Girly Sleepover

Xanadu Weyr - S'ya's Weyr
When one first enters this Weyr it becomes obvious that the fairer sex rules in this domain. A large area rug in snowy white covers the floor in the center of the Weyr, the texture plush against ones barefeet. And they'd better be bare because a cubby for ones shoes is placed right next to the entrance in the same shade of white. A long U-shaped couch is placed in the center of the rug, the seats facing towards the entrance of the Weyr. The couch is covered in a satin like material and has been dyed a shade of violet. Various pillows are placed neatly on the couch, all different shapes and colors but matching nicely with the bright couch which can easily seat six people. In front of the sofa is a clear glass table held up by a single white base.

Behind the sofa on the left corner there is a mini bar, the table top color following the pattern is the same white. Behind the counter is a glass cabinet stocked with various wines and wine glasses. A set of four bar stools are neatly tucked under the counter, each topped with violet colored seat cushions. Off to the right is a large white table held up by four steel legs and placed precisely in the center is a large fish tank. It's been filled with water and holds captive a large koi. A small plaque is placed on the right corner of the tank reading 'Pudding'.

The riders sleeping quarters are sectioned off by a violet curtain decorated with different shapes in the same fun colors that her couch pillows have. A large bed, dresser and nightstand make up the belonging that have been sectioned off. A large area has been left empty near her room so that her lifemate may sleep near her.

It's early evening, and all is well in Xanadu. While most people in the Weyr are winding down for the evening S'ya is just starting up, bustling about her home. Sophyrinth watches from her couch curiously, whuffling her rider as she sets out drinks and snacks on the table. "They should be here any moment, love. Do behave." She teases, giggling as she finally plops onto the couch to wait for her guests.

"Hello" Keziah calls out as she peeks her head in and then looks over her shoulder "I'm sure this was the right place." she murmurs to someone behind her and then grins. "Come on, you look fine." And with that she takes Erdric by the hand "I knew that dress would look great on you." she murmurs as she takes them into the weyr.

Ysa is one of the first couple of people to arrive. Even though she kept putting it off, she eventually had to come. She's got a little rucksack over her shoulder, mostly empty, but in her arms is a crate of alcohol. Mostly cheap wine, and a hidden bottle of firewhiskey in there somewhere. But even with her hands full, she's sending stern looks over her shoulder. The goldrider was seen balancing the crate on her hip, tugging with her free hand a brownrider along, before finally arriving. "Won't be fun without ya, Mai. Trust me." She hangs back in the entrance, waiting for her friend, and glancing towards the green first and then her rider. "Brought the refreshments, S'ya!"

Erdric reluctantly follows Keziah in, not that he has much choice with her hanging onto his hand. "I don't think this is a good idea." he says quietly to her, but before he can protest any more he is dragged into the main part of the weyr.

M'iken is recluctantly following along behind Ysa, not particularly wanting to come to this since Ysa and Ram are the only people she knows at Xanadu, but knowing Ysa ment that if she made the goldrider drop and break all those alcohol bottles, there will be much wrath to suffer. "Fine, fine. I'm coming, ok?" She half relents, half whines. She let's the shorter woman drag her in, kicking her boots off near the entrance since there's such a nice little place for them to go right there. She's definately looking uncomfortable though.

Xylaihl comes along, 17 turn old daughter in tow. "Come on Xyala, live a little. So, he dumped you, he won't be /here/, trust me." she's murmuring, encouraging the teen, though she's not exactly as maternal as one could hope. Xyala's response is simply to roll her eyes, and trudge along behind. The older greenrider sighs, and shakes her head, making her way over to greet S'ya, invitation in hand. "Ah, hello, have we got the right place?" Hey, never hurts to check, though it certainly seems to be the right place.

Before long Laera finally makes her own entrance. Dressed for winter as only she would, a sweater with a neckline wide enough to rest off one shoulder and a hemm that does not quite meet the top of her skirt, which is resting low slung on hips. The skirt at least reaches down to her ankles, an odd mix of modesty and immodesty that is her style. She has a package in her own hands as she enters, and heads over to S'ya to offer a kiss on her cheek, "Hey lovey."

Sophyrinth moves towards the entrance when Keziah sends out her greeting, the green whuffling her own before sniffing at Erdric and glancing back at S'ya. "Oh, that /is/ a lovely dress love. But So here tells me you are hiding something." She says with a giggle, getting to her feet a bit awkwardly before moving to greet the first of her guests. "Ysa, M'iken so glad you could make it. Do you need a hand with your things?" She offers, eyeing the crate of liquor. Xylaihl and her daughter get a wave and she bobs her head brightly. "Yes, this is the place! Come on in ladies, all of you! I have some food set out already." She waves every further into her Weyr, her lifemate moving back to allow them in but keeping a close watch on Erdric. "Laera! You made it love! Looks like we are all set then!"

Keziah swallows a little as she looks at the dragon and mrrs a bit and then on a burst of inspiration she grins and holds her fingers to her lips at the dragon and then glances over at S'ya "Erdra here, she's well. She's never been to let out this late by her mother. We snuck out, she's worried that she'll be caught and all." she says and then clings to Erdrics arms "And I couldn't let her miss out on something like this. You won't tell. Will you?" She asks, her eyes all wide and shiny.

Erdric tries to keep his distance from Sophyrinth as best he can despite stil being tied to Keziah's hand. He looks quickly at her and her 'explanation' his jaw dropping a little that she could come up with that so quickly. He looks at S'ya and smiles, "yeah what she said."

Ysa didn't look completely uncomfortable, but she wasn't good friends with pretty much everyone that was showing up at the greenrider's weyr. Which is why she dragged her good old M'iken with her. She moves towards the table, shoes still on, shaking her head at S'ya. "I got it." She sets the crate down in a spot and takes one of the bottles out immediately, glancing back at Mai now. "Looks like it's going to be /very/ crowded here, shortly. Mai, ya know S'ya, right?" But the greenie already greeted her, so she smirks and nods, stepping back a bit. "Have I seen ya around before, Erdra? Ya look familiar, somehow." That was aimed towards the young boy in drag, tilting her head this way and that as she stands there, waiting to see how to make herself comfortable. Which is why she was uncapping the firewhiskey, first.

Xyala mumbles something at Xylaihl, then slips off on her own, towards the closest source of alcohol. "Hi." she says, having walked right up to Ysa, eyes brightening as the woman pulls a bottle from the crate, "Got anything good in there?" she asks, feigning innocence. She's good at that, or so she thinks. She'd been seeing that boy that dumped her for turns, believing Xylaihl to be unaware until only recently. Of course, that wasn't the case, but still. Xylaihl doesn't seem to pay her much mind, looking rather preoccupied herself. "I, ah. Nice place you have here." she nods to S'ya, vaguely. "Good to get out, away. Xylan wouldn't stop /crying/." Oh, there's a good topic, let's talk about how difficult babies are. She's obviously not been sleeping well lately either.

M'iken just smiles and nods. Ysa points out S'ya then even though she's kind of already greeted her by name, which just kind of confuses Mai. "Ah, I don't beleive we've met. But thanks for letting me come." She says with a polite smile. She actually takes one of those bottles of wine she knows Ysa packed up and plans on hording it to herself for the night, though she probably won't actually drink much of it. She touches Ysa on the shoulder and points over to the couch. "I'm just gonna sit over there." She's trying to make herself as invisible as possible for a while.

What need is there to go inside? Except that inside /does/ contain a lot of beautiful girls, and beautiful girls are like a giant magnet for L'ton. At least for now, however, he's creeping around outside the weyrhome belonging to the young, pregnant greenrider, avoiding the door for now and instead moving to look in each window in turn, attempting to see who all is there. After all, if his weyrmate is there, it has to be good.

"I would not miss it lovey." She gives the woman's belly a rub before she takes a seat with the others in the room, setting her package in front of her as she settles to sit on the ground. "So we gonna play any games?" She asks with a grin as she tucks her feet beneath her. Like pin the tail on the preggy woman>

"Oh, I would never tell on you, love! Do not worry Kez and," S'ya can't help but grin before saying Erdrics newly assigned name. "Erdra, you are welcome to stay. Did you bring your things?" The green isn't ready to let go of the subject however, dropping her head right in front of Erdric for a closer inspection. "Oh, we met briefly in the Caverns, right M'iken? Ysa, starting up already? Save some for the games!" She waggles a finger at the goldrider before moving over to her own bar and grabbing some bottles. "Benden red anyone? Oh? Thank you love! I just love the colors. And I can imagine you need a break from all that crying, I will have to deal with it soon." She hands Xylaihl a glass before pouring her some wine. "Of course, Laera! Truth or dare, never have I ever, things like that!"

Keziah gives a nod "Yes, we have our things, and thank you for not telling her mother." she murmurs looking relieved but seeming a little apprehensive. "Come on Erdra, you'll like a small glass of Benden Red. It's simply wonderful." she adds and then grins. "Truth or Dare? That could be fun."

Erdric tries to look innocent as Ysa asks if they had met, avoiding eye contact. "I don't believe so, as Kezi here said, my mum has kept me pretty secluded." He is a little taken aback as S'ya mentions something about 'things' and quickly gives Keziah a dreaded look. Thankfully she answers for him and drags him off. "Benden Red? You mean wine? Umm I am not sure that I should, I mean I have never drank alcohol before."

Ysa purses her lips out, not entirely convinced, but nods nonetheless towards Erdric. "S'ya, do ya have some shot glasses? I think it's a good idea to start the night," Ysa asks as she gets the cap off her new bottle, holding up the hard liquor with a grin. "Never drank? We'll change that tonight, gal," she says towards Erdric with a wink. Xyala is given a chuckle. Innocent look or not, it didn't matter to the goldrider. "Take your pick, gal. This is the only firewhiskey I got, so we'll all have to share. I've brought plenty of wine, though." When M'iken moves away, the goldrider hesitates, looking back and forth before waving the brownrider back. "Come take a shot with me. At least that'll loosen us both up a bit for this… party." She eyes the greenrider warily when she mentions all the games, afterall.

M'iken blinks a bit at S'ya stopping in place before reaching the couch and turning around quickly, a bright blush on her face. "Oh! I'm sorry. We /have/ haven't we." That's right, she's mortifyed she'd forgotten. She's covering her face with one hand and holding that bottle close with the other. When 'Edra' declares she's never drunk alcohol before, she speaks up. "One glass should be fine then. We'll make sure you don't do anything too outrageous." At least she will, she isn't really planning on drinking too much herself. She gives Ysa a bit of a look but comes back her way. "You realize if I drink this, I'm not drinking anything else." A hallow threat, kind of, but still it's there. Though she's still going to take the shot, only for Ysa though.

Of course, sneaking around is only good if you manage to be quite. Unfortunately for L'ton, though, he manages to collide into something sitting around the foundation of the house, flopping into the window with a dull thud, before he ends up on the ground next to the door, left to stare up at the sky, rather than through the various windows. After a moment, though, he's starting to try and sneak away before someone looks outside.

Xylaihl smiles tiredly at S'ya, tipping back the glass. She first checks to see if Xyala is listening, which she isn't, before leaning in to confide in S'ya, "Children are a blessing, and I wish my sister would have a couple, but Xylan is my last. He /has/ to be. Crying all hours of the night, I swear, I'm this close to fostering him out." As she did for her other children, and probably would have already for this one if her sister hadn't stayed after the birth to help her out. Xyala is compltely oblivious, eyeing Ysa with awe. Here is a person worthy of respect, here is a person with /alcohol/. Of course, Xyala has never tried firewhiskey before. She's not the innocent she's pretending to be, she's tried many things, just not that. Yet. "Oh, yes please." she says, eagerly, before glancing around to make sure Xylaihl isn't watching. Oh, an excellent pair the two make, neither acknowledging the other, and both hiding something from the other.

"Take Kez's word for it, Erdra, it is divine! Do not be prude, have some!" S'ya says before placing a glass in Erdics hand, pouring some for Keziah too. "How have you been, love? Not seen much of you since we stood." At the call for shot glasses she drops down to open a cabinet and grab a few, having a bit of trouble getting back up to managing it finally. "Here you are, Ysa love! Take one on my behalf!" She makes her way towards the goldrider, having handed one to M'iken on her way there. "Oh, no worries, it was a very quick meeting." The greenrider finds herself floating, wandering back over to Xylaihl. "I can understand, I think I will keep mine till two turns than off to the nannies." While all the girls talk and drink Sophyrinth is keeping watch. The thud is enough to cause the green to move towards the window and warble at L'ton, a single eye whirling at him. "L'ton?" S'ya asks with frown, watching the green from her spot. "Should we let him in, ladies?"

Keziah swirls the wine in the glass in inhales "Wonderful." She smiles at Erdric and grins "It really is good stuff." she states and then takes a sip "Oh, yes very nice." SHe nods a little to S'ya "Yeah, been out with the caprines and all, trying different methods and such with free ranging them." she notes as she turns at the sound and then her eyes go wide at the dight of L'ton. She looks him over "He don't look much like a girl." she murmurs.

Erdric looks at the glass of wine now in his hand then at S'ya who being the gracious hostess is quickly getting shot glasses for everyone. He looks back at the wine and takes a sip. Eyes light up as the subtle texture and taste blend together. "Wow, this is good." he smiles and quickly finishes the glass off, downing in a single gulp as if it were merely a glass of juice. As he is finishing it he turns to look towards Green Sophyrinth when S'ya exclaims L'ton.

Ysa rolls her eyes at M'iken. "Where's the fun in that? It'll take a bit more than one shot to even make ya tipsy." She laughs again at Xyala with a nod. "Coming up." She watches S'ya, frowning when the pregnant woman was having trouble. "Ya okay there? I know how that can be, ya just had to point them out." She started heading that way to help, but stops with a shake of her head. She relieves her of the glasses, pouring two. One for her, one for Xyala, which she hands over before pouring M'iken's and finally holding hers up. "To gals? Or probably just good booze." She winks and tosses back the glass without another hesitation, enjoying that burning sensation. "L'ton?" She turns towards the entrance, quirking a brow. "We've barely gotten tipsy and he's already crashing the party?" The goldrider snorts and makes her way over to the couch. Firewhiskey bottle and glass with her.

M'iken nods a little to S'ya's assurances that it's alright, but still feels bad about it. She can't really keep up with the conversations of everyone since she doesn't know anyone. She tries though, untill Ysa's pouring her shot of firewhiskey. Which was goign to be plenty hard to keep going down her throat anyway, she doesn't need to added chorus of 'L'ton'. She nearly spits the stuff out, everyone and thing in front of her is saved by her arm coming up and covering her mouth so she can swallow. She blinks and sputters over at her weyrmate. "L'ton? What are ya doing here?" She's immediately going over to meet him by the entrance to get some answers, not really wanting to answer S'ya's question on wheather they should let him in or not.

L'ton is discovered. Darn green! As So offers her greeting, he sighs softly, waggling figures at her large muzzle before creeping back to the door, cracking it just enough to slip in, gaze looking this way and that before he moves to wrap an arm around Mai as she comes to meet him. "Figured ya might get bored." He tries to offer to the brownrider as an excuse, though he does nod to the others present that he recognizes. Which, frighteningly, is too many.

Xylaihl nods, glancing absently to her glass. "Xylan is nearly that now, he's one turn and ten months. Fostered the others off mostly before they hit a turn, myself. Would've sent them to their fathers, if I'd any idea who they were." She knows who Xylan's father is, and she's kept him for the longest, coincidence? Eh, probably just more to do with her paying more attention to both flight and spawn than she used to. There's a pause, and Xylaihl has a rather belated reaction to L'ton bumping around outside. As to allowing him in? "I vote … nay." she says, with a shake of her head. No particular reason, just noting his lack of girl parts. Xyala, still sitting halfway across the room from her mother, looks over at the window, then speaks up, "I say we give him a makeover. Dress, nails, the works!" So that's one vote nay, one for a girly makeover. Though the second voter is fast distracted. Fire whiskey, ooh. She grins her thanks at Ysa, though she eyes the shot glass as if it might bite, or worse. For a distraction, she looks back to the male intruder, with a frown, "You seem… familiar… Have we met?"

"Still with those beasties?" S'ya says, wrinkling her nose a bit at Keziah but giggling quickly enough. "Well love we can /easily/ remedy that." She says about L'ton's lack of femininity. "I think his nose led him to his favorite scents: girls and booze." Is sent Ysa's way before she's moving over to the front entrance. M'iken beats her to it however and she simply sends the bronzer a wave before heading back to her guests. "I think we should start a game, truth or dare anyone? But before that maybe we should get this bronzer into more fitting garments?" She eyes L'ton with a smirk, her hazel eyes locking with Xyala. "Agreed! So two for and one against. Any more votes or should I just bring the stuff out?"

Keziah watches as ERdric downs the glass of wine like juice "Wow." she giggles a little and knows better than to do that herself. She'll sip hers. And of course she's not tried a shot yet. "Yes, still with the beasties. I do love them, and well they're not as terrible as some guys I know and all." she notes with a shrug." A glance again at L'ton "Oh lets do dress him up. He'd be so much fun to dress and do up. It'd be so much fun."

Laera sits there listening to the older women in some cases talk around her, her emerald eyes bright with amusement at the conversation that is spoken. At the mention of truth or dare Laera just grins, "Oh that sounds like fun..count me in." She rubs her hands with Glee before looking up at L'ton as the discussion moves to dressing him up.

Looks like the couch wasn't going to have any company tonight. Ysa turns around when M'iken starts heading towards the entrance. "Faranth, Ton. Don't ya see Mai enough? She's with me, how can she get bored? Drunk first, then the fun starts. That's how it's suppose to work." She holds the capped bottle and glass in one hand, putting the other on her hip to glare at the bronzer. Ysa is all for drinking, with or without male company around, so she just waves her hand towards S'ya. "I suppose it could be entertaining." Her green eyes move back to L'ton and Mai, arching a brow at them before lifting the glass. "Wanna drink, Ton? And ya didn't see Ram out there too, did ya?"

M'iken shakes her head at L'ton and sighs. "Goodness L'ton. You've just walked into a trap." She stage whispers that last bit then offers the bottle of wine she'd been carrying around to the bronzer. "Here ya go love, you're going to need this." Because now, she's got hold of one of his hands and is dragging him over towards the mass of potentially drunk women. Having two people you know in a group of people is much better than having only one.

"D-Dress up?" It seems that something has finally gotten into L'ton's head, for his attention is shifting from M'iken to the other women in the house, and he's giving them all a rather nervous look. "Ah.. Ah think Ah look fine as Ah am, really.." Nervously, his hand is run through his hair, ruffling it into a mess, and he's shifting, trying to put M'iken between himself and the rest of them. Perhaps he should be headed back out the door, huh? At Ysa's words, he shakes his head. "Ah.. Ah'm good. And Ah ain't seen him at all. Ah bet if'n he was out there, he'd be in here naked, though." So, at least Ton has the decency to wear clothes? But then there's a bottle of wine in that hand, and he's being drug along, and its all he can do to stop long enough to chug a good portion of the wine. Perhaps he should have run when he could.

Xylaihl suppresses a snicker and tries for a stern 'you are in trouble missy' expression as she, finally, turns to face her daughter. "Oh, come now, that's too much. Nails, sure, make-over, maybe, but a dress, hmm…" she trails off, in thought. She had a point somewhere along the line, but it's getting further and further away as she drinks. Meanwhile, Xyala has stayed surprisingly sober, still too wary of the fire whiskey to actually try it. "Hey, hey, I /do/ know you." the 17 turn old suddenly realises, turning to L'ton. "You, Xylaihl, Xylan, uh, Zylan?" Well, that made no sense at all. "I mean, you're Xzylan's father, right?" She somehow draws out the X/Z sound at the start.

"A pink bow in his hair, right Kez?" S'ya asks before framing the riders face with her fingers from her spot, as if he's a work in progress. "Yes, and a lovely lavender dress, cannot forget the makeup either!" She moves to her room rather quickly, coming out with a maternity dress decorated with flowers and in a deep lavender shade. "Well we can do both I suppose. Tonny goes first and I pick dare for him, dare him to dress like a girl. You can go after him, Laera!" She says before moving over to the man, offering him the dress, a small bag of cosmetics revealed under it. "Oh, Tonny is practically /everyones/ father. Hey Ysa, wanna help me pick out a shade of lipstick?" She asks as she starts to rummage through the cosmetics.

Keziah hmms a little and nods "I think pink would be pretty nice." she notes as she looks the man over. "And lavendar, simply wonderful, do you have any perfume? Can't really forgot the perfume." She motions L'ton close "Come on, it won't hurt." much? She then smiles ever so sweetly, shining her eyes at him "It's a dare you're not really afraid of now are? I mean, what man would be afraid of a dare, and I'm sure you're confident in your masculinity to not be bothered with a make-over." Hmm?

Ysa takes a swig directly from her bottle since no one else wanted any. She /was/ going to get drunk, even if the others stopped drinking. She follows the bronzer along with her friend, smirking a bit. "He'd be here naked? Is that so?" She shakes her head a bit, chuckling. "He doesn't waste any time, after all." Another brow goes up at Xyala's question. "He's not /my/ father. Or Lyram's," she quickly notes to S'ya after her comment, eyes wide. "Make it a really bright pink, or flashy red." She moves over to poke around at the cosmetics, leaving her alcohol on the table. "Can we make him run over to the bar to pick up some guys for us?" she asks with a growing grin.

M'iken eyes that dress warily, she's not sure she really wants to put her bronzer through this, but when Xyala pronounces him the father of yet /another/ baby, his fate is sealed. His only hope is to run like the wind and pray Dhon comes to save him. "Nah Ysa, if we're goign to have him go pick up guys for us, we have to actually be serious. Pink is definately better with the lavender, bright red would just clash." She not giving him moch help, but she does let go of his hand to go set her shot glass someplace safe. If L'ton struggles, she doesn't want it to break or anything.

L'ton has some wine.. but no where /near/ enough wine to deal with that. Staring with wide eyes in pure horror first at S'ya, then at the other women she tries to recruit, he's practically frozen in place. But then he's free, and as quickly as he can, racing for the door, wine still in his hand. "Mai.. Ah.. Ah'll find ya when this is over." He blurts out, eyes flitting to Xyala as it registers that she asked him a question. Its all he can do to nod, then, before he's struggling to get out the door. Pushing, and pushing, he stops for a second before it occurring to him that it opens inward. Finally, he really is free, without a backwards glance at the greenrider and her cohorts.

Xylaihl oohs, "Let me pick the nail colour, I have /just/ the shade." She waggles her own pinkish purple tipped fingers. It's sparkly, too! If ever there were a rider to not act their age, Xylaihl would be it. Xvetaoth brings that out in her. And, tonight, alcohol is 'helping'. Xyala looks a little sheepish at not instantly recognising L'ton, she'd been spending most of the past few turns sneaking around with that boy though, she didn't have time to keep up to date on the hot gossip. She raises an eyebrow at L'ton though at S'ya's mention of 'Tonny' being practically everyone's father, "Is that so?" Oh, come on, her own mother may or may not have had more than one pregnancy to a father, there's no way to know for sure, and /L'ton/ gets the accusatory tone? Not fair! As to his fathering Xylan, that's not quite as recent as it seems, the boy is nearly two turns old already. Plus, it was a flight. And then, he's gone? Aww, Xylaihl actually looks a little disappointed. But it's understandable, he was a little … ganged up on.

Laera's eyes unfocus for a moment and she sighs as she rises to her feet, "Seems like I am needed for a delivary..joys of being the newest member of the wing." She rolls her eyes and moves over to S'ya, leaning in to give her a kiss on the cheek, "You can ask me a question later lovey." She winks and nods to the others before she is heading out and to her weyr to change.

"Oh, I have a hot pink that might work!" S'ya says gleefully to Ysa, extracting the lipstick and holding it up for all to see. "First the dress though, come on love, we are not getting any younger." She waves the bronzer over with a sickeningly sweet smile. "Come on love, we will not bite. M'iken agrees with me on the pink and everything! And if you want to put some perfume on him, Kez, there is a bottle in my room. Can you grab it for me, love?" She's so busy rummaging through the bag, no doubt in search of matching eye shadow, that she misses the bronzers escape. She manages to catch him struggling with the door and just laughs, trying to pout at him but failing. Laera gets a hug before she leaves too. "My we certainly are growing fewer in numbers. The night is still young though! Truth or dare ladies?"

Keziah starts to head for the perfume and then notices that he's making an escape. "Aww, that was no fun of him." she shakes her head a little and then goes back for her wine, sitting down next to Erdric. "Truth or Dare?" she asks as she watches as Laera leaves as well. She then nods "Sounds like fun."

"Grab him!" Ysa calls out as she notices the bronzer start to dash off. She would have made a jump for him, but she was already too far away. She pouts when he dashes out the door, though, shaking her head at M'iken. "There goes our fun. Jus' ya and me now, Mai. And the rest of ya gals, of course," she says with a grin towards their hostess. "So who wants to go first with the truth or the daring? Cause I think having a victim around was fun." She moves to the booze, though, getting herself a glass of S'ya's Benden to pass the time.

M'iken looks back quickly when Ysa says to grab him, but it's too late. She can only smile and wave while he runs for his life. "Yeah oh well. And he made off with the wine I was wanting to drink." She pouts and has to go looking for another bottle from Ysa's stash she can nurse. "I'm in for it. Though I've never played, just heard the rules a couple times." She grabs a promising looking bottle and a glass before finally settling herself on the couch.

Xylaihl simply nods along with the murmurs of Truth or Dare. Much like her dragon, she's not one to start anything, but she'll happily pile in with whatever's going on. Xyala on the other hand is a little bolder, and a lot fussier. She has, at some point, harnessed her additional boldness and knocked back the fire whiskey, but she's still not quite ready for a game. Xylaihl leans forward, "Sounds like fun, who's first?" And boy is she hoping that asking doesn't make /her/ go first. But, hey, Ysa asked first! Pick her!

"Okay, i can go first then, so everyone know how to play. Dare!" There is no hesitation in S'ya's voice as she picks dare, plopping down on the couch with a grin. Always the attention hog. She grabs up some of the bite sized sandwiches she set out and starts munching, eyeing the room to see who is willing to play. "Anyone want to pick the dare for me?"

Keziah looks thoughtful and then grins "I dare you to run out to get more drinks in your nightie." she states with a grin. After all, who knows who else might be enticed to come out and play. Right? Or to get done over even. Hmmm.

Ysa doesn't look too thrilled when S'ya picks herself. Instead, she shakes a bit and takes a sip of her drink. "It's not quite easy to get a good dare for someone like ya, S'ya," she tells the greenie. Keziah gets a quick laugh. "Not quite a dare for her… We got drinks, but not 'nough sweets, I think. How fast can ya make it back here from the caverns?" As far as going out in her nightie, she just shakes her head a bit. Even nude wouldn't have been bad enough for her, she thought. "Unless you have other ideas?" She looks first to the eldest, Xylaihl and her daughter, then M'iken. Seeing that the latter was on that comfy-looking couch, Ysa joins her with her drink.

M'iken blinks a bit at the dare. A pregnant lady going out in her nightie to get drinks/sweets… Yes the brownrider just blinks at that then shakes her head. Nope, she doesn't have anything better than that. When Ysa sit next to her she leans over and says quietly, "I don't even /own/ a nightie." She shoots a look at the younger greenrider then, more confused than anything else.

Xylaihl tilts her head thoughtfully, eyes unfocusing for a moment, and she shrugs, "Nightie drinks run sounds good to me." "And sweets!" adds Xyala. The pair glance at each other, and Xylaihl chuckles, agreeing, "And sweets." Though she's not so fond of the sweeter things herself. It's just good to see Xyala so cheerful. Xyala thinks a moment, and adds, "Um… and barefoot." Truth or Dare isn't really her game, or Xylaihl's, but at least they're trying?

S'ya looks over at Keziah with a smirk. "That is it? That is not good enough." She says with a shake of the head, eyeing the entrance to her home. "Now if I did it /naked/, well, that would be more interesting." The wheels are turning in that wild head of hers and she smiles at the seated nearest her. She eyes Ysa, shrugging her shoulders. "Do not know, maybe ten minutes?" In all the chaos of L'ton fleeing the front door remains ajar, a rather strong wind pushing it wide open. S'ya doesn't seem to notice, either that or she doesn't care, and continues her musing. "Well since I am in this state maybe twenty?" That wide open door seems to be just the invitation for a small wherry long escaped due to Ellamariseth's attack on the pens. The critter walks in curiously, heading right for a bowl of snacks left carelessly on the floor by one of the guests and sets to peck away. This of course is way too obvious for S'ya to miss and she sets to screaming. "Get that thing out of here!"

Keziah starts at the screaming and then she gasps at the wherry "Dinner." she states with a grin and then mrrs and ponders as she ships slowely towards the table "Fraid I didn't bring my huntin' knife." she murmurs. "Shame on me. Can't really go runnin' out naked past that though could ya?" Umm, a wary eye is kept on the wherry "Maybe through some meat past it or something? GOt anything good? Some large crokery maybe? Beam it?"

The alcohol was working it's way through Ysa as she snickers over at her friend's comment. "Me neither. No point in wasting the marks when ya don't wear anything to sleep." Her eyes turn towards S'ya before she tsks softly at her. "/That/ pregnant and running 'round naked might not be a good combination." She'll take whatever gets thrown her way. But suddenly there was a wherry in the room, and a greenrider screaming, which makes Ysa throw her head back and start laughing loudly. "S'ya! Dare! Go catch that wherry!" She manages to call out in between the laughter, pointing at the creature. She was hanging around the couch. "Ella can be just outside in a moment for a snack. Or we can cook it up ourselves," she says, still snickering a bit but nodding at Keziah's suggestion. She wasn't going to move from her couch just yet, keeping a firm hold on her half-empty glass of wine.

Xylaihl is just sitting minding her own business for the moment, she really doesn't have too much to add. She notices the breeze in the back of her mind only, and it's as much a surprise to her when S'ya screams. She looks up to see what's the matter, and squeals! It's more the surprise than anything else. Wherry, in the room, what? How? Poor confused greenrider, really should've been paying attention. Over across the room, Xyala seems to find this situation incredibly amusing. "Heh, silly wherry, heheh." she's chuckling to herself, more than a little tipsy already. "Here wherry wherry wherry, come on." she calls, though she's just playing, she honestly doesn't expect it to come when called.

M'iken sighs lightly, feeling a bit like she was back in her crafthall when S'ya screams over the wherry. "I know what you mean." She says to Ysa about not wearing anything to bed. "Don't dare stuff like that. I'm kind of looking forward to the sweets." Mai's up and walking over ot the bowl the wherry is pecking at. It backs off a bit, though when Mai picks up the bowl and starts coaxing it towards the door, the wherry follows. Once it's out the door mai tosses the snacks out of the bowl for the wherry to go after so she can close the door.

"Dinner? Crockery?" S'ya says, slowly working her way to get behind the couch. At the goldriders dare to /catch/ the creature she stares. "Are you mad? I am not going anywhere near that thing! So, get it, it is going to make a mess in the house!" The green however seems amused by the events, watching curiously to see what the critter does next. When M'iken gets the wherry out there is a sigh of relief. "Oh thank Faranth, I thought it was going to attack us!" So however doesn't seem as happy, the green drops her head and lets out a mournful whine. Her plaything was gone! "Alright, let me wait a bit before going, do not know if it is still out there."

Keziah glances over at the whining green "JUst let her out first? To make sure the way is clear, if it's not, she gets a snack?" she asks and grins "That would be something to see after all, a green chasing a wherry and you chasing after both."

Neferennu skirts the wherry outside cautiously, holding a small bottle of oil in both hands so as not to drop it. A stray hair that has fallen into her face from her bun is blown out of her eyes. "So sorry I'm late. I was looking over that brown weyrling's wings with another healer. I…uh…brought this for the expectant mother." The bottle is turned to reveal a carefully written label of lavender oil.

The wherry had alerted one dozing resident in the meadow. Ellamariseth got up at all the excitement she can hear inside the greenrider's weyr, and she stuck close by to the exit. Enough that once the door was closed again by the new arrival, she decided to pounce on the wherry. So Ysa breaks out again into chuckles and muffled snorts again, even as she waves towards the arrival of someone she did not know. "No worries, S'ya," she says, wiping at the tears in her eyes with her free hand. "It's gone." She notices the bottle of oil, tilting her head curiously. "That stuff is amazing," is all she comments, smirking a bit. "Alright, while we wait on S'ya, how 'bout another dare? M'iken? Anyone?" What happened to truth?

Sophyrinth straightens up at Keziah's suggestion, warbling happily before making towards her much larger entrance. "Do not bring it back in here So or you will regret it!" S'ya warns as her lifemate leaves to deal with the critter. Neferennu's entrance brings her mood back her usual bubbly self. "Oh love you should not have gone through such trouble!" But the oil is taken up either way with a smile and she examines it carefully. "Lavender! Perfect." She places the bottle carefully on the bar counter before nodding to the group. So goes out to join the gold anyways, curious to see the aftermath. "I will be back soon then!" And with a wave she heads out, stripping to her turnday suit before she reaches the front door. Streaking pregnant lady coming through!

Xylaihl's eyes drift out of focus again, and she purses her lips, but doesn't say anything. Something's the matter, but she's staying mum on what exactly it is. At least until the wherry is safely ushered out. Xyala glances over at Xylaihl, and frowns, she knows that look. "What is it?" she asks, glancing absently to the door as the wherry moves off. "Xvetaoth," begins the green's rider, "tells me that Xylan won't settle for Zhaila, and it's keeping her from sleeping, and the last thing we need is a cranky green. I'd best go, he might calm down for me." She's doubtful, but, she has to try. Xyala remains, but she's quieter now, fading into the background, with a bit of disappointment that the wherry was dispatched with so easily. Though she does snicker and cheer for the streaking pregnant S'ya.

Neferennu shakes her head towards S'ya and grins. "It was no problem at all. My parents were more than happy to send it to me. It helped them calm me as baby they say." Then a hearty laugh as the dragons chase the wherry off and S'ya runs out after them in the nude. Wiping tears from her eyes, "Oh, now that is good. I should get away to parties more often." Luckily there is a wall nearby to lean against before she falls down from laughing so hard. "Did I hear something about a dare?" Her eyes gazing around those left in the room.

Ysa shakes her head at the pregnant woman's bare back. "No shame," she notes, hiding a few muffled chuckles. She already had nearly three drinks in her, and was still going with the wine. Her friend that sat next to her looked ready to call it a night and surprisingly the goldrider didn't bother her. "Yah, that was S'ya's dare. At least, part of it was, with her own modifications. Let's hope she comes back tonight." She looks a bit flushed from laughing so hard as well, but her dark skin hides it well. "Though we can continue while we wait. Don't think I've seen ya 'round much before here? 'm Ysa."

"Oh, I'm new here. I arrived from Landing about a month ago to study dragonhealing. I'm Neferennu, or Rennu if you please." This is said as Rennu walks nearer to Ysa still grinning. A glass is chosen and a bit of wine poured for herself. "So S'ya's dare was to run butt naked?" A chuckle and drink before continuing. "Well, have you gotten a dare yet?"

"Well met, Rennu," Ysa says with a grin and a nod. "Always good having more dragonhealers. We get a lot of new people from Landing all the time, it seems. And anyone that gives good oil as gifts is a good person to me." She snickers a bit, just the slightly bit buzzed. Or maybe more so. She sips at her wine as she glances towards the exit, scooting on the couch to make room if it was needed. "No. Actually it was to pick up some more drinks and snacks in her nightie. But I guess like some of us, she didn't have one." She looks up at the girl. "Me? Nah, not yet."

Neferennu smiles even more if that is possible, at least her teeth is in good shape. "Thank you." This is said softly as she sits down on the couch. "Well, I found information about some golds were having fertility issues and I was more keen to learn about that, so here I am. Oh, you haven't had a dare? Hmmm…I'd have to think for a bit about that. I don't know the weyr enough yet to know good places for dares." A small wink before she takes a good drink of the wine, no sipping for her. "Oh, as for the oil, before I forget. My parents keep a large stock of it as my mom uses it for everything. I can always get more if I ask."

Ysa stretches her legs out in front of her, but her large grin fades as she bobs her head. "Ah, yes… There're always golds like that. We had someone, a friend of mine, here for a little while. Didn't seem to have solved her gold's issue, but she's up in High Reaches Weyr now." The alcohol already in her didn't allow her to be gloomy for long, though, as sh chuckles softly. "Don't need to know the weyr for a good dare. Give me your best." Ysa tosses back the rest of her wine, getting up to get a shot glass and the firewhiskey from earlier. She was a bit wobbly on her feet by then. "Rennu, right? Ya still haven't had your shot, since ya came late." She holds it up, returning to the younger girl. "And my weyrmate always gets some from /somewhere/, but I don't mind having a source myself." What they use it for can only be imagined.

Neferennu laughs and takes the shot of firewhiskey and takes it down, wincing a bit but whether that was from the taste or something mentally is unknown. "Hmm…a good dare." There is silence for a bit, if you don't count that the firewhiskey is starting to affect her. "How about…cleaning the pens with your best suit on, tomorrow?" A red blush as the realization hits her she hasn't done this in turns. "Oh at High Reaches?" She unconciously shivers. "I think I would go crazy if I had to live in such cold. As long as the herdbeast stay out of the healing areas…" Hiccup. "Oh, excuse me." A girlish giggle now she is slightly buzzed, but more wine is drank anyways. She'll pay for it in the morning.

Ysa makes sure to refill the shot glass when she gets it back from the younger girl, taking another one herself. She barely even gasps at the way it burns, probably gone enough to barely notice it. "That's the best ya can do? I don't have much of a suit… " She giggles, though, shaking her head. "Or the time to clean pens tomorrow. Anything tonight?" She glances around the weyr, at the seperate conversations and dares and games before giggling again. "But if ya really can't do better than that." She shrugs, grinning toothly. "Ya get used to it. Telgar was /cold/. But 'm glad 'm gone from there." She flops back onto the couch, shaking her head.

Neferennu shrugs slightly. "Actually, I had something better but it is childish. Basically going in and removing the power so the computers in the main room go dark until someone finds out tomorrow, but since I don't know what would be the main room…" A long sigh and she shakes her head. "We did that as kids. The people in the computer data room always got pissed when they found the computers were powered off the next morning." A raised eyebrow at the mention of Telgar being cold but instead of commenting immediately the rest of the wine is downed. "Well, I suppose, but I grew up in the heat, I think I'd freeze before I adjusted to the extreme colds I hear come to High Reaches."

Ysa seems to consider that dare for a moment before laughing. "That doesn't sound too bad, either, but ya don' want ta get /me/ 'nywhere near the computers. Things seem ta go wrong 'round me, but we got some technicians aroun' ta help when it blows up." She giggles at the image of her making the computer room explode, shaking her head. "I s'pose I can' back out… I'll jus' have ta clean a'bit of pens tomorrow." She mumbles something about finding a dress before nodding. "S'hard to get accustomed. Fort got cold in the winter, but nothin' like Telgar's." She turns serious as she lifts a hand to tap her chin, contemplating Neferennu now. "My turn. An' I dare /ya/ ta go up on a table in the caverns for tomorrow's dinner" snicker "strip ta your undies" snort "and entertain us with a song. Or dance." She can't help the fit of giggles at that.

Neferennu laughs so hard she thinks she is going to wake everyone that has fallen asleep. "Uh..sure." The laughter turns to giggles. "I may be hold born but my parents were always mortified I ran around outside naked at every chance I got as a child." This might be the case, but the deep red of her cheeks may hint at the reality this hasn't been done since she reached puberty. "Ah..well. I don't expect to be going anywhere anytime soon." Wiping of tears from her eyes and she gets up to get another drink, which happens to be some more whiskey. "I'm going to need another drink. Would you like one?" Giggle, and now she is starting to lose her balance a bit. "I have to drink more often…" Is muttered as the whiskey bottle is shaking in her hand.

"Nothin' wrong with lettin lose every so often. Or at least when washing up an' all." Ysa bobs her head quickly, grinning at the teen. "Hold born myself, an' I didn' hesitate in strippin ta my turnday suit ta wash up with the other weyrfolk. An' undies are not bad at all." It could have been worse! "Make sure 'm there in the caverns, when ya do." She tries to sit up straight, but the whiskey was strong and she was leaning into the couch more heavily now. People were probably calling it a night and settling down, anyways. "Sure," she calls back about the drink. Since when did she ever refuse one? But she was already looking weary, giggling herself into exhaustion. It wouldn't be a surprise if she dozed off for a little bit before or even after that last drink.

Neferennu gives an alright and pours Ysa another shot of whisky but comes back to find the goldrider nodding off right on the couch. "Go to sleep. I'm sure your dragon will probably want up right when you don't." At least that is what seems to happen from some of the complaints from riders she's heard recently. Ysa's shot of whisky is set down next the woman then Rennu down's her own. Shortly thereafter, she is sound asleep on a comfy pillow on the floor, snoring softly of all things.

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