Weyrling Lesson: Unmanned Flight



Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Grounds

Cradled in a cup shaped bite out of the mountain, this wide, grassy flat has become home for Xanadu's weyrling dragons. It's set surprisingly high above the level of the beach, visible from the eastern side of the grounds where a long path snakes its way down the hill to the sand dunes below. All other sides to the grounds are bordered by the hard granite cliffs, two entrances clearly visible. One is merely human sized and leads deep into the mountain, to the Caverns. The other is broad and high, the entrance to the Weyrling Barracks.

Loyauth rumbles as Lorena is the first out of the barracks, leading the way for the little ones and their lifemates inside. She moves over to the big dark brown who lowers his head for her to stroke. A glance at the sky causes a sigh from the sailor. "Could have been better skies… but at least the wind stopped (shh! It did too!). Should have done this the other day when it was nice." Rumble. "Mm… you're right. Okay…" She turns to face the weyrlings. "Gather 'round everyone… gonna talk to you all before we get started. Make sure everyone's clear on the rules… and the consequences of breaking them… because at this crucial lesson it's not just duties you'll have in store… it could be the health or life of your dragon." Mm… ominous. And yet true.

And so weyrlings file out. Or some of them do. Y'ki and Ecoatleth don't really fit the bill for anything close to neat and..filed. Which is probably why Y'ki nearly ends up flat on his face at first, due to the blue's rather insistant shoving, prodding, and taloned feet stepping on the back of his heels. "Would you just slow /down/? Sky's not going anywhere." Although, once /outside/ and the sky is visble, the dragon gives a creeling little wail. The sky /did/ go somewhere! The pretty../pretty/ colored sky, anywhere. "..Oh would you knock it off already?"

Ch'tra is one of the first dutiful weyrlings out the doors from the barracks, Lihauth trundling alongside his partner who has one hand on the bronze's misty shoulder. "Eh dunno, Li." Chai says quietly. "Eh go' meh guesses, bu' none for sure." He tacks on as he stops and the looks to Lorena as she starts in on some lecture, which he - yes - does pay accute attention to.

Holding her head up high, Szayelth takes up the rear as it were. She and her rider are the last of the group out of the barracks, mostly due to the fact the green was still terribly attached to her plush crow and could not understand why she could not take it with her to the lesson. Shimmering red eyes fix on Lorena for all of two seconds before she snorts, looking for a second as if she had every intension of turning right around and heading back into the barracks. A single brow lifting from D'len is all it takes to get Szayelth into line, though not particularly looking pleased about it.

Lorena nods as everyone files into place, although some less gracefully than others… or less eagerly. These get smirks at most though. The lot were going a good job at keeping their partners in check despite. She clears her throat. "Alright… today is your first unmanned flight… and as exciting as it is, it's also potentially dangerous. Dragons are made to fly, but it takes as much practice as human babies need to walk. Just… they've got more apendages?" She shrugs. "Anyhow… Loyauth is going to demonstrate… but the biggest job -you- all have, as their partners, is being their support and also their reins. When it's time to come back down you need to get them back down. As I said, Lo will demonstrate and then we'll do take offs one by one… once the dragon before yours is stead in the air, Lo and I will give the signal for the next. When it's time to land it will be done the same. Is everyone clear on that?"

Y'ki has to finally grab onto Ecoatleth's head, forcibly shutting the blue's maw in order to help him quiet down. "Shut. Up." Hiss. He shakes his head though, giving his lifemate a faint pat on the neck afterward, before glancing in Lorena's direction again. "See? There you go. I don't care how much you like it, you get your blue butt back /down/ here when you're told. Got it?" Oh yes, there's much more eyeing on his part, measuring the blue's ability to behave himself. Ecoatleth just snorts, whuffing air into the boy's hair a bit. Psh, silly. Lorena is then given a nod, before Y'ki turns to lean a bit on the dragon. "We're good."

Ch'tra chuckles as Lihauth croons eagerly, his wings already rustling against his back as he shifts his weight constantly as well. "Yah, yah Li. T'day i'n't th'day t'go explorin' though." Chai's face crinkles up in soft laughter and amusement. "Eh don' doub' yeh /could/ carry meh, bu' Eh won' let yeh just yet." It appears that the misty bronze is just a weee bit …. ancy to get out and exploring, and flying with his partner.

Szayelth sits delicately in line along with some of her clutch mates, pointedly not looking at Lorena or Loyauth. You see that leaf over there is much more interesting. D'len however, is playing attention his single eye flick from dragon to assistant Weyrlingmaster and back again. The healer carefully listens to the instructions, expression perhaps a bit to concentrated considering but there it is all the same. When the question is poised however, a single hand drifts to the green's neck causing her to begrudgingly turn her head in the general direction of the front. "Yes ma'am." he says with a bob of his head.

As the lot seem prepared, Loyauth moves off onto the grounds with a no nonsense rumble. "Alright… spread out. I want to see you all do your stretches. Flying is strenuous business. No sense in tearing something and being laid up for several seven-days right? We want to get flying and then keep flying. So lets get the boring stuff out of the way… Lo?" The dragon leads them through the stretch pattern as Lory carefully walks among the pairs. "Ramanduth NEEDS to do this, E'us…" She tells the brownling. "If he doesn't I won't let him go up." Grudgingly the pudgey brown gets to his feet and goes through the stretches.

N'kor smirks down into the palm of his hand where an opal gem just slightly smaller than his palm's circumference rests. Fingers curl around the opal with a raucous sound grating the surroundings as putting the gem away causes great displeasure to Nasrinth. In fact, the bronze, now twice as big as he was just a sevenday ago, leans the curve of his skull against N'kor's shoulder, pushing N'kor quite a few steps down the line before the man gives his dragon a consequential frown. Nasrinth flops his wings aside in a near tantrum throwing gesture, his head stooped with one set of eyelids closed. The dragon shows his great disdain by clawing at the ground around his feet, doing his best to sulk. N'kor abruptly bursts into hearty laughter that echos in the field right when Lorena is talking about a demonstration and such - therefore missing much of what was said. Seconds later a foolish 'oops' expression takes N'kor's face as he straightens himself up alittle, a grin failing to disappear completely.

"Like we haven't been doing /that/ every day.." Y'ki grunts, his disapproval evident in the entire affair. Really, they should just all jump off a cliff, and see who flies. Wouldn't /that/ be more suspenseful? Ecoatleth shakes his rider away from him in order to get room enough to spread his wings then, yawning at the same time as the sails extend to their fullest. Stretchy-stretch! Oh yes, all in working order.

Ch'tra and Lihauth, compliant as always, fan out a little farther (or quite a bit farther as far as human distances go) to give other dragons a bit of wing room. Lihauth is already minorly limbering up his wings as they move to an open location, at which point Li fully spreads his impressive wingspan and starts earnestly with the exercises. Ah yes, the pair is behaving themselves as always, even as Ch'tra spare a look around the clearing to see how the other weyrlings fare. "Bu' yeh gotta a'mit, Y'ki, tha' its necessary!" The rider raises his voice enough to be heard by the other. He would personally hate to see his dragon plummet down to doom because of unstrengthened wings.

"Yes love, that means you." D'len says with a nod at the complain-edged rumble from his lifemate. Szayelth all but groans and moves with the healer off to the side where her still slightly over large wings won't ping anyone as much as the green would have enjoyed it. She goes through the motions, but doesn't much seem excited by the prospect of flying for the first time today. No, in fact it looks like this whole thing is much the bother for the dark lady. As long as she's doing as she's told, D'len ignores the grumbling and whatever snide remarks the female might make, a gentle touch here and there is all she needs to at least work those wings rather than just look like she is.

Zevida tilts her head as Lorena speaks, giving instructions before glancing at Avaeth with a slight smile and an inclination of her head. There's a silent conversation that has Zevida beaming a grin at her lifemate, gently patting her neck before moving aside, silent instructions continuing. Slowly, the gold moves and stretches out, big and proud. She's got to go first, because she's declared it. Silently. Zevida simply continues grinning, checking over Avaeth's form before tilting her head to examine the others, Avaeth mimicing the gesture with tilts of her head, this way and that to see all of the others.

N'kor regards the others now, his blue gaze sweeping over each face as his hand ruffles through his scruffy well slept in head of hair. "Ch'tra, it seems like Lihauth is eager to go. He's looking good there." The man nods to the other bronze weyrling, deciding to keep his gaze flowing, observing the others as he often does. A smirk for D'len's sake as he watches the healer attempt his green into proper position. Nasrinth is still sulking over his gem, keeping a sly eye on N'kor's pocket as the man, catching Zevida's eye maybe, "You better get her up in the sky first. She won't like to go last." A friendly chuckle given to the gold weyrling pair, as his eyes focus in on Y'ki and his blue next. "Jump off a cliff? Are you nuts?" The man carries a rueful expression his face as he ushers Nasrinth back to do the thing of wings.

Lorena nods to Y'ki as she comes by them, watching Ecoatleth. "Yep… and it's important every day. Especially right before flying. Hate to see this fellow pull or tear something simply because of lack of patience. She looks up at the late arrival of N'kor and his. Disappointment is clear, but it's not even annoyed disappointment so evident of many… it's actually the literal let down of expectation. She turns away, letting Loyauth growl at Nasrinth and his. « Git out thar now, boy! Spread those wings or we'll have yeh both repeatin' this here class fer dual seven'days, yeh hear me! Git on with yeh! » Lorena keeps wandering around, pointedly not going near N'kor and his. Loyauth can do that job for her. She stops beside Szayelth, looking her over before a quiet word with Loyauth. The dragon and rider discuss things with some small gestures and at last Lorena walks to N'kor and Nasrinth. As she does she calls out the order. "We'll have Ecoatleth, Lihauth, Szayelth, Avaeth in one group. And in that order. Watch Loyauth now!" She turns back to N'kor and Nasrinth. "Lets go… if you do this fast enough I'll put you last with them…" She's not beyond looking at him… it's not -that- big of a deal, but her gaze is rather hard. Meanwhile Loyauth, wings stil spread, trots, lopes, rocks back on his haunches and vaults skyward. « Yeh gotta git yer weight back on your rear'end or yeh'll not have the power ta go up. » He circles once. « Yeh let yer wings do the holdin'… couple beats ifn yeh feel any strain or drop… Some more for those o' yeh who're smaller… Alrigh'… Ecoat'eth? Yer firs'! »

Y'ki tilts his head to look back at N'kor, a slow grin twitching at the boy's lips as his clutchmate calls him..well..crazy. "Hey, nothing wrong with a /little/ excitement." Because jumping off cliffs is just a little, right? Really, give him a parachute and just let him hop off dragons in midflight or something. Still, when Ecoatleth is called, he glances first at the dragon, and then on down the line, a brief look afforded in the direction of his brother. Then it's the blue he gives a light smack to. "Well, get going then!" Yes, up, up and away! And really, that's just what Ecoatleth does! ..Okay, no, his first attempt at loping forward causes him to trip over his own two feet, landing him snout-first in the dirt. ..Snort. Well That wasn't supposed to happen. Getting up again, the blue takes a quick look around, to make sure /none/ of the people who are…watching..saw that. Of course they didn't. Y'ki just stands right where he has been, rubbing the bridge of his nose a little. Second try, the young dragon manages to /not/ trip over his feet, and then..well. He's off the ground with an almost startled squeaky chirp as he vaults away and into the air. Really, he knew what was /supposed/ to happen, but having actually done it is a different thing. Airborne!

Zevida smirks at N'kor before turning towards Avaeth. "You'll have to settle with being almost last." Not last, entirely. At least the way she's worded it. Happy enough with that, she nudges Avaeth to pay attention and they're both turning to Loyauth, listening and then watching Ecoatleth carefully. Ava nudges her lifemate in a silent, he's not doing it right kind of manner before the woman waves her off. A slight huff and the gold distracts herself elsewhere, for now, at least.

Considering how much effort it takes to keep both Szayelth calm and focused, it's no wonder that D'len has little energy to do much else than listen to instructions as they come. A single moment is spared to N'kor however, catching the smirk at it's peak that furrows the greenling's brows. Focus. Yes. The green herself is clearly not pleased as Lorena stops to play mental tag with the brown male there, nor of the gestures. How dare they talk about her behind her back in front of her face! D'len, really, does try not to laugh. The exercises falter as she folds her wings against her back, red eyes whirling with a few indignant snorts through her nostrils. The attempt not to laugh works for all of a few seconds before the healer is chuckling to himself and giving Szayelth a comforting pat to the neck. Now, now.

Lihauth, oh so intent on getting flight the first time up, takes a few imaginary steps, echoing what Loyauth just showed them all before he rears onto his haunches in simulation of launching himself. "Heyhey!" Ch'tra chuckles as he backs up, giving the bronze enough room to lower himself back down with a rather audible thump of gracelessness. "Thanks, N'kor, bu' he's gettin' real ancy!" He shoots a look at the young dragon. A fond, yet expasperated look. "Bi' hard t'tell t'settle down." « But we get to /fly/, Ch'tra! » Breezes by everyone's mind in a quick bubbling stream of excitement. "Noooo. /Yeh/ ge' t'fly. /Eh/ ge' t'watch." As ancy as others can probably figure Chai to be about flying, the weyrling is being remarkably … restrained, as he turns his head to watch Eco do his thing.

Nasrinth gives up on his opal for now, giving his mate a good nudge as he walks passed, the bronze flinging open his wings a little more skillfully than he had the last lesson prior. N'kor args a little as he catches his balance from his mate, a scowling inside-joke smirk expression reads clear as he blinks upon finding Lorena coming down on him. He shrugs, "Ok. Well. If he's not going to be allowed up, might as well let me go oil him." There's a little non-chalant attitude from the vintner, easy going even when he's being stared down by Lorena. As for returning the comments to the others, he eyebrow lifts at Y'ki, "Alright. Maybe you're right. A little excitement right now would be welcoming!" He winks at the other lad, putting his hands up as Lorena's right there, the man turning himself to head off with his bronze where the beast does his stretch - wing thing some more. The man considers over his shoulder the young Ecoatleth up first, getting airborne after a small amount of difficulty. To Ch'tra he nods, "He won't be after today. I can imagine him flinging himself all about the Weyr until he learns every nook and cranny of it." A grin shed once more for D'len as he gives the younger man a wave in passing. This is supposed to be all business and no fun - right. The man side glances toward Zevida too, amusement shown then.

Loyauth rumbles encouragingly to Ecoatleth as he face plants. « S'alright, boy. Git up, brush it off… ain't no harm been done, save pride maybe. » And as the blue gets it this time he gives a bit of a mental whistle in a dusty whirl-wind. « Alrigh' boyo! Good job! Now c'mon, circle with me… an' easy glide is all… few beats… thar… » Meanwhile, Lorey might have been amiable, but now not so much at the comment given to her lifemate's commands. To her, it was unnecessary. "Enough lip…" She snaps, irritably. "Loyauth…" She turns around. "Change in order… Nasrinth is next." The brown looks about from where he circles with the blue. « Ah… Lory? » Glare. Oh yeah, and thoughts that go with that glare. « Alrigh'… Nasrinth… lets go, boyo. » Lorena moves out of the way.

Ecoatleth bugles, ending in another vague chirruping click as his wings continue to move, unsteady as he is in this new..flight thing. Eep! Glide? Whazzat? There's another unsteady movement before he manages to settle into that slow turning glide, Y'ki watching from below..quietly, if rather tensely. Certainly he's allowed to worry over his lifemate's wellbeing, even if he does keep it silent.

But.. but /Lihauth/ was supposed to be next. The misty bronze drops even less gracefully than his first time from a rear 'launch', making the ground vibrate slightly from his sheer mass. Ch'tra's jaw just clentches as he looks over at Lorena. She has her reasons. She has her reasons. One can see that thought spirialing within the other bronzer's head through his silver eyes. Lihauth openly grumbles, a low growl emitting from his throat. After a few moments Chai closes his eyes, and just takes in a nice /deep/ breath, the exhales like he's trying to expel everything from his being.

Zevida tilts her head as she watches Ecoatleth, smiling faintly before snapping her head slightly in Lorena's direction. She says nothing towards the woman and Avaeth's tail flicks slightly before they both turn back to watch the blue pair in the sky, not turning back to the assistant Weyrlingmaster. A hand lifts to gently run along Avaeth's neck, a silent conversation proceeding between the two and Avaeth's tail flicks more rapidly while her eyes whirl a faint red, swirling slowly. There's a feeling that one should not really approach the pair that seem to radiate annoyance.

N'kor is about to say something to Lorena in return, to question her or retort back - but all the same, his lips close together as he notes her tone of voice and is wise enough to keep his own in check. Instead, when she snaps at him, he gives her a little salute and a hard toned, "Yes Ma'am." He doesn't run toward Nasrinth's side, considering the dragon is well on his own now - well down the length of the field with his jauncy stretches. N'kor's arms go behind his back, clasping together as his legs part slightly - an 'at attention' stance if one could compare it to an army stance. He doesn't even watch his dragon; confidence showing as Nasrinth turns at some mental conversation before Loyauth speaks to him just as well. Nasrinth appears to be coming into his own as his confidence from his awkwardness before is almost non-existant when it comes to this, when it comes to his stretching. Oh but then there's flying involved - the ever elusive wonder of the sky. There's no slow motion about it. Before anyone can tell him not to, the dragon completely takes advantage of his abrupt turn to fly and is airborne with a fine spray of dust. He's not perfect but he's up there and flying, testing what happens with ever wobble of wing and tail.

D'len gives Szayelth's rump a swat to get her to stop glaring at the instructor and her dragon, and start getting her into position behind Lihauth. That single green eye of his darts over towards N'kor as the man passes by and waves, again causing the greenling's brows to furrow. For some reason he quickly focuses on, the top of Y'ki's black spiky head. Ah, the great pointyness of it all. Perhaps he starts to count the strands he can make out from here, or admires the bluish sheen of the highlights that can be occasionally made out. Whatever D'len finds there on his brother's head sets his jaw firm and his sight straight ahead. Szayelth on the other hand, well, she's had enough of staring at Lihauth's backside for the whole ten seconds she was back there. Lowering her head, the dark female tosses it a bit with a scratch at the ground and then pushes her body past the bronze and glares at him as she does. The look says it all without her needing to sully herself by touching her mind to his. She will hurt him if he tries to go before him, and from the way D'len's eye widens and his brows lift if only to sink a moment later, she might very well mean it. "I'm sorry, Ch'tra…" he mouths, pursing his lips before jogging on up ahead to catch up to his lifemate.

Loyauth gives a bit of a mental chuckle at the young bronze, clearly light hearted enough for both him and his rider. Lory needs to chill, yep. « Well, tha' was unique, indeed… good job boyo! Pump them wings and you'll git straighten'd out. Then jus' glide… glide… small 'justments go a looongways thar… » Lorena goes to say something but stops as Loyauth shoots her a look. You're being difficult. They need us now. She instead takes a deep breath, watching the dragon as he gets himself situated. She looks over to N'kor, walking deliberately back up to him. She stands right beside him a long moment. Him at attention and her, arms folded. But as she goes to say something Szayelth is charging ahead of Lihauth. "Szayelth! D'len!" She yells, probably uncomfortably close to poor N'kor with the voice fit for a bosun. But Loyauth's skyward so not much can be done. She's coming up. « Szayelth, jus' can' wait any longer, eh? Dunno what we was thinkin' puttin' ladies last. C'mon lass… car'ful now… »

Ch'tra may sit back and take it a bit more sedately, but Lihauth has had enough of waiting. His normally calm blue-green eyes whirl quickly with a streak of red as Szayelth tries to budge in line. Talons are carefully concealed, but he none the less shoves the dark green out of the way before he takes the few leaping bounds needed to get going before his haunches tighten and he launches himself with a powerful thrust and a *CRAK* of his wingsails opening to catch the air drifts. As his dragon launches from the ground with an amazing grace for one so pissed off, Ch'tra looks to D'len, a bit floor. "Eh … think Eh migh' be th'one appologizin'…" He manages to get out as the misty bronze gets on the same level as the other currently floating around, his eyes still swirling an irritated red. /Great/. Now his first flight has been sullied!

Y'ki slowly moves his tongue out past his lips, giving them a faint lick. His eyes remain on the sky, clearly focused on only his lifemate for the time being. And then, his head tips, eyes narrowing. "He's tired." The comment, however quiet, earns a lamenting creel from above. Ecoatleth is /not!/ …Well he is. But that's besides the point. He doesn't /want/ to come down. Never the less, Y'ki turns a look on Lorena, not appearing too patient about things..but that might have something to do with the squabbling going on about /who/ gets to be next in line. "Eco's coming down, these guys are taking too long." After all, he's quite new to the flying thing. Staying up in the air too long is a bit taxing.

Avaeth huffs, loudly, finally turning her head and voicing something. « Lihauth, you are being an utter twit. No only will you be punished, as will your rider. » She snaps buffetting all with the wild sandstorm before it retreats quickly and back into silence, the rage evident in the voice of the young gold. Zevida does nothing, she simply turns her head towards Avaeth and places a hand on her lifemate's hide. The pair then turn to address Szayelth and her rider, careful gazes sweeping over them before Zevida turns straight towards Lorena. "This is /your/ fault." She snaps, finally, the anger of Avaeth reflected in her own words and the look she gives the woman before her. "If you had just kept the order you first intended, Lihauth would not be getting so finiky and then he would be up by now and everything would be running smoothly. I don't /care/ what you feel for N'kor, but, I haven't been learning these /shardin'/ Weyr policies and other such nonesense for nothing. You put your feelings aside or you talk to the Weyrlingmaster in replacing you until N'kor graduates or you can keep your feelings out of it." And then she quiets, a stern look is all she gives to let everyone know she's finished before she's turning to tend to Avaeth.

S'ya is busy watching Loyauth guide her fellow weyrling's lifemates, her brow furrowed a bit. She hugs herself rather tightly, foot tapping the ground impatiently. Someone's nervous. Sophyrinth, however, is anything but nervous. The tiny green's hear swivels this way and that, watching her clutch siblings try their wings for the first time. For the first time in a long time she is actually paying attention to what's going on for more than a few seconds. The green gives off a loud trumpet, her wings beating hard against the ground as she rears back. "You must wait your turn, and take this seriously Sophyrinth. I want you to listen carefully and do as you are told." S'ya's voice is much harsher than usual, her body rather tense. The green finally comes back down on all fours but continues to watch the others anxiously, she wants her turn. S'ya's hazel eyes glance over to Zevida as she blames the rider for the current bickering between the bronze and green, not as curious as usual to see what the outcome will be, too busy with focusing on her lifemate.

D'len winces as they get yelled at, but when Lihauth dares to actually shove Szayelth out of the way and takes to the sky before her, the healer doesn't have long to think about what that might mean in way of punishment. The green roars in absolute outrage, leaning back on her haunches as if she had every intention of pursuing the bronze and taking him down quite literally. D'len looks downright ill, swaying a bit one might guess with the sheer force of the dark green's mindvoice at present, just about throwing himself over her to stop her from actually launching up into the air. Jaws snap at the one-eyed greenling, shockingly close to his head in fact but the sharp teeth make contact with nothing more but the air a few inches away. Using every once of strength to not shrink back, D'len slaps Szayelth hard. The result? A snort and she moves off, ignoring everyone in favor of her couch and plushie. Shaken obviously, the greenling is left to sit there with his legs folded under him in the soft grass and staring after where his lifemate had disappeared. A hand comes up to cover his mouth, unable to look back at the others as he pushes himself to his feet and takes off at a dead run back towards the barracks.

N'kor had a reason for not watching his dragon on take off, because in mere moments the young bronze has flown over head and is heading the way he's currently looking. Not much longer after the blue lands does Nasrinth do much of the same. Nothing out of order, though the landing is certainly not smooth, but nothing hurts at the end of it.

Loyauth blinks at the chaos down below as it rises to the heights. He offers similar encouragements to the other young bronze, but also a warning. « Cool yer heels son… Brash acts lik'ta that'un can cause injury. Keep your min' on yer wings. Gradual now… gradual… » Lorena looks around to Y'ki instantly. "Then we'll get him down." This -shouldn't- have taken this long… but weyrling classes never go as planned she's begining to learn. She checks with Loyauth who rumbles encouraging to Ecoatleth. « C'mon son… follow me down now… Nasrinth… you too, boyo. Lihauth, fly a couple circles and come back 'round. » And the brown drops, wings tucking a little as the air spills from them. He flares a few times to slow his descent and then snaps them broad to bring his upper body up so his haunches can drop. « Just b'for yeh touch, wings open, bring that neck up'righ or you'll hit the dirt hard! » Meanwhile, more drama is being started. Lorena whirls on Zevida as she dares to speak so to her. "Weyrling! Come here NOW!" Yep, you may be shiney, but she's in charge.

Ecoatleth makes a fairly unsteady turn, and then creels faintly once Loyauth lands. Wait, can he see that again? ..Well, no time for that, at any rate. His altitude was already dropping anyway, and his wings manage to slow him down rightly enough before..well..he plows right into the dirt again. Gaining proper footing..is just something he'll have to learn. There's a loud snorting of dust and a cough from the dragon, although Y'ki doesn't make a fuss. No, he knows his lifemate is fine, if tired, and he waits for the blue to return to him. "Geez, you should've just come down on your /own/. ..That looked horrible, by the way." /So/ ungraceful. Ah well. Y'ki glances about, staring at Zevida a bit as the goldrider..rants, eyes widening vaguely. And then D'len runs off… "Ugh. Well, at least you got in the air." He tilts his head, eyeing his tired lifemate.

Lihauth isn't in much better mood than Lorena is. « Just because she has the temperment of death itself, doesn't mean she can do what she likes! » The misty bronze shoots back at the gold with a torrential downpour of hair whipping rains. « She needs to learn civility! » And the bronze makes sure the dark green can hear that one, though it may only provoke her more. "Lihauth!" Ch'tra finally regains speach functions, sounding scandalized. "Land." The former-hunter tries to command of his partner, who is in the process of doing the proscribed laps. « No. » Comes the simple answer, the angry bronze not bothering to constrict who he broadcasts to. And Chai has had enough. "LAND!" Is bellowed, in a voice that almost matches Lorena's. That bellow does manage to starte Lihauth, who blinks, most of the red immediately leaving his eyes as he starts the downward glide, managing to touch down with just a little bit of stumbling over his limbs, but otherwise fine. « You can't let people walk over us so.. » "Eh can! 'Nd /yeh/ will appo'gize t'D'len!" Ooo, squabbles. At least D'len manages to do his discreetly.

Zevida glances at Lorena, a blank look and she moves forward towards Lorena. "I expect punishment, ma'am. What would you have me do?" Is all she asks, Avaeth watching quietly, leaning in to peer at the woman before her rider, almost going so far as to block Zevida with her wing. Though, with restraint, she doesn't move just like no apology comes forth from the weyrling. Her gaze does not move to check on the others, but Avaeth is with tilts of her head. But, nothing more. Slowly, the gold does turn once more and watches Lihauth intently.

N'kor just looks … pale? Angry? Silently raging inside? Whatever the case may be, he excuses himself, "Lorena, Nasrinth is complaining about an itch underneath his wing - a bad itch.." And he's the cure for the itch? The man considers Zevida as he walks off, following behind Nasrinth who does an awful bout of whining as he lifts a wing and checks underneath the sails…

S'ya is biting down on her bottom lip a little, watching Ecoatleth's bumpy landing. She glances down at her lifemate before looking back up at the sky. "Alright, steady, she will be fine." She coaches herself, nodding her head as if agreeing with those words. The little green whips her violet splotched tail about rapidly, scanning the sky above her anxiously. «Now? Can I go?» She asks Loyauth, her eyes whirling about wildly. The green pair seem rather disconnected from all the bickering, S'ya trying to keep her anxieties in check and Sophyrinth ready to out fly everyone.

[DTU/Project] Lihauth senses that Avaeth approaches, the storm more gentle this time, a welcoming embrace. Avaeth feels for you… « She is in charge, but, she must learn that she needs to keep order. What you did was not appropriate to do to Szayelth. Apologize to her when you are able. » A pause, the storm slowly growing. « It is wrong to fight amongst one another, I understand you wish to fly. You have flown… Listen to your rider, he does know what is best for you. » And, slowly, she retreats but the storm is still there, should Lihauth decide to continue their chatter.

Loyauth visibly winces at the blue's landing. Not like he's not seen that one before really. But all the same. « Ke'p up the practice, boyo. You'll get it. Yeh did real well over all… Have yers oil ya good'like an' take a dip in the water sum… cool th'muscles off. » Lorena is too distracted by Zevida to punish Ch'tra and his… at least for now. Mind she's mightily annoyed at all of this group… save Y'ki… and well, N'kor earned himself back in her good graces. Or more, his dragon did. S'ya, who she'd planned to put in the next group, has been spared as well… as has the rest of them… even E'us and his lazy lump. Loyauth rumbles to the pale bronze. « Yers knows wat 'es talkin' 'bout. Soon, boyo… keep t'yer lessons as we teach 'em. Know sometimes it don' look like we know wat'wer saying but 'onestly we do. Jus' patience. » The little green pipes up to him and he swings his large dark head around. « Yeh lass, c'mon up with me, why don'cha… Lor can decide who all else… Now, follow meh'lead. » The brown displays much the same… trot, lope, leap skyward till air catches on sails. « C'mon darlin' » He encourages. Lorena meanwhile…. "First of all…" She growls low to the goldling "I would have done the same to any of you! Surely the barracks would have taught you as much, or have you forgotten the floor scrubbing I made you all do?" His amber eyes are blazing, and for her slight height she eminates a stronger, bolder sense. She turns to look at N'kor, his expression and the fear that rises inside of her only making her angrier. How dare she care enough to -be- afraid. How dare this girl make her afraid, how dare… how dare… damn T'eo! "As for your punishment, that will be well decided. For now, get your gold IN THE BARRACKS NOW!" The last bellowed in rage. Yep. No flying for you today.

Zevida smiles slightly, "you would punish us and have us go second?" She retorts, turning to Avaeth. "Come, love. We're done here." No disappointment from the gold, she simply turns her head away from Lihauth and peers down at Lorena carefully with a whirling eye. Then, she straightens, as does Zevida. Though, there's nothing said for a moment. "You let him off easy, that is the problem, ma'am. He comes late, he goes second. Lihauth threw a fit and shoved Szayelth, thus, making more problems. I do not /know/ what the dragon was thinking, but, I imagine he was next. According to your order, he was next." A cool, blank look and she turns. "Perhaps you should think about that." Nothing more and the pair retreat to the barracks without protest.

[DTU/Project] Avaeth senses that Lihauth doesn't break the contact like some others would. His normally sedate and bubbling-brook mind is facing winds that could match a hurricane and the whipping rain to match. « And you are a /fine/ one to be reinforcing that order, Weryling. » A baritone voice scathes against her mind, a random flute lost in the wilderness trilling shrilly, almost painfully. « And while I /will/ appologize to the rider for what he has to put up with that is my mistake, I will /not/ tolerate a gold who has not yet risen to be Queen of this Weyr! » And then the storm is abruptly gone, not even a bubble of the stream or a whisper of the flute left.

From nowhere, Lihauth's growl comes back in a viscious sense, his reddened gaze directed at the young gold. Ch'tra is looking rather intently at his dragon, arms crossed over his chest as his facial expression still says that he is /not/ amused in the slightest. "/You/, of all dra'ons, shoul' at leas' /try/ t'be civil like yeh lec'ure' 'fore shovin' others 'round like tha'!" The hunter is a only slightly pale under his tan from how close that green came to springing into flight and taking his boy down. Chai has enough scars for the pair. "Poor D'len is gonna be payin' for yo'r rudeness, 'nd /yeh/ nearly go' yo'r tail bit'en off for th'trouble!" So… in reality, Chai's tantrum is completely out of worry for his own dragon, with a large portion of afterthought for the hell that D'len is going to have to go through.

S'ya watches wide eyed as Loyauth leads her lifemate away. "Already?" She squeaks, her gaze stuck to Sophyrinth. The little green is thrilled, prancing merrily after the larger brown. She bugles after him, an assurance that she'll do it just as he says and she does. It's obvious that the little green is taking great pains to follow Loyauth's /exact/ moves. Trot, lope and then she leaps up, her small wings catching a current. S'ya is silent, her gaze locked on her lifemate as she watches those frail looking wings bear her up. «I did it! Did you see?» Rays of sunshine fall on the minds of all, clearly anxious for everyone to notice that she did it properly, a smugness detectable in her crackling voice. She steadies herself well, following after Loyauth as they head on higher.

[DTU/Project] Lihauth senses that Avaeth's storm returns, raging wildly, no control this time. No calming embrace, instead, the full fury of what Avaeth's storm truly is, releases. « Sharp words for another Weyrling, don't you think? Perhaps before you go giving me lip, you should consider your behavior to be wrong and my simple need to bring peace forth, » is the smooth response of the gold, the sand growing into larger chunks with more than just sand flying around to buffet the mind linked with hers. « I will not tolerate you, either, foolish bronze. For you have caused much problems, as has mine. But, at least I admit to it. And, I do not /shove/ others. I do not treat others with disrespect because I can't be /patient/ now, do I? What if you hurt Szayelth? Made her unable to fly longer… You have flown, would you have her be unable to experience that as you had? Shouldn't you be grounded if she's unable to fly? Would you like that, /bronze/? It's only fair, you take her flight they take yours… Your rider unable to experience… Isn't that fair? » And, she retreats, leaving him to sit with what she's left.

Lorena blinks about at the happy mindvoice of the green and Loyauth's rumbling mental chuckle. « Thas'it lass! Lovely! Now, gen'l does it thar… easy with the turns fer now. » He leads them around a couple times. Lorena returns to the situation at hand, jaw set. She looks to Ch'tra and his before walking up to the bronzen pair. There's an odd expression on her face. "My apologies to the both of you. It was more to put him on the spot than to upstage as it appears it was taken." She looks over the bronze's angry face and then to Ch'tra. "Things will be getting harder… you'll have to do this longer, then faster, then farther… I guess I forget you all are in the first enjoyment stages." She looks to the bronze again. "Practice… enjoy your time. It will be taken away all the more soon enough." She looks up to Loyauth and Sophyrinth, barely containing a sigh. "Which Zevida and hers will soon learn." She comments darkly. « Now thar darlin'… lets go head and head on down. Don' wanna over do it. Now remember… b'for ya hit the groun' wings flare brin' yer neck up all el'gant like. Watch m'now… » And down he goes, dropping air and then the flare… flare… and neck and wings up and out… land. « C'mon ahead lass! »

Ch'tra bodily intercepts Lihauth as he starts off towards the barracks, a low hunting crouch hidden in his posture as he keeps growling. "Leave it." The rider snaps before he looks to Lorena as she apologizes. It takes a moment or two for that to sink in, and the smile given to the assistant is a fairly tight one. He's not entirely relaxed right now. "Wi'h yo'r permiss'on, Miss Lorena, Eh'd like t'take Lihauth down t'th'beach t'cool off." Away from the gold and the dark brooding green for a while. The human side of the weyrling pair takes in a deep breath to try and calm himself from his dragon's rage. "Miss Zevida's Avaeth 'nd Lihauth…" Are snobbish and if were left at it would bicker each other to death this day. "Eh will 'pologize t'D'len," But not Sza, "'Nd Eh'll make Li do it too… jus'… let meh stay outta th'barracks for a evenin'? Please?" And he's pulling the puppy dog here too. He's trying not to let anyone get physically hurt, which might happen if Lihauth gets any closer to Avaeth.

S'ya can't help but eavesdrop on Lorena and Ch'tra, her neck craning towards them, but her eyes just keep finding their way back to Sophyrinth. She watches as her lifemate makes her turns, taking the last one rather quickly and faltering just a bit. The green straightens herself up again however, acting as if nothing happened. «Down? Now? But we just started!» She whine to the older brown but she obeys, no doubt S'ya's words are filtering into her stubborn little head. The green starts to descend, going a bit quicker than she'd anticipated, her eyes whirling wildly. But she manages to halt herself, moving her slender neck back and flaring her small wings. The landing is rather smooth and she trumpets her delight. «Did you see? I did it best!» She bellows for all to her, the rays warming all as her voice whips around like a strong breeze. "I saw, love! You were the best, by far!" S'ya says as she rushes to her lifemates side, pride and relief visible on her face as she comes to caress the green.

Lorena listens to Ch'tra, concidering the bronzeling's words carefully. She takes a deep breath and nods. "That'd fine… I'll let the other weyrlingmasters know." And S'ya's green is down. A small half smile at a small victory… if that's all that could be said for today. That is why she does this. Not to punish backtacking goldlings or bronzelings. She moves away from Ch'tra towards S'ya and Sophy and those left remaining. Those left remaining… oiy. "Go ahead and take her to cool off in the water. She did very well." Lorena notices her voice and steps are shaking a bit as she speaks to the greenling. She attempts to contain it by leaning against her brown. She still has five more to go. Loyauth croons proudly at the greenling. « Tha' was lovely, darlin'. Now you jus' keep that up… practice make a body perfec', ya know. » And she was well on her way. « Alrigh! Next! You lot, c'mon o'er here now! »

Ch'tra gives Lorena a small salute and bow, his smile loosening just a bit as he now won't have to deal with large cranky dragons cranky as /his/ dragon. Instead, he bolts inside for just a few moments, collecting things needed for the necessary 'camping'. Which for some reason includes paper. "Than' you Miss Lorena." He nods to her again. "Eh'll make sure t'do proper 'pologies." And with that, he points down to the beach which is where Lihauth goes with a slightly hung head, still grumbling deep in his throat.

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