Xylaihl and Kotone

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A large, flat clearing stretches out in three directions, the ground packed tightly, though there are manicured areas of grass and flowers interspersed within the center point, raised beds containing various colored blooms throughout the warmer times of the year. Trees, however, are strictly absent, and even with the landscaping, there are plenty of open spaces for the constant draconic traffic which passes through this clearing.

The tall cliff housing the center point of the Weyr looms up in the west, pale stone stretching out to the north and south, visible as a light backdrop to the other buildings of the Weyr, while to the south, in the distance, a bit of sparkling water can be seen on a reasonably clear day. Scattered along the outskirts of this clearing are carefully built complexes, utilizing the new technology available. It is here that the crafters and residents are housed and work, though the hatching arena is certainly the center point, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it.

Large, lightweight shelters have been set up over the strategically laid-out walkways of Xanadu's clearing in an attempt to protect those at the gather from the beating rays of the sun. It is underneath these canvas shields that booths have been set up - bakers, harpers, smiths, and woodcrafters alike, side by side, with other crafts are well represented as well. Powered lights are spaced along the paths, in celebration of the return of full power, lighting up the shade.

Walking along the clearing slowly, Kotone is leaning on her cane for the moment as she stands in the middle of the clearing trying to decide on which way to go. She waits there for the moment.

Xvetaoth bounds out into the clearing, trilling cheerfully. Xylaihl follows close behind, smiling affectionately up at her lifemate. The bond between these two is still as strong as when the green first hatched. Even stronger, in fact. Xvetaoth pulls to an abrubt halt, warbling curiously at Kotone, while Xylaihl comes up to see why her lifemate had stopped.

Kotone's ears allow her to hear the approaching dragon and she doesn't stramble or fall over herself to get out of the way, but it's when the dragon stops is when the young woman turns towards the warbling. "I'm not for eating!" She tells to an open spot of air next to the green dragon. "So please don't think that." A giggle comes from the young woman, her tone obviously teasing. "If you came from that way." She points towards the clearing. "Then the Living Cavern is over there, right?" She points towards the beach.

Xylaihl shakes her head, then blushes and says, "Ah, no, the Living Caverns is in the other direction, actually." she says, in a cheerful and friendly tone. Xvetaoth croons softly at Kotone, and Xylaihl laughs. "No, silly. Well, alright." she says affectionately, then turns to Kotone again, "Xvetaoth wants me to tell you she's eaten." Xylaihl explains.

A soft blush comes to Kotone's cheeks and she giggles. "Ooops." The young woman offers before she points to the other way. "There, huh?" She asks before she nods at Xylaihl and grins. "And I'm glad that she's eaten." She hrms a bit. "She's a green isn't she? I can tell because her trilling is more resonant and cheerfull. Gold trilling is usualy deeper." She offers.

Xylaihl nods, slightly surprised. "Indeed she is. A small green, at that." and the riders tone is filled with love for her lifemate. As it often is when that particular subject comes up. "Her name is Xvetaoth." the woman adds, pronouncing it Svet-ay-oth. "And mine is Xylaihl." This is pronounced similar to Zy-lay-ill. She grins up at Xvetaoth, happily. "We've been together for over twenty turns, now." she adds, with pride.

"Wow, that's longer than I've been alive." Kotone says before she holds her free hand over her mouth. "Oh, I'm sorry." Her blush deepens. "It's not that… I mean…" She giggles embarassedly. "Can you ask her to eat me now?" She wonders.

Xylaihl laughs, and shakes her head. "That's okay. Xvetaoth doesn't mind. She hears the same all the time from my own children. Except X'hil, he's always been very respectful. I was so pleased when he impressed." she says, with obvious maternal pride.

"Aww, you have kids?" Kotone offers, nodding her head. "Riding is not for me." A shrug comes. "Much to the dismay of my brownrider father." She shrugs a bit at that before she reaches back and touches her harp. "Mother was glad that I could play still." It's fairly obvious now that the young woman is completely blind.

Xylaihl nods, and sighs. "My first pregnancy… Well, it was unexpected, in more ways than one. I had triplets, although Faranth only knows how, or why. Sickly little things they were, too. Every turn I'm glad when they're still around. Xaspia, Xezzara and Xalansho. They're nineteen and a half turns old now. They're doing a lot better, but they'll never be able to do any strenuous work, which rules out impressing. Dragons are a lot of work. But they've joined calmer crafts, and I'm so proud." And indeed she is, as her tone clearly conveys.

"Wow, Triplets?" Kotone says, giggling loudly as she does. "That's amazing." T he young woman offers before she nods her head once again. "I can tell that you are very proud." She tells the older woman, smiling warmly in her direction.

Xylaihl smiles, and nods. "I do love my babies. Unfortunately, my triplets needed more care than I could give, with Xvetaoth taking up much of my time, so I had to foster them. But I raised my other three children, thankfully they weren't born at the same time, or even close." she laughs softly. "X'hil surprised me, impressing as young as he did. I'd always known he was set for great things," as every mother does, "but impressing a bronze at twelve? I'd never have picked that. I'm very proud of my children, all of my children. Xaliyan, my youngest, made me a lovely sculpture of Xvetaoth." she adds. "He's nearly six."

"Twelve?" Kotone giggles. "Wow." The young woman shakes her head back and forth. "That's really early." The young woman offers beofre she turns her head towards the Living Cavern. "I need to go, I have lessons." She makes a face. "I'm sorry." She waves.

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