A Flood?

Xanadu Weyr - Hot Springs

The warmth that flows from this cavern is almost overwhelming for some, the steam rising from the shimmering pools as thick as the morning fog that rolls in off the ocean. Numerous pools are scattered here and there with ribboned walls that are natural in their construction. The water has a somewhat green cast to it, but it is merely a reflection from the ethereal light which is the glow down here that was so noticeable from the Lower Cavern Tunnel. People can often be found down here washing themselves or just relaxing.
Situated along the walls are various racks covered in fresh towels ready for those who step out of the warm waters. A set of shelves have been installed towards the back wall, allowing people a place to put their belongings while they rest in the pools, and despite the white color that these have been painted, they are cast with that eerie green glow. Then, it's obvious. The ceiling of this cavern is covered in the fluorescent phosphorous matter that glows are made off. The mossy substance almost glitters and appears quite lovely.

The upside is Mayikooth has never won a flight and R'in's innocent is still intact. The downside is Mayikooth has never won a flight and R'in still hasn't been able to properly process all the emotions she feels during that flight. Her lifemate losing to that green over at Eastern has just driven her up the wall. She can't stay still. Someone — likely her old Nanny — told her a bath would be best. So here she is in the Hot Springs. The problem is that there's still that underlying energy. That drive that she can't quite explain. And she's wading around the pools, damp, with spots of lotion or sand where she wasn't able to sit still long enough to even rinse them off. She's grabbing up this and that: knicknacks. They're gathering in a pile near where the water enters the pools.

Z'kiel wanders into the bath after a very long day of drills. Kunaseth didn't go up, since they were here all day, and this the bronzerider is unaffected by the feelings that are currently driving R'in insane. "R'in." He greets with a tired smile.

The errand girl of Galaxy Wing. That's R'in. Take this message here. Pick up those goods there. Fortunately, she doesn't mind. Even if Mayikooth has been pushing her to take up dragonhealing even stronger. She's fiddling with some sandals someone left behind as Z'kiel enters and she turns sharply, dropping naked form beneath the waters in surprise so only the tops of her shoulder show. "Zeke!" It's more of a surprised greeting than anything, but she does stare at him a bit over-long.

Z'kiel has grown up a lot since Weyrlinghood, though he's still mostly the solitary loner. As predicted, Search and Rescue became his niche and he's damn good at it. Jacket and shirt are removed, though a little bit more hesitantly than he otherwise would since R'in is here. "How's things?"

Search and Rescue are great… when there's actually things to do. Unfortunately for R'in, there hasn't been. Especially not recently, what with the whole exploding barrel incident. Whoops. Though she turns bright red and looks away from Z'kiel, focusing on her various gathered things, R'in can't help but glance over now and again. "They're, uhm… Things are things, I guess." A very lame and awkwardly given answer.

"They always are that." Z'kiel agrees, finishing disrobing and slipping into the water. "Had a good day?" An unfourtunate question really, but the bronzerider doesn't know that.

"Yeah. Just great." There's almost a growl to R'in's voice. Out in the clearing, Mayikooth /does/ rumble a low growl. They're both… unfufilled. In the past, they've just worked through it, but after about three turns… It's just a shame. Mayikooth is just a hair too small to chase the golds, but that makes him too big for the greens most times. More items — this time an empty bowl — are grabbed and stacked up. It's like some strange collage.

"That good, huh?" Z'kiel muses with a shake of his head, beginning to go about the process of cleaning up. "There's quite a collection you've got there. What'cha doing with it?"

[DTU/Project] Kunaseth senses that Mayikooth rumbles, the desert sands rising as his mind focuses. Almost a whirlwind, but not quite. The clear skies still show through. « Tell yours to be 'ware. »

[DTU/Project] Kunaseth projects to Mayikooth answers in his usually electric tone, lightning jumping through his mind. « Beware of what? »

"Dunno. Just felt it needed a purpose." The words are said in such a way that the intent is quite clear: it's not the items that need purpose. R'in is just projecting upon them. She moves a few here and there; even wedging them into place as needed. But then she's not looking at them anymore. She's watching Z'kiel.

[DTU/Project] Kunaseth senses that Mayikooth shifts where he lies outside the Caverns. The storm strengthens and there's a driving force behind the sand. « I/She/We » they are projected as one, « /need/. » The sky is lost as the dunes flood them. Abrasive anger all around. « How /dare/ that Eastern green tease us. »

[DTU/Project] Kunaseth projects to Mayikooth considers this, the lightening becoming more intense as he picks up on that mixture of anger and force. « I suspect it is in the nature of greens to tease. It certainly seems to be. Still, mine is familiar enough with need. »

Z'kiel watches them thoughtfully, while R'in watches him. "I see." He murmurs, vanishing under the water briefly before reemerging to continue washing his hair. "Well, you seem to be giving them one."

"Not enough of one," R'in says darkly, her brows furrowing as she turns, reluctantly, from Z'kiel. Her own hair is a matted mess: wettened earlier, but never washed. Dust and grit still have place in it and now mud as well. However long she's been in here, little bathing has gotten done. The brownrider pushes another few pieces around, watching the water flow down the plank, into the bowl, and with the aid of a sandal: back into the pools.

[DTU/Project] Kunaseth senses that Mayikooth calms for a moment, the skies clearing as concern takes over. Renewed focus. Worry bringing out the heroic warrior in him. « She is familiar, but she does not understand. »

[DTU/Project] Mayikooth senses that Kunaseth seems to be searching for something, then finally his electricity takes on an amused tone. « I do not know how much mine understands, but I know he thinks of yours often enough. »

"Well, give them more of a one then." Z'kiel suggests, used to Rin's little foibles even if they are normally not so dark. He finishes up his own washing, largely relaxing and enjoying the water at this point.

[DTU/Project] Kunaseth senses that Mayikooth takes on a surprised turn. The desert becomes calm, sand settling into place in sweeping dunes. « Does he? Do you know why? »

"I'm trying," R'in protests, her voice lifting a bit in frustration. She sinks furthe rin the water for a moment, so only her eyes are visible. Poking more at the various bits and pieces she's gathered. Some water begins pooling on the stones. "But it just doesn't seem to fit."

Z'kiel smiles and shakes his head. "Maybe it doesn't want to fit. Maybe it's purpose is to do something else." He leans back, watching her more than the objects now.

[DTU/Project] Mayikooth senses that Kunaseth seems uncertain now, the tone more that of a gathering thunderstorm than an active one. « I am not sure. Many different reasons. I think some of it is related to need, though. »

[DTU/Project] Kunaseth senses that Mayikooth is calm. The dunes are calm. The starry sky brightens as the sun rises. A quiet, introspective scene. « I wish I understood them better. Why do the females not invite the males to come to them when they need? »

"Maybe," R'in says with a slight frown. Her brows furrow and she pushes at the various bits more. The flow of water is stopped as she does this. Well, not stopped: re-routed. It now flows happily onto the stones. But it's not easily seen from the waters themselves. Ducking under, Rae re-wets her hair. When she surfaces, she's wading nearer to Z'kiel. Someone like her can only resist so long. "We don't spend time together since Weyrlinghood," she says, a bit sadly.

"True." Z'kiel agrees with a slow nod, and he sounds a little regretful himself. "No. Lifes gotten so busy, and they've moved me around a bit…well, you know that." A wry and tired smile. "We need to fix that."

[DTU/Project] Mayikooth senses that Kunaseth considers. « I think they too need the males to chase…but they cannot invite, for some reason. It is silly. »

R'in stops swimming a short ways away from Z'kiel. She watches him, her own shoulders barely above the water. She's grown, definitely. Filled out, in point of fact. There's still that same girl that terrorized the Weyr there: in those freckles, her small nose, her mischief-filled eyes. But she's grown as well. And things are becoming ever more often confusing. "We do," she says, voice dropping. A thoughtful moment and she finally puts forth: "If Mayikooth were green… would Kunaseth chase her?" An odd question, really.

[DTU/Project] Kunaseth senses that Mayikooth is about to answer, but is then baffled by Rae's question. « Why would I ever be green? »

Z'kiel half-shrugs. "Dunno." He replies, not considering the oddness of the question at first. "I mean, bronzes don't often chase greens." He pauses then. "I guess he might if I asked him to…why do you ask, anyway?"

[DTU/Project] Mayikooth senses that Kunaseth seems equally baffled. « I have no idea. »

R'in draws back a bit, turning away a little as she frowns. Maybe that was the wrong way to put it. "I dunno," she says, in answer to his question. But it's quite obvious that she /does/ know. She's just not saying it. The rider splashes some water in front of her, absently.

"Yeah you do." Z'kiel replies with a shake of his head, having no problems calling her on it. This sort of exchange is fairly typical, after all. He half-closes his eyes then, relaxing a little more.

Jaw clenches and unclenches as R'in thinks. Finally, perhaps taking advantage of Z'kiel's relaxed state, she swims towards the bronzerider and reaches out to grab his arms. "Fine. I asked because I wanted to know if you'd make any effort for me."

Z'kiel's eyes open as his arms are grabbed. "Make any effort…" He trails off, realizing what she means. "Oh. Well, since you clearly want to know…yes, I'd want him to chase." There's a slight redness building around the tips of his ears.

It's like she almost expected a different answer. Or at least had no idea what to do next. R'in just stares at Z'kiel, the effect made all that much stranger by the way her hair sits wildly about her face. Then the realization of /where/ they are, /how/ they're dressed, and /what/ she's doing sets in and Rae let's go suddenly, pushing back in the water a bit. She still just stares at the bronzerider, however.

Z'kiel watches R'in thoughtfully, though he's clearly somewhat troubled. "I'm sorry if it's the wrong answer, but it's the true answer. I possibly shouldn't have said it, but you did ask. In two different ways."

"No, it wasn't the wrong answer," R'in says, relaxing a bit. She looks away, glancing at the water next to her. She lifts her hand out and pokes at the water a few times. As if it'll do something interesting. Meanwhile, in the background, while some water still flows into the pools… a lot flows elsewhere, too. "I just… wasn't expecting it."

"I wasn't really expecting the question." Z'kiel admits, watching R'in poke the water. He's too focused on the conversation and the girl he's having it with to notice that the water is doing interesting things.

"Sorry, it's just…" R'in frowns, then, hand closing in a fist around the water. She looks back at Z'kiel. "Everytime Mayikooth loses a flight, I just feel so…" her voice drops a bit, "lonely."

Z'kiel nods slowly. "Well, I can understand that." He agrees. "I've felt the same myself when Kunaseth has lost a flight." There's a rueful smile. "But then I'm more used to it than you I guess."

"How do you mean?" R'in asks with a frown. "More used to it? Mayikooth's never won a flight. I've felt it every single time…" She shakes her head slightly, "We Impressed at the same time."

"Oh, you don't mean lonely." Z'kiel replies with a tone of realization in his voice. "You mean /lonely/. In a physical sense, less so than an emotional sense."

Brows furrow. Confused. She's not been yet able to really discern between the two. Most riders quickly figure out that they can find someone else sympathetic to share their bed after a lost flight. R'in, however, does not have that luxury. Or at least the knowledge of it. She takes a slow breath, looking to Z'kiel, then away as she blushes deeply. "I… yes, I think that's it."

Z'kiel tilts his head slightly, measuring that confusion and considering it for a time. "You…do know what most riders do in that situation, right?" He asks thoughtfully. "I'm pretty sure it was covered in Weyrlinghood. And I mean, the other guys talk about it a lot…" The other guys of course being fairly stereotypical bronzeriders.

"I didn't pay much attention during that," R'in replies, giving a little shrug. "I don't remember why. I think…" she shakes her head suddenly, cheeks reddening more. The answer there is simple: she was embarassed. "I'm not a guy, Zeke," she reminds, harshly, focusing again. "And guys don't… talk about much stuff around me." In fact, most of the guys she's met lately have been… strange.

"I can't believe I'm the one having to explain this." Z'kiel mutters, though he doesn't seem to resent her for it. There's a slightly embaressed smile. "The thing is….well, when a rider loses a flight he, or she, just finds someone they like who is willing and takes them to bed. Or they take a lot of cold baths. Drinking is involved too."

"And what if you don't like any of those?" R'in says suddenly, looking to Z'kiel again with fairly clouded features. Then something dawns on her and worry etches itself across her face. "Do you just find… willing people to take to bed?"

Z'kiel laughs. "Me? Nah, I go for cold baths and booze myself. I may have a big bronze dragon now, but people around here still remember me as the spooky hunter. And I'm not too interested in bedding random people anyhow." A shrug. "Well…there's always, y'know. Fixing the problem yourself. It's not the same though. If you don't like any of them…I dunno."

R'in slumps into the water, falling quiet. She's not sure what to say, so it's easier to just be quiet. Only her nose and up remain above water. She watches Z'kiel silently, gaze confused.

[DTU/Project] Kunaseth senses that Mayikooth rumbles, discomforted. « I cannot understand her at times like this. Do you ever get the same? An inability to understand yours? »

Z'kiel watches the mostly submerged R'in, and can't help but smile. It's cute, after all. "What's the matter now?" He murmurs thoughtfully. "You seem if anything more confused than you were before."

[DTU/Project] Mayikooth senses that Kunaseth dances from place to place mentally, thoughtfully. « It happens from time to time. Mine tells me they get the same thing with us sometimes. »

She remains that way for a bit longer. Submerged. Finally R'in straightens enough to answer: "In some ways I am." R'in turns then and stands up completely. Fortunately, perhaps, only revealing her back in its nakedness as she heads for the soapsands. She remains that way, back to Z'kiel, as she begins to properly wash her hair. Perhaps trying to think? But her shoulders and ears are so red.

Z'kiel, being only human, cannot help but watch the backside of R'in even though he knows he shouldn't. "You're looking…embaressed." He comments thoughtfully. "You know, if there's something you want to say I'll listen."

"I already said it," R'in admits, massaging the soapsand into her hair to get enough of a lather to actually clean all the grime out. "At least… I sort of did."

Z'kiel reddens now too, letting out a deep thoughtful breath. "Are you sure, R'in?" He replies softly. "I mean, all you have to do is say you're sure. But if you want to wait and make the decision when you're not being pushed by the flight…well, that's alright too. I'm not going to push you.:

Silent as she scrubs her hair, R'in seems to be contemplating. She dips beneath the water to rinse it and when she rises, the water sheets off of her shoulders. She starts to turn then, but pauses, unsure. "Didn't I ask before we even Impressed?"

"Sort of." Z'kiel muses. "I mean, you asked if we could persue some sort of relationship but never about…well, you know." A little more embaressment. "And Impression, a few turns…well, people change. Feelings change. I care about you, so it seemed a good idea to make sure."

"Isn't being together physically a given?" R'in asks suddenly, turning fully towards Z'kiel. "Especially with the lives we leave? We both ride male dragons… there's going to be a lot of missed Flights." Finally, she eases it with a grin. It's still only a shadow of her usual grin, though. "You never asked," she points out, beginning to wade towards the bronzerider.

Z'kiel replies with a shadow of his own grin. "Well, yeah, but I don't think we're supposed to assume it's a given. I mean, if it's a given then the first time is less special…that's what I heard, anyway." He falls silent then, pulling himself out of the water a little as R'in wades toward him

R'in stops as Z'kiel moves, as if suddenly a bit afraid. She presses her lips together, thinking at length. Then there's a small shrug. "It's not like I would have asked this of just anyone… I didn't expect to see you in here or… well, anywhere. You've been so busy. /I've/ been so busy."

[DTU/Project] Kunaseth senses that Mayikooth rumbles, confused. « This is the oddest flight I've ever witnessed. »

[DTU/Project] Mayikooth senses that Kunaseth flashes with bright amusement. « Is yours even glowing? And they haven't left the ground, so it can't be a real flight. And where are the other males? »

"I know you wouldn't." Z'kiel murmurs, before nodding slowly. "I guess when it all sunk in it was real, we let it take over our lives. I mean, more so than it's always going to." He agrees, closing a bit of the distance slowly.

"S'funny, isn't it? You don't realize how much it's going to take over until it does." Back with her long-time friend, R'in is able to relax a bit. Some of what was bothering her has been cleared up. Or at least she's distracted. She and Z'kiel stand a short ways from each other in one of the pools, talking quietly. There's various objects — a bowl, a plank, and a pair of old sandals to name a few — stacked strangely near the water flow. They're re-routing enough of the water that the baths are flooding.

"So, want to…finish up and go someplace else?" Z'kiel suggests to R'in with a shy, but growingly confident, smile. "I'm about done, so when you are…." There's a pause. "Y'know, if you want."

The water is likely seeping into the hallway outside the baths now. Even though it can flow over into the pools, the floors just don't seem quite made right for that. Or there's too much. R'in blushes a bit, but between Z'kiel's confidence and Mayikooth's own nudges, she nods a bit. "It's better than getting drunk and passing out on a table in the cavern…" She sounds like she speaks from experience.

Senkyou walks in, soaking wet from the beach and covered in sand. She is actually at more of a run, since water is everywhere. "Who's in there! Is everyone ok?" Of course no Xanadu romance is safe, running in and spotting R'in and Z'kiel saying "Look at what you've done! I can't believe we leave youngin's alone, and they get proposed to and then they flood the hallways!"

"Proposed to?" Z'kiel blinks as Senkyou speaks, glancing to her before glancing back to R'in. "You were proposed to?" There's a pause then, as the rest sinks in. "Flooding? Oh….damn."

"No, I wasn't!" R'in turns /bright/ red. As if she were a Weyrling again and caught naked in the baths with someone and not a full-fledged rider, nevermind an adult. She's going to be really pouty at Senkyou later! "I mean," she stammers, "I was, but he didn't mean it! I don't think he did, at least." She points at Senkyou, "he was trying to escape he-" she blinks as twice mention of flooding gets through to her. "Huh?" She looks around and sees the flowing water and her eyes widen. "How did we miss that?"

Senkyou has had enough with all of this, "You don't think I know he was trying to escape? If you see your would be husband tell him we are not through with that conversation he didn't have time to have with me." Senkyou is pregnant with a womanizing loons baby, she can get a little snappy and watches R'in turn red. "You'd better clean all this up." Glancing over Z'kiel she sloshes the water with her foot "I don't know what worse your pouring fish on the Weyrwoman or your flooding the weyr, really I'm suprised we let you to alone with each other!" Nope she is in full cranky psycho wingleader mode.

"Wingleader." Z'kiel begins, removing himself from the baths so he can towel off and start to dress. "It is, quite frankly, none of your business who either of us choose to be alone with. Nor do I think our association can be blamed for any of the…unfortunate incidents you are refering to." Pausing part way through dressing, he glances around. "When I'm dressed, I'm going to figure out what to do about all this. If you have anything helpful to say, I'd love to hear it. If all you want to do is chew me out, then with all due respect I am going to ignore everything you say."

"I don't even know his name!" Well, she was told, but she forgot. And the undue anger is just upsetting an already bothered R'in even more. She cleaned up the fish. And it wasn't /poured/ on the Weyrwoman. Just splashed a bit. And she's not even sure that this mess is her fault. It probably is, but that's beside the point. Rae looks between Senkyou and Z'kiel, completely deflated. Finally, finally she finds her grounding again — likely with a particular brown dragon's help — and straightens up as she heads for the side of the pool, to get out. "You're the one that slept with him," she points out to Senkyou suddenly. "Pretty stupid to blame him, isn't it?" And then the cool air strikes and she shivers a bit, zipping for a towel to wrap up in and dry… at least above her ankles off.

"His name is L'ton, and my relationship with him is none of your business." Turning on Z'kiel senk looks like she is ready to really eat someone, she has been dealing with to many bronzerides "You will respect my rank, I have something a little helpful to say you should be more responsible, I was hoping impressing would help you start thinking before you acted." Back to R'in and her body posture has puffed up, she may have grown an inch or so with how peeved she has started to get, before saying her next word the rare voice of Dulacth can be heard by most, even Z'kiel as he says «Leave her alone, clean up your mess and calm down.» After that senk is calmed a little, "I have to much on my plate to have to clean things up, or to write up a report on an incident that was of know fault of mine."

"You're right." Z'kiel replies icily. "I will respect your rank, because I have to. I don't have to respect you. I should be more responsible? I don't think it gets more responsible than clearing up something I didn't cause, which is exactly what I'm about to do. And nobody is asking you to clean anything up, or even to write a report. A petty mess doesn't need a report. So yes, I'll respect your rank. You?" Having finished dressing, he shakes his head and begins to go in search of a mop. Only pausing at the doorway to speak to the air and thus reply to Dulacth. "Sorry, but she started this one. Leave her alone only works when I started it."

That really gets to R'in. It always does. You would think after 18 Turns that people would learn. She always. /Always/ cleans up if she was even remotely involved in a mess. However, instead of saying anything, she just turns away and goes to her clothes. A refusal to even respond to Senkyou, it would seem. It's easy to get a rise out of Rae, but implying she won't clean up after herself… it just goes over and beyond to the point of a total shutdown, in a sense.

Senkyou turns on her heel and walk out splashing water and apparently giving up on her own shower. In her wake is a light cinnamon scented voice, which is a mix of worry and chivalrous apology as the smooth voice of Dulacth says «I am sorry for my ladies unorthodox behaviour, she is upset over her clutch father» All that is said and then the cinnamon and all traces of dulacth in a persons mind is gone.

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