Seryth's and Inimeth's Clutch Hatches

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

The inky black darkness of late winter cloaks Xanadu Weyr and her sleeping population. While it's the middle of the night in Xanadu, the day is well progressed in the Holds, Halls and Weyrs to the west. Why the eggs had to choose now, of all times to hatch is anyone's guess, but the steady thrum of the dragons leaves no doubt that they will not wait. The AWLMs waste no time rousing Candidates and hustling them out onto the sands and the Weyrwoman is there just ahead of them, barely awake herself. As she passes the lot, she gives them a sleepy grin and a hasty, "Good luck!" Then she's trotting across the sands to head off Seryth, the queen intent on getting between the Candidates and HER eggs.

Avenue of the Dead Egg twitches, rocking the ovoid intermittently between long periods of stone-like immobility. With each movement those sinister shadows at the base of the shell seem to flicker before it returns to slumber in an uneasy sleep.

Click click. There is a sound of something tapping within the Lost in Fathoms Below Egg. The sounds are almost experimental, coming every now and again in different places. When the sound goes quiet, egg gives a slight wobble, its occupant moving around within. Right. Left. Right. The egg continues to move restlessly until with a great heave of effort, it lands on one side, rolling back and forth and making small ruts in the sand.

Love's Timeless Temple egg shudders, the movement causing the buried ovoid to displace its sand blanket covering. Cascading off of the shell in a river, the flow tapers off gradually, flooding about its base. The granules pool enough to form a cradle which prevents further rocking.

M'nol wastes no time shooing his white-robed line of candidates onto the sands with a quick instruction to bow to sire and dam before taking up positions around the eggs. Following his own instructions, he takes a moment to bow to each Seryth and Inimeth before moving off to the other side of the clutch to wait and see and shepherd those who need it.

Briana walks in with the other candidates with Landers and as they form up for a line she takes his hand but her gaze is suddenly taking by the movement of the eggs. Her golden eyes bright with excitement and nervousness. "Wow…look at them go…" She gasps as she watches the now three eggs rocking away.

Kaede bows respectfully to Seryth as she shuffles with the rest of the group onto the sands. There's a bit of a squeak from the candidate as she spots one of the eggs twitching and she has to take in a deep breath. "Oh shards… they weren't kidding. Look!"

Pyriel releases the hand of whomever it was who'd grabbed it in his half-sleepy state, blinking a few times before he gives the dam and sire their due with a bow, and then wanders off to take his place in the semi-circle around the eggs. He grumbles something to no one in particular but as to what or to whom, would be difficult to say, though he is rubbing at his eyes quite a bit.

Silion seems to be rather intimidated by the gathering of people and the shivering eggs before them. He emerges hand in hand with Olarya, keeping his older sister close as wobbly knees carry him out to position. A nudge is given to the sibling, and then he lapses into attentive silence.

Karona shuffles out with the candidates. She squints up at the galleries, scanning for a long moment, then turns back to the eggs, expression conflicted. "No-one I know up there." she notes. That seems to be both a good thing and a bad thing.

The Lost in Fathoms Below Egg seems stuck! The egg's movements have rooted it firmly between piles of sand, giving little place to go. It bumps up against the walls of the sand-prison, unable to move beyond them. Within, there is a frantic sound as the tapping begins again from within. The growing intensity seems to show the hatchling's panic. Help! Then, quite suddenly, one of those hard taps seems to finally be enough to send a cascading crack up one side of the shell. The sounds within go quiet. All is still for just a moment, then the egg moves again, quite suddenly, the force of the hatchling's blow against the shell enough to dislodge a tiny circle of shell which goes flying towards the line of white robed figures. As the light of the hatching grounds streams in, the occupant goes silent again, perhaps perplexed by this view into the outside world.

Landers has a swagger about him as he crosses the threshold onto the sands, mimicking the other candidates in swinging his head down for a respectful bow to sire and dam. The former-sailor looks over toward Briana, ensuring that she's stuck with him during the midnight madness of being ushered onto the sands without enough time to think of it as real and not a dream. The fact is, that the hand-holding has kept them together in the press of excitement, grinning toward her, "I be glad ta be standin with ya. After all this, I be hoping ya find whar ya looking fer…" his attention grazing over toward the eggs, shuffling his feet as he picks out a spot to stand in, a territory to guard against.

Iessrien follows the others out onto the sands, taking a deep breath as pondwater-blue eyes flick from rocking eggs to his fellow candidates. A smooth bow is for Seryth, the holder boy straightening and squaring back his shoulders, gaze flicking briefly to Aqueepoli and Pyriel, head jerking in a nod to them, possibly for luck. He'll move off to stand with his fellows, a slight smile spared for Kiley and Kaede, probably meant to be encouraging. And then his attention is on the hatching grounds, the boy swallowing and schooling his expression into one of calm. Or as much as he can manage with sleep still clouding his features.

Kiley moves out with the others, bowing quickly before moving towards one side of Landers as Briana is on the other. She offers a smile towards the man and her hands lock behind her back and twist anxiously as she looks towards the Sands.

Olarya is good at being the older protective sister after all and gives her brother's hand a reassuring squeeze. "It'll be okay." She whispers to him before her own attention is drawn back towards the shaking eggs. Why does it feel like all of them are moving, jiggling, and wiggling all at the same time. She gulps a lump down her throat.

Flandynn stumbles out onto the sands with the other candidates, just one of many white-robed figures, a little lost, a little silly looking, a little warm. "Hey. Hey, wait up. I said… wait. Oh." Oh hey, dragons and eggs and people and his jaw will drop a good amount, eyes rounding as well as they can, drinking in the sight of all about him. The next word to drop from his lips is not fit for classy company at all, but probably perfect for around the other candidates.

The view from within the Lost in Fathom's Below Egg is simply not enough! There must be more. The first image of a tiny, pale nose appears through the small hole in the egg's shell, followed by a small peeping creel. This hatching stuff is hard! Still trapped in the rut the egg created for itself, the hatchling seems to put forth quite a bit of effort, pushing outward with strong limbs as the crack widens until with a final resounding crack, the shell is split neatly in two, revealing its tiny occupant. With careful movements, the hatchling steps free of his discarded prison, peeking his head up over the mound of built up sand to peer curiously at the candidates. Then, head tilting, he gives a small, inquisitive chirrup towards them.

Breath of Enchanted Grace Blue Hatchling
As if through the haze of a misty morning, shades of pale iris spread across his lean body. Fine, nearly perfected features are shown as strong muscle moves beneath taught hide. Patterns play out on his hide as if placed there by some careful artisan. Wisps of haze form the impression of clouds in a violet sky. A slender muzzle alights on his long neck, masked with a flush of powdered periwinkle which only gives way at his rounded headknobs. The same shade seems painted upon his broad chest, flowing down along a flat chiseled belly. Darker ultramarine slicks back along his neckridges, reaching up perilously onto drawn out wing spars before following the smooth curve of his spine all the way to the end of a whipcord tail. Stretched between those tenuous pinions is webbing as ornate as lavender silk, darkening to ceil where it folds gracefully along his back. Even the broad paws that support his balanced frame seem hewn from midnight as the dark tone wraps each digit, giving way to fierce, ebony talons.

From the safety of his pile of sand, Breath of Enchanted Grace Blue Hatchling continues his distant observation of the strange line of white beings. His head cants to the side, trilling a curious sound. He seems content to linger there at first, far too enthralled by all the sights and sounds of the world around him. He's so absorbed in the little movements of the galleries that it draws the attention of Seryth. Leaning her head down, the little blue actually leans back onto his haunches, fanning small wings as he puts tiny forepaws to her nose. The tiny blue chirps once as something passes between mother and hatchling, and then a second nudge seems to send the little dragon on his way. Stepping around the sand dune, he folds his wings along his back, and takes a couple of cautious steps forward, nose twitching towards the line of white-robed humans.

Landers notices that Kiley is there on his other side when he looks, grinning at her, "Thar ya be. Thanks fer standing with me…" he winks to her, holding out his hand for her, so that the three of them can link in one small chain. "Kiley," he murmurs, "I hope ya be finding whar ya want… and even iffin ya dun narh, tis been fun."

Briana looks up to Landers with a nod, "Me too, don't reckon I would have made it otherwise." She offers a quick smile before more movement causes her to jerk her head back to the eggs. "It's really happening.." She says a little breathlessly. Then the first egg hatches and releases its occupant and her eyes widen. "Wow…"

Aqueepoli saunters out onto the sands, trying to weave around a number of other candidates to make it towards Iessrien or Pyriel. Whoever is closer. Of course, knowing his manners, the holder stops and gives a deep, sweeping bow to the clutchparents, as well as throwing one towards the Weyrleaders as well. That done and over with, he hops, skips, and jumps closer to his friends. "Guys, guuuys!" He hisses out, gaining on Iessrien. "I reckon we gonna die." Sagenod. "Cause those eggs and flippin' /movin'/ an' they ain't done that before!" This being a big deal. Then, an egg hatches, and blue pops out, and Aqueepoli flails his arms like a crazy person. "OHMYFARANTH DRAGON!" Point!

Karona looks a bit overwhelmed by the sudden chaos, eggs rocking, hatching, hatchlings emerging, roaming. "Blue first. Hunh. Lost a bet, good thing I never put marks on it."

Stifling a yawn with the back of his hand, Pyriel starts bouncing back and forth between his sandaled feet a bit, rubbing his face and blinking widened eyes. This this less likely due to heat at this early juncture, then perhaps the lingering sleep inducing chemicals released into the brain when one was at rest. A bob of the head given to Kiley, Iessrien, Aqueepoli and Landers if they happened to meet his gaze. Then it's back to the eggs as they rock and begin to hatch. He stares a moment at the blue as it arrives into the world, his mouth forming an 'o' shape.

A burst of movement stirs the Avenue of the Dead Egg, which rocks wildly several times. With a sharp cracking sound, the shell gives way, fissures marring the blue and grey patterns thereon. Movement from within seems to make the shadows loom forebodingly as the presence within flexes and tests the limits of its restrictions causing the surface to heave in and out as if the egg itself is breathing.

Thea has her hands full for a few moments when it seems that Seryth will ignore her and push past to get to the candidates, but the queen subsides. Reluctantly backing up, she settles to a crouch, mumble-grumbling to herself and keeping a close eye on her clutch with the yellow of warning whirling in her eyes warning that nobody had better get too close. The little blue hatching takes her by surprise, though and it's an aw-sweet croon that she gives before she sends it on his way.

M'nol frowns darkly, moving over to Aqueepoli with grim determination, "Candidate. Calm yourself or you /will/ be removed. This is a solemn occasion and you don't want to scare them or upset their mother."

Kaede wobbles a bit in the sand and wrings her hands out as the first blue pops out onto the sands. "Ooh… he's pretty." She stares at Aqueepoli. "Put your arms down! You'll scare him! Or hurt yourself."

Dragon! There's a sudden excitement in Silion's coordination, as he presses an elbow probably a little too hard into the rib of his sister and points to the little blue. "Look at it!" he murmurs, tone hushed, but above a whisper.

Frustrated growling issues forth from the Avenue of the Dead Egg as dark-hued, wickedly-sharp claws emerge from a crack to curl about the shell. The tip of a tongue flickers out, whip-like to taste the freedom the owner still hasn't claimed before it is withdrawn with a whine, followed by a hiss of determination, those claws doing a dance of impatience clicking loudly on the shell. Finally there's a mighty heave-push as those claws shove the egg, shattering the restricting encasement, leaving the hatchling standing amidst the ruins. THERE! Snort.

Tempest-tossed Chieftain Blue Hatchling
If this blue dragon had emerged the depths of a moonlit ocean, he could not be any more perfectly suited for his environment. With sinister grace, he rarely takes a misstep — neither bulky nor scrawny, his liquid-undersea form is supported by a network of powerful, sleek musculature. Most of his body is shaded in that darkling shade of deep-sea blue, concealing all that power with shadows too dark for discerning between one limb and the next if you're not looking closely. From shadowed shoulders spring long and well-formed pinions - not over-long or over-broad, they hang in the middle, their sails every bit as deep as the rest of his body until you get to the trailing edges. There, the last foot or so shades out to moonlit-blue, like the surface of a stormy sea - barely-evident against the rest of his overwhelming hide. This moonstruck shade reflects subtly down the center of his handsomely-chiseled face and to his nose, then drifts absently down his throat and belly getting darker and darker as it goes until it is no more than a strange bright shadow down a well-formed tail.

Now that he's free of the egg, Tempest-tossed Chieftain Blue Hatchling is a cool customer. While some of his clutchmates might be squawking and running around, he's a stark contrast to them, taking his time as he pads toward the candidates.

Kiley nods to Landers, smiling uneasily as she takes his hand and gives it a nervous squeeze. "Thank you, too." She breathes out softly before nodding her own agreement to the man. "You too, Lan. It has been fun." Her gaze is drawn to the blue and she lets out a soft 'oh'. "Shells.."

Flandynn fetches up against this candidate or that, his robe swimming about his ankles, his feet kicking up the sands. Naturally, awkwardness finds him facing the wrong way, and it is a nudge that sends him looking out at the eggs arrayed before. Yep, another naughty words, but this one spoken more in awe. "Yeah, tales aren't the same as being here." His eyes immediately shoot to the first dragon, blue emerging.

Karona is looking remarkably comfortable, given the heat of the sands, though she stands with her arms crossed, attempting futilely to hide the blinding whiteness of them.

Mysteries In The Dark Egg shifts and shivers, giving the impression of torchlight flickering all across the surface of the shell before going still once more, grains of sand trickling away from dark sides.

Breath of Enchanted Grace Blue Hatchling finally makes it to the edge of the line of candidates, seeming to take his time about the whole process. The edge of one robe is nibbled at, but after a moment the little dragon decides that cloth is not a very tasty thing. His head darts back, and a little tongue appears as he mouths at the air, trying to get the flavor out of his mouth. Yuck! The blue shoves his nose into the sand, rutting around in an almost comical display. When he comes to a stop, it's at the feet of a tiny blond-haired girl. She gets a curious look from the blue, well… actually her /toes/ get a curious look. A moment later, the candidate line is missing one girl as she flails backwards onto her butt, obviously not expecting a sudden lick. Hrmph. The blue looks at her for a moment longer, and then turns, continuing his inspection of the others.

Landers closes his eyes for an instant, an instant that a blue hatches. So when he opens his gaze, he stiffens up at the sight of the dragon loose from its confinements, "… I reckon I be rethinkin…" he murmurs a little, held in place by the two women beside him. While Pol reacts wrecklessly, Landers is frozen, save for the fact that his hands might grip the other's more strongly than before.

Olarya is looking as she's elbowed in the rib cage. Ow. She turns to send a glare at Silion before another blue is out and about. "There's another one, Sil." Her excitement is more muted as she keeps an eye out, making sure that hatchlings aren't getting too close to them so she has to save her younger brother and perhaps in turn get herself mauled.

Iessrien tenses as the first few eggs begin to crack and hatch, shoulders tightening even as eyes flick from one to the other, as if unsure where to focus his attention. Fingers curl briefly before he forces himself to relax, shifting his feet on the hot sands and keeping alert. He moves to stand near Pyriel, Aqueepoli, but his eyes are on the baby dragons, no words to spare for even his holder friend.

Kiley glances briefly to Landers and makes a small face, "too late now." She breathes out before loooking to the next blue that hatches. Her nose wrinkles just a bit, "they all look slimy.."

Karona snorts at one of the shuffling candidates. "Oh, come on, it's not that hot out here. Swing by the forge some time, I'll show you hot!" the smith declares.

At this point, Pyriel does at least appear more awake as another dragon hatches, and is yet another blue. This one also gets an appraising look from him. Brows lift and he glances down the line of white robed candidates. Then his attention is quickly back to the happenings of the sands. He takes a breath, holds it, and then lets it out slowly. Any shouting or conversation probably goes over his head. At least right then.

Silence Will Fall Brown Hatchling
With a great rumbling whine, the Monument of Time and Space Egg cracks apart, bits flying here and there reaching far across the sands. A vivid red-brown dragon stands tall where once the egg stood, staring nobly at the group. After just a moment, he shakes himself violently, the last bits of goo and shell flung aside. His shaking propels him forward and once he has righted himself once more, he stares down the white-robed 'things' and issues a bugle of triumph. Haha, success, he's hatched! He knows just where to go, too, he is diving forward quickly and inelegantly towards one of the older candidates, a curly haired woman who'd always been up for adventure and danger. "Well hello, sweetie!" No falling to her knees, Ri'ver is curling an arm around the brown's neck, beaming at him. "You're /just/ the right shade of ginger, my dear Doceleventh!" The dragon, having gained a sense of balance by now, is already leading her towards the sidelines and the All Important First Food. "I hope you like it, there's not a lot of choice, dear, you'll just have to make do with what we've got!"

Flandynn gapes, looking to another candidate in the aftermath of seeing that blue lick that girl. "Nobody said that they lick you too. I heard about the mauling, and the eyestaring." He's been practicing that a few times on a few select people. The teen can eyegaze with the best of them now. Really. "But they lick? Really? Shells and shards, slap me silly and call me Faranth. Even a lollipop isn't safe out here."

Aqueepoli puts his arms down quickly, to ensure he doesn't scare any dragons or whatnot. "Sorry, sorry." He mutters, shifty-eyeing all over the place. Hands now go up to rest behind his back, where they will be safe. Another dragon hatches and Pol's breath hitches a notch. A few steps taken back as the hatchlings themselves start to move. More alarming than even the eggs waggling all about. "Shaaards." Stare.

Tempest-tossed Chieftain Blue Hatchling pauses to peer at this Candidate, sniff that one. Very polite is he as he inspects, then rejects one after the other with an almost apologetic bob of his dark head. On down the line he wanders, pausing by a trio of girls with nary a glance.

Landers shares a look with Kiley, catching himself exhaling anxiously as he turns a look toward those dragonets loose, "Aye… stay the storm…" Teeth clench together as he considers the path that a few of those dragons are taken. "Aye, slimy… kind of small though." A head tilt as he finds himself shuddering.

Mysteries In The Dark Egg gives another shudder that causes it to slowly lean over and roll out of its cradle of sand, coming to rest a few feet away from its original position. Sparks seem to dance along the egg's sides and suddenly die out right before one side of the egg simply caves in, vanishing into the dark interior.

Karona scowls, whipping her head around, at some comment in response to 'I'll show you hot!' "OI! Mind out of your pants, /candidate/!" she fumes, face red.

Kaede peers at Karona. "You stand on the coals in the forge? Because that's what it feels like out here." There's a shiver from her as one of the blues shuffles past her.

Breath of Enchanted Grace Blue Hatchling seems to grow just a bit distraught as one by one the candidates are passed by, most without a second look. His angular head bobs once and then sways back towards Seryth, creeling piteously. There is no help for him this time, though. Turning lost eyes back towards the remaining candidates, the little blue seems to look at them more intently. Something /feels/ different about them. That's it! The person that he'd been looking for. It has to be! The little dragon quickens his steps, being extra careful not to run into any of them. Then, he skids to a sudden halt. You! The blue's pale face turns towards a boy with tousled, dark hair with mahogany eyes. Slowly, the hatchling reaches his nose forward, quietly trilling his welcome for his chosen one.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Breath of Enchanted Grace Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Briana holds tighter to Landers hand as the second blue appears "Remember we stick together." She says to him in her shared affirmation. Her otherhand squeezing that of the girl from Rubicon Hold standing on her side. As the first dragon impresses and she sees a look on the girl's face, Briana can not help but smile a little, "See its good…right."

Tremors have stressed Love's Timeless Temple Egg, forming fractures in the pristine surface. The now-flexible shell heaves and ripples forcing bits of jewel-hued shell to flake off, showering the sand around it. Gaps widen just enough to allow movement to be glimpsed through the cracks, but not enough to be able to discern the color of the hatchling still imprisoned within.

Kiley chews briefly on her bottom lip, eyes focusing on the dragons as a brown Impresses. Briefly she lingers there and whatever cheer for the pair is a soft squeak before she's drawn towards the blue as he, too, Impresses. Again, this look is brief before she's looking to the rest of the eggs and the dragons that still search.

Iessrien glances briefly over towards the other candidates, catching the inside of his lower lip between his teeth before his gaze flicks away, to the hatching dragons and the rocking eggs on the sands. There's a step back to put a little more space between himself and a few others, drifting away slightly from the group he'd been standing nearest. Eyes continue to flick about, the impressions over there getting wide-eyed looks, trying to watch everything at once!

Mysteries In The Dark Egg crumbles further along the gaping wound in its side and a bronzen leg pushes outward, the claws of a large paw flexing against the hot air of the hatching ground. A moment later, that paw shoves at the rest of the shell and a big bronze dragonet emerges from the depths of the egg's remains.

And In Darkness Bound Bronze Hatchling
The flicker of torchlight seems to play across the deeply burnished hide of this broad-shouldered bronze dragon. Near-black tips his muzzle, almost as if dipped in a bottle of ink, and fades away along his cheeks and down his neck, the pattern echoing the subtle shapes of long-forgotten, sinister runes melting into rich, polished bronze. Built for both power more than speed, his sizeable frame nevertheless boasts a certain solid elegance and he moves with the cadences of a large jungle-cat, belying any impression that large size makes one awkward. His wings are neatly proportioned to balance his size as is his tail, tapering to a fine point, lightly brushed with the brightness of a flame shining through the darkness.

And In Darkness Bound Bronze struts. There's no other word for it. The shell is ignored as unimportant and he takes his first proud steps towrads the Candidates, head high, only to trip over his own talons and end up nose-first in the sand. He's up with a snarl. I totally MEANT to do that!

Flandynn startles as suddenly his eyes fill with blue dragonet. No more curses to drop from his lips. For once, this candidate is absolutely quiet, eyes only fro that blue dragon that has turned to him. It is a long moment, and an even longer one for the teen 'til he bobbles forward, presses hands to either side of the dragonet's head and just exhales. "Kagenaith… He says his name is Kagenaith!" Wow. What a rush. "Oh, he's hungry." Because that is kind of important too. "Wait, who is Fl'ynn?"

Pyriel's bouncing has more purpose, as the sweat gathered at the back of his neck causing the hair there to take on a wet appearance. Eyes drift upwards, something he sees above in the galleries sets a frown on his face and his jaw sets as he suddenly glares forward before rolling his head and letting out a soft breath. "My dad's here." he mutters. There is a glance towards the woman that Impresses, but that focus is shifted to Flandynn, as that blue there lays claim. "Whoa…" he mutters to the candidate to his right. "I totally know that dude, well…kinda…" The boy makes a face and shrugs a shoulder, wishing Flandynn luck with a congratulations too quiet to be heard really. More foot shifting.

M'nol moves over to Flandynn, even if his face is mildly disapproving, "Alright, Fl'ynn, congratulations to you and Kednaith. Come this way."

Landers gives a deep nod at Briana, "Aye. Stick togethar…" he seems to trail off when his attention is turned down the way, toward the one blue hatchling impressing. His eyes widen a little at that, moving from his spot to take a few steps forward. "Be that Flandynn?!" His face is suddenly full of excitement for the other, only to sneak back into line with the girls to avoid causing too much attention to himself.

There's a whoop as the first impression is made, Silion throwing up one fist before calling out a soft, "Congratulations, Flandynn!" Another smile is turned onto Olarya, another elbow, and then he's all eyes for the rest of the hatchlings.

Tempest-tossed Chieftain Blue Hatchling has reached the end of the line and still nothing! The shadowed blue doubles back eyeing the Candidates closely before stopping before a pale-complected young man with pondwater blue eyes and dark hair, looking him over yet again. His eyes rake the teen from head to toe a few times before he sits, tilting his head to one side then the other then offers his browridges for a scritch.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Tempest-tossed Chieftain Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Olarya takes a tip from her brother and adds her own, "Congrats!" to the mix as soon as the blue has made his decision. There's still another blue roaming the sands though and she keeps a close eye on that one just in case it decides to make any funny movements.

Kaede blinks a bit. "Oop, a bronze. Isn't one supposed to come out first for good luck?" There's a bit of a laugh at Flandynn. "Congrats! You are! You better feed him, or he'll eat one of us!"

And In Darkness Bound Bronze Hatchling continues on but now it's more of a slinking, stalky crawl towards those white-robed Candidates. He's uttering low-pitched growls as he goes.

Half as Old as Time Brown Hatchling
Dusty Old Parchment Egg turns a page in its heretofore stillness and begins rolling - and rolling - and rolling, its course taking to the fat wall where it bumps quite firmly brought to halt. The stone there is unforgiving, cracking the shell with the collision. The parchment-hued shell simply disintegrates leaving the hatchling on the sands. When the little fellow, rises and weakly flaps his wings, the unique coloring on his lithe form is obvious. Reddish brown is streaked with pale sand stripes the entire length of his body. It takes a croon from his dam to get him moving, snapped suddenly out of his bewildered staring , he takes off across the sands stopping before a tall silver-blonde girl with a boyish build. "Oh! Nabath? Of course I am pleased." And off they go in the direction the other newly-formed pairs have gone, Issanleri leading the way.

Aqueepoli looks up towards the observation level. "For real, he is?" Though it's dark and hard to see, the candidate scans to see if his own family is there. Errr. Who knows. Shoulders shrugged. "Hope you can give 'em the whatfor, bro." Two thumbs up for Pyriel.

Thea reclines against Seryth's muzzle where it rests on her forepaws. It's likely her physical touch as much as her mental one that is retraining the queen. The Weyrwoman is watching with keen interest both what happens with the eggs and keeping a sharp eye on the Candidates' reactions to all this. Her eyes flicker once again to the observation lever, this time spotting N'shen and giving her stepson a warm smile.

Kiley blinks and looks back over towards the blue as Landers calls out the Impression of Flandynn. She blinks owlishly for a moment, "congrats Flandynn!" And the second blue finds his partner and she peers over in that direction even as another brown does, as well.

Karona glances up to the galleries again, frowning. No one came? Not a one? Really? "Would've thought my brother'd at least come." she grumbles.

The Stele Translations Egg doesn't so much rock as /shimmer/, seeming to billow on the sands like a desert mirage… or was that just your eyes tricking you?

Landers has a smirk on his face, watching the now named Fl'ynn go off with his blue. "Tis good fer him, he be needing a home…" a nod to appreciate the impression of a friend. With so much going on, it is all he can do to keep attention of what is going on, flicking his eyes from hatchling to egg, to hatchling, to impression. "I be needin a drink… I reckon…" he murmurs to the women he's next to, rolling his shoulders back and forth as weight shifts from foot to foot.

The Stele Translations Egg /definitely/ makes a move this time - and by move, we mean of course that it CRACKS right down the middle, its timeless stone facade suddenly rent in two. It settles, then, but for how long?

Pyriel is following that blue dragon, even with the bursting of a bronze from it's shell, and his eyes continue to do so for a time before Aqueepoli distracts him. "Huh? Yeah well…" he bristles, and rolls his shoulders back in unison. "Doin' my best here, man." Deep breath in and out.

Mytholocial Motifs Green Hatchling
Ethereal Cairn egg perhaps crumbles a little, gentle flecks of white standing out against the reddish sands. Then it shakes. Quakes. Violently thrashes. Finally, with one great go, it shatters into itty-bitty pieces, spiraling around a mystical dark green dragon like some kind of faerie dust. The hatchling herself is a magical creature, all long limbs and wild countenance. Sharp edges and overlong 'ridges give her the appearance of something that should flutter away on butterfly wings, but instead, her first step causes her to stumble over too-long pinions. Fey eyes flick to and fro, daring any to comment before she moves on. The heat eventually dissipates the egg goo clinging to her hide, revealing a never-ending tattoo of the same swirls that once graced her egg. The symbols appear to carve deep into her hide, but perhaps that is just a trick of the light, as she is for all appearances healthy, and heading straight towards one candidate in particular. This was the one. "Oh!," Mabonne breathes, one hand pressing to her chest before bowing to wrap her arms around the Mythological Motifs Green, "yes, I am your Mab, Ostarath!" Beaming, the new pair is shortly led off the sands, out to breathe new light into the world.

Iessrien catches his breath, as if suddenly frozen in place, the blue doubling back and looking him over earnign a widening of eyes. And then a sudden flood, pondwater eyes as flowing as their color, though he seems not to notice the sudden trails down his cheek, the former holder's sond lifting a hsaking hand to lightly brush fingertips across the ridges of the baby dragon. "Tscyleth," the name is announced without a hint of a tremor despite the young man's suddenly less than still form, though there is then a blink, and a laugh soft as sunshine, "I'srie?" And a nod, before he's turning to an AWLM and there is an undeniable arching of brow at his new lifemate, "..We'll see." He heads off the sands, though not before a brief flicker of a glance is sent towards the remaining candidates, one in particular given a long look, having even the blue turning to gaze that way, before both hatchling and bond are ushered off the sands.

The walls of Love's Timeless Temple Egg crumble, shards falling in greater numbers until the occupant is set free at long last. The hatchling stands amidst the shards, blinking for a fraction of a second before huffing at them as if to say, "About shardin' time!" Lifting its head at proud angle, it casts a long look around taking a first few stumbling steps towards those figures in white, pausing once to shake-shake-shake a hind foot in an attempt to free of a piece of clinging shell.

Meet With Triumph and Disaster Gold Hatchling
Well-proportioned contours lend a supple elegance despite the bulk of musculature on the frame of this queen dragon, clothing her in an athletic grace. Her form is that of a dancer, lean of flank, broad of chest, her body propelled by powerful haunches and perfectly balanced by her sinuous tail. It's a deceptive ruse that she is less formidable than she truly is. The gold of her silken hide appears antiqued with the patina of time, a muted amber that veils her blunt muzzle and cascades down her supple neck, the ridges of which are bronzed as though smoke-filmed. A rich topaz cloaks her wide shoulders where her large wings join, membranes of aged parchment webbing her spars, the wingtips barely touched along the edges with inky shades of khol. Shadowed saffron trails across her strong back, dappling sides where gingered honey fades to ancient ivory on her underbelly, the hue there smudged with faint henna markings as though finger-marked by careless handling. Below, as coiled springs, agile and ready for action, the shade of her sinewy limbs are harvest gold at twilight, darkening to near-black on talons tipped by ebon claws.

Meet With Triumph and Disaster Hatchling pauses to send a glare at her still-raised hindfoot, then peers imperiously at the - to her - towering gold and bronze. Her lids lower one by one to slits as she almost seems to be giving them a narrow-eyed look that demands to know - Did you have anything to do with this - this THING stuck to my foot?! Whatever passes between the trio, the tiny queen turns her attention towards the Candidates with a questioning chirrup and considers this curiosity.

Briana looks over to Flandynn as he impresses, "Yeah…he looks happy." Her golden gaze scans the other dragon s moving around and the eggs rocking and shakes her head a bit, "I can't believe its all happening so fast. She leans forward a bit to see who the other blue impresses before the rocking of more eggs gets her attention again.

Aqueepoli is hearing shouting now, the good kind. Not the bad kind. "Wait, wha'? Flandynn nabbed himself a dragon?" Pol is giving a manly clap of his hands for the now-weyrling. "Fantastic! Congrats!" The eggs and dragonets are looked back at, eyes zipping and zagging all over. About to lean in and mutter something to Iessrien, though the candidate stops short as the other blue is near by… and then impressing to his best friend. "Far-freaking-anth, dude! Your dad is gonna be /pissed/!" Steps are taken back, away from his long time friend. There may be tears in his eyes. Or sand. Shhh. He's manly. "I…I'srie, is it?" Choke. Sniffle. Deep breath. "CONGRATS MAN!" Much love radiating over here for the Iessrien.

Kaede rubs her eyes a bit as she catches a glint off a particular egg. Ow. There's a smile to Iessrien. "Congrats!" At least there didn't seem to be any dragons charging the crowd right this second, so she uses the time to take a deep breath, and move behind one of the other candidates.

M'nol grimmaces even more as the other blue picks Iessrien. Must it always be the candidates who cause him trouble? "Alright… I'srie, is it? Why don't you and Tscyleth come over here for some food."

Karona catches a flicker of blue out of the corner of her eye, and turns to peer that way, just in time to see Iessrien impress. "HIM?!" she shouts, then clamps a hand over her mouth, face rapidly flushing red.
An Eternity at Attention Egg is ominously silent. Barely does it twitch, sending sand shifting off of its shell in gentle rivulets. Shake. Shake. Shake. Just the faintest list to one side, and it lies silent once more. These barely-perceptible movements are far eclipsed by faster-moving siblings — for now. So it is still.

More impressions! Silion pulls his hand away from his older sister's just long enough to clap, calling out another congratulations before falling once more into excited silence. Yes, he is swaying on his feet, and yes, he is catching at Oly's hand and swinging it in his own.

Kiley looks to the rocking eggs with another breath drawn, her hand tightening on Landers. "Maybe after.. Depending." She flashes a quick smile towards Landers before her eyes are drawn back towards Iessrien. There's a loud cry of congrats towards the holder. And then there's the gold hatching and brows lift with surprise.

An Eternity at Attention Egg has been quite still through all of its siblings flailings and maddening twitching. If one were to see it up close, though, they would find the situation to be quite different! Little cracks spiderweb across the shell stealthily, none obvious at first but all getting larger and larger as the minutes tick by. It can't be that long now.

Olarya's eyes glance down at the arm that's getting swung and she puts some force to stop the swinging. Her attention sways to the gold that hatched only briefly before going to the remaining eggs.

Lan gives a sure nod to Kiley, "Drinkin and finding me a woman…" he nervously says, with a clear of his throat. He gives each Briana and Kiley a squeeze of his hand however when a gold hatches. "Ladies, I be backing away from yas iffin that there one comes this way. Be narh me ta get in a way of her…"

Iessrien? Pyriel must hear the congratulations because he's suddenly looking this way and that, and hones in on his friend, with his new lifemate. He stares at them both, and then a look to Kiley and Aqueepoli. They were still there, some relaxation at that, but he tenses again as he returns a look to the BreakWater holder. Brows twitch and then he goes back to looking at eggs and hatchlings.

The Stele Translations Egg is finally done biding its time. Both halves of its ragged stony shell slough off to either side of a creature that, to be quite frank, is no lighter than the egg it came from. It is no grand entrance, with no commanding bugle, but this dragon… he has a /presence/ just the same, and it isn't exactly pure. Guard your children. Hide your wives. He of the Golden Tongue has arrived.

The Greatest Are Misthought Bronze Hatchling
Mercilessly dark, almost completely devoid of all color, this bronze is a beast of prey personified. A tone so dank that it barely classifies as sepia reaches down from skeletal 'ridges, sliding along wiry muscle and sinew like wraithly fingers until, finally, he is uncompromisingly black at the talons. Dusky bronze specters wisp across his hide, fading in and out across his thin neck and pinched chest before twining in a wild, almost macabre brocade beneath his battens and on towards his tail. Wings appear enormous compared to his whipflick of a body, dark brass staining them with nebulous tendrils of smoke and cloudmatter. This same hazy ochre whorls across a face full of cunning chicanery, flecks of copper and gold shattering the bridge of his nose and the hollow beneath his eyes, hopefully drawing gazes away from a maw full of sharp, overlong teeth.

The Greatest Are Misthought Bronze Hatchling remains unmoving for the longest time, surveying all, processing everything with the merest flickers of his faceted eyes. Already, his cognitive processes are visible, metaphorical steam coming out of his (equally metaphorical) ears as he thinks, thinks, and then thinks some more. Finally, eventually, he steps forwards, knowing intuitively to bypass females entirely on his way towards his candidates of choice.

Kiley gives Landers a little look for his statement, cheeks coloring before he states his intentions of backing away. "Wh— Okay." Her hand slips from his and rubs her hands against her robe.

Kaede blinks a bit at Landers and shuffles… that-a-way. She catches the latest bronze pop out. "Oh… another bronze. He looks a little… sick, or something."

Briana watches the Love's Timeless egg rock and hatch out a gold and gasps at the hatchling. "Look at that…" She murmurs as she glances from hatchling to Mother dragon. That this little creature will grow into that large dragon seems to amaze her. She looks up to Landers at his comments, though it is briefly, "Oh..don't leave…" She gasps with nervousness though she looks across him to Kiley with a tremulous smile then back out to the dragonets.

Meet With Triumph and Disaster Hatchling renews her efforts, shaking until that piece of shell shard goes flying. She hrumphs though her nostrils as she lowers her foot to the sands and stalks away without a backward glance or any concern where that shell landed. She seems satisfied that she is FINALLY free, but she's not in the best of moods. Pretty much ignoring the bedlam around her, she plows determinedly onward, only stumbling a time or two.

Aqueepoli starts to hop back and forth while an arm swipes across his eyes. Nope. Not crying. "He'll be happier, now." Pol nods his head, thoroughly assured by this face. "Dun'cha think?" Iessrien being gone makes the lone holder move closer to both Kiley and Pyriel. "Still bunches out there," he states, looking towards the eggs and the dragons. Keeping his attention on both is easier said than done.

Crrriiiick. Finally, with an almighty lurch, An Eternity at Attention Egg is moving again. Twitch. Shake. With several easy flicks, minute shards of eggshell find themselves flying in every direction away from a ruddy dragonet. When he has managed to shake himself free of all but that pesky egg goop, the Abidingly Implacable Taskmaster turns to face those waiting for him with narrowed eyes. Flick. Wings find themselves snug against his side, and the young brown lifts his head high. Ah. So this is what was waiting.

Abidingly Implacable Taskmaster Brown Hatchling
Harsh and not exactly beautiful, this wiry, bony creature who calls himself a dragon is hardly one to swoon over. Ruddy with russets and umbers, his rough hide seems to never have enough oil, never be buffed or sanded completely smooth. It matters not that his coloration is rather handsome — all-over shaded with rich earth-tones almost vibrant enough to make up for his lack of metallic coloration — since his form is rather lacking in elegance and seems almost…unfinished. Form follows function, though, and this brown's form is quite functional. He covers ground with ease, sturdy legs propelling him with far more ease than most dragons possess. Long wings near being overly-long, hanging at the precipice, but never quite plunging over, instead giving him remarkable gliding ability in the air, like a sea-bird. Charred shadows drift over the sails of those pinions, echoed along craggy-ridged neck and down his bony back to his long, whip-like tail, marring the vibrant shades of the rest of his hide with their starkly ashen qualities. Autumnal gold flecks in tiny motes up those sturdy, otherwise plain paws, giving way to solid, stubby but quite sharp obsidian talons. Over all, while one might glance past this one for being either a small, bony bronze or a large, oddly-colored brown, he cares not — he holds his head high and strides through life with more purpose than any of *you*.

The Abidingly Implacable Taskmaster brown Hatchling does not wander. No. He parades, strides agonizingly slow but quite well-placed on sand, wings crossed behind his back — looking for all the world like a mustering General. Yes, his troops…well, they're lackluster, aren't they? Yellow-orange eyes sweep across them repeatedly as he parades back and forth, lips pulling back slightly in distaste. No! This will not do at all! Tightening his wings against his side, the ruddy brown dashes forth a few steps and snaps at a small girl with brown hair. Then darts towards an older lad, flaring his wings and stopping abruptly. This! This is better!

Landers wrinkles his nose a little at the hatchlings, eyes drifting toward the remaining eggs with a gusty exhale. Though it was the women around him he had to be concerned for, "I be not leavin ya both. Less they come at me…" He notes of he other dragons wandering around, shaking his head.

The Greatest Are Misthought Bronze Hatchling's expression alters as he finally reaches the males. This… is all he has left to work with? Ugh. One lad from High Reaches is blatantly stared at until he backs away, the bronze issuing a snort as if to say, 'That's what I thought.' Worthless pansies, the whole lot. Hopefully he won't have to lower his standards just to find a suitable human amidst this mess. He doesn't have the /time/ to deal with someone too stupid to understand, or stubborn enough to stand in his way. Sigh. What's a bronze to do.

Karona crosses and uncrosses her arms, frowning at the hatchlings, and eggs, and the candidates for good measure. Not much to say, though, so she just crosses and uncrosses her arms again, over and over. Nervous? Maybe.

Kiley clings tightly to her robe for a moment before smoothing it down and glancing towards Landers with a little helpless plea before she's looking back to the dragons, the bronzes, brown, and gold. The woman fidgets and shuffles her feet as she watches, aiming to move should the need arise. "Thanks, Landers.."

Pyriel has seemed to shake off the lingering distraction and he shuffles over towards Kiley and Aqueepoli, with a glance at Landers. It was as if he was doing a body count. The rest of the scan goes over the rest still present, and he almost takes another look up towards the gallery, but stops himself as he settles into his new spot.

While most of the Weyrwoman's focus is on keeping Seryth quiet, during a brief lull she glances up to the Observation Level, sea green eyes to noting that D'had has indeed followed through on his promise to awaken and bring Muir and Marella to watch the hatching. How he's managed to fit both of the little ones on his lap is beyond her, but he's got one on each leg and an arm around each tot, restraining them from climbing the rail. Muir, his attention riveted on the wandering hatchlings, is leaning as far forward as he can get, clutching the rail with both small hands while Marella has tucked her dark head under her daddy's chin, both hands raised to her mouth and eyes wide with wonder as she watches.

Aqueepoli does, without really noting is mentally, take a few steps back as dragons seem to be popping up like daisies. His breath quickens as eggs keep hatching and dragons keep roaming. "This… this is /crazy/. Not… not inna millions turns I woulda thought…" Sentences can't be filled, there's just too much going on to concentrate on speaking. Mouth keeps on working though, even without any sound coming out.

The Greatest Are Misthought Bronze Hatchling stops all of a sudden, every motion save breathing arrested while his mind takes over and does all of the work. He had sensed him, just now… the one destined to be his… yes, he was near. The bronze's gold-flecked face /snaps/ back the way he came, movements now utterly predatorial, slinking along the sands like a shadow until he's at the feet of what is perhaps the most unlikely of souls. This… ought to be interesting, but in the end, it is the dragon's choice, and this dark-haired pretty-boy is apparently going to be his!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the The Greatest Are Misthought Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Greed Was My Downfall Brown Hatchling
Claimed by the Sea Egg is rocked by an inner tide as the dreamer inside awakens. The wobbles increase, the shell gives way rather suddenly and splits open, spilling the dreamer onto the sands. Flat on his back is a little brown. Foam-pale flecks the mahogany hide of his underbelly, creating a rough pattern reminiscent of barnacles, ebon claws flail half-heartedly in the air. That he was clearly asleep but a few moments ago is obvious from the disoriented blinking only interrupted by a huge yawn, followed by a long stretch of limbs and wings. Driftwood wingbones flex, exposing the canvas-beige wingsails between them, then it's a reluctant roll to his feet. Setting course, he shuffle-pads blearily through the sand towards those white-robed figures, stopping before a very young Candidate with a mop of tangled hair and an angelic grin. There he props his head upon the boys knees and snores. His new lifemate stares, then pleads, "Wake back UP, Tochath!" Soft snoring is the only answer, causing T'avil to look about in helpless confusion, his face still mirroring incredulous wonder. An AWLM arrives beside him and together they guide the hatchling off, Tochath all but sleepwalking between them.

Landers eyes track one of the bronzes, tilting his head back with a little lip curl, disapproval evident. Although his attention returns to the gold. That is the dangerous one. He takes a moment to regard those left around him, eyes meeting with Pyriel's for a time, until he darts a look between Briana and Kiley. "Can narh wait fer this ta be done…" he almsot growls, shuffling with a little scowl now on his face. There's even a look back over his shoulder toward the galleries, squinting up at all the faces as if finding a certain -one-

Lunging, darting, and feinting, the Abidingly Implacable Taskmaster brown Hatchling seems to find his exercise to be helpful. Finally, abruptly, he pulls up to a stop in front of a tall girl with dark eyes. Staring at her for a long moment, the dragonet snorts and marches away, strides more confident now for his practice. There is something, though — what is this that he senses? Eyes narrow as he pauses once more a dragonslength or so from the nearest in the semicircle. Wings fanning a little for balance, the youngling turns to stare at the candidates with red-whirring eyes. Not worried, not yet, no.

Thea smiles over at the Weyrleader as, one after the other, the eggs hatch with what appear to be healthy dragonets. She gives D'son a thumb's-up, elated triumph in the gesture. So much for the doom-and-gloom predictions of sickly, too-soon-between clutches!

Kiley looks to the brown with a soft laugh as he bounds about as he does. "He looks like he is having fun," she notes to those around her with a grin settling upon her lips. "I'm ready for it to be done, too.."
Karona scowls at the hatchlings, the eggs. One after another, they impress, all around her. "This was stupid. No dragon's gonna want an old thing like me. This was /stupid/. Why'd I say yes?" she's muttering.

Kaede steers clear of a brown moving towards his lifemate. The group was shrinking, that was most certain. She looks at Kiley. "Me, three…" Kaede wrings her hands out a bit. "How many are left? I can't tell amongst the wreckage."

Dancer of Legend Green Hatchling
Islands of Strange Stone Egg has been shaken by tremors for some time now. The shell finally fractures, flaking off piece by piece to reveal the hatchling within. A dainty green wavers forth, the olive shades of her hide shining damply despite the dull hue. Emerald pinions are a sharp contrast when they flare open for balance as she totters, the translucent sails between her delicate wingbones glow jade in the backlight. It's a lanky adolescent boy, all knees and elbows that the green creels to in sweet, flute-like tones as she approaches shyly in mincing, dance-like steps. He peers at her from under his mop of dark hair in stunned disbelief for a long moment before reaching both hands to her, ignoring the fact that they're shaking. "Saliurfath, I'd love to dance the skies with you when it's time. Of course I'll be your R'olf." There may be no jeering form his peers at the tremble so clearly heard in his voice, but one smart-mouth cheer of approval is shouted, "Yahbut. Dude!"

Landers sends a frown up toward the galleries, eyes almost accusing, darting a look back to those remaining with him. With each one that impresses, there is a deeper frown on the sailor's face. The remark about the brown from Kiley has him momentarily glance that way, snorting a bit, "Better ta have fun at the tavern."

Ah! The Abidingly Implacable Taskmaster brown's blocky head swings, eyes focus intently on one white-robed being and one alone. His jaw gapes briefly in a quick intake of breath, and then the rangy dragonet /darts/ for the young man. Too-large paws are maybe ungainly but they still carry him forth quickly to stand before a young man with tawny hair and blue eyes. Wings snap back against his bony back and the young dragon pulls himself up to his full height, staring eye-to-eye with his quarry. Yes. He will do.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Abidingly Implacable Taskmaster Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Aqueepoli is minding his business, staring straight ahead, when suddenly he feels something near his feet… and in his mind. Moments pass, staring occurs, drool may once more run down the side of his face. The candidate is mesmerized by the bronze before him head shaking back and forth in both wonder and omfgyougottabekiddingme. "Da… wha'… bah? Me?" STARE. "I.. uh. I think ya got the wrong guy." Seems the dragons thinks so too. Aqueepoli — now Qe'pol — sinks to his knees. Head is still shaking. This just can't be right. "Ya know, dragon, ya can take wha'cha is sayin' an' stick it in your /tail/!" Yeah! Take that. Back to his feet, the new bronzerider gives a sigh. "So Qe'pol, eh? I can live with that. But, eh… wha' was your name? Nisu… Nisuaja…la…la…th?" Pause. "Ah. Nisuanekhdjieth. Got it. Tha's kinda long, but… I like it." Sagenod.

And it seems that moving towards Aqueepoli was a bad idea, because not too long after Pyriel had come to stand nearby does one of the two bronze dragons pluck up his other holder friend. He blinks and then takes a step away from the newly impressed pair. He can't even manage to form words at this point. Brows furrow deeply and so it is closer to Kiley he maneuvers. "Pol Impressed too." he mutters to the woman, eyes darting over the remaining eggs, candidates, and hatchlings about.

M'nol follows the bronze's scrutiny of the candidates with implacable resolve, then another soft groan. /Another/ problem candidate. He and the rest are going to be working hard from his body language. "Alright, Qe'pol and…" He cocks his head, consulting with his dragon, "Niswahkhedjeth? Let's get the little one some food." The expression he casts Qe'pol trucks with no disagreement. Food bowls are this way.

Briana looks up to stands seeking out a face amoungst the sea of faces in the dark galleries. There is a faint note of disapointment on her features but it seems to be cast aside as she looks back to the dragons and the trembling eggs. Her hands squeeze even tighter as she prances from foot to foot. She leans forward as she hears that Aqueepoli impressed , "oh dear, a bronze…" As the brown comes up to her group and looks into Lander's eyes, she gives his hand one last squeeze before releasing it. "Congrats." She whispers and looks to Kiley and holds out her hand to her.

"Congratulations, Aqueepoli and Landers," Silion calls out, laughing as he turns to Olarya. "This never gets old, does it? It's more exciting when you're standing out on the sands with them."

Meet With Triumph and Disaster Hatchling reaches the white-robed figures - a small cluster of boys, striding right on up to them with a bold confidence. She sniff-snorts her displeasure at a tall young man with a notched ear and facial scars, peers searchingly in to another boy's golden eyes. Not the right ones, apparently. On down the line she stalks, her tail lashing now in her impatience. It's a dusky-skinned girl, freckled girl with long, dark, curly hair that she stops by, lifting her head to gaze at the teen's eyes. Oh the right golden eyes - FINALLY!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Meet With Triumph and Disaster Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Olarya gives a small shrug at Silion's question. "I'll be happy once we're both safely off these sands." Impressing or not. It makes the girl nervous to have the hatchlings on the prowl. She heard the stories about the maulings! Eyes are kept on the brown and the gold. And then they both impress and she feels a bit safer. Whew.

Kiley blinks over at Aqueepoli for his response, mouth opening and then closing and she makes a face. "He.." Her head shakes, dismissing that statement with that movement alone before she offers a smile towards Pyriel as he shuffles over towards them. "Yeah.." She glances to Briana but does not take the woman's hand as there appears to be a dragon with other plans.

And In Darkness Bound Bronze Hatchling inspects first one, then the other as he slithers his way amidst the candidates. His expression can only be gloating as he stops before a young teen with silky-blonde hair and golden eyes. He gets right up into the lad's face, even though he has to crane his neck to do so. MINE!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the And In Darkness Bound has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Can I Really Be the Hero Green Hatchling
Halls of Crumbling Stone Egg begins a strange little shimmy in the sand, rocking back and forth. The movement comes so quickly that it knocks the egg from the pile with the others, causing it to roll a bit downhill before coming to an abrupt stop with a resounding CRACK. Pieces of shell go flying everywhere, almost as if a tiny explosion had brought the little creature finally into this world. A brilliant shade of emerald coats her squat body as daintier legs wobble underneath the hatchling green's weight. Her pointed, pear toned nose glances down at those legs for a moment, as if curious as to why they aren't quite working right. Her mouth opens, looking up at her parents but it isn't a creel that comes out. Instead, there is a strange sounding burp, followed by a shake of her head as she blows egg-goo out of her nose. Thumping her small tail down onto the sand, the green flutters darker, almost myrtle wings, trying to find her balance. Then, the row of white seems to catch her attention. With a tilt of her angular head, she gives another of those odd sounding creels and then begins wobbling forward on those too-short legs. Her eyes narrow with determination as she scans along the row of candidates before settling on a young former guard with unkempt hair and a huge nose. "Oh." Kurtis (now K'tis) looks down, blinking in surprise before breaking into a huge grin. "Of course, Prinyth, we'll write a great story together. We might even save the world!" This candidate has huge aspirations to go with his big nose, apparently. "But let's eat first, okay?" With that, the newly bonded pair are lead off the sands, Prinyth still wobbling unsteadily and giving weak flappings of her wings.

Kaede waves a bit at Aquee as he moves off the sands. The dragons were picking fast now! She turns just to catch a bronze making his impression. She jumps a bit and wobbles on her feet.

Landers, the former-sailor, begrudgingly rooted where he was by the looks of accusation thrown over his shoulders up to the galleries, is abruptly dropping his hands from both of the ladies he was with. His lips scrunch up into a scowl for an instant, before his entire expression drops, devoid of any indication of what is going on. For onlookers, they know what's happening. There is a dragon standing in front of him. Yet, the young man can only stare at the creature, motionless, with eyes glazed over. Eyes languidly blink, his chest heaving for a time. The weyrlingmasters might need to fetch him, seems like he is in a little bit of shock, rooted in place.

Pyriel opens his mouth to say something to Kiley, but something is moving in the corner of his eye and so he looks, and finds dragon eyes. He boy sways a bit, and then hands come to rest on the hatchlings shoulders. "P'rel?" A series of blinks and the boy is for a moment, confused given his baffled countenance. "Naw, dude that ain't my name it's…." A long stare, and he's suddenly far more flushed than the sands had made him thus far. "Oh. Oooooh. Right. Gotcha. Um… cool." With that he puts a hand on the back of the hatchling's neck and leads him from the sands.

Thankfully, that's what M'nol is for. The man moves quickly to Lander's side, "Wake up, lad. Y' got to get him fed. Now, what's his name?"

Briana is seeking out a hand one moment then looking into the eyes of the gold hatchling the next. Her eyes widen as she stiffens, uncertain at first of the inspection of the creature. Then something changes upon the dark skinned girl's face and her hands come up releasing those around her. "Oh Sahazyth…I fell in love with you the moment I touched your egg." She murmurs, her eyes brightening with tears as she sets her forehead to the muzzle of the queenlette. Suddenly the rest of the world has fallen away.

Landers jolts a little, eyes wide as he looks over at M'nol, as if not having realized that the other was suddenly there. "Whar…?" he grunts as a hand goes to his stomach, "Be narh feeling good…" an absently-murmured comment, to no one in particular as his eyes glaze over again. Then as if something else is going on, he seems to remember, "Ers'lan…" is his response, "Er… nay, not him, me…" the ruddy brown seems impatient and he staggers along behind M'nol's guidance, "Zhaoth…"

M'nol smiles at the three as Landers regains himself, "Okay, Ers'lan, P'rel, Briana." He favors the two his brown searched with a special grin, "Let's get you guys fed up, right?" He jerks his head towards the edge, then leads them towards the meat.

As the last hatchling impresses, the Weyrwoman steps away from Seryth with a pat of approval for the queen before striding over to the Candidates who did not Impress. Her arm slides across the shoulders of one tearful young teen and she murmurs something in her ear while giving the girl a gentle one-armed hug. Her sea green eyes are both sympathetic and encouraging as she lifts them to the rest of the group and tells them sincerely, "I'm sorry you didn't Impress this time. Really it simply means your lifemate wasn't on the sands this clutch. Once you've been Searched you are welcome to stand for any future clutch here." She takes a deep breath and adds, "We'd love to have you all stay, you're certainly more than welcome to make your home with us indefinitely. For now though, how about some breakfast?"

Karona stares at the shards of eggshell, suddenly very conscious of the lack of hatchlings. There's a glance back to the galleries, and a roughly muttered, "I'm glad no-one came." as the old candidate realises there is no dragon for her. She doesn't stick around for the 'maybe next time' speech, there'll be no next time for her. She just slips out as the last pair is led off of the sands.

It's over? That's a sure cloud of disappointment hovering over Silion's head, but he's turning on his heels to follow the rest of those that have been left standing. Ah, well. Perhaps dragonriding was never meant for him.

Kiley stares as all three of those around her all Impress and she blinks her eyes a few times. "Ah.. Right." The computer crafter inclines her head slightly to the Weyrleaders and clutchparents before making her way out of the sands.

Kaede nods a bit to Thea. There's a bit of a yawn and she rubs her eyes a bit. "Breakfast.. that sounds good, once I cool my feet off.." There's no hiding the disappointment in her face.

Seryth rises, at last allowed her freedom as the last weyrling pair leave the sands. The queen croons, nosing forlornly at the shells littering the sands, Thea returns to her side comforting as best she can with murmured promises to visit the babies soon. "Come, you need to eat and go visit your friend Siebith. Let's go home."

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