Xanadu Hatching - March 14, 2006

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Painted by the Sun Egg
Ivory beige gently covers the oblong shape of this egg; it appears taller than it is wide as if stretched out. Spots of canary yellow, like the sun has kissed color into a small spot on the egg, surround dark mahogany spots, creating contrast in the shades. The gentle strokes of a fine artist have shaped long lines running down from the yellow spots, the streaks showing a dead olive sheen. Apricot orange brightly circles the bottom of the shell, and ends the odd masterpiece.
A Courting on the Water Egg
At first glance, the most obvious feature of this egg is the distinct difference of color between the top and bottom. From the bottom grows the colors of spring: green, orange and yellow blooming in hundreds of miniature circles. At the center of the vibrant garden of color is wash of brown, two seemingly out of place streaks, one of white and one of black, blemishing the otherwise untainted field. The kaleidoscopic arrangement of colors flows upward, losing all hues but those of blue and green. Waves of ultramarine drift horizontally across the face of the egg interrupted only by small triangular specks. Near the head of the egg, clouds of grey and white smudge the cobalt perfection, the color deep and steady otherwise.
Moonlit Hold Egg
Midnight rules most of this shell, various shades of sapphire and navey blue scatter about the horizon. Yellow dots are seen crowning the horizon, their reflection shining down into the water below. In the distance under the starry night, lights shine brightly suggesting it's not too late at night for people to be asleep. The only two witnesses to the beautiful sight stand on a patch of land, just on the base of the egg, walking hand-in-hand.
San Giorgio Maggiore at Twilight Egg
An egg of average size, and appropriately ovoidal is a lively bit of color against the Xanadu sands. Brilliant, fiery oranges dapple across a backdrop of sinister indigo. It's as if a great celestial fire has broken out behind a trembling, craggy skyline of black, to seep across the equator of this egg. This warm outbreak of color furthers itself by blending apex-wards into a muted yellow, and finally, a fringe of forest to separate the darkness from the light. On the reverse a shadowed, half-hearted attempt at a mirror image is vaguely distorted, as if riding the crests of sedately choppy, murky waters.
Floral Spread of Ebony Egg
This small egg is could even be called delicate in appearance, dwarfed by many of its clutchmates, as it sits cushioned on the sands. The ends are a mixture of greens - forest and sea, lime and jungle - touched by light and shadow. Areas of pink fill in the center area, even and smooth, an odd contrast to the green. Yet, black and white spring upwards on one side, from green to green, spreading outward like wide petals - white slipping down the center of each form, joining in a narrow stem.
Turbulent Swirls Egg
Makeup for this rather rotund egg is a mottled mixture of blue and yellow. A base coat of darkest midnight blue is splashed with furls of flaming yellow and white. The top of the egg is covered with one of the tumultuous circles of yellow, gold, and white. Towards the bottom of the egg, there are less yellow tones and more blue, with a touch of red here and there. Amid the swirls is a seaweed-shaped protrusion in black, tapering from a width of nearly half the egg at the bottom into just one thread of black at the egg's apex. Behind the black rages a storm of hazy swirls, spinning across the egg's surface as if painted on and simply blurred together into a mishmash of turbulence.
A Maze of Stairs Egg
Stairs and steps and treads abound, going will-they, nil-they every direction but up. Despite the senseless conglomeration of stairways, however, there's an easily discernable pattern within the maze, an illusion of order amidst the chaos. Fortunately, the retread is all there is to see, for this egg is monochromatic to an extreme. Light and shadows may abound, but color is leeched until there's nothing but a million shades of black, white, and the ever present gray.
Graces of Three Egg
The background of this egg is dull - distinct blues and browns paint a very subtle distinction between ground and sky, blending into each other discreetly so that it may take a moment to pinpoint precisely where one ends and the other begins. Painted boldly vertical up and down the egg are three women in a line, each pretty in their own way, though the image is a little fuzzy in places. Still, it is easy to tell that two of the women, the ones on either end, face outwards, while the one in the middle is facing backwards, though she looks off to the right, and a profile of her face is visible. Each holds a dark orb in her hand - the two on the ends hold theirs outward, while the one in the center holds hers to the right. On the two women to the right, one can just distinguish necklaces about their necks, but none of the three women wears much else.
Falling from the Heavens Egg
Muted blues spread over shell - the ocean enveloping anything that it comes to without hesitation. Land, ship, or man, it makes no difference, the depth of the hue shifting only slightly, betraying its motion. A splash of yellow mimics the sun lifting over the distant horizon, while tan rocks peek cautiously out of the blue, a bit of safety. A single splash of red mars one of the tan lumps, turned upwards like a face looking to the sky.
The Colors of Chaos Egg
Lilacs are in full bloom, a bright scene has made this egg very easy to spot. Red crowns the top, moving down and mixing with vivid chartreuse that puts other shades of green to shame. Dusty brown tracks move horizontally up the structure, as cerulean curls around the shell, meandering through the other colors, and twisting around the bottom like a river meeting the sea.

V'dim steps out onto the sands, leading a long line of Candidates. He sharply barks at them, and they fan out into a semi-circle as the eggs fidget and jump with earnest.

A ripple surges over the surface of the San Giorgio Maggiore at Twilight Egg, sparking life into dark water and a twinkle in the bold, warm colors. But no, it remains whole for now.

A Courting on the Water Egg gives a little shimmy and a tremulous shake. Somewhere inside, life is just starting to stir.

Sarcon comes into the sands, grumbling quietly still. He offers a quick bow to the sire and dam before finding a place on the sands to stand.

Sabriel softly squeezes Tomaz's hand as she stands next to him. Quickly she scans the galleries, until the first rocking of an egg draws her attention.

Cirilia moves to stand next to Deguila. Her eyes already scan the galleries, only occasionally flirting to glance at the eggs as well. She reaches for the hands beside her but refuses to look down at them.

V'dim leans back against the wall, near the entrance. His job isn't finished, merely on hold.

Deguila steps out with the others, her gownlike robe holding onto her form as she looks about, her graceful steps taking her to the farthest from the entryway, Cirilia beside her. She smiles at the other girl and states in her calm tones "This is it…" as she puts her hands behind her back, leaving enough room for a dragonet to pass between them if need be.

The skyline is slowly chipping away from the San Giorgio Maggiore at Twilight Egg, flakes of colorful shell falling delicately to the sands. Perhaps that last tremor was an earthquake?

Lorena follows out last nervously, shuffling along, her twiglike form rather stiff.

Tandelek is somewhere near the edge of the semi-circle, and his body is tense. Warily, keeping his eyes on the clutchparents, he bows politely and stands up straight again, turnin ghis attention to the eggs.

Tomaz enters, grinning and hears his ma and pa and some Baker types cheer. They're from Western and he waves back as he holds Sabriel's hand.

The surreal colors and soothing ambience of the San Giorgio Maggiore at Twilight Egg can no longer hold up to the scrutiny of foreign eyes. The egg disintegrates into dust and goo, leaving behind it's once concealed treasure for all to see.

Faulk walks alone, pointedly, his arms folded around his chest and his gait at a slightly shaky stalk. He stands near the edge.

Rafca shuffles onto the sands after several of her fellow candidates, bowing quickly to sire and dam. She finds a place amidst the rest of the class.

Turbulent Swirls egg begins to bulge and crack, creating odd patterns within the unusual spiralling of color upon its shell.


From the Shadowy Depths Brown Hatchling
A compact, sturdily built dragon, his hide is a deep rich brown, the faintest flush of sepia beneath a burnished topcoat. But even this shade is clearly discernable as brown in comparison to the nearly black that shadows the arch of his muscular neck and cobwebs between his eyeridges. His muzzle too, strong with a pinch of character, darkens to woody charcoal around his nostrils. Head knobs are tipped in darkness, a matching stripe dribbling down the point of each neckridge, down his spine to tail's tip. Stocky haunches and forelimbs are dappled up the inside with wafts of mahogany smoke, the bars especially noticeable at his joints. In a rare show of pure raven, his talons are glossy black, giving notable counterpoint to his midnight browns. Proportionally broad to suit his brawny frame, his wingsails begin at rustic spars to lighten to a soft shade of dun, speckles of redder sepia skirting his trailing edges.

With a gentle rap, tap, tap, a long crack destroys the flawless facade of A Courting on the Water's shell, and a small talon punches through, eagerly seeking an exit.

Sabriel walks in, excitment obvious. She bows the the clutchparents respectfully.

Menea moves out into the Sands, ignoring the observation level. She dips down quickly in a polite bow towards dam and sire. She stands quietly, looking towards the first hatchling. No one to really be giddy with, she just watches carefully.

Calanth looks the Candidates over, settled easily behind her eggs, watching serenly. Not a peep of protest is given to the Candidates, she just looks down to her rider, then over to her mate, and settles her hum. A croon of approval is given to her first son. Casiella, leaning against her forepaw, looks disappointed at the color, but smiles.

Cirilia smiles widely as her eyes pass on a familiar face. "She made it," she whispers. Her hands no longer search for something to clutch. Instead they move to her sides, and she spots the first. "A brown!" Still a whisper but now soaked with excitement.

Jeordi trails onto the Sands, looking a touch nervous. His hands convulsively brush along the sides of his robe as he bows jerkily to both gold and bronze, though he unbends enough to send a jaunty smile towards his brother, and a wink to Casiella before joining the circle of Candidates.

From the Shadowy Depths Brown Hatchling slowly picks up his head, egg goo still clinging to his hide. He lets off a soft croon as he pushes himself up on his shakey legs, am I doing this right? He quickly looks to the gold as if to question this.

Faulk glances at the first hatchling wary and sidelong, as if unwilling to show too much interest. But the stands are one place where he is not looking at all.

Deguila smiles at Cirilia at that and looks in that direction, waving to Cirilia's mother fro there "I dont see any of mine. I'm not surprised though. Oh wait, there's Gregry, from teh craft." she points, then looks over as the brown emerges "Wow… He's so dark he could be covered in tar.

Lorena stares at the brown, eyes wide as she inches towards the person nearest her…

J'ymi stands quietly near Casiella, neither showing approval nor disapproval for the Candidates filtering onto the Sands - except one. Jeordi's grin is returned with a slow smile and a slight shooing motion, before he leans towards his weyrmate, murmuring softly in the goldrider's ear. Zsuzsath, on the other hand, is positively puffed up about this, his latest clutch.

More cracks litter the surface of the Turbulent Swirls egg, shards breaking off and littering the Sand beneath with pieces of color.

Tandelek eyes the dragonet carefully as he begins to move. He doesn't even look up at the stands. "Not sure if m' parents decided t' come, and best keep m' eyes here. Always good t' keep eyes on the little ones."

Rafca glances around the Hatching Cavern, hazel green gaze scanning over the eggs and the candidates, and squinting up at the spectators. The brown is appraised with a quick nod and met with a mildly apprehensive expression.

A Courting on the Water Egg is marred further by another crack, and yet another, until the shell gives way, crumbling and sliding off the gooey hide of the hatchling inside.

Casiella leans in to listen to what her weyrmate says, her face giving nothing away. Preoccupiedly, she rubs her big belly, then smiles serenly.

Floral Spread of Ebony Egg shifts slightly on the sands, like a petal floating in a light summer's breeze before it stills, returning to its previous spot.


Duel of Desires Blue Hatchling
Two single shades of blue comprise the color-battle that ensues from muzzle to tail-tip over this dragon's frame. Navy, surely the dominant color, claims the snout and eyeridges, large, multi-faceted eyes projecting emotion as two-toned as his hide. It is at stunted headknobs that indigo protests, dousing the back of his head in a beautiful shade before the fight continues, both colors marching in streaks and dashes down the beast's muscular back. Darkness falls across awkward wings in a violent explosion of black-blue, sails falling victim to the aggression of navy as only dappling of a lighter shade appear about the trailing edge of the 'sails. Near-black looms across the darkness of his belly, bruised purples and blues creeping upward in a delicate argument along his sides to thin and disappear upon darkling neckridges. Indigo seemingly claims victory in this vicious feud, coloring the majority of an oversized tail in a splash of vibrancy.

From the Shadowy Depths Brown Hatchling continues forward, still on his unsure legs, his head swaying in all directions. Look at all these interesting things! Oooh, what's that? Someting catches the little brown's attention and he moves forward.

Tomaz also bows to Calanth. He then watches the brown."What a handsome fellow that is…" A glance over at the Courtship on the water egg for a moment. Salits the salt obsessed candidate has followed Tomaz in, and is muttering about salt until he stops and watches the eggs as well. "Big eggs!" He stops muttering and stares at the hatchlings with awe.

Sabriel looks at the hatchingly and smiles. "He's beautiful isn't he?" she whispers to Tomaz, holding his hand tightly

Cirilia's breath pulls into her lungs in hitching little bits of gasps. She grasps the fabric of her robe and calms her breathing enough to nod, "Aye. Tar.. pitch.. that dark dye that they use for wherhide." Blue catches her eye immediately. She tugs on her robe, barely able to squeak out her excitement.

Calanth never interrupts her hum, but she does bugle encouragement to her two strong sons, looking like a proud mother hen.

Floral Spread of Ebony Egg cracks down the side, the petals of the flower starting to fall apart, wilting from the heat of the Sands, loosing the battle against the elements.

"Look out Cirilia, here he comes…" the plastic crafter warns as she steadies herself, ready to dodge staggering dragon at any moment, eyes flicking back to the blue "There's a blue… shards, but his head is big… beautiful but big. He'll grow into it." she presumes.

Lorena ooohs at the blue, wringing her hands somewhat.

The blue also gets the wary glance from Faulk. He folds his arms a little bit tighter and draws out his breath in an uncomfortable whuff.

Jeordi eyes the hatchlings on the Sands with no few misgivings, shuffling his feet and tucking his hands against the small of his back.

Tomaz nods to Sabriel."He is."is whispered, and he looks at the blue."Blue's good looking too."

Turbulent Swirls Egg can only take so much of a pounding, and crumbles to dust upon the Sands at the final insult from its occupant inside, leaving the unusually small creature in its wake.

Of the Earthen Blood Bronze Hatchling
Bronze and copper twine together, dancing riotiously across his velveteen hide. Gold flickers in fits and starts, clumping up along his headknobs and down his spine, gathering at the base of each distinguished neckridge. Flashes of gem-tones, emerald and sapphire, wink from shadows cast by jaggedly formed limbs. Beneath it all, the serene sturdiness of earthen brown forms a delicate undercoat, glinting dully from metallic saturation. The ore-and-gem nature of his coloration suits his angular, rocky form. His wings, pure pyrite spars interrupted by silver-veined sails of bronzen hue, spring from craggy shoulders. Though dwarvish in size, there are hints of massive strength all out of proportion to his size.

Painted by the Sun egg has come to life, the canary color begining to rock back and forth as the being inside thrashes about to escape.

Tandelek just keeps watching, not saying more right now. He clenches and unclenches his fists nervously.

From the Shadowy Depths Brown Hatchling seems to have noticed what caught his eye and he surges forward, crooning expectantly as he reaches out to poke the candidate, aaah, that's where you were.

A tiny hop, Colors of Chaos egg almost shivers with a bump and a jump. The dragon inside is in a true hurry as the attempt is more hurried, and then just stops like it has changed its mind on hatching.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the From the Shadowy Depths Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Of the Earthen Blood Bronze Hatchling sits there for a long moment, looking rather startled at his sudden appearance on the Sands. He lowers his head, sniffing curiously at the sand and shards about him, then lumbers to his feet, stretching his stunted wings. Though his ambling pace seems rather aimless, in almost no time at all it brings him before a short, stout young man nearing the end of Impression age. "What? But… wouldn't you rather have food, Reorth?" asks Florient, now Fl'int, startled.

With a triumphant cry the Of the Earthen Blood Bronze Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Menea realeases a small oh, quickly covering that up as she looks towards the other eggs, waiting paitently on the hatchlings. She shifts herself slightly, looking towards the blue and the brown again. A small smile lightly paints it's way onto her lips. She moves her hands behind her back, lacing her fingers. She blinks and looks towards the bronze, releasing another sound. She looks towards the Painted by the Sun Egg. Quickly, blue eyes dart to the brown hatchling, blinking.

Cirilia takes half a step back at the brown's movement. She nods to Deguila, "Very nice looking." The bronze is also grinned at, "A good, strong clutch."

Floral Spread of Ebony Egg can withstand it no longer - time has overcome its glory, though the seed within now gets its own turn. And so the shell shatters, pieces falling to sands, leaving in its place a small, pale blue dragonet.

Color of Chaos egg gives another leap, and a large crack appears down the middle of the egg looking at that moment like many sharp teeth in a large grinning mouth.

J'ymi rubs his hand gently against Casiella's back, leaning down to press a slight kiss to the top of her head. "Let me know if you need a comfortable seat," he murmurs, before turning his attention back to the hatchlings. "Ah! A bronze," he sighs smuggly. Zsuzsath bugles, fanning his wings as he comes to his feet in joy.


Twin Silhouettes of Lilac Blue Hatchling
Tender twilight glistens as it sweeps over this tiny blue's body, like the pale summer sky darkening just after sunset, gliding easily over his narrow back and his slightly rounded haunches, curling delicately around to his thin belly. Pacific panorama laps against his long, lean wings, paler wings meeting the barely darker sky seamlessly, melding together. However, his body cannot remain pale, lilac-hued romantic isle blue accents his body, settling around his long limbs and shadowing his slender tail. Sandy feather-like fingers glide up his belly, the undefined edges of a silhouette, darkening the central line of his body. His narrow face is almost feline-like, flattened at the end, and sloping sharply upwards to darkened headknobs, hues intermingling oddly. Hyacinth ridges, like mountains on the distant horizon, glide smoothly down the curved line of his back, adding the final touches to his lilac-shadow appearance.

Rafca warily eyeballs the brown hatchling as he begins his search. The blue hatches, then the bronze, and both are granted curious but apprehensive glances. She jumps at the brown's triumphant cry, then glances over at Menea.

Duel of Desires Blue Hatchling is left sitting in a pile of his own distaster. With a tremulous shake he dislodges the egg shards stuck to his hide before lumbering unsteadily to his feet. He pauses, as if unsure. Leave the egg, or go out hunting? His stomach settles the debate with a loud rumble and he sets off away from the destroyed egg.

The bronze, swiftly Impressed, is regarded with a certain careful disappointment. Then, a beat later, Menea. He frowns and shakes his head, focusing back on the blues with an expression that approaches hope.

Tomaz points over at the bronze."Go Fl'int!" He cheers for the fellow and watches the blue."He's gorgeous." He looks at the Twin Silhouettes."Reminds me of my Stormborne almost…"

Deguila nods at that as she watches more emerge "Two blues already… how beautiful." she notes "Think there will be ANY greens at all?" she ponders "Or a gold?"

Tandelek nods appreciatively as Impressions are made around him. He is still somewhat tense, but gives a smile. "Congratulations," He offers.

Color of Chaos egg suddenly bursts into many little pieces, shards flying everywhere and revealing the little dragonet inside.

Lorena merely stands there, somewhat in shock and a bit nervous still. Dont look at me!

Moonlit Hold Egg shivers in its spot, shaking back and forth to some unknown tune that only it can hear, it softly bumps another egg just next to it before swinging back in the other direction, falling still for a little bit.


Illusion of Stripes Brown Hatchling
Gentle maple brown drips down the smooth hide of this bulky fellow, his head is round and plump eyeridges sitting higher than usual. A very long and strong neck appears to have more muscle than he would truly need. The rosy brown hide drapes over his wide frame, his body sporting a good sized gut that wiggles with a gelatin like appearance as he walks. Dark mahogany appears to down oversized wings, much bigger than the average and surely to bring swift flight. Klah bark brown and copper stripe down his back and the horizontal lines do nothing to diminish his belly. Muscular haunches support his wide girth, and hefty back end. Aged oak shades his tail adding some balance to the chaos that is the rest of him.

Sabriel glances at Deg and shrugs. "Who knows? I' 'm hopeing though."

Cirilia shrugs a little, "I don't know, but the blues are very nice. Chances are there'll be plenty of greens, too." The blue is chuckled at.

Deguila nods at Sabriel "Aye. I'm told they're the smallest." she looks to cirlia "Definitely. Probably just making a …" she laughs "Fashionably late entrance."

Twin Silhouettes of Lilac Blue Hatchling tumbles out of his shell, but all in all makes it look rather graceful as he lands on his feet, recovering and creeling to his parents as he stays there, rather disappointed about the sand that's covering his body. Ew.

Rafca licks her lips and then rakes her upper teeth over her lower lip. Her eyes dart apprehensively over the newly hatched dragons that have yet to Impress. "Well, this is certainly … fast."

Sabriel grins and laughs. "That it! Greens must be very dramatic."

Lorena is frozen a long moment, blinkblinking "Loyauth? My loyauth!" she repeats a few times, kneeling to help support the dragons' head.

Falling from the Heavens Egg shivers in its spot, spinning wildly back and forth on its axis. Then it fals silent, as if nothing had happened in the first place, nothing to see here, move on.

Moonlit Hold Egg picks up its pace yet again, swaying back and forth, rocking wildy in its spot as the hatchling inside seeks a way out. Spinnerweb marcks slowly appear on the surface of the calm scene on its shell, threatening to fall apart any moment.

Tandelek listens to the girls' conversations and adds, "Greens most common, aren't they?" He turns his head slightly to regard them from the corner of his eye. "Thought I read that somewhere."

Duel of Desires Blue Hatchling can do this! See, pick up one foot, put it down, then that one… and that one again… the dragon's hind end seems to be getting farther than his front end as he makes his way - or tries to make his way - towards the row of little white-robed things out there. One of them has food. Maybe.

Menea makes no movements and looks towards the new blue, releasing a small oh. She shifts herself a bit, unlacing her fingers. She idly looks towards the hatchlings, watching still. She turns towards Lorena, grinning a bit. "Loyauth?" She questions the candidate next to her. "Lovely name…"

Tomaz sees the brown hatchling."He's a good looking fellow isn't he?" A look over at the blue again."Heh you think he's complaining about the sands?" He looks at Sabriel and then stands his ground if the handsome blue decides to choose him…"Menea?"

Lorena calls to Loyauth and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

"Come /on/," Faulk hisses between his teeth, half unfolding his arms to scratch the underside of his forearm. A light sheen of sweat's appeared on his brow and another Impression means another glance, which grows slightly harried as it passes over to Lorena. Then, he shakes his head again. Apparently makes him feel better.

Cirilia chuckles at the blue. She leans towards Tandelek and comments, "Greens and blues. That's what my ma says." She puffs out her chest, "Right noble things, too." She cheers for Lorena, "Congrats!" A murmur of the dragon's name to taste it's feel, and she nods, "Good name."

Twin Silhouettes of Lilac Blue Hatchling moves, as curiosity overcomes him, towards the white robed things that surround him. Tail thrashing back and forth, his damp wings sag, and towards the ring he goes, slinking along.

Rafca calls out a congratulatory "Yeah!" to Lorena before returning her attention to the hatchlings. Absently, she twists one of the seams of her robe in her right hand.

Falling from the Heavens Egg continues shaking, the images seem to melt away as cracks start appearing on its shell, almost as if the sands are too hot all of a sudden.

Sabriel grins at Tomaz. "Looks like it, to me."

Jeordi really can't keep up with all of this. It's very… fast. And not very logical. He looks rather lost, and those looks he keeps tossing to his brother are lost in the bronzerider's apparent concern for his pregnant weyrmate. Well foo.

Moonlit Hold Egg bursts into shards as the hatchling insides gathers up a sudden burst of strength, causing a rather slimy-looking green still covered in shards to look blankly about, hello world, I'm here!


Tropical Aquatic Forest Green Hatchling
Aquatic green melts across the greens hide, joined by splashes of aqua-marine blue. The color flows smoothly over her hide, mixing along her muzzle and down her chest where it darkens ever so slightly as it shifts out of the sunlight. Short-stubby wings sprout from her back, almost too short to be called wings at all, the same hues spreading outwards like plants from the ocean floor. Water continues to rush down her spine, mixtures of green and blue, down her rather pudgy tail that sprouts behind her. Tiny and minuscule in figure, lithe and built for speed, her body is spotted with tiny bubbles of paler oceanic green, she is a dainty, sleek form.

Deguila Hmms at that and nods "A beautiful brown for Lorena. She deserved it." she smiles, applauding gently "Oh look out Cirilia. more are coming… I think that Heavens Egg has a gold in it. What do you think?"

A Maze of Stairs Egg tips slightly in its hollow, stairs shifting as the hatchling within creates odd bulges in the fragile shell. Cracks dart across the surface, though it remains relatively intact for now.

Duel of Desires Blue Hatchling has really got the hang of this now! Okay, no he doesn't. With a tumble his back end gets away from him, turning him onto his back in the sand. When he blinks and looks up, it's into the hazel eyes of one of the candidates, such a long way up there.

Illusion of Stripes Brown Hatchlinglooks down at his shattered egg, and turns to the white robed figures with growing attention standing and almost waddling towards them with great speed. As he attempts to slow down her almost trips standing himself up and acting like no one saw his near fall.

Tandelek slowly raises his hand to point at the most newly hatched dragonet. "There's a green for ya, gals." He eyes it carefully. "Pretty one, too."

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Duel of Desires Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Graces of Three Egg wobbles slight, the woman-like shapes upon the shell shaking in a mind-mannered dance. And then it stills.

Tomaz says "Congratulations!"He shakes his head."Naw it was Lorena…" He points towards her and then looks over toward the new hatchling."Whoa… Now she's loverly…and dainty too." He still has a hold of Sabriel's hand."

Sabriel looks at the green, an expression of awe coming over her face. "She's gorgeous, isn't she, Tomaz." She clutches his hand, hopeing desperatly that the green chooses her.

Deguila smiles "she's VERY lovely. " she agrees to Tandelek "She reminds me of a trip to Southern Weyr I had once… only more mobile."

Lorena moves her dragon out of the way now, going to feed them to one side.

Faulk's eyes dart across the first green and quickly dart away. Where — ah. A brown. There.

Graces of Three Egg cracks, dividing the figures in two, while smaller cracks stretch outwards, gracefully moving around the shell.

Cirilia smiles at the green. "See… gotta have a girl out there to keep all those boys straight." The bugling blue causes her to glance in its direction for a moment, but so much goes on, she can't tell who it stands near.

Menea releases a light sound of awe towards the Moonlit Hold Egg as it bursts. "A lovely green." She says softly. She looks towards the blue as it makes a cry. She looks back towards the Green, watching.

Tropical Aquatic Forest Green Hatchling croons lowly as she looks around, still laying on the shards of her egg. Oof, this is harder than it looks, slowly she pushes herself upward, taking in everything that there is to see.

All of a sudden, shards explode all over the place as Falling from the Heavens egg reveals a rather small blue, goo covering its hide still it lets loose a low croon.

Deguila furrows her brow then "Is she okay? She's just sitting there." she notes suddenly, concerned.

Rejected From the Sky Blue Hatchling
Ocean blue splashes against his body, an eruption from a crash, paler water speckles scattered here and there over his pudgy form. Like a dark isle floating on the distant horizon, isolated from all, his wings stretch outwards from the lump of his body, shadowing the stout limbs below. His serpentine neck is mostly unspotted, one free area, as a spot sits between his faceted eyes, on the top of his muzzle.

Rejected From the Sky Blue Hatchling issues a low croon before suddenly something catches his eye and he charges at the candidates, ignoring the ones in his way as one in particular catches his whirling eye. He stops infront of a youth with blonde hair, Daldeus, his muzzle thrusting at the boy. "Oh Icyrith, it'll be okay, I'll watch after you." A weyrlingmaster soon ushers the new pair of D'eus and Icyrith off the sands.

Tomaz says "You can do it little lady… Hello welcome to Pern." Heh silly thing to say but, ah yes she is rising."Don;t worry she'll move… My brother says it took time for Leoth to get up after he hatched."

Rafca's still gazing around apprehensively, until she finds herself face to face with a blue hatchling. Apprehension seems to melt from her face in an instant, replaced by a reluctant smile and then a wide grin. She touches the blue muzzle in front of her, "Raath? Yeah, we will." Her expression becomes tender, something totally at odds with the rest of her demeanor.

Casiella snorts softly. Calanth looks quite pleased at the first Impressions. "Oh, honey, I'll be fine. I have Calanth to sit on, if need be." The gold croons, then turns to watch the newest blue pair interact.

Twin Silhouettes of Lilac Blue Hatchling has been moving, like a feline looking for prey. And so he approaches the line of the candidates, stopping infront of a red hair woman. A playful nudge is directed at her midsection, and he croons.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Twin Silhouettes of Lilac Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Deguila nods at Tomaz "You're more expert than I." she amends simply as she folds her arms, lifting one foot to shake sand from under it.

Illusion of Stripes Brown Hatchlingis moving down the line, slipping between them and zig zagging his path. Some get a sniff, and one unfortunate boy is almost knocked down. Looking at the gold, as if wanting guidance he watches the other putting up his muzzle like he is the best and really doesn't need help.

Tandelek lowers his hand back down slowly. He makes no sudden moves. "Congratulations!" He calls again, not really taking in who's Impressed whom.

J'ymi tugs gently on a lock of Casiella's hair. "I just worry, is all," he says with amusement, his green eyes gazing out over the Sands. "Quite a lively clutch, I must say. I'm quite pleased with this array of colors." Zsuzsath grumbles slightly and tilts his head to the side, studying the newest hatchlings. "One bronze is good enough," the rider says stoutly. "Plenty of clutches don't even see the one."

A Maze of Stairs Egg becomes a maze of cracks as the original pattern of the shell can no longer be seen beneath the jagged black lines. It begins to spin dizzily in place as the hatchling within fights frantically for release.

Menea smiles towards Rafca, "Lovely name." She says with a small nod. She looks towards Tomaz, smiling a small bit before she shifts herself. She looks towards the Lilac Blue then towards the other hatchlings. She shifts herself a bit more, her feet at that.

Sabriel just looks at the green, standing still. She holds Tomaz's hand even more tightly.

A nudge at her midsection, and Cirilia looks down into a whirling regard of faceted eyes. She blinks a moment, as if uncertain where she is. A smile flirts at the corners of her mouth. "Of course. All yours." She looks at Deguila with tear-filled eyes, "His name is Tamasth."

Tropical Aquatic Forest Green Hatchling slowly starts to move forward, tilting her head this way and that. It's so dull here, look at the bland colors everywhere. Nothing at all interesting to see. She lets out a dissapointed huff, lifting up a wing experimentally as she moves forward.

Jeordi rubs his forehead and moves closer to the shrinking group of Candidates, seeking safety in numbers. "How'm I supposed to keep all of this straight?" he asks rather plantively of no one and everyone.

Casiella smiles up at him happily. "I know." She says, softly. "There'll be more." She predicts. "I know Cal has at least one more marked for bronze." The gold, though, isn't telling. She just watches as the blue Impresses, crooning.

Painted by the Sun Egg gives a deceptive little shiver, then like a sapling that has escaped its seed the egg cracks like glass shattering and it is a wonder it stays together.

A Maze of Stairs Egg shatters abruptly, monochromatic shards exploding in a cloud of dust, briefly obscuring the hatchling within before settling to the Sands, revealing the rather stunned occupant.

So Cool, He's Hot Brown Hatchling
Hide the color of sunbleached sand and the texture of good suede leather stretches tight over a wedge-shaped head, conforming to the long, slightly pointed muzzle, defining the slight headknobs that protrude from the back of the narrow head. Skin slides down long, agile throat, swirling down across shoulders and ribs in a spill of white and gold. From shoulders spring free billowing wings, sails the color of chocolate clasped firmly within jet spars, cloaking the sunbrushed alabaster of his hide in leathery night. Shadows cast their long fingers across narrow hips and stout legs, darkening aged ivory to living ash, grasping for the ghostly tail that seems ever free of their dark embrace.

Deguila is so distracted she doesnt notice, then looks up and over at Cirilia, startled "Tamasth… Cirilia, help him" she notes "you silly thing." turning to guesture her friend on. "Go on, I'll survive… and good work! he's beautiful!"

Faulk glances another dark glance, this time, at Cirilia. Only, it lightens after a moment of ferocity and he looks down at his feet instead. Scuff-scruff.

Graces of Three Egg can fight it no more, the miniature cracks defeating the ovoid, shattering it as pieces fall to the sand, destroyed like an ancient urn in only a moment. However, its contents are left to be seen - A bright green dragonet.

Eagle of the Aerie Green Hatchling
Rich, vibrant green dances with grace over her lithe body, lightly coating her with bright lime, like downy feathers over her hide. Hues dull only slightly as they drift down her torso, over narrow haunches and twist around her whip-like tail. Apple Orchard green speckles her underside, up and up between spindly limbs scattered over her serpentine neck, just lightly brushing the underside of her snout beak-like snout. Long, wide wings made for soaring are laced with caterpillar green, as it traces random patterns over sails and spars. Ridges stand like ruffled feathers down the center of her back, cress green, from between head ridges to her tail.

A final shake and Painted by the Sun egg breaks into tiny pieces, the dragonet revealing the inner life.

Rafca is dazed - and that's probably putting it mildly. She grins at Menea before she ushers blue Raath away from the general hubbub.

Tomaz smiles watching the blue impress to Cirilia."Congratulations Cirilia." He smiles and then gasps when he sees his favorite egg crack away to nothing."Whoa what a good looking brown there." He points over at the hatchling."Goodbye mazy looking egg…"

Gloriously Bright Bronze Hatchling
The sun has truely come to life in his bronze hide, a bright brass color coats his long body. A thin neck is a true work of nature, the muscles making him stream line and smooth. Large eyes stand out from his head, sharp teeth showing a slight overbite. Short wings make it questionable if he will actually take to the sky.

Tandelek eyes the brown. "Didn't know they came in such different colors." He continues to watch, though offering congratulations as he notices the pairs leave the sands

Illusion of Stripes Brown Hatchling looks at five more boys, and then finding one he moves to the back of the boy making to sneak up and try and wrap his tail around the brown haired boys legs, he has made his final decision and whoever it is will have to deal.

Sabriel looks back and forth between all the greens. "Oh my! Their all so …beautiful!"

Tropical Aquatic Forest Green Hatchling pushes forward ever so slowly, wuffling candidates as she passes. No, this one's too dull, no, not this one either. She lets out a dissapointed rumble before finally letting out a surprised croon, there! There she is! She surges forward, pushing her muzzle expectantly at the girl.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Illusion of Stripes Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Gloriously Bright Bronze Hatchling makes a straight arrow path towards a scrawny young candidate from Island River. The candidate paying little attention he does not see the bronze as he head buts him in the groin, after a long moment the young man says. "Of course Aragth, who else is going to feed you?" And Ru'lph, once Rudolph, heads off with a weyrlingmaster and his new lifemate.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Tropical Aquatic Forest Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Sarcon looks over at all the comotion and seems for the first time wordless. ".." Although alone he's not as scared as he looks. He looks all around and doesn't know weather to run or to stand still.

With a triumphant cry the Gloriously Bright Bronze Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

So Cool, He's Hot Brown Hatchling shakes a few shards of his former home from his snout, blowing dust outwards in a cloud as he snorts. Chocolate-wings are spread and stretched as he takes his sweet time making sure everything is intact and working nicely. Once he's assured of that, he steps out across the Sands with a curious croon. Huh. What's all this about?

With a triumphant cry the Rejected From the Sky Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Calanth looks entirely more proud of herself then she should, burbling in a very "I told you so" way at her mate, then her mate's rider. Casiella grins smugly.

Sabriel lets out a cry. "Oh, Maith! I'm so happy you chose me!" She goes to her knees to hug the little green.

"Faranth," Faulk groans and raises his eyes again — to a veritable maze of movement. Too much. He backs himself a little farther away, already on the edge as he is. His face is very flushed, and he's started swallowing on every other breath. "Too sharding hot."

Jeordi shuffles. A lot. Wincing as the heat penetrates the soles of his sandals, he tugs on the neck of his robe and glances enviously at the Candidates who managed to convince /thier/ siblings to give up their old robes. Mean J'ymi, no love for the little brother. Then it's back to hatchling watching, wariness mingled with awe.

Tomaz STARES DOWN… Uhmmm Whoa…. "Okay Dementh… let's go get you something to eat…" He looks at Sabriel breaking her grip gently."I'm gonna craftride!!!!!!!!!!!'

Tomaz moves over to the side where the others are going to.

Sabriel smiles at Tomaz. "Me too! Lets go get you something to eat, Maith."

Deguila smiles at Sabriel, applauding quietly, though she was a bit pale now. A bit trembling as she watches her friends, so happy, being led off. She waves to

Cirilia one last time as she goes, then looks to Tomaz and laughs softly at his reaction, though she seemed muted now, considering, watching the happy tears flow into the sands. Folding her hands before her, she stands composed, but her head was down al ittle bit now, watching the remaining eggs and dragons, a bit of hope shining still in the plastic crafter's eyes.

Sabriel smiles to Deg. "You'll get one. I know it." She follows Tomaz over to the side.

Sarcon looks over to Sabriel as she has found her lifemate. "Congratulations." Sarcon manages to get out before looking at the eggs moving and the breaking eggshells. "There they are the best choices…so lets see me? Do any of you want me?" He smirks a little.

Menea grins towards Sabriel and Tomaz, quickly, she looks towards the other hatchlings. Shifting herself needlessly, she lightly chews on her bottom lip. Her eyes focus on them and her grin fades.

Eagle of the Aerie Green Hatchling bursts free from her prison at last! Pieces of shell cling stubbornly to her brilliant hide, and she looks herself over, noting this and shaking harshly to get them all off. Finally, she turns back to the Hatching Arena at large, crowing her triumph and pure domination of this entire area. Look at me! I am your true Senior Queen!

Tomaz chuckles at the green.

Tandelek continues to watch the little brown. He hears Tomaz's cry and smiles. "Congratulations, friend." He offers.

Tomaz says "Thank you"

Deguila snaps up at the crowing, startled a bit and she looked almost as though ready to bolt out of the way of some stumbling mess of egg shards and claws. Seeing it was the one remaining green, she watches, warily, noting the unusual shape and tilts her head, brushing a lock of hair from her eyes.

So Cool, He's Hot Brown Hatchling has this about figured out, now. One step here, one step there, and boy, look at those white things move. Experimentally, he charges towards a group, letting out a cheerful chortle of sound as the three Candidates scatter before him. Pulling up short before he can cause any harm, he moves on - and pauses, backtracking. Something seems to have his attention beyond that gaggle of children.

Faulk exhales again and attempts to slow and moderate his breathing to a reasonable degree. Not the place to hyperventilate. He tries to locate another (male) dragon with his eyes all heat-watery like they are, feeling terribly exposed.

Sarcon eyes wonder from Tomaz and go to the hatching egg. "Beautiful…" Sarcon smiles and takes a step back for some unknown reason. "Ah.." Sarcon now takes quite a couple of steps back as the brown charges.

Jeordi skitters to the side as nearby the Candidates abruptly flee something, and he catches only a hint of the brown that caused their flight. Uncertainly, he begins to side-step away from where the gathering has slowly regrouped, rubbing his hands along his thighs. Nobody mentioned charging…

Tandelek sees the charge and chuckles. "Tryin' yer wings, are ya, little one?" He says in his most gentle voice.

Eagle of the Aerie Green Hatchling pauses to survey 'her' conquest, then sets out pointedly towards the Candidate. She opens her maw at one as it gets entirely too close, snapping it closed querilously. She starts sniffing around a group of girls, then pulls back so close, she nearly falls over. Ick. Far too much like her. No. She finds a few males, sniffing tentatively at Sarcon, then snorts, shaking her head harshly. Close, but certainly not close enough.

Deguila sidles the other way from Sarcon at the charging brown as well, tripping and stumbling, and in a shower of sand, ends up on her bottom, one sandal having twisted, the thong snapped as she grunts. Quickly she rolls, dropping any attempt to remain composed, back to her knees again, her once beautiful robe now stained red and white from the sand and the dust. She puffs, cheeks red from the heat and stands, kicking off the sandal as she watches the sniffing green.

Menea snorts softly at the brown's antics but she moves herself, can't be all that safe. She crosses her arms a bit, shifting her feet in the Sands again. She looks towards Sarcon again, slightly rolling her blue eyes before she looks towards the green. As the green snorts at Sarcon, she smirks a bit.

Faulk clears his throat and wipes the back of his wrist against the underside of his chin, to dispel some collected sweat condenscension. Faranth. He shifts one heel high, off the sands, and acknowledges the green, inadvertantly, for the first time. He grimaces and quickly looks away, toward the doors.

Casiella smiles lazily, watching the little green. "You'd think she's a gold, the way she acts." She notes to her weyrmate, patting her gold gently. The big gold snorts as harshly as her daughter, then begins to survey the shards of eggs. She reaches her nose out to the green, then houghs, as if to say "hurry up already!

So Cool, He's Hot Brown Hatchling can't have this. He goes into a crouch and begins to stalk towards a moving targe- er, Candidate. Hind-quarters wiggling, he advances forward in mincing steps, then abruptly dashes to the side, blocking off that avenue of escape. He whips his tail around an exposed ankle and thrusts his muzzle into the young man's face, crooning softly.

Eagle of the Aerie Green Hatchling pauses to look up, then the scream her aggrivation, both at her mother, and then at her chosen. Snarling, she steals herself, and then barrels at Faulk, closing the distance in nearly three leaps and pouncing at him, still snarling.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Eagle of the Aerie Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the So Cool, He's Hot Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Tandelek watches the brown impress, and then relaxes visibly. "Well, nobody ran me over." He frowns, looking around at the pairs. "Congratulations, everyone."

Jeordi blinks in confusion at the tail around his ankle, then the muzzle against his chest. He reaches out with a trembling hand to run his fingers along the brown's head, and lets out a soft sigh of amazement. "Okay, Ikasuth. Food it is. But… uh, fun?" Is fun allowed now? With a sudden grin, he throws his arms around the brown's neck. "This is so cool!"

Faulk's reaction is pure terror, once the dragonet gets close enough for him to /see/ the green streaking /at/ him. "Aaah! /No!/" But, tensed up and hands held warding as they are, the green is far too fast for him and he locks wide eyes with whirling ones. His jaw sags slightly. Then he clears his throat and says, his voice very subdued, "Rakirikath."

Menea smirks at Faulk, giving a small clap, for both bonded pairs. She looks towards Deguila and offers her a smile which quickly fades. She idly laces her fingers behind her back, looking towards Sarcon.

J'ymi pumps his arm and lets out a yelp as Jeordi Impresses. "Jeo, go!" With a gleeful grin, he throws his arms around Casiella, pressing an exhuberant kiss to her cheek. "D'ya see? He Impressed!"

Sarcon closes his eyes and then sighs. "Another time, getting my hopes up." He whispers to himself and then claps for Jeordi. "Congratulations…congratulations." Sarcon seems to be in disbelief still of what is happening.

T'maz looks at Deguila from over Dementh's head. He shakes his head and looks sad for a moment before he gets distracted by Dementh."Hey now. You're hungry…Okay…" He smiles as the creature seems to smile as well, a felinelike smile, smug, like the cat that swallowed a canary…"C'mon let's go get you something to eat…What? Mad Hatmakers?? Naw… Herdbeasts're better."

Deguila stands finally and brushes herself off. noting the last dragons imprssing, she smiles and reaches down, picking her sandal up. "Faulk, you earned it. I think you two make a beautiful pair…" she turns, looking to the crowd, then curtseys deeply. Turning again, like a dancer finishing a number, she curtsies again to the dam and sire, and their riders, before she straightens. Dusting one last speck of dirt from her now dirtied robe, she turns to walk towards the entrance away again. After all, she has a craft who needs her. Life goes on, after all, and a Journeyman has a craft obligation.

Casiella steps away from her gold and her weyrmate, though she grins back at J'ymi's exuberance. She spreads her arms and looks sympathetic, though resigned. "I *am* sorry, but apparently your life mates weren't shelled in this clutch. You are freed from Candidacy, and may do as you please. If you would like to stay here at Xanadu Weyr and try again, we would be more then pleased. However, if you now wish to return to your homes, arrangements for convoy riders will be made as soon as you are ready. The dragons saw something in each of you. None of you is worthless - each of you has something special. You will have the evening to wallow in self-pity, but please see the Weyrleaders first thing in the morning with your decisions." She turns away, a beaming smile on her face for her Weyrmate. "He did, indeed!"

T'maz wanders close to the edge of the Sands with Dementh following."Master! We did it! Sabriel and I Impressed!"

Calanth, too impatient to simply walk out there, springs into the air and turbo-wings in the direction of the feeding grounds. Her trumpets of happy exuberance can be heard nearly everywhere within the Weyr proper.

Sabriel grins and waves at Denna. "You have two craftriders!"

"Telgar….I…must go." Sarcon says to the WeyrWoman a bit dry. "I will not attend the feast." Sarcon bows and stumbles out the doo't. "Again…when will this stop." Sar keeps muttering to himself all the ways out the door.

Cirilia looks from her mother to Denna, a large smile on her face. "I did it, Ma," she shouts in the ancient bluerider's direction. Tamasth rubs his head against his lifemate's shoulder.

Tandelek nods his respects to the clutchparents, and sighs. "Thanks." He mutters, looking at the galleries for the first time. "Might as well eat somethin'."

"Bea—" F'alk gives Deguila a look which is more stunned than greatful, then takes his new, er, friend to the sidelines. Still not looking at the galleries.

Casiella turns, nodding drily at Sarcon, then looking back to her weyrmate. "Looks like she was more then happy to get out of here," she comments, reaching for his hand.

Menea looks towards Sarcon, shaking to her a bit. She gives a bow towards Casiella and her queen. She moves from the Sands.

J'ymi curls his fingers around Casiella's. "She and me, both, beloved. I'll be glad to have some privacy with you again." He winks down at his weyrmate, then releases her hand, offering his arm. "May I escort you, my lady?"

Casiella takes the arm gladly. "Ah, yes. Well, enjoy the next three months of pseudo privacy while you will." She says, grinning at him and patting her belly. "But boy, won't I be glad to sleep on my stomach again." She makes a face, then starts off the hot sands. "Hungry, lovey?"

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