Xanadu Hatching, January 27, 2002

Hatching Sands
Immensity yawns in this cavern, the space vast in every dimension. Rough walls of natural basalt with the odd intrusion of harsh granite rise up from a carefully leveled floor, arching up into immeasurable darkness that can never be fully banished. Yet, the attempt is sometimes made, with firelizards and the smallest of the green dragons depositing glows on a thousand little ledges until the effect resembles a starlit sky. At ground level, big permanent torches have been built, designed by clever smiths to burn for hours if enough fuel is provided. On those occasions when there is something happening in here, those torches are lit and their bright illumination can be almost as powerful as daylight. Sand covers the floor of the cavern, a wide sweep of sand that is deep enough to bury the largest dragon egg twice over. That sand, however, is unique: a mixture of red and white grains that combine to form a distinctive shade of pink.

There are two obvious exits. The first is the dragon sized tunnel that leads due north, long and gently curved so that the outside is not visible from within. That tunnel is large enough for dragons to fly through, although none but greens could do it abreast. The other exit is the steps that have been built against the wall, leading up to the galleries and ledges where spectators can watch.

One arm wrapped around Lydiere, G'wain enters the galleries, and just in time, it seems. Glad that he's off the sands instead of on them, he shares a moment with his lifemate while trying to find a seat. "Is it just me," He comments softly to his partner, "Or will everytime that I see the sands, be they black or white, bring up the memory of my impression of Ahreluth?" He doesn't resent it - it's just a question. There are perks to being a rider to a Jr. Weyrwoman - There's been a seat saved close tot he front, which he makes his way towards.

"Oh believe me, I'd say most of us experience that particular experience," agrees Lydiere with an easy smile, her own eyes peering out over the sands with a curious glance towards the eggs. Her own arm snug about G'wain, she moves with him to their seats, stretching out her legs in front of her as she sinks in to place. "At least this time it isn't Ista's sands - and Llysereth's clutch. I much prefer sitting in the galleries: they're not nearly as hot!"

Marhiya jogs up through the tunnel into the galleries, where she quickly looks around for a nice spot to stand. By pure luck, there's a hole in the line of those hovering at the edges, by the railings, in a most wonderful spot for watching the events below. Naturally, Marhi, shorter by far than a good percentage of those already present, takes what she can get. It's only once she secures her position that she bothers to look around, clutching tightly to the rail to assure that she doesn't go anywhere else.

From the sands, Chestnut Trees Egg wriggles a little. Yes really — it is moveing!

Lonriya takes the steps two at a time, slipping towards the crowd and finding a vacant bench somewhere near the lower end of the tiers. "Oh, a Hatching, I do so love them." The Igen Senior nos her greetings all around before turning her attention to the arriving Candidates.

From the sands, Thistles and Thorns Egg rocks a bit too. Nice and steady.

J'ran enters the galleries, hurriedly unfastening his long black riding jacket and slinging it over his arm in the oppressive heat rising off the Sands. But he made it! Glancing arond, he sees if he can find anyone to sit with. And is nearly run down by Igen's Senior Werywoman in her eagerbess to get a seat.

From the sands, Shoals and Poppies Egg is moving, too! Wiggle. Wiggle. And then is settles back into the sand again.

From the sands, Blue Wharf Egg shivers. And coyly stilla again.

From the sands, One by one, the candidates step onto the sands. Some step out boldly, searching for the familiar face in the crowds, certain of their impending impression. Others linger towards the back - fearing for their futures, uncertain of the path. The procession leads them towards Frydath and Valenth. Each candidate dips their head in a bow; some females even curtsy. Then, in their same procession, they tramp over to the eggs, linking hands in the ago-old tradition of hatchings.

As M'kan enters the general area and then following right behind Yiasy, he mumbles. "In case I lose you, Xae's outside…" He then peers to the sands, straining to see any signs of a familar face. Seeing one so far, he brightens and then remarks, "Don't think I've been to a hatching as…" He trails off and then rushes after Yiasy now.

From the sands, Borat follows Abby looking around and glancing up sees his mother in the crowd in the Galleries. He barely hears her cry,"Borat!" but he smiles wanly, trying to put on a brave front for those that came to witness the hatching.

Jaleldan strides in quietly and takes a seat somewhere near the middle of the galleries, trying not to call any attention to himself. He adjusts his tunic and looks out at the eggs, noticing a few of them moving as the candidates come out onto the sands.

G'wain chuckles in agreement, his eyes scanning the sands before falling on the illustrious gold egg. "So many candidates for a single egg. And only one… The others will be disappointed when the one impresses." He purses his lips slightly. Why can't they just have a dozen gold eggs… But of course, that's not possible. Glancing aroung at the others in the galleries, he replies to Lydiere somewhat absently, "I pity them. Really I do. Why they have to have white robes and wearing practically nothing on those sands is beyond me…" Spotting J'ran he waves in that general direction.

Ciarn comes rushing in a little behind the Western Jr. Weyrwoman. stepping up behind her and laughing. "You /were/ excited for this weren't you." He chuckles as he gets settled into see his first hatching. Luckily, since Marhi is short and he is tall, it sort of works out.

Yiasy laughs as she slips between folks, moving on until she finds two seats and then moves to save one for M'kan. 'I'm over here.'

From the sands, Kayne waves a bit toward anyone he knows in the galleries after he bows toward Frydath and Valenth, before he heads toward the forming semi circle of candidates near the eggs, putting his hands behind his back as he takes his place.

From the sands, Luether walks in and peers about. Oh wow. Oh my. Gray orbs dances with fear though the apathetic line never leaves his face. Why hadn't he taken the time to make friends? Then he wouldn't be out here alone.

From the sands, Frydath is behind her eggs, watching them all with pride and a steady, happy thrum. Qyh stands by her lifemate, quietly watching as well. Queen and Weyrwoman watch the Candidates, acknowledgeing their bows and curtseys.

From the sands, Damork shimmies out, almost sobbing. I want Mommy! Where's Mommy?

From the sands, Kirilla huries onto the sands, cheeks puffed out — oh wait, they aren't puffed out.. they're stuffed. Good lord, has she been into the pastries? Not good timing. Maybe it's a nervous habit? After the bowing, Rilla scurries over the sands till she has a good viwe and stops promptly, refusing to move another inch until she's taken care of this mouth stuffed with pastries and face covered in frosting.

From the sands, Eyvin keeps his fingers curled with Evy's, swallowing hard and not feeling comfortable in the slightest as the heat hits him and the inevitable sweating takes place, suctioning his already too small robe to him. Now, not only does he try to hold Evy and Kirilla's hands - he tries to hide behind them. Faranth, help.

C'vex smiles when he spots the Igen Senior WeyrWomen walking around. The bronzerider stands up and walks over to the goldrider. "So, Not only did Igen come but Igen sent it's finest rider here. I hope that you can stay for a while after the hatching." Another smile but then green eyes turn to the sands for it is the candidates day to shine.

From the sands, Evy shuffles behind Danie, holding tightly to the other's hand. "They're moving Daniella!" Evy's back to being master of the obvious once more. Still holding tightly to Eyvin with her other hand, the candidate begins to survey the eggs. "Oh shards…"

From the sands, Caspian looks around, for some faces and smiles, looking back down at the eggs. "Beautiful.." is all he can say..

From the sands, Faeo follows along in the neat and nervous line of candidates and finds a spot on the sands to stand while the eggs go about hatching. The moment she gets closer to the eggs she feels the heat of the sands and notices that she has forgotten the sandles that she got just for the hatching and kicks herself soundlessly.

Marhiya looks away from the sands long enough to toss a grin to Ciarn, bobbing her head in all the exuberance that one probably would expect from a teenager at such a high-emotion event. "Of course, of course! Last time I saw a hatching here, I was /standing/ for it, so this'll be all new for me. It's even got a gold egg, like the one I was at did! This'll be great…" A pause, and then some grinning. "Ah, the candidates." Humans and their love for stating the obvious.

From the sands, Abby looks more and more nervous with every step made on that ever familiar sand that seems to come to vivid life under her feet. "Shards, I've forgotten how hot it is!" she complains before smiling as she heads over to find someone to hold her hand. "Kirilla!" she calls as she searches for her friend. "Hold my hand?" Abby's smile is not only hiding her nervousness, it's hiding her stomach's churning movements. Shards.

From the sands, Lecil moves to stand slightly away from the candidates, her eyes flicking upward toward the dragon ledges for the sight of her blue before settling again on the candidates, waiting for the moment.

From the sands, Chestnut Trees Egg wiggles harder. Shakes, rock, shake, quiver.

From the sands, Rayne reaches out one hand to each woman next to her, her dear friends Oarin and Tiaunnin. With a nervous grace, she looks around, ready to face her fate. There is a nervousness about her, but familiar faces reassure her. A deep bow is offered in respect to Frydath and her rider. Rayne sqeezes Tia's and Oarin's hand tightly. "Let us reach or fates together." A warm smile is on her face as she surveys the eggs.

From the sands, Jezzara nervously steps out onto the sand, bowing with the others before taking the que to spread out. Her steps take her slowly to one side, her gaze traveling up to the galleries to see if her auntie has arrived from Ista, before turning back to look over the eggs. Another deep breath is taken before she glances to the candidates nearby.

M'kan spots Yiasy quickly and weaves throught the crowd to get to said spot. "Glad I'm tall, or I wouldn't be able to spot you." He looks around, eyes flickering quickly and briefly. Spying a few he does know, the brownrider waves to Lydiere and G'wain, but figures it's too busy,they might not see him. Sitting down, he mumbles. "It's almost… I mean.. I can remember Xaeloth hatching.." IT is then he shuts his mouth and peers, looking and grins widely. "There's Rayne… and where's Tia?"

From the sands, Zalansho feels the warmth on his feet and grins waving to some people in the galleries. He grins over at Evy and looks at the eggs himself.

From the sands, Borat bows deeply to Qyh and Frydath, though he bites his lips nervously."Thank you for this honor." is barely whispered… Is he scared? You bet your britches he is. He looks over to Damork, and heads over to him and reaches a hand to him."Scared? Me too.."

Windsong *pops* out of between with a squeek.

From the sands, Shoals and Poppies Egg shifts again, just suddenly. Sand sprays a bit, but the egg falls still and silent, except for a faint scraping noise from within.

J'ran steadies himself and waves in reply to his wingrider, edging his way carefully down the stairs in an attempt to not run anyone down, considering the press. Let's see, is there anywhere to sit?

From the sands, Tiaunnin walks in after Rayne, offers her bow and smiles warmly to her fellow Istan. She's so calm… She gives Rayne's hand a squeeze and nods to Oarin. Anbers dance over the eggs, wonder taking her features as they begin to move. Great experience for a first hatching… being on the sands.

From the sands, Oarin walks in, and after the bow, clutching Rayne's hand. The glows reflect like shimmering stars off her upswept moon-kissed ivory hair. "Good luck… Together." She takes her place around the eggs, nervous.

Lydiere's eyes roll cheerfully, her comment blithe: "They'd be better off *not* Impressing - or even hoping - for the contents of that particular egg, if they only knew it. I don't imagine many would believe it, if they were told that, though." More wryly, she adds, "White, so that they don't attract unnecessary attention, and don't get too hot. But I agree, it's not exactly the most…comfortable of positions to be in." Various Istans earn broad smiles: J'ran one, M'kan another, Yiasy a third, as she adds vaguely, "Several Istans standing, too."

From the sands, Kekina follows right after Kayne before making her careful bow. Then she glances for a long moment at the mound of eggs, eyes widening for a second as she spots a few moving. She follows her fellow candidate's gaze into the galleries, but that doesn't hold her attention for long.

From the sands, Xylaihl walks out, calm. Oh so calm. She gets a quick glare from the extremely nervous Diseys, but carries on. Hot, very very hot. She lifts her feet gingerly as she walks, across the sands, to stand near the end of the Candi-Circle. Silent, calm. What is /with/ her today? How can any candidate be /calm/ on a Hatching day?

From the sands, Damork shifts again, almost hiding behind someone. Gulp, and then he stands a bit more proudly. That bright red hair has to be collecting some staring.

From the sands, Kayne watches the other candidates form up, before he gaze goes back to the rocking and shifting eggs, or in some cases, stilled eggs. He glances to Kekina as she arrives, but his eyes don't stay there long as he looks back to the eggs.

From the sands, Evy leans over and grins at Zal, spotting him somewhere down the line. "I hope he impresses," she murmurs, more to herself than to those around her. Her brown eyes are dialated - perhaps the effect of all that klah earlier? A hyped-up Evy at the hatching can't be good. With a sigh, the girl start to shuffling, trying to dissipate the heat of the sands.

Ciarn grins and chukles before saying to Marhi, "And here I'm the one who hasn't ever seen one of these before." NEedless to say, he is pretty excited to watch it as well. As the only thing close that he has ever seen was the hatching of his two little flitters.

From the sands, Chestnut Trees Egg gives another hard shake, rolling over and waggling determinedly. Striations on the shells begin to turn to real cracks.

From the sands, Shoals and Poppies Egg simply can't keep this up any longer: being an attention hog, the egg rolls into a full spin, extempore, cracking and falling apart in a rush of energy. Vaulted surface becomes rounded no more, and an oh-so-sexy Shake the Beehive Bronze Dragonet pummels out from the lazily colored egg. Instantly, the large bronze shakes off bits of shell, righting himself on all four feet, tail poised perfectly. He saunters towards a group of girls with an expression of slyness. And then something changes — oh, he has to pick a male person. Visit him, girlies! He'll be in the Weyrling Barracks! He then deftly headbutts into Damork's gut. "Sharetath!" shouts the gangly boy, with bucked teeth. And so you have suave Sharetath and unorthodox D'ork.'.

From the sands, Luether bows. "Right." nod. A bead of sweat running down his temple. Mousey brown hair pushes off to the side of his forehead and he chooses a place to stand and peer dumbly at the eggs. Lower lip shakes a tad. Noticing the movement of his jaw he clasps a hand over his mouth.

J'ran gasps, still on the gallery stairs. "A bronze!" he says loudly, a grin on his face. "A good omen, as usual."

From the sands, Borat applauds D'ork and cheers."Way to go D'ork!"

From the sands, Kayne gasps at the first hatchling to hatch. "A bronze, that's a good sign." He says excitedly, before he smiles at D'ork and his dragon. "Way to go D'ork!" He cheers.

From the sands, Dushacka squeals as the first hatchling — and a bronze at that! — goes too close for comfort before he finds his lifemate. "D'ork!" Another squeal.

From the sands, Oarin spies the first impression. "Damor… bronze? Dear Faranth help the Weyr!" She points towards D'ork and his lifemate with a grin. "Oh Rayne… We'll get through this. All of us."

From the sands, Caspian grins. "Congratulations D'ork," is Caspian's quiet response.

From the sands, Faeo watches the moving eggs carefully with her still grey eyes as she shifts from one foot to the other, wincing at the heat. While she tries to find a way to stan on the sands she is on the heels of her feet. She gasps as the first egg cracks open and impresses, "Grats D'ork!"

Marhiya nods, somewhat distracted, to Ciarn, her grin almost plastered permanently in place, given its persistance. "You'll love it, I promise." And then, before she can even finish with that, the first egg and hatchling are out and gone; Marhi, of course, jumps a little bit and claps her hand for the first impressee, the lucky - or unlucky, depending on one's point of view - new bronze weyrling. "Bronze first! Congratulations!"

From the sands, Jezzara blinks in surprise as the first egg hatches a bronze and immediately impresses Damork.. er, D'ork. "I would have never thought him to get bronze.." Eyes widen as she shakes her head again before waving and shouting out to the candidate. "Congrats D'ork!!"

From the sands, Zalansho grins and waves his sign of contratulations to D'ork and his new dragon.

From the sands, Kirilla is still petrified and working at this rather large mouthful of pastries. But at least it's a tad bit smaller. The Harper-Candidate snakes a hand down to pat the dark area down near the bottom of her robe. The bronze is spied, and Rilla tilts her head slightly. "Oh. A bronze. That's good, isn't it?" she murmurs to no one inparticular.

G'wain looks over his shoulder again and spots M'kan through the crowd, but the answering wave is most likely lost behind the flowing dress that that woman had to wear to the hatching. She pushes like only an old aunty can… One of her charges is standing today, so she must be near the front. "I know… I do hope that they impress. Or rather, that they get what they deserve. You can't tell me though, that you would give up Llys- Oooh!" He breaks off as an egg cracks. "It is a good omen… But I think that any dragon hatching is a good omen." He doesn't bother to yell his congratualations — His voice'd only be lost in the din.

From the sands, Kekina gives a tiny jump of excitement as the first egg of the hatching breaks apart to reveal a bronze hatchling. "Oh, Damork," she comments, merely a shade above whispering as she gives the new weyrling a smile. A nervous smile perhaps, but still a smile. Brown eyes flash back to the eggs, however, as surely there's more to come.

From the sands, Xylaihl points, "Bronze first, good sign" is said simply. she does shift a little on her feet, and it's not jsut because of the heat of the sands. A brief look passes over her face, seeming to be a nervous type one. Xyla shrugs it off, and stands calmly, feet moving to try and stay cool.

From the sands, Abby looks at the first impression with nothing but the wide eyed wonder that she had on her first time. She's no hatching virgin, that's for sure. "Congrats!" she calls out to the fellow candidate as she turns to look at the other eggs. "Kirilla, yes, it is!" Very good luck actually. Hmmmm.

"Flattery," Lonriya winks cheerfully at the Xanadu bronzerider. "I probably could manage to flirt without Isisth's influence." And there's no Igen Weyrleader here either, so she can, if she wants to. "Isisth's still able to fly, she won't be on the sands for sevendays yet… almost a whole two months, so I thought I'd come to watch the Hatching myself." Patting the seat next to her, the goldrider slips the strap of the wineskin free of her shoulder. "Oh do sit down C'vex. I've wine for the celebration. Best Benden White too." Her gaze flickers sandwards. "Oh, a bronze first is a good sign."

From the sands, Evy squeals with delight as the first egg hatches, revealing…"Bronze!" She turns bright eyes to Danie and Eyvin in turn, grin on her face. "That's a good sign for the hatching, right?" She picks up the pace with her feet a bit, starting a little hatching sands dance.

From the sands, Eyvin blinks in surprise as someone has already Impressed, his mantra falling to waste and his fingers tightening a little around Evy's. Still. Someone did Impress. He smiles brightly and calls, voice loud in hopes of being heard, "Congratulations, D'ork!"

From the sands, Daniella nods once to the new pair, but her eye is on the remaining Eggs, especially the Harbow View Egg. Would she Impress? Would that dragonet be her choosen?

From the sands, Xylaihl adds, "Congrats!"

From the sands, Rayne definately isn't calm. An excited nervousness dances through her body as she watches the first hatchling impress to D'ork. A shiver goes through her body, a shiver of excitement. She shifts her feet, uncomfortable from the heat. Verde eyes watch for more movement, glancing at the Chestnut Trees Egg.

From the sands, Pixie-motes drift away, sifting down to the sands below as the Chestnut Trees Egg slowly surrenders to the force within. Trees stretch, flex and shake as cracks slip between them and shards of chestnuts spin lazily off. Emerald glitters and crumples, melding with moss and sunshine before vanishing into dust as a series of yellow-green sparks show through. The dragonet inside is ceaseless in her efforts to be free — it's definitely a green since bright chartreuse is now visible in patches that glisten wetly. Gradually, branchy shell loses its grip on the prize it has protected for so long and when the final moment comes, they part with an explosive *pop*.

From the sands, Party All Night Long Green Dragonet

Bright hues of sun-burnished chartreuse linger on ruggedly robust lines, dazzling fluorescent greens flickering in a myriad of intricate shades over her sturdy body — all compact bulk and tough muscle from nose to tail. Beryl glints at her throat and sparkles delicately over a merrily petite muzzle, pert headknobs lending a playful air that's matched by her trimly balanced tail, all radiant from a dusting of yellow-green sparks. Her deep chest has a husky look, her hindquarters are built for power and both give way to solid limbs and weathered little paws clad in polished shamrock with stubby talons carved from glowing jade. Flowing wings enfold straight shoulders, an incandescent cloak of lime with neon green highlights flashing over wide wingspars, reflected across the fragile trailing edges and again on the tips of craggy 'ridges. She's graceful in her own fashion, the sassy boldness of her practiced poise echoed in the blinding brilliance of her satiny hide.

From the sands, Tiaunnin blinks. It just… exploded. She tucks her short hair behind her ears and scans over to her favortie eggs. "Interesting." she mutters softly. Bam! and they're out? Oh my. Sh esmiles broadly, "Great job hun!" is called to the new rider.

From the sands, Thistles and Thorns Egg wiggles in it's sandy base, the movement hardly noticable before it stills again. Nope. Not now. Not yet. Soon, but not yet.

From the sands, Party All Night Long Green Dragonet looks stunned for a moment as she finds hot sands beneath her paws and sandy bits between her talons. Sheesh! what kind of world is this for a gal? But stay there she will not so she hauls herself to her feet with a creel and forges away from the remnants of her egg.

From the sands, Daniella sighs and gasps. What a lovely little green!! And such character. Whistfully, she thinks out to the little one.

From the sands, Rh'al perks a bit, from his little perch upon Valenth's large forepaw. He smiles faintly. "Bronze— there's a good sign. Congrats, D'ork." He always thought that kid was a bit odd. "Oh, and a green. Great. Something to go proddy. Just what we need."

From the sands, Evy exhales hastily, all her attention now upon the green beauty who rests on the sands. "Look at her!" The girl murmurs, turning to Danie. "Isn't she delightful?"

From the sands, Kayne grins as he watches the pair get escorted off the sands, before he looks back to the eggs that aren't hatched, which are probably still most of them, despite this being his second time standing, hestill finds it just as eciting. He notices the green that hatchs next, and he smiles. "Oh, what a lovely green." He comments.

And so what if Marhiya's voice doesn't carry down to the one on the sands it was directed to? She seems to need to get some shouting out of her system. The arrival of a green, after all, earns more bouncing and wide grinning and delighted exclamations of unknown origins. "Oh, wow, she's a pretty one."

From the sands, Borat looks over the sands at the green and wiggles his feet. Is it him or are the sands wanting him to dance all night…"Pretty lady would you dance with me?" He mutters.

From the sands, Zalansho grins. "A good looking green, don't you think Willow?"

From the sands, Thistles and Thorns Egg wiggles a little harder, as if the noise of other eggs popping has set it's mind to hatching. It shudders harder, shaking about in it's niche.

From the sands, Oarin peers at the green with a sense of curiousity. "She's rather pretty… Wow, they hatch with pizzaz." Her delicate structure takes a single step back, trying to avoid flying egg shards or dashing hatchlings, whichever zip past her.

"There she is…!" M'kan let's out a sigh of absolute relief and then he MEANS Tiauannin, of course. As he gets mildly involved in the hatching, he doesn't seem to notice too much else. Aside from cheering for those on the hatching sands. Biting his lip, he looks from the green to the rest. Tia and Rayne, definitely. And then there's Jezzara. Whups, can we say?

From the sands, Eyvin blinks in surprise at the green, shaking his head a bit and asking, without even looking up, "I think most new colors on Pern came from watching dragonets.." His voice is quiet, even in the din and heat of the Sands.

From the sands, Daniella graps Evy's hand, grinning at her nervously. "She's lovely. I wonder who she'll choose?" Her eyes follow the greens every movement, and she shifts slightly on her hot feet. She glances once at the Thistles and Thorns Egg, but shifts her attention back to the Green. What comes will come.

From the sands, Luether wipes his mouth and sets his jaw, hands drop to his sides and he balls hands into fists. He can do this. He can.. really. A glance at D'ork and a small frown. Grays slide over to the green. Heh. No, he's no scared… he's terrified. Why can't he just hide?

Ciarn just looks on with Awe once the hatching has begun. He is not quite out of his teens either after all. So he has an excuse. Seeing the bronze hatch and everything else. He's just a bit overwhelmed. Speechless too.

From the sands, Rayne startles as the green hatchling breaks through the shell. Frozen, she finds herself only able to watch, an old poem running through her mind. "Dance tonight, in the wings of the wind.." Odd that memories of such nights come flooding her mind.

From the sands, Tangled sticks upon the Thistles and Thorns Egg shiver and quake, tiny boulder rocking until they tumble away in a swirl of shards. Vines unknot themselves as cracks force strands apart and the odd scrap of colour vanishes in a fall of tiny shards. Rocking steadily, it continues to shed little chunk after little chunk of shell as the prison loses strength. Dark hide begins to show through in patches before the cliff crumbles and the chains release their strangle hold. Faster now, pieces of rock topple off and onto the sand, the egg vanishing to leave behind a dark brown dragonet with a crown of black shell. Then a moment more and the crown is shaken off as the occupant faces the world courageously.

From the sands, Kiss Away The Pain Brown Dragonet

Opulent wings blanket a lithe form, cocoa covered wingspars melting into creamy coffee 'sails that echo the rich darkness of the earthy shades that coat his lithe body. Courtly charm and a characteristic nobility distinguish his ebony brushed features, his head finely chiseled with exquisite purity and an intelligent edge enhanced by brightly whirling eyes. Traces of ink sketch ideograms along raptor-sleek lines of neckridges, gentle ciphers hidden but for the closest inspection of his tenebrous throat and shaded spine. Lighter sienna embraces delicately slanted shoulders, soft sepia rippling over a flawless blend of oaky chocolate on well-muscled sides and haunches before deepening to dark bay brown on a slender, lengthy tail. Umber swirls in quiet eddies down his well-built limbs, melding with darker ochre until reaching sooty cinnamon on a warrior's taloned paws.

Lydiere hesitates, noting, "I almost wish some of them wouldn't; it isn't fair if we have to lose some of our best potential candidates. But—I wouldn't begrudge them their lifemates, regardless." She wiggles, attempting to get a better glimpse of the first bronze, and then the green that follows. "Both look like fine dragons. I'm sure Xanadu will be quite proud of this clutch." Another pause. "Of course I wouldn't give up Llysereth. But that doesn't mean I'm delighted that she's gold."

From the sands, Xylaihl's feet do the Hot Sands Shuffle, while Xyla herself watches the eggs. She gasps as the green hatches. "Well, isn't she a character?" is said, and every minute leaves Xyla a little less calm and a little more human.

From the sands, Faeo watches the eggs with a half dreamy look on her face, no she isn't going to sleep. Well she is making up a little story but don't mind her she is always doing that. She comes to wake a little as she spots the green and smiles, "How lovely! Very pretty little green with the eyes of a dancing queen," here she goes again.

From the sands, Party All Night Long Green Dragonet pauses half way between eggs and Candidates, staring around her. this place is so so big. So very big! And… and… she's lonely! Hastily, she moves again, stumbling up to a group of boys. Males. Noooo, none of them. Definately don't smell right. Rather, she turns away and wanders along the semi-circle to see who she can find.

From the sands, Kekina tightens her hands for a moment against her sides as a green makes her way onto the sands. "She's a beauty," she comments to Kayne, her voice shimmering with excitement. Covered in egg goo, and still a beauty.

From the sands, Evy's gaze shifts towards the Thistles and Thorns Egg. Did she see it move, just a moment there? Another glance affirms this guess. "It moved!" She says, nudging Eyvin and trying her best to point towards the egg with an elbow. "It's a brown!!!" Oh, darn. And she wanted it to be green…

From the sands, Kirilla is only half paying attention. She's busy being both petrified and working on the pastries. But the green is spied. Blue-violet eyes widen. "Oh, how nice.. a green.. and a brown. How.. pleasant. Aren't they nice, Abby, Evy?"

From the sands, Jezzara sighs as she begins the Candidate Shuffle, rocking from foot to foot as she watches the hatchlings. "Green… and Brown!" Feeling the excitement, she can't help but clap a little as the two make their appearances.

From the sands, Harbor View Egg rocks a bit too, rather spasmodically.

From the sands, Caspian takes a breath in, looking at the brown. "Wow, this one's pretty too!"

From the sands, Abby looks at the green with wide curiousity. "That one certainly has what it takes, she has a lot of spunk!" Yes, Abby likes spunk, and Abby likes greens. So this is perty good actually. "Look at her colouring! It's very — unique!" Yes, that's the word that the girl was looking for. "And a brown! How lovely!" Even though she's a brown person, she admires it happily.

From the sands, Rayne finds herself caught up, eyes shifting from green to new brown. "Oh my.." The few words that escape her lips. But she stays in place, slowly adjusting to the chaos.

From the sands, Daniella gasps. "Oh, Faranth, Evy, isn't he beautiful?" She can't deside where to put her attention now, she glances back and forth until she's dizzy. A hand to her head, she can't deside who to concentrate on, and pushes her braid irritably behind her shoulder, adjusting her robe slightly with her free hand.

Marhiya keeps her grip on the railing tight, as much because she doesn't want to get pushed away from her vantage point by other exuberant people as for the fact that it seems to be the only thing that keeps her from jumping over the railing to join the candidates on the sands. "Lovely, lovely, lovely! Look, a brown!" How observant of her. A few of the candidates are recognized, and waved to; the clutch dad and his lifemate are given a wave as well. And, still, there's an apparent disregard for the fact that it'll likely go unseen.

From the sands, Oarin shakes her head lightly. "There's a brown out there? I missed it… Where?" So much shouting and comotion distract the candidate. "How many does that make?"

From the sands, Kayne nods to Kekina in agreement of her coment of the green. "Yes, quite beautiful." He comments back to her. But the sound of cracking brings his attention to the egs again and the brown tha hatched. "Oh, handsome brown." He comments, then eyes going back to the green to see what she's up to.

From the sands, Tiaunnin smiles as she looks over teh dragonets, "I had no idea they started out so small." sure she's been looking at those eggs for sevendays but it's amazing to see them emerge. Amber shoot to the HArbor View Egg. "Well well." she'd always wondered what color the mind inside her favorite egg would be.

From the sands, Kiss Away The Pain Brown Dragonet stands slowly from the sands, dark wings unfurling gracefully as he takes in the sights. InterestinWith a wiggle, he sheds the shards of egg clinging to him, managing to spray a little egg goo around in the process. Wedge head turns to watch the white things. Well, what's this?

From the sands, Eyvin laughs and grins at Evy, smiling at the new brown. Forced to squint in the heat, he squeezes her hand a bit and smiles, "Wow." He decides to be quiet, now, since all he's going to do is 'oo' and 'ah' for the rest of the Hatching, just smiling happily at the wandering dragonets and laughing a bit, "The green certainly seems to know what she wants.."

From the sands, Botanic Lights Egg twitches a bit — it wouldn't have even been noticed, but the bright greens and blues are a bit too much to ignore.

From the sands, Evy nods hastily, grinning from ear to ear. "Oh, aye," she mumbles. She's not got a taste for browns - but there's nothing wrong with candidates who do. "Maybe he's yours," the girl says quietly, raising an eyebrow towards her fellow candidate. "You like him, right Danie?"

From the sands, Xylaihl watches the green, and then the brown, still clinging desperately to her calm image. She glances at the Garden Path Egg and the Pasture Princess Egg, those're her favourites. Yes sirree, particularly the Garden Path Egg. "Nice brown" she admits.

From the sands, Faeo smiles and finds herself standing on the sides of her feet to see if they take the heat better. She really thinks she is going to have burned feet after this but doesn't really know at this point. "Brown who likes to be a clown," someone make her stop, please!

C'vex nods his head at Lonriya. "I guess after then, I will be forced to take that 'long' trip to Igen." He smiles at Lonriya. "At least the lady knows a good wine she see's it. It should be an interesting hatching" The wine is eyed. "Benden White, a very expensive drink, but well worth it for such a beauty as yourself."

From the sands, Borat looks at the brown and pauses in his shifting foot work."That brown is very handsome too.." He steps over to 'Luet' er Luether. to keep him company, though he nearly stumbles over his own sandal strap which came undone in the shuffle to get to the sands. He smiles at Faeo's attempt at humor.

From the sands, Oarin squeezes the hand clutched in her palm, just to let Rayne know she han't forgotten her, even though she might not respond to comments or questions. She just seems to be reeling with all the movement. "Shells and Shards… By Faranth's first egg," she mutters though rose-petal lips, icy-blue eyes wide as they finally fall upon the brown.

From the sands, Daniella can't do anything more than sigh a little wistfully and nod. She glances at her favorite Egg as it rocks a little, but quickly shifts her attention back to the roaming brown and green. She smiles at her fellow Candidates, wishing htem luck under her breath.

From the sands, River Sunset Egg shimmies faintly.

From the sands, Caspian chuckles at Faeo's poetry, while watching the brown and green. Where could they go? Who would they go too? He decides to watch and wait, thought he can't help but smile and grin.

From the sands, Jezzara leans towards Xyla, pointing towards the brown, "He is pretty, isn't he?" Bouncing in excitement, she turns back to the surrounding eggs, shaking her braid over her shoulder, "They're hatching too fast.."

From the sands, Luether shifts his weight from foot to foot, hopping more like he has to go to the privvies than he's on hot sand. Gray orbs dart about more nervously than before. The poor boy looks ready to bolt… or jump out o fhis skin.

J'ran finally gives up trying to find a seat and sits on the stairs themselves, off to one side in an attempt to stay out of other people's way. "They're certainly coming out fast," he says, leaning over to speak to the closest person — just so happens to be the Igen Weyrwoman, seated a row down in front of him. "I don't remember it being anywhere near that fast the last clutch that came out of here." Of course, he was on the sands at the time, so that might have something to do with it. Heroically, he refrains from rolling his eyes at a overheard comment from a certain bronzerider.

From the sands, Party All Night Long Green Dragonet pauses at another boy, stareing at him for a quizzical moment. No. Nononono. Not right, not right at all! But another few steps takes her up to a gaggle of girls and here she stops for now, haveing a good look around. Mustn't make mistakes in this.

From the sands, Rayne marvels, her mind focusing on the simple beauty of Pern's dragons. "Tia.. I never knew such beauty." She seems intoxicated by the moment, but she is fully alert. Rayne straigtens her shoulders. She was chosen to be here, to be a part of the cycle.

From the sands, Evy tilts her head to peer at the green, stifling a giggle. Hatchlings always have the *cutest* personalities. "She's certainly meticulous." And that counts for something, as far as Evy is concerned.

From the sands, Kiss Away The Pain Brown Dragonet steps away from his egg, muzzle lifted high in the air as he wanders towards the candidates, dark hide contracting starkly with the pale sands. He moves first to a group of boys, whirling eyes taking in each one before dismissing them with a snort. No thanks, not what he's looking for!

From the sands, Kirilla is more at attention now that the dragonets are hatching, but she eats slowly. It just wouldn't do to choke. Of course, perhaps she should've /not/ brought that basket of perfectly good pastries out so close to hatching, when she knew she wouldn't let the mgo to waste.

From the sands, Kekina folds her hands together in front of her tightly for a moment as she watches the green. Forget the brown, he'll find someone eventually.

From the sands, Tiaunnin looks between the Botanic Lights, the Harbor View and the free roaming dragonets. Her smile widens, "This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen." and not many things amaze this little healer woman. She nods slowly attention rapt on he wild sceen before her. Who would've thought? And she's got the best seats. Front row center.

From the sands, Faeo does take notice that a few people heard her and bites her tongue from making anymore comments, or notes in her case. Finally she finds a way to stand that keeps her feet from frying and rocks from the ball of her feet to the heel and back again.

From the sands, Oarin is, of course, interested in the progression of the green moreso than the brown. "If I'm ever a rider, it's sure to be a green." Her eyes narrow as she watches, ever hopeful, where the Party-girl is heading.

G'wain nudges Lydiere lightly. "I don't quite understand what you mean by that… But tell me, honestly, would you have preferred her hide to have been green?" Leaving this alone, he peers over at that old Aunty, who seems to be basking in the attention. "Yes, m'dear… I bought that'n up. He'll make a fine rider." If he impresses. Poor dear would faint if he didn't. G'wain shakes his head, a grin on his face. "Oh, I agree with you there… I should hope that some of them don't - if there isn't a dragon for them here, at least. I'd much like to see Rayne, Tia, and Jezzara back at Ista again. Smart, all three."

From the sands, Eyvin stands very, very still for a moment, closing his eyes and breathing in slowly. He dissects the hot air so that it doesn't hurt his throat, doesn't stifle him. Then he whispers something, breathing carefully, detaching from the bustle and hustle. With a quiet sigh, he smiles and relaxes a little, opening his eyes and peeking at the green, "Aye, she certainly does." He gives a light laugh and nods to the brown, "So does he, it seems.."

From the sands, Kayne shifts a bit on the sands as he watches the two hatchlings move about the sands. He hmms at the pair of dragons. "They have interesting personalities." He comments toward Kekina, then gaze flickers between the two, even the eggs get a glance.

From the sands, Zalansho's stomach feels a little empty as he rubs it. However, that's not important now. There are dragons walking and his eyes to be peering.

From the sands, Valenth croons down to his spawn, almost having a sort of draconic smile. They're so cute. All his children are ubercute.

Lonriya chuckles, offering the 'skin towards the Xanadu rider. "Well, I've more than my share of riches and marks. What better to spend it on than a 'skin of the best wine for a Hatching." The Igen rider grins, glancing up to nod at J'ran. "Oh they are coming out too fast. So many, so quickly."

From the sands, Abby laughs lightly as she looks at the green hatching taking such care in finding a partner. "She's very perty," she says to Kirilla and the others she's standing near. "Kirilla! I thought I told you to leave those in the barracks?" she chides the girl and smiles. "At least you had the courage to do something different," she mumbles before giggling merrily. Her short aubrun hair has begun to stick to her face because of her nervous sweat and she manages to peel some of it out of her eyes. "Ewww, not something I want everyday."

From the sands, Frydath sticks to humming proudly as she watches, confident her offspring will make good choices. Really.

From the sands, Kiss Away The Pain Brown Dragonet inspects a group of girls, shoving his muzzle up against them and peering at each. Oh, goodness no! He moves away, tail lashing and he thumps across the Sands. Gotta find the right one. The perfect one. Making a few crooning noises, he pads over to another group of boys, though they too get a tail lash before he moves away.

From the sands, Luether absently rubs the back of his neck and swallows. Initial shock worn off. He peers up at the GAlleries and frowns. Did he really expect any of his family to show? They probably didn't notice he was searched. Snort and he turns back to the hatchlings, dancing a bit on the hot sands.

From the sands, Jezzara fingers a bit of white stick that is stuck into the hem of her robe. Good luck, that's just what she needs. Laughing softly, she watches the green and brown hatchlings as they move through the white-clad candidates.

J'ran nods, keeping his eyes on the Sands. As it happens, he knows a number of the candidates down there, from prior stands and from Ista as well. And in most cases, he's torn — wanting them to Impress, yet…well, it's selfish, no doubt. "Any of yours down there, Weyrwoman?" he asks curiously. "Hoping they Impress, or do you want them back?" he says with an amused chuckle.

From the sands, Blue Wharf Egg shifts uneasily, shivering just a little.

From the sands, Daniella watches the brown now, heart in mouth. He seems to be rejecting all the boys… Could he… Could he want a girl?

From the sands, Evy squeezes both Eyvin's and Danie's hands, uncertain what to say. There just really *isn't* anything for her to say…

From the sands, Rayne wipes away a bit of sweat from her brow. "How could anyone deny any of these creatures. It so amazing.. So new, yet they already know who they are. I'm jealous." She smiles over at Oarin, squeezing the woman's hand.

Lydiere stretches to try and get a better view of the hatchlings, explaining to G'wain as she does so: "Not in terms of her - but in terms of what gold means. I'd rather be a normal rider with Llysereth, than a Weyrwoman of any kind." She nods firmly, watching for the three Istans curiously. "I was sure Jezzara would Impress with you and your clutchmates, but she didn't. I guess we'll just see - although I hate for her not to Impress, again, if she doesn't."

Ciarn is still just watchivng with that look of awe on his face. This really is something. He just continues watching with every bit as much excitement as Marhiya, though a lot less overtly too.

From the sands, Oarin peers over towards Valenth with her eyebrows raised at something.. "Looks so smug, doesn't he?" she asks, nodding towards the bronze. Her sharp sight is set back on the brown now, having caught a movement of brown out of the corner of his eye. "Ouch… watch that tail!" she calls to the other candidates. She then nods again to Rayne. "I know what you mean."

From the sands, Botanic Lights Egg fidgets again, just a bit, more noticable now.

From the sands, Caspian can't help but start rubbing his hands together again. His nerves are begining to get the better of him, plus a new nagging hunger is starting to pick at him. Yet, he watches the dragons intently. Beautiful and he gets to be this close to him. He watches the other candidates and smiles. For once, this young man has lost his words.

From the sands, Kayne watches the brown as he tail lashes a couple groups of candidate, and he makes a face, glad he's not in those groups. His eyes glancing toward the green again to see where she went, and who she's looking at, but then it's back to the brown, eyes swiveling between them,

From the sands, Borat glances at the Blue Wharf egg and clasps his hands together… His mother is trying to get the people next to her to chant his name, and he is trying to concentrate on the eggs… Whatever he gets he'll take good care of him or her.

From the sands, Faeo looks up at Valenth and Frydath and tilts her head before glancing back at the little dragons making their way around the sands, "Loving the children they hardly know before taken away…." her last words are mumbled as the boy and girl standing next to her give her a very odd look. She really can't help it… well she can but doesn't want to. She casts her glance to a few of the shaking eggs and gulps, still more to come.

From the sands, Harbor View Egg shudders and rocks, almost crossly. Rock, shake… and just a little bit of cracking?

From the sands, Xylaihl seems to be more interested in the green than the brown, though she does smile at the brown's choosing tactics. Hmm, those eggs they are a rocking. "How do thay /know/?" she wonders idly.

From the sands, Party All Night Long Green Dragonet circles the girls a little more and then her attention is caught by a patch of blond hair a little firsther along. And blue eyes and a white robe that positively screams elegance. Oooh, my. That looks very promising indeed.

From the sands, Tiaunnin chuckles. "That is an accomplishment." she utters at Rayne. Knowing who you are… an a good goal to strive for. She takes in a soft breath as she looks over the Blue wharf egg, the movement of the Botanic Lights egg noted as well. She simply shakes her head. The sight before her almost worth the long Candidacy…

Marhiya decides an attempt at silence would be best for now, so she valiantly purses her lips and divides her attention between the two hatchlings out on the sands. Then she shakes her head, and all pretenses of being under her own control disappear - she speaks. Ooh, ahh. "They hatch quickly, and then some of them take /forever/ to find their bonds…"

From the sands, Caspian steals a peak at the Summer's Splendor Egg, remembering thoughts in his head.

From the sands, Daniella glances nervously at the Harbor View Egg. She watches as the green seems to make a choice, and sighs, turning her attention back to the brown.

From the sands, Dushacka hops from one foot to the other, attention torn between brown and green. "Oooh. Someone… someone… who is it?"

From the sands, Kiss Away The Pain Brown Dragonet nears a few more candidates, girls and boys intermixed, dark wings unfurling to waft the hot air towards them. Hmm, not bad, not bad. He pers carefully, raising his head to watch each one. Nope, nope, nope. But he knows that special person is there! Pacing back and forth, he dips and shuffles, watching each candidate. Oh, where are you? Eyes settle on a girl, a deep rumble escaping his throat. Oh, that's much better!

From the sands, Kekina watches as the little green she'd had her eyes on heads the other way. Rather than be disappointed, however, she sendsa smile to the group of girls that seems to be the green's intent, waiting to see which one is chosen. But only for a moment as she momentarily switches her attention back to the rest of the sands.

From the sands, Oarin boasts blonde hair, but sadly, is wearing a robe that's no where near elegant. A bright smile is offered to the candidate whom the green is standing in front of though. And the, towards the bown. "There's another… I think they picked. Who?"

From the sands, Jezzara watches the green, an eyebrow raised in curiousity as the Party-gal seems to know just who she wants. Leaning forward, she tries to see who the green is choosing, catching site of the brown paused before a group of girls.

From the sands, Daniella gasps, as she watches the brown. He, too, seems to have made his choice, but she can't tell who. Crossing her fingers hard, she squeezes Evy's hand, and closes her eyes tight. "I can't watch, I can't watch!" she murmurs.

From the sands, Kayne looks to the eggs, looking to see if any of the eggs he had started to like were moving, though his eyes watches the green and brown hatchlings out of the corners, incase either comes too close so he can be ready to move out of the way, if needed.

From the sands, Evy gasps and both brown and green seem to have chosen…and neither have chosen her. "Who's she picked?" She peers over heads to find the 'owner' of the nice new green. "And who's he picked?" The girl squeezes Dani's hand back, shuffling again.

From the sands, Caspian watches the brown. "Looks as if he's made a choice.. I wonder who?" he asks as he looks over at the girls.

G'wain cranes his neck, glad that she is a weyrwoman-type at the moment for the better seating arragements, though he won't say that. "Ahh. Well, Lymera seems to have a lot of kick left in her," a slight snicker at this, before he continues, "so you won't have to worry about anything overly major for a litte while." Which is as much a relief to the bronzerider as anyone, really. "If you were certain she would have impressed… then perhaps she will this time? But in the end, it's not your choice, is it… maybe there's something that the dragons sense?"

From the sands, Abby laughs before turning to the Botanic Lights Egg. I see you. "Lookee, see that one? That's my favorite egg," she says with a palm raised to her forehead. "Look, it seems they've made their choices!" she says, squeezing Kirilla's hand. "Isn't this amazing. Imagine going through this twice…" Le sigh.

From the sands, Kirilla ooohs toward the green and Xyla, tilting her head sideways to get a better view. Abby is grinned at shortly. "Ah.. I eat when I'm nervous, ya know.. it's better'n my cousin and her little habit of biting her lips. "Ooh.. wonder who the brown wants!"

From the sands, Luether blinks over the eggs and peers… The brown has chosen? He suddenly takes a step back, as if that would help. Not like he's invisible… just not noticeable. Heh. Amazing what one can learn from they're family no? He seems more interested now peering around the candidate nearest him to watch more carefully.

From the sands, Eyvin just squeezes both Evy and Daniella's hands, saying, a lot calmer than he was before, "Just wait.. we'll hear it.. I think." He blinks, once, then proceeds to tilt forward and peer towards the other candidates, checking to see who the dragonets have chosen, indeed.

From the sands, River Sunset Egg shakes again, with a bit of effort this time.

From the sands, Rayne swallows, watching the green and brown make their choices. She tries to determine which candidate was chosen to be worthy of the loyalty and pure love that she was taught comes with the bond. Only a sigh escapes her lips as she watches.

From the sands, Kayne watches the two hatchlings as they seem to choose who they're interestd in, peering a bit back and forth up and down the line as he tries to see just who the hatchlings are looking at, and who they might choose.

Lydiere's response comes with a chuckle. "True. Although—the day Lymera *doesn't* have a lot of kick in her will be a dark day, indeed. Unimagineable." For more reason than one. "Perhaps she will," agrees Lydiere, grinning. "I'd bet, but it seems like such a waste, when it comes down to it, if one loses. I guess it is something the dragons sense. I don't know, and they certainly aren't telling, if they know consciously."

From the sands, Zalansho grins. "Hey, looks like those two finally made up their minds, eh?" He watches the dragonets and ponders over who it could possibly be.

From the sands, Faeo is torn between watching the brown and the green on the sands. She looks a little strange as she rocks back and forth while everyone else is shifting from side to side but she doesn't care as long as her feet stay cool. Have they both found who they are looking for? She looks past a few of the candidates to see who they have picked.

From the sands, Kiss Away The Pain Brown Dragonet bounces forward with a triumphant stutter of a bugle, whirling eyes watching Daniella longingly. Yes, you're perfect! The brown's tail lashes back and forth as he tries to meet his choosen's eyes. Yes, yes, you're the one!

From the sands, Borat moves behind some girls, one of which is getting snuffled at. He reaches up and smoothes some hair out of his face. What hatchling in Faranth's name would ever choose one such as himself. His ma says his grandfather stood on sands as a boy but was never chosen as a partner to these great beasts…He figures out for himself that if he doesn't get impressed he'll go back to painting weyrs…or walls at least.

From the sands, Oarin draws her freehand across her brown, wiping away the glistening drops of persperation slowly forming. "It is sharding hot out here… " Then, she spots Daniella. "Oh! Dani!!"

From the sands, Jezzara bounces, trying to see over someone's shoulder as the brown makes his decision. "Is it.. really.. oooh.. Dani!!!"

From the sands, Evy gasps as the brown approaches, choosing…"DANIE!!!!" She screams, pulling her hand away from the other's so that she can commune with her lifemate. Happy as Evy is - she's just lost a friend to someone else…

Lonriya shifts in her seat, eyes widening at the sight of the brown's Impression. "Oh splendid. A brown. Who's he picking?" Well, one can't blame her after all, she's only a visitor.

From the sands, The River Sunset Egg rocks wildly, shuddering and dancing the beautiful sunset chips away as silver melts and tumbles away to coat the sand below. Mahogany stretches and cracks crazily, faint trails of blue glittering in the air as fragments let go of their hold. With a snap, amber and ivory part, revealing the tip of a dragonet's nose, shining a damp green in the light. Another strong poke from the green and the glorious scene dissolves like riverfoam, depositing it's occupant onto the burning sands rather ungracefully, muzzle first and her tail up the the air.

From the sands, Daniella gasps as the amazing emotions rush her, thoughouly. "Oh, Ezventh!" She hugs the little brown carefully, drenched in the amazing emotion… She just can't get over him.

From the sands, To Hold Forever More Green Dragonet

Spring's first leaves drapes her lithe form, studding her in pale greens while mid-morning sunlight dips over the forest of her hide, catching in honey dewdrops strung across the living foliage that shudder sweetly over a chiseled muzzle, her cheeks high and proudly set underneath bejeweled eyes. A sinuous neck is soft green giving way at her narrow chest for a cloud of mossy tones fuzzing into her thin belly. Sparkling 'ridges pour with bright light, dribbling down into heavily muscled shoulders and into transparent wingsails inlayed with the winding silver strands of a spider's web, prismatic water droplets clinging to each fragile line. Amber is etched into her lean haunches, stark lines against the grass that wavers slowly into legs longer than most dragons', giving her an ungainly appearance despite her graceful air. Tones of honey-gold filtering through a canopy dapple the magnolia green tail with dancing shadows of light and dark while paws are dainty creations, a clear jade that offsets her pale body down to talons of unpolished obsidian.

J'ran grins, wiping the sweat from his brow as he sees another Impression take place. "A good looking brown," he observes quietly. "They don't seem quite as frantic any longer. Ahh, another green," he says approvingly. "Greens are always good," he approves.

From the sands, Eyvin steps back from Daniella immediately, almost tripping backwards over Evy, "Dani!" Startled, happy, and a little lost, he just ends up on his backside on the hot sand, "Eep! Um.. congratulations Dani!" He grins a bit, climbing to his feet and blushing as he dusts sand off of his rear.

From the sands, Zalansho chuckles and grins. "Way to go Dani!!"

From the sands, Kekina grins over at Kayne as she motions towards Daniella. "Not a bad start for this little hatching, is it?" she pipes up, hands clasping together once more to beam at the new little brown pair as yet another egg breaks apart, a green stepping from the fragments.

From the sands, Xylaihl watches the green, then looks about her, "She has?" she says, turning a slightly sad eye to the green's progress. She shrugs, and watches the eggs. But the green isn't actually /impressed/ yet is she? So Xyla turns back to the green to see who she wants. She lets herself hope a little.

From the sands, Kirilla blinks and eyes Dani and Xyla. "Oooh.. Oh! Congratulations, Dani! Xyla!" Rilla grins, then peeks as another green appears. "Ooh! Oh!" Is that all she can say? Supposedly. "She's a pretty one."

From the sands, Kayne glances from side to side, trying to watch the two hatchlings, not to mention the moving eggs. He then glances to the brown as he hears his bugle, and grins widely. "Daniella! Congradulations!" He calls to the girl, before his eyes look back to the green to see where she is, then back to the eggs as he notices another green has hatched, and he smiles.

From the sands, Caspian chuckles to himself and smiles to Dani. "Congratuations Dani."

From the sands, Party All Night Long Green Dragonet pops forward gleefully, virtually colliding with her choice as she finally looks her way again. Xylaihl might not keep her feet due to this one's enthusiasm!

From the sands, Lecil grins, motioning for Daniella and Ezventh, motioning for the new pair to follow her off the sands with a soft, "Congratulations, Dani!"

From the sands, Tiaunnin scans the faces of each of the candidates and smiles. Too bad there isn't a sketch artist around. This is the sort of thing people want to remember, impress or no. "I can't believe I had rather worked than go see the Ista hatching… I had no idea what I was missing." she's so odd. If she had any drawing ability she might start doodling right now… but the undercoat of the stables can attest to her lack of artistic ability. She is drawn out of her own thoughts as eyes land on Daniella, "How wonderful." smile.

C'vex accepts some of the wine from Lonriya, "Why thank you." he takes a sip and smiles, "Even better then the last time I had it." And then he see's the green and smiles. "Ahh look a Green." He points towards the newly hatched green.

From the sands, Daniella gasps again as an amazing hunger grasps her guts, and it'

From the sands, Oarin perks up as another green spills out on the sand. "Now /she's/ beautiful. Look at that coloring. There's a lucky candidate out here somewhere for her…" Xylaihl receives a broad grin. "Congrats X!"

From the sands, Borat claps for Dani and Xyhlaihl

From the sands, Faeo smiles and cheers, "Good job Daniella!" She smiles happily and thinks Ezventh is a good name for a dragon, she has always loved names and you could tell with her little lizards. She dnaces as more of the eggs start to crack and can't wait to see who they pick. She again spots the green and yells with everyone else, "Way to go Xyhlaihl!"

From the sands, Caspian looks over to Xylaihl and grins. "Xyl too! Congratulations," he says with a smile.

From the sands, Jezzara giggles again, then blinks as the girl right beside her gets choosen by the Party Green. While one green makes her choice, another hatches, and the once fosterling cheers for her fellow candidate. "Wohoo, Xyla!"

From the sands, Evy gulps, and grins again at Danie. "Ezventh…what a wonderful name!" And then her attention is drawn by yet another impression…this time Xylaihl. "Xyla!" She cries, slapping her leg with her one free hand in an effort to clap. Ooh. And there's another green out there too.

From the sands, Zalansho laughs a little and claps for dani and Xyla. "Congratulations!"

From the sands, Harbor View Egg wiggles harder, shaking in more spasmodic fits.

G'wain considers this. "A lot of what dragons do is instinct… I mean, I didn't know that Ahreluth knew what to do in a flight, the first time." Matter of fact. "I don't think he knew either. But he did do it." Spotting the brown's impression, his smile broadens. Any more and his face'll split. "It's all so… wounderful. Almost makes me relive it over again." Almost. And then there's a green's impression. "That was unexpected…" He exclaims. All the other hatchings have been almost orderly… But these two were on top of one another. "But congratualtions nonetheless."

From the sands, Abby looks over as the brown impresses. "Dani! Congrats!" Wanting to rush over to give the girl a giant hug, she stops only to see the newest green hatch from an egg. "Oh, shards…" Awe inspired, she literally stays put and focusses her sea-green eyes on this hatchling. "Look how gorgeous!" Auburn hair is again pushed out of her range of vision as she cheers for Xyla, whom she assumed just impressed as well. "Congrats, darling!" Abby looks enthralled, and a bit weary. The first impressions are the hardest and the scariest to go through, until you get the hang of it.

From the sands, Daniella strokes the little brown gently, looking about in confusion. "He says his name is Ezventh!" she calls to the crowd on an unspoken order. "Now, dearest." She gives his eyeridge a loving scritch. "Where's that food?"

From the sands, Rayne brings her hands together in excitement for Daniella.. "Oh Dani!" Tears well up in the girl's eyes. But her mind won't let her linger long on anything, and her eyes move to the new emergent; the dewy green. "I just realized.. The events today determine eternity for those who impress.." She manages a 'Congratulations' to Xyl before she lets herself again be caught up in contemplation.

From the sands, To Hold Forever More Green Dragonet rights herself gingerly, daintly shaking off bits of egg and goo. She peeks meekly about the Sands, a gentle paw reaching out to take her first step onto the warm sand. Large, whirling eyes scan the large circle of white-clad Candidates.

From the sands, Kayne grins, and cheers for Xylaihl as well as he notices the gren go for her. "Xylaihl! What a lovely green!" He cheers toward the girl and her new lifemates, watching the two new pairs get led off, before he looks back to the eggs and hatchlings that have hatched.

From the sands, Xylaihl gasps, then grins, recovering fast. "Her name is Xvataoth!" she says, then concentrates on her new lifemate, stunned. "They said you'd found your rider…" she smiles, "Of course you're hungry… Uh, yes, where?" she asks raising her voice.

From the sands, Luether whatches the pair of dragonets impress from his slightly off to the side and back vantage. Swallow. He scans the eggs and the new hatchling nervously. Sweat wiped away, "Breathe, Lue, Breathe." he repeats to himself quietly.

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