Xanadu Weyr Hatching, June 7, 2009

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level
Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

From the sands, Zevida is fretting around the sands, pacing about the eggs. Avaeth, surprisingly, is calm and watching her rider with rumbling amusement as she curls tighter around /her/ eggs. "What if they start now?" She grumbles, fret fret fret is the poor woman as she continues pacing about.

From the sands, Dhonzayth and L'ton have returned yet again to Xanadu Weyr, the Istan bronze pair having been spending more and more time as of late at the Southern Weyr. The brassy bronze croons softly to the fiery gold, extending a muzzle in greeting, while L'ton meanders a bit more slowly onto the Sands. "Hey ya.." He offers as he moves to intercept the pacing Zevida.

From the sands, Avaeth croons a soft greeting towards Dhonzayth as he joins her on the sands, returning the extended muzzle and then allowing /him/ to see the eggs. No one else. Zevi continues pacing about, oblivious to L'ton's arrival into she's almost bumping right into him. "L'ton.. Shells. Eggs.." And then she's turning back around pacing.

From the sands, Dhonzayth nudges his mate gently before turning his attention to peer over her curled form at the 12 rounded shapes, nose touching one and giving it a slight shift, before he's seemingly satisfied, settling down next to Avaeth. L'ton's hands lift to steady Zevi as she turns again, and he's following after her over the sands. "Zevi, sweets, breath."

From the sands, Avaeth resettles her wing over the eggs, comfortably as Dhonzayth settles beside her. She rumbles with satisfaction, even moreso with amusement as Zevida continues pacing. L'ton gets a look from Zevi and she takes a slow breath, holding it for a moment. "I /am/ breathing. Shells, L'ton, this is larger than any of the other ones she's had. More likely for something to go wrong.."

From the sands, L'ton can't do much else than chuckle at Zevida as she continues to panic, shaking his head and moving to snag her and keep her from pacing any longer. "Zevi… It also means that there's plenty more ta go right. It's gonna be okay. Avaeth's a good ma, and Dhon's a good dad. Yer gonna stress her out.." He shakes his head, a grin on his lips. Dhonzayth turns to peer at the humans, snorting his own point before putting his weight back against the red-gold.

From the sands, Zevida is snagged by L'ton and she sighs softly, "right.. Right." Lips are pressed into a thin line, "Sat's also a candidate.. Can't help but worry for him." A fond look towards Avaeth and she nods. "Yeah, they're good, aren't they? It'll be fine." Slow breath, and she relaxes.

From the sands, L'ton shakes Zevida just a little bit as she continues to worry, sighing. "Ya made it through just fine when ya stood, he will ta." The Istan sighs a little, "They're all gonna be fine.." L'ton repeats softly, and as she relaxes, a gentle hand pats her back, resting on her shoulder.

From the sands, Zevida frowns as L'ton shakes her, calming slowly. "I suppose.." Cheeks puff slightly and she sighs, and then tensing once more as Avaeth begins humming. "Shells, L'ton." And then there's that fretting look again.

From the sands, Dhonzayth's only a moment behind Avaeth, a deep hearty hum starting from the base of his throat, reverberating through his body, and then filling the Hatching Arena with the deep sound. L'ton only grins as the sound starts, an arm draping over Zevida's shoulder, moving to steer her towards the raised platform. "Come on, Zevi.." He says, trying to hide his excitement.

From the sands, Zevida moves along beside L'ton as he leads them over, still fretting visibly as she turns her gaze towards the eggs and Avaeth. The gold huffs softly, and is reluctantly moving away from the eggs, her humming growing louder.

M'ori enters the observation level, sitting close to the front on his ownsome. The bronzerider doesn't look too happy, but the occasion of a hatching has him cheering up quickly. The thrumming of the parent dragons has him breaking out in a huge grin as his own bronze Uluameth begins to join the humming xanadu dragons.

From the sands, Best Laid Plans Egg shakes like a leaf in the wind. A gentle shudder which causes it to roll over on its side from a previously upright position. That hopping skip of a crumpled paper caught in the gust of a late summer breeze.

From the sands, Jessamin steps out onto the Sands, in line with her barracks-mates. A soft smile graces her lips as she follows the others, turning now and again to calm some of the younger Candidates.

From the sands, Dhonzayth slowly shuffles backwards from the eggs as well, nudging Avaeth softly, adding a bit of comfort as he encourages the eggs. Wings are partially spread as he rocks back on his hindlimbs, balanced with his fiery-gold mate. L'ton's hand remains resting lightly on Zevida's shoulder, offering her a bit of comfort as well. "They're all gonna be great, Zevi, just great.."

From the sands, Rei appears on the sands first, leading the group of candidates behind her. She bows politely to both Avaeth and Dhonzath, and nods to Zevida and L'ton. Then she starts directing the candidates into the line. "Okay, here we are. Keep moving, the eggs are already rocking!"

Thea is sitting in the front of the observation level, scooted forward at the edge of her seat with her folded forearms resting on the rail. Her chin is propped on her joined hands, dark hair tumbled forward shields her face, hiding green eyes darkened and somber today as she scans the sands, watching the Candidates enter. Today she has eyes for but one as she seeks out that tall, dark-haired form. Her breath catches as she spots him, waiting for him to look her way as she lifts a hand should he find her.

From the sands, Rogawani smirks behind him just once towards Keziah, unable to make any comment as the group of candidates is hurried out onto the sands. The ex-messenger halts in his path, making sure to give a quick bow to Avaeth and Dhonzayth. Then, he moves along with the others, keeping close to his friends among the semi-circle of candidates. "Good luck guys." He says in a low voice, casting eyes to the left and right as he shuffles his sandled feet into the sands.

From the sands, Cenlia walks onto the sands with the rest of the candidates, her hair slightly damp, but otherwise unhurried. She glances nervously at the galleries, and then bows low to the clutchparents, taking her place without a word. There's no fidgeting or hand-holding from the gardener girl; though she swallows and watches the rocking eggs with wide eyes.

From the sands, Morlanol steps onto the sands, an overly-worried look on his face. He glances after his friends, and falls into the semi-circle, watching the eggs rock nervously. After a second look he slides in next to Cenlia and gives her a nervous grin, then says to the rest, "We can do this, guys."

From the sands, Wobble wobble goes The Hand of Greed Egg, but that's all. Wobble wobble wobble. The egg slips over onto it's side and wobbles slightly with a weak flop.

From the sands, Liya steps out into the sands along with the others, dropping in low bow to Avaeth and Dhonzath, her eyes watching them for a long moment. She's obviously nervous, but takes a deep breath as she moves even further, not standing close to anyone in particular.

From the sands, Satoris walks in along with Jorrel; the two men providing a sort of silent, stalwart support for one another. They both, near in unison, bow to the dame and sire along with the rest. As Sat straightens, he regards Zevida for a few beats before continuing to form with the rest of the group.

From the sands, Riyontali files in, busily patting damp hair back into a semblance of order. Nervous gesture? Maybe. But she doesn't seem nervous as she bows to the clutchparents, flashing them a quick smile. "Yeah." The girl agrees faintly, moving along slowly with the group. "I'll all be good, yeah?"

From the sands, Keziah twitches at her robe as she heads out onto the sands and pausing a moment she takes the time to bow to dragons, as well as their respective riders. She nods to Ro "Luck yo you as well." she murmurs and heads out onto the sands. She's not real nervous. Hopeful perhaps, but she's done this enough that she's not frightened "REmember, don't stand in their way if they want through."

From the sands, Eleven Worldly Wonders Egg gives a tiny hop in its little nest of sand, seeming to hover in midair for a fraction of a second before plopping safely back in place. It sits there quivering for a moment as though frightened at its own daring before falling back into its former silence.

From the sands, Yontal strides proudly onto the sands, his head held high as he surveys the eggs. Yup, confidence was oozing… wasn't it?

From the sands, Best Laid Plans Egg shakes again. A harder shutter this time that causes dark streaks to move across the pale shell, cutting across the message it relays and making it that much harder to read the clues.

From the sands, Jessamin takes a moment to bow to dam and sire both, with a warm smile for both them and their riders. She moves to stand a bit closer to Morlanol, resting her hand on his shoulder for a moment. "It's going to be alright. Just stay calm, and be ready to move when the eggs hatch." Her smile is reassuring, and she lets her hand fall back to her side.

From the sands, Donakan silently files out on to the sands, bowing with exaggeration towards both of the clutch parents before he takes a silent place in line, far away from Yontal. It seems that he's learned his lesson from before, and isn't about to draw attention to himself this time around.

From the sands, Fortinos and Gimeki are both hurring out onto the sands, getting their robes on over themselves as they do. Both are wet as if they'd just come from bathing or something. Gimeki grabs Fortinos before he gets too far out "Bow!" he hisses as he boys and pulls the other boy down.

While many have have been expecting the hatching, Niva's time on the Sands was ended, and the Senior was quite happy to see the backside of it. However, as the humming begins to reverberate throughout the Weyr, even she is running on the double to the large hatching Arena, though her pace slows, acting more dignified as she finishes making her way up the stairs. Its a rather out of the way spot that she chooses, as C'ian joins her, the middle-aged pair talking softly as they look for their eldest daughter upon the red and white sands.

From the sands, Slowly the black tendrils part, a long crack working along down The Hand of Greed Egg. But, it's nothing more than a crack.

From the sands, Morlanol jumps, nearly haven forgotten to bow, and does so, focusing on mom and dad for a moment only, before going back to the eggs

Eledri enters the observation level with four firelizards in tow - a bronze, brown, and two blues. The flits arrange themselves onthe railing while Eledri takes a front row seat, ignoring everyone else, eyes fixed on one particular candidate down on the sands, the young man murmuring, "Good luck Cen."

From the sands, Vivian makes her way out onto the sands with all the other candidates and bows towards the Sire and dam that are left on the sands after her mothers dragons, hatching. After that she moves into the line of candidates and looks up into the stands, to see how she can see.

From the sands, Liya shifts her gaze from egg to egg, focusing more on the thin crack beginning to form along the hard shells. She swallows, standing rigidly and grips the side of the plain robe that covers her, worrying it between her fingertips.

From the sands, Jessamin looks fondly at the Cliff Aerie egg for a moment, her smile remaining as she remembers just a few short weeks before. The heat from the Sands doesn't even seem to bother her as she waits with the others, seeming caught up in the humming of the dragons. She sways gently back and forth with the music of the birth song.

Ethne walks up into the observation level quietly looking around. It's been sometime since the former Jr. WW has visited the weyr since she left for unknown reasons. She looks around to see any familiar faces and notices one she recognizes from Ierne and walks over towards M'ori. "Mine if I join you?" She asks softly.

From the sands, Rogawani straitens himself, looking towards the moving eggs with excitement and hope in his eyes. However, he can't help but keep looking around the semi-circle at his friends. A smile plants itself on his face as he lifts his eyebrows at Tali, not saying anything in words, but at least keeping his presence there. For Keziah, he just smirks wolfishly, and hooks his thumbs into his belt, waiting.

From the sands, Riyontali watches the eggs a little warily, but the smile does not leave, though it's gone a touch strained. She casts a quick glance up at the stands, but it is not the severe-looking woman and small boy near the front who she notices. A dragionhealer sporting a Xanadu knot gets a long look, before she's grinning over at the others. "Hopefully they won't need 'em tonight, yeah? Dragonhealers." Pause, wince. "Or…people healers." Cue a cough and a faint giggle.

From the sands, The Ocean's Deception Egg shivers just a little, the transition of colors making it seem like the design itself has moved, even though obviously the egg has. Though, at second glance… has it moved at all? It's hard to be certain, but that one dark spot seems to have shifted slightly to the left…

M'ori nods, scootching aside for the ex junior. "Sure!" He makes room for Ethne. "I took a break from work to watch the hatching. Ulu's up in the crowd." He points to the ledges above for watching dragons.

From the sands, Eleven Worldly Wonders Egg gains more confidence as it shakes violently back and forth, tipping radically to one side and then the other. Great waves of sand roll away from the base of the quaking ovoid as it begins to spin rapidly for a few seconds. After a good bit of this frantic movement, a long crack suddenly forms along one side. Seemingly satisfied at its work so far, the occupent inside falls into a resting state once more.

From the sands, Jessamin turns her gaze to the Ocean's Deception egg, chuckling softly to herself. Oh yes, this was going to be quite interesting indeed… but which egg would hatch first? It is only briefly that she glances up at the stands, a brief scan telling her all she needs to know; nobody she knows is there, and so she looks back at the eggs once more.

As the hatching begins, Ameera arrives, dressed in a tight gold dress and followed by a child who's platinum blonde hair and blues eyes match the goldriders. Both of them sit down very properly two rows up, saying in far to polite a manner, "Excuse me, pardon me." Making small motions with her hands, as if that alone had the power to move people. Head up chin out she dusts off a spot, and her and Adeena sit down, hands folded in lap with elbows in. On the heights Elinath croons, adding her voice to the chorus.

From the sands, Best Laid Plans Egg leaps ever so slightly off the sands, the movement upwards perhaps not even noticed though it does throw the whole thing off balance and the egg rolls over to its side as it shatters into tiny bits of torn paper.

Champion of Casserole and Cupcakes Brown Hatchling
Magnificent mahogany washes over this average-sized brown like a multi-hued varnish. There's nothing that particularly makes his build stand out over any other. He's not fat or skinny, long or short, tall or not; just completely average. A cris-cross pattern, akin to a subtle plaid, cloaks his back like a trench coat, mixing shades of klah barred with cinnamon, while his underside is a crisp, clear and perfectly even tan. Thin lines of chocolate dribble across his wing sails, adding a darker hue along the traces of his wingspars. The color of old, forgotten books curls around the end of his tail as well as his feet, ending in talons, sharp as a detective's skill for solving the crime. At the crown of his head a wide band of a russet circles protruding headknobs, a tinge of reddish-orange adding contrast to his otherwise wholly brown tones.

From the sands, Morlanol watches the eggs move, willing one or the other to hatch.

D'son comes in, a little breathless as things really get a-rocking and a-rolling and seeks out Niva in the seating. "Niva," he says politely as he draws near and looks out at the sands, gaze roving over the faces of the remaining candidates after Inimeth and Kilaueth's eggs hatched not so long ago.

Ethne nods as she smiles to M'ori and takes a seat beside the bronzerider quietly. "Well always good to get away from work at times." She says.

From the sands, Keziah watches the eggs, the candidates, the eggs again and takes a breath and then the first one hatches. "A brown." Thank you Captain obvious. "Not too bad lookin. Makes me hungry." she remarks after a moment and then shakes her head at such silliness.

From the sands, Cenlia takes a deep breath, glancing around at her friends a moment before her attention is drawn to the first hatchling, the girl murmuring an appreciative, "Oh.."

Sigam doesn't seem as reclusive as the others. He enters in a knot of unfamiliar faces, all rather jubilant and chatty. The Dragonhealer's face is lit up with a sort of jubilance as he points to a group of three seats that are generally close to the fore of the observation level. His companions seem to agree on the location and follow suit. Sigam bows quickly to Ethne as he passes, respecting her position above him in the realm of Dragonhealers before taking a seat sandwiched between the two men whose knots reveal they are Istan. "I know a lot of them this time," he's saying, thumb jerking towards the candidates on the sands even as he beams like a proud parent. An egg shatters, revealing a brown, and conversation, at least for this group, falls momentarily silent. Then: "Shards!" Yep. That'd be Sigam.

A woman in the front row seems to have a good amount of control over the young, bright-eyed boy who sits next to her. "I see 'er!" He crows, bouncing in his seat, while she nods. "Yes." The severe-looking woman murmurs, voice not in the least bit close to the excitement of the lad. "Tali! Taliiii~!" He calls, laughing.

Moria had the luck to be present when the dragons started humming, as she was spending a few moments examining the lights around the observation level. As such, when the humming starts, she immediately makes her way to fairly good seat near the front rows and settles herself, leaning forward with a delighted expression. As the first egg cracks, she breaths a soft oh of surprise at the brown's appearance.

From the sands, Liya inhales sharply as the egg shatters, the hatchling's brown scales visible now. Liya's eyes focus on the brown for a long time, waiting to get out of the way as she stands somewhat in awe. Soon, her gaze flits aside, waiting expectantly for the others to reveal themselves.

From the sands, The Ocean's Deception Egg shivers again, this time giving the impression of waves across a sea as the shell turns sluggishly in it's sandy wallow. After a few minutes of this continued shivvering, a small *pop* can be heard, and the egg cracks right along the greyish markings on the shell, splitting the silver clear in half and oozing a bit of the egg's contents onto the sands.

From the sands, Morlanol gives an excited shout when the first hatchling emerges. He almost reaches over to Cen, then thinks better of it

From the sands, Jessamin grins broadly as the first egg hatches, looking the hatchling over carefully. "Good fortune, that, such a beautiful brown." She falls silent, then, watching the other eggs, while somehow keeping one eye on the hatchling, ready to move out of its way.

From the sands, Fortinos can't help but grab Gimeki "Look! A brown!" he explains. Course, it's not the bronze he's hopin' for, but a brown is cool as well. "Who do you think he'll look too. Oh! So exciting!"

From the sands, Rogawani catches his breath in his throat as the first of the hatchlings appears, drawing his eyes away from the healers that Tali had noticed. He doesn't have time to comment about it, attention flicking quickly. He takes a deep breath then, forcing himself to stay calm as he rubs his hands along the robe, clearing them of sweat. "It's starting." He says to himself.

Niva and C'ian scoot a little more, the former Weyrleader making room for the younger Weyrleader, even offering a nod in greeting before his attention is upon the sands, seeking out Vivian's form. Niva is a bit more talkative, smiling and waggling fingers at the young bronzerider, in a good mood all things considered. "I assume you are as… hopeful as I am, that Vivian Impresses.." Though, certainly for different reasons.

M'ori nods. "yes, I spend a lot of time at the shop. Coselia was angry at me, I slept there the other day." He shakes his head and then watches the new brown and the rocking eggs. "Looks like a nice healthy fellow."

From the sands, Champion of Casserole and Cupcakes Brown Hatchling sees something, finally, out of the corner of his vision. The brown turns in that eager way in which an overfull food addict turns to see their favorite piece of pie walk by. A step off on his way and he trips, falling snout first into the sands. Oof! He meant to do that. Really he did. The brown finds his feet again, giving the sand an annoyed snort. Turning just off his previous path the dragonette locks his gaze on fidgety young man. A rough, yet gentle, nose to the boy's stomach is only an added effect as if to say 'yes, you there'. The boy finally calling out the brown's name with smug and pompous air, "Nachtelaith!" as the newly named brown adds a bugle of his own. Soon after one of the assistant weyrlingmasters leads Vanorden - now V'den - and his brown off the sands. The Candidate Wore White - Solved!

From the sands, Yontal seems to ignore the brown, keeping his attention on the eggs instead.

From the sands, Black tendrils along The Hand of Greed egg slowly break, bit by bit until eventually the hand releases it's prize. From it's prison now rests the Trouble Finder Green Hatchling.

Trouble Finder Green Hatchling
Pale as tropical seas from the tip of her tail to the tip of her nose this green is bathed in light shades of translucence that build up like the layers of an opal. Darker hues curl around her headknobs and down along her spine until it splits ways at the fork in her tail, where a touch of glimmering aquamarine catches the eye. Average in size for her color, her wings seem too small for her figure and her tail has a slight bend.

"I hope so mostly for her sake, actually," D'son says with an earnest smile for both parents. "C'ian," he also nods politely to the older bronzerider and sits near the pair, settling hands on knees to watch.

From the sands, Satoris glances over to Jorrel as the first hatches, watching the transfer. The smith grins and nudges Satoris. "They say that a bronze first is the best luck, but I think he's a good enough sign." Satoris just gives a small shake of his head, amused, looking to the eggs and watching each in turn.

From the sands, Gimeki gets jostled by Fortinos his eyes rolling back and forth, almost dramatically. "Easy Fort." he starts to say and then is startled "Wow. That was quick. He knew just who he wanted." the boy states and then ohs. "Look at that green."

From the sands, Donakan seems to brighten when the first of the dragons hatches, even though it's just a brown. Oddly enough, he doesn't seem disappointed at this. However, his eyes do show a flicker of that disappointment when it bonds so quickly. He balls his hands up a bit, looking around before his eyes scan back to the eggs, and the newest addition to the snads.

From the sands, Vivian continues to look up into the galleries, spotting a few familiar faces amongst the crowd she lifts her hand to wave at them, the brown and subsequently the green are glanced at and dismissed out of mind as unimportant in the grand scheme of her life.

Taira slips up into the galleries, brushing past a few people in search of a seat and eventually wiggling her way between two riders near the back. There's a glance around, looking for familiar people, grin broadening as she lays eyes on the weyrleader grouping near the front, but for now she pays attention to the eggs.

From the sands, Riyontali doesn't flinch when the first egg hatches, though she does lean just a little bit towards the pile of them, eyes narrowing. "Handsome fellow." The girl murmurs quietly, smiling and lifting a congratulatory hand towards V'den. "Oooh, but isn't she a dearling?" Snickered next. "Wonder if her tail got caught wrong in the shell. Aww.."

"Weyrleader.." The older bronzerider chuckles softly, leaning to pat D'son on the back, before he's peering at the sands, distracted as the face of his daughter turns upwards. Niva rolls her eyes a little, and shakes her head with a sigh. "Something.. little I hope. To distract her, if nothing else."

From the sands, Eleven Worldly Wonders Egg gives a sudden lurch to one side like a drunken sailor and begins to twitch fitfully back and forth. With a great POP, the shell seems to explode outwards into a shower of shards that scatter hither and thither around the nearby sand. Something distinctly blue begins to rise from the wreckage of the egg, spreading its wings out in what looks almost like a triumphant pose. Rejoice, for he has defeated the egg prison at last!

A Little Spark of Magic Blue Hatchling
Molten cobalt ebbs and flows into the form of this small dragon, the liquid hue streaming seamlessly across his wirey frame. Color seeps away from his hide at the base of his throat, pulling at the hue along his narrow chest and across his underbelly until nothing but a ghostly blue remains. Faint flickers of blue-white manifest along the top of his head, trickling and jumping down the length of his sloping neck until they pool into a welling mass at his shoulders. Further vestiges of bleached beryl spread across the expanse of his back, spreading outwards into an intricate pattern of tiny speckles that makes it appear as though splashes of fairy dust have been scattered across his hide. Flames of palest slate have kindled along the base of his tail, twirling along at a slow pace until they die into faded azure at its spaded tip. A cascading shower of silvery blue sparks flares up into a fiery curtain of color across his semi-translucent wingsails, completely blocking out any trace of shade or darkness wih their overwhelming warmth and light.

From the sands, Cenlia can't help but smile, seeing the first pair impress, though there's a touch of disappointment in her expression.

From the sands, As quickly as she hatched, the Trouble Finder Green is quick to find herself some trouble. Stumbling about the sands for just a few moments, before tripping before a pile of girls. Her claws cut the candidate before her's legs, and the sound of the cry draws her attention. The girl, Lerta, offers a weak little smile. "It's okay Adanaith.. Healers will look at it." And the pair is lead off so that Lerta can be checked and Adanaith can get her food.

Thea leans forwards just a little more, barely aware that she's holding her breath. Her eyes are on but one person at the moment and silent is she as well as oblivious to the crowd around her.

From the sands, Liya lifts a hand to her mouth as her attention is for the eggs, and the hatchlings only. She watches them with such awe and respect that only someone who works alongside dragons could muster. "Beautiful…" she whispers, to herself, at the latest hatchlings.

From the sands, Wobble, that's what the Missing Egg does in the sands. A gentle rocking that rocks the little dragon inside, but no.. The dragon does not break out.

Catching Vivian's wave, D'son waves back with a smile and a thumbs up for good luck. "Yeah. Distraction would probably be a good thing," Dels has to agree, leaning back a little in his seat and watching as egg after egg cracks open and the little dragons come spilling out.

From the sands, Morlanol gasps as the blue hatches. He looked magnificent. He nudges Cen and points, "He's beautiful…"

From the sands, Rogawani follows the brown's movement almost up until he finds is lifemate, letting out a low whistle. The green is glanced at quickly, but his face shows only a bit of a curious lift of one eyebrow. "Wasn't that the one…" He seems about to ask, but then the hatchling bonds and there's no more time for that. He looks back, surprised to see a blue where an egg had been a moment ago. "Wow, they're sure coming fast." He lets out a breath, trying not to be overwhelmed by all the moement.

From the sands, Tremors shake the Cliff Aerie Egg. Rimrock trembles, the earthen shell undulates, its motion is a gentle roll. The Dreamer inside is disturbed momentarily, then as the egg stills it slumbers once more.

From the sands, Jessamin smiles from ear to ear as she espies the blue hatchling. "Oh my, now isn't that a handsome fellow… just the right shade of Harper blue." She keeps her eye on the newest of the lot, the others having already found their lifemates.

From the sands, Satoris is terrified, but refuses to show it. His pale eyes do widen as the green cuts the girl it impressed shortly after. He takes in a long breath, bracing his shoulders. Those nearby can likely hear the fabric strain slightly as he does so. The miner-turned-candidate's nerves are definitely fraying.

From the sands, Donakan's eyes spark a bit as he looks towards the blue on the sands, almost as if all his boasting about wanting nothing but bronze had been forgotten. Still, he's tight-lipped and nervous, for the first time feeling as if it didn't matter which color chose him.

From the sands, The Missing Egg cracks! The little dragon trapped within the darkness seems to struggle for there's only a single crack. Then, another joins the first but no dragon is freed.

From the sands, Keziah is watching the eggs her eyes shifting back and forth. She grins at Jessa "He is a nice looking one." A glance towards Cen "Doesn't look like the right blue for you. He doesn't have a large red nose." she notes with a grin. The newly Impressed green rider is given a bit of a grimace. "First blood. Least it ain't bad." And then her eyes are on the eggs, a certain one having caught her attention.

"She is just like her mother.." C'ian comments idly, glancing past his weyrmate to the young Weyrleader, nodding his head at the girl on the Sands. Niva, meanwhile, scowls a little, hitting him on the knee, before she's glancing back at D'son, nodding. "A distraction other than *you*, really.."

From the sands, With a bit of Finality, The Ocean's Deception Egg tips from the embrace of it's wallow, falling with a loud *crack* as it meets the higher line of the sands around it. It stills and holds shape for a second, before the two halves fall away and crumble under the weight of it's former occupant, creeling and wet in the wake of hatching.

Stormy Sea's Destiny Green Hatchling
Deep emerald caresses the sinuous shape of this tiny green, arrayed with rivulets of subtle design that slip across a dainty muzzle and long, elegant head knobs. A shimmer of turquoise gleams through the deeper shades of her regal neck, glazed with a subtle, mottled sheen. This watermarking continues over her small-set chest and shoulders, strands of jewel-toned seaweed floating up wing bones only to be obliterated by the sea's incoming tide. Across wing sails, mixed shades deepen to nearly true blue, rippling waves over each spar and across the dappling of viridian islands that follow wing fingers like a chain. Narrow hips and short, slightly chubby limbs, are flecked with navy, descending to nearly lightless depths, that turns to black along the curve of blunt talons. A whip-like tail follows behind her dainty, elegant form, waves of grass underwater transitioning, just as her limbs do, from light down into darkness, pooling into a brackish green at the fork.

From the sands, Riyontali rocks back on her heels, watching the eggs avidly. "They are going really quickly." The girl breathes. "Was it this fast last time? Shells." Wondered quietly aloud, before she's split between watching the green head off to find her Weyrling, and the newest dragonet. "Oh, my. Shells." It seems to be a common theme, monosyllables! But hey, can you blame her?

From the sands, Fortinos see's the brown Impress, the green and then he holds his breath "Whats coming out next? Where's the bronzes? Surely there's some bronzes in the clutch?" he wonders "Ahh shards, it's another green."

From the sands, Cenlia doesn't stop looking nervous, no, but her shoulders relax a bit as excitement overcomes from anxiety, the girl murmuring, "Shards…" It seems the girl is more at a loss for words than anything, eyes going from rocking egg to hatchling dragons.

M'ori grins at the troublefinder green. "oh, what a handsome young blue." He watches as the eggs continue to rock. "interesting bunch of hatchlings." He beams.

From the sands, Vivian shakes her head as she hears a cry of pain. "First mauling of the day." She murmurs quietly, but not quite enough that those around her won't hear it. "I wonder if there will be any serious injuries?" Her eyes scan slowly across the sands while she waits for her golden lady.

From the sands, A Little Spark of Magic Blue Hatchling gives his wings a quick flick, dislodging several clinging bits of egg shell and goo as he does so with little apparent care to where they might land. No, he's more interested in the strange new world he has finally broken into, which he examines for a brief moment by craning his neck slightly. Apparently not being terribly interested in the ceiling he gives the last remnants of his egg a final swish with his tail before marching fearlessly onwards at a quick trot. Time to go on an adventure over to those strange white-robed things. They certainly look more interesting than the ceiling.

D'son colors faintly at Niva's statement but he answers steadily enough: "Just hope she's happy, whatever happens," the Weyrleader says with a nod, though his gaze is returning to the sands and he leans forward a little.

From the sands, Ancient Forgotten Temple Egg begins to twitch and wobble fitfully, as though there were many tiny winged creatures within tryign to batter their way through the outer shell. Bits of sand begin to skitter away from the base, trying in vain to escape the impending arrival of the menace within. Just when it looks as though the egg itself might vibrate itself open, it falls eerily still.

From the sands, Jessamin draws in a breath as she sees the little green spill free of the egg. "So there you are, you little mischief-maker." She chuckles softly, and just manages to take a step back as the blue hatchling now advances. "Whoah… close one."

From the sands, Morlanol gawps, finding it impossible to keep track of everything going on. He glances at the others, then back to see the blue hatchling coming towards them and nearly jumps otu of his skin, but he manages to avoid startling anything.

From the sands, Liya focuses her gaze on the blue hatchling as it breaks free, her lips curving beneath her hand. She seems almost more of an onlooker, now, and less of a candidate…Less nervous as the shells crack and dragons impress.

From the sands, Dhonzayth continues his deep hum, trumpeting as the hatchlings are pairing off - some quickly and other less so - nudging Avaeth now and then with a triumphant look to him. L'ton's no less proud of himself, standing up on that ledge with Zevida, watching the scene unfold.

From the sands, Gimeki is watching the blue, and then the green and then the blue again. "Look! Look!" he exclaims quietly "He's still looking. Maybe, just maybe." the lad whispers as he watches. He's just as excited as Fortinos, bu

From the sands, Rogawani takes another deep breath as his eyes move from hatchling to hatchling. However, the words of his friends around him cause him a distraction. "Blue last time." He says, running a nervous hand through his hair as he winces inwardly. Instinctively, he takes a step closer to the nearest girl in line, as if somehow by his presence he could keep the same from happening to them. Yeah right. "Shards." He mutters in a low voice.

From the sands, There is no time left to sleep. The Dreamer awakes, shifting within the shell. Fault-lines form along the divide between dark and light on the surface of the Cliff Aerie Egg. A growl, muted from within promises a coming storm.

From the sands, Struggling and struggling before the cracks grow wider on The Missing Egg, and then finally.. It breaks and the hatchling is left on the sands.

A Little Seeker Green Hatchling
From the darkness comes the green, a hide that is so dark that it appears to be black, excellent camouflage for hiding in shadows. Faint specks of bright green flicker along her wingsails and just below her whirling eyes. Large for a green, she's a proud figure, not slim, but well built and stocky.

Moria sighs wistfully as the first Impressions are made, wincing as the first green hatchling accidentlly claws her weyrling. She murmurs to those nearby, "I hope that wasn't too deep a clawing. The poor dragon would never forgive herself."

From the sands, A Little Seeker Green lets out a loud creel, searching this way and that for something! Her creels grow louder as she begins to take into a run towards the nearest group of candidates. And she topped herself into a candidate, and with a faint sigh she rests her head upon him. The boy, Daren now D'ren, under her smile faintly, "Jelieth.. Hi. I'm here. Are you hungry?" The pair lift themselves up and follow the Weyrling Master out.

From the sands, Morlanol glances back as more eggs hatch, then mutters to himself, "Is it usual t' have this many greens?"

From the sands, Donakan toes lightly at the sand, as if he were unsure what he's supposed to be doing, even though this is his third time standing. Then, he seems to straiten himself and look more firmly towards the hatchings, following each one as they wander, or bond, still without a word of commentary.

From the sands, Cenlia glances sidelong at Morlanol, "Half the dragons inthe weyr are green - should hope so."

From the sands, Jessamin feels her shoulders slump slightly as egg after egg hatches and Impresses, but does not spare past a moment for reflection. No… what will be, will be. She keeps her eyes moving between hatchlings and Candidates, wary, yet somehow hopeful.

From the sands, Ancient Forgotten Temple Egg suddenly cracks down the middle with a surprisingly loud noise, causing several bits of shell to fly outwards from the force. It lookas almot as though an earthquake has rocked the stone structure depicted on its surface, causing extreme damage. There is a flurry of movement from within,a couple shivers and then it falls silent once more.

From the sands, Vivian hears a voice nearby and glances over to find Morlanol. "Usually have the clutch will be made up of greens." She tells him ever so smugly. "If you're really lucky one of them might maul you." No love lost there.

From the sands, A tremor wobbles the Quite a Large Mess Egg, shaking loose a thin coating of sand. A distant pounding sound begins, the sound of drums far in the distance, or heavy footsteps, but muted, barely audible.

From the sands, Rei grins and heads over to D'ren and green Jelieth. "Congrats, let's get you two out to the barracks, so that we can get her a little food, hm?" She leads the new pair off the sands, disappearing for a moment before slipping back in.

From the sands, Satoris shifts from one foot to the next. Unlike the robe, his sandals are in relatively good condition. Still, that doesn't make him anymore comfortable. The man's wound tight as a… something that's wound up. He exhales, trying to calm down. "Didn't realize how… terrifying it could be," he mutters, to Jorrel. The former Smith gives a slight nod.

From the sands, Keziah lets out a little sigh of disappointment and then she catches herself and gives herself a shake as the egg she was watching hatches out a green that finds who she wants almost instantly "Ahh well." she murmurs and then glances around towards the candidates to see how they're faring.

From the sands, Stormy Sea's Destiny Green Hatchling moves along easily, searching the sands idly. Hmm, she tilts her head this way.. And then that for a moment. Wings ruffle and she's settling down and watching. Which way? Which way? She doesn't move, instead lets out a defeated sound.

From the sands, Riyontali's expression isn quite frazzled indeed! She doesn't bother to hide it, even, at this point, running an absent hand up through her hair. "Shells shells shells." It's an amused curse, though, murmured as she absently tugs the hem of her robe. "Blue last time, hmm?" Asked to Ro, but her attention is all on the hatchlings and eggs, eyes flicking between each quickly.

From the sands, Morlanol is almost too distracted to catch Viv's comment… almost… he gives her a quick glare, "Y'll be lucky t' 'press one at all."

From the sands, A Little Spark of Magic Blue Hatchling moves past the line of candidates at a swift pace, barely pausing at each one before moving on. He dismisses each one in a different way, one with a slight flick of his wings, a further one with an amused snort that almost sounds like laughter and another with a playful twitch of his spaded tail tip. On and on along the gauntlet of white-robed hopefuls he canters, hardly ever stopping in his ceaseless quest for whatever it is he's looking for. Where oh where is the object of his search?

Ethne remains pretty quietly as the goldrider and higher ranked dragonhealer at Ierne Weyrhold watches the hatching rather distracted by the thought of her Queen and how she wishes things weren't so hard fertile-wise for her lifemate.

From the sands, Fortinos is going beside himself to distraction "Won't a one look this way?" he asks and watches the blue. Sure it's a blue, but a bronze hasn't hatched, and a blue would be neat. Heck he's even take a green at this point.

From the sands, Cenlia spares a glance to the galleries, and then looks back at the sands.

From the sands, Adobe crackles, flaking to fall as a dry rain upon the Sands. Pale shards fall to lie as crumbled scree upon a canyon floor and the sanctuary is no more as the Cliff Aerie Egg simply disintegrates, freeing the Dreamer to run its course.

From the sands, Rogawani wipes his hands onto his robes again, a reflexive reaction to the sweat building up there. His feet don't even seem to feel the warmth through his sandles, but his hands seem to. "Poor green…" He comments, looking with concern towards the hatchling, even as his eyes strain to keep the movements of the other dragonets within his vision. It's a dizzying attempt.

From the sands, Jessamin nudges Morlanol lightly and chuckles, as she spares a whisper for the younger lad. "I pity the dragon -that- one Impresses."

From the sands, Liya knits her brows as she watches Sea's Destiny, obviously feeling sorry at that sad sound. Her gaze shoots aside, though, as Spark of Magic nears her and she steps easily out of his way.

Singing the Rains of Twilight Bronze Hatchling
Through a veil of rain, evening's last kiss blooms across the pale bronze hide of this dragon, bathing it in a sheer russet hue blurred by wisps of fog. Caught between sunset's reddened glow and twilight, a clinging miasma of copper billows in ghost-like eddies across the well-proportioned contours of his body. His wide forehead and blunt muzzle are wrapped in the amber pearl of moonlight's embrace that lingers to trace fingers of golden radiance down his graceful neck and spills upon strong shoulders in an amethyst shower of stars. Touched with a dusky flame dimmed by evening's gloom, neckridges appear as distant rock pinnacles, between which torrents have carved darkened channels. These fade to nightshade, the sable shadows trailing down his spine to the tip of his tail. Topaz light dances in shadowed dapples of tawny and warm ochre across his sturdy back, powerful haunches and strong talons tipped with claws of onyx. The membranes of his wide wings, lit mistily to a silvery-pink through the remnants of a late shower, contrast with the deeper violet of his wingbones.

From the sands, Gimeki just shakes his head a little "It's all just happening so quickly." he murmurs and then his eyes light up "Hey look Fort! Maybe it's your bronze!"

From the sands, Forgotten Yellow Egg shifts and slides slowly amongst its sandy hollow, the red and white grains refusing to run, refusing to reveal more of the washed out shell. However, despite the hinderance, the movement continues, and slowly the shell is revealed.

From the sands, Yontal grins hugely as the bronze, *his* bronze, finally hatches, and takes a step towards it.

M'ori looks over at Ethne. "you're awefully quiet. Smile a little!" He tells her with a warm smile. "These young people start their lives anew today!" He tells Ethne. "Smile for them at least?"

From the sands, Morlanol nods to Jess, "Me too… poor thing'd be so 'nored if it weren't a gold." Then he glances up, "Wow, firs' bronze… jus' look at 'em…"

From the sands, Vivian rolls her eyes at Morlanol. "I wouldn't like to see the state of the one that picks you, it'd probably smell just as bad." She replies back ever so sweetly. "I don't think I need worry though, my pretty Golden Lady is out there, somewhere." Yes she is delusional.

From the sands, Ancient Forgotten Temple Egg completely shatters into several million pieces, causing multiple bits of shell to rain down onto the sand around it like some odd mimicry of debris from a giant explosion. Sitting within the wreckage of the egg is a flash of color that quickly begins to unfurl to reveal itself as a dark bronze hatchling.

From the sands, Donakan shoots a glare towards Yontal, rather than at the hatching bronze. Why was it that everyone teased him mercilessly about impressing a bronze when no one seemed to do the same for the miner. "Wherrybrain." He mutters, so low it can't carry too far, and then looks away from both miner and bronze.

Shadows in the Night Bronze Hatchling
Darkness withers what might have been a shining bronzen tone, making the hide of this small, thin dragon look almost tarnished and dirty. His frame is lanky, long and extended, as though he has been stretched too much over a long period of time. A faint silvery-gold sheen sweeps across the length of his back and his curiously bat-like wings, creating a caramel overtone where it touches his otherwise blackened copper hue. Slender curving talons of deep brass extend outwards, looking oddly short and stubby in comparison to the rest of the dragon's dark features.

From the sands, Liya loosely crosses her arms over her chest, her attention turning for the newly hatched bronze and Yontal stepping towards it. She seems to think that may be a bad idea, her brows lifting. She inhales sharply as she watches, wondering if she'll see an impression…or a maul.

Lissi scales the stairs and lands on the observation deck a bit breathless but smiling, moving quickly to find a seat. She peers up and over, trying to get a good look at the sands and her weyrmate, grinning to see him. "Excuse me," she says quietly, moving to a seat, trying to stay out of everyone's way, skirts aswish.

From the sands, Satoris is watching as the bronze hatches, as is Jorrel apparently, for the Smith rocks back on his heels slightly. "That one's a beaut," the man, larger than Sat as he is, rumbles. Satoris gives a nod, agreeing, but casts a glance towards Vivian. An eyebrow arches, but the former Miner just shakes his head — an almost pitying gesture — and looks forward once more.

From the sands, Riyontali seems to find it hard to focus, between peering long and carefully at her fellows, then to the dragonets. "I hope she's okay…" The girl mutters, before glancing around for the other, the blue — "Picky, inne?" Laughed with a faint smirk. Then, though, her attention flicks to the two newest hatchlings, and both eyebrows go way up. "Well. Look at that! Two nearly at the same time. Shells."

From the sands, Shadows in the Night Bronze Hatchling remains curled up in the debris of his previous home, his wings half furled to cover his head as though trying to block out the sudden brightness that threatens to engulf him. It takes a few moments before he pokes a head tentatively out from underneath his wing, shifting slightly from foot to foot in an anxious sort of way. Before anything else can frighten him further, he gives a sudden forward lurch and makes a few uneasy steps towards the nearest line of male candidates, looking for some protector or savior to get ihm out of this strange place. With a soft PLOP, he lands in a rumpled heap at the feet of a rather skinny boy at the very end of the row, turning his face upwards towards him in adoration. Ashaden, a boy from the Starcraft no older than 13 turns, jerks back in surprise at the sudden arrival of a crumpled heap of dragon at the tips of his sandalled toes. "A'den… A'den? Oh, Ilveraith. I know it's a bit overwhelming. Let's get you off the sands and get something to eat." Taking a moment to wipe some tears from his eyes with the sleeve of his robe, the skinny blonde-haired youth, now A'den, almost skips off the sands with his tiny bronze lifemate in tow.

From the sands, Jessamin shakes her head sadly at Vivian's remark. "Poor woman…" She eyes the hatchlings once more, taking a hesitant step forward to see if perhaps by some miracle her lifemate is among them.

From the sands, L'ton glances up now and then towards the Observation level, gaze flicking over the distant faces. But, each time his attention is quickly pulled back to the going ons on the Sands, patting Zevida's shoulder. "See, so far so good, just like Ah told ya.."

From the sands, Rogawani shifts his eyes move over discarded shells, as if trying to look for one in particular. Has it hatched already? He holds his tongue and looks towards not one, but two bronzes on the sands, letting out another low, impressed sound in his chest. "Two bronzes, that close?" He seems surprised. "Don't think I've ever seen two break shell that close together." He muses, and then watches as the second picks out Ashaden. "Hey, goodonya, Ash." But his voice is drown out by the general sounds of the sands.

From the sands, Keziah glances towards Yontal as well and shakes her head "Fool." she murmurs and then there's another bronze. She takes a breath and spares a moment to looks around a little at the hatchlings, just in time to watch one of the bronzes Impress. Well, she can't have a bronze anyways. She's not that delusional after all.

From the sands, As if awakening from a deep sleep, Singing the Rains of Twilight Bronze lifts his head and peers at the shell-shards around him as if to ask 'where did my home go?' He slowly uncurls, stands and surveys the Sands with curiosity, tilting his head to one side, then the other. He's fascinated by somethingoverthere! With a rumble of sound, a miniature thunder grumbling in his throat, he pads forward across the desert space to that odd oasis of white, intent on seeing these unknown things up close.

From the sands, Ruzel shifts and watches, brows knitting some, glancing around, watching the eggs break and pairs made. He sees one pass close by then exhales as the dragonet keeps moving, hands knotting into a nervous clasp.

From the sands, Forgotten Yellow Egg continues to shift, determined to reveal itself, determined to show true upon the Sands, and to give an answer to the mystery which lingers amongst it. What is hiding beneath that cap of maroon, behind that overgrown bush? A crack begins to work its way along the curve of the shell, a door slowly edging open.

"I reckon he'd take her out." Sigam's conversation is obviously continuing, talk of home dominating conversation even as eggs hatch, babies impress, and new weyrling pairs go. "Quake or no quake, she's a fiesty one. Not likely to give in to his 'whimsies.' She'll stay on that cliff until it falls out from under her." He nods firmly, giving the newest bronzes a heavy, judicious look before peeking closer at the blobs of white, trying to distinguish Riyontali, Morlanol, or even Cenlia from the group. He finds one or the others, apparently, for he waves with a furious intent. Not that they're looking.

From the sands, Morlanol gasps, watching the first bronze impress. Where would the other go? Silently, he wills it, his expression shows, but to whom?

From the sands, The Quite a Large Mess Egg is shuddering now, the distant drumbeat becoming louder. Tap tap tap tap. Slow, rhythmic, methodical. Tap tap tap crack! A spider fracture appears on the side of the shell, in the center of the wreckage. Something wants to break free!

From the sands, Stormy Sea's Destiny Green Hatchling lifts herself up after a moment, ruffling her wings once more and then tilting her head this way again. Hmm. She begins her search, nosing at each candidate she passes carefully. Each one earns a snort from the green. Not you, not you.. And not you.

From the sands, Fortinos all but chokes over his own tongue as the bronze Impresses, but not to him. He turns and buries his head into Gimeki's arm. "I can't watch, let me know when it's over."

From the sands, Morlanol glances up when his favorite egg starts to move, willing the little one inside to burst free and reveal its true form.

From the sands, Rei scuttles over through the crown to the newly impressed A'den and bronze Ilveraith. "Over here! Congrats you two, on finding your partners! Let's get you over to settle into the barracks, okay?" With that, she leads the pair off the sands, then returns after they've taken a few moments to find themselves a spot.

From the sands, Gimeki is a little startled by Fortinos "Uh.. sure?" he says and shakes his head some "Don't be such a wherry though, you're gonna miss it all. What if one changes it's mind cause you're hiding?"

From the sands, Satoris gives a nod of approval at the choice of the first bronze's Impression. "He'll do well… A'den, now?" As the green makes her passes, Satoris resists the urge to take a step back. There's still a somewhat unsettled expression in his eyes, but he's growing somewhat used to the hatchlings amongst them. Jorrel, an old hat at this game, is simply a bastion of strength at the miner's side.

From the sands, A large quake in the shell splits the Quite a Large Mess Egg in two, bringing an end to that repetitive tapping, and revealing at first what looks like a second pile of mossy rubble within the rubble-like shell. Slowly the inner rubble unfurls, stretching large wings first, then stretching out and sitting up, raising a craggy head to survey the sands.

The Hills Are Alive Brown Hatchling
Large and roughly shaped, this brown's appearance is rugged not unlike a small mountain. Starting at his feet, which resemble the hulking shape of big boulders, the cool shades of stone brushed with dusty brown lead to coarse-cut limbs where that pale dusting of tan gets thicker as it rises along his sides. The bulk of his body takes on the color of freshly-turned soil, dark when wet, much paler after the sun has leeched away the moisture. A certain craggy quality to his physique can be found in the uneven line of ridges that march down his back, crumbling out into the tip of his tail. A spotty green pattern, decorates those high crags and the upper sweeps of his wings, like so much moss across the surface of old stones.

From the sands, Yontal, having stepped back into line, just shakes his head at Fortinos and Gimeki. What *were* they thinking?

From the sands, A Little Spark of Magic Blue Hatchling grows increasingly more restless and even faster in his relentless circling as he passes by candidate after candidate. None seem to be catching his eye and it's becoming a desperate quest and an almost fruitless adventure for him. What good is something like this without the prize at the end? With a snort of impatience, he doubles back on himself, skidding slightly in the sand and nearly spraying a hapless candidate as he does so. But this doesn't seem to be some random move of whim, but he does seem to have spoted something. With growing agitation and flicks of his wings, the blue skids quickly to a halt in front of a girl somewhere in the semicircle, gazing up adoringly. Come and adventure with me?

From the sands, Of Colored Clay doesn't do much, it tilts to the right and then is still. There's only the slightest of quivers coming from the egg.

From the sands, Vivian is good at ignoring all the snide comments that are directed at her good self. She's better than that, she knows better after all. Her arms fold across her chest, the heat starting to do it's work as she shifts her feet around a bit. Her gaze still flickering impassively across the sands, not all that much interest in the events going on.

From the sands, The shell of the Forgotten Yellow Egg is slowly giving way, as the strands of the mystery begin to sort themselves out, the answer iminent. As the crack's spread, the door opens, before the Forgotten Yellow Egg is forgotten completely as attention is instead on the yellow-green hatchling who is daintily creeping forth from the remains.

Drawing Down the Moons Green Hatchling
The green grass of the moors gathers, growing thick over the dainty and delicate body of this little lady, soft variations in color twisting around her slender muzzle, to tickle her chin and headknobs. Faceted eyes are set just so, giving her a very pretty look, a feminine face set on a serpentine neck. Yellow-green is brushed over her eye ridges before it appears again in the gentle curves of her torso and around her svelte hips, dancing here and there along the slim lines of her belly and each long limb before deepening into the sleek ebony of each talon. Kissed by golden moonbeams, wingsails are translucent gold-green each section contrasting with the shadowed sedge of spars that streak across them. Her darkest hues dapple the carefully shaped ridges that roll along her back, hearty foliage sweeping across each peak and valley, where whispers of grey-green fog swirl, an ever-lingering mist lending mystery to the strangely indistinct tip of her tail.

From the sands, The rich brown binding of the Brass Bound Egg begins to shift, slowly creaking and crackling as it resettles upon the shelf of Sand on which it sits, slowly resettling.

From the sands, Ruzel has his eyes on an egg, watching it, shuddering when it shudders. He looks to his fellow candidates and gives a slight smile before he looks back to the eggs. A look of surprise crosses his face and then he blinks and shakes his head, still waiting.

From the sands, Jessamin 's brows knit with concern as she watches Of Colored Clay egg. "I hope that one's alright…." She nearly misses the hatching of the Forgotten Yellow egg, only the triumphant trumpeting of the dragons drawing her attention that way. She smiles at the dainty beauty within. "Oh, now aren't you a pretty one…"

From the sands, Morlanol watches the eggs, his head moving this way and that, then suddenly the brown hatches and has his attention. It looks like home.

From the sands, Liya seems to be taken aback as more and more of the eggs crack, her attention just not enough to take in everything. Another brown, another green. It would seem as though she adores all of them. Though there is obvious sadness behind her pale eyes as hatchlings impress, and less and less eggs rock on the sands.

Lissi can't help but get a sort of wistful look on her face, remembering no doubt her own moment of impression. "Awww..look at tha'…" she says with a sweet smile, leaning forward, peering down at the hopeful candidates and hatching eggs.

From the sands, The Oddities of Theft Egg begins a slow wobble, a slow dance upon the hot Xanadu Sands, shifting, settling. The shell seems to shift, and bulge, the flimsy ovoid stretching and settling back, stress fractures beginning to appear near the base.

From the sands, Having torn his cosy egg asunder, The Hills Are Alive Brown Hatchling stares out into the big wide world. He stands for a long moment, finding feet, testing before he turns his gaze towards Dame, Sire, and the other 'things' surrounding him on the red white sands of Xanadu.

From the sands, Cenlia watches the hatchlings, ready to move out of the way if neccessary, but otherwise still. Her feet soon start to shift as the heat of the sands gets to her, but her attention is on the hatchlings and the rocking eggs. Very few things can really leave the gardener girl without words; this seems to be one of them.

From the sands, Ontali laughs quietly. "Lucky, maybe?" She asks with amusement. "Awww!" That would be offered with a happy grin for young A'den. "Excellent!" The girl laughs once more, then busies herself with a glance down at the — wait, what? It takes the girl a long moment to realize that she's managed to flop down beside the dragonet, staring at him wide-eyed. "Cid..heoth? Oh, shells." Blink. Pause. "Food! Yes!"

From the sands, Rogawani watches as the small green comes close to him but moves on all too quickly. Then, all of a sudden, he ends up with a spray of sand nearly hitting him in the face as the blue comes close. "Eee." He raises a hand to shield his eyes, rubbing them to clear slightly. Once his vision clears, he seems a bit surprised to see that the hatchling has bonded to none other than Tali. "Hey." He laughs slightly, a nearly hysterical sound, "You did it, Tali." He beams brightly, lost in the moment, at least until the sight of other hatchlings moving catches his eyes.

Thea nods with approval as the blue chooses Riyontali, a smile curves her lips. "Somehow I think those two will do well together." Her eyes wander over the ragged lines of Candidates, her eyes questioning. How are her friends down there?

From the sands, Drawing Down the Moons Green Hatchling is every bit the delicate maiden, each limb slowly stretched and extended, wings furled and unfurled, as she turns to look back upon the shards of the egg from whence she came. A pause, and then she's moving away, floating like a gentle fog over the red and white sands towards that ring of white.

Sigam pauses. Blinks. Inhales, exhales, and then rises to his feet to let out a screaming WHOOP of utter delight. His friends are obviously taken aback, sinking low in their seats and eyeing him dubiously, even as the Dragonhealer cups his hands around his mouth and screams something loud. It might be congratulatory, but no, really, it's just loud.

From the sands, Morlanol gawps for a moment… what'd just happend, oh! Tali! right, "Congrats, Tali!"

From the sands, Vivian catches a glimpse of golden tones on the sands and her attention snaps towards it, but when it reveals itself to be a petite green her posture says it all. Slumping back down into a bored slouch, her eyes flickering along to one of the nearer candidates and the blue. A faint smile on her lips.

From the sands, Jessamin grins, clapping just a few times for Tali. "Congratulations!" Her attention turns back to the now several hatchlings out of the shell, not particularly caring for a stint in the Infirmary.

From the sands, Cenlia grins broadly, "Congrats, Tali!"

From the sands, Singing the Rains of Twilight Bronze wends his way past lines of Candidates whuffling and looking, but not finding what it is he is searching for. Other hatchlings, the crowds in the observation level, even his sire and dam are fleetingly glanced at, then ignored. They hold no interest for him. He lifts his head, a plaintive cry, almost akin to a keening wail issues forth from his throat as every line of his body shows his despair. He wilts to the sand on his belly, lowers his head to the sand and closes his eyes, wings limply draping his form. Again he calls out - it's a barking chuff of disappointment. He cannot find him.

From the sands, Rei heads over to Tali, waving her hands about. "Congrats! Congrats! Who is this then? Cidheoth? Hello!" She grins to them both. "Come with me! You'll want to pick a spot in the barracks and get him some food, right? I'm sure he's hungry." She waves the pair off the sands.

From the sands, Satoris chuckles faintly at Tali, giving a nod in her direction. "Congrautlations," he echoes. He does look quite happy for her, but he doesn't applaud or anything. He is kind of rooted to his spot at the moment.

From the sands, Keziah is startled a moment and then she see's Tali Impress "Congrats!" she exclaims and smiles, she's certainly pleased to see the girl Impress. There's a glance towards Ro though. Hopefully, he gets one too. For his sake and such.

From the sands, Liya turns her gaze aside for a moment as Tali impresses, her lips curving in a wide smile before she turns her attention back to the sands, watching…waiting.

From the sands, Stormy Sea's Destiny Green Hatchling seems to find what she's looking for, spotting it in the distance. There she moves, slowly in that direction. Wings furl out as she approaches the candidate. Slowly, she moves to close her wings around her and there's an absolutely loving croon given. This one, she is hers.

Moria doesn't know Tali very well, so she's not overly loud in her call sof congratulation. Her attention is more for the two candidates she knows best, Keziah and Rogawani.

From the sands, Drawing Down the Moons Green Hatchling takes each step carefully, limbs lifted high, making none of the mistakes her clutchsiblings may have made. There's no stumbling, no tripping, instead just a sedate pace that sends her down the line, perfection in every step. Pausing at a miner, rooted in his spot, she turns her head, and then passes on by him without a backwards look, dainty form continuing on.

From the sands, The binding of the Brass Bound Egg begins to crack and give, dried out by the heat of the Sands, the brass clasps seeming to peel away from the leathery surface, cracks slowly spreading.

From the sands, The cracks made by the egg's coloring on the Of Colored Clay Egg begin to portrude, becoming thicker and more noticeable. It makes no movements beyond that.

From the sands, Morlanol looks down at the green hatchling as it passes him. It's hard to say whether he's relieved or disappointed as it moves on, but more eggs are hatching and more hatchlings are wandering and he looks to them.

From the sands, Rogawani is forced to push his eyes away from his friend as she impresses, drawn to the remaining hatchlings as they search the sands. His eyebrows forrow a little at the distressed sound from the bronze. One hand twitches, but then falls back to his side as he spots the green hatchling nearby. Attention drawn in so many direction, the lad seems a bit flustered, shifting his weight from side to side.

From the sands, Ruzel is happy for her too, happy and maybe even overwhelmed, his eyes sort of glazed as he looks from egg to dragonet to candidate. His gaze travels a slow circle around the sands, zoned out a bit, all the noise a low rumble in the background as he too waits and watches.

From the sands, And finally, Of Colored Clay Egg quivers and the cracks spread along the egg. First a nose comes forth and then the rest of the hatching pushes out and he is left on the stands in a mess of eggshells and hatching fluids.

From The Dragon's Kiln Brown Hatchling
Pulled from the fire too early is this bulky dragon, made of deep earthy clay that has just begun to cook and burn, crisp from the flame. The exposed dragon begins to crack with the cool air that he is exposed to, thin lines of black plaguing different parts of his figure. Crackle is visible along the start of his wingsails on his right side, beneath his left eye, along his strong neck, and down to the very tip of his tail. Soft emerald specks of wet paint dance along his large wings and down his broad back, meshing with faint splotches of burgundy that gather there.

From the sands, Cenlia watches the brown and green on the sands, bottom lip catching a moment before she's forcing herself to stop the foot-hopping and relax, murmuring another appreciative, "Shards," as yet another brown hatches.

From the sands, The Oddities of Theft Egg has begun to come apart at the seams, thin cracks working their way upwards, splitting the red locks where they sit upon the Sands.

From the sands, The world was not as he expected, that much is clear as the The Hills Are Alive Brown Hatchling searches his new surroundings. Something is missing. Something is needed. No, no. SomeONE is needed. Someone to help him make a little sense of things as they are here in this strange new world outside the shell. There! That one, the brown seems to have made up his mind as he charges and settles in front of a brown hair boy with a cherubic face.

From the sands, Ontali just kind of gapes up at her friends, eyes wide still. "Shells." She answers intelligently up at them with a faint giggle, then glancing over towards the stands at — a loud noise? "Food." She agrees absently with Rei, nodding, then standing to brush sand off of herself. "Right, of course! C'mon…" The girl still just kind of gapes down at then dragonet, but follows obediently.

From the sands, Vivian has another quick glance across at the eggs, the little dainty green is noted for no more than a second as it passes Morlanol. "She'd be perfect for him." She mutters as she decides to check her nails instead. One hand out as she checks for dirt under there.

From the sands, Brass Bound Egg has been touched and appreciated throughout its tenure on the Sands, and while its end is certainly drawing near, it was well appreciated upon its shelf. The story, however, is only beginning for the blue that's left, the binding undone and the pages open for all to see.

Depths of the Loch Wave-Washed Blue Hatchling
Reflecting the depths of a landlocked lake, waves of steely teal wash over this lean blue's frame, giving the impression of rippled motion even when he is still. Forming a highly aerodynamic line from the arrow-like wedge of his narrow muzzle on through the curved sweep of each wing and the sinuous line of his long tail, it's clear that this fellow is made for sailing Pern's skies with agility and grace.

From the sands, Something tugs at Singing the Rains of Twilight Bronze - perhaps it is the sound of a particular voice he's hearing amongst all the others or is it something else? He lifts his head, arching his neck, this yearning drawing him to rise and seek once more. Down the line of Candidates he walks, until there is one he pauses beside, his neck stretches to touch gently at the chest of one young man with brown hair and grey storm-washed eyes. His muzzletip remains in contact with the lad's chest, while whirling green eyes lift to gaze at the grey ones, drinking in the sensitive mind, flooding that one with all that he is. It's as if after a long, lonely, parched trek, both drown in the abundance of each other.

From the sands, Keziah is of course paying more attention to Tali and her Impression that she doesn't notice the green, and then she goes still. She turns to look and her eyes widen in shock "Alosynth?" she murmurs, her mouth is suddenly dry. "Alosynth! Oh yes! We'll get you some food. Oh yes!" Eyes are streaming down her face. "I guess R'sul had the right of it." she murmurs as she leads the green of the sands.

From the sands, Morlanol glances to the new brown brown. He too was pretty, but his attention is immediately drawn back to the craggy brown. His eyes grow wide, his mouth slack for a moment, then he drops to his knees, hugging the brown as tight as he dares, "Faraeth!" the boy, now M'nol, cries out, a look a pure joy suffusing his young face.

From the sands, Cenlia laughs and grins at Keziah, calling a sincere, "Congrats!"

Moria cheers more energetically as the green selects Keziah, then settles back to keep watching, keeping an eye on Rogawani as the remaining hatchlings make their way around the sands.

From the sands, Drawing Down the Moons Green Hatchling continues along the line, but then there's suddenly a hand stuck out in her way. Straightening, the little green attempts to make herself seem bigger, turning to inspect the nails as well. Perfection! And so, the golden-green turns to peer at the owner of the hand, before there's the gentlest nudge against that extended hand. Join her, and be the perfect pair?

From the sands, The Oddities of Theft Egg is covered in cracks, splitting the pale gold and the brighter red, the apparaent lettering becoming invisible behind the network of cracks that expand over every surface. Soon, the seemingly fragile shell is finally giving way, falling down in pieces as a blue is left behind.

Misunderstood Hero Blue Hatchling
Blue, lanky and large, bulky at it's best. A hero, but a thug wrapped into one package of light blues and dark. Dark blue makes up the coloring on his head, like a mask worn by a thief while soft gentle blues make up his body to give a softer appearance. His wings, large and threatening have streaks of deep purples trailing downward like a waterlogged painting beginning to run.

From the sands, Jessamin applauds Keziah and Morlanol, calling out, "Congrats!" to both of them. Her smile begins to fade just a little, though, as fewer eggs and hatchlings remain.

From the sands, Liya swallows again as she continues to watch in silence. She seems joyful for the pairings being made…but also seemingly less and less excited as very few crack and emerge now. Maybe it's just not her time…

From the sands, The Misunderstood Hero Blue Hatchling mopes upon the sands, unmoving from his egg until he hears the sound of a candidate shuffling their feet. Curious, he ventures over in that direction, eyes only on the candidate's feet until. He moves closer, and closer and then his nose is upon those feet and his head tilts up. Before the hatchling is a scrawny boy. "What? Tandth? Sure…" This boy is Monate, now M'ont.

Thea can't help but laugh softly as Morlanol impresses the brown. "He'll have his hands full with that one." Which he is she referring to, boy or dragon? She doesn't define.

From the sands, From The Dragon's Kiln Brown Hatchling is observing, yes. He's not looking at the candidates yet. Instead he's looking to his clutch parents, then around to the walls. Oh look! Candidates. And so he ventures that way, curiously, seeking. Into the sand his nose goes, curious. Oh right, candidates. So again he ventures.

From the sands, Rei makes it back just in time for a green to pick her lifemate. She heads right over to the new pair, clapping excitedly. "Ooh! Hey! Another match up! Over here Keziah! Let's get you two off the sands!" She heads over to her, waving her hands around, then goes to lead her off.

From the sands, Rogawani doesn't have time to notice that Keziah has impressed, or Morlanol. Instead, his storm-gray eyes are drawn down to the nudging of a hatchling standing infront of him. "Nn…" His voice catches, unable to get out fully as wonder spreads through his eyes. He takes a breath and then raises his voice, pride, and a feirce joy in his voice. Now R'owan, the boy reaches out and touches the bronze's head. "Nyunath. Of course we'll get your belly full. I'm glad you remembered me."

From the sands, Jessamin 's gaze is drawn to the brown hatchling approaching the group, and she takes a small step forward. Just one, yet a safe distance off.

Thea's eyes light as the bronze approaches Rogawani and it's a very thoughtful look that grows on her face as she watches that muzzle touch her friend. Her eyes flicker towards Enkavir's form, her teeth gently bite her lower lip, then they are back to the pair and she whispers to herself, "Way to go, Ro bro!" Her smile for him is shadowed by a faint sadness as the pair leaves the sands. Perhaps she knows some of the things in store for him?

As Keziah impresses, there is a satisfied chuckle from Thea. "Won't get lost on the Swamp anymore, I'll bet."

"Oh such pretty girls.." she says of the greens then glances to the others too, "Well they're all just wonderful.." Lissi says with a dreamy expression on her face. "Look at them.. so excited.. dun seem so long ago.." she says with a grin.

From the sands, Cenlia blinks in surprise at Morlanol's exclamation, and almost misses Rogawani impressing. She all but laughs, ginning hugely and calling a, "Congrats, guys!" to each of them. But as her gaze returns to the sands, there's a slight sadness in her eyes.

From the sands, Liya worries on her bottom lip, a look of dejection crossing her face as just two hatchlings are left. She looks to the other candidates, then finally lifts her gaze for the stands where she spots a pair she seems to recognize. She looks away quickly, her gaze just lowering to the sands at her feet.

From the sands, Depths of the Loch Wave-Washed Blue Hatchling The Depths of the Loch Wave Clutch Hatchling lets out a loud cry of discontent now free from his egg. Wings ruffle before he's turning a gaze to all the candidates present on the sand. One catches his attention easily enough and he's moving to a group of girls and settling at the feet of one, Nyela. "Nesyth? Oh! Yes, I imagine you're hungry.." A quick look around and she's gesturing towards the Weyrling Master and then the pair take off in that direction.

From the sands, Vivian continues to examine her fingernails, then all of a sudden there is a petite green head in the way. "Eww." There's a sigh and the girl places her hand on the side of the greens muzzle and gently pushes it away. "No over that way Kelioth, you'll be for someone else…" There's a faltering in her tone and her eyes open wide as something slips into her mind. "Kelioth!" There should be the tinkling of glass as Vivian's world shatters around her. "But you're green!"

From the sands, Satoris watches as a series of Impressions happen all at once, a bit overwhelmed. There's a mild snort and in a fond tone: "Well, now he's someone else's responsibility," in response to Morlanol's Impression. He nods to Keziah, grinning, but then there's a drawn out expression of certain surprise at Vivian.

From the sands, Ruzel glances around and watches one by one as the pairs are made, a sort of mixed expression on his face, worry? Disappointment. Happiness. He smiles, watching his fellow candidates, now weyrlings, exiting with their lifemates.

Thea's brows twitch up at Vivian's response to the Impression. Unlike some of the Candidates and spectators there's no glee or chortling coming from her. Instead it is a somber interest as she observes the pair, a glance flicked to Niva and back to the Weyrwoman's daughter. This just got interesting.

From the sands, From The Dragon's Kiln Brown Hatchling looks again, at each candidate like a work of art meant to be observed. Hmm. Hmm. Well, no. None of you will do. His head turns and he /spots/ him. The right one. And there he goes, flopping before the boy's feet and crooning. His brown tail curls around the candidate and he's content.

From the sands, Jessamin smirks to herself, at once applauding Vivian's fortune and chuckling softly. "Congratulations."

Niva gasps aloud as the green pauses infront of Vivian, and lingers there, leaning to shake C'ian's leg, trying to get his attention, as if the bronzerider could dare look anywhere else. "Love.." She whispers, waiting for that voice, the largest smile crossing her face as the name echoes, giving her weyrmate a long hug, looking about ready to dance right there in the Stands.

From the sands, Cenlia wrinkles her nose at Vivian, and then blinks, suddenly having to conceal a giggle.

From the sands, Rei is running back and forth from the barracks to the sands. Once M'nol impresses she leads him off, then heads back to the sands, bending over to take just a small breath before she notices that the weyrwoman's daughter has found her match. "Vivian! Over here!"

Sigam doesn't bother to sit down anymore. He tried that, once, but it was only just in time to leap up and shout more viciously loud and congratulatory things. He's not subtle about his happiness, our Sigam. Instead, he's crowing like a proud rooster, messing up the names of the now-honorific'd candidates-turned-weyrlings, but it doesn't seem to phase him any. "Yeah, Morl!," or "Oh shards, that was RO!" are common phrases, and though he's trying to include his old friends, it's evident that he's moved into his new home entirely. "… Wait. Was that Vivian?" Though he's never met the girl, reputation precedes her, and for the first time since Ontali left the sands, Sigam is quiet.

That green is lingering by Vivian and from his seat by C'ian and Niva, D'son watches, breath held a hand scrubbing through his hair. And then Vivi says that name and breath is expelled. "Vivi …" the Weyrleader murmurs under his breath, likely all too aware of her convictions. Still, he can't help but call out his own congratulations from up in the galleries.

From the sands, Vivian hears her name being called and turns to face Rei. "She's green?" She still seems confused, rather dazed in fact and follows on instinct alone.

From the sands, Jessamin lifts her chin a notch, seeing no more hatchlings and no more eggs. Ah well, perhaps there would be another time. Her smile has faded, but her head is held high, once again.

From the sands, Ruzel is steeling himself, ready to inhale and..then.. he turns. His eyes go wide and the whole of Pern melts away leaving only R'zel and a brown dragonet. For a few long moments he simply nods at Mikalath, "Yes..food…" he says, slowly turning, more hungry than he's ever been, more happy, and finally home.

From the sands, Zevida can't hide the disappointed look that comes to her face as she looks to those who are left on the sands without a pair. A soft sigh before she approaches the candidates with a slight smile. "As you can see, all the eggs have Hatched.. But, you all are welcome to stay in the Weyr and try again at our next clutch. I'm sorry to say that your lifemate is not here this time." And then, she's shifting uncomfortably and slowly moving off the sands.

The last hatchling Impresses, the pair heads off to join the rest of the Weyrlings. Thea's gaze drifts across the littered sands to where the forlorn group who have been left dragonless gather to listen to the Weyrleaders speak. It is Enkavir in particular that her eyes linger on and there is a pensive expression in them. She rises, steps away then turns, peeking one last look down at him before she slips away murmuring to herself, "And now what?"

From the sands, L'ton watches each dragon find its partner, each new pair led off the Sands, as Dhonzayth croons to each, before he's left to look a bit dejectedly at the shards of the shells. His rider, however, has no dejection on his face, waiting to hear the last of the names called out, and see the last of the hatchlings ushered by the Weyrlingmasters, stepping back to give Zevida the stage with a pat on her shoulder.

Eledri leans back, letting out his breath and looking… relieved? The young man smiles to himself, and then quickly gets up and leaves before anyone can come after him with a shovel.

From the sands, Liya presses her lips together as she looks over the now empty sands, egg shards littering it. She looks to the other candidates still standing, exhaling lightly, her pale eyes looking a touch misty as she turns around, her steps taking her slowly away from the wonderful, yet sad place where she stands.

From the sands, Satoris watches as the remanents depart. Jorrel rolls his shoulders in a shrug and pats Satoris on the shoulder. "Well, back to Telgar for me." The miner… now miner again glances at Zevida and shrugs. His features are fairly blank, overall. "The mine's been faltering without me anyway. It's for the best." And he turns to file out with the others that did not find their lifemate today.

From the sands, Jessamin smiles a little, calling out to R'zel, "Congratulations…" Ah, another day, another time, indeed. It is with steady, measured steps that she turns and walks from the Sands, to the Barracks once again.

From the sands, Rei can at least take her time to lead R'zel and his lifemate off the sands! She heads over to him, out of breath, but still grinning and waving just the same. "Come… with me!" And down she heads with the last pair to the barracks.

From the sands, Cenlia lets her breath out as she looks around, though the disappointment on her face fades a bit as she grins crookedly, "Shards, I need a drink." And there's a laugh that follows, not quite jovial, but the smile remains on her face as she leaves the sands with the others that're left behind.

Lissi beams and watches the dragonets pair up then has to sigh a bit for any left.. she squints, trying to see then just smiles softly. "Another time," she says quietly, on their behalf, "Your mate just wasna there this time.."

Sigam's out of breath by the time it's all over, and then… well, quiet. A murmuring one, filled with happy notions from some, disappointed from other. The Dragonhealer seems to be neither, merely bemused as he watches pairs leave, and the unimpressed turn back. Cue sappy Cirle of Life music! His friends rise on either side of him, one knocking an elbow into his side, jostling him out of his staring, smiling daze. "Right. C'mon, let's get you guys something to eat. I could eat a whole wherry m'self…"

Footnote: At the actual event, the name Lerta (who Impressed Green Adanaith) was posted as Leena. This has been corrected for the log to maintain consistency with the rest of the wiki.

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