Xanadu Hatching, August 01, 2007

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the eggs left there.

From the galleries> Kacen slips into the slowly filling seats with a cheeky smile. He seems to be somewhat freshly scrubbed, with damp hair and freshly wrinkled clothing. However, he's still managed to leave a streak of wood stain on his face. A quick glance around finds an empty seat about mid way up and he quickly takes possession.

From the galleries> Sianne is here, yes she's making one of those rare apperances outside of Igen. So for now she's standing there, looking rather lost before trying to find a seat amongst those still available in the galleries.

From the galleries> Fyrion is also here, making sure that he's one of the first to get here so he can get a very good seat and watch the whole thing.

From the galleries> Shida wiggles his way to a small niche in the wall of the galleries with a smug cheep, no humans will find the little sky blue here. Then he focuses his attention on the grounds below.

From the galleries> G'rism is among the few who have already claimed a seat, having arrived from Eastern on his first trip to Xanadu. For now, most of his attention is directed on the crowds of gathering people, no doubt scanning for a few familiar faces, if any, among them.

From the galleries> Senkyou comes up the stairs, sitting in the first availble seat near the front. Not paying much attention to the people, she's here to watch the eggs hatch. On her shoulder is a green and a blue firelizard both crooning tails wrapped around Senks neck.

From the galleries> Rh'al has been relaxing in a seat not far from the sands for quite some time, having a quiet conversation with his glowering son who sits not far away. As more people crowd in, the bronzerider can be seen giving a few waves to fellow Xanaduians that he knows, and polite nods - as well as curious glances - to the people he's never seen before.

From the galleries> Alinaine has been there for a while, oh yes. The young Journeyman Harper is seated somewhere amongst the second or third row, her blue eyes gazing about those already there. It's her first time at Xanadu and also her first attendance at a hatching…Perhaps she might find a familiar face? Or maybe not..

A deep thrumming sound comes from the honey golden young Queen at Xanadu Weyr. The time has come. Ethne remains at Mellonath's side dressed in a sundress made of light fabric. The Junior Weyrwoman's hand rubs the gold's side gently speaking to her reassuringly and softly. "It's going to be fine dear, just fine."

The sandy hues of the Shifting Sands of Time Egg have hardened during their time on Xanadu's Sands, and now a hardpacked lump sits amongst its brethren. But, it seems that whatever has been piled beneath the shell is tired of being trapped, for it rocks back and forth, before pausing to rethink its strategy.

"Time passes, people move. Like a river's flow, it never ends. A childish mind will turn into noble ambition, young love will become deep affection. The clear water's surface reflects growth…"

And aye, does time pass and people move. A river of white moves forth onto the sands. Perhaps a fish or two leap within there, but likely not: a river of people is less likely to host its own ecosystem. Nevermind the horrid results should a fishing line be cast. But ah, this river flows not over rocks, with a bubbly nature; instead it shuffles across the sand, a nervous energy almost palpable in the air. Soon it is less a singular entity and more a collection of souls united by their trials together and the hope they each share, spread before those eggs that have sat waiting as much for the candidates as they have waited for this day. Almost as one — with a few exceptions, such as that one girl who nearly trips over a too-long robe — they bow.

From the galleries> Sitting off to herself is Kotone. Odd that the Harper would come to watch a hatching as it's painfully obvious to those that know the young woman. She simply sits there with her ear cast to the side, trying to listening to what's going on down below.

Quiath rumbles his own thrummed greeting as the eggs seem to be ready. The bronze stays well clear of dam and eggs. But his respectful distance doesn't prevent him from giving a strong look at the approaching candidates. N'hil sands leaning against the bronze's leg, somewhat distant from the Xanadu residents.

Shifting Sands of Time Egg begins to wobble again, and now the constant movement has started to disrupt the smooth shell of the egg, cracks appearing and widening along the carefully shaped surface.

In Frenzied Pursuit of an Egg seems to strain toward the egg nearest to it, as though the brightly-hued splotch on its side seeks to devour it. Then again, it's entirely possible that the ovoid moved. But did it?

Felandre makes his way onto the sands in a robe fitted in all the wrong ways save perhaps length, the tall trader sticking out a bit like a sore thumb. But then, that could be because his face is red enough with contained nervousness to give him the appearance of one. He lingers at the rim of the sands, taking his time to bow and gingerly makes his way out into the heat to find himself a place in the circle.

Keziah doesn't seem overly concerned as she heads onto the sands. She performs her bows to Mellonath and Quiath and then fades back into the semi circle forming around the wobbling eggs, a glimmer of excitement on her face.

Neamon is looking around, staying rather to the back of the crowd of candidates and carefully watching where he steps as he comes out to the sands. Another look around before he finds himself a good spot and makes his acknowledgements to the clutch parents.

Raelin is sneaky. With careful movements during the rush to get in line and arrayed upon the sands, she has settled into a place next to Zekiel. Her ill-fitting robe slides down a bit upon her bow, almost becoming even more revealing than the low neckline already makes it. She quickly tugs it back into place, swallowing as she looks over the arrayed eggs.

Parra heads back towards the loose circle of candidates framing the rocking clutch of eggs. With her bows to both Mellonath and Quiath given, Parra is left to stand and wait, a mixture of an anxious, but excited, smile crossing her face.

From the galleries> L'alie is lounging on one of the ledges with Adinaeth. When the eggs start to wobble she leans forward excitedly, thumbing her brown's pink side. "This is it, Adie."

Alaye sort of staggers onto the sands, and makes a rather tremulous bow to Mellonath and Quaith. She's trying to conceal just how nervous she really is, but her clenched fists and red cheeks betray her as she joins the semi-circle of candidates. But amid the anxiety in her eyes there is a flicker of excitement as well.

Jynniphire heads out onto the sands, in line next to Velhan. She does the courtesy bow to clutchmother and father, before taking her place in line with the rest of the candidates. She looks only slightly nervous, almost distant, as if she's bracing herself for whatever's going to come.

Esher is one of the calmer candidates, quite chilled out as he makes his way from his bow to the sire and dam to the loose semi-circle forming. He doesn't really notice who he's close to - his attention is on the rocking eggs and he'll happily chat away to anyone. "Well, it's all gonna be over soon enough. And..w.e'll see what happns, eh?"

Harleanne's nervousness shows in a twitch in her right leg. Once she's joined the semi-circle of candidates, it can be seen popping up now and then so that the girl absent-mindedly taps her toes on the sands — at least until the heat registers, at which point she shakes it a little to cool it. One such movement in the cycle is interrupted with a look of sheer terror when one of the jiggling eggs registers in the corner of her vision. "Oh wow, I'm actually -here- and it's -happening-."

Shifting Sands of Time fall prey to time itself, as finally the grains of sand upon its surface can withstand the motion no more, and dissolve onto the sands, leaving a pile to be sweep away later, and in its midst, a large, sandy hued hatchling.

Corrupted Sands Brown Hatchling
Dusty, drab khaki clings like an unwelcome cloak to the hide of this brown while grey-tinted sands spiral around his large body, casting a speckled pattern of tans along his back, silt piles gathered along the curves of his limbs. Each long wing is coated with the same pale hue, the spars like stretching beaches between dunes of dying brown. Neither his tail nor his muscled neck are able to escape the swirling sand storm, and even his headknobs and muzzle are scoured by the whirlwind, leaving him nearly peach in tone along his nose. Each ridge along his back is a slightly darker, shadowed khaki, as they move steadfast down his back despite the storm raging upon his hide, only each paw remaining a darker brown, gripping to the world.

Zekiel doesn't notice Raelin having appeared next to him until after he's made his bow, but the brief smile indicates he finds her presence pleasant. Still wearing that's focused look, it's hard to tell exactly what he's thinking but nervousness and a little bit of fear is definitely starting to show.

From the galleries> Kacen squirms in his chair like a much younger boy as one particular candidate passes by. "Come on, Mon" he mutters softly to himself, adding "Move forward! How is he going to find you if you're hiding?" Seems he has confidence in his brother, even if he's teased him all along against it.

Lanthiel follows the rest of the candidates onto the sands, hesitating for a moment until most of the candidates have found positions to walk closer to the eggs. He slips in next to his twin Xandria, trying his best to ignore the crowd watching the events. Never been one for crowds, this one.

A frenzy of activity from within In Frenzied Pursuit of an Egg sends chips of matte black shell falling to the sands as cracks spread over the shell. The being inside seeks freedom, but escape isn't a certainty just yet, causing a frustrated creel to emerge from within.

From the galleries> L'alie lets out a groan, "Brown.. bad luck, there."

Tri Triangle Egg shivers a little its spot, seeming impatient as it sways back and forth to some unknown rhythm. Then, abruptly, it ceases and all activity stops. It didn't move, really!

From the galleries> Senkyou shrugs looking over to L'alie. "I don't know, browns always been lucky for me."

Brighid finds herself close to a bunch of other girls, shifting her weight nerviously at finding herself out on the sands with the eggs actually about to hatch. And suddenly one does! She gasps as the brown makes his appearance.

Raelin rubs sweaty palms upon her robe, trying to dry them a little. As the first egg cracks, her eyes widen and she squirms. "Look," she says softly to Zekiel. "He's… wow." Sure, she's watched many hatchings from the gallery, but this is the first time the weyrbred girl has ever been upon the sands.

Ethne watches the group of candidates arrive out onto the sands as she gives them all an encouraging smile as each takes their turn to bow to sire and dam and their riders. A glance with a smile is given towards N'hil and another glance is towards the galleries where she seems to be searching for some people it seems. Perhaps she is simply looking for relatives and friends. A warm smile is given to Parra and Raelin, her cousins as she looks towards Mellonath. "I really hope they find their lifemates dear. It'd be so nice for them both."

From the galleries> Rh'al is inclined to agree with Senkyou, "It would be worse if they started out with a green, wouldn't it?"

Jynniphire smiles at the newly hatched brown, her excitement getting the better of her at last. "He's really cute," she comments to the person beside her. "Who do you think he'll choose?"

From the galleries> Fyrion simply leans back in his seat and watches. Apparently he's a bit new to this whole thing and wants to find out what this is all about. He watches intrigued.

Harleanne must have used up all of her panic, because the appearance of the brown startles her far less than the initial egg movement she saw. She squints a little, tilts her head, and gives Mellonath a judicious look. "It's, um, very nice." Jynniphire gets a headshake and a stage whisper: "/Cute/?"

Esher eyes the first dragon to hatch, looking thoughtful. "Good looking brown, that." And he's the expert, is he? "His paws are pretty dark." He nods towards the dragonet just in case those nearby aren't already looking at it. With a small smile, Esh shifts his feet, some of the hot sand spilling into his open-toed sandals and causing him to grimace. "Hrm."

Keziah jumps just a little when the egg hatches, turning her head towards it to see the brown hatch. Momentarily it distracts her, before she goes back to looking around at all the other eggs.

The patterns of blue blur upon the shell of In Frenzied Pursuit of an Egg as the hatchling within finally triumphs. Shards explode outward as the small dragon tumbles forth, sprawling unceremoniously into the hot sand before him.

From the galleries> G'rism barely catches sight of the first egg to hatch, having let his gaze linger on the arriving candidates. When he does take note of the brown hatchling, there's no voiced comment from him, only the slight upwards curve of the one corner of his mouth and a soft snort towards a few of the overheard comments.

From the galleries> Sianne nods in agreement to Rh'al "THough I can't really say much since I think the last clutch of my own Sakrieths started out with a green but things were so wild that day it very well could have been a blue to." She simply doesn't keep track of things like that.

Parra's eyes widen in surprise and awe as the brown cracks his shell, makinghis appearance on the sands. she turns to the candidate closest to her, who just happens to be Felandre. "He's gorgeous," she comments, pointing towards him but glancing up at Felandre. As she turns her gaze from the dragonet to candidate, Parra catches Ethne's warm smile and can't help but erupt into a grin,w aving towards the junior weyrwoman.

Voracious Escapist Brown Hatchling
Golden browns sweep across his small form, darkening slightly over quick limbs and whipcord tail. He's small enough to be a large blue but for his color, streaks of tumbled topaz flaring briefly over his wings before vanishing. Sandy hues skip nimbly down his chest and over his belly, brushing over the side of his tail like a speckled trail.

Corrupted Sands Brown Hatchling is suddenly dumped into sandy surroundings - this is certainly not what was suppose to happen! Despite this unexpected bump in the plans, the brown isn't long in sitting in the egg shards, pushing himself to his feet, to get to the candidates before time slips by.

Neamon tilts his head slightly as he considers the first hatched dragon, watching the new brown for a moment. He moves to find the one person he does really know out there, glancing at Cherin for a moment. "Kinda pale, isn't he."

Alaye catches her breath as the first hatchling emerges. She can hear the excited chatter all around her, but cannot speak at the moment. For this her first time on the Sands as well. The girl can only watch the brown nervously and curiously.

Felandre settles his eyes upon the newborn brown, taking a good look at his first hatchling and suddenly finding the entire prospects of being out here rather daunting. Not that they weren't before, but now… well, that's a rather large creature. Cute? He might no agree. Imposing, intimidating? Yes. Majestic? Certainly. But right for him? Or, is it is he that may be right for the dragon?

Lanthiel is rather distracted by the heat of the sands at the moment. "Is it just me or has it gotten hotter since the last Touching?" he whispers to his sister before the two Browns catch his attention.

Tri Triangle Egg suddenly shudders violently as spinnerweb cracks start to spiral down its surface, separating the three triangles and causing them to drift apart.

Zekiel nods to Raelin, speaking out of the corner of his mouth in quiet murmur. "Yes, I see him. And look, there's another one." He glances around then, just in case any others have managed to hatch with him noticing. This is all a little bit overwhelming.

Cherin fidgets in her robe as the action truly begins. Eyes widen at the crack of shell and the emergence of the first. "A bit, I suppose." she murmurs, voice cracking, in response to Neamon. Really, she shouldn't be so nervous, she's done this before, if not here exactly but how different can such events be. Still, it is so much different from the sands perspective than the galleries.

Jynniphire shrugs at Harleanne, nodding. "Yeah, he's kinda cute… I mean, he's a baby, he's just hatched, he's cute, I reckon. And hey, check out the other brown!"

Esher makes a little 'huh' sound as the second egg to hatch…is also a brown. "Looks like this clutch's gonna have a lotta browns, eh? Not that I'm complaining," he adds with a grin. "Browns're good dragons. I'd like t'see a few greens, though." He ends on a hopeful, almost expectant note.

Harleanne shakes her head a little at Jynniphire and, in the process of arguing her point, misses the arrival of the second brown. Her mouth snaps shut pretty quickly after it opens and she looks to the sands to see what else the clutch has to offer. "He's pretty cute. But not all babies are cute, you know. I've seen some ugly ones."

Power has been building behind the hazy blue shell of the Orb of the Elements Egg, and as the streams of colors work their way across the shell, it starts to shift on the sands, dislodging the sand that props it up, the force trapped inside being its struggle.

Raelin drifts a little closer to Zekiel. She seeks the support, but isn't going to outright say so. Just a little shuffle. "He's so tiny!" she exclaims, shifting onto her toes briefly to get a better look. Not that she's short, but. Hands curl into fists at her sides, nerves steadily taking over. She glances briefly to Ethne, smiling weakly, before her gaze returns to the eggs themselves.

Tri Triangle Egg gives a little wiggle, and suddenly there's nothing more but shards left to the sand and a gooey green dragon is left blinking in its wake. Hello world!

Defender of the Fields Green Hatchling
Drab olive and dark forest green vie for dominance over the hide of this stocky dragon, providing her with her own personal camouflage that would fit in any jungle. A hood of heather coats her headknobs, the colour seeping down her neck like a cloak before cresting sturdy wingspars and dappling their sails. Haunches are thick, no colouring able to hide the power that lies there, and her feet are tipped with steely talons almost menacing in appearance. A faint line of bright mint encircles her tail, darkening as it runs along the rapier-like length and turning the spaded tip almost black.

From the galleries> Kacen turns back to the familar rider voices with a question. "Does it really matter what color hatches first? Mom alway seemed to prefer to see greens first." He grins somewhat evilly. "She's like that though."

Voracious Escapist Brown Hatchling squawks most unhappily at how abruptly he finds himself dumped onto the sand, awkwardly wriggling his way over the hot grains before it finally occurs to him to get to his feet. The minute he does so, a frightened squeal spills from his throat, prompting him to charge forth in a mad rush to escape from - well, something. Barging past a couple of candidates and knocking one to the ground, he pays them no heed, eyes trained only on Vykki, the candidate who ran away to briefly reunite with an unsuitable trader lad. What begins as an equally frightened squeal from the girl soon dissolves and instead, becomes a drawn-out sigh. "Pamanth?" she breathes, then, staring at the eager little brown. "Oh dear — of course I'll feed you, you needn't worry about a thing. /I/ think you're /perfect/." And with that, the first Impression is made.

Brighid takes an unconcious step back as a second brown appears, "Oh! Two browns…" The harper seems to be a little tongue tied now that there are actually baby dragons there on the sands with her. She clutches blindly for the hand of the girl next to her and looks like she's about ready to run.

Corrupted Sands Brown Hatchling moves rather easily on his feet, now that he has the hang of this whole movement thing, and so to the candidates he charges without a moment's hesitation, never looking backwards, only forwards into the fray. Perhaps he can get through this way? Oh, there's a crack in the candidates! And so between two young boys he pushes without a moment's hesitation.

Orb of the Elements Egg has struggled to remain on the sands, but the bonding power of the elements is weakening, and the power inside is ready to make its way out into the world, cracks forming and pushing fire from water, earth from air.

All Fall Down Egg rolls over slowly, tiredly. Not in any rush, just making itself known. It has time still.

From the galleries> Rh'al twirls his little beard thoughtfully and shrugs. "It's all superstition, aye? I think Valenth's clutch had another bronze first, but I don't remember. It was quite a while ago," he says, eyes glazing over for a moment as he thinks. Then eyes go back to the sands. "These things really do go fast, huh?" he asks no one in particular.

Zekiel is having a hard time keeping up, looking here there and everywhere in an attempt to do so. "Well, they are babies. We were even smaller when we were babies." He points out to Raelin, still glancing this way and that.

Alaye keeps wringing her hands as she watches the two brown hatchlings out of the corner of her eye. But her attention is quickly diverted to a flash of green from within the clutch. The first green hatchling, just when Esher had commented about them! "There you go," she manages to smile at her fellow candidate, though her voice sounds somewhat choked.

Meira is here, hopping about and trying to avoid the hatching dragons. She's eyeing the hatching eggs, frowning slightly as they all seem to break apart at once. The browns and the green are given a wide berth, the green in particular, as she takes a careful step backwards. "I never thought I'd be /here/. On the /sands/, as a /candidate/!" Her words make it sound like an honour that she's glad to recieve, but her actions say otherwise.

Esher claps loudly at Vykki's Impression. Well, he /has/ to clap loudly if he's to be heard over the roar of the audience. The arrival of a sticky-looking green gets his attention, however, and his broad grin reveals white teeth. "That's the way! Y'can /never/ have too many greens." He's enjoying the 'show' rather than being frightened about the whole thing.

Keziah frowns ever so slightly at the first impression, watching the other brown and green on the sands warily. Especially that green. She looks dangerous.

Jynniphire nods in agreement with Harleanne, without taking her attention off the dragonets. "Yeah, I know you can get some ugly ones - oh, well done, Vykki! Pamanth is lovely!"

Harleanne is now having to keep track of dragons in front of and behind her, and this is very confusing to her. She breaks free of the semi-circle to give herself manuevering room, but manages not to miss the first Impression. Even with a rogue charging brown somewhere behind her, she still finds the time to cheer for the Impression. "Way to go Vykki!" Her eyes eventually drift to the green, which is examined thoughtfully and in silence.

Felandre is careful to make room as he sees the firstborn brown make his way with all due haste among them, swallowing in his throat and letting out a slow breath as his eyes turn over towards Meira. "…I know the feeling there." He remarks to her, offering up a lopsided smile as he scrubs a bit of sweat already forming on his brow.

From the galleries> G'rism leans forwards in his seat a little as the first Impression is made and more eggs hatch. The Eastern bronzerider's attention seems mainly focused on trying to keep track of the eggs and hatchlings, so that most of the conversation going on within the galleries goes unheard - for now, anyways.

Lanthiel isn't sure where to look now that the eggs are really starting to move. The first Impression gets a "Congradulations!", as unlikely as it is to be heard. Other than that, the boy is trying his best to watch the other hatchlings as they progress across the sands.

Neamon continues to carefully watch, eyeing the now wandering green and brown hatchlings out there. A quick aside once more to Cherin, as he's quickly applauding for Vykki and nodding slightly, puzzled. "I never saw that one coming."

From the galleries> Senkyou is just watching everything, the browns make her smile. "Love browns." She comments, and keeps a careful eye on all the candidates.

Orb of the Elements Egg can take no more, and the shell is vanquished by the warrior within, large fragments falling to the sands, each element harmless by itself, and a blue dragonet remaining in its place, the victor.

Protector of the Pure Blue Hatchling
Sleek steel blue sweeps from muzzle to tail, the smooth gleam of a polished blade reflecting the expanse of the ocean collected upon his hide. Deeper cobalt splashes along his stomach, solid coloring his centerline, while the spots become sparser and more sporadic by the time they reach each of his thin limbs. Dark ebony talons gleam at the end of each limb, the darkest point on his body. Wing spars darken to the same cobalt while sails are a silvery steel, colors pulled to every edge of his form. As his short muzzle arches up at each faceted eye and sweeps back into rounded headknobs, dark royal ridges run along his back to his tail, coloring pure as can be.

All Fall Down Egg twitches and a faint crack appears in the green T near its tip. Slowly it rolls once more, this time towards the candidates. Its time is coming.

Spinning Through the Skies Egg quavers from its mound of sand, giving just the faintest of movements before stilling. Perhaps the shifting of the landscape was just a trick of the light.

Parra stands alone still, Felandre having not responded to her earlier. Left to fend for herself as the dragonets keep tumbling fromt heir eggs to the sands, Parra crosses her arms over her chest and steps away from Felandre and the other candidates so she's off by herself. A whisper of a smile flits across her face for Vycki and her brown, but other than that, Parra remains mostly stoic.

Defender of the Fields Green Hatchling blinks in confusement as she looks around, slowly standing to her feet. A soft croon in frustrasion escapes her chest as she stands shakily to her feet, her wings unfurling ever so slightly. She'll do it, she doesn't need help. She knows what she has to do.

Alaye barely has a chance to notice the first Impression, for she's too busy trying to make room from the brown pushing through the candidates. Once she's sure she's out of the way, she looks up just in time to see the first blue emerge. "Ooh," she breathes. "Now that one is beautiful…"

Raelin reaches out suddenly as the blue hatches, grabbing Zekiel's hand. "Look at that blue! He's /gorgeous/." She's looking this way and that, watching those dragonets that begin to make their way across the sands.

Meira glances over to Felandre, unable to spot Trian immediately in the haze of the sands. "It's exciting, isn't it?" she says with a gulp. She's more afraid than excited, it appears. She's trying to avoid the browns and the green, though not trying /quite/ so hard to avcid the blue. Blues are small. Greens are smaller, but blues don't get proddy. If anything please let it be blue…

From the galleries> Kacen's mouth drops open as more and more hatchlings seem to be crowding the sands. Finally he calls out towards Neamon, hoping to be heard by only the candidate. "Move forward. Why are you hiding back like that? Afraid they are going to get you dirty or something?" Nasty how he teases his brother.

Esher turns his attention away from the wandering brown, looking instead at the newly-hatched blue. "Now there's a handsome one." The steely colour of the hatchling gets an appreciative whistle - probably an unwise thing for a candidate to do during a Hatching. Esh looks the dragonet up and down, nodding approvingly. "Very nice colours." He just won't shut up with the talking!

Protector of the Pure Blue Hatchling is stunned for a moment, hesitating amidst the fragments of shell, seeming to rest, to wait, to recover. With a trumpet to Quiath and Mellonath, he stretches his wings out, looking to either side, before the start to drag in the sand, gathering it up on the dew-y sails.

Cherin giggles, some of her tension released. "Well, it's not up for us to decide. Who ever sees it coming?" Hazel eyes turn teasingly toward Naemon before the next hatchlings arrival brings distraction. "Cute little blue." and the soft gasps and murmurs of other candidates brings her back into the reality of needing to keep some track of things so that she's out of any hatchlings way. "I'm sure you'll be just as surprised… oooh which one next?"

Zekiel nods in agreement, his own eyes settling on the blue. "Yeah, isn't he just." He murmurs, apparently completely captivated. It doesn't last long though, as he's trying to see everything at once again, but his eyes keep going back to check on the blue.

Jynniphire's eyes are darting from hatchling to hatchling, letting them linger slightly longer on the green as she gives her a proper once-over. "Bit butch tat one, isn't she? Not that that's a bad thing, but I'll bet she's going to be /huge/. And what a pretty little blue, in contrast!"

Mellonath croons softly towards the small blue hatchling as she hears its trumpet towards her. She looks on as she warbles encouragement to the hatchling. Hard to believe that she as a mother is almost done her responsibility and it'll be taken on by others in the form of weyrling training.

Corrupted Sands Brown Hatchling seems to have made a connection, to have found his path the to top of the tower of dawn, and a way to overcome the passing of time. And so, through another crowd he charges, never letting them get too close before stopping infront of an auburn haired girl, looking up at her thoughtfully. Will you help him find the way?

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Corrupted Sands Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Harleanne is ready to start correcting everyone. Every time she hears one of the candidates say 'cute,' there's a twitch at the corner of her eyes. She restrains herself, though, and actually relaxes a little at the appearance of the much-appreciated blue. "Now that's a gorgeous dragon," she agrees. The green is again eyed speculatively. "Though you're not bad yourself," she allows. Murmurs of 'Impression' get Harley looking wildly to see the who.

All Fall Down Egg moves faster this time, rolling with some intent towards the candidates. A bump in the sands stops it in its path, making the egg jump slightly. It comes down with an audible crack, spinning a rather shocked looking patchwork green out from the shards.

Awkward Patchwork Green Hatchling
Every shade of green imaginable coats this dragon in an unending sea of swirls and patches. Her thick head is mostly mint, flecked here and there with a harsher pea green, while her great wings are a rather stomach churning spinach tinged with aqua. The bizarre patchwork of colouring seems to taper off when it comes to her tail, for that is simply the colour of steamed broccoli, but halfway down is a splotch rather like mud which no amount of washing will ever get rid of.

Lanthiel, while shifting his feet in the hot sands, is trying his best to make mental pictures of the various hatchlings. "They're so pretty," he whispers to Xandria. Or shouts; either way, it sounds like a whisper with all the noise going on.

Domes in Space Egg sits rather plainly upon the Xanadu sands, the objects on its surface seeming to just float along, before a wobble sets them toppling, and each dome is upside down when the rocking stops.

Defender of the Fields Green Hatchling unfurls her wings, bellowing loudly as she tries to show off, her tail curling about her legs. And then she lowers her head, her whirling eyes all ready focusing on hers. She knows who she wants, and slowly starts to stalk across the sands.

Neamon moves to wipe his hands down on his robe as he looks over, trying to figure out just who the one brown has chosen. "Did you see who? is asked of no one in particular as he looks over the candidates as well.

A steady rocking motion sends the Spinning Through the Skies Egg wobbling crazily from side to side, forward and backward again. The spherical egg almost spins on its base as its tempo becomes more frantic, culminating in a sharp, lengthy *CRACK* that renders the patterns of mountains and sky asunder. But the shell clings stubbornly together, refusing to give way to the creature beneath just yet.

Raelin looks down, blinking. "Whyever would I be over there?" But then it sinks in and her eyes widen and she lets go of Zekiel's hand so that she can sink to her knees a bit to stare at the brown before her. "Mayikooth," she says softly. Then she's blinking, tears in her eyes as she throws her arms around the dragonet's neck. "MAYIKOOTH!" And then a giggle, the girl standing. "Yes, oh yes. Food."

Keziah gives an appreciative nod to the blue, but then her attention is caught by the brown and his impression. "Congratulations, Raelin!" she calls loudly.

Esher wriggles his feet in the sands, watching the first-hatched brown to see whom he's Impressed. "Raelin!" A chuckle follows that delighted exclamation, Esh rocking back on his heels and clapping happily, beaming all the while. "What a pair. What a pair."

Felandre watches the arrival of each hatchling, seeming to barely have time to adjust to the presence of one than another steals his attention. His lower lip is bit slightly, brows furrowing before the shout of Raelin catches his attention. A soft smile touches his lips as he calls out his congradulations to her, silently marvelling in the new bond.

Parra grins as her distantly related cousin manages to Impress! "Oh, congrats Raelin!" she yells, grinning towards her fellow candidate-turned-weyrling. Parra glances towards Ethne, wondering what her cousin will have to say about this.

Q'reni has been here, leading new Weyrlings off of the sands with a face utterly lacking in cheer. It's his turn again, and he moves over towards Raelin, smiling faintly. "Congratulations, Weyrling." He offers, gesturing vaguely. "We'll get you some if you follow me, eh?"

From the galleries> Senkyou grins. "New she'd impress brown, she just seemed the type. He's a nice one too." She comments before going back to watching, though she does have the biggest grin on her face.

From the galleries> An open mouth seems to be the new thing for the young woodcrafter, Kacen. "Raelin?? But but…she's so giggly!" He whines the last as if that should have some have some effect on happens on the sands. "I was sure that was going to Jynniphire. After the way she took after Neamon and I. Really."

Jynniphire claps her hands excitedly when Raelin impresses. "Well done! Well done, Raelin! Congratulations!" That's two down - if Jyn remembers right - and plenty left to go.

Brighid is speechless. Just speechless. She gasps in awe at the blue and green, the soft sigh of wonder lost amidst the noise in the cavern. She watches the first brown charge among the candidates. The newest green's arrival causes her to miss the impression right away. She finally notices when the newest rider calls out the dragon's name, "Mayikooth?" She looks around wildly, a slow smile blooming on her face as she locates the new pair, "Raelin! Congratulations!"

Harleanne can't possibly hope to keep on top of everything that's happening, so she does her best to make she at least isn't going to spill any blood on the sands. At the moment, that means watching the purposeful stocky green and keeping an eye out for other eggs hatching. And, of course, she shouts out a congratulations to Raelin, grinning widely.

From the galleries> Fyrion continues to watch what's happening, and he applauds when the hatching occurs. Apparently he's very excited to see this whole thing happening.

Meira shuffles about on the sands, flinching away from the Defender of the Fields Green Hatchling and her loud bellowing, shaking her head slightly. "I hope she's not coming /here/, /to me/. I'd need industrial strength ear plugs." she shudders slightly, though has apparently become comfortable enough to make jokes. She gives a brief "Congratulations," mumbling "whoever that was…" because she wasn't really watching. Too busy watching dragons in order to keep out of their way.

Protector of the Pure Blue Hatchling seems that movement is in fact necessary, and so its off towards the candidates, though he's rather painstaking about it, carefully considering all possible paths before actually committing. But, eventually he does, and its to an older young woman that he goes first, considering her before moving not. She is not the key.

Zekiel moves away as Raelin lets go of his hand, smiling almost proudly as he watches the girl Impress. He can't help but shake his slightly over the giggle, it being so typical of his friend. And then she's moving away, and he's back to trying to watch everything, though his eyes never quite leave Rae until she's left the sands with her new lifemate.

Ethne smiles as she hears one of her cousins call out a dragon's name and a smile crosses her lips as she simply nods proudly before calling out, "Congratulations Raelin." She pats Mellonath's side as she smiles. "One cousin Impressed, hopefully this will settle her some Mellonath dear. Perhaps Parra will be lucky too?" She says quietly towards the honey golden queen beside her who is watching almost anxiously watching her little ones leave their nest.

Alaye jerks her head up and smiles happily toward Raelin. "Congrats!" she shouts, before quickly turning back to the wandering hatchlings. For now, her gaze lingers on the blue, for it was the handsomest one she'd seen yet. But every now and then a glance is given to the rocking eggs.

R'in looks to Zekiel, briefly, grinning at him. Then there's Q'reni, the girl bobbing her head to him. "Come on, Mayikooth. There will be food for you!" And then, as an afterthought as they walk, she murmurs: "And maybe some for me…"

Craggy grays and mossy greens break away from the shell of the Spinning Through the Skies Egg as the hatchling within issues a final struggle to free itself, the landscape crumbling in pieces to the sands around the brilliant, curled up form in its midst.

Falling Star Blue Hatchling
Born of the heavens and wrought where lightning strikes the seas, variegated blues blaze over this well-built dragon's hide, at once illuminating and casting into shadow sculpted musculature and a powerful bearing. Cerulean spills down his neck from his chin, cascading onto strong shoulders and flowing fluidly down the length of his sinuous tail. Bursts of paler and darker hues erupt in the most unlikely places, sprinkling smooth headknobs and sharp neckridges with specks of soft blue and navy. Stardust burns a trail down his chest and over his belly, swirling over expanses otherwise dusky in hue, not unlike some unworldly comet. Electric blues brighten along a lengthy muzzle, accentuating the craftsmanship of his fine features and handsome, royal blue head. Tints of gold are ingrained along the clean lines of limbs and haunches, gradually fading as they trickle over impatient feet into the washed-out bone of his talons. Wings, blending easily into the brightness of his back when closed, unfurl to reveal all the splendor of a clear summer's night. Pinpricks of white light temper the twilight of his wingsails, dappling the darkness of their membranes with all the mysteries of a star-filled sky, lending an optimism to this magnificent creature whose outer brilliance mirrors his innate.

Domes in Space Egg seems rather disgruntled by this new arrangement, or rather the form inside does, for it starts to rumble more fiercely, cracks appearing along the surface, breaking apart the starry sky.

A slight tremor goes through this egg then another almost as if it was struck by a surge of lightning. Gotta Catch Them All Egg suddenly goes still, a pause in the storm perhaps or just an over active imagination at work. Small tremors seem start going across the shell and a sound, very mute at first then slowly growing in volume seem to emanate from the egg then seconds later nothing.

Defender of the Fields Green Hatchling slowly makes her way past various candidates, flicking a few away with her tail. There's only one she wants. And as she reaches the girl, she lets out a soft croon, reaching out her wedge-shaped head, here I am!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Defender of the Fields Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Neamon is still clapping slightly for R'in's impression as he watches the pair leave and then he turns back to the hatchlings still out there on the sands. A quick frown as he has lost sight of one, or perhaps two and he's seeming a bit worried, half turning to look around.

Domes in Space Egg cracks and cracks, larger ones splitting into smaller, and then smaller again, before it can take no more and the fabric of the spacial shell is pulled inwards, and out is spat a dark brown shadow of a hatchling.

Cherin listens to the crowd for the swell of candidates blocks her own view "Ah, Raelin it seems." she replys to her cousin, elbowing Neamon lightly "Good for her!" and it seems the next isn't far behind "Oh look,t he green found hers." *squint* maybe she can make out whom it is this time.

Warring Shadows Brown Hatchling
Deep sepia settles in deeper shadows, casting the dark brown colors of his hide into tones of murky bistre along the curves of his torso, engulfing him from the tip of his long muzzle, curling around his body, and sweep down his tail. Sepia limbs are strong, mostly free from the shadows, while between each sepia spar the sails darken. Umber ridges creep down his back, like a distance goal cast into darkness by the coming of the night. The only bits of brightness lay in his faceted eyes, and the tiny speckles of golden brown along his headknobs, the breaking of a new dawn.

Awkward Patchwork Green Hatchling emerges slowly from her shell, shaking some of the goo from her wings before taking her first step. One becomes two, then three, each step bringing her closer and closer to her end. With a triumphant bugle she crosses the last of the sands that separates her from her chosen one at a run. "Pajith!" Lexey falls to her knees on the sands, wrapping her arms as far as she can manage around her new lifemate.

With a triumphant cry the Awkward Patchwork Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Alaye opens her eyes even wider at the arrival of the newest hatchling. Another blue, and a magnificent one at that! "Look at him," she calls to the others. Then murmurs of another Impression reach her ears, and she quickly scans the crowd to find out who the green has chosen.

N'hil begins to grin as more and more of the pairs are made. "Qui, way to go , man!" The bronze lowers his nose to nudge lightly against his rider and then sweeps attention back to the hatching eggs and searching candidates.

Warring Shadows Brown Hatchling seems even more hesitant than his blue brother to leave the spot where his egg was, and when he finally begins to move, it is entirely in the wrong direction, back towards where Mellonath and Quiath sit. With a teeter to his step, he eventually starts weaving his way back towards the white ring.

Parra grins, scooting her way towards Alaye. She doesn't /really/ want to be alone, so, any company is welcome. "Isn't he gorgeous?" Parra coos towards the newest blue, her eyes melting as she watches him.

Harleanne notices the blue hatch, but she pays no attention. The purposeful green is all Harley can see. Her eyes glaze for a moment and she's lost in the little dragon before her. She falls to her knees, completely in awe, but can easily be heard to say, "Yes, Nemiath. I am yours, I am your Harley, and we will find food!"

Falling Star Blue Hatchling remains curled up in a brilliant ball where his egg once stood, gradually unfolding his body enough to tilt his head up - and up - and up. Mellonath and Quiath are /way/ up there, but it's to them that the hatchling first looks, a questioning sort of croon escaping his throat. Stretching his wings momentarily whilst tottering around so that he can face the candidates, he opens the 'sails fully, showing off their brilliance before closing them again, whirling eyes focusing on the white-robed people before him. There's a goal that he has to reach out there, right? The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line - perhaps this is what he has in mind as he lurches forward, hindlegs scrabbling madly in the sands in an attempt to propel him forward with great speed. He's magnificent! He's powerful! He's — not quite got his bearings, ending up doing an awkward sprawl into the hot sands, nose-first. Well. That went well. Back to the drawing board.

Protector of the Pure Blue Hatchling has passed by the older woman, but not forgotten her, looking over his shoulder to give her a parting snort, before moving onto stare at a younger boy, who is just as quickly passed by. And then, he's pushing through the ring of candidates. What can be found beyond the normal options?

Zekiel watches the hatchlings currently on the sands, noting each impression with a brief smile directed the way of the new pair. He may have started out focused and serious, but it's hard not to get caught up in the moment. And there's a lot to be caught up in.

Gotta Catch Them All Egg begins to vibrate slowly as if an internal power is building up to an explosive result. One hop, two hops, three hops and it almost launches itself out of the mound to land at its base. All movement stops, stillness complete as the egg comes to a rest till suddenly as cracks start to appear on its surface.

Jynniphire is a little lost with all the impressions going on around her, and can't seem to keep up with them at all. She's giving out congratulations left, right and centre, while cooing over the hatchlings. "Oh, Harleanne - Harley! Well done!" Jynniphire claps for the girl, then realises that her robe's a bit too short to cope with the extra movement, and tugs it downwards to avoid exposing too much thigh.

Oh Noes, the Oxen! Egg shudders in place, then stills. A hiccup? A cough? Just imagination? it doesn't seem in any hurry to move again.

Felandre takes in ever new impression with a sense of awe, and okay, a tinge of jealousy. Hard not to be, for all the dragons are fearsome creatures, there's always the hope one might just like you. Shifting with discomfort on the hot sands, the trader rubs a hand against the back of his neck, glancing to those on his left and right before his eyes fall once more on the eggs, so suddenly depleated.

Meira appears to have spotted Trian now, and she calls out for him to come stand next to her, gripping tightly to his arm once he arrives. /He/ won't impress, he's been a candidate for about a decade now, so he's a safe bet to hide behind. A hidey spot that isn't going to go anywhere. Yep. Though she's not actually behind him, but next to him, as behind him she wouldn't see. And she so much wants to see, despite her fear that she might impress.

Q'reni is grim and twitchy as he minces around, rubbing his forehead and glancing around nervously. He's sweating, of course, and that only compounds his twitchiness as he strolls towards Harleanne — Harley? — and places a half-serious smile on his face. "She's lovely." He murmurs, from a respectful distance. "If you'll follow me..?"

V'dim has been watching the hatching from near the side, and as the blue breaks through the candidates, he seems to become slightly more concerned. However, with the other dragons moving around, he's more worried about ensuring none of the candidates do anything stupid, and say, try to get in the way of a moving dragonet.

Lanthiel hops from foot to foot, trying to keep an eye on every single thing going on on the sands, which is a very difficult task considering everything going on. His eyes flick from the rocking eggs to the newly hatched blue. "Certainly is confident, isn't he?" he leans close to Xandria, whispering. Though he doesn't keep his eyes off of the action for long and he's soon back to quietly watching the going-ons.

Neamon continues to call out his own congratulations before he quickly reassesses where the various hatchlings are in placement to him. "Have to keep an eye on them. Can be dangerous if you don't, I think." He reaches out to offer a hand to Cherin again, stepping from foot to foot.

Harley doesn't even notice Q'reni's grim and twitchy behavior — she doesn't notice him at all until he speaks to her, actually. At that point, though, Harley makes an 'o' and nods vigorously and she, and hers, follow Q'reni distractedly.

Alaye turns to Parra with a smile and nods in agreement. "He is, yes." At last she spots Harleanne with the green, and calls "Congratulations!" Then the girl begins to fidget again as she watches the newest arrivals, laughing quietly as the blue stumbles slightly in the sand.

Brighid just tries to keep out of the hatchlings' way. She nerviously watches the pure blue hatchling as she wraps her arms around herself. She blinks when she hears the name of the next pair, "Harleanne? Oh, Har-Harley, congratulations!"

Zekiel watches the blue curious for a few moments, since he's going somewhere the others don't appear to be. But he dosn't watch for long, because everything else he's desperately trying to keep his eye on is back in the normal location. Harleanne's Impression is caught, the young man offering the new pair a congratulatory smile.

Falling Star Blue Hatchling flails mightily with legs and tail, managing to right himself after a few, agonizing moments. Shaking his head briskly to rid it of the hot, reddish sand, he cautiously moves to all-fours and tries walking in a circle. It might be a good idea to get this movement thing figured out before he continues his journey. With that done, he resumes heading toward the candidates, albeit at a much slower, more careful pace. It wouldn't do to miss a single detail. Bumping abruptly into the knees of a short lad from Ista, he snorts, altering his course a little as he continues down the line.

Esher is keeping up with the mayhem that is a Hatching, and when one of the greens Impresses Harleanne he offers yet more clapping and a broad grin. "Congrats, Harleanne, y'deserved her." As an aside to his neighbour: "Is she shortn'n her name?"

Warring Shadows Brown Hatchling continues his spiral back around towards the candidates, crooning loudly to the wandering blue brother, trying to steer him in the right direction. But then, his own quest pushes back into the front of his mind, and for once he's selfish, and begins looking at each candidate, working his way around yet.

Cherin does need to pay more attention, the wobble of the gotta catch them all egg is a focal point, but its her feet she should also keep track of as she steps wrong, wobbling til Neamon offers a steading arm. A blush and she murmurs her thanks "yah, I will, you too." mrph maybe if she can just stand still for a few, stew here out on the sand and admire that lovely blue roaming, is that another brown and of course that rocking egg too…

From the galleries> Kacen's head tilts to the side at the green impression. "Didn't know her well. But it's a pretty green." But strangers aren't nearly as interesting as those he knows so he's quickly switched back to look at Neamon and the various wandering dragon babies. "I just know you can do it." He whispers, tands clenching nervously at all the activity. "Neyuni did and you're her brother right?"

Jynniphire's gaze is darting between the brown and blue hatchlings, though her focus lingers slightly longer on the latter, as if checking to see that he's alright from his little tumble. "He's rather slow, that blue over there, don't you think? As if he's thinking about each step or something?"

Ethne catches the glimpse of the straying blue as she looks over concerned towards Mellonath who surely has noticed but hasn't seemed to have moved. She looks over to N'hil. "Where is that blue going?" She seems a bit shocked and shakes her head. "Mellonath, your spawn really confuses me at times dear." Mellonath gives a bit of a snort, she is too busy keeping an eye on her little ones to even comment to her rider on that.

Parra furrows her eyebrows in cofusing, glancing at the stray, wandering blue. "Where d'you suppose he's going?" Parra asks of Alaye, leaning in to the girl and gesturing towards the seemingly confsued hatchling.

N'hil just shrugs at Ethne, equally mistified. "Quiath, think you can do something about that?" The bronze obliges with a gentle croon towards the wandering blue. N'hil stands up straight, trying to look over the group to figure out what's going on.

V'dim's attention is pulled back to the blue, and its with a hurried step that he's making his way across the Sands, towards the section that the blue is staring at. After a moment's consideration, he is waving at a group of younger, candidate-aged watchers in the Stands, including Kacen, to come down through the swinging doors onto the sands.

Protector of the Pure Blue Hatchling has no use for the candidates on the Sands, it seems, for he is headed instead straight for the sloping seats that arch upwards towards the outer wall of the Arena. Even the crooning of his brother does nothing. He does, however, seem to have some goal in mind, for he's headed for a particular piece of rail that he can't get around, and instead he sits there and croons.

From the galleries> Senkyou watches and is chuckling, "I think he's looking for something."

Shards of Gotta Catch Them All Egg explode upwards as if it had been struck by a lightning bolt causing shards of shells to rocket into the air obscuring the occupant of this egg for a moment till the shards settle to the ground. Rocking in the middle of the destruction Thunder Bolts of Bronze Hatchling struggles to free himself from the remains of the egg.

Oh Noes, the Oxen! Egg wobbles dangerously this time as another fit of coughing practically bounces it out of the safety of its sandy wallow. It balances for a moment on its tip then rolls slowly over, coming to rest at an odd angle on the sand.

A faint knocking comes from the Central Cavern Egg. Tap tap. Tap Tap. It gives a wiggle, then the tapping starts once more.

Thunder Bolts of Bronze Hatchling
Bright sparks of copper skip and dance along the broad back and stout neck of this bronze dragon, as though his very insides were writhing with electricity. Streaks of lightning zip along his chest and shoulders, radiating along his underside and turning his belly a lightened shade of butterscotch. Molten copper clings along the edges of his squared jaw-line and down the back of his neck in the form of sculpted ridges. Faint traces of aged brass crisscross along his spine, forming intricate stripes that are just barely visible against the bright shining bronze of his hide. While the majority of his visage is a picture of light, a dark shadow of deep bronze tarnish clings stubbornly to his thick limbs and the base of his tail, spreading the dull color as far as it can reach. Shockwaves of light break free of the darkness along the tip of his tail, charging the dull, faded brass at the base into a vivid combination of copper and bronze. Pulses of sparks radiate upwards across his expansive set of wings, sending bright arcs of gold shooting across his bronzed wing membranes.

Neamon continues to hold on to Cherin, a favor perhaps for having ignored her for much of the candidacy. While no apology is forthcoming, he offers her a bit of a smile and looks over at the galleries where folks are waiting. "What do you suppose is happening? Any idea?"

From the galleries> Kacen stands and moves closer to the rail in puzzlement. "Huh?"

Kacen heads down to the entrance level.

Kacen appears on the sands from the bronze doors.

Alaye is also watching the straying blue hatchling, and suddenly she blinks in surprise as he approaches the stands. "Well, look at that," she says to Parra. "I think he's found someone he likes up there." Suddenly she spies another breaking egg and turns to see a bronze emerge onto the seering Sands. "Oh, look, a bronze!"

Brighid's attention is drawn along with everyone else's to the seemingly lost blue. She frowns in confusion, murmuring to herself, "Where're you going?" The spectacular arrival of the first bronze has her attention back on the sands and she breaths a releaved sigh, "So there's a bronze out here after all…"

Jynniphire's trying to watch what the blue over by the stands is doing while also watching the sands, and the mission is making her look rapidly back and forth until she grumbles about it. "Well, good luck, little blue, and lucky whoever you've chosen!" As it seems apparent that he's already picked his lifemate, she keeps her attention on those in front of her.

Falling Star Blue Hatchling gives an impatient growl as he passes more unsuitable candidates, tail lashing behind him. None of the boys he's passed are acceptable. Where is — /she/? There's a moment where red-whirling eyes turn toward someone standing farther down the line, and his hungry creel slides into a delighted croon. There! His goal, his destiny, the one he's been waiting for! In his eagerness to reach the person who's captured his interest, he quite forgets to walk, pitching forward head-first and curling up into a ball as he practically rolls over the hot sands, sprawling to a halt at the feet of his chosen rider-to-be. Clambering back onto his feet, he lifts his head to gaze adoringly at this girl who has so captured his heart, meeting icy eyes with his own whirling bluish-green in delight.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Falling Star Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Warring Shadows Brown Hatchling has made his way almost all the way around the candidates, until finally, despite the confusion occurring elsewhere on the Sands, he has found the one he's been looking for. And so he looks up at a boy with green eyes, crooning calmly.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Warring Shadows Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Meira seems to take a single tiny step towards the bronze, shoving Trian behind her. Well, the bronze can't impress her, but it might impress her shield. Maybe. Probably not, but we can't take that risk, can we? "He looks … powerful." Groan! Pun alert. "Shocking, really." she giggles nervously, glancing down the line to the few male candidates she knows well.

Zekiel happens to be watching the egg when it explodes outward, which startles him despite the fact it looked ready to do so. The bronze is watched for a moment, in case he should take after his egg and suddenly decide to move with great speed.

Lanthiel actually stops hopping on the hot sand for a few moments, his attention following the wayward blue that's right at the edge of the stands. "Where in the world … ?" He doesn't get much of a chance to finish his question, though, as the heat seeping through his feet causes him to revert back to his hopping with a wince. His attention seems to turn back to the hatching just in time to see the bronze hatch, his eyes widening, "Wow." What with all the hubbub, it seems he's missed that the other blue has Impressed.

Keziah turns in surprise as the blue heads for the galleries, and Kacen gets called down. A look of surprise freezes on her face as the blue impresses. "Kacen?" She chokes. Except, now there's another impression over that way, and a brown, too. Her head turns, trying to keep up with them all. Wait, what?

Thunder Bolts of Bronze Hatchling Energy seems to spark from the newest hatchling's form. One step then followed by another as Thunder Bolts of Bronze Hatchling starts to look for his trainer, his friend, his one from among the crowd standing in front of him. Who amongst the sea of white has what it takes?

Oh Noes, the Oxen! Egg's demise has been growing ever closer, and this final bout of coughing is to be the death of it. With every bounce it develops more cracks until suddenly a green leg bursts through the shell. A moment later the rest of the shell is discarded and a slightly shocked looking hatchling blinks at her new surroundings.

Kacen strays closer to the rail between the sands and audience, curious about what has the little blue's attention. "Whatever are you doing there? Shouldn't you be out after those guys?" He points towards the gathering of candidates, not even bothering to specify any particular one. "See? They're right there!"

Desert Mirage Green Hatchling
Lithe and angular, this delicate dragon would be classed as perfect by many were it not for the shadowy paleness of her grassy hide. Her gently curved muzzle shows the only true brightness - a rich sweep of leafy green racing up her nose before disappearing into the shadow of her headknobs. Dark forested tones glimmer along her underbelly and are echoed in the darkness of her talons, while a misty tone dominates her slender body and tail almost seeming grey at times as it shimmers in the light. A hint of moss graces her wingspars, clinging desperately to its own brightness as it washes down over the wingsails, paling to almost white at the very edge.

Central Cavern Egg's tapping from withing is a little more frantic this time as the being inside decides it definitely wants out. Tap, wiggle. Tap, wiggle. Tap tap Jump!

Felandre is struck by a double dose of shock. First the blue crooning for one in the stands, one he somewhat recognizes as the brother of one of the other candidates, and then there's a bronze on the sands and the trader feels his breath catch in his throat, eyes widening with open amazement at the brilliance of the hatchling of lightning. "..wow…this is… is all this normal?" He murmurs to no one in particular, not that any are likely to give him an answer.

Cherin mmms, nice bronze but not one she'll have to worry so much about. The attentions of the first blue approaching the stands does draw her eye as well "Being fussy, hey, is that Kacen?" she catches a glimpse as several come down from the stands. Then there's the shuffle of a hatchlign all to close. "Neamon, look!"

Protector of the Pure Blue Hatchling makes no hesitation as the group makes their way down to the Sands, and he pushes through them, separating them out to look up at a boy with sea blue eyes, seeming to not care at all that he's pointing the other direction. He knows what he wants.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Protector of the Pure Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Jynniphire sees that the other blue has picked his lifemate, and claps excitedly. "Well done!" But ooh, look at the green there.

Plumb Crazy Turtles Egg starts to jump moving as if some unseen battle was underway inside the shell. One more jump as it seems about to leap out of the mound so violently does it rock. Evil forces seem to be fighting the occupant of this egg as suddenly the movement stops, victory perhaps or just a lull in the battle?

N'mon has gone very suspiciously quiet, before he gently reaches out to try and touch the dragon staying in front of him. "Odamith? Is that you?" Cherin's rather abruptly forgotten in the aftermath, even Kacen being ignored as he concentrates instead on the brown.

Alaye suddenly goes rigid and catches her breath in her throat, eyes now locked on a different blue, that dazzling one that had instantly caught her eye. "Abirith," she breathes, her eyes swimming with tears. "Abirith!" The girl slumps down onto her knees and throws her arms around the blue hatchling. "Of course, Abirith, let's get some food."

Q'reni has no time to help V'dim, all he can manage is to lead new Weyrlings off, and try and keep himself at least moderately presentable. Never mind that he's *going* to get dirt on himself, he doesn't seem to realize this, and gestures vaguely at the newest group of Weyrlings, smiling a tight little smile. "C'mon, then?" His mood might be deteriorating the moor sand he accumulates, but I wouldn't worry.

Meira is trying to decide between hiding Trian from the bronze, and hiding herself from all the other hatchlings milling about the sands. It seems she's decided not to hide anyone, as she pulls Trian up to stand next to her. But she's still just as wary of the hatchlings, and ready to jump behind Trian and hide if any come near. Yep.

Zekiel watches first Neamon, then Alaye impress, before his gaze flickers back to the blue staring up into the stands. Even having lived in the Weyr all his live, this is still an unusual and somewhat bizarre thing to him.

Kacen says "K'cen? Karidath?" The young boy is completely lost but the overwhelming joy in his voice seems to show just how shocked he is. And then it's "K'aridath! I'm sorry I left you alone. Come, we'll get some food and then we have to tell Neamon!""

Thunder Bolts of Bronze Hatchling moves along the crowd of white robed candidates, head moving this way and that as he searches for one who will be his for life. Sparks seem to be reflected in his eyes as he examines then rejects one after the other of those before him. Not this one, no not that one, somewhere must be the one that will help him reach maturity one who will make him more than he is himself, where is he where is his one where is he hiding?

Desert Mirage Green Hatchling gives her head a shake and eyes her surroundings. Her mother is given a quick glance over and the little green takes a step towards her before turning and eyeing the candidate line. When she moves forwards she aims for one end of the line, her tail trailing in the sand and picking up quite a coating along its still gooey underside. As she reaches the line her aim changes slightly and she pushes her way between two boys, knocking them to the side and glaring at them to stay there.

Central Cavern Egg is jumping rather dangerously now, each tap getting louder and each jump more insistent till finally a foot breaks through the shell. A moment later another foot breaks through, then all of a rush the shell disintegrates and a bright green dragon gasps in her first breath out of confinement.

Perilous Hoard Green Hatchling
The bright, bright green of this dragon's hide is almost blinding in the wrong light, her chiselled form making her appear as if carved from a massive emerald. She is not without flaws, however, for one wing is slightly larger than the other, and a faint trail of jade races along her belly and around her tail, breaking up an otherwise perfect gem.

Brighid looks around wildly, trying to take in all of the sudden impressions, "Oh, oh! Oh my goodness!" She glances back toward the stands and the lost blue, "Kacen?" She looks to the girl next to her, "Is that Kacen?" She blinks when she seen Neamon with a hatchling, too, "And Neamon? Oh, my… Congratulations!"

The sound of what seems to be blows being exchanged or the clanging of weapon against weapon emanate from Plumb Crazy Turtles Egg before a loud 'CRACK' sounds signifying the appearance of a large crack in the surface of this egg before it stops moving. Then another jump and another loud crack as another crack appears on its surface.

Cherin sighs, it's understandable and she murmurs congratulations even though they won't likely be heard over the joy Neamon is experiencing, and by the sight of it Kacen too. She's left alone as the few remaining eggs hatch and the hatch resultant hatchlings search out their partners while she shifts from one foot to another, just quiet and waiting now.

Felandre stands up a bit straighter as he spies the almost militaristic way the bronze eyes them all, eyes following each and every step, not quite sure if he should be ready to step forward or run the other way if he's found unworthy. So, he stays put, stock still and all but holding his breath save the spare wheeze he utters every so often into the hot air.

Parra frowns slightly as the wandering blue stops at the stands, looking up without any sort of care that there is a field of good candidates waiting behind him. Rolling her eyes, she turns her gaze to look at the newly hatched bronze. A congratulatory grin is given to both Alaye and K'cen — and then N'mon, too!

Lanthiel peers down the line to look towards the direction of the latest impressions, offering a quick, "Congratulations!" to those he sees. The speed of the hatching itself, though, seems to have robbed most of his attention. The moving eggs and hatchlings garner his gaze. Though every so often he offers a comment to Xandria, "Another green. How many has that been? Three? Four?"

Zekiel has given up on trying to watch everything, mostly concentrating on those who Impress and any dragons who get anywhere near him. He's seen one or two maulings growing up, and he'd rather not have a front row seat for his own.

Thunder Bolts of Bronze Hatchling 's eyes brighten perceptibly as he moves on the sands he can sense something something that he's been looking for all this time. Sudden turn and he stand before a group of candidates each holding the other as if to protect or maybe hiding something from him. Thunder Bolts of Bronze Hatchling moves ever closer to the group then stop stock still before a lad, he seems to grow bigger as he looks into the eyes of the black-haired lad with blue eyes. There. There is his trainer, his friend, his mentor

Meira eyes the Desert Mirage Green Hatchling warily, and the Perilous Hoard Green, and, well, all of the hatchlings. "It's crazy. Just mayhem. Dragons roaring and shoving. Is it /supposed/ to be like this? I thought greens were supposed to be … nicer?" Definitely 'friendly', according to the stereotype. Trian is murmuring vaguely reassuring words, trying to calm Meira down a little.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Thunder Bolts of Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Desert Mirage Green Hatchling moves down the rear of the line and pushes between some more candidates. Those deemed unfit are herded a little away from the rest before she makes another pass along the front of the line. Each remaining candidate is eyed carefully, and a few more herded off to the side as unacceptable. She pauses a moment and shakes a sand-coated foot, then once more resumes her circular path.

Perilous Hoard Green Hatchling is surprisingly quick at getting to her feet, glancing around the sands in a panic. Who is she? Where is she? Her feet shuffle nervously before she simply charges at the line of candidates knocking a rather rotund boy called Eugene from his feet. "Please Imcinath." the newly named Eu'ne pleads, "It'll be fine, I promise. Could you move your foot from my bladder though?"

Another battle starts in Plumb Crazy Turtles Egg its occupant seeming to be in some sort of struggle or battle. It starts to roll, then stop then starts to roll again as it falls out of the egg mound before a shard splinters off the surface, then another and another once after the other till Adventurous Plumber Blue Hatchling is revealed standing in the middle of destroyed shards of egg shell.

Adventurous Plumber Blue Hatchling
Aquamarine splashes over this stout, compactly built blue, giving him the ability to fit where only greens could dream. Alert, faceted eyes sit upon a smooshed snout, observing adventure from wherever it may come. While subtle splotches of green blur together on his wings, a pair of lighter stripes run down his stomach and back, though his ridges are unblemished.

Zekiel drops to his knees as his eyes connect with those of his new lifemate, though the eye contact isn't broken. Visibly overwhelmed, the young man manages a waving smile. "Yes, Kunaseth, we can get food. We'll be getting food together for the rest of our lives." Zekiel, now Z'kiel, then stands back up, looking around for one of the older riders on the sands.

Adventurous Plumber Blue Hatchling shakes himself off as he straightens himself up. This being the start of his hunt for the one who will battle by his side, surely that one is out there but where? Stumbling down from the egg mound and nearly tripping the Adventurous Plumber Blue Hatchling makes his way cautiously. He sends out a startled croon as he trips and falls stopping him for a moment from his waddle through the line of white robes. Getting back up to continue on his way, he seems to inspect each one as if looking for the one candidate that is to be his and only his. A bright croon is given when he looks up into the eyes of a rather short young male candidate with short black hair and deep brown eyes by the name of Kojiro from Xanadu Weyr. The young boy kneels down to give the blue a hug as one can hear him proclaim. "Yes Omarith, I am your K'oji! Let's get you fed."

Cherin grins, the last a blue. She definitely likes this clutch, and quick enough to make up his mind too. That leaves… leaves…. eyes find mostly shards as she searches for what remains, fingers clenching tighter the edges of her robe.

Meira is shuffling on the hot sands, and sweating profusely by this point. "Does it have to be so /hot/ out here?" she complains, shaking her head. "Why is it so hot?" she frowns at the hatchlings, their numbers decreasing as one after another impresses. She glances to the green, and shoos her on. "Go, impress, so we can get out of here." she mutters, wiping sweat from her brow with her free hand - the other still gripping Trian's arm tightly.

V'dim seems to have recovered from the fact that the blue did something.. abnormal, and so moves to escort Z'kiel and Kunaseth off the Sands, and towards the food.

N'hil looks around as the chaos seems to slowly settle here near the end. "It's always so fast! I think I missed about half of what happened but they are lovely hatchlings. Ethne, you should be very proud. Mellonath really did Xanadu proud."

Desert Mirage Green Hatchling makes one last circle of the candidates, slowly but surely isolating one from the rest. Finally satisfied with her work she flops down onto the sands and looks up into a pair of brown eyes. A moment passes and she stands once more, nudging the brown haired girl in the stomach and finally staking her claim.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Desert Mirage Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Brighid looks on in dismay as one by one the eggs hatch down to the last one and the then the hatchlings impress, leaving her with just a few of those she had come to consider friends. Congratulations are called out to all of those that've been chosen. She shifts her feet uncomfortablly in the hot sands, "I guess I was right about my chance for impressing…" From the sound of it, she wishes she hadn't been.

Lanthiel peers around the hatching sands, looking thoughtful. "That's all the eggs, I think," he says quietly in comment to Xandria. Now that none of the eggs are left to watch, his attention goes to the remaining hatchling just in time to see the green Impression. "Congratulations," are offered to the person, though it's obvious he's unable to tell who exactly it was from his position.

Meira /gasps/. "Who said that?" she asks, looking at the hatchling once it bumps her stomach. "Oh, it's you, Ailath." Trian is promptly forgotten as the woman throws both arms around the green's neck, grinning like a fool and crying tears of happiness. "I … Food, food, food… Where's the food?" she calls out, Myra now leading her new partner in the general direction of the others.

Felandre regards the last impression with a bittersweet smile, "She's beautiful, Meira. Make sure she doesn't eat my coat, alright?" This said, he turns and lets out a slow sigh, his eyes scanning the sands, perhaps hoping for one little movement out in the sands. But, none come, and there's the slightest droop in the trader's shoulders. "…oh well, at least I got chicken." He murmurs, quoting his cousin reflexivly, eventhough the phrase never did make much sense to him. Taking one last look at the new pairs, the sire and dam, and all those gathered, Felandre turns to depart from the sands.

Jynniphire claps excitedly for Meira when it's clear that she's got herself a lifemate. "Well done Meira, she's so beautiful… My favourite from the clutch!"

Esher is…still standing. Without a dragon. Huh. "Mum an' dad are gonna be kinda disappointed, I guess," he says quietly, rubbing at his scalp. "Always other chances though, I guess." He looks puzzled and even somewhat disappointed.

Ethne looks with a smile as she watches each of the pairs impress and smiles over towards N'hil as she replies. "Yeah I am proud, was worried she'd never manage a fair size clutch and she proved that wrong." She smiles as she looks towards Mellonath. "You did well my dear, now it's time to let them go. I know you don't want to." Mellonath moves back as she seems to relax as the last of the Impressions. Now comes the hard part of being the rider of the dam of the clutch and that is facing those left on the sands. As she watches the last of the newest weyrlings pairs leave the sands, she speaks up so those that are left on the sands can hear as she waves them over. "I know many of you are feeling disappointed at being left on the sands. And it's hard to feel that disappointment as well, but if one thing I can impart to you all is that being left on the sands doesn't mean you won't ever Impress, it just means that your lifemate wasn't on the sands today at Xanadu Weyr. You are all welcome to stay on at Xanadu Weyr if you should choose, we have enjoyed having you all here. There will be a feast in the caverns and I encourage you all to go eat and have some fun together."

Jynniphire moves over to Esher's side, gently bumping shoulders with him. "Hey, this is my second time left standing - there's always another chance." She smiles softly, hiding any disappointment she felt, then listens to Ethne's speech.

Cherin is left single again, but she supposes it could be worse. She's still standing, and in one piece. If only they'll be released she can go see how her cousins are perhaps, or indulge in some of the hatching feast she's helped prepare. She shifts aching feet but listens with polite intensity to Ethne's words before making her way off quickly as things wrap up.

Esher wanders off the sands after Ethne's speech, looking totally lost. It's not a nice way for the lad to feel.

Lanthiel sags a bit in disappointment, though offers a bright smile to Xandria, "Better luck next time, I guess." After Ethne's speech, he follows the rest of those left behind off of the sands.

Brighid walks over toward Ethne when she and the others are waved over, sighing gustily, "Thank you, ma'am." She smiles bravely, speaking to another of the candidates left on the sands, "It's probably best that I didn't impress after all. Now I can go home to Harper Hall." And with that, she too joins the mass exodus of candidates.

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