Xanadu Hatching, April 20, 2008

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

From the Galleries> Poor Tarish, having to do her duties as junior weyrwoman and attend all these stupid Hatchings; it was special when she only had to go to one every few Turns if she was lucky to pass by a Weyr, but now? She has to go to EVERY SINGLE ONE. And it's not as if they taught her any diplomacy. The dark-skinned woman, fully wrapped up in her long leather "trenchcoat", plops herself down on a seat in the observation level, her eyes screwed loosely off in the distance as if still communicating with the gold brute in her head.

From the Galleries> Candia settles down near the back of the stands, a nice, new brown knot indicating her status as an independent rider.

From the Galleries> Serina pants after climbing towards the seats from the rest of the weyr. "Wait, I'm…" The rest doesn't come out, but the journeyman ahead of her disappears into the crowd. "Oh drat it." This is cursed under her breath and she finds the nearest seat she can, ending up right next to a woman with a brown knot. "Oh, sorry." She mutters to the woman as she bumps her in sitting down, and pulls her bag of knitting into her lap.

From the Galleries> One of the current Weyrlings, Laera, makes her way into the caverns in her festive best. A long slim line skirt and a midrif baring, off the shoulder long sleeve top, you know typical Weyrling wear. The girl has just enough curves to carry it off…the solid work boots on her feet…well that makes the look interesting. Her steps take her to the railing so she can get a first up view of the whole affair. (may not pose much at work)

From the Galleries> Varien is having a father/daughter outing to the hatching. Well, at least they're both there even if Taira is deliberately sitting the row in front of him.

Shifting enough to finally dispel some of the sand around it, Imperial Magistrate Egg seems to hardly make its small, first movements, mountains and sea undulating with each little wobble. If one didn't know better, one might say that the shell itself is stirring, the first outward sign of life within. Then again, it could have all been a mirage - moments later, it stills.

From the Galleries> Yezan makes his way in along with the other influx of people that have found their way into the stands, idly tugging at his collar to try and disperse the heat wafting off the stands while he sidles along until he finds an available seat. Once he has found one, he drops into it comfortably, folding one leg over the other and crossing his arms comfortably over his ribs.

Kilaueth has shifted herself from her spot amidst the eggs to one in the back corner, but close enough that she can hover protectively over her clutch even as they begin to shift and rock. Niva is doing some hovering of her own on the raised platform off to one side, looking rather uncomfortable, when all is said and done.

The golden markings on the Imperial Magistrate Egg cling tenaciously to the shell, even as cracks rapidly form all over it. The guardians seem to writhe as the egg trembles mightily from the forces within, movement almost visible just beyond the largest crack. Soon. Soon, it promises.

Hesketh is pacing, back and forward beside the eggs. As one wobbles he pauses and gives it a 'don't do that' glare. But then come the candidates and he pauses to glare at them instead.

Ysa has arrived alone, probably out on another part of Pern running an errand as she's just shrugging out of her jacket. She doesn't look too hurried to get good seats for the hatching, though her green eyes immediately train themselves on the sands. She gives a soft sigh in relief, just catching as the candidates file out before taking the first comfortable seat available. Her eyes scan the crowds instead of the eggs, though glancing to them on occasion.

From a Forgotten Realm Egg moves slightly, the sides slowly expanding and retreating as the egg appears to take in a single shuddering breath. One would have to be watching it closely to see any difference, but along the edges of the stripes small cracks begin to form.

From the Galleries> Z'kiel moves in with a group of riders from his Wing, finding a free spot to settle in. He ends up somewhere near Tarish, offering the woman a nod once he recognises her.

Delynni bows politely to the sire and dam, walking out onto the sands all but shaking in excitement. Her eyes glitter with the same cheer. She looks around for the familiar forms of her friends, standing on her tippy toes looking for Myesha. "Mye! There she is." She scurries over, mincing on the sands. "Myesha! Mind if I join you?"

Nalkor strides with his usual swagger, a smooth gait that has him crossing the sands with a pensive look shot toward the galleries. Whose there and watching? A squint as he scans faces, reverting his attention systematically toward the mound of eggs and the overwhelming hum of dragons. Due respect is given before he takes a stance some where off to the right side of the eggs.

Ryski moves right along onto the sands, looking a tad uncomfortable as he works at his robe with hands. "Why the heck do these things have to be so uncomfortable?" His words are hissed at the nearest possible candidate, but at least he keeps moving, jerking to a stop in order to do the whole..bowing thing, before he takes a quick look around.

Lurking at the side of the sands is a certain healer some of the candidates now now intimately - or rather she does of them. Makri grins as some of the candidates appear, though it's a none too pleasant grin.

From a Forgotten Realm Egg bulges more obviously this time, the stripes on the shell beginning to split apart as the hatchling inside breathes and moves. Where the cracks widen all that can be seen is darkness before the shell settles back into its current, whole, state.

From the Galleries> Candia smiles at the weaver apprentice, and shakes her head. "It's all right dear. I'm used to it." She offers her hand, and whispers an introduction.

Orla enters from the direction of the barracks alongside all the other candidates. The customary bow to the dam and sire is given before she lines up with the others. "I hope this doesn't take too long, last time I was at one of these it went on for what seemed like ever." She mutters more to herself than anyone else. "It's too sharding hot in here for that."

From the Galleries> Candia smiles at the weaver apprentice, and shakes her head. "It's all right dear. I'm used to it." She offers her hand, and whispers an introduction. "I'm Candia, rider of Brown Cinrath."

From the Galleries> Tarish keeps crossing and uncorssing her legs — obviously impatient, but the impatience is eased when someone sits near her! Yay, someone to rant at! "Got any bets on the eggs?" She tosses idly at Z'kiel, recognizing him vaguely enough to feel comfortable with random chatter. "I was too lazy to get any in." Shame.

Calria pads barefoot out into the sands, a slightly alarmed look on her face. Oh man, this is it. I mean, this is /it/. She bows to the sire and dam, and tries to duck around R'in. She is trying to be sneaky, because she doesn't want the rider to spot her trademark hat, which is still resting on her head.

Andis walks in with the horde of candidates, his arms swishing idly by his side. He tries to stand on the tips of his toes to see over the other's heads, but frowns when all he can see is a cloud of white. His nose wrinkles slightly, lowering himself back to his heels only to stop and pause to give a quick bow to the sire and dam before he filters off to the side looking for a place where he'll be able to see what's going on.

Myesha is, well a bit nervous, the state of her sopping wet hair a testament to her recently interrupted bath. "Hatching, already!" She says as she gives the clutch parents a bow before straighten up, turning to Delynni. "Course!" She says with a smile, her hazel eyes moving back to the eggs.

The Ancient In The Jungle egg shivers, almost as the very foliage with which it seems to be surrounded. The tremor rocks the egg's surface in an ominous fashion with a deep thunk thunk thunk… like tribal drumming from the inside.

From the Galleries> R'miel wanders up into the stands, munching on a pastry. He gives a wave to the ever-so-friendly Tarish, before sliding up behind his weyrmate to try and catch her by surprise. There's a poking finger being jabbed into Ysa's behind. "Hey there pretty lady, this seat taken?" He snickers a bit. How mature.

Heeva moves nervously onto the sands, bowing deeply to both Kilaueth and Hesketh, and stands as close to Nalkor ahead of her as possible - he should be big enough to hide behind?

Alara moves onto the sands along with the others, careful to stop and make the bow towards the dam and sire before moving to stand with the others along the line. Her eyes goes to the eggs after a brief glance around towards the others standing with her.

Zevida moves out into the sands, arms hanging down at her side. A blank look on her face and she bows towards the clutch parents before moving to stand beside Ryski. Her fingers tug lightly on the hem of her robe.

Pike is quiet as he comes in, his head craning back and forth as he nibbles on his lower lip nervously. He offers a deep bow to the sire and dam before he moves over to stand near Andis, offering the candidate a nervous smile before falling silent.

Kamari bows to both sire and dam, looking nervously around as she walks onto the sands, trying to remain calm. Eventually she goes over to the left of the eggs, watching the eggs and nudging the girl next to her. "Which do you think will crack first?" she asks curiously.

With a bow to the dam and sire, Delenn's eyes flicker over the rocking eggs with perhaps a momentary expression of apprehension. Still, the persistent press of candidates behind urge him forward to find a place among the others already gathering around the hatching sands.

Rhelia shuffles in, catching some of the sands in her sandals and kicking them accidentally in front of her. Pausing she offers a one-legged curtsie to the dam and sire, that stance enabling her to shake the hot grains of sand out of her sandal. Once the obesiance is paid, she moves further out onto the stands, eyes watching the eggs in anticipation of the event. Her confidence only falters slightly as she notices the sheer number of onlookers. Stage fright, perhaps?

Arkoss is out, and he's totally calm. Like a rock. Wait, wasn't that a car motto? Bowing to the clutch dam and clutch sire, he looks around at the moving eggs. He's calm, very calm. He's Zen. He's….ok, he's probably internally gibbering at himself. Whyyy did he decide to do this?

Chaitra walks in from the foyer, looking almost at home in his candidate's robe. … What do his siblings /put/ him through? He stops at the edge of the sands, bowing formally to both the golden dam and bronzen sire. "I' was ah pleasure." He murmurs. Not that anyone could actually hear him besides other candidates. And he goes to find Orla, or someone else he knows. "Yah, i's a bi' ho' for this t'go on f'rever."

Imperial Magistrate Egg shatters into a thousand shards with one last effort: Dust-blue mountains and ancient sea crumble to the sands - lost, forgotten in the wake of the creature who stretches egg-wet wings and raises its head to regard the world into which it has so suddenly emerged.

Helping one of the smaller candidates get his robe situated, R'in comes in behind them all onto the Sands. She squints towards the eggs, giving a bit of a shake of her head. Calandria almost evades the Weyrlingmaster, but, well… like most mothers, Weyrlingmasters have eyes in the backs of their heads. Maybe in their ears, too. "You just look more delicious with that," she points out to the candidate, snatching the hat deftly. It gets shoved, unceremoniously, into the brownrider's belt before she's moving siftly off to the edge of the sands to wait and watch.

Ninth Harbinger of the Rains Bronze Hatchling
Caught adrift somewhere between this world and the next, time-worn copper melds with something a little more corporeal to animate this large, long-limbed dragon, a patina long-formed streaking soft greens along his belly and chest. Mist clings to his hide, lending an ethereal touch to husky shoulders and well-defined, muscular haunches, drifting silently over his bronzen neck and curling in tendrils down to the smoothed tip of his tail. Wings, subtly luminous like dulled metal, bear spars dipped in seafoam, even as sparkling minerals dust membranous sails that remain otherwise a pale, soft shade of peach. Silver-touched, his movements remain languid and vaporous, as though fog's effort to cloud his hide twined too much about his large feet and glittering talons.

Ryski doesn't let Delenn get far, before one hand reaches out to latch onto his brother's arm, dragging him right over alongside him. "Stand /there/." It's as good a spot as any, right? He shakes his head a little then, glancing to the other side at Zevida, nodding at her.

Nalkor notices Heeva beside him, or rather, behind him as it were, a brow lifting at her nervous look. "Just keep an eye on any that come this way. You'll be fine—" an encouraging tone given to Heeva as he remains there, glancing over his shoulder again toward the audiance.

Amarante files in along with her friends and co-Candidates. Anxiety is rampant through her, but she has a faint look of excitement on her face, a little smile twitching up her lips that her outward placidity can't hide all the way. When it's her turn, she bows to the sire and dam and makes her way to where Arkoss is standing, whispering simply, "This is it!"

Drumming from the Ancient In The Jungle egg grows louder, though doubtlessly a wonder of it's origin amid the chaos. The crescendo of sound mirrors the pace at which the egg throbs, like a live heart from the inside out. Something desires release from this ovoid tomb… so much so that at last the flexing shell cracks along the golden 'eye' of the egg. As fluid leaks a shimmery orb fills the gap, gazing out at those beyond with a purr.

Heeva nods mutely at Nalkor's encouragement, eyes wide.

From the Galleries> Serina smiles warmly, but her face has a worried look to it as she scans the crowd and then down towards the candidates as they file in. "Oh, Serina, weaver apprentice." The smile gets a bit bigger as she whispers to the rider, then disappears just as suddenly. "Are there always this many people here?" Yet then the first hatchling hatches and she jerks backward, trying to hide as far back as possible. "Uh…" This is her first hatching, and her experience with dragons is limited to the occasional transport of late.

From a Forgotten Realm Egg breathes one last time, the five bands of colour giving way at last to one who demands to be noticed. From the remains of the shell a dark green hatchling bellows her annoyance at the world, the discordant noise echoing around the sands as if she were screaming in harmony with herself - soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass.

Rhalin slips in right after Calandria, sticking quite close to her like a short rope is strung between them as he never reaches more than 2 feet away. Cal's given a definite grin at the hat bit, though admittedly his nose wrinkles as it is snatched away. The sire and dam get a quick little bow and joining the other candidates he quickly grabs Cal's hand. And they're already hatching. Eep!

Delynni turns at the first egg. "Mye, a bronze! lucky sign right?" She asks with a wink. "Good luck. He's beautiful!" She tells the harper.

Dark Lady of Chaos Green Hatchling
Forged from darkness, this young green dragon is coated in the sinister tones of poison. Her belly is so dark as to be almost black, while a patch of white scales crest her shoulder in rather startling deformity. Her eyes whirl an eternal red regardless of mood, their sunken nature giving them an almost evil cast. Wings are brighter — a purer green for the most part except for the tinges of blue where the wingbones press through the thin sails.

From the Galleries> "Nope, I decided against it." Z'kiel tells Tarish with a shake of his head, smiling when the first egg to hatch reveals a bronze. "I hear that's good luck, when that happens."

From the Galleries> Candia nods, giggling. "Xanadu's always been good at getting a lot of people showing up.

Arkoss jumps when the first egg /hatches/ "Ahh. A bronze! That's good luck, right?" he exclaims, somewhat squeakily, to Amarante. "And a green!" stare. "Didn't know it'd be so fast!"

Andis blinks, leaning forward as he notes a bronze break shell first, reaching out to poke at Pike's shoulder, "A bronze, that's good luck." The shorter candidate tells the other, pointing at the newly hatched bronze.

Hesketh takes a step towards the candidates, but then two of his disobedient children break shell and he pauses. No stopping it now. He gives a small rumble of encouragement to the young ones, but is still none too happy about this.

Myesha is moving around, her eyes drifting from egg to egg. "Wow! Bronze!" She states the obvious, pointing over to the first Hatchling. "That is good luck! Strong clutch and all." She bobs her head quickly to Delynni. "Green next, she is so cute!" Her eyes are a blur, there is just so much going on.

From the Galleries> Candia nods, giggling. "Xanadu's always been good at getting a lot of people showing up." She grins when a small boy in a white robe appears among the candidates. "And there's my brother.

Pike's neck cranes towards the pointing finger, but his eyes drift elswhere, falling on the green instead. "She's pretty." Pike points out.

Kilaueth rumbles some, her head swinging over the bronze as he breaks shell, before settling back on her haunches, resuming her humming.

From the Galleries> Ysa swings herself around, eyes narrowed out of habit to glare at the someone poking at her. Her frown immediately clears as she blinks to the bronzer. "Oh, R'miel. Ya made it," she says, grinning to him. "Did ya leave the baby in good hands?" While she was turned away, she misses the hatching of the first eggs, swinging about again in surprise at the sudden dragonets on the sands.

Zevida tilts her head slightly as she looks towards Delenn, offering a slight smile before she nods in return to Ryksi, not saying a word. The bronze is given a look over and she chuckles. "I 'ope I can make a few marks off of t'at one." She notes, winking towards the younger boy.

Delenn blinks at the tug, and glances downwards towards the tugging of his arm, and he can do nothing but nod and allow his brother to pull him off to where he is standing. "Yes, all right…" he murmurs, unsettled perhaps as eggs begin to shatter here and there to reveal their precious cargo. Lips purse, and the healer's hands begin to fidget just a bit before stilling them with a conscious effort.

Transformed by Greed Egg stays as still as a statue. No hurry for this one to actually do anything, it knows the time will come and until then it will wait.

Kamari watches the eggs shatter with a grin, excited and almost wanting to fidget but trying not to. "Good luck!" she calls out.

Rhelia finds it rather difficult to keep her attention away from the eggs and on the crowd that has her so nervous. The hatching of a bronze followed by a green attracts he attention back to the sands and the younglings that are just beginning to make their way into the world. As she watches, and waits not so patiently, she curls her toes, making them pop.

Alara starts the hot sands dance as the eggs begin to break apart. A bronze! Ohh, and then a green! Happening so fast and yet, not fast enough. Her mind though tries to keep upon the new hatchlings, which isn't too hard for the moment, except deciding which to watch more.

Orla grins and turns to Chaitra as they fall into position. "It is a bit, I tell you I'll be looking forward to a good rink by the time this is over." She murmurs softly as the eggs start to break already. "Shells that's fast, or were they just late getting us out here?" She asks of him a hand pointing at the first pair of hatchlings.

Dark Lady of Chaos Green Hatchling turns and screams at the candidates this time, wings flaring out behind her. Her tail lashes from side to side before she charges the line, shouldering two candidates out of the way and slashing the leg of a third. Unable to run, Garax falls to his knees before her, expecting what seems inevitable. With this one she's gentle, lifting his head with her nose so that she can look into his eyes. "Tamaith." Without waiting she ushers him to the side, hissing angrily at any who come too close to them.

With a triumphant cry the Dark Lady of Chaos Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Ryski doesn't keep his hold on his brother. No, his hand drops again to his side, where it clenches in a slight fist. Eggs popping and cracking earn his attention, eyes giving a faint widening as things..goopy things, start falling out of broken shells. He breathes out then, releasing what he'd been holding in.

After inspecting the surroundings, the faceted eye retracts and the egg shudders and shivers once more before a set of talons reach out over the edge of the cracked hole. With another throb that side of the shell completely gives way allowing the hatchling within to uncoil and climb out in an anticlimactic fashion. To make up from this, a loud creel is emitted. I have come!

Transformed by Greed Egg seems to sense something. A change in the world? There's a gentle rocking begins, the motions almost rhythmical as if swaying in time to some unheard song.

Merry Lord Of The Waters Blue Hatchling
The tropical seas pour over this aerodynamically built youngster. Brilliant true-blue slips down his spine like the depths of a lagoon with ridges of rich, royal lapis. These hues sweep over the tops of his wing spars and the back of his wings fading out into bold cerulean and at last into turquoise as the membranes are stretched out at the very ends. The underside is bright turquoise with palest cyan rings of watery dapples reaching up from the broad ends and diffusing into the clear broad color two-thirds way up to the joints. Cerulean pours out from the darker cresting shade, trickling down with the similar sunlit dappling into the lower intense turquoise half of his body. His lean belly glows with pale mottling of cyan and light turquoise which runs a bit under his tail and up his neck. His head is elegant and fine, with a smaller slender snout than most draped in cerulean with lowlights of turquoise under his eyes, along his mouth and jaw line. Over all he's a slim and slender fellow with a long neck and tail to grow into.

The slightest of wobbles shakes the Shores Of Honah Lee Egg. Once! Twice! Maybe…? Like the waves against the beach, however, it too must pause. And so the sand-colored egg falls still once more.

From the Galleries> "It's what they say," Tarish says with an eyeroll. "But it happens so often it seems, that it's hard to tell the difference. Ah don't remember what hatched first at my clutch. Was kinda chaotic. If it was a bronze, wouldn't know the difference, we don't got Thread to be lucky against." She tosses her bootheels up onto the back of the chair in front of her, stretching out; only eleven eggs, but they always seem to take forever. "That's a funny lookin' green," she notes to Z'kiel. "Bronze is a bit skinny, too. Oh wow, she already Impressed! That was quick." Doubtful the bronze will be that quick about it.

From the Galleries> Naliah wanders into the galleries, peering at the sands, but mostly at Nalkor. "That brother of mine.." She chuckles, crossing her arms. "Bet ten marks on the boy… Hope things work for the best on him." Snicker. The woman settles down, crossing her legs.

Arkoss watches the first Impression, seeming to pale to a color similar to that green dragon hatchling. "Uhh." good thing he didn't eat right before the hatching. "Congrats." his mouth is dry, and he hastily swallows. Right.

Andis offers a quick pat to Pike's shoulder as the green finds her lifemate, "There'll be more." he notes, pointing to the eggs, his eyes follow the bronze as it makes its way across the sands. "Wonder who he'll pick."

Calandria looks around in bewilderment. It's all happening so fast, she can't keep track of it all. She squeezes Rhalin's hand for support and peers at the hatchings and candidates. So much for calm and collected, she shifts from foot to foot nervously and peers nervously at the hatchlings - they seem so much bigger and more menacing than she thought they would.

From the Galleries> R'miel points down to the sands. "Bronze first, that's good to see." He grins at Ysa and nods. "Well, I think so. I've been handing him to the same girl these past few days, and he hasn't come back broken or anything, so I guess she's capable. I really ought to ask her name. I keep forgetting because I'm fussing over him before I leave." The bronzer speaks to his weyrmate, though his eyes are plastered to the sands. He looks away for a moment to offer the rest of the pastry to Ysa.

Chaitra somehow ends up next to Rhelia as well as Orla, and the hunter-candiate grins at the former. "Keep dancin' like that, 'nd a hatchlin' migh' mistake yeh fer a meal." He teases before looking at Orla, his attention raptly caught by hatching eggs. Mainly that bronze. "Wha huh?" He stammers as he blinks. "Ah… dunno.. Fast. Defini'ely fast." Yeah. His brain? Not all here.

Nalkor finds himself crossing his arms against his chest at the first few dragonets that break shell. To them, he says nothing - to the rest of the group - nothing. To Heeva, he offers a smile once again, finding himself settled in a non-chalant stance. Noticing the impression, Nalkor purses his lips, watching the on-goings. Yet, his gaze drifts toward one egg in particular, one that hasn't wobbled yet.

Amarante forces her hands at her sides and nods once at Arkoss. "Yeah. Bronze." She takes a deep breath and quiets her thoughts. And green. She's already starting to sweat a little, but rubs her palms against her robe just a bit and tries to keep them still. She must stay still. "They really want their lifemates…" And she winces at the green as she charges and aggressively finds the one she wants. More are hatching, though, and her attention snaps back to them, to watch just in case another one decides to come running.

Pike's eyes are locked on that green, his lips curling downwards as she finds her lifemate, he wraps his arms idly about his waist and his shoulders slump in responce. "That blue is pretty too."

From the Galleries> Serina seems to be trying to melt into Candia or hide behind her, as one arm goes around the woman's and she is clearly shaking. It appears though, she is so terrified of the green who went through the candidates her manners of personal space are forgotten. "So..so..destructive."

Rhalin shifts on his feet, maybe from the heat or quite possibly the nervousness as dragons pratically pop out of eggs like popcorn. And well, scream for that matter. His hand tightens around Cal but at least there's a little grin at her. The observation area is peered at through squinted eyes as well, but he can't make out any familiar faces, or faces at all. "Don't be so nervous… they'll eat me before you, I'm bigger." Teasing, right?

Green eyes can't seem to find a place they particularly would like to settle, and Delenn finds himself overwhelmed. There was so much activity for one who preferred to sit in a quiet place and read to the hustle and bustle about at present. Glancing over to Zevida, having missed her smile, the healer decidedly gives her one of his own. A touch on the weaker side.

Ninth Harbinger of the Rains Bronze Hatchling holds his egg-wet wings wide as he finally frees himself from his shell, craning his head upward to peer at humming Kilaueth. A deep rumble is the first sound to escape this auspicious, first-hatched dragonet as he carefully lifts one foot, then the other, taking a cautious step forward. Ah, good, limbs are in working order. With that determined, he folds his wings to his back, just as deliberately, whirling gaze settling on the sea of white. Yes, yes, there they all are, and here he is. After a moment of thought, off he goes, feet pressing into hot sand as he begins his trek toward the candidates.

Myesha catches sight of Delenn, giving the Healer Candidate a quick wave. "It fits great by the way!" She says, pointing to her robe. But then she's back to dragonet watching. "Already!" And she waves over to the first pair. "Congrats!" And then there's a blue popping out, and she just stares. "I do not remember them hatching so quickly." She cannot help but smile though, moving her feet a bit in a kind of shuffle dance. "This is really something!"

From the Galleries> Candia can't help smiling, and wrapping a reassuring arm around the girl. "It's all right. This is normal.

Heeva's brow pops out in a sweat as the green rushes to its lifemate, and the bronze looks about uncertainly. 'Please don't hurt me she' she sends a mental note to the eggs, as if to soothe them.

Delynni inclines her head in the direction of the blue. "He's gorgeous. Oh I hope I hope!" Delynni wrings her hand. "Mye I hope!" She shivers, hopping from foot to foot both in excitement and the heat of the sands.

Transformed by Greed Egg was waiting for the right time, and that time is now. A great heave from inside breaks the shell, and a brown hatchling takes his first steps into this new world.

Elusive Wonders Egg shakes three times and stills, contemplating hatching but the time is not quite right. Yet.

Edge of the World Brown Hatchling
With a belly hewn from oak, this brown hatchling boasts a feast of colour across his hide. The warm brown of fresh baked bread tips his ridges, while the warmth of honey licks up wingspars and drizzles down over the sails. His tail is slender, almost too thin for his body, and held rigid like a walking cane. His legs are short, the right foreleg boasting a pale star-shaped patch, and his clawed feet oversized and almost comical in proportion.

Zevida watches the green Impress and she chuckles softly, tapping her fingers along her leg before crossing them over her chest. The bronze is eyed before she's looking at the blue, then towards Ryski and Delenn. A nod towards the healer, "don't worry." She offers, checking the two before she rocks on her heels, staring out towards those moving hatchlings.

Rhelia side steps the charging green that makes a break for their ranks, and then turns to briefly glare at Chaitra. "Well, you're hardly one to talk. You smell like something they'd eat," she replies tartly before shifting her head, and therefore her gaze, back to the pile of eggs yet to hatch.

A shake, a violent movement that seems to dislodge the sand that clings to the shell of the Shores of Honah Lee Egg. And then with a loud POP!, the egg begins to sport lines of blue beneath the sandy shell, growing wider as the little dragonet inside seeks to break free.

Arkoss notices the blue hatching, but the bronze is still unpartnered. The blue will probably take time to get oriented, so Arkoss stares at the bronze. He glances around at the male candidates, wondering who the bronze will pick.

Kamari admires the beautiful blue, wringing her hands together. "What a gorgeous dragon!" she exclaims, looking around to see the others reactions. At the appearance of the brown, she exclaims again.

Orla chuckles a little before her breath catches in her throat at the speed of everything happening around her. "I've never seen them break out so fast." She murmurs reverently. "Not that I'm an expert or anything but you know what I mean." Her eyes flick rapidly around the hatching arena at what is going on, trying to keep up as best she can.

Ryski reaches a hand up quickly, rubbing a sweaty palm against the back of his neck. Really, it's hard to keep up with dragons popping out this way and that. The stifling heat is also…a bit distracting. Weight shifts to the other leg, and he looks out again, eyes focusing in on those hatchlings wandering about. "Man..slimey."

Andis's eyes catch another shell breaking, tilting his head slightly to the side as he shuffles in the sand, "What color is it?" He frowns a little as a candidate steps in his line of sight, lifting himself on the tips of his toes to get a better look.

From the Galleries> Ysa arches a brow to the bronzer next to her, smirking. "Ya didn't even ask her name? Did ya ask her anything at all? 'm surprised ya just handed him off without asking…" She chuckles, turning to the bronze, then towards the other eggs that hatched. "I forget how fast these things go. I see Myesha out there, an' there're a few other familiar faces." She leans back, not cheering on the edge of her seat but happy to watch. Her eyes turn to the pastry and she shrugs one shoulder up. "Why not… I've been exercising," she convinces, mostly herself, before taking the pastry with a smile of thanks to R'miel.

From the Galleries> "I don't remember the first from my clutch, either." Z'kiel admits, with a slight smile. "But even without Thread, there's still plenty we could use luck for." He falls silent then, trying to keep up with what's going onto the sands.

Merry Lord Of The Waters Blue Hatchling is offended… so much attention towards his bronzen brother. He has come! Bah! So much for that, he longs something. Life here is not yet complete. But what? Oh yes! He draws himself up, head held high and tail much the same. He leaps forward, expecting limbs to command themselves and finds much the surprise when they do not! He's weaveing back and forth with his long body, in attempts to keep balance while moving at this speed. Whoa! What do you do with a drunken' sailor, eh?

The heat of the sands, frantic movement of the dragonets and loud humming from the adult dragons is too much for Heeva and she leans forward to stem the dizziness that overcomes her.

Pike can easily see over the heads of the people in front of him, so Pike quickly casts his eyes towards the newly hatched dragon, "Brown." He murmers to his friend, pulling at the hem of his clothing in a nervous manner.

Edge of the World Brown Hatchling steps forwards with a confidence that belies his age. Old beyond his lifespan he heads straight for the line, already knowing which one he will choose. At the end of the line, standing mostly on his own, is a boy that many wondered why he was Searched at all. His behaviour has been horrific, his attitude bratty and annoying, yet it's towards this boy that the Edge of the World Brown Hatchling moves. Each step the dragon takes the boy looks like he wishes to disappear. Eyes meet, gazes locked, and words nobody ever thought would come from him are spoken. "I'm… I'm sorry Ramanduth." Meek for once Eustice, or rather E'us, heads for the edge of the sands, perhaps a little more tolerable after his experience.

From the Galleries> "It..It's normal?!" Serina was always told they were gentle and was excited to see them hatch until she actually got here. "I…I…" She is at a loss for words and decides to watch the crowd's reaction rather than the dragonets right now.

"I'm glad." Delenn says to Myesha, as loudly as he thinks would be allowed, he doesn't perhaps want to upset the dam and sire or the young ones with a bunch of yelling certainly. The nervousness on the healer's face is evident, taking measure of course to keep himself calm despite the sweat beading already upon his forehead. To Zevida he nods, and a glance is spare to Ryski, checking on the boy beside him.

With a triumphant cry the Edge of the World Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Amarante gasps softly despite herself as the brown emerges from the Transformed egg. She looks from it to the blue and grins without warning. Then she looks again to the bronze heading towards the Candidate line. "I hope for you, Arkoss," she whispers to him quickly, flashing him a grin. She looks back just in time for the brown to find his lifemate.

Alara's hands clap a little for those that have already impressed. Really, it's all going so fast, but maybe that means they will all be able to get off the hot sands sooner. More shells cracking, to add their treasures to those already released. One hand reaches up to wipe at her brow before she gives a small cheer for the latest impression that has happened.

From the Galleries> Candia smiles, and doesn't say anything more. However, a wave is spared to a short, slightly plump woman with a bakercraft Master's knot who stands in the entrance watching.

As if on some silent cue, the shards of the Shores of Honah Lee Egg disintigrate like a million particles of sand, trickling down and sticking to the crevices of the petite green hatchling that is revealed.

Delynni watches the blue dragon's flying leap and then stumble. "Oh dear. Come on big guy, you can make it." She urges the blue. She turns at E'us' impression and offers a smile in the direction of the brown.

Elusive Wonders Egg gives another little shudder, the eye-like spots on the shell seeming to blink as the light changes on them. A thin crack splits the forested shell from tip to base, but not enough that it breaks open completely.

Fascinating Line And Color Green Hatchling
Surely a specimen for the smallest of her kind, the body of this green is built as if from spun glass. Her head is slender and wedge shaped, her neck arched gracefully into the roundness of her chest and ribcage. Starting at the base of her skull is an explosion of lime, a mellow yellowish green that slips around her headknobs and seeps over her neck ridges, flowing along her spine. The color sharpens as it hits the outline of her ribcage, deepening into a pine green with striations of teal. The color bends and waves, wiggling along her muscles to ripple and shift as she moves. Over her haunches pine gives way to jade, the color thinning to make way for curls of teal and light emerald. The emerald becomes richer as it dips into the hollows of her belly, nestling into the insides of her legs and along the underside of her tail. It twists upwards towards the light, splaying out into an unexpected freckling of blue so deep as to be called violet along her slender tail. The violet appears across the backs of her hind legs just behind the kneecap and across all four finely boned paws. Each of these speckled paws is tipped in long black talons.

Kamari watches the green and brown impress, then eyes the blue. "Where'ya going, big fella?" she murmurs, cautiously eyeing his staggering. "Watch out" she calls to one close to the blue who is staggering around.

Chaitra snorts at Rhelia prods him back. "Well sor'y tha' meh chores t'day include' some beas' work!" He snaps back at the girl, before his attention is caught by Orla for a few more seconds, but then, is once again staring at that bronze who's just starting to inspect the candidates. Oh watch his stomach knot!

Smoke and Mirrors Egg shifts in it's wallow— or did it? It's apex tilted a little to the right, instead of straight up… the only sign that it might've moved.

Calandria rolls her eyes a little at the candidates who are fawning over the eggs and dragonets. Maybe she would be as well if there had been a particular egg that she liked, but there wasn't, so instead she gets to make fun of those who are. She watches with a little less fear as candidates impress and get led off the sands, but she is still gripping Rhalin's hand pretty strongly.

Rhalin continues to peer around. His attention darts between eggs, hatchlings, other candidates and of course Cal. Rhelia is spotted across the semi-circle and promptly gets a tongue stuck out at her. Brotherly love and all that. "Wonder if /she'll/ impress. Least we'd be rid of her then." Oh yeah, he doesn't have his own hopes up. "Though.. if we impress too and are stuck with her?" Twitch.

Myesha spares Delynni a long look, bobbing her head. "Who knows, love! You can take my hand if you are nervous, or maybe we will be more vulnerable that way? A nice big target!" She giggles but it sounds a bit more jerky than her usual laugh. Could someone be a little nervous herself? "Bit wobbly that one." She says with a smile as she watches the blue dragonet. She certainly catches Delenn's words and gives him a wink in return.

Rhelia half snerks at Orla's comment. "Weren't you just complaining about not wanting to stand here for days?" Ignoring Chaitra for the moment, he can be kept in suspense, she allows her gaze to favor the bronze hatchling for a moment. "I hope he picks a nice looking man," she comments before she turns her head back to the eggs. It would be on them that her hopes are placed, for surely none of those out here could be meant for her. As her gaze travels she mutters to Chaitra, "Mmmhmm, and it was too much that you spare us the stench and actually bathe?"

Arkoss notices the brown hatch next, and then the green, but the bronze is /still/ wandering around. Now the blue is as well, and Arkoss edges back a step. "Hmm? Yeah, you too." the brown impressing is noted duly, and he nods to himself. Bronze, blue, green…hmm. five hatched already, almost halfway over. Already?! Wow!

From the Galleries> R'miel blinks a bit, then laughs. "I asked her things. How often they fed them. How many babies they had. How many girls were working. How long she'd been there. What types of formulas were better. If it was okay if he slept all the time…. You know. That stuff." He nods to her a bit and chuckles as she convinces herself to take the pastry from him. "It's a special occasion. Think someone will get mauled?"

Andis blinks, standing on the tips of his toes, letting out a quiet growl as he reaches out to poke at the offending candidate's side, "Mind stepping out of the way, I can't see." The candidate moves aside,a allowing Andi to /finally/ see again, "Oh, a green!" And he peers that way.

Ryski does look toward that blue, what with all the people nearby commenting. It's a wary, hard look, really, assessing the danger there. Drunken dragonets aren't really a /good/ sign, after all. "Bet he steps on someone." He offers toward Zevida, though that thought itself has a slow grin spreading across the boy's face.

Pike blinks as he turns in the direction that Andi looks in, his eyes flickering towards the young green in a curious manner, watching her more than the other dragons.

Zevida claps her hands once releasing them from the death hold on themselves. A grin towards Delenn but she says nothing more. The green hatches and she lets out a soft hum, eyeing Delenn next before she's looking at the hatchlings again. A hand lifts to tap her chin. "I 'ope I make marks off of t'ose t'ree.." A pause and she looks towards Ryski with a laugh. "One mark?"

From the Galleries> Tarish eyes the rest of the galleries, and notices R'miel—uck. Not /him/. She's only met the man once, and the very sight of him.. well. Not /again/. She turns a bit more Z'kiel-ward so she doesn't have to see him. "Fair blue and green hatched, too. Though, the green looks a bit small. Oh well, there's always a few of those. Small isn't a bad thing." Definitely not, if you've got the smallest gold on the planet. Sulk.

Nalkor deliberately remains stationary, unmoving - unwavering. Not as lively as some of the other candidates, he merely chooses to regard the dragonets moving with a passive eye. Thoughtful in the time of chaos as it were.

Elusive Wonders Egg shudders again, one last blow from inside shattering the shell. This is the time. This is the moment. Head held high, a sky blue hatchling emerges into the light.

Mourning Sage Blue Hatchling
Clothed in sky, this larger than average blue hatchling will never be classed as normal. His dusk tinged headknobs are crooked, and a flap of extra skin that falls from his chin gives him the look of having a beard. His chest is round and flecked with patches of navy, a trait also mirrored in his wings and long serpentine tail. His left foreleg is his bane, twisted from birth and drained of all colour.

Fascinating Line And Color Green Hatchling lifts her head, shaking it in confusion. With a creel, she turns her head towards her clutch parents. No, it is not that way. Her head swivels in the opposite direction, full of indecision. With a huff, she takes one careful step forward. Oh, so that's how these silly things work. Step, step, ste-nope, that one was all wrong. With a startled squawk, the little hatchling goes down tail over snout.

A tremor runs up the side of the Behold the Pink Book Egg, causing the shell to ripple outwards. For a time it stills then an enormous hiccup from inside sends it listing over to one side.

Orla rolls her eyes at Rhelia's comment. "Course I was, but still it's sharding fast, we need to break sweat and it's not a good hatching unless someone soils themselves in fright. Seen anyone yet?" She asks with an amused tone to her voice.

Merry Lord Of The Waters Blue Hatchling is making his way towards those there white things. Woah! They're chattering at him. How facinating. He wiggles his way up to some girls, ignoring the shell bits still attached. Minor details, minor details. He eyes the females with whirrling eyes as they talk to him. Er… nope. Just won't do. Won't do at all. He circles around them, eyes intently fixed, before zooming away and bounding about, far more coordinately, behind the lot of them. He peers at his dam and sire, trills, and bounds on again.

Ninth Harbinger of the Rains Bronze Hatchling passes the first few candidates with nary a glance, pausing to extend a muzzle toward a tall lad from Bitra. A second later, he snorts, clearly disgusted by something, and moves onward, placidly approaching a cluster of young men and women. But none of them are apparently right, either, for he's soon heading on by, whirling eyes picking up speed. Where is he?

Alara gives a small stomp of her foot as she forces herself to try and not hop from foot to foot so much. And really, she much remember to breathes more, it'd be no good to pass out on the sands. A small gasp is let out though as she watches one hatching go end over end.

Delynni wows at the appearance of the green. "Wow, look, a green a blue." She looks towards the watery colored blue and gulps, fingers crossed behind her back. She clamps her hand on Myesha's and watches the blue, rivited. And then another blue has come out of the Elusive Wonders egg and Delynni's watching the two blues, particularly the running around of the Waters Blue.

Suddenly, Smoke and Mirrors Egg shivers violently, causing a split to form a long the top and half way to the middle of the shell. After a few minutes, the shivering stops again, and the egg quiets. It's not moving, nooo…

Keziah watches the hatchlings as the move around. She's silent, yes she is. No snarky remarks from her, nope not from her. She's nervous, and look it there. Another blue. Her eyes drift to the bronze. Easier to watch that one then the others. No chance of that one coming to her. She's not guy. And dang proud of it."

Hesketh seems to be resigned to the hatching now, even going so far as to nudge one of the eggs that hasn't moved yet. Wake up, time to hatch.

It must be the sands that cause the rush of blood to Delenn's cheeks when Myesha winks at him, yes that's it. Very hot it is after all. Almost makes one glad that there is little more between the humid air and his skin than the thin material of his candidate robe. Zevida! Yes, he looks quickly to the woman and cants his head to the side, "You made some wagers?" he asks, curious. Anything to take his mind even momentarily off the goings on.

Ysa nibbles a bit on the edge of the pastry, bobbing her head in a distracted manner as she listens to the list. "Right. An' send a firelizard at every hour to check up on him, too? 'Least we know he's in good hands over there." She sighs, sinking into her seat a bit. "Who knows. We did tell a boy the other day we hoped there wouldn't be. Or at least that he wouldn't get mauled. What was his name? Ark, right? Felines, needlethorns- doesn't need a dragon mauling 'im now."

Mourning Sage Blue Hatchling is unsteady on his feet, taking only a few steps away from his shell before pausing and sitting down. Despite knowing better, despite the shout of warning that one of her friends gives, Oromi breaks from the line towards him. Oldest candidate meets youngest (at that point) dragon, the declaration of "Gledrath!" resulting in a mass exhalation of held breath.

With a triumphant cry the Mourning Sage Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Ryski grins all the more at the offering of a bet, and just holds his hand out toward Zevida. "You're /on/. The way that thing walks, people'll be lucky they don't get bowled over and trampled." His hand then deviates, wiping the sweat away from his brow before glancing toward his brother. "Yup, she did. A lot of them, I think."

Kamari looks at the two blues, then one again as the one with the game leg impresses away quickly. "Wonder who he wants?" she says, still all eyes for the blue, although she follows the progress of the other hatchlings with almost as much interest, not yet seeing any of her friends impress.

Heeva looks up just in time to see the bronze weaving in her direction and lunges sideways to avoid it crashing into her, landing on the sand. Hurriedly she picks herself up and brushes the hot sand from her arms and legs, shaking out her steaming sandals.

Myesha catches sight of the little green's mishap and can't help but giggle. "Clumsy that one!" She brings her free hand up to sends a few locks back, her eyes moving around now. "Oh, another pair, Gledrath, that is a rather interesting name." But she waves to the pair as they are lead off all the same.

Chaitra starts as the green does a tail-over-snout move and then relaxes, as he realizes he's not in eminent danger just yet. Rhelia is given another look of disgust. "Well." He says shortly. "Nex' time Eh do this Eh'll jus' make sure t'come in the NUDE!" Ooo, Chai's getting annoyed, since he was interrupted from his chores for the hatching dragons. As the bronze moves by a group of candidates, he watches. Oh no. He isn't dreaming in the slightest. His eyes flick to Orla. "Who d'yeh thin' he'll choose?"

Andis blinks a little, stepping back when one of the dragons gets a little too close for his comfort, only to peek his head out to make sure the coast is clear. "Shards, it seems to be happening all so fast." he murmurs, rubbing the back of his head, watching the dragons roam from one candidate to the next.

Calandria eyes dart back and forth across the hatchlings, still hoping from foot to foot on the hot sands. She gazes quickly over to R'in, a little disappointed that her hat got stolen. "If Rhelia impresses, I sure don't want to." She says to Rhalin matter of factly.

Arkoss watches the hatchlings warily. They're a /lot/ bigger than firelizards, that's for sure. "Here's hoping one doesn't act like Kira when he first hatched." he mutters. Arkoss is thinking of the discussion of hatchlings mauling people, and retains his slightly greened complexion. "The bronze is really looking, isn't he?" he mumbles, watching a blue hatch and Impress.

Pike purses his lips tightly, he too, takes a step back and pulls tightly at his robes. "Wonder how much longer it'll go on." The candidate muses to himself.

Ninth Harbinger of the Rains Bronze Hatchling draws to a halt suddenly, head slowly turning this way and that. When he resumes moving, it's with deliberate intent, a purposeful gait that takes him through the throng of candidates right up to a boy who seems rather annoyed. Well, this must be remedied. And so, the hatchling settles in front of him, leaning forward to press his muzzle gently to the lad's stomach.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Ninth Harbinger of the Rains Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

From the Galleries> Z'kiel nods in agreement with Tarish. "No, nothing wrong with small. Besides, often some of the small ones fill out as they grow up, I think." There's a grin then. "Besides, small is less to wash."

Zevida grins at Delenn, nodding. "W'at can I say? I was tempted." A wink and she nods towards the two boys. "Bet on you bot', Nalkor over t'ere as well. Not much of anyone else." She lets out a soft snicker, crossing her arms and looking towards the hatchlings. Another laugh and she nods. "One mark, t'en."

Plucked from the Wallow Egg gives a bit of a twitch, sandy egg moving around in its sandy pile, dislodging the pink sand and causing it to trickle downwards towards its base. And then, as if it was only preparing itself for what is to come, the movement ceases.

Rhalin can't help but giggle slightly, watching Cal's eyes. "We'll steal it back if she doesn't give it back when this all is over." His words are slightly distracted as more and more hatchlings spill out and for that matter impress. "And you'll only impress if I do, right?"

Behold the Pink Book Egg hiccups again and tiny shard breaks off from the tip, slowly sliding down the shell towards the sands. The shard sticks near the base, hanging like a drip in the colouring before another hiccup sets it free.

Keziah can't help herself, that's her biggest problem and there's a "Well, duh." said to Arkoss "You didn't think they'd be tiny and all, did you?" she asks with a grin. And then blinks and watches as the bronze impresses and lets out a breath. Darn, it. She can't watch him anymore."

Another good rock from Smoke and Mirrors Egg causes it to topple over and split completely in half. Both sides of the shell give in to gravity and dump it's occupant, goo and all, onto the sands. Subtle, ain't it?

Merry Lord Of The Waters Blue Hatchling boing de boing de boings about, trilling and clicking as he inspects each. He stops before a young man and girl eyeing his bronzen brother near. But no… this one smells too much of wine. Bleh! Boing de boing de— OOH! He spots his one and only and snakes his way between the wine-smelling one and the girl towards two males that stand together and stops just behind the shorter scruffy haired one. With a dramatic creel, he reaches out and hooks the young boy's robe with his talons like a dog pawing.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Merry Lord Of The Waters Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Rhelia shakes her head, a gesture meant for Orla but it might help if she were looking at the other candidate rather than at the eggs. Come on now. "No, but your friend here smells like he already has," she replies drily. "In the nude, he says, as if he would dare show up naked and prove to us all what a girl he really is," she mutters, just loud enough for Chaitra and whoever's close enough to them to hear.

Fascinating Line And Color Green Hatchling lays pitifully on the sand for a few moments longer, creeling her confusion while her eyes whirl in hunger. Let's try that again. The little green gets up doggedly and makes for the line once more. She pauses, slowing at a group of boys, cocking her head first left, and then right. And then she gives a giant snort and sneezes sand and egg snot all over them, quickly passing them over. No, not them.

Muddy Rivers and Golden Shores Bronze Hatchling
Smooth, glimmering russet caresses over muzzle, lightening into a light copper as it flows across this dragon's triangular head and head knobs. Short and straight head knobs bubble into gold as copper flows, spilling about the edges in chaos before descending down a sinuous neck. Each russet ridge foams gold around its base, little hiccups of rocky color in a copper waterfall, which ends in a clash of gilded bronze and russet against gold shoulders. That same bronze color solidifies over his ridges and wing spars as it reaches up from shoulder blades, curling into paler colors over translucent membranes in the formations of clouds. Where membrane meets spine, condensed bronze seeps to antique, raining down on golden hips and coppery ridges in splattering droplets that seep into the surrounding color. As the blending of antique bronze with copper and gold descends down his muscular legs, muddy banks of burgundy form, thickening on his feet in stark contrast to his lighter belly. A willowy tail follows similar suit, burgundy raindrops engulfing lighter streams of gold and muddying half way down, leaving his spade a dark ruddy brown.

From the Galleries> R'miel nods a bit to Ysa. "Yeah, but there's no telling what will happen out there." He wraps an arm about her shoulders. "I send Cocoa as often as I can get him to go. He's so fat and lazy though, sometimes I think he lies to me and just /says/ he went to check. I told him I was going to start sending Flower instead and he got all uppity with me."

Kamari sighs as the blue impresses, then watches the green and bronze, curious. "Wonder who they'll pick.." she says with a grin, nudging the girl next to her.

Chaitra, now Ch'tra actually, blinks as he receives a dragonette-head in his stomach. "Ooof!" He grunts as air gets shoved from his lungs. Thank Faranth he hadn't eaten anything prior! Ch'tra however, completely snubs Rhelia as he grins down at the bronze next to him. "Nou'ishmen'. Righ'." He nods crisply, starting off towards the side without nary a second thought about /anything/. "Righ' then, Lihauth. We'll help th'others too, once yer all fed."

Delynni grins at the bronze hatchling, calling out congratulations to Ch'tra before another bronze has revealed itself from the smoke and mirrors egg. "Two bronzes, lucky." She mutters. Her eyes follow the green and bronze hatchling.

Arkoss looks over as the bronze and the blue find partners. Who? Who? Peek. And then another bronze hatches! Oh rapture! Arkoss looks him over. "Looks almost like a gold." he comments, staring. Now it's…."Oh, congrats Chaitra!" who's got the blue now?

Orla lets out a gusty laugh at Chaitra. "I'll bet that'd be a mighty interesting sight to see." She tells him with a cheeky grin before with a jump she moves quickly out of the way of the charging Lihauth. "You'll not be getting another chance like this to show your butt off. Congratulations buddy boy, you've got a lot of feeding to do." She tells him with a pleased grin for her friend.

Plucked from the Wallow Egg begins to move again, and then there is a distinctive rapping from with in, all centered at a certain point. And it is there that a series of cracks begin to appear, spreading outwards from the point of internal impact as the shell weakens.

Behold the Pink Book Egg bounces in another series of hiccups, each one causing it to list further and further over until it topples from its safe haven and lands on its side. The next hiccup jumps it almost completely off the sands, the landing causing the bright pink surface to crease dangerously. Barely a minute passes before the eggs simply falls apart revealing a rather embarrassed looking brown hatchling.

Alara's feet begin to shift once more as the heat of the sands gets to her again. "Isn't that nice." she remarks with a wide grin as the green hatchling sneezes upon the group of lads. her eyes then move on to the other movement still on the sands, careful to keep herself attentive and ready to move if she needs to, though a quick congratulations goes out to the newest impressions.

Tavern at the Edge of Darkness Brown Hatchling
Deep red-brown, the colour of fine ale, swirls over the hide of this young dragon, rippling over his barrel-like chest and cascading down well muscled legs to finally buffet against earthenware talons. His tail is long, with a permanent bend near the tip, a quirk echoed in his pale headknobs and nose. His wings are foam-flecked, their rich brown speckled with flecks of white that spread and multiply as they reach the leading edge.

With a wiggle and a shake, the Simplicity of Color and Form Egg displaces the sand piled atop it and works itself out of it's mound, rolling a few feet before coming to an abrupt stop, ceasing all wiggling.

Amarante watches the hatchlings - and halts as she finds the bronze has Impressed someone she knows. She claps softly with a huge smile, bouncing just a moment on her toes. Oh, she knew he would! Knew it! And if he looks her way at all, she will definitely point at him and mouth distinctly, 'I Told You So.'

Pike blinks as he looks over, hearing a familiar voice catches his ears, "Congratulations Chaitra!" Andi will call over towards the other crandidate, beaming widely from ear to ear as he rubs the back of his head.

Myesha is starting to do that little Candidate dance she's heard so much about, a quick look spared to the sands. It's in this moment that she misses the bronzes impression to Ch'tra. "Congrats!" She yells out, waving animatedly over to the new pair. "Look, Lynni Chaitra impressed!" But then there's that silly little green sneezing all over people and she just smiles. "At least they will have something nice to remember this by! Nothing better than some egg goo!"

Ryski suddenly has../paws/, no, talons in his robe, and promptly goes right down into the sand on his knees with a faint 'gah' of noise as that blue grips at him. "Gah! Ow, okay, /okay/! Geez, you're gonna tear it /off/, Ecoatleth!" He grumbles for a moment, and then just blinks, tilting his head to stare at the blue in surprise. "..Uh. Oh. Well no, guess no—You wanna call me /Y'ki/!?" He sighs then, and just shakes his head, groaning, and gets back up. "Alright alright..come on already.."

From the Galleries> Ysa leans into the arm, though her mouth is full of pastry by then. When that's cleared, she turns to smile at the bronzer. "Well, if ya want, I could send Aello. She'd love having a new assignment, though I send her to the nanny once or twice when I leave Lyram there." Just in case, of course. "Look, 'nother bronze. That sure is a strong clutch here at Xanadu… But no one I know has Impressed yet."

Rhelia watches Ch'tra march off with his bronze with a light chuckle and a shake of her head. "Some have no taste, apparently." But that's all she has to say to the newly impressed bronzerider or his apparent friend, Orla, and she goes back to watching the few eggs left. Of course the best come last, right?

From the Galleries> Serina is slowly easing up as she realizes the candidates aren't actually being mowed over, but she still leans into Candia. Luckily, she isn't shaking anymore. "I..really need to get out more." She mutters, subtly refering to her lack of knowledge about dragons and weyrs. Her free hand opens and closes around the bag handles in her lap idly.

Tavern at the Edge of Darkness Brown Hatchling staggers drunkenly towards the line of candidates, whirling eyes drifting from female to female along the line. Even though his attention is somewhere else, actively trying to lift the robe of one of the girls with his tail in fact, he bumps into the legs of a rather slow-witted smith by the name of Ronan. As soon as their eyes meet it's clear this is the right match, and the boy's half joyous/half rebuke cry of "Philekazanth!" sets the dragon's neck drooping in embarrassment. As the pair are lead off the sands the brown once more tries to disrobe one of the girls - some dragons just can't help themselves.

Delenn blinks at Ryski and then looks back to Zevida, his eyes widening a touch. He says nothing however, merely nods, his attention now at last returning to the hatchlings and Impressions about. Most surprisingly of course is the one that happens directly next to him. Ryski. Again the healer is rendered without out words, though his visage is one of conflicting emotions for certain. Still, he does find his voice in a few seconds to softly wish his brother a heartfelt congratulations. The shouts of others Impressing, the names he knows, distracts him and when he looks back…the boy is gone.

With a triumphant cry the Tavern at the Edge of Darkness Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Directing candidates-turned-weyrling is keeping R'in quite busy at the moment. They're herded off to the side of the sands and given ample food for their rather hungry lifemates. She waits a moment before approaching Xanadu's latest bronze. Ch'tra, "Come on over here. We've got plenty of food for him." And then she's moving swiftly to Ryski, in time to hear the boy's honorific. An eyebrow quirks, but the Weyrlingmaster keeps calm. "Y…'ki, why don't you two come over this way? We've got plenty of food over here."

As Pike calls out, Andi stands taller in his position, trying to see over the heads of all the people, grinning widely as he spots Chaitra, "Congrats!" And then Ryski impresses too, and the boy calls out his own congratulations.

Kamari giggles as Ch'tra and…Y'ki? head off the sands together, and she smiles over at the two, happy for them. "LOok at that brown.." she says, then watches it impress. "Gosh this is happening awfully fast…" she says, shaking her head.

Nalkor sighs as he feels his head tilting down, his eyes dropping to the sand dunes made in front of his sandals. Drawing a line up from that point back toward the eggs, he notices the shuddering of shards around one egg in particular - dumping another bronze onto the sands. His chin tilts up now, his shoulders seem to straighten, he shifts his weight to his back foot. Upon hearing all the congratulations being passed out near him, he simply considers this with a side glance - attention turning quickly back upon the remains of a particular egg.

Zevida eyes that bronze with a chuckle, shifting here and there before that bronze goes and picks someone. "Ah.. Chaitra.." She trails off and here comes that blue to Ryski. "Aha! I got two marks!" She cheers out and steps away from the pair. "Great job… Y'ki. You won me a few marks." She winks then, laughing brightly as she winks to Delenn. The woman wears a grin now, arms crossing over her chest again.

Plucked from the Wallow Egg has continued to be weakened by the fighting dragonet within, and finally a section of the shell pops away, and the tip of a muzzle is shadowed as the occupants rests. A long moment later, there is a much louder crack, and the shell splits in two, sides falling away to reveal the newly freed occupant.

The wiggling returns with a vengence, making the Simplicity of Color and Form Egg shiver and dance, popping upwards from the sand a few times as if the dragonet inside found the sands uncomfortably hot and wanted to be away from them. On the third hop, a sharp splintering starts at the base of the egg, working it's way upwards like cracks spreading through glass.

From the Galleries> Tarish snorts. "Good point," she mutters at Z'kiel, before there's a few more Impressions. "Oh darnit, that snippy one only Impressed blue." What optimist she is. "Well, least it keeps him away from bein' Weyrleader…" Or catching her gold. "Chaitra? Interesting name, looks.. decent enough for a bronze." Not that she'd know anything about these candidates, except for that — OH. There's Nalkor. /Glare/. He's so going to get it one of these days.

The sands are chaos and chaos draws out certain things. In the corners hide the darkness, leaving Spiral Tower egg to shudder gently in its hollow. Only a shift and then all is calm again, as if it never moved at all.

Muddy Rivers and Golden Shores Bronze Hatchling croons yearningly from his spot on the sands, splayed with limbs in all directions at the sudden deposit of his form. On leg, two leg… He's getting them all under his body, concentrating on that, even though he sends out little keens with each movement. One wing? Oh yes, there it is. He folds it to his back and then lays his head down on his front paws, just looking out at all those white forms, almost contemplating with whirling yellowish red eyes. He's not moving, nope. This goo is nice, right? Right.

Fire of the Dawn Gold Hatchling
The glory of the coming dawn spills over this gold's hide as deep, fiery hues consume her form from muzzle to tail-tip. Dark, rose-tinged gold flares upon her torso, an almost crimson sheen that sweeps up her lean sides to devour her belly and back. Long, serpentine neck rises from the deeply hued inferno, a rich amber that flows up to each of her delicate headknobs, which, like her elongated muzzle, are dipped in powdery saffron. This same hue dusts the tips of her wings, contrasting her golden poppy wingsails as they stretch translucent between each darker spar. Goldenrod ridges are prefectly aligned down her back, untamed peaks touched by Rukbat's rising, ebony talons remaining shrouded in eternal darkness.

Keziah watches, her eyes flicking back and forth, there's a Chai gone and now a. now.. Ryski. "Y'ki?" she murmurs and blinks and giggles and then oh mys. She glances towards Delenn. Wondering how he's taking it and all and then there's more hatchlings and then "Oh my. It's hot in here.."

From the Galleries> Not so very far away, and definitely within hearing range of Tarish, Yezan can't help but turn his attention in Tarish's direction, "You're rather opinionated about what people do and don't deserve, aren't you?" His tone is pleasant and light, though, not particularly inflammatory.

Ch'tra just can't stop smiling as he makes his way over to the side with Lihauth. Oh yes, this is a happy hunter.

Myesha is still keeping that dance up, now more from nerves possibly as she watches pairs move off. "Ryski! I mean," She just has to gawk at that name, smiling broadly. "Y'ki! Good job, love!" She yells out, shouting with all her might. "Good for him, and blue too!" The gold's entrance is missed but there she is when she turns back to the egg action. "Gold, love!"

Calandria calls out murmured congratulations to candidates she recognizes as they impress. Not that she was friends with any of them, but its nice to be cordial right? She actually isn't very nervous anymore, externally or internally. If she impresses, thats cool. If not, well its not the end of the world.

Delynni giggles at Y'ki. "Congrats man!" She nods to Myesha. "The green is kinda silly. Oh no!" She points. "I know, she's so pretty!" Delynni shivers and glances over at Rhelia. "Oh shells no. Not to her, please not to Rhelia." She shivers. "We'll be in deep trouble if the gold goes to Rhelia."

With all that's going on around her, Heeva's beginning to hope that one of those amazing dragonets /doesn't/ pick her. "Im just not ready for this" she mutters to herself as she watches the bronze splayed out and watching the boys on the sands.

Fire of the Dawn Gold Hatchling is on her feet with hardly a moment's hesitation, wings spreading despite their dampness as she attempts to discover how they work. Regarding them as if bothersome additions to her body when they fail to perform, they're awkwardly folded to her back before she begins a slow march towards the white ring of candidates, head held high.

Fascinating Line And Color Green Hatchling gives a cry of confusion now, standing confused and lost. None of these seem right! Her head swivels left, then right, and she simply sits patiently, wings half-extended in a very clear dragon pout. Then slowly, her head turns, locking eyes with a tall, dark haired girl. With a cry of joy, the green extends her wings and makes for her - and promptly falls on her face.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Fascinating Line And Color Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Amarante finds her attention torn from Ch'tra to the blue hatchling - and again, she finds it's lifemate is someone she knows. Ryski gets a wave and a wide grin. There you go then. She turns to look at the other bronze, the hatchlings, and then the eggs. Eyes move to one egg in particular - and she watches it hatch into something golden and wonderful. "Oh!" she breathes, latching onto Arkoss suddenly, wide-eyed. "She's beautiful!"

Kamari admires the newly hatched gold, breathing deep. "Beautiful girl.." she murmurs under her breath, fidgeting with her robes, wringing the cuffs over and over again as she watches all the dragons impress so quickly, hoping that perhaps one will choose her. Though she doesn't look too anxious.

Simplicity of Color and Form Egg finishes it's splintered demise as the dragonet within breaks through, shattering the remainder of its home to reveal itself.

Ley Me Down Blue Hatchling
Blossoms of neon apatite sparkle across the lines of this intensely colored hatchling. His hide practically glows with blue fire, overlaid with a darker cobalt that travels in lines and whorls across his body, forming intricate knots and patterns that bind the fire inside of him tightly. He is a large specimen for his color, even rivaling his brown clutchmates for size, the whirls that etch his flame-licked body making him look like something ancient, wild, and powerful.

The building chaos, the underlying emotions. Joy overall, yes, but many feeling other things: pain, disappointment, and even fear. Spiral Tower Egg seems driven onward by these things and cracks begin to show upon its shell.

Delenn is okay, really. A bit washed out, or as much as someone with as dark of skin as he has might possibly look. He managed to catch one last view of the back of Ryski, now Y'ki's head as he departed. Cautiously he looks towards Zevida as she starts to grin, unable to help the way his hands grab at the sides of his candidate robe.

Alara calls out another congratulations to the newest impressees before the sight of the young gold catches her eyes. "That one's just beautiful." she mentions to whoever is closest to her. Then there's another impression. really, at least these hatchlings seem to know what they are looking for, or mayb they're just hot too.

Arkoss blinks at the gold when she hatches, and elbows Amarante perhaps a bit hard. Sorry, but he has to make sure you /see/ it. The bronze is the one who attracts his attention though, because no gold for him DESPITE some of the bids some smartaleck posted in the Caverns.

Andis's head cranes everyehwere and nowhere at all, unable to keep his attention on any one place. He reaches out to tug at Pike's clothing, pointing, "Look, look, a gold!" He points in the direction of the newly hatched dragon.

Rhalin tilts his head and nudges Calandria in the side. "Look a gold…" blink. "Wait, don't look, you wouldn't want her." What.. obviously /he/ doesn't have to worry about it. There's a grimace then and he peers over at Rhelia. "Could you imagine that? Her getting a gold, I'd never set foot here again."

Rhelia shifts her weight onto her other leg and once again curls her toes to pop them. "Ohhhh," she says softly as she tilts forward slightly once the gold appears. Excitement is obvious in her form as she leans back and then shifts weight again, her fingers twining together as she simply can't remain still.

Pike blushes slightly as his shirt is pulled, turning in responce towards the dragon, he doesn't say much but he does look at the gold in a quiet manner.

Orla makes way from the impressing pairs as more and more are led off the sands out of the way of their siblings that are still hatching and wandering. "Can't be much longer now surely." She says eying the new arrivals, struggling to keep up with everything, Though her eyes roll up in despair at all the fawning over the gold when she makes her appearance.

Zevida looks towards that green as she moves towards a girl, snickering softly. It's then that she notices the gold. "Shells. I shoulda bet on t'at." A grumble and her arms cross over her chest in slight disappointment. But, the grin returns quickly and she winks at Delenn, looking to see who that green picked.

Nalkor is turning a little pale by the looks of it, his eyes on nothing else but the bronze that decides to contemplate there in the remains of his gooey shell. Of course, the flash of metallic on the other side of the clutch has his eyes widing around the edges - "A gold." This said with a whispered breath, his arms uncrossing as he stands there with them held loosely at his sides.

Delynni points to the blue. "THere's a blue. Oh please oh please oh please oh please." Delynni gulps, dropping Myesha's hand and crossing her fingers behind her back. Then she spies Rhelia. "Oh shells no, not her. Rhelia careful! Don't get a big head."

Another series of cracks appear upon the shell of Spiral Tower Egg. Suddenly, the tower upon the shell falls away and a damp wing pokes through. Soon the rest of the dark landscape falls away and leave a fairly petulant-looking green in their midst.

Awaiting in the Dark Green Hatchling
While others of her color may gain the title of 'pretty', this green is perhaps far from that description. She is not hideous, persay, but she has a certain menacing look to her. Perhaps it's the length of her neck and the narrow head that brings even more focus to strong jaws and sharp teeth. Long headknobs twist and curl away at the apex of her skull: the tips dashed with soft colors. This is a contrast to the rest of her hide, which is a green so deep and dark that it becomes almost black in the right lights. Even ridges spilling down her sinuous spine are lost in that darkness, nor does it lighten as her tail is reached. That length in her neck is implied through the rest of her body — almost snakelike in its lithe form. From beneath her chin, down to the base of her tail, her underbelly is jade: not light, but far lighter than that of the rest of her. Where the two colors meet, there is an awkward blending of shades, as if perhaps the darkness is winning. Her wings are large — too large, at first glance — and seem to engulf her in their size. The membrane between each darkened spar is myriad of dark, almost-black greens so that it appears to be molting: the physical appearance of being broken and yet still whole. Each of her strong legs end in talons that hold only the darkest black of night in their color.

Keziah glances over at Nalkor and can't help but grin "She looks perfect for you!" she exclaims in a burst of giggles. Yes, she's silly. Course, at least she didn't poke Arkoss about it? She's tortured the boy enough after all. Right? Well, maybe… maybe not?"

Ley Me Down Blue Hatchling turns his head as soon as he hatches, peering at the line of candidates. He lurches to his feet awkwardly, spreading egg-wet wings to display the full glory of his coloration. With purposeful strides, he charges the line. Just when it looks like time to break and scatter, he skids to a halt in front of a doe-eyed girl. "Celtath!" cries Rakell, falling into the dragon's chest to wrap her arms around his neck. After a moment one of the weyrlingmasters comes forward to usher the new pair off the sands.

With a triumphant cry the Ley Me Down Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Fire of the Dawn Gold Hatchling reaches the ring of subjects before she knows it, pausing infront of Nalkor and tilting her lightly dusted muzzle to peer down it at him, before hurrying off in a huff. Rhelia doesn't even recieve a passing glance, but then there's that one who is complaining about her. And so the gold stops at Rhalin and Calandria, seeming quite interested in the young teenager, but then, a snort and she quickly turns away, ignoring the pair after their close encounter.

Rhelia turns to look at who is warning her to be careful, and distracting her from the lovely sight of a golden hatchling. Narrowing her eyes she calls back, "Mind your own business and be 'careful' out here," she retorts, turning around with a sharp snap of her head. Now, where is the little one going… right past her? Gaping, Rhelia's head follows her movements.

From the Galleries> "I guess we'll see how they turn out." Z'kiel murmurs to Tarish when she starts talking of bronzes and Weyrleaderships. "Hopefully that won't be something we need to worry about anytime soon." The gold gets a slight blink. "Well, wasn't expecting that."

Muddy Rivers and Golden Shores Bronze Hatchling lifts his head suddenly at his golden sister, faceted eyes watching her march across the sands to the white things. Why would he want to go that way, or her, for that matter? The bronze takes in those candidates again, craning his head to allow view of them all. Wait. That one… The hatchling stands up unsteadily and makes his way towards the circle of white. His second wing is folded to his back, finally, trying to mimic his golden sister, but failing a little horribly in his unsureness.

Myesha is watching that little gold, staring as she sets off in search of a lifemate. "I wonder who will Impress that one." She muses to Delynni, squeezing her hand a bit. She is so distracted that she almost misses the green fall flat on her face. With a gasp she looks down, giggling madly. "Alright there, love? Sophyrinth?" And then her eyes go a bit funny, smiling down at the one before her. "Food love? Of course!" And S'ya lets go of Delynni's hand, helping her lifemate up before setting off.

Nalkor freezes when that gold comes near him, "Shards. Those betting boards—" that's all he can think about as it approaches him. "It's not feesable!" He waves her off just as she turns with a huff at finding him unsuitable. His shoulders visibly relax as she does so, wiping the sweat from his brow.

Kamari watches the gold make her way around the circle, worrying again at her cuffs. "She's not about to rush into things…" she notes, with a tone of approval, although she giggles at Keziah's joke, smirking a bit, then watching the gold and bronze move around.

Orla has to stifle a laugh as the gold pauses to inspect Nalkor. "Who told it what the best on the table were." She chuckles to herself.

As the gold passes by Heeva gasps in delight at her beauty not taking her eyes off her as the little dragonet passes down the line of girls.

Calandria holds her breath just as Rhalin stops speaking about how she shouldn't want the gold, because there she is then in front of the two of them as if by magic. She squeeks and ducks behind Rhalin, you can't see me, really. And then the gold hatchling is gone and Cal takes a gasp and finds out she has legs again.

Delynni giggles as the gold walks right past Rhelia. Then there's Myesha with Sophyrinth. Del offers a squeal. "Congratulations Myesha!" She cheers. "Congratulations Myesha and Sophyrinth." Delynni's grin is huge.

R'in is waiting and ready. She's getting good at this! Wait until the pair have come back to reality, direct them to the food. "Sophyrinth, was it?" the Weyrlingmaster is asking Myesha — now S'ya — once she's near and yet far enough away from them. "Come back here and let's get some food into her… those falls certainly didn't help her hunger, I bet."

Alara keeps most of her attention upon the selective golden hatchling, though she's not about to neglect the other young dragons that are milling around on the sand slooking for their new lifemates. A small grumbling though comes from her as she has to start hopping on one leg to try and remove some sand from her other sandaled foot.

Andis blinks, turning as he hears another person call out their dragon's name, "Oh, I think I know her…My….something. That's a pretty name." he murmurs, grinning widely as he continues to pull on Pike's shirt.

Zevida eyes that gold as it moves to Nalkor and the woman laughs, quite loudly. She smirks and tosses a wink at the boy but nothing more. She's not saying where she's bet, obviously. A glance towards Myesha and then she notices the green. A smirk, but nothing more.

Delenn slides over closer to Zevida now that Ryski, er Y'ki, is off with his new lifemate, slim fingers twined into the fabric of the white fabric starting to cling to his back along his spine. "I wasn't inclined to ask before, but…you've been to hatchings before yes?" he asks, eyes darting to one hatchling to the next, watching them as they break shell or wander past. Always wary. "Gold dragons aren't always in the clutch?"

Pike pulls at his own shirt, shifting from foot to foot as he looks over the sands. "I don't think there's many left." The candidate notes quietly.

Rhalin watches the gold bypass Rhelia with a definite relieved expression that quickly disapears. Oh no, that dragon is /not/ allowed near Calandria. And just as the girl ducks behind him he moves to step in front of her. Air is let out as she keeps going.

Arkoss isn't interested in the gold at all, and gives the green a passing glance when it goes towards Myesha. "Congrats!" he calls over, but his attention remains on the bronze. Purdy.

Fire of the Dawn Gold Hatchling seems to have gotten the hang of the whole movement thing, for suddenly there is a burst of motion, and the gold is headed quickly towards a tall young woman, stretching still damp wings out in an attempt to seperate her from the others, and claim her for her own. In her rush, she flings up a variety of sand behind her, completely ignoring its path. That is no longer important, she has found hers.

Amarante looks away just for a moment at the sound of Myesha's voice, and laughs a little. She points it out to Arkoss quickly, leaning in to whisper equally as fast, "I said so! She looks completely happy now, too!" She grins widely and releases her friend. She clasps her hands in front of her and once again looks towards the bronze still sort of lagging and the gold that's making up her mind.

Awaiting in the Dark Green Hatchling is covered in sand. She creels loudly and upset as she gets up and tries to shake off her damp wings. But no, that sand is stuck good. The dark green hunkers low to the sands and glares out at the candidates, eyes whirling darkly. She seems almost content to remain by her egg for the first moment or two, before a deep desire to find her pet sends her moving across the sands, tail snaking behind her.

From the Galleries> R'miel points to the sands as people start impressing. "Look, Mye got a green." He smiles at Ysa. "If you want to send her, sure. She's more reliable than even Flower is." Unfortunately the bronzer is a bit distracted at the moment with all the movement down on the sands. They were likely going to have to repeat this conversation again later.

Nalkor grunts as the gold carries on to find the person she was meant for, his brows knitting as he scowls over some of the pointed laughter drawn his way because of it. "I'll find out who made those bets," he promises with a suddenly hearty laugh. It's then that he notices the bronze is moving from his spot and at the same time, the gold impressing to… "No shelling way!" He rolls his eyes up toward the ceiling, a snort followed by an amused laugh and a final "shards."

From the Galleries> Tarish frowns as the gold Impresses. "The girl that talks funny? Figures." The chair in front of her wiggles a little as she leans up to get a better look. "Almost all of 'em have Impressed now.. Just got that bronze and green left, eh?" Well, at least the gold isn't ugly, or she'd be hurling insults about that, too.

Keziah watches as the gold Impresses to someone else other than Nalkor "Shard it, missed out on that bet." she states and lets out a mock sigh. She can't help but grin sweetly at him. She wouldn't have made that bet now? Would she?" Nah.. no one can prove a thing.

Rhelia is wearing an expression of complete disbelief as the gold just continues on a path away from her. And she indeed does look like the sour loser of a child's fight at that, letting out a loud snort and crossing her arms to look away.

Arkoss looks over when the gold Impresses, and he raises an eyebrow. Huh…whoda thunk it. "At least it's not to me." he mutters, then looks over at the bronze, somewhat desperately.

Orla continues to shake her head as she tries to keep up with everything, "It wasn't meant to be Nalkor." She calls over. "You'll need to rely on that compass instead." She grins and bobs her head to the new pairing with the gold before her eyes flick back to the rest, counting up what is left.

Zevida glances at Delenn, shaking her head. "Nope, just watched. But, I guessed t'ere was a gold w'en the clutch was laid…" She tilts her head, taking in a slow breath. Her head turns slowly, looking towards that figure before her. Another breath and she shakily reaches out a hand, forward and slowly, she makes contact with her lifemate. "Avaet'… Avaet'.." She breathes out, trembling slowly. "Yes.. Always.. Let's eat.." And slowly, she looks upwards. "'er name is Avaet'.."

Muddy Rivers and Golden Shores Bronze Hatchling seems to follow in his sister's foot steps, golden sibling eyed warily as he looks at each candidate he passes. No, no. Not you, nope. Slunking himself down he constinues to make his way along the line. Seeing his golden sister dismiss one boy, the bronze halts in his movements, facetted eye turning to the one that quelled the golden one. Pushing hismefl down low to the ground ,belly almost touching the sands, the bronze suddenly moves with a speed he hadn't show earlier. He bypasses all, and then stops infront of the one. Him. The plops himself pridefully infront of the one, spreading his wings happily.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Muddy Rivers and Golden Shores Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Delynni snickers at Rhelia's expression. She passes Rhelia to get a better look. "Breeding huh? Aspiring huh? Tell that to the gold." She laughs. "Congratulations Zevida!" She says with a huge smile. And then the bronze has got his man, and she turns to watch him.

From the Galleries> Ysa leans in her seat now, eyes on the green pair as they head off. She bobs her head, grinning now. "I saw," she says with a chuckle, sure enough that there were others in the stands that were cheering for the new greenrider pair. "I'll tell Aello to go to ya when ya want her, then," she says as she turns her eyes away from the sands.

Andis 's head pratically snaps as he hears Zev, "Shards, she impressed gold?" His face is almost white but then he snaps out of it, standing as high as he possibly can, "Congratulations Zev!" Clearly someones enthusiastic about her impressing gold.

Kamari calls out congratulations to those who have impressed, grinning.

Delenn is good luck? Seems at least to the degree that the people to his right seem to be Impressing. He was about to nod to Zevida when the gold appears and side steps without pause. Making room. Another soft congratulations comes from him for the newly Impressed pair.

Alara gets the sand out of her sandal and frowns a little as she finds the gold impressed to another, though is quick to offer a smile and a congratulations. With a last look towards the now impressed gold, she turns her attention to the remaining hatchlings.

Pike blinks, rubbing the back of his head seeming lost in the chaos of it all. He slinks away from Andi a little bit, preferring a little bit of his own bubble back.

Calandria smiles at the Impressions, still a little shaky on her feet from the near encounter with the gold. She waves congradulations to people and says to Rhalin with a smirk. "Whew, it wasn't Rhelia. We're safe. And of course I wouldn't Impress without you." Yes, because it works like that. Really.

Awaiting in the Dark Green Hatchling watches her bronze and gold siblings Impress, giving a huff. She can do that, too! She speeds up, wings spreading as she moves swiftly across the sands towards a skinny, blond girl. Keyra, by name. With a loud creel, the dark dragonet rears up in surprise at her mistake. In her anger at her mistake, she lashes out and there's suddenly crimson welling up upon the white candidate robe. The injuries may not be fatal, but the girl isn't moving and the green turns away, leaving the candidate in a heap upon the ground. No! This won't do! She spreads her wings, giving a loud and viscious trumpet toward the rest of the candidates. But no, that one. Her eyes whirl faster and she's off again, but this time more wary. She walks up, circles, and wraps her tail suddenly around the scarred boy's legs. Hers.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Awaiting in the Dark Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Keziah hmms a little as the bronze Impresses and then she can't help but grin "He's got some gold in him." she states with a giggle "That works, doesn't it?" she asks with a tilt of her head. "I mean, sure, he

From the Galleries> R'miel stands up when the gold impresses to Zevida. "What… get out of here. That girl impressed to gold?" He flops back down, laughing, then pulls Ysa into a hug. "That sounds good, love. I worry about him when I can't just go and look to see he's alright." His eyes then turn back to the sand to watch the last batch of impressions be made.

Keziah hmms a little as the bronze Impresses and then she can't help but grin "He's got some gold in him." she states with a giggle "That works, doesn't it?" she asks with a tilt of her head. "I mean, sure, he's a guy and all, but he still has gold." She's a snot, yes she is.

Arkoss sighs siftly when when the bronze impresses, looks around to see the green impress as well….and there's no more dragons. "Hmm…as expected." he nods to himself, then turns to smile at Amarante. "Oh well. I didn't think I would Impress anyway." he's said so. "Congrats." he adds to the two lucky ones.

Nalkor's laughter turns off suddenly like someone hit a switch. He abruptly seems connected with the racing bronze, unmoving even as it rapidly by passes all others for him. Orla's comment does rear another laugh from him, but it's almost distant sounding as he regards the bronze fanning his wings in front of him. Moments pass as he contemplates the creature before him, ignoring all else around him as his hand extends to greet the dragon. "I doubted that I would be here too. I was about to turn tail.." he admits as he comes back down to reality with the name of his lifemate. To all, in tradition, he turns and announces, "This is Nasrinth. He calls me N'kor."

There's a squeak from the side where R'in and the other Weylingmasters and assistants have been helping the new pairs. Yep, it's Lorena who had been beaming at Nalkor and his new lifemate. But suddenly she's scarlet at her outburst.

Rhalin admittedly doesn't know a good deal of the other candidates too well, despite having lived together for the past well… long amount of time. He's still watching the flow of hatchlings impressing. "We're safe so far… looking forward to home.. wonder if Tas is here." His mouth twists slightly at that. "Think he'll be disappointed?"

Amarante smiles a little bittersweetly as the gold goes to another. She really was that beautiful…. She leans towards Arkoss and is about to murmur to him when the bronze finds his lifemate, and then the final green. Reaching up, she touches his arm. "Maybe next time?" she offers softly to him, smiling at him, and then turning it to the others who are Impressing. "Yeah. Neither did I," she admits to Arkoss' words. She claps a little for the others too, but she's quiet this time.

Makri runs onto the sands towards the downed candidate now that it seems mostly safe. A wave of a hand brings a stretcher, this one is going to need work.

R'in watches the gold and her eyebrows rise with surprise as it Impresses. The dragons know best, right? The Weyrlingmaster nears Zevida, "Come on over and we'll get you guys some food." She looks over to Nalkor as he Impresses, then up to Lorena at the woman. She shakes her head a bit, almost amused. "Well, N'kor… I think Lorena has some food set aside for you and Nasrinth over there."

From the Galleries> Candia sighs, smiling ruefully at Serina. "You feeling a bit better?" She waits for an answer for a moment, even as she stands. "I have to go. I need to check on my brother and a friend of mine who were both left standing.'

Ysa snaps her attention back to the sands. "Who?" She says, curious to see just who that new goldrider was, but her nose wrinkles instead. "The one with the mouth? Huh," is all her answer, shrugging her shoulders. She chuckles at his hug, shaking her head. "He's in good hands, like ya said. No worries. We'll be back home soon. Is it over yet?" She studies the last dragonets, hoping they were all paired off.

Kamari watches all the remaining dragonets impress and sighs, then smiles around at the other candidates. "Oh well…" she says brightly, true to her word not getting upset. "Congrats Zevida, N'kor…" she says with a warm smile.

Delenn really should have been paying attention, considering. Though the tail wrapping about his legs comes as a bit of a surprise, as does the voice in his head. Yes, there it is. Disoriented, the healer journeyman's eyes drop towards the possessive green now coiled about him, and he swallows hard. "Szayelth?" he manages to say before his head slowly nods. He untangles her long serpentine tail from about him and a bit dazed leads the green off the sands. "She says I'm to be called D'len…" he tells R'in.

Kilaueth has resigned herself to the fact that her eggs are gone, and so has retreated to a corner to watch the young weyrlings feed with their new riders, crooning now and then, encouragingly. Niva, meanwhile, is glad to see that the last hatchling has found its match despite the maiming by the green, for she's leaning lightly against the railing, more of her weight there than should be. "Congratulations to all who Impressed, and to those who didn't - Your dragon simply wasn't on the Sands this time. Our riders saw something in you, and there will be a dragon for you somewhere. You are all welcome to stay, or if you'd prefer to go, you can do that as well - we're happy to take you whrever you need." Even as she speaks, her attention keeps drifting back to the crumbled candidate and the healer there, completing the formalities before moving to make sure the girl is alright.

Heeva watches the bronze stop in front of Nalkor and gasps as the impression is made. "Congratulations N'kor!" she calls, though he seems oblivious of everything but Nasrinth.

Zevida glances at R'in, nodding slowly and she turns towards Avaeth slowly. "Food, right t'is way.." She murmurs, slowly moving forward with her lifemate beside her. She doesn't move her hand from her lifemate, remaining in contact with her.

From the Galleries> Serina nods and waves her hand towards Candia to tell the woman to go ahead. Though now there is no one to hide behind, there are no more eggs hatching either. So instead she just sits there, frozen in place at what she saw. Especially with the girl that was hurt badly.

N'kor as he is so called now, nods at those telling him where he should go, smiling back at the those who wish him well, a wink for Heeva as she's closest to him. Then, with Nasrinth at his side, he goes where directed.

R'in catches the mauling and winces, her eyes closing for a moment. When they open, she looks to the newest greenrider. A smile, then, if it's a bit weak. Her stomach is so very unhappy right now. "D'len, then. Come along with me. We'll get her fed."

From the Galleries> "You've GOT to be kidding me," Tarish says with a choke as Nalkor Impresses. "Not /him/. That boy.. Well. I guess his sister did say he was a bronzerider's son." She sighs, and then picks up to leave. "Decent clutch," is her final word before jetting outta here. Pff, hatchings.

M'iri peeks in from behind the Weyrlingmasters. She's cheating, yes, and smiles as each new Weyrling passes her. "What is it with Kilaueth and her children gutting people?" Miir murmurs, peering just in time to see Lorena blush. The Wingleader peers out again and then just smirks, yes. She knows what this is all about.

Delynni smiles at N'kor and his bronze Nasrinth. "Has gold in him, but definately a bronze. Congratulations N'kor, good luck. Good luck too D'len." She turns to make her way off the sands without a second glance, but she pauses near Niva. "Thank you for having me. I'd like to go back to Eastern." She says calmly, her disappointment echoes in her eyes for only a second before she walks out.

Rhelia is still in something of disbelief at the results, and then there's the closing announcements and she just blinks. But like the others, she turns 'round to exit the arena.

Kamari smiles at D'len, nodding congrats to him as well, and then looks around, spying the injured candidate. 'Oh I hope she's ok!" she says, hand to her chin as she watches the stretcher be brought out.

From the Galleries> R'miel is standing up again, joining the crowd in a worried gasp as a green slashes at someone on the stands. "Whoa whoa! Someone just got mauled!" He points down to the sands and insistantly pull up on Ysa's arm so that she could see. "Gross! Where's the healer!? Ys, you gotta see this!" Overexcited bronzer, everyone steer clear.

Keziah grins. She's happy. Yup. Nalkor got looked at by a gold, he has a bronze with a gold. Her day has been made. Yup.

Hesketh pokes about in the egg shards, making doubly sure there's nothing left to happen. One particularly large shard is moved towards R'sul, a memento perhaps, before the bronze leaves to go hunting - free again.

Andis grins happily as he watches the last of the dragons escorted off of the sands, he's happy, and he couldn't possibly be happier. So he turns on his heel and heads off of the sands with the others.

Amarante smiles at the others, sighs softly, and turns to make her way out of the sands. Maybe someday… She follows Arkoss out as softly as she entered, though with a lot less anxiety in her.

Orla watches the last impression with a wince as the girl goes down right before it. "That's going to hurt." She murmurs starting to move over, but with healers moving in to take care of her she stops, better to let them deal with it and nods her head to Niva instead.

Calandria isn't happy, and plunks down where she stood on the sands. But she isn't upset because she doesn't have a dragon, she is upset because she still needs her hat back. She grins and congratulates the candidates who Impresssed as the walk out, but waits for R'in. "Maybe next time, huh?" She says to Rhalin lightheartedly.

Makri escorts the stretcher off the sands, the usually grumpy weyrhealer actually going so far as to touch the girl gently - someone has a heart after all.

Rhalin glances down as Cal goes plop. Offering her a hand he grins. "We'll just hang out until she leaves.. then we can get it back. Allright?" His eyes follow Rhelia as his sister walks off. "Shards, hoping she'd impress." Aw…

From the Galleries> Ysa is suddenly pulled up, surprised, but she takes a step forward to get a better look. "Not jus' mauled. Did that green kill that girl?" She clutches at the bronzer's arm in surprise, but doesn't pull away. Morbid curiosity! "Maybe we should head back home now. THere's nothing that we can do 'bout that." She glances towards the retreating observers.

From the Galleries> R'miel nods to his weyrmate and makes his way out with the crowd. "Yeah, I guess you're right there… Let's head back then." Time to head home! All the excitement is over.

Calandria glances up at Rhalin and reluctantly sighs and pulls herself up. She isn't going to be leaving Xanadu without her hat. She pauses once before exiting the sands, taking it all in. She probably won't be back here again. With a smile she turns to Rhalin. "Alright, lets go."

From the Galleries> Ysa hovers a moment still, glancing to the sands, before nodding and following her weyrmate out.

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