Beach Party

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

The buzz of laughing and merry conversation fills the air as the party goers eat their fill and intermingle. In their midst Myesha makes the rounds, certainly the easiest to locate because of her size and volume. "Help yourselves, loves!" She tells a few stable hands as she makes her way over to the punch pitchers. Grabbing up a cup she fills it to the brim, taking a long sip as her eyes wander over all present. "If you have not tried the spiderclaws I suggest you get some before they run out!" She yells out to those just arriving or with empty plates, her own piled high with them and various other treats.

Ryski has already been eating. Oh yes, yes he has. His piled-up plate has at least diminished by now, and he's starting to slow down with the whole..eating process. At least now he doesn't look like he's going to choke himself. "I've had some!" He chimes in, in regards to the spiderclaws. There's even a few still left on his plate. He's settled in the sand, giving the occasional glare at a firelizard that might get too close to his meal.

A'deo looks rightly surprised at this, "Feline attack?" He asks of Arkoss and looks out among the rest of them. "When did -that- happen?" But he gives an encouraging smile to Keziah. "But think, means you all have something special… And so many of you? It's pretty amazing if you ask me." Xaventh's eyes flutter again and he raises his head at the activity, trilling to the candidates that surround him in curiousity. "Mm… yeah, I was. Arkoss eh? This is Xaventh and I'm A'deo." Yup, formality only in certain circles after all. He looks beyond at the activity again and gives another bright smile. "They've some pretty good stuff over there.

Zevida wanders out onto the beach, quietly, scanning the area. As the food comes into view she drifts over that way and begins to sample each thing, a critical look on her face. Hmming softly, she shrugs and begins to nibble away. There's Ryski and she moves over to silently join the boy. Saying nothing, she contines to nibble at her food.

Sandals, a wife beater, and shorts - fitting for the beach. Nalkor has a swagger about him today as he sort of hop-skips down one of the larger sand dunes, parting waves of sand at his feet. Good mood evident by the smirk he carries on his face; the man makes his way toward the flat part of the beach, where the hub-bub of activity promises good times. Arms swaying at his side confidently, chin tilted down, he flashes a grin as he approaches - just at anyone in particular - why not? The day is fine, there's a party on the beach, women in beach wear (those few are given an extra look), food sprawled out, and laughter on the air - best of all, no work! It couldn't get any better, so as he steps by the food tables, he makes sure to scoop up a few things to taste test them as he moves to mingle.

Panya wanders out to the beach, fixing the hat upon her head to fit snugly. The tiny mousy assistant headwoman walks at a slow pace, taking her time to look around before she spots A'deo. "Ama!" She cries out brightly, then, spotting all the candidates with a look of shock then a frown, then it shifts to confusion. "Why are you surrounded by candidates, Ama? Are they prodding you about Xaventh?" She doesn't glare around, instead, she offers pleasant smiles before she moves up close to the bluerider.

Lorena is not, ultimately, in a dress but, well, a sarong counts right? Cause she's dressed more or swimming in a navy and pastel blue bikini, hips hidden by the equal colors of a short sarong. She glances curiously at the Eastern rider, not recognizing him before she wanders down the path towards the activity. The food is eyed but, well, she's not very hungry, contenting herself to watch -her- candidates around the bluerider. Protective? Maybe. That is until she notices Nalkor, then her watch is a little less so.

Arkoss blinks suddenly as the beach is…invaded? "Wow." he mutters, looking over at all the people arriving suddenly. "Guess that party is starting now, huh." he mutters, then regards Panya. "We're just talking!" he tells her defensively. "Honest!"

Ryski is in swimwear! He is. Which is, of course, a pair of shorts. At least his back is doing better, aside from the interesting marks the injuries have left. The boy's got stripes down his back. Once Zevida sits down, however, the boy blinks, tilting his head somewhat at the girl. There's a moment more of silence then, before he nudges his plate a little in her direction. See? He's got plenty of food left on it. He even chews as he takes another look around, lips quirking up somewhat at the sight of more people wandering down.

No matter how much Ryski may glare a little gold flit is still making the rounds, her eyes whirling about in search of those not guarding their treats well enough. "I know you have!" Myesha says with a giggle at Ryski, smiling over at him as he finishes her punch. "I saw you take down a good number of sandwiches, you know?" Zevida is given a large smile and a nod. "Try the kebabs, they are just fantastic!" She offers, pointing to a heaping plate with a giggle. "The cooks were so generous with the food, they just kept piling it on when I promised not to try cooking anymore." Nalkor is noted and she gives him a bright smile. "Hey there, Nal! Did you get a glimpse at what I managed to pull out from the Weyr?" She points over to a bathing suit clad Lorena and gives her fellow Candidate a wink. She's not even trying to hide her words from the rider, actually waving over at Lorena happily. "Let me get you some punch, love!" She of course is wearing a rather revealing white bikini and not making any attempts at hiding herself.

Quite taken with the food, Nalkor has to step back to grab a few more items, munching on them as if he were starving. Popping one of the small tid bits into his mouth, he meanders across the beach, pausing as flash of legs catch his eyes. Double taking, the man moves without shame towards Lorena, a bold grin flashed at her as he approaches. He even does a low whistle for her ears as he steps up to her, "Looking good." A subtle wink tossed to her as he waves a hand at Myesha, making a gesture that would say 'found her' … Next beat, Nalkor returns his gaze to Lorena, "Can I get you a drink?" There's a curious squint in his eyes, likely the Vintner has something up his sleeve.

Zevida glances at Ryski, looking over the boy slightly before she's reaching over to the offered plate and taking a few to herself. She nibbles quietly before eyeing that gold firelizard that keeps moving towards Ryski's plate. A frown and she takes another little morsel and tosses it away, hoping to drive the firelizard away. Myesha's advertisement of food is met with a shrug, "maybe later.." She offers, smiling slightly before she peeks at Ryski.

A'deo raises a brow as Panya approaches, but it's with a warm smile. "Should be asking more why you or I are here than why I'm surrounded by candidates. They're supposed to be here, not I." Xaventh is still sleepy looking and blinks at them in turn, before focussing in on his rider. A'deo's face falls. "Really?" Croooon. "There's an odd endearing smile that comes to his face at this and he scratches the blue's eye ridges affectionately. "Alright, Xavvy." He turns, giving Panya a kiss on the cheek. "Xaventh wants to go home. We've been here all morning. I think he burnt himself out."

Panya gives A'deo a suspicious look at his defensive manner but quietly dismissing it, instead, she smiles brightly. "Well, it does look odd when you're a bluerider.." Shrugging, she tilts her head but watches the interaction between the two with a curious smile. "Of course.. I think I'm going to peek at those eggs some more, anyway.. And makes some bets.."

Lorena is suddenly rather aware of being watched. Well, who could blame her? Myesha's practically flaunted her out infront of everyone. And yet oddly this doesn't seem to bother her as much as one might have earlier anticipated. Not too many of them would know that the reason included crabs and soapbubbles. She flushes at the whistle, but there's a grin accompanying it as Nalkor approaches. "Mm.. thank you?" Myesha gets a suspicious sort of smile, but now she's too offers for drinks and well, who would blame her for going with the vintner? "Um, yeah… sure?" She eye darts between the two, sort of wrongfooted on that account.

Ethne walks down to the beach quietly followed by a honey golden dragon crooning happily behind nudging her forward a bit.

Ryski does finally seem ready to ignore his plate, setting the rest of it down in the sand carelessly. Might as well get rid of it, anyway, and the firelizards will likely do quite the good job of that task. He does sit back, however, lets stretching out in front of him as he rests on his elbows. "So?" It's hardly even a real question, even, but still, he's looking at Zevida for the answer, brows lifting.

Nalkor does away with the rest of the finger food he snatched up, smirking side way like toward the drinks. He doesn't have any sleeves today, but as he approaches the table, he makes sure to hide something that he tugs out of his deep short pockets - a flash of silver maybe? Whatever it is, he pours in two cups, stuffs it back into his short pockets and promptly adds fruit punch to it. Tasting his own brew with a swishing done with puffed out cheeks, an approving noise is made before handing off a cup to Lorena. "Been out here long?" he asks as he considers the rest of the group, "anything interesting happen?"

Myesha of course is quick and serves Lorena a drink in a flash, her back turned on the group as she pours it into a cup. "Here you go, love, you must be parched!" She says, almost shoving the cup into her hands. Meanwhile over by Zevida and Ryski the gold flitter does indeed take the bait but after swallowing it up she's back to stalking. Myesha catches the kiss between Panya and the foreigner, her brow raising as an amused smile falls on her lips but she doesn't investigate. When she notices that Lorena is going with Nalkor's offer she just shrugs and gulps down the punch, a little smile crawling on her face as she finishes. Kicking up sand as she goes she yells out. "Anyone up for some sand castles! Or better yet," And a slightly goofy grin crosses her face. "Sand /dragons/! Best on gets a present from yours truly." She places a hand on her chest delicately, flashing her best smile to those nearest to show that this is truly a treat worth fighting for.

Delynni has been busy with chores, but she manages to make it to the party long enough to hear "Sand Dragon" and "present." "Hey Myesha! Let me make one!" She calls out as she comes to a stop.
"Sand dragons?" Arkoss asks, startled out of his zoning out. "How on Pern are we gonna manage that?" he inquires. "Oh….you don't mean /size/wise, right?" because dragons are kinda big.

Zevida glances down at the abandoned plate then moves it to be in the path of the gold firelizard, crossing her legs afterwards. A glance at Ryski as he speaks, slowly smiling. "So.." A pause, her head tilts and her shoulders drop to a shrug. "'ow did you like t'e food?" A pause and she listens to Myesha, quirking a brow. "Sand dragons?"

Ethne heads towards the food table and the crowd of others at the beach and nods with a polite smile to the candidates, residents and riders alike while the sand dragon thing seems to have peaked Mellonath's interest.
Lorena has… two drinks infront of her, but well, goes with Nalkor's? After all, she's not at -that- point just yet. "Thank you…" Again, in regard to both of them really as she takes the drink from the man. She takes a sip, peering at it curiously for just a moment then at him with a slight brow arc, but that seems all as she swallows and gives a bit of a wry smile. "Not bad…" Is said quietly to him, but she continues more audibly, "Anyhow, no, I just came down. Thank one…" She points at Myesha as she moves away. "Tried to get me in make up and a dress." Frown. "As a beach party of all things…" But her attention is now on this 'sand dragon' concept. "This should be… interesting." She muses, taking another sip which causes another half smirk.

Ryski lifts a brow somewhat, although he does offer Zevida a faint grin. "What do you think?" He pigged out on all there was to offer! The food definitely gets a gold star in his book. He brings a hand up then, rubbing lightly under his nose before the announcement does get his attention. "Huh? Why's it got to be /dragons/?"

Panya drifts away from A'deo, spotting Myesha and slightly perking up. "Oh! So this is where you ran to, girl." Scolding look in place before she grins. "Well, maybe I'll bet on /one/ candidate…" She trails off, looking the others she doesn't know over before shrugging and slightly lingering off near Myesha. Just for now, at least.

Myesha turns to the sound of Delynni's voice, smiling brightly. "Of course! Get to work, Lynni!" She says, waving her hand to encompass the abundance of sand just waiting to be sculpted. "Just do your best and if it even /resembles/ one you got a good shot at winning." She's giggling now, sending Arkoss a flirty wink. "We can have some cake after we are done!" She's all smiles and happy feelings now as she floats along, passing those she knows and doesn't smiles and waves. Out of the corner of her eyes she catches Lorena drinking and gives a wicked grin. So it begins! "Because we are Candidates!" Is sent over to Ryski, it's obvious, neh? Well at least to her it is. "Hey! grab some food and drink and join the fun!" She says to Panya happily, waving her own empty glass over to the table. "Bet, on little old me? What do you think I would Impress?"

Zevida grins slightly in return to Ryski, "it's good. For not being mine." Someone's being a little arrogant. Grinning stil, she tilts her head and looks around then back towards Myesha. "Hm.." Stretching, but not moving from her spot on the ground her head tilts to look at Ryski. "Want to make somet'ing else?"

Nalkor smiles for Myesha's attempt to fetch Lorena a drink, but that is all she earns from him currently, since his lips go behind the cup. A while later, he regards Lorena with another touch of a smile, "Not bad? Well, I can't claim to be a bartender, just a vintner" he gives her another wink as he watches the crowd seemingly flocking forward at the call of 'sand dragons and weyrs' .. He considers this, finding his drink more inviting just then, "I'm glad you came down, though I must say, I wouldn't mind seeing you in a dress either - but what you have on right now suits" a gesture toward the sand and water further out. "Myesha certainly has some energy," he watches how she dances between everyone. A sluggish look returned to Lorena, "If you want to go participate in the sand building—" he makes a motion for her to do so, but looks as if he'll remain near the food, of which another tid bit is snatched.

Z'kiel is finally finished with work for the day, and so has wandered down to the gathering on the beach. His hair's still damp from the baths, and since it's still drying is sitting atop his shoulders free of its usual ponytail. His riding jacket is not currently worn, rather hooked on a finger and slung over one shoulder.

Delynni gets herself three large kabobs and starts eating with gusto, then turns to Myesha, chomping them down rapidly. She moves to the fishing gear and finds a water bucket somebody left behind. A quick trip to the lake and she has a bucket. "Sand is easier to mold with water." She notes, knawing the kabobs as she contemplates a spot to build on. She starts kicking a hole in the ground, outlining a circle first, then hopping along to make a channel towards the lake. She offers Myesha a salute. "Check this out cutie, you dig a mixing hole and fill it with water. It makes the sand super sticky. Its way more likely to hold a shape." The first kabob stick is flicked into the sand, where it sticks up like a shovel in the dirt. "Soon as I finish these I'll get started." She tells Myesha with a wink.

"I imagine it's easy to make sand dragons compared to, oh….sand runners." Arkoss opines. "After all, runners have those really thin legs supporting their bodies, and it's impossible to get sand to stay like that no matter what you try and do. Dragons, you could make them curled up asleep or flying and it'd look nice."

Panya waves a hand at Myesha, grinning. "I'll bet because I know you, dear. That's all. I'm not going to snatch food away from the residents of this fine Weyr. I've got duties to attend to at the Craft. Only time I could manage to get a ride from a dear nice rider." Grinning, she starts off towards the clearing.

Ryski makes a little face at the reasoning behind the whole..sand dragons idea. His eyes roll, even, before giving another glance at Zevida, head shaking. "Nahh. That's for kids." And of course, Ryski isn't a kid. Heck no. He seems quite content to remain where he is, putting forth as little effort as possible. His stomach's currently quite full, after all. Full stomaches make work seem so much more difficult.

Lorena gives an easy laugh at his reaction to her teasing and continues quietly, "I tease… But really for not knowing the punch so much before hand…" A small shrug as she takes another sip. Hey, she can't condone it outright too much at this point. Bad enough for knowing it and letting it slide. To the dress comment, she gives a small snort. "No sense to them though, can't do anything in them. My uniform skirt is bad enough as it is." She pauses and conciders, remembering sitting infront of Delenn on the ground in the barracks. "Actually it's one of the worse ones…" But a brow is raised at him. "…though I suppose you might not mind so much." Smirk. "But I figured this was good enough… close enough." One day… one day someone'll tackle her and get her in one. Or, well, find the right moment to convince. It's not this day though. She gives a shake of her head, watching the others and chuckles. "You kidding? I'm about as artistic as a seasponge."

Myesha is dancing, and rather gracefully too! As time goes on and more people gather however she finds it harder to weaver her way through, finally settling over by the waters edge. Her hazel eyes are always moving, scanning faces to make sure everyone is having a good time, no ones choking on a roll or to make sure no cute guys and girls go unnoticed. It's because of this that she catches sight of Z'kiel and lets out a high pitched squeal. "Zeek, love!" When Delynni sets to work she giggles happily. "Excellent! But I must say I am rather the expert on sand molding, I am from Ista you know! Oh yes, see? That is why I picked dragons instead of runners. Plus they are pretty nasty things!" She tells Arkoss, managing to catch his words over the hubbub. Harper ears. She waves over to Panya as she disappears, grabbing up a clump of wet sand and tossing it from hand to hand.

Z'kiel sighs slightly when he is called out to, offering Myesha a brief smile and a wave. Moving closer to the group, the bronzerider finds somewhere he can watch the sand building attempts from. He doesn't seem inclined to join in, himself.

Zevida chuckles softly, offering a smile. "Of course it's for kids, and you're a little man, Ryski. I 'aven't forgotten." A smirk and the woman turns her attention to the others on the beach, watching with amusement.

Nalkor shrugs at Lorena, tapping the side of his nose in gesture for her to keep it just between them. After all, one drink won't hurt? It usually takes way more than that to topple this vintner. The man otherwise watches the on goings, not particularly leaping forward to join them, but rather deciding to stay on the side lines. As for dresses, he regards her with a level gaze, "With the Weaver Hall's delays of late, it'd be hard for me to get you one, but - I do have a few favours up there to pull. Since, really, I'd like to see you in one." The man is all for ladies in a dress, certainly brings out their best assets. He adds a light laugh at her admission to the experience of wearing her skirt, shaking his head sadly, "You've got good legs, a dress or skirt would do you justice." As for the artistic abilities in sand building he grunts with acknowledgement, "I'm not really artistic myself."

Delynni chomps down the last piece of meat from her kabob, licks her lips and starts digging with a stick, making a pit and pouring the water in. When the sand is good and damp, she starts moulding it, starting with a large lump. The kabob sticks become digging tools as she whistles a work ballad. When she hears Nalkor's comment, long eared beastcrafter her, she waves and calls out. "Your loss Nalkor! More present for me!" She makes a very childish face. "None of you wanna make one?" She asks with a pout.

Lorena gives a snerk, looking at him with something between incredulity and amusement. "Is that so…" She's now turned towards him with a bit of an incline of her head. She keeps this gaze a while as if uncertain what exactly to say. After a moment she gives a small snort and resumes her gaze towards the others. "If you think I'll wear a skirt or dress just beause you'd like me to…" This next part is said quieter and into her cup before she takes another sip of the impromptu cocktain. "…you're probably right." She shoots him a sidelong glance. "But don't you think anything on that…" She wriggles her nose a bit. "You've both just… made me curious now." She gives a bit of a blink at Delynni and then around at the others. "No One's doing it? Awe shards, c'mon Nalkor… Might aswell try." After all, she's got to be supportive of her Candidates' activities.

"I wouldn't mind doing it." Arkoss remarks, and grins challengingly at his fellow candidates. "I bet mine'll be better looking than yours!" ooooh, are you gonna let him get away with that outrageous statement?

It might be childish but then again Myesha is not the most mature person in the Weyr. "I am going to make a green!" She announces as she sets to work, scrapping up sand into a large mound. "Maybe I will make her in mid flight." She eyes the mound, debating what pose to place the soon to be molded green in. When she hears Delynni's comment on presents she laughs. "Oh, and it is a /good/ present to!" Her eyes seem to sparkle a bit with mischief but that might just be the lighting. "I am just making one for fun, cannot really let myself win you know?" She tells those that are working in the sand, using her fingers to sculpt what may be a wing. "Do join us Ark, Lor, Nal! The more the merrier!"

Nalkor blinks, turning his face to find the flourish of a wave given to him by Delynni, noting also the childish look she gives him as she tells him of his loss. In return, he looks slightly confused, deciding that a sip from his cup works better than a yelled response. Though, to her credit, he gives her an apologetic shrug after his gulp of punch. Lorena now though, makes him abruptly laugh - it's a humble noise that says in his chest, not mocking, but good natured bellow. A knowing smile is given to her then, "Oh but you just showed me your cards," he winks, "don't be surprised if I show up one day on your door step with just the very thing." Nalkor shakes his hand, "You go ahead." A pause, "I'd probably end up making something obscene."
that stays in his chest*

Though his arrival is hardly worth anything like cymbals crashing or trumpets blowing, F'ai does turn up, the greenrider sporting a pair of flattering green trunks and a loosely fitting white shirt made of a thin, woven mesh. Comfy. He has a towel thrown over his shoulder like an afterthought while, far overhead, a green scopes the beach with wary eyes, circling slowly as if she were just trying to figure out which meaty little twolegger to pick off. F'ai pauses when he catches sight of all the people on the beach, lifting a hand to rake it through his hair absentmindedly before he clears his throat and carefully edges his way as discreetly as possible… towards the food table. For a drink. SUBTLY.

Z'kiel happens to glance over toward the food table at about the same time F'ai is heading that way. Though he doesn't make a huge affair out of spotting his Wingmate, and he doesn't crash any cymbals or blow any trumpets, he does start moving that way himself.

Arkoss snickers at Nalkor. "It's clear what's on your mind all the time then!" he declares, then flops himself down on the sand to start shaping it. "Huh….any buckets nearby?" he asks. "That'd make the sand easier to form." his pale grey eyes flick over towards the water.

Lorena bahs at Nalkor with a smirk. "Very well then, vintner…" and she reaches for his arm. "At least come keep me company then, if you can't be useful." She gives a smirk. Letting go after the initial tug to go and locate a spot in the sand just at the moisture line. She undoes her sarong and tosses it down beside her drink in the drier sand. Pause. On second thought… she downs the rest of what's in the cup. A glance goes to Myesha as she rather gracefully kneels down in the sand. "What're we doing this for?" No, she wasn't really paying attention. Arkoss gets a snort and a glance goes to Nalkor. After all, what she's wearing isn't exactly modest. Bleh. She pulls back her hair with a tie about her wrist and bends over to go about shaping the snout of her own Loyauth in the sand.

Myesha continues to work on her dragon and now what had started off looking like a wing has morphed into a neck of sorts, a misshapen head being carefully etched out. "Not too bad!" She says happily, turning to catch sight of those approaching. "Buckets? There might be some around here." She says to Arkoss, scanning the sand around her. As she twists and turns about her hand manages to smack into the dragon, her head falling off and forming a little pile of sand. "Oh, it is just for fun! And I am not telling what the prize is." She giggles the last, looking up at the Vinter Candidate with a smile. "Nal, love, do you think you could get me another drink." She pointedly moves her eyes in the direction of Lorena. "And probably another one for Lor too!" Such a little sneak this one!

Delynni points to several abandoned buckets. "There Arkoss." and carefully smooths the sand with a kabob stick. The mound becomes elongated, and carefully she cuts away at the back. "I think, there's no way to make the wings stand up, but folded?" Claws akin to the old world sphinx take shape in the front, as the tiny beastcrafter carves out something….. dragonlike. But its kinda lopsided, and it hasn't got very good symmetry. "Uh oh." Delynni accidentally shaves apiece off. "Maybe if I make it look like the heads looking sideways? Oh what am I going to do for headnobs?" Her fingers poke out eyeridges. "It needs….. oh oh oh!!! I know what to do for eyes!" She whistles. "Hyakki, help me find some shells, the flat fan shaped ones!" The green firelizard jumps into the water instead, creeling mockinglike at her foodthing. "Oh you!" Delynni hops back and forth at the edge of the water, feeling with her hands for a shell.

Nalkor lifts a brow at Arkoss' jibe, clearly amused at the other man's declaration. Side glancing at Lorena, he shares his amusement with drink covered smirk. Instead, to Arkoss, he merely waves a hand, as if to say, 'thanks for the compliment.' Of course, the moment his arm is nabbed, he can't very well yank it free - that is, Lorena does it soon after her initial tug. At least he's gracious enough to keep Lorena company by standing some where near the snout of her sand dragon. He casually flicks his gaze up toward Myesha, nodding silghtly, "Sure." One word, straight faced, nod. He pivots to go back to the food and drink table, regarding F'ai and Z'kiel off handedly when he nears the area again.

Z'kiel may not notice F'ai, but the greenrider takes the time to make note of the other man, giving him a simple nod and a faint smile while he pours himself a glass of punch, "Hey, Z'kiel. Not going to join in the… fun?" He lingers over this last word for a few seconds before he moves away from the table, free arm curling around his ribs while he idly wanders towards those who are trying to put together something for the competition, his movements easy and smooth, gait long-legged. He pauses when he very nearly runs into Nalkor, of course, nodding amiably to the younger man and smiling yet again only to ease on closer in, curious about what's going on.

"Ah." Arkoss does indeed see the barrels! Aha! Going over to appropriate one, he dips it in the lake then brings it over, dribbling it on sand and proceeding to shape it. See, he is an Expert at this. Igen, there's not much around /but/ sand.

"Me?" Z'kiel shakes his head, pouring a glass of his own once F'ai is done. "Sand dragons aren't my thing, really." He too nods to Nalkor, following the greenrider back to watch the competition. "What about you? Going to make a sand…thing?"

Delynni finds the shells she's looking for. Quickly she finishes cutting away the head, the forepaws, the wings. So now its a dragon's head, resting on his paws. The two extra sticks from her kabobs form headnobs. Shells form eyes. The wings were the most difficult, and are kinda traced with a stick on the dragon's side. The neckridges are traced on his back. Still a little lopsided. The tail works okay for about a foot, and then it crumbles off. "aaaaaw." She groans in disappointment. She points to her hands dragon. "See Myesha?" She takes the stick she used as a digging tool and writes. "Delynnith" on the dragon's side near his neck. "Tadah!" She giggles, pointing to it. "Myesha look! He's kinda crumbly and lopsided but he's cuuuuute!"

Nalkor side steps around F'ai, smirking with a heft of his cup as if to salute the man and the avoidance of any collision. A nod then spared for the other rider, side stepping him too just in case. Either way, he fills three cups with punch.

Myesha watches happily as Nalkor heads off to fetch some more special brew. Her face dancing as she watches his walk, hey, a girl can look! "Lynni, yours is coming along real nicely!" She comments, catching a glance at Delynni's work. "Better shape up you guys or she is gonna win!" She herself continues to make her own dragon, repairing the head, adding some wings and finally finishing off with a fat and short tail. "Finished!" She announces happily, getting up to better look at her creation. It doesn't look like much, more like an over feed wherry then the lithe green she was going for but hey, she's not the one going after the prize! Looking over at Delynni's she smiles happily. "Nice job! Just gotta wait till these slowpokes are done to decide who the winner is." And she eyes the others that are working on their dragons, nodding approval.

"A sand… thing?" F'ai says with some amusement as he looks aside at Z'kiel, taking a drink of punch only to eye it absently before turning his attention back to the competition, "No, likely not. Seems a bit…" Um. "Childish." Yes, that'll do. He takes another drink calmly before he takes a moment to consider the finished dragons, ruffling his hair out of his eyes fro the sole purpose of getting it out of his eyes - he needs a haircut. Exhaling huffily, he glances skywards towards his lifemate, eyes going hazy while a faint, laughing smile crosses his lips, though he doesn't actually say anything out loud.

Arkoss finally finishes his dragon, making its pose that of a dragon stretched out flat, wings spread on either side and limbs sprawled in front and behind with neck and tail stretched out as well in opposite directions. A very /relaxed/ dragon. He considers, then goes towards the nearest tree, divesting it of as many leaves as he can, then coming back and covering the sand dragon. "There. It's a green."

Keziah wanders back out to the beach after having her right side oiled up, even if she is still itching and grumbling at it. She wanders in close enough to espy Ark's dragon "A green, lovely, she looks perfect for you." she remarks with a grin. "Little small, but then that would be par for the course?" she asks and looks oh so sweet.

"Yeah. A Sand thing." Z'kiel agrees with a nod to his Wingmate. "I mean, I don't think they're /all/ dragons. Some of them look more like Whers." There's a sip of punch then, after delivering this profound assessment.

Lorena blinks between the two as Myesha asks Nalkor to retrieve them drinks. Hm, can't complain. She resumes her construction, making it more of an embossed or carved figure than a stand along sculpture. That'd be difficult after all. She works away 'cutting' the sand with her hands long his swaning neck and over a set of shoulders, wings, forlegs tucked up as if flying. It's kinda basic looking. She does back in to smooth the edges and peel the sand back around it. Ultimately, it's a decent illustration… head might be a bit big and the wings all sorts of messed up as she'd never really thought about how his wingspars go, just that they do? And the feet? Lets not go there. "Hrm." She mutters, looking at it. "I need an eye." She jogs off into the water and wades around, peering through the waves for…. "There we go!" She returns and places an shell, interior iridescent side up. "There. Okay. I'm good as I'm gonna get over here." Where's her drink? Hrmph.

Myesha moves about, inspecting the creations of those that are done. "Ooh nice!" She comments on Arkoss. "Actually looks like a dragon." Giggling she moves on stopping at Delynni's and peering down at the dragon. "Hmm, his tail has fallen off… maybe he got into an accident?" She suggests, smiling widely at her before moving over to Lorena. "Oh wow Lor, that is pretty good! But, the feet…" She states, taking in the figure in the sand. She seems torn now, her eyes moving to each dragon in turn. Finally when she is done judging she moves over to Arkoss. "I think you are the winner, love." She says with a sly grin and without much more she leans in and gives him a peck on the lips. "Good prize, huh?" She giggles happily before turning to the others. "Cake time!" And she moves off towards the table, ready a slice.

F'ai shakes his head slightly as if to negate something, then a bit more firmly, then points out to ocean, wherein his own green sulkily spirals down to splash, warbling something liltingly before F'ai calls after her, "Watch your language!" Her tail mocks him as she meanders away from the beach, ticking back and forth tauntingly, and he glowers a moment or two before turning back to Zeke, "Think we could get away with a sand thing? Any children about?"

Eh what?! Arkoss blinks suddenly as he's kissed and jumps back, looking surprised. "Ack! Er, thanks, uh, it uh…" he babbles for a bit, flushing. Man…he's surrounded by CRAZY WOMEN.

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