Group in the Caverns

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant colour and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colours of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

C'ian is sitting in the usual chair that he sits in and drinks out of his steaming mug of hot klah. Klah. It's not just for… everyday anymore. Anyway, he sips and winces, waving his hand in front of his now open mouth. "Good Shards that burns!"

Niva wanders into the caverns, a variety of empty mugs in her hands which are then deposited in the kitchen before she pours herself a glass of cold juice, pausing with it half-full to scowl. "No, I'm not going to be right back. You might like it hot, but I can only take so much. My skin's not as thick as yours…" Murmuring all the while, she sighs and finishes pouring her juice, turning around to glance at the cavern, taking a slow sip as she regards the cavern.

There is a Kysli… barely, the rider seems a bit out of it as she enters the caverns. Lost in thought or something. Heading straight towards a hearth she simply curls up in a chair in front of it.

Kirilla trudges into the cavern, blinking a few times and continuing on her way to the serving tables, grumbling on the way about there not being enough room for pregnant women.

C'ian looks up from his waving hand to smile as the different ladies enter in. "Well, good day to everyone," he calls from his chair, watching everyone's movements. "How's everyone doing today? Feeling okay over there Kirilla? Kysli?" And of course, a smile to Niva, since he's sure he already knows how she is.

Niva curls her fingers around the glass, gaze following Kysli as the brownrider settles by the hearth, the shifts to follow Kirilla as the greenrider comes in her direction. Another sip of her glance and she glances back to C'ian, smiling over the rim of the glass and nodding her head to him before moving to settle down in a chair, not too close to the hearth, but in Kys's general area. At least her mutter has stopped… Kilaueth's apparently given up arguing and gone back to her eggs for the time being.

Kysli blinks… there are people in here? Oh, whoops. Yes, she's extremely observant today isn't she. The three others get smiles as she uncurls just enough so she can actually see what's going around. "Doing pretty good." is the soft answer.

Kirilla calls a greeting back toard C'ian once she's retrieved a mug of klah, and heads for a chair near the Weyrleader, yawning and sitting down. "Suppose I'm doing all right, C'ian. Only have a few more weeks, given this one isn't late like my first one was."

J'vry looks around. He's re-acquainting himself with the weyr, though his tour guides were a pair of twins. His twins…

C'ian smiles as he nods to Kirilla. "Well, be sure to let someone tell me that you had 'em," he replies. "It's my duty to keep an eye on how many brats my friends bring into this weyr." He chuckles and smiles seeing J'vry. "And an old face shows his hide again, I see."

Kirilla chuckles. "Of course. This one will be out in plenty of time for the new clutch, though. J'vry!" She starts to stand up when she also notices him arriving, then sits back down with a grunt. "Right, let's not try that again right away."

Niva pulls her legs up into the chair with her, sipping at her juice and gazing at Kysli for a long moment with a tilt of her head. "Sure you're okay, Kys?" And then she's peering over the back of the chair at the weyrleader and the other bronzer, blinking and not recognizing whoever it is they do. Snorting a bit, she shakes her head at C'ian. "Might as well count your friends.. Since it'll be easy to count yours. No more.." Not from her at least. A grin at Kirilla, and she tilts her head. "The eggs are getting harder… That's for certain. Hope you pop first.."

Kirilla snorts at Niva. "That sounds so vulgar. 'Hope you pop first'."

C'ian chuckles at Niva. "Well, a Weyrleader can hope, can he not?"

J'vry waves, and shoos the twins back to a nanny type. He sees Kirilla trying to rise."Don't try to rise quickly Kirilla…" He ducks past the food tables and gets some food and a mug of klah as well. He then wanders over."This seat taken?"

J'vry adds "Western's greetings."

Kysli blinks and gives Niva a grin, "Yeah, I'm fine." And she seems like it, just was lost in thought, which people should be used to by now, right? On the other hand she seems a bit overwhelmed with the amount of people, and there really isn't that many.

Niva shakes her head at him, rolling her eyes. "Hope all you want, but the closest thing you're going to get is those eggs out there on the sands. Mind you, that's only if Alhenaeth catches again, too. Let those count.." A wink and she beams at Kirilla. "Who ever said that I couldn't be vulgar?" Taking another sip of her juice, she watches J'vry get stuff for Kirilla, once more shaking her head, muttering 'never' under her breath before glancing over at Kysli with a grin. "Just checking…" Trailing off, she eyes her a moment longer and turns back to peer at the larger group.

Kirilla smiles and nods at J'vry when he arrives. "Sit on down, J'vry. Make yourself welcome. I should know better than to jump up right away." She grins lightly, then glances at Kysli, "If there's too many of us, I can head out, really. Just popped in to get some grub and sweets, but no good sweets were around."

C'ian smiles at J'vry. "And Xanadu's greetings to you, my old friend. It's been far too long!" He jumps up and takes J'vry's hand moving to a firm, manly-man grasp. "How's Western these days?"

Kysli grins brightly at Kirilla and shakes her head, "Nah… I should be used to it by now." She'll lean back in her chair though and stay on the quiet side. Figuring out how to deal with a proddy wingsecond… /thank/ you Xyla.

J'vry tilts his head."No good sweets? You ought to ask Auntie Sweets…You know she loves to make sweets for people…"

Xylaihl waddles over to the food tables, getting herself just a glass of juice for now. She turns, nodding to familiar faces, then frowning slightly. After a moment, she turns back to the food table, piling a plate high with food, for later. She moves over towards the gathered people, offering a simple "Hello."

Niva glances over at Kys one more time, ducking her head. "I'm going to move over there… Dunno if you want to come or not, but…" Unfolding her legs from beside her, she gets out of the chair with ease, after all /she's/ not pregnant, and heads over to the larger group to flop down in an empty seat, very nearly spilling her juice all over herself. A sheepish look appears on her face and she glances around, half-following the conversation, before bobbing her head with a smile to Xylaihl, and a murmured 'hey' as to not interrupt the others.

C'ian watches Niva and chuckles to himself. "You best watch yourself Niva. If you lose your balance too much, you might just be covered in juice. And what would Kialueth say?" He smirks above his glass before he takes another sip, warranting the same response: waving his tongue cold again.

J'vry says "Western's… well we've been rebuilding and cleaning up after a storm and a flood." He nods to Xyla as well, then sipping on his drink before continuing."Can you imagine Wherries in Weyrleader Z'ac's weyr?"

Kysli watches the other silently and happily, much better not quite being part of the group, means you don't feel the need to be part of the conversation. Has she reshelled a bit? Seems like it.

J'vry also waves at Kysli as well, just a friendly wave.

Kirilla chuckles. "Hard to imagine wherries in any Weyrleader's weyr. That must've taken some doing, to get them out," she glances enviously at Niva, who moves easily, and snorts, "Some people. You need to get yourself pregnant, Niva."

Niva glares at C'ian for a long moment, sticking out her tongue at him as she settles herself more comfortably in the chair, curling her legs up beneath her. Taking a sip of her juice, she continues to glare in C'ian's direction until he burns his mouth again, and she grins and laughs softly. "Serves you right, Weyrleader." And she watches him for a moment longer before glancing over at J'vry, tilting her head. "I'd rather not.. Actually, as long as they aren't in my weyr.." A grin and she glances over at Kirilla, shaking her head. "I wouldn't do that to myself…" Quite impossible really. It'd be C'ian they'd have to convince, wouldn't it?

J'vry nods."It was a bit of effort…" He then looks to Niva, and says,"I'm J'vry, Leoth's rider."

C'ian looks between Kirilla and Niva. He heard his name alright, but the spacy Weyrleader has no idea what his name was mentioned. He just smiles and grins and looks weyrleaderish. Oh yeah. Lookin' good. Looking Weyrleadery….

Kysli glances over at Casp and… laughs. Quietly though, and barely… so it's hard to notice.

Xylaihl smiles slightly, nodding to Niva. "How are you and Kilaueth?" she inquires politely, moving to sit down. Possibly a bad move, but more comfortable than standing, at least. To J'vry, the rather pregnant greenrider nods. "Hmm.. J'vry, isn't it?" she asks, tilting her head slightly. "I think…" with a small shrug, she listens into the conversation a bit. "Oh, Niva, you don't know what you're missing. I love my children." here she pauses, resettling slightly. "Well… It's worth it in the end, anyway." she grimaces slightly.

J'vry looks like a former Weyrleader, nice and relaxed and not so stressed or spaced out, just a former weyrleader at large boogying around from Western.

C'ian looks around. "We have a lot of pregnant people here." He looks at Niva and Kysli. "Why haven't you two popped any yet? We gotta keep this Weyr going after all!"

Kirilla nods and echoes Xyla. "I wouldn't give up my daughter for anything. And the coming one, I'm looking forward to, although I expect while she's young I'll be busy training up the coming weyrlings."

Niva bobs her head to J'vry, managing to keep a straight face at C'ian's reaction as she returns the greeting. "Niva, Kilaueth's rider." And she glances over to Xylaihl as the other pregnant greenrider sits down. "We're both well… Especially now that I'm off the sands for a break." A grin at Xy, and she shakes her head. "Daniella's when C'ian has them are quite enough, thank you.." Perhaps she'd love them more if they were her own, but that's questionable. Wrinkling up her nose, she drops her jaw to stare at C'ian. "Seems like that would be something you should fix, wouldn't it? Afterall… It ain't me. Its gotta be you."

C'ian just.. stays quiet after that one.

Kysli eyes widen a little bit at Casp's last comment. "Oh?" Hrm… not much of a response there though… it's hard to tell /what/ she's thinking.

J'vry says "When's the Hatching?" He takes in a bit of food and sips his drink."I'll let those at Western know if you're going to invite them…"

Niva counts on her fingers for a long moment, wrinkling up her nose as she ponders. "To tell you the truth… I've lost track of the seven-days… I'd have to look at the records." And that's so much work… A soft sigh and she shrugs before grinning. "You'll hear about it when its going to happen, I can say that much…"

C'ian decides now is a good time to catch up with an older close friend and moves closer to the fire to sit near Kysli. He stares at the fire. "It's been a long time since we've had a snow fight," he comments, smiling over to the brownrider.

Xylaihl smiles slightly, hand resting on her stomach briefly. "You don't know what you're missing." she says to Niva, gesturing for the goldrider to come over with her other hand. The plate of food and glass of juice have been put down somewhere now. "Come over here, and feel this." she says, nodding slightly. "It's decided to kick outwards instead of at me today." she nods slightly.

Niva tilts her head to one side, setting her glass of juice down on the table next to her, getting up out of the chair. Rolling her eyes as C'ian as he heads over to bother Kysli, she moves to stand next to Xy. Blinking for a moment, she hesitantly reaches down to rest her palm next to the greenrider's on Xy's stomach. "That whole.. kicking idea really is something I'd rather avoid…" But her hand remains resting as she crouches down next to Xy's chair.

Kirilla chuckles after Niva's comments, then settles into the seat and takes another long sip of the klah before muttering, "I really need some sort of sweet now," she mutters, and looks about herself comically, as if trying to decide how best to stand up. "Of course, someone could get something /for/ me."

J'vry says "I'll do it.. What do you want Kirilla?"

Xylaihl glances down at her stomach, and nods. "Well, as my mother always used to say, 'no pain, no gain'" she says, with a nod. "Do you think I'd be sitting here getting kicked if it wasn't worth it?" she points out. Just then, the baby kicks. "See? Did you feel that?" Xy gushes, proud of her child already, and it hasn't even been born yet/

Kirilla beams. "Thank you. I'd love something with cinnamon.. and something really cold and sweet. Some ice cream. Whatever flavor they have. And some kind of pastry." After this list, she turns to Xyla, dismissing J'vry, and grins. "My baby's pretty tranquil, actually. Lyva was a wild one. Hopefully this one will be a quiet in life as she is in the womb

Niva jumps as the baby kicks, jerking her hand faster then she would from a hot kettle. Staring with wide eyes at Xy, she shakes her head, straightening up. "No baby, no pain…" And she shakes her head again and backs up to flop down in her chair, still eying Xylaihl. And this is from the Healer. "Not only is there that, I've seen births from the observing end. I've no desire to be on the other end.." And she shakes her head again, reaching for her juice to sip at it slowly.

J'vry heads into the kitchen for a moment and then returns with what Kirilla ordered, and presents it to her with a bow, smiling.

Kysli grins at the weyrleader rather mischeiviously. "We'll have to fix that won't we?" It's been awhile since they've talked as well. Silly weyr duties keeping them busy… right?

C'ian smiles and nods. "Though, I think we have some time before it snows here again. But, when it does," he wags a finger at her. "Just you wait. I'll beat you yet. Though the question is: do we include the dragons this time, or will we make it rider only?"

Xylaihl smiles at Kirilla, and nods. "I'm just glad the triples were relatively calm. I don't think I could have stood getting kicked by three all at once." she states, shaking her head. To Niva, she shakes her head. "Oh, it's not so bad. Well, it is, but it seems a whole lot better when you get to see your baby." she smiles fondly. "The births of my children, and seeing them afterwards, were some of the best moments of my life. As good as impression." she says, nodding. "I have such beautiful children." this is said with a mother's view, of course. Newborns aren't exactly 'beautiful'.

Kysli ponders this one a moment. "Just riders." is finally said and the wingleader simply smiles. Snowfights, those are fun… now they just need the snow. Ah well. Pushing herself into a better position, she tilts her head, watching the others for a moment before glancing back at Casp.

Niva certainly knows that newborn's aren't exactly beautiful. Especially when you're the Healer stuck on duty for the birth. Not Niva's favorite thing, that's for sure. "I… I think I'm good, though. I have Kila, and Impression was amazing. I think I'll keep it to that and not deal with the pain in order to have another experience like that." And she rests her juice on her knee, glancing between the pair by the fire and the others close by, staying quiet for now.

C'ian smiles and nods, before he turns his head and looks back into the fire. It just dances in front of him. He stays quiet for now, thinking about things: perhaps weyr duties others do not know about.

Kirilla snorts. "Pheriannath loved Lyva once she was out. She didn't like the pain, but she adored the baby." When J'vry returns, she takes everything he brought and settles it around her, then digs into the ice cream right off, consuming the pastry at the same time. Haha. Messy. But she's pregnant. Deal.
Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

J'vry looks at Niva,"How old is Kilaueth?"

Kysli sits there for a moment, busying herself with pulling off her boots and then crossing her legs up on the chair's seat. Hrm… Casp is peered at for a moment before a hand snakes over and pokes him in the ribs, or tries at least.

Xylaihl smiles slightly, and nods. "Well, I wouldn't give my children up for anything. Not even Xvet." a pause, then she shakes her head, "Well, maybe Xvet." she says, reaching for her juice. "I did foster them, though. Because the triples were so ill, and needed constant care. And then I was wingsecond when Xaq was born." she sighs, hand resting upon her belly. "I hope this one is healthy, and just one. I think I can look after one child." she says, hopeful expression.

C'ian meeps loudly as he quickly turns his head to Kysli. He sticks his tongue out at her. "Ya shouldn't do that Kysli. I might spill Klah everywhere." But, nevertheless he smiles at her and hcuckles.

Kysli grins brightly and innocently, her hand already back in her lap. "Do what?" Wingsecond? That's heard out of Xyla's mouth and she glances over and smirks at the greenrider.

Mmariza makes her wave into the caverns the group of riders earning an arched brow as she hears C'ian meep? Shaking her head with a grin she heads for the drinks, once there a glass of wine is poured and she studies the room once more for a place to sit.

Xylaihl frowns slightly, shifting uncomfortably in her seat. "Could someone give me a hand here? I seem kind of stuck." she says, glancing towards the exit.

Niva continues to shake her head. She's baby free and she's going to remain that way if she has anything to do about it. And no one is going to convince her otherwise. Glancing over at the meep, her train of thought distracted as she peers at C'ian and Kys, shaking her head before glancing back to Xy. "Fostering might not be that bad, once its out.. But those 9 months…" She shakes her head hurriedly, grimacing and shaking her head. "I'm sure I'll stay out of that whole parenthood thing." Glancing over at J'vry she grins slightly. "Not quite two and a half turns…" And she says that, she bobs her head in greeting to Mmariza with a smile and a nod at an empty seat. If she cares to join the group that has the pregnant greenies.

J'vry is still standing, and he offers Xyla a hand to help her rise."My lady," says he of suave and polite manners.

Xylaihl smiles gratefully up at J'vry, and allows herself to be helped out of her seat. "Thank you." she says, before heading off as fast as her legs will carry her rather pregnant self.

Mmariza notices Niva's indicated empty seat and heads towards it threading her way through various tables. "Hello"is greeted to the goldrider as she settles in with her glass. A sip is taken before she nods in greeting to any others who might be paying attention

Niva nods again to Mmariza as she settles down, grinning over her juice. "Hey.." A pause and she blinks at the hurriedly departing Xy before shaking her head and looking back to Mmariza. "You missed it. Those two.." And her head is nodded at Kirilla and the departing Xy, "were trying to convince me that I needed a baby." A baby. Ew.

J'vry takes a seat beside Kirilla again. He nods to Mmariza as he sips his klah.

Mmariza laughs at Niva's words "A baby? Oh no I think we've enough baby makers around here" a glance over at Kirilla "No offense of course just that no reason to convince the uninterested when there's many others that are always having children" a hand goes to her stomach and she makes a face "Personally baby's make messes and I just don't think I'd be good at it either" is added almost as an after thought

Kirilla chuckles and offers a greeting toward Mmariza. "Of course she needs to have herself a baby. And everyone needs to have one.. even guys, although we womenfolk know they would just /die/ from all /we/ go through."

Niva giggles softly, throwing her free hand up in the air. "Thank you! At least /someone/ agrees with me." And she shakes her head with a grin and rolls her eyes with an amused sigh. "Personally… I just don't think they're worth the pain. And the discomfort. And the restrictions. And…" She wrinkles up her nose and shakes her head. "I'll pass, really."

J'vry says "One day you'll wish you did if you miss the chance to…"

Mmariza snickers at Niva's wrinkled nose "Pain and discomfort too, see I forgot about that part even. Children just aren't for me, and if I ever get the urge to have one I know at least a half a dozen who'd let me borrow theirs." sage nod to that as she takes another drink of her wine

Niva keeps her nose wrinkled for another long moment. "And they smell…" Finishing her list, she shakes her head slightly, making another face. "Very much not worth it…" A grin and she nods her head enthusiastically. "Exactly! I'll just borrow someone else's and give it back when it starts to cry. Or smell. Or fuss. Or… just be a pain." What nice reasoning, no?

Mmariza shifts on her seat a foot being drawn up to tuck underneath her opposite leg. "So other than babies anyone heard any interesting gossip lately?" is asked as she leans forward to rest elbows on the table in anticipation

J'vry finishes his meal."I'm afraid I have to go… I just remembered I will have sweeps tomorrow, and I oughta go to bed early. Westerns duties to you all…" He moves toward the door with a bow to all.

Kysli continues to look innocent and glances around at the mass of people, staying silent again for now. Nothing to say anyhow right?

Niva bobs her had to J'vry as he leaves, waggling her fingers at him and then glancing back at Mmariza, sighing softly and shaking her head. "I've been stuck on the Sands and no one ever tells me anything good. And Kila never passes on the gossip she hears." Party pooper gold. Finishing off the juice in her glass, she puts it on the table next to her, settling lower in the chair.

Mmariza grimaces "That's no fun Niva. I'll be sure to head to the galleries every day or so and shout the gossip to you across the sands?" a grin at that and she shrugs "Of course your Kila might not approve of that noise around her eggs. Not sure exactly what her reaction is to the sands, haven't really been by them much"

Elia enters the caverns looking a little worn out, nodding to the others gathered before picking out a seat near, but not too near, the others. She looks content to listen to the chatter for a while, rather than join in.

C'ian moves to the Klah bowl and gives himself another cup of Klah. After all, Klah is the wonder drug. He takes another sip and winces; it still burns! OH GOD IT BURNS. Ahem. He stares at everyone and just listens to what they're talking about.

Kysli catches that wince and tilts her head. "Let it cool down first…" Sheesh, you'd think he'd know that one by now. Silly weyrleaders and all. Other than that she'll simply listen as well

Niva glances over at Mmariza with a grin, arching an eyebrow. "You know, you shouldn't offer such things. Might have to take you up on it. Since noone else feels like I should know the gossip.." And she glances in C'ian's direction, shaking her head at him with a sigh and a grin. "She'd only care about the noise if you were on the Sands with her. Apparently, the galleries aren't important to her." Or something. Who knows with that one.

Mmariza turns to glance at C'ian and jerks when it's apparent he's burned himself. Shaking her head she looks bac to Niva and grins "I don't mind I've only the general duties around here to do. When will her eggs be hatching anyway? I've not really paid much attention to the time since she clutched?"

Niva bobs her head in C'ian's direction. "Tis the 3rd time, at least, he's done it since I've been in here." And thinking for a moment, she grins. "Like I told J'vry… Rather lost track of the sevendays. They all… blur together." Leaning back in her chair, her gaze shifts momentarily to Elia, and then to C'ian and Kysli as she continues. "But, you'll certainly know when it's about to happen.."

Elia glances over to Niva momentarily before taking a deep breath. "Can't be too long now. Seems like she's been on the sands a while." That's all she says before she slides out of her seat and heads for some klah herself. With a slightly scornful look at the Weyrleader, she blows on her mug and doesn't drink any yet. "You need to let it cool a bit first, sir." is directed at C'ian.

C'ian looks up, to see everyone looking at him. "Uh… hey!" Time to cover it up! "I happen to like it right out of the pot!" He dips his cup in the boiling pot and drinks it all the way down. While he doesn't make a face, tears bead up in his eyes."

Niva shakes her head at Elia with a grin. "Not too much longer, just not sure how close I could guess." She smirks at Elia's words to C'ian, watching him with the occasional glance to Mmariza. As he downs it, she covers her mouth, trying to muffle her gasp of surprise, shaking her head. "How much do you want to bed that all I'll hear later is his complaining?" She murmurs, half under her breath.

Elia wrinkles her nose at C'ian, but she looks more confused than anything. "Doesn't look like you enjoy it. Looks like it hurts." she says matter of factly. "That can't be good for you either. We'll be in the market for a new Weyrleader if you keep that up." She heads back to her seat and gives Niva an 'I don't understand how you deal with him' look.

C'ian just…. stays quiet.

Kysli blinks for a moment, reaches and retrieves the pot from Casp. Then she moves it /far/ away… well, not really but to the other side of her. How /does/ Niva deal with him?

How /does/ Niva put up with him? Good question, very very question. Grinning some at Kysli as she moves the klah pot away, she glances over at C'ian. "I'd have to agree with Elia on that one, you know, Casp-dear… You did it to yourself, though, so.." And she shrugs, trying to regain her composure and wipe the silly grin off her face.

Xylaihl waddles back into the caverns, heading back to the same chair, and slowly lowering herself into it. "Ah, yes, much better." she says softly, before glancing about. "So. Miss me yet?" she asks, tilting her head at the nearest person, wondering just how much interesting conversation she's missed.

Elia chuckles to herself at C'ian's rare silence, before looking back over at Niva. "Do you have any guesses about the eggs? Like what colors are in what?" Not that Elia's a gambler or anything, but inside info can't be passed up.

Niva glances over at Xy with a grin, nodding her head. "O'course, Xy.. missed you muchly. You and your talk of children.." A wink and she starts to get up from her chair, with an inclination of her head to Elia. "I'm not sure on them, really. Kila has a few favorites, but she won't tell me why.." Stretching, she picks up her glass and starts to head back to the serving table. "But, she's starting to get antsy, I need to head back." Waggling her fingers she slips out, one more glance at C'ian by the fireplace before she heads towards the sands, murmuring. "Hold on, hold on…"

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