Deianeira is Searched

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

Adenylath backwings with the grace that comes from turns upon turns of experience, the blue throwing up very little excess dirt as he settles to the ground near the cliff face which houses the lower caverns, wings folding easily to his back as M'lak takes his time before sliding down his lifemate's side, feet hitting the ground lightly. After a moment to glance around him, he's moving to undo a few smaller pouches from the blue's straps, each no longer than his hand, which are tucked under his arm for the time being. And yet, even then the blue makes no move to go join the other dragons upon the cliff top who have chosen to bask in the early afternoon sun.

Deianeira sits in the clearing tapping away on a laptop, apparently reading over something, all while taking the time examine some former work.

Even as M'lak moves away from the blue's side, seemingly headed to the infirmary with whatever he's brought back from his duties, Adenylath lingers. Yet, as the moment's pass, his lingering becomes less and less patient, and soon he's crooning in near distress to his rider, causing the older gentleman to pause in his steps and look for the source of his lifemate's disturbance.

Deianeira looks up from her typing the sonds of a dragon catches her attention. She stands and sets the laptop down closing it and brining it with her as she approaches the blue. "Is… something wrong?" she asks the dragon and rider, not really expecting a reply but clearly worried. The dragon didn't sound happy.

Adenalyth continues to croon, M'lak sighing for a moment, standing with his hands on his hips, shaking his head. "You're being rude." He mutters to the blue, before turning at the sound of a voice from the direction Adenylath is staring. "He's just being insistant - says that you would make a good candidate, if you'd wish to stand for Kilaueth and Hesketh's clutch. Wanted to make sure I'd ask." He replies simply, watching Deianeira for her reaction.

Deianeira blinks. There's a moment of stunned silence. "Ahh… tell him thank you… for me… please." she says triyn to absorb it and I would certainly welcome the chance to stand." she smiles. "I am Deianeira, and you two are?"

"Congratulations, then, Deianeira. Name's M'lak, the insistant blue is Adenylath." He offers easily, waving his hand at the newest candidate. "If you want, we'll get you settled in the barracks. Just a few rules, though, you should know. Candidates aren't allowed sex or alcohol, and if ya have someplace else to go, you need ta make sure you have a way to get back here right away." And then a hand is waved at the large Hatching Complex. "Let's go get you a cot."

Deianeira nods. "Of course." she she says. "And it is a pleasure to meet you both." she offers a bow to both of them.

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