Myesha is Searched

Harper Hall - Dining Hall
This is a large room, with space for everyone in the Hall to assemble at mealtimes. Long tables with benches are provided for the Apprentices, oval tables for the Journeymen and a single round table at the head of the room for the Masters.
On the inner wall is a huge fireplace with a wide mantelpiece, a convenient perch for the Hall's firelizard population nearby. Opposite, tall shuttered windows overlook the courtyard, and in a corner are the moving shelves bring dishes from the kitchen.
At mealtimes, the room is a hubbub of conversation, and even between meals there's activity with places being set and cleared while the appetising savour of meals to come drifts in from the kitchen.

Platters are taken up and dropped off to the appropriate tables for gathering in exchange for a smaller one of sweets before the youth makes his way across the room with books in hand. Pale eyes drift across the way, the tables are loud and unruly which will not make for a peaceful place to study and would be a shame if it weren't for the one… Ghadamon clears his throat as he approaches with books stacked in arm and platter resting on top. "I'm sorry to bother you but your table is the most silent in comparison to the rest. May I sit and study along side you?" All said just a tone higher than the surrounding hum of the hall.

Myesha draws up her eyes from the sheet music quickly at Ghadamon's words, a large smile in place. "Of course not." And she gives the table a pat. "I was getting rather lonely anyways." With a quick shuffle of the sheets she takes a look at his plate of sweets. "Snacking and studying your lessons? That is not a bad combination if I may say so."

Marte has a light step as she enters the dining hall of the Harpers, the woman stealing something sweet without hesitation, a sweet upon which she munches rather thoughtfully as her attention drifts over the various occupants of the room. Too old and grumpy, one older senior journeyman is dismissed, and a pair of young apprentices babbling away are ignored as well. And then she sees the other pair - one with studying materials, and one with sheet music. Bingo. And so towards Myesha and Ghadamon does Marte stride.

Ghadamon offers a light nod of the head before placing the platter of sweet breads and fruits between them, leaving books in his lap until he's completely settled. "Here and now's really the only time I'll have the opportunity to do it. I've tried in our dorms but during this time of day, everyone's too chatty and obnoxious." Throwing random things and playing keep away from the small boy's materials. As his book is opened and the page sifted through until he finds the correct one, he sighs, melting into his seat while taking up a sweet of his own.

"I know what you mean, and some of my fellow singers can be the worst of all." Myesha says as she continues to watch the plate of sweets that the younger apprentice has, resuming her tapping out of the quick beat of the song she is studying. "Ghadamon, correct?" She says as her fingers make quick work of the rather tricky melody. "I know I have seen you around but I do not think we have really talked before." Marte's arrival is missed at first but as the rider strikes out for the pair she peeks at her from the corner of her eyes.

Marte looks left and right before pulling out a chair to join the two apprentices with no preamble, instead grinning at them around the last of the sweetroll as it disappears into her mouth. However, she does swallow before she starts to speak. "I'm suppose to collect a number of apprentice made instruments, and sheet music for Xanadu Weyr. There'd be a portion of a mark for both of you, if you'd help me figure out where they are, and get them out to Vwayath." Though, the reasoning for this request is apparently only her own business, because she doesn't explain further.

"Yes, I'm Ghadamon and I don't believe we have at all but it is indeed proving to be a pleasure." For a mere twelve turn old, this boy has learned manners well at the very least. With the arrival of the foreign rider, he nods his head to her in greeting with a warm smile before tilting his head to the side in thought, scratching at the corner of his mouth. "Hrm, unfortunately my studies haven't extended that far in voice, I've been studying law and spending time with Archives."

As Marte actually takes a seat at their table Myesha ceases her tapping, a bit shocked at the riders sudden arrival but a smile replacing it soon enough. "Oh, good afternoon." She states quickly, not taking long to find her voice. "Instruments and sheets for Xanadu? I think I heard Master Moyrel saying something about that earlier today." She says slowly as she tries to recall the exact conversation. "I believe they are in one of the class rooms?" And she looks over to Ghadamon for reassurance, apparently having caught the information on the fly. But at Ghadamon's statement she shrugs cheerfully. "Well, I am pretty sure they are there. I could get them for you if you would like. I think they are only a few pipes and a guitar, oh and the sheets as well." She says, getting to her feet in anticipation.

"If you'd be willing to show me, I'd really appreciate that. Every time I'm here, I'm worried I'll wander into some crucial lesson and throw the next great musical performance to shreds." Marte chuckles slightly, moving to get back to her feet, sliding the chair back under the table, motioning a hand for Myesha to lead the way, before glancing at Ghadamon with a smile. "Care to come? Get a bit of spending money in your pocket for the next gather?" Helping or not, it seems that Marte's willing to reward those that help.

Ghadamon pauses and peers down at his book for a moment, it's cover slowly beginning to fall away from turns of use and he takes a deep breath, holding it. Even if it's not much at all, it's something that could be saved until the youth does have enough to replace his beloved studying material. "I suppose I could spare a little time for another in need." It's not as though he's goofing off at the very least. His belongings are gathered up, slipped into his leather bag and placed upon his shoulder before fingertips lightly brushed away the pale strands that fall upon his face.

Myesha gives a quick nod before waving for the rider and Ghadamon to follow. "Of course I will show you. You are lucky, that class is empty right now." And she can't help but giggle at the mental image the rider has created for her. "That is rather wise, I know my own mentor would go a bit berserk if someone interrupted our lessons." When Ghadamon agrees to help she gives a bright smile and heads out of the hall. "Excellent, you might be able to replace that book with the marks you get. Follow me then!"

Marte gives Ghadamon another encouraging smile, "At least you can get that book replaced." She offers, trying to be helpful as she follows after Myesha, her first few steps almost jogging before she settles into a comfortable pace. "I'm glad to hear it - I was suppose to be here earlier and got.. distracted." THought, with Marte, that's about par for the course.

Myesha is a rather fast walker, you gotta be when you're always sent on errands, and she makes short work of reaching the destination. Her hazel eyes fall instantly on a neatly bundled set of instruments and music that are waiting for their new home. "There they are." She announces happily as she walks over them. "Oh and do not worry, people loose track of time here as well." She adds with a grin to Marte. "Ghadamon could you help me with the pipes please? I can take the guitar and sheets."

"There's a lot of interesting things to distract you here in the hall, that much is true." As for the comments of his beloved book, it's clenched towards his chest a little tighter and a smile, foreign normally upon his features. The pack is turned behind him as he makes his arms free for the pipes which he gathers carefully and holds them close while awaiting further instruction. The room is quiet and still, no sounds of people passing by can be heard from the halls. Perhaps many are out on retreat at the moment.

Marte grins, nodding and eyeing the collection of pipes and the guitar, grin widening, before motioning the pair of apprentices before her. "Vwayath's in the courtyard, and if we go there, we'll settle the stuff, and I'll settle with you." She arches an eyebrow waiting for their approval for just a second before heading towards the courtyard, or at least, where she thinks the courtyard is.

Myesha gathers up the guitar and sheets, nodding her head quickly. "Lead the way then, rider." She says happily, waiting for Marte to exit the room. "Well take care of the rest!" And she adjusts the case on her shoulder before giving Ghadamon a smile. "And you can always spend those marks on other things if you are so taken with that book. I have things like that myself, things I just cannot bare to part with."

Ghadamon grins and replies, "There's so few things in this world that we could hold close and know it wont betray us." He slowly nods his head and lingers behind the pair just a little bit before he follows them outside to where the dragon waits. The day hasn't passed them by too far so he has some time to mend the cover of his book. There's no complaints to Marte coming from this one.

Marte nods to them both as they talk amongst themselves before heading out into the courtyard, pausing at the brink to blink a few times before heading the rest of the way outside.

Harper Hall - Courtyard
A simple courtyard, surrounded by the Harper Hall on three sides. On the fourth side, a small road winds down to the Rising Sun Tavern, and further down to the river.

Myesha makes her way out of the Hall quickly, the thumping of the guitar as it lightly taps her back blending in nicely with her feet as she walks along. Catching sight of the brown dragon she smiles. "Lovely coloring." She says with a smile to Vwayath before turning to Marte. "What would you like us to do now?" She asks brightly, taking the guitar off her shoulder and placing it carefully on the ground.

Ghadamon takes a deep breath as the sights of the dragon upclose come into view once more. He adjusts the pipes in his arms as he peers at the details adorning his hide with a look of awe that never seems to go away, even when he's been adragonback many times before. At the question, he redirects his attention to Marte for further instructions.

Vwayath has settled close to the opening through which his rider disappeared, and its still there that he waits, perhaps a bit impatiently, wings flipping out and back. As his lifemate reemerges, accompanied by two others, he croons happily, dropping his nose to the ground to watch them, creeping his nose to the elder of the apprentices all the while. Marte waves the two over, "Come here real quick, he won't hurt y'all," unbuckling straps as she does so, to hook up the various bundles as they're near, pausing to find a pair of partial marks in a pocket, offering one to each in exchange for the goods, though her hand pauses, hovering as she reaches towards Myesha.

Myesha grabs up the guitar case quickly as Marte sets to fiddle with the straps, giving off a small giggle. "Oh, I am not afraid. My whole family is littered with riders." And she places the guitar near the brown turning to grab up the mark. "Oh, it is not necessary, it was a pleasure to help you," And she pauses. "Oh dear, we never did go through introductions! I am Myesha and this is Ghadamon." She says brightly, clearly taking Marte's own pause as her reaching the same insight on the lack of names.

Ghadamon just stands there, completely confused with the outstretched hand and he continues to hold the instruments rather than placing them on the floor. Such artifacts no matter the age has a sense of history to them or so he's been told, best not to get into habits that are unnecessary for a future harper of Pern. Ghad turns his gaze back slowly from the dragon to rider and slowly nods his head, not quite recalling himself if they did introduce themselves or not.

Marte shakes her head. "I promised.." And then she pauses, gaze narrowing slightly at Myesha. "Myesha, would you perhaps want to try and join that littering of riders?" However, at her words she turns to give Ghadamon a rather apologetic look, much like, 'I'm sorry, man' reaching for the instruments he holds, forcing the mark piece into his hand, before looking back to Myesha, Vwayath's gaze settling on the girl much in the same manner, waiting for an answer. "And, I'm Marte, this is Vwayath."

"If you insist." Myesha says over the marks, not being able to hide the fact that she was looking forward to the reward after all. "Oh?" She says a bit dumbfounded at the riders question staring from Vwayath to Marte before letting out a long. "Ooooh. Oh yes, I would be honored of course, Marte!" She says with a quick giggle. "I was wondering why he was sniffing at me." And she gives Ghadamon a quick friendly wink as if there was some sort of inside joke to her amusement. "

Ghadamon just stands there, completely confused with what had just taken place and he continues to hold the instruments rather than placing them on the floor. Such artifacts no matter the age has a sense of history to them or so he's been told, best not to get into habits that are unnecessary for a future harper of Pern. Ghad turns his gaze back slowly from the dragon to rider and slowly nods his head, not quite recalling himself if they did introduce themselves or the reasoning behind the wink. None the less, a congratulatory grin is offered and he allows a soft laugh to slip free from him.

Marte grins, and waves a hand then. "Go get your things and tell your Masters." Marte instructs as she straps the various bundle carefully to the straps of the brown, Vwayath looking quite pleased with himself when the girl accepts. And she looks back to Ghadamon, shaking her head. "I'll take those, boy. You don't have to worry about them, I'll be careful." And Ghadamon gets a croon from Vwayath of his own, for good measure.

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