Random Logs: Barracks Inspection

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Admiral chirrups suddenly, swooping down from his perch and flitting between the suspending beams of the ship's bell. He lands on the knot that hangs down from the bell and with a pump of his wings: Clang! Clang-clang! Clang!

Ryski cleaned alright. Oh yes he did. And while the cleaning continued, he disappeared from the barracks for a short while, only now showing up again as the bell rings. Well, where he's been, at least, is obvious. He's still damp, after all. It's important to be clean for the clean barracks inspection! Fingers ruffle through his wet hair as he hurries through the barracks, working at getting the rest of his clothes on. Hey! He's actually presentable when he wants to be.

"Yes, "The Man Song", it will be fun to write and sing! Maybe I can make it for the hand drum, give it a nice beat you know?" Myesha is now deep in thought as she finishes the windows, humming little bits of what might be a part of the song later on. "I think it is clean enough. If this is not good enough for them we should take a personal tour of /their/ weyrs. See if they even come close." Giggling she tosses the rag into a bucket, at the firelizards warning she looks over to the bell. "Time to get clean myself then." And she makes her way to the exit, happily humming away.

Keziah winces at the bell "I think he had too much fun with that." she murmurs and picks up her cleaning supplies. "Bath sounds good, a nice long soak." she says with a sigh. "I do hope it'll be okay. I wonder how Nalkor is doing with that knot of his." she murmurs as she straighens up one last thing "All right, off to the hot springs then?"

Amarante has been scrubbing and scrubbing along the wall edges along with a few others who are being anally retentive about dirt and the like, but at last the bell rings. She clambers up to her feet, quite dirty, and moves to let some of the others do some things. She, however, wipes off her palms against her legs and gets a clean set of clothes from her press. Time to go get clean. She'll just be following along, thanks. Wrapped hands and all.

Delenn's hair is finally dry from the bath he had about a candlemark ago. A brush is extracted from his press and hastily passed through the dark strands until they shine. Only Faranth knows where the healer had gotten himself off to before he dropped himself in some hot water to scrub himself raw, but he did look unsettled. Pale eyes flicker to Ryski as the boy enters, but he says nothing. The hair item is dropped back in with what little belongings he brought from his room, and the press is closed once more. Pulling on the hem of his tunic, he absently arranges his knots, making sure both are pristine, and distractedly curls his hair behind his ears…jumping out of his skin when the alarm sounds. "Jays!" he curses, even jumpier than usual it seems for some reason, a slight tremble to his hands as he peels a green and gold firelizard from his neck where they most often like to suction cup themselves. You can almost hear an audible pop for each as they're freed. "Go on you two…" he says quietly, watching as they flitter off to land on the community stand.

Arkoss was the one who brought most of the cots outside to clean them, and found that SOMEONE had stuck gum or something else that's sticky to the bottom of one of them. Gee, who could that have been? So he's been out there for several hours scraping the gooey stuff off. Coming in at the sound of the bell, he looks around, then hears word of hot springs. "Oh? I wouldn't mind going."

Ryski plops down on the edge of his cot, working boots onto his feet with a bit of a wriggle. Delenn is given an odd look, however. Oh yes, he's noticed his brother's..slightly off behavior. But for now, it can wait, as he looks around again, fingers brushing through his quickly drying hair again. "I think the place looks pretty good.."

Keziah gives a nod to the others "All right, lets go get cleaned." she states and then pauses a moment as not only Ryski, but Delenn walk in as well, having snucked out earlier to get their wash, at least it won't be so crowded. She clears her throat as she walks over to them. "Umm, I'd like to apologize for my earlier behavior." she manages to get out and then turns around and heads for the entryway, yes, must get that bath now.

Myesha returns to the caverns, a large towel wrapped around her soaked hair. "That felt wonderful," She states happily, smiling at the clean barracks that greets her. "What a change! I cannot even remember what it looked, or smelled like, before." And she sets to drying her hair when she reaches her cot, rubbing it quickly with her towel, head down. "All I need now is some sweetsticks and I will be good."

Delenn blinks at Keziah once, brows lifting in unmasked surprise. Before his mouth can even open to reply she's already headed out the door, leaving the healer looking particularly perplexed. A fluttering of his lashes seems to trigger a tremor that overtakes his body as if someone had just walked on his grave. Turning to Ryski, Delenn softly murmurs, "Is the world coming to an end, or did she just apologize?" he asks, the shock of the moment not helping his already washed out appearance.

Ryski does tilt his head when Keziah makes an apology. Is he going to make one too? Of course not. He just waits for the girl to go on by, which doesn't seem to take all that long, and shrugs, sending a quick glance at his brother. "Got told off earlier. I mean, sorta me, too, but..yeah." Keziah took the brunt of that off-telling. He does grin a little bit though after a bit, getting up to straighten his sheets out again after sitting on them. "You know Lorena wants us to /eat/ off the floor, right?"

"That is kind of creepy." Arkoss agrees with Delenn, then trots off to go get a bath himself. It may or may not involve him trying to peek on girls, depends on who else is in there and how badly he'd get beaten for it. Coming back and sporting the start of a rather /lovely/ shiner and a martyred expression, hair still wet, Kira comes flying over and starts tugging at it, shrill in his complaints.

After some time Keziah comes back as well, her hair, though still wet, is tied up in a twist and secured with a comb. Her skin glistens from her scented oil, something spicy and with hints of citrus. She's dressed in a set of neatly pressed pants and shirt, along with her vest with is a little damp from being wiped down as well. She ignores Delenn and Ryski now, she said her piece and leaves it at that. She heads for her cot and picks at a few imaginary pieces of lint or something and straightens it up and makes sure it's neatly tucked and all.

Lorena enters as Admiral rings the bell in four two-clang processions. Clang-clang…. clang-clang… clang-clang… clang-clang. Stillness. The blue swoops up to sit on her shoulder as she waits for those following. A hand goes to rub the blue's chest as her amber eyes swoop over those present. Her request had been to line up before their presses at the end of their cots, and so she surveys this progress.

Amarante returns alongside Keziah and Myesha. She shoots Arkoss a dirty look, but doesn't otherwise say anything to him. As a matter of fact, she just dries off her hair with her towel and sniffs at him as she passes by him on her way to her cot. Sitting on her cot, she folds the towel and sets it to where it'll dry at the foot. She then carefully pulls her hair back, makes sure her knot is on properly and her change of clothes looks presentable, that her dirty laundry is neatly set aside from the clean, and then that her cot is unwrinkled. "It does look nice," she says with a little smile and a lift up of her chin. Glancing ruefully at her hands, she just shakes her head. As well it should given the state of these blisters, that single action proclaims.

M'iri is following behind Lorena, grumbling something about Kieranth being messy as she tries to smudge out a blood spot on her trench coat. Suddenly, she laughs out at some unheard comment, and slaps a hand over her mouth when she realises she's in the barracks. Dropping the edge of her coat, she looks apologetically at Lorena and quiets herself, looking over the candidates casually.

Delenn nods to Arkoss, shaking off that feeling that makes the hairs on the back of his neck stick straight up. "Did Lorena tell her she had to apologize?" he asks Ryski, checking and double checking the infirmary style corners of his cot's covers before glancing to the boy. Color has yet to return to his cheeks, not that he has to the time to check these types of things right now, even if he had a mirror on hand. At least his area is disturbingly neat and tidy, his bed like it was taken from a diagram of a how to manual, and the folds of his attire perfectly in place. After all, directions were set out, and he'd always been good at following them. Ingrained into his upbringing as it were. Once everything is set, he moves to stand at the front of his press, straight and proper.

Ryski shakes his head quickly. "Nah, that's the weird thing." But he grins a moment later, hopping off of his cot to stand in front of it, hands dropping to his sides. He's grinning, despite the potential for iminent doom by weyrlingmasters. It's almost fun, really. ..For strange people such as himself.

Zevida enters the barracks, ruffling the now drying hair. A double-check of her person quickly, straightening her knot before she casts quick glance towards those in the barracks. Her examination cuts short as she moves to her cot to stand before her press, as Lorena enters. Her hands fall behind her back and she laces her fingers together, in an attempt to distract herself from unneeded motions. Nothing is said, she stands with her eyes towards Lorena and waiting for instruction.

Arkoss moves to stand in front of his cot, black eye and all, and if it's not as neat as Delenn's it's still pretty darn neat for a guy's. He eyeshifts in Amarante's direction without actually looking at her when she passes, but he has a good idea that the gum on his cot had come from her so he's unrepentant.

At the entrance of the rider Myesha halts her personal grooming, attaching her knot quickly before moving in front of her cot. Even while she waits for the inspection to end however she continues to pass her finger through her hair, grinning at M'iri for her outburst. Silly riders!

Amarante heads to the front of her press and stands straight, having just straightened her clothing. She doesn't look at Arkoss. She is innocence personified! Really! She goes still and silent, waiting.

Keziah stands up from fixing up the bed some and moves to the foot of the bed. Yes, she's as ready as she'll ever be. And silent to boot. She's done some thinking ever since Nalkor came over to her. Still, she'll be glad when this is over. She stares at the other wall, not even looking at the person across from her.

L'alie sweeps in with the other riders, eyes sweeping the barracks with a hint of expected dissatisfaction. Over her shoulder is the ugly pink dress a few of the candidates are now familliar with. With a sort of of solemn air, she reaches into her pocket and starts pulling out white gloves, one for each of the riders. A lazy wink is given to Lorena as she holds one out to her and M'iri.

M'iri smiles her usual shy smile to each candidate in turn, the sheer numbers of people her cascading her cheeks into a rosy pink. Each one at their bed is noted, and as she turns to L'alie and her wink, her eyes widen. "I thought this was a cleaning inspection, not a physical!" She whispers harshly, eyeing those gloves as if they're evil. She's patiently waiting on Lorena's okay before she moves, the Assistant leading the expedition, after all. Myesha is earned a deeper blush from the rider, when she realises the smile is for her outburst. Innocent bluerider, really!

Lorena raises a brow at the older blue rider, but in a curious fashion more than disapproval. And as L'alie enters she really has a hard time not grinning at the sight of the dress. She takes the glove and leads the way down the line of candidates, pausing first at Delenn's. "Evening Candidate," She greets quietly, looking over his attire, his knot, taking a step into his personal space to do so. Lore's way of 'sniffing' cause I told you all she would. She smiles and nods her approval to him then moves beyond to his cot, nods. Runs a finger of the white gloved hand over the top of the press. Nothing. And then to the sill where someone had placed one of those little things of flowers. Nothing. "Very good, Delenn…" And she moves off down the line, examining the floor as she does so.

A look is given to Ryski as he answers Delenn's question, a brow arching slightly but he's not going to be speaking again just yet. Not with Lorena, L'alie and M'iri heading in. He notes the pink dress, eyes darting over to Arkoss. Yes, it is very difficult to stifle the laughter that bubbles up from someplace within, lifting a fist to his mouth to cough several times until the need to chuckle passes, clearing his throat a bit and then straightening as his arm returns to his side. Just in time for Lorena to proceed to his area. "Ma'am." he says crisp and proper, keeping his eyes forward, even when she's close enough that he can smell the scent of the soap she uses on her skin. His own is clean, and slightly masculine with just a hint of something flowery. He remains still as she white gloves this and that, refraining from what might of been a smile. "Thank you, Ma'am." And then she's moving on to Ryski, for his cot is next to Delenn's.

Myesha watches curiously as L'alie takes out the glove and can't help but roll her eyes to Amarante, a smile follow after. "Here we go." She whispers, working on a knot in her hair while she watches the trio of inspectors begin their examination. M'iri's blush is noted and she can't help but smile more, giving the rider a wink even. It's always playtime, even during a serious inspection.

Arkoss also catches the sight of that dress and eyes it as if it were some demon from the ninth circle of hell advancing on him to torture him for all eternity. Nooooo, not that! Anything but that? Why, why, WHY did he suggest that candidates who misbehaved would have to wear that as punishment, WHY?! No, he doesn't whimper. Out loud.

Ryski fidgets a moment, tugging on his tunic in order to try and make it just a little bit straighter. But with people heading down the line, he finally does stop, standing up at attention again. He casts a quick look back toward Delenn again, however, brows raising at his brother, and then simply turns his attention right on Lorena, quiet. ..For once.

Keziah keeps her eyes straight ahead, looking neither left nor right, but even so she can't help but miss that dress. You'ld have to be blind to miss it. She does blink a little bit at that and shifts just a tad. Sweat breaks out across her brow as she silently waits.

L'alie gives M'iri a strange look, "It's to check for dust..It's a seacraft thing." She wiggles her fingers into the glove and proceeds after Lorena, crouching down to reach under the bed. Her hand comes back clean and she nods her head in satisfaction to Delenn, moving on.

Amarante glances at Myesha, then towards the others. Baby animals in the wild go still and quiet in their surroundings to avoid detection by predators. So, too, does she remain motionless in front of her press, watching the approaching riders and the pink monstrosity with them as if it were a particularly vibrant wherry and she were a particularly succulent baby caprine.

M'iri positively blushes then at Myesha's wink, and the bluerider is forced to look away at the reaction. Following Lorena, the older woman doesn't bother with the gloves, tucking them under her arm… Just in case. Maybe she is just watching Lorena's technique? One can never be sure. As they head over to Delenn's cot, the bluerider slaps him in a friendly manner on his shoulder. "Delenn." She smiles, and then releases her hold, watching Lorena's process. "Seacraft training?" She asks quietly, watching the brownrider look for any mistakes in their cleaning process. M'iri looks back and nods at L'alie, but absolutely shivers at the dress. She /hates/ pink. "I have no idea how my brothers could stand it, never was in the Seacraft, myself."

Zevida glances away from Lorena, towards the other riders with their examinations. She takes a slight breath and shifts on her feet before slightly growing stiff. She feigns relaxation, shifting from foot to foot, waiting patiently.

Lorena nods to M'iri as she follows. "If they've not cleaned properly, the glove, well, gets dirty." This is of course obvious, but she says so as a general awareness to the class. A brow is raised at Myesha. But so far so good… and on she goes to Ryski. "Ryski." There's a bit of a smile in her words though not on her face. She does the same thing, tho the boy is smaller. And nods in approval. She moves on to his press… again with the glove. "M'iri, if you could just pat the blankets and make sure nothing rises?" She asks. So far so good on her end.

The dust bunnies have been evacuated elsewhere, at least from beneath Delenn's cot and the area all around it about half a foot, beyond that who knows. L'alie's nod is returned, however briefly, the clapping of M'iri's hand to his shoulder scares the wherry dung out of the healer. "Faranth, M'iri…" he hisses good humoredly, once of course he's back in full possession of his wits. His eyes dart to the other two riders, schooling the smile that'd sprung to his face back to a mask of seriousness.

L'alie glowers at Myesha and nudges M'iri, leaning in to whisper, "Don't let her get to you, you only give her power. Who's the Wingleader and who's the Candidate here?" Eyebrow arches. As Lorena and M'iri inspect Ryski's space, L'alie takes it upon herself to inspect Ryski this time. She leans around, craning her head and touching his chin to turn his face so she can inspect behind one ear and then the other, aparently to check if he washed behind them.

Ryski tilts his head somewhat, but seems to relax once Lorena moves on. Whew. That's done, at least. And with apparent approval? Even better! Though he does give M'iri a suspicious look as she's told to check his clothespress. Well../hopefully/ nothing rises out of there..

M'iri's reaction actually cause Myesha to giggle, but she silences it at once, playing it off as a cough. Once that's conquered she sets to glancing around the barracks, clearly bored with the lack of talk from her fellow candidates. She does notice the dress but she's not as taken aback by it as everyone else. She's a fan of pink after all. Leaning in to hear L'alie's words she can't help but smile more. Power? Given?

M'iri arches her brow a little, looking at Lorena's glove in curiousity as if to check her fingers for dirtiness, herself, but highly doubts it. "I figured that might've been the case…" She says on the dust thing, having an idea, but wanting to make sure… Delenn's reaction earns another laugh from the bluerider, and she just grins as innocently as possible. Apparently, she's the non-spine straight of the riders here. Good or no, who knows. Moving on to Ryski's cot, she nods to Delenn's brother good naturely, before following Lorena's cue and patting down the blankets. "Feels fine to me, Sister." She feels no need for formalities, nope. Looking at L'alie, and then Myesha, before nodding resolutely and continuing her task. Kieranth sends a mental blood spit, to put Myesha back in her place. Neener.

Something rising out of Ryski's press? Now that is scary. [Keziah] listens to the footsteps as they start coming closer. Still she stands there, even as sweat starts to drip down into her eye. She blinks a little and her face twitches, but she refrains from wiping at it.

Lorena moves on down the way. A couple other candidates. No effects beyond some dust on the cot bars and back sill. "I expect more attention to detail next time." Is all she says with her mouth in a thin line. She seems pleased that so far so good. "L'alie? Can you start with Keziah on that side? They seem good so far. Don't want this to take too long." And now to Myesha, to whom she raises a brow. "Candidate… If you cannot at least humor me in taking this seriously I believe we will have a grave problem." But there's a small sparkle to her eyes. She does much the same with Myesha, satisfied of her person before moving to her press and following the same motions.

Arkoss stays standing still, darting glances at the riders when they make their rounds. Nope, no trouble from him, no sir. Er, ma'am. He is as innocent as a newborn, er….something. Chicken? Yeah. Innocent as a newborn chicken.

L'alie nods her head to Lorena, turning to stride across the wide aisle to Keziah. The corner of her mouth twitches, and then the smile is hastily tucked away again. "I trust you found a more suitable place to keep your caprine kid, Candidate?" She asks, checking the fold of the cot's sheets and dusting the backside of the press. She peers intently at her fingers as if a speck of dust might suddenly appear and then sniffs. "You're sweating." She points out, one eyebrow lifting. "Is there something you neglected?" She leans down to peer under the bed suspiciously.

Keziah stays standing there as L'alie comes to inspect her. "Yes, ma'am." she states simply, no more, no less. At the second question "No, ma'am." At least she hopes she hasn't and almost moves to check things out. She takes a breath and starts to speak again "Just.." she trails off and closes her mouth. After all, when you're buried up to the neck in the midden. Keep your mouth shut.

Amarante relaxes where she stands and glances over at Myesha as she's talked to. She doesn't fidget, but remains standing.

A glance is spared Ryski, seeming relieved as he passes inspection. [Delenn's] eyes follow M'iri however for a few moments and then wander off elsewhere. The rest of him is stock still, and despite having passed inspection himself, he's not of a mind to yet relax. His head is cock, however slightly, at Keziah and her sweating. He narrows his eyes just a bit, but sees nothing wriggling about either in her clothes, bed covers or moving around beneath her cot. So he wondered what it was that had the apprentice so nervous, brow arching with a twitch.

M'iri is following Lorena at a respectful distance, she might be older then the brownrider, but age does not designate ability, and Miir knows this well. Turning to look curiously at Keziah and L'alie's question, before blood ebbs into Keziah's mind for a second, as apparently Kieranth is intent to help with the inspection. « Hrm… » Suddenly, Miir becomes distracted, and turns to Lorena. "I'll be back, if you don't mind, Sis?" She asks, and then with an apologetic smiles, goes out before Lorena can answer… Apparently, something has caught Kieranth's attention. The whole of everyone's mind passes with the goodbye of Kieranth's coppery blood touch, and

At the reprimand Myesha seems to stand a bit straighter, nodding her head slowly. But once Lorena moves to examine her cot she relaxes, that smile returning. Her eyes move from candidate to candidate, her head tilting a bit at all the nervous looks, obviously puzzled. Serious isn't part of her nature it seems. At the mention of neglect her attention snaps over to L'alie and Keziah, watching hungrily to see if the rider finds something.

Lorena finishes Myesha without anything remarkable, nodding to the candidate. But her attention has drifted. Ahem! "Not much longer. Please maintain -some- composure." She says irritably. And she moves down… a couple more candidates, Chai, Deia… No consequence. And Nalkor. Aside from a frown at the less than happy knot on his shoulder, as it's still not quite white, and perhaps her hesitation to invade his personal space, which she grudgingly does, there is nothing at fault here. And now… Arkoss. "Candidate…"

Arkoss straightens when Lorena approaches him, and half-lifts a hand to try and straighten his hair, which is still wet. His eye is slightly squinted shut, but there's nothing he can do about that /now/. "Yes ma'am?"

L'alie seems almost disappointed when she fails to find anything and sniffs, moving on to Zevida's cot, giving it the same once over that's been given the others. Zevida is given the stink-eye as she runs her fingers along the press and behind the headboard. Nothing exciting here, either.

Lorena watches him with mild amusement. "Relax, Arkoss. There is something called too uptight." She says calmly, looking him over, scenting him, noting his knot and dress. "Very good." She commends, moving past to his press and bunk. Nope. No darkening of the glove. "Well done candidate." She moves on. This continues down several more cots. Leaving L'alie to get the other side… Zevida, Amarante included. As Lor goes she pauses to move over to the walls and run a glove over. Nothing there. Infact the barracks looked beautiful if she might say so. Her other hand fiddles with something in the pocket of her dress jacket. Did I mention she's dressed in her formal sea craft blues? She is. But yes… whatever she has in there is making her smirk a bit. She passes a glance back the direction of Delenn and Ryski at front be continues.

Zevida glances at L'alie, only offering a slight smile as she moves out of the way for examination. She keeps her hands behind her back, fingers laced tightly. A slight tilt of her head as she seems to be trying to see under her cot as well, moving along with the examination with no clear interest.

Keziah lets out a sigh of relief as L'alie moves on, she really was expecting something, even made up. After all, everyone blames her for everything, so why not? She closes her eyes momentarily and then opens them again.

Delenn slides his gaze along the line as the inspection continues, shifting his weight just a bit from one foot to the other to try and make standing so still less uncomfortable. One cot after another passes inspection, and the healer glances to Ryski, perhaps wondering if the boy had been teasing him when he said Lorena was going to make them eat off the floor. Eyes fall to the stone beneath his feet, considering, before a flash of his throat sends his attention to Arkoss. He'd rather not think about it. The very thought of resting his foot the same place beastcrafter's boots tread after mucking stalls and such. The only color to to speak of on Delenn's cheeks is the smallest touch of green. If that was the case, he'd be fasting until permitted to use a plate. Snapping back to reality, he glances to Lorena, and blinks once. Why was she looking back this way? A scrunching of his eyebrows ensues and he peeks at his brother once before again returning his attention to the seacrafter. Confused? You betcha!

Ryski stays still. Really, it's a wonder that the boy's been able to keep himself quiet and still for this long. Though not..totally still, at least. He still fidgets every now and again, glancing at his brother before looking on down the line of cots. It's only when Lorena looks back down that he drops his hands to his sides again, stalling out the light tugging he's started on the bottom of his tunic.

Arkoss blinks and relaxes when Lorena passes him, sighing a little in relief. And hey, his boots are dung-free, thank you very much! Now that he's passed, he lifts his hand to gingerly feel his eye.

Myesha watches that hand carefully, a frown crossing over her face. No telling what's in the riders pocket after all. Now that she's been cleared she sets to combing her hair again, ceasing every time a rider looks in her general direction. Soooo boring. And now that Keziah's cot didn't produce anything exciting there's nothing more to look forward to. She's the trouble maker, right? She remains silent though and tries not to draw anymore attention to herself until the inspection is done.

L'alie snorts but can find no fault with Zevida, and so moves on to the next four cots, Calandria, Rhalin, Alara, Pareol. All come with no fault. It's at Jirka's cot that something interesting happens. While reaching under the cot to inspect the floor, something heavy and definitely creepy crawls onto the back of her hand. L'alie blanches and draws her hands out, staring in horror at the large, fuzzy eight-legged crawlie perched innocently on the back of her hand. "Oh, that's not normal." She says in a strangled voice.

Amarante glances towards L'alie - and spots the crawly there. Her eyes widen suddenly. She turns back forward, though. That is for Jirka to handle right now. They beat the beds and everything else was chased out as of the night before. She thought. She just closes her eyes for a moment and sighs at length. They were doing so well, too….

Lorena looks around at L'alie after being up in that poor silent girl, Keyra's face. "Jirka!" She snaps, whirrling upon the boy. "Out!" She snaps at the boy. He starts to get his things. "No! Just out for now!" She points forcefully to the doorway. "Go out and stand with Loyauth." The boy shuffles along. "Oh! Wait. L'alie. The dress perhaps?" She inquires sweetly.

L'alie shudders forcibly and puts her other hand in front of hte first to catch the large crawlie before it can walk off her hand, carefully placing the released hand in front of the next as she walks back towards the door. It takes much self-restraint to keep from flinging the tarantula. Once outside and released, L'alie backs back into the barracks and starts waving her hands and stomping up and down, "GUHHHHH!!!" Shudder shudder gag. As for the dress, she looks positively delighted. "The dress! Perfect!" She snatches it off her shoulder and unfurls it, displaying it in all of it's hot pink glory. The entire thing is studded with paper flowers and ribbons and poorly tatted lace. The lace isn't the only thing badly made about it. The stitching seems to be faulty and uneven, making puckers and ripples wherever two pieces are joined. Truly, the thing is dreadful. She passes it to Lorena with much jubilation, and then goes back to continue her inspection with Amarante.

Arkoss winces when he catches sight of the crawlie. "That can't be good." he says quietly, then when The Dress is brought out, he gulps at it and looks away. Ahhh, bad memories!

Zevida stands quietly, watching the scene with the crawlie and the dress with a quirk of her brow. Freeing her hand to cover her mouth she releases a slight snicker before fully returning to her post before her press.

Amarante stands up a little straighter as it's finally her turn. She keeps her eyes faced forward and lets her superiors do as they wish to look over her cot and person and everything else. Her hair may still be damp, but it's pulled back and as combed as it's going to get.

No, Delenn is not afraid of crawlies, but his nose crinkles with some distaste. The barest frown touches his lips as he takes a good look at the offender responsible and lightly shakes his head. Truly, it had been going so well, but at least Lorena isn't riffling in her pockets and looking at him and his brother anymore. Who knows what the seacrafting brownrider had in store, and like Myesha really doesn't want to know what riders keep in their pockets. Full dress or no. When the dress is unfurled, Delenn stares at the thing in object horror. It offends every single thread of his makeup having to do with fashion sense, and a hand comes up to cover his mouth as he eyes the thing. "Shards…" he murmurs, swallowing hard and forcibly tearing his eyes away. It was like finding something truly awful, and being unable to look away.

Ryski blinks faintly at the discovery of the crawlie, and the resulting removal and disgusted-sounds. The boy groans though, one hand coming up to his face. "I thought we got /rid/ of all those?" Oh yes…the dress. The mere sight of it earns a shudder from the boy, cringing back from the possibilities. Still, he reserves a bit of a glare for Jirka for keeping the thing, head shaking as the other boy shuffles out.

Lorena shoots a look at Arkoss as she takes the dress from L'alie. Watch it boy, or it shall happen yet again. And so she hands the dress to Jirka and points him out, Admiral following to make sure the boy actually -wears- the dress. Lorena casts a look around again, making sure all are well aware of what she will do before finishing Keyra, who is the last in her row and failed to dust or properly make the bed. Some people! She, too, gets booted outside. She's the last in her row however and Lorena moves up the aisle again, looking at each candidate, snatching away Myesha's hair brush. She resumes her fidgeting as a light blue flitter pops in from _between_ and lands on her shoulder. "Mm? There's ready then?" She murmurs to him, barely audible, not expecting much response but the creature croons and wraps about her neck.

L'alie seems even more suspicious now than before, tucking her face close to Amarante's shoulder and then giving her the up-down once over before moving on to the girl's cot and checking twice as many spots as before. She even pats down the bed for wrinkles. With a grumble of disgust, she turns to Lorena, "This side all clear." She reports, chin up and back straight. Is t hat a twinkle in her eye? Nope, surely must be a trick of the light.

Two people had to go and ruin it for the rest of them, and Delenn looks thoroughly disappointed, but he makes no comment as both candidates told to head outside shuffle past his cot and out the door. He eyes them though, oh yes, the hairy eyeball. Both L'alie and Lorena are glanced to, but L'alie gets an almost thankful expression. Her giving the all clear means soon he'd be able to move, anything would do, just as long as he wasn't standing there looking about.

Ryski lifts his hand a little bit, rubbing against the back of his neck as yet another candidate is sent out. Indeed, he's starting to look a tad nervous, exchanging a brief look toward Delenn and then back around to L'alie, and finally Lorena. Ultimately, their fate lays there, after all.

Lorena smiles at L'alie. Yep, smiles. Her eyes move down the rows and she calls out names at random. "Delenn, Ryski, Amarante, Arkoss, Zevida… please step forward and line up here." And that said, she moves forward aswell and pulls a bag out of her pocket with redfruit slices in it. What had she said about the floors. With a smirk, she sets the pieces down on the floor in a small pile. Exactly five. And stands back, not giving any other command for the moment, tho she shoots a look at L'alie.

Arkoss blinks and comes forward warily, then notices the redfruit slices being placed on the floor. At that, he has to smile. Heh. He glances at the girls and smirks sardonically at them.

Amarante only relaxes and breathes out a silent and soft sigh of relief after L'alie's stepped away. Except that they're called forward to stand in a line, and she blinks as she does so. Spotting the redfruit as it's placed on the ground, she realizes quite suddenly that she only really grabbed something quick to eat in between cleaning methods that day. Her stomach? Growls. Loudly. She starts coloring up crimson slowly but surely while trying desperately not to. That wasn't her. It was that firelizard… over there… yeah…. ahem. She waits for orders.

Redfruit? No. No. No. Delenn's eyes widen as Lorena produces the bag and it's contents, and looks quite ill when she bends over and starts to make that pile with the slices on the floor. Especially, because she called names, and he was among them. If he was a different person, he might very well be planning some less than pleasant things for those responsible for brownrider meltdown. Jaw twitching, he moves over to stand next to Amarante, looking quite dark with his lightly olive skin and dark hair compared to her much fairer complexion. Still, all he can do is stare at the redfruit. The riders walked on that floor, many people did, and of course those two that got kicked outside. Who knows how dirty their footwear is and was. The healer looks as if he's going to be quite ill as he folds his arms lightly over his chest. Today was turning out to be a very bad day indeed.

Zevida moves forward as she hears her name then taking place in the line forming, her head tilting slightly before eyeing the redfruit pieces on the ground. Arkoss' smirk is brushed off and dismissed rather quickly, instead, her attention moves to Lorena and she smiles. "Ma'am, do we kneel and eat it? Or do we pick it up and eat it t'at way?" She asks curiously, now sparing a glance towards the other candidates with a hint of a smirk on her lips.

L'alie simply looks amused, removing her glove and putting it in her pocket. A trio of brown firelizards pop out of between above her head, settling on her shoulders and head to look curiously at the redfruit slices. Never one to miss an abandoned meal, these three, they stare hungrily at the floor. She swats at them absently, folding her arms across her chest, shifting her weight to one leg so that her hip cocks out.

Ryski blinks as his name is called, straightening up, before he does head on over. A glance is given to Delenn then, giving his brother a light elbowing as he moves to stand beside him. "It's not like it's going to be /that/ bad.." After all, they scrubbed the floor good, didn't they? He shakes his head, looking at those slices, then at Lorena, tongue briefly flicking out to lick his lips. "So long as we don't have to /lick/ the floor. I mean…/that's/ pretty gross."

Lorena can't hold it any longer at Zevida's question. The smile breaks… becoming a small titter and then a multitude of girlish giggles at them. Without a word, save for continuous laughter, she leaves the room…. then returns pushing a cart with different selections of food stuff from the kitchen. "Hehe… they can have them L'alie…" She says with a giggle as her own other blue, Lieutenant, swoops down and seizes one. "Candidates…" Giggle. "I want to congradulate you on your accomplishments these past few hours. The barracks is lovely, clean as it should be. I appreciate you all humoring me and taking care of the situation as it needed to be… and as such, since I know you all probably haven't had much to eat, I talked with one of the cooks and she set this tray up for you all. You can all relax. Those who were at fault will be delt with, because it is clear to me that you all truely tried to pull together and do the best you could. Keziah… it's up to you whether you hold Nalkor to the punishment for his knot. But I am very proud of all of you… so have a good meal."

Arkoss still looks like he'd be willing to nab one of those slices, but fortunately his stomach doesn't betray him like Amarante's did. When hers growled, he stifled a laugh. When the food tray is brought in, however, he comes alert, staring at it. Ooooohhhh, foooooood!

Amarante is all set to dive onto her piece before the lurking firelizards can nab it - until, at least, Lorena brings in real food. She grins at that point, attention firmly focused on the cart. She chuckles and brushes a hand through her pale hair sheepishly, glancing up at Delenn quickly. Yeah, she thought they'd have to eat off the floor too. That looks much better at least.

M'iri walks in from the hatching arena, smiling a little brightly as she goes. Turning, she waits for Pike to follow, she folds her arms about her waist and smiles shyly.

Delenn looks confused again, for about a second. Then it dawns on the healer that Lorena was just pulling their legs and she was not going to literally make them eat off the floor. In that instant of realization, he gives the seacrafter a look signifying that were this another place and time he might of kissed her for it. Absolute relief washes over his drained expression, though still feeling a bit ill, he doesn't appear particularly interested in the food that's wheeled in. As the redfruit slices of terror are winged off by one firelizard or another, Delenn looks to Amarante and warmly smiles.

Ryski perks. "Wait..so we don't have to eat it off the floor?" Hey! Bonus! The boy just grins at Lorena, quite widely in fact, before letting out a slight cheer. "I'm /starving!/" Oh yes, food is there, and so is Ryski, breaking away from the line of candidates in order to rush over and inspect the tray of food. "Ohh..I want this..and this and this.."

Lorena giggles more at the lot, but it fade as she looks to Delenn.. All the others were practically all over the cart at this point. She moves over with a smirk. "You didn't honestly think I'd make you do it, did you?" She chuckles, crossing her own arms in a casual fashion. "You looked like you might faint, truth be told." Her gaze passes over the candidates in a fond fashion. "But I'm glad this seemed to work."

Arkoss steps to one side as Ryski charges for the food, but he's no less quick. He looks up, however, when M'iri brings in a new candidate, glancing over him speculatively, and nods a greeting. "I would've eaten one off the floor." he shrugs. "After all, all you needed to do was peel the skin off."

L'alie had stepped out when the food arrived, but now she returns, leaning in to whisper in Lorena's ear before standing upright again, looking a tad bit pleased with herself. Eyes flick towards M'iri and the new addition and she grins, "Ah, good timing, Miir."

Making his way into from the hatching arena, Pike glances around at the amount of people gathered here. Making his way towards M'iri, he nods politely to everyone before turning his full attention on the Wingleader… or at least as much as he can spare with the news he'd just received.

Amarante hurries to the cart and promptly starts eating. Though she does wait with faint impatience for a gap to open up, and takes up a bit to carry off a bit with her. No sense in pushing and shoving and making a mess, after all. Flumping onto her bed, she silently, happily, eats. She does attempt to not go fast, but she IS rather ravenous.

M'iri frowns a little at the sudden rushing of candidates to the food cart, before looking up at Lorena suddenly and mouthing 'Did you starve them!?'. Realising Pike has finally caught up with her, she turns to him then. "I know the barracks are a little crowded now, but pick your own cot. Remember to grab your stuff if you can, or if you need a rider to, they can take you out to grab your stuff…" Moving over to the chore chart, she points to it, "Each candidate has a duty they will be expected to follow. Your free for the night ,but by tomarrow, you will be expected to do your chores, is that clear?" And clearing her throat, she grabs a booklet from her laptop bag, "These are candidate rules, please read over them and abide by them, or suffer the retribution of not doing so." She smiles then, to take the sting from her words, and nudges for him to pic ka cot.

Looking away from Amarante, Delenn's smile stays as a direct result of Ryski's enthusiasm. It was times like these that he hoped people noticed that the boy was not all prickles and attitude, just a normal kid. The expression fades however as his brother rushes the food cart and Lorena moves over towards him. "I was concerned." he admits with a bit of a chuckle, an arm swinging up from the elbow towards his own face to rest a palm against his cheek. It was no secret how neat and clean the healer liked to be, and that he pressed nutrition and manners. To eat off the floor might have done the poor thing in, considering his already hallow appearance. He looks to her though when she brings that up, nodding once. "I've been working with a few riders on the whole mind touching issue. I still don't like anyone rifling around in my head, but I think when the time comes to touch the eggs at least I won't make a scene." he murmurs to her quietly.

Lorena looks up and beyond at M'iri and the new one and smirks a bit. Well, now that this lot have gotten their act together, she's pretty certain there won't be -too- many problems with the new one fitting in. She waves a greeting before L'alie approaches and whispers to her. "Okay." She confirms. She looks to Delenn. "Well… you get to test that now." She raises her voice to all. "Candidates! I've just been informed we can go touch the eggs now. Shove what food you can in your mouths, it'll be here when you get back, and follow the Weyrsecond!" She smiles at Delenn. "It really is wonderful. You'll see."

Ryski already has a mouthful when he returns, offering a bit of food to Delenn as well as he chews his own. "Come /on/! You're supposed to be eating." And though it's a tad garbled in his enthusiasm to actually move that food from his mouth to his stomach, he still looks quite pleased about the whole thing. He worked hard, after all, he can be proud of his work. Lorena gets a quick bit of eyeing then, and then coughs, almost hacking on the food when it's mentioned they can touch the eggs. "Ehh?"

Looking around at the cots available, Pike picks one a little ways from the back of the barracks. He'd always been a more quiet shy kinda fellow. Turning to face the new flurry of activity, Pike looked around hesitantly.

Arkoss had already shoved some food in his mouth, several times, but at the announcement of being able to touch the eggs, he has a similar reaction to Ryski, though he does choke, no almost about it. Help plz!

Senkyou walks into the barracks, not one for being on time or really caring to inspect the nastiness. The newfound cleansliness shocks her for a moment and she chuckles, moving over toward Lorena, M'iri and L'alie she says. "You did some job on them Lore." Of course, a little suspicious she looks under the beds but spotting little wrong. The food is eyed, and she leans against the door arms crossed, ready to follow and watch them while on the sands.

Keziah has been silent during the whole feeding of the candidates bit. Hey, it's been a long hard day okay? She looks up at the mention of touching the eggs and puts the last bit of a roll into her mouth and glances over towards L'alie. Yeah, she's a bit subdued at the moment, but then it's been hours since she's been awake and working her tail off.

Alara slips in from somewhere, sporting some rather brilliant paint splotches on her tunic, a few on ehr face as well. Sinc she missed the food, and really she dosen't mind, the candidate slips inobtrusively towards her cot in an attempt to change into a different set of clothes. Well, one can hope.

L'alie grins broadly, folding her arms behind her back and rocking back on her heels. "Oh, this is always my favorite part. Alright, you guys. Here's the rules. No running, no loud noises. No knocking on the eggs. You will bow to Kilaueth and Hesketh when you enter the Sands. If Kilaueth starts to get edgy, you will leave the Sands calmly in single file. Be gentle with the eggs. They're strong, but they're still leathery, so be careful."

Amarante blinks and just stares. She swallows and can audibly heard to proclaim, "I was right!" And she promptly looks over towards Keziah and Myesha and Nalkor and anyone else who was involved in her conversation earlier about egg-touching. Her entire face is alight. She tosses all thoughts of slow eating aside and shovels her food in to finish it off. Woohoo! She sets her plate aside and, still chewing a bite or two, rises when it seems the others are moving to follow the Weyrsecond. She'd squee in delight if she weren't currently chewing and swallowing as carefully as possible.

M'iri keeps that steady smile on Pike as he chooses his cot, reaffirming him even with that simple gesture— hopefully. Returning the greeting of her fellow riders, the bluerider's blush is anew, skirting as best she can around candidates and over to Lorena. The news from the Assistant brings M'iri's brows upwards, and she looks around the fray of candidates, until pointed at Delenn, searching his face to make sure he's alright with this information. She's quiet for the moment in all this ruckus, for it's just her to be the mouse in the chaos. Alara's mess is noted, and the Wingleader covers her mouth abruptly, looking from candidate, to Lorena, and back.

Delenn headtilts as L'alie whispers to Lorena, straining to hear, but only catching a few words and none that really suggest what might be going on. Meanwhile, Ryski waves food at him and the healer blanches. "No thank you, you enjoy it." he tells him weakly. Really, going without something to eat isn't going to kill him. He'd rather ingest something when it had a better chance of staying down. Then Lorena speaks, "Pardon?" he slips in before she makes her announcement, and really at this point, Delenn just needs to sit down. Just for a second, and so he does on the cot directly next to the seacrafter. He nods to her though, wonderful yes. He's sure. Sigh.

Pike nods absently along as the rules are read, readying himself for the experience of a lifetime

Ryski does work at getting the rest of his food down, although he stays next to his brother, giving Delenn a faint bit of eyeing. Though, he doesn't exactly /say/ anything to the older boy. Rather, he simply swallows down what's in his mouth, before wiping his hands off on his tunic just a bit. There's a few crumbs, after all.

Lorena decides to linger with Delenn a moment as the others all turn attention to L'alie. But Alara is noticed and her face darkens conciderably. "Candidate!" Comes her outrate cry. "You stay here!" She growls. In otherwords… no touching for you right now. To Delenn she turns her concern. She'll deal with Alara in a minute and make her think about what she might have spaced out on. "Hey…" A gentle touch on the shoulder. She doesn't have to ask, her eyes do it for her as she crouches down across from him.

Alara is in the middle of changing clothes and then suddenly blinks. "Oh Shards… that was today…." the Healer looks quite miserable as she suddenly figures out what she's in trouble for now. Nope, she just can't get it right. She may need therapy. She finishes changing and then waits silently next to her cot, head down in shame. Yep. Not good.

M'iri notes Arkoss' choking, almost belatedly, and pushing her way through the candidate crowd, leans over to see Arkoss' face. "Are you…?" Probably not. Slapping the candidate on the back to try to loosen the food stuck in his throat, Miir shakesh er head. "Shells, boy, eat a little slower next time?" She hopes her slapping clears it up, and then she turns in hearing Lorena yell at Alara. Uh-oh. She looks at the rest of the candidates, "Okay everybody!" She booms, "You heard the Weyrsecond! Outwards and onwards!" She she tries to shepard candidates out, she goes by and pats Delenn on the shoulder again, looking at him, and then to Lorena. Maybe the brownrider has a handle on things? She looks to the rest, making sure they get out to the sands.

Arkoss gasps out as the bite is dislodged, and reflexively he swallows it again. This time, it goes down the right way. Out he goes with everyone else with a smile of thanks at M'iri.

Yes well, that second proves to be longer than that, and Delenn just sits there as the other candidates shuffle out. Which might be a good thing, considering. Course what the healer wanted to do is quickly quelled when Lorena screams at Alara, causing the older teen to twist around a bit and peer over at the…well…stripper. He doesn't blush, he doesn't leer, he just arches a brow and frowns. "Oh for crying out lou…" he mutters under his breath, likely at the end of his rope with the whole stupidity thing seeming to be spreading like wildfire through the barracks. Course, his thought is left unfinished as both M'iri and Lorena put hands on on his shoulders and his pale green eyes flicker to both of their concerned expressions. Another sigh. He'd like to tell them that he's fine, but it'd clearly be a lie. As Lorena crouches, his gaze follows and he looks down. Luckily with his back to Alara and with all the candidates out except himself and her. Cause there are tears building, making the surface of his gaze shimmer. How manly is that? "I'm trying, I just…" he says low, hopefully too low for the remaining candidate to hear. His eyes flick off to the side, "…no dragon is going to want…this…" This meaning him of course.

Lorena frowns at the expression on Delenn's face and words that follow. "Oh honey…" She coos, gazing up at him. "Hang on a sec…" She gently pats his arm and gets up, going to Alara. "Go to the Sands. Tomorrow morning you will report at day break on the docks with the other two and begin your punishment. Go… go now!" She snaps, and then returns to Delenn, watching the other candidate go.

Alara nods her head, still looking rather miserable. After another few moments, she flees, shamefaced, from the barracks to the sands. Without a word.

Arms wrapped back around his middle, Delenn nods as Lorena pats one and rises to evict Alara. While she's distracted, he quickly swipes away lines of moisture that streak down each of cheeks before they make it past his cheekbones, clearing his throat and trying to put himself back together again. His jaw tenses, his expression hardening, as anger at his own weaknesses starts to bubble towards the surface. Berating himself as it were, in his own head. The show of tears is over, but his eyes are red to clearly display his little outburst. He watches as Alara flees, shaking his head once she's out of sight.

Lorena comes over and sits cross-legged on the floor in front of Delenn, tugging her formal skirt down a bit. Clearly she's someone that revealing for appeal is not a conscious effort if it ever does happen. But he might have guessed that from her personality. "I don't know what's in there… but if it's the right one… it won't matter at all." She wriggles her nose up at him, then reaches out and tentatively touches his cheek.

Delenn hadn't even noticed that Lorena was wearing a skirt, not that it matters now that he has, not actually looking at her again until her hand comes out to touch his cheek. It's then that his eyes flick to meet her gaze, and keeps it. The sadness there is seemingly bottomless, almost threatening to draw the onlooker into it's sorrow where one might not ever be happy again. It's a lonely, despairing emptiness riddled with fear and the protector of so many secrets, and then it's gone as the healer's eyes drop to the blanket of the cot beneath him. "I know," he says simply, pushing all that stuff Lorena couldn't have missed down inside of himself and meets her eyes again. All that was revealed before is gone, leaving just the eyes of any other nineteen turn old. "I just…" Another sigh.

Lorena feels her heart go out to him, but also a sense of confidence in him as she watches his eyes. When he looks away she lightly strokes his cheek once. "Hey… Like I said… I don't know… but what I do know is that… well… I've trusted and cared about you in the few times I've spent with you than I think have ever had happen. I can't explain why… but I know that the littles out there are going to see that too. They're often really optimistic souls… even the dark ones. And what they see, Delenn, they will accept, reguardless." She lowers the hand to rest it in her lap. "I think you can do this. I think you should do this. And I will stand waiting for you on the sands if it will help. Heck, even if it won't. You were there for me with Nalkor… I'll be here for you with this." Small smile? "Focus on the good, remember?"

The stroke to his cheek elicits a struggle from Delenn, forcing back down things that threaten to portray weakness. After all, he wants people to think he's confident and strong, not some someone filled with worries, doubts and insecurities. It's a face he puts on for everyone in his life, family and lovers alike. Allowing anyone to see past his mask, means trusting them, and that scared him. The healer listens silently to all that Lorena has to say and eventually his eyes wander back to hers, her small smile bringing an echoing one from him. Minute, but there all the same. "Yes, I remember." he says nearly in a whisper, obviously still some lingering uncertainty about it. Still, he takes a breath and nods, a hand wandering up to where hers touches one side of his face. "Thank you Lorena."

Lorena's smile brightens to see his own. After a moment of thinking about how to, she struggles to stand. "Silly skirt." She mumbles, having to adjust it again and tug it down. The fabric, after all, doesn't stretch. But after a rather awkward standing, for which she's glad there -is- no Nalkor present, she reaches out a hand. "Come on… Come with me. You'll see." She beckons, still with the smile. "I'd like you to at least touch one."

It's likely no surprise to Lorena that Delenn is not at all interested in seeing up her skirt, and even if she had hiked it up so she could get up more easily he wouldn't have batted an eye. A soft strained laugh pulls free of the teenager at her comment on the piece of clothing, slipping off the cot slowly and standing. After all he hadn't eaten much today, and there had been quite the amount of stress put on him so he didn't want to tempt actually physically fainting. Ryski would never let him live it down. He looks to the offered hand, and takes it. Lorena would be able to feel then the slight tremor invisible to the naked eye, but he squeezes her hand regardless. "Okay." he nods.

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