Lahela and T'ea Meet

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to north and south, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. North leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, wide and shallow but an impractical route to the road that can be seen following the coast beyond. Southwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for drgaons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. Westwards, dunes fade into scrub which swiftly gives way to thick forest, a wide path near the river leading back to the heart of Xanadu Weyr.

Lahela seems to be busy, once again, though this time it's not with any electronic device. No. This time the greenrider is in her bikini, in the water with her dragon. The pair seems to be doing a combination of playing, and bathing. Though more dragon-bathing than human-bathing.

Hotohorith glides in from his lair, the slender, large dragon finding a place to land and backwings down from the skies into the shallows. "Eh! Stop, Hoto! You are not going to go about messing up another set of straps. Hold still." he notes, undoing buckles and yanking off straps before leaping to the beach and setting straps and clothes quite well away from the water before he joins his dragon there, calling a good afternoon to Lahela.

Lahela doesn't register the other pair right away, though Shimonith's attentions seem to zoom in on the brown. Erk for the rider. As the brownrider hails her, she freezes on Shimonith's nose, half perched on it. The green paddles towards the other pair, emitting a welcoming croon as her rider squeaks, falling off of the dragon's nose into the water. Oops?

T'ea chuckles and wades his way over towards where the female rider fell in, ready to offer his assistance. He's very good at that, being both a helpful person by nature and in the SR wing. His brown is obviously registering Shimonith, noting the fact that she's nearing her proddy stage and flight. Rumbling his greetings, the slender brown watches the green quite interestedly.

Lahela doesn't register - yet - that her dragon is nearing proddiness however. She'll stay in denial awhile. Both times the young slim green has risen had lead to … interesting 'affairs'. Sputtering as she resurfaces she looks towards the other rider and virtually goes into Statue Mode. She does indeed freeze looking at him, dripping wet, while Shimonith comes almost personally close to the brown, cocking her head to one side, as her tail flicks a wave of water at him.

T'ea smiles at Lahela, shaking his head. "I do apoligise for distracting your green, miss." he notes, offering out a hand to help her up a little. "I won't hurt you, I'm T'ea." he comments, still offering the hand. His brown croons softly, Hotohorith's eyes whirling a pale blue-green, leaning his head a bit towards the green as the water laps against his side and he whuffles close to her muzzle. Very lovely, almost as lovely as himself…Rawr!

Statue…statue… not so statue? Lahela looks at the hand offered to her grey-blue eyes wary. The wallflower really isn't so used to friendly displays towards her, and usually watches people who do carefully. She finally takes the offered hand, hauling herself up with a little help from T'ea. "Wellmet…" She murmurs softly. Yup. Miss Noname is her. The green seems to be enjoying this slight game however as her eyes swirl a deeper blue-green butting her nose against his muzzle. Lovely, if long limbed. Purrr?

T'ea chuckles softly, "And…your name is miss? Or shall I have Hotohorith ask your dragon?" he teases, the look in his eyes warm and friendly as he runs a wet hand through his curls and grins, eyeing the lady a moment. "Are you alright? No pain?" he asks, just to make sure. The lad's had healer training, can ye tell? The brown purrs softly, one of his rare skills to impress the ladies of course. Huffing a little, he takes this oppourtunity to nuzzle at her muzzle, drawing back with whirling eyes centered on her.

Oh wait Lahela's supposed to give out /information/? Storing the information is easy enough however. "No need to ask Shimonith." Comes her soft, tentative voice again, a light pink tinge spreading across her cheeks. "I'm Lahela." Her eyes are not really focused anywhere but at her feet. (And she made Wingleader /how/?) The green rumbles in amusement, her muzzle opening to nip at one of the brown's headknobs before she bounds (quite litterally) into the deeper waters, sending massive waves towards the humans, one of the waves sinking Lahela again. "Just *cough* wet is all." She says looking up. Hmm. One might taking this constant disorientation for something… /if/ she was thinking.

T'ea laughs softly and nods, "Lahela, lovely name, miss." he notes, eyeing the young lady for a moment. "Don't be shy, I promise not to…" but as he's almost pulled under by one of the dragon made waves, he stops speaking and immediately holds out a hand to the shorter woman. Grinning, he glances at his dragon who is busy following the green closely, though not sending up so many waves, and definately not as big…from his rider's prodding of course.

Lahela's cheeks turn a little more pink as she accepts the hand up again. Sometimes taller people have the advantage. Blah. wiping the hair out of her face when finally standing, she retreats into a slightly shallower area, looking over her shoulder, dressed in those rather revealing bikinis. "Not to what?" Is asked, curious. Meanwhile Shimonith is now where just her green head is above water, feet planted on the ocean floor, rumbling in her happy laughter way, as if teasing the brown.

T'ea grins as he follows the lady, tilting his head to the side. "Not to mess with you is what I was gonna say," he notes, grinning as he wipes the water off his face and shakes his head to prevent some of the water dripping down his face. Hotohorith tosses his head, his hide gleaming in its pale, tawny way as he stops short of her, crouching a bit and gies a playful pounce at the green.

Lahela blinks as she partially wrings out her dripping hair, leaving it more or less scraggly. "Mess with me?" She murmurs quietly to herself as she looks out towards the ocean. "Shi…." She says a little louder, to warn the green off of doing anything /too/ bad. Shimonith's muzzle opens for a moment in a soundless 'grin' eyes swirling faster as she ducks under the water level, to pad a little to the side, giving the brown - more or less - her tail. Apparently the green has made some comment to her rider, as her brows furrow. "Well when you flirt, you can leave me out of it this time!" She shouts across the water. Ahm.. yeah?

T'ea chuckles softly as he nods, still walking behind the woman and then settling down on some warm sand and waving next to him, "Make yourself at home," he teases gently, relaxing a bit as he watches her a little, those violet eyes finally turning towards his dragon. "Silly Hori." he mumbles, grinning at the rider who makes herself heard. Hotohorith bugles softly and then twines his tail with hers, probaly not helping out Lah's situation as he goes with the green's actions, quite happy to actually.

Lahela sighs softly, grabbing one of the towels she brought with her, laying the long length of cloth out on the sand, since, the last thing she needs, is sand where she doesn't want it. She settles down on the towel, not too far away from T'ea. Probably the proddiness starting to act… finally. "At least your dragon doesn't dig /you/ into holes.." She comments, not quite to herself as she continues to watch the green who is now rumbling, trying to drape her runt-ish self over the brown, which makes for a rather odd sight, though the green does mean well in a playful… flirtish sort of way.

T'ea chuckles softly, "Oh, I wouldn't say that. He's told queens that he thinks he's prettier than they are…and that dosen't amek them very happy." he notes, just grinning as he watches Hotohorith playfully nip at the small green trying to climb up ontop of his slender, but large back.

Grey-blue eyes snap towards T'ea, a half-'pleasant' and half-amused smile stretching Lahela's lips. "At least yours doesn't claim that you have the prowess of a golden dragon in bed." And her formerly pink cheeks turn a little pinker. "I've had this /flock/ of blueriders following me around for the longest time." Before she bit their heads off. Shimonith squeaks as the brown gets one of her hind feet/ankles in the nip, near falling off the brown's back. " …. She's like a big child, trying to act enticing.." The rider murmurs, shaking her head.

T'ea laughs softly and shakes his head, "No, mine is the beauty of a gold, yours can have the prowess of a gold in bed." he teases softly, his warm lilac eyes turning from the water to the lovely lady next to him. "I wouldn't like to have a flock following me either, you poor dear." he notes, smiling as he relaxes into the quite warm sand. Hotohorith whuffs at the green, nuzzling her and then nipping at her tail, putting his nose to her a few times.

Lahela lays back fully on the towel, putting her arms behind her head like a pillow, one leg staying propped up out of sheer comfort. And this is one of the positions that usually would beckon the mass of blue riders, especially at this stage. "Nono, T'ea, she says /I/ have the prowess," She comments, twisting her head to look at him. "I only wished she claimed it was herself. That'd save me so much trouble." Or there's another option, but Lah isn't exactly in the searching market for a Weyrmate. The green however, with a few croons, rumbles, and soft roars, gets fully on the brown's back, mindful of the fragile wings. Perched finally, Shi nudges her nose in a nuzzle where the neck and jaw meet.

T'ea laughs softly, "No, Hotohorith just said that he bets she has the prowess of a gold in bed," he pauses and laughs, "I do apoligise. He is quite a loudmouth." the brownrider notes, turning onto hsi now dry chest, eyeing the woman a bit and smiling. Hotohorith snorts softly in his rider's direction and then turns back to the quite fascinating green at hand, she's quite like his Miaka, his one and only. Well, yeah, he's a dreamer, lets jsut say that for him. Hoto turns his head slightly, nuzzling at her maw gently as he carefully help her balance on his back, wings folded tightly.

Shimonith isn't the one with bad balance, no. That title would be given to Lahela, among the pair. The green crows happily from her new position, probably quite a site to see for any passer (or flyer) bys. Shimonith may not be Hoto's Miaka, but Shi is determined to get some fun - and maybe some pleasure - out of this. Lahela rubs at her forehead, as she lays in the sun, more or less letting her denial go. "Shimonith is more than loudmouthed about now." Her head shakes slightly. "During the flight I bet she'll gloat half of the blueriders right back on my trail." Oy?

T'ea chuckles softly, "Maybe you'll get lucky and find someone better'n a bluerider on your trail." he teases, his violet eyes turning a darker shade of blue-purple. Hotohorith is more than willing to have fun with Shimonith. And either way, Hotohori never married Miaka, now did he. Heh, in either case, teh large brown is quite enjoying the sport the green is having, and is happy to be a part of it. Fun, pleasure, Both Hotohori is quite maleable in Shimonith's paws at the moment.

Lahela flips herself over, using her arms as pillows again, a small chuckle emitting from the usually-(atfirst)shy greenrider. "Mmmm. What? Someone like you?" She asks flirtatiously before her cheeks really do go red. Whoops. Was she supposed to say that? Shimonith on the other hand is still having quite a blast as a few well placed steps take her as far up as she can go without bringing pain to the poor brown's neck or back. From her vantage point the green rubs her snout against Hoto's headknobs/eyeridges. Ooo. Look! Impromptu caress!

T'ea laughs softly, "I dunno, maybe. You are quite beautiful, I envy those blueriders for having chased you around." he murmurs, half teasing, half serious. Smiling, he lifts a hand to point a finger at the blush, "Oh, no blushing now. Its natual." he adds, grinning at the lady. Hotohorith grunts softly, nudging the green a bit with his muzzle and then crooooooning quite happily at the caresses he's recieving. Mm, yummy!

Shimonith croons softly and enticingly towards the brown, before she carefully settles herself on the brown's back, her tail splashing idly in the water, while her forearms actually drapes over the brown's shoulders. The rider on the other hand, is blushing a little harder yet, looking nearly ready to hide, though she doesn't. "I wouldn't envy them - or join them - unless you want the same punishment." Comes the foreboding comment. Oh yes. And they did get punished. It's not every day a group of riders get assigned to serious drudgery work.

T'ea sits up and waves his hands in the air with a grin. "No ma‘am," he states, "I wouldn’t follow them. I don't chase ladies just because they're near flight," he notes, choosing his words carefully. "I like to get to know ladies I like, adn then talk them around maybe." he notes, grinning. "And never go against a lady's wishes, miss Lahela." he notes. Hotohorith rumbles deeply, his neck twisting so that the brown can look into the eyes of the green on his back, his own jewled orbs whirling blue.

Lahela stays in her lounging position as she looks sideways and upwards at T'ea. "Mmm. Well that's good to hear." She murmurs before stretching slightly. Aaah, warm sun. "Well maybe I'll still have some of your attentions after the flight?" Though afterwards Lah might be quite a different person. Her blush finally starts fading a bit, though slowly. Shimonith now isn't quite playing the child anymore, but instead looks back at Hotohorith, her eyes swirling the same way, if tinged oh so slightly with a yellowy-orange-red that comes with the time of flight. Of course, the staring doesn't last long, as she nuzzles the brown again, crooning in a near-purr.

T'ea smiles warmly at the woman and nods, "Well, perhaps you shall have my attentions…all of them perhaps, except my duties attentions..they stay where they are." he murmurs, offering a completely sweet compliment. Well, hopefully she won't totally shun him after her flight. Mew? Hotohorith stops playing now, his eyes tinged with more of a yellow color for a few moments, then a variety of shades of blue, green and purple all mixed in, signifying his excitement for a few moments. Once that staring is through, the brown croons softly, nuzzling the green back gently.

Ah, at last, the life of a greenrider, flight after flight, with the occasional promotion to something more than a regular rider. Lahela returns his warm smile with a slightly shier one of her own, eyes dancing lightly in amusement. "You mean I couldn't talk you over to my wing instead?" She teases lightly, really not looking for anything but a 'you wish'. Lahela spares a look towards her dragon however, her blush starting to come back. "Oh Shi! Lay off. Truthfully. I don't need you broadcasting /those/ emotions everywhere!" And yes, the rider is blushing again, a nearly brilliant shade of scarlet as she sits up. She looks nearly apologetically towards the other rider. "She really does get … bad … before she flies.."

T'ea smiles softly and nods, "You could have, but I think with my healer training, they could use my skills better in Cyclone." he murmurs softly, his eyes dancing as he winks a bit, Hotohorith's mood starting to affect him a lot actually, he had a handle on it…but dosen't have much of one now. The brown grunts at his riders thoughts, but turns back to his green friend here and croons at her lowly. T'ea shakes his head, "No problem, Hotohorith is…bad himself, miss Lahela."

Lahela shakes her head as she stays seated instead of laying back down, sighing as Shimonith seems to be content to ignore her rider for the most part, instead staying cuddlycuddly with the brown, still draped nicely over him. She sighs partially in defeat, rubbing at a temple again before she resettles the blanket just a little closer, 'straightening' it out. "No miss, T'ea. None needed at all. Just Lahela." She says, looking at him. "'Miss' makes me feel…old." And we all know she inn't that old.

T'ea laughs, "Ah, Lahela then. I just learned to hae respect, thats all." he notes, grinning warmly at the woman just before he glances at his dragon a moment, finally relaxing back into the sand. Whew, hang onto yerself, stop letting Hotohorith's hormones affect you, bud. Shaking his head a little, he smiles…"Hush now, we all know you're not old, don't even look eighteen." he notes, grinning and winking at her. Hotohorith purrs softly, one of the few dragons that really does purr, althrough faintly. The brown then switches back to his normal croon, fluttering his neck a bit and eyeing the fish around his feet for a moment before watching Shimonith again.

Lahela laughs softly, more of a chuckle truthfully. "Well at least you did. Some weyrlings these days.." She smiles at him, one of her more uninhibited smiles as something starts to faintly beep in the pile that is her clothing. She does waggle a little finger at him though. "Flatterer. I /am/ twenty." Is added on, as the beeping starts to get louder by the moment.

T'ea peers at the woman and grins, "I'm nineteen, not that young, not that old." he notes, pausing and glaring at the clothing, and then to his dragon. "We're being called by Wingleader Danielle, Lahela. We need to go, would you excuse us please?" he asks, smiling as he stands, "Please, if I could…I'd like to see you again, you know…something like this, wander somewhere and talk. Just you and me and them." he notes, pointing to the dragons. "Hotohorith, come on! the Wingleader calls," he calls to his brown, who rumbles and nudges gently at his darling green, offering his apoligies as he strives to get her off. Duty calls.

Shimonith croons softly, doing the difficulty of dislodging herself by rolling off of his back over his head like an acrobat, snagging an unsuspecting fish in the process. Whoo. The green resurfaces, crooning a goodbye. Lahela smiles at T'ea, standing up as well. "I think I'd like that. Though… maybe when Shimonith isn't so … sexual?" Another bright smile is given, "Though if you need me, I'm always beepable." She finishes, as is evident by the beeping coming from her clothing.

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