Ellamariseth Rises

Xanadu Weyr - Ysa and R'miel's Weyr
The first noticeable thing about the weyr is the size: it is massive enough to fit the the largest queen on Pern and still have room for at least one more visitor. The largest area is specifically for dragons, though there have been many additions to entertain any guests as well. One section of the ground has been rounded down for a comfortable sunken couch. A large thick and glossy red quilt has been laid out over the hollow for comfort and to prevent chafting. There are many additions of pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes, in a mixture of deep burgundy and violets. A smaller blanket has been set aside for a padded section for times when the rider wishes to join the dragon. Nearby the dragon's couch is a circular wooden table with simple carvings and surrounded by four matching chairs with comfortable cushions. A few collected tapestries adorn the wall closest to the table. Just under these is a long counter and bottle rack that has been set against the wall just under the tapestries. The rack is nearly brimming with a collection of wine bottles and other various liquors, with glasses resting facedown on the countertop.
A doorway leads to a separate bedroom with a large bed that rests right in the center. The large comfortable matress is flanked by two small tables and has a large trunk at the base. One large dresser rests against an empty wall and a few personal items are scattered about the room, though it is generally tidy and the bed is always made. Besides the large dresser is another entryway to a small washroom. A corner of the room has been converted into a nursery, with an extra dresser for supplies and clothes and a dragon-carved crib.

Ellamariseth was perched right outside the weyr, not quite napping and yet not quite sunning herself in the shadows of the forest. Her tail was whipping back and forth every so often when a new dragon passes nearby, most likely heading into their weyrs for the evening. Ysa's proddy self was in the room, hiding. After having nothing else to do in the office, since she used paperwork as an excuse to hide out as long as possible, she finally decided to come home and wait on R'miel and dinner and the baby, since she expected him to be the one to pick him off. Or leave him. So while she kept glancing towards the entrance, expecting his arrival, the twitchy goldrider was rearranging her bar in alphabetical order and sizes of the various bottles.

Dhonzayth probably should have landed in the clearing, all things considered. However, its directly to the forest that he goes, backwinging with a croon to the familiar gold that's perched outside. Once his feet are on the ground, he's quickly shuffling out of the way, stretching his neck towards Ellamariseth while L'ton hurriedly slides off his back, and tugs of the straps to make him more comfortable before turning to shield his eyes, looking skyward for M'iken, now that the way is clear for Meluth.

R'miel eventually wanders home. After picking up Lyram and taking him to the caverns to get something to eat of course. He's been hesitant about keeping the baby at the weyr, since Ella's been proddy now for so long and she was liable to go up at any moment, but here they are. Ram knows the routine by now. Ysa gets out of work and runs home as fast as she can, hiding behind her dragon and not looking at anyone, especially those of the male persuasion. R'miel comes home with her dinner and then tries to get her to eat, which fails, and then tries to get her out, which also fails. So instead they stay in and Ram tries to comfort his easily embarassed weyrmate. Today isn't much different, though Arinith stays outside with Ella while Ram heads inside with the food. "Hey love. Got dinner." Lyr is strapped to Ram's chest and squeals happily at the sight of his mother. They apparently have just missed Dhon's landing.

M'iken is grumbbling under her breath about L'ton heading for the forest to land. Meluth is not the most delicate dragon when it comes to landing and she'd prefer not to risk landing on someone's weyr. Meluth just gives a kind of warning warrble before picking his spot and taking it, spraying as little dirt as possible for him when he hits. He warrbles brightly to Ella and Arin while Mai slides her way off the big brown. "Couldn't we have landed in the clearing." She murmurs before greeting Ella and Arin. "Hey you two. Look at how bright and beautiful you are today Ella." She smiles at the gold before making her way towards their lifemate's weyr without waiting for L'ton, kind of being passive aggressive about her unhappiness at the bronzer.

Ellamariseth turns in the direction of the approaching dragons, blinking her eyes at each landing. Dhonzayth gets a long look and a slightly distracted rumble of a greeting before she turns her head to look at something new. While her hide had grown darker at the first signs of proddiness, now it was bright enough to substitute for any outside lights in the early evening. Ysa jumps a little at R'miel's greeting, turning to offer a smile back in return. "Dinner, that's g-good. How's Lyr?" She was about to join him at the table, except that company suddenly arrived, and she gives the couple a wide-eyed look. "T-Ton, Mai. W-what a surprise visit." She tries to offer up a grin of a greeting, but she looks more like a mouse caught in a trap and ready to bolt. More people!

L'ton sulks a bit as M'iken heads on without him after he took the time to wait for her, but nevertheless follows along, jogging to catch up to the brownrider, moving to put a hand lightly on her shoulder, trying to match her pace. And then as they're acknowledged, he's trying to drape his arm over M'iken's shoulder, waggling fingers at Ysa, R'miel, and even Lyram in turn. "Hey Yss… We thought we'd come see how ya were doing, ya know? Ah mean, what better way ta catch up than over dinner?" Though, it doesn't seem like they brought dinner with them for themselves. Oh well? Dhonzayth is somewhat distracted by the glowing gold, even as Meluth has landed, his faceted gaze unwillingly finally drawn away by the passage of a blue too close to his current location.

Arinith warbles to his clutchbrother. He was always happy to see Mel, and gives him some affectionate neckrubs. There wasn't any for Ella, though. He was told no touchy until Ella went up into the air, and he's sticking to it as well as he could. R'miel turns when the company arrives, giving them both a grin. "Hey Ton, Mai. You guys are just in time for dinner. I made sweetrolls. There's plenty for everyone." Ysa isn't going anywhere though, since Ram unstraps his son and shoves him towards the goldrider. Ella was… too bright. And Ysa already looked like she was going to pass out. He moves to the table, pulling out the contents of the bag of food, including about a dozen sweetrolls. He also uncorks a bottle of redwine and pours four glasses.

M'iken gives L'ton a look at that arm being draped over her, but doesn't try to stop him. She just smiles lightly to her friends and nods. "Yeah, it is kind of a surprise. Didn't realize Ella was all bright and glowy right now. Sorry." She's at least going to apologize for it. Meluth happily accepts the rubs from his brother before moving off to the side a bit away from Ella. He does croon at her lightly though. Mai moves to the opposite side of the table from Ysa, draging L'ton along with her; giving the goldrider at least an obstacle between them. "You always make such good food Ram. Thanks." She's a little jealous Ysa gets yummy food like this.

Ellamariseth was just not going to encourage any of those males nearby, even the ones that might have peeked at her from afar. She stretches out on the ground, claws digging into the dirt, only for her to roll and flop heavily onto her side. Maybe she was going to take a nap right here… glowing hide, twitchy tail, and all. Just to put off those sniffing boys. Ysa takes ahold of Lyram, using him as a shield now, as she cuddles him close. At least he didn't make her feel weird. There's a blush on her face, though, as she moves closer towards the others. "W-we're good. B-both doing fine, and… and m-my leg's better." M'iken gets a long stare. "E-ella? She… she just got oiled," the goldrider says slowly, heading in for the meal R'meil was setting out, though instead of the rolls she was grabbing onto a glass of wine. While the other arm balanced the oblivious happy baby on her hip, she tosses back nearly the whole drink in one big gulp.

L'ton cheers up a bit as M'iken drags him along to the table, though he does make sure that it remains between himself and the nervously twitchy goldrider. "Ysa, sweets… Ah dun care if'n she was just oiled.. But, Dhon's looking at her real good. Ya.. Ya might wanna go put Lyram ta bed. Ya know, just in case." And then the glass of wine is downed by Ysa, and L'ton is left to blink, shifting his arm to M'iken's waist, fingers tightening slightly as he looks at the others there. Ruffling his hair, he swallows audibly before following Ysa's lead - Wine? What wine? Dhonzayth, meanwhile, can hardly be put off by flopping and rolling, and the addition of dirt. After all, its still glowing gold under there - and that's the best type of entertainment.

Arinith curls up next to Ella, he's keeping an eye on the surrounding dragons. Seemed to be a lot of them lately. R'miel meanwhile is pulling Ysa tablewards, then splits off from her to mash up food for his son. Then he's up taking his son from the goldrider. Unfortunately Lyram doesn't like this too much, and he starts wailing almost immediately. Until Ram's got him sat down and is shoving food in his mouth at a nice fast pace. "He usually falls asleep after he eats anyways." Shove shove. At least Lyr can't cry while he's got a mouthful. "Sorry, Lyr. Things are getting strange with the adults, buddy." Hopefully his weyrmate wasn't too upset though. She at least had wine? Doesn't look like Ram's going to have time for dinner, though.

M'iken smiles at Ysa and Lyr, "I'm glad you're leg's doing better. L'ton's probably right though, bed might be a good place for Lyram." She has to chuckle a little though when Ram takes him and starts shoving food in his mouth. Probably the best approach possible. "Hopefully he'll stay asleep." She by-passes the wine for a sweetroll, if things go the way she's thinking they're going to, she does /not/ want to have her mind anymore clouded than it's going to be. Meluth is content to sit and watch all the other dragon's, Ella's less than sunny dissposition is rather unnerving as he's used to having her gossip his 'ear' off as soon as he's in range for her to pay attention to.

"G-get Dhon to look at M-Meluth," Ysa manages to tell L'ton, glancing between each of them in turn. Ysa doesn't let go of Lyram right away when R'miel takes him, but with only one arm around him it wasn't much of a fight. She tries not to look too disappoited, taking the time to pour another glass of wine. This one is taken at a slower rate, but it isn't long after the first sip that she sets it down quickly, spilling some over the rim. "R-ram! He's going to choke!" There was a bit of the old Ysa in her tone, moving forward to intercept the bronzer stuffing her son's face. She looks up quickly to M'iken with a pout, having expected her friend to be of help instead of suggesting the same thing as the others. Ellamariseth does roll a bit in the dirt, her 'oiled' hide getting a little bit of it stuck on, but not enough. It seems it had been long enough since her oiling for her hide to have already absorbed most of it.

"He dun wanna. He dun wanna look at anything but Ella, Ysa. Ya.. Ya gotta do something. Ya can't drink ta much, though.. Ya're gonna have ta stay with her." L'ton does take a bit of his own advice, for his own wine glass isn't refilled, even as he stays practically glued to M'iken, gaze watching the other trio across the table, shaking his head at Ysa. "He'll be fine. Babies like food like that.." And he's not coughing, so its all good, okay? Fingers absently pluck at Mai's hair while she has her sweetroll, while outside Dhonzayth is crouched low, still watching the rolling Ellamariseth - just like L'ton said, he's got no plans of looking away.

R'miel nods to M'iken. "Hopefully. If he doesn't get any food in him he'll just be up in an hour. So this way he'll pass out like normal." Though he'd probably wake up with a messy diaper after a few hours. He blinks at Ysa and chuckle. "Tell Ella not to be proddy." He peers at Ysa. "He's not going to choke, relax. He's getting it all down. I think I can feed my own son." He goes slower with the pudding, since Lyr will be upset when it's gone anyways. Then he takes his son into the bedroo, to coddle him a bit before laying him down. Ysa was on her own with the other two!

M'iken gives Ysa an apologetic look. Her first duty is to her lifemate, and she wouldn't want Lyram getting hurt or anything in the mass mental chaos that's likely to break out amoungst them. "He's fine Ysa." Mai says soothingly, waveing to her friend lightly with one hand and holding the meatroll to her mouth with the other, not really eatting it. L'ton's getting ignored a bit though, apperently he's done something to upset her since the last time they've all seen eachother. When Ram runs off with the baby though, Mai reaches for her wine glass and takes a sip from it. "Try to relax Ysa. They'll be fine." Ella and Lyr. Meluth grumbles a bit at Dhon and his avid watching of his clutchsister. Pardon him a bit for letting his overprotective side out, she's obviously proddy and people shouldn't stare.

"She's /not/ proddy," Ysa quickly says, her voice hard but the blush just ruins it all. Even the tips of her ears are red now as she glances at L'ton and M'iken. She blinks her eyes several times, quickly before rubbing at them, as if trying to shove an image from her mind or some clouds. Ellamariseth was ignoring all the staring from the dragons, grunting here and there as she rolls. But eventually she stops and finds her four legs under her body again. She gets up and then shakes off, peering over her shoulder at the weyr as if about to head inside. And the gold does make a half-turn in that direction, only to suddenly bolt towards the feeding pens. Ah-hah! Didn't see that coming, did you boys? Ysa lets R'miel do what he must with the baby, but she wasn't happy about it. She frowns at him, hesitating on whether or not to follow. "But… but they w-want to see Lyr, t-too…" She peeks back at the Istans again and suddenly her eyes glaze over. "Y-you're /not/ proddy, Ella!" But realization hits that she couldn't stop it, and she stumbles a bit before collapsing on the ground. "F-f-faranth… She's gonna r-rise."

L'ton is always digging himself a whole of some sort or another. After all, otherwise he wouldn't be L'ton. However, when has that ever stopped him? Of course, the majority of M'iken's behavior seems to be attributed to the proddy dragon situation, for L'ton is still sitting there, playing with her hair, unwilling to abandon her side. As the baby is removed, his gaze drifts after R'miel for a moment, and then its back at the goldrider. "Ya just gotta relax, and make sure that ya are there. Ya know this, ya've dealt with it before." L'ton tries to sound encouraging, though he's clearly a bit offguard himself, giving M'iken a surprised look, leaning to murmur something briefly in her ear before dropping a kiss on her cheek. As Ellamariseth suddenly takes off towards the feeding grounds, Dhonzayth is quick to follow, booking it towards the feeding grounds.

Arinith gets up when Ella does, apparently going to follow her into the weyr… but then Ella bolts off towards the feeding grounds! The bronze takes off after her. Sneaky gold! R'miel comes back to the main room of the weyr just in time to grab Ysa mid-collapse. "Geez, Ysa! Relax! We know she's going to go up." He kicks out a chair and sets her gently down into it, before pulling up a chair beside her. "It's okay Ysa. This'll be much earier than last time. You're not pregnant or anything. Here have some more wine dear. Or should I break out the wiskey?" He strokes her hair gently. "Stay with us."

M'iken has pretty much clamed up and is watching Ysa /very/ carefully. The only real reason L'ton's getting to stay glued to her is because he manages to say nice and wonderful things to her at just the right moment. The kiss to her cheek earns him a smile, but then Ysa's nearly collapsing and Ella's bolting off for the feeding grounds and Mai mind kind of get's blown when Meluth takes off after her and the bronzes. "Goodness gracious." She breathes, gripping her glass tightly before setting it down.

Ellamariseth just liked to make life difficult for her lifemate. And Arinith, who falls for tricks like that, too. She's rampaging towards the pens, scaring people and beasts already as she trumpets loudly. A quick hop and she's over the fence, only to barrel her whole bulk into the first large bull she can find. Ysa is listening to the bronzeriders, and yet not listening to them. Especially since they were contradicting each other's suggestions. "I… I-It's just not possible," whines the goldrider as she slumps into the chair that R'miel pulled out for her. She grabs onto his arm tightly, though her eyes were already a little further away. She was gulping, as if drinking the same blood as her lifemate was going to start doing. "Whiskey. D-definitely the whiskey." Screw Ton's advice, she was going with her usual comfort, and that was hard liquor. Her green eyes are pulled back to glance across the table at the other pair of riders, and her hands tighten on her weyrmate's a bit more before slackening. Ella immediately tears into her first beast, but the blood goes splattering more on everything else more than in her mouth. A mental demand from her lifemate causes her to skip away from the mess, onto another flailing beach which she properly clamps onto to suck dry.

L'ton is good at saying nice and wonderful things, at the right moment. Even if it does tend to get him in trouble too, the majority of the time. As it seems that Meluth is going to join in, L'ton gives M'iken a sudden look, before shaking his head. "Ya have no idea how glad Ah am that yer here.." He murmurs again, as he leans against her, giving Ysa a worried look as she proceeds to suck down more alcohol. "Ysa…" He protests a bit before giving up. No use trying to talk sense into a proddy goldrider. Dhonzayth is considerably neater at least, as he dispatches his beast, draining it quickly, wings spread for balance as he glares at the other males.

Arinith has rushed off after Ella, he watches her make a mess, then moves on to his own bull, trapping it from above and biting at its neck. He drinks down what he can, then tears open the belly to see if he can't find a little more. The slender bronze barely gets the chance to look before another beast ventures just slightly too close, and gets a gaping slash. R'miel meanwhile has gotten out the shotglasses, enough for everyone if they chose to partake, then he pours two shots, taking one himself and letting his weyrmate take the other. He'd keep an eye on her intake, she hasn't eaten anything afterall. After his shot though, he takes a sweetroll. Booze and comfort food. Mm.

M'iken returns the look to L'ton, did he expect Meluth to sit out on the flight of his most beloved? She just smiles a little then, reaching for one of those shot glasses. "I'm glad I'm here too." She gives him a bit of a sly glance then and quickly drinks the whiskey, not nearly as satisfying as blood would be to Meluth, but it's what's there. Meluth has always been one to land and then knock over. His aim while diving isn't bad or anything, it's just easier to cut a beast open from the side. He's glareing right back at Dhonzayth, his tails swishing violently now that he's got some blood in him. The next kill is quick and clean, savve for the blood covering his muzzle.

Ysa wasn't going to stay in the chair for long, by the way her leg was bouncing up and down and her eyes kept darting from the exit to the others inside. "W-what?" is her reply to L'ton's protest, completely oblivious as she reaches for the shotglass that R'miel poured. Her hand misses and knocks over an empty one, only for her to grab that and pour herself her own whiskey. She tops if off, and tosses it back, coughing heavily right after. Tears spring to her eyes as she finally pulls herself up. "I…I t-think I n-need some air." Ellamariseth is all for getting good and bloody this time, whipping about the dried up body of the herdbeast in her jaws like a canine with a rag before dropping it. She wasn't allowed any flesh, anyways… Her wings twitch, and she looks over the males, only to hop again on a wherry. She sits there for a good long time over her bird, licking at her chops. Her muscles finally bunch and she takes off, tossing the kill into the nearest dragon.

L'ton apparently has decided to throw his own rules out the window, for he's reaching for a shot glass even as M'iken does, filling both of them before tipping his own back. "Ah think ya just need ta keep it together.." He offers, gaze resting on Ysa and staring at her for a long moment before he's shaking his head and realizing M'iken is still next to him. Then, Ysa speaks and his attention is on her once more, though he's frozen in his seat. Dhonzayth is hardly frozen, though, tail twitching as his wings spread one and he topples over the nearest beast, blooding that as he did the first, choosing instead to ignore the other males and focus only on Ellamariseth. She's the one that matters, anyway.

R'miel wraps an arm around Ysa. No matter how bad it was for him at least he was used to all the… excitement. It's been about a turn since Ysa's last flight, which certainly was an exciting one with their son being born right afterwards. But it's quickly removed as the goldrider gets up. "Er… Ys…" He gets up with her. "Maybe you should… walk around the weyr a bit. Just to relax and losen up. I'll be right here." Ram holds out his arm to her. There wasn't any way he was letting her out of the weyr, but it was big enough to walk around it just to get some 'air'. Arinith meanwhile keeps killing and killing. He's made a horrible mess of carcasses all over the place, with no intention on giving them away. He sticks close to Ella, watching the familiar hide glow and ready to take off as soon as she decided it was time.

M'iken sputters on the whiskey, but manages to keep it down. Ironically it sobers her up a bit, just enough to watch Ysa getting more ansy. She's gripping the shot glass pretty tightly, but doesn't notice at all. Her attnetion's about as intently on Ysa as L'ton's is. She wasn't around for Ella's last flight, though that was by choice really. Her free hand goes grip L'ton's knee then, needing to make sure she has a hold of him. Meluth catches that tossed wherry and immediately tosses it to the ground and takes off after Ella.

Ellamariseth doesn't have to flap much to catch the first gusty wind in the skies before rocketing up to a much better height. Those dragons still blooding get a trumpet at last, only for it to turn into a startled bugle when her wherry fails to hinder Meluth's flight. She puts on speed, giving the chasers a glance before heading off in the direction of the ocean. Meanwhile, Ysa still ignores L'ton most of all, her hands gripping at something every so often as she slowly heads towards the exit of the weyr, of all places. "I… I want f-fresh air," she mumbles towards R'miel when he says otherwise. She was more wound up in Ierne because of the pregnancy, now she just wanted to walk around, a lot. She turns back towards the table, as if considering another drink, before the sight of the three of them make her swing back around.

Dhonzayth is one of the last ones to take off, despite not having had the troublesome flung beast to worry about, but with each wing wingstroke he's struggling to make up lost ground after the taunting trumpet of the gold. Spiraling upwards, he heads after Ellmariseth, over the water, without hesitation for their heading. L'ton is totally ignored by Ysa - that might be the best thing though, as his fingers are tightening in turn on M'iken, the Istan just giving up and burrowing his face in M'iken's shoulder, unwilling to deal with Ysa's restlessness anymore.

R'miel blinks at his weyrmate, too distracted to really notice the other riders right now. He's freaking out a little because he hasn't had enough to drink and because his weyrmate wanted to wander off while the dragons were starting to take off. "Just… Just walk around Ys." He takes her hand and tries to get her to walk around the weyr. That's the best he can do, he's not going to let her go wandering without a fight. "We can't leave…" He whines a bit, but he can't recall why they can't. Mostly because their son was asleep in the next room. Arinith hops up as soon as Ella leaves the ground, flapping his wings to follow closely in her wake.

The glass is set down on the table when M'iken's knuckles begin to hurt from squeezing it too hard. The Ton in her shoulder gets a little squeeze on his knee and a light nuzzle from her head. "Ysa, Ysa, there's plenty of room in here." The brownrider's eyes sweep around the room once before going back to Ysa. Meluth bugles in answer to Ella, she's not getting away so easily, at least not from the three of them, and especially not from him. When he catches that gust, he's after her as quickly as his wings'll carry him, staying just ahead of Dhonzayth; though that's only because he'd gotten off the ground before the bronze.

Ellamariseth doesn't want to go down easily, as she starts weaving a pattern in the skies she's recently seen a proddy green do. It's clumsy, and she doesn't really turn quick enough, but she hopes to distract the males behind her to make them lose their rhythm. Ysa's shakes her head at the exit, though it's most likely meant to those inside. "It… It's not g-good 'nough," mumbles the lost goldrider, and she immediately recoils away from R'miel's hand. There's actually a half-hearted glare sent his way, but it gets her to pace the entrance instead, getting a peek at the sky. It seems to be fresh air enough, because she moves back in, towards the dragon's couch.

Dhonzayth stays behind Meluth for now, drafting behind the smaller brown to save himself a bit of energy, before the gold is falling in her clumsy weaving matter and the Istan bronze seems rather baffled, though he does his best to follow along, with limited success. However, his basic rhythm remains intact, and he croons trying to figure it out. L'ton tenses a bit as his lifemate gets confused, straightening up, gaze sweeping the room, looking for the mumbling talk, finding her near the entrance, as gaze returns to Ysa, even as his chin is resting on M'iken's shoulder, fingers trying to curl around her wrist.

R'miel pouts at his weyrmate and grumbles at her crazy behavior. At least she wasn't going outside. When she moves away from the entrance he moves back to the table for another drink. But he was still keeping a close eye on her and doesn't sit. Just in case she makes a break for it he can run right after her and pounce on her. If he can manage not to get distracted. Arinith is slender enough to follow Ella with ease. He does seem a bit confused at her flying tactics though, not used to golds being weavey. He gives a confused warble, but stays close to her.

That wavey pattern doesn't throw Meluth off too much. He hasn't really chased a lot of females, so he's not accustomed to the normal flight patterns. He just does his best to follow her and not get too distracted by Arinith's warrble. M'iken glances up at R'miel when he comes back to the table, distracted from her watching of Ysa. She doesn't even really notice when L'ton's got her wrist in his grip when she leans forward a little to lean on the table and stare up at the other bronzer. Her eyes end up flicking bwtween him and Ysa though, watching both of them very closely.

Ellamariseth's weaving takes its toll on her a lot, needing to stop and fly straight or else she would have ended the flight a lot earlier than she intended it to. By the sea, she catches the breeze and soars up higher, catching sight of the trailing dragons for a moment. She waves her tail out at them before heading straight out. No more turns, for now. Ysa heads around towards the couch, pacing back to the table, only to snag herself the whiskey bottle. Her eyes meet those of Ton and then M'iken for a moment, face frowning, before she moves along. If anything, she had to keep moving, just as her lifemate was up in the skies, sailing along.

Dhonzayth, in the end, is not amused by the pattern that the gold took in the air, for even the bronze is starting to slow down. But, as her flight pattern straightens out, he's gaining a bit of speed thanks to the sea breeze, and works upwards after her once more. As M'iken leans forward, L'ton finds himself dislodged, and he pouts a bit, shifting to rest his shoulder against M'iken's shoulder as she's against the table, his own attention following his weyrmate's gaze to the other couple.

Arinith flaps after Ella, he's a bit relieved at the straight flying. His belly was too full to be doing so many loops, and he didn't want to loose his blooding in the middle of a flight. He's able to stay close to Ella, he looks like he's trying to reach up and nip her tail, but never quite gets close enough. His lifemate looks down at M'iken between shots for a moment, then to Ton, then back to Ysa as she grabs the whiskey bottle. He frowns a bit, since she's pretty much grabbed it out of his hand and turns to get some wine instead

Even if he'd like to slow down, there's a fiercly competetive streak woken up in Meluth when he notices Dhon slowing and then Arin trying nip at Ella's tail. Rather than letting the air current carry him, he beats his wings harder to propell himself closer to the shining gold, buggleing shortly just to let her know they're right behind her. M'iken's eyes are practically twinkling as Meluth's ocmpetetive side wakes up. When Ram looks down, she smiles slyly at him before leaning back again and turning to lean into L'ton. Maybe she's just trying to keep L'ton uncomfortable with all this moving, but at least she hasn't gotten up to start walking around, she might have ended up stalking Ysa.

The ocean was quite vast, and while she really wanted to keep flying straight across it, Ellamariseth just didn't have that kind of stamina. Especially not after all those moves that exhausted her. The wind from Arinith's nips are felt at her tail tip, and she tilts her wings to make a turn, dropping a bit as well. But beating against the breeze slows her down, and the glowing gold finds herself in the midst of the boys, her wings tipping every so often in hopes to dissuade grabbing talons. Not that it'd stop the trio nearly on top of her. Ysa makes another round of her weyr, taking a swig of whiskey one or twice, her coughing heard echoing around. It isn't until she gets back to the table that she stops, her body shivering as she realizes that Ella was just about to be captured.

If only Dhonzayth could capitalize on the fact that the gold is suddenly in his midst. Unfortunately, he attempts to swivel around, he has the unlucky chance of being caught by a gust of that seabreeze, pushing the bronze upwards, away from the gold, and its all he can do to try and get close - with a limited amount of little success, as he gets just close enough to try and stretch. As M'iken shifts again, L'ton protests, though he's quick to wrap his arms around her as she leans, eyes unseeing on Ysa as Dhonzayth struggles in the air above.

Arinith nearly goes flying right over Ella as she dips down, but gets caught in a draf that sends him upwards and slows him down considerably. He's lost his first place position, oh noz! He tries desperatly to turn himself around and dip down to make a grab for her, once he realizes that she's tiring out. R'miel's given up on holding the table up, so he starts stalking off after her. Maybe if he gets close Arinith can too? It's hard to tell what he's thinking, or if he's thinking. It's a good thing he's wearing those glasses, because he's looking at Ysa like a lion eyeing up a baby antelope.

Meluth manages to miss the draft that catches the other males, only because he's dipping down after the gold, his wings held back by his body for just that moment. With the bronzes out of the way he catches Ella with a throaty rumble. M'iken probably would have gotten up to go after Ysa, but it's just so much nicer to stay wrapped up in arms already. Arin might not have gotten the girl, but Ram could have her. Mai's much more interested in capturing L'ton's lips at this moment and she pulls his face her direction and kisses him firecly, mindless of Ram and Ysa.

The two bronze's swinging up while she was falling back where they used to be only brightens Ellamariseth's mood. She roars in triumph, having outwitted them, because she knew that was going to happen, of course. Except she had forgotten back the large brown that was among the bronzes this time, and warbles when she feels his tail and neck around her. She pulls a bit, unable to give up without some form of struggle, but eventually decides that being in Meluth's embrace was right where she wanted to be. Ysa, on the other hand, was expecting Meluth's rider to pounce her, just as he hand. She was a deer caught in the headlights, a rabbit frozen in fear, a… well, easy prey is all. Though the sound of the whiskey bottle falling has her stumbling backwards a bit. She would bolt, if her mind wasn't entwined with her lifemate's right now.

L'ton is close to freaking out as Dhonzayth completely misses, and it is in fact Meluth that snags the gold, for the bronze is spiraling back towards the land, and the weyr. But then Mai's not going anywhere, and his attention is solely on her. Pulling away just for a second to stare at the goldrider in the headlights and her weyrmate, he's grabbing M'iken once more, before hauling her off, past the goldrider, and outside. To.. somewhere else.

R'miel is also freaking out. Thankfully there's no one grabbing for his weyrmate. Save him, of course. She's not running away either, but Ram does have the decency to drag Ysa off into the bedroom of the weyr. Thankfully their son is still asleep, and used to sleeping through them two.. going at it. Mai and Ton were free to… do whatever they needed to in the other room. Woo! Arinith is so surprised when Meluth grabs Ella he nearly goes crashing into the sea. He's barely able to pull up to move himself landwards.

M'iken is more than happy to take up the large room for them, but then L'ton is dragging her off and she can't help but grumble at him. The chase is over! Why does she have to wait to get the the one she's decided she's caught. Meluth's attention is only for Ella now, the others completely forgotten as he leads them down as safely as he can, that slowing and diping down beofre the end doesn't really leave them much time though.

What happened to the male winner? Would be Ysa's thoughts, if she had any, besides what her lifemate was going through. She was completely lost to it, and it could have been anyone that dragged her off to her weyr and she wouldn't have cared. All she knew was that once R'miel snagged onto her, she stuck, and happily went along. She won't realize until later and will probably be very grateful, too. All Ellamariseth can do is obey Meluth, and croon pleasantly, and do the dragon's dance up in the skies. Wheee.

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