks full beside it. Something about the egg is familiar, and this time, she'll deal with it. "Ksht… I don't want to own you, lovely," she speaks quietly, almost in an undertone. Fingertips graze softly across the surface of the egg, and Saelis sighs; her green eyes gaze nervously over its crimson. "Know you, definitely."

Elia chuckles, giving the egg's surface a gentle little pat. "I'm sorry, you just seemed a bit sad. I guess I was wrong though. You're much more interesting than the other one I touched." She gives the shell one last pat before she removes her hand, "I think I'd better visit with the others though." She walks away and wanders for a moment before touching the Ruby Red Egg. Hopefully the temperments of the red eggs aren't all the same.

Eulalie sighs when she gets no further responce from the Rum Egg, "Oh, and it was a good egg, too.." She lifts her hand away with an odd sort of regret and steps away, looking for the next open egg to touch.

Miiriel takes a moment to blink at Pretend Egg before removing her hand and taking a look at it for a moment as the sensations she felt passes. "Well, a lively one, arnt we?" She comments and smiles, "Its nice to meet you too, happy one…" She mumbles lightly, as if not wanting to be heard. And after this she moves along to the next silently, studying each as she passes with the inquisativeness of a kidlet..

Saelis laughs lightly. "I'm not special at all, really… Bossy, yeah…" The faint traces of sweat that formerly graced her flesh has increased by a nice amount, and Saelis sighs deeply, continuing to talk in soft undertone. "Well, pretty. But that's all. Though I think you could trust me… Maybe." A giggle parts through the redhead's lips at her own joke of tone.

Elia looks taken aback at the response she gets from the Ruby Red Egg, a bright smile crossing her face. "Now, you're a little more to my liking. I can't believe no one touched you yet." She kneels down beside it, looking the little egg over. "You seem much happier than your clutchmates, so I hope you don't mind my intruding on you…"

Matteo steps over to the Perfectly Golden Juicy Egg, crouching and placing a weathered hand upon it's warm shell. He remembered the drill well. As gentle thoughts and colors entre his mind he smiles sadly, but cautiously persues the lonely images. "Hello there… what's up with you? Lost something?"

Elia ohs softly, caressing the little egg gently, "No one likes you? Well, I like you. And you're very pretty. Such a pretty little red. At least you're in good spirits about people trying to talk with you." Talk isn't quite the right word, but it's as close as one can get to describe the sensation. "I bet other people will like you too."

Fincayra didn't, in fact, bother taking the apron off as Niva suggested - she just rushed after the weyrwoman and hurried onto the sands. She stops short when she gets to the edge, and glances around, then makes an unpracticed bow in the general right direction, and peers at the eggs and the people around them. "So, um.. we just touch them?" Not waiting for any answer, she runs her fingers across the shell of a burgundy egg.

Niva rushes back onto the Sands, a newly dubbed AWLM following behind her, rushing to plop down on the platform next to Kilaueth, face flushed as she reaches for a skin, gulping down water as she does so.

Eulalie meanders towards the Refreshed Egg, eyeing it mistrustfully and hoping not to find another hyper dragon like the Coke Egg she unfortunately touched first. One cringing hand extends, bitting down on her lower lip, "Ugh, here goes nothing."

Saelis gasps so loudly, and jumps so suddenly, that her touch upon the egg is broken as she falls backward, away from it. Hastily, she goes to touch it again. "Stop that… I don't think so; I know so," she asserts. Now emerges the determined Saeils of duty, and she glowers just slightly. "Honestly… You're a beautiful being, and I, for one, am definitely trustworthy. So there." A firm nod, and Saelis waits for the Mary I Vant Your Blood Egg's reaction.

Elia giggles and gives the Ruby Red Egg a last little pat and a soft "I'll try to visit again later", before she moves along to allow the next candidate a chance at the egg. She scans the caverns, looking for a free egg.

Eulalie is pleasantly surprised, at least. A kindly smile passes over her features, "Well then, hello little one. Snug and happy?" She takes a moment to examine the shell beneath her hand and nods, "Yes, I suppose so."

Miiriel passes by Elia politely, smiling as she sees the Ruby Egg that Elia has just relieved of fingers. She takes a step forward then to the pretty red egg and placed her finger daintily upon it, brow cocked as if waiting for something bad to happen.

Matteo blinks at teh egg's spontaneous change of mood. "Well… that's better…" He grins at the warmth, though drops of sweat trickle down his brow from teh heat. "You're a very interesting one, so many moods at once, then?" He gives a small chuckle, a wry half-grin settling upon his face.

Saelis stands abruptly, wavering as she does so. The egg is glaced it for a long, long moment. With a shuddered sigh, Saelis steps off the sands, going toward Elia and, looking at the other candidate, shaking her head. Time for a break…

Fincayra blinks at the sudden sensation, but continues to run her fingers over the shell, not thinking it is related to the egg. At the same time, she fiddles with the screws in her apron pocket with her left hand. "So is anything supposed to actually happen?" she wonders aloud.

Eulalie giggles slightly and gives the egg a fond little pat, "Not too close, youngling. I've duties to do, and others no doubt want to admire you, too. Good bye, lovely." She withdraws slowly, an odd look on her face at the broken contact.

Elia chuckles at Saelis, giving the other candidate a smirk. "I guess you got much the same reaction I did." She shudders slight at the thought of the contact with the Mary Egg. "Not very pleasant." She spies an egg open and excuses herself from Saelis, making her way to the Refreshed egg and touching it gently. Oh please, don't let it be another crazy one.

Miiriel can't help but laugh outloud at the Ruby Egg's bouncy responce, a first of outbreaks so far from the tentive former Trader. "Well, you are mighty happy to have so many people paying attention, arnt you?" SHe smiles sweetly and brushes fingers gently along the curve of the ovoid. "Well, Elia is right, you are an admireable one." She states in more of a voice associated with her.

Fincayra shrugs, then peers at the burgundy egg closely. admiring the color. "Pretty much perfect, aren't you?" she addresses the egg, though she feels rather silly. She hasn't caught on yet, apparently.

Matteo nods. "Yes… you prove your point well I suppose. But I would think so many would get you kinda confused." He muses aloud to the egg. "I mean, so many things to happen at once. But I'm afraid I should let you open to teh others, no doubt they'd also like to enjoy your many joys aswell."

Elia lets out a sigh of relief. No mental barrage. No murderous thoughts. Just a calm little egg. "Hmmm, different. You're a little more outgoing than your fellows. Definetly a little more cheerful." She traces the cap of the egg gently, "You seem like you're very strong. Self-assured. Very different, indeed."

Fincayra is startled and stares at the surface of the egg for a few moments. "Right.. if that wasn't weird I'm not sure what is." She's starting to get it, and ponders for another few moments some sort of insight. "I don't really know what I know that's big. Just a lot of random things."

Miiriel makes her way past the Ruby Egg after dwelling fingers on it as she passes it. She pulls away though and looks at the Mary Egg, eyeing it suspiciously, knowing many bizaar reactions have come from it. She hesitates again for a moment before "going in for the kill" and touching the egg, almost preparing to wince..

Saelis simply chooses to watch as Miiriel touches the Mary egg. She shakes her head back and forth; she /may/ have wanted to try, but that… Slender fingers fiddle with the white knot-bracelet on her wrist, and Saelis stands, looking at the other eggs. The Golden one… how were people reacting to it again? Saelis crosses the sands, very cautiously. The redhead barely touches her fingers to the Perfectly Golden Juicy Egg's shell; what now…?

Elia eeps and looks perhaps a little surprised at this egg's forcefulness in her mind. "And curious too, it seems." She sinks a little in her stance, touching the sands and wincing at their heat. "You'll like it out here then. There's so much out here to be curious about and experience." She brushes sand off her knees, adding, "Too bad you're first experience out will be of this. Though I guess it's not that hot you."

Matteo releases the golden egg with a smirk. Silly egg… He happens over to a mottled red one and runs a hand along it's side. As he's greated with joy, Matt can't help but grin genuinely so, his eyes fixing upon the shell. "Why, hello's there! You seem very happy today? Lots of people, hmm?" He chuckles softly.

Fincayra blinks again, then eyes the egg. "Maybe some other time," she mumbles, then steps away to search out a new egg.

Miiriel doesnt balk at the response she gets, half-way expecting some odd sort of reaction, but takes time to caress the egg a bit and take in its design as she did the rest, restraining a flinch she might have hidden inside from this overtly sure egg. "Well, you are a confidant one, arnt you?" She cocks a brow in ushual fashion. Nope, this candidate isnt going to jump away just yet. Defiance, one might call it. "Scared a few of the others, did you..?" She says to it, remaining calm - maybe with restraint to wanting to jump away..

Eulalie looks around for a moment before approaching the Duck Egg. She eyes it with a sort of curious reverance, and her eyes open in rapture at the perfection of the shell. Her hands stretch foreward, eyes taking on the glazed look so many apprentices have witnessed when the young journeyman plies and shapes molten glass. "Oh, beautiful.." She breathes.

Matteo gives a genuine laugh to match his smile. "Yes, yes I am… You are a very… ah… jubilant one, aren't you?" The perkiness and joy was almost a bit intimidating, because Matt himself never really committed himself to much of it. hadn't the time. But this egg must have a lot of time, right?

Saelis snorts at Miiriel. "She and the devil egg were made for one—" she begins, before the egg's sad little voice works into her mind. Immediately her brows furrow together, and she gazes with very much the same emotion playing on her eyes. "Oh, so /you're/ that one…" she mumurs. Fingers trace along little patterns, present or imagined, on the shell, and she stands, one hand still touching. "Don't worry, you prettiness; you won't be alone too much longer… I hope…"

Eulalie decides these bubbles aren't so bad as the uncontrollable multiplication that sought to overwhelm her in the Diet Coke Egg, and so runs a caressing hand over the lovely sheen that wavers over the gently curved ovoid shell. "Hello, little one."

Elia ohs softly and quickly tries to reassure the Refreshed Egg, "Oh no, you didn't do anything wrong. You've been lovely." She gently caresses the eggs and ponders. How do you explain coming out to an egg? "Well, see, you're in a shell, but eventually, you'll want to break out of it…and be out here." She winces slightly, she'll probably just end up confusing it."

Fincayra glances back at Eulalie, face squinching at the younger woman's expression when she sees the burgundy egg. Fin moves on, then notices someone more familiar than most of the other candidates on the sands, and makes her way toward Elia, adjusting her glasses on the way.

Matteo smiles and chuckles a bit more. "Yes, indeed, you've got energy… I'm certain you'll get lost more attention. You're a very friendly one. And as such I'll open you up for others." He releaves the egg of his hand and walks away with a small spring in his step. Wow, that much perky was… well… perky. and happy. and fluffy. He cracks his neck absently as if to remove the feelings that way.

Elia giggles softly, giving the egg a little pat. It's obvious she doesn't quite want to move on, but there are other candidates floating around as well. "I'll definetly comes back and visit you." She steps away from the eggs and looks around the cavern for a free one.

Eulalie contains many thoughts and memories, some closely gaurded, and some readily available on the surface. As the first few layers of them are wormed through, however, she pulls back, looking uncomfortable, "Such as young should go no further.." She murmurs, turning her back regretfully from the Duck Egg. "Faretheewell, little dragonet."

Fincayra grins at Elia. "Hey - Elia right?" she greets quietly. "What is it we're supposed to be doing with these?" In the meantime she randomly drifts the way Elia came, glancing at the creamy egg, then moving close enough to move her fingers across the shell.

Miiriel can't help but take on the challenge given by the egg, even though it has its tendancy of being grusome. FOr a moment her stormy eyes turn away and she cocks a brow and gives a smirk towards whomever might've snorted, but ignores it, taking in the attention again of the Mary Egg. "Well, a diffrence, then? Not expecting it?" She clucks her tongue, moving along the surfact as she studies its "bloody" colors, as if looking for imprefections- or for its perfections. "Well, you certainly scared enough of the others away." She chuckles lightly, having been able to keep in touch with the fearsome egg when everyone else jumped. Yup. Defy the odds.

Not hearing another 'song', or voice, or anything from the egg, Saelis sighs and steps away from the Perfect Egg. She whispers something inaudible under her breath at it, and glances about. Alright. Which one hasn't she touched yet…? Or does she want to try, more likely. The Ruby Red egg is regarded lightly, with a cant of the head, before she troops over to it. One hand swoops across the ovoid, and she smiles. "So… What've I got to do to meet you, wonderful?" she laughs, half to herself and half to it.

Elia walks over to Fincayra and smiles, "Just touching them. Getting used to them, you know. Making friends, I suppose you could say." She leaves Fin to the egg she left, heading toward the exit, making another bow to Kilaueth and Alhenaeth before turning to those watching the candidates, "If you don't mind, I'd like to get back to my chores."

Eulalie pauses only a beat before approached the Perfectly Golden Juicy Egg, a little wistful now and more cautious for the probing the motionless embryoes seem to do. A hand reaches out slowly, tentatively, to touch the golden shell.

Matteo wanders on over to another egg, gazing curiously at the shell before kneeling again and placing a hand upon it firmly. "Oh… greetings, there." It was much shier than the other two. "What're you looking for?" He asks kindly, unthinkingly wiping his brow with the sleeve of his other hand.

Fincayra smiles after Elia, then is distracted by a warmth in her mind. "Whoa.. so yo're not all the same, then, with the whatever you use to, uh… communicate." Right. That made a /lot/ of sense. She eyes the egg. "So, friend-making? You seem, er, confident about something."

Miiriel takes her time to walk around the egg before nodding to it. "Farewell, then.." She mumbles with curiousity at the egg before releasing it from her touch. Her feet move along the sand again as she looks over and about the eggs— and which one to lay fingers on next and her inquisativeness of each unhatching dragon's response might be.. And heads towards another..

Saelis actually laughs this time. "Well, what've we here?" she questions, smile absolutely plastered onto her face. "Someone glad to meet and greet?" Although the sands can be rather uncomfortable, the Ruby Red egg's greeting is more than enough - after her encounter with the egg from hell - to overshadow that. The young woman cants her head. "It's nice to meet you, indeed!"

Eulalie sighs and rubs her eyes tiredly, giving the queen and clutchsire a bow before making a somewhat hasty retreat away from the burning Sands, casting a last glance towards the icy-minded Duck Egg.

Matteo's brow screws up a bit at this, interesting. "Mm… the others are just different. And there is nothing scary about different." He smiles a little at teh pretty colors. "Met many of us, haven't you? It's kinda like that."

Fincayra ponders for a moment. There are many images to sort through. "Something?" she grasps at something, and the fighting part of her education comes up. "Ah.. the clash of swords, the smack of flesh against flesh, the satisfaction of winning. I 'spose you like winning, or might sometime, since you're so new."

Alhenaeth rumbles quietly, watching all the candidates. Watching them… walk. Watching them… touch. Candidates. Mmmmmmm. Caaaaandidaaatessss…. He grins his teeth together as he imagines all the wonderful dishes he could have with all of these candidates. Candidates on the Grill. Shisk-kan-idates. Hot Candidates. Candidate-Burgers. Sauteed Candidates.

Miiriel Snerks lightly at Saelis' plastered smile as she passes by and takes the time to touch another egg to one side, getting to know each one visually as she listens to the responses of each candidate to an egg…

Matteo makes a soft "hmm" to himself. "You seem very open to things." He smiles with half of his face, as is typical of the sailor. "That's good… you learn a lot that way. A lot about others and how to deal with them. I try sometimes, but I haven't noticed it to come to much good with me."

Saelis nods her head. "I'll stay here. Safer than over yonder, and the company's /much/ more enjoyable." She stretches out across the sands, wincing a bit as the warmth spreads across her belly. "So, are you excited about coming to meet us soon?" she inquires lightly, tilting her head a bit.

Fincayra grins. "But more of the same, or more?" Some of both, maybe? Her trip south on the boat, learning to sail on the way down, however only-middling she was at the jobs they gave her. "Best part was trying to swordfight while on the ship. But I did find someone to duel with a time or two."

"Oh, but it's nice out here, much much nicer. You can move around, and play, and get to know one of us better," she explains, in much the same childish ramblings to the Ruby Red Egg's inhabitant. She begins to idly toy with her bracelet again. "And you can learn to do lots of new things out here," she adds. A firm nod.

Matteo gives a small shrug at this to teh egg. "Guess I just don't meet the right people? I hope you do though. I see you've already met quite a few. Well, I'm gonna go now. Best wishes to you, inquisitive one." Matt smiles faintly and stands, shirt near drenched in sweat. Water. Water a good idea about now.

Fincayra starts shifting through memories more quickly, not dwelling but only remembering a glimpse and letting it go as quickly. Her brothers and life at home, work in the stable, work attempted teaching lessons, fixing random things, and of course recently, her sister and even the thing which she was trying to fix. And she's all pooped out of remembering things and so eyes the egg. 'Um.. that satisfying? It's hot in here."

Kilaueth shifts impatient, rumbling low in her stomach as she crouches low to the ground, tints of red beginning to appear in her eyes. Niva may have been looking relaxed, but at the reaction from Kilaueth, she hurriedly gets to her feet, moving forward, waving her head. "Time to get moving, all… You can touch them again later. Make sure you bow on your way out… Don't run, but don't dawdle…" And she cautiously keeps an eye on her lifemate as she does so. The firecracker will not go off. Really.

Saelis shrugs, pushing away a stray hair. "Sometimes. But it's more fun than anything, you know." Her fingers slide across the top of the ovoid, and she stands. "When you come out, it'll be… quite warm, and there may be some- well, a lot- of people, but they're all going to be here just to see you!" Saelis giggles. "Exciting, huh, that you're that important?"

Alhenaeth snorts at Saelis, the closest to him. He will not have his mate getting angry here. He snorts at all of them, rumbling some. Kilaueth's rider may be here, but his is not.

Fincayra nods and leaves without further comment. Dirty, hot, and still needing to get her belongings moved. Out, out, time to go out. She follows other candidates, randomly latching onto one of them to be a partner in crime to collect her detritis.

Matteo watched the others still there, curiously. One was talking animatedly to the perky little red. Fin was with another Matt had not encountered. As the gold becomes restless Matt jerks to life. He nods to Niva and heads out, bowing to the parents of this interesting clutch. Angry dragons were not good dragons.

Saelis hears Alhenaeth's snort, and at a semi-slow scoot, she begins to leave the egg's side. She turns, however, and offers another curtsey-bow to the dam and sire of the clutch, before joining her fellow leaving candidates. "That… was amazing," she grins.

Miiriel eyes the two parent dragons as she walks away from the clutch and gives a tnetive bow, knwoing they are getting annoyed. SHe wouldent want her things being touched that much either - it you could put it that way. As she makes an exit she brushes off the dirt that clings to her sweating skin. The heat and nerviousness getting to her as well..

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