Asiree is Searched

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern


It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Kysli is settled into a chair all the way in the corner, a bunch of hides on the table that she's going through while muttering to herself. Bleh. Aanyhow, yeah, there she is.

Asiree enters the taver looking kind of … crispy. Yes, the Asiree's clothes have a slightly singed look to them, and there are soot marks on her face. Her hair is unsinged, but the braid it is in is rather messy and she just looks rather frazzled. The girl plunks herself into a seat at the bar. Drink time.

Kysli notices the other's arrival, good time for a distraction you see. Blink. "Asiree?" Must see what's up, and hides are quickly collected and shoved (okay, put) into a knapsack sort of thing.

Asiree is occupied at the bar, a brief chat with the bartender, although nothing extended or that involves laughter. The purpose of that discussion was to get some sort of drink, which she does get. Ree sips at it and then closes her eyes and sighs. Oh hey, did someone just say her name? She swivels slightly, then opens her eyes and looks at the rest of the tavern. Now who?

Kysli gets up and swings the sack over her shoulder before wandering over to the bar. Drink sounds good at the moment, and Asiree gets a slight nod. "How're you?" other than well… frazzled. Yeah. Sliding into the next seat she softly asks for the barkeep to get her some wine.

Asiree is not drinking wine, for a change from what Kysli has seen her drinking. It's not a wine day for her. Ree turns around to lean on the bar. "It's been a long day," is her reply, and she even sounds kind of tired, doesn't she? "How have you been?"

Kysli always drinks wine, well, if it's going to be alcoholic at least. "Pretty good I guess." Somewhat tired as well, but not nearly quite so much, anyhow she eyes the other a bit.

Asiree sips some more at her drink. Nothing better than a nice cold drink at the end of the day, no? Especially when it's laced with alcohol and tastes sooo good. Ree fails to notice the eyeing of the rider.

Kysli shakes her head a little and finally recieves her drink, picking it up and taking a sip. The former two sort of have to happen to do the last bit you know. Hrm… now what?

Asiree takes another sip and closes her eyes, enjoying the drinking and the non-working-ness of the moment. Yeah.

So much happening isn't there. And Kysli doesnt' have much to say… so she'll just go through her glass of wine. It has been a rather long day.

It is a very exciting night in the Tavern, oh yes. Way too much excitement for Asiree. Ahem. Er, now what to do/say to Kysli?

Do to Kysli? That sounds fun, ahem. "So…" Now what, she really doesn't have much to say, just wanted company.

Yes, doing something to Kysli /would/ be fun. Heehee. Asiree turns to look at Kysli, "So?" Well yes, company is okay…

Kysli grins a little and shrugs, placing her glass down so that the bartender can refill it, which he does. "You look like you had fun." Innocent look, yup

Asiree nearly spits her drink out through her nose. After some sputtering Ree just starts to laugh. Hm, someone might be cracking up?

Kysli grins a little bit at that and quickly takes another sip to hide it. Oh yes, that's a fun reaction.

Asiree finishes laughing and then wipes at her eyes and nose. Kind of stings a bit… alcohol in the nose that is. A sip of the drink is taken and Ree seems to have returned to normal.

Kysli grins brightly and tilts her head, she's never tried that, so she wouldn't know> But Cranapple juice in the nose hurts like hell, the player knows that. "What was /that/ for?"

And soda hurts worse, says Asiree-player. Asiree takes a small slurping sip of her drink and then looks at Kysli. "What was what for?" She did nothing.

Kysli grins slightly, "Your laughing at my question."

Asiree raises a brow at Kysli. "You never asked a question." No, Kysli made a statement. Difference there, really. A smile begins to from at Ree's lips, suggesting she is not entirely serious. Hey, she's just starting to unwind here.

Kysli rolls here eyes and takes another sip before grinning. "Okay fine, from what I said, it made you laugh, why?" THere. Hah! Ahem.

Just because Kysli phrased it correctly, doesn't mean that Asiree is going to answer. Neener neener neener!! Heehee. Asiree shrugs at Kysli. "Just had a long day." And she's relaxing now. And that was an explanation. Really.

Kysli just smirks at the other. "Haven't we all." Hrm… now what? Wine… more wine! Cause she's out, ayup…. or maybe something stronger would be good, she's tired. "We managed to mess up a shipment to Western… that was greatly embaresseing." Ooh, but that gets a grin. "ON the other hand, Niva got to do the explaining."

Asiree nods to Kysli. Ooh, so it's time to talk about bad days and all now? That works. Asiree sips at her drink, which *is* stronger than wine. "Something went wrong when we were repairing something." Vague, yes, because it doesn't do to tell just *what* went wrong with *what* lest people worry or something.

Kysli nods and gives a grin. "Thus the slightly charred nature of yourself?" Something is mumbled to the bartender and he gets her a different drink, one of what Asiree is having to be exact.

And Asiree orders another of what she had been having, since hers is nearly gone. Sniff. Ree nods to Kysli, "Exactly." Although let's not talk about exactly what happened, Ree doesn't like to discuss her failures really.

Kysli gives a nod and doesn't delve any further into the matter. "Anything else interesting happen recently." Sip… and yeah, a glance around as she ponders.

Well, Asiree almost got lucky last night, but Kysli really doesn't want to hear about the details of Ree's personal life, does she? Nah. Ree finishes off her drink and then sips at the fresh one. "Not really… how 'bout you?" Things are kind of dull in Xanadu, no?

Kysli shakes her head, "Other than Bergerath deciding to kidnap a glasscrafter so she could make him a figurine of himself… and stand for search of course." Eyeroll.

Asiree giggles at that, and Asiree's player has totally awesome hair now! "Is that so?"

Kysli sips some more and nods, "Hopefully she'll come through for him and make it, or he'll be crushed." He really wants that figurine.

Asiree grins. A vain dragon then? Or one that likes sparklies? No matter. Ree nods to Kys and sips at her drink. Yummy, no?

Or just a silly dragon, that's always a posibility as well, a very truething. And mother is being annoying

Yes, that is a possibility. And Asiree is fully enjoying her drink as the player clips her claws and says goodnight to Kys-player?

Kysli laughs quietly for some reason or another, who knows what it is, but there is a reason. Here's a clue. "Silly Bergerath." is muttered to herself as she grins.

Asiree raises a brow at Kysli, but all that is muttered is a "Hrm?" as she sips at her drink. Gotta drink it while it's fresh and tasty, heh.

Kysli shakes her head a bit, "Oh nothing. He was just saying some things." By this point she doesn't neccissarily remember what. Ooh, is Asiree drunk yet?

Asiree /might/ be drunk, hard to tell. Maybe another drink will ensure that the Ree is drunk? Actually she's not sipping anymore, she's taking some gulps and … chuggging down her current one? Yes.

Kysli sees the other and can't be outdone, nope, so she takes another drink, see, she's already had some so that's why she does… if she was fully sober she wouldn't care.

Asiree orders another one, but gives instructions to just make it pure alcohol. Heh. And … shall they chug pure alcohol like that down? Maybe.

Asiree sips some at the pure alcohol. Hmmm. Yummy. Chugging that would be … not fun. Really.

Kysli sighs and finishes her drink, setting it down and giving her head a slight shake as the bartender offers to pour more. "No thanks"

Asiree looks over at Kysli. Is that still Kysli? Yup. Just gotta look rather hard, because the alcohol kinda makes things blurry-ish.

Kysli gives the bartender another glance. "On second thought, maybe she shouldnt' have anymore either…" Yeah, that'll make her an enemy, but ah well.

Asiree is a passive drunk, not a violent drunk, and therefore is too happily drunk to really care if Kysli is insisting she have no more.

Well, that's a good thing, and she's begninning to wonder if 'drinking in moderation' is in this girls vocabulary. Sheesh.

Asiree doesn't drink like this ALL the time, just sometimes. Really. Ree manages to finish her current drink and hey, looks like it's time to go home. Or just putter around and be happy. But going home and to bed, after a bath perhaps, might be a nice plan. Ree stands up. Whoops, a bit wobbly.

Kysli gets to her feet too, and reaches out a hand to stabilize the other. "Here… need help?" She'll take you home, yep. ;)

To whose home? ;) Asiree smiles and nods, "Thanks." She'll gladly take help, really.

Kysli wraps one arm around the other's waist. "Where to then?" As in where is your home… yeah.

This is kinda… cozy. Asiree points to the exit, "Out there." Duh.

Kysli stumbles along, more because she's trying to stablize the other than actually well, being drunk herself. Definitly partway both though.

Suuuure. Kysli really *is* drunk and just doesn't want to admit it. And this is nice and cozy, leaning against Kys and all. "Umm…." Now where is it that Asiree sleeps at nights?

Kysli isn't as drunk as the other most likely and either way they stumble along, and she's not paying attention to where she's going, stumbling right into her dragon who well, snorts. "Am not…" is the response.

And they just bumped into … a dragon? Or is that just a hallucination? Asiree blinks at the large beast and then stumbles back away from it, falling over in the process. Eeeeek. These drunken hallucinations or whatever are *scary*

Kysli can't help but laugh slightly and as her arms are around the other, or one arm was, she falls too. Thud, thankfully on top of the other… I mean… regretably.. right?

Yes, terribly regrettable. "Ermfoomph," is said from Asiree. But she has a Kysli on top of her, so it's not too bad, right?

Kysli happened to turn to try to catch her balance too, and so is facing the other as well. Hrm.. There's a rumble from Bergerath though which is ignored.

Noisy hallucation, no? Well, Asiree is just going to lay there and enjoy herself. Hee.

Hrm, now what do they do? What's the next likely action to take, other than giggle slightly, which is what Kysli does.

Kiss? Which is what Asiree attempts to do.Since, usually, when someone's on Ree there's kissing to be done.

Kysli is kissed? And well… kisses back.. or starts to and then blinks, freezing and saying "Why?" while her lips are still touching the others so it is mumbled.

Asiree has no idea either, "I dunno…" is said, which prompts a giggle. Because Ree kisses those that are on her? Yeah.

Kysli blinks a couple of times and then pushes herself up and away from the other, turning so she ends up sitting next to her.

Asiree has been rebuked yet again, by another person. And she's not thinking straight. So… now where does she sleep again? Ree unsteadily gets to her feet to wander off.

You're supposed to ask why. "But Berg…" is pratically whined to the dragon. Hrmphn.

Asiree continues to stumble about randomly in the semi-dark. Hmm. Bed. Where?

Kysli blinks and peers after the other. "Wait…" And gets to her feet to chase after.

Asiree is not really paying attention and bumps into a tree and falls over. Whoops.

Kysli trips over the other and lands on her again, this is going well.

Very well. Except this time Asiree has just enough sense not to kiss whoever landed on her this time.

Kysli blinks a couple of time. "YOu know… Bergerath said I couldn't kiss you…'

Asiree raises a brow at Kysli, or at the direction of her voice. "Uh… why?" That's no fair!

Kysli blinks a couple of times. "Cause candidates aren't supposed to have relationships…" And that makes sense… how?

That makes no sense whatsoever. None. "What?" Kysli's a candidate? This is TOO much for Ree's alcohol-adled brain!

Kysli keeps the other pinned, for no reason other than she's forgotten to get up. "He says… that since candidates are supposed to have relationships… or really kiss people… then I can't kiss you… cause… you're a candidate?" Uh… yeah.

Asiree is a candidate? No she's not. She's … well, she forgets what she is now! "I'm not a candidate?" She's too confused. She needs to sleeeeep off this alcohol. Or go sleep with someone. Heh.

Kysli blinks a couple of times. "But… he says you… oh… I'm supposed to ask you if you'll be one.. but he thinks you should say yes…"

Asiree is pondering this and the thought processes are not computing really. "Ok… I am a candidate." Because the lovely Kys who is sitting on her said so. Yeah.

Kysli nods, "We should take you home then." Nodnod, and gets to her feet, dragging the other after her.

Asiree nods and is partially dragged before she uprights herself and stumbles along behind. Wheee.

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