Kilaueth's NPC Hatching, June 2, 2009

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

A deep thrumming sound echoes throughout the Hatching Arena, filling the candidate barracks and the rest of the Weyr in fact, with sound, and sending Weyrlingmasters and candidates alike scrambling. The sound only grows deeper with each passing moment - The Time is here, the eggs are moving, and Kilaueth is humming!

Morlanol stumbles quickly onto the sands, bowing to the brooding queens. Pulling the edge of his hastily-hemmed robe straight as he does so. He's shifting constantly, though the sands aren't that hot. His three flits are settled, by his order, on the edge of the observation area, Agate and Bloodstone making sure that Toumaline doesn't do anything silly. He glances around, more nervous than anything else.

Weyrlingmasters rush and get everyone into their robes, sending them out the door as soon as their robes are on, one after another, reminding them to bow, and making sure there's nothing else going on the Sands but candidaets, robes, and sandals.

Yontal, strides confidently onto the sands. He'd be searched not long after he'd made his bet with Morlanol and he stood confidently next to the younger boy, surveying the eggs, his white robe hanging loosely about him. He bows belatedly to the queens, then nudges Morl, "Shoul' be fun, eh?"

Keziah is slipping into her robe, just recently rescued from the laundry. In fact it didn't have time to dry completely and is a little damp, making it harder to pull on. Course, with the heat of the sands, it won't stay that way for long. She's not as frantic as some of the others. She knows it can still take a little time before they crack. Though that's not to say she's not a little nervous, or perhaps hopeful.

A little breatheless himself, D'son arrives pulling his shirt straight and sweeps a hand through disarranged hair. He takes a breath, then edges around the sands towards Inimeth and takes up a watchful position there, blinking a few times as things start to kick up.

The eggs are shifting and shimmying, the brightly colored shells flicking dust and sand away from them, definitely moving, each one doing so under Kilaueth's watchful eye, though the gold has retreated from the immediate vicinity of the eggs, Niva joining her. Inimeth gets a soft croon, and D'son a short nod.

Riyontali files out of the barracks in the line of candidates, fidgetting absently with a hastily-donned robe and prodding at pulled-back hair that barely makes it into a 'tail. In her turn she bows low to parents and their accomplices, smiling nervously. There is no attention for the observation level from the girl, all on the eggs and dragons already present, then the other candidates. "Good luck." She murmurs to Iolenda as she passes the girl, grasping her hand and smiling, before taking a spot in the semi-circle, glancing around warily for the others. The girl's eyes shift to the eggs and stay there, then, wide and not a little bit nervous. "Shells."

There's a wobble, and the bright green egg gives a shake, and then there's a crack. The green almost seems to peel off, leaving a creamy gold inside. And then, the cracks are spreading, and the shell seems to just fall apart, leaving behind it a pale blue hatchling - The Winds of the North Blue.

Donakan is one of the first out the door and on to the sands. It seems likely that he'd had his robe ready for just such an occassion. So, the boy bows, a huge, unrushed grin on his face as he steps over in line. Not the least bit nervous, only expectant of what is going to come. "This time for sure." He mutters to himself.

Fortinos is one of the frantic ones "Shards! Already?!" he's high-tailing it to the sands and would have forgotten to bow if it wasn't for Gimeki shoving at him a bit and point. "Oh yeah. Right." Bowing and then hitting the circle "Wow it's a blue! Sweet!"

Inimeth's own low thrum builds in volume as the eggs start to crack, the sire's eyes whirling brightly blue-green with flecks of yellow excitement. Hey, someone's a pleased papa. D'son rests a hand against the bronze dragon's side and returns Niva's nod, though his face is bedecked a goofy grin. This may be old hat for Niva, but it's Inimeth's first clutch.

Rogawani hops on to the edge of the sands, in his rush to get out with the others, one sandle strap had broken. "Just great." He mutters, and kicks both sandles off to the edge of the sands and walks out barefoot, his hair wind-swept. He straitens a little, tugging his robe properly into place and then bows to the queens and then glances quickly around, eventually spotting a place in the semi-circle near Tali and Morlanol. He's just in time to see the first egg crack, and lets out a harried breath. "Think we could get a bit more notice next time?" He asks to no one in particular, breathing heavily.

Gimeki is a bit more sedate than Fortinos, but then he always has been. Still, there's apprehension in his eyes as he looks at the first hatchling and starts lookin' a little pale around the gills. Fortinos shoves at him as he gets told not to faint. "No. won't faint.."

The Winds of the North Blue Hatchling spreads pale wings as he catches his balance, perched upon the top of his shell as if it some great tower. However, even the greatest must descend in time, and the need to feed is what sends him wandering. There is one he's looking for - one he is destined to face. Pausing here and there, he looks at the face of a dark-skinned boy, snorting as if in amusement before he's moving on. But then, there's a flash of red hair, and he turns his icy-hued muzzle back, coming face to face with the teenager Eiryn. The confrontation has begun, and it will continue for eternity, as the girl rests her hand on the blue's shoulder. "Adseth." She says firmly, and the pair make their way to the edge of the Sands.

Kilaueth trumpets a welcome to the first of the hatchlings, humming loudly, crooning and encouraging the little blue on. The candidates are watched warily, though she takes no issue with them, instead allowing them to stay - provided they behave. Niva just laughs, though, to herself, shaking her head at D'son's grin.

Iolenda stands calmly off to the side away from the troublemakers, smiling in a comforting fashion at a boy who can't be any older than fourteen. "C'mere." The girl laughs quietly, and the straw-haired lad scrambles to the tall girl and stands almost behind her. "Oh! Look, Sefann! Wow!" The holder girl breathes, then drifts a little further down the line; she's not missing *this*!

Keziah snorts at Ro "Well, they did say they'd be hatchin' soon." she notes "Just be thankful it wasn't in the wee hours of the mornin'" she notes and her eyes go to the blue and grins "Well, there's one off and running." She's not to upset about seeing a blue Impress. Thems are just not her type really. Her eyes land on Fortinos and his friend and she shifts a little away from them.

Donakan's eyes sweep to the first hatchling, frowning a little as it turns out to be a blue. He snorts, folding his arms across his chest and giving his foot a bit of a nervous tap into the sands. "Blue." He eye-rolls, but doesn't say anything further, as to not upset the queen dragon. He eyes the other eggs critically.

The peach-hued egg is moving and rolling, shifting and sliding on the red and white sands. Golds are dominant on the shell as the cracks spread, before there's a brassy-bronze pushing his muzzle out, followed by a wingtip, and then the rest of his body, the Made of Metal Bronze.

Riyontali's eyes could almost pop out of her head at the sight of the first hatchling. "Shells!" The girl squeaks, then calms herself, grinning faintly over at Ro'. "Suppose not." She giggles. "Aw, shells, no kidding. And here I figured it'd be sometime a few hours before even I was 'wake…" A soft snicker, and then quiet noise of amusement of the second-hatched. "Oh my."

D'son runs a hand through his hair again and smiles all the more widely as the blue makes his choice. Inimeth adds his happy bugle to Kilaueth's trumpet and he edges a leeetle bit closerly to Xanadu's lava-minded queen. The next egg to hatch and its bronze contents earn a /beam/ from Dels. "Way to go," he murmurs under his breath to Inimeth and gives the bronze a happy thump.

Fortinos clings to Gimeki "Look! It's a bronze! Look at him!" he exclaims as he shakes Gimeki. Then letting go he swallows nervously and watchs "Oh, please let it be me." he whispers "Isn't he just perfect?"

Rogawani shoots a bit of a smirk towards Keziah, catching his breath now that he's in place. "True enough." He admits, his face showing a nervous sort of smile as first one hatchling appears, and then the next. "Just glad we had time enough to make it in here." After all the prep, it would have been a shame to miss one of the hatchings altogether. He straitens up a little bit, although sweat beads on his forehead, toes wiggling in the sand with a show of uncontained nerves.

Gimeki is jostled and he lets his eyes roll back a bit, mostly in play but well, he's not lookin' so hot, but then.. it's hot. "He's nice." he mumrurs lookin' a little green and trying to hold in his innards. Wouldn't that be a great way to disgrace yourself.

Morlanol grins hugely as the bronze emerges, trying the same tactic he took with his flits, a soft humm and welcoming thoughts… it should work for their older cousins, right? right?

Kilaueth drops her muzzle, all the while still humming, to gently nudge Inimeth as he edges closer, spreading her wings as she welcomes yet another hatching into the world.

The bright red egg seems to shine on the sands as it moves, the cracks almost invisible over the surface. But, they're there, and soon there's a pale brown leg, and then another, and then a pale brown hatchling - Robes of Muddy Brown - is settled in the shards of the egg.

Yontal, overconfident as he is, takes a huge step towards the emerging bronze, intent on him

Retuno, born and raised in Xanadu glares Fortinos' way. "Oh, bugger off, Fortinos!" The former Seacrafter grumbles. "You're goin' to getcher self mauled, lad. Oi, Yontal!" The curly-headed boy smacks his forehead and groans.

Keziah eyes flicker upon the bronze, well there's certainly no hope there. She is certainly /not/ a male. Least, last time she checked… She grins at Ro "True." she notes and then her attention shifts to Retuno and can't help but smirk at the words. One can only hope. "Hey, check out that brown." she notes gestureing towards it.

Donakan eyes the bronze with hopeful eyes, but for the time being he remains perfectly still. "Come on…" He whispers to himself, as if the words could lure the dragonet towards him. For the first time, his eyes focus on the prize, only to be distracted when Yontal steps forward. If looks could kill.. "Wherryhead." He snipes, anger in his tone.

Inimeth's head tilts and he noses Kilaueth back lightly in turn, thoughts full of warmth and affection for both mate and offspring. Can't beat that hum, you can't. D'son takes a breath, squares his shoulders and clasps his hands behind his back, weight rocking back and forth from heel to toe. "Looks good so far," he tells the Weyrwoman in an undertone. "Good bunch."

Made of Metal Bronze Hatchling rises to his feet, wings stretched to either side of his pale-hued body, keeping still-damp hide from gathering up any sand. He seems to practically float past the candidates that are gathered in their white robes, turning his head to regard them as he goes. A young, confident boy, one muttering to himself, gets a shove and - and a hard one at that - before he's moving on without a backwards glance. There - he pauses in front of a tall, lanky man who is almost too old to stand, bald as can be. "Manetoth.." Xavier says softly, lifting a hand to touch a headknob. And so, X'vier and Bronze Manetoth head to the side of the Sands to feed.

Fortinos sticks his tongue out at Retuno "Am not!" he exclaims and puffs up his skinny body. Well, tries at least "Oh shards I missed him!" grumble grumble and then he gets an elbow in the side from Gimeki "Umm, congrats Xav…"

"I will admit, I'm.. pleasently surprised." Niva admits to the young Weyrleader, gaze flicking to him momentarily before she looks back at the unfolding scene below. Kilaueth offers a gentle rumble to the hatchlings, offering them all the encouragement she can.

Riyontali grumbles quietly. "Those sharding idiots are gonna get themselves killed, aren't they?" The girl murmurs sadly, then peers once more towards the eggs as yet another hatches, shifting slightly. "Oh." There's a smile for the newest, slight but happy. "He's a nice one. Shells, if we hadn't made it here! That would be…" The girl snickers faintly, and makes a face.

The bright blueberry egg wiggles and rolls, dislodging itself from the sandy wallow in which it was settled, sending grains of sand scattering in front of it. It rolls a bit more before it finally cracks, and then in short order the Feathers of the Peacock Green Hatching is sitting daintily.

Gimeki casts a glance over towards Kilaueth, but least her attention is mainly for the hatchlings. "Fort, you're gonna get us kicked off." well mmaybe not, but he does worry about those sorts of things.

Xyala is here, fidgeting and peering about. "Hey, way to go X!" she calls to Xavier - X'vier. Under her breath she wonders, "If only I could be so lucky…" The very recently hatched green, the peacock green, draws her attention, with a soft gasp. "Pretty."

Donakan, distracted in his attempt to glare at Yontal, doesn't notice the bronze coming towards him and ends up getting shoved -hard- in the stomach. "Oof." Knocked backwards slightly, he gasps with the wind knocked out of him, having to catch himself on one of the bigger candidates next to him. "Stupid…" He mutters, although it's hard to tell if he's talking about the dragon or himself. "Ow." He holds a hand across his abdomen, slightly hunched, glaring at the newly impressed rider.

Robes of Muddy Brown Hatchling trumpets from the remains of his eggshell, wings spreading wind, flowing like a cloak behind him, trumpeting yet again, the sound filling the caverns. And yet, there is no answer, no rush of followers at his feet. A distasteful snort and he finally takes to stalking, roaming the ring of white with a careful eye, giving a push with head or paw now and then. Another trumpet, but this time it does not go unheeded, as a young man Jhadelf steps out of the light, lifting a hand as if attempting to stop the noise. A pale muzzle connects, and the man looks startled. "Tsauramath.." He murmurs, nodding. "We will study much, your A'delf and you."

Keziah smiles at Tali "Hopefully?" Okay. That was bad of her, but she still hasn't forgiven Fortinos, but then she never said she was nice. The green is then eyed and she ohs softly "She's beautiful." she murmurs as she watches and nearly misses the brown Impressing. "I always forget, just how quickly things happen.

Rogawani's eyes follow the motion of the bronze hatchling only briefly, watching it approach his brother with wary eyes. "Not him, anyone but him." He says, voice only loud enough to perhaps carry to the cluster of candidates around him. Luckily, his half-brother only gets shoved rather than bonded to, and Ro' lets out a sigh of relief. Dragging his eyes away, he's surprised to find more hatchlings he hadn't noticed. The brown comes close, and he takes a quick inhale of breath, but all too soon the hatchling has moved on. "Yeah, it's really fast." He echoes on the tail-end of Keziah's comment.

Iolenda stands patiently, just chuckling quietly at the proceedings. "See, Sefann, it's not so bad." The girl says quietly, prodding the boy until he takes his hands off of his eyes. "Oh," The newest Weyrling gets a firm nod and a smile — my, she's chattery today! Must be nerves. "Manetoth. Lovely." She chuckles, then glances wearily towards Donakan. "Are you okay, Donakan?" Her mild concern has her miss the newest Impression, though, and only merits a quick glance and smile.

Morlanol gasps as impressions spring up around him, the happiness of the new impressees nearly overwhelming him, "I though' it'd take more time m'self."

The yellow and brown egg seems rather overripe, as the shell shifts and moves. Without seeming to crack, or even really shake, a section of shell is falling away, then another - peeled back to reveal a muted grey-blue Shadows of the Past Blue Hatchling.

Yontal gives a resigned sigh as the little bronze impresses, then turns his attention to the new hatchlings, hoping for another chance to impress.

Tilting his head towards Niva again, D'son murmurs quietly: "I'm glad. And — may I escort you after for the celebration?" the Weyrleader asks politely, brows lifting just a little as the eggs continue to fall to shards.

Donakan grunts once, and then stands up more fully, although it's clear that he's a little bit bruised for his inattention. "'m fine." He very nearly growls, his expression only lightening slightly when he realizes he just nearly snapped at a girl. "Err… Sorry." He mutters, kicking once at the sand in a display of childish temper. His eyes shoot to Yontal again, giving another of those 'I'm trying to make you explode with my mind' glares, but it passes as he looks at the remaining eggs.

Riyontali's grin for Keziah borders on wolfish. "Maybe knocked down a little, yeah?" She answers quietly, grinning, shifting faintly. "I think I'm going to sick when I go back to the barracks…" Murmured quietly. "Why'm I calm? Not supposed to be calm." She giggles nervously, then gapes at the young green. "Oh, Faranth. She's…" For the first time, longing creeps in, but the girl merely smiles wistfully as the green moves out. She nods to the sentiment of it being quick, gulping quietly. "It is." New hatchling! Impression! It's almost too much to follow, so the girl just kind of stares.

Fortinos frowns as he's ignored by the brown, but his eyes go over towards the blue. "Well, a blue could be nice. Highly manuverable and all." he notes and then shakes his head "Nah, bronze for me, or at the very least a brown. Yeah."

Yontal is oblivious to Donakan's enmity, backing softly back into the circle as he does.

Xyala glances over to Morlanol, and shakes her head. "Hatchings are fast, chaos, it's weyrlinghood that takes the time… Or so I hear." No, she's not bitter. Really. "Been out here before, always the same. Chaos."

"For our congratulations, most definitely Weyrleader. But, I know as well as you do that you'll likely have your hands full, and C'ian's never one to miss a celebration. I won't keep you." Niva replies politely, though rather distracted as she continues to watch the hatchlings.

Kilaueth gives a rather grumpy rumble - interrupting her welcoming hum - as sand goes flying. She may not be stopping them, but she's right here.

Feathers of the Peacock Green Hatchling spreads her wings daintily, nose stuck up in the air, preening as she settles upon the sands. A moment of sitting there, and the green looks around, the light catching the greens - light and dark - that dapple her hide, hints of turquoise here and there, before she's on her feet to find the one worthy of her. Many are passed by, many are tested with a long look, but its not until she comes to a well built miner that she pauses, looking up at the man Herkles with adoration. "Of course Herath, we will feast like the Lord Holders tonight.." And so, H'les follows his new lifemate off the Sands.

Gimeki swallows as he watches one of the other candidates get knocked down. He starts murmuring to himself and even goes so far as to close his eyes until Fortinos jabs him in the side and he opens it again and sees the green Impress. "She was kinda pretty." he admits and looks almost wistful.

Morlanol sighs, watching the gorgeous little dragonets quickly finding their lifemates. He can't help being a little sad as dragon after finds someone other than him. He gasps as another miner is impressed. At least that won't keep him from impressing.

Rogawani lets his eyes move away from the hatchlings for a moment to look at Tali's face, "It'll be fine." He tries to be re-assuring, edging a bit closer to her while glancing up just long enough to catch the locations of the surrounding hatchlings. Excitement lingers in his voice though, and it shows in the widening of his eyes as he tries to keep track. How many have hatched? How many are left? "Who says you'll be going back to the barracks anyways?" He winks, teasingly.

The red and yellow egg shifts and settles on the sands, eager to move, eager to join the others. Moving as if on the waves of the ocean and not the sturdy sands of the Hatching Arena, it shifts and rolls, before the motion takes a toll, and finally it shatters like a hull against a hidden reef, revealing the Bewitching the Waves Green Hatchling within.

Iolenda favors Donakan with a disapproving frown. "Patience, Donakan. One of the Weyrlingmasters might decide you need a healer instead've the sands if you go about snapping." Warned mildly, but with a little smile. "Of course." The newest hatchling and the Impression of the green are finally noted with a smile. "Excellent." The girl chuckles quietly, promptly ignoring Donakan now that she's sure he's not going to go sprawling dead-like into the sand. "Sefann, really — look, nobody's gotten really hurt yet!" Exasperation.

Keziah startles and eyes Kilaueth and side steps just a little away from her and then her eyes sadden just a little as the green pauses but a moment and then moves on. She lets out a breath and then shakes her head. It was a bit to much to be askin for.

Xyala looks slightly disappointed to see that peacock green impress another, but not at all surprised. "Lucky.. miner." Yeah, that probably wasn't what she was about to say, but that's neither here nor there.

Morlanol takes a step back as Kilaueth kicks sand, covering his face instinctively, then he glances at the others, sighing again. Another little green had hatched.

Donakan's stern expression moves back to Iolenda now, "Don't you dare." He treatens, letting her have the full force of his glare now. Girl or no, someone trying to get in the way of him standing on the sands deserves it. "I said I'm fine." He grunts, and looks the other way, following the motion of a green hatchling, even if he has no apparent interest in it at all.

Shadows of the Past Blue Hatchling is suddenly there, amongst the candidates, settled in the Hatching Arena. A snort, almost of amusement, and he's calmly heading towards the white-robed youth, each having dreams of being a hero. A snarl at one young man, and then a hiss, but the muted-blue fails to get too far before a black-haired girl is catching his attention. Another snarl and he launches himself at her, stopping short. "Shiroth.." Nika gasps, lifting a hand to his nose, before they're escorted to their new life.

Yontal glances at Donakan and grimaces, then stealthily reaches a foot out to trip the boy on his next move.

Riyontali watches the green with definite wistfulness, but then turns her eyes to the blue curiously. "He's taking his time." She notes with a smile for the others, then grins at Ro'. "Yes." Agreed quietly, and then there's a fleeting smirk. "Odds n' all." A spread hand for the amount of candidates in the caverns, as she passes a quick glance down the line to see who's left. "Was that…shells. I can't remember his name. Oh! Nika!" Tali giggles faintly, then glances briefly to Kilaueth. "Reckon she's grumpy with us?"

Keziah rolls her eyes at Donakan "Oh go stuff yourself." she snaps and eyes the bkue as he impresses the girl. She smiles "Way to go Nika." she murmurs and lets out a sigh before she can stop herself. There's a glance at Kilaueth again "Maybe?"

Fortinos grabs Gimeki as he moves them a little closer "Shards, they'll never find us back here." he mutters and then he stops as he watches the blue, sure that he's coming right towards him and then there's the girl and his jaw drops "She took my dragon!"

Morlanol favors Donakan with a hard glare, "Mebbe tha's yer green, Donny."

Rogawani's attention is drawn by the nearby hiss of sound, glancing over to beam a smile towards the girl impressing. "Great job, Nika." He chimes in with his own congratulations, then looks back at Tali with a bit of a nod. "Yeah. I know. Can still hope, though." Even if there aren't enough eggs to bond to even half of his friends, Ro' just seems high-spirited, jumping back a little when some of the sand the queen throws hits his feet.

The green end of that buried brown egg is the only thing showing that its still moving, shifting and settling in the sands. And then again. A pause, and then as if the hatchling within has charged, the shell cracks and falls apart - the darkly colored Cloak of Darkness Brown Hatchling entering the world with a shrill scream.

Gimeki's eyes are on the blue as well, even as he's dragged. Then he gives himself a shake and the shushes Fortinos "YOu're gonna get us in trouble again. Couldn't have been your dragon if he chose." he stops midsentence at the glare he gets from his friend.

Iolenda smiles towards Xyala. "Good luck." The dark-haired girl murmurs with a nod, then a lifted eyebrow for Donakan. "I'm not going to do anything, you brattish boy." Oho! That's possibly the loudest she's spoken since she's been here, and probably the first time she's taken that tone. Then it's Morlanol's turn to get an impassive look. "What's wrong with gree —" Her words are cut off with a /stare/ for the newest hatchling, eyes widening.

Morlanol speaks softly, "'Tain't nothin' wrong with green, bu' he don' wan' one."

Bewitching the Waves Green Hatchling still seems to bob along on the sands as she moves, purpley hues touching her otherwise emerald hide, dark ridges running down her back. Staying just out of reach, she taunts each candidate in turn, attempting to lure her out, before she herself is drawn in by the quite, nervous humming of one girl. Its almost a shriek from Airelle, a shriek that's silenced quickly and replaced by a hushed whisper of 'Urseleth' before she's just nodding and following in the green's wake to the food.

Donakan's hands bunch up into fists, his face tightening as it takes all of his self control not to kick sand right in Morlanol's face. "Shut. Up." He growls, and just stares out at the eggs, trying to tune out the rest of the voices around him. Unfortunately for Yontal, Don isn't moving, so he just glares down at the foot. "Do you mind moving that before I'm forced to break your ankle?" Big words for such a small kid.

Riyontali giggles at Keziah, but she's ignoring Donnikins mostly, merely tossing the boy a snicker. "I hope she's not." Murmured fervently, then a grin for Ro'. "I am." The girl assures, then switches to eye the new brown with a lifted eyebrow, shifting nervously just slightly. "What's got him by the tail?" She squeaks, and smiles to Morlanol. "She's just kidding you, Morl." Then /again/ with the loud noises, and Arielle is eyes with nervousness. "Shells'n'shards. Gah!" She's been reduced to obscene muttering? Oh my.

Morlanol lets out a howl of shock, falling to the ground as he's hit full in the face with sand. "Y' grea' shardin' wherry-brain! Whadda ya think yer doin'???"

Kilaueth is in fact, not happy, as one boy has drawn her ire, and the lava-minded queen is stretching her neck out over the clutch, wings spread over the eggs and hatchings in a mix of possesiveness and protectiveness, snorting in the direction on Donakan, an action which is likely to bring at least one Weyrlingmaster running to avoid any further incidents.

Xyala winces at Airelle's shriek. "Shards girl, you've got some voice." she mutters, shuffling /away/ from the newest greenrider, even as she's led of. Iolenda's offering of luck is responded to with a brief smile, and a warm "And good luck to you!" After all, there may be more candidates than eggs, but that doesn't mean candidates are the enemy.

Keziah just watches the green, seeming entranced by her coloration, the purples and all. "Look at her." she murmurs to Tali "Just look at those colors." But once again, she's not fated for the dragon. But her thoughts are interuppted by Kilaueth. "Shards." she murmurs as she backs away a little.

Yontal stands straight, starin' down at Donakan, as if daring him to try.

The striped green egg is doing its own dance, shifting, and moving, tilting and twisting. A crack appears on one side - a crack that slowly spreads and widens, working its way around the outside. And then, the two edges finally connect and the shell splits in two, leaving the richly-hued Dipped in Gold Blue in its place, even as his feet and wingtips seem dipped in a rich golden tone.

Iolenda sighs as the dragon snorts, carefully taking herself somewhere far away from the troublemaking lad — she doesn't want to get /herself/ mauled just for standing near to him! Stefann follows in her wake, until they stand near Xyala, with a smile for the girl. "I'll just stay here. He's gonna get hisself smushed. Oooooh, look at that blue! My."

Donakan stares up at the dragon snorting at him, blinking in absolute surprise. "But I didn't -do- anything." He whines, looking as if someone had just stepped on his entire world. When one of the weyrlingmasters comes and starts pulling on him to leave, the boy seems as if he's about to cry. "S'not fair. I didn't kick the sharding sand." He grumbles, being lead away. "Stupid miner."

The look that Kilaueth has on her face when she turns her gaze to Morlanol is hardly better, another loud snort - Will you stop that racket?! Only after Donakan is removed from the Sands does the Senior gold resettle, though her wings remain spread, remaining an imposing figure next to her bronze mate.

Morlanol quiets, wiping sand and tears from his eyes as he does. After a few sniffles, he regains his composure and stands, shaking sand from his pants as he does so. He doesn't grin when Donakan is ushered off. In fact, he has no expression at all, he just… watches…

Fortinos stares at Donakan gets led off and he actually starts heading Gimeki's notions to settle down. "Shards, that's gotta suck. Oh hey, look at the blue. He's kinda interesting lookin. He'd be perfect for ya Ki."

Xyala is hardly a girl, being all of twenty, but she smiles at Iolenda and Stefann. "It's a free sands.. You're welcome to stay here." And she's actually grateful, despite her phrasing. She doesn't really make many candidate friends, it can be awkward if they impress and she doesn't, but it does mean she's alone on the sands. That gold-tipped blue gets her attention quickly though, and she watches him curiously.

Yontal, on the other hand, gives a triumphant shout as Donakan is ushered off… then quickly finds himself beign dragged off himself, "Hey, no! I didn't hurt the kid!" His platitudes fade as he's dragged back to the barracks.

Cloak of Darkness Brown Hatchling, dark hide wrapped in shadows, stands rather forebodingly amongst the remnants of his shell. A challenging snort follows in the echo of his shrill call, before he's sweeping across the sands, rushing the candidates. As many step back, he trumpets, but yet, that blonde girl failed to move. Standing her ground, green eyes meet faceted ones, and the girl bravely stands up straighter. "Nazguth.." She says, before Iowynne realizes the word is escaping her lips, and in time, they turn to the edge of the sands.

Rogawani winces a little bit, only catching part of what's happening away from him. He does see his half-brother get dragged off the sands, and sighs inwardly. He seems to step back a little bit, as if hoping no one would notice the blood relation between him and the other candidate. "Shards." He mutters, shaking his head a bit. It's difficult to keep track of the hatchlings with all the candidate chaos going on.

Gimeki has his own eyes wide as Donakan is lead off and then his eyes are on the blue "He is pretty." he notes and looks wisful even as Fortinos is sighing as the brown IMpresses

Dapples of orange move, shadows dancing as well upon the shell as the last of the sand falls free from the shell. Its still a while before the cracks are visible, and longer before there's any real progress, but in time, then the End of the World Green is thrown onto the Sands, tossed out of the egg-world into this one.

Riyontali tosses a hopeful look at Inimeth — hopefully he at least won't be scary and mean? There is a faint smile for he and his rider, but then her attention is drawn back to the drama with a sheepish wince. "Aw, shells. Morl, you okay? Careful there, yeah?" For Morl and Donakan, as she shakes her head and snorts, then glances back at Keziah. Then the green, who Impresses off, is noted with a wistful smile. "Shells, she was nice, wasn't she?" Murmured with a little smile, as she eyes the hatchlings once more. "Oh my. Shells!" Grumbled for the loud brown with a glare. "He's got lungs. Poor Iowynne." Then there is a little, sympathetic grin back at Ro'. "'zactly my thoughts."

Rogawani seems all to willing to hold his tongue, now that more than one candidate has been lead off the sands for their mouth. His expression shows a mixture of the same excitement, but tempered with worry as he glances first at Tali, and then to each of his other friends before looking over his shoulder at his brother's retreating form. "Can't say this is going like I hoped." He admits, rubbing at the back of his neck sheepishly, shifting from foot to foot while his eyes follow back towards the movement of hatchlings.

Dipped in Gold Blue Hatchling is round to say the least, pudgy body bordering on downright fat. He's slow to move, and slower to get to the candidates, but in time he does. He does however, not linger, as almost the first young man he looks up at meets his gaze without flinching. A challenge murmured under his breath, and Jaymes actually steps forward, a hand reaching. And there's a golden paw lifted. "Auriceth.." J'mes says slowly, before they meander to the waiting meat.

Xyala exhales as the blue impresses, not even aware until then that she'd been holding her breath. "Stupid stupid girl." she mutters under her breath, entirely at herself, before scanning the sands. There's another green out there, just hatched, but she doesn't even dare look.

Riyontali grins wearily at Ro', nodding, and glancing back over the sands with faintly narrowed eyes. "Dunno. I didn't really know what to expect." She answers quietly. "Seems…quick. It's really hot in here." An arm dashes across her forehead, then she's squinting down the line as the blue Impresses. There's a bright smile for newly-named J'mes, then she glances over towards Xyala with a sympathetic smile, but says nothing.

Iolenda stands quietly, nodding with a rueful grin for Xyala. "It's exciting, isn't it?" Murmured with a wistful glance cast out across the sands, then down the line again to assure that nobody is bleeding. "At least those silly boys have quieted down." The girl laughs.

End of the World Green Hatchling, cloaked in a pale sea-foam green, spreads wings out as she investigates her new domain. A satisfied sound escapes her, before she's settling on her way, perusing what is offered. Girls and boys alike are dismissed, before she comes to one young girl, barely old enough to stand, huffing and messing up her pigtails. Would you like some candy? The green seems to say, before the girl shakes her head, pushing her palm against the pale muzzle. "No, Jadisth, you must eat." And so Lucee leads the green after the weyrlingmasters, into a new world indeed.

Keziah watches as the blue Impresses and she sighs. "She was." she notes and the shifts a little as she wipes the sweat off her brow. There's a nod to Iolenda "That's true." somtimes she feels surrounded by loudmouths and idiots and then the last green out there is watched as she moves amongst them and then picks anoother girl. "Well." she starts to say and just stops there. Hrm.

Rogawani chuckles, but softly. "Me neither." He admits, trying to watch each of the newly impressed pairs, stepping closer until he's right next to Tali in the circle. There is a little disappointment that lingers in his eyes, but he tries to replace it with a smile. "At least all of us are together still." He ticks his chin towards Keziah, Morlanol, and on down the line towards the other un-impressed candidates.

As the last hatchling Impresses, Kilaueth croons, sending them on their way, while Niva steps forward. "For those of you who did not Impress today, you can look towards Avaeth's eggs, as they too near Hatching. I invite everyone to come celebrate our new arrivals!" And a short, sweet speech, and the Senior is excusing herself with a look to D'son, a slight nod accompanying it, while Kilaueth is quick to follow, headed to the feeding grounds after a passing touch to Inimeth.

More thoughtful for the rest of the hatching, D'son watches with interest and when it's done he nods along with Niva, face earnest as he looks towards the remaining candidates. The Weyrwoman excuses herself but he lingers for a moment or two to collect a few pieces of shell, then walks out with Inimeth alongside.

Xyala smirks just slightly. "I think those boys got removed from the sands." Or, the thought that doesn't bear thinking, maybe they /impressed/? As the last green pair leaves the sands, the woman does turn her head towards the other clutch, with a frown on her face. Maybe? She rather doubts it. There's a slight shrug, and she glances to Iolenda. "Better luck next time, hey?" she says, with a slightly forced smile, before turning and heading off the sands.

Riyontali's disappointment is covered by a faint, slightly rueful smile. "Well." She agrees quietly with Keziah, a sympathetic smile for the older candidate. No words seem to come for a moment though, as she watches the shells quietly. Then, a glance up and more of a smile. "Yeah. Exactly. And yeah," Niva's happily short speech gets a smile. "The others can't be too far off from hatching…" So saying, the girl smiles at their little group and wiggles a finger in a 'come hither'. "C'mon, let's go get these icky things off. Dunno bout you guys, but I'm taking a swim in the lake before I go anywhere else." Yes, in the middle of winter! The adult dragons are watched for a moment with a little smile, but then she's off with a vengeance. Air, cold aair!

Iolenda hides any disappointment she might have — but Stefann is crying openly. "Thought th'green…" The boy murmurs, and the tall, dark haired girl nods briefly, solemnly, to Xyala, then nudges her younger companion. "C'mon, Steff. Let's go find something to eat, eh?" She all but has to drag the boy off from his moping, but doesn't seem to mind. Further off, Retuno follows quietly, expression thoughtful.

Keziah stands there a moment and then nods "Yeah, time to take it right back to be laundered." she notes and quietly walks off the sands, murmuring to herself something about knowing R'sul was out of his mind. "I think… I think I'll go see how Mirai is doing." she murmurs softly and then slips on off the sands looking thoughtful

Rogawani's own voice goes silent as he listens to Niva's speech, glancing once over his shoulder at the remaining clutch with the first hint of a whistful expression on his face. He wipes his hands on the side of the robe, hooking his thumbs into the belt before letting out a sigh. "Don't think I'll join you on that swim." He smirks wryly, and just shakes his head. "This isn't going to be fun." He glances up at the stands, as if looking for someone, and then heads off the sands.

Fortinos is left standing there, and the boy just can't seem to believe that he's just standing there. "Not a one." he murmurs "Not a single one." Gimeki tugs on the other boys arm "Come one, iffen we hurry, we can get stripped of these and go enjoy the feast." He too is a little dissapointed, but everyone knows hatching fest food is the best. "Come on." and the two run off.

Riyontali glances back at Keziah and smiles. "Aw." But then the older woman is off, and the girl watches her for a moment, then grins for Ro'. "Fine then." It's teasing, though, and she follows his gaze to the stands with a snort and faint sigh and finally heads off back into fresh air.

Morlanol glances at the stands, his flits winging to him, then turns dejectedly and stumbles after his friends.

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