Dragon Anatomy Weyrling Lesson

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

The front of the weyrling cavern has been cleared to be used for another lecture, and it is there that the small Isobeth sits, rather demurely, V'dim pacing back and forth in front of her, glancing at his wrist, and then at the barracks, and back at his wrist. As Zuna enters, he snaps at the young greenrider. "To your couch, /weyrling/."

Dynome is already on her cot, medicinal bag in hand, the contents of which she is explaining to a raptly attentive Eirimenth. The green is laid out on her couch, head craned over to rest beside Dynome as she watches. The arrival of the Weyrlingmaster, however, ends this small lesson and turns the attention of the green pair towards the front of the barracks as Dynome puts her things away.

T'lek has just finished oiling his burgeoning brown when the weyrlingmaster enters. "Guess it's time fer class already. Glad we finished with this. This better, littl'un?" He says, gently. He looks up, stands up straight, and gives V'dim a salute. "Hellosir." Montereth warbles to Isobeth. «We are present and accounted for. What will you be teaching us today?»hg8hnubnhbgbgt

Kitty slips in from outside, the raindrops dripping down off of her and Mionnarracth. She stops and waits as Mionnarracth looks around first before he enters into the barracks. She turns to go on in and then pauses a little and then takes a breath and slips towards the couch, Mionnarracths head against her back.

Continuing to pace, the older gentleman allows the weyrlings to settle before turning to wave a hand at Isobeth, and then at the ever-growing weyrling dragons. "Today we will be talking about basic anatomy, first aid, and exercise rules for your lifemates. After today, you will hopefully have a bit more understanding of how things work." Turning to sweep the room, his gaze narrows on Kal'el. "Of course, I expect some of you to continue to be as clueless as ever."

T'lek rubs his hands on a towel, then rubs them together. "Think I'll enjoy this'un. Antatomy." He chuckles. "Right up m' alley." «Mine as well, of course,» Montereth tilts his head toward his rider.

"Well, I know human anatomy in and out, this is the lesson I've been waiting for!" Dynome says with a bright tone of eagerness, sitting up straighter and leaning forward slightly with her eyes widening. Beside her, Eirimenth seems to share her rider's excitement, uttering a quiet, bright warble. « Oh yes! Please, teach us! I want to know more about me! »

Amongst the clammering of all teh other dragons, Mionarracth is decidely silent. He has settled himself onto his couch, hunkered down onto it. However, his attention does seem to be on the weyrling master as he seems to listen. Kitty too, though she's placed herself slightly to one side and back of Mio. Mainly cause she's leaning back on his handlegs.

"We'll begin with basic anatomy." V'dim states matter-of-factly, moving to stand near Isobeth, as the green spreads her wing out at a silent command. "While both you and your lifemate have bones, while our bones are rather sturdy, they can easily break theirs. What would merely cause a strain for us, can easily shatter a limb, a rib, or a wing. /That/ is quite important to keep in mind when considering aerial stunts close to obstacles. Moving or not."

«Hmm, that's interesting. I am curious to know what the differential is. You have stronger bones than we. Intriguing.» Montereth comments, stretching a wing out slowly. "Yeah, it is. Kinda like runner's legs, cuz they can break 'em if they're not careful, don't take much…" T'lek examines the wing Montereth stretches out. "Smaller bones, fer one thing."

Dynome watches with rapt attention, producing a notebook that she begins to scribble notes in as V'dim speaks. Beside her, Eirimenth looks between Isobeth's wing and her own as she partly stretches it out, gazing at her own bones and membranes with a curious tilt of her head. "Why is it that their bones are weaker, Weyrlingmaster?"

Kitty stares. Aerial stunts? She glances over at Mionarracth. Goodness. No. Kitty continues to listion, thankful really that there is someone else to ask questions. She idly brushes at something on her skirt, shifting a little as Mionarracth places his tail across her legs.

Ar'ik is pretty much hiding in the back, he's read about anatomy…a lot actually, even dragon anatomy. For once, he and Vsetovith are quiet, but when this is over, you know, he may hafta harrass V'dim.

"They have a different bone structure - if their bones were considerably heavier, it would make it much more difficult to fly. They also have a greenish ichor, rather than red blood, like us. Its a result of our roots being different." More specifics then that can be taken up with the dragonhealers themselves. "Dragon bones are, actually, similar to those of wherry's." Not that they are at all the same thing. Glancing around for more questions, he waits for a moment.

Montereth would ask questions all night. And begins to. "Mebbe we c'n talk t' someone who fixes y' up t' figure out the rest, Mont." He scratches the little one's head. "If I'd let 'im, sir, y'd be here all night."

« We must speak with a dragonhealer later! » "…we will, now shush, I don't wanna miss something." Dynome says with a quick smile to Eirimenth as she scribbles down notes and even quick, medical-looking sketches as she listens in.

Kitty shakes her head a little and places a hand on Mionarracth's side "No, you are /not/ a wherry. You should forget what she said." she murmurs softly. "He was comparing, not saying you were one."

V'dim looking over the class, he nods slowly before walking back and forth across the front of the room, gathering his thoughts. "However, while their bone and blood are different from our own, they do also have muscles. Just like our muscles, they must be carefully worked. Stretched, and exercised. If you aren't careful, you can strain the muscle, and you face serious injury or disabilities."

T'lek nods, taking in the information. "That's what y' were sayin' about th' exercisin', then." He states plainly. Montereth seems to focus more on his outstretched wing. «Green inside. I would not have guessed.»

Kitty closes her eyes a little at Mionarracth looks with keen interest at Montereth. Though he doesn't say anything. Kitty gives a little sigh and shakes her head again. "The ichor love. The ichor."

"…must be a different composition…" Dynome mutters as she writes and writes, Eirimenth beside her watching and listening.

V'dim nods at T'lek, continuing to walk back and forth, giving Isobeth enough space to spread both her wings, moving them carefully up and down, in and out. "When you are bored, you should work on wing exercises. Starting on them now will help with strength later. You should move the wings up and down, in and out. It will help strengthen both the muscles in their wings, as well as those along their backs and chests.

Kitty yelps a little as Mionarracth actually exposes himself briefly. Wing wise that is, still movement brings attention and it was unexpected as Kitty can testify as she hastily ducks and then peers up at the underside. "Looking good." she murmurs softly and is answered by a soft rumble as the blue pulls his wing back in again.

V'dim swivels to glare at Kitty and her blue lifemate, arching an eyebrow at them before going on with his lecture. "However, just like for us, if you do happen to strain a muscle, the best cure is rest, and plenty of numbweed. Apply just as if you would to yourself, and be sure to slowly stretch it out over further day.s"

Ar'ik is silent, he understands this all. Well, the technical part of it, you know…. The lad and the bronze are silent, just listening, just watching. Totally, you know. For once, teh pair aren't being smart nor are they being loud.

If Dynome takes this many notes for one lesson, her first year of healer apprenticeship must be an entire library on its own, let alone what her collection of tomes must be now as a senior journeyman. "Ah, numbweed. Some of my things will smell like that 'till the end of my days." She murmurs, mostly to herself, but audible to anyone listening.

"That makes sense," the brownrider says. "Remember one time, I pulled m' leg, and smelled like th' stuff for a long time." «What does it smell like?» Montereth asks, his gears whirring with his curiousity. "It's that stuff they used on that older weyrling that day. Remember? Y' commented on it." T'lek replies. «That would not be a problem then. It would remind me not to be overzealous with my training.» "Kinda the point."

"The most important thing to remember with all of this is that you cannot rush your lifemates, just as you cannot rush yourselves. It takes time to build muscle, and only by building muscle can you prepare yourselves for flight. Be sure to exercise daily, in open spaces, and I would strongly recommend locating a numbweed supply for each of you." Isobeth flips her wings to her back, as V'dim wanders across the front of the room. "That is all I have for now. Do any of you have questions for the good of the group?"

Both Kitty and Mionarracth draw back from the glare and neither one answer up or say anything. Kitty ducks her head, even as Mionarracth turns his own and tucks it under a forepaw. Nope. No questions from this quarter.

"Not meaning to suggest you're unthorough, Weyrlingmaster, but is there a chance we'll be able to meet with a dragonhealer? I'd /love/ to find out more." Asks Dynome, not meaning to be rude in the least, only curious. Eirimenth seems to echo the fact with an eager whirl of her eyes, bright green against her equally green hide.

«I would as well.» Montereth adds to the commentary. «There is so much more to learn, of course.» T'lek turns to look at his brown with a frown. "Be interestin' t' hear, yeah." He chuckles. "More for him than me."

V'dim glances at Dynome, nodding. "Certainly. This was simply meant as an overview for those, uh, less quick amongst you." Waving a hand towards himself and Isobeth. "If you are interested in further study with a dragonhealer, or are, perhaps, interested in considering such an internship, please let myself or the rest of the staff know."

Dynome resists the urge to raise her hand right there, well aware right now there's other lessons to be learned without diving into the dragon manuals, as tempting as it is for the healer-midwife-surgeon. She nods her understanding, though, as Eirimenth goes back to studying her own wing, tracing bones and muscle with the tip of her snout as far as she can reach.

Montereth is similarly interested. However, he just looks up at T'lek. "Mebbe after we graduate, we c'n find out what we wanna do best. Could be dragon healin' could be somethin' else." «That is a wise idea. » The whirring and clicking slow down. «Thank you, V'dim and Isobeth. That was enlightening.» T'lek nods his head in agreement. "Yeah, thanks."

Kitty pokes at something on her skirt and almost doesn't seem to be listening now as she brushes it off the material. Mionarracth is now watching her as oppesed to the weyrlingmaster and his dragon. As the thanks come she looks "Umm. Thanks."

Ar'ik is bored, and he and Vsetovith stand and slip out the doors. Hopefully V'dim didn't notice, but they probaly did, especially since Vsetovith loudly rumbles on the way out… Muahaha.

V'dim sighs, glaring at Ar'ik and Vsetovith as they disappear before shaking his head, gathering his belongings, and heading out towards his own quarters. "Good job tonight, guys." He offers, a rare compliment. And then he's gone.

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