Candidates in the Barracks

Candidate Barracks

Through the turns of candidacy the walls of the barracks has been used as a canvas; now they depict the emotions of those that dwelled here. Though they are gone now, the memories of their time in this room, the waiting, wondering, and bonding, has been painted in squares, and by now much of the walls has been covered. Some squares are quite aged, and parts have faded to unrecognizable blurs, while some stand fresh as if painted yesterday.
The rest of the room is plain, with rows of cots lining the walls, and presses for personals placed at each end. Large windows take up the bulk of the southern wall, and the door leading out into the hall is to the east.

Eulalie is probably supposed to be making her bed. Its just not on her agenda, it seems. She's quietly stalking a firelizard with her pillow, but the darned thing keeps blinking /between/ and reappearing a few feet away with an irritated chirp.

Asiree either already finished her chores for the day or is slacking off. This candidate is laying on her cot, not quite asleep, but not quite alert and paying attention. Her arms are folded behind her head and she regards the other candidates lazily. "Shards, Alie, just leave the blasted thing alone. They're irritating enough without you having to chase them…"

Fincayra is in her own world of spaciness - zoning out on her cot, the candidate is singing in a low voice, though not off key right now. An old song to an old tune with a melancholy melody - 'amazing grace' to the tune of 'house of the rising sun'. In a family of harpers, one can't avoid learning songs. Out of the corner of her eyes she watches the others.

Eulalie sniffs as the flitter lands on the edge of someone else's cot. Ignoring Asiree's admonishing, she makes a howling launch, bringing the pillow down where the firelizard had been an eyeblink before. Unfortunately, the bed is occupied, and the force of her pounce bowls poor Alie right over one side of the bed down onto the other, dragging the sheets and dazed candidate with her in her headfirst dive to the floor.

Matteo sits in his hammock, hair damp and loose from a recent bath after his chores. One leg hangs over the edge of the hammock, pushing off the wall to make the hmmock rock a little. His mood is hard to decipher as he scribbles more in his notebook. Several pieces of balled up paper litter the sides of the hammock and a few on the floor.

Asiree squeaks as she goes down with Alie's pounce on the cot. Once she, the cot, and Alie have more or less 'settled' (ie stopped falling) she pokes things off her until she can sit up. "Faranth, Alie, see what happens when you chase the little buggers?" You upset other's cots and end up on the floor. "Say, you okay?"

Tabearin is sitting on his cot along with a brown firelizard who's been quietly watching the other. "Lux, would you stay still?" Tab says, slightly exasperated as he tries to capture the profile of said Lux. "Honestly, I'd have an easier time getting a drawing of a fallning snowflake."

Eulalie grunts, "The sharding thing stole one of my glasspipes!" Apparently this is a capital offense. She shoves her hair out of her face, and her lower lip juts out. "Sharding beasts. Little pests." She throws her pillow at the triumphant-looking green who is wagging her tail in a fair imitation of human 'kiss this.'

Asiree wrinkles her nose at the offensive green firelizard. Nothing but trouble those things are. Nothing but. "Yes, pests. Little buggers. And they're more annoying if you harass them." Best to just leave the shelling things alone, really. A little poke is aimed for Alie, "Now if you please… move. And help me get my cot back to normal?" The last bit is half-questioning, half-request, with a dash of hope tossed in. She really doesn't want to make her cot all over again, even if it was a bit wrinkly the last time she made it.

Eulalie eyes the cot and sticks her tongue out at the green, "its your hide if I don't get that thing back, you cheeky little monster." She clambers to her feet and sketches a bow to the rest of the room, "Thank you, thank you. No charge, really!" before turning back and helping Ree right her cot and tugging the sheets back into place.

Tabearin glances up from his drawing at the growing chaos that starts around him. Lux takes that opportunity to fly off and start chasing after the green, hello little lady. Tab sighs and gives up for the moment. He didn't really want to draw the brown.

Fincayra continues singing, though she's distracted by the jump in volume. After she finishes the verse, she breaks off and leans forward, speaking belatedly. "It's just a cot, 'Ree. Perfectly fixable, as Alie's demonstrated." Fin, however, doesn't move from her comfortable position, and starts humming the same song. Pulling out a piece of string, she starts playing with it in her fingers as she watches the other candidates.

Asiree wasn't making that big of a deal, was she? She works with Alie to fix the cot. And besides, it's not so much the cot as the fact that Alie pounced on a firelizard that was on her cot and tippd things over. Yeah. Or something like that. With the cot fixed, Ree smiles to Alie, "Thanks," and sits back down on the cot.

Matteo reguards the cot-upturning with mild interest before going back to his writing. Firelizards. Cute little things. Matt indeed could find them pesky at times. Especially when they want to tie little holes in rig cables and chew on sail canvas. Bad as rats. He even found one in the galley's flour supply once. It might have been a blue, but it was so white with flour color was hard to tell. But they were harmless really. "it'll get bored afetr a while and bring it back…" he says placidly, eyes on the paper he's scrawling on.

Eulalie grunts, "before or after my commissions are due?" She growls. "I need that one for detail!" This is possibly the only time anyone is likely to witness Alie in this much of a tiff. In general she's a very happy person. Just not when her work tools are stolen. "Pipes are expensive, and I hate making them myself."

Fincayra ponders, then pauses humming to speak. "Alie - you know, if you want some nice pipes that won't be too expensive, my sister has a couple pairs." And yes, she is referring to harper pipes - not glass pipes.

Eulalie eyes Fincayra for a moment in confusion, "I thought your sister was a harper? Why would she have glassblower pipes?"

Asiree is quite content now to lay on her cot now that no one is chasing any firelizards around, and watch the chaos and confusion that general exists in the candidate barracks. Really, if you're ever short on entertainment this is the place to be. Heh.

Fincayra blinks and stares at Alie, then reddens slightly. "Oh. Right," she mutters, then silences - and a moment later starts in with the humming again.

Eulalie pounces over to Fincayra and tries to give her a hug, "Oh.. You're a dear, Carry, you know that?"

Matteo pauses for a moment in his writing to shift and stretch himself out in his hammock. More balled up paper falls on the floor but he'll get that later. He poises his pencil over the notebook pages once again but stops. On his knee a little blue 'lizard perches, gazing intently at him. "And what are you wanting little one?" It chirrups loudly, a rather ugly looking blue at that who's jaw appears to big for his head. "You wnt something to nab, huh?" It coos and continues staring.

Maybe it the excitement from before has roused her or maybe Ree has just rested enough and now it's time to do something else. The candidate sits up on her cot and peers around. "Anyone else feeling hungry? For dinner?" Of course, any activity other than dinner might be nice, something to do and distract her from her beginning feelings of hunger.

Fincayra chuckles faintly, succumbing to the hug and even hugging back. "Wasn't paying attention, I don't think. Heard pipes and connected it automatically with my sister. I get weird like that sometimes, I guess." Then she ponders the dinner question. "Food… well, food. I'm always up for food."

Eulalie sighs, "I'm for bed.. that firelizard wore me out.." And as if to prove her point, she falls face-first into her unmade cot and doesn't move an inch afterwards.

Asiree beams at Fincayra. Company for dinner. Now isn't that a pleasant thing? A glance is cast at Alie. Odd girl. Nice, but she is odd. Asiree stands up and heads to the exit, pausing there to wait for Fincayra to come along.

Fincayra follows.

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