Xanadu Hatching, April 25, 2004

Hatching Sands

Immensity yawns in this cavern, the space vast in every dimension. Rough walls of natural basalt with the odd intrusion of harsh granite rise up from a carefully leveled floor, arching up into immeasurable darkness that can never be fully banished. Yet, the attempt is sometimes made, with firelizards and the smallest of the green dragons depositing glows on a thousand little ledges until the effect resembles a starlit sky. At ground level, big permanent torches have been built, designed by clever smiths to burn for hours if enough fuel is provided. On those occasions when there is something happening in here, those torches are lit and their bright illumination can be almost as powerful as daylight. Sand covers the floor of the cavern, a wide sweep of sand that is deep enough to bury the largest dragon egg twice over. That sand, however, is unique: a mixture of red and white grains that combine to form a distinctive shade of pink.

There are two obvious exits. The first is the dragon sized tunnel that leads due north, long and gently curved so that the outside is not visible from within. That tunnel is large enough for dragons to fly through, although none but greens could do it abreast. The other exit is the steps that have been built against the wall, leading up to the galleries and ledges where spectators can watch.

My Duck is Sparkling Cold! Egg
Mary, I Vant Your Blood Egg
Perfectly Golden Juicy Egg
But Where's The Rum Gone! Egg
Ruby Red Delight? Egg
Pretend To Loose Some Weight Diet Coke Egg
Did Someone Say Quick Egg
Refreshed with a Flourish Egg

C'ian walks up to his dragon and pats Alhenaeth's leg. "Hey, it's okay big guy. I promise you this new batch will go good with ketchup. You just have to have faith in me!"

T'ea is hanging out up on the edge of the Sands for some reason. Maybe its because he was down here checking something and then the thrumming started and the dumb rider figured that he'd loiter here with the healers, since he knows healing type stuff and could help, you know…

Niva scurries onto the Sands, a towel still wrapped around her head as she shuffles, losing a sandal every now and then as she heads towards Kilaueth. "Why in Faranath's name can you never give me more warning?" And she shakes her head as she makes her way, she gives C'ian's shoulder a squeeze as she passes him, flopping down on the platform, while Kilaueth rumbles, head hung low as she crouches protectively over her eggs.

C'ian looks at Niva with a smile. "She wouldn't be Kila then." Alhenaeth snorts at his rider, a massive dragon boogie landing on C'ian, drenching him. "Wow."

Lahela comes onto the hatching grounds, like all good Wingleaders are supposed to to. But her attention isn't infront of her, oh no. But instead on the lights that being to flicker all over the Weyr. Erk.

Did Someone Say Quick Egg wiggles.

Niva rolls her eyes at C'ian, snorting slightly. "But there's always the chance that one day she'd decide to announce it?" And she leans back, something else starting before she glances up at the flickering lights, gaze going immediately to Lahela as she appears on the Sands.

C'ian looks up at the lights, wiping some dragon boogers off of him. "LAHELA. What's the problem?"

Lahela blinks, head zipping to look at the Weyrleader, almost shifty eyed. "I… don't know?" She ventures to shout. "The generators have been weird the whole sevenday!" Mrrr. This is obviously annoying the rider however, as she's more often than not retired with stains all over.

Refreshed with a Flourish Egg is twitching and rolling, bits of shell flicking off like drops off of an icy glass on a hot day.

Pretend To Loose Some Weight Diet Coke Egg rocks and rolls, the fizzly carbonation /quite/ thrilled and ready to play. But wait! No, not yet. More time to try and go flat, but it hasn't worked yet.

Over the last few days, people of Xanadu might have noticed the generators beneath the Weyr making funny sounds. But tonight, of all nights, is by far the worst. The Technical Wingleader Lahela stands off to the side of the Sands with other Wingleaders, eyeing the flickering lights with a frown, hand on a small handlight set. Without warning, the lights die only to relight a moment later, with a strange *bbzzzzt* sound. And then they REALLY go down with a *bzzzzzzerrrr…* Uneasy murmurs take about the Gallery stands, as footsteps with a small light are already pattering away. "S'POT! Get the spotlight!" Comes a shout from nowhere, as the bright spotlight alights on the crowd of candidates, and not much further beyond at all. Uh oh!

My Duck is Sparkling Cold! Egg sparkles. That's right, it sparkles, shifts, and rocks. Despite the darkness that has now engulfed the majority of the hatching cavern.

Asiree follows Rh'al into the caverns. Who's near her… Someone has to be near her! And she stumbles slightly, nervous? Nah. Dragons get a quick bow, especially the mothertobe. Squeak.. DARKNESS!

Elia takes a few tentative steps onto the sands, shuffling over to give Kilaueth and Alhenaeth a bow before walking over toward the eggs. Her face has a nervous expression, but she tries to keep calm. "Oh, my…"is all she manages before the lights go down and the black sets in. She almost screams, but instead the gropes for the others, "Oh, guys…where is someone?"

Hakon looks around perplexed, "You know some of the smaller cotholds back home still use glows. I'm over here! He yells to no one inparticular."

Alhenaeth eyes the candidates wearily, his maw opening up some. Hunnnnngry. He looks to Kilaueth then bends his head down snorting some. Well, I suppose they'll do. He raises his head back up and observes the little ones below.

Tabearin stumbles out onto the stands and mumbles something to himself about picking up is feet. As the lights go out he stumbles again into someone else "Oh! Sorry, what happened? He looks around in the darkness. Where are the eggs, where are the dragons. He's worried a bit about that.

Kilaueth rumbles loudly as the lights go out, the large gold instantly spreading her wings and trumpeting in annoyance. Niva, in the darkness, leans against the gold's side, attempting to calm her down, as she peers. "Casp? Can you tell if anything's happening?"

Eulalie groans audiably as she enters the Sands behind Asiree and Elia and just in front of Fincayra. As the lights go off with a final bzzt, she clamps her hands over her mouth, and smacks right into Elia's back. Better Elia than Matteo, at least. Wouldn't do to have the lights come back on and be in his arms. That just wouldn't look approrpiate.

Rh'al leads in the Candidates and motions for them all to fall in place. "Ah, you all know what to do. Bow and be nice and don't touch the eggs," he whispers to them, eyeing the crazy lights. "Creepy." C'ian and Niva get a quick salute, their dragons a quick bow, and the Weyrsecond scrambles out, apparently not wanting to stay in the dark with a bunch of many-toothed, hungry carnivores.

Saelis, the queen of perfect, is just about near to tears. Where did all these people come from. Hearing Elia call out, however, the redhaired girl eeps. "Elia, over here!" A hand gropes out through the crowds of people. Please let her grab a hand, /anyone's/ hand…

Miiriel follows Matteo into the sands, her hands shivering a bit as she makes her way out to the sands. SHe tries to stay calm… But that doesnt last long as the lights go out. "Oh, great." She remarks lightly with a headshake, her eyes adjusting to the spotlight now put upon her and all her fellows. She gives a clumsy bow to the sire 'n dam before standing around with everyone else. "Geez- what next…"

Mary, I Vant Your Blood Egg a-wiggles and a rocks in it's sandy confines. Mwuhahahaha! It's almost time isn't it? Yes, it is! Haha! But cracks have not yet started to appear. No. Of course not. Disclosure is Bad!

Tahndahr just stares as the lights go out. Hey, its not that /major/ folks, it really isn't. Just some lights and some wierd stuff and…well, he bows in the dark and kinda sidles away from the panicking candies.

Fincayra bows to the sire and dam hesitently then follows the others on in. Already some of teh eggs are moving. Wow. She quickly finds someone to stand beside, Lahina is closest.

Pretend To Loose Some Weight Diet Coke Egg flutters and fizzes, quite vivacious. Gold and silver flick, dance and shine as the egg does its Hot Sands Dance. Or rather, the I'm Impaitent to Play Dance.

Did Someone Say Quick Egg wiggles some, but very slightly, then comes to a stop.

Refreshed with a Flourish Egg is invisible in the darkness, but its rocking never the less, before it stops once more.

Saelis pulls out one of those curtsey-bows toward the sire and dam belatedly, finding her way near someone…

Elia heads in the direction she heard Sae's voice, reaching out in the darkness until she finds the red-head's hand. "Oh, oh…" she whimpers, trying to calm her nervous shivers. "Why did the lights have to go out?" She seems oblivious to the hot sands at the moment, the lack of seeing worrying her more. "Can you tell if anything is going on?" she whispers to Sae, hoping the other candidate can see a bit more than she.

Matteo bows in suit with the others. His eyes flicker over the eggs, already moving about. Oh boy. The heat of sands already starts a trickle of sweat on his brow, or perhaps that's some nerves too?

Hakon takes a bow, although it's more likely to a wall than dam and sire as he gropes about inthe dark for someone, anyone else…

Eulalie stumbles around a little bit before her outstretched hands find a shoulder and she brings her face close to the person under her hand. "Miir?" She asks, squinting in the blackness.

Tahndahr is quite happy to stand back, somewhere? In the dark and just listen to the chaos around him. He already did the bowing thing, and he did the sidling thing, so now he'll do the sit back and brood thing. At least he's hidden somewhat, right?

Asiree comes to a stop, promptly getting stumbled into by another candidate. Happily she steps into the light though, looking somewhat relieved by the fact that she can see. On the other hand, the candidate eyes the darkness. "Someone stand with me… pleeease?"

Finally, a loud crash is heard below, from the generator room. "/Who put that THERE?!/" Comes an irritated shout, faintly heard past the thrumming of the dragons.

Saelis shakes her head a little, causing the newly blackened tips to shake. "No, I can't… But I can hear the little ones wiggling around…" The Half Moon Bay Holder smiles lightly, and then looks toward Asieee's voice. "Asiree?" she calls softly.

C'ian smiles at all of the candidates as he starts to follow Rh'al, maybe trying to get him to stop, but alas. Fruitless. The WeyrSecond gets away with him and he meanders over to Niva, still dripping in Dragon boogers.

Fincayra blinks about in the dark. So many voices. Too many to identify perhaps. Thump. Who was that? Oh, only Lahina. "Watch it. So… what now?"

Asiree is standing in the light now, she's quite easy to see, what with the white and all. Thankfully there is that spotlight.

Miiriel finds herself attempting to stay with the lined group - but finds them all staggering about before she thinks of the first name to call out to in the darkness. "Eulalie." SHe feels the hands and smiles lightly. "I'm right here. I never knew this would ever happen.." She groans, looking about to spot what she can of where she knows the eggs are at. "Well, atleast we know the eggs *should* be where the sire and dam's glowing eyes are…" She points up as if for her own self-assurance before smiling at Eulalie again. "Nice to know where someone's at in this chaos." She huffs.

Tabearin is glad he's not afraid of the dark it's those dragons, he bows in their genral direction, at least he thinks they are that way. "My duty to you." he murmurs and then hands out he tries to place himself, shards he hopes he doesn't walk into the eggs.

Pretend To Lose Some Weight Diet Coke Egg rocks, rolls, and bubbles wickedly. After while, it goes flat. Flat on its side, Flat like a carbonated Beverage gone flat. Just flat. A myriad of cracks and stress show and then it just falls to pieces around its lovely occupant. I'm here!

Sibylline Riddle Dragonet
In a swirling miasma of coalescing colors, this slender dragonet bathes in the myriad swarms of color. Neck ridges shine like glass on a moonless night, faint motes of starlight just barely highlighting the deep tones of shoulders. It's darkness itself, the deep primeval jungle that looms ancient and majestic. Dark, untold secrets slip across the soft hide, hinting at horrors best left untouched. Delicate wings are as strong as spinners' thread, a silken web of intertwining shades of ice and denseness. Tail is sleek and round, a stout rope more than a thin blade. Murky darkness stains said tail, like thick bleeding ichor that oozes upon flesh. An enigma, delicate features coupled with such dark undertones, light versus dark, two twisted tales mysteriously entangled together; which is the truth and which is a lie?

Mary, I Vant Your Blood Egg continues to wiggle a bit more, starting to collect very fine cracks - not visable in the darkness - over the complete entity of it's rock hard shell. It's almost time. Almost. But not yet. One must wait for the /right/ moment…

Eulalie feels down Miir's arm til she finds her hand and squeezes it tightly, "Oh God, save me, Miir." She whines softly, and then lets out a little squeak as one of the eggs busts and a new set of eyes in minurature appear in the darkness. She gapes slightly and then shakes herself like a dog in water.

Matteo silently prays he doesn't fall over… again… as he continues up to the side of another candidate. As a dragon hatches right away he can see the little form. "One's out." he says to no one in paticular.

Hakon says "I think I hear something!"

Kilaueth continues to rumble, her head hovering back and forth over the eggs, trumpeting once more as one hatches, greeting the first of the clutch as she spreads her wings out over it, faceted eyes watching the candidates in the spotlight. Niva glances over at C'ian, shifting and reaching for his hand as she stands there, watching. "Do you think the lights'll come back on?"

C'ian finds Niva's hand and takes it. "Maybe?" Maybe he doesn't want them to come back on then. After all, he doesn't look pleasant. "Just rest easily love. The spotlight is there for just this reason! And I trust Lahela."

Elia ohs as she hears an egg crack, peers about in the darkness, straining to see which egg has hatched. "Shard it, I can't see a thing. I can tell which one even hatched." She looks over at Sae and sighs, "I guess we won't know what it is until it comes a little closer. It sure sounds big though."

Fincayra strains to see where the cracking came from. One of them hatching? She takes a few careful steps forward. Why weren't there any lights?

Tabearin ohs, spotlight "Shards, I think it even harder to see' he murmurs as he squints to see through the bright light at the form beyond. "Can anyone tell what color it is?"

Saelis squeaks softly. "Something's moving, now… And it's not an egg…" Emerald green eyes peer out into the darkness, and while one hand gropes the hand of a male candidate, the other's is more intense on Elia's. "Elia, Elia, Elia…. I'm afraid," she whimpers. Why now…

Asiree peers into the darkness from where whe is… and spots something… "Look, at that shadow!" Oh and Saelis is dragged more into the light. "Come here… it's light, sort of."

Tahndahr shrugs wslightly, he can't see anything. Especially where he's hiding in the darkness.

Refreshed with a Flourish Egg is still shaking in the shadowy nothingness that is… Beyond the spotlight.

More miscellaneous crashes are heard from below, while meanwhile the lights show absolutely no signs of returning to their bright state. Hmm. Silence again.

Did Someone Say Quick Egg wiggles some more. Safe in the dark, no one can see me. Muwahaha.

Sibylline Riddle Dragonet spins from the egg in a flurry of activity. Yet, once this dragonet has made its way from the egg, it seems to still and gather a mysterious aura about it. Up on its feet, the little thing is. Its color not quite close to discernable in the current light, the little shadow of the hatchling starts stalking towards those candidates. Hmm.

Miiriel chuckles lightly at Eulalie before attempting again to peer into the darkness - was that a new pair of eyes she can see? She can't quite tell, for the death of the lighting and the turning on of spotlight into her eyes has blinded her for just a moment. Now if she can shake the white orbs from her eyes. Ah, yes. A hatchling. SHe then leans over to Alie and giggles. "Don't worry. It can't be that bad…" She mumbles off, hoping the shivers that are inside of her are not vibrating through the fingers that are being clasped by Alie. "They are pretty noisy about fixing those lights, arnt they?" She gawks slightly, trying to hear past it again to the noise of the sands.

Matteo shakes his head, though he doubted anyone could see it. "I can see it barely… but not the color." He decides to stay still for his own saftey. Who was next to him? Alie? No… Miir. Alie was on her other side… Matt starts to get a bit nervous. "Why can't we see anything? Did they say?" He asks the two at his side.

Elia gives Sae as rassuring a squeeze as she can manage, but she doesn't look very sure of the situation. "No, no, it's alright. I mean, when it gets closer, we'll see it and we can avoid it." See, makes perfect sense. She does, however, shuffle a little closer to the spotlight. At least then she can see a little better.

Niva gives Casp's hand a squeeze and wrinkles up her nose as she attempts to peer at the darkness between her and the spotlight on the candidates. "I certainly hope she knows what she's doing, though… If that spot light goes out and something happens, it'll be impossible to tell." And she mutters to herself slightly, Kilaueth shifting to rumble encouragingly at the hatchling.

Tabearin tentativly makes his way to the edge of the light, to get the glare behind him and to hopefully see a little better. Eyes adjust as he watches the form, still not enough to descern the color though. "Kinda dark looking, that's all I can tell, mabe it's a brown?" he ventures.

Tahndahr shakes his head from where he leans against…well, who knows. Possibly a wall. "I can't see what color it is, just that its a hatchling." he calls to his fellow candies.

Saelis wiggles herself a bit closer to the spotlight, too, next to Ree. Pfft. Who needs boys now, especially when they're whining… The light over near Asiree's spot is more assuring. "Where are they…?"

Hakon says "Can anyone tell where anyone else is, have any dragonets left their shells and found someone?"

Fincayra frowns in the shadows. Someting was moving out there. She shifts her weight and looks about for the spotlight. Must get closer to that. So carefully she does. Or tries to. What was the sense in standing in the dark.

Asiree points over to the shadow that's approaching… err, make it go away? It looks scary. "Maybe it'll stay away?" So confident isn't she.

Mary, I Vant Your Blood Egg shifts violently, deepening the cracks on its shell and coming to an upright position. Oh yes. Nearly time. Nearly. Slight tremors continue to shake the bloody - but hidden - egg. Ah. Nearly showtime. Nearly!

Elia eyes Asiree curiously, the faintest touch of a smile showing. "I think the whole point is that they come closer. Otherwise, we wouldn't be out here." She glances back over to Hakon and shakes her head, "One hatched, but it hasn't Impressed yet."

Saelis's eyes narrow. What was she doing, being a scared little green after all candidacy had put her through?! And so does her chin jut up into the air, and her pretty green eyes sparkle with mustered determination. She'd touched most of these eggs; the only one to fear is that one! And so, loosening her grip, she moves just a tad closer.

Sibylline Riddle Dragonet creeps and then crouches near the candidates, raising itself on its hind legs and placing taloned front feet on Tabearin's shoulders. After sniffing his face a moment, the dragonet hops down and wanders off into the dark again, leaving Tabearin with two shallow scrapes on either shoulder.

Sibylline Riddle Dragonet steps from the shadows to reveal its true colors……

Sibylline Riddle Green Dragonet
In a swirling miasma of coalescing greens, this slender vixen bathes in the myriad swarms of color. Her neck ridges shine like beryl on a moonless night, faint motes of starlight just barely highlighting the deep forest tones of her shoulders. She's darkness itself, the deep primeval forest that looms ancient and majestic. Dark, untold secrets slip across her soft hide, hinting at horrors best left untouched. Her delicate wings are as strong as spinners' thread, a silken web of intertwining shades of icy green and dense pine. Her tail is sleek and round, a stout rope more than a thin blade. Murky darkness stains said tail, like thick bleeding ichor that oozes upon her flesh. An enigma, delicate features coupled with such dark undertones, light versus dark, two twisted tales mysteriously entangled together; which is the truth and which is a lie?

Tahndahr stares as the little dragonet shows herself in the light and then she hides herself in the dark again. Him, he's shocked. Its a little green, how lovely, no?

Mary, I Vant Your Blood Egg shakes /real/ violently-like for a few split moments before it just /stills/. It is time! Mwuaha!

Mary, I Vant Your Blood Egg continues to gather the smallest of cracks all over it's surface. Without warning the shell bursts. Standing where the egg used to be is a Hatchling, wings spread wide in a crowing position, a loud keel emitted. Egg shell drips from wings for a few split seconds, for this pose does not last long, as the Hatchling slithers into the deep shadows.

Black as Twilight's Shadows Hatchling
Black as the blackest night, darker than ones mind can put a name to is this hatchling. It blends with the deepest of shadow with ease, hard to catch with the eye, only view-able thanks to the faint, faint light that glimmers softly off of its dark hide. And while that light glimmers, one can make out a regular sized triangular head, and wing sails that glint a little more in the faint light, as well as translucent membrane. Shadow upon shadow makes itself at home on creature, befriending and hiding.

Miiriel clucks her tongue at the darkness. "Maybe if we were in the darkness things would be easier to see - without this huge spotlight.." She looks again in the direction of the spotlight before turning her head. Was that another shaking egg? her eyes try to place the movement but- its immediatly ripped away as a hatchling makes towards the light. "Look, a green!" SHe says to Eulalie, pointing and looking again - only to see it end in the darkness once more.

Hakon is peering into the darkness straining his eyes to see what is there when a formless, colorless shape, seemingly right out of his nightmares, suddenly appears out of the inky blackness right next to him, all teeth and very sharp claws. Suddenly becomeing limp as a rag doll he colapses onto the sands with a 'thump'.

Matteo can finally see the little dragonet. It's green. A pretty green. A half smile cracks upon Matt's face. Another egg hatches and he snaps his head back into the darkness. Where was that from? He strains both eyes and ears.

Tabearin blinks as he looks at the dragonet and finally gets to see what color she is as he staggers back under her weight and stares at her and then winces as marks are left in his shoulders once she leaves "Shards." Okay, that hurt. oh boy did that hurt

Elia ohs and points at the little green that's appeared, her surprise at it's appearence lasking only moments before she recognizes the cuts Tab has recieved. "Tab!" she calls out to the other candidate, "Are you alright?" The little green is ignored for the moment, she'll worry if it gets a little closer.

Eulalie looks over towards the green and frowns as her Tabby Kitty is scratched. "Not a very good green, if you ask me." She says disdainfully. "She hurt Tab."

Asiree is starting to get somewhat paranoid. "Was that another hatching? Ooh, green… erp…" Peek at Tab. "He's okay… right? Right." She answers herself as he seems scratched but not dead or mortally wounded you know.

My Duck is Sparkling Cold! Egg shudders, the surface shaking in the shadows, before becoming still once more.

Fincayra gives a small smirk. "There… it's a green." She comments rather obviously to no one in paticular. Where'd Lahina go? Did dhse stay behind? Maybe. As Tabearin is gouged, Fin looks upon the dragonet a bit warily now.

From below a loud THUNK is heard, and the lights seem to flicker /very/ briefly. But not much else, since literally a second later, they return to their black state. "Thread eatten piece of junk!"

Saelis blinks rapidly, turning her head. "What just happened?" she asks, blinking about in the dark. Tabearin is regarded with a knit of the brows. "Shards, someone woke up on the bad side of her shell," she murmurs quietly…

C'ian winces as he looks at his feet, presumably at Lahela, through the ground. "Come on girl, work with it here."

Miiriel looks up again to take in Tabearin's hurt. "Oh, Tabearin!" She says across the light towards the male candidate, and then flinches as she hears another egg crack. "Was that another egg?" She remarks, wondering if it actually was… "Yeah. I can see that that green is really nice." She remarks sarcasticly.

Matteo snorts softly. "She doesn't have control of herself and it's dark. What do you expect?" Yes, jumping to the dragonet's defence. "Tab, you alright?" He adds. Certainly he must be. She hadn't cut him up too bad.

Eulalie glances at her toes, "I don't think the lights are coming back any time soon." She informs Miiriel unhappily. She leans around to stick her tongue out at Matteo, "Shush."

Sibylline Riddle Green Dragonet is quite the mean, mysterious one. Her aura swirls around the candidates briefly as she dissappears into the dark. Leaving behind some sort of impression of mystery. A shadow once more, the green turns and…POUNCES! Knocking down a candidate and piercing his chest lightly with the talons that pierced Tabearin a moment before.

Black as Twilight's Shadows Hatchling slinks around, so much like a tunnelsnake it virtually blends with the sands, and the shadows that the galleries cast. Slink and slide, low to the ground, a low, angry, hungry creel is continuously sounded as it maliciously circles the candidates. Prey.. Which one is the one it wants?

Tabearin shakes his head a bit "No, I think her claws just got stuck. I'm okay." he says and shakes his head "Not much differnt then a canine I once knew." he says as he shakes his head "She just doesn't know her own strength?" Okay his voice is a little pained, but well he is alive.

Niva gives C'ian's hand another squeeze as she murmurs herself. "Well… that was something, right?" And she shifts her attention from the flickering lights back to the Sands, erking slightly as Tabearin is scratched, and then another candidate is pounced. "I hope everyone's okay…"

Saelis hms. If Matteo was going to stick up for the devil, as he did her, then she might as well join the bandwagon. "Yeah… She's scared, probably, just like us…" Though she doesn't sound so reassured.

Matteo gives a small snort at Alie's reaction. Well it was true. The sound of teh other dragonet causes him to glance up again sharply. Oh boy. He takes a small step back. Not a happy little one.

Asiree shivers slightly at that new sound. "Um… can't they be nice? I don't /like/ feeling like prey." She's managing not to attach herself to Saelis though, always good.

T'dahr gapes as he's flattened all of a sudden. Yes, mister dark and oozing mystery is pounced…by something equally mysterious. "Ow, Shakkanth…that hurt, babydoll." Gasp, "Canni breathe please? You can put holes in me later, I swear."

Eulalie blinks, "Oh boy.. we got a live one out there.." She peers into the darkness and then steps back, "Oh shards, it looks like that bloody red egg popped."

Elia watches Tabearin, making sure he's alright, and glances out to where the eggs are, hoping she won't be the next. "Where is that other one? I don't want it sneaking up on me." The former Tahndahr catches her attention, though, and she swings around just in time to catch his Impression. "Tahn! Congrats!" she calls out, trying out the new green's name, "Shakkanth. How pretty."

Miiriel nods to Alie lightly. "I think your right. Those poor light won't be on for a good while.." SHe notes the flickering just lightly before seeing the green strike again. "Dear dragons, that green is going to have us all killed before she finds someone.." She mumbles, controlling her shivering hands again and swivvling her head around towards the darkness. "D-did you see that..?" She whispers lightly to Eulalie. Only to see Thandahr attract the green.. ? "Congradulations!" She says, not hearing EUla's last remark.

Saelis eeps softly to herself. "The bloody one…?" Not too pleasant memories of /that/ touching. But fear isn't much of an option tonight, now is it? Although her hand's grip back to Elia's presses, she manaages to see T'dahr and his new green. "Congrats…"

My Duck is Sparkling Cold! Egg shifts in the sands, shaking as it does so, the pressure building up inside and the time to the uncorking drawing ever closer.

T'ea is pushed forwards. Darn, "T'dahr? Shakkanth? Come this way please, we'll get her something to eat, alright? That sound good?" he asks, having never done this before.

Black as Twilight's Shadows Hatchling continues to slink around the edge before suddenly it moves with a speed that is quick for a hatchling. Yes. That one! With a dash and a paw swipe, a random male candidate - a trouble maker - is taken down, bleeding from the hip. Of course, now, the Hatchling is in the light, back to the candidates. And in that Classic pose, it raises haughtily to its haunches, /peering/ over its shoulder.. Not the one..

Eulalie looks over at the priss and her nose wrinkles in distaste, "Oh, Faranth. I'm leaving. Even if I had a chance, I wouldn't want to share any sort of room with that _thing_ over there again."

Black as Twilight's Shadows Hatchling steps from the shadows to reveal its true colors……

Blue Midnight Darkness Hatchling
At first, one might mistake this little blue for black. Yes, black. The shadows of the darkest midnight make themselves at home all over this little dragonet, the dark midnight blue swirling idly with twilight's shadow over very inch of his hide, as if the darkness of night can disguise him. Lean and long is the make of this little one, his limbs only vaguely longer than the norm, though his skinny torso is most definitely so, as are his dark tail and neck, almost seeming to give him a tunnelsnake-like appearance. This creature is not completely swathed in darkness however, as he hosts a diamond-shaped lighter navy blue star on his slightly elongated muzzle - nearly between his eyes - and another light navy blue smudge between his wing sails, and even forming faint clouds on his delicate membrane. The only part of this blue that is truly given to the night, and darkness, are his onyx talons, looking like they were filed down to the sharpest point manageable.

Asiree shifts. Fear is most definatly an option, thankyou. "Congrats? You okay?" is asked of T'hdar. "Oh, guess he is." She always asks late.

The smooth red, uninterrupted and unmarred, continues to shimmer and shine contained within the clear crystal, ovoid form. Slowing starting to shatter, lines appear, changing the appearance of the egg before it finally dissolves, crystal container and deeply hued wine vanishing, leaving a dragonet in their place.

Framed Artwork Hatchling
Unidentifiable hues are stretched over the barrel-chest, patterns emerging from the shadows, darker colors splattered across a pale canvas as they drift down the body to the tight hide quarters. Lean, limber wings are unmarred, pale sails set within a dark frame. Instead, the intensity of the dappling increased down the properly proportioned limbs. A stubby muzzle and a short neck extend from the body, the same dappling present over headknobs and eyeridges.

T'dahr grunts softly and then nods to the voice calling him. "Coming. Back Shakkanth, come on, lovely lady." he notes, grumbling and glowing as he pickes himself up and searches around in the dark to follow after T'ea, alright, they're coming…shufflerumble.

Ruby Red Delight? Egg is shaking like the rest of the clutch, chips of color falling off as the cracks sweep across the ruby surface. A final crack, and a rather gangly dragonet is left on the Sands. Managing to get to its feet, it wanders before heading towards a short, young boy from the coast. "Enth!" And the green hide is visible, variously hued splotches covering the hide. "Of course I'll be your P'pin."

Elia grips Sae's hand a little tighter, and surprisingly, she's looking more comfortable being out here, now that the hatchlings are Impressing. "Oh, that evil egg hatched?" she asks, watching the resulting hatchling step forth as a blue. "Not surprising to see that thing almost black. And what's with the hatchling's here? Why are they all attacking everyone?"

Tabearin ohs and blinks "Well, how bout that, congradulations Tahn" he says and smiles "Very pretty name." course he's a little glad that the green wasn't for him, he's not sure he could survive her pouncing. He glances at the other hatchlings curiously, ignoring the pain in his shoulders. So he's not bouncing around or swinging his arms or anything, but that's okay.

The silence as been stretched for awhile, down from the generator room, but suddenly another loud clack comes from the area blow. "Farannnnth!" Comes the exasperated cry. "C'IAN! WE NEED NEW PARTS!" But it's obvious the Wingleader hasn't given up yet, as more noise ensues.

T'ea is gonna have a lot to deal with once his Weyrmate has fixed that generator. Poor T'ea, poor Lahela, poor Weyr! But thats alright, its all good.

Miiriel snorts lightly towards the darkness again and can't help but give a light yelp as the blue pounces from the darkness onto a candidate. "Oh my-" She restrains her fear again though and stand valiantly in the darkness. "Can you believe this, Eulalie? These dragonets are chaotic!" She growls a bit, turning again to hear the noise from below. "Maybe the lack of light is effecting them.." She clucks her tongue and refrains from another shiver, she'll not be afraid. Really.

Framed Artwork Hatchling is rather started as it remains there, sitting in the remains of its shell, obviously quite surprised by the abruptness of its own appearance. Damp wings are stretched as it carefully gets to its feet, making its way towards the candidates, rumbling to its parents as it remains in the shadows.

Fincayra watches the two impress. One, Tahn, to the hatchling taht pounces him. And the other boy to his little green. "Congradulations." She jerks ridgid at the sight of what the blue does to a candidate. Oh my! She inches closer to another Candidate.

C'ian puts his hand to his head and sighs. "Not this.."

Matteo leaps sideways as the blue hatchling slices a boy next to him. He backs away slowly, farther into teh spotlight. Right into… Fin. "Oh, sorry. Hey…"

Eulalie rubs the tip of her nose and then sneezes, before she peers up at Miiriel, "I told you this was idiocy."

T'dahr is quite happy to sit at the side with his lovely Shakkanth, his darling…burble. Mister and Miss Dark and Mysterious, eh?

Niva gives C'ian's other hand a tug, shaking her head. "Just… don't worry about it right now. I mean… Yes, its not the best time, but.. What can do you?" At least its Lahela down there working and not someone, uh, less experienced. Kilaueth rumbles back to the newest hatchling, curling possessively around the rest of the eggs.

[Dragon] Jaketh seems amused, «My rider is a Trader and can get parts for the generator in no time. She is in the gallery. What does Xanadu need?»

Elia shuffles a little in the sands. Now that her nerves are calming, the heat is starting to become apparent. "Another one hatched. Not sure which egg, though." The violent blue-ling is eyed, but she looks as if she wants to stay as far away as possible.

But Where's The Rum Gone! Egg wobbles somewhat, gold glinting once before it shudders and then starts up a regular twitching. Not that anyone can see it…

Fincayra gives Matt a small smile, though worry and nervous tension clear on her face, "It's okay. Hard to see a thing out there. And that blue." She doesn't need to say more than that as that had been what had startled the sailor also.

Blue Midnight Darkness Hatchling slinks closer - truthfully moving close to the ground, and looking quite menacing doing so - to the group that holds His One. Slinking, desperate that he doesn't have his Shadows, he seeks the one that grudgingly admitted can help him. The violent blue that had dispatched a candidate with ease, and no regrets suddenly finds himself curled around the feet of Miiriel. Yes, Her!

Tabearin is just squinting out past the spotlight. Can't they get the lights fixed. "Sometimes I think technology is more trouble then it's worth." he notes and shakes his head again "OH hey Miiri! Congrats!" he exlaims as a blue finds her.

For some reason the lack of lighting makes things a bit cooler. It's probably some psychological thing. Lack of light = sensation of slight coolness. Although things are only slightly cooler, which isn't saying much. Asiree tries to not move, figuring that if it's cold outside and you move and get warm, you shouldn't move when it's hot. Well, that is all well and good, if the ground weren't really hot. As she starts to shift around she notices the approach of a dragon and the impression of Miiriel. Oooh. "Congratulations!" she calls out, forgetting the fact her feet are on/in hot sand.

Framed Artwork Hatchling continues to make its way towards the candidates, tips of the framed wings dragging in the sands as it goes, leaving the shadows into the light of the Spotlight. Freezing infront of Elia and Saelis, it peers at the two over its short, stubby muzzle before darting back into the shadows to make its way down the line unevenly.

Framed Artwork Hatchling steps from the shadows to reveal its true colors……

Haphazardly Highlighted Brown Hatchling
Pale khaki is highlighted with blonde-tinted brown, intermingling as the hues slip over the wide back, rounding the barrel-chest that is his torso, coloring darkening along his stomach, along the underside of his tail, and down the insides of his limbs, never, however, coming close to the dark color of his ebony talons. Despite the roundness of his torso, his hindquarters slip smoothly back, sweeping into a long, lean tail. Wings possess the same fit appearance, darker hues inhabiting the leading edges while the translucent wing sails are the same pale khaki as his back. A rather short neck extends, upon which rests his head, the stubby muzzle giving way to defined eye ridges over large faceted eyes. Sepia ridges contrast with his hide as they daintily slide down from between his rounded head knobs, over his back, to the tip of his tail, drawing attention over his entire body.

[Dragon] Shimonith rumbles softly, as annoyed as her rider. « Mostly cords right now. They have been chewed through. People have been lax in watching for tunnelsnakes. »

Elia catches the Impression of the little blue, smiling as she sees that it's Miiriel, "Well, that's a good match. She certainly liked that little egg, though I could never understand why." A yip sounds from her as the Artwork Hatchling gets close to her and Sae, and she takes a step back involutarily. "Did you see that, Sae? It was so close!"

Matteo stares as Miir pairs with that hellaciously violent blue. "Uh, Congrats Miir!" He calls after a long moment. Note to Self: Stay on Miir's good side.

Saelis hmphs. So Miiriel impressed… Good for the trader girl. But as she turns to Elia, Saelis steps away. "Yeah, it was…" she concurs softly.

Eulalie just stares in horror as a blue dislodges her friend from her and she steps back, lips pressed together. Hmph. But then she slowly smiles, "Congratulations, Miir!" And then her eyes snake towards the little brown, and she gapes. "Check out the shading on that boy. He's kinda squatish, eh?"

Miiriel isnt looking into the direction of the blue midnight dragon and nearly gasps as she finds thoughts flooding her mind and looks down to see the blue dragonet, curled around her. "Oh, I shall care for you always Kieranth!" M'iri murmers lightly, letting go of EUlalie's hand and encumpassing the triangular blue head. "His name is- Kieranth!" She says and finds herself helping the blue to his feet..

[Dragon] Jaketh projects « Cords? Coax, Fiber or Electric, my rider wants to know? She got a spool of electric in her wagon for Black Rock Hold, but she said she can get more for them later. »

T'ea shuffles out to collect another hatchling pair. "Ah, Miiriel and Kieranth, could you guys please shuffle over this way to the side and join T'dahr and Shakkanth?" Whoo, he's getting better at this one…not that he can see very well, but…ahwell. His Weyrmate's trying to fix that.

But Where's The Rum Gone! Egg falls still and then suddenly the liquid bronze and gold surface shows signs of stress. A moment later, the egg shatters and sends sharp shards of egg shell flying out at the candidates.

Lost In Nature Dragonet
Moonglow touched hide trickles down the muzzle of this gigantic dragonet. Head is covered in shaded patterns. Speckled petals dance over its head and down proudly arched neck. Darkness and faint pinpricks of light slide from neck to shoulders. Shoulders are plain and dark, but huge and powerful as well. Back and haunches lighten somewhat. Streaks of faint lightning peruse the gently sloped backside of this giant. Wings, great strong wings spread like silk from great shoulders, gleaming and shining like new metalwork. Legs and tail lighten up. Ridges of tarnish slip smoothly down from neck to cross its back and then melt down its tail, dissappearing as the tail spade forms.

Perfectly Golden Juicy Egg starts to shake in the darkness, visible only from its golden gleam, faintly getting ready to do it's jazzy thing.

Fincayra watches. "Congradulations Miir!" Aside to those around, including Matteo. "Grad he only had a shot at one candidate before he found Miir."

Asiree peers off into the darkness. Squinting as if that would somehow help her focus on the forms of the eggs and whatever other dragon may or may not have hatched out yet. Doing so she shifts a bit, hands finding each other to pick at her nails and cuticles.

Matteo watches the next egg hatch. A dark form, very large for a hatchling, emerges. "Oh boy. Let's hope this one isn't violent. We all won't stand a chance."

Tabearin ohs as the brown comes into the light "Hey, he's kinda neat" his eyes then drift over to the newest hatchling "Wow, now that's a large one." he notes and then nods to Matteo "That one looks big enough to do some serious damage.'

Miiriel follows T'ea over to where T'dahr is at and smiles lightly, taking in her midnight blue. "COmeon Kieranth, this way." SHe says in tones hardly heard from this girl before.

"GYYYYYA!" Comes a definite shriek from the generator room, probably loud enough to startle quite a few people. Apparently she found the fried tunnelsnake that finished off the generators.

Elia claps her hands for M'iri and Kieranth, watching the new pair head for the food until another egg cracks. "Goodness, they're really going now, huh?" She peers out into the darkness, just making out a shape before she agrees with the others, "Yeah, it does look kinda big. That means it could flatten someone."

[Dragon] Shimonith projects « She will not currently say. She is … very occupied… »

T'ea winces as he hears the shreik, almost glad he's not down there with her…though unforunately for him…he still will end up having to calm her down later.

Haphazardly Highlighted Brown Hatchling sashays as he moves down the line, remaining in the shadows, though he rumbles all the while. A large eye slides from one to another, checking each one out. And then, he comes to a recently deserted one, taking that moment to slink out of the shadows and press his muzzle into Eulalie's chest, continuing to rumble as he does so.

Lost In Nature Dragonet is instantly on its feet. Fluid and graceful. And Gigantic. Only that much can be told from the darkness that enshrouds it like a cloak. Pausing for a moment, the giant arches its long neack and large head towards the candidates. This is for real. Let us see who is Desireable within this Group.

Refreshed with a Flourish Egg shudders in its Sandy wallow, shaking and twisting before freezing once more.

Tabearin startles a little at the shrieking "Shards!" that's enough to age someone a few years. He then turns his attentions back onlt to see that Alie's impressed "Ooo congratulations!" he exclaims looking pleased, his eyes going back to the large dragonet, watching a little warily.

Fincayra watches the brown bump into Eulalie and grins. That one hadn't been nearly as violent. "Congrats Eula!" She calls. She follows Matteo's gaze to the large shape wandering towards them. "It… it look okay. Not slinking or anything… right?"

Asiree idly picks at her nails a bit while she looks around with a semi-confused expression on her face. A bit of noise and cheering catches her attention and she turns her head to see that the Eulalie impressed, which prompts Ree to go from idle nervouness to happy animation, "Yeaaaah Alie! Congratulations!"

Elia watches the brown go to Eulalie and press his muzzle into her chest, "Oh, Eula! He's lovely!" she giggles to the other girl before her attention wanders over to the big dragonet on the prowl. "I hope it doesn't come over here…" she whipsers to Sae.

Matteo gazes at the large one. No. True it wasn't stalking, or creeping, or doing anything that would suggest it to be any real danger, other than in sheer size. But it seemed to know where to put it's feet. Very well, infact, for a large hatchling.

Eulalie is looking a little lost, standing there without Miiriel.. M'iri, um, whatever. But then there's that pretty little squat-nosed muzzle pressed into her chest and her eyes possitively light up, wrapping her arms spontaneously around his short neck, "Oh, you are the best out here, Adinaeth! And you're already beautiful, just the way you are!" L'alie looks up to the crowd and yells, "Adinaeth! His name is Adinaeth!"

Lost In Nature Dragonet gracefully floats like a shadow through the darkness, heading slowly and carefully towards those white robed figures. Only to be seen as a giant, the gentle dragonet, larger than siblings he is, steps into the light.

Lost In Nature Dragonet steps from the shadows to reveal its true colors……

Lost In Nature Bronze Dragonet
Moonglow touched bronze trickles down the muzzle of this gigantic fellow. His head is covered in shaded pattersn of midnight bronze. Speckles of gold petals dance over his head and down his proudly arched neck. Dark bronze and faint pinpricks of bone slide from neck to shoulders. Shoulders are plain and dark bronze, but huge and powerful as well. Back and haunches lighten somewhat, to a more brassy bronze. Streaks of faint lightning peruse the gently sloped backside of this giant. Wings, great strong copper wings spread like silk from his great bronze shoulders, gleaming and shining like new metalwork. Legs and tail lighten up to the color of a new penny. Ridges of tarnished bronze slip smoothly down from his neck to cross his back and then melt down his tail, dissappearing as his tail spade forms.

Perfectly Golden Juicy Egg finally decides it's time for it's own performance, ready for it's adventure. Let the music play!

Perfectly Golden Juicy Egg continues it's sullen rock, the cracks spreading enough until the shell … flops open? Yes. Pieces of shell merely fall gracelessly to the ground, while the Hatchling within does a head-over-tail roll, just as gracelessly splaying itself on the hot sands, limbs and wings seeming to go ever which way in the darkness.

Badly Burnt Moldy Hatchling
In the shadows of seclusion this hatchling has laid. Abused by neglect the dark form that lurks beyond eye's sight is lean, and think as a plank, with seemingly no extra meat on its bones. Faintly the look of a wood's grain can be seen on its soft hide, the dark brown color turning into black splotches more often than not, looking like the wood its hide celebrates was burnt. Thin and lanky, lean and wobbly is this Hatchling to the word. Limbs seem too long for its torso and its wings actually seem to be a shade too small. Its triangular the -the only part looking meaty - is completely black in the shadows, minus its two multi-faceted eyes, glimmering in the dark.

Did Someone Say Quick Egg starts wiggling again. Making some rattling noises.

Refreshed with a Flourish Egg is still moving, now and then, dislodging Sand as it does so.

Tabearin smiles at Alie "Now that is a nice name." he notes with a grin "Oh! I should have known something that size woudl be a bronze. THough I suppose it could have been a gold too, but wow, he's something else."

Did Someone Say Quick Egg wiggles and wiggles some more.

Asiree watches as the large dragonet approaches, squinting as it comes out of the dark-dark into the realm where color determination of the creature is possible. Big, yes, and pretty, too. Ree looks around at her fellow candidates, or what is left of them, and then starts to slightly scoot across the sands towards the group of Elia and Saelis.

Matteo's eyes widen as the big hatchling's a dark bronze. At the same moment another hatchling emerges from it's shell out in teh shadows. Yet again, teh sailor squints to see it's lanky frame emerge.

Elia jerks as she hears the crack of another egg, her eyes flitting to the bronze that has appeared. Not for her. "He's a pretty one." she comments, looking over at the male candidates ranging the area and wondering who he goes too. "Figures it's a bronze, though." she chuckles. Asiree is motioned at to come closer, there's safety in numbers after all.

Did Someone Say Quick Egg is anything BUT. The shell slowly falls away from the .. Not So Impressive figure of a Dragonet. Standing on his own tail. Rather painful that, and is so announce, by a loud, screeching howl-creel.

Misty Gray Smoke Hatchling
With a crooked tail-end, and a lean build, this hatchling is swathed head to tail in a medium-dark grey. Undescript in color this one is, as joints prove to be boney, and slightly awkward. Wingsails are too big for its body and seemingly quite frail, usually dragging slightly. Membrane is near crystal clear, even in the darkness. The only variation in color of this dragon - besides the granite talons located off of its paws are the crows feet located just below its eye ridges in a slightly deeper grey.

The lights actually flicker again, a little longer this time, but nothing to give away colors, or do anything besides disorient the eyes. "Almost. /Almost/!"

The smooth red surface of the My Duck is Sparkling Cold! Egg, uninterrupted and unmarred, continues to shimmer and shine contained within the clear crystal, ovoid form. Slowing starting to shatter, lines appear, changing the appearance of the egg before it finally dissolves, crystal container and deeply hued wine vanishing, leaving a dragonet in their place.

Soft and Downy Hatchling
Sleek wings stretch outwards from a long body, hues of pale gray wrapped around the hide, feathery patterns darker on the hide along the long stomach, invading the short, stubby limbs. An elongated, almost beak-like head melts back over rounded head knobs to a long neck. Darker hued ridges run down the back, between the pale-hued wings, to the tip of the long tail.

Misty Gray Smoke Hatchling shakes some as it blinks and looks around in the darkness. What's this? I'm surrounded in dark? But I want to be shown. Everyone should know me. It takes a few steps.

Fincayra blinks in teh flicker of the lights. Okay, some improvement maybe? Many hatchlings sound to be emerging at once. She gazes into teh shadows at their shapes. The large one was a bronze? Figures. he was big enough.

Elia eeps as several eggs hatch at once, and she doesn't quite know where to look. "Now they are hatching pretty quickly. I hope that means this is just about over with." she whispers, shifting back and forth on the sands.

Misty Gray Smoke Hatchling wanders around in the darkest. Helllllo? Helllllooooooo? Oooh, Shiny. It sees the candidates in the light and starts to daintily wander over, taking its time with every step.

Asiree jumps as the lights flicker, sending her a little bit closer to Sae and Elia. Safety in numbers, perhaps? Or just wanting to not be standing completely surrounded by Sand? The sound of other eggs hatching causes her to freeze though and peer off into the darkness. They're coming.

Badly Burnt Moldy Hatchling shakes it's head from the ground, sending sand flying. /Great/. Now it's goop /and/ sand covered. How much more uncomfortable could this get? Well it does know how. Realizing, it lets out a lonely creel before bouncing to its feet, starting to make a bee-line for the candidates, rather unsteadily in it's large size. Uuh. Unsteady anyone?

Soft and Downy Hatchling is out, just like the rest of its clutch siblings it seems. It, however, stays in one spot, faceted eyes turned to watch the progress of the others, making no move to go anywhere, yet.

Lost In Nature Bronze Dragonet would be insulted if no one thought he was a bronze. Only golds get as big as he is. Pausing a moment, he start to rifle through the midns of candidates until…he finds him. Thou Perfect One.

Matteo blinks as the lanky hatchling heads straight towards them all at an awkward gait. Oh boy. Watch out everyone.

Tabearin is silent, his eyes blinking "Ryunth" is quietly said and then T'bear smiles broadly "His name is Ryunth" he exclaims proudly as he looks up and around as he takes his dragon in arms.

Matteo half-grins as the bronze finds his match. He still, however, eyes teh bounding one. "Congrats Tab!" He calls. "He's a handsome one."

Elia watches Ree shuffle closer, wishing she would just get closer. If she's around, that's one more person who can get mauled, giving her time to escape. A smile is given to Tab and his new lifemate, "Ryunth? Nice for such a pretty bronze. He certainly didn't get his looks from his sire." she whispers to the nearby candies. "Only a few left."

Soft and Downy Hatchling watches the shaking motion of one clutchsibling, as well as its awkward gait. Attention is turned to the other, and it watches that one's progress as well before finally beginning to move. Careful steps result in an even gait, wing tips held above the sand, sure movement across the sands to the illuminated sea of white.

Badly Burnt Moldy Hatchling seems to be nearing those nummynummy white clad candidates at a headlong pace. Common sense then appeals over its longing for a Match, and it tries to put on its brakes. Too fast! Too fast! Wing. WING!! And only a few yards away from the candidates, the Hatchling stumbles over its own wing, doing another head-over-tail flip, crashing to the ground. Uuuh?

Badly Burnt Moldy Hatchling steps from the shadows to reveal its true colors……

Bronze Polished Copper Figurehead Hatchling
Polished to perfection, this bronzen boy almost looks gold, with how naturally brilliant his hide is. But no, while he could almost pass for a golden queen - his size nearly being that a small queen - his hide holds merely a tint of a brownish-green copper tone, revealing his true color of bronze. Big for even his color, he also seems a bit ungainly, with longer limbs than his lean body really needs and a longer tail he often uses to help balance and steer his unusual body type. Polished copper flows smoothly over his entire being, the shiny hide hardly being marred by anything. However, it is marred. Upon the base of his wings - appearing to be a little small for his adolescent body - are hints of a rust color that spread along his wing sails, and even to the translucent membranes. The only other spots of the rust color are located at the tip of his tail, his paws that lead to onyx talons, and smudged over his headknobs and eyeridges, much like a mask.

Fincayra smirks, over hearing Elia's comment. "Congrats!" She calls after, gaze drfiting about to the other shadows. She starts as the bright coppery bronze hatchling leaps forward, skids, rols and flops before them. "Oh… is he okay?"

Asiree is still slowly creeping towards Elia and hey lookit that, Ree is about a meter away from the Elia. That close enough for protection? She would move a bit closer to Elia, however, there's the matter of the bronze crashing that distracts her from further movements, even if they are away from him and towards Elia.

Lahela seems to be getting the hang of fixing the generators now, at least. For a few long seconds, the lights blink fully on, and the generators seem to be going, but then something that sounds like a small explosion or a large pop sounds. "Ack!" And the lights are back out. Again.

Matteo stares and winces something horrible as the copper hatchling bites the dust-er… sand. "Whoa, boyo." He mutters, shaking his head. At least no one got hurt.

Misty Gray Smoke Hatchling continues to take his time until he finally walks into the light and looks from each candidate to each candidate. Where is his?

Misty Gray Smoke Hatchling steps from the shadows to reveal its true colors……

Blue Im So Faded Denim Hatchling
Denim so faded that it nearly looks grey covers this little blue from head to crooked tail-end. Lean of body to the point of protruding bones and boney joints, he looks lean to the extent of fragility. Though fragile he is not, lined with muscle that extends into extremely fragile-looking wings that seem to big for his lean frame. Membranes are translucent, like fabric stretched too thin, and slate talons extend from boney paws. The only variation of color on this blue is on his face, where a darker denim color wrinkles up in crows feet just under his protruding eye ridges.

Elia grimaces as the little bronze tumbles head over tail, "Someone should help him…" she whispers to a few of the males around her. She certainly isn't going to do it, he's not her type after all. Ree's proximity is noted, but she just smirks. "Another blue." she whispers, quickly counting out the hatched, "So there's only one left out there, right?" she asks the others.

T'ea shoves the Escorting job onto a young rider nearby and heads over towards the generator rooms to peer inside. Not as skeery in there…even if Hela is skeery, not like some of them dragons.

Matteo looks at Elia, being one of teh few she looked at. He would… ah… but… He takes a careful step towards the sprawled bronze. What if it did take an ungainly swipe at him?

Delia is, unfortunately, the one to get the duty, and the nervous young rider carefully approaches T'bear, waving a hand. "If you two want to come get some food…" Tis what she's suppose to say, right?

T'bear glances at Ryunth and then nods "He says he is quite hungry and food is most appreciated." he notes and follows Delia, walking beside Ryunth.

Soft and Downy Hatchling continues to make its way across the sands, towards the remaining candidates. Pausing, it peer at the new escort, and then continues, pausing as it reaches the edge of the light, head turning as it gives Matteo a look, quickly turning away.

Soft and Downy Hatchling steps from the shadows to reveal its true colors……

Moonlit Raven Gold Hatchling
Pale gold-blonde sweeps instantly over a long, lean frame, wrapping completely around the sleek, serpentine neck and the limber torso, feathery fingers engulfing her chest, a slightly darker hue visible beneath. Almost too short limbs are more fiercely dappled, a deeper gold down showing through, which gains in frequency towards ebony talons. Wings follow the form of her body, the long, pale sails set amongst only marginally darker 'spars, adding a jagged, angular aspect to her body. The sharp ridges running along her back from between head knobs to the tip of her long, balancing tail contrast her hide more so then the rest, the line of inconsistent color swooping downwards. An elongated, almost pointed snout is offset by strongly defined eye ridges and prominent head knobs, the same feathery hues invading the underside of her neck.

Bronze Polished Copper Figurehead Hatchling bounds back up to his paws, wings swinging wildly and amazingly /just/ missing Fincayra. Ha! He's good. Isn't he? He didn't mean to do that either. Haha! Yes. Ahm. Wait. He creels again, remembering he's lonely. Finally getting the hang of using his tail like a rudder he makes another Bee line towards his Best Friend. Yes. And proceeding to bowl the boy over in his enthusiaticness. Thankfully, not in a harmful way. He /knows/ where his weapons are. Howdy Matteo!

Asiree blinks at the gold dragonet. Oh, erm. Big dragon too, yes. And Ree is now going to complete her progress towards Elia. Goal reached. The Ree now stands near the Elia. And uh, now what does she do, besides the obvious of not get mauled by a dragon?

Blue Im So Faded Denim Hatchling meanders to Elia and sniffs her. Are you the one? No. No you can't be it. You aren't regal enough for me. He looks around. Step, step. Where to go? He walks over to Asiree and peers up at her. Hello?

Matteo starts at the hatchling. There's a long pause as a a half-smile passes over T'eo's face. "Oh… I'm sorry. I didn't… Well, okay, Raenth. Let's go then." He proceeds forward to the dragonet with a solid pat on his large brightly colored shoulder.

Elia beams as Matteo and the little bronze Impress,calling out her congratulations. "Almost over, almost over…" she mutters, scanning the last few dragonets. Blue. And gold? "She's…interesting looking." she says to the others gathered around. She reaches for Asiree's hand, but pulls away when the blue walks right up to the girl. "Ree! He's yours!"

Moonlit Raven Gold Hatchling isn't about to let another candidate get in the way of her goal. Because, indeed, her goal has been spotted. Stretching out, the lanky gold approaches Elia, sneaking in between Asiree and Elia, snorting at the blue, as her tail flicks from side to side, elongated muzzle shoved under Elia's empty hand.

Miracle of all miracles, the lights flick back on, painfully bright contrasted to the darkness, and the steady hum of the generators accompanying the light. "Ha. … HA!" Comes the triumphant sounds from the greenrider. Of course, what she did is probably only temporary. Probably.

Delia nervously leads the weyrling off the Sands before turning back, catching the rush of Impressions and looking rather overwhelmed. "Uh.. T'eo? Over this way, and we'll get Raenth some food.." The gold and blue pair is watched idly, as she scuffs along through the Sand.

Blue Im So Faded Denim Hatchling tilts his head again at Asiree. Are you a tasty one?

Elia doesn't have time to celebrate her friend's Impressions, as suddenly the little gold is there and Ell is falling to her knees, caressing the little dragonet's headknobs and eyeridges. "Branwynth!" she blubbers to no one in particular, as tears form in her eyes. "Oh, yes, food. Right away, love."

Fincayra backs up promptly into another candidate as the bronze cruises past, seemingly out of control. As Matt impresses, she grins. "Congrats Matteo!" She calls. Her eyes now on teh others. "Congrats!" She calls.

T'ea grunts faintly as he grins, watching his Weyrmate in the rooms as heloiters around the doors. "Good Show, Hela."

T'dahr calls to Shakkanth and she bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Matteo nods to Delia and follows, hatchling leading the way more than Matt is, really. But not too far ahead.

Asiree is now thoroughly startled. Poor thing. She was going to hold on to Elia and resist the whole mauling thing with Elia. Because you just know that two humans are better than one against a dragon. Really. Er… there's a … a Sukith in front of her. The Impression and the flash of lights cause Asiree to be, well, overwhelmed. The girl jumps, loses balance and falls over. "Sukith!" she calls out, pouncing forward to throw her arms around the blue, and to help get herself back up.

Delia turns back to the pair, watching the two new pairs for a moment before waving a hand shyly. "You both, too… Time for food… Over this way." A pause and she turns back. "Congratulations…"

Lahela, now back on the sidelines of the Hatching grounds, and watching new Hatchling gorge themselves, is definitely covered in soot, grease, lubricants, and smelling faintly of something fried. … Ahm? "Good show? hat /did/ happen?" She asks as she starts scanning the candidates over, to see whom Impressed.

Niva cheers as the lights come back on. Even as its rather too late to do any real good. Glancing over at the lack of eggs, she glances at C'ian before stepping down off the platform to approach them. "I'd like to thank you all for agreeing to Stand.. Though you may not have found your lifemate this time, there will be one with there for you, somewhere. The dragons knew that when they asked you to stand." And she pauses, glancing over them. "If you want, we'll return you to your homes, or else you're welcome to stay for as long as you want." And she glances at them once more, before her attention shifts momentarily to the Weyrlings, and then back to the candidates.

T'ea chuckles softly, "We now have Shakkanth, Ryunth, Adinaeth, Kieranth, Raenth, Sukith, Enth, and Branwyth." he notes, grinning. "With their lifemates, T'dahr, T'bear, L'alie, T'eo, M'iri, Elia, P'pin, and Asiree." he ntoes, grinning. "Not in any order of course…" he adds to his Weyrmate.

Elia keeps a hand on Branwynth's head, muttering cutely to the little dragonet as she heard her toward the food. "I think…I'm ready to sleep." she says to the others as she gets closer, taking a bowl of food and hand a few chunks to her lifemate.

Asiree manages to get herself up, with much prodding from the Sukith, who is sharding /hungry/. Ree and the blue go over to the rest of the gathered former-candidates now weyrlings and their newly hatched young 'uns, to tend to her precious Sukith.

T'eo is feeding his hatchling diligently. "No… no more you'll get sick." He mutters to him. "Sick? like… your stomach'll hurt." He looks about at the others with a sheepish grin.

T'bear blinks a little bit as he eyes a chunk of meat "You know, you are right, it does sort of look like a person." he's not going to ask who, but it is an interesting glomp of meat that finds it's way into Ryunth's stomach.

M'iri holds another piece of meat out to Kieranth and watches as it is inhales. "DOn't swallow to fast!" She scolds diligantly. "I know your hungry, but don't-" She stops then as the prideful little blue lifts its head away from the food, cocking an eye at M'iri. "Your tummy can't be *that* large." She comments idly before giving another piece of meat out.

Lahela watches as T'ea leaves for their Weyr, and finally approaches C'ian and Niva, still smelling like fried tunnelsnakes. "Who's in charge of killing those dratted snakes? They /ate/ through the cords. .. In the /wall/."

C'ian smiles at Lahela, still dripping in snot. "Well, I'll get on it."

Niva turns back to look at Lahela, wrinkling up her nose as she does so. "Uh.. Uh.." Its not her job to know these things, really. Okay, so maybe it is. "Not me? But.. Give us the list, and we'll do something." No power is bad.

Asiree leads Sukith to the food. Or does Sukith lead Asiree there? Hard to tell, perhaps. Ree darts forward to grab a big hunk of … ewwy gooey meat (yuck! how can eating that be healthy?) which is handed to the blue, who knows just what to do with it - eat it.

Lahela snorts at Niva as she wrinkles her nose, also shaking her head. "I know. I know. I /am/ going for a bath. I'll work on it more tomorrow, and give you a list of what those nuisances destroyed.." And with that, she grins and starts walking off. Smelly wingleader.

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