Random Log: The First Egg Touching

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Room Contents

People: Lorena Chaitra Delynni Nalkor M'iri Pike R'in Zevida Arkoss Calandria Keziah Amarante L'alie Senkyou

Dragons: Hesketh Kilaueth

Eggs: Ancient In The Jungle Egg Elusive Wonders Egg Shores Of Honah Lee Egg Simplicity of Color and Form Egg Smoke and Mirrors Egg Imperial Magistrate Egg Transformed by Greed Egg Spiral Tower Egg Plucked from the Wallow Egg Behold the Pink Book Egg From a Forgotten Realm Egg

Nalkor tilts his head at this plain and simplistic egg. He sticks his nose in close to the egg shell's distinctive colouring, despite it looking plain from a distance. His finger traces the patterns of what looks like scales on the shell, hrmming privately to himself as he concentrates on the FROM A FORGOTTEN REALM egg once more.

Arkoss smiles and backs away from the egg. "Oh, I think I like you." he comments, then looks about. "Huh…." he decides to wander around, eying the eggs for now.

Calandria quickly gets annoyed herself. Who knew eggs could have attitude? But the thunder and anger arn't scaring her anymore, shes gotten use to being yelled at and lectured to by her mother and most everyone else who has tried to tell her what to do. This is for sure an odder and different form of it, but nothing she can't handle. "Fine, whatever." She says, and turns away from the SPIRAL TOWER egg.

Chaitra's head snaps back slightly, as if the PINK BOOK EGG was really shoving pictures right into his face. But before he can even think of explaining one, another is shoved there, and he eventually chuckles to himself. As the hiccup happens Chai lets out a short laugh of an amused kind as his hand stays on the shell, waiting to see if the tipsy dragonet might return.

Keziah laughs softly at the antics of SHORES OF HONAH LEE and then steps away and moves on towards another egf, this time ANCIENT IN THE JUNGLE.

Lorena enters with Delenn's hand in hers, gently leading the boy along. She bows to the dragons and urges him to do the same. "Once you greet them, you can select any one you like." She smiles supportively. "I'll be right here."

Amarante closes her eyes and lets her hands stay on the SMOKE AND MIRRORS egg. She nods once solemnly to it, letting it see some of her own desires. Which are much the same, though she hardly wants to admit it even to herself. "Not much longer in the darkness," she promises it. "Then you'll find the light. And the rest will come after." Patience, she projects to it, letting it take up her brightest or darkest memories, whichever it desires, to add to its collection for the time ahead.

Zevida lets out another sound, slightly disgruntled but accepting. Her eyes seem to close tightly, almost in a wince. "Judge 'ow you wish.. I care not." She grumbles softly in a reply, her voice barely above a whisper. Her fingers twitch along the shell of the ELUSIVE WONDERS EGG.

Delynni's smile is warm, probably the most serene the fiery young Keroonian has ever been in public. "Yeah, thanks." She tells the egg with a smile. "Wow, you're so warm." She says quietly. "Like everything troubling melted away." She tells the SIMPLICITY OF COLOR AND FORM EGG.

Nalkor now looks infuriated. His teeth are gritted together as he stares at the shell, as if his gaze could bore right down into the shell and offer a challenge - as if to say, do your worst. He wants to emphasis his unwillingness to back down, pressing his hand up against the surface of the shell as he narrows his eyes on the FROM A FORGOTTEN REALM egg.

M'iri looks up from her corner of the hatching sands, leaning against an available wall where she can watch both entrance, and the sands themselves. Casting a light wave to Lorena, she peers a moment more at Delenn, gauging… And then watching the candidates again.

Unsure of which egg to touch next, Pike lets his hands wander, coming to rest on the IMPERIAL MAGISTRATE egg.

Keziah squeals loudly and then can't help but giggle at ANCIENT IN THE JUNGLE and then gives a little gasp as her eyes take on a look as if she's imbibed a little to much wine or something.

Arkoss has his eye caught by the SPIRAL TOWER egg, and decides to go say hi. Hi, egg. I'm Arkoss.

Chaitra smiles at the egg, now drawing his hand away as he licks his lips, as if he can taste the wine lingering in his mind. Well, two nice, one not so nice. This is seeming to be pretty good odds for him, and he takes a step away now, looking around to see where all of his fellows are…

Amarante nods and moves back from the egg she has her hands on, the SMOKE AND MIRRORS egg, and wishes it a fond farewell with a promise to not forget it. She turns from it and moves around the other eggs, patiently waiting for one to come open so she can explore it. Upon seeing the PINK BOOK egg open, she moves towards it to see what it has to say. And feel.

Pike nods, taking his hands from the shell of the IMPERIAL MAGISTRATE egg.

Calandria shakes her head, a little disappointed by her first egg touching experience. Oh well, one down, ten more to try right? Assuming she doesn't get bored first. Brushing off her clothes, as if to wipe the last of the anger from the previous egg off her, She turns to the IMPERIAL MAGISTRATE egg and very business-like places her hand on it.

Delynni smiles, pressing her second hand to the SIMPLICITY OF COLOR AND FORM EGG. Then removing her hand she takes a deep breath and moves on to the SHORES OF HONAH LEE EGG. She jerks back for a moment in surprise. "Hi." Is all she can say, kind of blown away from the ecstatic greeting.

Despite holding Lorena's hand, Delenn doesn't look very well. Maybe he ate something he wasn't supposed to? Even as he's drawn towards the sands, he gives the brownrider a look as his jaw tightens. He catches M'iri's look and he can't bring himself to meet her gaze. Very reluctantly he lets go of Lorena, turning his eyes towards the dam and sire, and edges his way towards them. He prostates himself before them in greeting before he turns towards the eggs, hesitating.

Keziah continues to squeal at the feeling of such things from ANCIENT IN THE JUNGLE and then blinks as she feels the browsing of her memories and takes a deep breath as she eyes it. "Sneaky."

"That's enough…" Nalkor grumbles, standing with a slight wobble to his knees. He peers at the others on the sands, deciding to head for the edge of the sands, a little stiff in the shoulders as he meanders on that way. Of course, he stops as he sees Lorena and Delenn. A smile for the both of them, "Hey you two," his feet shuffle through the sand, making a point in stopping beside them. Upon seeing Delenn hesitate, he encourages, "Go for it. Try that pink redish one over there-" he points to the Behold egg, "inside and out, it's pleasant."

Arkoss raises one silver eyebrow at the egg. "Huh." he says slowly, managing to bring in all sorts of inflections to that one monosyllable. He gives the SPIRAL TOWER egg a major fisheye, though keeps his hand on its surface.

Amarante giggles at the immediate response from the PINK BOOK egg. "Silly," she says with a soft little pet of the surface. She's in! This one likes to laugh. She's in already, though! Sort of. Now what, hm?

Keziah can't help but sneeze and just eyes ANCIENT IN THE JUNGLE and she just smiles 'You snot." Course her mood for the day is certainly improved as she steps away, just shaking her head at the playfulness. and then steps over to SIMPLICITY OF COLOR AND FORM.

Lorena smiles after Delenn fondly as she folds her arms over her chest. The heat of the sands plus dress uniform? Not fun. Nalkor approaches and she smiles all the more at his encouragement. 'You can do it' she mouths to Delenn.

Zevida chuckles, her fingers moving more freely now. There's nothing said to the ELUSIVE WONDERS EGG, only her fingers moving pleasantly, happily along the shell. Finally she whispers out, "I know…" Amusement evident on her face.

Delynni has just the edge of tears in her eyes. "I can almost smell the sunbaked earth back home." She says quietly, "And the musk of the runners." She says quietly. "I can feel it, the warmth of the sun." She sounds almost as if she's in a trance.

Chaitra notes the absence of candidates at a particular egg, and so heads on over to lay his hand upon the shell of the SMOKE AND MIRRORS EGG..

M'iri can't help but frown as Delenn, turns away, inquisitive eyes going to Lorena. But, she will not interfer… She knows people will come to her when they need it, and Lorena is obviously doing well enough. Watching the reaction of the candidates touching them, M'iri lets a affectionate smile permeate her face, as she remembers this experience herself, long ago.

Calandria blinks. Wow, what a difference compared to the last egg. The last one wanted nothing to do with her and the IMPERIAL MAGISTRATE egg was actually asking her a question. Why had she sought it out? Saying she had been drawn to it would be a sappy response, and also a lie. "Well, you were the next one in line is all." She says honestly.

Delynni leaves the SHORES OF HONAH LEE EGG with a great deal of reluctance. "Okay, this next one." She picks the PLUCKED FROM THE WALLOW EGG at random and presses an inquiring hand to it. "Hey there."

Amarante tries to keep up with the flashes of memory she's offered from her own head. So much so, she's silent as she sends brief and silent explanations. Faster, faster they come, and the explanations go from words to emotions, to fragments, to… She rocks backwards with widened eyes as the PINK BOOK egg can't even keep up with itself, and laughs a little, shaking her head. "Okay, okay, slow down there," she urges with good humor.

Keziah regards SIMPLICITY OF COLOR AND FORM curiously and with a little look of surprise. She then closes her eyes and lets it do with her as it wishes for the moment, opening up her mind.

Nalkor shuffles toward Lorena, "So. Is it normal to feel as if someone invaded your thoughts and poked about in every nook and cranny?" Arms still crossed, he offers another encouraging smile to Delenn as he carries on to Lorena, "Are we supposed to feel mentally exhausted by these eg-.. unhatched dragons?" They aren't just eggs, touching them proved as much.

Auugh! Chaitra blinks in shock again as his mind suddenly gets assulted by 'soothing' colors, though it doesn't change the fact the hatchling inside the egg is playing with his mind. For a moment he thinks about taking his hand away, but instead, he lets it rest for a while longer upon the shell of the SMOKE AND MIRRORS EGG, seeing what the hatchling might do now, if anything.

Green eyes mirror Delenn's uneasiness, even with Nalkor and Lorena's encouragement. A very weak smile pulls up the corners of his mouth in appreciation with a great deal of effort. He does look to the egg recommended to him by his fellow candidate and reluctantly makes his way in that direction. His arms become folded over his waist, about half way there, remaining there even as he finally arrives to stand before said egg. He shifts his weight, as he had in the barracks, from one foot to the other; indicating his uncomfortableness. Yes, he's prolonging the evitable. A twitch, and a pained expression winces on his face as a hand suddenly jerks out and very lightly drops on the very top of the BEHOLD THE PINK BOOK EGG.

Zevida slowly removes her fingers from the egg, laughing to herself. Standing back she watches the other candidates, tilting her head. A glance towards Lorena and Nalkor is spotted, a glare forms instantly before she attempts to hide it. Slowly, she watches the eggs again and the other candidates.

Unable to resist on last touch before leaving Pike makes his way towards the ANCIENT IN THE JUNGLE egg, opening himself up like he'd learned with the others.

Keziah shivers a little as SIMPLICITY OF COLOR AND FORM shifts through her painful memories and then giving a little sigh as she nods a little, her hand caressing across the surface as she gives a wan smile. "Just be who you are." she murmurs

Calandria begins to loosen up, all the anxiety of the move and pressure of having to get along with all these new people fading away with the presence of this egg. And then she stops and gets suspicious as she senses what lies beneath. She doesn't know how to respond to that almost question of its. She is what she is, whether the IMPERIAL MAGISTRATE egg likes it or not and doesn't feel the need to try to justify herself. "Hmm, maybe I should be asking if you meet my standards." She says softly.

Arkoss shakes his head at the egg. "You're certainly unique, that's for sure." he murmurs. "How shocking." he pets the SPIRAL TOWER egg absently, like it was a somewhat intractable runner. "Anything else for me?"

Amarante smiles and nods, but backs away from the PINK BOOK egg at last. Turning, she nearly runs into Delenn with a little laugh. "That one's sweet enough," she assures him with a wink, moving on past to look at the other eggs with mild affection. She's looking for one that's free, not tiring yet in her boundless quest for more information. Spotting the ELUSIVE WONDERS egg, she beelines for it and rests a hand on it tentatively.

Lorena turns her smile to Nalkor as he comes closer, her eyes flickering with amusement, though her forehead has already started to bead sweat. "Yes… pretty much. I mean… I guess it's like meeting and getting to know a lot of different people? Except really intimately.. and in the hot desert." She chuckles a bit. "What do you think so far?" Zevida is noted and the young woman looks alarmed. "Why… did she look at me that way?" She mumbles, barely audible.

Chaitra's free hand wiggles a finger over his ear, as if he's trying to get something out of it, and during the middle of that gesture he pauses, one hand still cupping the shell of the SMOKE AND MIRRORS EGG firmly. "Aw, y'poor thing…" The hunter mumbles feeling a bit of sorrow for this hatchling that's stuck in the dark. Willingly, he tries to pull up a memory of his life back at the cothold, surrounded by his loving family and having support to head over to the Weyr to see what might await him, or not…

Delynni removes her hand from PLUCKED FROM THE WALLOW and moves back, merely observing the eggs around her from a distance for a few moments. She goes to stand by Calandria, waiting for her to finish with the IMPERIAL MAGISTRATE Egg, but not saying anything, lest she interrupt.

Letting his hands fall from the egg, Pike turned and made his way from the sand. Stopping in front of the Sire and Dam, Pike bowed once more. 'Thank you Kilaueth for letting me touch your eggs. They are quite amazing.' Straightening up, Pike makes his way back towards the barracks, one egg stuck in his head.

Calandria withdraws from the egg with little thought, eager to be on to the next one. She's starting to get the hang of this touching thing. Picking at random she next approaches the FROM A FORGOTTEN REALM egg and with little formality she touches it.

Delynni takes a deep breath as she listens to the IMPERIAL MAGISTRATE EGG. Her mouth flattens into a line, "Hhmmmmm…." She appears to be deep in thought as she listens to the egg, expression soft.

Arkoss hmms, backing away from the egg. "Ok, ok, I get it. Gee, you're really grouchy." like a certain blue dragon he's met. Glancing over the eggs, he yawns suddenly. "This heat is making me sleepy."

Keziah keeps her hands on SIMPLICITY OF COLOR AND FORM. Uncertainty, restlessness, excitement or forefront in her mind. As for what makes her different, she just is, no better no worse, just herself. She lets her experiances in the ranges seep through, the coolness of the mountain. Her memories of Xanadu, the warmth and heady quality of the trees.

Delenn manages a light smile for Amarante, after all he practically walked right into the girl. Giving her a blink for the wink, and following her movements as she wanders off. Yes yes, still trying to distract himself. Though with her gone he's left with this egg here and what was that? The healer stares down at the ovoid as he feels the hatching within touch his mind, pursing his lips. He doesn't pull away Lorena! See Nalkor? Aren't you proud M'iri? He's still standing a bit stiff and unsure, but his palm moves across the surface, finding a place at the side of the BEHOLD THE PINK BOOK EGG.

Nalkor watches the candidates still anxiously shifting from one egg to the next, "How can they handle so many? The second one I touched I didn't feel right about going on to the others. Whatever was in the egg certainly got a handle on me," he frowns a little at that, peering back toward the Smoke and Mirrors egg. "The last one, well, he.." pause, "I want to say he because of the challenge it was giving to me," Nal shakes his head, "well, needless to say I feel mentally worn out." A glance over the whole clutch, "From never touching eggs before to now experiencing just that, I believe it must be quite something to impress." Nalkor follows Lorena's gaze over toward Zevida, "I don't think it was you. She was looking at me. We crossed paths the wrong way, I believe."

Delynni snorts. "Standards, right, I don't look for anybody's standards but my own and that of whoever's in charge of me." She mutters. "Whatever." She closes her eyes in thought.

Chaitra just stands, looking at the shell of the egg for a few moments as he debates staying and 'talking' to the egg. But so many people are about, and the hatchling retreats from his mind, that Chai takes his hand away from the SMOKE AND MIRRORS EGG to again look around before he just meanders over to the ANCIENT IN THE JUNGLE EGG, a bit lost in thought as his hand comes to rest on this new shell..

Keziah smiles a little as she looks down at SIMPLICITY OF COLOR AND FORM and then gives it one last touch and steps back away from it and the other eggs for the the time being.

Calandria bursts out laughing, the sound ringing loudly in the hushed atmosphere of the toughing, her hand firmly placed on the FROM A FORGOTTEN REALM egg. It wants to know everything, life doesn't work like that. And how childish, to barrage her with sensations to try to get her to divulge information. "No, no I won't tell you everything. In fact, I don't feel like telling you anything at all, what do you think about that?" She stares at the egg, a challenging smile on her face.

Amarante chuckles a little and rolls her eyes at the ELUSIVE WONDERS egg. "Greatness is a bit subjective, you know," she tells it simply. Wondering what it's basing its criteron upon, she keeps her hands on it, curiosity getting the better of her.

Lorena ohs quietly at the explaination of Zevida, glancing from him to her and back. "Dare I ask?" But to the eggs… she gives a shrug. "I could see that. I guess since I grew up with Matt's Raenth, I was kinda used to it? I could see how someone who wasn't could find it daunting. And yes… it's many different ones. I'm really curious to see what they are like. Always so different, the ones that come out." She's in a state of muse at this point but pauses it to look up at him… smile.

Chaitra sways as the egg well.. seduces him for a lack of better terms. A strong flush tints the hunters face and he quickly looks towards the ground, hoping that no one can really see his beet-red face. Oh that would be embarrassing. "Ah… did… y'want somethin', lit'le one…?" He mumbles softly to the ANCIENT IN THE JUNGLE EGG. Ooo, this one could be interesting..!

Another blink from Delenn, hovering as he is, but he shakes his head at something and looks, ashamed? Yes, well, that would be the best description of it, and that gentle hand comes off the warm shell of the BEHOLD THE PINK BOOK EGG and returns to latch onto his own arm again. He just stands there looking at the egg for a bit, before he wanders off in the opposite direction. He doesn't look done, no, just indecisive. Eyes turn towards the SPIRAL TOWER EGG, and he timidly places a few fingers against it's surface.

Amarante strokes the surface of ELUSIVE WONDERS. She opens herself to it as it desires, willingly, but for a few parts that she isn't really ready or wanting it to have just yet. The pleasure that the dragon inside its egg gets from something in particular it finds in her makes her even MORE curious, and she leans in towards it a bit more. "What is it you're really after, I wonder?" she asks it softly.

Delynni sighs and removes her hand from the IMPERIAL MAGISTRATE EGG. "I'm done." She says simply as she stands back to watch her fellow candidates continue touching eggs.

Zevida keeps to the side, watching carefully before she glances back towards Nalkor and Lorena. There's a dismissive shrug and she moves back towards the entrance. She's standing back, watching the other candidates and the eggs they're settling with. If possible, she tries to examine the facial features of those touching.

Keziah stands there off along the sidelines as she looks back over the eggs. Her eyes drifting back and forth between a few different ones, a thoughtful look upon her face. She then looks at those that brought them out here and then back to the other candidates, watching them as they continue to go amongst the eggs. she then looks back at the them. "I'm feeling a little light-headed I think." she murmus finally "Would it be all right to leave?

L'alie nods her head simply to Keziah and smiles, "Yes, go rest."

Chaitra's brows now furrow together, though his face is still a rather astonishing shade of red, it is starting to lessen until the hatchling withing the ANCIENT IN THE JUNGLE EGG once again brushes his mind. He may just have to go dunk himself in the ocean after this. Cool him off /quite/ nicely. But then he's left again and he blinks. "… Eh?"

Delenn's eyes widen as the one within the SPIRAL TOWER EGG rolls over his mind like a thunderstorm. His shoulder bunch up a bit and he posture takes on a decidedly submissive stance, swallowing thickly as he very carefully strokes his palm up and down the side of it. A glance is spared to Lorena. Yes, see, there she is standing over there and yes, there's M'iri too. Okay, everything is okay. Back to the egg he goes and tips his head down a bit, tucking in his chin.

Nalkor gives a hapless shrug, "Something simple I imagine. The way I spoke or the way I dressed. It could be that she doesn't like Vintners. True to tell, I can't recall how it started." Feet are shifted as quick as the subject of conversation, "Right. It's not that I haven't been around them, I just haven't had my memory riffled through so.. intimately before. My folks are riders, you see." Ooo. He's never said a word about his past before, this vintner. "There's going to be some bossy one's in there, I'm sure." A pause, "I hear bets going on about a gold? What're your thoughts? You know the clutch sire and dam more than I?"

Calandria squirms and squeezes her eye shut, trying desperately not to break contact with the FROM A FORGOTTEN REALM egg as it makes her relive her most painful and embarrasing moments. Because breaking contact with the egg would be like conceeding that it won this contest, and she can't have that. A single tear makes its way down the girl's cheek, but she still holds out. "Just wait until you hatch and see what the world is like. I'm sure you'll collect your own share of painful memories, and I hope you'll feel bad then about what your doing to us now." 'Us' meaning the candidates of course.

Amarante smiles with a bit of amusement. "Great. I'm being prepared for my survival courses by an unborn dragon hatchling," she muses aloud at what she's getting sent. She chuckles and pulls her hand away to let the hatchling within the ELUSIVE WONDERS egg take its knowledge and ponder over it a while. She turns to move on to the next egg - and wobbles a little, the touching and exchange of information finally catching up to her. She sets a hand to her faintly throbbing head with a blink. "I'd forgotten how much it can take out of you," she admits as she moves off to the side of the sands where others are standing. That's enough for now. The mind is willing, but the body is about to take a nap in the sands without her permission if she's not careful.

M'iri is keeping an eye on Delenn, even if she is trying to act like she is not… Some people need to feel their own back bone, after all. Pushing herself up from her perch on the wall, she makes her way towards Lorena. Sweat beads her brow from being on the sands too long, but she is trying to be resiliant in the heat, anyways. Nodding lightly to Nalkor, and whomever else might be need Lorena, "Lorena." She greets, folding her arms across her lower ribs as she does so. She's looking over at L'alie and Senk, too, though the bluerider stays quiet for the most part, almost as if in talking, she will disturb candidates touching eggs.

"Aa… Aaah..!… AAAACHOOO!" Is heard from the direction of Chaitra and the Ancient egg that he /was/ touching, but no longer is as he has raised his arms and tilted his head into a non-person area to sneeze, and what a whopper it was! His first few steps are wobbly, as he regains the bones in his legs and makes his way over to the sidelines by M'iri and some of the others, looking like he's thinking about going out for another one, but at the same time, one might mistake his blush for a bout of heat exhaustion…

Delenn isn't talking to the eggs, maybe he doesn't know you can. He's just very focused as he refuses to let this unborn creature scare him. He actually looks considerably less intimidated by this one then he did of the first, eyebrows sinking down in concentration as he hardens his resolve, but otherwise seems to gain some sort of strength here. For whatever reason. He stays here, moving his hand up again this time as he remains at the SPIRAL TOWER EGG.

Lorena blinks at Nalkor. "Really? What did they ride?" She casts a glance towards the eggs and conciders his question. "I… well.. it's been a while since we've had one. So I suppose I'd think so." She wipes at her forehead lightly and frowns. The wool is getting to her. Why can't they make uniforms for tropical climates? Delenn is spotted and she gives him another encouraging smile. "Poor thing…" She mumbles softly. But before she says anymore M'iri pops up. "Hey…" Smile. "Thanks for helping me out with them all." She thumbs a bit at Nalkor meaning candidates in general, but she passes a smile to him. Perhaps it's her joke on them all make her more confident? Or maybe just that he sought her out out here?

Chaitra seems to change his mind about the sidelines before he even gets there, changing his course for the ELUSIVE WONDERS EGG. His 'heat exhaustion' is still pretty prominent, but the youth is up for one or two more adventures this day as he places his palm flat against the surface of the the egg.

Calandria slowly opens her eyes as the egg retreats. Sadness turns to anger as the images fade and she returns to herself. The mind inside the egg left so suddenly, and it seemed so smug about what it did. And she had no way to fight back, so unfair. Quickly she wipes the tear from her cheek, and scowls. Almost she leaves the sands then, but something makes her stay to touch one final egg, and she approaches BEHOLD THE PINK BOOK egg and lays her hand on it.

Amarante takes a few deep breaths away from the eggs, but she's looking at them. She wants, really wants, to touch them all. It's not really that she feels that she's missing anything, but she's aware that touching the eggs can be extremely important when it comes to Impression - and she doesn't want to ruin her chances. She taps her fingertips together restlessly, looking at the eggs for another few moments while she rests and lets her head realign and get itself together. She moves in hesitantly. Just one more, maybe? There are still a few…. She glances at the others, asking quietly, "Is anyone else going back in?" Spotting Chaitra and how red he is does it for her, at last. She heads towards the ANCIENT IN THE JUNGLE egg to see what's up with that one. Curiosity killed the genetically modified feline….

"You doing okay?" M'iri asks of Chaitra as she sees the hunter come closer to her, and the reaction of his face. "Maybe get a quick drink of water, or something?" Hearing Lorena's 'poor thing' comment, she flicks her eyes back to Lorena, "Makes me wonder what could possibly leave someone so bruised…" Her semblance of calm turns into a deep frown as she considers Delenn on the sand, schooling herself. In a way, she can sympathise with it, but like hell she's telling anyone that. She's back to the conversation Nalkor and Lorena seemingly are having. "No problem, Sister."

Yes, Delenn is surviving, and surprisingly enough seems to be relaxing somewhat. He still casts a glance over to Lorena, M'iri, and lastly Nalkor. It's not for very long, but rather to make sure that those particular three are still around. Seeing that they are, he defiantly places his other hand on the opposite side of the SPIRAL TOWER EGG, his jaw no longer twitching and his expression taking on his usual more gentle appearance, his tongue darting out of his mouth to wet his lips as they feel suddenly dry.

Nalkor seems to fidget, though his answer is simple, "Dragons," his eyes rounding on Lorena so as not to be facetious, "But you know how it goes, being fostered and all. I didn't really get to bond much with them, so I can't say that what they ride actually matters." A beat, "I don't consider them relative…" A man marked by the Weyr, born of fostering, such is life. As for Delenn, he nods, "What happened? He looks a little shake up?" The conversation continues and his response to her last comes with a smooth voice, "Not that you need help. You're doing fine on your own." Another beat, "When did you recover from your limp?"

Amarante giggles at first, and then the giggling eases a little. She sets her cheek down on the surface of the egg, telling it softly, "You quit that, now. You're far too young." Enamored of the bright colors, however, and reminded of her beaches and skirts and such from Half Moon Bay Hold days, she keeps hold of the ANCIENT IN THE JUNGLE, grinning widely.

Chaitra huffs softly as the hatchling in the ELUSIVE WONDERS EGG goes prodding through his mind, and actually has the /nerve/ to be displeased about what it finds. "Well Eh'm so sorry your grea'ness, bu' Eh'm jus' a hunter." He says to the 'wise' egg, who isn't so wise in his opinion. Bah on some of these hatchlings. Bah he says!

Calandria pauses, totally unsure of what to think of this egg. The last three she's touched have all wanted something from her. The fact that the BEHOLD THE PINK BOOK egg seems to be welcoming her feels unreal, almost like a trap. She is cautious, unwilling to trust it. "Well, I can't really 'come in' no, because there is no 'in'. Or 'out' for that matter since this is all happening in my mind."

Lorena blinks a bit at Nalkor's reaction, not expecting that one. But what would she have expected? She's thinking about this, uncertain if she should ask anymore. Perhaps not now. The prompting about Delenn gets an "Oh… He just… he wasn't so certain about touching." There's more in her words but a look at him asks not to pry any further. She doesn't want to betray trust after all. Though now it turns to a blush. Or is that the heat of teh sands? "Thank you… um… well… Just the other day… It wasn't that bad of a wound… just a sting. Hurt a lot but went away quickly, relatively speaking."

Delenn releases his grasp of the SPIRAL TOWER EGG and actually looks like he's doing better then he was, stepping away from that one that he stayed with longer than the first. Perhaps with a bit more confidence he weaves about the eggs, taking in the intricate colors of some and the muted of others. He sees another that strikes his fancy it would seem, and he moves closer to the SMOKE AND MIRRORS EGG. As if hearing his name, he suddenly looks to Lorena and Nalkor, a hand sneaking out and moving along the side of now this egg.

Chaitra is getting a little confused by the hatchling within the ELUSIVE WONDERS EGG. For a moment his hand leaves the egg to brush back hair from his now-pink face before they return to resting on the egg's shell. "Disappoin'ed one secon', happy th'next. Wha's with you…?" He murmurs to the egg as he shakes his head quickly, as if trying to get his ruffled memories back into place.

Amarante is giggling all over again, but this time she tells the egg, "Oh, there you are now. Flash and color and now you've got it. You've taken a bit." She pets the ANCIENT IN THE JUNGLE egg again. "But I don't mind, really. I have a lot of happy ones. You can have a copy of all of them if you like. I share."

Nalkor catches her reaction, watching her surprised blinks when he doesn't immediately ramble on good naturedly about who his parents are. "I just hope no one pushed him around," a concerned look tightening his lips, "his brother seems to stick up for him a lot, but I don't think Ryski can do that all the time. If anything, a dragon would do that kid some good…" Honest thoughtful words, voiced with an appeasing tone. Nalkor lifts a hand when Delenn peeks over at them, continuing on with Lorena, "I'm glad to hear it."

Calandria gets disgusted as the egg barges around through her head, nevermind waiting for her to respond to its question. Do all the eggs want something from her, can't she keep anything private? As with the other eggs she has touched, she doesn't even bid it goodbye, simply pulling her hand from the shell as it goes out in a burst color and fades from her.

Lorena nods wordlessless, watching Delenn. She looks to M'iri who seemed to have the same concern for the young man, her mind working rather quickly. She leans over and whispers to M'iri, then turns to Nalkor. "This… heat is a bit much in these clothes. Um…" Hesitate. "Want to go for that, er, tour?" Small smile.

Amarante catches her breath as she has such brilliant colors moving through her, from everything from her first steps and her mother cheering them, to the compliment from Senkyou she got earlier that same day in the barracks. And more. She half reaches out as if she were about to catch something, then pops her hand back towards her with a little squeak, her eyes flying open for a moment, startled. She suddenly waves at her nose, though, giggling, and as things go silent at last, she opens her eyes for real and moves her hands away from the egg. "Lively little thing," she says with a nod and a smile.

Long since done with touching the eggs himself, Nalkor registers what Lorena asks him. "About time," a teasing wink tossed at her, followed by a light smile.

Zevida slowly formulates her retreat, turning easily and striding from the Sands without a second glance. She almost visibly twitches at the comments between Nalkor and Lorena, but she does nothing only retreating faster.

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