Xanadu Hatching: August 14, 2003

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Lecil walks into the barracks, taking a calm look at the candidates strewn about. "Alright, listen up everyone. If you haven't heard it, the dragons have started humming, which means the eggs are about to hatch. So put on your robes and get yourselves ready!"

Jutin seems to have been waiting for this moment all too long it seems, up in a flash with his robes already on, he quickly lines up in front of Lecil and snaps to attention. Hes heard the humming too, dang firelizards won't stop trying to make him hum it ethier!

Vatyri makes a slight rustling noise, and then snorts; after further inspection, it's noticed that the girl is dozing from a day's worth of chores. A passing candidate prods her in the side and she springs to attention immediately, blinking her eyes. "What? Hatching? Oh, /this/ again." And, without the fervor of some of the newer candidates, Vatyri prepares herself.

Niva really should have been paying more attention, as the Healer is lying on her back staring at the ceiling, really not doing anything at all. Glancing over at Lecil as she enters, Niva blinks for a long moment, and then widens her eyes in realization that is actually happening. "Bout time!" And she flips off her cot to rummage in her press for a moment, pulling the robe on before shifting out the rest of her clothes. And then, she glances arounce once more. What next?

Estasravel has and currently still sits Indian style on his cot, eyes closed as if the guard is in some sort of meditation. A few more moments go by and the boy's eyes open. He slips off the cot and pulls out his candidate shift, then quickly changes into it. He slips his feet into a pair of sandals and then waits silently for more instruction. For now, he interacts very little with his fellow candidates.

Matteo jerks up from nearly nodding off in his hammock. Now? He slips and makes a less than graceful dismount from the woven cotton cord. THUD! "I'm okay!" Comes his reply from the floor and he hops up to his feet. He quickly puts on his robe, hoping in the fray of the news no one say him.

Lahela blinks from her own cot, lost - as usual - with her little toys. Still blinking, she actually falls out of her cot reaching over with a loud thunk and a moan. Dragging her poorly made robe from under her cot, she dodges behind a curtain or a screen, managing one of her quick changes, keeping to herself. Quiet. Yeeees.

Lecil sighs as candidates scatter all around. Chaos. Pure chaos. "Alright, get in a single file line and we'll head for the sands. Is everyone ready?"


Hatching Sands

Immensity yawns in this cavern, the space vast in every dimension. Rough walls of natural basalt with the odd intrusion of harsh granite rise up from a carefully leveled floor, arching up into immeasurable darkness that can never be fully banished. Yet, the attempt is sometimes made, with firelizards and the smallest of the green dragons depositing glows on a thousand little ledges until the effect resembles a starlit sky. At ground level, big permanent torches have been built, designed by clever smiths to burn for hours if enough fuel is provided. On those occasions when there is something happening in here, those torches are lit and their bright illumination can be almost as powerful as daylight. Sand covers the floor of the cavern, a wide sweep of sand that is deep enough to bury the largest dragon egg twice over. That sand, however, is unique: a mixture of red and white grains that combine to form a distinctive shade of pink.

There are two obvious exits. The first is the dragon sized tunnel that leads due north, long and gently curved so that the outside is not visible from within. That tunnel is large enough for dragons to fly through, although none but greens could do it abreast. The other exit is the steps that have been built against the wall, leading up to the galleries and ledges where spectators can watch.

City Rhapsody Egg wiggles just a tiny bit. Hardly enough to be noticed.

Underground Trance Egg wiggles a bit, and then stops.

Ferry squats down on the sands, watching the candidates file out. Despite the heat, he continuously picks up a handful of sand then sifts it through his hand.

Vatyri ambles onto the Sands in that single file line, a hand still attempting to pull her hair into a simple runner tail. The other candidates are eyed for a casual moment before she falls into place in the semi-circle of candidates. Remembering her manners, though, she turns to the sire and dam of the clutch, bowing.

Quietly Suffered Sanity Egg moves. Or did it?

Alhenaeth rumbles softly and eyes the candidates, then turns his face to Zaislinth then centers whirling eyes on the clutch. C'ian sits upon his foreclaw and smiles at the candidates, patting his bronzen.

Groovy Mambo Egg shifts slightly, leaning a bit on it's neighbor.

Dramatic Musical Egg wiggle wiggle wiggles.

Niva is part of that same single file line, and taking a deep breath she steps onto the sands, biting her lip at the heat, skipping slightly before she bobs her head to Alhenaeth and Zaislinth, turning to get in the semi-circle of candidates that is surrounding the eggs, standing near Vatyri as she does so.

Matteo looks about him at first to get acclimated. A bit of movement catches his eye and he looks now to the eggs. They were truely ready to hatch. His chest seemed to swell from the inside as if he would burst. Another movement, Vatyri bowing. He half wonders if he should do the same but the increased movement to the eggs turns him back. Nervous was a good word to describe this feeling righht now. Yes.

City Rhapsody Egg jumps in place, quivering a little more violently now. Yes, it's here. Definetly here.

Zaislinth moves, her head lifting, throat vibrating with the low thrumming as whirling eyes turn to the bronze for a moment before looking to the group of Candidates that slow file into the area.

Jutin is uppity as always, quick to move as he gets a little bit of hot sand on his toes. Bowing somewhat politely to both dragons on the sands, he smiles as he takes his place among the other candidates.

Circle of Eighths Egg wiggles, then settles back into it's warm bed of sand.

Estasravel is somewhere amongst the column of candidates filing onto the sands, shuffling forward and then pausing just through the entrance. He bows to sire and dam and their respective riders. And then…he continues on into the semicircle of candidates, halting beside Vatyri.

Lahela meanders onto the sands, her gaze kept down to the sands (and the hem of her robe) in the middle of the line of candidates, she stumbles occasionally on the said hem, but never falls and never says anything to anyone else, except an occasional murmured 'Sorry' upon stumbling into them. Looking up she spreads from the line slightly, bowing to the parental dragons, and managing to trip once again. Sighing, she straightens up, going to her Own personal area, keeping her head angled down at the sands, hands clasped behind. Esh.

The City Rhapsody Egg shudders violently for a few moments before it comes to a still again. A cool breeze seems to flow over the egg before it starts to vibrate again, slowly and quietly at first, building to bigger vibrations and eventual rumbling. Then the egg stops yet again, with a thundering crack sounding off and gentle pounding afterwards. More and more the crack splits down the egg, until it breaks into two, its occupant tumbling into the sands.

Curious Faye of the Wild Green Dragonet
Deep hunter green soars over a robust form, sprockets of bright green seeping out of each crevice of the dragon. Her muzzle is the color of healthy grass, outlined by the deeper color, which creeps up into her eyes ridges and frame her innocent, inquisitive eyes, curious and wondering, and transfigures back into a lighter shade as firm cheeks are covered. Sturdy neck and broad shoulders are covered in hunter, as light green begins to trickle and envelope elongated and dainty arms, and ending in slightly longer than usual fingers. The same darkness is shared on dragon back, yet fireworks of lighter shades shine wing ridges off shoot wings, different from others. The grassy color with an outline of bright sun kissed green along the top make up a tail, happily swaying back and forth, completing the dragon that begs questioning and pondering.

Racy Waltz Egg moves slightly, but stops quickly.

Expressively Simple Blues Egg sways slowly back and forth.

Jutin crouches down in the line, getting a better sense of balance just in time to see the green hatchling enter this world. Smileing, he gives a short and sweet coo to help the hatchling on to find her new lifemate.

Riveting Celtic Reel Egg moves, then tumbles over, only to come to a rest against a pile of sand.

Niva is barely settled in line, bobbing her head to Vatyri and Estasravel, as well as the others when the first egg hatches. My, wasn't that… quick? Erp. "Um… Look?" She shuffles from foot to foot in the sand before taking a half step back. No reason to be way close.

Vatyri quirks an eyebrow at the newly hatched green, her calm demeanor betrayed by her clenched fists which hold a piece of her robe each. "We've just barely gotten out here," she says to the candidate next to her; a tilt of her head in a certain direction tells her that it's Estasravel there.

Estasravel squints his eyes and scans the wobbling clutch, eyes drawn inexorably drawn to the City Rhapsody Egg as it bursts. "Hey. Look at that. A dragon already," the guard-gone-candidate says rather obviously and to no one in particular. He glances at Vatyri and grins at her comment, replying, "I hadn't thought it would start this quickly."

Matteo stares after the newly hatched green. Amazing. His mind reels and he looks down the line. Who would be her lifemate? How would it work out? he'd been told stories.

Curious Faye of the Wild Green Dragonet looks terribly lost for just a moment, thrown out into this brand new world. But then those little eyes start whirling like crazy as the green inspects this crazy wiggling, twitching thing attached to her rear. Interesting. And there are flappy wing thingies too!

Lahela is certainly jumpy tonight, flinching as the Rhapsody Egg cracks open. Of course, the long-robed candidate doesn't look up. Or rather, she does, but it's only to take a lock of her long bangs and start playing with it as she eyes groups of candidates surrounding her. She still stays quiet, not moving, repeatedly stroking her bang, but staying apart. She's fine by herself. Sure.

All throughout the hatching the Quietly Suffered Sanity Egg hasn't budged even once. Then, almost tentatively, it trembles. At that moment, hairline fractures form across the shell, cutting across the colorful images of the egg. The shell doesn't fall right away, though. Pieces from the top fall off when the egg trembles again, then a small snout pokes out the top and sneezes. That motion sends goo upward and shakes the egg, causing the shell to crumble to the sands, leaving a pale, ghostly blue hatchling in its wake. The hatchling blinks a few times and watches the activity until it creels, belatedly. Tilting its head to the side, the pale blue rises and shakes the goo from its body, leaving an ethereal sheen. Then it delicately steps forward and moves awkwardly for the candidates. When it nears the first group, a trio of girls, it trips and lands in the sand at Dawohna's feet, then looks up, catching her gaze. "Mcleanth? Really? We will. I promise. Food.. food, yes, food." Dawn mumbles, then follows the directions of the Weyrlingmaster, careful that her lifemate is following.

Dramatic Musical Egg wiggle wiggle wiggles some more.

Jutin smileing like someone who is dreaming, Jutin just keeps on looking softly towards the green, watching its first steps as a young blue quickly finds his lifemate. Giving a few claps for the pair, Jutin once more turns his eyes to the green.

Racy Waltz Egg rocks back and forth and then just stops again.

Matteo is alarmed at teh quick bonding between the blue and girl. It takes him a second then he calls a congrats after the pair. His eyes flicker wildly between the green hatchling and teh other eggs.

Expressively Simple Blues Egg begins to rock harder, but the shell holds.

Vatyri takes a brief step backwards for no apparent reason, catching glimpse of Lahela. The girl seems to note that the other candidate's alone, so a look is sent quickly to Estasravel before she looks over towards Lahela. "Want to come join us? We can always need a few more people to distract the hatchlings," Vaty says lightly, grinning despite the obvious stress. "This is going much quicker than the other ones," she says, tilting her head back to Estasravel.

Niva watches as a blue quickly hatches and impresses, Niva blinking for a long moment as she tries to identify the new Weyrling. Calling a general congratulations, she glances after the wandering green and the other moving eggs.
Underground Trance Egg wiggles some more.

With a great, rolling shudder Underground Trance Egg turns, spins and finally moves to crack. First small bits of shell fall, and then larger pieces as the hatchling within struggles harder for freedom. Finally, it opens, dumping out a small Pond Scum and Wrack Green Hatchling on the sands and she creels for a moment in surprise. But she's on her feet before the cry barely fades away, heading directly for the candidate grouping and the tall swarthy miner's lad that caught her eye. Nothing stops her forward rush and she nearly barrels him over, despite the fact she's near the same size he is and calls out. "Yes, Yes, I'm N'ren. But settle down, Mpeth."

Curious Faye of the Wild Green Dragonet gets to her feet, a little wobbly at first, and starts to move forward toward the candidates. Just what are these white robed things about? And can they make the rumbling in her tummy go away? With a loud creel, she pauses at a young holder boy before snorting dismissivly at him. Nope, not right.

Jutin looks at the remaining eggs…they sure are hatching fast! and there seem to be some that know right from the start who they want to spend the rest of thier life with, Jutin nodding as he claps for the newly impressed, but then…theres the one who hasn't a clue yet, and must search for her lifemate.

Matteo chuckles silently at the little green. She was cute, he decided. He looks over at Vatyri and Estasravel and a crease in his brow indicates a frown but he looks back to the hatchling with curiousity and a will to keep from frowning that way again.

Circle of Eighths Egg wiggles a little more, then becomes still once more..

Expressively Simple Blues Egg continues to rock, sliding down a small mound of sand in the process. Coming to a stop…

Expressively Simple Blues Egg lurches sluggishly. After a pause a thin crack streaks up the side. No fanfare. No exposion. Expressively Simple Blues Egg simply splits at the equator. The hatchling inside pokes out a taloned paw as if testing the air then proceeds to rip its way out. Large sections of shell strewn about it, the newly hatched dragon gives a shake and clears the goo, revealing its vivid coloring.

A Hidden Surprise Within Bronze Hatchling
The stiffness of bland grey-tinged beige glistens with the effort to contain the passionate tawny shades gleaming at this dragons every joint and corner. Blocky blunted angles form a muscular shape characterising everything from the dull neck ridges to the short stump of his tail; elegant curves are exiled from the rough lines of his body to the arch of wings and spars, copper-engraved contraptions ill-suited to the rest of his bland figure. Yet, where dragonhind stretches over bones and muscle thins, theres a hint of warmth whispered, the promise of brilliance casting a splutter of colour across the hind.

Lahela just stays put, looking almost longingly at the groups around her. Not singular people, but groups. She notes that dragons are indeed coming and going with small sighs, wishing, wishing she could muster up the guts to go talk to them or something. But she doesn't move, and doesn't even speak, letting her nervousness be portrayed through her anxious swaying, and toying-of-the-bangs as she just keeps looking.

"Will you look at that," Estasravel says as the blue hatches and almost right afterward Impresses. He glances over at Vatyri, one eyebrow lifting questioningly, "I suppose they're impatient?" He fidgets a little with his robe, toes absently at the sands. He scans the clutch again, "Oh, and another green. She went quickly…wonder when the other will choose…Oh…And…" he squints, "A bronze?"

Curious Faye of the Wild Green Dragonet makes her way a towards a few girls, eyeing them curiously. Closer, but still not quite right. With a flap of her still damp wings and a flick of her tail, she's on the move again. It's closer, this thing she's looking for. Now if she can just find her one…

Dramatic Musical Egg wiggles some more and falls over, coming to a stop.

Vatyri again tilts her head towards Lahela, frowning just a little bit; her attention is captured, though, to watch another hatchling crack shell. Her feet are moved, and she looks all around her - it just wouldn't do to be mauled. "Maybe. Most hatchings are quick though," she replies to Estasravel, uncurling her fingers from about the hem of her robe. Matteo's given a glance, and a slight frown, however.

Riveting Celtic Reel Egg begins to move, to roll, only to stop when it bumps against another egg.

A Hidden Surprise Within Bronze Hatchling creels softly, as though unwilling to interrupt the proceedings. It stumbles a few steps, it's damp wings moving at a awkward beat as it attempts to gain balance. Finally coming to a stop, the creature peers around as though taking in the whole group. Now, to find his purpose.

Matteo's eyes turn now to the other hatchling. A bronze. A small dazzle fills him at the little one. But the green hatchling manages to pull his attention away. She was too cute for words.

Niva calls out another congratualations as another green Impresses, nearly squeaking as the bronze emerges. And then she's slipping sideways in the semi-circle, around people and ending up rather near Lahela. "You scared?" Asked offhand, the Healer glances back and forth between the dragonets and the Techie, shifting from foot to foot.

Hatchlings to no end indeed! One after the other they come forward, as in a horde trying to find thier way. A new bronze captures Jutins attention most, "Thou are truely handsom" Is all that Jutin can say, in awe of the awsome colors playing on the hatchlings skin.

Lahela jumps. Again. But this time it's not because some egg cracked loudly. No. Lahela looks at Niva with… apprehension, and then stiffens up a little bit. Voice shakey. "N-No.. I'm not /scared/." She pauses the hand still stroking her hair. "Just nervous."

Curious Faye of the Wild Green Dragonet seems to see what she wants, her little legs moving as fast as she can get them to go. A sudden trip into the sands doesn't even phase the little green, she keeps moving, now covered in sand and grit. With a sweetly triumphant croon, she plops down infront of the lone girl, Lahela, and gives her a gentle nudge. You can't be alone now!

Floating Drum Egg shakes a bit. It wants to play, too!

Matteo finds his gaze going back to Vatyri and he snorts softly. His mind reprimands himself, telling him to go look at the bronze again. Alright. He'd do that. Good idea. Silly Matteo. All these hatchlings and you look at your fellow candidates.

Estasravel nods slowly in agreement with Vatyri, "Well, I suppose they do." He pauses a moment to scan the clutch again, finally continuing though his gaze is still locked on the clutch and Hatchlings, "I can't say I've been to more than one Hatching in my entire life." He shifts a bit nervously, wipes his sweating palms on his robe.

Vatyri now fixes Jutin with one of her looks. "Handsome? It's covered in egg residue," the candidate says, wrinkling her nose and again switching her attention to all about her. Movement catches her eye, and, against all visible restraint, she cheers for Lahela. "She seems to like you."

Circle of Eighths Egg moves once more, then comes to a stop.

Racy Waltz Egg starts to wiggle again and doesn't stop as fast this time.

In a sudden explosion not unlike others that happen at hatchings, the rainbow and cream egg known as Circle of Eighths flies apart. In its wake is a gooey dragonet, already creeling and lurching upright. Bland brown in color, he is small and with only a few steps surefooted on the sands. He moves with an almost rocking gait on his way toward the candidates, head lolling this way and that, looking quite intrigued by the white shapes. He pauses then, head cocked as if listening for something. A second later, he darts forward and bumps into an unassuming, short girl from the Harper Hall. A few stunned moments later, Fitzgella throws her arms about the brown, exclaiming, "Lydianth! Yes, yes we will. But you're hungry first." And, beaming, she looks up and follows a weyrlingmaster off the sands for food.

A Hidden Surprise Within Bronze Hatchling takes a few more cautious steps towards the candidates. Sniffing a young girl, he lurches back in distaste. No, no, that can't be right. Continuing on, he stops before a tall, blond lad, curious.

Looking back up to the one who would insult that bronze, Jutin fixes Vatyri with a glare, "How could he be anything but? Do you not see the beauty and glow the shines from his heart?" Jutin seems to have gone metaphorical on Vatyri before he shrugs and turns back to look again to the bronze, missing entirely Lahela impressing.

Fiddler's Solo Egg shakes violently for a moment before stilling suddenly.

Dramatic Musical Egg shakes and shakes and rolls a little down the sands.

A Hidden Surprise Within Bronze Hatchling apparently decides no, again lurching back. But not before shaking his entire body, maw to tail, covering several candidates in icky, drippy egg-goo.

Lahela actually yelps as /something/ nudges her legs. Nearly jumping into Niva's arms, she looks down to find a … dragon. What? Her face is taken over by confusion before she starts to giggle softly. As if she just found a friend. "There's nothing to be scared of Shimonith!" She bends down slightly, putting her arms around the dragon, helping it up on wobbly legs, getting sand all over herself in the process as she blinks. "Yeah… food /does/ sound good." She comments, the dragon's stomach not the only one near painfully hungry.

Matteo look around from teh young bronze to the little green and Lahela. Agreeing with Vatyri he gives the two an almost encouraging grin. A pair impress reight to teh side of him and he gives a jerk in alarm. His eyes drift across everyone. So many things at once. Things he didn't know very well… the little bronze manages to slime him while he isn't looking. "Ick.. Thanks bud…" he mutters.

Niva nods slowly, with a bit of a grin. "I do guess that nervous is a better word then scared. Because…" And she shrugs, backing up as the green nears the pair, slipping sideways as the green ends up with Lahela. "Congrats, there… Both of you." And she looks around nervously, with a bit of a shrug. So much for that. her nervous partner seems to be gone. And she just got there.

Kysli is managing to not get lost in the emotions that hatchings always bring back to her… mostly that is. As the newest pair impresses she heads towards them a little bit, stumbling slightly. "Come this way, there's food ready for her there." There's a wonderfully happy smile on the rider's face as she speaks softly. "Congratulations."

Fiddler's Solo Egg bounces about a little harder. It's almost ready.
With a loud *BANG* the Fiddler's Solo Egg bursts open, not giving warning before depositing a richly-shaded pine green dragonet on the sands, half-covered in goo and without an egg. She is quick to get to her feet and hiss, stretching out her neck to peer at the white robes across the way. She moves forward, body held low to the ground, like a cat hunting. Then she stops and jerks upright before creeling, then leaning backward, balancing on her haunches. A moment later, she moves forward again, nosing through several candidates before curling around a tall, knobby lad from a local hold. S'rkes grins and reaches out an hand to stroke the green's head. "Yes, precious. Food is definitely what we need." Then he blinks and answers a friend's inquiry. "Her name's Violarwyth, of course. And we need food." After answering, he follows the weyrlingmaster to the side to get that necessary food.

Estasravel scrutinizes the green and Lahela, and then grins broadly, motioning for Vatyri's attention. "Look! Lahela got the green! Congrats Lahela!" He watches the pair for another moment before his gaze again passes over the clutch.

Vatyri takes her eyes off of whatever she was watching to again fix Jutin with a look. "Seeing as I can't exactly see his heart, no." This is all said with a rather strained though light-hearted chuckle. "He'll be majestic, to be sure, when he's older, but.." There's no cause to keep going on clarifying some things, and Vaty instead grins for Lahela. "Matteo! Come on over here, why don't you?" The more the merrier indeed.

Matteo manages out a 'congratulations' to Lahela, then starts to pick off egg goo. His head swings around at Vatyri's voice and he forgets the egg goo. Instead he starts over to the group of candidates slowly, looking back at the hatchlings curiously. He stops near Niva and Vatyri, suddenly remembering teh egg goo again.

Yonsaith continues on in his search, instinct driving him hard. Taking a few more awkward steps, he passes up another group of girls. He's learned his lesson. He moves again, pausing to sniff at another boy. No, no, no! In anger, the creature rears backwards, only to tumble over, creeling in agitation. Looking up, he sees him. The one. Estasravel.

Lahela stands up, Shimonith standing as well, as both the dragonet and weyrling make their way over to the food bowls, each occasionally tripping over their own limbs. But within that pair, such a gesture seems perfectly normal, as Lahela still giggles softly, petting the dragon's hide. "Why'd you have to go and get so dirty? You're gonna need a /really/ good bath." But then. Maybe if Lah looked at herself, she'd realize the same goes for her.

A rupture. A shimmy. A shake. And in a second the Racy Waltz Egg is spilling its contents onto the sands. The colors in the shell now nothing more than flecks of infintesimal color amid the hatching sands. On shakey limbs the hatchling rises and wobbles out of the puddle egg goo. Its true colors revealed as the last of the egg remains drips from its hide.

Lumbering Giantess Gold Hatching
No dainty elfin queen is she, but a giant among the others of her kind, a queen unlike any before her. A creature of fire, she seems born from the forge of a mastersmith, a work of art wrought by the clang of a hammer. Contemplative soot shadows are piled in dark stains along her humongous paws, tipped by razor-sharp talons of iron ore. The shadows sweep upward into the wide expanse of her underbelly, mingling with the molten antique gold that gilds her broad shoulders and rounded flanks before dribbling down the length of her tail,its tip glimmering with seathing ember's fire. Scarlet flames dance around her elongated muzzle, framing jeweled eyes before licking down her neck to set ablaze overly large wings brushed with velveteen light,drinking deeply of the near gold of her hide. Ashes born into the air by the fire's heat coat her translucent sails and spars,dusting them with sharply contrasting black.

Zaislinth moves away from the gold egg, her whirling eyes turned towards it as it begins to move more, her thrums getting louder..

Estasravel backs away from the rearing creature — give them their space, he's been taught. He looks down, the bronze looking up at him, and he goes stock still a moment. The boy bites down on his lip before he kneels down to right the creature. "There you are, Yonsaith. There you are. Come on now and we'll get you some food and…whatever you need." The pair step away from the clutch towards the Weyrlingmasters.

Niva glances over at Matteo as she shifts back in the semi-circle, closer to Vatyri, peering at the egg-goo covered candidate for a long moment before she giggles and shakes her head. "Goodness.." And as she bobs her head to Estasravel, she nearly jumps as she realizes how close the bronze is, and that Estas is, now, also removed from the group. Squeak. "Congrats, Estas!"

Smileing and beaming for all of the newly impressed, Jutin allows himself to fall back on his rear to sit up…its not till a few moments and a little bit of hot pain flashes through him that hes quickly up on his feet again, rubbing his sore skin, knowing thats gonna hurt for awhile!

Matteo jerks his head up at the bronze approaching Estasravel and watches. But his attentions leave them for a second to the other shuddering eggs. A queen bursts forward and his breath catches. He doesn't even note Estasravel and the bronze consciously, though he does mutter in a oddly different voice 'congrats'…

Kysli returns as yet another impresses… this is going fast. Meeting the new bronze pair halfway she nods over to the side. "This way, and congratulations." And she thought she could avoid the hot sands this time. Oh well.

Vatyri can't help but cringe at the newest hatchling; even if she's a gold, it doesn't spare her. "She's got /huge/ paws," she points out to Estasravel and Matteo, curling her fingers to resist pointing. Then, she finds that Estas really doesn't seem to be paying attention to her. "Estas? Estas! Congratulations!" Maybe she'll take back the not handsome comment.
Groovy Mambo Egg sways to its own rhythm, back and forth, in a jazzy kind of time…

Niva glances over at the eggs as there are a few gasps, an eyebrow arched as she glances from the gold to the clutch parents as the thrumming increases, before slipping back, standing behind Vatyri as she shifts from foot to foot. "Its going so fast…" Whimper. "And there's another…" Which means another of them will be disappearing.

It's not so much any sort of movement that brings attention to Groovy Mambo Egg, but the fact that with barely a twitch, it managed to crack and hatch. And indeed, once hatched, the Banked Copper Flames Bronze Hatchling just sits for a very long time as he considers his options. With a languid stretch, he's on his feet and making his way toward only one candidate, Marshel. He's nearly too old to be on the sands, and has been shuffling around, waiting for the hatching to end when he is stopped by a demanding creel and M'shel manages in an offhand manner. "No, Umbernoth, I don't mind leaving right now to get you food." Only then comes the shock and he's reaching for the bronze.

Jutin turns his head to the side…he wanted that bronze to be his! Giving a heavy huff in that such a beauty was taken from his all too willing hands, Jutin mutters something under his breath about "Congrats" though its clearly not even haveing his heart into those words. Sighing, he turns his head and regards the gold for the first time.

Lumbering Giantess Gold Hatching shakes her head and stands up, shaking some goo and sand off of her. Her eyes go from boys to girls. Girls to boys. Where is this something that I seek? A few test steps and more eye whirling. She lumbers herself to a few boys and sniffs the air. Nope. No fun. She looks around some more. Where is it?

Jezzara turns to the gold egg, watching as it breaks and the… woa.. lookat the size of that little..er.. young queen! Blinking, she turns to C'ian for a moment before shrugging.
C'ian just grins, nervously.

Estasravel nods at Kysli, offering her a somewhat dazed but quite elated grin. One hand rests lightly on Yonsaith's shoulder. "I supposed I should consider my name…" he ponders aloud as he follows Kysli.

Sweet Harmonious Sonata Egg twitch twitch twitches. Anyone see me?

Matteo doesn't seem to hear Vatyri. Or atleast it takes him a second to register. She was one big queenling. As she steps out and sniffs about he taks a small step away. he wasn't what she wanted, he wassure. She he'd just get out of her way now…

Dramatic Musical Egg wiggles again.
Plink. Plink. Plink. Pieces of fall off with soft sounds, littering the sands and slowly forming a circle around the dainty Cocoa Dusted Truffle Brown Hatchling. Red whirling eyes blink, before he slowly gets to his feet, scattering bits of his shell as he makes his way toward the candidates ringed on the sands. Meanwhile, Alexis has been chattering a mile a minute with his friends and it's only the sudden silence that alerts them to his preoccupation now. "Ganasth. I'll always be here for you, L'xis reaffirms. Always. Here, let's get you some food and off these sands." And with that, he leaves former friends without a backward glance.

Riveting Celtic Reel Egg moves, or did it? One really can't be sure where it lays on it's side in the sands in the middle of pieces of eggs that have broken around it.

Lumbering Giantess Gold Hatching lumbers over to some girls and stops at one, looking at her. Are you the one? She sniffs her some and.. nope. You aren't the one. She continues to wander.

Niva continues to shift nervously from foot to foot, glancing over her shoulder, at the ground, at the other candidates, at the eggs, at the clutchparents. Essentially anywhere but at the hatchling as it wanders. Lets not worry about what's going around and what she may potentially have to duck.

Floating Drum Egg shakes, jiggles, and wiggles.

Vatyri furrows her brows together and peers towards Alexis, calling out a congratulations. Fingers are uncurled from about her hem and she shakes her head just the littlest bit. "This is going a lot faster than the other hatchlings," she comments to no one in particular, stepping a few paces back as the huge queen begins her search.

Lumbering Giantess Gold Hatching lumbers around and away from the girl. Is there no one for this little gold? Suddenly, she looks up and back at the girls and spins around facing them. Could it be? She takes a step. Could it be?! She lumbers very fast over to the girls and stops at Niva, head butting her in the stomach lightly. HEY! Look at me!!!

Matteo looks over to the other eggs now, getting over the size of the queen. He tries not to stray to far from Vatyri however. His head jerks to attention as the queenling runs towards Niva.

Floating Drum Egg begins to rapidly spin, rolling across the sands before a hillock of shell and other debris stops it and it cracks. Loudly. That noise is soon followed by the angry noises made by the Winter's Wistful Blue Hatchling, a collection of screetches and creels to announce his displeasure at being hatched and out on these sands. In fact, he very nearly pulls off a look of annoyed distaste and would except he's soon caught up in the imperative to find his bond and so he sets out. Each candidate he passes, he gives the same scrutiny too, a demanding look at their face before he seems to settle with a harrumph in front of a young lad from the harpers, Glorind. Gl'ind for his part, reaches out to lightly stroke that smooth powder blue head, murmuring. "And a hello to you as well, Irrascibeth."

Niva certainly wasn't expecting it, the Healer pausing as she backs away to stare down at her stomach and the gold there. Glancing over at C'ian for a long moment, her jaw drops with a grin. "We have plenty of time, Kilaueth… Lets go get you some food." A grin and she crouches down, moving slowly to the side of the sands.

Kysli can't help but grin at Niva, despite everything. "Congrats." is said softly as she meets the pair, "Come on.. let's get her fed."

Jutin smiles and claps for Niva, the gold seems to be her prize this night. "Congrats Niva!" Jutin seems to get his heart back into it, somewhat recovering from the bronze who snubbed him. Eyes casting about to see how many of the dwindleing eggs are left and looks a bit shocked to see so few…his last remaining chances before his eyes.

Vatyri turns her head, having lost track of the gold, and grins for the person who recieved her. "Congratulations, Niva!" A moment passes and then comes the mutter, "Nice name. Even if she /does/ have big paws."

Matteo calls a congrats to Niva, distractedly as he watches the blue impress. Only a few of them were left on teh sands now. He inches over to Vatyri. he hears teh big paws comment again and chuckles in a vnervous way. Unlike his normal chuckle he makes a deep noise to this. "She was quite large." It speaks, for once, in it's own consciousness.

Dramatic Musical Egg rumbles and stops again.

Riveting Celtic Reel Egg is knocked over, and rolls once more, bumping into a hatchling that searches for it's lifemate before stilling once more.

The Riveting Celtic Reel Egg joins into the chaos, the entire ovoid shaking and rocking side to side. Multiple cracks show at first, the jagged lines creeping the eventual length of the egg. Finally, in one violent shake, the egg bursts apart, the goo covered creature inside seeming to be momentarily surprised before squealing its presence loudly. Standing on shaky legs, it spreads its wings in a brief pose before heading toward the nearest group of candidates.

Dappled Trickery of Light Blue Hatchling
Dazzling cerulean blue blankets the copious form of this rangy blue, clear and crisp as noontime sea. A myriad of other shades trickle and mix with cerulean, like acrylic paint. Periwinkle blue touches between unevenly spaced headknobs while azure sky traces from neckridges to a spaded tail tip. The azure fades into near white cobalt from spine to underbelly. Cyan dapples his throatlatch and neck, turning into mottles of midnight and navy along his shoulders, haunches, and legs. Piercing blue gray frosts eyeridges, talons, muzzle and forearms, tracing various points along the body and fading into the lower layers of blue. The most peculiar thing about this blue is that his when a person looks directly at him, the colors meld together into uniform swirls of blue, but out of the corner of the eye or from afar the individual tints and tones are noticeable, not unlike a trick has been played on the eyes.

Yanlish is standing off to the side, keeping out of the way, looking quite pale under his tan and trying not to get run over by the dragonettes.

Matteo finds a sudden amusement in the Reel egg and watches as the a blue comes forth from it. He watches it uncertainly, glancing back to Vatyri every once and a while.

Jutin keeps the blue on an eye of contempt…no lowly dragon like that for him, as he does, he quickly closes both of his eyes and waits for the sounds of the next hatchling to appear…knowint that soon…very soon will the hatchling that he'll soon be able to call his own.

Dappled Trickery of Light Blue Hatchling stumbles for a moment before picking it's wings up and trying to figure out how to keep them from dragging upon the sand. Another loud creel, and he continues onwards, the first group reached. Each one is given a look, a sniff, before being dismissed. Nope, none of you. He knows that One is out there. He's just gotta find them, and soon!

Dramatic Musical Egg turns on its apex, nearly standing up right before a large crack rends it down the center, splitting it in half and leaving large sections of shell on the sands. A bright blue head pokes through, followed by the rest of the sinuous body as a Midnight Racer Blue Hatching slides free. He doesn't so much move as slide across the sands, before reaching the brunette girl from Telgar named Sorvali and her eyes widen, before she's down on the sands hugging, cradling that blue head and announcing. "Yes, I'll be your Vali, Ssillith."

Vatyri eyes the blue, quirking an eyebrow before looking back towards Matteo. "It'd be interesting to see her lumbering about the Weyr," she says with a chuckle before looking back at the blue. "Hmmm."

Matteo gives another nervous chuckle, but somehow the swelling sensation was leaving. He was getting used to this. he looks to teh ill look on Jutin's face towards the little blue. Of all the rude things imaginable. he knew there was something that bothered him about that boy.

Yanlish looks about, bitting his lower lip. He watches the blue stumble about, hopping a bit on the sands from foot to foot, his white robe flickering about him. He remains quite but the nervous state of the young man can be quite distracting. He looks from the blue as the next egg cracks and another blue head peaks through, frowning. Another blue. He seems to be looking for a green, as indeed, any who know the young man would definately expect him to impress one of that color.

Dappled Trickery of Light Blue Hatchling finds another group all huddled together, and once more, each one is dismissed in his eyes. A flick of his wings sends egg goo to splatter about the candidates, catching a few of them. Head is lifted, the air tested, and with another loud creel, he moves onwards. Oh. Just maybe… a goo covered muzzle butts against Jutin, and then pulls away. Eww.. no, not the One.

Matteo gives a triumphant look at the little blue rejects Jutin with a digusted look. He looks over at Vatyri with his lopsided grin. He'd definatly calmed down quite a bit indeed. "Did you see that? Mutual deterrance that is."

Yanlish suddenly freezes. Goo. Ewww. He closes his eyes and wipes the long streak of goo that splattered across him from his face. "Now that is so disgusting.", he says softly, then looks down at the ruined white robe, "Well, at least wasn't /my/ clothing got ruined." Still, the weaver in him is quite annoyed and becomes quite busy in trying to clean the spots from the robe, frowning, "Shards. This will never come out."

It seems two can play the snubbing game, As Jutin feels a bit of goo bump into his leg and stick, he dosn't even turn to look at the young hatchling as he runs his hand to wipe it off. Standing back up, he gives another small snuff, making sure his back is turned towards the blue.

Vatyri eyes Yanlish, grinning. "You might not have to use it ever again, you know," she comments, shifting about on the Sands. "Yes, I saw that. Amusing, to be sure."

Dappled Trickery of Light Blue Hatchling gives a shake of his head as he pulls away from the candidate. And then, that scent comes to him again, and he's off once more. A step to the side, a lowering of his head as whirling eyes watch a red-headed imp of a boy try cleaning his robe of the bit of egg goo that was splattered upon it. It was only a little spot - just wait for the smear that comes when his muzzle pokes against Yanlish's stomach!

Matteo smirks at Jutin's reactions to teh little blue. Like the blue was going to be upsetted by that? Uh huh, sure. He looks back to Vatyri. He'd been doing a lot of that too so he stops, rather selfconscious of it, and gazes at the blue and yanlish.

Kysli hides a slight laugh under a hand, she's enjoying this too much. But as the newest weyrling announces the Blue's name she heads towards the pair. "Congrats" is given as she watches the dragon for a moment. "Follow me" Does she get to stay off of the sands now?

Yanlish frows as he turns to Vatyri, "That is hardly the point. Cloth does not grow on trees, you know…well, ok, what its made of is from a plant, but the point is…." and suddenly there is a tapping at his robe, his eyes going unfocused. Blink. Blink. He turns his head, a frown directed at the the little blue and "To be honest, I have no idea if its evening, and of course you'll get food. You just have to find…" and then he stops. The fiery imp, now known as Y'lish, stares with amazement at the little blue. "Hold it. You're not in the egg any more. So if you're talking to me….", and then he slowly catches on, a smile drawing across his face, no longer concerned about the goo spreading all over his white robes, "Charonath, you say?" and then turns about, his grin wide as he says, "Charonath!" to everyone, and then turns back, flinging himself at the disgustingly dirty blue and wrapping his arms arms around his neck.

Vatyri dances about a bit, grinning. "See! I /told/ you!" Well, she hadn't said anything specific, but rather mentioned that he perhaps wouldn't need it. "Congratulations," she says, a bit more quietly, grinning at Matteo.

The last egg breaks, and as the blue makes his choice, Zaislinth stretches from where she'd been sitting, wings rustling against her back. With a croon, the gold begins to make her way towards the entrance, not waiting - time to stretch these wings and catch something to eat, leaving Jezzara behind on the sands. Turning to the remaining candidates, she smiles softly before stepping towards them. "Thank you all for standing for the clutch, unfornately, this time, your lifemates weren't amongst the eggs to grace our sands. But, who knows, perhaps next time.. feel free to stay at Xanadu for as long as you wish, but if you also decide you want to return, a rider will be available to take you when you leave.." To the galleries she turns, and annouces the refreshments that will be available within the living caverns prepared by the cooks.

Matteo gives a big grin to Yanlish, now Y'lish, and his blue. "Perfect name for him. Congrats." That suited rather well, he thought. He looks to vatyri, hearing Jezzara. That was was it. It was over. She'd go back to High Reaches now.

Vatyri turns to face Jezzara, impishly grinning. "This time? That was said the first time." Really, she couldn't resist. "I believe I'm choosing to stay. Xanadu's my home now." Eyebrows are arched innocently towards Jezzara.

Y'lish helps the wobbling little beast toward the exit, so much to do, so much fun to have, so many pranks to play with a blue dragon…I mean, so much work to do…yeah…that's it.

Matteo can't contain the surprise in his face at Vatyri's choice. Can't even keep his mouth from gaping. Fool of a boy. "You're… you're staying then?" There was that swelling feeling again. Different this time though.

Jezzara laughs softly at Vatyri, "Then, welcome to Xanadu, Vatyri.. I know the weyr will be glad to keep you." Looking to C'ian, she holds back one very wicked little grin, keeping that thought to herself until later to share with him.

Vatyri quirks her head in Matteo's direction, again with the innocent expression. "And why would I leave?" she asks, before grinning idly at Jezzara. A moment passes, another bow is given to the dam and sire, and then Vaty makes for the exit.

Matteo is left standing stupidly on teh stands by himself. He hurries after Vatyri, reaching her side wordlessly. What a day. maybe he'd be able to sleep after this?

After the hatching (Caverns)

Daniella beams, and leads him towards the groaning meal tables, nicking only a bite to eat from one of the platters and squeezing his arm. "Be right back." She says, and wanders over to Jutin and the others. "I'm sorry you didn't Impress." She murmurs, Wingleaders regrets. "Especially you, Jutin." She pokes the little smithboy on the arm. "Are you staying here at Xanadu?" This she directs at the others, knowing that Jutin is probably going to stay.

O'ran glances about. "That certainly was an enjoyable Hatching to watch." Outside, a low rumble almost filters into the cavern with a slightly admonitory note, causing Orim to look surprised. "What? They — now?" Blinkblink. "Oh, all /right/!" He shrugs a bit. "I'm sorry, Daniella, but Virochanth informs me that my presence is required back at Fort. I'll see you around, though." He grins as he slips outside to mount the waiting brown.

Daniella glances back to O'ran. "I'll accompany you outside?" She offers, slipping back to his side.

Jutin seems to break his haze a bit as he looks up to Daniella and gives a wide smile, "You know I'll be staying…I'm sure you know about the events that are planned to happen soon, and that I'll have my dragon yet….green as he may be." He gives a nice smile to all who know what that reference might point out to, and why he wouldn't leave xanadu…yet…

Daniella turns her attention back to Jutin and the other Candidates, sighing, but her eyes narrow at his reference. "I'd be careful, smithboy," she warns. "With that dragon, if I were you."

Matteo walks in, still in a sort of odd daze. he sits down near Jutin and the others. What an odd day. What a day. He looks up to daniella. just registering. "Uh, yeah… I was here before." he eyes Jutin. "I agree with… " he looks at Daniella. "Ah, what is your name, miss?"

Daniella smiles to Matteo. "I'm Cyclone Wingleader Daniella, lifemated to brown Ezventh." She explains, softly. "And I'm glad you'll both be staying." She smiles at them.

Jutin gets a few tears in his eyes, "But, but! How will I ever win the contest without him? Its part of the final flare and preperations, I'd be lost without it!" He gives a quick shake to his head, nows not the time to whine about THAT…that'll have to come when people are to drunk to recognize what hes asking about.

"Ah! Pleased to meet you, Daniella." Matteo sits up a bit more in his seat, but he still seems rather dazed by all that had come to pass. "But yes… Dragons choose as they will." he was completely unphased by not having impressed. he understand, stangely, the deal behind it.

Phaelba steps down from the Galleries, her hands neatly clasped behind her. "Well, that was pleasantly quick." she says dryly. An aloof smile trained on her lips, paired with all too sharp a gaze in her eyes.

Daniella smiles at Matteo, but she's watching Jutin with her eyes narrowed suspiciously. She glances up in time to wave and smile pleasantly to Phaelba. "Indeed, 'twas." She agrees.

Jutin sighs and goes over to a corner of the caverns, not taking any food or drinks (and trying to avoid those evil glares!) and pulls out a rather large case…must be around 4 feet long, and covered in a blue plastic material. Walking over to a comfy seat in front of the fire, Jutin leans back and starts opening the caseing up.

Matteo's eyes go to Phaelba and he shrugs, mostly to himself. He wouldn't know. It'd felt long, but so much had been going on at once it felt as if he'd been on that sand all day when he looked back at it. He folows Jutin now, visually. What was he up to now. "The last time he was working about on something he almost killed Vatyri with a high velocity rotten melon." There's a gruffer tone to his voice now. And though he insists it's not his doing, I don't believe him.

Phaelba nods in greeting to Daniella. A bit of a stickler for formaliies she looks around slowly, "I wonder where the dear Weyrleader hurried off to. I hoping to chat with him and Jezzara." She seems pleasant enough however and treats herself to a glass of wine. "In any event, to Xanadu's newest queen." Her toast followed by a quick, though small, sip.

Jutin looks about cautiously and senses that somethings just not 'right' and people aren't happy and partying like the well should be. he gives a sigh and puts the long blue case down on the floor next to his chair and leans back, gently tapping his fingers on his legs and waiting.

Daniella just watches Jutin with narrowed eyes, waiting for him to pull something silly.

Evy wanders in, heaving an exhausted sigh. "Good hatching," she comments, winding her way towards Daniella.

Matteo excuses himself to get a glass of something settling… Tea. That sounded good. With Yarrow maybe? Yes… He comes back and sits down near the others. His mind wonders upon Vatyri but he tries to absorb himself in his tea.

Phaelba continues to sip lightly at her glass, "Well I'd love to stay, everyone but Harper calls. And Harper is a very demanding mistress. Good day. My reguards to the Weyrleaders." She quips softly and finishes her glass before heading out into teh bowl.

Jutin sighs as he notices the party seems a bit unhappy…when it really should liven up a bit. Grabing the blue plastic case again and putting it in his lap, He quickly pops all the latches off and opens it…though not easily seen what it contains, Jutin quickly has a sharp intake of breath and clenches his knuckles tightly.

Daniella meanders outside, heading for the stables. She's sure she'll hear about whatever Jutin decides to pull later.

Matteo gives a heavy sigh and downs the last of his drink. "Well, g'night Jutin. Everyone else. I'm off for the night. get out of this robe, heh… maybe sleep. We'll see." He waves a little, looking around for Vatyri. He doesn't see her among the many faces. Ah well. He disapears down the hall way, still held regally but fatigue eats at his posture.

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