Xanadu Riders Visit Western, Again

Western Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Early morning, and breakfast. The weyr is a bustle of activity as their duties for the day begin. Somewhere amid this throng is T'eo, the still adapting Weyrleader. Seems he's found himself a seat at an otherwise unoccupied table beside the heatstove. Now and again he raises his eyes to those who greet him, offering a vaguely polite half-smile, before returning to flipping through papers with one hand and nibbling on slices of redfruit via the other.

On this early morning who better to rustle up some trouble, than a rather grumpy bronzer visiting from Igen. As R'oc enters the caverns he looks around with his half lidded eyes at all of Western's commoners, but says nothing at the moment. He just makes his way to a table not more than a few feet from T'eo. "Some Klah, make sure it's nice and hot." He asks a drudge who quickly steps to get that for him before the inner grump appears.

T'eo raises his eyes from his papers for a moment. There's some strange sort of recognition of this rider… but he can't place it. He's had to learn so many faces and names recently so he just logs it away into the mess of things. But at his addressing of the drudge, a frown playing over his face. Can we have a please? Heck, even a sassy comment? But he doesn't say anything, inclining his head to the rider in greeting as he takes a sip of his tea… Then returns his eyes to the paperwork.

R'oc sits there waiting for the klah, his index finger tapping hastilly on the table infront of him. He seems to have the feeling someone is giving him the look over. He looks over his shoulder at T'eo and then almost gives him a glare before he turns around to his Klah. "About time." He brings the warm drink up to his lips and lets it flow down his throat. "Ah that hits the spot."

Excuse me? T'eo raises his brows again at such a look, frown intensifying. He looks at his papers, as if deciding how much it's worth. At last he looks back up, clearing his throat pointedly. "Morning, bronzerider." He states with an icey clarity. "Is there something about my staff that displeases you?" In other words: I'm watching you.

R'oc turns to face T'eo, a cocky smile on the edge of his lips as he watches the weyrleader. Then when he hears the question R'oc answers. "Oh not at all, I'm just impatient is all." He lifts the mug to the weyrleader and takes a sip. "I just thought it was a little slow the time it took that is." Then he lifts his hand through his hair to move the dark brown locks from his eyes.

T'burk comes striding in, fully awake, or at least appearing to be so. He heads over to get some of Western's nicely spiced klah, for which Western is famous. "Good morning!" he calls out happily and snaps a neat salute to the new WeyrLeader. "How is everyone this morning?"

T'eo is all about the eyebrows today, quirking just one. "At least you're honest." He remarks. "I thought that was rather quick for something you could have gotten yourself." He points out lightly waving a hand in a casual gesture. "But as you say, you're impatient." He shrugs. "I would request though that my staff be given some curtosy despite… or at least silence, if nothing better." T'burk enters and T'eo nods his head again with another brighter halfsmile to the greenrider. "Good morning, T'burk." Yup… he's getting names. Look at him go! "Well enough so long as it stays this nice today. Yourself?" Look! Social Toe!

T'burk smiles. "If you ever need me, sir, try checking in the infrmary. I have my office there. Or your dragon can call my dragon. We'll do lunch!"

"Well what can I say?" He grins then tilts his head towards the new arrival, recognizing him a bit but doesn't follow. He gives him the Pern famous R'oc look up, look down, and roll of his eyes. Isn't he being a nice boy today, he actually didn't say what he was thinking for once. "I'd say he's asking you out on a date." the bronzer decides to do some teasing.

Coming in slowly from the lower caverns is a computer crafter and one certain bluerider. They seem to be talking over a piece of paper, lightly, not really watching where they're headed, but moving with the flow as people pass. "Yes, but the connecting unit should be here, right?" M'iri asks of the crafter, who nods enthusiastically and points out something else on the page. Taking a moment to talk in her surroundings, Miir turns back to the crafter and gives him a slap on the back, "Well, thank you for you help, sir. I guess I should let you do what you came to Western for, eh?" She says with finality, and then makes the rest of the way into the Living Caverns. Stopping just a second, she recognises T'eo in the crowd and makesh er way over, "Hello, Weyrleader." She says with a teasing grin as she comes closer.

T'eo smiles pleasantly at T'burk and nods. "Certainly." But R'oc's comment gets a sidelong look. He doesn't get an immediate chance to reply as M'iri's voice floats to him over the morning buzz. He looks up quickly, just in time to see her walking on over. "M'iri." He smirks at her use of his title, standing and pulling out a chair at his table. He finally addresses R'oc's comment. "Bronzerider…" He looks over at him intently as he offers Miir a seat. "how old are you?"

T'burk fills his mug with some of the spiced klah. "Everyone feeling healthy today?" he calls out acrosst he room.

M'iri takes the seat profered to her, being a little bold as she leans over and gives Western's Weyrleader a light kiss on the cheek. Leaning back a little in her chair she fills her lungs with air before blowing it out, "How has your day, so far?" She finally asks, taking note of R'oc on the other side of the table, but pays the bronzerider no more attention then he is of herself. T'burk's call brings the bluerider's eyes acroos the living caverns, and with a little blush, she raises her hand and nods, "As well as one can be, sir!" She is smiling a little at the exchange, before turning back and playing with her fingers that she sets on the table. "It's nice to have a reason to see you, again…" She mumbles, giving a little quirk of her brow as she watches her fingers.

L'alie wanders into the cavern, a little boy and girl in tow who look to be about 7 or 8 years old. They both resemble each other to a point, though not so much as they each resemble T'eo. The little girl hangs close to L'alie, the boy less sure of himself. Lala's eyes scan the cavern, and she spots T'eo just about the same time the children with her do. An eyebrow lifts as she sees M'iri with him, and she wanders that way. "Ah, T'eo?" she ventures, frowning, "Hello, Miir."

T'eo smiles brightly the kiss he gets from the bluerider. "I'm glad you had one. Things have been decent enough so far. It's nice out, which is always a plus. Have some of these orders to filter through by the end of today, but I've had a good start on them." His smile brightens to T'burk and he, too, nods. "Healthy enough, I do believe. I hope that's the consensus of all the weyr?" He at last settles into his own seat… only to hear his name and stand again, promptly. Looking around he spots… L'alie. Greeeat. And his kids! This is a better factor, which he chooses to observe more. He moves from behind the table with a grin at Teila and Aereo. "Well good morning there, you two!"

T'burk nods. "Good. Then my job is done for the day." He sits down in a compfortable chair and props his feet up to enjoy his klah.

M'iri spreads the paper in her hands out ont othe table, pulling a pen from behind her ear as she scribbles down something on it. Turning her head again to T'eo, nodding her head a little at his words, "Well, always something to fill in the blanks. I'm sure your desk looks much more cluttered then mine does, thats for sure." She's tucking the pen back behind her ear— And hears L'alie's greeting to T'eo and her, causing her to suddenly drop the pen, and let it slide under the table. "Shells," She curses, standing from her seat then and saluting the Xanadu Weyrsecond, "L'alie…" She says, not sure how else to add to the conversation as she spots T'eo and L'alie's children. "Ah, visiting dad, eh?" The bluerider attempts a grin to L'alie, but with her frown, it falls easily from her lips.

L'alie grimaces, "None of that, Miir. It's too early for salutes and formality." She rubs her forehead, "Besides, you were the Weyrsecond long before I was." She releases Teila's hand as the little girl flings herself on T'eo. "Um.. I hope you don't mind me bringing them, they missed you." She says awkwardly to T'eo, glancing between her two clutchmates. "We won't stay long, I know you have a lot of business now."

T'eo crouches down, and takes Teila's fling with open arms and a beconing one to Aereo. He smiles, kissing Teila's head. He looks up at L'alie with that same beaming smile he'd given the kids… But as he look at her it fades in brilliance but a little and he nods. "S'fine. I've missed them too." He glances to M'iri a moment, but returns his eyes to his children. No drama with kids present. He strokes Teila's hair with a hand. "Did you have fun on Adinaeth?" He asks brightly. "Raenth says he's missed you guys."

"Ah, yes, but I'm not the one wearing the badge now, am I?" M'iri comments idly, grinning once again, but not sitting down, either. "But, your a clutchmate, so, we know eachother on first name basis." She seems a little awkward in standing there between the two, smiling a little at T'eo hugs his children. "Uhmm…" Miir is looking up at L'alie again, moving a little to point at another seat, "Have a seat, Alie, maybe some Klah?" Yeah, act normal… Thats good. The bluerider turns, tilting her body a little to see where that pen got to…

T'burk gets up to get some nice fresh-baked morning pastries to go with his fresh cup of klah.

L'alie shakes her head, "No, I really can't, I have so much work to do back at the weyr. Um, I might just come back in a bit for them, if you guys… don't mind watching them for awhile. I really.. feel like I'm interrupting here." She says this in a quiet voice not meant for the children's ears.

T'eo galnces back to L'alie and M'iri a moment. "Hang on a sec guys." He tells the two, standing. He gives L'alie a nod. "You really aren't… but I certainly don't mind. I have a bit of time." He turns to M'iri. "Um, could you take them to get something to snack on for just a moment?" He glances from her to L'alie and back in a pointed fashion towards Miir.

"I remember how busy being a Weyrsecond was, so I can sympathise at that…" M'iri coughs a little at L'alie's comment, but she spots her pen, bending down jsut a bit to grab it, only just turning to hear T'eo's request. A blonde brow arches for a moment, before she suddenly nods. "Sure." The bluerider says, walking over and smiling to the youngsters, "Hey, you like redfruit pastries? Samira loves them, you probably will, too.." The bluerider is smiling a little, and offers her hands to the children, leading them over to where they can go grab something to eat.

T'burk chuckles at the WeyrSecond comment.

L'alie lifts her eyebrow at T'eo, stepping off away from the table into a calmer pocket of the cavern and folds her arms across her chest, waiting patiently for T'eo to address whatever it was he wanted a private moment to talk about. Eyes follow M'iri and the 'twins'(Same father, same birthday, they're twins, darnit! :P) for a moment before coming back to Western's Weyrleader.

T'eo watches M'iri take the children off with a greatful look before following L'alie. He raises a brow subtly at her crossing arms. "Look… Obviously you were told. Unless you just feel like being extra sullen to me and Miir for the sake of it." Pause, sigh. "And as far as I'm concerned there's no point making any more pain come out of this…" He pauses again, as if picking his words carefully. "It's… I…" Hrm. "Can we just be… okay with this? Like we were, well, supposed to be?" That sounds silly, and he seems to notice, frowning to himself.

L'alie looks at T'eo blankly, "Told what?" she asks in confusion. "That M'iri was here? Yeah, Adinaeth knew Kieranth was here the minute we came from between." She reaches up to scratch her head, "Cool with what?" Picture confusion.. then put L'alie's face on it.

M'iri is still keeping herself busy with the Toe-La kids, as well as them busy as she sits down next to the table, looking as if she's telling them a story about something. For if she was over with L'alie and T'eo, she might be trying to find something to plant her face into. Like a wall. Ignorance is bliss.

T'eo raises his brows very suddenly and very quickly. Oh crap would be the earthly term, and the pernese 'shells!' is written alll over his face. Raenth… be very very nice to Dulacth for me. « T'eo! » Sorries! "I… er… um…" Open mouth… insert foot. Or Toes… many of them. All more tongue tied than a shoe store. "I suppose a 'nevermind' is out of the question?" Yeeeah. "Er… well, I thought for sure by now you'd know… I mean it was quite a racket with Raenth bellowing like he does… you know, when he gets upset. Er… Well, the short of it would be… um…" Do I haaave to? "Well, you know how… how you have… R'sul now… and… such?" « Oh just pull quick and be done with it! » So the next words come out as one and mumble at the end, his eyes on… his shoes. "Well… ImnowseeingMirandithoughtyouknewcauseofthecomotionofusbeingspotted*mumblemumble*" Stressed out rub of neck.

L'alie blinkblinkblinks at T'eo a few times. "Okay?" She shrugs, lower lip stuck out, still confused. "Er, congratulations? I dunno, what do you want me to say?" She shrugs again, spreading her hands away from her body. "I hope it works out for you guys. Uh, I'll be back in three hours, okay? I need to pick up some reports and get them to Rus before his meeting." See, was that so hard?

T'eo's eyes flick up to L'alie as she blinks at him. He stands dumbfounded, jaw a bit open. Were he a cartoon it'd be on the ground with a 'clunk!'. He nods mutely to L'alie. « Feel like an idiot? » Uh huh.

T'eo watches L'alie go with the same stunned look on his face. The gentle bump of a shot glass hits his mind and brings him to. Right. M'iri. He turns about and finds the three at a table, the kiddos munching on pie and M'iri chatting away with them brightly. He doesn't immediately move, taking in the image for a moment. A smile rises through the shaken appearance as he watches. With a more contented sigh, the weyrleaderwoah… weird. heads over to them. "Oh wow! She got you guys redfruit pies?" He smiles at the two who beam up at him. Teila gives an enthusiastic nod. "Did you guys tell her thank you?" Teila pipes up first. "Thank you, miss M'iri!" "Aereo." Quietly the boy echos. "Thank you… miss… miss M'iri." T'eo turns his smile to M'iri now, letting the two munch on their pies. "She didn't know…" He murmurs to her.

M'iri is trying to not act like she's peering over occasionally to the Weyrsecond and Western's Weyrleader, putting up an act enough to convince the kids as she tells them about the one time, as a trader, making pies for a game. "Yeah, just tossed the ball, and make it into the cup, and you could win a /whole/ pie!" She says enthusiastically for them, before looking up as T'eo approaches. She's quiet for a moment as the bronzerider talks with his children, giving a simple "Your welcome." To them as they follow example. "She didn't know?" Miir murmurs, a little shocked. "She didn't know… I was sure she would, especially after Kieranth's whole… show." She lightly places a hand to his shoulder and gives him a gentle squeeze, before she suddenly finds the crafter clearing his throat, "I'm ready to go, Wingleader, I'll meet you outside." And the crafter is away, leaving Miir just a second more. "Well, I'll give yo utime with your children, and hopefulyl see you later, when I'm not bogged down." Making sure the kids are more entertained with the pies, she kisses him lightly and sprints out the door, back to Xanadu, "Cya later, Matt!"

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