Random Log: Senkyou Visits Woodcraft Hall

WoodCraft Hall - Mill

The air here is filled with dust from the great saws that are continually spinning, ripping through the large timbers that are brought in from the shed adjoining the mill through a movable door. The saws are powered by an ingenious system of wheels and belts that are run from the big flywheel that is attached to the waterwheel ouside. Smaller saws and other machines are powered by different sized pulleys that run from the overhead system. The noise is at a very high level in here as Apprentices and Journeymen go about the various tasks of cutting, grading, and stacking the freshly cut wood. Stairs in the corner run up to the second floor and down to the waterwheel room.

Orla is hard at work in the mill, she's one of the journeymen that takes care of construction and as such is overseeing the cutting of some specific jointing on beams. At first glance it's probably not obvious that she's a girl given she's right in at the deep end so to speak giving instructions and manhandling large wooden beams around the powered saws.

Delynni enters with a package of papers bearing the Beastcraft seal. She finds Orla. "Excuse me ma'am, are you Journeywoman Orla? The beastcraft at Eastern sent me with an order for lumber for fencing." She says calmly. Its obvious that this has been both rehearsed and spoken several times prior. Del's expression is one of a person whose been trying very hard to find somebody with little or no luck.

Senkyou walks in just behind, the pregnant brownrider looks out of place in a mill and is watching the machinery carefully. Coughing a little from all the dust her face is scrunched like she's just swallowed something sour, glancing back and forth she waits for Delynni impatiently unbuttoning her riding jacket.

Orla lets out a muttered curse under her breath as she hears someone calling her name. She takes her time to finish feeding a beam through one of the planes, the apprentice with her receiving a stern set of instructions before she turns to see who it is. She looks the girl over as she walks over, a hand covered in sawdust rising to push her hair away from her face; leaving a wonderful smear of dust across her cheek. "Lets see that." She tells the apprentice even as her hand is reaching out to take the package of papers. Senkyou gets a cursory glance but her attention quickly returns to Delynni.

Delynni hands the package over, but jumps at Senkyou's coughing. "Miss Senkyou, I have some water with me if you need it." She says worriedly. "You can use my bandana if you need to cover your face too. It can't be easy being with child and having to walk through a lumber mill." She offers the brownrider. The tiny sized apprentice offers her bandana and canteen to Senkyou.

Senkyou gives a long look at Orla but at Delynni she says, "I'll be fine, just wish we didn't have to look so hard.. gotta figure out a better way to do this." All the noise brings out a half grown bronze firelizard from her pocket and Senk pulls him out draping him around her neck the little bronze chirping randomly at all the conversation. "I'd take the water though, and this is my job." Answering delynni on the hardships of her current situation.

Orla opens the package and unrolls the paperwork to have a good read. Her head flicking slowly from side to side as she works her way through the paperwork to make sure it's all in order and to find the references. "Looks good, we've got most of that stuff over there, if you want to have a look. Though how are you going to move all those posts?" She asks Delynni before casting a relatively dubious eye at the rider. "Are you with her?" She double checks despite having heard the conversation between them. "That's a lot of wood to shift."

Delynni nods and hands over the canteen to Senkyou. "Uh, well, Eastern's crafter wing can't spare anybody to shift until next sevenday. So once I have a good look at what's there I'm to come back with a confirmation that you have the order and will have it ready by the next third day." Del explains. "And yes, she's with me." Del answers.

Senkyou eyes go blank for a moment and she mouthes words, "He would like to know how much wood there is, and I can get a green or two here before yu can say between if yu need it." As delynni steps in and offers Eastern up Senk waves her hand quicly sighing and taking a drink of the water, "If we aren't talking about to much wood he can take it." Eyes unfocusing again she asks, "How big is this order?"

Delynni sighs, checking a slip she'd been given herself. "Enough wood to encircle five square dragonlengths. Their new pasture is four, and the fifth is to make sure they have posts and rails to fix the existing grazing area at the feeding grounds."

Orla looks between the two as she works out just how much we're talking about. "We're not going to have all the planking available right now." She explains. "The posts we've got, but unless you want to get them in the ground and rope it up in the meantime you'll need to come back later, we should be able to get it all ready in time for you so long as this cutting work behind me doesn't get messed up." She shakes her head to Senkyou though. "You'll need a full wing and several trips probably. If it's going to eastern it'll all need to wrapped up before it goes between, the cold does horrific things to wood." She even shudders at the very thought of it.

Senkyou shrugs nonchalantly, as she is in heavy draconic conversation and says "I'll let eastern handle it then, cause I'm not doing any heavy lifting, I ain't allowed so I wouldn't be able to balance my own dragon out. My wings got a lot of pregnant greenriders in it right now, so I'd suggest having an eastern wing work with yu on it." Senk's eyes get a little bigger as she ends the mental chit chat, "Why in the world would yu need that much wood?" Asking Delynni and just taking off the jacket all together, "My Weyrwoman wouldn't be pleased if my whole wing was out, and since yu leave at eastern I can take yu back there an' you can talk to your own messenger wing." Yup, she's getting out of work alright.

Delynni nods agreement. "That's why I was given instructions to let Eastern handle it if you insisted ma'am. We haul our own things." Delynni says proudly. "They're putting up a new pasture, and they're keeping some on hand just in case something happens to some of their existing runner pastures or the feeding grounds. I've seen a dragon accidentally knock down more than their share of posts during a mating flight. Occasionally one gets snapped, so it can't simply be repositioned as part of the fencing."

Orla shakes her head a touch as the pair of them talk about the transport. She really doesn't care about that part of it and waves a hand towards the far side of the mill, away from the machinery and into the storage area. "Stuffs over here if you want to have a look at the posts and a sample of the planking." She tells Delynni, "You can decide if you want to take any of it away just now or not."

Senkyou nods her head quickly to both of them following the conversation and saying to Delynni "That don't bother me, I think Xanadu is alright with feeding grounds an' such. I'm no wood expert and I'd never been in the mill before either." With the sour look back on her face it's unlikely she will be coming back for visits either. "If you want to take any now tell me, I gotta change it up a bit if we do."

Delynni shakes her head. "We need to dig holes anyway. I'll take a look at the posts ma'am, but fencing and maitenance aren't my craft forte. Runnerbeasts and their care and breeding are." She nods. "Ma'am, we're still digging fence post holes. That's why I said that we wouldn't be ready to take any of it until next third day." Delynni explains. "Something massive like that needs days to prepare for."

Orla leads the way into storage, through tall piles of stacked wooden boards, planks and sheets etc. "This pile of posts is the right size for the request." She tells Delynni; patting one of the stacks, "Take two posts from the top of that smaller pile to take back with you." She glances around and reaches up to pull down a pile of planking. "This'll be the rest, you'll need it for your guys to get the right holing for them." She explains, "You don't want all those holes to be too big now."

Senkyou walks into the back area following behind, "Just hurry up I'm going to miss lunch at Xanadu." Saying this she leans against on stack of stable looking wood, crossing her arms over her chest. "Could I get an eastern rider to come get yu? If you know anyone who'd like to stand around while you pick out wood? Lacths a little antsy about me getting to food an' all."

Delynni nods seriously, scooping up one of the posts easily despite her small size and hefting one onto her shoulder to test its weight. "I can carry two of these easy peasy Miss Senkyou. Dun worry about the lifting." She says with a cocky grin. "How do I wrap them up to protect them from between?" She asks Orla. The only sign that she's putting effort into lifting first one, then the other post, is a faint grimace on her face and the tenseness of her armmuscles during the act of lifting. Del nods. "In that case, if you can arrange for an Eastern beastcrafter rider to come get the sample wood." Delynni's stomach rumbles audibly. "I'm starved too. I could use a good meal myself." She nods. "Sure, I can wait if you'd like. Or I can go with back with you right now and have the rider pick up the sample. Whichever's easiest."

Orla hefts the package down and rests it easily against her shoulder, she's stocky and muscled enough to manage the big package easily. "This is it for now, it's just a sample to get sizing so don't worry about the cold affecting them." She tells the pair, "Just show me to your dragon and we can get them strapped on, I presume I won't need to pick anything else up yeah?" She checks as she waves her other hand towards an exit.

Senkyou points outside, hand running through her hair and getting dust out of her hair saying "I can get someone here for yu, Dulacth is asking around right now. If we insist on loading it up him I'm going to supervise." Senk seems to be pushing this point, like anyone would have a chance of loading her dragon without her around. "But your rider should be here in a little bit, an' we've got more than our fair share of work to do today." Senk moves to leave, not the helpful type and really she's done her job. "Just sit tight, Dulacth says K'rup and Indiath are on there way."

Delynni nods her farewell for Senkyou. "Thank you miss Senkyou. Enjoy your lunch." She says with a friendly grin and a wave farewell.

Orla nods her head and ushers the pair of them outside. "I'll just leave this here for you." She tells Delynni. "I'll get these papers passed onto the masters for payment and let them deal with the rest, I'll get the apprentices to work in the saw mill for you."

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