NPC Xanadu Hatching, December 10, 2008

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Its evening when there's an excited cry from the hatching grounds. However, it's quite different than the that announced the presence of an intruder on the Sands. It is, in fact, a trumpet of joy, as there are soon to be new arrivals! And so, the Weyr is quickly mobilized, moving into the Galleries, open for the time being to the public.

Niva was just going to gather her evening meal when her lifemate announced the impending hatching, and is quickly turning on her heel to rush back inside to the humming of the dragons, moving to climb up on the platform, leaning against the railing as she watches the eggs rather impatiently, even as her eyes are on the galleries, ensuring there's no bizarre movement up there.

The candidates appear as a large group from the great bronze doors leading onto the Sands, the white robed members of the Weyr slowly bowing to the pairs of dragons that are upon the Sands, and then they are shuffling into place around the eight eggs of Kilaueth and Hesketh's clutch. It seems odd to have nearly thirty of them gathered around the small number of eggs, but they are there. Faila is clinging rather desperately to Yaike, while Nytor is looking as if he wishes to join in. Rysiea is enjoying a hushed, excited conversation with Jolyn, and J'lian's boys are busy fidgeting as they stand next to each other, hushed bets being made as to which one of them will be lucky enough to Impress.

Humming happily along with the Senior, Ellamariseth sways her head over her own eggs. They remain still as they always had been, though. Ysa comes running in with wide eyes, looking at her lifemate's eggs expectantly, and then sighing in defeat. Nope. She'll just trudge over cautiously along the edge of the wall of the galleries to her excited queen, resting a hand on her foreleg as she turns her attention towards Kilaueth's clutch instead and the arrival of the candidates.

Vivian finishes off tying off her belt before following after S'ya to the hatching sands. Onec there she walks out onto the sands and bows to Kilaueth and Hesketh before moving to stand in line for the eggs. She's looking surprisingly fresh given the conditions the candidates are currently living in.

Hesketh has been twitchy ever since the prank involving the eggs, in fact he seems reluctant to let anyone near the eggs even now. Despite R'sul's best intentions the bronze is pacing, head swinging to and fro and glaring at everyone that comes into his line of sight.

Caryn stomps her way out onto the sands - not holding hands, not worried, not even particularly seeming part of the candidate group. She more or less ignores the others, taking her place and folding her arms across her chest with a 'yeah and' expression on her face.

Keitari - Kate - comes out onto the sands with the others. She seems nervous, continually edging closer to and then further from those one either side of her.

Almost as soon as the candidates have finished filtering on to the Sands, the gentle rocking of the eggs seems to grow more insistent and more hurried, as cracks are being to become obvious over the various shells.

As black and purple mingle on this shell, they seem to be spreading slowly apart. Cracks are running this way and that, before they're shattering the shell, dropping pieces to the ground, and revealing the hatchling within.

Sprigs of Holly Green Hatchling
Hunter green is layed like thick foliage over this green's hide, each jagged leaf-shaped piece a slightly different tone, creating a mottled quilt over her body. Limbs, long and limber, are the color of fresh pine needles, as talons are a darker brown, the same bits of mahagony peeking through on her wing joints as each sail is a large shiny leaf strung between the branches that are her wingspars. Vein-like lines of lighter, yellow-hued green tickle her throat, before her face flattens out, and sharp ridges jagged down her back.

Neferennu follows S'ya out onto the sands, still trying to tie her hair back with a white ribbon, but it is no use and is left in her hand. A bow is given to Kilaueth and Hesketh with the others, then she is getting into the semi-circle around the few eggs. Then just as she is in position, a green hatches and more eggs begin to move. "Here we go…" She whispers to the candidate at her side, unfortunately it is Delgin. Upon realizing this, her feet begin taking her away from him an inch at a time.

Sprigs of Holly Green Hatchling finds herself suddenly free from the shell, and she continues to sit there, looking like a piece of shrubbery upon the Sands as her shiny, damp, green hide is slowly drying out. After a long moment, her hunger is overtaking her, and she's quickly on her feet, crooning a bit as she flutters herself towards the white ringed robe of candidates.

Aradir follows the group of candidates onto the sands, bowing respectfully to the clutch parents. The talk of getting run over had made his eyes widen a little…but oh well. The perils of being around large numbers of dragon hatchlings, he supposed, and then just followed the group, taking the semi-circle. The rocking of the eggs is noted, and then the first one hatches and begins making her way toward the candidates. Ooh, so exciting! Not only because some of them are going to be chosen; just watching the dragons hatch is exciting in and of itself!

S'ya makes sure to shoo all the Candidates onto the sands before actually stepping on herself. The greenie gives the parents her own little bow before moving off to await the impresses. When the first dragon hatches she beams. "Green as first. Not as pretty as So, though." She comments to another AWLM, the man just rolling his eyes a bit.

Delgin watches that first egg shatter with some nervousness. He barely notices Neferennu moving away as his hands begin to flap, accompanying his mutters of "oh dear. Oh dear."

Gostam moves closer to his brother, the little bunch of five from the hills somehow having managed to reclump on the way from the barracks. He shifts nervously, whispering to Yaike and causing the other boy to grin.

Vivian settles in for the wait, her hazel eyes scanning across the galleries to see if anyone important has managed to arrive yet. Her gaze flicks to the green as it hatches and it's just as quickly dismissed from her mind as she continues to look around.

Tessa and Tione are clinging to each other. The girls have a terrified look on their face as they both bow together, moving off instantly to the back of the group. "I heard there were a bunch of maulings last time." Tessa says in a hushed voice, her eyes going wide when the first egg hatches. Tione only gives a squeak, clinging to her friend a bit harder.

Smooth Creamy Egg shakes frantically, the poor shell being battered from side to side as the dragon inside seeks freedom. A brown tail punctures the shell, sending it toppling over and over until the appearance of a foot stops it in its tracks. A moment later another foot appears, then with a shake and a flaring of damp wings the shell is removed completely.

Turn Up the Heat Brown Hatchling
Pale oak mingles with antiqued mahogany as the warm wood hues are carefully joined to form the hide of this young dragon, crisscrossing bands creating stick-like patterning across his hide. Shadows seem to peek through here and there over his large body, the base of the fire built up, allowing the warmth to spread from the very tip of his rounded muzzle to the end of his branch-like tail. Upon his wings, bright flames of orange flick upwards, following his wingspars, before the are cascading down over the sails like an open fire threatening to char him into dust.

Rysiea is turned, glancing at the galleries, looking over the crowd to see which members of her family have made it in time, lifting a hand to wave with a smile as she sees her mother. Then she's glancing sideway at Tessa and Tione with a smile and a shake of her head. "Don't worry.. Its only if you don't get out of the way."

Blue and black splotches are swaying back and forth, wavering where they sit in the red and white sands of Xanadu. A sudden shake, and slowly cracks are spreading, before another push, and the shell is falling to the sand.

Silent Snowfall Blue Hatchling
The softest hues of baby blue settle lightly upon his shoulders and back, his wingsails and his headknobs, like large soft snowflakes forming a fluffy layer. Light blue touches his chin, his neck, a soft chill present in his coloration, as sky blue stretches across his wings, coloring his belly. Even his talons show the chill as they are a rich royal blue, the same richness peeking through on his wingspars and his ridges.

Jollen is standing alone. The boy having moved a bit away from the group as soon as the eggs started to wobble. He eyes them curiously, his feet already moving in that tell tale Candidate dance as he catches sight of the brown's appearance. "Shards, they're big." He mutters before glancing over at the group.

Silent Snowfall Blue Hatchling enters the world without a sound, merely finding himself settled to the ground in a fluid motion, spreading his wings out for balance as he turns his head to stare up at his clutchparents. With a gentle nudge from Kilaueth, the pale blue is slowly righting himself, and beginning a ponderous plodding pace towards the candidates.

Kate chews on her thumb nail for a time, looking around the dragons and candidates and giving the occassional glance back to the exit. Perhaps it's something she sees there that makes her turn back towards the eggs and straighten her shoulder, or perhaps it was a whisper from Gostam, but regardless she tries her best to make it seem like she's not scared.

Neferennu looks around at the other candidates and finds Aradir, moving behind a few others to come up to the left and behind Aradir. "Oh look, that brown has some interesting patterns, and that blue is quite pretty with that soft blue. Looks like it could be a blanket over him." A smile to Ara before she leans a bit into him to get a better look at the hatchlings moving around the sands.

Andalien is moving to stand with Jollen, as his brother begins to move away from the crowd, reaching to tug gently on his brother's elbow. "Hey.." He says, shaking his head and trying to get him to rejoin the rest of the group. "That way.."

Aradir doesn't seem to mind getting leaned on, and bears the weight without complaint. He nods in agreement with Rennu's statement, but does not speak. It's almost as though he's afraid to speak - or really even to breathe too heavily - for fear of…well, something.

Caryn lets out a sigh and allows her arms to swing back down to her sides. Apparently thoroughly underwhelmed with the whole thing she shifts a little, boredly, then begins to pick at the skin beside her fingernails.

Turn Up the Heat Brown Hatchling shakes himself off again, springing up from it's spot before swaying his head this way and that to examine the sands. With a hop, skip, flail, and tumble.. He begins his search for something.

Loralle is standing off on his own too. When the boy catches sight of the blues appearance he bites his lower lip. Too many hatchlings roaming around for his taste. Slowly he starts inching over to Jollen, giving him a shy little wave. "Mind if I join ya?" He asks before peeking back at the Hatchlings.

Springs of Holly Green Hatchling is peering at the candidates, looking at this Thea, looking at Neferennu, though she's never still for more than a moment, and even as she's doing her examining, her tail is twitching away, or she's resettling her wings to her back. She's continuing down the row, never finding what she's looking for. That is until she finds a short young woman, whose auburn hair is cropped short, and it's this woman who finally causes the hatchling to take pause, before there is a happy nudge into her stomach.

Rysiea was busy talking to the candidate next to her, looking over her shoulder towards the tiers of seats behind her, anything but paying attention, and thus it's with shock that she's looking down at the green infront of her, moving to wrap her arms around her. "Of course, Ilexanth.." The nineteen year old now known as Rya says. "We'll find you some food."

Little Brown egg sets to shivering on the sands, the egg's shell disintegrating into a thousand pieces as it falls onto the sand below like a layer of snow. With an audible crack a hatchling bursts forth, all but jumping out to greet the world outside.

Holly Jolly Green Hatchling
Glossy mint washes over this rotund hatchling's hide, filling each crack and highlighting every joint. Her massive head is fixed with a pair of large round eyes, a sturdy headknob set above each in a watery cranberry red. Her strong and curved neck leads into her prominent barrel chest, not a single rib peeking through. Her long and sturdy limbs are dappled in mistletoe, her short and thick claws are dipped in a roasted chestnut. Sticking out behind her hindquarters is a thick stubby tail, the tail spade dipped in the same cranberry red of her headknobs. Her wings are rather small for her frame, painted the same mistletoe of her legs but frosted over with snowy white, each capped in chestnut talons.

Vivian continues to watch the galleries for a time, the couple of hatchlings on the sands not managing to draw her attention one bit, she's too interested in watching the people that are here. Eventually though her eyes find some of the other candidates and she starts to study them instead.

Delgin's hands fly to his mouth as he spots a hatchling with red on it. The same red as his face goes when it's pointed out to him in a quiet hiss that red doesn't mean injured when it comes to dragons.

Tessa and Tione give a little squeak of worry when Rysiea is poked at by the green. "Oh, shards, she Impressed! Congrats!" Tessa bellows when she realizes the Candidate, now Weyrling, is in no danger. Tione just gives off a sigh of relief before watching the pair move off. "Shells, this is the most terrifying thing I've ever done." She says before scooting a bit closer to her friend.

Holly Jolly Green Hatchling croons loudly, on her feet almost as immediately as she's free, moving and turning, stretching out her long neck to show off a bit. And then, its with a bounce to her stride that she's heading headlong into the candidates, pushing herself paste Keitari with a croon, pushing through Tessa and Tione.

Joiran is here, the chef keeping rather quiet at one end of the line — though happily surrounded by women. His applause of Rya is genuine and pleased, all his attempts at behaving seemingly having had a positive effect on the boy.

Silent Snowfall Blue Hatchling is crooning here and there, looking up at Vivian with a soft snort, before he's moving on. What's this? A sniffling candidate - that just won't do! And so slowly the pale blue head is extended, even as he's holding his wings up as if to embrace a girl of not much past fifteen, crooning to her softly. Look at him, he's right there - there's no need to cry!

Faila was in fact crying, though she was trying to hide the fact by rubbing her face intermittently against Yaike's back. However, there's suddenly something, someone, else there to comfort herself with. After a moment of staring in stunned silence, Faila's detaching herself from the boy next to her, and moving to hug the blue close. "Oh Tuyeth Thank you…" She says aloud, tears stemming as she moves with her new lifemate to the side of the Sands.

S'ya beams when the first Impression is made, the greenie waving the new pair off in the direction of food. Another AWLM comes to help them start the difficult task of slowly feeding the dragonet, leaving S'ya to watch the Sands for the next pair. "Shells, they are just popping out like mad." She mentions before giving her belly a pat.

Neferennu watches as the green looks at her and then passes her by, seemingly more interested in the mosaic pattern on the hide than the dragonet itself. "Congrats!" This is called out to Rysiea..err, Rya as the green chooses her and then eyes are turned back to watch as yet another egg moves and reveals yet another green. "Oh look, this is one is brighter! Hmm, makes me think of some of the herbs I've found on some trees in the forest. What do they call it?" The word has been lost as her eyes try to keep track of all the hatchlings' movements at once. There isn't even time to yell a warning before the new dragonet is pushing through candidates. Squeak. "Oh, sorry Aradir. I didn't realize I was leaning on you." Except for the fact she was practically on one foot trying to keep everything in sight. Quickly she sets both feet firmly back on the ground, and instead tries to find out what happened to the blue and brown that had hatched.

When Loralle joins him, Jollen nods. "Sure. I heard we made better targets if we were standing alone anyways." He says with a grin, his eyes snapping over as the Impressions are made. "Shards." He says under his breath before looking over to his fellow Candidate. "Do you think we'll find our lifemates?"

Mottled pink egg bulges suddenly then crumbles, the shell flaking away to reveal… another blue egg inside? It's only as the hatchling stretches that it is revealed as such — a rqather rotund blue hatchling that took up almost the entire shell.

Round and Overindulgent Blue Hatchling
There are no two ways to put it, this dragon is fat. His startlingly psychedelic blue hide seems almost stretched to the point of breaking over a massive stomach and think haunches. Even his face looks chubby, large cheeks giving his faceted eyes the appearance of being overly tiny. While his tail seems a little thinner than the rest of him, it has a tendency to drag along behind him, leaving a trail in his wake. Luckily, his wings seem huge as well, as swirls of darker blue dance upon them, chocolate brown creeping in at the trailing edges.

Round and Overindulgent Blue Hatchling sits. Yes, it simply sits. If a newborn hatchling could yawn, its entirely feasible that he'd be doing just that, as his wings are drooping at his back. Finally, though, there's a nudge from his mother and he's slowly lumbering to his feet, tail seemingly glued to the sand as he drags it behind him.

When Holly Jolly green Hatchling starts moving towards the girls, Tione and Tessa both squeak. They immediately let go of each others hands, letting the Hatchling pass through before coming back together instantly. "Oh Faranth, they're mad! We're gonna die, Tio!" Tessa whines as she wathces the green lumber on. Tione has lost the use of her voice, the girl just nodding her head dumbly.

Aradir smiles broadly as the first and second Impressees are made. Really, it's okay, and he pats Rennu's shoulder as she apologizes for leaning on him. He too returns to watching the hatchlings. He is moving out of the dragons' way as they're shuffling around to get to all the candidates. No sense in getting smushed!

The five have become four, and they bunch even tighter together than previously. While Gostam seems the most willing to draw the others into their little group, it seems he is outvoted and the little clump close ranks.

Vivian sees the newest weyrling Faila crying and just rolls her eyes. She's got one of those wonderfully teenage looks that seems to convey the message of why do I have to be standing out here with this bunch of losers. Her arms fold across her chest, her foot tapping against the sand in her ever so plain sandals as she wills things to hurry up.

Holly Jolly Green Hatchling seems to have found nothing as she pushes her way through the candidates, and she's quickly turning back around, cranberry tipped tail wiping around behind her. Wait, what was that? And suddenly, the excitement has begun again, as there's that polite little girl. The one all the riders seem to like for being obedient. Well, now, we'll just have to corrupt her!

Neferennu calls out a congrats to Faila as she too impresses, then frowns slightly at the next blue that hatches out. "That one.." A small point towards the blue and then there is just a shake of the head. Either way, the rider will love just how he looks. Hopefully he outgrows being chubby like human babies do. A smile is given to Aradir and then Vivian is noticed looking to be extremely bored. An eyebrow raise, but then there are hatchlings move about to watch instead. Another call of congrats is being given to the new green weyrling, before eyes return to the blue that just hatched.

Turn Up the Heat Brown Hatchling stumbles forth again from his heap on the ground. Picking himself up and shaking himself off, he begins his stumbling venture forth. And then he finds his lifemate, Eraniya, by stumbling head first into her stomach. Oof. Hi there.

Noel is being her normal polite self, her hands looped patiently infront of her, as she shifts from foot to foot, the movement barely visible. There's no nervous whining, no running away. Instead, there's just a green pushing her head into her stomach, and Noel is looking down at her with surprise, before she's moving to throw her arms around the green's neck with more enthusiasm than she's shown yet. "Jouluth!" She shouts out with happiness.

S'ya catches Vivian's bored look and just frowns. Her attention is captured elsewhere though as one by one the dragonets find their lifemates. She's busy welcoming them and escorting them off the sands in turn with her fellow WLM's, the green waddling as best she can to keep up with those that are in better shape. When Noel impresses she beams, having always liked the portly girl for being so easy to handle. "Come on, love. Let us get your lifemate something to eat." She says happily, leading the pair out.

Eraniya was busy looking up at the galleries to find her older sister, making large arm gestures to indicate the brown. A brown that has just stumbled into her. "Todraith?" She says with surprise, Erani looking back to find her sister. "His name is Todraith!"

Caryn has escaped scrutiny somehow, despite the fact that she too is looking bored. And after the initial boredom comes the heat-induced itching. She bends slightly, scratching at her right leg and scowling at the sands.

Thea arrives and the sands, breathless and, of course, sweaty. Great. Out of the fire… Her robe looks as though it's been hastily donned and her hair is a mess, but the Powers That Be have passed her to enter and so here she is. She heads for the group and stands beside Rennu and Aradir.

Loralle chuckles a bit, smoothing back his hair as he calls his congratulations out to those that find their partners. "Well if that's the case maybe we should squeeze in a bit closer?" He says to Jollen, scooting a bit even if the other boy isnt' going to. "And I dunno. There aren't that many left…"

Aradir smiles as Thea finally arrives, and gestures her over. Better late than never, he supposes. At least she's here now. "Some have…already Impressed," he notes to her. "Four? Five?" He looks to Rennu for confirmation of the number.

The gold and orange, tabby-striped egg is shaking and wobbling. Rolling this way and that, its stripes seem to become wider with each passing moment, before the shell is falling apart, exposing its occupant to the world.

Crown of Candles Gold Hatchling
Pale candle light flickers, casting yellow shadows upon this small gold's body, setting the soft creamy-gold hues of her hide alight as they flow over her shoulders and haunches, spiraling down her delicate tail and limbs. Her sails are set into shadow, untouched by the flickering glow that seems to radiate outwards from each of her rounded headknobs, wavering hints of near orange touching her elongated muzzle, and the first of her dainty ridges.

Somewhere in the rag-tag band, Delgin shifts on uncomfortable feet, by the look of him, he's enthralled by his first sight of baby dragons. "They look so sweet." He hasn't seen anything yet. "But, why are their eyes yellow?"

Round and Overindulgent Blue Hatchling finally is on his feet and moving. At a pace which suggests that the hatching may very well finish before he gets to his goal. However, luckily for the lazy hatchling, one of the boys of the group of four had been backing away hurriedly, trying to get away from the other roaming hatchlings, and he practically trips over the blue, the blue just looking down at him lazily.

Nytor, for his part, is too startled to do much else than look up at the blue. And then after a moment, he's carefully getting to his feet, wrapping his arms around the blue. "Of.. Of course Kadaisith.." He says, looking for the Weyrlingmasters.

Vivian shifts her weight from one foot to the other, tapping away most of them time with impatience. Her attention however does finally perk up when the little gold hatchling appears, this is something actually worth her while paying attention to apparently as she straightens herself up, her hands dropping to smooth out her robes as best she can to make herself as presentable as possible for her gold. "Finally." She can be heard to mutter under her breath.

Neferennu looks over as Thea arrives and gives her a smile, wanting to give her a big hug but decides it is best not to do it. "Yes, some greens, a blue, and a brown. Oh wow, a gold has hatched! As pretty in coloring as her clutchmates too." Again, more interested in the hide colorations rather than the actual dragonet. Either that or she is just hiding it. Slowly she moves to the side to allow Thea in next to her and continues to try and watch where each hatchling goes.

Crown of Candles Gold Hatchling is suddenly out of the darkness and into the light, her pale gold hide a surprising contrast against the red and white sands. As Kilaueth welcomes her, she merely lifts her head up, crooning softly before she's spreading damp wings out, holding them up as she begins the procession towards the candidates.

An egg is bleeding! That's not right! No, wait. That's just a red colored claw peeking through the shell of the Spotted Egg. Another claw appears, and the two start to push the top of the egg open, making it look a bit like a volcano erupting. There's a moment where the two forces seem to be at a balance, before the egg starts giving way. Soon the shell is falling away at an alarming rate, its fragments scattering in the hot sand. Finally the hatchling contained emerges from the wreckage.

Nothing But Coal Bronze Hatchling
This hatchling is a very deep rustic reddish-bronze color. The color deepens towards his toes and then even further down turns to a bit of a deep red, like he's been walking around in a red wood stain. Along his spine runs a smoky gray stripe from the tip of his snout to his tail. His whirling eyes are set against this gray backdrop that covers most of his face save a tiny patch of red on his bottom jaw. The smoky gray color fades from where his wings touch his back into the bronzy red that makes up the majority of their color.

Aradir offers a quick gasp as the newest hatchling arrives - a gold! Some young female candidate is going to be very lucky! Or unlucky depending on how she looks at it. He looks to Rennu, and then to Thea, nodding to the gold. "Very, pretty," he notes quietly in agreement with Rennu. If he's uncomfortable, he doesn't show it. Or perhaps he's just too interested in the hatchlings to be aware of it.

S'ya noticed Caryn too! She's got her on her naughty list, that's for sure. The greenie is busy working behind the scenes so she misses the golds arrival. The heat is finally getting to woman though and she just takes a moment to sit on watch, blink a bit when she does notice the newest hatchling. "Well there goes that bet."

Nothing But Coal Bronze Hatchling stretches, out before he's hunkering down on the sands like a discarded piece of Cromcoal, his hide looking as if its still glowing just a bit though mostly burnt out. But then, there's a breath of wind, and the fire within him flares up just a tad, and he's on his way.

Tione is thrust forward, made to step a little forward from the five once the gold puts in an appearance. Each of the three boys remaining puts a hand on one of her shoulders to remind her they're there and rooting for her.

Andalien is busy, busy, busy. Between conversations with his brother, the confident young man is continuously turning around holding up his thumbs to a group of his peers in the galleries, as if to show how sure he is of himself.

Jade and Black Egg gives a few hard shakes after having been sitting there all pretty like and hopefully inconspicuous for some time. It spins down onto its wider side, breaking the little nest its clutchparents had made it. With a loud audible crack that echoes across the caverns, it breaks in two. Woops! Tumbling out of its remains is a brown clump of a hatchling that gives a startled squeak.

Sugar and Spice Brown Hatchling
Butter and cream speckles this little brown's wide and chubby face, his short muzzle and large whirling eyes always having a strange hatchling appearance even after he is full grown. Ridges and knobs are rounded down smoothly, unlike the more ragged ridges that decorate all the older dragons. Dark chocolate covers the rest of his face, melting down his his thick neck and towards broad shoulders and chest; dark cocoa that contrasts against the brighter freckles scattered on his muzzle. The rest of his body is plump yet musculature, with a short stubby tail that is streaked in lighter syrupy brown and his large paws, as if still growing into them, are dusted with powdered sugar.

Vivian pats down the last few creases that have appeared in her robes thanks to the heat of the sands, it doesn't make much of a difference mind you but it's not going to get any better so ready to be impressed by the gold she takes a single step forward towards it. "I'm over here darling." She murmurs softly in it's direction.

Crown of Candles Gold Hatchling is slowly approaching the white ring of candidates, crooning as she drops her head to push at the young Tessa, snorting a bit before she's moving on. Vivian is the recipient of a look, a long look, before she too is snorted at. Aradir is passed without even a glance, and she's moving on. While there's an interesting girl in that group there, there's a bit of movement and the gold's attention is caught. She's found the one she wants, and a young teen is on the receiving end of a nudge. You!

Sugar and Spice Brown Hatchling is tumbling over himself as he ends up on the Sands, out of the comfy and safe place that was his egg. There's a croon, and he's slowly righting himself, his powder-sugar dusted hide becoming dusted with pink sand as well as it clings to his still damp body. After a long time, his feet are finally underneath him, and he's taking off towards the candidates. Who's up for some dessert?

Thea just works on getting her breath back, but then Rennu is pointing and she's looking to see what at. "Uh, yep, she is remarkable." There's not much emotion in her tone, but her expression is interested. There are too many to look at and she's not going to even try to see them all. "I think they said to try to stay out of their way" a muttered reminder to herself. She does note Vivian stepping forward and just boggles at the girl. "Your funeral."

Poor Tessa, left without her Tione! She gives the boys a smack as they push her friend forward but then there's a gold hatchling looking at her. "Uh, hi." When she gets a snort she just snorts back, moving a bit closer to the throng.

Keitari takes a moment to react when the gold nudges her, and the look that first passes over her face could well be classed as one of triumph. "Of course Lusiath. I knew you'd come for me, too." There're tears in her eyes as she heads over towards the weyrlingmasters, though she first throws a glance up to the galleries in search of her brother and sister.

Neferennu watches as Vivian takes a step towards the gold hatchling and narrows her eyes. If the girl doesn't get in trouble for that, then Rennu may just have a fit afterwards. Maybe. She's in enough trouble as it is. So instead her eyes keep an eye on the hatchlings, smiling a little bit bigger as the gold passes Vivian up, then her and Thea, only to find someone else. Her eyes really only saw this out of the corner of her eye as she tries to keep an eye on the bronze that hatched out. "There you go Aradir, a beautiful bronze for you." A soft chuckle and a pat on his bed as she was kidding. The dragons will choose, not her. "Congrats!" She calls over to Kate as she impresses the gold and then continues to watch, unconciously shaking some at the nervousness filling her up.

Vivian looks ever so pleased when the gold looks at her and even starts to raise her hand to the hatchling. "That's right dear, come to Vivian." She seems about ready to continue speaking to it when the gold snorts at her and turns away, her jaw drops open and she just gapes as it impresses to Keitari incapable of any other reaction right now.

Nothing But Coal Bronze Hatchling is spreading like wildfire towards the white ring of candidates. Fiery sails are spread out wide, as he balances himself trumpeting out, daring the candidates to come forwards. That ones too little. That one is too scared. But, what's this? A young /man/ to examine? And so, he's settling himself at the feet of a tanner. And then there's a croon. Yes, this one.

Aradir chuckles a bit at Rennu's comment. "Doubtful," he notes. He's no one important; why would a bronze come after him? But as Rennu's pat confirms that she's kidding. "Someone will…be very lucky, though. He's very beautiful." Looking over to Vivian as she's *DENIED!* by the gold, Aradir has to struggle not to snicker under his breath, managing to stifle it to just a little *snrk*.

Jerillian is in shock, plain and simple, as there's a dragon at his feet. And then, as the bronze tail suddenly comes flying at his ankles, he's falling to his knees to lean into the bronze. "Yes, Yes of course, Destroth… I'll be your J'ril." He says with a smile, slowly getting back to his feet with the help of his new lifemate.

Delgin awws at the sweet-looking brown, exclaiming enthusiastically "I just wanna hug 'im!" He's just about jumping up and down with glee. Then another one opens it's maw and he's stopped short. "Why… why do they need such big… teeth?" Another candidate loosks at him in disgust. "Duh. certainly not for grazing.""

Tione is reunited with Tessa as soon as the gold find her lifemate. The girls cling to each other for a bit before just sobbing. "It was /terrible/ Tess! I thought she was going to just maul me right then and there." Tione says, Tessa just nodding as she watches the bronze choose his lifemate. "It's okay. We're almost out of here!"

Sugar and Spice Brown Hatchling finds himself with candidates all around him. However, he seems to like where he's at, as he's looking up at a pair of boys who are strangely similar looking. Looking left, then looking right, the brown hatchling turns his attention to the one on the right, nudging him away from his brother to keep for himself.

Andalien is nudged, and pushed away from his brother Jollen. After a moment of gloating, a smirk on his face as if to say, 'Where's yours', the brown is reminding the teen of his presence with another nudge, and A'en is grinning even more widely. "Of course, Viskith. Food, we'll get you food." He says with a chuckle, moving past his brother towards the edge of the Sands.

Loralle and Jollen watch as the last impression is made, the pair turning to each other with a sigh. "Guess we didn't get lucky this time." Jollen says with a wry grin. Loralle shrugs a bit before starting to move off with the rest of the crowd. "There's always the other clutch!" Someone's awfully optimistic.

With the last egg hatched, the last hatchling having apparently found its lifemate on the Sands, Niva is stepping forward, even as Kilaueth is retreating from her protective hover, settling down more peacefully now. "Congratulations to all who Impressed!" Though, her gaze does hover on her own denied daughters and the gold that is now with Kate for a moment before continuing slowly. "For those of you who did not Impress, there are still Ellamariseth's eggs which will be soon to hatch as well. Do not lose heart, but enjoy your time here." And then with a nod, she's dismissing the candidates, watching them with a smile.

Caryn has resorted to tapping her foot now, drumming her fingers on her leg as she wills this to all be over so she can get away from all these people. Ugh, people. Anyone paying enough attention to her would have ralised she didn't congratulate a single one of the weyrlings, and as soon as Niva's speech is over she turns and stalks off.

Thea's not in a laughing mood apparently, so she doesn't mock Vivian. Tirone and Tessa's ruckus does seem snort-worthy and so she gives them their due. But really, she's just too busy watching out for stampeding dragon-babies. Then it's over and Niva is speaking, so she listens.

Tessa and Tione don't have to be told twice to head out, the girls all but pushing their way out of the Sands. "We made it!" They cry out joyfully, running all the way to the barracks. Seems these girls have heard way too many Hatching horror stories.

Neferennu looks around as suddenly there is no more eggs and the smile has become more forced than truthful. A deep breath and a look to Aradir and Thea. "Well, shall we get back to the barracks and…" Her voice trails off when Niva speaks, giving a bow towards the weyrwoman and a whispered thank you towards the dragons, as if they could hear her…ha! With that, a turn partially on her heel to make her way back to the barracks, the dimmed eyes giving away her true feelings even if the rest of her expression does not.

S'ya leads the last of the Weyrling pairs to the barracks, the greenrider relatively pleased with the hatching. No maulings equalled good hatchings, right? And everyone found their lifemate easily. "Now to settle everyone in." She says to one of her fellows before disappearing.

Aradir really wasn't too upset for not Impressing; watching the baby dragons hatch was rewarding enough. And exciting, too. He was more concerned with what dragons would come out of the eggs than in who they would choose. However, he notes Rennu's disappointed air and follows her out - after bowing once more to the clutch parents, of course.

Vivian's eyes narrow on the girl who has just impressed the gold, her look is one of pure and unadulterated loathing. "Why the little" She starts to growl but cuts herself off, she stands up straight, far too straight to be normal, head high and all that as she composes herself long enough to see that all the hatchlings are gone. Moms speech is largely ignored before she turns around and walks calmly off the sands. She's gone very quiet and calm, a sure sign that someone is in for it sometime soon when the dam breaks.

Thea bows to Niva and the Clutch-parents as well before starting to walk back to the barracks, giving Rennu with a wan smile. "Shall we retire to our nice floor? Bet you we sleep like logs tonight." No pun intended, but was that a bit of a saucy wink? Aradir gets a grin, adding mischievously, "Maybe next time, huh? If they let us live long enough to Stand out here." A pause and a blink at Vivian's reaction. "She's calmer than I thought she'd be."

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