NPC Xanadu Hatching, June 02 2008

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Mind-Numbing Agony Egg gives a lethargic wobble from atop it's sand perch, rolling slightly to and fro in a hypnotic rhythm. Finally all the movement causes the egg to slowly topple onto it's side, the motion ceasing immediately after this happens. It seems that either the hatchling inside is content to wait or too weak to break free.

Ellamariseth's humming is pretty loud, making sure that all of Pern can here it. She's standing tall over her small clutch, swinging her head back and forth towards the galleries to see the people filing in. Her eyes whirl faster as she turns to the eggs, lowering her snout to give them a nudge here and a croon there before starting up on her hum again. Hatch! Hatch! Ysa actually looks pretty relaxed as she walkes in from the entrance, wiping her hands down on her pants as she gives the eggs a curious look. "It's 'bout time," she calls over to her lifemate, moving to place a hand on her back leg.

Electric Experiment Egg does not noticeably rock in its little dug out spot, though if one looks closely it would notice some of the sands shifting around this egg as the occupant prepares itself.

A group of nervous Candidates makes their way onto the sands, eyes glued on the large clutch parents and the wobbling eggs. Collectively they bow, some actually shaking with nerves while in the process of this formality. After that's out of the way they head further onto the hot hatching grounds, eyeing the dark looking clutch.

Victor, a tall gangly young man, steps aside from the rest of the candidates. He's one of the quivering ones, though he tries not to show it. His hands are clasped behind his back, and he lifts his chin up after his bow to the clutchparents to regard the stands for family and friends.

Jack seems rather distracted as he meanders onto the Sands, looking this way and that, though he's bowing with the group before settling into line.

Harry is one of those bearing the white robe today but seems to be on the calmer side of the spectrum. After finishing up his bow he moves off after a spacey looking blonde, flashing her a grin before staking out his spot on the sands. He pushes his glasses further up the bridge of his nose, clearing his throat immediately after. "Here we go."

Mind-Numbing Agony Egg sets back into its slow paced movements, this time rolling from side to side. Finally the egg comes to a complete halt. A closer inspection will show that it's not because it decided to stop, the ovoid has rolled into a pit of sorts in the sand and gotten itself stuck. The hatchling inside seems to decide to take a more interactive approach now, a large crack slicing down vertically from apex to bottom, a razor sharp claw peeking out.

Gizmo is a smallish boy with sandy-blonde hair. He bows and straightens with a deep breath afterwards, nervously looking at the eggs. His gaze reaches into the stands, but he just runs a hand through his shaggy hair. Big brown eyes, doe eyes really, look upon his fellow Candidates, and then he smiles encouragingly to a dark haired girl who lumbers past. Man she's tall…

The blonde girl next to Harry returns the grin with her own smile, if a bit distracted. She's staring at the closest eggshell with a concentrated curiosity, as if willing it to crack open to see what's inside. "What do you think will hatch first?" she finally asks, turning to the dark-haired boy next to her.

Hud nearly trips over his own feet, steadying himself with a goofy smile. He meant to do that. After smoothing out his robe he passes by a cluster of girls all eagerly chatting away. He shoots them a grin, clearly knowing what they must be talking about. "I doubt there's gonna be a gold in this one, girls. Too few and too," He looks at the clutch again, his grin faltering briefly. "Too creepy."

Out of Balance Egg finally jitters, then quakes just a bit. There's just enough movement for it to tip over to lean a different way on its own. A bit more jittering and the egg does something remarkable it hasn't done ever - it stands up straight.

Harry looks from the girl to the wobbling eggs, frowning a bit. "I'd say brown first. What do you think?" He asks, shuffling a bit in place. He's starting to sweat from the heat of the sands and a hand is sent to wipe his brow.

The long onyx claw sticking out of Mind-Numbing Agony Egg ceases slicing the shell, retracting back into the darkness of its confines. The egg then falls onto its side, rolling a bit in order to have the slit facing upwards. In the blink of an eye the egg cracks into two perfects halves, Searching For a Kiss Green Hatchling seeming ready to enter this new world.

Searching For a Kiss Green Hatchling
This little hatchling is entirely enveloped in the murkiest dark green possible. The other colors playing along her sleek hide just seem to overlap, as if a second thought in the color scheme. Her body is skeletal like, no excess fat to be had anywhere, most of her bones even sticking out slightly. Her thin, long and triangular head is the starting point of thin trails of wispy black brown. The wisps flow vertically all the way down to the base of her tail. This dragonets tail is an oddity in itself, with shades of metallic gray starting on the underside of the tails base and consuming it entirely when it reaches the tip of her forked tail, it gives it the appearance of a scythe. Her wings are a dark moss green, the spars and fingerjoints speckled with a blueish black. Each of her long and frail legs ends in mud brown paws, each holding razor sharp onyx claws.

The girl shakes her head, blond locks flying out. "No, not brown," she starts, and then her smile widens. "Green. See?" She points out the first hatchling on the sands. "Beautiful, too."

Electric Experiment Egg gives one ominous shudder before laying still. There's a spiderweb of cracks starting to emerge at the very top of the shell, but otherwise it is taking its time.

Arinith swoops down suddenly from above, nearly landing on top of Ellamariseth. He gives a lout trumpet. Yes, they're late! They're late! R'miel hops off of Arin, not exactly gracefully, and goes tumbling about in the sand. "Nrk! Sheesh! Ow…" The bronzer wanders over to Ysa, shaking sand off of himself and beaming. His dragon meanwhile is warbling excitedly to Ella. Aw, they just missed the first one hatching!

The gaggle of girls clinging onto each other give out a collective gasp at the sight of the green. "She's really…" One of them starts out, trying to find a polite way to phrase what she's thinking. When the blonde declares that the hatching is 'beautiful' they all send her a look. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but still…

There's more jittering from the Out of Balance Egg. It rocks a little this way, a little that way, like it can't make up its mind whether to lean left or lean right. There seems to be an enormous amount of pressure building inside of rumbled bundle. Building… Building… Then suddenly the thinnest of cracks appears, slicing through the lower portions of the egg, where the gray fades into the brown globs as if they're finally trying to separate themselves from the rocky terrain below. But this hatchling was still not quite ready to emerge.

Gizmo folds his hands together behind his back and plays the hot-foot dance, craning up and around his taller companions to try and see around them. He finally nudges through a couple of them and peers, brows lifting. "Hey, it's a green!" he exclaims.

The Your Worst Nightmare Egg wobbles, wibble-wobble-wibble, nothing more but a test of movement. It simply.. Goes still again. It's not yet time to come out and play…

Hud scratches his head a bit as the first dragonet enters the scene, looking over to a tall red headed boy. "Guess you were right, owe you a mark!" He shouts a bit, shaking his head before placing his attention back on the sands. "Man, they sure don't wait to jump out of their shells do they?"

Ellamariseth turns her head away from her eggies to look at the arriving bronze, giving him an affectionate croon. Late, but not missing, at least. Ysa crosses her arms now, brows furrowing to the first dark hatchling. "Uh… Nice, Ella," she says, only to turn towards the bronzer and offer her own smile. "Are ya alright there? Careful, those sands are hot." She leans against the gold, who hovers low to the unhatched eggs.

With one thundrous CRACK, the Electric Experiment Egg splits right down the center, as if struck from above by a mighty force. As the hatchling shifts, it pushes against the two pieces away, allowing them to fall to each side. In its center is a goo-covered Patchwork of Horrors Green Hatchling, stretching her wings out wide before creeling out to the crowds.

Patchwork of Horrors Green Hatchling
A giant among others greens, her size is the first physical feature that stands out. Her broad shoulders pack enough bulk to actually power her flight longer than most others of her color. Although large with thick limbs all around, the next thing noticeable about her is the variety of colors spreading across her hide as if pulled from multiple greens to make this one. Her head is pale green, cut off just at the top of her neck, only to sweep into a dark jungle pattern that covers most of her bulk, only to be split again at her broad legs. Each of the four take a different color: teal, jade, ivy, and sea green. Her tail is a brighter lime, stubby to match the rest of her physique. Though she does not fit among the dainty greens, bright emerald spreads out along her large sails to help her fly like the larger dragons.

Searching For a Kiss Green Hatchling seems to care little about the goo covering her body, taking her first few steps on the hot sands. Her movements are rather fluid for a dragonet, the green seeming to glide over the sands as she heads towards the tight pack of nervous white robed things. She eyes them blankly, seemingly drawn to those that are most frightened. Her sinister gaze falls on a bushy haired brunette, the girl squeaking a bit as the hatchling examines her and quickly taking shelter behind a tall redhead. After staring down the boy, who foolishly tries to look his bravest, the green moves on, continuing her search for just the right victim.

Kahadum has always been there, though he's one of the older boys. He's at the edge of the pack of other white-robed candidates, shifting his feet back and forth easily on the hot sands. The greens simply get a look, his eyes towards the other eggs, waiting for them to all be hatched out.

Victor nervously wrings his hands behind him, squeezing them together as he looks towards the other candidates and back towards the frightening green. He takes one cautious step back from them, just in case.

The egg, wobbles again, slowly cracking down the sides. Your Worst Nightmare Egg almost seems to let out a soft scream from that little crack, and, another forms slowly. Laughter seems to spill forth now, as well.

Harry watches as Searching for a Kiss Green Hatchling sets out, a deep frown etching his face as the dragonet frightens some of his fellow Candidates. "Yah, beautiful." He says with a snort to the blonde girl before taking a few steps back after. Clearly he's not interested in attracting the greens attention, and who can blame him?

The Out of Balance Egg has come out of its shell, so to speak. It's jittering violently and jerking this way and that. It's angry now! Furious, even! All that pressure seems to have turned into a fit of reckless rage. The crack along the bottom grows, spidering out and spreading like a wildfire. This egg is bent on self destruction, bits and pieces cracking off and falling into the abyss of sand below. Then finally the shell cannot take the pressure, and the remaining pieces splinter and fall away in a triumphant display, leaving only the Pure Ancient Energy Brown Hatchling left standing.

Pure Ancient Energy Brown Hatchling
This brown dragon seems almost hewn straight from one of Pern's oldest rock formations. His features look as though they were once sharp and clean but have been eroded over time. His hide also carries a weathered look, appearing cracked and blistered, though a run of the hand over it reveals it to be simply coloring. The hide itself is as smooth as any other dragon hide. Most of the dragon is a very earthen grayish brown, his claws and feet bordering on black. The top of him however takes on a very different shade, like his skin couldn't decide which color it wanted to be. It's slathered in a more golden brown, the color of freshly baked bread, which fades into a bluish tint on his head and neck ridges. This brown's eyeridges are pointed slightly inwards, giving his blue eyes an angry look to them. His snout is long and pointed, with a fierce-looking jaw that inaudibly snarls to anyone who views it head on. His wings have a tattered and cracked appearance to them, resonant from the way the coloring on his body has visually textured them. This brown's tail seems thicker than usual, and seems to want to stand straight up to whip back and forth at his leisure.

Patchwork of Horrors Green Hatchling lets out a soft whimper to her tomb, nudging one of the pieces further away with her snout before deciding that it was no use. It was gone. She slips down the little mound, sand sticking to her gooey hide as she creels out again, this time towards those white objects up ahead. Her eyes blink, and she stumbles forward, miscalculating the distance between herself and a girl, only to have her nose sink into the sands. She gives a loud roar of frustration as she swings back up, shaking her head viciously of the hot sands, and then she's off, tumbling in her stampede towards the candidates instead.

Gizmo's eyes go round at the crack from the second egg, another green dragonet emerging from it. "Faranth," he says, ducking back behind his taller comrades. They don't see me. They don't see me. One of the taller boys glances over his shoulder at the smaller one and smirks, reaching out to fuzzle the boy's sandy hair. "Leave the hatchlings to the men, boy," he says with a smirk. Though as he watches the next green come out, he looks more than a little uncertain…

R'miel leans over to give Ysa a kiss on the cheek. "Ah, the sand doesn't bother me anymore." He smiles at the latest hatchling. "Going to be a fun bunch, I think." Arinith croons lowly, both to Ella and their little ones. Offering the unhatched eggs wordd of encouragement.

The blonde girl doesn't seem to notice the other candidates giving her any looks. She's turning to the other green now. "And strong. Two greens, now. I bet it's going to be a really healthy and lively clutch." She giggles to the other big green's clumsiness. "Poor thing."

Stalactites and Spinnerwebs Egg wobbles, its silvery patterns dancing in the light as it moves rhythmically to and fro in its sandy home.

Shadow lurks towards the back of the group, shaking his shaggy hair from his eyes. He really was almost too old to be on the sands. He doesn't say much, and it's hard to tell if he's even watching. But he is! Closely. Secretly hoping at each cracking shell.

Nothing can contain it anymore, nothing can keep it locked in. Your Worst Nightmare Egg breaks, with a slow push of wings from the egg before the rest pushes forward. An egg-goo covered hatchling is left in the sands, but, he's none too pretty. The Leaking Ragdoll Sloth Brown Hatchling is left, sitting in the filth of his egg.

Pure Ancient Energy Brown Hatchling is a tornado of dust and rock as he pushes himself away from the mess of egg he's left behind. Immediately his tail sticks straight up, the tip turned slightly to the side, like a flag announcing his arrival onto the sands. His wings unfurl, and he tries them out for bit before pulling one around to study it carefully. Dark talons grip and claw at the hot grains beneath them, scratching at the soft surface as the hatchling makes his first marks on the world. Other than the first push, he doesn't seem to care to move about much, even when he folds his wings back in the movement is slow and tired. Was this one going to make it?

Hud watches as the first male dragon hatches. "Oh, he's a nice looking guy." He says happily, taking in the browns features. "Any bets on who he'll go to? Ladies?" He asks the group of girls near him. They all shoot him dark looks before placing their attention back on the sands. Obviously they don't want any attention drawn to them, not with those two greens causing havoc on the sands.

Leaking Ragdoll Sloth Brown Hatchling
Spindles of thin pale browns, running down the skin of the brown hatchling like threads, danky and old appearing almost wet. Cross hairs of different shades of browns, pulling it together like a odd big-ragdoll. Though the threads don't stop the insides from leaking out.. Putrid shades of brown seem to leak out through holes of the threads along his back, running down his backside and his forked tail simply just appears as a blob of whatever putrid gunk is inside his rag-like body. His head, almost completely unshaped, no definite ridges or definition. His eyes almost appear to be sunken in, leaking a toxic green colored gunk from the corners and dripping down his maw slowly. He slinks, his figure undefined as well, wings almost limply hanging. A large, but, pitiful hatchling who almost seems to move like a sloth and may always continue to move like a sloth.

Searching For a Kiss Green Hatchling continues her search, passing over many candidates and leaving them all shaking in their sandals. Nothing seems to catch her attention, none of the white robbed creatures possessing what she requires. But suddenly something catches her attention, her nostrils flaring as she sniffs the air. She glides effortlessly across the sands, seemingly following the scent of just what she was looking for. Finally she comes to stand before a jet black haired boy with vibrant green eyes. She warbles to him, moving one of her mud brown paws towards him but setting it on the sands before him instead. "Patroniath?" The lanky boy squeaks, his face pale as he stays perfectly still. "Food?" H'rry nods weakly and heads off, the green gliding behind him closely as they head off the sands.

With a triumphant cry the Searching For a Kiss Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Ysa smiles up to R'miel. "We won't be out here much longer, anyways," she tells him, nodding towards the clutch. Ellamariseth's doing her best to encourage her babies with the clutchsire. She nudges at some remains, hums to those still wobbling, and then turns to get a rub from Arinith. "They're… pretty strange hatchlings, love," the goldrider says, after observing more of them with a frown.

Stalactites and Spinnerwebs Egg begins to move quicker now, its shaking frantically picking up pace as cracks begin to show on each of the coloured points near the tip.

Bridge of Doom Egg is moving. It makes sure that everyone knows it is moving, by shaking so violently in its confined prison that it knocks itself right over onto its side, breaking the pile of sand that was pushed against it by the vigilant gold.

Leaking Ragdoll Sloth Brown Hatchling remains limply in the pile of egg shards that once was his home, sprawled rather unceremoniously upon the sands by his sudden arrival. It is only after a long moment that he begins to try and pull himself together, tucking limbs beneath him, and wings half to his back as he attempts to stand. After a long moment of wavering, it seems that he has the idea, for he's carefully progressing, one step, two steps, towards that white ringed row.

Patchwork of Horrors Green Hatchling does not care for the candidates that leap out of her way. She's seeing red, and she's hungry. But eventually her momentum is slowed as her energy weakens, and she cries out again as she collapses in a spot, her head swiveling around to regard those closest to her. It's one tall bespeckled man that gets a head tilt, and he takes a cowering step back. That movement only makes the giantess leap forward, catching the man's arm on one of her claws, raking it down. "I know you're hungry, Franmonth! But stop that!" V'tor, now, shouts at the green, quickly grabbing onto the long scratch on his arm. It wasn't as deep, but blood was still starting to spill. "Come on, there's food over there… /slowly/," he instructs the green in a stern voice, trying to nudge her in the right direction.

Stalactites and Spinnerwebs Egg can only take so much. Bleached bone gives way to dull lifeless grey, darkness yields to tawny brown. From the shards of his former home a monstrous brown raises his head and yells his anger at the world.

With a triumphant cry the Patchwork of Horrors Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Dread The Beast Brown Hatchling
Huge and slightly deformed, this giant brown would be classed as ugly even by the kinder members of the weyr. His neck ridges are crooked, shaded in a tawny brown that gives him the appearance of having a mane like some of the wild felines. Dark patches over his haunches and legs appear as if patches of matted fur reside there, and his talons are a dull, lifeless, grey. His snout is flattened, pushed back to meet his sunken eyes, and host to an eternal scowl from which his front teeth are always visible. His tail appears broken, the tip curving upwards towards his body. The only part of him that seems normal are the great wings that rise from his shoulders — the sails are perfect, shading to a warm golden brown along the edge.

With its almost completely dark surface, one would imagine cracks in the Bridge of Doom Egg would be difficult to see. Yet visible orange-red rifts spread out, expanding and then contracting throughout the entire egg as the hatchling inside demands to be let out.

"Patroniath, was it? Fine name for a green." The Weyrlingmaster says, straining to smile as the sinister looking dragonet. "Come on son, we've got plenty of food for here over this way." He says, placing a hand gently on the boys shoulder and steering him off the sands. There's a bit of concern in the older mans eyes since it looks like H'rry is ready to pass out. "Come on lad, you'll be fine. Just the excitement is all."

A deep tremor consumes A City In Ruin Egg, causing it to displace the sand that has been built up around it. The shaking continues, growing steadily more violent before it stops without warning, falling back into its deep slumber. Not yet.

"I think maybe," Gizmo whispers to nobody in particular as he watches the dragonets, "I would like to be left on the sands. Just this once." And one of the larger boys in front of him replies quietly, "You… know, I think maybe I'm with you here." He edges back and bumps into Gizmo, who grunts as he's stepped on. "The browns aren't all that bad, though?" he offers to his companions hopefully.

An assistant weyrlingmaster moves forward to the large green and her rider. "Over here," she calls to the pair, smiling. "Franmonth must have quite the appetite. Come this way and we'll get her something."

Dread The Beast Brown Hatchling lowers his head and bellows at the line of candidates before him, tail curving upwards so far that he's almost in danger of toppling over. As he moves he has little regard for anything or anyone before him, stomping at the line, eyes whirling the dark red of fury.

From the sands, Pure Ancient Energy Brown Hatchling is content just to look around for a while. The small brown looks grumpy, as if he'd just woken up from a nap and had been having a good dream. His slightly overgrown tail flips and flops back and forth as he eyes up everyone watching him. Now who in this crowd was worth him waking up for? His tight jaws snap at a young boy. A feeble creature! Too young, not enough direction, not enough passion, not good enough! As the brown stalks through the sands he makes his way up close to several people, studying them before huffing at them. Then finally, he spots the one! Pushing a few others out of the way, he makes his way to /his/. A man with shaggy dark hair that falls into his eyes turns to the brown. It's Sh'dow, the guardsman. "…Atmath. Some food, before you eat someone." Sh'dow and Atmath study each other for a period, ignoring everyone else around them, before heading off.

With a triumphant cry the Pure Ancient Energy Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Hud grins as H'rry is steered off, chuckling a bit. "Never picked him as a greenrider. But then again," He shrugs his shoulders, placing his attention back on the sands. "Oh, now we've got some more browns. Good to see, I was getting worried it'd just be that little guy. Oh hey, look!" He says as Sh'dow impresses, pointing excitedly at the new pair. "First brown to go too."

Bridge of Doom Egg expands out to the point of breaking before it draws back into itself, quiet for a moment. And then, once it looks like it wouldn't move again, it explodes outwards. Fiery shards fly everywhere onto the sands around it, leaving Fire in the Deep Bronze Hatchling free to suck in a deep breath of the air, expelling it in a fiercesome growl that reverberates off the walls.

Fire in the Deep Bronze Hatchling
This beast's burnished hide is so dark it nearly cannot pass for the sheen of a bronze, except for some of the lighter hints among his large body. A blunt snout widens out to his near-black headknobs that frame his head in demonic curves, ending in a sharp point. Small jeweled eyes, contrasting with the rest of his massive form, appear slitted into a permanent draconic glare. Orange and red flames illuminate this bronze's back, down spiky neck ridges and broadening over his thick neck to reveal the metallic sheen of his true coloration in an explosion of heat. Burnt bronze is cracked with red molten rock among the striations of his hide, a pattern found over his broad musculature body and out over his expansive dark wings. The fire licks down his haunches to wicked obsidian talons. But the brightest section overall on this large dragon is his whip-thin tail, shimmering in a bright amber blaze that nearly cracks in his wake with every small movement.

A City In Ruin Egg violently reawakens from its repose, twirling around wildly in all directions. As it continues its mad dance a small fissure starts at the base of the egg, splintering out in all directions as it moves upwards. Before long a claw tip becomes visible and sets to hacking at its shell prison.

Roiling Boiling Egg jerks a little as if something had knocked on it from within, true to its name. And then again! The egg moves just a little before it becomes still, rocking just a bit. Not yet, preciousss…. Not yet.

The Weyrlingmaster jogs back to lead the newest pairs out. "Come on then, let's get you all settled in. We've got some interesting names this time around. Plenty of meat for all of your lifemates so head on that way." He says, ushering the newest weyrlings over to the side, glancing back at the sands quickly.

Leaking Ragdoll Sloth Brown Hatchling moves in a slow circle, dragging his tail behind him. He makes a mess with the egg goo, attracting the sands below him to attach to himself and finally he moves to his candidate. He slowly curls around the boy, a snake with it's prey, appearing as if he was slowly strangling the boy. Jack, now J'ck, has a look of utter disgust on his face which slowly breaks into a smile. "I don't know if we could do that, Oogeth, but.. We'll do /something/." A grin forms on his lips and he touches the icky appearing brown before him.

With a triumphant cry the Leaking Ragdoll Sloth Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Several candidates are starting to look a bit more than nervous at the hatchlings, looking back and forth between the dark dragons. They seem ready to bolt, especially after that big green scratched that one boy. But they still stand firm. If a bit too petrified to move from their spots.

Fire in the Deep Bronze Hatchling hovers a bit longer over the remains of his egg in pride over the simple destruction. His wet wings are unfurled, stretched out to each side of him as he balances before that fierce glaring stare turns out towards the candidates. He hisses low, ignoring his clutchparent's completely as he takes one step. Then two. He experiments with his balance on the sands, making sure he's got good footing before stomping closer towards the cowering candidates, his head held high as he studies each individual one.

R'miel blinks a bit at all the hatchlings. "Huh, this is a strange clutch. They're all very, uh… rugged." He peers at them all. There were a lot of strange looking dragons! Maybe he was just over analyzing them? Many of them were dark colors, and were eerie or angry or both. He rubs Ysa's back a bit. Arinith continues to croon support to his little ones, trumpeting every time one makes an impression.

Dread The Beast Brown Hatchling turns at the last second, racing back through the line once more and sending a stout boy onto his knees. Slowly he turns, marching back to the boy he knocked over. but it's not that boy that interests him, it's the one helping him up. Melantin is knocked from his feet, the dragon practically climbing him in an effort to look into his eyes. Despite the blood and the pain the ex-harper's voice rings true. "Khoreth! No!" It seems this pair, M'anti and Khoreth, are destined first for the infirmary, not the weyrling barracks.

Gizmo watches with mild disgust as the… oozing one… is led off the sands. "Strike my last comment," he says, ducking back behind the two large boys. Who then split apart for entirely different reasons, possibly to hide again, leaving him a fair view of it all. And open to the mayhem. He sighs and just stays put. He just stares at the bronze that's hatched, brown eyes even larger than before. "Whoa." That's all that he manages.

An assistant Weyrlingmaster moves over quickly to help J'ck and his brown off the sands. She pushes a lock of ravine hair away from her face as she smiles down at them. "Oogeth is it? Well, let's get him some grub. Come on darling, I have just the spot for you two." And she leads the way, striding off with the newly bonded brown pair in tow.

The claw tip is slowly pulled back into the safety of A City In Ruin Egg's shell. Without warning, however, the shell begins to vibrate violently on the sands again. After a few seconds of this the egg suddenly shatters into thousands of tiny fragments to reveal Disturbed From Watery Slumbers Blue Hatchling.

The Roiling Boiling Egg undulates slightly to create an illusion of the waters on its surface rippling. It stills, and then near where the darkened shadows are off to one side, a dagger-like talon punches through to work a hole out, sending cracks up along the surface. Goo emerges, runs low, and the tip of a draconic tongue can be seen poking through to taste the air. Closer, my darlings… closer!

Disturbed From Watery Slumbers Blue Hatchling
Rather large for his color this blue's hide is a predominately a wet looking dull grayish blue. Navy blue spills from his extremely blunt and small muzzle, spilling down his muscular neck to his broad chest. His head knobs are located at a more lateral angle than is usually seen, making his head appear to flare out, they are covered in translucent orange red which makes them stand out even more. Cobalt blue starts from the crook of his front arms, lining his trim belly, and engulfing his extremely long and thin tail. His wings are rather tiny for his body, and are a shade of almost translucent silver, speckled with a muted blue.

Ysa shakes her head a bit more fiercely, leaning into R'miel. "Strange? Downright /frightening/," she says, just a bit too loudly. Ellamariseth doesn't care what her hatchlings look like. She's looking like a proud mother, even when blood has been shed on the sands. Ysa gasps at the last brown, turning to look up at the clutchparents. "We're not going to have much to these weyrlings if they're hurt /already/." Ella just ignores her, hovering closer to the last egg, hoping to encourage it to hatch already.
Hud purses his thin lips as he watches his friends being lead one by one off the sands, the group of Candidates growing smaller by the seconds. "Not many left now… Just that one." He says aloud, even though no one is listening. He sets to fiddling with his robe, balling the fabric in his hands and then letting it go again. "Oh, that's a cute one. Kinda funky headknobs." He says of Disturbed from Watery Slumbers Blue Hatchling, nodding his head in approval.

Disturbed From Watery Slumbers Blue Hatchling sits motionless in the wreckage he has caused, his head twisting and turning in every direction. He croons anxiously to his parents, confused by all the sights and sounds. But he doesn't seem to find the comfort he requires in their presence and so he sets out for the Candidates, not seeming to mind the debris sticking to his goo covered hide. Once he reaches the group he examines a willowy and curly haired girl, warbling at her. But she's not for him and he spins around, knocking her down with his tail in the process. He's off in search of what he's really after, leaving the girl to be aided up by her anxious friend.

The Roiling Boiling Egg's occupant vanishes within again, and the entirety of the egg shimmies and rocks. NOW! NOW is the time! The cracks on the surface spiderweb outwards farther and farther with each motion, each strike from within, until at last the shell shatters to reveal a leg, then a wing - and finally disintegrates around the Devil's Own Mischief Green Hatchling so she may slither from the ruins of her old home.

Devil's Own Mischief Green Hatchling
Dark greens of a forest's shadowed canopy swirl up from the long, draconically feminine legs of this hatchling. Going from near-black at the fingers and toes, the color lightens to sun-touched under-leaf shadows up near the elbows, belly, and hocks. From there, the green lightens further, abruptly becoming more vibrant in intensity as deep emerald trails the length of her long, whippy tail and up into the delicately strong S-curve of her neck. Wings and fine-boned head lighten further to a sun-drenched upper canopy, with darker head-knobs. Dapples go from near yellow-green at her face to an abyssal grey-green where she's at her darkest, as if paying homage to the scales she doesn't have. Wingspars and neck ridges are a pale, pale green, however, running the length of her like a stripe. She is a particularly fierce-looking dragon, one or two sharp teeth showing with an eternal crocodile's grin along her thing, elongated features. Everything about her cries sharp and angular where it naturally juts out, and even her ebony talons seem wickedly long.

Fire in the Deep Bronze Hatchling drops his muzzle close to a little scrawny boy, giving him a deep sniff before headbutting him to the ground. Wrong. The little boy crawls back away in terror even though the bronze is already interested in someone else. He makes sure to crack his whip-thin tail behind himself, rumbling in satisfaction at the sound and the squeals of the nearby girls. It isn't until he spots a tall sturdy man that he finally stops again, leveling his gaze with him. The man sweeps a hand back through his blond hair, frowning. "I don't think you really need to go much further than this,Balroth. There'll be plenty of food for you." From there on out it was Kha'dum and Balroth. He puts a hand on the big bronze's head, quirking a smile. "No worries, I'll deal with all your needs now."

As one of the gaggle is taken down by the anxious blue hatchling the others scream. "Mara! Mara!" They call out, trying to get her back up and /away/ from the little blue. They shoot the dragonet a dirty look, watching its retreating form as they all give a collective sigh.

Devil's Own Mischief Green Hatchling widens her nostrils to taste the air, trying to find out what's going on around her. Wings stretch out elegantly to dwarf her tiny frame before mantling back. Her multifaceted eyes whirl as she surveys her new domain, and at last focus on the white-clad figures beyond her. A strange urge has come upon her now, tinging her eyes red, and she sniffs the air, devours it, knowing that her appetites will only be sated by one of those figures. She must get to them. She must find The One.

The Assistant Weyrlingmaster is back! And she's got a good number to lead off this time too. "Come on everyone, foods this way." She almost misses Mara's injury but finally notices it because of all the screams. "Healers, we got a downer." She instructs, pointing over to the girl surrounded by her friends. In a flash a pair of Healers heads out to aide the girl.

Disturbed From Watery Slumbers Blue Hatchling continues his frantic search, rushing towards a promising looking Candidate and then giving off a pitiful warble when he realizes he's failed again. The blue seems almost ready to give up, his motions becoming more sluggish by the minute but then something catches his attention. Near a pair of candidates clinging onto each others hands stands a dumbfounded looking boy with curly dirty blonde hair. The dragonet rushes towards him, flailing frantically as he issues a croon. "Clovoth?" H'ud asks stupidly, standing still as the blue races towards him. The dragonet can't stop, too excited in having found his lifemate it seems, and simply topples on top of the boy.

Gizmo squeaks at the blue. At the hatchlings on the sands. And then, at least, at the last green that emerges. He tries to stand extra still so they won't see him…

With a triumphant cry the Disturbed From Watery Slumbers Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

With just two hatchlings on the sands, there's a group of candidates that are already edging their way off. They've got little to believe that they'll actually Impress, and they're ready to bolt as soon as they get the okay.

Devil's Own Mischief Green Hatchling approaches a blonde boy. No. She slithers past a dark haired girl disdainfully. Pfft. Not her either. But she catches sight and scent of something, someone, most intriguing and makes for sandy-haired boy with large brown eyes. Yes. This one is the one she wanted! Her soft creeling becomes a roar as she defies anyone to get in the way of her lashing whip-like tail, or the tooth-filled spearhead that's headed his way. Young Gizmo is startled by the approach of the tiny, dark green dragonet, nearly afraid of her charge, but a moment later she has come to a halt. She stares up at him and hisses petulantly, but for some reason, Gizmo is unafraid. "Her name is Mogwaith!" G'zmo cries joyfully, reaching out to lightly rub one of her headknobs. "Come. I'll show you where the food is," he croons to her.

"Nothing serious, just a few scratches. Come on dear, we'll get you patched up." Announces the Healer, shooing the girl off the sands, her friends waiting to see who the last green goes to. Once the impression is made they follow, chattering and bickering loudly.

With a triumphant cry the Devil's Own Mischief Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

The Weyrlingmaster returns, a big smile on his face as he takes the last pair in. "Well now you two will be happy to know that there's still plenty of meat left, no need to fight for scraps." He says with a hearty laugh, clearly not phased by Clovoth's mishap. "This way kids, this way." And with that he leads the final pair off the sands.

Ellamariseth crunches her feet down on the remains of the eggs, warbling to the retreating backs of her… pretty hatchlings. Ysa seems relieved, letting out a deep breath as she turns towards those remaining candidates that are cowering. "I am… sorry to see that your lifemates aren't on the sands today. Feel free to stick around or we'll find someone who can take you back home as soon as possible." But the tone of her voice, she feels quite happy for those candidates that did remain, even if a few might not be happy with dragons for awhile. She glances towards the galleries now. "Refreshments and food in the caverns, as always." She's pretty much ready for a hard drink, after she takes her cheerful gold off the sands.

The candidates that were huddled thankfully didn't find their lifemate there. And they'll be telling survival stories to their friends back home, too. They nod to the Junior Weyrwoman, and then turn on their heels to scram back to the barracks without another word.

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