Kilaueth's First Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the everpresent watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.
The cliff face to the south, the massive tunnel and a huge section to the west of the tunnel looks raw to the point of being an unweathered scar and huge piles of fresh rock heaped at the bottom suggests a recent collapse of some section. Ropes can be seen, deterring people with no reason to be there from exploring the tunnel or wandering amongst the rock that is gradually being moved away. Interestingly, a massive ledge just to the west of the tunnel has been revealed, level and potentially promising for dragons.

C'ian is idly leaning against his bronzer, talking with a few of his riders before dismissing them back to their Weyrs. "And tighten up the formations, on the double!" He calls over to them as they hurry off. His movements are just a bit more frantic these days..

High overhead a brown dragon circles down and lands in the clearing. The rider dismounts casually and removes a pack tied onto the straps of the dragon. The brown rumbles a greeting to the assembled people and dragons as his rider heads towards the Weyr. There be things that need delivering in that pack.

Qyzyth wings in for a landing, having appeared from between just a short while ago. His rider, Q'yn, slides down off of the browns neck, and scans the clearing. "Anyone seen Xyla?" he asks, loudly, his words carrying quite a way. He's here to see his son, yes.

Having just landed and dismounted from his brown Diefeth, L'har looks around the clearing. "So, what are we doing here again, Diefeth?" he asks his brown. "Oh, yes. Needed to talk to the green rider, right? Well… let's see…" he starts to look around again.

Kilaueth has taken advantage of Niva's other responsibilities and has settled down in the clearing, the large gold curled up with her wedge-shaped head resting on her oversized paws, out of the way of those comings and goings that always seem to occur. Unfortunately for the gold, Niva's duties in the infirmary have finished and she's slipped out, hovering near the entrance, simply watching the going-ons quietly. Glancing over to Q'yn, she wrinkles up her nose. "No… Shouldn't be too hard to find her if you'd just look, though, I'd imagine."

Alhenaeth rumbles softly, turning his head to his rider, who in-turn, pats his muzzle. "We have a lot of visitors today, Alhenaeth. Do try to be cordial today?" Alhenaeth moves his head to watch Kilaueth and Niva before replying, «I am always cordial.» He wuffles the Junior Weyr Woman and begins to move into the sun, while Caspian(C'ian) looks over to Q'yn. "She's off doing some wing drills actually."

T'ai watches the riders in the area as Freiheith arcs his body, the brown paying particular attention to the gold, though he rumbles a greeting to the others in the bowl, "Western's greetings to Xanadu and her Queens." T'ai says as he coils Freiheith's straps nearby no one's likely to bother with them all things considered.

Q'yn nods slightly. "Ah, well, I'll wait. It's my rest day, after all. Maybe I'll hunt down Xaq's fosterers.. Yes." he considers this, then nods. "What do you reckon, Big Brown? You want to stick around?" the man asks his dragon. Qyzyth rumbles softly in agreement. "Fort's greetings to Xanadu and her Queens also." the brownrider says formally.

Xalmyrilth suddenly appears from between, circling overhead before dropping his wings and falling into a slow landing. Once the bronze has himself settled, his rider shifts and unbuckles himself from the straps. Mere minutes pass before Z'ac dismounts and removes his riding helmet, inhaling the fresh air. Western's Weyrleader tucks the helment beneath his arm and turns toward the center of the clearing. Niva is provided with a polite bow, "Western's greetings, goldrider. It's a pleasure to see you."

The brown, who some might recognize as Gyaarth, rearranges himself in the clearing. Apparently his rider is taking a while inside the Weyr, so the brown may as well get comfortable and watch the proceedings.

Niva idly pats Alhenaeth's muzzles as she's whuffled, before crossing her arms infront of her and watching the procedings, moving over to lean lightly against Kilaueth's side as the gold begins to awaken, snorting loudly in protest to the number of people gathered there. Turning around to glare at them all, Niva shakes her head. "Amazing how everyone pays their respects to the queens, but never to the WeyrLeader… Without him there could be no eggs to worry about." And she snorts slightly, glaring once more at Z'ac for a long moment before inclining her head slightly in return.

L'har bites his lip as he looks around. He stops looking and looks to Diefeth again. "What was that rider's name again, Diefeth? Ne'lei? Yes, that was it. Okay, let's see…" he turns to the nearest rider, C'ian. "Um, excuse me, you wouldn't happen to know a rider names Ne'lei, would you? Oh… and Ista's greetings to Xanadu and her Queens, of course."

C'ian shakes his head, speaking softly. "It's alright Niva." He smiles at her, then to the others. "They've seen me before, I'm sure." Alheaeth just snorts his own opinion, but a quick, darting look from Caspian has the dainty Bronzer quiet in a moment. "Welcome to Xanadu Weyr, Gentlemen."

T'ai smiles a bit and he nods to the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman, "Greetings to you as well Sir, and your dragon." he says as he can't hide the faint color in his cheeks as Freiheith gives a deep, sweet rumble of a croon to Kilaueth as the gold starts to stir.

Q'yn bows smoothly to C'ian. "Fort's respect to you too, Weyrleader." he says, with a polite smile. See, he can be courteous too. Of course, he can also be immature, for all of his forty three turns. As is evidenced by his tongue, sticking out at Niva. Qyzyth just watches, turning his gaze to Kilaueth. Oh, yes, he's quite happy to stay at Xanadu for a while now.

Gyaarth is watching, nothing more, nothing terribly exciting or remarkable. His rider is still inside, missing out on all the conversation and greetings and such, but then his rider is on a mission to deliver some items and wants to be in and out in a timely manner. The brown dragon watches the gold with a feigned disinterest.

"C'ian!" Z'ac says, his gaze finally sweeping passed Xanadu's Weyrleader, "I haven't seen you since that hunting trip…" Z'ac, leaving his helmet behind, makes his way toward Xanadu's weyrleader, "Speaking of, how're you? I spent so much time focussing on Rayne's return to mental and physical health that I didn't have time to visit Xanadu to check in on you." The Westerner glances behind him, eying Xalmyrilth with a frown, "Yes, I know." Clearing his throat, Z'ac immediately returns his gaze to C'ian with a nod, "It was unfortunate to hear of your poor condition. Were you able to heal quickly with the assistance of your Healers?"

"See! Even your own lifemate agrees with me…" And Niva crosses her arms in front of her for a long moment before sticking her tongue out at C'ian almost as an after thought. Then she's cautiously watching the others, though her watching is disturbed as Kilaueth wakes the rest of the way, the gold rising rather quickly to her hindquarters to snort at those around her, spreading her wings, normal antique gold even darker as she twists her head around. "Kila… dear… It's, it's alright… Really.." But the reassurances do little for the gold who continues to sit there, eyes gaining red as she does so.

C'ian takes Z'acs arm and shakes. "I'm well enough. Thanks to Niva there," he motions with his hand, "as well as the rest of the healers, I was able to heal after a few months time." He smiles some. "Though, I hear Rayne fared far better then I did." Alhenaeth watches his daughter's movements, whirling eyes watching her, as well as darting to the other dragons. He snorts loudly at them and turns his gaze back to Kilaueth. Caspian looks at his dragon and then to Niva.

Courteous? What's that. "Oh," L'har says and gives the Weyrleader a bow. "Yes. All the respect thing to Weyrleaders and whatever. And-Oh do shut up Diefeth, you know I'm not the best with that stuff." L'har says this last bit to a snort from his brown lifemate. "As I was going to ask, again, would you happen to know a Ne'lei. He's an Independent Greenrider, but said he was staying here for a while…" he trails off while Diefeth's eyes go to watch the gold dragon and as do L'har's. Only briefly, slighlty confused.

Ooooh. Shiny. Gyaarth turns his head to look at the gold. Actually 'look' isn't terribly accurate, more like 'stare'. Intent staring at the gold.

Z'ac rolls his eyes, once more glancing over his shoulder, "Oh, would you get over it already?" Indeed, Xalmyrilth has given up on settling himself in Xanadu's clearing and has tensed, staring evenly at Kilaueth. Z'ac sighs heavily, turning a smile back to C'ian with a nod. "She did. As far as I could tell, she wasn't hurt physically. She needed to eat and she needed some help mentally, but she was well taken care of by our healers." Western's weyrleader nods, smiling, "I'm glad to hear your wealth has returned."

Qyzyth watches. Quietly. He seems content to just wait, and watch. Of course, when Kilaueth gives the signal, he'll be all action. Q'yn is pretending not to notice his lifemate's current intense interest. "So, Niva, is it? How do you like being a full rider?" he asks, merely making conversation. Nice, distracting conversation.

T'ai rubs at one of his temples and he darts a glare at Freiheith as the brown watches the gold with deep interest as Freiheith's eyes whirl a gathering shade of lavander. T'ai himself just stays as quiet as Freiheith, eyes on Niva with the same intensity as his brown watches Kilaueth.

Kilaueth certainly isn't a fan of all eyes being on her, wings extending further for a long moment before she crouches down, head held low to the ground as Niva regards her, oblivious to the others there, as well as any questions put to her, shaking her head. "You're not hungry, Kila. You /just/ ate. Really.. You /just/ ate.." And she shakes her head hurriedly. "No.. You're not hungry. Why don't you believe me.." And the Healerite crosses her arms infront of her, grring slightly under her breath as she does so, glaring right back at her lifemate. "If you dare.." And that's all Niva needs to say before the gold is over the fence into the feeding grounds, her rider standing there in shock for a long moment, before Niva bolts for the fence, leaning against it. "I can't believe you! You /just/ ate!"

Kilaueth> Alhenaeth lifts his head up and watches Kialueth and hurries after her. He's not one to be left behind, not even by one of his own. He snorts again at the other dragons, not enjoying much that they are here, but he stays reasonably pleasant. He eyes Kilaueth as he daintily strides behind her. « Where are you going, Young Queen? »

Kilaueth> Diefeth is all eyes for Kilaueth. Oh. His eyes won't leave the gold. And not long after the gold leaps over the fence, so does he. The other males are ignored.

Kilaueth> Qyzyth leaps up, gliding over to the feeding grounds with ease. He seems to know his way around, even though he doesn't live here. Although, by now, the brown probably knows every Weyr's feeding grounds like he knows his own rider. Politely, he waits for Kilaueth to act before picking out a herdbeast for himself.

Kilaueth> Xalmyrilth follows behind the pack of males, hardly in a hurry as long as he keeps the young queen within his sight. The bronze, in arriving at the feeding grounds, picks out a rather unfortunate herdbeast for himself and begins feeding, eyes of whirling red only momentarily leaving Kilaueth in order to make his kill. The Westerner seems content to be left in the shadows to watch silently - predit.

Kilaueth> Freiheith gives a deep rumbling hiss as he leaps the fence, his muzzle curling back as he tackles a herdbeast, the large beast giving a deep bawling sound as Freiheith snaps its spine in a single crushing bite as he starts draining the beast of blood, rapidly feeding on the crimson liquid with eager abandonment as his eyes remain on Kilaueth, the lavander shade revealing his mood.

Kilaueth> Gyaarth must have been spacing a bit, because he's one of the last males to the feeding groups. Ah, but if you're back that far you can better watch the others and the gold. Or something like that. Surely there's an advantage to being the last… The brown pounces on a herdbeast. Food! Bloood! Shiny gold!

Kilaueth> Kilaueth is over the fence easily, not even bothering to land before plopping down on a herdbeast, glaring at the males that followed her with quickly whirling red-tinged eyes, before turning the same glare on Niva, the young woman hanging over the fence, shaking her head. "You're not hungry! Don't you dare eat that…" And she glares back… face blushing in her anger before it turns to embarrassment as she realizes what's going on. Whirling around to glare at them all, especially C'ian. "Why didn't anyone /tell/ me?" And then she glaring back at Kilaueth, fighting with her under her breath until finally the gold drops her muzzle to the throat, draining the herdbeast and landing on a seconding without hesitation, dropping her muzzle to the throat of that one as well.

Kilaueth> Diefeth picks out a herdbeast, not a large one, and yet not a small one. Poor herdbeast. not too long later the herdbeast is dropped, bloodless, to the ground. All the while he ignores the other males, and his own lifemate, only watching the gold. And thus another herdbeast is pounced upon by the brown from Ista.

Kilaueth> Alhenaeth, without any hesitation at all, whirls his neck and dives down on a herdbeast, his move ending with a sickening *crunch* of the beast's neck. Slowly he bloods the beast, but his eyes do not leave Kilaueth. He just stares, nearly memorized by the sight of the gold. Perhaps, unlike his usual dance partner, this time his staring is filled with his Rider's thoughts.

Kilaueth> Qyzyth snarls now, as he pounces on a herdbeast. Mine! Mwaha! He drains it of blood, fueling his raging emotions. « Pretty pretty. » he calls to Kilaueth in his chocolatey mind voice, before savaging another beast. His rider watches from the fence line, face betraying no emotion whatsoever, for the moment.

Kilaueth> Freiheith pounces on a second herdbeast, rapidly draining the beast before surprisingly enough for a large brown, drops on a third, taking his time about draining the final herdbeast, throat working to suck the crimson energy into his frame, fueling him for the coming flight as his wings extend slightly and he waits and watches, eagerness showing in every titch of his haunches and every lap of his tongue as he laps up any dropplets that he missed from his hide. His eyes remain on Kilaueth, each whirl intensifying the deep lavander shade of the brown's rapid eye movement, though he doesn't spring yet, awaiting the whim of the brilliant gold.

Kilaueth> Xalmyrilth goes for another herdbeast, sticking to those closest to him to ensure that he's not distracted when the gold insists on leaving him. Snapping the beast's neck, Xal officially claims his second victim, drinking its blood. The bronze shifts himself, disgarding this second beast over the fence, before resettling himself. Once he's been satisfied, his mind begins to reel, his focus completely on the gold as he lifts himself back on his haunches, muscles tensed as he awaits the flight.

Kilaueth> Kilaueth finishes off the second beast, spreading her wings to snag a wherry, this third creature drained as she she crouches down. « Why do you all insist on /staying/? Won't you just… go away? » And she snorts loudly, finishing the wherry before she pushes herself off the ground, wings downbeating immediately to gain altitude, every attempt being made to distance herself from /them/.

Kilaueth> Two is enough for any smaller brown like Diefeth, so after the second herdbeast that he had blooded is drops to the ground, lifeless, Diefeth watches the gold. His eyes whirl as he watches. A brown that comes close to his is snorted at. His muscles tense as the watches the gold start blood her third beast.

Kilaueth> Alhenaeth springs off of his beast, blood flowing and dripping out of his maw as massive wings down beat and hurl the bronzer into the air. « Do not fly far, Golden One, for our dance has yet to begin, and there is much time to dance for very long.» No one said he could speak perfectly in this state. He doesn't waste time though and stays close with Kilaueth, or at least, as close as he can.

Kilaueth> Freiheith watches the gold, crouching lower as his muscles tense even more, waiting to follow the gold with an eagerness that is only barely held in check, the younge brown's tail twitching with that eagerness, the only sign now that he's ready to leap into the air and chase her with all his strength and heart.

Kilaueth> Gyaarth was paying attention, really he was! Poor guy seems to be a little slow on catching what's going on. The brown springs up and catches a gust, then begins to pump his wings to speed up and gain altitude. Follow the shiny thing, yes. What a wonderful and unique plan that is, so wonderful in fact, that all the other males seem to be following it.

Kilaueth> Qyzyth roars defiantly. « I'll stay if I want to! » he cries, before springing up into the air. Hopefully, the two beasts he's managed to drain will be enough for one of the largest browns on Pern. Of course, he's got experience on his side, too.

Kilaueth> At the first signal of movement from the gold's wings, Xalmyrilth leaps into the air, springing forth from the ground to be caught on an air current. Allowing it to carry him a little ways in order to preserve energy, Xal keeps a close watch on his goal - the one that will warrant him the win. Bronzen wings spread wide, they beat steadily in order to quick the westerner's pace, easily keeping him in the runnings with the other males. He doesn't taunt, argue or compliment. He's here for one purpose, and one purpose only.

Kilaueth> Freiheith leaps up after the gold with a silent spring, not wasting his gathered energy to roar or make any other sound as he shoots up after the gold with a single spring.

Kilaueth> Diefeth crouches lower, ignoring all the other males once again, and just as the queen leaps up, he does so too. He dodges to one side as he is cut off b y another brown and snaps at the offender, and continues. His eyes never leave the gold. Oh no, never.

Kilaueth> Kilaueth has the advantage of being big. Meters bigger then any of the males. And she takes advantage of this, each downsweep of her wings helping her to gain altitude as the slips into a thermal, gaining more altitude as she doesn't bother to look back at her pursuers, simply focusing on getting away. « I will not dance. I will not stay. You will not stay… » And she snorts as she tries to put more distances between herself and the evil ones.

Kilaueth> Alhenaeth is all to use to these tricks and veers off away from the rest of the dragons and, catching a radical thermal repositions himself towards Kilaueth and folds his wings in. He darts toward at the gold, spreading his wings open as he nears her, spinning to try and catch her. « Things can be wonderful, if you would only dance with me. »

Kilaueth> Oh, she may not stay, she's correct there. And she's also correct that the males won't stay either. Nope. They'll be following her, definitely not 'staying' somewhere. Hmm, and there's a thermal around these parts, eh? Well, Gyaarth is going to try and find that… or maybe not. Maybe he'll just continue to fly towards the gold and not waste time seeking out that thermal. Yes, good plan that is.

Kilaueth> Freiheith dips into a thermal of his own as he shoots up after the gold, his wings beating fiercely, though he conserves as much strength as he can as he chases after her. His gold gilt and marigold glazed form shifts and twists to gain as much height as he can as he makes every effort to catch the shimmering, fast moving gold.

Kilaueth> Qyzyth veers to the left as he suddenly comes face to face with some bronze's tail. No, no, that won't do. He doesn't waste the energy to bite at it, partially because that might result in a tangled mess of Qyzyth-and-bronze, and you can't chase in a tangle. But he does snarl at the younger male, before pumping his wings extra hard, to catch up.

Kilaueth> Diefeth doesn't believe himself to be evil. Nope. He increases his speed as the Gold does. He will not let her get away, nope. His wings beat strong and fast as he goes up. He finds a thermal, but doesn't goes up as fast as some of the others. He is, in fact, near the back of the 'pack' now.

Kilaueth> Xalmyrilth, like Alhenaeth, slips away from the pack of males intent on catching the golden queen. This bronze, however, has decided to follow from below, rather than following the maiden's aerial dance. Keeping whirling eyes attuned upwards, locked to Kilaueth, the bronze pumps his wings hard, speeding his large frame rather than gaining altitude.

Kilaueth> Kilaueth notices those males coming up after her, banking hard to the left, losing altitude as she folds her wings in an attempt to avoid Alhenaeth, though she certainly doesn't let herself fall far enough to be caught by the lurking Xalmyrilth. She's big! She can fly fast, and she can fly far, and she'll never be caught by the males… She'll never dance, and she'll never stay with them.

Kilaueth> Alhenaeth pumps his wings hard again and gains altitude higher then the rest and just soars above them as Kilaueth dodges and dives around the competitors. Alhenaeth waits this time. Patience. A few moments later, he starts his descent and barrel rolls, roaring at the other dragons a challenge. He snorts and beats his wings to catch up with Kilaueth.

Kilaueth> Ah hah! There /is/ an advantage to being towards the back! When the gold that you're lusting/chasing after changes direction suddenly, you have more advanced notice than those that are right at her tail. So Gyaarth passes a few surprised males, but he's not exactly way up there… perhaps if he goes faster, and the gold doesn't try any more sudden changes.

Kilaueth> Qyzyth snarls. He does that a lot. This time it is at a firelizard who happened to be flying past. As though he considers the firelizard competition. At Kilaueth's turn and drop, he turns, but doesn't drop just yet. No, save altitudinal changes for later in the flight.

Kilaueth> Diefeth may be lucky that he was somehwere near the back, as he goes to the side of where the pack is and his wings beat fast as he goes up to meet the decending Kilaueth. He doesn't roar in challenge, it might break his concentration.

Kilaueth> Xalmyrilth watches Kilaueth's quick decent as she turns to the left, the bronze taking quick action as he, too, turns to the left in order to gain speed and meet his match. Hopes rise as the queen from Xanadu drops in his direction, if only she were to slow… Muscles strain along Xal's back, a strong burst of energy pushed forth into his chase as each wingbeat increases his speed. He may not be agile, but larger wings provide for faster acceleration.

Kilaueth> Kilaueth snorts in response to the roar, ducking away from the bronze once more, snorting again as she realizes the proximity of the males, working hard to slip into a thermal and regain her lost altitude, attempting to avoid them while keeping her forward progress. No need for acrobatics with this gold, her only goal is too escape… not just delay the inevitable with silly tricks.

Kilaueth> Alhenaeth doesn't try anything odd this time. Just like the rest of the chasers, he sails behind Kilaueth, pushing his wings harder and harder. At times, he'll fold his wings and dive down a bit, but only to fling them open and gain more altitude. He dives in and out and wiggles his way towards Kilaueth.

Kilaueth> Diefeth increases his speed, beating his wings faster and stronger than he had before. Forget saving up, he wants that queen. He keeps going to meet her, and he will. Closer, and closer… his fast and strong brown body works to catch the queen.

Kilaueth> Qyzyth lowers his flight path just a little, mainly because it's easier to glide for a little bit. Still working to keep up, Big Brown isn't about to deny himself any shortcuts. Swooping towards Kilaueth, he loses a little more altitude. Hopefully, he won't need it so much later. He'll tire sooner or later.

Kilaueth> Flllllly straaaight! And let's not waste energy with silliness. Gyaarth has been conserving energy and is finally catching up, and because he hasn't done anything silly like swoop or suddenly change directions, why, the brown /might/ even stand a chance, unless he's totally outclassed or does something stupid. Flying brown dragon continues to go fast, eyes whirling purple with lust. Maaaaybe, just maaaybe he could catch her. What fun that would be.

Kilaueth> There is an advantage to lasting longer in chasing a gold, and Xalmyrilth takes a secure grasp of the concept. Though the length of the flight causes some of the smaller dragons to drop off, Xal continues, copper-toned wings beating relentlessly as he pursues the queen, his goal, the object of his desire. Not yet satisfied with his position behind Kilaueth, the Western bronze only pushes himself further, faster, stretching to fulfill his needs.

Kilaueth> Freiheith gives a deep hiss of sound as his body arcs sharply again, wings spreading wider and beating harder as he shoots up on another thermal, every motion of his larger wings sending him closer and closer to the tiring gold. He puts his whole body, every muscle and sinew into the chase, tail flicking, wings pumping and even his legs clamped tighter to his sides to increase the aeodynamics of his body to allow him to cut through the wind better in his ultimate goal to catch the glowing golden jewel that is Kilaueth. He has no other sight, no other sound ringing through the silence of his mind except the pumping of his ichor through his hearts as he strives, gaining ground and speed as he closes the distance, despite the straining of soon tiring muscles as he seeks the lady in the sky.

Kilaueth> Kilaueth is beginning to tire, despite her size, and its obvious that the energy from the 3 beasts she blooded at the beginning is nearly depleted. She falters now and then as she remains in a thermal, still managing to move, keeping some distance between her and her chasers, though its steadily decreasing. Perhaps letting it be over wouldn't be all bad..

Kilaueth> Alhenaeth sees his final chances and raises himself up, then folds his wings into his body as tight as possible and dives for Kilaueth, as fast as he possibly can. He lets out a rather loud bugle as he dives for her. « If you allow it, our dance can begin now! » Dragon keeps his eyes on Gold as he descends and reaches out for the golden star.

Kilaueth> Gyaarth pushes on, passing a smaller brown that has tired. He's gaining… but for how long? As he catches up, the brown dives towards the gold in one last (desperate?) attempt to catch her. If he's lucky, fast enough, and skilled enough he may actually entangle the gold. If not… well he might end up snaring one of the males and causing a stir or something.

Kilaueth> A brown, the in the middle dragon, can last decently long in a flight. But Diefeth is pretty close to his limit. He isn't at it yet, so his wings beat even faster at the opportunity before him as the gold falters. He speeds as up as fast as he can, pushing his limit back with determination. The gold beauty will be his yet. Unlike many others, he is still under and behind the gold. Up and towards her he goes.

Kilaueth> Freiheith slips closer, passing several older, slower, more massive dragons as he gets close enough th the shimmering gold, seeming like he's going to overshoot her for a second before he twists one wing slightly, sliding him slightly above and to the left side of her as he reaches out with his body, seeking to grasp the gold with his talons, to twine his neck and tail with hers, despite the way his body is strained with the effort he doesn't give up, not a single sound coming from him, awestruck perhaps by her beauty even as she tires and looks for a champion to hold her weary form and he seems to have every intention of being that male, that paragon of virtue that wins her heart. He reaches further, trying to secure the Queen that is Kilaueth against his body, no other focus but her in this moment, the ultimate goal, but is she his to obtain?

Kilaueth> Qyzyth slides up alongside Kilaueth at last, though she's far from caught yet. For a moment, all of the brown's energy is occupied with matching the gold's slowing pace. Soon though, he gets his second wind, although it's more of a breeze, really. With a possessive roar, Big Brown leaps sideways in the air. Wings seeking to tangle with Kilaueth's, tail seeking to entwine with Kilaueth's.. All the while, hoping those two herdbeasts were enough to sustain his energy for this one last lunge.

Kilaueth> Xalmyrilth trumpets a call of triumph, stretching passed several of the smaller males that appear to be slowing with the increased length of the chase. Xalmyrilth, however, only surges forward, long tail propelling him to keep in line with the perfect maiden of the sky. Daylight reflecting from honey-hued wings, his muscles strain as he pushes forward further still, competing only with those within the vicinity of the gold. His energy having lasted him thus far, Western's chief bronze finally stretches out in his first and final offer to the gold, his offer clear as he seeks to reach her, « Come, stay with me. »

Kilaueth> Kilaueth falters once more, and as the males get closer and closer and she's suddenly surrounded, she struggles to get away from them, wings spreading enough to rise momentarily, attempting to clear herself away before making a dive for the ground. Unfortunately for her, Alhenaeth was diving and the young gold finds herself in the bronze's grasp, the dance beginning. Wings fold momentarily as she tries to get away, before they open and she surrenders herself to the inevitable.

Kilaueth> Alhenaeth moves in and catches the young queen in his grasp, wrapping his neck around hers slightly, bugling again, loudly. For this is Kilaueth, and for now, this dragon is his..

T'ai clenches his fists a bit as Freiheith gives a protesting roar and he waits for the brown to drop down so he can put his straps back on him.

Kilaueth> Gyaarth overshoots and bumps into another brown who didn't catch. Small scuffle insues, but both are tired, so the fight is only half-hearted and lasts perhaps a few seconds before both wing to the ground to rest tired muscles.

Kilaueth> Qyzyth misses by a long shot, veering off to go see if Xvetaoth is back from her wing drills yet.

Kilaueth> Diefeth lets out a cry of anger as the bronze catches the gold and vears down back towards the ground. His is soon back in the clearing, snorting. L'har tries to calm his lifemate, but fails. "Oh come on, I told you not to. How many is that, now? Let's head back home if you are mad, then. What? To tired? Oh, so you are going to make me stay here cause you did that?"

Kilaueth> Xalmyrilth misses as well, cheated out of the win by Xanadu's own bronze, and turns to land once more in the clearing.

Freiheith gives a desolate rumble as T'ai tightens the straps, "It's okay, lets head home, rest those muscles of yours." T'ai says in a tense voice before he swings up on the brown.

Q'yn blinks a little as he snaps out of flight thrall, then groans. "Um.. Fort's duties…" he calls, then runs off after Qyzyth. Probably as interested in finding Xylaihl as the brown is in finding her green.

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