Candidates Enjoy the Beach

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

It's just about mid-day, the sun is still hanging in the sky, peering down at all those gathered about the beach. Andi is being smart this time, instead of not having any clothes to change into, and no blanket in case he gets dragged into the water…again, he's made sure to correct his past mistakes. A blanket is idly left hanging on the crook of his arm, a shirt and some shorts are tucked in the fabric. In his free hand is that book he always seems to carry, he sets it down on the ground along with his other things when he comes upon a appropriate spot to flop down on, fanning his blanket so he won't be on the scalding hot sand. The clothes are set aside and Andi picks up his book up, the cover opens slightly, only to have a envelope fall out. A brow twitches on the young man's face. "Not again."

From the water comes a bunch of squealing as Keziah slips and falls off of the dragon she was washing. Course, there was a little help from said dragon who's haking himself off while his rider laughs his tail off. Keziah comes up sputtering and laughing at the same time "Hey now!" she exclaims as she drags her self to the shoreline. She's not upset. Not at all. She waves the pair and starts trudging up the shoreline where her stuff is at. At the moment she's dressed in a pair of pants that have been cut down to the quick and cotton top that just covers her breasts and wraps around the neck a little. Both are soaked through. She snags her towel up and starts running it over her hair. The comment from Andis gets her attention and she eyes the envelope with avid curiosity. "Not again?" she asks.

Andis lets his fingers roam over the sheet, brow still twitching on that forehead of his. Finally, he gathers up his courage and opens the sheet of paper, sucking in the air around him and holding his breath as he starts to read the contents within. As his eyes flicker back and forth, scanning over the words, his face becomes progressively red until he quickly folds the paper shut and stuffs it back into his book. The voice seems to draw him out of his thoughts and he looks up, his face beat red. "Oh…nothing interesting." Andis is quick to cover up.

Keziah notes the red face and hmms thoughtfully as she plops herself down onto the side right next to him. "Nothing? Doesn't look like nothing." she remarks as she eyes the book "If it's nothing, why not let me see it?" she asks with a sweet grin on her face, and even starts reaching for the book. She's such a snot. "Someone sending you naughty notes or something? Or perhaps it's a declaration of undying lover and they're saying how they'll go to the ends of the world for you and back again."

"It's /nothing/!" Andis will pratically whine, pulling his book out of reach and even going so far as to sit on it, sticking out his tongue at Keziah. "You shouldn't go poking your nose into other people's things." There's a quiet cough as he looks over his shoulder staring at nothing. Time for a change of subject, it seems. "You're one of the candidates that was here yesterday, weren't you? I wasn't trying to look…anywhere…"

Keziah can't help but laugh at Andis and looks speculatively at him, almost as if debating whether or not to go diving for the book. She laughs at the tongue and states "Don't stick it out unless you plan on using it." she sits back though and nods at the question. "Yeah, I was out here yesterday for a bit." She regards him thoughfully a bit "Not trying to look anywhere? Oh you mean with the rider." She shakes her head a bit "Not sure I'd wanna work without clothes, no telling what might get caught and all." She glances out towards the water "Though, not unusual to see peope nude. Specially in a Weyr." A pause "Well, least a Weyr with warm weather and all. Don't see too many people going nude at Reaches, cept during the hottest times and a couple of times in the dead of winter."

Andis rolls his eyes, wiggling on his newfound seat as if making a point. She's not getting the paper. End of story. A faint blush does touch his cheeks, a hand idly lifting to rub at the back of his head, he won't comment on the whole 'tongue' thing. "I've lived in a weyr all my life, I'm used to seeing odd things. But nothing like…that. At least not where I live." Shoulders shrug, "I mean, yeah, it's different in the baths, but walking around the whole weyr? I don't think I'd do it."

Keziah seems to be enjoying herself and the blush. Guys blush so cutely after all "Oh? Which Weyr did you come from?" she asks curiously and nods as well "Not sure I'd want to walk around all over in the nude. Though it'd probably be worse for a guy, all those dangly bits. I'm not so big that I'd be flopping all over the place." she states as she looks down at her chest. "Still, it's interesting. So far most people have a reason. Gambling, idiocy." She rolls her eyes at that one. "I mean, imagine a race in the middle of winter. Nude."

"Um…I was born at Eastern, but I got shifted a lot between my fathers and my uncle when I was younger, so I don't really have one 'home'." Shoulders shrug indifferently, rubbing the back of his head. His blush only gets worse, pulling his legs up to his chest. "It's not that bad." Is his only comment on /that/ subject. "Riders are odd people, I should know. My whole family is full of them." But Andis can't help but laugh, flashing a playful smile to Kezia, "Who would want to race in the weyr in the nude? At least it doesn't get as cold here as some places."

Keziah ohs a bit "I've been to Eastern. It was the first Weyr that I stood on the sands." she smiles in memory of that time. "I was such an idiot child then." she rolls her eyes at herself and then shrugs a bit. "Dunno why they'd really want to, but it's something that's done that passes the time I guess, along with diving into a lake. Now that's really nuts." she shakes her head "Supposed to be good for the body and all. Gets the blood pumpin' and stuff."

Andis tilts his head, casting it to Keziah with a curious look, "Maybe we bumped into each other." Andis points out, sitting higher in his seat before he slumps again. "But I was usually at my mom's weyr, or in the library." Lips purse tightly, looking out at the sea. "Riders are just silly, that's all there is to it. You get a lifemate and your brain gets all addled." There's a quiet snicker, "I think they lose all common sense."

Keziah ponders that a bit "Oh, I dunno. I've seen many who've had their brains addled before they got the dragon." she murmurs thoughtfully "I mean, there was Naemon. I mean N'mon. He was already a little off I think. Perhaps it just brings it out. Though Ro, she's Reaches Weyrwoman. She's got her head on straight and all." she grins "Perhaps, though I didn't run into many of the residents, just mainly the riders and the other candidates and all."

Andis scratches his head, arching a brow, "My sisters impressed in High Reaches, I sometimes go up there to visit them. I was up there when the eggs were clutched and came back not too long ago." Shoulders shrug indifferently, "I guess you're right, some are more addled than others, but they're all odd. I'm almost proud to be the only person in my direct family who isn't a rider."

Keziah tilts her head a little "Oh? Who are your sisters? Maybe I know them." she says and grins. "Funny how in some ways it can be such a small world for such a small world." she laughs brightly as she flops down onto her back. She doesn't seem to mind the sand and all. After all, it'll wash off.

"Candia and Jei." Andis responds on the subject of his sisters, "And my mother is Susia. Jei just had kids…I'm a uncle now." He can't hlep but look proud of this statement." He tilts his head upwards to look back up at Keziah, "It is a small world sometimes, isn't it?"

Keziah blinks a moment "Candia?" she asks practically squeaking "I know her, she's one of my good friends." she exclaims as she laughs. "It really is a small world." she continues to laugh until she hears her name called out as another rider and her dragon come in for a washing "Oops, looks like break time is over." she states as she scrambles up, her whole backside and hair covered in sand "I'll be seeing you around!" she states as she runs off back down the beach.

Andis nods his head, grinning widely, "Yup! She's my older sister, they're both twins. I'm the youngest." And smallest, considering his stature. "I'll see you!" And he finally moves to pull the book out from under him and eyes the text once more.

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