Xanadu Weyr's Hatching: July 23, 2005

Dam:Gold Kilaueth, Sire:Bronze Alhenaeth
Candidates: Casiella, Danewt, Dareh, Dashiell, Donvellen, Echendris, Eydie, Fyenai, Jeymian, Keriana, Kieryn, Medani, Mysarra, Mylla, Pejaolo, Rivala, Skaar, Trilanna, Ziven


Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

Immensity yawns in this cavern, the space vast in every dimension. Rough walls of natural basalt with the odd intrusion of harsh granite rise up from a carefully leveled floor, arching up into immeasurable darkness that can never be fully banished. Yet, the attempt is sometimes made, with firelizards and the smallest of the green dragons depositing glows on a thousand little ledges until the effect resembles a starlit sky. At ground level, big permanent torches have been built, designed by clever smiths to burn for hours if enough fuel is provided. On those occasions when there is something happening in here, those torches are lit and their bright illumination can be almost as powerful as daylight. Sand covers the floor of the cavern, a wide sweep of sand that is deep enough to bury the largest dragon egg twice over. That sand, however, is unique: a mixture of red and white grains that combine to form a distinctive shade of pink.

There are two obvious exits. The first is the dragon sized tunnel that leads due north, long and gently curved so that the outside is not visible from within. That tunnel is large enough for dragons to fly through, although none but greens could do it abreast. The other exit is the steps that have been built against the wall, leading up to the galleries and ledges where spectators can watch.

Eggs: Blood Quenched Steel Egg Shoot-Me-Now Whites Egg Star-Eyed Helper Egg Death From Above Egg Resistance Against The Sun Egg Far Side Of The World Egg Better Half Egg Flurry of Felidae Fur Egg Jumping Set of Stripes Egg Bursting from the Ashes Egg Bonded to an Alpha Egg Born from the Stone Egg Second To The Right Egg Navigator of the Stars Egg Fly the Other Wind Egg

Kilaueth is settled amongst those eggs on the Sands that belong to her, large wings spread protectively over the clutch, humming deep in her chest as she watches them all, waiting as a few seem to move here and there. Niva arrives quickly, very much out of breath, and very surprised at the urgent summons, climbing awkwardly onto the platform, glancing towards the barracks, and waiting for the candidates to arrive.

C'ian comes into the hatching sands, looking around. Man.. crowd. Not good with crowds. But he puts on a nice smile, leading the candidates onto the sands.

A tremor grips the Better Half Egg, shaking it violently in place. Just as sudden as this seismic event occured, it dies down and the egg returns to being motionless.

The group at large files out onto the sands, ringing slowly around the rocking eggs, and with a deep bow to the dam, they start the hatching dance…

Born from the Stone Egg wobbles in its sandy hole quite fiercely before it settles down and stills.

Shoot-Me-Now Whites Egg gives a little shake, not moving too much. Instead, satisfied with its current spot, it pauses in its movement.

Dashiell swallows heavily. "Sheesh, they /really/ don't waste any time." he murmurs, eyes widening by increments as he settles to hop from foot to foot on the sands.

M'iri is not far behind her Weyrleader, peering back at her humming blue as she makes her way across the sands and to the safe side… wherever that may be. She salutes Niva nad C'ian before hiding in her corner near the other exit. Yes, must be safe over here.

Donvellen comes in with the rest of the candidates and he bows down to the clutch parents with the rest of the candidates. He stands in between Dareh and Rivala. He reaches to hold on to both of their hands and gives them gentle squeezes as he starts to lift his feet, "Shards it's even warmer then when we came out to touch them." All ready sweat is dripping down his face.

C'ian makes his way over to stand next to his very pregnant weyrmate and smiles, holding her hand.

Rivala troops out, bows, and then claims a spot near Donvellen, Dareh and.. Kieryn? Yah, sure. Why not?

Ziven smooths out his robes absently with his free hand and shooting Fye a worried look. "I guess this is it…" And he moves off to the side, shifting in his spot as he does so.

Echendris's posture is held about as rigid as it can get, arms tensely at her sides, and jawline clenched as she makes her way onto the sands with the other Candidates. A quick inclination of her head is given to the sire and dam, respectfully, before she moves into the forming semicircle. Originally aiming toward the middle, she ends up near one of the ends. As far away from Zhalech as she's going to get, apparently.

Fyenai frees up one of his hands, now that they're on the sands, in order to grab a hold of poor Keriana as they spread out over the nice pink grains. He nods a little to Ziven, giving him a pensive look before he starts to worry his lower lip, "It is…"

Dareh smiles, and begins to dance from foot to foot taking Donvellen's hand. "And so it begins."

Mylla is silent after she rises from her bow, save for her deep breaths as she tries to keep herself calm, her eyes darting from egg to egg. The reality of it all just now begins to sink in for her.

Lahela is not far behind M'iri, looking a little frazzled. "I swear, they always choose the most inappropriate times!" She scowls as the bottom half of her pants are wet and dripping, to take a spot on the platform, watching.

Medani steps in with the line, giving her bow and remaining quiet as she steps along and into place, taking measured breaths to maintain her calm. Her eyes dart from egg to egg as she settles in, noting this shudder or that quiver.

Kieryn steps nervously from foot to foot, taking in deep breaths before letting them out again. She stands near Rivala, Dareh, and Don but doesn't say anything to any of the group and stands a little ways back.

Another rumbling wave of seismic activity grips the Better Half Egg. Shaking violently from side to side, the egg tilts to the left slightly before hairline fractures spread out, marring its surface.

Keriana does look rather distressed. Apparently, someone has been scaring her with tales of hatchings, and the holdbred girl is.. not petrified. Fyenai's hand is desperately grabbed, and given the 'this is scary' look. Eep! "It's.. um.. happening?"

Mysarra walks out and stands next to Echendris, not really paying attention to who she is next to. She watches as the eggs begin to wobble and moves her feet slowly from side to side as the heat is beginning to affect her.

Pejaolo trots into what he deems to be his spot an dpeers down the long line of candidate. Bob. To his other side.. Casiella. To whom he offers a grin, "Hiya." Something happening? What? Are you sure?

Casiella pauses after the bow, ignoring her feet. Her eyes are on the wobbling Eggs. But then, as Pejaolo speaks to her, she starts, smiling at him and offering her hand. "Hi." She says, on a little bit of a gasp.

Niva glances over at C'ian as he arrives, giving his hand a quick squeeze as she leans against him lightly. "Let me know if something bad happens?" She's too busy watching the eggs to really pay attention to the candidates.

Eydie is uncharacteristically quiet, her eyes wide as she watches the eggs rock. After a moment or two, she manages to get herself looking a little more composed. She gives Dashiell a glance, briefly, before her eyes go out to the eggs.

Shoot-Me-Now Whites Egg remains still for a long time, though not totally out of the game, as miniscule cracks are appearing on the surface, the first outwards signs that a change is occurring.

Born from the Stone Egg shivers again, a faint pounding can be heard echoing from the little egg. With a sharp snap, numerous little cracks appear in the smooth blue shell before it quiets again.

Ziven shifts a bit closer to Fyenai, chewing on his lip as he watches the eggs, "Shards, I don't want to be here, last time I didn't even stand. I'm so nervous, what if something happens?"

Echendris shifts her feet only slightly, darkening eyes trained on the now-twitching ovoids. Mysa's approach is barely noticed, but who can blame her, really?

Fyenai doesn't have too many problems with the heat of the sands thanks to his slippers rather than sandals, but even he has to do the little back-and-forth shuffle, giving Keriana his most reassuring smile, "Yep. Try to relax - you'll make yourself sick." He gives her hand a little squeeze to puncuate his words before he laughs at what Ziven says, "Lots will happen. We'll be okay, Zi… deep breaths." He tries this out himself, actually, grey eyes going to the eggs.

Dashiell looks down to his side at Eydie. That's all he does, save for the squeeze of a hand, as he looks back. "That's one of the ones I liked, that one." nodding a the better half egg. "Oh shards.. this really -is- it." muttermumble.

Fly the Other Wind Egg does a little shimmy in place, for only a split second, before it suddenly stills. Uh, no, you didn't see that. It didn't move a bit.

Better Half Egg shakes about before the hairline fractures along its surface deepen and small cracking sounds can be heard. Small pieces of egg shell crumble away gently, falling onto the sands beneath where the intact egg once laid. With increasing speed the shell crumbles away to reveal a glistening blue hatchling.

Dusty Blue Hatchling
Twilight blue settles across the flanks and back of a small blue hatchling, enveloping him in gentle twinkling darkness. Dancing across his form are small prismatic reflections, a milky band across his midsection, dancing hints of rose and amber across his belly, all spread across the twinkling evening sky. Then brushed light across the form, as if done so in a translucent layer, is a thin sheen that causes his hide to glitter in the light.

The twilight blue hatchling rights himself in the remnants of his egg and begins to trod off towards the candidate group, emitting a high shrill keening as he looks about. Where is the one? Where is that which he searches for? Padding softly across the sand, the Dusty Blue Hatchling pauses, creeling before he breaks into an uneasy lope towards a young boy of barely fourteen. Sliding to a halt, he kicks up sand as the boy's arms go around his neck, "Oh Kiryath!" he calls out… before W'll and Kiryath head off the sands for some food.

Donvellen smiles as he looks around to all the eggs. He doesn't notice anyone up in the galleries as his focus is on the eggs that are hatching and cracking. He occasionally glances over the Bonded to the Alpha egg as he really wants to see what color is going to hatch out of that. The sounds of the other eggs cracking get Donvellen's attention and he takes deep breaths to keep himself calm as his feet go up and down trying to keep them cool. He smiles as the first impress is made. "Congrats."

Mysarra watches the eggs in total silence her lips slowly moving as she looks to be chanting, "Go with the flow."

Danewt bows for /just/ long enough before he pulls himself back up and sends his blue-green skittering across the sands. Wiggling eggs galore. His hand slips away from his sides in hopes to clasp at Mylla's. "Good luck." A helpful squeeze is given to her before his attention flips back to Medani and he just.. eyes her for a few moments. "Good luck to you too." Hrmph.

M'iri touches the wall near her with a gasp before turning to Lahela. "Your telling me?" She points to Samira, who is perched on the Weyrsecond's back- thankfully quiet for such a young child. "I couldn't find her baby sitter in time…" She's turning now to keep up with the hatching. "Wait… was that a blue?" The Weyrsecond perches on her toes to see…

Pejaolo lifts a brow, considering this. Girl touching.. From what he's seen.. not a bad thing. So he takes her hand, just in time to jump at the first pop of hatch-birth-dragony-such-not. "Yow!"

Dareh smiles, "One down." he continues to look over the sands. "More to come."

Ziven takes a cautionary step backwards as he eyes the blue, "Blue broke shell first." is murmered quietly to himself and turns to look at Fye, "A lot of somethings will happen, yes, but I mean a bad something. What if that happens?"

Mylla squeezes Danewt's hand in return, giving the boy a nervous smile before she watches, speechless, as the first impression occurs. She grins ear to ear, part of her nervousness evaporating with the happiness of the moment. "Congratulations!"

Echendris's expression flickers, but only just, as the first dragon breaks shell. She throws a hasty glance toward the openly-grinning Zhalech on the other end of the semicircle, but remains silent. For now.

Keriana squeezes Fyenai's hand, in reassurance for her and.. him. "Oh, it'll be fine. Oh, look at that! A blue! He sure knew who he wanted.." Beam. A quick glance around reveals Mylla and Eydie a little further down in the line on the sands, and.. more eggs to come. "What do you think'll hatch next?"

Shoot-Me-Now Whites Egg is covered with cracks, and as they weaken the shell, it begins to rock, a little at first, though the time between each movement lessens, and eventually it just gives out, a brown slipping out of the shell to the sands.

Jeymian really has been here the whole time, standing with Dash and Ziven. Hands tucked behind his back, he rocks back and forth, toe to heel and back again, bright green eyes taking in the whole scene. He's facinated. At the first Impression, he claps his hands loudly, yelling out his congratulations to the lucky pair.

Casiella jumps in time with Pejaolo, her green eyes wider then ever. He gets a shy smile, though, as the blue seems to know precisely whom he wants, and she calms slightly. One down, no maulings.

Kieryn stands gape-jawed as the first egg breaks, it's all happening so fast that she has no time to think about it, let alone react. She continues to stand near her small group and gives a reluctant grin to Dareh. "Yeah."

Bringing the News Brown Hatchling
Lean and limber, sparse in girth though hardly in length, the majority of his form is the same even honey brown, both over the long stretch of his narrow back and the smooth curve of his stomach, no distinctive change in coloration present. Muscles are present beneath his hide, though his limbs remain slender, nearly delicate, as they arch downwards to each foot, deeply colored talons set on each. Darker, richer mahogany -slight red-gleam present - colors the perfectly shaped ridges as they are set evenly along his back, neither too much nor too little space in between, gliding effortlessly over the top of his head, just between rounded head knobs, emphasizing the smooth contours of his nearly feminine frame. His face is properly proportioned, unmarred by stray speckles, sleek lines guiding upwards to his eyes, each of which sits beneath a slightly off-hued eye ridge, a stylish bit of contrast against his hide.

Far Side of the World Egg begins to slowy rock back and forth in the ocean of sand, like a ship on the sea before stopping as if the water has stilled.

Dashiell smiles. It's somewhat skull-like, but.. "Blue. Ok, I wouldn't have guessed blue."

Medani is too involved in her observations to provide a lot of drama with Danewt, figuring it was a pretty fair exchange all in all, and its not like Mylla didn't help. She's dwelling on this too much already and with a soft giggle she grabs Danewt's hand, "Good luck, Newt. I know ya love me."

Lahela makes a face at M'iri, wrinkling up her nose. "I was about to take a bath." And she pauses, blue-green-grey eyes sharpening over as she watches the eggs start to crack and hatch. "I stink. Noticeably."

Fyenai makes a small choking sound at the sudden hatch and Impression, quickly breathing in deeply when he can manage. He offers Ziven as much of an encouraging smile as he can, "Zi, nothing bad will happen; if it does, we'll deal with it. Come on, calm down, you're making /me/ nervous…" He sticks his tongue out and nods in agreement with Keriana. Ack. Another one! He blinks rapidly at the new brown, shivering all over, "He's bigger." His voice comes across as rather meek.

Eydie is just about to answer Keriana when she spots the first hints of brown from the egg. "Brown." She called it. Nobody can say otherwise. She's smiling a little, starting to acclimate to the situation.

Dareh smirks, "This is going well. I wonder who the next'll chose." he dances from foot to foot. "Hot hot hot!"

Donvellen smiles as brown hatching and he smiles, "He is a handsome one isn't he." He says looking over to Dareh and Rivala as he continues to do the dance on the sands of lifting his feet. He looks over to Dareh, "Pay attention to the eggs, a dragonet could come to you."

Ziven whines quietly as he sways in his spot, turning to pout at Fye, "But it's /scary/ Fye! What if someone get's /injured/." Though the next cracking of shell doesn't even get his attention until Fye says something, his neck quickly moving to the brown. "He's pretty big…"

Echendris begins to move her feet a bit more frequently. Up, down. Up, down. The emergence of the brown garners a barely discernable pursing of her lips, for whatever reason.

M'iri laughs just a little at Lahela as she turns to the rider. "Good. Stand near me, maybe your smell will scare off any adventurous newborn dragons." Her grin is light and teasing before she turns back to the candidates. "I remember when I was like that…" Ah, reverie.

Bringing the News Brown Hatchling sits there for a long moment, a rather stunned expression appearing on his face - at least as much as an expression can appear on a dragonet's face - before he lets out a loud, healthy creel. And then, he decides it better to move around then just sitting there and starts slowly to move towards those white things.

Mysarra watches as the brown brakes shell. She watches the hatchlings, no sparing a glance to anything or anyone else. She looks to chen and gives a small and forced grin.

Kysli has been here since the dragon's started crooning, off to the side on the sands with Bergerath. The clutch hatching isn't the one he sired but there is another on that sand that is his. The rider leans against her dragon and watches silently, lost in the events.

Pejaolo needs to take a second to gawk here. "They just.. spit right out huh? Not like chickens at all. Dunno why I'd think they'd be like chickens though rather than firelizards. Seemed like a good parallel at the time though." Babble babble. You know.. stuff in eggs and all.

Fly the Other Wind Egg reels about in it's little sandy spot, a few faint lines appearing over the shell. A few more jittery movements and a few flakes of shell trickle off before it again becomes silent.

Fyenai smiles wryly as he keeps his eyes fixed on the brown, "Then they'll go to the Healers and get patched up. You know that." He lightly strokes the back of Ziven's hand with his thumb in an attempt to calm him down a little.

Danewt gets his free hand snagged and all Medani gets in a reply is a throaty grunt of sorts. Love? When was there love mentioned? Alas a distraction arrives just in the nick of time. The brown draws his eyes as he watches it move towards the candidate group.

Casiella laughs. "A brown from that Egg, though, I never would have guessed." She eyes him. "Healthy looking brown, though." She tilts her head, admitting grudgingly. "I wouldn't mind riding a brown. Like Ezventh." She peers up in the Ledges suddenly, straining to catch sight of the big brown.

Dareh smiles, "Who will that brown pick?" he wonders aloud, still sweeping hisgaze overthe eggs.

Dashiell blinks owlish-like at the brown on the sands, as the blue pair are lead off. Looking the other way to Jeymian, he mutters. "Is it me, or are they saying that egg-gooped hatchlings are /pretty/?" he looks back. "They look kinda.. squishy to me."

Ziven wrinkles his brow slightly as he turns his attention to the brown, "That's just it, I've seen how dangerous these things can get when someone gets in the way…it isn't pretty, you know…"

Echendris answers Mysarra's forced grin with a curt nod, frowning a little as she begins to tug irritably at her overly-large, tattered robe. If only it'll hold until the end.

Mylla gives Medani and Danewt each a smile, happy to see the little sibling bonding moment, even though this is an odd place for it. Still, they can't steal her attention away from the hatching for long. Her eyes are locked on the wandering brown for now.

Born from the Stone Egg seems to think it's finally time to make an appearance. With a push, the egg seems to grow and a glistening wet green hatchling stands in it's place, huge chunks of shell still stuck to her damp hide as she peers about blearily.

Fyenai looks momentarily more queasy and he murmurs aside to Ziven, "Could you have please not said that? Pleeeeease?" He swallows hard once more, blinking rapidly as the heat makes his eyes water, as well as the dust.

La Vie Boheme Green Hatchling
An intense air of the bohemian envelops this sprightly little green, a lush aura of revelry and passionate indulgence in life. Intoxicating absinthe cascades over her slender muzzle, ensconcing opalescent eyes and flowing over her aristocratic cheeks and headknobs. An arcing dancer's neck awash in rich liqueur melts into a sylphlike chest, pooling into a diluted cloud of milky green louche in the lean expanse of her belly. Angular absinthe laced wings jut oddly from her refined shoulders, making her seem slightly off balance while wingsails as gauzy as crinoline are filigreed with silver strands, individually strung with finely cultured pearls. Her svelte haunches are kissed with just a twist of lime in a single streak that runs halfway down her arcing tail, while willowy limbs like frosted glass end in awkwardly large paws tipped with pale talons of alabaster.

Jeymian considers the brown curiously, leaning towards Dashiell as he hears the other's voice. "Eh, if you look beyond the goo and the ickiness and the general… er… yeah. Well. There's no accounting for taste." For himself, he regards the new hatchling with a somewhat dubious expression. "Say, look. See the colors as he dries? He's kind of getting prettier every moment…"

Ziven pouts slightly at Fye and sighs quietly, biting his lip again as he returns his attention back to the hatching. "I'm nervous though…" That's his excuse.

Medani will have to think more about such things later, she releases Danewt's hand with a last squeeze and clasps them both together behind herself as she tries to keep up with the movement of the hatchlings, dancing slightly up and upon her toes now.

Donvellen smiles a little bit, "I don't know." He continues to watch the brown and ohs as he sees the green, "Isn't she a beauty." Donvellen looks to the green and watches to see what she is going to do.

Bringing the News Brown Hatchling pauses in his trek towards the candidates for a moment, straightening and turning his head to look at those being offered - all in crisp white, all perfect candidates, even if they will need training. A proper push should sort it all out.. And then he's moving again, closing in on the candidates, though he pauses once more, just out of reach.

From its sand hold, Death from Above Egg wiggles minutely at first, and then rocks noticeably, almost spilling itself from its safe place of sand.

Far Side of the World Egg begins to stir just slightly, slowly rotating on it's axis as cracks begin to appear along the sepia lines that for a grid around it. The cracks become more prominant with time, spreading down the top of the globelike egg, reaching to the bottom.

Pejaolo has no idea what Casi is going on about. But he nods anyway. That's what boys are supposed to do when girl talk to them. Nod a lot. "Looks like they're all going at once.." he mumbles as a green hatches. Still for only a moment, he begins rocks from heel to toe. Fidget. Fiiiiidget.

Kieryn blinks. A brown, and now a green on the sands. The redhead is frightened, not by the hatchlings themselves but her brain has finally caught up with her body. She's here, now. And the eggs are hatching. And with all thats happened in her candidacy she can't decide now if she may actually want to impress.

Mysarra looks at Born to the stone egg and watches closely as it hatchs a green. Her eyes seem to go back and forth between the green, and the brown. Her fists are slowly released, as she attempts to relaz.

Eydie seems completely at a loss for words, perhaps overwhelmed by the moment. Talking about squishiness and goo just doesn't seem appropriate somehow. Her eyes dart between the brown, the green, and all the eggs that have yet to hatch, overloaded by too many things to watch.

Fyenai sighs softly and squeezes Ziven's hand, voice sounding thick, "I know, Zizi… so am I." That said, he takes in the newest hatchling with less fear, more interest, but pretty much the same amount of nerves, nodding to the slighter hatchling, "She's smaller… and she's pretty. Isn't she?" This question seems to be put to both Ziven and Keriana.

Casiella picks up foot up, holding it a moment, then setting it back down and picking up the other. "Oh, look, a green!" She grins. "Born From The Stone Egg… I wonder whose favorite that was? I'm sure she'll choose well."

Keriana gasps at the sudden hatching of the next egg. "And now a green, Fyenai! That was such a pretty egg, too. Awww… She -is- pretty.." Pretty is the word of the day. "And that brown.." Chatter. Eydie is glanced at again, because.. "Eyds, you look a little green yourself.."

Mylla's smile grows a little as she spies the green's emergence, looking almost touched for a moment. "She was right." The comment isn't apparently addressed to anyone, more like an affirmation to herself.

La Vie Boheme Green Hatchling doesn't even bother to shake the egg shards from her still wet hide before she's on the prowl, snuffling at a poor boy from Fort who gets to close. With a huff, she turns up her nose and slinks onward, hanging close to the ring of candidates. Well now, just who will do her beauty justice?

Echendris's lips part slightly, allowing a slow hiss to escape her as the next hatchling emerges, although it's immediately lost in the surrounding cacophony. Perhaps she's expressing some sort of opinion — or, more likely, her feet are heating up a bit more quickly than she'd like.

Danewt is /not/ having a bonding moment with his sister. But no one asked him so he just watches the hatching as it slides on by, too fast for his liking personally. He shifts about on his feet and his eyes continue to dance between wobbling eggs and newly hatching dragons. It's hard to keep up!

Ziven nods his head in agreement, "Yeah, a green, pretty." That's about all his brain can register right now, his eyes attempting to take in the brown, the green, and the eggs still hatching. Information overload, yes.

Rivala can't help but be transfixed by the happening, to the point where she's mostly ignored her comapnions. Adn then she ohs! and clings to their hands. "Aren't they wonderful?"

Mysarra eyes go to Bonded To an alpha egg and a small frown forms it hasn't moved. She watches the egg her attention no longer split. Her gaze is intense as if the harder she watched it the sooner it would move.

Pejaolo shrugs, "I don't even remember what eggs I touched. They're supposed to know where to go though, right? Who do you think she's headed for?" Standing up on his toes to peer around meercat style.

Bringing the News Brown Hatchling wanders down the row, pausing to stick his muzzle at Medani before quickly sliding off, moving down the row towards a different group, a group of boys. And there he sits, staring at them all with his head tilted to one side, wings drooping a bit in the Sands.

Fly the Other Wind Egg can't take it any longer, and the remaining shell is chipped away bit by bit, until there is a large enough hole for the encapsulated hatchling to scrabble out, trailing shell bits and egg goo behind him.

Donvellen winces as the boy from Fort gets too close and he licks his lips as he watches the green move along the sands. "Isn't she just so beautiful. Shards I've gotta remember how they all look so I can paint them later." He says mostly to himself to keep his mind off the heat of the sand and his own nervous excitement.

Medani starts to follow the inspection done by the new green upon the sands, or perhaps the only one, though its not easy for her to keep up with things. She coos faintly to herself as her heands fidget behind her back.

Hawk King Brown Hatchling
Dusty brown hues cover his lean, almost avian-like form, his elongated muzzle similar to a beak, a short neck, and an equally stubby tail adding to the appearance. Limbs are thin, darker in coloration, the same stained hues along his long, full, shadow speckled wings.

Hawk King Brown Hatchling sits there for a long moment, thinking, pondering, and considering - there's hardly cause for rash action when he's time to review the situation. And then, it seems hunger drives him forward, for he begins his search, each footstep carefully placed, wet wings spread for balance, eventually making his way towards a dark-skinned young man from Ista Island. Now to be known as G'ed, he moves to embrace the brown firmly. "Of course, Roketh, we will seek out food for you."

Dareh smiiles, and nods. "Definatly a good idea Don. They are all beautiful, but I wonder who they'll chose."

Eydie looks up at Keriana with a smile, putting aside her nervousness for the moment. "I'm fine! Really. Really really." That's all she has to say for now, and her eyes are back on those eggs and hatchlings.

Far Side of the World egg rolls once more, out of it's little nest in the sand. The shell finally gives in fully to the stress from inside. A side crumbles away like old weakened leather, the water within spilling out onto the sand in the form of a green hatchling.

From the Bottom of the Sea Green Hatchling
Slender of build is she, who's the color of a sycamore tree. The deep green-blue color of the sycamore spreads over the entire body of this slender dragon, though the dark hue is not uninterrupted. A shaded spruce tone creates the reflection of waves upon her sleek sides and slim back, trailing all the way up the top of her long neck, and dispersing into nothingness by her head knobs, and cascading down her longer tail. Seaweed of a medieval forest's shade cling to her finely made legs and feet, which are a little short for her otherwise spindly proportions, leaving her talons to the murk of a weedy sand. Wingsails are as dark as the rest of her, making them appear thinner than they are, as an island's palm membrane stretches between each of the spars. Her triangular head mimics the thinness of the rest of her body, almost entirely the hue of the sycamore, if it wasn't for the splash of island palm upon the tip of her dainty muzzle.

Rivala murmurs her agreement with Don's words, offering, "We can work on them together. We've still the mural to finish - we can incorperate them into teh eggs?" And then she's grinning at Dareh. "They seem to be picking rather quikcly, some of them."

Fyenai can't help but quirk a smile at Ziven's momentary overload, just trying to fixate on one thing at a time so he doesn't suffer the same form. He breathes in deeply, holds it, breathes out very slowly, then smiles, "They're all pretty… if a little pink." Pinky sands.

Casiella tilts her head, eyeing the different dragonets. "Well, I think the… Oh, another brown." She says, as she catches the noise of a cracking Egg over everything else. She watches as he Impresses, then goes back to Pej. "I dunno who the brown is for. A boy, I guess. And I think the green will go to… Mylla." That's said with confidence. "I liked the Feline-esque Egg the best. It had the most amusing personality." She nods, sagely.

Ziven nods, "Pink? Where are you getting the pink from, Fye?" And he takes a moment to look over the sands yet again for this "pink" thing. "Are you suffering from being near L'alie's brown too much?"

Jeymian sidles closer to Dash and eyes the two greens with a startled expression. "Lots of ladies on the sands," he murmurs thoughtfully. "Should prove interesting." His eyes flicker away from the females dismissively, focusing again on the still wandering brown. "He's taking a bit longer than that other brown. Hope everything's alright."

Dashiell gawks quite openly. "My stars.. it's a /green/" he breaks hand contact, to point at the Bottom of the Sea green hatchling that emerged from an egg he had pegged as a male dragon. "Egg-goop or not, that's… that's.." he has no words.

Echendris doesn't notice Mysa's intense concentration. No, the young woman's far too busy staring at the newest dragonet, grinding her teeth slightly in frustration as she clamps her arms firmly at her sides. The robe must /not/ fall.

Medani's eyes widen momentarily as the brown fills her vision and she offers a bit of a smile, though remains in her spot, watching him closely until he decides to step on. The woman slumps slightly at that but does not seem too bothered, her attention once more starting to flick from point of interest to point of interest.

From the Bottom of the Sea Green Hatchling picks herself off the ground, taking her time but not too much of it. Rather quickly the green untangles herself and stands up tall, ruffling a bit before gazing around the sands. A piece of egg clings to her wing and her head swings around fixing it with a glare as if that will remove it.

Kieryn continues to stand near Rivala and her group but besides her word to Dareh she hasn't spoken. All her attention is on the eggs, and her own internal conflicts.

Donvellen grins, "There is another beautiful green." His head is in constant motion as he tries to watch all three of the dragonets on the sands at the same time. Donvellen chuckles, "Wow if looks could kill."

Fyenai laughs brightly at Ziven's question, though he takes a moment to examine the newest green as he speaks, voice distracted, "The sand is pink, Zi. Well, sort of. Just… well, look!" He nods towards the newest hatchling and, undoubtedly, the sand her gooey hide will pick up. He grins at the newest green as well, though, as she takes to glaring at the shell on her win.

Death from Above egg rolls out of its safe place, taking a rolling course to the not-far-away wall until *CRACK* impact. Where the side-base of the egg met the wall, the feathered shell is lined with miniscule cracks.

Mylla seems almost lost, completely unsure of what to watch, unable to guess where the next exciting occurance will be. But for now, the first of the two greens to hatch has most of her attention. She stands still, watching it with an uncertain little smile.

Pejaolo cants his head at the second green then nods at Casi, "Yeah.. maybe one for Fye too? Just a guess a'course. Y'all dragonfolk are pretty weird so there's no telling." He sneaks a look over at her to see if she's mad, smiling playfully all the while.

La Vie Boheme Green Hatchling seems to be getting closer to what she wants, her tail lashing picking up speed as she grows more and more excited. A few girls are eyed, one quite closely, but she passes them all by. No, no, she knows the one she wants. That perfect match in all the sands! She drags her open wings against a few other candidates, sending them scurrying away, as she creels loudly. Where is her match?

Mysarra watches Bonded to an Alpha and whispers, "Come on little one, it's time" Her concentration is not broken as another one hatches, for all her thoughts are with that egg.

Ziven frowns as his eyes drift to the sands, "I guess it /is/ pinkish…maybe it's his doing." Sagenod. "It'd be funny if it was his doing, you know?" He snickers quietly at the thought. "Oh, that's a pretty green." Is commented when the newly-hatched green is quick to get his attention. "If even she's gooey."

Dareh blinks, and shakes his head. "This is insanity with a bit of organisation." he he keeps his eyes on all the hatchlings he can.

Bringing the News Brown Hatchling stays where he is infront of the trio of males, but he no longer regards them all, instead pushing his nose gently into the midsection of the tallest of them, whuffling gently as he does so.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Bringing the News Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Rivala giggles osftly, watching the antics of the greens and the brown, and murmurs to Don, "I would hate to be on the recieving end of that look!" About then, she notices Kieryn,a nd calls back to her, "Come over, you can help us keep track of all the dragonets."

Casiella chuckles at him, relaxing further. "Well, I dunno. I think Ziven will get one of the greens," she confides. "Fyenai'd do better on a blue, or maybe a brown. Hey, maybe that Brown's for him?" She points to the older one, then pauses. "Or maybe not. Who'd he Impress?" She asks - loudly.

Danewt's gaze drops to the brown as he scopes out his sister. A confused look flickers across his face until, with a relieved sigh from him, the brown moves on. She's supposed to impress green in his eyes. Not brown. And then he off and impresses and another sigh of relief is given.

Donvellen watches La Via Boheme Green come on down the line of candidates. "Here comes the green hatching." He looks over at the Brown Hatching, "I think it found it's rider." He looks to see who is the new rider and nods to Rivala, "Yah me too."

Kieryn wanders closer to Rivala, still dazed. "I should have known it would go this quick, but somehow I hadn't. It seems to take longer when your simply watching from the sands." She comments.

Blood Quenched Steel Egg shakes a bit, digging itself deeper into the sands before it pauses, shell returning to stillness.
Dareh smirks and nods. "Same here Rivala." he says as he cast a glance over at La Via Boheme Green.

Wobbling back and forth, back and fourth, Death from Above Egg keeps impacting its already cracked shell against the wall, as cracks start to appear on the other side as well from the force of the hatchling within. In a few moments a muzzle pops out of the shell, before the bottom gives way and deposits the hatchling on the sands with a loud - surprised - squawk.

From the Canopy Green Hatchling
Thick and solid is this larger green, the color of a jungle's groundcover marking her trunk-like legs, leaving her talons to a muddy centaur color. Just as limbs fade to a barrel of a body, the jungle's ground blends into the colorations of a canopy. Fresh pine and old vine dapple the wide expanse of her back, covering even the thick and short tail, as well as her thick and short neck. A deep hazel wood green hides beneath the pine and vine, covering where the dappling does not, from her underbelly to the tip of her tail, and her solid triangular head. The light color of a winter's hedge is sponged over her thick muzzle and solid eye ridges and head knobs, leaving the impression of sun breaking through the canopy. Her wings are just as solid as the rest of her, the membranes of that hazel wood clouded by drifts of Athenian green.

Wriggle, wriggle. Resistance Against the Sun Egg does a little wriggling dance in its carefully made sand mound. Shake that… egg.

Pejaolo shakes his head, "Nah.. I really think Fye'll end up on a green. Ziv's more of a blue or a brown I think. Green'd melt his brain."

Eydie has her attention stolen by the creeling brown, blinking in confusion. "Wait, who'd that one pick? I didn't see…" Curse her lack of height! She's back to watching the rest of the craziness as the pair gets led away.

Casiella chuckles, still raised on her tiptoes. "Who Impressed that brown?" She wonders.

Rivala can't help but see where the brown goes, and she ooohs softly, murmuring to her compantions, "That was Ziven it picked!" And then she's watching the new green with something akin to amusement. "Doesn't she look startled?"

From the Canopy Green Hatchling shakes herself out with a soft whining creel as she wobbles on her non-steady, but sturdy stumps. Oy! What a way to come out. The green's head wobbles to and fro, as if she's dizzy from the smashing against the wall. Multi-colored orbs blink, then look to the blobs of white. … ? Huh. Creel.

Ziven is all but lost for words, his mouth hanging agape as he stares at the brown in front of him, a tentative hand reaching out in an attempt to see if it is indeed for real. "Not alone?" Is the quiet question, almost afraid to speak. His mouth opens a few more times in attempt to find the words but he slowly shakes his head, "We'll find you food, Khriseth."

Echendris cranes her neck slightly, peering toward the other end of the semicircle. The brown's choice is briefly regarded, eliciting an odd twist of the lips before neutrality once again overtakes her expression. The newest green is glanced at, perhaps a trifle exasperatedly, if the slow lift of a brow is any indication of the stoic girl's emotion.

Keriana is waiting, and watching, and is now.. most excited. "Look at that! He found someone!" The brown, that is. Keriana is undeniably thrilled, because.. hatchings are delightful. "And another green!" Cling to Fyenai. Cling.

Blood Quenched Steel Egg is moving once again, as it starts pushing the sand away, thin cracks appearing quickly on its surface, spreading violently outwards.

Donvellen grins as he spots the new green hatch, "Three greens, all very beautiful." He continues to look who impressed the brown as he squeezes Rivala and Dareh's hands, "Do you see who impress?" He grins, "Ziven did. Great for him." Donvellen calls out, "I knew you could do it Ziven! Congrats Ziven and Khriseath!" He looks back to the greens, "I wonder who'll they will pick."

Mylla looks back at the clump of eggs, her eyes wide as she sees so many new ones that have appeared in her moment of inattention. "They really do all hatch fast, don't they?" Her gaze slowly returns to the first of the greens again, inspecting girls along with the hatchling.

Mysarra looks over at Echendris her face taking on the look of worry, as her favorite egg isn't moving. She then looks quickly back at the egg. She speaks slowly saying, "Come on, come on little one. Come on." All her energy is put into watching the egg.

La Vie Boheme Green Hatchling peers blearily into the faces of each of the candidates as she stalks 'round the line of white-robes, her creeling painfully loud. Each face is regarded, and each face is turned away from with a pained sigh and she keeps moving. Why is her chosen one not waiting for her? Really, what sort of bum deal is this? She pauses at a boy for a long while before she keeps on moving. Almost right, but not quite.

Fyenai actually blinks in surprise as the brown wanders close, releasing Ziven's hand only to smile brilliantly when he realizes that Ziven's just Impressed, "Ziven! Zi, oh, oh wow…" He leans into Keriana only because she's clinging to him so tightly, and while he doesn't squeal or anything horrible like that, he looks happier than he seems capable of expressing.

Dashiell whoops, then drops contact with his companions to arm-pump. "Yesssss!" mwahaha.

Blood Quenched Steel Egg had been violently moving, cracks spreading without hesitation, nothing slowing their movement. A long moment, and the shell starts to shatter, sand flying outwards from the ditch it had dug itself into, leaving a blue in its wake, shell scattered to the Sands.

Jeymian certainly wasn't expecting that. He nearly plows into Dashiell as his partner from the other side is chosen. "Hah!" he cries triumphantly. "And here you swore you wouldn't be picked! Grats, man!" Of course, this is yelled while he inches away from the newfound pair, careful not to interfere in that first bonding. With the brown chosen, he turns his attention to the three wandering greens. And frowns.

Dareh nods, "I wonder who they chose. Maybe one of us, maybe some other candidate down the line." he shrugs and dances some more.

Enter the Circle Blue Hatchling
The pale, icy blue hues of a frozen lake glide over bulky, muscled shoulders, unable to smooth the bulk beneath the hide as it gathers above stocky fore limbs and around wing joints. Coloration darkens slightly as it creeps down his back, drifting in shadowy ridges around his hind limbs, shifting with depth as it nears the ebony talons on each foot. Long tail is threatening, showing the same muscle mass as the rest of his body, hide contributing to the rippling effect present. Mountainous ridges, darker in hue, like the shadowy silhouettes against the distant horizon, march down his back, from between head knobs, down a serpentine neck, over muscled back and to his tail. Broad wings extend on either side, sails the crisp, clean blue of a cold winter's day, spars the same paler hue of his body, while a few speckles of the same crisp coloration invade his squashed-in muzzle, though they disappear into the iciness without truly encroaching on his faceted eyes.

Kieryn tries to keep count. How many dragonets are on the sands now? She watches as one of her favorite eggs spills out a green and smiles a little before given Ziv a big thumbs up.

Pejaolo hops up an ddown, his free hand pointing at Ziven, "Ha! I knew it. Dang it sucks to be so smart." He laughs at himself for a moment before gawking around. He's not going to get yelled at for that.. is he?

From the Bottom of the Sea Green Hatchling shakes her wing a bit until the offending shard flutters down to the ground. Ah, much better, she's in control once again, as it should be. The green begins to walk the sands, her hips swaying almost seductively even at this early age. The white-robed beings are eyed with a certain amount of judging as she goes down the line, taking her own sweet time.

Whilst the Resistance Against the Sun Egg is wiggling about in place, a thin spider webbing of cracks spreads across its surface.

Casiella looks astounded as her previous comment is quite thuroughly rebuffed. "Congrats, Ziven and Khriseth!" She calls, still looking mildly… Annoyed? that she was proven wrong. She shoots Pejaolo and eyeroll, but calms quickly again. "Another green. Gracious. That's three on the Sands now."

Medani offers absently to Mylla, "Indeed." Though she doesn't turn her attention away from the assorted chaos before herself. Her fidgetting has intensified somewhat, dancing gently upon her toes now.

C'ian shakes his head at Pejaolo, watching the other candidates and the dragons. He looks up at his bronze, who stays very quiet.

Donvellen aws a little bit as she watches the Green move on down the line of candidates, "Poor thing I hope that she finds her lifemate soon. It would be a shame for such a beautiful green to between." He shakes his head of such thoughts and calls out encouagingly to the La Via Boheme Green, "Go on you can find your bond."

Rivala chuckles, watching the new blue appear, whiel at the same time keeping an eye on the greens. "This looks good. A good spread of colors," she murmurs. And then she's smiling at Don. "You tell her."

Echendris doesn't give any reaction to Mysarra's worried look, save for a small lift and drop of one shoulder in a half-shrug. So it goes.

Danewt looks down to Mylla and slowly bobs his head up and down. "Very fast. It's going to be over before we know it." Eyes trek the paths of all those wandering greens and then a new blue. Too much!

From the Canopy Green Hatchling plods forward in the fashion that's reminiscent of her egg-self. Slow and steady is the way she'll go, and she'll go at her fardling own pace, even if she is starving to death! The Canopy green creel-whines again, sounding a little more worried as she plods through the candidate group with Medani before passing, merely whuffling at a person here and there. Deliberate, ain't she?

Dareh smirks, "Maybe she'll notice you now." he turns his head rapidly tring to watch all the unimpressed.

Eydie perks up as the news of Ziven's impression makes its way through the candidate line down to her, a happy grin on her features. "Good for him!" After the quick comment, her eyes are right back on the hatchlings as she tries to revise all her guesses.

Dashiell turns away from Ziven's impression with a big fat cheese-eating grin for Jeymian. "Hah!" whatever that means, he's caught by one of his favourite eggs rocking and spewing forth a blue. "Oh my stars…" robbed for breath. "He's huuuuge. Even if he's little, he's huuuge." squeak!

Niva gives C'ian's hand a quick squeeze, smiling as pairs are made and led off the Sands, looking quite proud of the hatchlings emerging from the eggs.

Mysarra smiles as Ziven impresses and says, "Congrat, Ziven." She says her eyes then go back to Bonded to an alpha. She spares a glance at the other hatchlings and shrugs.

Before the Resistance Against the Sun egg was busy just wriggling about idly and tilting slightly. But now? Now the egg is fairly bouncing as the spiderweb cracks that riddle its surface deepen and weaken the egg structure. Suddenly there is given a hatchling is able to poke out of the egg. Now look at that.

Muddy Brown Hatchling
Oddly tinged brown sweeps from head to toe, the color of a silty mud of a riverbed, his hide appearing overly large for his body. While not actually wrinkled, it hangs loosely from his narrow shoulders, his thin limbs, and his serpentine neck. Wings are long and angular, the same muddy hue, while his muzzle is stretched, ending in large, seeking nostrils, faceted eyes watching everything around him. Muddy Brown Hatchling sits in the remains of his egg for a long moment, peering down his muzzle as if he's attempting to unlock the secrets of each candidate on the Sands. After a long moment, he steps slowly, deliberately towards a dark haired female in her early twenties, looking up at her with an intense stare. A single hand is laid on the shoulder of the brown, the young woman smiling hesitantly. "I am your Foley, and you are my Jaryanth. We will go together." And Foley looks to see where she goes next.

Mylla does her best to keep count of the hatchlings, her brow creasing a little in frustration. "So that's… three greens, two blues, and, uh, two browns? Am I missing one?" The particularly close hatchlings get her nervousness up again, and she does her best to stand straighter and smile friendly, staying otherwise still.

Pejaolo will try a little harder to behave himself. Really. Ahem. "So.. three greens and a blue? All at once. That's something, isn't it?" And a brown. But Peej wasn't paying close enough attention for that. "Who do you think the blue will head for?"

Fyenai finds himself missing one person to hold hands with and so he discreetly sneaks around behind Keriana in order to try and squeeze between her and Pejaolo so he can hold both their hands instead. He offers Pejaolo a grin in greeting when he attempts this sneak attack, then resettles his gaze on the hatchlings and eggs before them, doing his best not to swallow his tongue thanks to the wandering greens.

La Vie Boheme Green Hatchling almost passes by a young woman with blonde hair in her rounds, but suddenly she back tracks and manages as close to a bugle as her tiny throat can manage. There you are, you sneaky girl! Hiding from her! Her bugle trails off into a delighted croon as she nuzzles her head into the young woman's legs, curling her tail about her new partner protectively. Her perfect match! No need to be nervous now!

Medani has to clench her hands together behind her as the green passes close to her and Mylla, and of course her brother. Another soft cooing sound escaping her, sort of a tense noise that betrays a bit more unease than she's otherwise projecting.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the La Vie Boheme Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Kieryn grins at Rivala and she thinks of all the dragons currently searching. Poor things, it seems to be taking them a while to find their lifemates.

From the Bottom of the Sea Green Hatchling decides that watching these people from the distance she's at, just won't do. So the green approaches some candidates, sniffing at a cluster one at a time, inspecting them. One of the boys is sniffed and she offers a quiet and drawn out croon in a low tone before continuing on down the line.
Enter the Circle Blue Hatchling quickly gets to his feet - he can't be caught off guard, and as such he spreads his wings as much as he can, considering how wet they are, snorting loudly and blowing sand out infront of him, causing it to cover his nose and chin.

Casiella squeeks. "Oh, I don't know." Her head's starting to spin. "Yourself, possibly. Or maybe one of the boys." She nods to Dash and Newt.

Flurry of Felidae Fur Egg suddenly shakes in its spot, causing it to turn on it's axis, before falling on its side onto the ground. A few more jolts of the egg, even on its side, occurs, but there is no movement after that.

Donvellen grins as one of the green picks out one of the girls. He looks to see who has impressed the lovely green so he can ask to do their portraits later. He looks back to Dareh, "Well that' one green down two greens and a blue to go." He turns his attention to the other dragons to see who they are going to pick.

From the Canopy Green Hatchling really is taking her time, though as she passes by another group, the candidates almost break out in laughter from their nerves at the sound of a dragon's stomach rumbling who seems to be in no hurry. Still shuffling, kicking up sand with her forelegs as she goes, she stops in front of the group with Donvellen, Rivala and Kieryn, just … looking at them, planted in the sand. Creel?

Jumping Set of Stripes Egg shakes from side to side in its carefully constructed sand hollow. The tawny egg tilts over onto its side and quivers in place, displacing sand so that its further movements sink it further into the sand before it stills.

Pejaolo smiles over at Fye, giving the other boy a grin. "That was something huh?" More hand holding? Sure! Why not. Keeps the flailing to a minimum. He thinks about Casiella's suggestion, shaking it off. "Nah. Dash maybe. Not me."

Dareh smirks, and chuckles quietly, and watches the Canopy egg infront of him. "Wonder who?" he wispers.

Mylla squeeks in surprise as she finds herself nudged, and then with a big green dragon tail wrapped around her. Her squeeking quickly transforms into bright, happy laughter as she stares into the hatchling's eyes. "Yes, I'm… M'la. I'm very, very happy to meet you, Sefiyth." The pair make their way to the side of the cavern, a big happy grin on the girl's face.

Rivala was gonna say something abut seeing a green attach to Mylla, but there's another one, right in front of her, and she's just… staring. So close.

Keriana gazes quietly at the greens circling around, and the blue.. and.. "My goodness! She found someone!" If she had fingernails, they would be abitten about now, but.. just as well. "Oh, Fyenai, so precious! They look so happy! And Ziven! Or… I'ven, should I say.." Cough.

Flurry of Felidae Fur Egg spasms again, shuddering with all its might before a crack appears across it horizonally. The crack slowly moves its way across the shell with each shake, before the occupant becomes too tired, and all movement ceases once again.

Donvellen blinks as the dragon parks herself down in front of them. He smiles up at the dragon, "Hello there pretty green. You are so very lovely." He smiles over at the other three candidates around him as he waits to see who the green is going to pick.

Echendris exhales, even as she continues to lift her feet from the sands at random intervals. The Impression of one of the greens to Mylla causes the corners of her mouth to twitch upwards, ever so slightly. A good match in her opinion, perhaps?

Kieryn freezes as the green approaches, her mind going a million miles a minute. Wait, this is going too fast! She still hasn't decided if she wants to impress or not. But when it comes down to it, its the dragonet who has the final say isn't it? Somehow Kieryn manages to breathe again.

Casiella squeeks suddenly as the Felidae Egg shimmers, looking a little green in the face. She nods meekly at Pej, offering Fyenai a warm, if sickly, smile.

Fyenai nods his head shortly in agreement with Pejaolo, "Totally. We all need to remember to tease Zi later…" He starts as he realizes another has Impressed, blinking in surprise and then jumping lightly in place, "Mylla! Congratulations! Congraaaats!" He almost loses his footing and this, you see, is where he decides to stop jumping. Ahem. He gives Casiella a sympathetic smile as well, chuckling in amusement for whatever reason.

Medani 's smile widens as she watches Mylla, attention entangled by the new pair for a time before they get escorted off. She'll just have to offer her congratulation later, but it is a lovely thing to see…

Mysarra her eyes are no longer on the egg as she hears Mylla, "Congratulations Mylla!" She says loudly and then remebers quickly to watch the egg. Her eyes no longer linger, full concentration on the egg.

Flurry of Felidae Fur Egg explodes in dramatic disarray, shell fragments shooting around like bullets a feet or so away. From the shell comes a dragonet laying on its back, wings spread wide as it sees the world for the first time- upside down. Ooze is everywhere, and everything looks out of sorts, causing the dragonet to send up a squeal of delight, or was that fear? Who can ever tell, but either way, the creature it out, and the egg is shattered into a million bits.

Danewt finds his lady's hand slipping out of his own and with a wide smile he watches her wander off. "Congratulations Mylla! I knew you'd impress green." He did. And now for Medani. He reluctantly scoots closer to her and nudges her arm. "Next comes you."

Molten Lava on Copper Fields Gold Hatchling
Waves of burnt metal pour over the form of this dragon, molding into a burnished gold across a finely triangular head and arched, if a little lanky, neck. As the heated waves duck between shoulders and ridges, it cools into a caramel, streaming down a slightly shallow chest and across a lean belly. The caramel intertwines with molten gold down gangly legs, dancing highlights upon her hide, to dusty black talons. Upon her shoulders the gold leaps up to wing spars and membrains, antique sprayed over the membrains in chaotic disarray around patches of flaxen wheat and rose. Following her spine to her hind legs and tail, colors of copper begin to form and rust over the hips evenly, adding a splash of glittering red to the mix as it bows over in a water fall to the other willowy limbs and tail. The spade itself becomes an entirely coppery color intermixed with the bubbly lava underneathe, the top layer cooling into its rustic shade.

From the Canopy Green Hatchling blinks once again as she narrows her head-tilting between Kieryn and Donvellen, pausing for a few long, long seconds. As calmly as if she were full grown, Canopy passes up Donvellen with a snort. Flattery gets you nowhere. Her triangular head is presented to Kieryn with a loving creel, as she decides for the girl if she's ready or not!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the From the Canopy Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Enter the Circle Blue Hatchling doesn't make any attempt to rid himself of the sand stuck to his body, instead doing the complete opposite as he starts to tramp through the Sand, gathering as much as he can on his body, dulling his color as he approaches those funny-looking white things.

Eydie grins and squeals with happy laughter as she spots Mylla's impression, quickly clapping in congratulation for her, and for anyone else to impress in the last few seconds. "Congratulations!" She'll have to say more later, for now she's still watching the craziness going on everywhere in the cavern.

Pejaolo gives Casi a gentle nudge, "Hey.. Over there." He nods down the line. "You were on target with Mylla." See, you're cool too. Just like Peej. Insert slack jawed staring. He jiggles Fye's arm a little. "Little mama, comin' through."

Donvellen smiles over at Kieryn as the green impresses her, "Congrats Kieryn." He looks over at the egg that just hatches and whistles, "Wow a gold." He smirks over at Rivala, "Told you there wasn't a gold in that egg." He grins at Rivala, "Good luck I hope she picks you."

Jumping Set of Stripes Egg shivers in its newly found side-ways position. A veritable quake passes the surface of the egg and miniscule hair-line fractures appear across the surface of the tawny egg. Of course, these could also be a trick of the eye and the anxious candidate mind that turns the dark, shadowy stripes about the tawny egg into cracks.

From the Bottom of the Sea Green Hatchling is getting hotter and finally she spots something that just won't do, at all. This woman, is wearing an oversized pillowcase. Not only that though she gets closer and sniffs delicately at the girl, for once in her life almost tentative. But then she regains her composure, lifts her head and straigthens her spine a bit, proud as ever. This one, is hers.

From its safe haven in a pile of sand, the Star-Eyed Helper Egg wobbles impatiently, startling sand from around its side, and showing more of its twilight and fire shell.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the From the Bottom of the Sea Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Dareh chuckles, and back up a bit. "Grats, and a gold!"

Rivala squeaks as the green picks Kieryn, and gasps in delightly. "Oh, Kieryn! Congratualtions!" she breaths. And then she has to blink, several times, as Don's words sink in. "Oh… I guess I owe you a gift, then?" And she's staring at the gold.

Casiella glances at Pejaolo, then looks startled as she catches sight of the flicker of golden hide. "Oh… My goodness. She's absolutely perfect." The girl says, weakly, looking slightly starry-eyed. "Oh, but she can't be mine. No way." The candidate denies.

Keriana claps for the newest impressions, as both greens find people and carry them off to the other side. And the next to hatch, out of a little egg in the back.. "Isa pretty gold!" Ahaha. "Pretty. " More clinging to Fyenai, because.. well, he seems to have it together. And she has no idea of what's going on.

Jeymian watches the hatching with facination, forgetting all about the whole 'watch out for the hatchlings' bit. No, he just wants to watch them run around and Impress. His baratone rings out at each Impression, fist pumping regularly in the air as he congratulates each new Weyrling. This young man is having a ball.

Echendris inhales sharply at the arrival of the lanky, young queen, amber gaze roving briefly over the egg-wet hatchling before determinedly wrenching away to move betwixt the still-wandering dragons.

Mysarra watches the gold dragon and turns her eyes. The hatchling always in the corner of her eye.

Fyenai is only really alerted to the gold by Pejaolo, caught up in the people Impressing and a little startled by everything. He winds up clinging to his friends and only nods at the gold, grinning at what Pejaolo calls her, "Yep! There she is - oh, she's gorgeous, too, isn't she? She looks all metally… I bet you like her, Pej." He playfully nudges his friend's arm only to almost tilt sideways with Keriana's clinging, laughing at her saying pretty again.

From the sounds of it, the Star-Eyed Helper Egg has taken to sounding like a hallow drum. Tap. Taptap. Taptaptap. And after a little while of the steady hollowing drumming, the inevitable happens to the hardened shell: CRACK. The crack echo's the wingspan span of the bird upon the shell, a fine line near the apex of the egg going all the way around.

Kieryn breaks into a full out grin, and bounces from foot to foot rather exuberantly as she holds the dragonet's head. Yep, her decision has been made her, but she doesn't exactly look unhappy does she? "Yes Kuarith, let's get you something to eat." She says to the green and walks with her off the sands.

Dareh smiles, "How many have hatched so far? And how many impressed?" he asks, watching the gold with detached intrest.

Medani smiles at Danewt, "Perhaps…" And then, her attention is torn away oh so effectively by the green hatchling standing before her and straightening herself out in a somewhat regal fashion. She sort of squeals softly and hugs the young one, tears glazing her eyes, "Yes, Anlyth, I'm yours as well!" For a time she looks slightly confused, eyes sweeping the sands as she hugs the hatchling. She only barely manages a grin to Danewt before getting escorted clear of things with the new green.

Pejaolo squawks out, "Ha! I don't know about you.. but I don't have a big gender secret. Unless It's something I'm unaware of. In which case.. Me.. Problems." Snicker. He glances over at Casi, watching her with mild fascination as she looks at the gold. Glance down the line.. Yup. They're all doing it. Girls. Geez.

Rivala mumbles to Dareh, "9 hatched, 7 Impressed so far, I think." She has eyes only for the eggs and dragonets, watching all excitedly.

Molten Lava on Copper Fields Gold Hatchling tilts her head just a bit, causing sand to stick to one side of her face as she does so, looking at the view from its odd angle. She sends up another happy little squel and bats her legs in the air, before deciding that the upside down view is no longer entertaining. She attempts to flip over onto her belly, but catches her right wing underneathe, her belly roll gone bad. She bats at the offending wing, trying to get it out from under her.

Dashiell has his eyes firmly on the blue now, ignoring the gold. Like he has to worry about /her/ for crying out loud. "Don't you be gouging anyone a new breath-hole in their chest bucko." he mutters, taking a step back. Holdon.. Mylla impressed? "Oh shards!" talk about missing your cue. "Congratulations…" called at a distance, doubtless it'll be missed.

Fyenai just laughs at what Pejaolo says, shaking his head and grinning, "No, dummy, because she's all metally. Not because you're secretly a girl." He sticks his tongue out at Pejaolo, blinking when it finally becomes clear that Medani has Impressed, "Oh… Oh, that was Medani! Guys, guys! Medani Impressed!"

Donvellen shrugs a little bit, "I don't know I lost count." He watches the gold and the looks back to Dareh and Rivala, "There is seven left." He smiles at Mylla, "Congrats Mylla and Medani!"

Eydie edges over slightly towards Keriana, her eyes wide as she struggles to keep track of the hatchings, colors, and impressions. "So that was… Kieryn? And Medani?"

A faint, impatient creeling can be heard from inside the Star-Eyed Helper Egg, as the egg wobbles from the struggle within the shell. Moments later the hairline crack grows to a noticeable fissure, and the top of the egg (and the bird's head) pops off, then tilting over onto its side, and depositing its resident onto the sands with little grace and a loud creel, as the sides of the egg crack and open further.

Fired Up Molten Bronze Hatchling
Autumn orange covers his fore-feet, licking upwards in a flame's pattern as the tops are surrounded by a bonfire's deep orange which continue to imprint this bronze's stout forelegs in fire, his curved talons a deep fig. Molten gold swathes well-rounded head knobs and drips between his smooth eye ridges, then down either side of his muzzle only to leave the end of the said rounded, stout muzzle covered with a bronzen brown mustard. The stream of molten color continues down the underside of a long, gracefully curved neck onto a wide and sturdy chest, and a sleek, rounded underbelly. Finally the molten stream ends as it drips onto the underside of his shorter, smoothly round tail, ending by the spade. The brown mustard that touched his muzzle is also spread over the rest of his smooth body, where molten hue and fire never touched, from powerful haunches to wide and equally powerful wing spars. Membranes hold a sand-esque texture, their color that of a desert camel, while rounded ridges hold the same color as they make their way down his spine and tail.

Rivala frowns slightly as teh gold doesn't manage to get truly upright, and she can't help but take a half-step forward, worry creasing her brow. She's wary of the hatchlings, and isn't sure if the Gold needs help, but that doesn't look comfortable. Really.

Danewt was right! He's good. Real smooth. He puffs his chest, rather proud of his sister and Mylla in their recent impressions. The arrival of the gold does get a grin out of him but other than that he keeps his eyes upon eggs and possible dragons that he may be able to impress. Like that blue who's still wandering around.

Dareh smirks, "Save the congratutaions for later. They can fear it now." he watches the newly hatched bronze closely.

Casiella starts. "Medani Impressed?" She says, distantly, tearing her gaze from the gold. "Oh." She looks distracted, and she's squeezing Pej's hand way too tight. She locks her gaze on the gold again, cracking a tense smile as she barrelrolls, and goes awry. Andother cracking shell catches her attention, and she eyes the bronze, smiling. "I'll be he's yours." She sasy, softly, to Pejaolo.

Enter the Circle Blue Hatchling is now right in the faces of all the candidates, snarling at Jeymian as he just stands there, not making any move to get out of his way, snorting sand at him before stepping around him with a thrashing tail, still peering at those nearby. Its one of them..

Bursting from the Ashes Egg shakes slightly, swaying to the right first before it doubles back and decides that left is a much better direction. In its progress, however, it decides that being still is a prefectly good status as well.

Keriana clings to Eydie as well, in a slightly less panicked state. "Did you see it? That gold.. dancing about, almost! And Mylla, and Medani and Kieryn.. They're all gone too.. Taken away.." Mock mournfulness.. "But they looked so happy.. Fyenai, you saw, right?" What is that blue doing, though?

Mysarra watches the gold now, her eyes falling to it's small attempt. She watches and silently says, "Anyone but Casi." to herself.

Fired Up Molten Bronze Hatchling rolls on the hot sands until finally his momentum runs out. He sits, sprawled on the sands, creeling for a few minutes, trying to get himself sorted out as he straightens up from his mass of limbs. Yes, yes he can do this!

Donvellen smiles, "There is a beautiful pair. A bronze and a gold hatching." He looks over to Dareh, "Good Luck Dareh." He looks back over to the gold to see what she is up to.

Echendris snorts slightly at Mysa's words, but gives no other reaction. With a clear grimace, she begins tugging on her robe again. Darn thing.

Pejaolo deflates. "Oh. Well.. I see your reasoning then." Idiot. Try and be funny and look like a fool. "Hey look.. another shiny one." Look away! The Peej needs time to think of something clever. He winces a little at the squeeze. "Uruh?" So articulate.

Eydie looks more overwhelmed than panicked, really, though she definitely appreciates Keriana's help in sorting out the madness. "A gold… and a… bronze? And all these others…" Her eyes continue to dart from hatchling to hatchling.

Jumping Set of Stripes Egg seems to swell in place, the hardened surface bulging oddly at one end and then at the next. The swelling abates, only to be recontinued in a sort of pulsating motion that results in a loud *CRACK* as the egg splits down its longitude. The dark form of the hatchling, coated in goo and egg shards, tumbles in a heap onto the sand.

Navigator to the Stars Egg gives a sudden lurch, out of nowhere, though it pauses then, as if the movement caused it to panic.

Jeymian blinks at the blue in front of him, his attention drawn away from the others in sudden startlement. "Huh?" Gaping at the hatchling for a moment, he dances out of the way, bobbing in a broken bow. "Sorry, sorry." A deep flush touches his cheeks as he watches the dragonet go by. "That was…" Close. Shreaded Jeymi, not a very fun idea. Shaking, he turns back, eyeing the bronze with interest. Gold is for girls, bronze is for boys. He's a boy. He watches.

Dashiell skitters steps back, way, way back. Jeymian's right beside him after all, and there's a snarling blue right in their faces. "Holy starstones!!" Now, if ever, is the time to break ranks and back the heck away. A snarl is never good, and so he stands there, now devoid of hand contact, hovering on the balls of his feet, ready to get out of the way if this blue hatchling decides to charge! "Don't you /dare/ rip me to shreds!"

Rainy Day Brown Hatchling
Murky brown hues rain down on a solid, yet well-defined and carefully sculpted form. Oozing down the length of the dragon, the muddy color collects in inky pools and dark clots as it passes down his slender muzzle and ropey neck, spreading unevenly across the broad shoulders and lean body of the dragon. Tinges of dark indigo clouds condense around the dragon's joints and in the shadows of his sinewy muscles, spreading upwards into his wings to stain the membranes a stormy brown-grey. Dusty flecks mar the brown's muzzle, thinning out to a scattered speckles along his head-ridges. Bubbling up from the dragon's proportionately too large paws is a muted, oxidized terracotta that dances through the murkiness and cloudiness to coat the underbelly of the lean dragon. This same muted reddish undertone bleeds through around the tail of the dragon and in areas where the mud fails to completely force out the rest of the color spectrum.

Fyenai leans over to speak to Keriana as he says, "I have no idea, I just really hope we don't make him mad…" That said, he notes Pejaolo's crestfallen state and gives his hand a squeeze, "Sorry, Pej. It was funny, really. I'm just… way too much, y'know?" The blonde's eyes fixated on all the hatchlings wandering around and, though he does seem rather calm, his hands are shaking just a little bit.

Enter the Circle Blue Hatchling does, indeed, charge as one breaks ranks and steps backwards, and he hurries to catch up, snarling all the while before makes an attempt to tip that wander now standing all alone over, muzzle in his abdomen.

Mysarra is no longer watching the gold. She looks back to Bonded to an alpha and grimaces, not even a wiggle.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Enter the Circle Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

As an apparent seizure overtakes Bursting from the Ashes Egg, causing the bright egg to shake violently, small hairline cracks begin to radiate from a central point, spreading slowly towards the periphery of the egg before it stills.

Molten Lava on Copper Fields Gold Hatchling turns her head suddenly, lost in the fact that her wing is still painfully underneathe her and looks over at the rolling bronze. Her facets whirl a bit faster as the bronze rolls close and suddenly, the gold shoots up onto her feet, almost as if the wing was a ploy for attention. The only thing that hints that it might hurt still is that she drags it on the ground, while the other she folds back. She sees those white things, and they look like good playthings, prowling towards them with an avid interest.

Fired Up Molten Bronze Hatchling shakes his bronzen head, shaking bits of clinging egg-shard from his molten headknobs. With a decisive snort, he slinks forward, placing one leg in front of the other until he get's the hang of walking, and then he takes off at a slow wobbly trot, pausing now and again to stop at a boy here and there, shoving one or two out of the way with his head, but never his claws. Hmm, he's hungry, where can his friend be? He'll eat with his friend..

Eydie shifts in place, looking at various people and just blinking. This is insane. Very very insane. Too much going on at once! Chewing on her lower lip, she blinks up at Keriana.

The Second To The Right Egg is still no longer. It trembles as if an earthshake is taking place beneath it. Then it goes still… Then trembles again, shaking madly so that it flops over and rolls across the sand.

Rivala eyes flicker from gold to blue to bronze to brown to gold to eggs to gold… and she just can't keep her eyes off that snare-wing's hatchling. Ah, wait, the gold is upright! And Rivala, with a relieved sound, makes no further moves forward, though her brow is still furrowed at the dragging wing.

Navigator to the Stars Egg has recovered, it seems, from the initial, frightening, jolt, for now lines are criss-crossing the shell, quickly moving from the bottom to the top, soon enveloping the entire surface.

Pejaolo isn't too interested in the bronze or the gold but the mucky looking brown gets a peer. "Neat.." And hey.. check that out. "Another point for me." He says, nodding towards the blue and Dash.

Dareh shakes his head. "This is getting scary. They're every where!" he plants his feet dispite the heat just in case he needs to move.

Echendris frowns, shifting uneasily — and it's in an unguarded moment that she happens to glance down at the faded bloodstains on her robe. Doubt briefly flits over her features, but is quickly cloaked, once more, by an inscrutable, set line.

Donvellen grins as he sees the egg he likes start to tremble and roll, "Oh there is the egg that I like." He looks over to Dareh, "Just get ready to dive out of the way."

Keriana has found someone that is even more clueless than she is. "It's ok, Eyds.. this is my first time too." Hatchings and watching and.. "Well, at this point, we just watch and stay out of the way. That sounds ok, right?" Blues and browns and greens and gold and bronzes all around.. "But stick with me and Fyenai, and everything will be fine." More than fine.

Bonded to an Alpha Egg shivers in place quite violently for just a moment, then stills again, mostly hidden in it's Hatching Sands foxhole.

Rainy Day Brown Hatchling tenatively lifts his wobbly and goo-covered form from the remnants of his egg. As he looks around a large chunk of egg shell slides off his muzzle and splats on the sands. Unsteady steps are taken away from the pile of shards and sliminess and he creels forlornly before he pads on out towards the bright white moving things.

Dashiell is knocked for six. Like a skittle in a bowling ally, he lands on his rump on the sands, prodded by a large blue muzzle, however blunted, in his midriff. "Ysamieth?" Dash blinks, then silent tears start on his cheeks. "Stars… you really -are- hungry, arn't you? Back off a step, I need to shardingwell get /up/ you!" And finding himself suddenly named 'D'hiel' the man looks entirely lost, in a sweat-beaded confusion.

Bursting from the Ashes is losing the battle, the cracks begin spreading quickly over the portions of the shell not already consumed by them, the shell withstanding for a long moment before dissolving, a green hatchling left in its place.

Mysarra watches the gold for a few more moments and jumps as her favorite egg begins to wiggle, "Yes!" she says loudly, not caring who saw her.

Sparkling Green Hatchling
Vibrant, lime green covers this little lady from head to toe, impartial to the body part its on - eyeridges, limbs, neck, back and tail are all nearly the same hue. Her stomach receives a bit of a reprieve, however, as its a somewhat darker hue, still bright in its saturation, however. Wings are wide and full, back arching gracefully, and neck, tail, limbs and face properly proportioned for her size.

Sparkling Green Hatchling doesn't wait for anything, instead making her way straight to the candidates - only there is it that she experiences a bit of hesitation, looking at each she passes in turn. Eventually, she finds a young girl, barely old enough to stand - the blonde Minne shifting nervously from foot to foot, looking as if she's going to cry. And then, instead of tears comes a loud exclamation, as she throws her arms around the green's neck. "Oh Kesath - Of course I'll find you food!"

Casiella pulls her eyes away from the gold to roll them at Pej. "Whatever. So you're better then guessing then me." She replies, eyeing the gold closely again. "Looks like she's up and moving."

Navigator to the Stars Egg has had enough, it is prepared, the cracks hanging on the surface of the shell for a long moment. And then, even quicker then they appeared, the cracks are gone, taking the shell with it - as it sits in a pile on the Sands, a bronze hatchling in its place.

Take the Journey Bronze Hatchling
Pale bronze hues stretch over a broad back, enveloping wide haunches, and this thick tail. Slightly darker hues, golden-bronze surface reflecting the entirety of space, color his stomach, paler flecks, like stars, scattered unevenly over the extent of his hide. Insides of short, muscled limbs are the darker hue, yet it blends with the lighter, outer limbs seamlessly. The same even blending slips up his chest, around his shorter then average neck, and his face - a darker chin emphasizing the bluntness of his muzzle, eyeridges and headknobs pale, the darker speckles showing the unevenness of the two - the right of each pair larger then the left. Wings - long and narrow - are paler as well, though the sails are lighter to an extreme.

The Second To The Right Egg rolls back now in the opposite direction before running up upon a bank of sand and doing still. A small line creaks its way along the shell, so fine it is hardly noticeable. The egg starts to vibrate.

Jeymian doesn't know where to look. That brush with the same blue who has now picked his friend has left him nervous, and he doesn't have anyone to cling to. Wringing his hands, he looks every which way at once, trying to ensure he's not blocking another hatchling's path. Since it seems he is not, he takes a deep breath and slouches, peering under heavy lids towards the wandering brown and bronze. S. Bronzes. Straightening, he ponders this newest hatchling curiously.

Donvellen whistles, "Why two bronze hatchlings on the sands and a gold, and another green just impressed. This is going to get really interesting really fast." His attention is on the Second to the Right Egg. He wonders what the dragonet with the golden bells for a mind will hatch into.

Eydie blinks up at Dashiell, as he impresses. "What?" she asks, blinking at the pair. This wasn't supposed to happen! She turns to Keriana, eyes turning almost pleading. This is so not good. "Alright," she almost squeaks at the other female, continueing to chew on her lower lip.

Bonded to an Alpha Egg gives another violent shudder from it's hiding spot. This time, the shell cracks just a bit before the hatchling inside stills again, building up it's energy for the final effort.

Dareh nods, "Definatly… This is the start of alot of possible leadership possitions.

Rivala nudges Don's shoulder, pointing toward the second bronze. "That one came from my favorite egg," she murmurs.

Donvellen looks over to Rivala and nods, "I know my favorite egg is shaking. This is so exciting to watch them hatch and see who they'll impress to."

Danewt's eyes are starting to get tired as they flick from one hatchling to another until they impress and are led away by their new lifemates. The gold and her dragged wing get a concerned look before the arrival of a brown and then another bronze once more snag his very divided attention.

Echendris's mouth twitches again, likely at Mysarra's outburst. The shifting of a sectioned, brightly-hued egg is eyed with a grimace. Obviously, one to be easily dismissed in this guard's book.

Fired Up Molten Bronze Hatchling continues down the line of boys that's up for his viewing pleasure. But none of them are his friend, it seems, for he just keeps going down the line and pauses for a few moments at a cluster of clattering boys. Is he…? But the bronze shakes his head again with another snort before roaring in a moment's (hungry) annoyance. Where's his friend?

Take the Journey Bronze Hatchling sits there for a long moment, not quite sure on how to act, what to do, or even, whether he's suppose to move or not. Giving a questioning croon to his parents, he is softly urged on by Kilaueth, getting to his feet and moving, like the others, forward. At least for now.

Mysarra is now completely focused on the moving egg.

Rainy Day Brown Hatchling trods out onto the sands, pausing to peer down at the surface that has a slight give at it, whuffling and spraying egg goo at his feet and raising a very small cloud of sand. Then the head of the brown hatchling lifts up and he begins to pad across the sands, doing his best at managing a wobbly prance… faltering every few steps to stumble without actually falling over. Approaching the outer rim of candidates he pauses to inspect a group of boys, but passes them over quickly to trod onwards, swaying slightly as he moves.

Molten Lava on Copper Fields Gold Hatchling stops suddenly, almost as if she's realised so many eyes contemplating her dragging wing, and turns her eyestowards it. With a bit of a wiggle- and was that a bit of a whimper? She straightens the offending part and turns back to the white things, starting to walk jovily towards them. That is, before she trips on her long legs and ends up face-first in the sands again. She's not really good at this, it seems, but the happy squeal she's been giving echoes again, only muffled by the sands in her face.

Dareh shifts his stance, moveing his feet without lifting them. "Who are they going to chose?" he asks anxiously.

Rivala can't help it that time - she's moving forward again. The gold nose-dived, after all. "What under the Sun?" she murmurs, frowning slightly. "Ungainly, isn't she," she comments to Don as she edges closer and closer to the fallen dragonet. Ready, of course, to leap back at a moments notice.

Keriana stands with Fyenai and Eydie still, comforting Eydie after the loss of Dashiell. "It will be fine. I promise. I think." Cough. "But, c'mon, isn't the gold just.. hysterical? Ka-smoosh!" She moves her hands in imitation of the nose-dives of the dragonnet, complete with sound effects. "And there's.. two bronzes, and a brown? I can't keep track." Now that there's someone else who's scared, Keriana can't be scared. Yes.

Fyenai looks past Pejaolo to grin at Casiella a bit as she informs Pejaolo that he's the better guesser, turning his gaze to Keriana next as well as poor Eydie, "You okay, Eydie, luv?" Poor holdbred. The young man fidgets in place, puffing stray strands of hair from his eyes.

The Second To The Right Egg is still vibrating as if it might shake apart. But rather than that it stills again. There's a long pause, some scratching, then it explodes! Yes. Explodes. Like a star gone nova, the pieces spray out in a shimmering mess. The hatchling within is upside down, body flopping down from it's place balanced over its head.

A Little Bit of Pixie Dust Green Hatchling
This little lady is as brilliant as the stars. A deep grass green spreads up her limbs, tail, and along her short snout. This reaches up into a dazzling lime which seems to fade with a hidden glow along her back till it is near white from headknobs to haunches. Over these paler hues layer dapples and freckles of varying other greens - just about every shade of green you can imagine. As she moves they shift in ways that shimmer, making her, as a pudgy baby-girl, a roly poly ball of sparkles. But despite her round cherubic appearance, she's generally well proportioned. The only flaws, if you can call them that, lie in her short neck which appears to compensate for her long tail which acts as her main source of balance. Her wings are rather small, but by the general size you can tell she'll grow into them. The color in her wings resembles that of her body. The wing limbs and joints are that same pale greens, freckled in the various shades. The darker greens seem to concentrate at her finger-joints and then spray out like a starburst over limey sails, dispersing in such a way as stars might on the edge of a galaxy.

Pejaolo is a Master Guesser! Or maybe he's just been lucky so far. Dumb luck is more Peej's style anyway. "All sorts of shiny out there now.. and a brown and a green." The enemy army approaches.

Casiella watches the gold, ignoring Pej for the moment. She can't help but look a touch worried as she nose-dives into the Sand, but she catches sight of Rivala going out to her. "NO!" She bellows, jumping away from Pejaolo, though only about a foot forward. "You have to let her do it for herself!" She tells Rivala, almost sternly. "Touch her, and she'll maul you if you aren't her choice." The girl sounds matter-of-fact. "Don't go near her. She's fine. Listen to her."

A Little Bit of Pixie Dust Green Hatchling doesn't stay upsidedown for too long, oh no. The little green tumbles along and onto her feet.. well, stomach at least, feet just a moment later as she springs up on them. With a shake she sends the last bits of shell flying, hopefully not hitting anyone. Okay, here she is!

Fyenai can be considered to go somewhat static when his favorite egg hatches, suddenly tugging on Pejaolo and Keriana's hands as if he wanted them to come loose, "Look! Look! There she is! See! Oh, she's beeeeauuutiful." Don't mind him, he takes favorites seriously. Rivala's attempt to approach the gold and Casiella's notice of it startles him and he watches them with alarm. Eep.

Echendris watches Rivala's cautious movement toward the prone gold with a growing frown. Apparently, she agrees with Casiella's bellow — that /could/ be a dangerous situation. Anyone with common sense could tell that. The newest green garners a distinct roll of the eyes.

Rivala shifts sharply, focusing her atention on Casiella, and calmly replies to the younger female, "I -know- what I'm doing. I won't touch her unless she gets stuck." There is no condesencion in her tone, just a simple statement of fact. And she's been very, very careful as she's edged that way.

Donvellen grins as he sees a green, "Another lovely green, all we need is a blue and we have a full set on the sands." He chuckles as he watches or tries to watch all the dragons on the sands.

Eydie just blinks at Fyenai. "They've both impressed," she says to him. "Mylla and Dash. Both of them," she murmurs to herself, before inhaling slowly. "But hey, that's alright," she says, doing one of those nice female hair-toss moves, and offering both Keri and Fyenai a grin. "Whatever happens happens." Wink.

Jeymian shuffles nervously, hovering in a break in the candidate line left when his two companions abandoned him for dragons. He peers closely at the gold, checking her position against his, then studies the bronzes and brown curiously. The green is ignored much as the gold is, with only a curious area-check to ensure he's not going to get mowed down.

Take the Journey Bronze Hatchling does, indeed, approach the candidates. But then, he hurriedly stops, starting to go the other way, making a circle as if he's going to cut off one of the other wandering hatchlings. It'll be more interesting that way, right?

Dareh nods, "Rivala isn't going to be stupid. She's been on the sands before." His eyes still sweep over the hatchings.

Pejaolo snorts, swinging his hands, and Fye and Casi's arms, lazily. "They only /look/ helpless. She's going to get chewed on but hey.. choose your destiny right?" like those spiffy books..

Mysarra rolls her eyes at Casiella, always telling people what to do, isn't even nice about it. She then looks back to Bonded to an alpha willing it to move.

A Little Bit of Pixie Dust Green Hatchling glances around quickly then pratically prances out towards the candidates. What are /these/ things, they're not quite shiny but the white is somewhat similar, yes? Sure there's a little falter here and there as these legs and everything are quite new, but none of it fazes this girl at all.

Casiella stamps her foot, throwing a right little tantrum. "Don't touch her, Rivala. Just back away and let her be. I'm telling you. It's a bad idea." She tosses her hair, turning abruptly and moving back towards Pej. "Hopefully, she won't put you in the infirmary." Or worse. She grabs Pej's arm, just in time to have her arm swung. "I don't want that gorgeous gold to hurt anybody." The girl frets.

Fired Up Molten Bronze Hatchling shifts further down the 'line' of boys before he finally spots the one that he wants! With a triumphant bugle, the bronze enthusiastically bounces to the boy who's been abandoned for other dragons. Stopping before he mows the boy down, he stands, as steady as a stone, before pressing his muzzle into the abandoned boy's collar bone. Found you, friend!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Fired Up Molten Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Echendris emits a strangled sort of sound as her robe slides alarmingly downward — perhaps an inch, and the girl hastily begins tugging at the tattered old thing, muttering under her breath. Sailor's curses, perhaps.

Rainy Day Brown Hatchling slowly walks in front of the candidates. As the brown hatchling moves about, he gets used to this concept of walking and managing the placement of limbs. Either that or his slow movements enable him to not trip over his legs, wings, or even his tail. Although he's not the most grateful of dragons, being mere minutes out of the shell, he manages an awkward hatchling style strut as he moves down the ranks, casting critical eyes at those present.

Donvellen looks over at Rivala, "Just let her go Rivala, if she needs help the clutch parents will help her, she can do it herself." He doesn't want Rivala to get hurt as he focuses his attention on the candidate next to him, "Let's just watch to see what the gold does." He looks over, "Oh look someone impressed the bronze."

Rivala says sofly, calmly to Casiella, "Casiella, I am -not- going to touch her unless she can't get up on her own. Now, will you -please- not tell me what to do?" She's not moved any closer to the gold, wary of getting distracted by Casi, but she keeps an eye on her, just in case she -does- end up needing help. That's why Riva headed out here.

C'ian looks at the candidates and GLARES HEAVILY at all of them. They best shut up and keep calm.

Molten Lava on Copper Fields Gold Hatchling creels as she pushes at the sands with her front legs, pushing her nose out of the sands and blinking just a bit. Who is that? That white one? Finally, the little gold decides its enough with trying to be graceful- its just not working. So instead, she bunches up her legs and shoots into a careening run towards those female candidates, so fast that she isn't able to stop and tries not to slam into that one girl. Try is the word. But atleast she's made it to her destination, finally…

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Molten Lava on Copper Fields Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Pejaolo is.. clung to? Maybe a smidge smug. He's careful not to flash too much of it though.. he might get walloped by a girl. "I'm sure it'll be fine. See? She wants to get mauled." I mean uh.. "Honestly, when was the last time you heard of a mauling? Everyone's getting bent out of hsape over piddle. Promise."

Casiella shrugs. "Whatever." She says, idly. "You shouldn't help dragons that aren't Impressed." She says, stubbornly, but then notices her father's heavy glare and quiets, turning away. "I wonder who that bronze Impressed to?" She says, turning away from the Gold.

Dareh smiles, and nods. "Yah. Wonder who?" he shakes his head, and watches the gold. "Diffrent stratagy. Good idea."

Jeymian isn't abandoned any longer. With the impact of mind on mind, he gives a soft cry and reaches up, stroking his hand along the bronze's head as he returns the nuzzle with one of his own. "That's right, brother," he murmurs softly, voice slightly choked with emotion. "We both need a friend. And you need food, Zsuzsath!" And J'ymi, once Jeymian, takes charge of his new friend, and brother.

Bonded to an Alpha Egg feels the time is right for the invasion, as the mud speckled shell finally gives way, a sharply taloned toe poking out, followed quickly by an entire egg-wet hatchling, who stands quite firmly where his ruined egg once laid.

Cadet Blue Hatchling
Uniformed in smart cadet blue, this little hatchling is the epitome of military pride. His entire body is very well proportioned, and not a wrinkle or line marrs his otherwise perfect hide. Navy blue washes over his sturdy wings, and a row of golden baubles, like the perfectly shined buttons of an officer, stud his sleek tail down to it's spade tip.

Cadet Blue Hatchling steps smartly from the remains of his egg and sallies forth, heading directly towards the candidates. Unlike so many other hatchlings, he knows exactly who he wants, and heads straight for an older lad from Fort, stopping at attention before giving the lad a forceful nudge in his legs. With a soft cry, the young man, Aratus, is on his knees, crying, "Yes, Sempeth. I am your R'tus now and forever!" before shuffling to his feet to lead his new companion off the sands.

Danewt shifts his feet around again, trying to find a spot that's less hot. Sandals don't help when they've got the hot granules nestled beneath toes and feet. The multiple impressions do draw his attention and he blinks a few times and smiles since even if he did call out something they probably wouldn't hear him being too caught up in the moment.

Take the Journey Bronze Hatchling finally decides to get out of the way of the other hatchlings, as they chose, and go on with choosing his own other half. Pausing infront of a few girls left, he considers - No, they aren't quite right. And then he's still looking sidelong at few others, still wandering.

Mysarra watches as the egg hatches and impresses. She looks very stricken and doesn't notice the gold at all.

Donvellen smiles at Jeymian, "Congratulations J'ymi!" He looks to see who the gold impressed to. "Ooh a blue too, we have a full set on the sands now." He smiles at the blue impresses and he looks back to see who the green is going for. "You are a painters dream." He says mostly to himself.

Casiella grins at Pej, playfully, until all of a sudden she's knocked to the ground, probably pulling Pej with her, if he's not wary. But there's a dragonet there, invading her mind forcefully. "I… Calanth?" She gasps, looking about. The gold is perched kind of on her, a complete mess of limbs. "Oh… Oh, Faranth. Calanth. Yes, of course. Food." She laughs, in relief, everything else forgotten. "No, I'm not upset at anything anymore." She says, cheerfully. "But you'll have to get off me if you're hungry." And the gold moves, grudgingly, enough to allow her new 'mate up. "Oh, Calanth. Come on." And she looks up, finding a Weyrlingmaster and moving dreamily off the Sands.

Dareh smiles, and nods. "Grats J'ymi! Now we just need to find out who they want."

A Little Bit of Pixie Dust Green Hatchling pratically runs into a young female candidate in her joyful and energetic romp towards them. Oops! Next she's tripping over her own long tail as it gets in the way and tumbles along a bit. Nope, not keeping this girl down though, she hops right back up and starts weaving in and out of candidate groups.

Rivala at least isn't bowled over when the gold barrels past after Casi, but she seems very saddened to see the dragon pass her by. And then she's moving back to Don's side, quietly watching the last dragons.

Pejaolo drops Casi's hand to try and block the fall. Thud. And he was so clean too. Can you say.. Gawk? He looks up at Fye, blinks a few times then looks back at Casiella. "Great googly moogly! That was /right/ next to me!"

Mysarra turns back to the remaining hatchlings watching them with anticipation.

Keriana cheers, on the sands. "Hey, look at that! The gold found someone!" Keriana clings to Eydie and Fyenai, most happy for her. "What's next? That green sure is busy!" Beam.

Echendris marks the gold's Impression with little more than a furrow of the brow. Shifting her feet again, she spares the stricken Mysa not a glance, eyes still sharply trained on the young dragons.

Donvellen winces as he sees the the gold impress to Casiella, "Congratulations." He puts his arm around Rivala and rubs her shoulder, "Let's watch to see who the other green goes to." He grins, "Get ready to move if she comes our way."

Fyenai is holding Pejaolo's hand when the gold knocks Casiella as well as the other boy over all at once, yelping and releasing Keriana's hand so that the domino effect doesn't continue. "Ow, my butt," the blonde eloquently states, quickly moving to stand and offering Pejaolo a hand up, "Congrats, Casiella!" Hey, he would say more, but he's hot and the last thing they need is dragon maulings. Ouchies.

Take the Journey Bronze Hatchling takes advantage of the fallen candidate, dropping his muzzle to nudge the boy in his side, giving him a push as if trying to get him up, and on the move. Come /on/.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Take the Journey Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Dareh nods, "Too bad Rivala. Better be ready to move."

Eydie blinks as the gold impresses to Casiella, wrinkling her nose a tad. "Now THAT," she comments, somewhat wryly. "Shall be interesting," she says, frowning slightly.

Rainy Day Brown Hatchling tilts his head this way and that, looking at the candidates. Suddenly his head snaps back towards something which it sees in its field of few - a frowning girl amongst the mass of candidates. Pace is picked up and he walks over to the brown-haired, brown-eyed girl and gives her a gentle nudge. Convinced that she isn't falling to pieces, the brown hatchling gives her a slightly harder nudge.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Rainy Day Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Niva widens her eyes as the gold goes to no other then C'ian's daughter, jaw dropping and clinging visibly to C'ian as she mutters. "Faranth help us.."

A Little Bit of Pixie Dust Green Hatchling sees another group of people taking tumbles, as well as a dragon. Looks like fun! The green bounds over that way and towards the mess, not making it bigger, not yet. There he is! Her blond-haired boy. The excitement gets to her and she gives one last bounce, right towards him. Towards, into, it's all the same thing isn't it. Chirrup!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the A Little Bit of Pixie Dust Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

C'ian beams proud. "Hah. One of mine….

Eydie just blinks down at the brown nudging her. "Ramachath," she whispers, nodding towards the the food. "Yes, food. We'll do that," she says, blinking a few times before starting to walk over towards the Weyrlingmasters.

Pejaolo.. No.. that's apparently not right.. "P'aolo?" He blinks up at the bronze hatchling for a moment before a bright grin spread across his face. "Wh-hey-who.. Ha! Erseith? Erseith." Of course he knew that all along.. Ahem. He scrambles to his feet, not bothering to dust of before rubbing the uneven head knobs. "I'm hungry too!" Oh the coincidence..

Fyenai finds himself on his butt all over again, a lovely green hatchling pressed into his arms. His eyes faze out and for a moment, he seems to have blanked out on the world at large, just staring at the green in shock. Finally, he blushes hotly and laughs, voice warm and bright, "Of course! I'm glad to finally see you, Faelynath… I told you you'd make it out." He gives her a nice hug before he climbs carefully to his feet and begins to lead her off to the side, speaking about a mile a minute, "The food's over this way, and I don't think so, but we can pretend to hunt it, how about that? We'll act like it's trying to run away…"

Niva wrinkles up her nose at C'ian, shaking her head quickly as she moves to lean against the railing on the platform. "Candidates - I want you to know that just because your lifemate was not on the Sands today, does not mean there is not one out there for you. You were Searched, and the dragons saw something. I'd like to extend an invitation for all of you to stay here at Xanadu, though if you wish to leave, speak to one of us, and we will arrange transport for you.." And then, she tosses a worried glance at C'ian and backs away from the edge.

Dareh smiles, and nods. "Well, just have to hope our lifemate is on the sands next time." he streches and makes ready to leave the sands.

Danewt watches the last of the hatchlings impress and with one last smile he makes his way off the sands.

Mysarra sighs and doesn't say anything simply turning and leaving.

Rivala just stares at Niva for a few seconds, and then she's shaking her head, moving with Dareh to leave the sands, not even looking back.

Donvellen looks over to Rivala, "Well shall we be off?" He asks as he moves after Rivala.

Echendris's expression doesn't even waver as her gaze fixates on Niva. It takes a moment, but her jawline relaxes, and the tension is washed from her face in a flood of something akin to relief. Her shoulders slowly fall back into their half-slump as she, too, picks her way off of the sands with the rest of the Candidates.

M'iri pushes her shoulder off the wall, Samira, from her back, trying to make grabs at the newly impressed dragonets and- giggling? The Weyrsecond steps towards the Weyrlings, turning from Niva and those left on the sands with a bit of a frown. "And so the chaos begins…" She mumbles, heading over to the pairs and bit tiredly.

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