Random Log: Shimonith's Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

Lahela is sitting in one of the chairs meant for elderly folk, with another cushion under her rear end. Awww, did the Lahela bruise her tailbone that well? The greenrider has the comfier chair pulled up to a table, and is - dutifully - working on a scrap of something, small screwdrivers in her hands. Or, she's trying to work at least. Her slumbering green seems to be letting some of her drowsiness slip past to her rider.

J'vry wanders in clipboard in hand."Western's duties to all." He seems to be looking around for someone in particular, but has not found them yet.

The newly unpregnant Weyrsecond is sitting in her normal seat across the caverns, which happens to be the couch where little comotion is made. M'iri is happily typing away at a portable computer in her lap, free for the moment of young Samira so that she can catch up on work that has backed up since the birth of her child. Looking up from her laptop towards the greeting that is just heard, the bluerider gives a prompt salute back to the man, though its a quick and non-formal one. "Xanadu's duties to Western, aswell." She might aswell greet, since for the moment, weyrleader and weyrwoman are not present. Lahela is given a look, but M'iri doesn't say anything… proddy greenriders are a force to be contended with- and she has no will to become the source of Lahela's whining/flirting/ect… She only shows sympathy on her face when she sees the pillow. She heard about that one.

Lahela's attention is caught by the entering J'vry, and she blinks, trying to get her mind to work around the fog that seems to be clouding her mind. "Heyya. C'n I help you with anything?" Her words are a little slurred, but not all that baddly. As she bends back down to her work, her mood obviously changes as she picks up one of the screwdrivers and jams it into the table with a goodly amount of anger, hiding her head in her hands. Uh, should she really have been given her knot back already?

Amazingly, givine Asiree's disposition and her recent shadowing of the proddy Lahela, she has been absent from the scene up until this point. However, where there's a proddy greenrider at Xanadu, Ree's bound to not be too far behind. The bluerider enters, whistling a tune and glancing about for her 'target'. Eyes settle on Lahela and then she skedaddles on over to the greenrider, "Hellooooo."

Shimonith> Shimonith shrieks awake from her sunning ledge quite aways above the feeding grounds. She's obviously brighter than she should normally be, and mantles at the grouping of males below, before bellowing as she dives, heading for the nearest heardbeast. « Move! »

Shimonith> Leoth croons to try to calm the jade screamer and he too then takes after a fat herdbeast that seems to be limping.

Shimonith> Sukith had grown bored with the dozing green dragon and set up sentry duty not too far from her where he was close enough to watch but far away enough not to get maimed upon her awakening. Whirling jeweled eyes whirl quickly as he watches the proddy green's dive before he lunges from his spot and heads down to pounce on a herdbeast as well. Slowly the pale blue dragon bloods his kill, keeping his lustfully whirling eyes on Shimonith.

Shimonith> Noemith raises his head as he hear's the green dragon's shriek. Eyes whirling, he picks his first target and pounces on it almost feline-like, breaking it's neck quickly. The small brown's rider, K'reln doesn't seem to be around.

Shimonith> From the ledges above the Caspian Lake, wings of midnight blue open and glide the small blue beast known as Kieranth down to the edge of the feeding grounds. Eyes, which are normally a shade of bluish orange, have now become the shade of blue and purple, whirling together in a tornado as he lands and looks down upon the green. «So, she finally rises.» Is the bloody mental remark, before he spreads his wings again and goes down to the feedgrounds themselves. Only a moment is taken before he zones in on one beast, flying over to catch it with a speed all his own. Landing upon the beast with percision, he mearly sits there for a moment after catching the beast to let is scream, reveling mearly in the noise as he slowly crushes each body in the herdbeast's body with his weight…

J'vry says "Would you believe," The bronzerider says, "my dragon was hatched here over seventeen turns ago?"

Shimonith> Shimonith bloods her first without hesitation, or reguard for the male dragons surrounding her and echo'ing her actions. Shimonith shifts, eying them as if she doesn't know whether to be flirty, or scream and rage at the pressing group. As an answer that isn't an answer she launches herself towards a second buck, sinking her muzzle in to blood this one. « You keep your snarky comments to yourself, Kieranth! » She snaps, hunter green blotting their minds with her voice. Maybe the flirting urge is starting to win..

M'iri looks up at Asiree as she enters, about to make a remark to the fellow bluerider- before she stops, mo9uth still open. Suddenly, though her face winces at Lahela having dug her tool into the table, a sharpness comes over the Weyrsecond in an instant, fingers that were softly taping the keyboard infront of her now gripping the portable computer fiercely. Opening her eyes again, one can see the glaze over them, and a loud and angry hiss sounds deep from within her throat at Asiree. Whats left of M'iri's senses gives her strength enough to set the laptop gently down and slowly make her way over to where Lahela is at. Without asking, she turns around a seat and sits down, gripping the chair with her fingers almost painfully as looks at the greenrider and the bluerider. A part of her is revolting, and the other, the part that is Kieranth, is rejoycing; each part at the moment fighting for dominance.

Shimonith> Leoth finishes blooding his herdbeast and spreads his wings… time to find a thermal perhaps? Not yet… the sun on his hide feels good and he recloses his wings, and just waits, like a trap ready to spring into action.

Lahela lifts her head out of her hands, looking at Ree, then J'vry. Her eyes are a bit unfocused as she seems to be concentrating on something fiercly. Like not letting Shimonith eat meat. Lahela actually has enough sense to notice the riders around her, and she almost shoves back, but the pain of that in her tailbone stops her short. "Get away from me." She growls lowly. "None of you are T'ea!"

Shimonith> Sukith doesn't waste his time on finding a second one of the little animals to blood. No, he just shakes his head and continues to blood his current one before he tosses aside its body and stalks about. The blue dragon puffs himself up slightly, an attempt to make his large form seem yet larger as he struts with tensed muscles just waiting for her to take to the skies.

Shimonith> Noemith says nothing, but keeps a close eye on the glowing green as he finishes blooding his first kill and twirls around to attack his next herdbeast, a smaller doe who is dead before she can make a sound. His chocolate brown muzzle is quickly turning to red as he digs deep into the doe's throat.

Asiree misses the hiss that comes from M'iri. After all, it's not like the weyrsecond was right near her. Besides, Ree is quite the dense girl when it comes to these things, how else could so many people slap her so often? "You're right," Ree says, eyes half-glazed as well, but if you don't necessarily fight things such as the attraction that you have for a proddy rider, it's just that much easier, "Some of us are far better," is purred in a sultry voice to Lahela. The shameless bluerider leans against a table and hungrily eyes the Lahela… nothing too new, really.

Shimonith> Kieranth ignores the green for the moment as he digs his claws into his first victim. Getting bored of the herdbeasts screaming, he deaftly inserts his talons into the underbelly and rips the still live herdbeast to pieces. Blood and skin are flying everywhere from Kieranth's position, a long tongue making work of the blood pooling at his feet as finally it gets to the point that the screaming stops and all is left is chunks beneath his feet. Blood drips from his muzzle and a wicked little laugh echoes in his mind as he turns to look at Shimonith, a spat of mental blood being shot at her as a bit of his lust enters his voice. «Are you going to try, little green? Because, I would surely like to see you do so…» The words are wicked enough before the midnight blue abandons the dry and ripped up corpse for another kill, which pretty much ends up as the first, except Kieranth locks his jaws around the neck to get as much blood as possible. He must be ready, and he knows it.

J'vry looks apologetically at the other rider."We may not be T'ea but we can help you…if you allow us to." He glances around at the others now paying attention to the greenrider. He thinks if Leoth doesn't win this one perhaps he can spend some time with Vispi and her green, and see the twins as well. He has not seen Jevisry and Jess in a while…

Shimonith> But of course those who take a second might be a little late in rising after Shimonith, though those that had one might lose their energy first. With a challenging bellow, the green runs along the ground, snapping at their flanks before her haunches grow taught, and she springs into air with a snap of her wings, followed by a furious pumping to reach a thermal before any of her suitors. Her head doesn't whip back around, but a tinkling laugh trails along with her words. « Try? Hah! YOU will be the one trying, I will be the one doing! » And she's speeding away from the males rising higher.

"I'm trying, Lahela.." M'iri grates out, looking up at the greenrider before the glaze completes over her eyes and she submits to her own dragon's desires. And with that completeness, a fearful, and maybe a little to smug grin crosses Miir's face. "Are you afraid of me, little green? Because maybe you should be…" M'iri says at the same time that Kieranth talks to Shimonith, M'iri's latch on the chair's back beams suddenly breaking in her hand. They must not build the weyr's general seating well enough… But its sheer control in itself that causes Miir to shoot up from her chair and make for the darkest area of the room. "T'ea? Ha! Don't let him fool you… There is far better to come then that puny brownrider…"

Shimonith> Sukith coils back, muscles taunt and tensed like a spring, as the green dragon races through the midst of the male suitors. Jeweled eyes are a whirl of colors, mostly hues of lusty reds and purples, as the pale blue dragon watches Shimonith's take-off run and he launches himself into the air right after her. «I think /I'll/ be the one doing around her,» comes a squeaky voice from the larger blue. Hind legs are extended to give him a great shove-off and wings unfurl and swing down, boosting him up high. A second great stroke of the wings follows quickly behind the first, propelling him both forward as well as upwards in his pursuit of the green.

Shimonith> Noemith curses to himself as he snaps his head around just in time to see the green take off. Leaving his half-blooded kill behind he springs into the air, blood still trailing along his muzzle. With a few strokes of his wings he's into the sky and searching for a thermal to help carry him up.

Shimonith> Leoth takes off on the thermal he's sensed, weak as it is but it firms up as he gets higher. Yes this is the life, the freedom of choosing whom he flies and where… and where is that jade bauble his pirate-like soul seems to wish to steal? Ah there she is the jade shining brightly…And he pulls into the group about halfway in…He rumbles his intentions like a thundercloud does during a storm.

Lahela manages to draw her legs up around her on the chair, ignoring the throbbing pain this is sending to her tailbone. Trembling, she locks her arms around her legs, looking like a child that's trying to shrink back into the shadows - into the chair. Though her cheeks flush hotly, she looks between the seducer, comforter, and the snarky one. "None of you are T'ea.." She whimpers again before rounding on M'iri "Nothing is better than my T'ea!" Nothing. So.. why isn't he here?

Shimonith> Kieranth suddenly snaps his wings outwards as Shimonith heads for the skies, ripping his teeth from his victim as he looks upwards, leaving the herdbeast to scream painfully and slowly bleed to death on the ground… Why take it out of its mysery when its sweet song of death is music to the midnight blue's ears? «You can run as much as you want, green, but even as the herdbeast runs for its life, soon, soon you will meet your fate. And when you do, I will be behind you, waiting for you to submit to defeat…» Crunching up muscles in his back legs, he springs to the air of one agile enough to be called a blue, and proud of his agility he is. But he isn't making a speeding run for it, oddly enough. Infact, its almost a slow enough flight that keeps him up with Shimonith, but doesn't expend energy. «Run, little green, I need practice in catching a adept prey.. And oh, adept you are…»

It's honestly a surprise that Asiree didn't end up with a green dragon that went proddy on occasion, now isn't it? A hungry look still in her glazed eyes, Ree continues the sultry talking to Lahela, "I'm quite better than your T'ea. Much better. And I'm right here, too." And somehow that is supposed to be both seductive and comforting… likely only in Ree's distorted mind. "Look this way," she encourages.

Shimonith> Shimonith presses her first round of stamina to get that early height and distance advantage over the flock of males, and then croons loud enough to reach her suitors, calling them to her as she glides in high circles, obviously waiting for her chance for something. She tilts her head under her wing to look at the flock, though more over, Kieranth. « I would never admit defeat to the likes of you. » She hisses, though her attitude takes a swing towards the fact the one she prefers really isn't here. « Though it's an open chase, isn't it? » Laughter tinkles in their minds again, as she seeks a higher thermal, regaining the breath she used to gain her advantage. « You'll just all have to prove your worth. After all, only /one/ of you can catch me. »

M'iri gives the wicked laugh that Kieranth usually does, which sounds really odd coming from the Weyrsecond, her face peeking out of the dark corner at Lahela. "Oh, we shall see. We shall see…" She remarks to Lahela, before snapping her head in the direction of Asiree. "Shutup, you pitiful creature. Your lame excuse for seduction sickens me. A canine could bring out more lust in a person then your useless attempts." Nope, she's not effected by Kieranth, not at all… She will surely be blushing and apologising like crazy after this. The things her dragon does to her… even as she says all this, a bright red blush appears avidly across her face- so some of M'iri is still in there, keeping her close to the wall and in the dark as she speaks…

Shimonith> Leoth spreads his wings and slips through the crowd of dragons. Silent he has become even though his rider looks at all the women there. Another wingflap, can he get to the thermal the treasure has taken? Almost there…

Shimonith> Noemith hears the taunt and it spurs him to greater effort, he may not be as agile and quick as the blues but he has more brute strenth and stamina, and he uses that now to his advantage as he powers his wings to gain quick altitude. He isn't one to waste his concentration and effort on talking, and only forms the dragon equivalent of a sly grin as he makes his ascent higher into the sky, wings pumping and muscles screaming with the effort.

J'vry looks at the women."Now now ladies… we should find a more private place to vent all this before we totally lose ourselves in our dragons' needs… C'mon…" He looks around trying to recall in his memory where the guest weyrs were.

It's amazing that Lahela hasn't lost herself more than this in Shimonith's lust yet, though that lust is hid oddly behind the teasing-insulting mask she's wearing today. The greenrider does look up to meet Ree's eyes, but M'iri's comments quickly snatches them back away, and her trembling increases. Normally Lahela isn't this withdrawn, and follows Shimonith as closly as M'iri seems to be following Kieranth. Sudden irritation surpasses pain, as she stands up from her chair, grabbing her butt-cushion, limping a few paces away before she rounds on all three, looking a little wild in the eyes. "If any of you even touch me.." She growls, and of course, that's a perfect opportunity to swamp the greenrider, and actually tow her away to somewhere more suited, isn't it?

Shimonith> Kieranth watches closely at the thermal that Shimonith has taken, and winging a little to the left, he lifts up in this thermal and a little higher then the green herself, dipping into white clouds that come near enough for him to coil through. As he comes through one, the moisture of it glistens off of his hide, sheening back over his shoulders as the sun absorbs it. «Oh, if you do not admit defeat, then I shall have my fun chasing you to through the depts of eternity, lovely green. But you can feel your blood simmering, it boils- it knows what it needs to do, even if you do not yet. Listen to its cry, and you will not run forever…» He flicks faceted eyes towards Sukith, and without any warning the blood that is drizzling off his muzzle is given a new direction with the snap of his head and sent towards the lighter blue. Not watching to see if his flung target actually makes contact, the midnight blue increases his spead and and with a mental scream that could kill anyone's eardrums, he lifts higher again about persuitee and persue-rs and into another cloud. «Ah, but the chase will prove its worth and the hunt is my favorite past time- we shall see if I am worthy of you, my green, and we shall see if you are worthy of me…»

J'vry puts the clipboard down knowing that some drudges will have found the boxes outside and come to find the object and a steward somewhere…J'vry looks around again still on his feet, and gently takes the woman's arm…"Come lady…

Shimonith> Leoth rumbles once again eyes whirling effortlessly chasing the green. She will tire and if luck holds, He may catch her… if that luck happens to be his… He can outlast the blue and the green combined… after all his bronze body was meant to take on long distance flights and win over airborne foes… or lovely greens as the case may be…

The Weyrsecond shoots from her shadows and roars fiecely at the bronzerider, the noise so loud it strangles a it on Miir's vocal cords. "Get your hands off of her!" She grabs Lahela by the arm, and though she is probably smaller then the greenrider, tries to propel her from J'bry's grasp and towards the hotsprings. "Move." She commands, keeping her hands off of the greenrider, but the words threatening enough that gives the hint that the bluerider will force her if she doesn't move. M'iri is not about to let anyone touch Lahela, muchless the bronzerider.

Shimonith> And there's warfare in the sky as blood flies about. Blood flying? Whoa. At least it's not /dragon/ blood that is flying about the area. Whether it hits the lighter blue or not, it's really rather moot since Sukith is a single-minded creature right now as he chases after Shimonith. A thermal is caught and he relaxes his muscles for a mere moment as he soars higher, but then the heat of the moment takes on as he dives and propels himself after Shimonith. His!

Pfff. So M'iri can go all possessive and touch Lahela, but Asiree isn't even allowed to hit on the greenrider? This doesn't at all go over well with Ree who snarls back at M'iri and lunges for her and Lahela, "And don't you dare touch her either, she's mine!" Uh oh?

J'vry then heads to the hot springs as he nods to the woman giving the orders and quietly assists the greenrider away if necessary from the two women starting to fight over the third…"Let's go…" is quietly spoken…More respectful than the felinelike ladies about to have a hissyfit."She's ours… Now move." He says in a voice once like he once was, a Weyrleader."March it now you two or find a weyr for yourselves."

Shimonith> Shimonith screams her defiance as Kieranth reaches a higher level than herself, going from turning on her wing into a back flip, which sends her plummeting through the gaggle of males, her wings tucked close to her body until she finds another thermal to soar upwards on. Tsk, shouldn't they know better than to actually come to a lady's beckon? One brown falls out of the sky, his endurance spent as Shimonith snaps her wings open, crooning in triumph as one goes down, and she's soaring away from the males again, though wariness is starting to read in the green's wings, as pumping them seems to take a little more effort. « Your tries at flattery are oddly insulting. » She calls back towards the midnight blue before she bugles again, catching a drift that puts her as high as a dragon can go without passing out from the lack of air. « You know, » She starts coyly as she glides in another circle. « If you want me. Catch me. » And with that, the green tucks her wings in to her body, and begins a plummet towards the lake.

Shimonith> Leoth dives toward the lake as well is he going to move under her and attempt to reach for the jade beauty before he and she join with the water and then up and out… twisting in space as he has imagined them to be? One with clouds and treetops blending with sun, water, skybroom and sky?

Lahela is propelled into the hot springs, not like she really has too much of a choice about it. "I told you not to touch me!" The greenrider shrieks as she struggles without real intent of escaping. "None of you are any good! None of you!" She's obviously struggling with something. From the frantic way she's acting, it would probably seem like Shimonith's just about to let herself be caught.

Shimonith> Sukith is intent on catching Shimonith, and thus he pursues her. It's really that simple - why waste the mental energy on taunting her or the others? The hot-blooded male dragon with little else on his mind other than catching a proddy Shimonith and satisfying some base desires watches Shimonith dive down. A pause on the blue's part as he soars high on a thermal before he tosses his hind legs in the air, above his body. Wings are then tucked tightly against his form, and with the bulk of his body driving him downwards with the pull of gravity, the streamlined form of the dragon plummets down after her.

Shimonith> Noemith has been giving the flight his full effort but he hopes it'll pay off, as the jade goes into a dive he tucks his wings in close and squints his eyes at the dazzle coming off the lake far below him. What goes up must come down right? And down he plumets, bugeling his first challenge of the day in the rush that comes from the fall.

M'iri, thankfully, dodges Asiree's lunge just in the nick of time, sprinting over to the hotsprings to avoid any other strikes from the fellow bluerider. "Do not be stupid, woman. She is none of our, yet… And we have no right to touch her, either." She glares at each chasee, before finding herself another dark corner in the hotsrings. Ah, yes. Dark is good. She's deathly quiet now, her stormy eyes glinting from the dark as she watches Lahela with a fierceness. She quirks her lips. "Good? Ofcoarse not. Good isn't as fun as evil, vile and cruel… and all those have a tantelizing appeal of their own…" She mumbles, before she's quiet again, cuddled in her corner. Miir knows better, so keeps her distance, even as she shakes a little and struggles with Kieranth's will.

J'vry removes his shirt as he looks at the woman and closes his eyes. Is his lifemate's need overcoming him now What to do what to do… sink to the floor and wait to see what happens?

Shimonith> Leoth pursues the green relentlessly much like a pirate chases after his gold or a town on a map to plunder and take for his own… Who will win this flight… He rumbles again now thunder in his wings and voice, lightning in his eyes as they whirl and spark in the daytime sky… Is he gaining or falling behind? Only the lady will know whom she chooses…

"You're one to talk," comes Asiree's grumpy, put-out reply to her fellow bluerider as she just *eyes* Lahela and stands there, ready to jump the greenrider. At least the riders could totally share each other, if only the hormones hadn't reached the point where each of them had turned into possessive raving lunatics.

Shimonith> Kieranth mearly sweeps from his cloud like an arrow towards the ground, wings tucked in tightly as he falls with experimental speed. But his muscles are taunt in his body, aswell, ready to surge on a nearby thermal if need be. Has he not seen this tactic many at time before? But his blood screams with a passion that makes him follow the green downwards, maw opened a little with teeth exposed, as if ready to catch his victim at any moment… « Heaven is the other way, little green, but if you wish to go to the depts of the earth, I can work with that, too.. » Blood spits in Shimonith's mental vision, as Kieranth falls through the air like a hot blade…

Shimonith> Even as Shimonith plummets, she seems to have a mite of control over where she 'falls'. But a victim is not what Shimonith wants to be this day. No, if she can't have her chosen brown, she'll at least have a blue that treats her with .. well.. dragon lust and not insults. Or flattery that could be construed as insults. With a bugle of warning Shimonith 'blunders' into Sukith's side, and willingly lets herself twine with the faded blue. If he wants to catch himself before plummeting into the depths of the lake, she'll help, but otherwise? Splash.

With a cry, Lahela launches herself at Asiree, attaching herself to the bluerider. "Faranth curse it…" She sobs into the bluerider as things just kinda … start going from there.

Shimonith> Sukith bugles triumphantly as he entwines himself with the proddy green, wings extended to offer resistance against the wind, slowly the descent of the entangled pair. Why end the flight preemptively in the lake? That would be no fun at all. Large wings halt the descent and with a tilt the victorious blue soars upwards to ride out the flight.

Asiree always knew that Lahela would come around, really she did. All it took was the right incentive to get the greenrider to jump into her arms. And yes, things do progress from there… but they probably shouldn't be mentioned. ;)

Shimonith> As lighter blue and green collide, the midnight blue sweeps open his wings and halts his downward plummet, turning swiftly into an arch and towards the high rocks close by. Extending one wing, and then another, he snaps both to his back and lays down, closing his eyes. His reaction is almost as if there had been no flight at all, and starts to clean the blood off his muzzle. Then his eyes snap open. Oh yeah, the screaming herdbeast… He wonders if its dead or not. And with that, he heads back over to the feeding grounds to finish off his delectables. Mmmm, blood.

The Weyrsecond collapses suddenly on the floor as Lahela pounces Asiree, M'iri giving a sigh of relief against the cool floor. "Thank Faranth!" She says overtly loud, before she feels the drunkeness of lust still upon her… Lifting herself off the floor, she makes her way unstedily towards the exit. Hopefully the Weyrlingmaster isn't teaching at the moment. ".. Oh S'ver…" She mumbles, a wickedly little osund on her voice as she heads out of the room, to leave Ree and Lah to Da nasty. (EEWWWW! Oh.. ;P )

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