Xylaihl and L'ton

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Xylaihl is enjoying a simple day at the beach with her youngest child, a nine turn old boy named Xaliyan. "Ali, come look at this, Xeno's found another shell." she calls, pointing to a young blue firelizard. The boy comes over, glances at the shell, then sees his friends splashing about in the water. With an apologetic look to his mother, he runs off to join them, leaving Xylaihl with only Xvetaoth and the firelizard for company. Xylaihl sighs, he's not her little baby anymore. She has no idea how true that is, yet.

What better way is there to enjoy a break from a long, drowsy meeting then to escape to the beach, and enjoy the sunlight and the fresh air. And so, Dhonzayth groggily moves from the spot he'd found earlier to a spot on the sand that he finds equally satisfying, while L'ton whistles softly, stretching as he wanders along the beach, pausing to watch the boy run off for the water with a bit of a smile on his face.

Xylaihl glances up at Xvetaoth, and laughs. "He's allowed on the beach too, silly." she says with affection, she's used to Xvetaoth's possessiveness now, though it can be inconvenient at times. Then, to L'ton, she waves, commenting about her son, "They grow up all too fast, don't they? It seems like just last week he was a babe in my arms." she shakes her head slowly. "He'll always be my baby though, my little Xaliyan." Ali for short. With a name like that, you'd need an alias.

L'ton is pulled back to the beach by the laughter, and the half conversation, quickly nodding his head. "Aye.. Ah can't believe, mah Zip is already nearly 11.. Ah can't believe it. She's already a lil'lady. Soon, she'll be old enough ta stand." He shakes his head again, offering a bit of a smile to her. "Alas, how things go." Glancing at the boy, he looks back at her questioningly, "He can't be much less than 11 himself, is he?"

Xylaihl ahs, and grins, recalling a hatching just a few turns ago. "He's 9. He'd point out that he's 9 and a half, because it sounds older." she rolls her eyes, but with a smile. "It's an experience, having a child on the sands." That is, having a child stand, not actually giving birth out there. "My son, X'hil, impressed seven turns ago now. He's just gone nineteen." She seems unable to believe this, it seems like a lot. She doesn't /feel/ old enough to have adult children, and yet she seems to take for granted that she won't be having any more of her own. "Where do the turns go?"

L'ton moves to close the distance, giving a polite bow to Xvetaoth, and a smile to her rider. "What did him Impress?" L'ton asks politely, though he actually seems truly interested. "Mah Sris, she's been saying Zip'll do well on the Sands, when she's old enough." And he's proud, despite it still being in the semi-distant future. "It seems like just yesterday, that mah cousins and Ah, we were getting ta Ista. Now Ah couldn't imagine not being there, with Dhonzayth and Sris."

Xylaihl beams with pride, "A bronze. Big one, too." she nods, and glances over to Dhonzayth, "Kinseth was the name. X'hil and bronze Kinseth. I've also got a daughter just old enough to be searched, nearly a turn over it in fact, but the dragons haven't even looked twice at her. Shame, but she's in a good craft, and she keeps borrowing my firelizards to send messages. Secret messages. To a boy." she whispers, as if it's such a big secret, and winks. Bit early for grandchildren yet, but her daughter shows promise. Meanwhile, that little blue firelizard has been rummaging around looking for interesting items, and now he brings Xylaihl a bit of seaweed. She looks a little green herself. "Funny the way time and the mind play tricks on you. I can practically taste the fish I ate while I was pregnant with him." she nods to the boy in the water. "I don't normally even like seafood, to be honest."

"Best color there is." L'ton replies quickly, before giving the green a bob of his head. "Well, after ya lovely greens, of course." A soft chuckle, and he shakes his head. "No boy s'gonna be sending secret messages ta my girl, if'n Ah can do anything about it." Protective father indeed. He watches the blue flitting around, eyeing the piece of seaweed, and shaking his head. "Be glad ya ain't at Ista. Ah swear, they hide fish anywhere they can, and then they say they ain't." He makes a face, mouth moving as if to get the imaginary taste out of his mouth.

Xylaihl grins, and glances to Xvetaoth. "Well, I'm quite partial to green, myself." she notes, with a chuckle. On the subject of secret notes though, she points out, "If they're secret, how would you know?" though she frowns, and glances to the water. "You've got turns yet to worry about that sort of thing though." she notes, with a small shrug. "I … won't go into detail. About the fish." But she's thinking it, judging by her ill looking expression. "Just… I'll never eat another thing without making /sure/ it's cooked through." Did she have a little liking for sushi, perhaps? Or was it just a bad fish?

"Well, if'n Ah /did/ find out, Ah'd put an end to it." L'ton says adamantly, cracking a smile. "Ah hope Ah do, Ah hope Ah do. Ah know what boys do, and Ah know how girls act, so Ah'll be prepared." At the mention of the type of fish she had, he wrinkles up his nose, continuing to make faces, which of course is probably not helping the situation. "Ah can't even imagine that… Ah think Ah'll avoid that, too."

Xylaihl seems to have a bit of difficulty paying attention to L'ton, to the point that Xvetaoth nudges her gently to bring her back to the present. "Well, girls will be girls, and boys will be boys. You'd be surprised what they can get away with. I caught my daughter jumping on the furniture one time, I used to do that all the time and thought I could get away with it. It's what eventually got me into the wood craft — if I could make my own furniture, no-one could tell me not to jump on it. Of course, by the time I could make anything useful, I'd grown out of that." she smiles, though it's a weak one, she's still not feeling too great. "Xyala, my daughter, is in the same craft."

"Tis the craft of the greatest." L'ton teases. "Though, Ah hardly have time fer it anymore, other than bits of toys when Ah'm stuck listening ta the others ramble." As the green gives her rider a slight nudge, and her smile looks rather weak, he wrinkles his brow, and ducks to get a better look at her, taking half a step closer to offer a steadying hand. "Ya okay? Can Ah get ya anything?"

Xylaihl shakes her head, then instantly regrets it. "I… I'm fine. Just come over all dizzy of a sudden." she murmurs, leaning on L'ton a bit. Her eyes widen, then narrow suspiciously, and she looks up at Xvetaoth. "Oh, you didn't, you… you… urgh." the woman sighs, and looks to L'ton. "Um, how are you feeling?" she asks, hastily adding, "Because either there's a tummy bug going around, or…" a pause, "It could be something I ate, I suppose…" she muses, though she's been through this four times now, she's beginning to recognise the signs.

L'ton moves to put a supporting arm around her waist, looking rather blankly from Xvetaoth to Xylaihl and back to the green, letting them have their conversation. Yet, when a question is directed to him he shakes his head hurriedly. "Ah.. Ah feel fine. Ah ain't eaten any seafood, though." He spits out quickly. "Do ya.. Do ya want meh ta get ya some juice er water er something? It might help, if'n ya ain't feeling so good."

Xylaihl nods slowly, chewing on her bottom lip. "Water… Please?" she doesn't want to say much. "It… It's probably nothing… Just a bit of a bug…" she murmurs, not really wanting to suggest what she thinks it could be. "I've … been worse." Xvetaoth seems to be hovering over protectively, worried for her rider. "I'm fine, silly." she tries to reassure her lifemate, though she doesn't quite look it. "I'll be /fine/."

"Ah'll… Ah'll be right back.." And he hesitantly steps away from the greenrider, watching her for a minute before taking off for the caverns at a quick jog, and returning a short time later. A bit out of breath, he pushes his hair out of his face, offering her a closed container to her, doing a bit of his own hovering. "He-here you go.." And he chews on his lip, watching. "If.. there's anything else Ah can do.."

Xylaihl has scooted up to lean against Xvetaoth in the intervening time, and she takes the water, sipping slowly at it. "I… don't think so… I think it's too late for that…" she sighs, and looks up at Xvetaoth. "It's still early yet, but…" a pause, her eyes drift out of focus as she discusses something with Xvetaoth, then looks at L'ton. "I…" she begins, shaking her head slowly. "I think… I might be… that's a definite maybe… nothing confirmed… Possibly…" a pause, and then in a tiny voice, "pregnant?" It's still early yet, it could be just a bug or something? Maybe?

Cue the jaw dropping, as L'ton stands there and stares at Xylaihl, looking from her to Xvetaoth, and back to the rider. "But… But.. Ah mean.." And he glances over his shoulder at the boy playing in the water, then back at Xylaihl. "Ya.." And he trails off, trying to figure out what to say. He slowly moves back towards her, offering a hand. "Ah.. Will ya.. ya let meh know, fer sure?" He seems rather unsure if that's the right thing to say, still digesting the possibility, even if its just that.

Xylaihl nods slowly, glancing out to the water, to her youngest child and his friends. "I… I will… Yes." she turns to L'ton. "I won't know for sure right away, it could be a bug or something." she nods, conflicted. She's not sure whether she wants it to be a bug or a baby. "But… you can visit, if you like… Just visit. As a friend. Possibly as … for the child … if there is one." she murmurs, meaning only as a father, which should be a relief. The woman manages a small chuckle. "Well, fish looks to be right out, this time. That'll be a first." she seems to doubt her own suspicions on that alone. Well, that, and her age, even though it's very much possible for women her age — and older — to fall pregnant.

"Ah.. Ah have mah girl.. Ah'd be happy ta… visit as a father, though. Ah mean, if'n there's one, Ah couldn't just… leave 'em." L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "Ah couldn't do that ta ya, or them." Reaching for her hand, he smiles. "If'n its just a bug, Ah really hope a feel better soon.. Ah'd hate fer ya ta be sick." Though, which he's hoping for, he carefully avoids.

Xylaihl glances out to the water, and sighs. "As a father, that's all I'm asking." she murmurs, looking at her young son. "I… I'm sorry… I hope I'm not causing any trouble… If it is a bug, well, there's no trouble then, is there?" she notes, idly, glancing up at Xvetaoth. She frowns. "I… might need to take a leave of absence… just in case." a pause, and she explains with two words: "Transport wing." Though, maybe it'd be best if she continued working? But… She's rather conflicted, indeed.

"Its not any trouble fer meh, and it ain't gonna cause meh no hardship. There's no need fer ya ta worry about that. Mah Sris understands that flights happen. And… if'n it isn't a bug… A leave of absence might be best, if'n its what ya really want." He glances over at her son in the water, and back at him. "Besides, maybe Ali'd like not being the baby anymore, ya know?" He teases a bit.

Xylaihl smiles slightly, and nods, "I think he might like that. I remember when my sister was born, I was about a turn younger, and I was thrilled not to be the youngest anymore." Though, she does have to admit, "I … shouldn't tell him, not yet. Don't want to get his hopes up over a bug. I'll tell him I've been … reassigned. Temporarily. Until I find out for sure." she smiles slightly, then pulls herself to her feet, leaning against Xvetaoth. "Thanks for the water… and for not freaking out."

"Ah think he will." L'ton agrees with a smile, glancing back at Dhonzayth for a moment, and wrinkling his nose. "If'n there's anything else Ah can do, don't hesitate to have Xvetaoth bespeak Dhonzayth. Ah.. Ah need ta run. Mah meeting is about ta start again. Ah'll be waiting ta hear from ya." He smiles quickly, nodding his head to her, and bowing to the green before backing up and then turning to return to the Council chambers at a hurried pace.

Xylaihl waves to L'ton, after briefly contemplating a bow in response. She feels slightly better now, but not that much better. Still, she manages a smile. "Meetings. Fun." She can't really talk though, there'll be a lot of paperwork in her future. Or maybe she'll go back to her craft… Decisions decisions. "I'll send a firelizard with a message as soon as I know more." she adds, trudging off towards her weyr for a bit of a rest, with Xvetaoth not far behind.

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