Miiriel is Searched

High Reaches Weyr - Southern Bowl
Standing in the midst of the Southern Bowl, you wonder at the size of the space here. Arrayed around the north end are the Seven Spindles — high crownlike points formed by the extinct volcano and erosion — a good reference point for all Weyrlings learning to *between*. The bowl itself is roughly oviod in shape, a large lake taking up large part — Rukbat's light shining on its watery surface. Occasionally, a large shadow interupts the light's path and as you look up you see why — dragons — moving to and fro their weyrs. There are a few openings here which lead to ground level 'weyrs'.

Niva takes long strides across the bowl which, despite her average height, cause the significantly taller rider accompanying her to near run in order to keep up. "But, but…" He stammers as he follows along after Niva, headed towards a green who shifts impatiently in the bowl. "No buts." Plain and simple as Niva pauses only long enough to glare at him before continuing to close the distance.

Miiriel looks up from her perch near a wagon in the Bowl, Another Trader standing close by. The words that are coming from her mouth are low, but they set off a burst of laughter from the older Trader - who thumps her across the back. "Well, well, m'friend, glad we have left ya Home Hold?" He mentions and Miir looks up for a moment with glaring eyes, pushing back her strawberry blonde hair with defiance. "I bet you did it on purpose - drag me back to Tillek, you wher-faced-" She stops her words though at the sight of two riders, giving a slight nods towards them. She doesnt reconize them, but is curtious. "Maybe they will sample your wares, Belin." She snerks, eyeing the older man.

Niva lets her gaze wander to the Traders as she nears them on her way to the green, using them as a reason to ignore the ramblings of the rider. "But, you-you see. You really should go back and talk some more. Stay a bit longer and enjoy their hospitality." Finally Niva swings around to just stare at him. "Some guy you fancy is /not/ reason enough for me to waste my time." Hands going to her hips, she swivels back, attention drawn to Miiriel and Belin at the sound of laughter and voices. "Do /you/ think its good enough of a reason?" Yes, yes… Ask innocent bystanders. That's the way to go.

The stormy eyes look up from her companion and she raises a brow, looking towards them for a moment as the woman comes closer and turns towards them, asking a question. Belin, happy to catch anyone's attention, smiles brightly at the rider. "Well, Staying here wuldent be a bad thang, High Reaches has many nice things for sel-" Miiriel thumps him in the ribs and he glares then, looking down at his companion. "Now is not the time, Belin…" Miiriel says before turning again to the rider. "Well, it all depends on the fancy - and if the person is worth it.." She looks with curiousity towards the other rider, but only for a moment before looking back to the female rider. "But sometimes- outside opinions know best.." See? Offend neither in the party. Hopefully. The blonde stands then and nods. "But not knowing much of the situation, I wouldent be able to help much." She gives a slight half-smile in consolation to the other rider who is with Niva.

Niva arches an eyebrow curiously at Belin, rolling her eyes slightly though the angry expression on her face fades momentarily. And then she's peering at Miiriel for a long moment, wrinkling up her nose at the younger Trader. "He gave me a ride. He wants to stay and flirt. I have things I need to do." Turning around to glare at the taller male behind her, who shifts uncomfortably from side to side under her glare, she shakes her head. "You /can/ come back you know. Its not like you don't have more time." And he starts to protest, and she turns back to Miiriel and Belin. "That's fair, isn't it? Going now, but coming back later?" Without a upset Niva along.

Miiriel wrinkles her brows, wondering if getting involved in this is the smartest point of action, but without anything else to do in the High Reaches Area… " Men. It seems they are always wanting to flirt one way or another.." She mumbles a bit before looking up again and snerking at the gibbering green rider. "Well, I don't see why not. I mean- if you have a way here, you could probably pop in any time you wanted. High Reaches doesnt have too many problems with people visiting." She looks again over at Belin and controls a laugh as she sees his arms folded, the Trader slightly mad at having his sales pitch interrupted. But her companion is ignored again. "But I wouldent suggest in the winter, it gets mighty cold here.." She clucks her tongue and smiles a bit. "I avaoid High Reaches in the winter-" She looks to Belin again. "-When I can." And now a curiousity comes over Miiriel (As ushual for this lass), and she raises a brow to the two riders. "I would assume you are not from around here, then? And not just for skirt-chasing, either.." Eyes set upon the green rider.

O'course its the smartest course of action. Better to get involved and possibly upset a hormone driven greenrider then upset Niva. She's vengeful. Really. Niva snorts softly under her breath, shaking her head at Miiriel's comment before nodding her head at her. "/Thank/ you! Its not like you can't come back, to chase after that silly boy of yours." And she sighs as she looks back to Miiriel with a bit of a smile. "Gets rather cold at Xanadu, too. T'was snowing earlier." Which makes it oh-so-much fun. "I don't do cold." Really she doesn't. An amused glance is shifted from Miiriel to Belin and back and she shakes her head at the younger trader once more. "I had a meeting. So he brought me. He won't take me back." The greenrider continues to shift nervously from foot to foot, eyes darting from one trader to the other.

The reddish-blonde's brow cocks again at the word 'boy' and it finally dawns on her that this fellow isnt doing any skirt-chasing at all. She clucks her tongue again and realises her mistake, but looks over it. Hormone injected riders tend to flirt with anything at times. But with the look on Niva's face when she came up, Miiriel knew immediatly whom not to cross. She nods her head then. "I havent been able to make my way to Xanadu yet, I hope the summers are nice, atleast." She comments before moving on. "Well, cold isnt bad- just as long as it doesnt hand you snow to get a wagon stuck in. It really is a hard strain on Trader life." Well, she isnt really a trader, but that is a not need to know kinda thing. Her eyes shift almost in a nervious tactic, loking again between both riders before looking at Niva again. "Well, there are just some people you have to take the time to tell things to a few times before they actually get the hint." The comment is headed towards Belin again, and the Trader huffs. "It would only take him a few minutes anyways, bein' a rider and all- to drop you off at Xanadu and come back, especially if he thinks this fellow of his is quite the catch." She gives a slight shrugs, not knowing much of the flirting affair, but nods in affirmative. "And then you can get back to business at Xanadu." Yup. No peeving Niva off here.

Niva nods quickly at Miiriel with a half smile momentarily. "Weather is pretty nice, the majority of the time. Certainly good for traveling and trading." Rolling her eyes she nods at Miiriel, "I think it has something to do with being male." And she waves a hand in the air. "Exactly," Turning, she heads towards the green, waving impatiently for the green's rider to follow. "Come on, you can come back to your precious in a little while.." As Niva starts to mount up the green, as the dragon turns to watch her ascent, she pauses to stare at the still shifting rider. "Are you coming or not?" And the tall male pulls his gaze away from Miiriel long enough to blink at Niva before shaking his head and looking back to the the wannabe-Trader.

Miiriel smiles a bit and nods. "One of these times I shall get myself to Xanadu, then- if I can get this bulk to go that way." She pokes her finger at Belin's forearm and he snorts and gives a gruff laugh before looking again towards the rider. As Miiriel does too, she realises the female rider, Niva, stepping towards the green dragon- but the rider doesnt, just shifting there on his feet infront of her. She smiles a bit and a glimmer appears in her eye. "I can guarentee, sir, if you flirt with me, I might be forced to run." She jokes, nodding towards the green dragon. "Even your dragon seems interested in going.." Miiriel notes as the dragon looks at Niva mounting between it's ridges. Maybe the green rider is mad for her not defending him- and for once her brows rest serenely, as if waiting for a biting remark from the rider. Or maybe not, as he shifts on his feet…

Niva descends from the green as the dragon rumbles, taking a few steps towards the rider. "I said, let's go." And she turns back before practically running into the green dragon who had followed her over and now looms over both the Xanadu riders. After a long moment, the greenrider speaks up, still directing his words to Niva, despite his gaze never leaving Miiriel. "She says she's not leaving unless with take her with us." And he shifts his gaze back to Niva with an arched eyebrow. The gold rider's protests are cut off as she turns back to peer at Miiriel. "Her? Well, I suppose it could be worse," She mutters under her breath. "Well, you wanted to see Xanadu. Here's your chance.. Would you like to stand for Kilaueth and Alhenaeth's clutch?"

Well, there goes her serene gaze, for Miiriel's face turns shocked, stormy eyes wide for a moment. But it only lasts a moment before she composes herself and cocks a brow again. "Well, I must consider Belin here…" She mumbles, looking back at the Trader. But she isnt given much time before the Trader shoves his large hand into her shoulder and pushes her a little off-blance and closer to the two riders. "Go, you idiot. You deny this dragon a little bit of a victory, and I'll never get her away from my wagon!" The trader laughs outloud for once as Miiriel turns to glare at her companion. "I will make up my own mind, thankyou!" She turns then and looks at the green dragon, still quiet for a moment. "Well, I suppose it won't hurt." She says and turns to Niva, smirking a bit at her "could get worse" comment. "Yes, you could've ended up with Belin here." She laughs and dodges his thwap before nodding to the female rider. "Yes, I will accept your offer." Finally, something not bluntly put coming from the girl's mouth.

Niva actually smiles slightly at the interaction between Belin and Miiriel, giving the greenrider a push to get his dragon calmed down and ready to go before turning back to Miiriel with a bob of her head. "Welcome to Candidacy, then.. If you have anything you need, I'd suggest running and getting it now. It can always be replaced or grabbed, but its best to have it anyway."

Miiriel nods her head and shrugs her shoulders. "I have very little with me, other then a few pairs of clothes, which happen to be with Belin here. And I'm sure I can convince him to bring any other stuff.." She looks at her companion and he nods before she looks to the green rider. "Well, away we go then?" She places her hands forward and acts like she is being arrested, giving a little smirk. "And I'm pretty sure Belin here doesnt mind giving me up." SHe walks closer to the green then..

Niva glances over at Belin for a long moment before nodding her head once more and turning back to start to climb up the green's side again. "Hold onto the straps, and climb up til you can reach my hand." And settling herself, she reaches down for the other as she does so. The green's rider waits rather patiently, idly eyeing Belin's wagon for a long moment, putting the candidate's belongings in a bag attached to the straps.

Miiriel nods to the female rider and lifts herself uncertainly to the dragon's back, watching again as the green rider looks at Belin. "I can guarentee with that look, you could scare Belin." She giggles and the Trader snorts again before the girl gets back to task. She grabs to Niva's hand a swings up, looking around at the view. "Not bad from up here." She smiles.

Niva snickers slightly, nodding her head as Miiriel settles, fixing the straps as the greenrider climbs up, settling infront of the two females, double checking the straps before giving his lifemate an affectionate slap, the green wandering a safe distance from Belin and his wares before spreading her wings and launching herself skywards. "When we go between, it will only take as long as it takes to cough 3 times. And it may feel like we're not here, but we all are. Don't worry.." And she curls her fingers around the straps instinctively as they gain altitude.

A little gasp is given as High Reaches becomes small below her and she nods, really now concentrating on the view below. "You never really get a perseption of a place until you are above it.." She mumbles before listening to Niva's advice. "Okay." Is her only words as she follows example and holds onto the straps around her. "Like nothing is there.." She seemingly can't imagine this quite well, but know between exists..

The greenrider turns ever so slightly, nodding his head to his passengers before the dragon pushes her wings downwards and slides *between*.

Darkness and cold like you can't imagine. Nothing to see, feel or hear, except the beating of your heart.

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