NPC Xanadu Hatching, April 15, 2009

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level(#8686RIJ)

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.

When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

Several firelizards swoop into the hatching arena, circle the interior high above a few times, then dip to skim the sands. Seryth, stretched out on her belly beside the sand-covered eggs, merely watches them placidly without moving her head. The firelizards find spots to perch, settle and begin to hum, as yet more firelizards arrive, some popping in from *Between,* others by the same route as the first group.

From the galleries> Kire comes up the stairs and he manages to find a seat in the middle of the center row. He leans back as his brown firelizard sits on top of his head to watch what is going on.

Seryth tilts her head, as if she's listening to her eggs, although there is nothing audible to the human ear to be heard coming from them. Here and there tiny rivulets of sand trickles down from where it is heaped upon the eggs, but that is all.

From the galleries> The humming is enough to draw Rogawani from the outdoors. He'd been making excuses to avoid running into the Weyrwoman's daughter again in the hatching arena. This time, however, he's among a group who come in, moved along with the wave as he is nearly pressed into a seat by the others making their way in. "Ow." He winces as someone nearly takes out his legs. "No no, it's fine." He rubs at his shin, not quite managing a scowl as his curiosity stays locked on the sands below, the humming causing a ripple of excitement to flow up his spine.

From the galleries> Enkavir ducks into the cavern, scrubbing a hand tiredly through his messy hair as pale hazel eyes skim the already growing crowd. He pauses with a hand on the rail at the bottom of the seats, teeth brushing his lower lip as he watches SEryth with a hint of concern. After a little sigh and no sign of Thea, he turns to find a seat, just dropping down in the nearest empty spot, preoccupied.

Solarith cracks an eye open from a half-doze, the swirling facets speeding up as her fll alertness is reached. Perhaps it was that little bit of sand that caught her attention, or something else entirely. She lifts her head from the sand just in time to see one of her own eggs give a little wiggle, as though rising from a deep sleep. The gold croons happily at the sight, whuffling something over at Seryth, as tohugh the other gold didn't notice the egg move. Yeah right.

White robed Candidates, some still wriggling into their gowns and tying belts are hustled out onto the sands by the assistant weyrling staff. Nervous giggles and gasps issue from the ragged line as they all face the clutch parents and bow first to them, then to the weyrwomen and bronzeriders sitting on the platform. The assistants fuss, arranging them in a loose semi-circle, giving last-minute admonitions to heed their instructions.

Thea sits on the platform at the edge of the sands and out of sight from the Observation level, idly swinging her booted feet. By the way she is dressed - in lightweight, loose-fitting linen tunic and trous, she's been here all day, keeping watch without a break. Beside her, a large earthen jug of water rests within a vessel of ice chips with several mugs on a nearby niche along with a couple of empty plates bearing the scant remains of recently-consumed meals. Alerted by the humming Shep is crooning from her neck, the weyrwoman's attention focuses on the heaps of sand, then on the group entering the sands. As they are arranged, she rises and walks towards the front of the deck.

Kinseth shifts in position, shuffling his wings as he waits. There's a glance upwards as the firelizards begin to congregate, and to hum. The large bronze begins to emerge from his quiet funk of the past few days, eyes coloured with hope and a dash of excitement. As the candidates are sent out, he sits up a little straighter, peering over the line and beginning his own hum.

From the galleries> Rogawani's eyes are drawn to the white-robed candidates making their way out onto the sands. Half-tempted to call out a note of 'good luck' to his friend Xaliyan, he half-rises and cups his hands around his mouth before thinking better of it. Settling back down, he glances up and down the rows, noticing where people are finding their seats. Leaning backwards, trying to talk up a row and over a bit, he nearly shoves an armpit into a girl's face. "Sorry." He quips quickly before glancing up at Enkavir. "Everything okay?" He asks, knowing that the record keeper might have more up to date information on at least one of the gold dragons.

If an egg could trot, the Take Me Away Egg would be doing it. There's a bit of a wriggle-bounce to it as it rocks, moving the egg in a steady bumping motion across the sands.

X'hil comes running in, careful to avoid both candidates and eggs, tearing on up to the platform at the edge of the sands, wearing shorts and a thin shirt, and large untied boots. Seems he came in quite a hurry. "I," he begins, then drops to a hushed whisper, "I'm not /late/, am I?" But no, the eggs are all still intact. He pauses to regain his breath, eyeing the line of candidates, smiling at several, frowning at one.

Seryth pads towards the Candidates as they enter, calmly placing herself between them and her eggs. There's no hostility in her stance, rather a bit of distrust and apprehension.

From the galleries> Kire waves to Rogawani and Enkavir, "Hello you two. Exciting isn't it?" He asks as he leans forward to watch the eggs as they start to move on the sand.

From the galleries> Enkavir scowls a bit as someone pushes past him, causing him to tuck his legs in close and still nearly trodding upon him. "Yes, there is someone sitting right here in case you hadn't noticed," he grubles. But then Rogawani catches his attention and he leans forward, resting his hands on his knees and straining a bit to hear over the humming and buzz of conversation. "What's that? Oh… um, far as I know. I haven't even seen Thea today-" he breaks off as the woman strides to the front of the platform, and he lifts his chin in her direction. "There she is. I'm sure everything is fine." Kire gets a quick wave, but then the eggs have his attention.

Starting at one apex and working towards the far end, bits of shell fall from the Take Me Away Egg as fleece to the shearing floor until the hatchling inside is revealed, appearing almost nude without its shell.

Solarith begins to thrum, adding her own voice to the new harmony that has begun to creep through the Weyr. It isn't a dominating sound, but it carries well and is made up of more bass tones than normal, almost as though the gold were trying to shake the new dragons out of their shells. Noting the movement of the younger gold, though, Solarith pauses in her crooning to whuffle a slight calming tone at Seryth, reassuring her to allow the candidates to approach before returning to her humming. Tylia, her rider, has stationed herself well out of the way of the sand's head on the platform, settled comfortably on a seat well away from the heat of the sands but still in a good view of the hatching dragons. When the eggs start to visibly rock, she lets out a breath of relief and falls silent to watch the proceedings.

From the galleries> The movement of the eggs is enough distraction, but this is only coupled by the wave from Kire. "Glad to hear it." After having heard about the fate of the missing clutch, the messenger had been a bit preoccupied and worried about this one. Shooting a glance over his shoulder at the record keeper, Ro' nods his head and then waves back towards the starcrafter below. "It's a treat. Is this your first hatching?" He asks, having to lean forward to peek over the crafter's shoulder and down to the wobbling eggs on the sands.

Wiggle. Wiggle. Hewn Sanctuary Egg begins to move as it rocks back and forth within its sandy hole until suddenly, it topples onto the side. Afterwards, the egg is still once more, as if the force of the jolt sideways was enough to stop any progress towards hatching.

Shivers of cream cause the Shroud of Secrets Egg to shift and roll a bit upon the red and white hands, age spots betraying its movement.

From the galleries> Isabet enters with a shake of her head. "That X'hil…" she murmurs. She's pushing a stroller with two three-turn-olds in, though thankfully the pair are quiet, awed almost. "Your parents are down there." she notes to the twins, with a wry smile. She moves over to a quiet corner of the galleries, so as not to disturb anyone if the toddlers should decide to make a fuss.

From her spot on the platform, Thea is focused on a battle of wills with Seryth. Her gaze is unwavering as locks eyes with the queen and she tenses just a little before Seryth finally gives in and retreats to lie near the deck.

For a moment Time's Perfection Bronze Hatchling lies curled as if still within its shell. After a long moment it uncoils smoothly and stretches with a yawn before uttering a tiny roar and stalking feline-like towards his prey - the white-robed figures standing across the sands.

From the galleries> Enkavir's shoulders tense as Seryth blocks the path of the candidates, his eyes keen on Thea as she battles with her golden lifemate. When she wins he sits back again, shaking his head slowly and then finally looking back at Rogawani and Kire. "It's my first, yeah. I don't know if I could be much more nervous, even if I was down on the sands myself."

Time's Perfection Bronze Hatchling
Sweeping across the form of this brazen hatchling's burly form nocturnal fire wars with scintillating cassia to stir night's dark with flame. His broad forehead is crowned with three brilliant topaz points that flash with the movements of his head. Diamonds glitter across strong shoulders and wide back embroiled in molten copper, while powerful haunches eclipsed in shadow taper to iron-dark limbs tipped by obsidian claws. Dawn breaks across wing's sheer membranes, reflecting the roseate citrine of a new day.

Vessel of the Vanished egg trembles and a cascade of sand spills from the half-buried egg. Bit by bit the contrasting shades are revealed, like some prize archeological find being unearthed by careful hands as shivers knock the surrounding sand away.

From the galleries> Kire smiles as he moves up towards the others so that he can sit by them and not have to yell. He doesn't gets a seat next to them, but instead one row behind so he can lean forward to talk to them, "No it's not, I've attended hatchings before at Fort when I was a child, it was a very exciting to see one here for the first time." His little brown firelizard is humming softly on top of his head.

The Hewn Sanctuary Egg begins to move again, this time rolling back and forth as small clicking sounds can be heard beneath the greenery of the shell. Following one of those clicks, a small shard of the shell breaks off, leaving only a tiny hole into the egg's interior. It doesn't seem like much, but it's a start.

From the galleries> Kai comes in, missing the first part of the Hatching. But she bets she hasn't missed much. And that's about all she'll bet on. No telling what will come out of those eggs.

From the galleries> "I've seen a few." Rogawani explains to the two, offering a bit of a rakish smile. He follows Kire with his eyes as he plays musical seats, and then chuckles towards Enkavir. "Well, in a way part of you -is- down there." He notes with a small shrug, watching as the first dragon to hatch is a bronze. "Bronze to start, not bad!" With a note of surprise in his voice, Ro' leans forward to spy a better look at the hatchling, but ends up blocked by a tall man sitting infront of him. Weaving back and forth, he tries to find a place where he can look out between shoulders and heads.

Time's Perfection Bronze Hatchling pads his way between candidates uttering short, grunting growls, his head swaying from side to side with each stride. He stops, pausing in front of Donaken for a long moment, nostrils flaring. His eyes whirl tinged with flecks of yellows and reds, then he whuffs the scent out as if to get rid of the lad's smell quickly before moving on. Zevan's arms are folded and he's standing loosely, remarkably at ease for his first time on the Sands although his stance does not reflect his attentiveness. Alert blue eyes flick over the sands, keeping watch for any danger to himself or his brother. It's no surprise to him when the Time's Perfection Bronze hatchling approaches in its stealthy stalk. "Better step back, Jevan," he's putting an arm in front of his younger brother. There is a surprise in store from him as the hatchling bellows another small roar and pounces! Claws are sheathed, so there's no harm done as the pair tumble onto the sands. "Areith, hi. Yes, you have indeed apparently conquered me. Now let us conquer that appetite of yours, shall we?" Now Z'van, the young man rises and heads towards the Weyrlingmaster, Arieth walking regally by his side.

Finally freed from the confines of the sandy mound it has been half-buried in, Vessel of the Vanished egg works up enough momentum to topple sideways. The impact pairs with the persistent nudging from within and hairline fractures split across the shell, shattering the geometric designs like broken pottery.

From the galleries> Kire smiles a little bit, "Yah if I remember correctly it's good luck if a bronze hatches first. The sign of a healthy clutch." He says as he sits forward to continue to watch the hatching.

From the galleries> Kire spots Kai and he waves to her, "Hey Kai up here! I've got a seat for you."

X'hil smirks over at Kinseth, and shakes his head in amusement. Kinseth is watching the perfect hatchling bronze, first of the clutch, and he croons quietly as the young dragon impresses. "Proud father." X'hil notes, speaking softly. It's not every day one gets to attend a hatching one must be properly respectful.

Thea relaxes as Seryth retreats, rolling her shoulders and reaching out to give the queen a soft pat before glancing up towards the Observation Level. Spotting Enkavir, she gives him a bit of a wave, then to Rogawani and a few others before returning her attention to the sands.

From the galleries> Enkavir shifts to give Kire more space to lean down beside him. "I guess I'm the only hatching rookie then, huh?" As the bronze breaks free from his shell, Enkavir's lips slide into a broad smile and his hand clenches into a fist. "That's right. One of Seryth's too." When Areith finds his 'mate, Enkavir thumps his knee with that fist, then takes a deep breath. He shoots a sheepish sort of smile at Rogawani and lifts one shoulder in a lopsided shrug. "I suppose so… sort of." When Kire shouts to Kai he gives the woman a nod of greeting. Catching the tail end of Thea's wave he returns it hastily, giving her an encouraging smile. "It's already going so fast."

The Shroud of Secrets Egg, shell delicate after its time on the Sands, begins to crack. Failing under the weight of time, the shell's quickly becoming nothing but an old memory.

Saenkarith is settled on the Sands, the smaller brown out of the way of the other dragons, out of the way of the candidates, and most definitely out of the way of the rocking eggs. However, he is there, crooning to the candidates and the hatchlings, urging them onwards no matter where they come from. Re're, for his part, is lingering on the edge, watching his step-children and his own son on the Sands.

A tremendous force rocks the Raging Seas Egg, like a gigantic tidal wave smacking the insides with great force. The ovoid is sent spinning a little, wobbling slightly on its base before settling back into a restive sleep in its secure depression of sand. The calm before the storm?

From the galleries> Kai somehow hears her name. She turns around and searches through the crowd till she sees her StarCrafter friend. She smiles and weaves carefully through the crowd to reach him. "Hi! I'm glad I caught up with you. Looks like a Bronzse so far. That's good!"

Enough is enough! The Hewn Sanctuary Egg gives a jolt as if something were hitting it very hard. The shell stretches, and then gives way as the hatchling within finally fights its way free. Shaking out its wings, the hatchling boldly steps forward, little bits of egg shell still clinging to its legs.

Fearsome Swift-footed Green Hatchling
Dark, distressed tones of the darkest forest cling to a drawn-out muzzle. Small spots of lighter, spring-green peek through the dark to highlight the dragon's cheeks and the tops of her head knobs. A lighter, almost sickly, splotchy shade of yellow-green encircles her neck, fading again into the darker underbrush of her hide as it touches her shoulders and belly. A strip of myrtle, darkest green, marks her neck ridges and then extends down along the length of her serpentine tail. In contrast to the rest of her nearly midnight toned coloration, the webbing on her wings is a lighter. Like sun-caught moss splotched over with a few drops of tawny, the colors mix together to give the impression of patterns as they move. She is no dainty or demure creature like some females, but instead carries a broad chest, powerful legs, and a keen, watchful eye.

As the world awakens from its afternoon slumber at twilight, so Earth-Brushed Sky Egg rouses - a gentle roll that sheds its cloak of sand as a robe that is discarded to lie at the feet of a woman.

From the galleries> "Afraid so." Rogawani replies, seeming a bit sheepish as he ducks his head into the collar of his riding jacket. It's a bit warm, so he begins to take it off, shrugging out of the tight shoulders as his green firelizard gives an abrupt creel of protest. Pushing his jacket down between the two seats and under his rear end to lift himself a few more inches, Ro' finally seems able to catch a view of what's going on. "Oh, is that one of your rider friends?" The messenger asks towards Kire, and then offers a small smile up towards Kai. "Hi there." Social enough, he eyes Enkavir though the corner of his eye, bemused at watching a first-timer's reactions.

From the galleries> Kire nods to Kai, "Yep it's a good luck sign." He introduces her to the two other men sitting in front of them, "This is Rogawani, he's a messenger there at Xanadu and this is Enkavir, he's an archivist here. Rogawani, Enkavir, this is Kai, she's a green rider from Irene Weyrhold. I met here while I was there one day getting sand samples for my master's now on hold project." He turns back to the sands as a green dragon hatches, "Ooh she's a beauty."

Seryth croons mournfully as the bronze hatchling wanders from her protection to wander the sands. Another pat from Thea calms her, buy it isn't until the impression is made that she warbles a more hopeful note.

Fearsome Swift-footed Green Hatchling gives a single shake of her back leg before turning her head to scowl at a piece of shell still clinging there. Exasperated, she gives a sound that seems like a childish attempt at a growl. Snapping her jaws at it, the dragonet finally manages to pull the piece free, holding it in her mouth with a show if fierce pride. As her eyes spy the white robed ones, she springs forward, her front legs going down towards the ground as her rump lifts a little into the air. Then, she races, turning at the last moment as she's about to barrel into a candidate. Speeding along the line, she only skids to a sudden stop in front of a broad-shouldered girl. Blinking the lids over her eyes once, the hatchling leans her head down to place the shell down on to the sands, nudging it towards a blonde-haired techcrafter.

Balana is most clearly nervous, her face drawn into a thin line as her feet shift about, forming a little crevice in front of her. This isn't the careful and calculated world she was used to being part of, and the wonder and chaos of it all seems nearly overwhelming. Rubbing the sweat from her palms onto her robe, a flushed look passes onto her cheeks. She watches as one of those she had befriended impresses, leaving her standing with a body length between her and the next closest candidate. Exposed. As a hatchling comes racing down the line of the candidate semi-circle, she takes an abrupt step back, afraid of being run right into. Then, she just looks on in wonder as the dragonet places a piece of shell onto the ground. Bending forward, Balana reaches out and lightly takes it in her hand, turning it before looking up into the whirling eyes of the dragon. Her dragon. "Oh Phaselith, I'll treasure it always." Her nervousness melts away, reaching forward to wrap her arms around the small green head.

A crescent-shaped crack splits the shell of the Earth-Brushed Sky Egg - from within and still eclipsed by its confines, there is a soft whine and scrabble of claws. If one could look closely, a glitter reflects the light in contrast to the dusk within as one eye peeks out of the opening - starlight shining in the night sky.

From the galleries> Enkavir clears his throat softly, forcing his hand to unclench and settling back into his more common loose lounge against the bench's back. "It's not just me then, it /is/ sort of warm in here." He shoves the sleeves of his sweater up, tugging a stray bit of chestnut hair back off of his head before twisting back to offer a hand to Kai. "Well met, greenrider. Recordkeeper actually, not archivist - I'm not part of Harper." Just to be clear - no crafter here. The rider's comment makes him turn back and the green gets a wide grin. "She really is lovely. I expected them to be more… awkward and unattractive to be perfectly honest."

Vessel of the Vanished is covered in a web of cracks, and the rhythmic rocking continues. There is a pause, a gathering of strength, and with a lurch the entire egg disintegrates. A large, gangly brown hatchling blinks up at the bright light, flicks oversized wings and peers around in satisfaction. 'That worked rather well,' the pale Terra Cotta Cliffside brown's expression seems to say.

Raging Seas Egg is suddenly sent spinning in its spot like its own whirlpool, shedding little flakes of shell like some odd mockery of foam from crashing waves. A small hole starts at the very apex and steadily grows, shedding more bits of shell as it spreads in a flurry of activity. It almost looks as though the egg is being sucked inwards to the black void within. How long will the structure hold up to the sway of this oncoming storm?

Terra Cotta Cliffside Brown Hatchling
Reddish brown dust cloaks this large brown dragon in the lightest of russet hues. He is all sharp edges and blocky lines, heavy bone structure and sinewy muscle carved from stone. From wide jaw to sharply backswept headknobs his terra-cotta hide is sun-kissed; tawny brightness until browridges leave his narrow eyes cast in shadow. Down his arching neck, irregular neckridges are like crumbling steps that lead down into the deeper colors of his torso and deep chest. Ancient ruins seem to cluster beneath the shelter of his wings, darker lines hinting at shapes that would be almost too geometric if they didn't deteriorate back into obscurity. Like a craggy cliffside his muscled legs support this decaying city with varied hues that lead down into blunt black claws. Above this the spread of his wingsails is even wider than required, dried brick brown translucence lined with cave-dark spars. From muzzle to tailtip he is strong and stable, his form speaking of enduring solidity rather than delicacy and elegance.

A subtle rustling noise begins to emanate from the Leafing Through The Plants Egg, as it wobbles to and fro. The rustling becomes a rushing whisper of sound as it picks up speed, though, as yet, the egg's shell remains unblemished.

Kinseth croons reassuringly at Seryth. Their offspring will choose well. Now that the hatching is here, he's suddenly filled with confidence. There is much that can go wrong with eggs, poor defenceless eggs, but hatchlings are another matter.

Thea reaches for a mug and pours herself some water, wipes the fine sweat beading her forhead. "Hot," she mutters unnecessarily. To X'hil, "Have some water?" She gestures to the jug of iced water before returning her attention to the sands. "Whole different perspective from this side of things," she murmurs drily.

Solarith warbles happily as one of her eggs hatches and the hatchling inside finds her lifemate swiftly. The noise sounds strange considering it erupts from her throat mid-thrum, her voice going from deep base to warm trills to deep bass again in the span of a half a minute. She settles back again, letting her humming fill the cavern in a neverending note that seems to go on forever and ever. Tylia leans forward in an expectant manner, as though trying to get a better look at the eggs now that the hatching is starting to go forward much faster.

From the galleries> "Nice to meet you, Kai." Rogawani offers a wave, getting a glare from the girl beside him who he nearly hits for a second time tonight. "Sorry sorry. Last time, I promise." He makes his excuses, and then sheepishly looks upwards at the other two. "This first batch isn't too bad, but just wait. There's usually a couple of ugly ones hidden away somewhere." He chuckles, rubbing hands together as he pushes himself up with his toes to catch sight of the newly hatched brown. "I saw one wobble right into his candidate once, this little blue. That was -ages- ago though."

The Shroud of Secrets Egg suddenly dissolves, the ancient relic that sat upon the Xanadu Sands suddenly no more, leaving only a pile of dust in its place. And a hatchling.

Sweat and Tears Brown Hatchling
Smooth russet dances over this hatchling's hide, clinging desperately to each and every tuck and dip of his body. Shadows gather at his lean waist, creating the illusion of an overly gaunt frame, casting his joints into darker hues as well. Wingsails seem almost tattered - streaked with sharp spots of darkness - as they stretch between each fingerlike spar, the same odd stripes carrying over his back and ridges. His headknobs, crowned in golden glory, slope upwards from his delicate face, while his muzzle is dotted with rust freckles, falling downwards from each faceted eye.

Malren is, as usual, surrounded by a knot of younger boys who mistake his bullying for something to be admired. He's bored and sneering, hardly paying attention to hatchlings - he's been on the sands so many times it is all old hat. He doesn't even see Terra Cotta Cliffside Brown's arrival, nor the sinuous way the hatchling weaves among each knot of candidates like the steps of some ancient dance. Regardless of his lack of attention, the young man stands head and shoulders above his companions, and such a looming wall can only be the perfect match for the little cliff-colored hatchling. A few rhythic steps end with a small head planted in a broad chest and Malren abruptly goes from indifferent to awed. One large paw drops to the lithe dusty neck and he murmurs, "I… I don't believe it. Don't worry Atsath, I will be yours forever. Yes, until we're both all but forgotten." A bit uncertain for once in his life, M'ren leads Atsath to food.

Sweat and Tears Brown Hatchling is released from the prison of his shell, from the confining walls of his previous existence, slowly stretching his wings, testing his balance, as he takes in this new world that has unfolded before him. A moment of wandering, pausing here and there, he finally looks up at a pair of teens, the duo sharing similar looks. After a moment's consideration, he gently nudges the boy, Aidar, in the stomach, and the teen's sister steps away as A'ar is left to wrap his arms around the brown. "Turinth, of course. You have had a long journey, you will be justly rewarded." And so the young pair moves to the edge of the Sands.

The last of the shell from Raging Seas Egg is sucked inwards with an odd slurping sound as the rest of it collapses in on itself. A hulking brown mass is left within the remains of its home, slowly uncoiling himself to reveal his full bulk to the world at large. Fear the rise of the leviathan for he awaketh from his long sleep.

Beneath the Abysmal Sea Brown Hatchling
Splotches of encrusted lichen brown mottle the sloping back and haunches of this hulking brown hatchling, clinging to almost every crevice and dip along his smooth lines. Faint hints of a darker mud brown shade peek out from beneath the lighter varying patterns, trying vainly to pull free of their overpowering existence into some view over his hind quarters. Draping strands of moss green tinged bleached brown encircle his tail, smothering any darker color as it slides sinuously down the entire length until it pools at his spaded tailtip. Masses of barnacle browns and pock-marked splotches of grey-brown hold close to the bridge of his square-cut muzzle, marching steadily from the crown of his head right to the tip of his overly wide nose. Veins of charcoal brown begin to creep through the light, dispelling the motley collection of pattern along his sides, chests and feet. Along his underside, the darkness has completely taken over in the form of an expanse of deep untouched bark brown. Even the long sweeping wings falling elegantly from his back have been encased in shadows, their wingsails an unblemished shade of chocolate brown with the exception of a few ragged speckles of light clinging to his muscular shoulders.

The murky suface of the Timekeeper's Mystery Egg seems to undulate, the perceived motion of aqua and silt realized as an actual ripple stutters across the shell. Something within seeks escape, a series of calculated taps seek a weak spot, and then all is still.

X'hil nods gratefully at Thea's offer of water, wiping sweat from his brow. He steps forward and pours himself a glass, holding it against his forehead briefly before taking a drink. "It's… unique… I," there's a sheepish frown, "I missed Kinseth's first clutch hatching, they hatched in the middle of the night." And the second, well, he won't mention that one. It would spoil Kinseth's good mood.

The Fog-covered Pathways Egg begins to rumble, a deep thumping inside the egg heralding that it is almost time. Each time that thump comes, the shell strains a little, the white and black exterior trembling as if threatening to give away to the force within.

Leafing Through The Plants Egg flutters with motion, as if being blown about by a stiff breeze. The whispered rustling has been picking up both speed and volume, adding the faintest of tapping to its repertoire of noises. After a moment, there's a final solid tap, and then the egg stills, not a sound, not a movement, until a sudden loud tearing noise, accompanied by a large crack appearing on the egg's side.

From the galleries> Kire smiles as he watches a brown hatchling come out and is then joined on a second one. "Two browns, very nice. Well now only one." He looks over to Rogawani and shrugs a little bit, "Each dragon is beautiful or handsome in her or his own way. Like every star in the sky each one might share similar characteristics, but they are unique in their own special way. It is that uniqueness that makes them all beautiful." He smiles, "Oh another brown." He pulls out a piece of paper and grins, "So far so good. I've gotta bronze, a green and three browns. Let's hope for two blues and another green."

From the galleries> Kai looks over at Kire. "That was very sweet, Kire."

From the galleries> Enkavir nods to Rogawani, crooked grin remaining on his lips. "I'll keep an eye out. Let's just pretend all of Seryth's are the picture of beauty though, yeah?" He blinks then, shooting a sidelong glance at Kire. "Or that, sure." If the grin deepens a bit, it's hidden by the way he turns to watch the sands again. "They sure don't waste any time, do they?"

Thea nods briefly to X'hil before pouring a mug for Tylia and stepping over her way, "Feeling allright Weyrwoman?" There's concern in her voice. "This heat gets to me…" She waits for a few moments before wandering back towards Seryth.

Earth-Brushed Sky Egg cracks wide open and out stumbles a birth damp dragonet.

Moon-Kissed Maiden Green Hatchling
Over all this slender green is brushed with the deepest shades of forest pine in shadowed mists of the witching hour. The hue only darkens as it washes up from tail and underside to stretch across her back and down her muzzle, becoming almost in its dark midnight shades along the spine. A gentle sweep of a paler color, the light budding of new spring grass, paints the space between her eyes in the shape of a crescent moon. This same yellow-green is speckled across her back and wingsails like tiny shimmering stars in the sea of nearly black green. Sharp talons curve as if to mimic the mark on her forehead, glistening of polished obsidian.

From the galleries> "Eh, if you say so." Rogawani eyes Kire as if he had happened to grow two very odd looking heads. "Unique they might be, but handsome or beautiful? Some are just downright ugly." Not sharing the crafter's particular opinion, Ro' turns his looks towards Enkavir instead, half-leaning over the back of his chair. "I'm not going to tell either Weyrwoman if there's an ugly wherry in the bunch. I'm likely to get sat on by a big golden butt." He jokes, and then nods his head, pushing up with his knees to look at the hatchlings on the sands. "Sometimes fast, sometimes downright slow. There was one that lasted for -hours- a few turns back. I nearly fell asleep."

The Mosaic Stone Egg gives a preliminary light shake before it stills. Once its movements have ended, it begins anew, wobbling a bit more violently this time before it tilts. In this new position the egg reclines and the youngling within gathers strength and is still once more.

The Fog-covered Pathways Egg gives one more loud thump, then goes quiet. Perhaps the egg is a dud afterall even with all the sound it had made. No, after what seems like an eternity, there is another thump from within, sending a huge crack spidering down the side of the little foggy black and white egg.

The tearing crack on the Leafing Through The Trees Egg has been steadily widening since it last moved, and now a talon punches through the weakened shell. Once freed, the razor sharp talon rips through the rest of the shell as though it were tissue paper, leaving the egg to crumple, pathetically, as the hatchling steps out, moving out towards the candidates without even a second glance at that egg.

Perilous Beauty Green Hatchling
There are at least four distinct shades of green on this dragon, with subtle variations within each area. The dragon's head is a reach leafy green, in both colour and texture, with splotchy yellow accents in various places, including her head knobs. The leafy green colouring continues down her neck, minus the yellow markings. Her legs are a simple green, with pale cream flourishes at her feet. Scratchy brown-green markings work their way along her tail, with orange-yellow cloud shapes at the tip. Simple clear pale green coats her body with a faint sheen, melting to a very pale creamy green at her wingtips, and absorbing the colours of her neck, legs, and tail. Physically, she's dainty, delicate, and yet she moves with an air of the hunter.

Rising upwards from his shattered home, Beneath the Abysmal Seas Brown Hatchling attempts some rendition of a mighty roar that only comes out as a high pitched keening noise. Flicking his wings open with some force, he sends bits of shells flying in his supposed anger and rage, trying his best to look imposing. The movement of some nearby candidates cause his cry to peter out into nothingness as he realizes there are people /watching/ and he immediately looks abashed. With a little bravado left, he picks himself up from the sands and starts to swagger along the lines of candidates, dismissing one after the other. It's only one that seems to catch his attention: one of the ones that doesn't flinch in surprise or twitch with excitement but rolls her eyes at him.

Lija, Tylia's erstwhile daughter, is caught mid eye-roll by the astonishing gaze of a brown hatchling. Losing some of her cocky confidence for once in her life, she takes a step backwards in surprise before recovering herself with a genuine dimpled smile. "Arkonuth …" In a completely uncharacteristic move, the girl actually latches onto the brown's massive head in a tight embrace. Are those tears flowing down a face that is usually dominated by a neverending smirk? No, I know you didn't mean to scare anybody. I'm sure they didn't mind." Sarcasm forgotten, the pair make their way off the sands.

Timekeeper's Mystery Egg bears a distinctive mark across one side, and the cross within the circle seems to be a target for the little one within. There are audible taps as this weak spot is targeted, and after a moment of thoughtful effort a bit flakes away.

The dark shadow of the Moon-Kissed Maiden Green Hatchling circles the sands, silently stalking those in white that ring the place the eggs were laid. Once, twice - the slow, methodical tracking of time progresses in her steps around the circle. A momentary pause in front of each choice as she considers, but at last the one is found. The green breaks her silence with a triumphant warble as she settles in front of a red-headed girl.

Xandraea's green eyes shift about the sands, resting nearly everywhere but on the circling green. That is, of course, until that shill chirrup breaks the stillness right in front of her, causing the girl to jump even as her gaze lowers towards the green in front of her. "Of course Quarbimlath. Food," she agrees as the pair is lead off the sands by one of the attending assistant weyrlingmasters.

Heaven's Portal Egg twitches, sending a little torrent of sand down along its shell. The movement is enough to uncover the egg fully. Malachite and gold contrasts starkly against the red and white sands as the shell seems to pulse with life. Soon, left in it's own little crevace, the egg goes still, waiting.

When the Perilous Green Hatchling reaches the candidates, and starts her walk along the line, there's one man, approaching the upper age limit of candidacy, that doesn't dare look her way. It is him that she heads towards, plopping herself in his line of sight and tilting her head at him. The candidate begins to stammer and back away. "G-green? No, no, I'm not… Seibanth! Her name is Seibanth!" On calling the name his panicked expression turns more joyous, bewildered. "N'sken and Seibanth, I like the sound of that." the candidate formerly known as Nosken murmurs, leading the green off to be fed.

From the galleries> Kire smiles at Kai, "Thank you. I've been told I should have been a harper." He shrugs a little bit and oohs softly, "A green. Come on two more blues and I've won a 10 mark." He smiles at Rogawani, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what is ugly to one person is beautiful to another person, but you can not tell me that you cannot look upon these dragons and just marvel at their awesome majesty. A creature so big and so fierce that they could be a terrifying creature, but instead they are the gentlest creatures upon Pern. If that isn't beautiful then nothing is." He snaps his fingers, "Rats, a green..well if I can get the two blues I can win back my mark bet."

Tylia tears her gaze away from the hatching for a moment to accept Thea's glass of water with a warm smile of thanks, "Ah. The heat. It's something yo uget used to, I suppose. But it is a bit trying, as I've been here most all day, same as you." She wrinkles her nose slightly at the thought of that before taking a drink of her water. Preoccupied as she was with hydrating herself, she nearly misses her daughter's impression but manages to catch glimpse of it in the corner of her eye. "Lija!" she calls out across the sands, trying her best to catch the girl's attention with a wave of her free hand. There'll be time for more congratulations later.

Serene Pastures Egg sits in obscurity, so plain and average and ordinary it might be overlooked entirely. It fades into the background, spotted only by those with an eye for things that slip into the shadows. But then it makes itself known, rocking so suddenly and with such force it goes spilling down the little hill it has perched upon, spinning across the sand as if attacking its neighbors or the nearby candidates.

One flake of muddy blue shell has fallen away from Timekeeper's Mystery Egg already, and a tentative claw pokes through, picking at the jagged edge. Bit by bit the shell continues to disintegrate until a delicate blue pokes his muzzle through and steps out. He pauses, blinking at the bright light as if expecting night's darkness of water's murk instead of the chaos of the sands.

Written in the Heavens Blue Hatchling
This dainty hatchling is cloaked in an intense, shimmering midnight blue that appears to have an infinite depth to it. Glittering eye facets shine starlit wonder as he surveys his new world. From muzzle to tailtip, a ghostly sliver haze traces the length of his spine. Sprinkled across shoulders and back, tiny points in varying hues appear to catch the light and twinkle with a life of their own as muscles ripple the hide underneath them. Spanning the delicate membranes of his wings, feathered pinks and greens cloud the twilight with a nebulous luminosity.

The Fog-covered Pathways Egg strains against the hatchling trying to be born into the world. At first, the cracks are pushed apart and then snap back together. Then, with another of those loud thumping motions, a foot appears. The egg rolls off of its mound of sand and when it finally comes to a stop, a small nose has found its way out of the hole the foot had made. Struggling for a moment, the hatchling pushes its way through, sending egg shards this way and that. Slow and hulking, the large hatchling snorts at the discarded shell pieces before turning his eyes towards the figures in white.

Silent Hunter of the Moors Brown Hatchling
Huge and bulking, shadows seem to dominate the dark sepia form that lurks with slow, intense motions. Rusty splatters of red cling to the dragon's snort nose, extending up to frame his eyes and give the whirling orbs an ominous presence. Spiked in odd places, his neck ridges are tipped with russet, seeming shaggy and malformed. Darker still, his belly seems as if dipped into inky taupe that has dribbled down onto his broad talons. Bent, craggy wings are marked as well with that deep color, only showing the faintest hint of brown when the light catches them. A short, stubby tail shows behind him, jutting oddly at one point. The only light that finds its way through the broad, fearsome countenance of this dragon is a small splotch of beige that marks his chest.

From the galleries> Kai chuckles at Kire. "Now you sound like a Bitran. Playing Dragonet poker, eh?"

Thea returns Tylia's smile, "Perhaps." She doesn't sound convinced. She nudges at X'hil, pointing to the Written in the Heaven's Blue, "Like that one." Seryth half-rises with another wobbling croon, eyes distressed and Thea must comfort her. She hops down from the platform, walks over to the young queen and rests a hand upon her foreleg and the gold settles back to the sand.

Silent Hunter of the Moors Brown Hatchling is slow to move from the shards of his prison, turning a whirling red gaze down at one shell fragment. Muzzle curling into a snarl, he crushes it with deliberate force underneath one darkened foot. Finally, his foe vanquished, the hatchling moves forward, with a languid pace. It isn't caution that slows him, but a deliberate placing of each foot. Eyes softening slightly as he eyes the candidates, tail swaying behind him in an almost canine fashion, the brown edges forward, eyeing a tall dark-haired boy standing nearest to a small grouping. Could he be the one? Twitching his nose, the hatchling reaches his head out, sniffing before looking up into the eyes of his chosen one.

Silarus seems calm, at least outwardly. There is no hippity-hoppity movements of feet, or complaints of heat, just a silence that lingers as he eyes the other candidates, eventually looking out over the hatching eggs. Sighing somewhat, he shifts slightly, too much knee showing out underneath his short robe. His mouth moves as if picking something out of his teeth, not disinterested, but certainly not worried as no hatchling has yet to come his way. That is, until his dark eyes sweep down to the approaching brown. Eyeing the hatchling warily, he reaches forward, extending a hand towards the sniffing muzzle. "Well, of course I'll be yours Cusith." The young man responds, "And S'lar is a fine name. Come now, let's get some food." His hand finally touches the dragonet's face, ruffling affectionately over the brown's headknobs.

Jevan is left bereft as Z'ven is claimed. He is now alone. For a moment his face reflects this, but there's a conscious squaring of his shoulders and firming of his lips as he turns his attention stoically back to the sands only to find he's been snuck up on. There before him stands Written in the Heavens Blue Hatchling calmly regarding him. It takes young Jevan a moment to remember his brother's admonition, for he stands there blinking before taking a few small steps backwards. Like a partner in a dance, the blue follows and stops, whereupon Jevan steps back once more, the blue follows yet again. This same move is repeated a few times more, until Jevan reaches a tentative hand to the blue's muzzle, "Oh, I am Jevan- Jev'n, rather. And no, Akyth, I didn't mean to run away from you, I just didn't understand what you were trying to tell me." For a moment the pair are lost in the wonder of their new bond, until the Weyrlingmaster places a hand on the boy's shoulder, leading the pair towards the other newly-formed pairs.

From the galleries> "A big golden… yes, well, keeping your opinion to yourself might be the best plan at that," Enkavir allows, amusement lingering in his eyes. "I can't imagine falling asleep regardless of how long it takes, but I'm mostly surprised at how quickly they are making their choices. You always hear each dragon and rider are meant for each other but somehow I didn't expect it to be quite like this." He shrugs, "I'm sure it seems eternal to the candidates though." Kire gets another little glance and Enkavir just shakes his head. "A StarCrafter, a Harper and a Bitran. Sounds like the beginning of a joke if we just add a tavern to the mix."

X'hil groans at the green, Seibanth, now partnered with N'sken, and glances to Kinseth. "You said they'd choose /well/." he hisses quietly at the bronze. Kinseth seems entirely unconcerned, crooning happily as the newest greenriding pair move off the sands. X'hil mutters, but lets it slide. He's not going to make a scene. The blue that Thea points out does get a smile from the man, though. "Ooh." he murmurs, nodding. "Nice blue."

In the commotion of the sands, one candidate has strayed too far from the group, dodging to avoid a rampaging hatchling. He falls over in the sand, landing by the Ornately Gilded Cage Egg. The boy accidentally brushes against the egg as he stands, and quickly moves away from the now wobbling egg, falling back into line.

The Mosaic Stone Egg wobbles to and fro, shaken and guided about by the motions of the hatchling within trying to escape to the without. The efforts do not go unrewarded, for soon there's a crack and a hole is torn in the hard shell. Cracks begin to spider outwards and the egg stills. Time for another rest.

Heaven's Portal Egg moves abruptly, rolling onto it's side. A tapping sound begins to be heard at steady, regular intervals. Growing louder each moment, the tapping finally results in a respounding crack as if stone had just been chiseled appart. A long, jagged line forms it's way between the greens and golds of the egg's shell, straining outward now. It's almost time.

From the galleries> The two heads seems to turn to three as Rogawani shoots a sideways glance at Kire. "Not all of them are gentle you know." The weyrbred boy notes, having met quite a few who weren't exactly the textbook description of the word. "I can't say every dragon I've seen is majestic either. There's some that can barely walk over their own paws." Stroking at his chin, his nose crinkles a bit upward, trying to find -something- he agrees with. "Oh well. If that's your definition, then I suppose they're 'beautiful'." The boy rolls his mouth around the word as if tasting it for the first time, then manages a chuckle at the start of a joke that Enkavir manages to come up with. "The only one I had marks enough to bet on was Xaliyan. If he impresses, I might just have enough to replace a bit of my runner tack." He squints at the sands, trying to find the form of his friend.

Saenkarith trumpets - albeit mutely - as a candidate happens too close to one of those eggs on his side of the Sands, stretching his nose to look at it suspiciously. But, as it continues its movement, he simply settles back down, crooning happily.

There's a tiny shiver across the shell of the Mist Shrouded Waters Egg, almost like a slight ripple over its smooth surface. For a moment it seems to vibrate, sending sand skittering from its base before settling back down to silence again. It's not time yet, apparently.

Craggy Mountain Egg lurches, throwing itself forward with a sudden haste in its movements. The motion is enough to cause the egg to nearly collide with its neighbor. Without the strength, the energy to continue throwing about so recklessly, the egg settles back into the remains of a sibling's abandoned burrow, only twitching now and again.

The Mosaic Stone Egg begins to quiver once more as it paws — or noses, it's a bit hard to tell from a distance — at the previously made crack and small hole. And before long something is burst out of the egg, and it all comes crumbling down to spill its occupant onto the sands.

Dignified Priest Blue Hatchling
A stately robe of pure azure settles on the form of an overly large hatchling. Although the shadowy draping of blue fits well and is generally of even tone and color, here and there are little lighter sparklings, as if his hide were attempting to mimic starlight upon the twilit sky. There is a light graying about his muzzle, and in the corners of his eyes, though above his headknobs and sloping down his muzzle are slight speckles of darker indigo. Despite his large form, the hatchling is thin, almost gaunt, yet with a stately elegance in his movements that attempts to detract from the gangly appearance of his build.

Dignified Priest Blue Hatchling straightens from his shell, settling his wings behind him like one might settle his courtly robes, turning to slowly regard those gathered. Passing by many, and never hesitating, it is worth purpose that he approaches a younger teen - one who has been nervously dancing for the whole time. Tione, left standing for over a turn now, is surprised by the blue, leaning to gently touch his muzzle. "Teyath.." She murmurs in awe, slowly nodding her head to move off the Sands. And thus the gullible Tione joins the others from the mountain cothold who have been deemed worthy upon Xanadu's Sands.

From the galleries> Kire smiles at Kai, "Well sorta, I paid a mark and filled out how many of each color would be out there, if I get it all right I win 10 times I put down, if I just manage to fill out my card I break even, if I don't fill out my card then I lose my mark." He continues to watch to see if his blue shows up and he chuckles, "It'd probably be a very bad joke." He looks to Rogawani, "You might be right. I've not met many dragons. I'm sure that you have met more of them then I have, but I have always seen dragons as being magnificent and awe inspiring presence." He grins as the blue comes out and he checks it off, "All right at least I got my mark back. I should have added more browns and greens."

Heaven's Portal Egg stretches, a bit of thin liquid oozing out from the crack. Finally, part of the upper shell gives way. With nothing left to contain the hatchling, it rolls out onto the sands below. Landing with feet set upwards, the hatchling's eyes move to scan over the ceiling with an appraising creel. After a moment, she rolls over, getting gracefully to her feet, even as the sands cling in odd patterns to the still moist parts of her hide.

Tranquil Garden Green Hatchling
As a peaceful garden within sheltered walls, this elegant hatchling reflects the serenity of a limpid pool whose jade waters dwell within the sanctuary of moss-covered stone. The color of ferns, silvered by mist, drips down her gracefully arched neck to nurture the verdant foliage of her back and shoulders which appear as hedges neatly manicured in perfect symmetry. Graceful as willows bending to trace wondering fingers in a pond's mirrored surface, emerald wings have sheer, leaf-infused membranes dimly lit the way incense smoke glows drifting by a lit paper lantern.

The force of Serene Pastures Egg's tumble sends it into the nearest egg, halting its progress but leaving it with a dark crack from tip to base. Darkness reigns behind the jagged fissure, only the reddish glint of one hungrily whirling eye peers out into the light of day. There is a high-pitched creel that is nearly a screech, and with a shudder more cracks join that first.

A slow crack forms along the middle of Mist Shrouded Waters Egg, causing a fine line to wind its way through the eddies of fog covering the surface of the shell. Little pieces of the ovoid begin to slowly break free, revealing more and more of the creature inside. There are several tantalizing glints of the struggling hatchling within, but none are visible enough to determine a color. Before any further damage is made to the prison, the movements all cease, leaving the mystery within to stew for a few moments longer.

X'hil /winces/ as he notices the straying candidate, and peers over at the brushed up against Ornately Gilded Cage Egg curiously. Seems okay? He watches that one teen boy all the way back as the boy moves away and joins a young woman, and just shakes his head.

Tranquil Garden Green Hatchling moves in symmetry and poise - she's in no hurry. She lifts damp wings clear of the Sands, much as a lady would lift a gown to keep from soiling it as she moves. As if she were welcoming honored guests to her home, the green pauses by each Candidate she passes before moving on. But what's this? There is one guest who will not be returning to the home she left.

Lila's watching all the impressions with great amusement - if the twinkle in her eyes is anything to judge her by. The rest of her face doesn't give her away, for there's a deadpan expression to it. As the Tranquil Garden Green Hatchling flows across the sands nearby, Lila's face changes. She appears entranced, captivated by the delicate hatchling and finally amazed when it stops beside her. "Oh, are we, Yuanth? It will be my privilege to face life with you, yes. But now, you need to eat." The two leave the sands in the same unhurried processional that the hatchling has displayed since leaving her shell.

From the galleries> Kai says, "So its sort of like dragonet Bingo. That's clever." But she still has to think about the other person's comments on dragons. To Rogawani, "Well, it isn't all just what fits into the term of clssic beauty. Just like humans, there's persaonal charm, sense of humor, lots of different traits that, well, simply endear them to us. You can't deny that. That's a different type of beauty."

Seryth is whining again, so Thea climbs up onto the queen's crossed forearms and nestles there, leaning back against the gold's massive chest. The dragon relaxes once more, but continues small barks of urgency as she watches the hatchlings wander. Thea's hands rub Seryth's soft skin where she can reach.

From inobtrusive to furious, the Serene Pastures Egg explodes. The compact blue within flares his wings, hissing as he pushes shell shrapnel outward in all directions, shaking off the bits that remain. He is quick and predatory, striking out from the remains of his now forgotten home with one thing on his mind - unsuspecting prey.

From the galleries> Rogawani peeks upward towards the sheet that Kire holds. "Never heard of betting that way." After spying a glance at the page, Ro' slumps back again, perhaps getting a little tired of all the moving he's having to do to be able to see beyond the two crafters blocking his view. He looks between Kire and Kai, but raising argument seems like a futile thing at this point. "Well, they're all certainly unique, and interesting in their own right." He admits, and folds his arms over his chest in a boyish fashion, just as the two blocking his view lean towards each other. "Gah! Come on already. Let other people see." He complains, and then leans harshly to the side, almost into the lap of the girl who is now more than a little annoyed with him.

From the Shadows Blue Hatchling
This small blue is compact from tip to tail, an economy of form and motion with no spare lines. His muzzle is short and blunt, with razor sharp top teeth protruding visibly even when his mouth is closed. Small eyes would likely be described as beady were they not the typical draconic whirl of colored facets, shadowed by overhanging eyeridges beneath stubby headknobs. His neckridges are so sharp they are nearly spikes, arrowing down his muscled neck and almost to the spade of his strong, lean tail. A wash of nearly consistent grey-blue covers his leathery hide, the slate tones melding easily with stone or shadow. Subtle whorls of paler cornflower and darker granite emphasize the ripple of muscle and leave him to blend into invisibiltiy when still, while the flare of his small wings are all cloud and fog.

From the galleries> The number of heads Kire is going to end up sporting is anyone's guess. Enkavir just tries to keep most of his attention on the quickly dwindling remaining eggs. "Even Seryth, who is obviously lovely, is one of the most stubborn creatures I've ever encountered, and I'd rather not see her truly angry. There've been one or two even just in this short time at the Weyr that I wouldn't call beautiful. Or majestic." He's not naming names though, glancing up at Kire's description of the betting. "Huh. I didn't bet anything, maybe I should have."

Though slow to start, the Ornately Gilded Cage Egg has been quickly building up steam, rocking chaotically back and forth. The time has come, freedom is close at hand! A seam begins to appear around the top of the egg, releasing a puff of air that blows a cloud of sand up around the egg.

From the Shadows Blue Hatchling takes one narrow-eyed look at the knots of white-robed candidates and he is on the prowl. His gait is a curious sort of hop-shuffle reminiscent of marsupials from old terra's days, and yet he's fairly graceful, sneaking around the side of a group of boys. A hiss, a bared fang, and he shows his displeasure, sniffing the air as if searching for the perfect meal instead of mate. Off on the fringes a pale, faded girl is doomed, as the sight of her makes his reddened eyes whirl faster and without warning he strikes! Calyn is caught completely off guard as the compact grey-toned blue slides to a halt in front of her, filling her mind with images of blood and demanding to be fed. She takes it all remarkably in stride, her face brightening and filling with a smile as the two minds balance each other out. "Chupath, you'll have to eat the meat too, you'll never get full on the other alone." Without a word to anyone else - they only need each other - the pair heads off the sands.

Craggy Mountain Egg rolls forward slightly, hitting an edge of sand before being sent backwards once more. A scraping sound can be heard beneath the shell, like nails on a chalkboard. Then, with another powerful lurch, the egg cracks. A web of hairline fractures forms all over the mountainous regions of its shell.

From the galleries> Rhasmir's panting as he emerges into the observation level, glancing around with amusement. "Yes, dearest, I know — I know — come now, you can stop that now…" He's muttering to the tiny, pudgy green firelizard who's zooming around his head. "Shells! How much did I miss?" Muttered to the first person he comes across, peering intently across the sands.


The Ornately Gilded Cage Egg hisses as air escapes through the widening hole in the top of the shell, still cloaked by a smoky cloud of sand. There seems to be a brief lull, and then the sand falls to the ground, leaving the newly hatched dragon standing in its wake. The hatchling unfurls a magnificent pair of wings, shaking most of the sand off of himself, and then darts towards the candidates, away from his old shell prison, wings trailing in the sand for but a moment before he tucks them in close.

Chaos is a Wish Blue Hatchling
The appearance of this small blue is interesting, to say the least. Physically, he's long, slender, almost serpentine in nature, with a long muzzle that comes to a dull point, a long neck, and a compactly muscled body. His wingspan too is impressive, and would be more than twice his length, easily, if his tail weren't quite so long. In colouration, he's a dusky blue, fading near to grey at his tail tip and feet. His wings are a rich tapestry of royal purple velvet, the bold colour quite striking against the muted blue of his body. Wingsails are trimmed with the purest silver, matching his similarly coloured headknobs and talons nicely.

Mist Shrouded Waters Egg splits neatly in half, the mysterious foggy cloak falling away neatly in showers of misty shell. What's left behind is a curled green hatchling, looking long, regal and majestic in her dainty pile of egg shards rather than scared, confused or unsure. No longer a mystery, her confidence is finally unleashed upon the world.

Creature of the Deep Green Hatchling
Murky green flows in an even spread over the soft, curving lines of this elegant green hatchling, wrapping her in a dark envelope of rich color. Slight ripples extend over the wide planes of her classical muzzle, gently blurring the contrast between light and dark along the smoothed ridges that line her curving jawline. Kelp green drips and drizzles down the entire length of her tall, almost overly long neck, encircling it around the base and pooling across her chest and underside. A seemingly neverending line of blue-green takes hold between her muscular shoulderblades, sneaking easily down between the wing joints and tracing the line of her back down to the very tip of her spaded tailtip. Mottled shadows of faded verdance and grey-blue clash and war for dominance along her wide haunches, looking almost like light dappling through deep water to brand itself in a pattern of beauty on her hide. A miracle of bright color covers the expanse of her translucent wingsails, creating a shocking mosaic of foggy silver-green swirls that seem to almost disappear near the leading edge into a perfect grassy hue. Despite her regal bearing, her odd proportions make her look almost awkward whenever she moves.

From the galleries> Kire nods a little bit, "Yah sorta. I'm just glad I broke even." He smiles at Rogawani, "It's new so I thought I would give it a chance. I should have counted the eggs on the sands before I bet. I picked way to view colors to win the grand prize, but just enough so I broke even. It's fun next time you guys should try it." He shrugs a little bit, "As I said beauty and what is beautiful is in the eyes of those who are looking upon it. To you and I it might be ugly, but to someone else who holds something dear it is the most beautiful thing in the world." He looks over to Rhasmir and waves to him, "Just about the whole thing. If you got any bets I'll fill you in later."

The Chaos is a Wish Blue Hatchling never even hesitates, he makes a bee-line for a brother and sister pair at the end of the line. The young brother, still blushing after accidentally coming too close to the eggs, pushes his older sister towards the blue. The hatchling neatly side-steps her, and butts his head gently against the boy's stomach. "Me? A'li? But, my name's npc:Xaliyan… A'li? Really?" A slow grin spreads across his face. "Well, gee, Najimeth, I can hardly argue with that!" he notes, with a giggle. As the pair make their way across the sands, A'li glances from X'hil, his brother, to Re're, his father, then mouths 'thank you' at Saenkarith, the dragon that searched him, and sired his Najimeth.

Thea has her hands quite full with Seryth as even having her sit on the queen's forelegs doesn't stop the increasingly restless dragon from half-spreading her wings and wriggling as she ululates distress. Thea bows her head in her concentration as she communicates with her, but to no avail, "X'hil, get Kinseth to help me!" Thea's voice is urgent in her appeal, carrying across the space to the platform.

In a quick fluid movement, Creature of the Deep Green Hatchling flows to her feet, somehow managing the maneuver with few stumbles or wobbles. Though having been preoccupied with all the hatching business, she only now seems to notice that there is an audience to her arrival to the world. Despite the elegance and confidence in her movement, something about all those eyes on her causes her to shrink back slightly in a fit of shyness. After a moment or two of unease, she starts toward those odd white-robed things with gentle graceful movements, her anxiety over being alone driving her to find someone to be her solace.

One of the smaller candidates along the line is easiest for her to hone in upon, likely due to the fact the boy, Setari, is all but bouncing in place in a fit of excitement, wiggling in his place and trying to stand on the tips of his sandaled toes to get a better look at everything. All this energy seems to be a magnet for the nervous green, who immediately picks up her pace, nearly skidding to a stop in front of the boy. With much insistence, she noses at him, letting out a deep croon of happiness. "Lesirauth!" Setari, now T'eri, nearly falls over in his excitement and surprise, "We'll take on the world together, you know? No need to be afraid with me around." And in a sudden burst of enthusiasm, he clings to the green's muzzle in a tight hug before being led off the sands.

From the galleries> Giving a nod of agreement towards Enkavir, Rogawani's head is roughly shoved sideways by the girl next to him, who gives an exasperated sigh and gets up, walking to the end of the row with frustration. "Sorry!" He calls out after her, for a third time, and then winces a little at his failed attempts at being nice. Luckily, catching sight of Rhasmir is enough to draw his attention. "Rhas!" He calls, standing up to wave. "Got a seat over here if you want." He offers, and then lets his eyes sweep the sands. "Xali?" he asks, and then his voice raises. "Xaliyan! He impressed!" Apparently excited, Ro' pumps a fist into the air and then cups his hands around his mouth, letting out a cheer.

Craggy Mountain Egg stretches and strains, shell shards lifting and then falling again as a few flake off here and there. Then, with a massive push from its occupant's legs, one side is sent flying towards the candidates. Oblivious to the havoc her arrival has likely brought, the hatchling crawls out from the remains of her once home, sneering at it slightly before looking forward, head crouched down along her toes.

Ancient Soul Green Hatchling
Crouched with an odd posture, her form is covered by a light tone of fern green, lacing it's way with strange, almost eerie smoothness along her skin, paling slightly as it marks her neckridges. Along her flanks, a bit of yellow-green has been mixed in, as if thrown from a painter's pallet, highlighting down until it overtakes the forked end of her tail. Her limbs are rougher, seeming to stand out with craggy paws marked in a murky sea green that lingers towards cerulean. Jutting out oddly, her short stubby nose is marked with a pale, milky color. Eyeridges and wing spars are darkened predominantly with drab olive, causing them to stand out against the rest of her body. The webbing, stretched taught, fades from that murky olive, to a slate gray as it reaches each sail's edges.

From the galleries> "A whole mark is still a decent amount of money. I hope you break even." Enkavir gives Rhasmir a quick wave, but Kire has answered the trader's question and so Enkavir leaves it be. A frown is growing across his brow anyway as he leans forward, watching Seryth and Thea. It deepens with growing concern and he ends up on his feet, pushing his way through the irritated crowd, ducking here and excusing himself there until he's at the rail that separates the audience from the sands. There's nothing he can do of course but he's there, hands on the rail, blocking the view of the people directly behind him.

Ancient Soul Green Hatchling paws at the ground, her lowered head weaving from side to side as her wings flap in a vain attempt to dry them. She steps forward cautiously, carefully, peircing eyes peering through slitted lids as she spies the row of white that lies beyond. Then, stopping abruptly she flares her small wings out, head sweeping the entire length as if she were a bird in flight spying some prey below. There! Something catches her eyes and the hatchling spurs herself into a fumbling, loping motion. Then, she pulls up, slowing abruptly and nearly sending sand into the faces of two candidates standing near to each other. Lifting her head from it's normally crouched position, she looks between the two with a confused expression, before reaching out to nudge her short snout against the leg of a boy with a patch of short black hair.

Setalyn stands with a bit of a worried expression on his features. His brother has already impressed a dragon, and that leaves him woefully exposed to the hatchlings remaining. Instinctively, he steps closer to a boy beside him, who happens to be the dark haired Donakan. Only a sideways glance passes between the two as the quieter of the Rubicon boys takes a deep breath to steady himself. He opens his mouth, perhaps trying to say something to the other candidate when a green blur of motion comes barreling across the sands. Raising one arm to shield his eyes from the sand, he blinks as the dragonet peers between the two. A smile finds its way onto his face as he feels the nudge a this hand, eyes going closed. "Celaenth." He says the name affectionately, "I've been waiting for you, too." He looks up with wide eyes, blinking a little. "She says my name is S'alyn."

Solraith pauses in her thrumming and humming to croon soothingly at the other gold on the sands, trying her best to attempt to radiate calm in the direction of the younger queen. Considering most of the eggs are hatched now, the need to warble and thrum is leaving her, taken over by the want to help. Tylia glances over her glass of water towards Thea and Seryth, "Is she upset by the hatchlings or is there something else bothering her? She's certainly not happy." Stater of the obvious, but she does look curious enough to drag her attention away from the hatching.

X'hil looks away from A'li to Seryth, and frowns. "Kinseth…" he murmurs, pulling the bronze's attention from the hatchlings. The bronze bugles sharply at Seryth, then settles into a soothing croon. It'll be alright, they have to hatch, have to impress. He no doubt backs it up with a few soothing words, mentally.
Saenkarith is thrumming as the hatchlings find their mates, crooning happily as Re're offers his own cheers to the crowd, the brown settling down to offer happy warbles at not only Solarith, but also Seryth and Kinseth as well, watching the weyrlings move to the edge of the sands.

From the galleries> So excited, Rogawani nearly misses the distress of one of the golden queens. He's giving a whoop of absolute elation, when he hears a bugle from Kinseth. "Huh?" Stopping his celebrations in his friend's name, the messenger sombers a little as he looks across towards the dragons, arms dropping to his sides. "Seryth?" He asks, to no one in particular, concern knittig his eyebrows together for a moment as his feet seem locked to the ground like lead.

From the galleries> Rhasmir all but throws himself through the throng of people, grinning as he goes and grunting sorries. The seat is snatched without a second thought, as he's grinning to Kira ruefully. "Aw, shells, really?" A sigh for the Starcrafter. "Faranth. Well, how'd you make out, then?" A grin, then another for Ro'. "Ah! Xaliyan, then? Thanks. Yeah, I made a few bets…not many, don't know the candidates…" A pause, and Enkavir's moving off — Seryth is noted with narrowed eyes. "What's wrong with her?" Grumbled warily. "They all look healthy to me…" He's peering out across the sands with a lifted eye. "Nobody mauled too bad yet?"

As the last hatchlings leave the grounds all that is left is churned sands and shell shards. Seryth gradually calms under the combined influence of Kinseth, Solarith and her rider. Thea slides down, albeit a bit shaky as she does it and must lean back against the young queen. She answers Tylia and X'hil at the same time. "She just didn't think they-" and a thumb jerks over her shoulder at the departing weyrlings, "-could take as good care of them as she did."
Kai just looks at Kire and shrugs. She goes back to watching all the little dragonets and the new weyrlings.

From the galleries> Kire smiles at Rhasmir, "Well I got all the dragons on my list, but I was way off on who many hatched and their colors, so I broke even. I wouldn't bet on any of the candidates I didn't know them. Perhaps if I knew them I'd bet on them. Certianly if you and Rogawani and Enkavir were on the sands I'd bet on all your impressing, but that's cause I like you so I wouldn't mind losing marks for you guys." He shakes his head, "Nope no one got mauled yet." He watches the gold and he sighs softly as he reaches into his jacket pocket to put away the card.

X'hil shakes his head slowly as the last pair is led off, and looks up at Seryth. "They will take /excellent/ care of them, as I do for Kinseth, as Thea does for you." he murmurs softly, Kinseth backing up the man's words. "They wouldn't have /chosen/ poor riders." Never mind that dragons can, and have done so. He's trying to be reassuring.

From the galleries> Not sure what is going on down on the sands, Rogawani can only watch and wait until Seryth finally seems to calm down. With a small sigh of relief, he reaches for his jacket and tosses it over one arm, still too warm to bother putting it back on. "Made out pretty well." Rogawani offers to Rhasmir, beaming. "Hope you took my advice about Xali… err A'li." He has trouble remembering to use his friend's new name. Blinking a little, he turns his eyes towards Kire and shows a bit of surprise, but also appreciation as well. "Aww. That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me all day. Lucky for you that you won't have to worry about that, at least not from me." Poking a thumb at his chest, Ro' just laughs, bemused and in high spirits from the hatching.

From the galleries> As the hatching ends and Seryth relaxes, Enkavir takes a deep breath and sags back into a seat behind him. Lucky for him it was occupied by someone who had a friend that impressed, and so she vacated the chair in time for him to flop down without squishing her. "Looks like she's fine," he breathes to no one in particular. He twists to look up at the group he was sitting with, but it's going to be too hard to clamber back up there so he just gives them a vague wave and joins the rush of people spilling out into the bowl.

From the galleries> Rhasmir chuckles. "Hopefully I didn't loose too much." He snickers, squinting over at Kire and then beaming. "Aw, shells!" He grins. "Well, I guess I probably wouldn't /lose/ any marks on you lot if I bet on you. Seem like a good lot. More likely to walk off with one of those —" A glance down at the sands and faint wrinkle of his nose, rueful grin. "/Handsome/ things than I am. Crazier than me, maybe." He teases, winking, eyeing Seryth as she calms down. "No mauling? Good. And I did take the advice. Aslir owes me a quarter-mark." Beam! Then he's nodding to Enkavir and smiling at Kai. "Looks like it." He agrees.

From the galleries> Kire chuckles, "Well save your marks my head it too full of stars for a dragon to be interested in me. Part of your mind has to be empty for a dragon to fill it." He snickers a little bit as he stands up and stretches out, "Well that was an exciting hatching. I'm glad to have a bit of good news." He looks over at Enkavir, "Everything all right down there?" He asks as he watches the other people clear out before he starts down, "Well let's go get something to eat and drink usually there is a party afterwards to celebrate the birthing of new life and the bonding of new riders."

From the galleries> Shruging his shoulders dismissively, Rogawani just takes one last look down at the group on the sands, trying to spy a better look at his friend's new dragon. Then, he's swept up as a larger man starts walking down the aisle towards the stairs. "Eep." He manages, and then waves around the bulk of the crafter pushing him along. "Time for celebrations. See you all outside." He offers, and then quickens his pace as he gets quite a glare from the crafter looming like a tower above him. "I'm going, I'm going!" He chuckles, and then files out with the rest.

"Thanks Solarith, Kinseth." Thea's calling to the two as she makes her way towards the platform. There's a few of her things there that she begins to gather, folded clothes, her pillow, "I'll send someone from stores to collect my mattress and that table." It's said in an offhand way, as if she's already forgotten it as se gives the others there on that platform a casual wave, "I'm outta here." And she turns, heading off the Sands with a jubilant step, Seryth at her heels.

From the galleries> Rhasmir chuckles, wrinkling his nose faintly. "I think, sometime, that my entire brain is empty." The lad laughs, grunting as he stands. "Mmmmm. Food." A toothy grin is given here, as he starts down the aisle, glancing back towards Enkavir with a tilted head. "Bet it's good. I hope there's meat." A wistful sigh, and he's moving along.

X'hil nods a little as Seryth leaves, and frowns a little at the sands, the cavern looking rather empty after the chaos of the hatching. He kneels down to finally lace up his hastily put on boots, and shoots a concerned, almost worried, look up at Kinseth. The bronze noses at the shell of an egg, then trundles out of the cavern. X'hil soon follows.

From the galleries> Kai says "Well, that was inspiring."

From the galleries> Kire smiles, "Indeed it was very inspiring, shall we head to the cavern?" He asks as he offers her his arm.

From the galleries> Kai accepts the arm Kire offers. "Certainly!"

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