Kilaueth and Isterreth's Eggs Hatch

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

Kilaueth has settled herself away from the clutch as the eggs begin to rock and shift, Isterreth having been coaxed away from the door as well, as the hatching is certain imminent. With the clutch parents looking on, and Niva lingering on the platform near the Weyrleader, there's no doubt as to what's about to occur as the Weyr looks on.

Coils of Energy Egg springs into action, wobbling in a circular motion before it rolls off its pile of sand and downwards.

Coils of Energy Egg continues moving, its momentum carrying it further away from its sandy home, cracks beginning to form along the outside of the shell from the exertion.

Amidst the Darkest Night Egg jiggles a bit. Or does it? If it had, it's gone still again. It seems as though this little dragon is fine lying in wait until it feels it's the right time to emerge. And then another slight jiggle. Maybe it's just waiting until no eyes are fixed on it. Or maybe it's waiting for a certain set of eyes to be fixed on it.

Coils of Energy Egg can take no more, finally coming to rest as its momentum gives out, the shell giving out as well, falling apart and leaving its occupant alone and unshielded.

First one claw pokes through the crown of the dark colored egg, then a second. Then there are a series of claws poking, working their way around so that the top of the egg can come free for a second and the life inside can get its first breath. Then it slowly lifts up again, this time just slightly. Careful watchers can see a dragon eye through the thin opening, awhirl with excitement. But it's only for a brief moment.

Standing Outside the Fire Bronze Hatchling
Soot and ash seem spread unevenly upon aged bronze hide, creating shadows where shadows should not be found and making bulk seem more then it really is. A wide head with eyes ringed in coal smudges over aged bronze pours up and over well pronounced eyeridges then down along the proud arch of his neck. Flames flicker and come to life upon stout shoulders turning the hues to molten brightness that flows out onto whisper thin spars that portray firelight while thick spars resemble charred wood. Over back and hindquarters returns that aged bronze, smudged and marred by flaky ash, legs mottled by a greenish patina that gives way to onyx claws upon large feet. Like the rest of him, the tail that sweeps out behind him is thick, stout perhaps, tapering down in girth slowly to the wide spade at its end where the only true traces of pure bronze is seen.

Fed, excited and certainly eager for the most part, the Candidates come out on to the sands, white-robed forms grouped together to make their deep formal bows to Kilaueth and Isterreth, bobbing down and up in mostly concerted unison before they move apart, taking their places around the eggs — breaking off into smaller close-knit groups, each seeking out friends to clasp hands or just stay nearby, waiting… eager and watching.

Child's Whimsy Egg rolls about, scattering dust as it wobbles to and fro, creating its own little hollow into which it finally subsides, quivering once or twice.

Standing Outside the Fire Bronze Hatchling is suddenly upon the Sands, no longer confined by his egg, the sooty bronze of his hide dulled further by the red and white sand that sticks to his still damp body, the large hatching awkwardly lifting first one wing, then the other, turning his head to examine them, before he's taking note of the white ring of candidates, turning to peer at them as he carefully gathers himself up, taking no time to limber up before setting forward on his way.

Rylavi moves with the rest of the crowd, searching earnestly for familiar faces in the glut of youth. Finding Relion first, she uses him as an anchor point for her search before giving up entirely. And then there's a charred bronze hatchling out on the sands and /whoa/ he's bigger than she expected. Or maybe he just looks that way? Either way, she figures she's safest if she stands mostly /behind/ Relion's wood-worker bulk.

N'shen, herding in the Candidates, looks just as excited as if he were one of them. As they make their bows and scatter to surround the eggs, the young bronzerider hop-steps across the heated Sands to V'dim's side, intercepting the Weyrlingmaster's long look and returning a cheeky grin. Back straight, lean shoulders tight, he tucks his hands in his pants and watches the eggs and Candidates alike.

Tecoah is just one more faceless candidate in white as she files onto the sands with the rest, standing with the wide eyed Quinton almost looking like he's trying to hide behind the older candidate. Even as she steps onto the sands, one of the eggs hatches to release a bronze onto the sands and she gasps, "Oh my… I'd forgotten how quickly they can hatch…"

Amidst the Darkest Night Egg has been still for a while. Or at least it appears to have been still. Suddenly there's a wiry midnight blue hatchling creeping around the side of it. From the front the egg is nearly intact, having hardly even moved from its position. But in the back it looks like someone has taken a hammer to it.

Sharp-Eyed Blue Hatchling
This blue is shrouded in a dark navy color with purple undertones that spring into view when he's seen under bright light. He is small in stature and thin in frame, everything about him is compact. There is no wasted lengths of wing or wing, and no extra amounts of muscle nor extra hide to cover it. But there is nothing missing either. A long and lithe tail trails behind him, able to curl more than is usually natural for a dragon. Top hide and belly are nearly the same shade of deep blue, the only difference in coloring on his head, where a row of thin pointed stripes of baby blue run from the top of his snout and head downwards, the two largest over his eyes and stretching down to the bottom of his face.

As the first hatchling to break shell is none other than a bronze, there's a wide grin appearing on Niva's face - despite the turns and turns of watching the eggs come and go, there's no need to ignore a good sign. A loving slap is aimed at Kilaueth's forelimb, as the fire-tipped gold offers a soft croon, urging her children onwards towards the ring of candidates.

Relion hadn't particularly followed others; he's striving smoothly to an open spot, though certainly has no issue with Rylavi using him protectively. However, the surprise of there already being a small dragonlet on the sands is… something to pull all of his attention, and he slows as he comes to his chosen spot, blue eyes wide, watching the flow and movement of the hatchlings.

Quila's face has gone distinct paler than it's usual golden tan as she takes her place on the sands, breath quickened as the eggs visibly move. She settles in among familiar faces, ending up alongside Relion and Rylavi with her hands clasped in front of her, trying to maintain some appearance of calm. This is when the creatures themselves start bursting forth, and her eyes, oh they widen.

Child's Whimsy Egg jumps, bulging and contorting as cracks begin to wind across its colorful surface, creasing and buckling the pliant egg. After a moment of tremors, it settles once more, trembling almost imperceptibly in its little cup of sand.

A sharp wobble, a shake, and then Riding on Rainbows Egg begins a slow, carefully planned dance upon the Sands. A dip, a bow, and then it falls still once more, waiting for its next cue.

The thin blue form of the Sharp-Eyed Blue Hatchling slithers between the lines of candidates like they're inanimate objects. At least he's careful not to bowl anyone over, though some candidates probably get a bump of a slithery tail. And then there's a long pause as he reaches the dark haired teenage Marado. In an instant Marado goes form looking like he might pass out at any moment to grinning away happily. "Er, yes, Kogath. I believe we do have a job to do. Get something to eat, that sounds fantastic," M'ado replies as he's ushered off the sands.

Amelia's final standing place is near the center of the candidates, not far from Rylavi and Relion and quite close to Natali. No sooner than she's in place are there dragons on the sands and Amie is speechless. "Certainly they're not as sweet newborn runners, but wow, it's impressive all the same," she comments to the younger girl.

Child's Whimsy Egg bounces once, twice, then abruptly shatters, colors sloughing away to form a pile of egg shards upon the ground. Amidst the wreckage of what was once a colorful egg stands now a hatchling, neck and wings spread skyward as she gives voice to a sweet trill of joy at her release.

The Most Happy Green Hatchling
Spring-kissed meadow's verdant vibrancy slicks over lithe, limber form, eye-blindingly bright from nose to tail-tip before paling to lemongrass' tart touch along her underside. Bursts of orange dance across slender muzzle, trail over upraised eye ridge to gather atop wedge-shaped head in a crown of copper blossoms. Argent-brushed ridges twist their way along lean back, thrust up from pasture's lush brilliance in a wandering dance from head-top to spine-base. From shoulders spring moonbeams, silver spars stretching outward, between them secured sails of translucent gossamer. A rainbow's wealth of iridescence teases the eye in swirls and eddies across pale, silken wings, ever-changing patterns exploding with each minute movement. Long and slender - dainty, for all her size - her every movement, from the lash of long, twisting tail to the tread of delicate feet, is one step from an all-out dance.

Standing Outside the Fire Bronze Hatchling is on the move, turning towards the candidates, pausing to peer at two of the young women who are upon the Sands, turning his way this way and that, offering a soft little croon to a nervous girl before he's moving along down the line, head held high.

Ashkeia troops along with the rest, spreading out as required, finding herself tailed by a couple smaller girls who apparently have in mind using her as a shield. Clasping hands before herself, fingers laced tightly together, the glasscrafter just looks overwhelmed and unsure of just where exactly, she should be looking.

As if moving to some internal sound, Riding on Rainbows Egg egins to move again, albeit slightly less gracefully. A single crack appears along one side, as if it it suffered some minor mishap on the dance floor.

Natali emerges from her bow, her gaze flickering briefly towards that new-hatched bronze. "Hey," she mutters, moving up close towards Amelia even as the other girl moves to her. "It's a bronze. They say that's supposed to be good luck." She reaches out towards the older candidate. Hey, you wanna stand by me anyway? Hold my hand or something?" she grins wryly. "Hey, a blue." Marado's impression is met with some interest before the wiggling and movement of two particular eggs catches her eyes. "That rainbow one is moving," she remarks. "And that other playful one. Oh!" Hatchling spotted, Natali smiles. "She's a lovely green."

Innocuous Fuzz and Buttons Egg shifts, as if given a little nudge from within, the fuzzy egg moving and resettling, the toy left alone for the time being.

Quila watches in silence as the first impression is made and the newly bonded pair makes their way off the sands, and releases a low breath. She rolls her shoulders, trying to release the tension lying there, and shoots a sidelong look to watch the bronze stalking along the the sands and investigating her fellows. "Supposed to be good luck," she says, even in the same moment Natali does.

Rylavi is - oddly enough - quite fortunate in her choice of spots to stand. Near to Quila and Relion and not so far from Amelia, all the faces she's learned to - if not trust, then at least be comfortable with - are nearby. Nervous and not entirely sure what's expected of her, she hovers between being behind Relion and beside of him; wanting to see, but not wanting to be in the way of anything with claws. Almost in opposition to that, it's the bronze's soothing trill that settles her, a couple of deep breaths helping along to keep her from keeling over right there on the sands. "What's good luck about the bronze being first?" This is Weyr-lore she's never heard.

Amelia returns Natali's grin and holds out her hand, chuckling just a little. "Oh, sure, it seems to be the thing to do at these events." She takes the trader girl's hand and follow her sight to the two happy eggs. "She /is/ lovely! As bright outside the shell as she was inside."

The Most Happy Green Hatchling picks her dainty way through the remains of her egg, chirping slightly as she lowers her nose to nudge at one particularly shiny piece of shell, picking it up in her mouth. Once that is done, she flutters those iridescent wings of hers and gives a muffled trill, before turning her gaze on the white-clad humans surrounding her. Curiosity lights a whirling gaze just barely tinged with the red of hunger, and she begins to drift in their direction, clearly intent on checking them out.

The dance continues, and the Riding on Rainbows Egg begins to move, the crack spreading and growing wider with each step. And then, the shell is beginning to fall away, the magic dissipating, leaving behind what had been hidden away from view.

Fairest in the Land Green Hatchling
Soft, pale hues cling lightly to this small, delicate green hatchling, like fairy dust clinging to every inch of her body. From the tip of her slightly upturned muzzle to the end of her slender tail, the color clings like the finest of satins, falling from between each spar, while tiny peridot spots sparkle across her back, a princess adorned.

Tecoah shuffles closer to where Rylavi, Relion, and a few of the other candidates are, a relieved smile crossing her face as the first pair are lead off the sands, calling congratulations to the newest ov Xanadu's riders. When the happy little green hatches, the woman takes a half a step backwards before she can remember to hold her ground and shakes her head at herself, "Hold it together, Tecoah…"

At the back of the sands, the assistant weyrlingmaster T'per is chatting away to the older V'dim. "Ooh, so many little ones! This is exciting. I'll get the next one. Hopefully no one gets hurt or bowled over, that would be a bad time." He wiggles his finger at the latest green to pop free. "I like that one there."

Innocuous Fuzz and Buttons Egg seems as if it is once more the toy of choice, as its given a rougher shake this time, a crack suddenly appearing down one side, the bulging of the shell showing that the filling is threatening to spill forth.

Ashkeia glances over at an overheard comment, her brows arching up beneath her bangs as incredulity takes over her expression briefly. "Lovely? You really think so? They're… they're…" She tips her head to the side in a vague gesture to take in the sands in front. "Ugly." Succinct.

Relion glances to his side, and the other way briefly, taking stock of the two young women near him. It's Quila with her nervous hands that gains a brief smile from Relion, though he doesn't say anything aloud at first, a visual brief window into his reaction, which is — perhaps a more self-controlled excitement, now. The first green is nearby, and he watches her in interest— and care, in case she get confused or lost.

Quick Draw Egg gives a little shake and a little shimmy, the jagged lines clearing as the egg wiggles in its spot only to return again as if some hand had turned a knob after the egg settles back onto the sand.

Standing Outside the Fire Bronze Hatchling continues making his way down the line, pausing to peer around a glasscrafter at the younger girls using her as a shield, snorting at them with a little shake of his head before he's continuing on, before he's pausing in front of one young man, settling back on his haunches to peer at him. When there's no immediate response, his attention taken by a green, he's giving a loud snort, and a nudge to his stomach, even as he moves to twine around him and pull him away from those he lingers with.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Standing Outside the Fire Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Fairest in the Land Green lingers for just a moment, watching the candidates and then looking past them to the Observation Level beyond. Is everyone here to see -her-? A soft croon, and carefully she's gathering herself, getting to her feet, each step careful and deliberate as she progresses towards that ring of white - the princess ready to meet her suitors. A dip here, a bow there, soon she's pausing in front a young man - a Holder's son - giving him a brief nudge. "Of course we can dance, Rosath.." D'mond offers softly, leading his princess off to eat.

Natali clasps her hand tight around Amelia's own. "Two greens," she declares, spotting the second one hatching from the rainbow-colored egg. "I liked that one too. It was a little sparkly." she grins a little, tracking her gaze towards the first of the new-hatched greenlings. "She's very playful," she agrees with the other girl. "I guess that holds true inside and outside the shell." She cranes her neck a little, trying to catch a glimpse. "Where's that bronze going?" He's close enough surely, for her to see who he's picked.

The Most Happy Green Hatchling paces thoughtfully along the curve of Candidates, idly nosing at this one, or nudging at that one. One female gets a face full of bright green muzzle as the hatchling takes a long, curious whiff of her hair, then moves on, clearly unimpressed. There's a seeking to her deliberate steps as she picks her way across the sands, anxiety growing in her whirling gaze. With that shard of shell still in her mouth, her pace picks up, and suddenly she shifts, changing direction at the sound of a particular voice.

Master of Deception Egg shifts and bulges, parts of the boxy ovoid seeming to twist and turn, though once the tremor has settled, it remains where was before, within thin cracks winding across its oddly malevolent shell.
Innocuous Fuzz and Buttons Egg suddenly becomes the casualty of some sort of rough, childhood game as the shell is suddenly destroyed from within. As the fragments fall, a brown is left in its place, already surveying the sands.

Mists and Mysteries Brown Hatchling
The soft, golden-tinged browns of polished pine are carefully pieced together upon this hatchling's form, the darker grains of the wood visible as the lines run along his body, criss-crossing over his solidly built torso, always slipping in the same direction as they go winding down each limb to ebony talons and his tail to the forked tip. The same woody hues darken as they creep up his shortened neck, aging to the more intense shades of walnut, his features roughly carved from his wide, triangular head, headknobs set crookedly upon it, one noticeably larger than the other as they sit askew. Jacobean gathers upon his ridges as they run down his back, each shaped with a hurried hand, lacking any sort of uniformity as they progress along his form, between his large, oversized wings. Lighter sails, like giant cloaks, float between Jacobean spars, more than large enough to shield his body from view, and cast him into shadows.

Relion may have been distracted for a moment, but the bronze's approach down the line took all of him, suddenly, a gasp of surprise, and then an immediate, intensely relieved smile, as Relion moves to caress and touch the bronze's nose and eyeridge. "Turlath….! We will be. Yes… this way," Relion says, moving in a dream towards the exit from the sands. "He calls me E'on," Relion adds, overwhelmed.

Amelia peers at the other candidates, finding the voice of dissent in Ashkeia. "Of course they're lovely, they're newborn animals. Maybe lovely isn't the right word, but it fits my book just fine." She grins a little, shrugging, then she, too, peers to find out where the bronze has stopped. "Is that Relion? I think it is! Congratulations!" she calls over, "Rylavi, want to stand with us since your wall is, er, taken?"

Quick Draw Egg shakes more in its position on the sands the grays fading and reappearing and the shell starts to crack along the jagged lines as it shakes again on its spot as the life within fights to be free of its confines.

T'per rushes over to the former candidate formerly known as Relion and grins. "Hey there man, congrats and all! You'll need food, and we got all of that all set up. You'll want to follow me though, and get off these hot sands. Woo! Come on, it's gonna be a great time!" And with that he leads the pair off the sands.

Quila may have caught the man's smile from the corner of her eye, because she mutters, good-naturedly, "Whatchoo smirking at?" Her gaze follows the greens - first one, then the other, until it finds its way to impression. "Going fast," she comments idly, in a low tone, and it's at the moment that the brown bursts forth that she caves to her own nerves and reaches a hand out towards Relion. Only to find that he's no longer there. She turns, watching him walk away with that bronze, and can't help a smile. "E'on." Nice.

Natali lets out a cheer, spotting the bronze's choice. "It /is/ Relion!" she exclaims loudly. "Relion got a bronze! Err, or E'on now. And Turlath sounds nice." the trader girl's gaze turns then, straying back to that green. "She's so silly and playful," she remarks, "carrying that shard around in her mouth like that, you'd think it was holder's gold or something." The new hatched brown is surveyed, the girl nibbling her lip. "Handsome," she comments.

Rylavi glups audibly as her wall is - well, exactly as Amelia puts it - taken. Aside from that loss, there's a fairly large bronze dragon that is closer to her than she's entirely comfortable with. "Over here, Quila," Rylavi calls quietly before almost /dancing/ the few steps over toward Amelia and safety. Apparently the tough facade doesn't hold up well when there are baby dragons afoot. The brown - dyed in such gorgeous warm tones - does get a small gasp of admiration, though.

World of Possibilities Egg shudders slightly as something inside knocks against the shell, then pauses to wait for some sort of reply. A moment later another knock, another vibration, then nothing.

Quick Draw Egg is shaken more on the sands, the grays clearing and dissapearing, more cracks appear where the lines had ben until all of a sudden the egg crumbles to reveal a smokey blue dragon that stands shakily to its feet.

It's Raining Blue Hatchling
Smokey blues roll over the hide of this hatchling as if a storm is nigh approaching. The clouds billow up and down this dragon's spine and settle into a powder blue over his belly and stomach. His wings are dappled with a sky blue that lightens in color down his wings. The dragon itself is a bit on the small size, whereas his tail seems a bit too large for his body and wiggles like some great snake tail with a spaded tip.

The Most Happy Green Hatchling perks up suddenly, her pace picking up now, still easily as graceful as it was straight out of the egg. With a flutter of her wings, shifting patterns dancing upon their gossamer lengths, she lets out a trill - still muffled by that shard of shell - and dances to plant herself before a pair of young women, her red-touched eyes dropping to meet summer blue. Jaw gaping, she drops the shell at the feet of her chosen lifemate.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the The Most Happy Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Master of Deception Egg moves once more, colors shifting and rearranging as greater cracks begin to jag across its cubic form, odd bulges and dimples appearing as it apparently attempts to reform itself into some new shape, not quite managing the transformation.

Ashkeia just snorts and shakes her head, pale brown eyes trying to keep track of this, that and everything and naturally, failing. When she does happen to notice a fellow Impress, she looks more relieved than excited, though it doesn't happen often. Relion though, as he calls out gets a flashed grin. "I don't know about infatuated," she comments back to Tecoah. "But they're really rather awkward and ungainly looking. Not to mention the goop." Ew.

It's Raining Blue Hatchling stalks through the shadows, keeping to the edges as it approaches the candidates and then all of a sudden it pounces, shoving its nose into one a male beastcrafter's stomach. "Of course, Terinath, I'll be sure to take care of the animals, but we must tend to you first!" The pair are quickly lead off by the werylingmasters.

Mists and Mysteries Brown Hatchling remains settles where he is for another long moment before hunger - and a croon from Kilaueth - forces him to his feet, where he carefully sets one foot infront of the other, stumbling somewhat as he makes his way towards the line. While his path is neither straight nor steady, it is purposeful, and he's doing as he should.

Quila hears Rylavi's summons and follows accordingly, sidestepping across the sands to cluster with the other girls, attempting to keep her head confidently high though nerves and heat are beginning to wilt her slightly. "There is goop," she murmurs absently, overhearing Ashkeia's comment. The blue impresses, the brown is setting out, and instead of them she chooses to watch the rather less intimidating eggs, seeing which are starting to crack.

World of Possibilities Egg shakes again, the knocking more insistent. This time when it stills it seems nothing is going to happen, then suddenly a loud thump comes from inside and one of the scarlet blocks appears to bulge outwards.

Master of Deception Egg strains against the confines of its shape, chunks of shell flaking free as it shifts and swells. Finally, the tension becomes too much, and it explodes into a glittering pile of flakes and dust, briefly coating the newest hatchling before a serious of nervous shakes reveals the gawky monochromatic form shivering within the remains of his former prison.

The Gathering Storm Blue Hatchling
From narrow, pointed muzzle to long, whip-like tail, storm clouds gather, boiling grey and brooding across an angular frame. Platinum's dull sheen highlights gaunt spine, tipped by wickedly spiked nickel-chased ridges, spilling down into the darker matte of pewter from throat to withers, edging towards iron along belly's curve. Gawky gunmetal limbs, all sharp angles and awkward juts, end tipped in obsidian talons, abnormally long and razor sharp. Breaking through the monochromatic fury, lightning sizzles, electric white edged in pale, blinding blue, spars rise from sharp-edged shoulders in jagged resplendence. Wispy sails of molten silver are caught between luminous bolts, bleeding into incandescence where skin and bone mingle to form oversized wings. Nervous energy races through gauche frame, creating a constant shiver through thunderheads' roiling oppression, endlessly twitching pointed shoulders, narrow toes, and slim tail.

Natali is just a little overwhelmed with all the movement going on, there's a brown hatchling, and a blue hatchling, and lots of moving eggs, but through it all, she's done her best to track the path of that cheerful happy green. Briefly lost, she gains sight of the verdant beauty just as the shard is dropped at her feet, and limp fingers slide away from Amelia's own. "Sicealth!" that name is a cry of joy and triumph, the trader girl bound now to a flutterby brightness of joy. "I'm so glad we found each other," she breaths, moving to caress the green's head. "We'll have the greatest time, but we'd better get you some food first." She's ready to lead the green wherever she's directed.

There's a single knock on the shell of the Whimsical Practitioner Egg, the egg giving a quick shake, before falling still once more - its reflexes pass!

Amelia lets go of Natali's hand as the happy green hatchling stops in front of them. Giggling at the shell dropping to the sand, Amie steps to the side and offers a hand to Rylavi. "Well now, that's a great match- good for you," she beams at Natali, expecting though, that the other candidate is distracted by the impression. A turn of her head catches the blue impression and she grins at Rylavi, "There goes one of our own!"

N'shen's grin broadens as he watches the green Impress, a smug trumpet floating on the air from the ledges above the galleries. Waving to T'per to indicate he has this one, the boy trots over to Natali, beaming down at the pair of them. "See?" he asks irreverently. "Toldja so. C'mon, let's go get your lady - what was her name? - fed."

A bit of movement, a shake, and the Whimsical Practitioner Egg is once more on the move, shifting upon its sandy mound, ushered this way and that way for its check up, a crack beginning to form in the process.

Tecoah actually grins and looks over at Ashkeia, "And some people think the awkward and ungainly thing makes them adorable." She's just not one of them, "But, yeah, the goop is kind of gross." Not that she hasn't had to deal with egg wet hatchlings before, having two firelizards and having been on the sands for a hatching before. Her grin is turned on Natali, "And there's a matched set if ever I saw one."

Whimsical Practitioner Egg has been checked over from top to bottom now, cracks beginning to radiate outwards from multiple points, as the creature inside is more than ready to get on with that thing called life - and to see what new horizons await it. With a final push, a black-tipped muzzle forces its way through the shell, and the rest of the hatchling soon follows.

Over the Horizon Brown Hatchling
Sleek and slender, the rich brown hues of the finest blood bay gather in force upon the lean lines of this hatchling, the fiery red undertones showing through along the curves of his stomach, flaring up narrowing of his waist and the curve of his tail. Each well-formed limb is distinctly muscled, the red-brown hues darkening as they near his talons, nearly black socks cladding each of his limbs, the same dark coloring brushing over his flattened muzzle, the darkness tickling his chin, curving around his jaw. Large, faceted eyes are set beneath well formed eye-ridges, the vibrant hues gathering over headknobs and neck, while ridges of darkest umber flow freely down his neck in sharp contrast to the brighter hues of his hide. Sails of translucent auburn stretch between the spars, muscles defined clearly there as well, each and every inch of him built for power, built for speed, and built for beauty.

Rylavi jumps a little as the green Impresses so close by. So many dragons coming to take away the Candidates left and right - and always so near to her! Stunned by it all - as any girl experiencing this for the first time would be - she steps a little closer to Amelia, but has enough of her mind not to take the offered hand. "The goop can't be any worse than afterbirth and placenta from a runner-foal." She then second-guesses herself. "Can it?"

Outlook Not So Good Egg bounces around on the sands, the small shell bobbing around as if the very sand beneath it were boiling.

Ashkeia manages a laugh, short and somewhat awkward, as she looks over at Tecoah again quickly. "They're too big. Although Mal was teeny and she wasn't exactly cute either. Still isn't." Babbling just a bit, her nerves at being so close showing. "Who— oh! Good for her."

Over the Horizon Brown Hatchling is on his feet almost immediately, if a bit unsteadily at first, swaying back and forth as he stands there, dropping his muzzle to peer at his body as if it is something other than his own. One wing is spread, then the other, before he gives a little draconic shrug and sets out on his first adventurer in this strange new place.

Amelia shrugs at the question. "Not much different, I don't think, but there's a lot more of it, considering how much bigger the eggs are than any other newborns." Her attention is drawn by the hatching of her favorite egg, and she gapes at the brown. "Now isn't he just /the one/? Look at that color!"

The Gathering Storm Blue Hatchling is all atremble, from nose to tail-tip as he peers down at the scattered pieces of shell, clearly trying to figure out exactly what happened. It's then that he realizes he's free. Head jerking up, he gives a squawk of surprise at seeing himself beringed by so many strangers. After a false start or two - his first few steps result in him going heels over head - he finally manages to gain feet and balance and takes off at a dead run, charging towards the white-clad Candidates. Bonzai!

Quila just barely catches Natali's impression, and again she releases a breath as though bottling something up inside. "Sicealth," she repeats, sidling close to Rylavi. The next brown hatches, earning a flicker of a smile as he starts to discover his sleek form. She's settling in now, the initial nerves wearing off. "Not at all what I was expectin', this," she admits aloud, though to no one in particular.

Mists and Mysteries Brown Hatchling continues on his weaving way, going this way and that, though it seems that a target has been selected from his careful observations. Large wings are spread for balance as he draws up in front of one tall young woman, looking up at her with a croon, lifting his wings forward then, moving to engulf her and hide her away.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Mists and Mysteries Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Another thump comes from the World of Possibilities Egg, another block pushed from place, and then finally it breaks open sending a chubby green hatchling sprawling on the sands.

One For The Money Green Hatchling
There are large dragons, and there are LARGE dragons, this is one of the latter. Every lump and bump is on display, liberally coated in an eye watering neon-green hide that seems at least two sizes too small for the plump form underneath. Her wingspars are tinged with lime, a pale greasy smear runs the length of one foreleg, and her face appears to have been liberally dusted with cocoa.

Over the Horizon Brown Hatchling bobs his head as he goes, pausing now and again, first to investigate what this 'sand' stuff is that seems to eager to cling to his damp body, and then to peer at a piece of egg shell left behind by one of his siblings. The piece is nudged with his nose, and he gives a little huff, and a flail as it gets stuck momentarily to his nose. Finally getting it free, its the sound of voice that reminds him of what he meant to accomplish.

One For The Money Green Hatchling struggles to her feet, shaking her head and trying to regain her sense of direction. As soon as her gaze rests on the line of candidates theres a noise of recognition and she runs for the line. With a cry of « Don't worry, I got him! » that broadcasts to all dragons in the area she launches at one particular candidate, ending up sitting proudly on the former guard that is now part of the unlikely partnership of Tank and Lulath.

Outlook Not So Good Egg gives a faint hissing noise as it continues to wobble in place, tilting over to one side eventually but still keeping up its odd movement.

Ashkeia, as that brown neared closer, began to edge backwards, bumping into one of the younger girls who'd been peeking out at the action from behind her. "No. G'way—" the tall woman began, only to stop abruptly as she stared down into that aged-pine face. "What do you mean, challenges, Khaumith?" Blink. Reaching out with a shaking hand, thoroughly stunned. "Khaumith," she repeats. "Um. Food. Yes. Right. Uh…." Help?

T'per is out of breath from racing back to the sands. "What did I miss!? Ooh, a brown! This one's mine!" In fact he shoves past another assistant weyrlingmaster to get to Ashkeia. "Hey great a brown! Fantastic! You're gonna have a great time! Come on let's get off the sands and get you some food!" He waves the pair over and leads them off the sands.

Rylavi nods, her mind calmed slightly by the familiar cadence of Amelia's voice going over animal-type facts. That's normal. Normal is good. Especially with a charging blue on the loose. Losing what little color had risen to her cheeks, Rylavi finds herself frozen to the spot, unable to look away even when that tree-like brown comes alarmingly close to match up with Ashkeia. And there's a green running towards another girl at full tilt as well. "Do these things only have one speed or something?"

Quila's eye is caught by the hurtling charge of the blue towards, and that too earns a smile, genuine, as she watches the awkwardly put together hatchling, the exertion of energy. "Now that's just /the one/, if'n you ask me," she says, with a note of amusement in her voice. "Nutters. Brown's nice too, though." Ashkeia? Another impression made, Quila gives a low whistle. "Going fast." Both in the sense of hatchlings being zippy, and the progession of things.

The Gathering Storm Blue Hatchling swerves at the last moment, a spray of sand cresting over the nearest Candidates as he shifts to a course perpendicular to his previous one. Dashing towards yet another set of white-clad humans, he darts between two of them, his unexpectedly bass bellow thundering from behind before he reemerges before them from another direction. Abruptly, he stops, standing stock-still as he stares, quivering, in one particular direction. With another brassy bellow, the hatchling darts into a run again, streaking with a purpose.

Tecoah nods, "Pest and Nuisance weren't exactly the cutest of things, either." She shakes her head in amused concern as the blue that hatched while she wasn't looking takes a tumble, the clumsiness of the newly hatched, and then takes another little step backwards when he suddenly comes running, her eyes wide as she glances behind her to make sure that the way is clear in case she needs to dodge out of his way. Then Ashkeia's voice catches her attention again and she looks over to see the tall candidate wrapped up in brown wings. She chuckles softly, "And now you're going to have to deal with a clumsy dragon of your own…"

Outlook Not So Good Egg stills for a second and then explodes with a whoosh of shell fragments. The bronze that emerges is remarkably large considering the size of the egg, and seems very proud of himself.

Big Boom Bronze Hatchling
An explosion of color coats this dragon, darkening as it rises from bright almost yellow bronze, to a smoky grayness on his wings. His legs and underbelly are speckled with red, while a patch near his tail looks likes someone exploded a pot of green paint on his hindquarters. His wings are darker, smoke claiming the spars and tinting them with black along the very edge.

Big Boom Bronze Hatchling methodically checks everything is in place, construction complete, everything functioning as it should be. With almost robotic precision he starts for the line, picking up speed as he goes, arrowing straight for one particular candidate with unadulterated glee. J'amie and Admath. A pairing that may yet herald the destruction of the weyr.

Amelia squeaks a little as impressions happen left and right. "Oh my goodness, that was a bit fast over there," she stares at Tank and his new green lifemate. "I think they have more speeds. Some have gone slowly. Like the brown's taking his," she answers Rylavi, then steps backwards when the last egg explodes. "Faranth, did he need that much of hurrah?"

Over the Horizon Brown Hatchling seems to be distracted once more as he pauses in front of a young boy, snorting at him before there's movement in the corner of his eye - just where he never looks, and slowly turning, he searches for the source. -There-. And then, a new secret discovered, something to explore, he's launching himself hurriedly in that direction, planting himself of a curly-haired young woman. Come with him.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Over the Horizon Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Quila shakes her head as the bronze explodes out in such a dramatic fashion. "Did seem a little overdone. Musta been cramped," she says, half in response to Amelia's comment. The brown is eyed for a minute, waiting to see just who it was that had caught is eye, but she's distracted again - so much to look at, by the exuberant blue as he darts between two candidates, sending them scattering to the side. His yell, and then his return to running, gets a low laugh. "He's gonna be a handful for someone."

The Gathering Storm Blue Hatchling has two speeds! Fast and tumble! And he demonstrates the second speed now as he skids to a stop to avoid barreling full-force into his chosen Candidate. Overlong talons catch in the sand and tangle with each other, and abruptly he's twisted all akimbo, skidding on his back to fetch up against the legs of a dark-haired Candidate, staring sheepishly up at her with great whirling eyes from where his head is planted atop her feet. Banzai?

With a triumphant cry it seems that the The Gathering Storm Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Quila probably jinxed herself by saying that. The run, apparently, takes the little blue hurtling straight toward her, and it's her legs that he stumbles against, causing her to automatically crouch down and put steadying hands against his stormy hide. "Shells, beast, you're…" And whatever was to follow trails offf. She's silent, she's staring, eyes distant the way one gets when one suddenly has another voice in their head. She lifts one hand, disbelievingly, to finally settle against the side of his head. "Uirath," she breathes. "We will. Yes, we will." Then, though only for a moment, she tears her eyes away to try and spot the person that will show them where to go.

T'per comes back this time with another assistant weyrlingmaster. A woman that he obviously fancies, but she couldn't care less and would like him to go away. She is quick to escort the next candidate off the sands, Quila and her blue. This leaves T'per to stand with V'dim in chatty wait. "This hatching is a -good time-," he explains to the weyrlingmaster, who has gotten quite good at ignoring him.

Amelia was about to respond to Quila… but the majority of her attention remains on the brown and when he pauses and turns slowly to face her, she finds herself unable to form the words or really move at all. Slowly, her expression melts from blankness into surprise and glee and she throws her arms around his neck. "You… you… err. You came! You /actually/ came!" Straightening out, she grins. "Course, of course, new bodies need new food. I hope there's some fish, I think you like fish, don't you, Ilaydith? Maybe mixed with something sweet. Or maybe just meat. Or something. Oh, we'll find something you like!"

There's a sigh of relief from V'dim as the next impression is made and T'per bolts across the sands to lead Amelia and her brown off. "Hey great, a brown, congrats! He'll get big and strong, we'll be sure of that. And we'll all have a good time in weyrling classes together. Come on let's get off these sands and get some food!" After a couple of arm pumps he leads the new pair off the sands.

With the last of the eggs hatched and Impressed, Kilaueth is offering a little croon, dropping her nose to nudge at the remnants of the shells, turning her head to peer after the new pairs as they make their way off the Sands to find their first meal. Settling back on her haunches, she turns to offer Isterreth a nudge before she's taking off - likely to the feeding grounds, leaving Niva to do her own duty. The Weyrwoman steps forward, lifting her voice easily as the glances over those still gathered there on the Sands. "To those who Impressed today, Congratulations. For those who didn't, please know that your lifemate is out there somewhere - the dragons saw something in you, and that's what matters. You are all more than welcome to stay on here at Xanadu, or if you'd rather, we'll help get you home come morning - But for now, we would like to invite everyone to the Caverns to celebrate the new pairs amongst us!" Her speech said, Niva is smirking and stepping off her platform, turning to head off the Sands, and do the rounds.

As V'dim moves now, to trail after the new Weyrlings, N'shen follows at his heels, looking more eager than usual to begin working with this newest class. That couldn't happen to be because of a particular greenrider - could it? Nah.

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