Kitchen Catastrophe

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Mid-afternoon. It is suppose to be a peaceful time, and there is a limited number of people in the Caverns at this point in the afternoon. Amongst them are Niva, when her casted-leg propped up in the closest chair with a large pile of papers at hand, and Keziah and Ethne, the pair discussing the causes and possible solutions of dragon infertility. Riveting conversation, that. But, either way, the large doors to the outside are open, and the staff is moving around, from cavern to kitchen and back, already preparing for dinner.

Zevida enters the caverns, followed by a weyrling from Avaeth's clutch who has seemed to attached himself to her and prodding the woman for information, help, and some such. Much to his dismay, she's good at ignoring him and those she'd rather not spoil her day with. Instead, she brushes him off and continues in towards the kitchens. Stopping though, she glances at Niva with her brows raising curiously before eyeing Keziah and Ethne. "Shells." She grumbles. "Did you two jump Niva?"

Ethne looks over towards the newer of the junior weyrwomen with her makeshift bandaged hand. "Excuse me? Niva has been a long-time friend of mine, I'd not do anything of the such." She still looks tired and fairly moody herself… after all Mellonath is starting to get brighter and Ethne has been lacking sleep due to bugs, studying and getting bitten by ferrets.

Keziah blinks at Zevida and then snorts "As if, she ain't my type anyways. I mean, I only give bodily harm to guys and all." she then tips her head "Sides, yu think if I'd tried jumping her, that I'd come out on top? Wow."

Well, it's nice that the doors are open. Nobody likes being locked out. Y'ki is one of the few that happen to be trailing in, however, pausing to /eyeball/ the gathering of goldriders. ..And Keziah. He shakes his head then, slightly, and just continues on, grabbing a hunk of bread off a nearby table before plunking himself into a seat, chewing thoughtfully.

R'miel heads in from outside, toting his weyrmate along with him for a late lunch. There's no baby with them today, which will probably relieve some of the other people around the cave. Though Ram does have his fat brown firelizard laying over his shoulder. The bronzer heads over to the crowded area around where Niva is sitting and gives everyone a nod. "Ladies. Weyrwomen. Whatever it is you girls want to be called. Y'ki. How we all doing today?"

Ysa is in a better mood than some of the days before, especially after that long night of drinking in the greenrider's weyr. Though she had a dare to fulfill the day afterwards… No one saw her in one of her best dresses cleaning the pens. Right? She made sure it was late in the day and remained there for just a few moments while Ellamariseth had a snack. "How's the leg doing, Niva?" she asks the Weyrwoman as she follows behind her weyrmate, wincing sympathetically at the cast. She nods towards the other juniors, looking just a tad surprised that they were all assembling in the caverns.

"It bloody itches." Niva replies in short order to Ysa, attention drifting from one to the next as people not only seem to drift into the cavern at a faster pace than she was expecting, but that they continue to drift in her general direction. "Nothing is going on out there, to send everyone after me, is there?" She questions rather nervously, leaning to peer around them towards the exit, trying to judge if something terrible is about to happen outside, just so that she can be prepared for it, if need be.

The nice little chatter should end, quite soon. Because, what's that smell coming from the kitchen? Billows of smoke come forth, spilling out before.. BOOM! Fire! The kitchen errupts into flames quite quickly, cooks running from the doors as fast as their legs can carry them. A few charred hairs, some burning hairs, but most covered in burned pieces of food and just looking burned in general. Screaming, no death mind you, but much screaming. Zevida turns, looking in absolute horror to the kitchen and any remarks left dead on her tongue.

Senkyou has just come back, having left her jacket over a chair earlier. Walking in just before the kitchen blows she grabs the jacket, and then eyes get big. Of course, stating the obvious she says "Fire!" Yelling it and looking around at all the cooks running. Looking around for anyone in serious trouble, the wingleader looks dumbstruck. She could have lost a good jacket.

Keziah shakes her head and starts to answer to the tune oh "No, nothing, just fire reigning down from skies and all that good…" she stops mid-flipant sentence and turns to stare at the kitchens, her eyes widening in horror. Shock keeps her in place for the moment and then she's up "Get the healers!" she yells and then "Watch out for the Weyrwoman!" That's all they need for the senior to be trampled in the mayhem.

Things go boom? Y'ki blinks just a little at the sudden fire and generalized boominess from the kitchens, simply turning his head to look at the mayhem. He doesn't get up though. He pushes the rest of his bread into his mouth for chewing, before he finally rises out of his seat, tossing a look toward Keziah. "If you're that worried, why don't you do something useful and /get/ her out of the way, instead of shrieking like an idiot?" Well, he's certainly back to normal, at the very least. But at least he moves quickly enough, if only to manhandle the flood of charred cooks away from the /door/. "Keep moving, already!"

R'miel grins. "This is weyrwoman question and answer time. Haven't you heard?" He pulls up a chair to sit in front of Niva and then takes out a small notepad and a pen from his coat's inside pocket. "So tell us about this stampede. I heard it was some little punk who scared the—" The bronzer is interrupted by a large boom and several fleeing kitchen staff. The bronzer immediately removes butt from chair and goes moving towards the fire. "What's happened? Is anyone hurt? Anyone left in there? Don't just stand there, girls! Go get sand! Lots of sand!" He starts shooing some of the kitchen help out as well. "Get the weyrwoman out of the way!"

Laera is just coming in from another run and is getting her flight jacket off as she heads into the cavern when the kitchen explodes into Fire. She ducks at first before looking over to the kitchen emerald eyes wide. It takes a moment before she gathers her wits and she is heading towards one of the flame touched kitchen inhabitants and putting her leather jacket around her to damp down any potential flamelits. Her charge is patting at her charred hair bemoaning the disaster it surely is. Laera just gives one of her bright smiles, "Well Lissa just the other day you were complaining it was too long.." Welcome to the Silver Lining club!

Ysa shakes her head at Niva's answer. "I remember the itching. Faranth, the day it came off… I think I scrubbed it raw just to feel better." She chuckles a bit, though still a bit sad for the Weyrwoman's broken leg. It was only so long ago she was in that position. She rolls her eyes down to R'miel, about to comment at his barrage of question when there's an explosion, and she jumps startled. Her eyes swirl around and she stumbles backwards and over a chair in her first instinct to flee. "Great flamin'… Everyone alright?! Ram, carry the Weyrwoman out of here!" She says, trying desperately not to bolt herself as she jerks a look to the crippled older woman.

Not able to work with all the commotion going on in and around the Cevern's. Erdric decides it best to go see what is going on. Before he even makes it one step into the doors he realizes what has everyone so up in arms. He stands there looking somewhat dumbfounded as to what he can do to help.

"Shards!" Niva hisses, dissolving into a long and quite unprofessional string of curses, flailing her arms around and trying to get someone to help her up. "Someone, help me up." Not that she wants out, but, "I can't see from here. What in Faranth's name just happened?" And then she's trying to pull herself up on the edge of the table as she's not being moved fast enough. "We have to put it out! Water and sand.." She's trying to keep her balance and issue directions, all while looking rather worried about the state of her weyr, and hoping that everyone is in fact out of the kitchen.

Zevida snaps into attention suddenly, no longer staring blankly at the flame. She glances around, gesturing quietly to some of the others who are standing around. "Go get water and sand, someone help the others from the kitchens to the infirmary." She snaps, gesturing once more for them to hurry up as she moves towards the fire but stopping short. She turns her head towards Niva, shaking her head. "Can't tell you what happened… From the looks of it, someone cooked something too high." A lazy attempt at cooking faster, is the best bet. People begin to filter in with slow waddles, buckets of water and sand in hand.

Senkyou with her characteristic optimism Senk moves to help people get out of the way and says, "Hope there is only one explosion." Mentioning the only other thing that could really go wrong. Moving in the direction of where most of the people are and being a traffic controller, moving things out of the way so people can make an easier exit. Senk shakes her head, still looking the direction of the flames but oddly not seeming to concerned. At Laera she just chuckles, watching for more flames, and another optimistic thought "Hope this doesn't spread." Though she looks back at Laera, and says "Could you go get some water? We probably need a good deal of it." Suggesting and then going to grab water herself.

Keziah eyes Y'ki and then ignores him as a nuscience and promptly dismisses him. Obviously, he's no help. She turns to help Niva "Careful, you're going to injure youreself. Course, how someone as little as she is is going to support the Weyrwoman is beyong her, but obviously one of her riders certainly can't. "ANyone pressure cooking or something? Maybe the stoves were cracked where we couldn't see?" she akss tossing guesses out into the wind.

Well of course Y'ki is no help. To Keziah. Once he's gotten the last straggling..and smoking..cook that he can grab away from the door, he looks around, hurriedly advancing on a nearby person with a water bucket. "If you're just going to stand there, then get out." He growls a little, snatching the bucket away, before he heads back to the more heated area, water sloshing onto flames.

R'miel blinks at Ysa and moves over to make sure she's okay. Then she's barking orders at him and he nods. "Sand Ys, sand! We need to put out the flames!" Then he moves over to Niva and gives her an apologetic smile. "Sorry, Niva." Then he reaches down to pick the weyrwoman up. "Er… I'm moving you out of the way at least." He carries the older woman over to the entrance and sits her down on a table. Then he's off to run for sand with everyone else, carrying two big sacks and a shovel. The kitchens were going to be a mess after this. Dinner was probably… unlikely to happen. The sand gets dumped at the entrance to the kitchen, and then spread around with the shovels.

Having given her jacket over to one of the cooks Laera looks over to her Wingleader as she hears her voice. Calls for water and sand. Gotta be careful what you throw unti a kitchen fire. No doubt several other of her wingmates fall in line to head into the hot springs, grabbing what buckets are in there and passing them out. Laera looks over her shoulder as she hears calls over whether others are still in the kitchen. Her green eyes narrow as she looks through the crowd, the girl pracitically raised in the kitchen, "Was Merla on duty this morning?" She finally calls out as the list of names she knows in there comes up one short.

Saefti was likely drawn here by the smoke wafting out of the caverns, the girl pausing curiously just inside and waving smoke away from her face with a faint cough. She catches sight of her brother heading into the kitchens, of course, since that's at least someone she knows, and immediately heads in that direction, raking her mussed curls away from her forehead so she can see better. She may not have a good idea of what happened beyond fire and things of that nature, but as she jogs, she unties her tunic, taking off the sleeveless upper one and dunking it in a bucket of water before she heads into the kitchen after Y'ki. She'll smack the fire out, thanks.

As the sand and water comes, Zevida grabs a bucket from someone and hauls it to the flames. The water is thrown in as an attempt to put out the raging fire, or, at least sneak a peek into the kitchen to see what has caused the explosion. No such luck. "Come on! Get more water and sand in there." She yells out, blinking in utter confusion as Saefti follows after Y'ki with no bucket of water or sand.

Ysa is back up on her feet in no time, though her hands are fisted tightly. She nods her head up to R'miel before moving off in a speedy run to follow the line for sand. She smirks at the Weyrwoman's new position on the table as she returns, hauling her one big bag. "Wouldn't want ya to get stuck under another stampede," she mentions as she bounds over to lay the sand with the rest, making sure to take a shovel from her weyrmate when he returns. She waved away one man that tried to help, with a burn on his arm. "Ya get yourself to the infirmary, we've got it from here." Hopefully. "Shells, this place won't be in any condition to cook in anytime soon." She coughs loudly from the smoke and makes room for the buckets trailing in that arrives from the baths.

Niva finds herself being carted towards the entrance - luckily for Ram she's rather crippled with one leg caught up in a cast, and so she's not able to fight too badly. However, she does protest the whole way. "I can't help, but its still my Weyr!" But then she's set on the table, and she's left to shout commands left and right, usher the newest arrivals to get buckets of water and sand, while checking those from the kitchens over cursorily, sending some infirmary, and leaving some to help.

Y'ki will have time later to be surprised at finding his sister right there with him. In the meantime, he coughs, covering his face with an arm briefly before he gets back to dealing with the flames that he can. His own jacket comes off after a moment, using it to beat down on flames that were spared by the thrown water.

Zevida continues to usher more people in, taking one particularly slow bucket of sand from a rather slow lady. "You can go ahead and rest." She offers, shooing the woman out before moving into the kitchen herself to throw sand onto some of the remaining flames. "Whoever did this…" Is all she growls as she empties the bucket.

Laying her jacket on the table and going to help and grabbing buckets of water, throwing the water on the fire. Watching members of her wing show up she gives a satisfied nod, moving back and forth and sweating just a bit. Stopping only to make sure everyone is ok, the caverns given a cursory glance before she continues to move. At a jog she asks Laera while moving, "Have any idea who did this?" The Weyrwoman being set on the table gets the smallest chuckle, but the brownrider continues to help.

Niva away to safety, somewhat, Keziah joins the bucket people "Come on, a line people lets get this thing moving quicker before it gets out of hand." she snaps at one sobbing girl as she takes the bucket of sand from her and passes it on to the next fool in line. "Keep it moving." she orders as she grabs the next one and moves it along "I say it's a fish raots on the beach tonight for supper." she exclaims with a touch of levity.

Saefti has the forethought to pull her undertunic over her face as she moves through the kitchen, using her wet tunic to batter down the flames rather than splashing anything on them, suffocating them in a more direct fashion. She is a bit singed, of course, but that's the way things work in these sort of situations, though she does leave in order to get that garment wet once more. She listens to people wondering at who would set a fire, muttering something about suspicious folks and hot things like ovens before she bounds back in. Tra la la.

R'miel pats Niva on the shoulder. He couldn't risk her getting injured if the flames got more out of control, so he'll let her scream at him. He grabs a napkin off one of the tables and ties it around his face like a cowboy, then heads into the smokey kitchen to help extinguish the flames. He'd let everyone else carry the sand and water, and dictact what everything that was going on at the source of the flames. Sand on the grease especially, water on everything else. "There's a big grease fire in here. Keep the sand coming." He coughs a bit, even with the cloth.

Really, it's a good thing Y'ki's hair is already black. It's starting to match his face, at least, with the way it's becoming stained from all the smoke and ash in the air. There's a slight growl from the boy, however, as a few flames prove to be incredibly stubborn. His foot comes down on some of them, kicking stray sand in his wake.

Being right in the kitchens, shoveling sand over the flames, made Ysa's coughing consistent. She had shoved through with her sand to get into the front line of the fray, and taken someone's offered shirt to cover her mouth. She shakes her head to dislodge some sweaty hair, lifting her arm to wipe at her face every so often. But eventually she has to had off the shovel, this time to a young man that was frantically looking around for something to do. "Let me through," she says between coughs as she heads out, removing the shirt to wipe at her face. "Let me help with that," she grunts as she gets in the middle of the line with the buckets of water, trying to urge them faster.

Zevida moves from the kitchen to grab another bucket that comes in, at R'miel's statement, she frowns shaking her head and moving towards the grease fire to throw a bucket of sand at it. "Come on now, more sand! More water!" She yells, "if you don't want to spend the rest of your life eating fish, move it!" She yells, annoyance in her voice as she stomps out to snatch another bucket from someone.

Niva is seemingly unneeded, for there are enough people giving directions as everyone comes and goes for her to just watch. Finally, after buckets and buckets of sand and water, the last of the flames have disappeared into nothingness, even though there is still a bit of smoke billowing around the caverns, lingering in the upper reaches of the caverns. However, with the buckets of water, and piles of sand, it is unlikely that the source of the fire will be easily identifiable. And so, Niva is left on the table, shaking her head. "Come on back! No need to suffocate in there!" And then she's trying to get down from the table to flounder a bit, watching each person as they return from the kitchen.

Keziah is dripping in sweat, covered in sand and soot and smoke and she stands there, blinking. "It's out?" she asks as things start settling down and the people fighting in the kitchen start coming out. She collapses into a chair, only to yelp as she finds it occupied by someone else and then sits down next to them. Bucket in hand still. Least she didn't throw it on someone?

"No, we've just started a new Xanadu Holiday. Happy Sand Day," Saefti says wryly as she tosses a handful of sand cheerily into the air near Keziah as if it were confetti, tugging her own sooty tunic down off her face and using the unburnt side of her wet one to wash some of the ash off her cheeks and forehead. Muttering again, the tall girl hops up onto a chair in order to flag down her brother in all the chaos.

Senkyou comes back looking over at Niva and counting, as if some how one of her wing could have gotten lost in the kitchen fire. After a few moments of counting she appears satisfied that everyone who has to get up tomorrow and work is there. Sitting down in a chair, she relaxes. Her hair didn't get burnt, though sweat is on her forehead and her clothes have serious smoke damage. Looking over at Niva again she asks, "What would you like us to do ma'am?"

Y'ki heads out of the kitchen, coughing slightly. Ah, smoke. Still, he rubs his arm across his own sooty face, heading toward the chair his sister is flagging from. Though he does pause a moment, eyes narrowed faintly at Keziah. "Yeah. You'd know that if you'd shut up and stop barking out orders. Like people would actually /listen/ to some apprentice." There's a faint snort then, before he finally approaches Saefti, giving his sister a grin. "Fancy seeing you here."

Zevida pulls out of the kitchen as she sees the fire die, brushing off her hair as she walks and patting at her clothing. Not that anyone can really /tell/ her face is covered in soot, unless they're looking for it. She slowly begins to clean off, with gentle pats before she looks for a wet cloth. A grumble and she hisses. "Soon as I find out who did this.. They're going to get something.."

R'miel removes himself from the kitchen once the flames have been put out and he had made sure that everyone who needed to head to the healers had done so. His next priority was finding his weyrmate and making sure she hadn't inhaled too much smoke. He pulls her from the crowd and off to the side to hug her. "You alright, love? Didn't get too much smoke in you, did you?" He needs her in good health, after all. Since Ella would soon be sand bound. He spots Zevi and gives her a grin. "Going to get what? Anyways, I doubt you'll find anyone in a hurry to fess up to such things."

"People!" Niva snaps loudly from where she's settled against a table, muttering a bit, before shaking her head. "I know you're all tired. We'll deal with the kitchen. Everyone needs to go see the Healers. /Everyone/. I don't want anyone to get sick later." Niva lets her gaze sweep over the room to stress her point. "The rest of the wings can go to the Holds and see if we can trade for any fish and such. We'll manage." She offers, trying to reassure the group as she leans back against the table behind her.

Saefti pushes her sweat dampened curls off her forehead once more, peering down at Y'ki now that he's so conveniently nearby, hopping lightly off the chair and rubbing her wrist beneath her chin, "Ah, there you are. I was looking for you. I'm guessing you didn't start this, or you wouldn't have been so quick to try and put it out." She examines her tunic thoughtfully before she wrinkles her nose and mumbles in irritation, twisting it to wringe it out and then tossing it over her shoulder; she's about to say something when Niva starts yelling, turning her head to look at her and then jerking a thumb over her shoulder, "Let's go, then."

Keziah eyes Y'ki a moment, starts to say something and then once again decides he ain't worth the effort of even snorting at him. And to think she had been concerned about him the other day. She glances over at Niva. Healers. Joy. A look back at the kitchens. At the face of that disaster, she can't really even get up the ire to be pissy at Y'ki. What destruction.

Ysa was still covered in soot from working right near the fire, and she still had to cough from time to time. As she was passing the bucket down the line, she also looks up surprised, only to sigh in relief. "Thank Faranth for that." Her shoulders slump as she sets down the water, right as she's pulled aside. "'m fine," she mumbles, quickly hugging R'miel back, and adding a few more coughs. She shakes her head and glances with teary eyes because of the smoke at the crowd. "Everyone was barking orders, boy. Ya all did a great job putting it out, either way." She doesn't seem annoyed, just weary as she nods to Y'ki and the others. She turns to look towards Niva's announcement, frowning. "The Healers? Shells, I don't think I need that mess right now. Going to be crowded." She moves away from her weyrmate then, towards the Weyrwoman as she grabs a nearby chair for her. "Ya need help in directing, Niva?"

Senkyou fidgets just a bit as Niva mentions a Healers, looking at each in her wing and glancing to see if anyone else is reluctant to visit a healer. Nodding slowly, but herding people in that direction as opposed to actually going. As others head off, Senkyou just sits down. Letting it all calm down and watching the people. Coughing once, but covering her mouth and looking away so no one can see it. Then standing she asks Niva, "Do we /all/ have to go right now? I mean I'll get there I'd just prefer to sit for a while."

Y'ki rolls his eyes somewhat at the order to the infirmary, sighing slightly. "Ugh." Still, he's not about to argue when Saefti gives the go-ahead, simply nodding at his sister. "Yeah. Bit hot in here, anyway." Might as well make a hasty exit, after all. Still, he tilts his head a little toward Ysa as he heads through, a brow lifting somewhat. "Oh, and that's not a problem at all? Somehow, sounds like all it'd do is cause difficulty with a bunch of different people blurting out orders at the same time. Huh." There's a dismissive shrug then, before he peers at Saefti again, nodding. "C'mon."

Zevida turns towards R'miel, cracking a knuckle. "It, that's all you need to know." She states, rolling her shoulders before letting out a soft uncharacteristic cough. "I'll find the person who did it." Shrugging, she plops herself into a seat rather than fleeing to the infirmary, watching the others carefully and waiting for when more people need directing.

R'miel groans. "Aw, the healers? Maann…" Yep real mature. "Er, yeah. The healers will be too crowded right now. But you definitly need to see them with that cough, dear." He rubs her back a bit. "We're gonna need to find some food, though. I bet I can pick up something down at the docks." He peers at Y'ki. "Well, welcome to the chorus of people in charge. Things got done though, didn't they?" He shakes his head at Zevi. "I'm sure that person is shaking over 'It'." He pokes at her side, then turns back to Ysa. "If we're not needed here let's make ourselves scarce, hm?"

Saefti looks around at everyone, then at Niva, then at her brother, pointing curiously at Niva as she asks him, "Isn't she the Weyrwoman? You'd think people would shut their mouths and just do what she says." She says this with an idle sweep of those who are either whining or asking questions, but shrugs, ultimately, and clasps her hands behind her head, "I miss the hall. Runners are brilliant. You should come see."

Either way, it seems that Niva's just ready to sit down. "It's out, that's what matters." She mutters to those closest as she sags into the offered chair, not willing to actually personally usher people towards the exit herself, but letting them make their own way. Perhaps she doesn't care enough to argue. "You had all better go. I'll be getting a full report from them." And there will be her own brand of punishment if she finds out someone didn't get checked out and is hurt later on. And then she's grabbing a young man to help her waddle in that basic direction of the Healers, each step slow and labored.

"Take it up with others that were barking orders, not just her," Ysa says as she glances back towards the bluerider and nods to Keziah. "Myself, Zevida, the Weyrwoman. Don't have to snap at just the one person. What Ram said," she grunts in between coughs again, nodding back to her weyrmate. "The cough's fine." Cough. She rubs at the soot on her face with the shirt someone had given her, lost in the chaos. "We'll go once things have settled." She glances around the caverns, waving towards the exit to those remaining. "I think those that were brave enough to face the fire itself in the kitchens should head on out first to the Healers." She'll trail in the back, and break off in another direction to avoid the crowd. She waves her weyrmate over, though, and finally takes a moment to drop into a nearby chair. Just to relax her feet.

Keziah listens as others speak to Y'ki instead. Works for her. "I think I want a dip in the ocean." She murmurs and then glances over at Zevida "That really doesn't sound that good. If anything they can give you something to sooth it outside of some water. May have scratched with the dust off the sand." She'll try and make it sound reasonable, not like smoke inhalation or something. She glances at Niva "You gonna see them too, right?"

Y'ki rolls his eyes. "Chorus of bad judgement, more like it." He mutters at Saefti. He shrugs, sliding a look toward Ysa with a vague snort. "Well. If you /want/, I could tell you what I think. But considering what experience I've had in the past, heh. It doesn't reall sink in too much, before punishments start getting thrown out. All for having opinions! Sadly, I don't really have the patience for it today. Ta!" He lifts his hand a bit, waving over his shoulder, before he continues on, nudging his shoulder against Saefti as the two head out. "Maybe I should."

Zevida gives Keziah a look, shaking her head slowly standing. "Well, I'm going to find who did this." She notes, standing and moving to the infirmary to get the kitchen staff, not to visit the healers.

Senkyou stands, walking in the general direction of the infirmary but not at any great speed. Slowly, plodding along and shaking her head, the brownrider would rather now go to the healers.

R'miel heads over to make sure the weyrwoman could get to wherever it was she needed to go. He rubs at Ysa's shoulders until the crowd has dispersed. Then he's pulling Ysa out to get some fresh air at least, and hopefully get any smoke in their lungs out. And to hopefully get something to eat.

Keziah watches Zevida, but she doesn't say anything, though after she leaves, she lets out a sigh and rises and heads out herself. She's gonna wash up first before hitting the infirmary.

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