I'ven and Khriseth Fly Together

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Grounds
Cradled in a cup shaped bite out of the mountain, this wide, grassy flat has become home for Xanadu's weyrling dragons. It's set surprisingly high above the level of the beach, visible from the eastern side of the grounds where a long path snakes its way down the hill to the sand dunes below. All other sides to the grounds are bordered by the hard granite cliffs, two entrances clearly visible. One is merely human sized and leads deep into the mountain, to the Caverns. The other is broad and high, the entrance to the Weyrling Barracks.

Khriseth is nudging his rider ever so slightly, his wings unfanned as he fans them up and down. "I don't want to fly." I'ven says simply, moving out of nudging range to watch the brown, who seems to pout. "I don't care if it'll be fine, I'm not going up there, I rather stay down here, on the ground." Hmph.

Kilaueth is the first to the grounds, the large gold sashay-ing as she goes, crooning a greeting to the brown weyrling and his rider, stopping to settle on a spot of ground that is now her own. Niva's a bit behind her, pausing to rest her hand against the gold's side, inclining her head with a smile to I'ven. "G'day, weyrling. Khriseth.."

I'ven turns as he hears Khriseth's name, nodding his greeting tot he weyrwoman. "Ma'am." He offers a quick salute, standing at the ready in a serious manner. Khriseth merely warbles to Kilaueth, pouting slightly as he lets his wings drape to the ground. But he's not about to give up, no, that's no his way.

Niva arches an eyebrow at I'ven, blinking for a moment before she shakes her head and closes the distance, tilting her head to the side to watch him. "Everything alright?" Kilaueth moves closer to Khriseth as Niva leaves her side, extending her muzzle to nudge at the brown slightly.

I'ven turns to look at Niva, nodding his head in agreement. "We were practicing wing exercises, ma'am, so Khriseth could fly some more and his wings would build strength." Khriseth warbles quietly, lifting his neck to look at the gold. «I want to fly with mine.»

"Shouldn't you be doing mounted flight by now? I mean, they've got to be nearly old enough.." And Niva looks rather baffled for a long moment, glancing over at the dragons, before back at I'ven. "If he's all stretched out, maybe you should try that.." Kilaueth rumbles, « You can fly with yours. Why is it not done? »

I'ven shifts uneasily on his feet, "Some other time." He says simply, "Not now. Later." Khriseth merely warbles, nudging his lifemate again as he folds his wings against his side. «Mine is scared, he doesn't want to. I told him he shouldn't be scared.»

Niva is still rather baffled, blinking as she looks from one half of the pair to the other, sitting there without being sure of what else to say, before finally responds. "Why don't you want to? I mean, you've flown before, haven't you?" Kilaueth rearranges herself behind Niva, curling around her a bit. « Do you know why he is afraid? »

I'ven shifts in his spot in an uncomfortable manner, "I…rather not talk about it. We'll fly later…" Yeah right, with how I'ven is…«Mine is uneasy flying, he feels he will not like flying with me.»

Niva shakes her head, taking a few steps closer, moving as if to put a reassuring hand on his elbow. "We'll fly now, I'ven - Why don't you go get your straps? I'll even go with you.." Kilaueth rumbles, nudging a muzzle at the weyrling gently, attention going back to Khriseth. « It will be handled. You two will fly as you are meant to. » Though, when it'll happen depends on I'ven.

I'ven shakes his head quickly, stepping back though Khriseth blocks his escape route, pressing his head against the smaller man. "No, that's okay, you're busy. We'll fly some other time." Like never. «I want to show mine it will be okay.»

Niva follows after I'ven, shaking her head. "I'm not busy - T'wouldn't have come down to check on the progress if I was." And she glances up at the two dragons, biting her lip a moment. "I'ven, we won't even go up far.. Nothing'll happen, and it'll be okay.."

I'ven turns his head to stare at the ground, biting his lip as he does so. "I don't want to." He says quite stubbornly, "I rather stay on the ground, I rather not graduate. I don't /like/ flying, I feel quesy and sick."

Niva tilts her head to look up at him, sighing softly. "You'll get used to it - And if its really bad, I'm sure there's something in the infirmary to settle your stomach. But, flying with your own lifemate's not like flying with someone else's.. "

I'ven shakes his head quickly, "I'm not going to the infirmary, I don't need help. I can take care of myself, and I don't need anyone else looking after me. I'm a Journeyman healer after all." «Was.» The silent reminder comes from the brown who nudges him again.

Niva wrinkles up her nose, shaking her head. "Try it? Just once? I mean.. Its really not at all bad. And it'll have to happen sooner or later - You don't want S'ver to be standing here yelling, do you? I think its easier if you're able to relax.."

I'ven shakes his head, "We don't have to." I'ven states stubbornly, "If we don't pass, we don't graduate." «We don't get explore.» I'ven's shoulders slump at this, "S'ver always yells anyway, no matter what we do."

A soft sigh and she shakes her head. "But, don't you want to graduate? Then you won't have S'ver yelling at you anymore, and you'll be able to have your own place, and no one bothering you all the time." Niva hms, making a bit of a face. "Look at this as a way to avoid him yelling.."

I'ven shrugs, "He yells no matter what, I'm used to him yelling at me anyway. I don't want to fly, I never liked my experiences flying, it's…not something I enjoy. Between is worse."

Niva moves to rest her hand on his shoulder, should he allow it. "But, I won't yell, and I won't criticize. I'll even go with you, if you want, so you're not by yourself." Pause. "And, this'll be different then before, cause you're in control.. You /have/ to try it, at least once.."

I'ven lets out a quiet sigh, his shoulders slumping, "Khriseth wants nothing more than to fly, he says it'll be fine, I can't help it…I believe him, but I'm scared at the same time. I get nervous up there. I like having my feet on the ground."

Niva gives his shoulder a squeeze, patting it and offering her hand to him. "It'll be fine, I'ven, all ya gotta do is trust him.. With him, you'll be just as safe as on the ground. You know he won't let anything happen to you.."

I'ven's shoulders slump even more, scoffing at the ground, "I know he won't." Is the quiet whisper, "But…" But he doesn't exclaim anymore and Khriseth gives him another nudge. "I'll get his straps."

Niva gives his shoulder another squeeze, moving to nudge him a tad, giving him a smile. "It'll be alright, hon - Just don't you worry." As Niva falls into protective mother mode.

I'ven pushes himself off of Khriseth, his fingers trailing along the hide reluctantly. "I still don't want to fly, or between for that manner." The weyrling says stubbornly, moving into the barracks for a moment, returning slowly with his straps.

Niva gives him a pat on the back as he returns, moving to help him with the straps. "Lets just get these on, and we'll get you settled, and it'll be real quick and such."

I'ven nods his head slowly, moving to strap up Khriseth, he doesn't speak however, preferring to keep quiet. Khriseth watches the boy silently, kneeling to allow better acess.

Niva helps a little here and there as she can, though she lets I'ven do the majority of the work. "Just try and relax, you know.. I'll be right there with you." Blink. "I mean, if you want me to be up there with you, that is.."

I'ven lifts his shoulders in a shrug as he finishes the straps, standing back to look at his work, making sure everything is set. He doesn't speak, pulling himself up onto the brown while strapping himself in.

Niva stays down on the ground then, giving I'ven a wide smile as he straps up, patting Khriseth's leg as she does so. "Do you remember how you did unmanned flights? Just a hop, and 2 or 3 wing beats, and then landing? Why don't you do that now, when you're ready.." And she backs up a fair distance to give the pair space.

I'ven nods his head slightly as he takes ahold of his straps, gripping them so tight that his knuckles start to turn white. He merely bites his lips tightly, though Khriseth doesn't give him much time to prepare. The brown is so excited that I'ven now has really no choice, he crouches low, leaping into the air to fly for a few wingbeats before landing. Hah!

Kilaueth trumpets loudly at the brown pair, rising up onto her back legs in happiness, wings spread as Niva cheers and claps her hands, jogging over to the other end to wave her hands. "You did great, I'ven! Khriseth! Both of you! How're you feeling?" And she pauses, looking up at I'ven expectantly.

I'ven's brow furrow absently, his lips twitching ever so slightly. Khriseth trumpets loudly, «We flew!» I'ven lets out the gush of breath he had been holding, letting his head droop as he closes his eyes. "It's…" He pauses for a moment, not seeming to be able to come up with the right word. "Hard to explain."

Niva nods slowly, smiling a bit then, happy at the progress. "Well, are you up for trying it again? This time with with jumping, and going in a lazy circle, and coming back? You don't have to go overly high.."

I'ven nods his head quickly, his lips pulling into a smile. "Sure…maybe we could go again." Khriseth lets out another bugle, seeming much happier now that he's had his first flight with his bonded. The brown quickly rounds to give himself flying space, leaping once more into the air, but this time winging higher to allow himself space to circle lazily, landing easily onto the ground.

Niva lets out another happy cheer, waving her hand around her head, while Kilaueth trumpets once again. « Mine said it would work. You and yours must take time to practice, but you do well. » Niva smiles a bit more, "How're you feeling?"

I'ven unstraps himself, sliding clumsily down the brown, shaking his head slightly. "It's wierd…" He closes his eyes, "It's like he's not the one flying…I can feel the wind blowing over me…and…it's calming."

Niva moves to meet him as he dismounts, offering an arm should he need a bit of steadying. "Do you think, now, that you'll be able to practice it more? And be comfortable?" A soft laugh and she nods her head. "I told you it was different then in the past, riding with others."

I'ven shakes his head once more, resting a hand on his lifemate who wuffles proudly, clearly amused with himself. «We flew, he likes it.» I'ven merely turns towards Niva, still holding his head in his hand. "I think…maybe…" «He will.» I'ven shoots a quick annoyed look at Khriseth, though it quickly melts into fondness. "Yeah…I think so."

Niva smiles as wide as she can, nodding quickly, while Kilaueth gives another happy trumpet. "You both did very well, you know. I'm very glad you agreed to try, and I think if nothing else, you've earned a bit of relaxation." And a wink is offered I'ven's way, as she glances around.

I'ven blinks, "Relaxation? I don't think S'ver would allow that, and anyway. I'd rather keep busy, it keeps my mind off the others, you know? I don't worry so much when I'm keeping busy."

Niva laughs softly, waving her hand. "What S'ver doesn't know, doesn't necessarily hurt him. T'was going to suggest that both of you go down to the beach for a long soak and a scrub, to keep his muscles from cramping." Not that it is a likely occurrence, given previous practice times.

I'ven lets his eyes drop to the ground but nods in agreement. "All right, I think we'll go down there, Khriseth wants to swim anyway and he says he thinks it'll be good to have some fun." But then, that's just Khriseth's way of nudging I'ven.

Niva nods then, backing up to give them space, and heading over to Kilaueth. "You deserve it - Amazing job. Just keep practicing, and in no time you'll be set for anything." And she sneaks back out the same way she can, Kilaueth trailing behind this time

I'ven offers a wave before grinning widely at Khriseth, and the two start to head to the grounds, I'ven looking positively more cheerful.

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