Xanadu Hatching: June 7, 2001

Hatching Sands - Xanadu Weyr

Leagues and leagues of red volcanic sand reach greedily toward the smoothened granite walls, forming gritty peaks and waves where the surface has been disturbed, and leveling peacefully where the rush of air from a wingbeat has scattered all hint of anything or anyone who had passed before. There is no privacy to be found, for eyes of all shapes and sizes gaze upon the sands from various levels; up high on the dragon ledges, and over on the varying tiers of stone benches in the viewing galleries. There is no place to hide, and the crushing waves of history played out here is overwhelming; this is no place to linger, queen on the sands or not.

Dragon ledges circle the cavern high above, while a hint of sky peeks through the angled opening in the lofty ceiling. An ever-shrinking tunnel leads off the sands, to safety and a quiet piece of mind for those seeking escape.

Contents: Branth Everenth Gauth Biancath Mystic Memory Egg Sandstorm's Fury Egg Midnight Sky Egg Opposite Attraction Egg Blizzard's Break Egg Firelight Features Egg
Icy Depths Egg Stars in Turmoil Black Egg Double Helix Egg Shining Stars Above Egg
Red Planet Egg Uncharted Galaxy Egg Red Mushroom Cloud Egg Shiny Satellite Silver Egg Moondust Grey Egg Music's Casting Egg Ragged Edges Egg Spinning Marks Egg
Crisp Mystery Egg Catastrophic Iceberg Egg

Joran looks about, wide-eyed, as he arrives on the Sands. He's been here before, but it seems so different with the stands full of people and dragons.

Darianya grins at the Candidates and motions for them to arrange themselves in a semi circle.

Hotaru sniffs at Darianya. At least she's cheerful. Glancing over to Maureen, she motions her to come stand by her.

Jeffry bows to the dragons.

Joran finds a place, Hotaru on one side and Farrizah on the other. He grabs Hotaru's hand briefly, giving it a squeeze.

Marhiya's wide stride turns into mincing steps as the heat of the sands are met: a wince passes shudderingly over otherwise composed, if twitching, features, and a constantly moving hand is brushed over the front of her robe. Grey eyes flick nervously from candidate to candidate and, without a hand to squeeze the life from, dry-washing begins.

Telilaren slowly trudges along, somehow managing to end up at the very back of the candidate line. A yawn is given and she slowly lifts her hand up to cover her mouth before dark eyes flicker to the sires and dames where she abrutly bows. "My honor to be here… Thank you." Is all Teli says before sliding towards the rest of the group and the semi-circle.

Biancath looks over the candidates with a stern eye, as if considering one last time whether these people are worthy of her hatchlings.

Verity bows deeply to the golds and bronzes and moves into the semi-circle.

Kevyn continues to cling to Kori's hand as she walks…or rather, is pulled…along in line.

Chui very nearly looses what's left of her calm completely, upon stepping onto the heated sands. Perhaps it's simply her nervousness, but the Candidate could almost /swear/ the sands got hotter between the last Touching and now. *whimper*. Lips move, and something might have be muttered, but the aloof young woman does nothing more than that. With a curt half-bow to the proud mother, she straightens her back so as to present the best image of herself. Already, Chui's taking her spot into the loose semi-circle of Candidates.

Kristoph bows politely, first to Everenth and Tristjen, then Biancath and Darianya. Then he pulls out of line, and waits for Vispi to enter…

Kori pauses to bow to the dragons before she heads toward the forming halfcicrcle around the eggs. She looks at Kezyn. "Is this a good place?" She asks the other girl.

Magicara bows calmly to each queen and then looks around. Rhial is found and scuttled over to, taking his hand and squeezing in anticipation.

Shairla moves forward and, despite her shaking hands and legs, manages to give a good semblance of a bow to both golds before moving over to Jeffry. "Stand with me." She beg-orders, eying the eggs with trepidation. "I don't want one of those things to sit on me."

Tenaran walks in, rather stiffly, her lip being bittenhard. She bows to the dragons, before finding a place among the rest of the csndidates.

Everenth hums loudly.

Caramel eyes wildly darting about, Rhial shuffles in with the rest of the Candidates, still gripping Shairla's hand considerably tightly. Good grip, neh? He gives her a look of concern, then breaks away. Okay, who wants to stand by him now? A deep bow is sent to the venerable leaders, and queen dragons. Yes. He bowed. He's nice.

Fiona slips across the sands - right - and shifts about. "Oh, right. Where to stand." She makes for Hotaru's hand. "This is the order, right?" Or is it not? Either way, it does matter. She has a nifty hand to hold. And stretches hers for anyone.

Jeffry looks back to the entrance after bowing properly to the Queens."Thank you for this honor."

Jasra strides in, not /looking/ the least bit nervous. She looks about for her friend, then stands off to one side of the semi-circle.

Evy decides she'll stay where she is. she follows the other candidate's ideas and bows, then moves back a bit. Okay, she does not want this to be happening.

Farrizah bows to both queen dragons on her way across the sands. "Ooh, I forgot how /hot/ hatching sands were!"

Marhiya jumps upon catching the gold's eye; working to scuttle over to some of the candidates she better identifys with, the nervous-but-not-nervous candidate sketches as deep a bow towards the golds, the clutch sires and their respective riders as she's able without first tumbling flat on her face. Place is taken, wherever that is, in the semi-circle.

Joran blinks at Everenth's humming, and watches Biancath warily. The old tales of candidates being mauled at hatchings were easy to dismiss until one was standing on the Sands…

Allyson and Otirod dart over onto the sands, standing, looking fairly nervous.

Midnight Sky Egg starts to slowly move, rocking gently back and forth, displacing the sand its mother piled up around it with a soft rasping sound. With each motion, the rocking gets a little stronger. The slow process of this little hatchling is almost painful to watch.

Cyvex manages a quick bow to Biancath and Everenth and then Tristjen and Darianya. Then the beastcrafter apprentice heads right over towards the semi-circle and manages to find himself next to Magicara. Emerald eyes glare at the girl before he shrugs and offers her his hand.

Qyh grimaces breifly at the heat of the sands but quietly and gracefully bows to the golds and their mates before stepping to her little patch in the semi-circle. Hands are tucked behind her back and her gaze wavers between eggs and adult dragons.

Kevyn nods absently to Kori and suddenly seems to remember where she is and what she's about. She bows low to the queens, their mates, and the riders. Still shifting nervously from foot to foot, she almost seems to lean against Kori as she clings to her desperately for support.

Verity shuffles her feet.

Hotaru gives Joran a nervous grin, then bobs a bow to the queens as her feet make a nervous tattoo on the sands. "Here we go," she murmurs to those around her.

Magicara begin pulled along, Rhial reaches for Fiona's hand. "Hi!" he greets, the nervous quiver in his voice very noticable. Right. he has people to stand with now.

Maureen immediately makes her way over to Hotaru, an odd shuffle-hop being added to her normally eccentric walk, a flowery stage-bow being addressed to the parents of the clutch, one hand grabbing for Hotaru's. "If Jasra Impresses the queen, I think that I'll be sick," she mutters darkly, beginning the hop of the hatching sands. "Here we go, at least."

Joran points at the Midnight Sky egg. "Look!" he whispers harshly. "It moved!"

Tenaran takes the hand Fiona has offered, looking rather relieved not to be alone. A small smile is stretched in her direction, then her head turns back towards the sands. Feet move without thought, and she stills them.

Magicara squeals a bit, hopping from foot to foot already. She's too excited to notice who else is standing byside her and clutch his hand. Then she seems to notice that it's Cyvex, but shrugs, "Rhial! It /moved!/"

Susia slips onto the sands, taking a deep breath. Bowing to the watchign dragons and riders, she shuffles her feet on the hot sands, moving to head towards the eggs, slipping over to stand near Jeffry.

J'ham moves over to stand by Trisjen and gives his Weyrmate a little hug and a quick peck on the cheek.

Vispi remebres what she was told and bows to the dragons and finds a place to stand.

Kori stands proud and watches the rocking eggs. She thinks back on what she remembers from the times she stood. Her eyes on the rocking eggs to see what hatches out of them first. She squeezes Kevyn's hand as she takes a deep breathe to calm her nerves.

Jeffry smiles as he sees Susia enter. He walks over and offers his hand to her."Glad you made it." He watches the eggs.

Opposite Attraction Egg shudders slightly on the sands, shivering and shuddering and shaking in place, but not cracking.. nope, not cracking.

J'ham says "Branth almost made us late."

Shairla winces, as if the heat had just made itself evident to her feet. "Owww ow ow ow…" Comes her rather genius like reply. "Oh, it's hot.. I hope those eggs hurry, I don't want to stand here too long.." Right, it's uncomfortable and, therefor, not what Sha wants to do.

Tristjen smiles a little at J'ham and watches the eggs. She hehs a little to the weyrleader, not asking why.

Kristoph grimaces, and moves in next to Vispi, taking her hand, and squeezing it gently, then looking back out toward the eggs…

Evy watches the eggs warily, snorting a bit. She sooo does not want to be here. but, if she must.. A hand is groped for, and found, incidently being Marhiya's.

Fiona nods at Rhial. "Alright. Just don't drool." Pause. "Goodness. Males. Deorderant. They never put it on." Shaking her head to bounce her hair, she gives a quick glance at the galleries. And a bow to the motherly fatherly type dragons - she can't /courtsey/, anyhow.

Farrizah blinks, her eyes moving over the eggs, resting slightly longer on her three favourite eggs.

Marhiya spots the rocking eggs about in time with the rest of the candidates - rather than being awed or excited by the site, the candidate appears almost afraid; a jump is her response, followed shortly by a not nearly half-hearted attempt to hide behind another candidate, rather than beside.

Slowly, almost painfully slow, bits of shell flake off this egg as it furiously rocks back and forth on the sand. The bits of shell twinkle like stars in the light as they fall onto the sands. Then, in one sudden burst of activity from the hatchling, the eggshell collapses entirely, slithering to the sands and the hatchling is left standing in the midst of that chaos.

The Skies of Heaven Bronze Hatchling
Dark bronze flows down the sides of a creature that seems to move with a grace unsuggestive by his large, lithe form. Muscles ripple beneath a hide of antiqued bronze, almost green and rusted in certain lights. His neck ridges rise like molten metal as he stands, stalk still, a work of art, a statue, carved by masters hands. Being young, he appears slightly gangly, but surely he's going to grow into his looks and body, already he shows the potential of a powerful flyer. As his wings spread, a blast of hot desert air seems to pour forth, casting a glow the color of lava towards every object in range so the whole vicinity is lit with moving, shifting red lightning. His eyes dart beneath black eye ridge and he shifts, as if he longed to move, longed to fly and be energetic, but the maintaining of that conservative demeanor holds him back. His nearly black opalescent claws twitch constantly, digging into the ground, the only indication that the energy ready to be unleashed.

Magicara squeals again! "Bronze, it's a bronze!!!!" She yelps, practically tugging Rhial and Cyvex's arms off their bodies. "Thats good, right? Bronze first?"

Jeffry smiles at Evy and gives her a thumbs up as if to say 'C'mon we made it this far…You can do it…"

Chui might appear at least semi-collected, but the movement of the egg completely ruins that, for the girl jumps, snatching Teli's hand in a crushing grip. When you write and draw like Chui does, you'll get strong hand muscles as well. A gulp slides down her throat and worried optics flicker this way and that. Without even a thought for whoever's hand she's crushing, the candidate pulls the person closer, whispering, "They're cracking…!" As if that weren't obvious. All at once, there's a bronze on the sands and Teli's pulled even closer. However, as he does nothing /immediately/ threatening, Chui relaxes almost completely. Almost. "A bronze," Candidate notes blandly.

Tenaran looks about her, eyes widening. Her eyes fix upon the Opposite Attraction Egg, then move over to the newly hatched dragon with no concealed awe. First hatching, and it's confusing.

Rhial turns to Magicara, golden hued optics frantic. "Oh my! Watch them! They moved!" Eyes turn back to the eggs as he talks to Fiona. "Males? Deorderant? Never!" he tried to quip — but it's useless. His heart gives a sudden twitch. Oh my. One hatched. His voice squeaks, then turns to nothing.

Verity ohs softly at the emergence of the bronze.

Kori looks toward Opposite Attraction Egg as she sees it move, before she looksaround the eggs. She blinks at a movement and her jaw drops at the first hatchling. "Bronze! That's good luck when a bronze is first!" She whispers harshly to Kevyn.

Farrizah blinks, reaching for Joran's hand, "Look, bronze first"

J'ham leans over to his mate "What a great omen!"

Hotaru gasps, hands tightening their grips on her fellow candidates. "It's a bronze! That's good luck, right?"

Kristoph grins, and his breath is taken away by the hatchling. Gently, he once more squeezes Vispi's hand, and murmurs to her. "A bronze! And he's beautiful!

Border Lights Blue Hatchling
A sparkling body slowly uncoils itself from the remaining confines of the destroyed egg that was once his home. Long, thin limbs plant themselves parallel to one another, and slowly the long, wiry body of this blue hatchling steadies itself. A long, graceful neck curls up into a regal arch, and a narrow, refined muzzle turns as two whirling eyes of a thousand facets fix themselves on the half circle of white clad figures. Dark midnight and pale sky gather in patchy splotches of color over this thin body, with defined borders outlined in what looks like sparkling diamonds. The shining speckles of iridescence over the hide flicker just right in the light, almost like torch flames. Translucent sails catch your eyes however, as he spreads his wings to show off the checkerboard of night and day.

Marhiya keeps her eyes locked upon the rocking egg, despite her apprehensions: even the emergence of the hatchling doesn't do *too* much more than steal the breath from the already hyperventilating candidate's body. Evy's hand, previously unnoticed, is given a tight squeeze of reassurance and search for assurance. Upon noting bronze hues, Rhial is searched out with momentarily diverted attention; thusly, the blue isn't seen at first.

Tristjen smiles broadly at J'ham and nods. She looks over at the blue that has just hatched, "Strong looking dragons."

Kevyn gasps in shock as the first egg fractures and reveals the hatchling inside. She stares in stunned shock, not commenting, watching everything around her with wide eyes.

J'ham looks up into the stands to see whos shown up

Joran gasps as first one hatchling is born, then another. "Look!" he cries, squeezing Hotaru's hand again and pointing at the blue.

Cyvex smiles and nods at Magicara, "Yes it's a bronze, very good luch. Which egg did that one come from? I didn't even see it." He peers around and then spots the blue being born. "Wow this is happening quicker then I had imagined."

Susia giggles a bit, squeezing Jeff's hand lightly as she gazes at the eggs… and the dragonets. Just in time, it seems. Unable to say anything she just watches quietly.

Qyh starts as the first hatchling appears. "Good luck." she murmurs, but whether that is to the hatchling, to the (male) candidates or just because a bronze hatching first is generally thought to be good luck is rather hard to decipher.

Shairla squeeks. That's right, squeeks. "Oh good, it's a bronze." Which means she's safe. The blue, however, is eyed with fear before her gaze goes to Jeffry. "If one of those things comes near me, I'm hiding behind you." She warns, dancing from one foot to the other in the ancient dance of the sands.

Magicara squeals again, this one slightly lower "And a blue!" She dosn't miss much, it seems. "oooh, a blue! And a pretty, pretty blue!!"

The Skies of Heaven Bronze Hatchling flaps his wings slightly, drying them, as he surveys the wingless ones before him. He awkwardly approaches them, thoughtfully sniffing down the lineup. He sniffs at Kori and shakes his head, then turns away, almost knocking her to the ground, but not quite.

Fiona acks, squeezing back at Hotaru's hand - a bit hard, at that. "Yes, dear. Now calm down." Her teeth are almost bared as she says that, then turns back to Rhial. "Oh, look. Bronze! Blue! Maybe'll they'll come and take you from me." Wink. 'Cause she's like that.

Verity nearly leaps outof her skin at the emergence of the blue as well. "Beautiful.'

Vispi grins and shifts her weight from foot to foot and gasps softly as the dragons beging to hatch.

Kori looks at the rest of the eggs and spots the blues hatching. "Oh, they're hatching fast!" She states. She looks between the two hatchlings as she waits to see who they go to. She gives Kevyn's hand a squeeze again.

Hotaru twists her head to see the blue more clearly. "I see it! Oh, he's lovely too." She bounces with barely held-in excitement. "I can't believe this is happening…ow, Fiona!"

Tenaran becomes transfixed as another hatchling breaks out of its shell, her eyes now telling of happiness, and no matter if she gets Impressed or not, the baby dragons are still beautiful.

Jeffry gasps."A Bronze! That's a good sign…" He smiles and holds Susia's hand. He too moves his feet up and down.

Evy blinks at the bronze. Nice. But she can't have it, so it's ignored. The blue, however, is watched.

Kevyn grips Kori's hand tightly, holding her upright as the bronze passes her by.

Farrizah doesn't know where to look anymore, "Look, a blue too"

Telilaren gives a rather surprised squeak at her hand being snagged. "It's okay though, I understand why you're all nervous and stuff. It's a big thing. I'm just tired. I hope this ends soon 'cause I wanna get some sleep." Teli has a one track mind: Eat, sleep, and fight. She's a guard, what do you expect? Chui's hand is squeezed backow, crushing guardlet gripbefore she smirks at the blue and bronze now upon the sands. "Lets just hope this bronze doesn't go for me.. I'd start getting rumors about me after that."

"A bronze…" Rhial begins, voice shaking uncontrollably. "And a blue. It's going to go too fast!" Fiona's comment recieves a grin, though. "You would never want to get rid of me!' Yes, who would want to get rid of Rhi?

Marhiya turns back towards the bronze hatchling after a moment - with the franticness accompanying such a jerky movement, it can easily be assumed that she doesn't wish to become a mortality statistic for this hatching. Sweeping glance catches on blue; as the person holding her hand has done, Marhi allows her attention to hover on potentiality.

Kristoph winces slightly as Kori is nearly knocked over. "oooh. Be careful, little one…" He shifts his feet slightly, the hot sands starting to bother him, in spite of the sandals. His eyes are still on the hatchling, although a sideways glance is occasionally directed to Vispi, to make sure that she's ok.

The Skies of Heaven Bronze Hatchling sniffs at Vispi and sighs in disappointment, then trips on a wingtip in front of Kristoph and starts to creel piteously. He struggles to get up, getting very upset, his creeling getting louder and louder.

Fiona rolls her eyes. "Yes, Rhial. I can't wait to get rid of you." She glances back at Hotaru. "Sorry, dear. Must be all the… excitement." Right. She's the one with the oppositional disorder.

Maureen looks less than impressed, if one was to judge by the carefully controlled expression on her overly-expressive face, klah brown eyes flickering from one hatchling to the next. "Bronze, blue, what's the difference?" she muses, although Hotaru's hand is squeezed all the tighter. "Wait - is the bronze going for Kristoph?"

Otirod stares at the blue and bronze as they emerge, peering, and yanks on Allyson's arm. "Lookit them. Nice looking."

Verity watches the bronze with wide eyes before she looks over at the blue.

Magicara pokes Rhial "It's supposed to go fast, sillY!" She mutters, eyes glued on the blue. Pretty, pretty blue. Hop, hop, goes her feet in eager anticipation. "Blueblueblueblue.." Blink, as the bronze stops at Kristoph. Hope!

Jeffry whispers."You can do it little one you can do it…" Where is that fellow going…"

Everenth croons softly to the bronze, urging it along.

Jasra looks at the scene in front of her, not saying a word. She tries not to look impressed, but with dragonets hatching, how could she not be impressed?

"Ow!" Where the pressure was first exerted, Chui's hand is now grabed back with crushing results, "Owow! Teli! Ouch. Leggo!" My eggo! Well, maybe not. The candidate dances back from the once-guard, attempting to free her hand from the woman's crushing grip. And without even one thought for where she's going — tsk tsk. Manners, girl! Even a she struggles to free her hand, however, the aloof candidate can't resist the merest traces of a twitterish giggle as a sideways glance is shot at the bronze, "Hey…y'never know. He doesn't look too happy with any of the others…"

Kristoph almost moves to help the hatchling up. he hesitates for a moment, though, seeing if the little bronze can make it up on his own. "What's wrong?" he murmurs… "

Border Lights Blue Hatchling blinks and rises to move toward the candidates. Slowly he peers, pondering them over, and stops in front of the first candidate, the nearest one, Verity, before sniffing and moving on toward another.

Tenaran hopeful eyes turn on the blue, following it as it moves about the sands, turning concerned as the delicate wing and dragon goes down. Her lip is bitten harder than ever.

Kori blinks and watches. "Is the bronze wanting Kristoph?" She asks the others. She watches in hopefullness of her fellow candidate. She turns briefly to watch the blue hatchling, before she looks back to the bronze.

Hotaru glance to Maureen. "Do you think it is?" she asks softly. Her eyes take in the little bronze, then Kristoph.

Verity stiffens at the hatchling's inspection and then lets her breath out when itmoves on. Alright. This is okay.

Shairla looks concerned, though it could be a ruse. "Oh, looks like one's going for Kristoph.. " Grin. "Hope he impresses, then he'll be out of my way." Oh yes, she's nice. "Don't let him maul you, Kristoph!" is Sha's helpful call. Although, she's not going to move to prevent it.

Cyvex smirks at Magicara's statement. "Yeah but they said that these things took hours, at this rate it wont take that long." He shrugs his shoulder pulling at Magicara's arm as he does.

"Oh. I think it's found Kristoph!" Rhial announces — as if no one else noticed? Impression, possibly? The boy waits with a noticeable air of anticipation. The blue is eyed. Sure, it's beautiful and all — but blue? It deffinately won't be him. Hruph.

Vispi eyes widen as the hatchlings make their rounds.

Shining Stars Above Egg shudders and shakes jsut a tad from its spot, then settles quietly, not particularly moving any more for a bit. Nope. Not time for me yet.

Marhiya's grip tightens on Evy's hand, without too much notice from the girl responsible for that; the bronze's cessation, his troubles, are given a lip-biting. Concern overrides fear and curiousity, as the blue is abandoned temporarily, attention-wise, and the darkened bronze before Kristoph is watched.

The Skies of Heaven Bronze Hatchling looks up at Kristoph, almost begging for help and gets caught by the sight of his eyes…

Kevyn's eyes have followed the bronze on its trek, and now she watches with anticipation for Kristoph, hoping he's the one the hatchling is after. She likes Kris, he deserves a bronze, yup yup.

Border Lights Blue Hatchling waners on down the line and pauses again at Allyson and Otirod, before peering up into Otirod's eyes. "Kath!"

Jeffry smiles as Kristoph is nearest the bronze."You did it Kris! Alright!! Yaaayyy Cuz!"

Joran laughs. "It must be Insulinth!" he calls over to Kris.

Qyh watches the blue mostly, shifting from one foot to the other but a sideways glace falls on the bronze and she catches her breath. "Kr'stoph." she says in a pleased tone, shortening his name how she thinks it should be.

Hotaru nearly dies on the sands. Dragging an arm free, she baps Joran on the back of the head. "Be nice!" she says, laughingly, then calls over to Kris, "Congratulations! What's his name!"

Marhiya, despite not knowing this candidate all that well, tenses dancing feet enough to give the suggestion that she's actually standing on her toes in anticipation. "Is it Impression, you think?" Marhi "whispers" to the girl whose hand she continually clutches and vices the life from.

Fiona shrugs at Rhial. "I think it has. Shells, this is going fast." Nod. Then she eyes the blue. "Oh, look. It's found that one fellow." Then to Hotaru. "Really, dear. Take it /clamly/. That'll impress the hatchlings a lot more, I think." No pun intended.

Magicara squeals. Loudly. Pretty loudly. "Kris!!!!" She yells over, almost pulling Rhial's hand off. "Oops. sorry, Ri." Grin, and such, and Cyvex is grinned at "But this is /Xanadu/! Nothing happens slow here!" She should know.

Jeffry rolls his eyes at Joran a moment before looking over at his cousin again,"What's his name?"

Shairla laughs loudly at Joran's words before frowning once again. "Oh, isn't it going to be over soon? How hard can it be to hatch out and find a human?" After all, there seem to be plenty here. The girl's gaze is sent over the sands, watching the other candidates as others seem to dance upon the sands as well, a ferril grin curving her lips. Misery loves company.

A cackle escapes throw Rhial's mouth at Joran's comment. "Congrats, man!" he calls out, his face pantomizing a beam. "Lucky!" Oof. and his thus nearly has his hand riped off. "Understandable, Magi…" he sighs, shaking with anticipation.

Evy shrugs a bit "Who knows?" She answers to Marhiya "He might change his mind." Shrug, again, as she peers over with barely concealed excitement.

Tenaran turns from the bronze, after calling, "Congratulations!" with a smile, to look at the blue once more, wondering who will be impresses by this beautiful one.

Kori grins at Kristoph. "Congrats!" She calls over to the boy. "He's a handsom boy." She states. She gives Kevyns hand a squeeze, before she looks back to the blue to see what it's doing.

Susia smiles as Kristoph and Otirod both Impress. "Congrats!"

Magicara watches eagerly, hoping for Kris to call his name out. That would mean he impressed, you see. Cyvex's hand is squeezed, and Rhial's again, as she waits, holding her breath, hopeing.

Jeffry looks down a moment at Susia. "Didja see that? Kris's got the first Bronze… Lucky…"

Maureen makes a face, peering hard to the left to catch a glimpse of the Impression. "There's one half of the couple down," she says, sourly. "Oh - there goes the blue! To whatshisface - Otirod? /Him/?" Her normally low voice peaks to a squeak, coinciding with her shuffles. "Well, well, well."

Kristoph leans down to help the bronze. As he does, his eyes meet those of the dragon, and he reaches out to help the little bronze…

The ebon optics upon Telilaren's face focus upon the recent impression and a sly smile slithers across her pale lips. "Yes yes, congratualtions. He's a /lovely/ fellow he is. Yes he is." Well he is bronze after all, Teli always has been a fan—you don't have to be male to be a fan of bronzies.

Marhiya won't say the words - Congratulations, namely - until she catches names. At least, that's what she states to anyone close enough to hear her that's actually listening. "Kristoph… is he yours?" It's a self-aimed murmur. Otirod is unknown, though given a glance and a raised eyebrow, behind sweat from tension and heat both.

Shining Stars Above Egg shudders further in its place, seemingly ready, but not ready..

Cyvex chuckles and squeezes Magicara's hand back. "I guess you are right Magi." A smile upon his face as Kristoph assists the dragon.

Fiona starts to squeeze with random intervals at Hotaru and Rhial's hands. "So, Rhial. Like my robe?" She does a little pose, then turns back to the dragons, resuming a serious outlook. Right.

Kristoph looks up. "His name is Iolanth!" he says, his voice joyous as he helps his newly found Lifemate to stand back up.

Joran focuses in on the new egg's movement. "Another one," he whispers excitedly.

Tristjen inhales and smiles with Pride. "Good name…"

A'xim grins and smiles as the imoression beginf to happen

Magicara dosn't comment that Cyvex has never called her 'Magi' before. Nope, wrong time for that. "GOoooooo Kris!" She calls, grinning. "he's a beauty!" See? She goes nuts after a name is called. "Wheeeeeee!"

Farrizah shrugs, bronze isn't a colour she's interested in. But still, congratulations are in order for the rider of this young dragon, "Congrats Kristoph"

Darianya smiles with pride, "Congratulations!" She gives her queen some scritches to settle her down, as she's still glaring about.

Evy calles out her congrats to Kristoph, eyes focasing calmly on the next egg.

Kori grins at Kristoph. "Congrats!" She calls over to the boy, and the other who impresed the . "They're a handsom boys!" She states. She gives Kevyns hand a squeeze, before she looks back to the eggs to see what hatches next.

Marhiya releases all the tension taken in standing nearly on her toes in one rather large leap, belatedly culled. "Congratulations, Kristoph! Good name, handsome bronze!" she crows continually, pumping her free arm in the air. For Evy, Marhi belatedly gains her ground and her sense of being; blushing, grip is loosened some.

Jeffry smiles, and calls out,"Hey Kristoph! What's Your name?"

Kori grins at Kristoph. "Congrats!" She calls over to the boy, and the other who impresed the blue. "They're a handsom boys!" She states. She gives Kevyns hand a squeeze, before she looks back to the eggs to see what hatches next.

Aerdon looks up at the ledges as her lifemate bugles a congratulations and then looks, "Congratulations, Kristoph, Iolanth!"

As Teli's attention wavers, Chui turns her own attention to what's the cause of all the fus. Kris. "Oh! Congrats!" The young woman calls and with all the commotion, there's not true measure for how sincere it is. "Of course not. Although you're more likely to get close to one if you're male…" The disgust that etches itself into Chui's voice is more than enough to display for all to see her disappointment at the male gender. Meanwhile, there's still a blue on the sands, and more eggs rocking. Chui'll concentrate on that.

Hotaru smiles at the naming of the bronse. "Oh, that's a beautiful name," she says, watching Kristoph. "Almost like a flower, or a pretty….what, another one?" Her eyes flick back toward the eggs. "Which one did you see move?"

Kevyn nods and manages a weak smile, but she's still too nervous to get her voicebox working. Shifting uncomfortably, and clinging rather desperately to Kori, Kevyn merely watches what's going on around her with wide eyes.

"Er, yes, extremelt nice." Rhial mutters to Fiona, chuckling. Finally, the nervousness is seepng away. Good. "Iolanth! Great, Kris! Nice bronzer!" he exclaims, laughing. Oh boy. Too much klah?

K'roph smiles. "Just you wait, Cousin. You'll find out soon enough

A'xim smiles and ushers the new blue rider and Bronze rider to an area set aside away from the main hatching area. "Please weyrlings."

Tenaran smiles happily at Iolanth and Kristoph, adding on to Magicara's comment. "Yeah, beautiful is right!" Her eyes look about once more, though not just on the blue hatchling.

Qyh frees one hand to tuck stray tendrils of sweat-soaked hair back behind her ears. Her expression is neutral although her pale green eyes are quietly intense. She absently brushes a bit of fluff from her robe and folds her arms again - waiting for the next move.

Joran points at the Shining Stars egg. "That one rocked, I swear!"

Verity watches with wide eyes.

K'roph moves aside, and leads Iolanth over to the reserved area, then looks around.

Shairla calls out, "Congratulations Kristoph!" but only because that seems to be the thing to do at the time. "Let me know what it's like when you have the time!" Yep, one down, one to go.. hopefully, and Sha will be free of family concerns.. at least for a while.

Jeffry looks where Joran points."You sure?"

A'xim grins and claps her hands together for K'roph and closes with the other candidates.

Shining Stars Above Egg shudders on more time.. kin I come out now?

Slowly, the stars begin to slow in their chaotic turmoil on the shell of the Shining Stars Above Egg. Shards of shell begin to fall to the sands below, as night becomes day and a small brown is depositied on the sands before you all.

Curious Young Brown Hatchling
With head constantly cocked to one side, this little brown hatchling seems ever poised in a curious manner. However, his head is not cocked that way because he chooses to. It seems as though the muscles on the left side of his neck have developed in such a manner so as to be tighter than the looser muscles on the right side of his neck. Naturally, this can be worked out in time with gentle massages, but for the time being, it causes this hatchling to look terribly awkward. He, too, is feeling the affects of his unfortunate development, as he seems to be keen on walking in circles as a result. His wings flop around, a dark sienna in hue, and ironically enough, tiny swirls of klah mix in a creamy backdrop on his hide. His tail crooks in the opposite direction of how he's going as though he's trying to rudder his way out of his spin, but he is unsuccessful. Spinning dragonet, and spinning hide make him one terribly mind-boggling hatchling, to say the least.

Joran nods. "There it goes again!" he says.

Tristjen smiles and whispers to J'ham, "They're lovely, aren't they?"

Jeffry watches the eggs."A brown… What a feller…"

Fiona blinks. "Iolanth," Fiona repeats, catching whatever she caught in the fray. "Nice name," she comments, then gives Rhial's hand a squeeze. "See, I designed it myself. I really like the sailor idea." She glances at the newest egg. "Oh, brown. I think. Right?"

Marhiya turns her attention back towards the eggs, with no noticed hatchlings cavorting about - nosily or otherwise - until she decides to pay attention. Handy, that system. Convulsively, Mar's grip tightens on Evy's hand with the emergance of the brown, as well as a breathy, "Oooh," of interest.

Elissan smiles. "You can feed them from the vats over there." she points to the rider.

Kori smiles after K'roph and his dragon, and the bluerider and that one's dragon, before she looks back toward the eggs, specifically two eggs that have become her favorite. She blinks as she sees the brown. "Oh, is't he handsome." She comments toward Kevyn.

Hotaru blinks as the hatchling makes his appearance from the Shining Stars egg. "Well. I had _that_ one pegged for a green. Guess I'm out a mark or two."

Maureen blinks, nearly tripping over her own feet in an effort to regain her balance. "Move? /Move/? Which one moved?" she asks, sharply, craning her neck to the right. "Or, crimeny - a brown. Not bad," she murmurs. "Think that he's yours, maybe?" Count on Maureen to be optimistic at all of the wrong times.

Susia sighs slightly, tucking the hair escaping from the tie behind her ear idly. Swaying from foot to foot, she watches the emerging creatures with interest.

Caramel orbs watch intently upon the wriggling egg. "Aha! A -brown-!" Oh yes. For those of you that are color blind, you know. Another big, stupid grin creases Rhial's lips.

Verity watches the brown spin in circles and raises a hand to her mouth, giggling.

Kevyn blinks, eyes wide as she watches the brown walk in circles. "Oh, poor thing," she says softly, finally finding her voice.

Magicara ooos a bit at the brown "Oh, pretty pretty pretty!" She exclaims to Cyvex and Rhial, bouncing again. Bounce. She can't help it and nudges Rhial a bit closer "So go try for it, already!" She tells him, grinning. Cyvex is also nudged "Both of you!"

Cyvex spots the little brown hatch and he says, "Ah look just like a little Argonth." The candidate sends a look around for the brownrider but can't seem to find her so he just watches the brown curiously.

Sandstorm's Fury Egg stirs in the sands a little and then jerks heavily, rolling over itself, straight up in the sand, smaller point down. For a moment, it stays there, and then falls heavily onto its side again before rolling down the mound of sand layed around it.

Telilaren chuckles at poor Chui. "First hatching? Yeah, it is kind of insane your first time on the sands. You just gotta just stay out of the dragonet's way. That's it." Head nods very 'knowingly' before her gaze flickers to the brown now set loose upon the sands.

Tenaran gives a small gasp as the Shining Stars Above Egg hatches, and a beautiful brown hatchling emerges. A huge smile creases her face, mixed with pity for the circling motion. "Aawww…"

Sandstorm's Fury Egg shivers and rumbles, shaking so violently that the shell turns to shards so small they could be dust. And as these grainy particles fling into the air and settle down, the hatchling within appears.

The Fierce Stalking Sandtiger Brown Hatchling
The presence of this hatchling fills the weyr almost, a light color of eggshell, cracked through with the colors of his hide beneath, covered in ichor and egg goo, flaking up as it dries. Its hide is like the walls of a dried desert canyon, deep cracks in the parched land, muddy and dark, swirled and sandy, dry, dusty, screaming for water, sustanince, relief. It looks slightly odd, almost misshaped, but that is an iilusion of the egg shards and the sticky bits that keep its rememberances of life inside the darkness and dankness of an egg, safe and secure, waiting like a hunter for the right time to spring on its pray. Every step dislodges another piece of shell, dark yellowish wings held out for balance, drapping strings of sticky fluid like a cape, pieces of shell hooked to its tail and making odd designs in the sand as they drag.

Joran bursts out with snickers as the egg starts rolling about. He claps a hand to his mouth, but can't stop until the egg fractures and spills out another brown.

Curious Young Brown Hatchling quickly shakes himself clean and peers at the candidates curiously. What exactly are they, now. Ponder, ponder. And set off. He wanders toward the nearest candidate, Maureen, and peers at her before wandering across the sands, stopping in front of Tenaran, peering at him, then wandering back to the center of the sands. Waaaa. how am I 'sposed to chose? I can't chose. The brown plunks down and looks with fornlorness at those robed things.

Marhiya can't resist temptation: head is tilted at an oblique angle, and a curious eyebrow is raised. To no one, again, Marhi murmurs, "What a curiously designed little creature." No sooner than the words clear her lips than does another hatchling find its way free. With a startled flicker of eyelids over grey eyes, the newest hatchling is eyed curiously. "What's that? Interesting…" Again.

Jeffry watches the stalking sandtiger hatchling."Ooh what a fierce looking fellow…"

Verity hops back a little to avoid being clawed by the young brown who wanders by.

Magicara peers at the newly hatched egg "Is that.." She trails off, pausing in her bouncing for a moment "Another brown!" Nod, and such, and bounce goes the girl. Bounce.

Kori blinks at the next hatchling hatches. "That's an interesting one." She states. "They're coming fast." She says to Kezyn. She looks at the brown as he plops down on the sands. "I wonder what's wrong with him?"

Hotaru's eyes soften with compassion for the brown. "He's so confused-looking!"

Susia shivers slightly on the hot sands, nodding her head slightly to the others around her and their comments. No need to add to the chatter, if she's nothing to say. It's all already been said.

Fiona watches the first brown as it examines over Maureen and Tenaran, then wiggles her hand free of Rhial's to examine her nails. "Now, don't break them," she warns of the male candidate, then slips her hand back in his, glancing to the newest.. hatchling. "What color is it?"

Cyvex spots the second brown and then adds to Magicara. "You know Magicara, Girls can bond to browns as well. Look at Maria." He smirks and nudges the female candidate.

The Fierce Stalking Sandtiger Brown Hatchling crawls out of the dust, eyes blazing fire. Slowly he gets to his feet and lifts his head to the cieling, roaring as well as a newborn can to Biancath and then slips foreward with feline grace.

Shairla ugs and steps back a bit, appearing ready to duck behind Jeffry at any moment. "Ugh.. Just.. ugh.." Again, she's a genius. "Let's hope they stay over /there/," the girl points, indicating the candidates on the opposite side. "Yick.."

Tenaran holds her breath as the Curious Brown Hatchling passes her by, then lets it go slowly as she is left. "What a beautiful thing you are…" she whispers to the curious brown hatchling.

Kevyn's eyes widen further, if that is possible, as she tries to watch all the eggs, the two hatchlings, and her fellow candidates all at once. She answers Kori without looking away. "He…he seems…crimped. Maybe he just got too big for his egg. Poor dear. I hope it's not permanent."

Biancath snorts at the little hatchling trying to be a big dragon, the roar having come out more like a squeak.

Joran shifts from foot to foot, the heat becoming too much to ignore. "Poor little guy," he says, looking at the curious little brown with his bent neck. He takes a hesitant step forward before realizing what he's doing, then steps back again.

Qyh watches the hatchlings pensively, if warily. Her expression is quietly impassive although her hands are twisting at a fold of her robe to reveal her edginess.

More! And more! More are hatching every moment, and it's nearly too much for this poor, kept-to-herself Candidate. Chui's head moves slowly, at least, from Hatchling to Hatchling, attempting to look calm and collected. She probably doesn't succeed very well. Telilaren's talking, and Chui all but jumps at her fellow candidate's voice. "What? Oh. Right. Of course." Just smile and nod, Chuidear. Teli gets sideways glances from the candidate, however. First time? How many times /has/ Teli stood? The Sandtiger hatchling catches Chui's eye, both of which widen. 'And there he stood, frozen amid chaos, blazing fire in his eye…' Perfect! If only she could have a camera…

Magicara nodnods to Cyvex "I know, I know! But I want you guys to Impress more than myself." Nod and such, even though that may not be all that true. She's just a chicken. Ayup. "Soo… go!"

As optics slide over the two newest hatchling, Rhial laughs, the orbs continuing their sliding until they meet up with Magi. "Settled down, Magicara!" he chuckles, shaking his head. Forementioned head swirvs to Fiona. "They're lovely, deary. I won't break them." Nails. Yeesh.

Maureen holds her breath, peering down at the first brown with disdain, then catching her breath at the second one. "He's /perfect/," she breathes. "Look - he's /different/." And differences are good things, at least to this young woman. "Bet he'll go to Jasra, with my luck," she grumbles. "It would figure."

Zalansho gawks at the hatchlings, amazed. "They're so, beautiful." he says to no one in particular.

Jeffry looks at Susia."You alright?" He feels her hand tighten on his. He smiles at the ferociousness of the little one."What spirit he has… eh?"

Marhiya's head doesn't untilt one degree. Curiously, eyes flick between the two emerged hatchlings, and even back to the gold mothers, as if the two dams could explain the answers to questions Marhi hasn't even asked. "They're so… so…" Articulation? Whassat? Jumping from foot to foot, free hand used to brush away dampening hair; all actions are done as a matter of near-reflex.

Kori blinks at the sandtiger hatchling and cringes. "That one's a loud one." She says. "Even fierce it would seem." She comments. She squeezes Kevyn's hand as she looks between the two hatchlings to see what happens.

Magicara shakes her head "I refuse." She tells Rhial. Nope. Not settling down. "I just wish I had my sketchpad! I would love to draw him…" The first brown is pointed out "He's such a /darling/!"

Susia nods her head quickly to the inquiry, eyes remaining focused on the wandering hatchlings, as she stays ready to duck out of the way at any point.

Curious Young Brown Hatchling finally stands up again and gives a creel before toddling off toward the candidates again. I guess I can at least look over the choices. He peers over at Maureen again.. disdain, he sees? Awwww… Someone doesn't like me?

Joran grins as the brown bellows fiercely. "Now that's a dragon that would give a good fight, I bet," he says.

Hotaru's gaze goes to the Sandtiger hatchling, and what she sees is what she pretty much expected after touching the egg. "That one I'm going to avoid," she says softly.

Cyvex smiles at Magicara, "why thank you Magicara but afterall they do say, LADIES first." He pulls her arm and then adds, "I don't think the hatchlings would appreciate that. Maybe next time."

The Fierce Stalking Sandtiger Brown Hatchling winds around the body of one whimpering boy and then breaks in between two sisters from Far Cry who cling tightly to each other. Each girl is looked at, and then the hatchling moves on, snarling softly as he looks for the one he's trying to find.

Joran grins cockily at the sandy brown lizard — he could get to like such a beastie.

Zalansho awws at the brown, his face a mask of sympathy. "Poor little thing…" he murmurs.

"Your sketchpad would burn up here." Rhial tells Magicara, a small dance beginning. Yes, the infamous dance. Sands are hot, no? "Well, that little one over there. Lots of eh.. spirit!" Yes, spirit. That's a good word for it.

Telilaren tilts her head to peer at Chui, dark eyes glitter happily at the other's odd expression as she stares at the newest dragonet on the sands. "Like 'im I take it? Hehe, yeah, this bronze liked me last hatching. He was cute, I had to tell him that I was a girl and not for him." The guardlet chortles with laughtermuch like a guy wouldbefore she stops and tries to catch her breath.

Shairla just shakes her head, watching the hatchlings with fearful eyes. "Ooooh my.." Escape routs are scoped for as the girl shifts from foot to foot, inching slowly behind her cousin with every move. "Hide.. Hiding is good."

Marhiya catches wind of Hotaru's soft statement, perhaps because she was listening, perhaps by chance. 'Tany rate, the Sandtiger Hatchling now receives something little less than the attention as any good anomaly deserves - it's wariness, now, that marks her features, and is echoed in turn by tongue darting nervously over drying lips.

Fiona is looked at, then. Being a girl. "Creepy," she mutters to herself - or anyone that can hear. "Being looked over, and all." Which is basically what it is. An Impression inspection. She glares at Rhial. "You had better not." Then turns to Hotaru. "Well. It would be a nice bodyguard, then?"

Magicara blinks, as she's pushed ahead "No no no!" She grins, chickening out agian "Nuhuh. You first. You're a guy, big strong guy. Gotta.. umm… do your guy thing." Nod, and such, as she scuttles back. Do notice that she never stops sqeezing their hands. Rhial is glanced at "Would no!" She challanges.

The Fierce Stalking Sandtiger Brown Hatchling approaches a girl with a spirit like his. Strong, defiant, always moving and forever free. He looks up into the eyes of that girl, tail swishing back and forth as he watches the renigade girl he chose.

Tenaran watches the Curious Young Brown wistfully, whispering again, "You're so… so… perfect." she finishes. In her eyes, it's true.

Farrizah looks about, her eyes moving along the sands, looking at dragons and eggs, smiling a little nervously. She reaches out for the nearest hand.

Curious Young Brown Hatchling wanders on further and pauses in front of Keyvn, peering down at her.

Joran squeezes back as Farrizah grabs his hand. "Isn't this exciting?" he says, looking at her.

Jeffry stands his ground hoping that that stalking one would stalk up to him and meet a friend in his eyes. He watches the other eggs glancing this way and that. "You think he likes what he sees Kevyn?" He calls out to her, smiling.

Kori grins as she watches the brown hatchling. She giggles at Magicara. She blinks as the brown peers down at Kevyn and squeezes the girls hand in hope. "Oh, I wonder." She copmments to herself.

Hotaru giggles nervously at Fiona. "I fear anyone who can tame that one….hey, is it looking at Maureen?" She skitters out of the way. "Maureen…are you?" Her eyes widen with delight for her contrary friend.

Eyebrow slides upward, and Chui looks more than a little skeptical, "Well that seems silly — why would you tell him that? You could be the record-breaker. First girl to ride a bronze?" Chui chuckles once again, although something is undeniably moving behind those clever eyes of hers. There's no way that any of this is going to go unrecorded in some form or another. "Keyvn! Congratulations." This congratulations, much like Kristoph's, is sort of mundane, and quiet, in comparison to the fuss and chaos of the hatching.

Magicara oooohhs as the sandtiger hatchling seems to make his choice. "wheee!" She voices, a bit too loudly, and instantly cringes "Oops. Wheeee…" Goes on in a lower voice. Reen, go reen, go reen!

Farrizah smiles, "It sure is" she says, looking back at him, then back towards the hatchlings as she hears some movement. "I love hatchings"

Cyvex agree's with Rhial, "Yes I think that it would Cara." I guess he's going to try a different nickname for her each time he address's her.

Kevyn blinks, finding herself nose-to-nose with the crooked-necked hatchling. "Uh, hello," she says. My, aren't we articulate tonight. Blinkblink. "You're neck's crooked, you know. Does that hurt?" she asks softly, with a note of concern in her voice. It doesn't even occur to her what might be happening. Now that there's a hatchling directly in front of her, her nervousness is replaced by congeniality.

Marhiya does the standing on tiptoes thing again, trying to peer towards the center of action and the site of murmurings. She adds her own, from a distance: "Is it yours, Kevyn? Does he have a name?" It's some sort of ceremony. It has to be. The other fellow, the stalking one, is searched for with grey eyes - it wouldn't do to have that one sneak up on her.

Maureen drops like a stone, ebony ringlets falling into her wide, brown eyes, yet elongated fingers do not bother themselves with pushing them back. Indeed, her own hands slips out of Hotaru's own, locked in gaze with the brown. "Tigreth," she murmurs, as if testing out the name, one had tenatively coming up. "Tigreth!" is announced louder, a grin quirking her lips. "He says his name is Tigreth!"

Curious Young Brown Hatchling peers deeply into Kevyn's eyes.

Stars in Turmoil Black Egg wiggles in the sand, the sound of scraping rather loud.

Kevyn blinks again. "What? Mine?"

Vispi claps her hands together and smiles. "What a beautifull name."

Magicara pauses "I like that." She grins at Cyvex "never thought of Cara…." Pause, and then her attention is taken by Mareen and Kevyn, squealing again "GO Reen! GO Kev!" The next egg is glanced at, and the girl roughly pulls Rhial back to reality. Yea. Ahhem. "It moved, again!" Yay!

Joran grins widely. "Way to go, Maureen!" he calls out. This is great, even if no hatchling has so much as looked at him yet.

Jeffry cheers for Tigreth and Reen."Alright Reen! Yay!"

Tenaran watches the exchange between Kevyn and the Curious Young Brown hatchling, then snaps over to Maureen. "Congratulations!" she says, now getting more excited than scared. "He's beautiful!"

Qyh watches Maureen since she's right nearby. "Ah well." she murmurs after a moment, amused for some reason of her own. Uncomfortable, she shifts her weight and sighs.

Rhial eyes Maureen, same big grin stretched over his wide face. "Tigreth! Maureen! Congrats!" he calls out, beaming. "More impressions… less dragonets. Good luck to both of you, of course." His voice becomes softer as he targets in on talking to those that surround him.

Uncharted Galaxy Egg rocks back and forth in its protective shell, dusting away sand from its ovoid shape.

Marhiya seems quite startled with Maureen's calling, and attention is whipped in that direction to account for the slowness. "Maureen?" It's mouthed, rather than said. Then, louder, "Maureen! Congrats! And Tigreth!" Jumping and all of that commences shamelessly.

Zalansho awwws as the brown and Maureen share a long stare. "Congrats" he says, not yelled, but audible.

Joran looks from one rocking egg to another — they're all coming out now!

Chaotic perforated lines of stars grow into long streams of comet tails as this egg begins to crack and fall away, shards of shell collecting on the sands below the feet of the blue dragon that rested within.

Bucktooth Pointy-Nosed Blue Hatchling
There's no denying, this small blue hatchling does have buck teeth. And a long, pointy snout. And unusually beady-looking bright eyes. He seems to be constantly in motion, tailtip twitching, forelegs moving, head snapping about on his short neck. His tail is long and thin—it doesn't taper much, just starts thin and gets thinner. And yet, he's not at all unattractive. In fact, he's rather…cute. His markings are distinctive, eyes surrounded first by a dark blue, then by a snowy shade that's just a hint off of white. The same snowy shade covers his neck, chest and stomach, and runs in a distinctive pale line down each side, offset by blue-black stripes that make the pale shade that much lighter. The stripes run above his wings from just behind his shoulder almost to the base of his tail on each side of his spine. Above the stripes, atop his head, and down the upper side of his tail, a slate blue predominates, heathered with flecks of both the pale and dark blues. Below, running from the stripes to his paler u nderbelly, he is a rosy lavender shade, almost more purple than blue. The lavender is brightest on the sails of his wings, but darkens below his eyes and atop his snout, almost forming stripes along his cheeks.

Susia giggles softly, clapping her hand happily. "Congrats!"

Uncharted Galaxy Egg begins a slow spin, rocking back and forth, from one end to the other. The rocking becomes frantic until suddenly the egg cracks straight down the center and a hatchling tumbles out.

Magicara giggles "ANd if /you/ IMpress?" She asks Rhial, squeezing his hand even harder and staring at the eggs. "Blue! He's blue!"

Observant Little Blue Hatchling
Gigantic Bulging eyes blink triple-lids owlishly from their setting in a tiny, fine boned, needle nosed head. Looking emaciated, his lanky body uncurls from the confines of what's left of his egg, and spindly little legs shake as they support the even slighter body. A dark blanket of midnight blue rests heavy on his bones that jut through the thick hide. A light dusting of silver speckles over the protrusions, almost like he tried to wiggle through a freshly painted tube, and it stuck to every part of him that it could reach. Tiny spots speckle his ridges, and swirls of silvery blue spin about on the transluscent sails that drip of egg ichor. Ivory talons grip at the sand beneath his feet and the odd little alien hatchling creels…

Jeffry looks over at Kevyn."Hey has he told you his name?"

Cyvex claps as the brown impresses to a girl, Maureen at that. "Congratulations Tigreth and Maureen." The candidate winks at Magicara. "I like Cara as well." Then he turns towards the next two hatchlings that crack out. "Two blues."

Fiona blinks. "It Impressed." Right. She slips her hand from Hotaru's to adjust her doublebun. "Don't want it to fall," she says, then grabs back at Hotaru's hand. "Oh. Both blues."

Shairla just stares at the action going on, from the safety of near escape, of course. "Eww.. Oh, good, they're finding people." People that aren't her, which is a good thing. "Ew..eww… More blue." Yes, she's obsrvant, too.

Joran gasps as the pair of blues hatch almost simultaneously. "Wow," he breathes.

Kevyn frowns, glancing absently at Jeffry, then back at the brown in front of her. "Name? What's your name?"

Magicara gapes "Both are blue! Yay!!" Blues are good, it seems. Cyvex is blinked at, and she squeezes his hand, then returns to the blues, bouncing still. "Blueblueblueblue" Yes, that is /her/ chant.

Farrizah gasps, staring at her favourite egg, the Uncharted Galaxy Egg, "It moved" she tears her eyes away from it to congratulate the new pair, "Congrats" but her eyes quickly turn back to the egg and Joran's hand gets an excited squeeze.

Mystic Memory Egg twitches slightly, then lays still for a moment. A breath later, it wiggles harder, rocking back and forth in the sands.

Hotaru cheers. "Guess you won't be leaving us now, Maureen!" she says, giving her friend a gentle pat on the back. "He's beautiful!" Her congratulating done, she squeezes Joran's hand. "And then there were….how many of us are their left?" she queries, peering around the half-circle. "This is going so very fast."

Kori beams and drops the girls hand. "Congrats Maureen! congrats Kevyn!" She cheers for the two impresses. She grins, and puts herhands behind her back before she looks back to the eggs. She blinks at the next hatchling to hatch. "What an interesting looking one that is." She comments to noone in particular.

Bucktooth Pointy-Nosed Blue Hatchling croons softly, looking at the candidates before him to choose from. He wiggles forward, close to the ground, sniffing.

Zalansho oohhs as two more eggs split open, releasing blues. "Wonder who they'll choose."

Tenaran looks to the eggs now, her eyes widening as the blue comes out of its shell. "A blue! A blue!" she exclaims. "Another one!" As if they can't see… She looks at them, breathing in quickly as another egg rocks.

Evy calmly regards the blues. They're… blue. Right.

Marhiya hears the ripple of "blue" after a moment of watching Maureen and her brown, Kevyn and the brown before her; grey eyes flick to the appropriate spots, and a broad smile overrides nervousness, distaste for the heat and all other sundry of emotions. "Beautiful blues." Neither terribly harper-blue, but Marhi apparently forgives them that.

Figures they'de both be blue, neh? He glances to the stands — his brother is probably going crazy. They can't even agree on colors! Rhial squeezing both girls hands with a soft chuckle. "I'm supposing you're both after blue, then?" Of course, neh?

A'xim smiles and helps the newest rider to the vats to feed the hatchling.

Jeffry smiles and watches the blue hatching and then glances back at Kevyn, waiting for her to say the name…Blues are good yes…

Mystic Memory Egg starts to rock violently, shoving piles of sand away at every turn with loud scraping sounds.

Observant Little Blue Hatchling rolls out of his egg and creels in confusion. He shakes his head and looks around before getting shakily to his feet. Wings drag in the sand as it moves foreward. This isn't so hard.. Spoke too soon. The little blue stumbles and trips over his legs, tumbling head first into the sand with a cry of shock.

Magicara grins at Rhial "No.. Are the blues after us?" She asks, poking him with one finger "Really, gotta get it right, Ri." And then the hatchlings take her attention again. Wheeee!

Cyvex smiles at the little bucktooth blue, "Now that guy is precious, despite his flaws." Another squeeze of Magicara's hand for no apparant reason, maybe a bond is growing between the two?

Fiona shakes her head. "Well, I'm not to say. But at least not /that/ particular blue." The one with the buckteeth. "I want mine to be the epitome of.. beauty. If its at all possible." Yes, there is such thing as imperfection, Fiona.

Joran gasps as the bulging-eyed blue takes a header into the sand.

Mystic Memory Egg suddenly bursts open, breaking into a hundred pieces and falling neatly to the sand. Little fragments of sand fly in different directions as they are disturbed and a soft rumble penetrates the rest of the sounds in the cavern. Two bright eyes pierce the air, and slowly a hatchling crawls out.

Sweet Oasis Green Hatchling
Hot desert sands whip wildly around the petite legs of this green dragonet. The tawny tans fluxuate in color from a deep, rich sienna to a light, almost golden maize. Ebony talons jut forth from dainty toes that will later grow into lethal daggers of destruction, and appear as though they were carved straight from the woodcraft hall. The browns begin to lighten however as they meet up with an oasis of greens. Rich hues of luscious emeralds mix with deep shades of forest green, in a mismatched pattern of what appears to be leafy fronds of ferns or perhaps palms. Ne'er the less, this is broken when emerald wingspars rise up, and finger bones stretch to reveal dusty sails of sand-swept alabaster. A dainty head swings around to sniff at these neat appendages, eyes glistening out of her shining wet head.

Zalansho oooos as a green falls out and utters a sympathetic sound as the blue falls over.

Joran squeezes Hotaru's hand. "A green, finally," he says.

Qyh eyes the blues. "No gre…" She cuts herself off as the first green hatches and watches that green with mild interest.

Farrizah points to the green, "I touched that egg!"

Tears begin to stream down Kevyn's face as she throws her arms around the crooked neck of the brown in front of her. "Siryth, his name's Siryth!"

Tenaran tries to keep an eye on the blue hatchlings and the rocking egg, all at once, but it doesn't work. So, she takes up the task of watching the two blues— and the green! She gasps. "So pretty!" she breathes happily.

Magicara awwws "Aww! Green! A green!" She bounces more "Greeengreeengreengreen." And such. Each hand is squeezed as she hunches back a bit. Right. Chicken-girl getting /more/ chicken.

Jeffry winces as the head of the blue hits the sand."Get up little one get up…"

Telilaren is not really a girl you see, she's a tomboy, and because of this, she's quite odd, and she proves this quite well by starting to chew on her /fingernails/ during the hatching. Mind you the hand that Chui /isn't/ latched onto, but nonetheless it's pretty. Ew. Yeah. Ew.

Bucktooth Pointy-Nosed Blue Hatchling finds himself standing before a young lad from Boll. He looks deeply into the boy's eyes and the young man wraps his arms around the vermin-like hatchling, "Oh Rodenth…yes. I will be yours." T'kin walks off with his lifemate.

Kori smiles as she watches the hatclings, eyes wandering between both of them. She blinks as one of the hatchlings go tumbling. "I hope he's alright." So concerned for the fallen blue she hasn't noticed the greens hatching yet.

Verity stands quite still, eyes darting everywhere — so many dragons at once tottering on the sands, how can she keep track of them all? The wide-eyed blue wins a smile, and a focus of attention — there's an intelligent young fellow.

Marhiya is given a terribly problem: watch one or both of the blues, or the green, or the candidates, or the eggs? She can't seem to decide between those, and constantly flicks her attention from one to the other to another. Impression of a blue gets random hand-on-arm applause and the traditional called congratulations; one less to worry over, now.

Magicara's comment is chuckled at, but otherwise ignored. Well, whichever. Rhial doesn't want a blue… no. The newest hatchling is eyed carefully. "Oh, green! Lovely!" Yes, green is pretty. Eyes becoming wide, he glances over to Shairla and Hotaru. He'd never hear the end of it if he Impressed Green!

Sweet Oasis Green Hatchling picks herself up and shakes herself. She looks around calmly, as if sizing up each and every human on the sands. She doesn't hesitate for a moment and starts stalking the lineup of white-robed ones.

Hotaru calls over to Magi, "Isn't that the egg you were madly in love with, Magi?"

Observant Little Blue Hatchling seems to be sobbing as it crawls foreward, running right into the legs of an adventurous boy with a sense of humor. Perhaps he can teach the hatchling old english? Looking up, he croons in wonder, locking eyes with the pink thing in the white robe. I knew you were here!

Lecil smiles, motioning to the several newly Impressed weyrlings to move towards the side of the Sands to begin feeding their dragonets.

Susia oohs, smiling a bit more, actually making a noise of acknowledgement for the green's entrance.

Blue, blue, and more blue! Oh, and did I mention blue? Of course, blues aren't all bad, but even Chui has been schooled to think that they're somehow 'lesser'. Ha. As if any dragon could be lesser. Chui has no such habits — nervous ones, that is — like chewing on her fingernails, but she does glance sideways at the ex-guard who's going to town on hers. Ew. Finally, something hatches to break up tht 'tedium' of blue, "A green!" Chui croons just a bit, eyes widening as the green acts positively wonderfully. Now Oasis is /her/ kinda gal. Despite that, however, Chui doesn't move. She simply stands there, an observer, really.

Verity ohs softly at the blues, watching them with wide eyes. "So…beautiful…:

Magicara snickers, leaning over a bit "They'd all have soo much fun if you Impressed grin." She tells him, and then waves to Hotaru "One of them, yea!" A grin is flashed at her, and she discreetly points from the green to Rhial, stiffling a laugh.

Jeffry looks down at Susia."Green's a pretty one."

Joran gasps as the blue's big eyes lock with his, and he instinctively graps the little dragon's head. "His name is Maxanth!" he cries!

Kevyn blinks and shakes herself back to reality as the brown imparts his hunger. Yes, food, good. She leads the brown to the side, grabbing him to straighten his course occasionally.

Magicara squeals! "GOOOO JORAN!" She yells, then cringes "Wheeeeeeeee!"

Marhiya's, ahem, terrible problem is downed once again - the brown before Kevyn's name announced, Marhi croons her "Congratulations!" and "What a nice name, Siryth!" towards the girl. All beams, and less and less shaking, nothing yet seems to still the constant sweating that beads the girl's forhead and causes her palm to become rather slippery. With the free one, this phenomenon entails the restart of rubbing her hand on her robe. Joran gets a blink, and more congratulations. "Joran! Congratulations! You and Maxanth!"

Shairla looks to Rhial and the green, chuckling slightly. "Still.. ew." This title appears to go to all hatchlings as they come out, the girl eying her only escape route the entire time. "Alright, alright.. It'll be over soon. It has to end sometime." The litany goes on, the girl droning it out as if that would keep those ferocious monst..er.. hatchlings away from her.

Jeffry cheers for Kevyn and Joran."ALRIGHT! YAY!"

Kori looks toward the eggs and blinks as she just now notices the green hatchling. "Oh isn't she lovely." She smiles as she looks between the three hatchlings to see who they choose. She beams. "Alright Joran!" She cheers to the boy.

Cyvex nods as the little bucktooth blue impresses. "That guy was cute, Ah yes look at the green Maggie. Is that the first green?" He raises a blond brow in question. "Congratulations Joran." A smile upon his face for his fellow candidate.

Cuveeth bugles happily. Aerdon whoos! "Joran, Maxanth! Congratulations!"

Fiona isn't pink. Is she? Either way… "Oh, there's a green. Sensible color." Nod. Whatever that means. "Oh, good. That… bucktoothed Impressed." He eyes blink over to Joran. "Oh, look. He Impressed… Joran."

Sweet Oasis Green Hatchling looks into the eyes of every person she passes, but somehow they seem to be missing something essential. She stops for a moment in front of Rhial and looks him over. She cocks her head to one side, then shakes her head and turns around. Her tail whips around and almost trips Rhial.

Farrizah squeezes Joran's hand, excited. "This is much better than my first time!" she looks towards the green, the blue from her favourite egg forgotten. "Oh, she liked me when I touched her egg" she closes her eyes a moment, hoping.

Hotaru watches the little green, appreciation in her eyes. "Oh, she's a beau…." she begins, then gasps as Joran lets go. She didn't even see the blue step up. "Joran!" she exclaims, joy in her voice. "Oh, he's lovely! Congratulations, Maxanth!"

Ragged Edges Egg shudders and shakes and creeeks on the sands a bit.

"Jor!" cries out Rhial, grinning over to him. "Maxanth! CONGRATS!" Yes, Joran is a blue rider. It figures, neh? He's so… perfectly humorous.

K'roph grins. "Way to go Joran!

Red Planet Egg gives the faintist shake.

Tenaran grins. "Good for you, Joran and Maxanth!" She laughs with happiness. Even if she doesn't impress, it's worth it to stand to see so many others find Lifemates.

Magicara silently lets Rhial's hand go, grinning as she moves closer to Cyvex. "Go get him, green." She tells the green, winking at Rhial. See? She was right! Yay!

"I know what you're thinking Chui, no, I'm not nervous. Just bored ya know?" Telil comments idly and reaches up to run her fingers through the alabaster ringlets that is her hair. "Oh geeze, they're impressing right and left I tell you. This is insanity. But amusing nonetheless." Beamkle.

Jeffry watches the green."Think she likes Rhial? Susia?"

Zalansho shouts congratulations, not adding any names, because he's not sure who just impressed. The heat and the whirlwind pace of activities are starting to get to him, and he hops from foot to foot.

Rhial is nearly tripped by a green, at that. Oh my. "Oof!" he states as the tail whacks him. "Magi… that green hit me." Didn't she notice on her own, anyways? "You are lovely, though!" he states, chuckling. The dragonet isn't offened, is she?

Hotaru giggles over at Rhial as she steps out of the way of Joran and his blue. "See, I _told_ you we should have fixed you up for today," she calls over to the boy.

J'ran laughs again, estatic at the feel of Maxanth's mind against his. He caresses the blue's head, almost touching noses with the hatchling.

Dehydrated Lands Brown Hatchling
After busting out of his egg, this young brown hatchling seems fairly smug that he was able to achieve this. Almost as though it were such an achievement that no one else, even if they had done the exact same thing, could possibly be as good at as he is. A long, tapered muzzle ends in two small nostrils, somewhat feminine compared to most of the other dragons. Eyeridges are set far back on his head, as are his eyes, making him seem haughty even when he doesn't want to come across that way. Headknobs of dust are striped with dark, cragged lines of black, almost as though they are splitting apart for some reason. This pattern continues down his long, muscular neck to his broad barrel chest, and further down until it covers his entire body from the gentle sway of his back to the needle-sharp points of his obsidian talons. Grand wing sails are visible when he spreads his wings, like most hatchlings after they are free from the confines of their eggs, and the dark, thick lines that cover his hide turn into incredibly fine, hair thin striations that ripple through the membrane, like a mirror when one corner has been chipped.

Farrizah congratulates Joran and Maxanth, "Congrats" but seems lonely now. She is to engrossed in the green hatchling to notice that no-one is holding her hand though.

Sweet Oasis Green Hatchling almost seems to frown in disappointment. She paces on giving a huge sigh, followed by a big breath in. She stops, looking wide eyed in shock. She pivots to the nearest person, and stares into her eyes. She shoves her nose into Vispi, as if trying to catch her attention.

Vispi smiles and cloeses in with the remaining apprentices grabbing someones hand.

Marhiya slides a sideways glance over to that green a good percentage of the girls seem to have their eye on. Her, ah, interaction with Rhial gets a grin that flicks from slightly worried to impressed, to hopeful and back again. Once she's on her way again, however, grey eyes turn towards the eggs. Once again, it's in time to catch the arrival of another brown. Curiously twitching gets closer attention, and therefore some slight leaning forward and squinting.

Susia giggles, shaking her head slightly. "I think she doesn't like 'em…" Not that she would if she was the green, either.

A'xim smiles and leads the rider to where the other weyrlings are.

Farrizah sighs and turns back to the other hatchlings and eggs, surely one of them is for her.

Red Planet Egg rolls a little and picks up speed as it moves, heading for a loop of Candidates. It crashes into another egg before it gets there and begins to crack open.

Dehydrated Lands Brown Hatchling looks quite smug as he peers around those in the area, and soon finds who he wants.. Allyson.. The girl appears surprised at first, but grins soon after. Oooh, Ontarith, I will love you!

Cyvex just laughs at both Rhial and Magicara. "Would you like to sit on my shoulders Mica? That way you can see better and you wont have to worry about dragonets getting to close." he chuckles jokingly at the girl.

Deep crevices begin to form in the Red Planet… and the egg begins to crack beyond repair. Pieces of shell turn into shards and crumble to the sands below, depositing a large bronze dragonet on the sands.

Trail Blazing Bronze Hatchling
Flashes of light sparkle off of the hide of this newly hatched bronze dragon, blinding the eyes of people who happen to catch the reflection. Despite the fact that the light in the cavern is not spectacular, to say the most, the prismatic patterning on the body of this hatchling seems to magnify any ray of light that may fall upon his large form, particularly when he spreads his wings. The transluscent sails glimmer when they unfurl, and spars sparkle with a light dusting of gold. In the darkness, the pattern can be seen that covers his ribcage and midlin, showing a criss-crossing that looks as though he were… thrown on a grill? The heat must have penetrated his color, as hot crimson and searing vermillion permeate throughout his body, making the bronze color glow with a sweaty heat.

Jeffry smiles as his other hand is grabbed by Vispi."I'm here Vispi…"

Fiona shifts uneasily, the green inspecting Rhial, who is beside her. Then it passes. She winks at Hotaru. "Right." Riight. And then there's a brown. "Oh, that one egg… its a brown. I was sure it'd be a green." What with its freaky spasticness and whatnot. Then there's the bronze. "Oh, a bronze… not for me, no."

Tenaran looks at the new dragonet with wonder. "He's pretty, too…" she says, "Another brown!" Her eyes widen even more, if possible. "And a bronze! A bronze!"

Zalansho ooooos as the brown is born, staring at the beautiful hatchling. "Wow…"

Magicara looks a bit letdown as the green passes, but watches with eager anticipation as she waddles over to Vispi. Pleasepleasplease hopehopehope "Darn." She takes her place again, regrasping Rhial's hand and muttering "I thought you had yourself a green there!" Cyvex is grinned at "Sure! But I don't think the weyrwomans would like that." She squeezes his hand again, then oooohhs at the bronze and brown.

K'roph turns away from feeding Iolanth for a moment, just in time to see the pretty green nudging at Vispi. "Yes, love… That's good… I think she may want you…" He reaches into the bowl of meat, and pulls out another chunk, nodding approvingly as his cousin moves over to take her hand…

Kori has partially disconnected.

Jeffry looks at the bronze."Whoa there;s a good looking feller.."

Hotaru whistles softly. "It's all going by so fast," she repeats softly, trotting in place on the sands.

Marhiya taps her fingers against her robe, almost in a diddle of absence. The hatching of the bronze gets a blink which turns reflexively into a squint. "Bright boy, aren't ya," she mutters to herself, turning away to seek somewhat safer ones to watch; not much chance that one'll be near her, anyway. Brown is eyed, and the green as well.

Harhar! The green didn't Impress to him! A sly smirk is sent to Hotaru and Shairla. Eyes swirv back to the eggs. His -favorite- egg hatched! Into a bronze! "It was such a lovely egg, and such a lovely bronze too!" is Rhial obsessed with the word 'lovely' now?

J'ran leads Maxanth over to the feeding area and begins feeding messy chunks of meat to his emeciated-looking lifemate. "Eat, eat," he murmurs happily.

Kori looks between the two hatchlings. Her hands are briefly brought forward to wipe dry on her robe, before she puts them back behind her back. She looks back to the green and blue. "I wonder who they'll choose." She comments to any candidates nearby. She starts to shift slightly as the heat starts to leak through.

Shairla moves over to Farrizah. "Mind me standing here with you?" After all, if one of those dragonets is looking for a girl to latch on to, she can simply step behind her, no? The hand is offered in seeming friendship and the girl waits, watching the newly hatched out of the corner of her eye.

Vispi nods and smiles. "Very handsome indeed." She replies, sweat forming her brow. "Shards its hot."

Cyvex smiles at the brown and then bronze. "They are so amazing, I wish I would have seen a hatching before this one to prepare myself." He squeezes Magicara's hand again. "Nah, I think you are better off down on the sands anyway."

Tenaran turns back to watch the brown and the green, the brown in particular. Responding to Kori, she says, "Yeah…"

Farrizah smiles, "Uh, sure" she says, looking over at the eggs and hatchlings, waiting for 'her' dragon to find her, for surely it will. Won't it?

Jeffry nods."After this I'm sure we'll be allowed something cool." He smiles as Susia's still got his othe hand…

Trail Blazing Bronze Hatchling bounds out of his egg proudly and looks around excitedly. Wings are fanned as the hatchling pauses, and then leaps foreward, running with awkwardness for Fiona.

Magicara gently pushes Rhial foward "If he's so lovely, go get him!" She mutters, with an evil grin. "Really, you're such a scared little boy.." Of course, she's just a scared little girl. But they don't have to know that. "Go!" She snickers at Cyvex, eyes locked on the hatching eggs.

Vispi glances back at the green and blinks not guite knowing what to do. "Hello there." She replies quickly.

Susia watches the various dragonets move, giggling as the bronze heads for Fiona.

Hotaru uhms. "Little one," she tells the quickly moving bronze, "I think she has a few extra…uh…body parts that you won't agree with," and snickers.

Telilaren is currently in the process of digging a whole in the sand about her with the very tip of her wooden shoe. Boredom seems oh so apparent on Teli's face until she finally looks up and catches sight of the bronze. "Oooh, he's lovely.. and… uh, hyper? That's sort of frightening actually."

Zalansho chuckles as the bronze moves toward Fiona. "Awww. Little guy doesn't know."

Jeffry chuckles as well."Wrong one little one… gotta choose a man…she's not your type…"

Fiona isn't paying much attention - smirking at Rhial. "Right, it all means your becoming a- ee! Goodness." She outs her foot back, but not taking a step. "Its. Like. Running at me." /She's/ not moving.

"Fi! I think he likes you!" Rhial japes as the hatchling runs for the female - he'll get to see it up close, since he's holding hands and all. Holding hands. Aww. Cute! Er… right.

Marhiya watches the bronze - out of the corner of her eye. It rather gives the impression to those nearest her that she's staring blankly at nothing in particular, but Marhi's much too wrapped in watching where the shiny fellow may go - probably willing him to someone in particular, at that - to take much notice to her own strange look. Green, then, and brown get glances; bronze again. Candidates. Eggs. Problem still hovers.

Kori turns her head back and forth as she tries to watch all the hatchlings on the sands, but it does seem to be a bit of a chore with so many on the sands. She crosses her fingers behind her back as she sees the green at Vispi.

Magicara watches the bronze make a beeline for Fiona, and just about collapses with laughter. Only her grips on Cyvex and Rhial's hands keep her up as she calls out between spouts of laughter "Go, Fiona!" Snicker, and such, as her laughter dies down.

Chui, still clutching Teli's hand, and probably not realizing it, edges closer to the guard-candidate. "/That's/ why they all go for you, Telilaren. You dote all over them." A chance at humor? From Chui? Odd, perhaps, but while she's holding Teli's hand, there's not reason not to be friendly, right? Right. Gulp. Right. Right. Please?

Vispi grins and tears begin to stream from her eyes. "Meliath!"

Qyh hahs softly as someone is trapped by that green. "Congratulations." she says softly, her tone bordering on the ironic and her expression a little sardonic. "And another brown." Her gaze darts around the sands, looking to see where the hatchlinsg are, who has Impressed… but it's rather chaotic when all is said and done.

Shairla takes Farrizah's hand in her own and, still dancing back and forth, looks out at the eggs and hatchlings moving about. "Let's just hope they go toward you, eh?" No, that wasn't a joke. Sha's searious here. The confused bronze is given a rather shocked look before her gaze goes back to Vispi. "Those barracks will never be the same again." Fear for all dragon kind, the sugar queen has impressed.

K'roph grins from ear to ear, and almost yells. "Yes! Congratulations, love…

Jeffry lets go of Vispi's hand."Go on over to Kris… Congratulations by the way."

Cyvex chuckles and says quite loudly, "Either Fiona's not telling us something or that is one dark Green." He laughs to himself and then adds to Magicara, "Are you nervous or something?"

Farrizah grins, and even manages a small nervous laugh. "Sorry to have to tell you this little bronze, but Fiona isn't who you're looking for."

Marhiya once again has a decision made for her: wandering attention zips to Vispi. Broad grin forms after a tired-looking blank expression, and that jumping and arm-pumping thing is repeated. "Vispi! Oh, oh, Vispi! Such a pretty green, and a pretty name! Meliath!" Exclamation after exclamation after exclamation - and all rather heartfelt.

"Bronze going to Fiona is nearly as bad as you guys saying Gold for me." Rhial quips. Yes, but it was funny, neh? Attention is suddenly ripped away from Fioan's approaching bronze, to look over at Vispi. "There goes to other half pf the Suagr Couple! Congrats, Vispi! And Mealiath!"

Trail Blazing Bronze Hatchling stops to sniff at Fiona. Wuffle wuffle. He sticks his nose just under the hem of her Candidate robe. Ooh. Not what I'm looking for. Oops. Eh, sorry? The bronze turns his head. Ooh, he looks just right. Nosing at Fiona's hand, he carefully nudges the one he wants away from her.

Kori beams at Vispi. "Congrats Vispi!" She cheers to the girl in happiness. She grins as she looks back in the direction of the eggs. She then notices the bronze on the sands and blinks. "Very handsome." She comments.

Magicara blinks at Cyvex, still grinning like an idiot. No comments, please. "It's.. a joke, you see… Don't ask!" At that, she gets back on her feet, eyes dancing. "Really. Later, mabye. GOOOOO VIspi!"

Farrizah calls out "Congrats"

Vispi grins and takes her hatchling to Follow A'xim and joins the other weyrlings.

Hotaru waves in congratulations to Vispi. "Congratulations, Vispi and Meliath!"

Telilaren tilts her head, which sends a little wave of curls sliding down the other side of her shoulder before she shakes her head. "Well they're the only real sturdy ones a running about the sands after all. Browns are nice but naw…" Shoulders rise and then fall before she chuckles and goes back to gnawing on her fingernail. Chewchewchew. Paatooie!

Music's Casting Egg wiggles gently and then…

Zalansho congratulates Vispi, chuckling as the bronze moves away from Fiona.

As the egg makes it's final, almost violent, shuddering shake, a crack appears with a bell-like tone that rings across the Sands. Shards of eggshell start flying in all directions, striking each other, the sand, and the other eggs in a symphony of high-pitched chimes. In the final crescendo of noise, the hatchling bursts forth from the shell in triumphant finale.

Fiona slaps her robe back down once the bronze is down sticking his nose up it, shooting a glance to Vispi and Meliath, then taking a step back, releasing Rhial's hand. "/Excuse/ me."

Graceful Marbled Green Hatchling
Slowly, a long, graceful neck uncurls into a straight and high majestic pose, capped in a dainty head ever so petite, with an angled muzzle of jade, chiseled to show every angle and depression in her loving face. Of average size, her feminine form is forever poised in the most graceful and delicate of manners, showing off her sensuous curves and form, accentuated by swirls of teal that begin at the curves of her sweeping headknobs, neckridges and ends with tickling tendrils that drape like a blanket over her haunches. Fluttering wings fan at her face as though it's a bit warm in here. From the look on her face, it's obvious she's thinking the very words 'I do de-clare…' A soft croon, demure and shy, sets her in a light of pure innocence. Shame her color proves she will be otherwise in her older age.

Jeffry smiles as the bronze makes his choice."Meliath… good name there too."

Magicara pauses and lets go of Rhial again. Again, of course, she leans closer to Cyvex "Go, Ri!" She mutters, almost under her breath. "Thats right."

Farrizah seems just a little depressed by that, Vispi and Kristoph both Impressed, and they're happy together. "oh well" she says aloud with a sigh, and turns to the Eggs and Hatchlings.

Hotaru glances back at the clutch just as her favorite egg hatches. "Look, everyone! Another green!"

Marhiya catches sight of the shimmery bronze fellow in the corner of her eye again. Noting the proximity to the candidate line, Marhi risks full exposure of her eyes to the bright creature. Luckily for overreacting her, the right light doesn't seem to be in place. "Rh… Rhial?" she breathes, standing on her tiptoes. Could it be? Was she right? Breath is held, and answer is awaited: even if the green's arrival is noted, all her attention is for this bronze and his supposed choice.

Tenaran grins, looking over at them, and just shouts, "Congratulations!" She turns her attention back on the brown, before flicking her eyes towards the bronze for a moment. "Wow!" she shouts as the Graceful Marbled Green hatches. "Wow." she repeats in a softer voice, after giggling a bit.

K'roph grins, and takes Vispi's hand, as she moves over to join the weyrlings… "Congratulations, Darling. I knew you'd impress…

Crisp Mystery Egg shivers gently in place, as if the egg was freezing inside this warm cavern.

Zalansho oooos. A green. "She's beeeeautiful." he says.

J'ran looks up from his Maxanth. "Don't kill your hatchlings with a sugar overdose now, you two," he says, grinning like a fool.

"Valenth!" Rhial near-screams, baritone voice becoming an odd note. Tears stream from the boy's eyes as he throws his arms around the enlonged neck. "Yes! Wicked! Deffinately! Valenth! That's his name!" his continues to exclaim, withdrawling his arms. That big stupid grin becomes wider. Fathomless love pours to the dragonet. Wow. Fathomless.

Aerdon looks over. "None of that, K'roph!" she teases. "Don't give your lifemates ideas, now!"

Susia ooohs a bit, smiling. "She's gorgeous… they all are….." Shifting back and forth from foot to foot, she shakes her head, watching the procedings.

Graceful Marbled Green Hatchling croons a warble that sounds so melodic, it could make a person's heart melt.

Vispi grins and nods pushing her hair out of her face. "Thank you." She replies warmily.

Farrizah blinks, "That is one perfect green" she says, daring to hope the green might choose her. "I wonder who she'll choose?"

Kori has connected.

Frozen Iceberg Blue Hatchling
A tinkling of icicles can be heard as the talons of this frozen blue hatchling scratch at the shell of his egg now spread out on the sand. White talons, not black, cool and almost clear, shine in bright contrast to the black sands of the hatching grounds. Small, smaller than most dragons his age and color, he bares a striking resemblance to a legendary white dragon, however he is clearly blue, as his extremities darken to almost azure. Frozen ridges of ice sparkle as though they were covered in a morning frost, and translucent wing sails are so clear, it's almost like looking through a block of ice. A dainty muzzle, sharp as an icicle, is accompanied by crystalline knobs, narrow and long, almost like a crown upon the head of his winter majesty. He is graceful, slow and steady, as his legs bring him forward. Behind, he leaves a trail of egg ichor, almost as though this icy being is melting as he moves forward across the hot sands, silent as an iceberg, strong as an avalanche.

Magicara watches the other green and starts bouncing again, only holding Cyvex's hand, that squeal echoing again. "greengreengreengreen." And such. "OH, she's a beauty!" She mutters to Cyvex. "Go Ri, I /told/ you so!!!"

K'roph looks over at Joran. "Yeah. And you and Hotaru don't kill yours by denying it…" He grins and turns to Aerdon. "Yeah, right…

Fiona looks up, flattening down her robe, raising a hand to her chest as Rhial.. near-screams. "Err. Oh! Joy! He Impressed!" Right. "Oh, look. a green." She starts to straightening out her collar. You have to look professional.

Cyvex smiles and claps his free hand against the one that Magicara clings to. "Oh look wasn't that green from the egg that Hotaru liked?" He shrugs his shoulder not really spotting the hatching until the egg was but shards.

Hotaru mms at the dragonet's warble. "Every bit as beautiful as the one I heard in the shell," she says to Fiona, gazing across to the green.

Icy Depths Egg shudders once on the sands, then wiggles just a bit..

Marhiya nearly twitches with a desire to look towards the eggs, half out of fear, half out of hope - she abandons that immediately, however, once Rhial announces the bronze's name. The jump now is higher than before, and the candidate shouts, very loud, "I told you! I told you, Rhial! Congratulations! Valenth! I knew you'd do it, Rhial!" She'll never let him forget it, either. Calming herself to a degree, though still grinning like a high-spirited fool, attention returns to the eggs and the green and blue hatchlings.

J'ran stops himself from throwing a chunk of meat at K'roph. "Would you guys cut that out!" he says with only partially feigned irritation. He goes back to feeding darling Maxanth.

Graceful Marbled Green Hatchling slowly strides along the candidates, sniffing a little at Magicara, but then moving on. She croons, looking…searching for someone who meets her expectations.

Kori has connected.

Shairla sighs. "I'd so hoped that Rhial would get green." Snicker. Farrizah's hand is given a squeeze, almost as if the girl were trying to reassure her fellow candidate. "If yours is there, it'll find you, don't worry." And Sha will help, by moving behind her should one of those hatchlings come their way.

Tenaran gasps as yet another dragonet emerges from the pieces of its egg. "He is so beautiful…" she says, trailing off. Her attention is diverted by the Graceful Marbled Green hatchling as she makes her way down the row. Hope, hope, hope….

Verity clenches her sweaty hands in the crudely sewn seams of her robe, picking uncertainly at the loose stitches until a few begin to give. She shifts, chewing her lip, watching the dragonets intently, lips moving as though to dictate the scene for memory.

Magicara nodnods! "Yes, it is." She pokes Cyvex a bit "Rhi just impressed, silly!" Is muttered, and she freezes as the hatchling sniffs at her. A sigh of.. relief? wistfulness? echos through her body as she moves on.

Telilaren is getting lost. Green here, blue there, bronze right /there/. Yeah. She's getting quite whirled up into a confusing mix of well, colors and impressions and hatchings. "I wonder what's going to happen to the egg shells when this is over? I snaged a little sliver from my last hatching, I want to keep a memory from each hatching I go to… Ya think that's a good idea Chui?" Hmm?

Kori beams at Vispi. "Congrats Vispi!" She cheers to the girl in happiness. She grins as she looks back in the direction of the eggs. She then notices the bronze on the sands and blinks. "Very handsome." She comments.

Jeffry looks down at Susia,"Well so far we're still together in the sands…" He glances over at K'roph."K'roph!" He makes a face at him the tongue out, and then turns to Hotaru,"One of these days Hotaru I'm gonna bet you a song versus a pair of boots, that those two are going to get on their dragons, and take off down a cliff… as they stare eyes locked one to the other's…"

Farrizah smiles, deciding not to point out that if one wants to Impress Shairla, it will. "Hmm, if it's not here it'll be somewhere else, and hopefully I will be there too"

Frozen Iceberg Blue Hatchling shivers violently in place, egg goo flying off in all directions. The blue looks around with an attitude of arrogance and superiority. He quickly scans the crowd of awaiting Candidates for just the perfect one for him. He locks eyes with Jasra, who gasps at the eyecontact. Waddling toward her, he croons.. a grating sound for most people. Jasra smiles at it, though, go figure. She kneels in front of the beauty and lays a gentle hand on his headknob. Her face is shining with joy, for once as she proudly announces, "His name is Aekeiath! And, he's mine!"

Hotaru glances from one hatchling to the next, her feet continuing the Hatching Sands shuffle, then laughs in Jeffry's direction. "I _will_ have to write the sequel, won't I, now?"

"Congrats, Rhi and Vis…" The candidate mutters once again, looking down at the guard's hand which is being clutched by the more-than-simply-nervous Chui. At least that's the only outlet of her nervousness — it's not there for all to see, only for Teli to feel. "Oh? That is actually a rather good idea." Eyes flicker to the shards which are already out on the ground now. "I think I may do something of the sort…" The last is muttered more to herself than anything else.

Cyvex nods his head at Magicara, "Yes I know that, but I want to save my congratulations for when he will be able to hear me, right now I don't think he's focusing on us." A wink and a glance sent towards Rhi.

Fiona poses, beauty-padgent like. 'I promise to make world peace!' Or not. She blinks at Hotaru. "Sequel? To what?" She's lost. Confused. Right. But she focuses. Focus. Right. Look professional. Or sexy. Either works.

Jeffry applauds for the girl who has Aekeiath

Susia nods halfheartedly to Jeffry, shaking her head slightly. "For now…." With a shrug she turns her gaze back to the wandering creatures, eyes focusing on one, then another.

Marhiya seems to have expelled the last of her congratulatory breaths on Rhial's enthusiastic bit - at least, that would be enough of an excuse for the quiet, if still very enthusiastic, congratulations that gets sent towards the unfamiliar girl and her blue lifemate for their Impression. Free hand, palm dried on the robe once agian, brushes back dark locks of hair, absently tucking them behind an ear; enthusiasm seems a drug, adrenaline a rush that refuses to abate: attention rests on everything, and on nothing, and the grin has yet to wane.

Magicara calls it out, anyway. Why not? She's probably gonna be hoarse after this, but… ohwell "Aekeiath! Beautiful, Jasra!" She calls, bouncing still. "Oh, really, Cy, why not? There's time for both!" She sqeaks on the last word, and starts to giggle.

Kori applauds the folks that have impressed so far, a big grin on her face for them. "Congrats!" She calls toward the weyrlings and their dragons, before she looks back to the rocking eggs to see what hatches next.

Tenaran says "Congratulations" every time a dragon's name is heard. She's lost, but she tries to keep up with the happenings. A smile forms on her features as she looks around at the other Candidates and at the rest of the sands.

Rhial nearly swoons at the hatchling, hand still resting on his neck. His lovely neck. Yes. "Here, Valenth. We'll go get some food." He begins off towards to side, dragonet following closely behind. He did it. He Impressed. Mom'll be proud.

The egg gives one shudder. Then another, just a little stronger this time. And another very strong shudder and suddenly you hear that odd pong' sound thick ice makes when it's very cold. The whole egg seems to vibrate as it cracks, and the shell shatters into finger-sized shards that fall at the hatchling's feet. The poor thing looks about himself, just as surprised at its violent arrival as those who are watching.

Frosted Shadow Blue Hatchling
Quivering muscles twitch with pent up energy as this hatchling sits before the staring candidates and gallery-folk. As though this blue had consumed too much klah, every step he takes, every move he makes is a shaky, tense, irritated motion. Slight frame and even slighter build house a hide of dark midnight covered in gossamer curtain of dull jet. Were it not for his constant shifting and the way the light falls upon his gaunt form, the slight shimmering sheen of blue would not be seen, and he would appear as black as the darkest reaches of twilight. Crimson eyes whirl with ravenous hunger, perhaps the only beacons in the dark night of his shadowy form.

Zalansho absently congratulates Rhial, looking all around at all the things happening so fast. The blue is given an ooooo.

Telilaren tears her nail a little too far down and gives a quite whimper of pain. "Ow. Okay, enough of that." And as that's said she shoves her hand behind her back and tightens her grasp upon Chui's hand. SQUEEEEZE. "Soo, uh. Nice day isn't it? Beautiful hatchlings aren't they? I think they are." Chin bobs quietly as a bit of a smile twists the very corner of her lips. Oh look, small talk.

Cyvex shrugs his shoulders at Magicara. "I don't know Magi, Just felt that maybe I should save my congratulations until later. I think he knows that we all are extremely happy for him." A smile sent to Rhial and Valenth and then attention turning to the little blue that hatches.

Susia wrinkles up her nose slightly at the blue, shaking her head. "Not a lot of greens…" Weird, no?

J'ran grins as Rhial and Valenth approach. "Congrats, Rhi," he says. "It's not a gold, but will he do?"

Jeffry squeezes Susia's hand gently, and watches the eggs that haven't hatched yet. He smiles and waves at his sisters and brothers who wave back. He calls out,"Congratulations Rhial!"

Shairla has eaten plenty of garlic, so those dragons are going to stay far away.. right? Another blue hatchling is glanced at but given the customary "Ew.." as the hatching progresses. "Alright, they should be done anytime, right? I ate garlic, so I /know/ they'll avoid me."

Marhiya brings that infamous free hand of hers up to her forehead, where it brushes away moisture still beading, sometimes running, down there; it's kept in place, almost as if the candidate were afraid of exhaustion from the heat or from trying to keep track of everything at once. Somehow, it's managed to a degree: the blue's arrival broadens the grin as much as Marhi's physiology allows, and an appreciative "ooh" is her response to it.

Frosted Shadow Blue Hatchling peers tenatively at the robed candidates, tense, uncertain. What to do.. Shifting several times, he finally moves toward the candidates.

Jeffry nods to Susia."True…"

Tenaran breathes, "So pretty…" at the hatching of the blue. She watches him, trying to keep up with the green at the same time. All so confusing…

J'ran glances out over the sands at the indecisive but attractive green. "Go on, girl," he murmurs, then stuffs another chunk of meat into Maxanth's greedy maw.

Farrizah seems to be getting more and more nervous, and slightly more depressed. She shakes herself, no hatchling would choose her if she didn't think positive. Think /positive/. She closes her eyes momentarily, then opens them and smiles, feeling calmer.

Magicara grins "I know he knows, but sometimes Ri has to be reminded." Nod, and such, as his hand is sqeezed harder. Oops. "Sorry." She mutters "Oh, Cy, he's a /darling/!"

Cyvex shakes his head at Shairla's comment, they are dragons not vampires. "That blue is a handsome little fella. Reminds me of Lecil's Oko, well just a little, they are both blue." He smirks and squeezes Magicara's hand.

Kori grins as she looks back to the eggs. She blinks at the blue that hatches next. "Oh, I love the coloring on him." She comments. Her eyes stay on the blue as she watches him move toward the line, curious to see who he goes too. She also gives the eggs a glance everyonce in a while, then she looks back to the blue.

Farrizah calls out "Congrats"

Graceful Marbled Green Hatchling stops by Hotaru and looks up pensively, wonderingly. Will this human like me? she seems to say. She croons softly, a sound strongly reminscient of harp music.

Fiona gives Rhial a departing wave, then turns back to Hotaru. "Well, just me and you, now." Pause. She holds her hand out to Magicara. "Anyhow." Blink. "Oh, wait. Its.. looking. At you."

Verity's stomach dares to growl. She blushes, though it's not really visible in the heat-stoked flush on her normally pale face, and looks with sympathy at the hatchlings — if skipping lunch does this to her, what must hatching be like?

"Close enough, neh? It's metalic." Yes. Beautiful metalic. Valenth croons. "Um. Food. Right." Rhi says. Wait. No more Rhi. There's a lacking 'i' now. Rh'al shoves some food towards the hungry hatchling. Food. Awesome.

Jeffry smiles and applauds the lovely green as she stops by Hotaru."Hey Hotaru, What's her name?"

Magicara jumps higher "Hotaru! Thats the egg you liked!" She squeals, delighted. Hopehopehope.

Chui chuckles, perhaps a little cruelly, at her little partner's pain. So she's mean. So what? Teli'll live, assuredly. Uh oh…smalltalk. One of those things that Chui's just Not Good at. Plus, there's that squeeze, in which the candidate winces, her face souring just a bit, "Beautiful. They're always beautiful, yeah? I just can't wait to see the gold…" Ah, so it comes out.

Hotaru glances up into the stands herself, trying to pick out her own family, and is apparently successful. However, she doesn't wave at them. Instead, she lifts her chin and turns back to the clutch, just as the green hatchling steps in front of her. Her eyes widen, and her mouth opens slightly - but she doesn't move. Remembering her manners, she closes her mouth and waits. "Hello, little one," she offers softly.

J'ran grins widely as the green stops and sings at Hotaru. What a surprise. "All right!" he crows. "She's gorgeous, Hotaru! Congratulations!"

Marhiya watches the blue for a moment, as is customary for the sake of polietness, then turns towards the still wandering green. Or is it still wandering? Shuffling of feet is restrained somewhat, so as to take away the shake of movement from her view. "Hotaru?" she calls over, not necessarily expecting an answer. The green is eyed. Then Hotaru is. Then, a grin begins to form.

Cyvex smirks at Rhial's comment and then adds in. "But look he does have that dusting of gold on his hide." A smirk is sent towards Rhial and then he pulls the hand holding Magicara's up to his other and claps for Hotaru. "Congrats Hotaru. You both shall make beautiful music together."

Kori beams toward Hotaru. "Yeah Hotaru!" She cheers toward the girl. She grins brightly as she waits to see if it really is Hotaru. Her fingers crossed behind her back in hope as she watches.

Tenaran catches her breath; will the green Impress Hotaru? She hopes so… It would be great. She prepares herself to shout some words of congratulation, not looking at anything else but the exchange between her friend and her hopefully soon-to-be dragonet.

Jeffry chants under his breath, barely audible but for Susia."Go go go Hotaru Go go go Hotaru…"

Firelight Features Egg bursts into a flurry of motion, sand flies away from the base of the egg. Then, just as suddenly as it started, it stops, just like fire being drenched with water.

Elissan smiles and leads the new rider and hatchling over to A'xim and the other weyrlings.

Frosted Shadow Blue Hatchling toddles tenatively closer to the candidates, then pauses in front of Verity and peers..

Marhiya rather decides to add to the grin that's already present. Hard to start from scratch when there's but where the old expression remains. Certain, now, she jumps up and shouts, "Hotaru! Knew it!" even though it does break her rule of waiting for the name. So, she's allowed to do that. Right? She did, 'tany rate, and so long as that blue remains a fair distance off, there's no reason to believe otherwise. Twitching eggs receive nervous attention, and a hesitant calm returns, once again failing to taint enthusiastic congratulations offered.

"Golds are pretty. They're sparkly and big and…" Can you see a string of drool forming in the corner of Teli's lip? Wait, it's sucked back in and she turns her head to peer over at Hotaru. "Woo! Atta girl Hotaru! Atta girl!" Guardlet got off of thinking about the shiny thing, hey, aren't there any more bronzies running around?

Tears come to the harper girl's eyes as she drops to her knees, one hand reaching out to touch the dragonet's muzzle. "Oh, _yes_, Vivanth! We'll make music together for the rest of our lives!" Her smile is as bright as the sun as she rises back to her feet. "But food now, beloved. You're hungry." She urges her lifemate off the sands to the waiting bowls of meat. (Hotaru)

Shairla catches Farrizah's expression. "Relax. You were searched, that means you have as good a chance as the others, right?" Right. And if Farrizah has a chance, that means she'll draw the dragons away from Sha and all will be well. No oiling or hard work for this girl. "Oh, Hotaru? Did I miss something?"

Kori looks back to the eggs and blinks as one of her favorites have started to rock. "Oh! One of my favorite

Qyh sighs softly as she sees another Candidate Impress and a reluctant smile creeps onto her face. "Good luck." she murmurs, the words almost inaudible and certainly too quiet for the new weyrling they were aimed at.

Zalansho cheers for Hotaru. "Congrats!!"

Jeffry smiles,"Way to go Hotaru!"

In an offhand manner, Rh'al swirvs to look at Hotaru, beaming. He speaks as he turns back to his new lifemate. "Hotaru Impressed! Green! Congrats!" Right. He isn't paying much attention. He'd rather watch his dragonet gorging on food.

Lecil motions for Hotaru and Vivanth to join the other weyrling at the meat buckles.

J'ran hands Hotaru a bowl of meat as she arrives, Vivanth scrambling in her wake. "She's gorgeous," he says again, grinning madly.

Magicara cheers! "GOooo RU!!" She shreiks, turning and.. hugging? Yes, she hugs Cyvex, just because she can't hug Hotaru at the moment, and then turns back to the eggs. "She Impressed! I told her!" Yes, yes, Magi's always right, yada yada yada. Snort.

Fiona blinks. "Aww. She's crying." Fiona's soft spot. Or not. She scoots to allow room for Hotaru to stand and leave, then eyes the Firelight Features egg rocking. "Oh, a wiggle." Right. Or whatever it did.

Verity stops breathing entirely, staring at the little blue before slowly going to her knees. "Shivith?" she whispers, and hesitantly reaches out to touch his muzzle.

Farrizah smiles, tempted to ask Shairla if she'll help oil her dragon when she Impresses, but decides against it. Yes /when/ she Impresses, that's the right way to think, when, not if.

Kori looks back to the eggs and blinks as one of her favorites have started to rock. "Oh! One of my favorites are moving." She states to the others on the sands. She looks back to Hotaru and cheers. "Alright Hotaru!" She blinks and turns. "Alright Verity!" She cheers for the other girl.

Susia smiles at the others, offering a cheery smile and a reserved 'congrats'.

Jeffry cheers for Verity too."Way to go Verity!"

Cyvex smiles at the firelight features egg. "Looks like that little guy will be getting to play sooner than later." A nod in agreement with Magicara. "Yes she is a sweet girl. They deserve eachother."

J'ran laughs as Maxanth creels petulantly at not currently having some food in his greedy little jaws. "Here you go, little one," he says, popping another morsel into the blue's mouth.

Tenaran cheers for Hotaru, looking at the furiously moving egg with anticipation. What will it be? The Frosted Blue Shadow hatchling recieves more direct attention, though. A wondering smile and a kind whisper are at her lips, though none can hear what is said.

This flame-like egg rocks energetically back and forth as the hatchling within tries to escape its cramped prison. With loud crackling and popping sounds that reverberate inside the Cavern, long, deep chasms appear on the surface. As the hatchling, protesting loudly even from within the egg, pecks at the inside of its shell, bits and pieces break off and drop to the sands, like embers from a fire. The last bit of the confining shell gone, the hatchling flops face first onto the Sands.

The Dancing Flame Bronze Hatchling
Of average size and build, this hatchling appears like every other normal hatchling when they break through their shell— gawky, a little awkward, slightly confused as he tries to get control of these…these… limbs. All they did was take up room in that confounded egg, and now he's got to -use- them? Oh, the outrage! He tries to escape them with a quick leap to the left, but the legs follow! A dart to the right! They're still under him! He appears so confused, and his leaping around makes him seem even more flame like with his coloring. Hot, burnished bronze darkens towards ridges and spars, and towards his extremities, lean and wiry. Towards his midline and spreading up into his grand wingsails, his dark burnished color lightens to a polished copper hue, bright and shining as though he was just buffed on his way out of production. Ripples of crimson intermingle with the threads of bronze in the hide of this dragon, making him a child of fire.

A'xim montions for the two newest rider to join him. "Please this way." he points to the othrs wating with food f or the hungry dragonettes.

Hotaru settles next to J'ran, taking the bowl. "Oh, thank you!" she says before turning to her newly hatched lifemate. "Come now, Vivanth, I've got food." The green is eager at the mention of food, but takes each morsel daintily like the lady she is.

Magicara oohs, and nods, as if she expected that "Bronze, Cy, bronze!" She meeps, half-pushing Cyvex towards the hatchling "Go for it!" Sqeek, and such.

Zalansho aaahhhhs as the bronze sheds his shell.

Marhiya hears another call for congratulations. Curiously - missed that one, Marhi? Must be getting tired - she whips her attention over towards Verity, complete with an aerial twist of obsidian locks in response. "Verity?" A peer to the blue, and then to Verity. A grin. "Is he yours, Verity?" At least she'll *ask* this time. The arrival of the gawky, darting bronze gets acknowledgement from the corner of her eye, and another layer is added to that grin, something a touch more wry; "Many of them, aren't there?"

Tenaran repeats her words louder this time. "Oooh, congratulations, Verity!" The bronze is given a happy look, with "It's a bronze!" moving past her lips rather loudly.

Kori blinks and sags a bit as one of her favorites hatches bronze. "Well, there goes hoping to impress from that favoite egg." She cmments to a candidate nearby. She however does straighten as she watches the eggs and hatchlings, have to be proper now on the sands.

As if on cue, another bronze surfaces and Teli beams happily, getting this odd little lop sided grin upon her face before Chui gives her hand a little /too/ tight of a squeeze and the other candidate is pried off. "Ow! Okay, that's enough Chui, You go… stand over there or something." And so Chui is sent off from Teli's hand and dark eyes fix upon the now throbbing hand. "Boy, that girl has a grip." Already little bruises are starting to form across the guardlet's hand. Ow.

Qyh flinches as the flameing egg cracks and studies the newest bronze silently. Edgily shifting again, she turns her gaze on the remaining male candidates, as if makeing some kind of guess.

Jeffry glances in the direction of the newest hatchling."A bronze…" He (can;t spejj He;s tyiig so fast) He smiles down at the handsome fellow,"What a good looking fellow that one is." He squeezes Susia's hand gently again."You think he might choose someone?"

"Congrats, congrats!" Rh'al calls out to whomever Impresses. Hmm. Another Bronze? A glance is sent back. His is better. Hruph. That forementioned hatchling creels for yet more food. "Yes, more food. As much as you like."

Cyvex smirks at Magicara. "Ah look at that guy, he definately is reminisant of his egg shell." Emerald eyes twinkle as he glances at the bronze. "Not to big, not to small, just perfect." He squeezes Magicara's hand, something he has become accustomed to doing.

Fiona blinks. "Oh. A bronze." No color for her. Now she's got Magicara on one side, and… well, we forgot. So many people Impressed on that side. "Hopefully, this one won't be so sick-minded." Or whatever.

Shairla jumps at the next egg's hatching and then relaxes slighly. "Bronze." Sha is safe once more and, no, there's no /way/ anyone could rope her into oiling. This girl wouldn't even oil her own 'lizard, if she had one. This could be why she hasn't managed to lure one of the little creatures into her grasp.

Susia nods slowly, glancing over at Jeffry. "He'll have to, won't he?" Don't confuse the poor girl, please.

The Dancing Flame Bronze Hatchling looks around trying to find someone to blame for having fallen on his face. He tries to pick himself up and fails. He slumps down and starts to creel piteously.

Zalansho awwws as the bronze falls down. "C'mon little guy. You can do it. Get up."

Farrizah looks about, only one of her favourite three eggs is unhatched, the other two dragons already Impressed too. She shrugs, not caring at this point what colour she ends up with, though hoping her remaining favourite, the Double Helix Egg, contains her lifemate. Though the other eggs are fine, surely the dragons in those eggs would be just as likely to Impress to her as the gold in the Double Helix Egg.

Magicara giggles "Right. Thats right. So go get him already?" She grins "Really, Cyvex, I'm starting to think you're scared…."

Cyvex awws at the average sized bronze, "Poor little guy, I don't know how he will ever be able to play tag if he is on the ground. Magi, he has to get up himself though." The candiate shrugs and then turns emerald eyes to watch the hatchling.

Kori blinks as she watches the bronze. "Oh come on handsome one, don't give up already, try again." She says encouragingly to the upset bronze. She smiles and looks back to the remaining eggs, since there's no chance that girls can impress bronze.

Hotaru looks out for a second, away from her beloved Vivanth. "_Another_ bronze?" she queries, astonished. She tries to see whose clutch it was from, but a gentle nudge from her lifemate requests her attentions again. "Oh, I'm sorry, love," she says, and fixes the oversight with a few more morsels of meat.

The Dancing Flame Bronze Hatchling hears someone urging him on, and scrunches up his eyes in a moment of huge effort, and gets to his feet. He sighs in relief, and looks about him once again, eyeing the humans. He goes up to one of them and sniffs. No. Girl. He goes on. He stops by Cyvex and headbutts him gently in the legs and sniff again.

Marhiya keeps an eye on Verity, for the moment, chancing the opportunity to assess this bronze fellow that rightly has snatched up most of the guys' attentions. Appraisingly, an eyebrow is raised, and headbobbing commences - not as if Marhi has anything to do with him, really. "Going fast, isn't it? Very fast…" Too fast, or not fast enough? Tone is neutral, though expression, of course, most certainly is not. Them's the fickialities, or some real word meaning the same.

Tenaran takes a deep breath, calming herself. She's gotten a /bit/ too excited. Alright… She blinks slowly and smiles a bit. Much better now. She watches the bronze with intrest, commenting on how beautiful he is, before looking to the other eggs.

J'ran too glances back out onto the sands. "Sure is a lot of bronzes," he agrees. "Told you I wouldn't get one," he teases.

Jeffry looks over at the bronze "C'mon lad don't be sad, get yourself up c'mon now…Easy there feller…"

Magicara points out "But you could offer?" See? She's smart. "Or at least try." RIght. She backs up "Um, nevermind." His hand is grasped a final time, and she releases him, backing away. "All yours, big guy." She tells the bronze, grinning.

Creel! Rh'al was watching the others. "Er… yeah." he chuckles to Valenth. "More food." the boy shoves more morsels to the dragonet. Joy. Food. A beam is sent to J'ran. "Blue's a good color for you, though!"

Cyvex oofs as he is headbutted and then says outloud, "I Guess thats tag and I am it?" He chuckles and sturdies himself to keep from falling back, he glances down towards the bronze with a smirk upon his face.

Hotaru laughs softly as she runs out of meat in that bowl and gets another one. "Like you'd be willing to trade now," she says to the new blue and bronzeriders.

Jeffry reaches a hand if he can over to Magicara."Care for a hand?" He sighs a little surrounded by women is he being?

The Dancing Flame Bronze Hatchling looks up into Cyvex's eyes and his own open wide, he sniffs again…

Fiona just… shuffles. "Not too many more eggs." She /applauds/ for Cyvex's Impression, but quietly, continuing to glance over the remaining eggs.

J'ran quirks a brow at Rh'al. "And just what is that supposed to mean?" he asks.

Suddenly, particles of sand begin to fall off the hardened shell of the Moondust Grey Egg, and cracks spread over the surface to an extent that the structural integrity of the egg is compromised. The end result is a small green hatchling, sitting on the sand looking quite confused.

Craters In Green Cheese Hatchling
A dainty, shimmering figure catches your eye, and as you turn to get a closer look, your heart seems to be taken by this young green dragon. Soft sparkles of jade and emerald lay across her sensuous form, amazingly so despite her age. Her long neck is speckled with tiny, round shapes of lime and saffron, like a mesh necklace of like lace. Her dainty muzzle shines with a gossamer shield of gold dust, and sparkling eyes whirl a luminescent cerulean. Talons of ebony grip the sand beneath her feet, and a long, emerald tail sweeps over the sand behind her, while crumpled wings are held slightly aloft in an attempt to keep them clean whilest they dry. The circular pattern continues over the rest of her body, but changes shade to a more muted, sea green on jade hide, giving her a cratered affect, much like that of her former egg.

Magicara smirks "I was right." Is all she says, backing up and grasping the hand with a grin at Jeffry. "See, Cy? Don't doubt yourself…" She mutters, then her eyes are drawn to the green. "Peerrrrrtyyyy." She mutters

Zalansho congratulates Cyvex and stares at the newly hatched green a bit.

Farrizah scans the sands again, looking at the eggs mainly, though also looking at both gold dragons and the hatchlings, though her eyes are drawn to the eggs. And the new green. She sighs. "Such a lovely little lady" she breathes, hope flaring.

Jeffry looks at the latest green, and watches in silence now…"Good going Cyvex…" He smiles at him.

Susia giggles, tilting her head as she shifts back and forth. "Congrats, Cyvex! He's pretty…." Pretty for guy… nope.

Marhiya suddenly perks once again - the bronze's advancement on Cyvex is given keen attention; the pause, and the eye contact gets brightening: once again, this candidate stands on her toes and peers towards the ones she thinks have found another, and that silly grin widens to full visibility as with each time before. "Congratulaaaatioooons…" she croons over to the new bronzerider, again before any name is really mentioned. Impatient, or sure she knows what's up when certain things happen, now? Green is given a glance, and another grin.

J'ran grins. "Of course Cyvex gets a bronze," he calls out. "What other dragon could carry the big lug?"

Craters In Green Cheese Hatchling slowly walks through the candidates before finding herself before Julista. She looks deep in the young girl's eyes, and the Igenite smiles. "Her name is… Lunath…"

Shairla shrugs. "She's a green." You know, one of those evil types that will probably go about slurping people and making them play odd games that include putting non-riders on their necks and getting them soaked in water. "But.. yes, she's… handsome." There, she said it. Happy now?

Tenaran breathes a sigh of admiration for the new little green. "Very pretty…" is the comment made by her. She chews on her lip again, hoping…

Vispi grins and hands her lifemate some more meat from the bowl.

C'vex nods his head at the little bronze, "Yes my Caith, I am yours and you are mine." A look of relief and pleasure crosses the candidates face. "Surely dear heart, we shall get you some food." He releases Magicara's hand with just one more squeeze and then helps the bronze.

Kori smiles as the next egg hatches a green. "Isn't she a pretty one." She comments to anyone near. She beams at Cyvex. "Congrats Cyvex!" She cheers to the boy. She grins and looks back to the remaining eggs and hatchlings.

"I'd never trade" Rh'al protests to Hotaru, grinning. A glance is sent to J'ran. "Nothing. Blue's just… you." Right. You. He doesn't like blue, you see? "Oh. Empty." Valenth stares at the other bowls. "More food is on the way. Yes, I'll stop talking to them so much." Another bowl is brandished. As the dragonet is fed, Rh'al snickers. "Right. We could have expected it."

Magicara grins over at Jor- no, J'ran. "Tell me about it." She calls back, grinning. "My congrats, Cyvex."

Hotaru baps Joran on principle, and is promptly given a Look by her own dragonet. "Well, Vivanth, he deserved it for that," she murmurs, and gives her another piece of meat. Vivanth accepts, but eyes her lifemate - that just wasn't ladylike!

Tenaran sighs. Oh well… "Congratulations!" is given, almost half-hearted, but not quite. She is still happy for the Impressed, even if she doesn't get it.

Lecil grins at C'vex as he joins the rest of the new weyrlings. "Does this end your plan for a farm?" She askes jokingly

Fiona blinks. "There's a green!" Blink. "It… left." Right. "Or Impressed, rather. Congradulations?" She's not to keen on not Impressing this far in. "Yeah. Well. Come on, move along." She's talking to the eggs. WOw.

Catastrophic Iceberg Egg wiggles in its spot, trying to get out of its shell.

J'ran turns appealing eyes on Vivanth. "That's right, you'll stick up for me, won't you?" he asks. Greens always seem to have liked him before, why not recruit a new ally?

Jeffry watches this egg."There's my favorite egg… c'mon little one…"

Marhiya looks at the green hatchling for a moment, considering it with a trademark headmark paired with a raised eyebrow. After a moment, her attention slides right past, towards the twitching eggs. A silent, under-the-breath count is made, and Marhi nods sharply, tightening her grip on Evy's hand as a matter of reflex as much as to reassure contact between sweaty palms.

Jeffry corrects himself."One of my favorites…"

C'vex lifts his head up and shakes his head at Lecil. "Nope, Just delays the plan, now you are stuck with /us/ though Lecil." A smirk and he pulls a piece of bloody meat out and starts to feed the young bronze.

Tenaran looks over to the Catastrophic Iceberg egg hopefully, anxiously, and with a strange combonation of feelings. One of her favourites, too… "Come on, you can do it…" she says softly, willing the egg to hatch quickly.

Kori sighs as the eggs start to dwindle. "Looks like this one will end like the others." She comments. She looks at the latest egg that's moving, seeing what hatches next. Her eyes drifting between the remaining eggs.

Magicara watches the eggs, sighing just a bit, starting to calm down from her annoying hyper mood "Not many left…" She mutters, looking over the remaining eggs. But her fav. hasn't hatched yet. Mabye thats a good sign.

Spinning Marks Egg wiggles in place, finally, after being still for so long.. wiggle, wiggle, wriggle, jiggle.

Shards of shell begin to flake off the Spinning Marks Egg, as the money comes tumbling down. Out rolls a rather pleased brown…er…green… no, it's Brown. Well… wait a sec. It.. Oh nevermind. Out pops a dragon!

Gender-Confused Green Hatchling
When this little green hatchling turns just right, her body appears to be covered with wrinkles and folds, tinged in a muted brown, giving her an ancient, and decrepit look. The way her bony little shoulders poke through her hide, and her tail limp, it's hard to tell whether this is a youthful green dragon that has hatched from the egg, or instead an old brown dragon, ready to leave this world. But when she shifts her body again in the normal light, it is obvious that she is indeed a green, her long body stretching out and displaying her sinuous form. Scintillating shades of jade and evergreen, the two colors contrasting eachother greatly, but complimenting eachother in their striped pattern, spread from the tip of her needle fine nose to the end of her spade-shaped tail. Her body does not shine with the irridescence which is common amongst dragons, but remains somewhat dull, and will throughout her life, despite how much oil her new lifemate may lavish upon her, and this benefits the odd, optical illusion she is slave to when she moves through particular rays of light.

Telilaren slides a bit closer to the group of candidates, eyes flicking from side to side, watching the last four eggs left on the sand. Hmm.. "Well, looks like it's getting over doesn't it? Hey, this was a lot of fun." Beaming the guardlet peers over at Magicara. Hey, she was just trying to say that… pause. Wait, lets make that three eggs and one green hatchling left.

Magicara catches her breath, sqeezing Jeffry's hand "Eep. Thats my fav, there.." She mutters, pointing to the spinning mark egg. She squeals happily when the green emerges. Another good sign, right? Hope hope hope, as all do, and the hyper mood returns. Bounce, bounce.

Suddenly, the cracks that had formed on the catastrophic iceberg egg begin to pierce a little further, and a creaking can be heard as large chunks of the beast begin to fall to the sandy sea below, destroying the dangerous glacier and revealing within a small, seemingly harmless dragonet.

Jeffry looks at Magicara."Which one's your favorite?"He nods."I wonder what's in the one that's over there…

A'xim speaks quietly to the weyrlings. "Just make sure you feed them, but don't let them gorge themselfs.

Relentless Savior Brown Hatchling
Long and Lanky a sturdy Russet brown hatchling emerges from the remains of the egg shards. Like a woodcrafters best carved item, the brown russets of color gently coat his hide from the tip of his muzzle to the very tip of his fork-shaped tail. Carved from the largest tree on Pern, each feature is precisely chiseled upon him.The wedgeshaped head has lines of mahogany tracing the jawline and weaving around to darken into a larger patch of color around one eye. His Neckridges and how his broad back is one solid color of russet, coursing down his hide like paint runs down a piece of smooth wood. The thin membrane of his wingsails and down to the very fingertips, the color runs lighter with faint streaks of red streaking underneath them. If he were to flip over you would see along his chest runs the russets that are color most of this brown but swirls of coca brown and even a dark chocolate remind the viewer of small knots often found in cords of wood. His front forleg is a pure chocolate color while the other one is normal coloration. He's the perfect brown, in his eyes and as you study him you can envision the larger dragon he is destined to become.

"'Grats, man. Bronzer, too. Poor Magi was surrounded." There's just no hope for poor Magicara, neh? She had bronze-riders-to-be on either side. Valenth glances up from his meal to look at the other bronze. Harhar. He's bigger, and better! Back to food. Rh'al offeres yet more food morsels.

Susia giggles, nodding her head. "Lots of fun… And we aren't done yet." Seems Susia really can talk, not just a few words now and then.

Gender-Confused Green Hatchling peers out from her egg leftovers. Let's see now, what to do. Hmm. Well, aren't I pretty.. no.. I'm a brown. I'm brown.Yup, I'm a brown. Never a green. Peering further, she tries to locate that special someone.. must find her.. Trundling toward the candidates, she plunks down near Jeffry and Magi, and blinks, curiously eyeing the two.

Fiona blinks. "Oh, look. It's a…" Blink. "Green-brown thing." Then a glance over. "A brown dragon." BOth Fiona's favorites, none the less. But seeing she never got much time with either..

Lecil snorts, helping another weyrling get his lifemate some food. "I was probably going to be stuff you you anyhow. All of you." She grins, her comment made only to tease.

Tenaran moves over by Magi, not willing to stand alone, now that most of the Candidates around her have Impressed. A look is given to the Spinning Marks Egg, and the new hatchling, but the most of her looking is for the Catastrophic Iceberg egg, and it's new hatchling! "Oooh, you're bee-ootiful!" she says admiringly of the brown.

Magicara mutters "I heard that, Rh'al!" She calls to Rh'al, attention straying off of the green for a moment. "Don't 'poor Magi' me! You're the…" And pause goes the girl, as the green stops. "Hi?"

Marhiya's attention on the eggs seems to have paid off, to a small degree. Even though eyes widen in confusion, curiousity and interest alike, there's something behind that, like a distant sparkle. Worry, perhaps? For herself, or for her friends? Decisions need to be made, again; green is eyed, then brown, then green-brown, then the weyrlings, for a lingering moment. And then, it's back to the circle within the unpaired dragonets.

Kori blinks as the next hatchling is a green. "Isn't she one with interesting coloring." She comments to the others still here. She blinks as another brown hatches. "Handsome fellow." Hasn't she said that about just about every male dragonling.

Farrizah blinks. "Is that a green or a brown?"

Vivanth gives one of her musical warbles, complete with a musical arpeggio, to Joran. Her lifemate rolls her eyes. "Don't you ever quit, Joran?" she asks, leaning to kiss her lifemate on the top of her head. "Love, we'll have to talk about boys very soon." This time, the green's warble is perplexed, and Hotaru giggles.

Zalansho awws as the latest dragonet hatches, then says "Er.."

C'vex nods his head in agreement to Rh'al and then says something in a low voice to him. "You know what they say about a girl who hangs around with two bronzes right." He winks and then turns attention from Magicara to Caith as he feeds the bronze small bits of meat slowly.

J'ran blinks innocently. "Me?" he asks. "Never."

K'roph rolls his eyes, and leans over, muttering something to Vispi…

Shairla is still moving from side to side, her feet never resting long on the sands at any given moment. "Oh, /please/ let it be over soon.." the girl begs of no one in particular, the exit out eyed from time to time. "I'm so hot and.. I'm /sweating/!" Clearly, this is the worst thing to ever happen in Sha's life. She has perspired.

Jeffry sighs as he watches the brown."What a good looking fellow…"

J'ran throws out a hand without looking, pointing at K'roph. "I said stop that," he says, while feeding Maxanth another tidbit.

"Now that's the most interesting dragonet I've ever seen." Teli comments and nearly bursts out laughing as the green is looking between Jeff and Magi. "Oh, this is classic, that thing doesn't know what it is by the look of it. Great. Great, she's cute I have to give her that much." A yawn is given and a slender hand reaches up to gently bat at her mouth. Tired.

Gender-Confused Green Hatchling blinks innocently at the two candidates near her, then sniffs curiously at Jeffry, then Magi, then back again, and back once again. And, of course, she must then bounce on off, showing off her /brownness/. I'm brown. Yup, all brown. Never a green.. Brown brown brown.

Farrizah frowns slightly at the sands under her feet, "It is a bit too hot isn't it?" she says, but lifts her head to regard the green/brown curiously.

Jeffry looks over at Sha."You're sweating….That's not the worst thing youv've ever done…Muck with me and say that again…"

Marhiya spares attention from the green - the brown-green, or the green-brown? - and the confirmed brown to look towards Shairla with startlement at her complaints. A small chuckle is released in a nearly tired sigh, and then enthusiasm perks again once the proximity of hatchling to candidates is caught. Here is where attention swerves.

Zalansho blinks, not sure what's going on around him. He starts to sway, then steadies himself. Whew. So hot. Must concentrate.

Magicara backs up a step "Um, yea. Right. Nice to meet you, too." She sends a pleading look at Jeffry, but grins, none the less.

Qyh rocks a little, hissing as the heat begins to pain her feet. For a moment, she glares at the eggs and then, reluctantly, settles back down to continue watching. Her arms are folded over her breasts, tension visible in her slender figure.

Red Mushroom Cloud Egg begins to rattle where it stands, like the shaking of windowpanes. The sand breaks away, falling back into itself away to reveal the design upon the egg's shell.

Fiona blinks. "Eh. Gender crisis." Right. "What is it?" she asks, taking a step back from Magicara and Jeffry, who are rather close to her. "Brown. Green. Brown. Brown. Brown." Whichever. It's a dragon, none the less.

Susia snickers, shakign her head as she nudges at the guy next to her. "Looks like its a greeny… or brownie… or…. whatever." Now she's /really/ confused.

Relentless Savior Brown Hatchling slowly stretches and uncurls from his confines. It was -cramped- in there! The large brown starts to slowly walk amongst the varried candidates, crooning. He stops infront of Qyh and looks at her intently for a moment.

Jeffry steps and steps left foot right foot.. heat's getting to him…

J'ran glances up curiously at the Red Mushroom egg's movement — he'd thought he'd formed some sort of connection with it, and was curious to see what was about to emerge.

Tenaran smiles tentatively, biting her lip harder than ever. She likes them both… The green-brown one is sweet. "Aww…" is what she has to say… She blinks once or twice, nodding to whomever commented about it being hot.

Qyh eyes the brown warily, backing up a cautious step. No, it doens't pay to be too close to something with talons that sharp.

Telilaren was smart you see, her feet are just fine, wooden shoes really do help one out from getting nasty blisters on her feet. "Ya know Jeffry, ya should have tried to get some shoes like me!" A foot is lifted and she waggles it about a few moments. Look! Clog!

A loud shrieking noise pierces the air as the Red Mushroom Cloud Egg begins to rock violently. The shell begins to vibrate as the high pitched noise intensified and then with a loud cracking, a huge fragment of egg flies off the top and the egg explodes outwards, leaving a hatchling on the Sands.

Marhiya decides to ask the question that seems to be floating everywhere else: "Is it a she, or a he? Green, or brown?" A closer glance, at least as much as leaning forward and squinting will provide her, and she adds, "Is it even a dragon?" How *can* one be sure? Feet are continually, reflexively, picked up and set down, one sole cooled while the other's heated, and visa versa by turns.

Lush Vegetation Green Hatchling
This beautiful dainty green has a lush color to her hide. Upon closer inspection you see that this lovely lady is not one solid color, but many diffrent shades of green blended together. Deep dark forest greens and light bright grassy greens all swriled together to give give this little lady the appreacnce of a solid green hide from a distance. As you approach this beautifully shaded dragon you see how intricate the colors are blended together, giving her hide the appearce of a tree in a dence forest. In fact this lovely child of Everenth is coverd in what looks like to be tiny little leaves, each being their own shade of green. The 'leaves' seem to intertwine on her hide, thus giving it the soild color.

Gender-Confused Green Hatchling gives a yawn and finally trundles back over to Magi and Jeffry and peers at Magi further. Ponder, ponder ponder.. and then peer… into Magi's eyes.

Zalansho oooos as the Mushroom cloud egg explodes. "Wow"

Kori smiles a bit as she watches the brown/green, and the brown as they move. She smiles at Jeffry and Qyh, her fingers crossing behind her back in hope for the two as she watches. She cringes at the loud shriek.

Jeffry nods."I could have." He lets go of Magi's hand."A'right Magi, go on over where the others are…"

J'ran lets out a whoop. "Way to go, Magi" he cries as the, er, olive dragon clearly chooses her.

Tenaran ooohs at the new green dragonet. "You're a pretty one, to be sure…" she says, her eyes wide and mouth curved into a large smile.

Fiona claps - once. "Oh, joy. It chose. At long last." And she swerves to eye the brown being attracted to Qyh, and then the Lush Vegetation Green Hatchling. "Pretty."

Hotaru peers over at the newly hatched green. "What's up with that one?" she asks no one in particular. Then looks again. "Er. Is that brown, or green? I can't tell all that well." A trill from Vivanth gives her some answers. "Oh," she says. She's about to ask her lifemate to be more specific when she sees it looking at Magi. "MAGI!" she shrieks, making her green jump and stare at her accusingly. "What's her name?"

Farrizah calls out to Magi, "Congrats… Err, what colour is it?"

Relentless Savior Brown Hatchling looks up at Qyh with a hurt look in his multifaceted eyes, and walks on by. He gives a look to each of the candidates he passes, but doesn't see that special something. He stops again, in front of Shairla, a bit shier this time.

Zalansho cheers for Magi. "Congrats!!" is yelled out, quite loudly.

Shairla just /stares/ at the green..er.. brown..er.. whatever. "What /is/ that?!" This, again, is asked of no one as a glance is sent Farrizah-ward. "I've never seen anything like that.. whatever it is." At least she can tell it's a dragon, which is a step in the right direction.

Maxanth actually seems to be getting full, his tummy bulging ridiculously from his tiny frame. J'ran snickers and taps the blue on the nose.

Jeffry looks at his Cousin Sha."Hehe You're gonna impress You're gonna impress!

"Only -three- eggs left?" That went fast. Rh'al continues with his feeding, patting the dragonet every few moment. "Getting full, Valenth?" the boy inquires, offering more food. A glance is sent back. "Okay, only two eggs, now. And… Magi?" Dark eyebrows crease upwards, forming an arch and wrinkles in his forehead. "Congrats, Magi!" He shouts, cupping his hands around his mouth for volume. "Er… what's it's name?! What's it's color?!"

C'vex smirks, "I guess all of the Greens decided to come out last." A piece of meat put into Caith's mouth carefully and then he spots the green with Magi and smirks. "Yes the girls that hang around with two bronzeriders are usually greenriders." He winks at Magicara and claps two meat filled hands together.

A'xim grins and chuckles at the blue. "See J'ran. Remebr not to let him gorge."

Qyh blushes, awarding the brown an apologetic glance as it moves on. Looking somewhat guilty at being so mistrustful, she moves back into her spot.

Magicara takes another discreet step back, dropping Jeffry's hand. "Thats right. Um. Right." Pause, and for once, the girl is speechless. All of a sudden, she calls out, smiling with intense joy and falling to her knees to embrace the green "Eunith!"

Susia tilts her head, smiling a bit at another green. Turnign her emerald gaze to Magi, she giggles a bit. "Congrats!"

Marhiya continues watching the puzzle that is the seemingly gender-confused little hatchling. Lucky, yet again, for the notice of the closest thing identifiable as Impression; grin respouts, fresher than before, less tired and more energized. The remaining eggs are eyed, and shifting becomes a bit bouncier; the last reserves? "Magicara! She - he? - is yours! 'Gratulations! Knew you'd do it!" Well, perhaps she did. The brown is given a brief glance that turns a bit longer, and Marhi's eyebrow, once again, does an aerial dance - er, rises. "Shairla?"

Lush Vegetation Green Hatchling seeths as she tumbles out. How undignified! She looks around and scrapes her claws through the sand to get rid of the egg goo still stuck to her. Looking around, she snorts. Now who is worthy of my affections? Heading for a tangle of boys, she pauses. Ah, there's one. Staring up into the blue eyes of one boy, she warbles. "Oh, Farnath!" cries D'rrin, throwing his arms around the goddess. "Of course we can go eat, love!"

Farrizah nods, confused by this green/brown dragon. "I've stood at one hatching before and watched yet another, but I've /never/ seen a dragon that couldn't decide what colour to be!

Jeffry smiles at Magicara."Eunith good name…"

Elissan grins and moves towards magi and the mew dragonette. "Come Eunith needs to be fed dear."

Hotaru cheers. "Magi and Eunith!"

Tenaran looks over at Magi and beams. "Go Magi!" she says happily. Looking back at the other eggs and the green hatchling— gone. Only two eggs left.

Fiona watches the green Impress with a slight frown. "Well, one down. How many left?" Right. But, of course. She'll only pout. She won't slip into any wild depression thing if she doesn't Impress. "Oh my. Two eggs." Pause. "Three."

Kori beams at Magicara. "Alright Magi!" She cheers toward the girl and her green. She grins. "Eunith, what an interesting name." She comments. She then looks toward the brown and Qyh, the reamining eggs are also given a glance.

Micara finishes her embrace and stands, leading the green to the sidelines and grabbing some meat "I know, you're hungry." She say softly, almost to tears.

Jeffry holds hands with whomever's left… and Susia….He smiles at Susia, hoping the others are going to impress.

Valenth turns to his nose away from the food, crooning softly. Rh'al chuckles and nods. "Right. Okay, no more food. We don't want to stuff you, anyways." The boy suddenly chuckles at a personal whisper. "Eunith?" the bronze weyrling interrogates, turning to look at Magi. "Congrats!" Grin widens. "Here, come stand near us." Him and Valenth, of course.

K'roph smiles… "Congratulations, Magi…er, Micara…

Shairla ews loudly and steps behind Farrizah, trembling and holding onto her robe. "Ew, Farrizah! Keep it away!!" Squeel. "No.. no.. noo…." Yes, Farrizah will keep her safe, no? "Get it to go away or.. something. Yes, go away!"

Marhiya settles to nearly humming, rocking back and forth on her feet, even though she's still busy making sure not to scorch them too badly. The grip Marhi maintains on Evy's hand is retightened, and a brief, encouraging smile is flashed towards the girl. The, cough, touching action is interrupted near the end by Shairla's protests. Once again, the eyebrow raises, and once again Shairla gets a glance.

Telilaren suddenly feels quiet… ah, bare? "So lets see, three eggs, how many candidates left here?" She starts turning around and counting up people or something of the like. "Uh, okay, is Shairla snagged or is she just trying to get away?" Confusion flickers across Teli's pale alabaster brows before she shakes her head slowly from side to side.. "Some candidates…"

Farrizah blinks, looking behind her, "Hiding won't do you any good if the hatchling wants you" she says, but doesn't step aside.

J'rancan't help but laugh as the big brown determindly chases Shairla. "Now that's a LOT of dragon to oil," he chortles.

Micara does so, hugging Hotaru quickly and then Rh'al, while Eunith waits. Finally, the green gets impatient and nudges her new lifemate, making Mag-erg, Cara turn, tears brimming "I know, darling. Here." And meat is given, slow and steady.

Shairla nearly screems but stops, eying the brown. "No, Alexanth, you see.. you want someone else, like Farrizah, here." Yeah, that's it. "I don't need to lean, no.." Then it dawns on her. "Oh no….." Of course, after a moment's pause, a happy expression takes over, even /she/ can't deny it. "His name is Alexanth!"

Blizzard's Break Egg jigles and and shudders in place.

A haphazard wind seems to sweep through the caverns, the world stopping for a moment as the breeze chills Blizzard's Break Egg to perfection. From inside, something taps, and the frozen egg breaks neatly into the sands before melting into millions of snowflake-sized fragments. A little rumble permeates the chill and the stillness stops, spinning back into the heat and chaos of the Hatching as a hatchling makes its way into the world.

The Bright Snowlion Bronze Hatchling
Crystalline ridges sparkle with light dustings of silver and gold, like frost growing on the majestic brow of a gilded statue. Heavy, they hang broodingly over the slowly whirling eyes of this calculating being, separate by a single river of icy frost that leads down between two hot, bronze nostrils and drips off his chin. His long neck is heavily muscled, despite his youth, and the corded meat beneath his dusky hued hide ripples when he turns his head to look with interest at those who have decided to show interest in him. Broad shoulders cradle strong arms that shimmer with an iridescence that is not uncommon amongst the color of dragon that he is, but sparkles in such a way that makes him appear as though he were plucked from the stars themselves. A sure back leads to narrow hips with massive thighs and strong flanks, heavy with muscle that gives its strength to the long tail that does not sweep, but merely twitches. Grand wings are folded against his hide, unfurling just long enough to display a speckling of spots, so faint that were a person not looking specifically for them, they could easily go unseen.

Qyh glances around the denuded group, hissing again as she accidently knocks hot sand against her ankle. "Three more." she murmurs quietly before turning her attention back to the remaining eggs with a pensive expression.

Fiona blinks at Shairla. "She's scared? Of the dragon? Err, hatchling." Right. "It won't hurt you.. if it likes you."

Hotaru strokes Vivanth gently across the eye ridges as the green head settles in her lap. "That's it, love," she says softly, "Rest now." Now that she's dozing, she accepts the hug from Magi - er… "What are we calling you now?" she asks before her gaze turns back to the sands, and she laughs! "I don't _believe_ it! Shairla on a brown!"

Jeffry opens his mouth in an awed expression…"A bronze…."

Tenaran looks around, a bit of worry in her eyes. Has the brown taken Shairla? Yes! She grins and congratulates her, but her attention is drawn by the bronze hatchling. Her face falls. She can't get a bronze…

"Shaaaairla?" Marhiya drawls, waggling one eyebrow - did someone catch onto the candidate's protests? A laugh - a crow of triumph, even? - is given once the brown's name is announced, and Marhi settles for merely pumping her arm. "Hah! And there's a bit to oil, there! Happy weyrlinghood Shairla! And Alexanth!" Some congratulations, eh? Satisfied smirk planted on her face, energy once more renewed, Mar turns towards the remaining eggs with vigor. "A bronze. Another." Boys get eyed.

Farrizah smiles, "Well Congratulations Shairla and Alexanth" she says with a hint of suppressed mirth.

Telilaren cheers, or at least jumps up and ends up spraying sand all over the place before coughing, blushing, and trying to act like she just didn't do that. "Ahem. Yeah. Pretty bronze. Bronze. Yup. Nice."

Susia giggles, shaking her head. "Congrats!" And then she eyes the bronze momentarily before looking back to teh eggs. Not her worry.

"I -knew- you'd Impress. Congrats, and that goes to Alexanth, too!" Rh'al calls out to Shairla, returning the hug recieved by Magica…no no…Micara. And another bronze. Valenth gives a soft croon. He's still the best, neh?

Jeffry looks at Shairla "What's his name?"

K'roph grins to Shairla. "My, that's quite the handsome brown you have there, Shairla…

Micara giggles "Micara. C'vex gave me the idea." She grins at the new bronzerider "Thanks, by the way." The rest of the hatching is watched as she keeps feeding her green, who daintilly takes each bite and chomps. "Cara, if you'd like. I'd die without a nickname." This makes the green sweep her head up to regard her new lifemate "No, no, dearest! I didn't mean it!"

Zalansho stares at the bronze. Oh. Nice one, he is.

Farrizah watches the remaining eggs as though nothing else mattered, and perhaps, to her, nothing else does.

Fiona gives a glance to the bronze, shifting uneasily. Not for her, it seems. Nope. "Two eggs," she says, softly biting her lip.

The Bright Snowlion Bronze Hatchling peers silently at those around.. moving quietly, he peers at those around and finally trundles toward the spot where Magicara stood and Jeffry stands, and peers at him, recognizing him from all those touchings..

C'vex sends a glance towards Micara and says, "Yes, Congrats Cara. I am sure that Starling is going to love her." A smirk and he scritches Caith on the forehead as he feeds him. "Oh look another bronze, the two queens have had very strong clutches. A compliment to the Weyr. But yes of course I think you are the strongest of them Caith."

Jeffry shakes his left hand and gets one of the crying sisters from Far Cry off that hand…He wipes his brow and watches the bronze..

Kori smiles at the bronze that hatches next."Handsome." She says to the candidates that remain on the sands. Her eyes on the eggs and hatchlings that remain. Her fingers crossed in hope behind her back in hope that her lifemates out here, as well as in hope for the others.

Marhiya could dance, now - it's almost over! Of course, properly schooled in this, and beginning to feel the effects of the heat of the sands and the intermittent adrenaline rushes, she suppresses the desire that doesn't quite work its way out of twitching hands. Hand, at least; the candidate's grip on Evy remains true, if a little soggy by now. She beams, now, rocking back and forth and picking up her feet, watching the bronze fellow without a glance to the eggs remaining.

Susia squeezes Jeffry's hand, slowly wiggling her fingers away to stand there.

Jeffry gently takes a half step away from Susia."Excuse me love…"

Telilaren is half tempted to poke Fiona, in fact she actually gets to the reaching out and aiming a finger at the other candidate before she stops, stares, and retracts her finger. Hehe, you didn't see that. "Man… I love you guys." Teli sniffs quietly before her lips twitch into a wide wide smile. Aww, emotional Teli. How… frightening.

J'ran blinks. "Love?" he murmurs to Hotaru.

Valenth creels towards the other bronze. "Nope. Valenth's better." Rh'all objects. Right. At this, the hatchling puffs out his chest, hodling his lovely bronzen head up high. Harhar. His lifemate said he was better, so nya!

Evy just stands, watching each impression, calling out her congrats once in a while.

Pioneering Cobalt Blue Hatchling
Confident and assertive right from the shell, this blue hatchling moves with a certain purpose and steadiness of gait. Deep, dark cobalt shades dark like a starless sky at midnight, inky darkness rolling across shoulders, haunches, and the upper side of his tail. A duller navy shade covers his chest, stomach, and sides. Between the two shades, just off that swath of night, the cobalt goes brilliant, bright and warming as the heart of a flame on a cold winter's night, light against the deep darkness of a wild frontier. Still a deep blue, it glimmers like ocean waters or translucent glass, fading into the darker shades reluctantly at his back and stomach. His wings, too, are almost entirely that brilliant blue, highlighted with inky blue for contrast at the vanes and spars. His muzzle and face are also washed in brilliance, accented darker at eyeridges and headknobs. Head held high and unafraid, he steps forward into the unknown.

Shairla moves along with her lifemate, both making their way to the food. "Ugh.. it's /raw/.." Sigh. The morsels are handed over none the less and the girl sighs. "I should have said no.." And gotten sat upon. The others are given balefull looks, though they are made softer under draconic influence. "I'm going to be less one cousin.. because I'm going to kill him.."

The Bright Snowlion Bronze Hatchling peers deeply into Jeffry's eyes.. so, you're the one, perhaps?

Zalansho ooos at the newborn blue. "He looks nice."

Tenaran looks at the other Candidates watching the last eggs, her face looking excited once more. She has seemed to convince herself that it's alright if she doesn't Impress this time… She's got plenty more time. Looking over at Jeffry, she grins and then looks back at the rest of the sands. "A blue! A blue hatchling!" she exclaims, excited.

J'ran claps his hands together. "All right, Jeffry!" he crows. "A bronze!"

Fiona wipes her sweaty palms against each other. Because she can. "Okay. Bronze. Blue. One more egg." But she's not making any bets on that one. "Blue's okay, I guess. Can't have bronze. Right." She casts a glance to Telilaren.

Hotaru looks up, from where she's smiling fatuously over her green, somewhat startled. "What? Oh, I didn't mean you," she says, then goes back to admiring Vivanth.

K'roph grins… "I'll make you…" he trails off as he glances out at the Bronze. "Sha! Look! The bronze's picked Jeff!"

Susia smiles, shaking her head slightly. "Congrats, Jeff…."

Marhiya seems to really know how to spread out her attention. Er, maybe. About time it should be managed, however, considering that she's been practicing that the entire hatching. That, and identifying when one Impresses, which seems to come in handy now. "Jeffry!" It's another absolutely enthusiastic shout, and more bouncing on sore soles. Absent-mindedness is given to the obscuring of the sweat-ringed locks of obsidian. "Congratulations!"

Jeffry smiles down at the Snowlion hatchling."Hello there…I'm…J'vry and You….Leoth!!!" He drops to his knees…"C'mon let's go get you something to eat…"

J'ran laughs. "No, not you," he says. "Jeffry just called Susia 'Love'".

Farrizah sighs, it won't be long now and it'll all be over… But /someone/ has to Impress these last dragons, maybe she would be a 'someone'. Hope flares again, enough to sustain her until the end of the Impression.

Qyh half smiles. "Jeffry." she notes to herself before looking to the last blue. "Only this and the gold left." Again, she speaks for her own benefit.

Kori smiles as she watches Jeffry and the bronze. "Oh, that would be such a good pair." She comments. She looks back to the last two remaining eggs, and blinks at the blue that hatched next. "Oh! Another of my favorites hatched blue!" She says to noone in particular.

A'xim grins and walks up to J'vr and Leoth and grins. "Grongrats lad, lets get him fed shall we?"

Zalansho ooos. "Congrats, Jeffry."

Micara cheers "Go Jeffry!" She calls, and is again nudged "Sorry, dearheart, they're my friends, you see." The green thinks about this, and then seems to agree, and permits Cara to cheer. "I knew it! I told you so, J'vry!" At the last moment, she changes the name, grinning "Over here, boyo." Food is shuffled to Eunith again.

Pioneering Cobalt Blue Hatchling rolls out of his egg and looks displeased. This isn't right. Why am I here? Oh, bother! With a look to his clutchdam, he sets off into the hot wilderness. Onward. Ooh, there's a likely looking lad! He trundles for Selvin. The boy blinks as the blue looks up into his eyes. "Oh, Hoyth!"

"Too bad girls can't have bronze, they had so very nice ones this clutch." Telilaren sulks in a joking manner before reaching up to flick away a stray white curl dangling ring in front of her face. "Ahem. Curl. Stay put you." Black eyed candidate goes cross eyed as the ringlet once more falls in her face and once more she attempts to flick it away. "Gah!"

Hotaru hums a melody to her dozing green while she looks to the sands. "Yay, J'vry," she says softly, so not to wake her. "Only the gold left," she adds after a minute.

C'vex smiles at J'vry and Leoth. "Congratulations both of you." A half glance sent curiously towards Micara and then he looks about for Maria before he turns towards Rh'al. "To each his own I guess." A little chuckle and he rubs Caith's head.

Marhiya says in an aside to Evy, keeping her eyes on the blue fellow even as she does, "I wonder if they even hear our congratulations." For the sake of those that may be listening and be offended by it, the comment is given to murmuring. The blue's Impression receives another delighted jump, this one perhaps the best of them all, despite the fact that this candidate is one of the lesser known. It's almost over, after all. "Congratulations!"

Jeffry walks over assisting Leoth to the feeding area."Slowly now Leoth..Those are jaws and you chew like this….There we go…"

"Jeff! Leoth! Congrats!" calls out Rh'al. Another bronzer to the motley crew, eh? Er. Motley? Yeeees. "Only gold left!" he announces, grinning. "Who do you think it'll go to?" Another congratulation is sent out to the new blue. The boy turns to scritch the eyeridge ofthe bronze dragonet. "Yes. I'm paying attention to you. See?"

Everenth hovers over the gold egg, leaving little room for anyone to get near it.

Evy shrugs "Probably not." The reason why she says only one word. Right.

J'ran pokes Hotaru, but gently. "Too bad you didn't get the gold," he says. "Maybe whoever gets it will trade you Vivanth for her, hmm?" he teases.

Fiona once again pushes at her double bun of raven hair, testing its strength. Right. It had better not fall out. "Just the gold," she says, with a sigh, giving a glance about the sands, before letting her eyes land back on the egg. "One of us, girls. One of us."

Susia keeps well away from the hovering Everenth, shaking her head slightly. One left….

Kori sags and sighs. "Well, there went my favorites." She says softly more to herself then anyone else. She sighs quietly again before she raises her eyes to look toward the last remaining gold egg. "Last chance here." She says as she watches and waits.

Jeffry smiles.

Hotaru blinks. "I don't think _anyone_ could sing as well as Vivanth!" she says loyally, one arm falling to her dragon's shoulder. "I'd never trade her!"

Marhiya didn't plan on getting near the gold egg, really. From the way she eyes Everenth behind her mask of cheerishness, the answer to the question "why" becomes rather obvious. Feet are shifted, and the rest of the girls left standing are given a tight, nervous but still enthuasistic smile. "Good luck," she mouths to them all, adding a squeeze to Evy's hand for the extra effect. Attention returns, with a deep breath taken, to the heavily guarded last egg.

Tenaran follows the progress of the blue as he makes his way over the sands. Her face lights up in a grin as the second-to-last one gets Impressed. "Congratulations!" an ecstatic shout issues from her. Looking to the gold egg, she smiles wistfully. She won't get her, but it's always nice to dream.

Aerdon clasps her hand under her chin. "One left!" she says excitedly.

Darianya looks over the weyrlings, hatchlings and remaining egg. "Alright, ladies. Everyone not impressed, come over here to the gold egg." She motions towards the egg and the overprotective queen. "Settle down, Everenth, she's got to hatch."

Farrizah eyes her remaining favourite egg, the /gold/ egg! she is jittery with excitement, "Ooh, I wonder who she'll choose" suddenly she begins to doubt her worthiness, but shakes herself, murmuring "Even if I don't Impress, /no-one/ can make me go back to that Hold" which boosters her confidence in herself, and her hope.

Susia glances at Dari, before nodding her head and hesitantly moving over towards the egg, inclining her head to the protective queen.

Qyh lifts her gaze to the protective Everenth, a faint smile playing across her features. "Can't stop 'em hatching." she says softly, tighting her folded arms while she waits patiently for this to end. Whichever way.

J'ran grins. "I'm just teasing," he says. "I know how you feel — I wouldn't trade Maxanth for any _two_ bronzes."

Micara bites her lip "Marhi." She says quietly, hopefully. J'vry is grinned at "He's a beauty." She tells him, nodding towards the bronze "My felicitations."

Telilaren isn't stupid, she's not about to get /closer/ to the gold egg. She's going to stand right /here/ and ponder poking Fiona. But it's finally decided against and she peers at Fiona. "Yeah. One of us. Lucky us." Is that sarcasm in her voice? Naw, couldn't be. She's smirking though and happy, that's for sure.

Zalansho sighs as the blue impresses and starts to take little tiny steps backward towards the exit. Might as well start on the way out while watching the gold impress.

Double Helix Egg slowly starts to wobble, then, as if the hatchling made up its mind to get out, the wobble gets stronger, until one large crack appears in the center.

Marhiya actually hesitates a moment at the junior weyrwoman's beckoning. The reassurance, indirect as it was, that Everenth wasn't going to maul her for coming too close seems to be spur enough: tugging on Evy's hand, the black-haired candidate steps mincingly towards the last egg, lip caught between teeth, obscuring the incessantly persistant silly grin.

Farrizah moves as fast as possible over to the Double Helix Egg. "Such an amazing egg, I can't wait to see the hatchling!"

Cracks begin to form over the shell of the Double Helix egg as the dna seems to be decomposing, the various components falling to the sands from their previous fixed state. Left behind appears to be utter perfection embodied in the form of a small, golden dragon.

Rh'al laughs. "I didn't think you'd like that idea, Hru." he jokes, still scratching. Valenth croons softly, nudging his lifemate. "Marhi. Yes. Has to go to Marhi. I'd faint if she didn't Impress." At this, the hatchling gives a loud squawk. "No, I didn't mean it."

Evy shuffles after Marhi, nodding, encouraging. She's not too sure about gold, after all. She watches.

Tender and Loving Gold Hatchling
A long, elegant neck is arched gracefully so as to allow this golden hatchling's nose to sniff daintilly at the sand which now rests beneath her ebony talons. She wiggles her long toes a little before slowly standing and stretching out her sinewous form, wet wings drying quickly over the hot sand, and flakes of pale dried ichor fall off the irridescent sails. Spreading evenly from the tip of her narrow nose to the end of her long, flowing tail, is the rich, dark golden color of the precious ore. An even darker maize tickles at her underbelly and the insides of her legs and arms, spreading up to the base of her throat, making her appear as though she were really two colors, but is not. When her wings are finished drying, she unfurls them, shaking the rest of the flakey dried goo off, displaying intricate designs, akin to constellations found in the sky.

Hotaru looks over to Micara and her green. "She's a beauty, isn't she? I bet she's not half as confused now." Then her gaze turns back to the sands and the anticipated queen. "Who do you think…." she begins just before the gold hatches. "Oh, she's _lovely_!"

Kori blinks aup at Darianya, and nods. She does as the weyrwoman says and steps closer to the last egg, the gold egg. She keeps her hands behind her back as she watches the egg and waits to see what hatches. She blinks at the hatchling. "So lovely." She comments. She looks to the remaining girls. "Good luck." She says before she looks back to the golden beauty.

Tenaran tentatively steps out, across the sands and towards the golden egg. Small steps, as if reluctant to get near the gold egg, means that she is not even close when the egg hatches, but nonetheless, she gasps. "Oh, wow!" she exclaims, walking as quickly as possible the rest of the way.

J'ran whistles at the sight of the gold. "Now _there's_ an enchanting gold," he says appreciatively.

Qyh hangs back, watching the gold hatchling with something akin to sorrow but combined with resignation in her expression. "They're all different." she observes to no one in particular.

Farrizah gasps, "She'd be an absolute beauty once she's cleaned up… Even now with all that egg goo she's beautiful!"

Susia oohs softly, her voice catching in her throat, squeezing her eyes shut momentarily before opening them again to watch the elegant dragonet.

J'vry watches the gold."You're right J'ran…She is…"

Telilaren oohs, ahhhs, just the typical cooing over the newly hatched gold, but what would one expect from? "Enchanting?" She caught that word. "She's, frightening. She's so… so… good looking. Not a fighting bone in her body." Nose wrinkles a bit and she takes a step back. Ew.

Zalansho ooooos as the gold hatches. "She's truly beautiful."

Micara gasps, the hand holding the meat stopping for a moment. Eunith looks over, and kinda snorts. "Thats right, you're prettyer than her." Nod, and the meat is kept on.

Marhiya tightens her hold on Evy's hand to the limit once the egg begins to crack, to hatch, and to reveal the hatchling within. The first appearance of the elegant beauty (aye, a beauty; aren't they all?) is enough to catch Marhiya's breath, but the full revealing causes what looks to be the candidate's entire heart to jump into her throat. In a tight voice, she murmurs aside to evy, and any listening, "She's so… incredibly *beautiful*, don't you think?"

Tender and Loving Gold Hatchling surveys the girls standing in front of her with a majesty that one wouldn't expect from such a newborn dragon. She looks into the eyes of each girl, searching for something, something special.

Fiona blinks. "Oh. Well, a beautiful finale, indeed." Nod. "Whoever gets her…" She gives a blank expression to Telilaren. "One of us. Then its back to warfare over the next Search."

J'vry keeps feeding his Leoth…"Slow down Leoth. You'll choke…" He is smiling, fit to crack his face.

Farrizah remains silent for a while, only the occasional gasp or sigh, as she admires this golden beauty.

Susia ducks her head as the gold searches the eyes of those gathered, gaze settling instead on her toes. Pretty toes… wiggling them a bit in her sandals, she hazards an upward glance, before eyes dart back down to the sand.

Rh'al nods. "Lovely. Eh, Lenth?" Yes, the dragonet gets a nickname now. 'Lenth' nods, giving a soft croon. He fidgets, an air of wonder accompanying him. "Oh… it -has- to be Marhi." Marhi was his friend fom the very begining! Er. Right. They got Searched at the same time, though, atleast.

Kori stands a bit straighter as she's regarded by thew gold, might as well look good when the gold is trying to decide. She nods to the others. She remains silent as she watches the golden hatchling.

C'vex nods his head to the fattened Caith, "Yes dear heart I think you have enough to eat as well, but before you go to sleep let us watch who our new queen shall go to. Isn't she beautiful?" The bronze rubs his head against C'vex, "You are handsome, she is beautiful, but I am biased towards you though. Let us just watch" Both dragonet and weyrlingrider look to watch the gold hatchling.

Tender and Loving Gold Hatchling suddenly looks very satisfied with what she finds, and walks a perfectly straight line to her choice. She looks up into the eyes of her lifemate-to-be and croons softly, then butts Qyh gently with her muzzle.

Marhiya manages to regain control of the ever-necessary breathing skills, taking in one gulping breath after another until the lack of proper - if heated - oxygen is rectifyed. Attention is spared most briefly from the regal hatchling herself so that Mar can smile towards the other girls. That's brief, however, and attention swings back to the gold as if attached by elastic. "Oh, my, she's so very… majestic!" It's the obvious adjective. A slightly saddened expression crosses the absolute awe, and Qyh is given a glance, and then the gold again.

Vispi gasps softly as the choice is made.

J'vry smiles and applauds with bloody hands."Alright!" He then goes back to feeding Leoth more…"Easy there there now Leoth…"

Qyh shifts and settles both hands on her hips as the little gold looks… and abuptly shakes as the little gold walks up to her. "I…" She can't help but look down into those beautiful eyes. "Frydath." she says, her world spinning.

Zalansho yells congrats for Qyh and glances towards the exit. Maybe he can leave now. This has been so tiring.

Darianya smiles gently at Qyh, "Congratulations, Qyh, amazing isn't it?"

K'roph smiles as the Gold impresses, and squeezes Vispi's hand…

Farrizah blinks, then shrugs, uttering a regretful sigh. "Congrats Qyh" she says, though not as enthusiastically as she had congratulated other happy pairs.

Fiona sighs, a bit. "I should've known," she mutters beneath her breath, turning away for a moment, then looking back at Qyh. "Congradulations…"

Tenaran rips her eyes away from the little gold and her new lifemate to give Fiona a rueful grin. "A very fitting finale." Her lip has been released, and a beam breaks through her grin. "Congrats!" she says, looking very relieved that this is over.

J'ran starts applauding as well. "Congratulations to the new queenrider!" he calls out.

Susia lifts her eyes to glance over at Qyh with a smile. "Congrats….."

Kori sighs and sags again as the gold makes her choice. She gives a quiet congrats to the girl before she silently walks off the sands, her head hung, and hands still behind her back. She doesn't even seem to wait for the last words.

"…and be welcome to the headaches of being in charge," J'ran mutters as well, stroking Maxanth gently.

Hotaru cheers happily. "Qyh! You did it!"

Telilaren hops, "Yeah, I can go home now!" Teli turns around and starts a'marching towards the exit of the sands, hey look, freedom.

Tristjen looks out as the hatchlings seem to have found all of their lifemates. She sighs softly and tilts her head, gesturingfor the candidates left standing to gather round. "I'm sorry that today you did not find your lifemates. They are out there, they've just not been shelled yet. I do hope that you consider Xanadu your home, as you are all more than welcome to stay here. We'd love to have you. We do understand if you wish to return home, and ourSenior riders are prepared to escort you there."

J'vry looks over at Susia."Susia…. When I learn to fly with Leoth… Just ask and we'll take you where you want to go….

Farrizah blinks several times, and turns her head away from the gold. She shakes herself, "Well I for one want to stay"

Marhiya's beam arises once again from the depths of fatigue, and a quiet cheer is given to Qyh, so as not to disturb the gold. "Congratulations, Qyh, Frydath." The gold is watched a moment more, and then the rest of the candidates left standing are given a brief, definitely tired smile. Absently, darkened locks are brushed back behind her ear, and she grins at Telilaren. "Finally." Tristjen gets a glance, and then a nonchalant shrug. "Belle'll have my hide for missing so much training," the ex-candidate murmus with a chuckle and a headshake.

Aerdon looks mildly surprised and then chuckles. "Qyh, Frydath, congratulations!"

Tristjen smiles, "You're all welcome to take refreshment in the living caverns."

Hotaru raises an eyebrow at Joran, then nods in agreement. "Not something _I_ would want."

Susia giggles, glancing over at J'vry with a grin. "Thanks…" Without letting her head drop, she heads towards the exit, trailing after the others.

C'vex nods his head and starts to clap for Qyh as well. "Wooo, Congrats Qyh." As for Caith, the little bronze just blinks his eyes and looks a bit tired and not really caring about the last impression. "We shall let you get to sleep soon my pet, I promise."

K'roph frowns slightly, as he watches Jeffry with Susia… Then he looks to Vispi, and smiles at her…

A'xim smiles and grins "Now my dear weyrlings, if you would all gather your lifemates and follow me please."

Micara blinks. Qyh? "Goooo Qyh!" She cheers, then quiets, grinning. "Who'da thought." Is muttered as she stops the meat trail to her green. "Thats enough, love. You're going to eat too much, and then I'd be in trouble." Eunith nuzzles her lifemate, as Cara motions to her.

"'Grats, Qyh." Rh'al announces, lacking normal enthusiasm. "Beatiful queen, though." he states, smiling. Valenth creels, nestling his wedge-shaped head into Rh'al's arm. Yes. Stop being sad. Queen's always go to the best! Right. The boy nods, and smiles, striding proudly to A'xim, the hatchling struting even prouder behind him.

Tenaran sighs, looking over at Farrizah. "I do, too." she says, agreeing. She heads out, seeming to not be all that disappointed.

Shairla sighs, still looking downtrodden even if she's gotten what most people dream of. "Right.."

Qyh takes time to cope with the shock and it's only when Frydath nudges her again that she moves with the new pair walking slowly towards the rest of the weyrlings. But she's still dazed.

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