Xanadu Hatching, December 1998

Xanadu Weyr Hatching Sands

The vast bowl of the Hatching building is filled with sand, a fine yellow dune indoors. There are marks on the sands, large claw prints where dragons have walked before you, and a few smaller human prints. The sands themselves are hot, bruning through the soles of your footware… you do well to tread lightly. Standing here you are overwhelmed by the room's vast size, and its high beamed ceiling. All around you the walls curve high to separate the elevated seats of the Galleries from the sands below. In this room, golden Promith appears to be normal sized; you, on the other hand, appear miniscule. It is a humbling experience that draws you to silent reflection.

Contents: Lyrath, Cloud Burst Egg, Morning Dew Egg, Serenity Egg, Feather Puff Egg, Ebony Swirl Egg, Tsunami Egg, Sunlight Glory Egg, Fall Foilage Red Egg, Winking Constellation Egg, Teardrop Meadow Egg & Promith

Kaela walks in and bows politely to the weyrwoman and weyrleader and the Queen and her mate as well with a nervous smile and goes to form the semi-circle being formed.

Lanec bowa to the Weyr Leader and Weyr Woman Lanec walks slowly in not moving too fast so my fellow Candidatres can kep up

Tylynn walks in, her heart pounding up in her throat. She bows to Promith, R'ton and Siana, hoping she doesn't look too nervous…

Hand and hand they go, three young sparkling gems. Leann holds tightly to the hands of the girls on either side of her, glancing once each to both as they near the Weyrleaders. A sparkle, or it is a gleam, is shared with Lymera and Tylynn before the small candidate once again turns to confront the field of eggs, and dragon parents before her. Kaela looks to the eggs in front of her and looks to the galleries behind her.

R'ton stands close to Siana there for support for both her and her lifemate should they need it. His grin displays how proud and excited he is well his posture remains professional. Sizing up each egg one by one he tries to determine which egg will hatch first. He looks out at the candidates and scans them to find Leann. When he catches sight of her he smiles at her silently preying that she does /not/ impress.

Kipanna walks onto the sands bowing to the Maternal and Paternal dragons, and to the riders.

Calson bows to the Queen, her mate and their riders.

Axiom bows to the riders and to The Dragon Parents.

Siana turns to look at R'ton, "Well, maybe, but I am not going to leave so there." She sticks out her tongue at him, and turns back to Promith, trying to calm her down.

A bow is made by the brat; she's being polite for once, wouldn't you if there was a mummy and daddy dragon watching over hatching eggs? Her hand is /still/ held by Leann; but somehow she manages to still do a crooked bow so energetically that her unbound hair falls over her face, and has to be pushed back with her spare hand. That done, a giggle is sent towards Leann. Lanec turns to the galleries and bows my head

Kaela shifts her bare feet on the hot sands and looks to the dragons and the weyrleaders with a smile as she stands on the hot sands.

Calson moves to stand near Lanec. Lanec looks at the eggs continplating them

R'ton turns to gawk at the weyrwoman and starts to chuckle. Instead of commenting he holds back and waits for the candidates to get ready. Better not upset her now. Kaela stands beside Lanec, looking contemplatively over them with her soft emerald green eyes. Lanec smiles at Calson and squeezes his shoulder smiling

Leann follows suit of Lymera and bows, her hands still gribbed tightly about her friend's fingers. Feeling quite like a herdbeast, she shuffles toward the semi-circle, glancing briefly up into the galleries to see if she might spot someone she knows.

Fiona walks in… but soon that walk turns to mincing little steps as heat already begins to sear up through sandles. Sapphire eyes shift to sands, searching out a certain bluerider, before hurriedly swinging back about to give a neat, if a little hurried bow to clutch sire, clutch dam, and riders before she slips off to one side. Short candidate will just stay… in the back, yeah.

Tylynn squeezes Leann's hand reassuringly as the three girls make their way out.. She certainly seems calmer than she feels!

Lanec squeezes Kaelas hand gently

Axiom shifts his feet on the hot sands, the sweat forming on his brow tickles down his face.

Serenity Egg sends a small shower of sand up as it jerks to one side.

Alicia comes onto the sands and salutes the Weyrwoman, Weyrleader and gives Promith a low sweeping bow before taking her place with the other riders.

Stephen looks up at the stands looking for someone then bowing to the dragons standing over the eggs he stands hands at his side wipeing sweat from his palms.

Serenity Egg cracks, spilling a Blue Confused Dragonet to the sands.

Kaela looks to the Serenity Egg noticing movement and looks with complete awe.

Zachary bows low to the eggs and the parent dragons and takes up a place in the semi-circle.

Kaela seeing it crack and release a blue dragonet she smiles as she looks at it.

Stephen watches the Blue egg with awe.

Calson looks at the newly hatched dragon with awe and wonder.

Tylynn claps her free hand over ehr mouth as the first dragonet emerges, holding in her gasp.

Lanec smiles stunned at the blue draggonett

Out of the frying pan of candiacy and chores, and into the fire. Lymera wiggles a little in her place in the semicircle; hot sands and excitement make a potent mix. "Look! T'is hatched." Just in case you didn't notice. "And it's /blue/. Blues' good luck." Anything's good luck for her.

Stephen says "He is beautyfull."

Axiom stands there in awe and shock at the blue, he though that might be a blue in there.

R'ton watches with intent as he leans against Lyrath.

R'lann bows to the parent dragons and takes up his place next to the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman.

Kaela looks at the blue little one with a warm smile as if reassuring it that everything is ok. "He is definately a handsome little one."

The dusky blue dragonet appears lost and confused as he sits motionless in the sands peering out at the candidates with wild swirling eyes yellow with tinges of orange streaking through. Appearing lost and scared by his surroundings he looks to his clutchmates still tucked safely in their shells.

Kipanna ooohs, forgetting her painful feet. "How pretty…"

Epsie just stands, speechless.

Lanec thinks to the blue welcome to Pern Little one

Cloud Burst Egg shakes gently back and forth, this eggs seems quiet content to rock in the warmth of the sands.

Siana grins to Promith, and leans agianst her, "See, a blue, your babies are alright."

Stephen takes a step toward the blue, then stops wondering if he should.

Zachary stares at the little blue dragonet with awe, shifting quietly on the sands.

Kaela shifts her feet and sees another egg moves and watches carefully for it to hatch.

Lanec turns to the rocking egg then back to the blue

Blue Confused Dragonet ignores all the candidates on the sands as he watches the egg move in the sands. Finally he will not be the only one standing on the sands appearing helpless.

Kaela looks at the blue with curiosity and a smile.

Cloud Burst Egg slowly develops an oozing crack up the sides that finally reaches the top.

Fiona cocks her head around to peek as she hears the sounds of cracking egg… and cocks silvery-haired head at the little blue. How… cute, yes.

Lyrath gives a soft rumble towards the dragonet to reassure him.

Leann blinks as the serenity egg breaks open and reviels the blue. "Hey.. I really should have bet on my picks," she teases Tylynn next to her. The heat is rising up her ankles in the way of redness, following the flow up her shin to disappear behind the hem of her robe. Sweat starts to trickle as she murmurs to Lymera, "Is it hotter today then yesturday?" All the while her eyes follow the lovely little blue, expression wistful.

Cloud Burst Egg sways back and forth until it tumbles to the sand giving way to Earthy Brown Dragonet

Lanec smiles to the brown thinking thoughts of warmth and welcome

Stephen looks at both the dragonettes in awe.

Tylynn silently agrees with Leann, the realization that it does seem hotter today not yet dawning. As the brown hatches, she whispers, "But not the cloud egg.."

Kaela looks to the Cloud Burst egg as it breaks open and reveals a brown dragonet and smiles as she looks at it with soft eyes of wonder and awe as she shifts her focus from the blue to the brown.

Calson looks at the rocking egg and shifts his weight to ease the burning of his feet, then gasps as the egg releases a brown.

Alicia watches the blue, shaking her head a bit as she wonders why it won't make a choice. Her eyes travel to the other eggs rocking and reeling on the sands.

"It is; we're without shoes." Lymera replies, glancing from blue to brown with a wide smile on her face. "Bigger than I thought they'd be." She adds, needing to make some sort of comment.

Axiom shifts back and forth on his heels. The hot sands making his feet burn. He looks at the emerging Dragonets and is lost in awe.

Kipanna blinks as another dragonet tumbles onto the sands, the blue still sitting. My, they *are* coming in fast….

Morning Dew Egg sends a small shower of sand up as it jerks to one side.

Lanec looks at the blue and the brown smiling and thinks "at least 4 beings will be happy today

Stephen says "I have to agree with you there, they are alot bigger then I thought they would be."

Kaela shifting her feet she looks to the candidates around her with a nervous smiles and sees another egg moves some sand.

Morning Dew Egg cracks, spilling a Pine-Fur Green Dragonet to the sands.

Stephen trys to send reasuring thoughts to the Dragonettes.

Leann nods to Tylynn, winking as she watches the newest arrival, "I broke even so far.. " Oh! That's it, no shoes.. She starts to hotfoot it after the realization dawns. "Hot.. way way too hot."

Lanec smiles hugely at his hellow Candidates "it is finally happening (in a quiet awed voice

Calson smiles as another egg gets ready to release its occupant.

Stephen looks from dragonette to dragonette, shifting his weight from one foot to another.

Epsie ooohs! as the beautiful green hatchling with amazement, "Oh isn't she beautiful?" she whispers.

Tylynn nudges Leann as the green hatches, almost giggling in delight. Though her feet _are_ starting to heat up a bit now…

Zachary smiles at the lovely new green arrival.

Fiona can't help but grin, if a little, at the appearance of the next hatchling. Alright, so she doesn't do as she first planned and stays behind everyone. Reluctant candidate hops forward a little, settling in somewhere near Lymera… And the dance of the hatching sands begins. Raise one foot, put it down when the other's roasty… Repeat. March?

Kipanna's mouth opens slightly as she looks around. She's never seen a hatching before….

Kaela looks with awe at the beautiful green hatchling and smiles softly to the little one looks from the blue to brown to green with curiosity of who each will chose to be with.

Stephen says "Yah she is."

Calson oohs over the green, all are great looking though.

Lanec smiles and sends thoughts of welcome to the newly arrived green

"I could do with some wine," Lymera hisses, in Leann's direction, green eyes whistful staring towards the green. "This is too exciting." Then, glancing away from the third hatchling, Lymera giggles towards Fiona. "I knew I should have smuggled some shoes on!" Lanec looks back at the blue to see how it is doing then the brown

Promith rumbles to the dragonets appear, and she then makes sure the gold egg is nice and safe, none of these are good for her gold baby!

The whole impact of what is going on before her hits Leann and she suddenly falls to a stiff stillness, her feet forgotten as her warm violet eyes follow the motions of the baby dragonets on the sands. Lip quivering, she murmurs to her friends, "This is beyond amazing… and I thought egg touching was the endall beatall."

Earthy Brown Dragonet is a lot braver then his clutchmate as his soft green eyes swirl in fluid motions. Getting to his feet he crunches the remains of broken shell under his feet. Teasingly he extends his wings pruning himself prolonging the experience.

Axiom smiles whispering quietly to who ever happens to be close to him. "Shards this is amazing."

Lanec smiles at the brown thinking this one will fly far

Stephen stops, looking at the brown dragonette.

Tylynn watches the dragon:Watches the dragonets with growling delight and awe, her heart pounding loudly. Hope flares, and she fists her free hand in concentration, almost seeming to will the dragonets to look at the candidates. She hopes desperately for her friends to Impress.

Kipanna chuckles at the little brown, her eyes soft. "Showoff…" she mutters.

Lanec nods apsently to Axiom watching the gragonettes

Kaela looks at the beautiful earthy brown dragonet with a smile just in awe of what is around her and takes in everything around her looking between the three hatchlings.

Lanec smiles at his fellow Candidates "we are here"

R'ton nervously watches the blue, somehow the dragonet appears unsettling to him. He takes a few steps forward looking back at Siana with an arched brow. Lyrath rumbles to the blue not sure if he should intervene or not. Folding one arm across his chest he rests his elbow on his arm and rubs at his chin.

Lanec shifts from foot to foot as the heat momentarally reaerts it self

Stephen says "Aye Lanec that we are, now we need to get over there," points toward the eggs and dragonettes, "Right?""

Calson ,his fingers crossed for luck watches the dragonettes.

Lanec says "we should stay in the circle i think"

Lymera's eyes keep on slipping from one hatchling to another, to another; it seems she's only got two eyes, not three, amazingly enough. "Leann, what's wrong with the blue? Couldn't someone do something? Is he alright?"

Lanec watches the dragonettes thinking "welcome and may You find that whitch You desire"

Epsie nods, and whispers back, "We should stay here. They will come to us, I think."

Kaela looks as the others get nervous about the little blue but she smiles with the hope that it will find who he wants.

Tylynn frowns, beginning to think there's something wrong with the blue. She glances worriedly at her friends to the dragonet.

Axiom shakes his head. "Whats wrong with that one?" he looks at his friends.

Stephen looks up at Siana and R'ton wondering what he should do.

Calson says "He may be resting"

Leann's attention finally returns to the blue, after a long moment or three of oggling the green. "Oh.. I don't know." Worry rises in her eyes to dim the light that lingers there. Her gaze travels to R'ton and Siana questioningly.

Lanec says "(to the blue) hello little one welcome"

Kipanna stants quietly, her hands behind her back, shifting from foot to foot. Her eyes wide, looking around.

Fiona sighs just softly, glancing back towards the stands again. Sweaty palms? Blink. Fi has sweaty palms? Well, that's a first. Candidate clutches robe in fists. A belated nod of acknowledgement is sent towards Lymera. "Or perhaps, instead of shoes," she offers, "We should've put numbweed on our feet? Little late, though." Oh, yeah, /now/ she thinks of the interesting ideas. Go figure. Eyes glance from green, to brown, to blue, lingering on green until sapphire eyes are drawn back to the blue. Something wrong?

Epsie shifts, is there something wrong? She can feel it in the air from everyone else but she can't find the source of it herself.

Lanec begins to shift nervously

Blue Confused Dragonet appears to be shaking in fear from his surroundings. His stomach grumbles in a loud protest against his neglect.

Lanec calms and breathes deeply

Kaela looks to the others and tries to figure out what's wrong with the little blue trying to figure out what is wrong and breathes deeply as she glances over the other dragonets and the beautiful eggs around.

Leann awws, "Poor thing, he looks terribly frightened." If it weren't for the two hands anchoring her to the ground, she'd be wandering over to see what is wrong. Or so it may seem as she tugs against the bonds of friendship. "Are they all this scared?" she asks, turning to look at the green and brown.

Tylynn's soft heart goes out to the terrified little blue. 'Go on,' she thinks hard. 'Find your lifemate, and there'll be no reason to be afraid..' She sighs wistfully and looks at Leann and Lymera, wondering if they're worried about the poor little one too.

Lanec kneels down a bit and thinks "Your life bonded one is here somewhere be brave" (thoughts of reasurance)

Kipanna shifts her weight and watches the dragonette a look of hope on her face.

Lanec squeezes Kaela shoulder to make sure i am still here as i look at the graggonettes and then the eggs and theen the sands

Earthy Brown Dragonet prances towards the candidates. His hunger appears to have subsided well he has fun with the candidates wanting to stir up trouble. He prowls over the sands scouting out each candidate carefully attempting to find the one he can have the most fun with.

Fiona shakes her head, if just slightly, at the little blue murmuring under her breath, though perhaps loud enough to be heard by those near, "Poor little thing… Your lifemate's out here. You just have to come find him or her…" Does encouragement do any good? Fi doesn't know, but surely it can't hurt.

Stephen looks at the eggs, then back to the dragonettes wondering what is wrong with the blue.

Kipanna watches as the brown one moves to make a choice.

Lanec smiles at the brown

Kaela looks quietly at the little brown one as it moves from candidate to candidate slowly observing each and she smiles at the small brown reassuringly.

Zachary watches the brown with a grins watching him move around.

Calson starts a bit as the brown moves then turns to the blue, a slight frown on his face.

Lyrath rumbles as he speaks with the young blue dragonet soothing him.

Leann catches sight of the brown as it begins to move about and turns her full attention on him, shoving the worrisome blue safely to the back of her mind for the moment. "Now that one.. he doesn't seem to fear much if anything," she states to her fellows.

Tylynn watches the brown one move towards the candidates, her attention stolen from the blue. That one's trouble, she can sense it.. She grins impishly and reaches around Leann to nudge Lymera!

Axiom holds his breath, looking at the brown.

Stephen looks at the brown smileing thinking reasuring thoughts.

R'ton balls his hand into a fist squeezing it in the other hand as he cracks his knuckles. He appears tense and unease with the happens on the sands as he watches the blue. He glances around to find out where R'lann is located.

R'lann steps up to his weyrleader's side immediately.

Alicia grows concerned as she watches the Weyrleader and nibbles on the inside of her cheek following his gaze across the sands.

"Just think, you find your lifemate, you'll get food." Lymera points out from her position by Leann; before twisting her head to wink at Tylynn. "T'is a good looking brown," She says, demurely, before giggling and eyeing the brown like a proddy green. "Like the lines on him." Perhaps not exactly the right attitude for a candi, but she's a /brat/. "Maybe he can tease the blue out of his fright?"

Earthy Brown Dragonet stops at the first candidate he comes to appearing fascinated with her as he leans his head forward to croon to her. The silvery shade of her hair appears to have him entranced with its beauty.

Lanec smiles at the blue

Epsie smiles and giggles at the brown, watching him examine Fi.

Siana grins at the brown, but is worried about the blue as she looks from Promith and R'ton, her hand gently stroking the side of her lifemate.

Stephen watches the blue, then realizing that he hasn't looked at the green for a bit he looks over at her.

Kaela smiles as the brown looks at Fi and gives her a reassuring look.

Calson watches as the brown approaches and stares at Fiona.

Zachary watches in complete fascination as the brown moves around to the candidates.

Kipanna chuckles a bit as Fi is studied by the brown and tries to send her a reassuring smile.

Lanec smiles at the brown then watches the little green

R'ton glances quickly over at the other candidates before turning to give Siana a reassuring smile. "Everything will be fine. Lyrath is talking to him. He does not want to go out there."

Fiona's soft, sapphire gaze still lingers on the blue, and she can't help but glance back now and again… But ex-cook turned candidate forces herself to look away 'less her stomach knot up further then it already is. A bit of a crooked grin is given to the playful young brown, but she has some trouble holding it…. 'specially when he stops in front of her. Alright, so her knuckles are white. Talk about tense. "H-Hello…" she actually goes so far to offer warily.

Axiom smiles at Fi and looks back at the blue. He shifts his hot feet back and forth both to cool them and to calm himself.

Stephen wipes sweat from his forehead and looks at the dragons, the dragonettes, and the eggs.

Leann continues to follow the brown's trail, eyes widening when it finally stops. Hopeful hands squeeze tightly at Lymera and Tylynn's, possibly cutting off blood flow. Under her breath she murmurs, "Oh please, oh please, oh please.. pick /her/."

Lanec smiles at Fiona and the blue

Earthy Brown Dragonet pokes his head towards the candidate as she speaks to him. He studies her for a moment turning his head to get a better look at her hair. It is a different color then anyone elses.

Tylynn giggles softly at Lymera - Incorrigible! She watches the brown intently, waiting to see if he's made his choice. Her attention turns back, briefly, to the other dragonets: almost wistfully at the green, and then to the blue, still concerned.

Winking Constellation Egg forcefully falls over to the burning hot sands.

Calson says "Com'on little guy we only want to be your friend" in a low voice.

Stephen glances over at the Constellation egg watching it's movements mesmerized.

Lanec turns to watch the egg movement then back to the other dragonettes

Pale Blue Dragonet rolls in the sands.

Epsie jumps as the egg goes crashing to the sands and looks over at it nervously.

Zachary blinks and grins, a new one soon to be coming along.

Kipanna crosses her fingers for Fi and watches the others and the eggs.

Pale Blue Dragonet cracks with one swift kick, shove or bang - maybe even a combination of all three - breaking away the shell from Pale Blue Dragonet.

Wobbles back and forth he shakes his wingspars to get rid of the solid black shell from his beautiful blue hide.

Lanec smiles reasuringly at Epsie

Crysional looks around nervously for some where to run as the blue seems to focus in on her for some reason. Her hand moves to her neck to rub it swiftly. She locks gazes with the blue frightened by the dragonet's odd behavior. Pale faced she backs away from the dragons and the eggs that remain on the sands.

Epsie smiles back hesitantly.

Leann holds her breath as she watches, briefly shooting glances toward the quiet blue and green, then to the field of eggs.

Lanec watches in awe as the pale blue explodes rom his shell freeing himself

Oh, so much to look at, so little time. Giving up the brown as a lost cause, despite the fact he impressed her (no, not in that way), the brat goes back to eyeing the green. "Hmm, she's not bad too. Look, another dragonet…" Leaning over to poke Tylynn, Lymera nods her head. "Maybe we need to make some noise, so they notice us?"

Calson says "Wow" as he looks at the newest blue on the sands.

Axiom smiles at the newest dragon. "Oh that ones awesome." he whistles

Kaela looks and sees a beautiful pale blue hatchling and looks to the first nervously along with the brown near Fi and the beautiful and pretty green.

Lanec smiles giving a voicless welcome to the new blue

Pine-Fur Green Dragonet is sickly cute with huge eyes, a big head and sort or pudgy. She stands to her feet wobbling back and forth as she gains her balance. Her head turns slowly from side to side magically taking in her surroundings - the people in the stands, the candidates on the sands and finally her dam and sire.

Tylynn grins at Lymera and LEann. "How about we move closer?" The thought makes her heart pound, as well as her feet have just gotten used to teh burning sensation here.. But that's not what's important. "Then we can try making noise?" She looks back at the dragonets, hopefully.

Kaela sends complete and warming thoughts to all the dragonets in hopes that they choose who they desire.

Kipanna watches as the pale blue dragonette breaks shell wondering at his coloration.

R'lann watches like a raptor bird, nothing misses that gaze and he notices the blue and murmurs something to R'ton too low to be heard.

Fiona doesn't back down, though she turns her head just slightly to watch the brown. Alright, so men always did like her hair… and the dragonet's a male. Perhaps /that's/ the attraction? One can only hope… or not hope. Fi isn't sure of what she's thinking at the moment. Mind and heart is a jumble of emotions. Other eggs and dragonets are noticed from the side, but still she watches the brown.

Stephen looks at each of the Dragonette's wondering which he should concentrate on.

Another? Leann had missed that one and her eyes scan the sands to find the newest. "Oh! Another blue.. beautiful." She shares a blink with Tylynn when she mentions moving closer. CLOSER? "Uh, well.. ok.. " she responds, but her eyes are caught on Fiona and the brown again.

Lanec smiles from the set of moth and eyes you would think he was welcoming and reasuring tthe little dragons

Earthy Brown Dragonet snorts! She is bold but is she /fun/ that is what he wants! Someone fun. This candidate appears to be lacking in that area. But that hair!

"Good idea!" Lymera grins at her fellow candidates, before looking back out at the green and plying her 'adorable' smile; the kind that got her out of chores when she was young enough to look cute while using it. "Then I can get a better look, too." And that's what really matters, right? "This is actually kind of fun."

R'ton mutters a few words to his weyrsecond and nods a couple of times as the talk in whispers with one another watching the blue.

Lanec kneels down (my knees might as well be as hot as my feet ) so the dragonettes can see me better

Promith eyes the unworthy ones who appear to be getting closer, softly crooning to her babies, but keeping an eye out on the pink things.

Feather Puff Egg rocks a bit in the sands.

Teardrop Meadow Egg turns in the sands but it appears this dragonet is struggling to get out of the thick shell it is trapped within.

Kipanna nods and grins at Lymera, then takes a small step foreward she then watches the hatchlings again.

Stephen turns his attention back to the first blue wondering thinking reasuring thoughts.

Leann allows herself to be pulled as she seems rivited with the brown and Fiona, her lips working over hopeful words soundlessly.

Lanec turns to the Teardrop egg seeing the rocking that must indicate struggle

Feather Puff Egg sends a small shower of sand up as it jerks to one side.

Kaela sees out of the corner of her eyes as she sees two other eggs moves but still focuses on the two blue, the green and the brown hatchlings with warm soothing thoughts.

Tylynn grins at Lymera and takes off to move closer, dragging Leann with. She doesn't go too far- After all, she's barefoot, and it's hot, but she wants a better look at the hatchlings.

Alicia watches the hatchlings carefully, glance occasionally given to R'ton as she tries to figure out what he's going to do about the blue.

Oak-Brown Dragonet twists in the sands the deeper in buries itself.

Blue Confused Dragonet hunger echo's on the sands in boisterous cries. His eyes turn to a raging red mixed with confusion and the need for food. He roars in confusion sending vibrations through the sands and the stands.

Feather Puff Egg cracks, spilling a Black/Blue Dragonet to the sands.

The Feather Puff Egg shatters with one sudden blow from within. With great enthusiasm a blue rolls out on to the sand and sits there turning his head from side to side as he gathers his barings.

Oak-Brown Dragonet stops from all movement for a few breathtaking seconds without any signs of life. With two feet from within the shell suddenly cracks open.

An eye of a dragonet peers out with more determination to break himself free. With all his strength he shatters the egg and lands in a heap on the sands. An Oak-Brown dragonet trumpets his success.

Lanec looks at the blues and the green and the brown hoping they will find life mates

Fiona is fun! Sure she is… It's just not coming out at this particular moment, as her glut clenches just a bit tighter. "Go on," she whispers for only the brown to hear. "Go find the one that's right for you…" She's not what he wants… At least he doesn't think so, silvery hair or no.

Calson takes a step foreward keeping his eyes on the dragonetts on the sands, a look of quiet hope on his face for all to see.

Kaela looks at the two newest hatchlings from the two rocking eggs…ooos a black/blue just like R'lann, he is so hand as is his Mahlth and that Oak brown hatchling is handsome too.

Earthy Brown Dragonet moves away from the candidate. As beautiful as she is she seems boring and not much fun to play with. He looks for a candidate that he might be able to cause a little trouble with.

Epsie blinks and twists her hands together.

With cheeks reddened by heat, and excitement, Lymera actually looks more like a walking sausage than a pink thing… and that's not an invitation. She shuffles forward a little. "Two more!" Two for the price of one. What a deal! "Have a /look/ at them." Bossy, isn't she.

Zachary oohs and ahs at the new hatchlings.

Tylynn gasps as two dragonets hatch, her courage faltering. She asked for it, though, wantying a closer look at them! She almost squeaks at Lymera and Leann, but her mouth hangs open at the blue/black dragonet's hide. "Look at him.." she breathes…

Axiom laughs at the dragons antics. "Shells, this sand is hot."

Calson wows as two break shell at once then ahhs at their colors.

Lanec smiles and waves a welcome to the new arrivals saying softly "welcom to Pern and Xanadu"

Stephen looks at the watchs the blue with some concern.

Kaela looks in shock as she was sure the brown would go for Fi…and sighs. She looks in awe at all the hatchlings so far, three blues, 1 green and 2 browns and looks amazed as she shifts her feet and sends warm reassuring and soothing thoughts of greetings and protection.

Oak-Brown Dragonet takes little time to access the candidates as he struggles to get to his feet. He appears to know /exactly/ what candidate he has chosen and will make it to her any way he possible can. His wings, legs and general body movements to do respond as he intends as he shakily walks towards the candidates only to fall with a thumb on his butt.

Leann blinks as the brown moves on, and sighs, "Oh well. Maybe there is another for her," she murmurs. Then as ordered, the young woman turns her attention to the newest additions to the sands and smiles, "Goodness, I never woulda figured they all would be so glorious."

R'lann smiles at the dark blue in affection.

Lanec grins hearing Tylynns words "You muista been a trader in a past life

Pale Blue Dragonet jumps startled by the dragons roar. He tilts his head to watch him curious to what he is doing. He looks at the others to see if they are responding to this the way or it is just this blue.

Kipanna nods watching the kalediscope develop on the sands.

Kaela looks at the oak brown one and smiles a bit wanting to giggle but she calms down to send reassuring thoughts and hopes they all find their proper lifemates.

Stephen looks at the Pale Blue startled at the roar.

Lanec says quietly "its ok he is just hungry

Pine-Fur Green Dragonet blinks her eyelids watching everything that is going on trying to take it all in as everything happens so quickly.

Stephen says "Thats what I'm affraid of."

Sunlight Glory Egg embedded tightly in the sands wedges back and forth until it falls over with an echoing thud.

"Yeah, they're glori'us." Lymera agrees; somewhat less poetically with that accent. "Now, all we need is a candidate artist, to draw sketches." At a time like this, she's acting like it's a simple gather. Next she'll be asking where the bubbly stall is. "Too much… to watch… at once." Lymera adds, looking from one, to another, to another, to… the other hatchlings.

Kaela looks over to Stephen, "I doubt they eat humans…they are all so beautiful, it's hard to imagine I'm here.

Axiom lets out a small chuckle. Looking less nervous and watching the drgaons trying to remain calm and let his thoughs go out to the hacthlings.

Lanec looks at the pine green draggonette smiling as i imagine her confususion so often mirrored by my own

R'ton whispers again to R'lann. "It not listening!" He points to the other side of the gallaries. "You go over that way and I will go this way just in case."

Calson chuckles softly and watches.

Bold Hallmark Brown Dragonet scatters in millions of pieces.

Fiona covers her heart with a hand. That was just a little too close for comfort… Or not close enough. Ex-cook's naturally pale face has perhaps lightened a shade or two further, gaze lingering on the brown. Is she relieved? Or disappointed? Both? Fi's startled at the young dragonet's roar, and she flinches involuntarily, her attention ripped away from the brown. Calm, calm… Breathe… She most certainly has to remind herself to do these things.

Kipanna wows as the egg practically explodes spilling out another brown.

Tylynn tries to watch all that's going on. She watches the oak brown, wondering at his certainty… She loses track of some of the hatchlings in her curiosity, but her eyes keep turning back to the blue/black. He's a pretty one… The one that Impressees him will be lucky indeed!

Lanec smiles and ahhhs at the bolds strong brown

Bold Hallmark Brown Dragonet breaks open and there sits a confused Bold Hallmark Brown

Dragonet crooning with the agony of hunger.

Bold Hallmark Browns hide glistens its highly polished gaze as he gets to his feet and quickly scans the candidates wasting no time in making his selection.

Lanec glances back at the first hatchling "come on little one You can do it

Stephen is totaly lost as all of the dragonettes are walking around in all directions he spins around looking from one to another

The confusion on the sands mounts as dragons run abou the sands maddly some hungry, some confused and some a little to playful for their own good.

Axiom whispers. "Come on you silly dragons, go find your lifemates so you can ease that hunger."

Black/Blue Dragonet peers at his own hide enchanted by the color of his skin as it appears to change with each movement. He walks slowly watching his hide glitter as he moves almost blinding himself with its gleaming shine.

Lanec turns my attn back to the newest brown smiling in welcome

Kaela looks towards the Queen egg remembering how it felt when she touched it and seems distracted from the other hatchlings for a few moments before collecting herself and looks back to all the hatchlings still quite in shock that this is actually real as she grips the bottom of her robe with her knuckles whitening her nerves starting to get at her.

R'lann nods at R'ton and starts edging around the other way.

Lanec then looks at each dragonette in turn smiling reasuringly at them

Calson looks at the newly hatched brown

Lanec marvels at the ble/black "yes it is beautyful

Siana grins at Promith, "No worries love, they will all find a lifemate, give them time to make good choices."

Tylynn watches the dark blue preen and chuckles at Leann and Lymera. Her gaze again turns to the seemingly determined brown, wondering where he's headed to.

Stephen finaly smiles to himself and standing he determins to look in only one direction and not all around the Hatching grounds in a vain attempt to see everything.

Lanec looks at the Sunlight Glory egg remembering the warmth as i held it

Kaela looks to the others and smiles quietly, her nature not that outgoing, not as fun as some of the others…but sends the most reassuring thoughts around the sands.

Earthy Brown Dragonet bounces around to look at the blue clutchmate. Well he certainly is not going to be much fun is he! This brown has more important things to do then fuss with him, he wants to find some fun. He settles on the candidate with sandy brown hair that is worn tied back falling just shy of his shoulders. Funny looking but is he fun to play with?

Lanec looks at each unhached egg in turn wondering what traesure each one holds the back to each of the hatchlings

Kipanna chuckles at the antics of the brown.

Leann is awfully quiet as she watches the hatching sands dance performed so irraticly. "I cannot keep track. Did the green impress?" she asks, her tone drenched with hopefulness.

Fiona glances towards Lymera as she catches the other girl's words and smiles. Almost. An artist? Fi'd gladly draw these lovely visions… 'Course she's a little busy at the moment, you understand. After a moment, ex-cook shakes her head, clenching her fists at her side to calm… nervous jittering? Since when did she jitter? This definantly isn't her day. A few, sidling steps bring her closer to Lymera and Leann.

Tylynn shakes her head slowly in answer to Leann's question, suddenly casting her eyes about for the green. "I don't think so.. We would have veard her name?" Her voice trills up at her question, hopeful she didn't miss it.

Stephen looks down supprised looking at the brown, "What 'da yah think yer doin?"

Lanec smiles and sqeezes Kaelas shoulder reauringly he may be serious but he has a lot of love to give

Calson looks over at Stephen and grins.

Alicia shakes her head as she watches the dragonets. This is very odd indeed.

Axiom chuckles and smiles at the browns antics. "Hello there silly." His fear less apparent.

Kipanna chuckles at Stephen and the brown.

Blue Confused Dragonet turns his raging eyes to look at his sire as Lyrath paces back and forth on the other side of the sands. The voices of the candidates just make him want to run.

Lyrath speaks to the dragonet to calm him as he grows angrier at the hunger that consumes him.

Leann catches sight of the moving Fiona out of the corner of her eye. Bending, she flashes the ex-cook a welcoming smile before turning back to watch the dragonets wandering about. "Oh look, that brown is testing the waters again.. " There is overly exaggerated nod of agreement offered to Tylynn, "True.. "

Lanec cant help but giggle listening to Stephens voice and the brown

Kaela seems to be quietly reserved as she eyes each dragonet with wonder and warmth, not sure whether she'll be found suitable enough for a lifemate…she tries to mask her uncertainty away from the hatchlings and knows that she probably can't so she watches carefully observing with a soft smile.

With a sigh, Lymera shakes her head. "Donna think so." Her grammar is getting worse as this goes along. "Bu'surely they'll be hungry soon? Faranth knows I am."

Epsie watches the confused blue with concerned eye. Everyone seems so nervous about him… put she doesn't for some reason.

Stephen says "Well hello anyway."

Lanec turns to the blue and says quietly "you need to calm little one and look for Your one to be bonded with they are here

Calson nods as he agrees with LAnec.

Earthy Brown Dragonet looks at the man as he laughs. Well at least he can laugh, this is a good sign.

Lanec wathes each dragonette marveling at their own unique personalities

Kipanna laughs at the Earthy Brown Dragonet. "Boy is he gonna be fun."

Kaela looks towards the small green and wonders what the little one is thinking and wondering what each one will go with.

Stephen is about to kneel down but then says, "Your not going to make me get this dirty for nothing are you?" eyeing the Brown carefully.

Fiona comments beneath her breath, "I went to a few hatchings when I was Headwoman over at Big Lagoon. This is most certainly the… longest and oddest hatching I've seen yet." Well, of course, since she's /standing/ this time, and there's a strange-acting dragonet roving the sands and looking hungry, well… Is she afraid? No, not really. Fear isn't an emotion that Fi is familiar with, ask her any time. Nervous? Anyone who knows the girl so well would agree she's definantly having a hard time at it.

Tylynn's head begins to spin as she tries to keep track of what each dragonet is doing. She holds tightly onto Leann's hand, grinning at her two friends.

Pine-Fur Green Dragonet almost floats over the sands beaming at candidates in hopes of finding the one that was touching her shell only a short while ago. She stops and looks over each candidate. They are all really pretty.

Lanec smiles and squeezes Calsons shoulder just so he knows he ist alone

Calson stands and watches the little dragons one at a time.

In an unguarded moment, Leann lets her warmly violet eyes rove the sands until she spots R'ton. A flicker of softness motions her lips into a smiling position. The moment is shortlived as she once again turns her attention to the candidates so near, and dragons so far. "Hey.. Weren't we going to make some noise?"

"Well, we're odd people," Lymera points out, overhearing Fiona's remark. That is, before she pauses for an instant. "Well, /I/ am anyway." Now, if only Lymera could hear that evaluation, her ego would grow to the size of a queen dragon. "Noise… what sort of noise should we make?"

Axiom looks at the brown and stares into his eyes. Thinking to himself. What do you want.

Stephen shrugs, and kneeling down he looks at the Brown, then starts to reach his hand forward before he remembers the warning that the dragonettes are hungry, he then rests his hand on the sands in front of the dragonette.

Tylynn blinks at Leann and nods decisively, grinning at Lymera. She teases. "How 'bout a wherry?" She wouldn't dare, mind you…

Lanec watches the pine gree dragonette and turns looking for the blue black dragonette wondering were it got too

Earthy Brown Dragonet snorts at the man. This man is not fun just funny looking he can't even figure out what I want!. He looks at the woman with mysterious green eyes and long sienna brown hair. She might be fun!

Calson squeezes Lanec's shoulder in return and in thanks.

Kaela looks at the dragons and wonders if she's invisible…at this moment with all eyes on each one of them she kinda wishes deeply for that. She smiles to herself with a soft giggle still sanding a distance from the others just watching with curiousness and observation. She reserves her reassuring thoughts and comments to her mind as she is afraid to bumble and say something wrong and embarass herself. She looks to R'lann, almost for support.

Tsunami Egg rocks a bit in the sands.

Zachary laughs a little at the antics of all the hatchlings.

Kipanna laughs at the expression on the brown face, then wipes sweat and tears off her face.

Kaela looks to the brown that seems to be looking at her and almost looks dumbfounded as she stands shifting her feet…and looks at its antics but her manner too serious for such a playful thing as the brown is.

Stephen stands as the brown turns away from him and brushing off his cloak he says to himself, "I knew he was going to do that." and snorts.

Leann snorts humor at Tylynn, "Ok, but you gotta let my hand go if you are going to make /food/ noises." Her skin glows with the occasion, usually pale ashen features lit with a light dusting of heated pink. As she speaks, her gaze stays on the undecisive brown, "He is going to drive whoever he impress up the nearest tree in no time."

Drunken Brown Dragonet sends a small shower of sand up as it jerks to one side.

Calson looks at Tsunami egg.

Tylynn bites her lip while she tries to think of a noise to make, in all seriousness. She humms softly around her lip, probably some teaching ballad she was taught when she was young.

Lanec turns to look at the Tsunami egg wonering what storm will soon break upon the sands

Drunken Brown Dragonet cracks, spilling a Drunken Brown Dragonet to the sands.

Slowly crumbling to the sands the shell slowly begins to reveal a brown dragonet, a contrast against the color he has been confined in. Appearing to huddle down deeper in its depths to the security of the shell well it crumbles around him. His eyelids slowly slip open swirling quickly in confusion and hunger.

R'lann looks at Kaela, on eye winking encouragement, the other eye on the confused blue.

Pale Blue Dragonet focuses watches Earthy Brown walk away from the boy and curiously walks over to see what was wrong with him. He looks interesting to him and if his clutchmate is not interested he is worth looking at.

Kaela looks to the brown…she sends reassurances but also doubts…doubts that seem to hinder her from really thinking much about how handsome the little one is.

"Wherry noises? What kind of noise does a wherry make?" Lymera grimaces, in mock regret. "My education has been rather sparse in that area…" She trails off to wave towards the newest brown; blame it on the excitement. "Look at himmy!" Has he been taking wine when no ones been looking, too?

Calson watches as the latest brown cracks shell and smiles reassuringly at all the baby dragons.

Lanec looks closely at the new brown waving a hello

Kaela looks around at the other dragonets somewhat nervously as she hopes the little brown in front of her finds his lifemate.

Alicia yawns and starts rocking on her heels, back and forth. She gives a smile to Siana and continues to watch the antics of the dragonets.

Lanec watches the pale blue one walk towards his fello Candidate

Axiom shakes his head back and forth laughing as more dragons appear.

R'ton wipes the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. He looks away from the blue and finds Leann on the sands. Looking back to the blue he judges the distance between her and the dragon.

Leann eyes Tylynn as she hummms, "I fear my singing or humming would repeal the whole lot. You'd not want to stand next to me if I try my voice.. " She dislodges a wink before turning to watch the newest brown, her smile faintly soft.

Kipanna sends a querying look at the newest brown and then smiles in welcome.

Siana looks over the antics going on, and shakes her head,smiling Slightly. She leans over, and whispers something to R'ton.

Lanec looks around looking at the riders on the sands and then into the galleries the back to the dragons

Oak-Brown Dragonet stands to his feet again feeling a little discouraged at his lack of mobility. He has to get to his lifemate before anyone else claims her as their own. He makes another attempt to get to his feet intently staring at the lanky look girl.

Tylynn laughs at Leann and realizes what she had been doing. She blushes and chuckles, watching the brown as well, curiously.

Lanec smiles at the Oak-Brown and whispers encouragement

Epsie continues to watch the blue that is making the weyrleader types nervous. He's a gorgeous fellow, why should anyone be nervous about him?

Stephen watching the dragonettes he walks over to Lanec and whispers into his ear, "And I had thought I almost had the bet won."

Zachary blinks and grins too at the dragonets.

"I've got a good voice," Lymera announces to the other candidates; before leaning over, overcome with laughter. Take it from her reaction that that is a complete and utter lie. Eventually, she manages; "You're not that bad, though, Tylynn." That said, a brown is grinned towards.

Kaela looks at the brown, her stubborness and determination holding her back…you don't want me little one, I ain't no fun…there are plenty of fun candidates around.

Lanec looks at the dark blue dragon wondering what he is thinking

Fiona rubs her hands together a bit, drawing her lower lips between her teeth and nibbling /hard/. Not hard enough to draw blood, thankfully, but hard enough to give her something else to focus on. Mmmm, is it just her or is she the only one that's as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs? 'Course, she's the cat, the dragons are the chairs… Oh my. With a heart-felt sigh, palms are rubbed on robe a few times, then slender fingers hook a bit of hair behind one ear. Is it over yet? But… has it even begun? Ex-cook is fairly sure there hasn't been an Impression just yet, though when she was paying so much attention to that brown…

Sweat trickles down Leann's cheeks, dripping from her chin to splatter on the white fabric of her robe. A quick glance to the sands helps her locate her foster daughter. Momentairly she lets go of Tylynn's hand, only long enough to wave to the dear girl watching above, and then she tightly clings again. "Yea," she says, elbowing Tylynn, "Humm for us, maybe it will attrack then in this direction, then once they see Lymera, they will be fastly smitten.. " In an afterthought she adds, "Fiona too.. and you for that matter. I'll play ugly duckling this round." Her lips quirk with a playful smirk.

Lanec nods and smiles to Stephan and whispers back "thats why i dont bet i can loose

Black/Blue Dragonet coincided? No not this dragon! Boldly he struts across the sands puffing out his chest. None of these candidates are good enough for this dragonet!

Lanec looks at the Black/Blue Dragonet "He isn't clumsy not really just big and hasn't grown into his body yet

Kipanna smiles and whispers to her nearest neighbor 'Do you think we might resemble a white wall to them?'

Stephen grins and whispers back, "Ahh but that takes the fun out of life."

Tylynn chuckles and eyes the other two candidates, and shrugs. Why not? She does one better than humming: she whistles, first softly, trying to rememeber the cheeriest song she knows.

Kaela looks to the Black/Blue dragonet with a giggle and a soft smile of reassurances sending warm thoughts to it as she tries to focus on the rest of the dragonets, being stared at makes her too nervous.

Lanec smiles and nods "maybe thats what i have been missing

Lymera's tounge elegantly is poked out at Leann. "Right," She says, "No, I insist, you impress; I'm happy just to watch." Okay, so the dragons make the decisions around here, Lymera can /try/ to arrange things to her satisfaction. "Both of you, impress, okay? Hey, brown! Green!" She glances back at the two. "Which would you perfer?" Yes, she's back in brat mode.

Stephen laughs and replys "Could be, could be."

Calson Shakes his head and says "I don't know."

R'lann grins at the black/blue, very reminded of a certain friend of his…

Lanec looks at Calson and takes a small step back

Kaela looks at the Black/blue and it reminds her of Mahlth who felt she belonged on these hot sands and of R'lann, she shifts her feet her legs and feet getting tired of standing almost wanting to just sit down.

Lanec shivers despite the heat

Zachary smiles at the black/blue strutting around.

Kipanna chuckles at the strutting blue.

Lanec looks at the nervous blue watching it

Axiom does the sand dance, looking very silly, his feet very hot and warm. Sweat drips from his face.

Leann snorts at Lymera, her eyes on one of the browns, "I don't care.. But if I impress, so should you." Like she has a choice. "I see you on green," the candidate says, nodding toward the one on the sands, "That one maybe?"

Stephen looks around and grins at Axiom's dance, then walking over to him he decided to join in, copying his motions perfectly.

Calson chuckles softly at the antics of the black/blue, then turns to watch the others.

Pale Blue Dragonet bounces across the hot sands towards man dancing in the sands. Yes he was right! He is worth looking at.

"I'm not sure, she's wonderful, tho." Lymera grins at Leann, "But just look at that blue!" Her fingers pop into her mouth, as she makes ready for a woofwhistle; before stopping, suddenly, remembering the 'proper' way to act at hatchings. Instead, she calls out, "Woohoo! You go, blue!"

Fiona glances to Leann and merely gives her this /look/. "No, I think I'll, eh, pass on this one…" she tries for amused, but doesn't quite get it. Oh, she wants to Impress… but then she doesn't want to Impress. Calm down, Fi! But as much as she lectures herself, nothing seems to settle her nerves.

Kipanna looks at the oak brown dragonet.

Lanec grins and giggles at the 2 Candies glad for the bit of levety

Kaela wipes her forehead, her green eyes watching the sands with amusement but seriousness of her demeanor. She looks towards the last two eggs not hatched yet and hopes that maybe she may find her lifemate…maybe even the gold…maybe she'd be that worthy.

Stephen grins and falls down to the sands laughing hystericaly.

Kipanna laughs as the pale blue bounces around.

As sweat continues to trickle in mini-rivers down Leann's vintage features, she takes note. "Hey.. my egg hasn't hatched yet," and she points out the ebony so those that don't know that is /her/ egg, will be well informed. Maybe Lymera is rubbing off on her? Brat.

Blue Confused Dragonet catches sight of a dangling braclet the scared candidate wears. FOOD! She has food for him! He charges at her rumbling as he goes. While the Bold Hallmark Brown Dragonet frees himself of the access shell and stretches his wings glad to be free of the confining shell at last. Lazily he looks up to see the dragonet charging in his direction. With a squeal of alarm he leaps out of the way and watches the dragonet streak across the sands determined to get to that girl.

Lanec watches as things begin to happen

She's learning! So Lymera /is/ a bad influence. Well, she does try. "I won't go near that one." Lymera's hands suddenly clap together, and she lets out a yell. "Woohoo!" There was movement at the station…

Stephen wiping tears from his eyes he sits up and looks around.

Epsie blinks and stares in shock as the lovely blue, in her opinion, charges!

Calson sighs with relief that the blue decided to move.

R'lann blinks and spins around, gesturing wildly at R'ton, the blue, the parents, the candies…

Earthy Brown Dragonet is to preoccupied on the other side of the hatching growns to be concerned with what is happen with the others. He rumblechuckles as he sees the other brown coming quickly towards that lanky looking girl. /This/ could be fun! Flapping his wings to get him there quickly the dragonet half runs and half coasts towards her. With a sarcastic chortle he blocks her from the other dragonet.

Tylynn claps her hands over her mouth, freeing Leann's hand for a moment longer. She can't help but laugh at the charging blue, keeping an eye out for that bracelet.

Crysional lets out a high pitched deafening scream and seems paralyzed in the sands unable to move as Blue Confused Dragonet rapidly charges forward.

R'ton charges froward as he sees the dragon bolting forward towards the candidate.

Stephen stands up still wiping tears from his face he puts a Hand on Calson's shoulder and pointing to the blue he says something that sounds like, "Thad' one would make a good racer."

"Oh goodness, they are suddenly all rialed," Leann remarks, and with free hands, she backs to hide in the shadows between her two friends. Almost as an order, she murmurs ever so softly, "You three impress… "

Kaela looks and sees the frightened and confused blue in shock as she watches standing still.

Lanec startles hearing Crysional scream and watches the unfolding event seeing all sorts of Gore in my mind (which might not be bad on earth then again…)

Alicia comes up from her daze as she sees the blue streak go wizzing past and hears the scream. Eyes wide open, she looks at the Weyrleader and Second, as they chase after the blue who's going for the candidate, "Oh Shards!"

Calson watches as the blue charges.

Fiona flinches slightly as the confused little creature moves… though not in a manner /she'd/ prefer if she were that girl. Almost fretting, she raises a hand to play with the necklace… that isn't there, and simply freezes at the shriek. "Dear Faranth…" It's barely above a whisper. Still not panicked, but sapphire eyes blink wide.

Epsie doesn't even think, she knows that girl Crysional will be trampled by that dragon if he gets to her. She runs forward, yelling "No!! No! Don't hurt her!!!" she yells again, "Don't!!!!" she waves her arms as well, jumping up and down, trying to draw the blue's attention away from the girl. and tries to push the crazed blue out of the path of charge.

Lanec says "be brave Crysional this one may be Yours reach out to it"

R'lann starts running over as well, hoping he gets there in time and blinks at Epsie, one of the most timid of all the candidates, runs forward!

Lanec finally sees what is happening and move to protect Crysional

Lymera seems to enjoy the fuss, being the brat she is. "I wonna hurt you, will it?" Of course, she could be wrong. "Excitement," she adds, under her breath.

Tylynn grabs Leann's arm and grins, dragging her friend back up. "Oh no, you don't! All three of us have to try, you know.." She doesn't think to be worried about any of the dragonets: She forgets how dangerous they can be, the poor things.

Kaela looks to Lanec, and looks to the girl almost terrified of what the outcome will be.

Lanec says "Crysional move or let the dragonett know you aret food"

Kipanna moves near to Crysonial to help if need be

Stephen says "Drop the bracelet and move!"

Always the last to catch on, Leann stretches her slender neck to peer in the direction of the screaming. "Oh goodness.. " she whispers, eyes wider then dinner plates.. or nearly. As

Tylynn grabs her she emits a startled squeek, then chuckles embaressdly when she realizes it was a friend, and not a giant baby dragon coming to have her for lunch, or whatever it is that spurned on the blue.

Lanec stands on the otrher side of Crysional reaching for the bracelet

Calson urges Lanec on silently, ready to move if more help is needed.

Stephen the usually jocular Canidate's face looks concerned his eyes locked on the scean.

Lanec grasps the bracelet and yanks at it

Lanec says loudly looking at the blue "This is NOT food"

Epsie waves her arms and then bravely, maybe foolishly, jumps at the blue, "I feel your hunger! I'll feed you, just DON'T hurt her! I promise, I'll get you some food!!!"

The confused dragonet stops at the orders of the candidate and croons to her.

Drunken Brown Dragonet stands up and wobbles out towards the candidates. His stance would indicate that he is not that sturdy on his feet. The dragonet lets out a soft mournful croon as he watches the spectical unfolding before him with widened eyes. The sadness of the croon is ruined as the dragon lets out a huge burp.

Kipanna reaches for the braclet, finds the clasp and releases the bracelet to fall to the sand.

Epsie blinks and stares at the blue, "That's much better, you don't need to hurt her for food. I'll get you some, I promise."

Kipanna says "Lets get her away."

Lanec undoes the bracelet and then holds Crysional

Lanec walks slowly holding/guiding Crysional offer to the other side away from the blue

Kipanna follows Lanec back across the sands.

Kaela watches as the blue seesm to calm and stop charging and sighs deeply taking a deep breath and watches all the other dragonets.

Fiona just sorta stays huddled near to the three other candidates that at least have the sense to stay away from the… interesting scene. It'll turn out /much/… Hey! A sigh is fluted out, relieved. Tragedy averted, all clear, or so it seems, and so she hopes! "Alright, this isn't what I was expecting in a hatching…" she mutters. Well, who was?

Leann leans forward, peering at the scene, "Hey, did Epsie just impress? I didn't hear a name, but it sounded like she is hearing the blue.. " Her lip is clamped tightly between her teeth as she watches.

Black/Blue Dragonet appears completely full of himself as he saunters across the sands. Stunned he stops in his tracks seeing a candidate that looks /nearly/ as good as he does! This can not be! He storms up to the pretty looking boy and snorts.

Stephen laughs again, as he realizes how close the girl came to seirous injury or even death, His face looking a little histarical. Epsie blinks, "His name is Misath!!! Did you just say that?" she asks the little blue.

Kaela stays at a distance from the other candidates, not having really gotten to known any and she stays to herself and a calm collective manner seems to fall upon her as she fixes her robe and her hair, got to look good for all the dragons especially the baby Queen.

Tylynn watches closely, unsure herself. "Maybe…" Her eyes follow Crysonial, mentally checking that she is ok.. Her grin breaks wide as she hears Epsie say the blue's name.

Stephen smiles at Epsie, "Congradulations Epsie!"

Lanec holds the girl close looking at the gragons b4 him

Axiom says "Calith!" He cries out loudly "His name is Calith! and He is hungry!" Tears begin to fall from his face."

Leann explodes with excitement, her hands coming together in one resounding clap, "Yay! Epsie impressed! Such a fine name too!"

Kipanna cheers "Congrats Epsie."

Kaela looks to Epsie and smiles and smiles again when Axiom shouts out a name and he starts to cry.

Stephen looks over at the man next to him, and slaps his back in congradulations.

Lanec says "congrats Epsie and Axiom"

Epsie blinks, "Uhh… gosh, you /are/ hungry aren't you!!!! Let's go get you some food!!"

As the sands erupts with names, Leann's head swivels around rapidly so she can see who all is yelling. "Axiom!"

Calson sends a beaming smile Epsie's way and congratulates her on impressing.

Tylynn hugs her friends tightly as she hears another name called, nearly bouncing in her excitement.

Clapping her hands together, Lymera cheers; no bratty comment so far. "Congratulations, riders!"

Siana grins and sighs as they finally start to impress, she looks to Promith and grins, "See? I told you they would find someone."

Pine-Fur Green Dragonet watches everything happening around her in amusement. While the other dragons are absorbed in torturing each other she lovingly looks at each one wanting to choose the right one just perfect for her. She flaunts her silky hide as she walks towards one of the candidates and sits before one.

Epsie admires Confused Blue Dragonet closely.

Kaela smiles as she watches all the excitement but she still stays quietly where she is shifting her feet nervously.

Kipanna cheers for Axiom and Calith.

Axiom smiles is from ear to ear. "We need to get you some food my dear Calith."

Oh, finally. Fiona lets out a clear, if low whoop, probably the first sound louder then a murmur that anyone's heard out of her since the beginning of the hatching. "Congratulations Epsie! And Misath! Lovely!" Tragedy most definantly averted. She is quite sincerely happy for the girl.

Calson says "Congrats Axiom.

Lymera's /always/ ready to admire anything, whever they invite her to or not. Thus, looking away from the impressions, she settles on oggling at the green. Or at least examining her. Or admiring her.

Stephen looks around for another dragonette.

Oak-Brown Dragonet squawks as he sees the other dragonet blocking his way. How dare he! He seems to be accessing the situation as he takes a seat on the sands carefully reasoning out how he can get to her.

Leann revels in the hug, offering her own in return. Catching sight of Lymera and her admiration, she grins, again gently elbowing Tylynn trying to direct her attention to their friend, "Whatcha think?"

Axiom leads his lifemate off the sand to get him some food.

Kaela looks almost confused by all the excitement thoughts rampaging through her mind and she looks around at everything.

Tylynn grins at Leann and shrugs slightly, her grin wide and hopeful.

Zachary smiles, watching all the dragonets tumble around, sighing in relief over the avoided accident.

Stephen looks around at the dragonettes.

Kipanna watches oak-brown dragonet.

Zachary looks back and blinks at the Green beauty before him. "What….. Ohhh!!!!!"

Bold Hallmark Brown Dragonet dragonistically sighs. So many candidates to choose from! Which one is right for him? He lingers up and down the candidates this his eyes. Sniffing the air he catches the sent of a candidate, the candidate that spent so long touching his shell.

Ebony Swirl Egg jiggles in the sands anxiously.

Lanec turns to watch the Swirl egg then back at the the dragonettes

Tylynn's eyes turn to the ebony swirl, and she touches Leann's back gently, pointing.

Another whoop, surprisingly even a little louder, escapes Fiona's mouth before she clamps it shut, but it opens again as she calls, "And Axiom! Lovely!" Finally. 'Least with Impression, some of the tenseness leaves her muscles, and ex-cook is able to look about her without jittering, at least. Finally, the hatching is /moving/. Eyes rove among the remaining dragonets and eggs.

Calson watches as dragonets make their choices, the look of hope returned to his face.

Zachary smiles and throws his arms around the green. "Her name is Tremlth!! And she's very…" he blinks and the dragonet tries to tug him towards the doors where she can scent the food from so far away, "…Hungry!!!"

Dusky Blue Dragonet really begins to rock back and forth jerking quickly from side to side.

Kaela sees another egg jiggle and looks to Leann, it's the egg Leann talked about, maybe she'll Impress the one inside it.

Dusky Blue Dragonet cracks open to reveal Dusky Blue Dragonet from within.

Jiggling anxiously the shell quickly breaks free a Curious as a feline this little blue seems somewhat fascinated with the shell that has broken around him.

Black/Blue Dragonet seems compelled to stare at the candidate who matches his own beauty by the confusion on the sands makes him worry more about his glorious hide.

Epsie smiles and leads Misath off the sands at the insistence of one of the riders.

Lanec watches the blue

Kipanna says "Congrats Zach."

Drunken Brown Dragonet rocks a bit in the sands.

Leann inhales sharply as Tylynn brings her attention round to the ebony. "Oh, I just know that one will be lovely.. Blue.. " And there it is. "I was right again.. Beautiful.. " she sighs.

Lanec says "Yeahh Zach"

Stephen stands still too week from the emotion and the heat to move another step, his eyes scanning the grounds though, wondering if he still has a chance.

Zachary smiles happily and follows that insistence of the little green.

Lanec smiles at Leann

Black/Blue Dragonet croons to Calson pleadingly to feed him.

Tylynn grins and nods at Leann, glad she didn't bet against her! She casts her eyes about, looking to see which dragonets have riders…

Drunken Brown Dragonet sends a small shower of sand up as it jerks to one side.

Lanec smiles at Calson Giving him a hug "way to go"

Drunken Brown Dragonet cracks, spilling a Drunken Brown Dragonet to the sands.

Calson gets a shocked look on his face as black blue stops in front of him

Slowly crumbling to the sands the shell slowly begins to reveal a brown dragonet, a contrast against the color he has been confined in. Appearing to huddle down deeper in its depths to the security of the shell well it crumbles around him. His eyelids slowly slip open swirling quickly in confusion and hunger.

Calson shout His name is Plumth

As the green dragonet impresses, Lymera applauds; "Congratulations; she's a beauty." But that leaves Lymrea without a dragon to slobber over. Thus, she glances towards another to admire; the black/blue one. Her gaze must has something in it to make impressions… at least that's what /she/ thinks. "Congrats!" She calls, again.

Stephen smiles and shouts, "Congradulations." as Calson impresses.

Earthy Brown Dragonet sways back and forth keeping the girl out of sight with his wings outstretched. This dragonet is going to have fun at any cost.

Kaela smiles as several more impressions happen. Kaela looks at the Earth Brown dragonet and wonders if it is still near her and in a way hopes it moves to someone else and impresses. Lanec smiles then looks over at Kaela her friend trying to catch her eye

Leann beams her congrates to the newly impressed, her pale eyes glistening with wetness. "I love this.. this is beautiful. I'm going to be a hatching junkie now.."

Oak-Brown Dragonet glances to the left then back to the other brown. Again he looks to the left and then to the brown. He bolts to his feet and makes to run to the left. Earthy Brown Dragonet follows suit and bounds forward while the Oak-Brown Dragonet twists his body in a circle and flops down at the girls feet.

Fiona puffs out a breath and sends a grin Zachary-wards. "Congratulations…" Alright, this is a good thing. Sapphire eyes, clear of earlier nervousness, skip about and land on Calson. "And Calson, too!" Well, this isn't all that bad at all.

Kaela looks to the two brown dragonets and hopes they don't look at her, nope she's not fun…nope now way.

Stephen shouts accross the sands, "Congrats Kayla"

Lanec watches the seen unfold as dragons and Candidates join in a flood of happyness

Kaela looks at the boy and shakes her head…they aren't for her…nope…

Kipanna gasps and shouts "His name is Amieth" she looks down "Yes we'll get you food directly."

Earthy Brown Dragonet can not believe he has been outwitted by this dragonet. With a snort he throws his head up in the air and stalks away from the impressed pair. He will just go find someone else to amuse him. Where was that girl with mysterious green eyes?

Kaela looks in denial as she backs away as if telling the dragon to stay away from here.

Bold Hallmark Brown Dragonet find who he has been searching for and heads towards the boy. Wuffling at him the dragonet reaches out his hand towards the boys foot and drags his talon in the sands insistantly.

Kaela looks at the Earthy Brown dragon and moves almost close to wanting to leave the sands as she looks towards the golden egg, that's the one she really hopes for…

Leann is so confused, and her hands come up to cradle her head. That is when she hears another name, and her reaction is minimal as her eyes widen with the confusion. "Congradulations," she whispers, and Kipanna is sure not to hear.

Lanec looks around confuzzed

Kipanna looks up at Leann "I heard, and thank you."

Kipanna calls Oak-Brown Dragonet closer to herself..

Lanec says quietly tasting it the name "Edkath"

Kaela looks to the others, and looks for a place to hide, her nervousness extremely evident in her as she tries to move behind the others peering out hoping the brown doesn't follow her.

Stephen says "Congrats Lanec!" Stephen frowns as he realizes he just lost the bet.

Leann blinks, another name? Her head swivels about as she hears it. Lanec? "Did Lanec just impress?" she asks hurriedly, wanting to truly applaud, but is so confused she isn't sure.

Kaela looks and sees Lanec impress and smiles to her friend with warm congratulations.

Lanec looks around confused who is Edkath

Stephen says "Shards."

Tylynn herself isn't sure, so just nods. She's beginning to get dizzy and waits to sit down, but _knows_ what that would bring…

Kaela shifts her feet standing now behind Fiona and the others.

Calson abandons the heat of the sands for the blessedly cooler foyer.

Fiona gives a crooked grin towards Kipanna, eyes sparkling softly. "Congratulations, Kip! Amieth! Quite lovely…!" She glances towards Kaela, and tilts her head, slightly confused as well. Why does she keep moving away? Oh, well… "Congrats Lanec…" Then concerned eyes shift towards Leann… and Tylynn. Oh, the tables have turned, eh?

Leann emits a hearty call of congradulations to Lanec, all the while her fists balling as she hopes and prays that she is right. Tears start to stream as each candidate is impressed.. "This is so wonderful.. so so, very wonderful."

Lymera, meanwhile, is shiftin from foot to foot, calling out her congratulations with a nice, polite, woofwhistle. Well, she's a brat, that's her excuse. "Congratulations, congrats, woohoo!" That shouted, Lymera shuffles towards Leann and Tylynn. "I hope I get to do this again, sometime, this is fun." The fact that this isn't that kind of event should have rubbed in with the quickening rate of impressions; or maybe she's just trying to calm down.

Kaela peers to the gold egg from behind the other candidates shaking like a leaf, her skin paling as she looks around with nervousness…almost like wanting to escape but not till she's sees that gold one.

Stephen somehow find the strength to trudge over to the girls, the only male canadite left on the sands.

Tylynn gives Leann's ahnd a squeeze and pulls away slightly from her friends, trying to give her feet a small respite from the heat. She looks at the dragonets left wistfully, hoping they find their lifemates soon.

Leann offers Stephen a welcoming smile, "Feeling lonely? Come share our piece of sand, though I warn you, it has thus far not been very lucky.. " The evasive Kaela is lost as she goes behind her, and all is left is the brown, "Wonder who is for him?"

Lanec smiles as he kneals and hugs the bold hallmark brown dragonette.

Stephen says "Neither has where I've been. I swear I'm going to go soak my feet in numbweed after this."

Well, they didn't turn for long, that's for certain. As the quick Impressions, one after another, seem to come to a grinding halt, so does Fiona's change in mood. Though she doesn't return to her former fidgiting, she does go quite quiet. The marching walk has become so familiar to her that she isn't even aware that her feet are shifting, trying to cool. "I know that feeling," is the muttered aside to Stephen.

Stephen undoes the band in his hair and then shakeing his head sends water sprinkiling on the girls laughs, and tyes his hair back up again.

Tylynn shields her face and laughs, sticking her tounge out at Stephen. She agrees with the numbweed soak, still unconsiously half-pacing.

Leann emits a groan, ducking away from Stephen. "That is … " she refrains. Stepping around Lymera, she moves away from the young man, once again her gaze riding the sands to search for the Weyrleader, sweeping past him with only a brief pause as she quietly counts the remaining eggs, dragonets, and candidates. "Not good odds," she murmurs to herself.

Stephen grins and thinks about it, "Mabey I'll just soak my entire body in it." Stephen says "And all of a sudden your a Britan? Who cares about odds, it's all been fun."

Fall Foilage Red Egg rocks violently in the sands.

Kaela looks at the little brown that seems to have followed her and picks it up, "His name is Llaiireth? He's hungry."

Stephen says "Congrats Kaela, he's a fine one, now get out of here and feed him."

Leann smiles faintly at Stephen, her heart not into it as she returns, "I have three friends I'd like to see impress.. that is enough for me." Hearing a name behind her, she spins about and gawks.. Kaela.

Kaela looks at the dragonet somewhat surprised but somewhat not really wanting to accept it… she looks at it awkwardly and shrugs as she takes it to get food.

Autumn Gold Dragonet suddenly shatters flinging fragments of the shell across the sands with great force.

Rocking violently in the sands the Fall Foilage Red Egg suddenly shatters flinging fragments of the shell across the sands with great force. Huddled within the perfectly shaped shell sits an enchanting Autumn Gold Dragonet. Her beauty radiates the entire hatching gallery sparkling brilliantly with such precision she appears almost flawless. Standing proud she shakes the remaining pieces from her hide and stretches her wings with a soft croon.

Tylynn's attention is suddenly caught by rocking sounds. She peers over at the fall foliage egg, attention rapt. "Look.." she breathes…

Stephen says "Well there's two left, never know." Stephen looking at the gold he backs away from the girls, "Well luck I think I'll try my luck with that blue over there."

Leann watches Kaela, her confusion deeply etched in the creases about her mouth as she whispers, "She didn't seem happy.. how can that be? Is that possible?" Tylynn's breathy 'look' brings her gaze around, but she sees nothing but the blue on the sands… well, cause she is looking in the wrong direction.

Tylynn glances at Stephen heading towards the blue, and admires the dusky one's hide. She steps towards her friends, urging them towards the gold.

The Dusky Blue Dragonet heads towards the group for people, looking back to Promith as if looking for reassurance. He must have got it, because after a moment, he heads forward again, nose in the air, as if smelling the air.

Lymera's eyes move at that. "I'm looking," She mutters, before sighing aloud. "She's beautiful." Leann is nudged; perhaps if she nudges Leann hard enough, Leann might have to nudge Tylynn, and she could get two in one nudge. "Look." Just in case you weren't. A wink is sent to Stephen. "Luck to you too…" She pauses. "Leann, Tylynn, step forward?"

Autumn Gold Dragonet croons as she looks around the sands at the remaining four candidates. With some uncertainty she looks up at her dam and sire.

R'ton watches the Autumn gold with a grin giving her a nod of encouragement. He looks to the Lyrath and Promith with a wide smile. "She is beautiful."

The Dusky Blue Dragonet stops before Stephen, and nudges him for a moment then backs off. He creels, but then looks for others, for this one doesn't look right to him. Maybe one of those over there…

Leann is caught by the nudge, and yes, she bumps gently into Tylynn in the rebound. "Oh, sorry," she remarks, then turns to see what everyone is ooing and awing over, hearing the galleries in the mix. The moment her eyes fall upon the gold she is stunned.. motionless, and unable to utter a single word as she watches the autumn one reverently.

Fiona rakes fingers through her hair, pausing as she watches the gold hatch, and gives a little sigh and a soft, almost wistful smile. A shake of silver haired head is given and ex-cook backs up, glancing after Stephen hopefully for a moment, before she takes one or two more hopping steps back away. Eyes turn towards the way out of this place… but candidate swallows and reluctantly decides to, well, stick this out.

Siana grins up to Promith, Echoing R'ton. "You expect something different?" She asks him. R'lann grins and watches the lovely gold, nodding the parent dragons, "Very lovely." Stephen lets the blue pass him.

"At least there's one candidate she knows she won't impress to," Lymera adds, with the bright grin that hasn't left her lips… much… since she stepped on the sands. The girl crosses her arms, then, moving from one side to another like a drunken sailor. "What do you think of her?"

Tylynn grins and sighs softly. "She's beautiful.." She watches the blue pass Stephen with decided curiosity. Who is that blue after?

Drunken brown dragonet wobbles a carefully watching his step and bands in to Stephen and looks up in surprise.

Think? Leann isn't thinking, that isn't possible at this juncture. She only gazes, her softly lit eyes marking each movement of the magical queen.

Stephen looks down compleatly surprised.

The Dusky Blue Dragonet reaches a spot near the group of ladies, he creels agian, heading to them. After a moment he stops, and looks to the Gold hatchling, and looks back at the group, evidently deciding if it should wait or not. But after a moment, it advances agian, after all, one of these is his! And has food to boot!

Stephen says "Sorry Garth." Stephen continues walking for a moment then turning back stunned, "Garth?" Stephen leans down and smiles at the Dragon and walks off the sands happily.

Tylynn cheers for Stephen and draws her eyes back to the blue. Silly little one, but it's true, he has waited long enough. She watches to see where he goes.

Lymera can't stop thinking; at least, bratish thoughts. "Somethings got to be wrong with her." She announces, examining the said hatchling carefully. "Ah… something…" A blink, and she glances away to shout a "Congratulations!", before going back to nitpicking.

Leann catches movement out of the corner of her eye. Forcing her attention elsewhere, she gives a gentle smile to the blue, glancing briefly at Tylynn and Lymera, her own fingers curled tightly in hope.

Fiona glances over to Stephen and smiles her soft congratulations, but doesn't voice them this time. Fingers twine at her waist, one might almost say patiently. She's just waiting, now… and marching, and watching the gold with those clear, sky-blue eyes of hers.

Autumn Gold Dragonet watches her clutchmate leave the sands before walking over towards the candidates. Only a few left! One of these is her lifemate she can feel it deep within her. She stops at the first woman she comes to carefully judgeing her.

The Dusky Blue Dragonet stops as she reaches the middle of the group, and peers at one of the girls, sniffing at her for a moment.

"Well, just look at her talons, and…" Lymera trails off, still staring, attempting to find something wrong, before giving up the fight. "Okay, she's beautiful." Fine. Drag it out of her.

Tylynn holds her breath, watching the blue hatchling. Go on, she thinks.. Choose?

Blue and gold, both are watched alternately. Leann cannot manage to look at both at once, so instead she lets her gaze flicker back and forth. Whispering, not wanting to scare or otherwise bother the close hatchlings, she says, "I very well might just pee myself if they don't choose soon." Sheepish, her hand flashes up to cover her mouth as she mumbles apologizes for offering too much information.

R'lann tries not to laugh at that.

"In a /white/ robe?" Lymera asks, giggling; "In front of /all/ these people?"

Leann shrugs helplessly, cheeks tinting pinkly.

Dusky Blue Hatchling moves on, that one isn't his at all. He moves to a blond, and sniffs at her, creeling a bit, as if seeking a answer, but alas, she isn't it either.

Autumn Gold Dragonet walks up the line. She seems to be interested in one of the candidates but as the candidate with creamy blonde curls speaks she turns all her attention on her. She is turning pink!

It's too much for 'Lynn, listening to both her friends. She begins to giggle helplessly, her eyes off both hatchlings for the moment.

Fiona at least doesn't have to keep turning her eyes, looking from side to side. From where she's backed up to, away from the small group and two hatchlings, the whole scene is in her line of sight, and candidate purses her lips, thoughtful. Which will the blue and gold choose? A brief snicker, helpless to stifle, is given at Leann's words, then attention shifts to gold, and Fi arches a brow.

Dusky Blue Dragonet hears something. What is that noise? He moves down the line, Creeling louder, hoping the noise comes back.

Leann is too, rightly so. Pink them crimson as she realizes she has caused Tylynn to giggle. Lashes shadow her violet eyes as she blinks, embarassed. Something must wash away her embarassment, so she casts about hopefully, first looking to the blue, then the gold. Oh… Lip quivering, nearly to the point of a fullon quaking, she grabs ahold of Lymera and whispers, "She's awfully close.. "

Tylynn hears Fiona's attempt to stifle a laugh and giggles harder. No doubt the time on the sands' heat has cooked her brains!

As if Leann needed it, Lymera gives her a poke. Not wishing to intrude or anything, but the brat has /got/ to have her opinion known. "I /know/." Lymera hisses in reply, lips teased with a smile. "Look at her… Impress…" Lymera has said so; it should be so. Well, in her own world.

Dusky Blue Dragonet creels again, That's the noise! He charges forth to the woman who made it, and crashes to a stop in front of her, crooning to her.

Tylynn's eyes open from her helpless giggling and finds herself looking into the dusky blue's eyes. She blinks once, her giggling suddenly stopped. "Hello…?" She reaches out to touch the blue's eyeridges. "His name;s Yyrith!" Tylynn beams over at the other candidates. "Yyrith!" She coaxes her new lifemate away, off the sands to find food.. She wants to know who Impresses the Gold, but there's time for that later, since her new lifemate is hungry.

Autumn Gold Dragonet turns her full attention to the woman now walking over to her. She croons softly to the woman. Yes this is the one that she had sensed so powerful the night before as she gently moved her hands over her shell. This is the one that shall be her lifemate. Looking up to her she croons lovingly.

"Yyrith!" Lymera beams her approval, tied between watching Leann and Tylynn. "Nice name." She said so; feel proud. "Congratulations!"

R'lann holds his breath, the last about to choose.

Leann looks as if she might want to faint, and reaching a hand out, she steadies herself on the glorious gold creature that has just spoken so softly to her. Tears stream in desperate waves down her cheeks as she calls loud enough for the galleries to hear, "Oh.. I will never let you grow hungry again, I swear.. " Turning for the briefest of moments, tears spilling of her chin, she says to Lymera, "Her name is Irabeth.. isn't that name just lovely?" Her arm goes slack as she falls into a hug, her small slender arms curling tightly about her new lifemate's neck.

R'ton gasps as watches the gold and Leann. His eyes nearly pop out of their sockets as he the gold seems to be focused on Leann. The broadest grin spreads across his face as she announces the dragonets name. He slams his hand against R'lann's shoulder. "She impressed!" He squeezes the blue riders arm over joyed with what has happened.

"Beautiful! Wonderful! Lovely!" Lymera calls, despite the closeness of Leann, lips bursting with a wide smile. "She's perfect! Congratulations!" That said, the brat claps her hands together in happiness. So no hatchling could put up with the brat; that's not surprising. "Congrats, Goldrider!"

Fiona smiles again, a mirror of her last silent congratulations. "Congratulations, Tylynn…" she does add, though it's quite beneath her breath, and already the new pair has left the sands before it passes her lips. Slender fingers press over lips, perhaps a tear beginning in corner of eye? But it's blinked away. "Good for you, Leann. Good for you." So much for only being able to attract wherries, eh? There's a pause, then Fi turns on her heel, as well as she can in sandles, and heads towards the entrance… and her bluerider waiting for her. She knows he is. She isn't waiting for the speech that she found was usually given to the candidates who did not Impress, either.

R'lann looks around and steps around the shards of shells and walks over to Fiona and Lymera. He looks very sympathetic.

Leann attempts to smear tears from her cheeks as she leans back, giving Irabeth some air as she glances wildly about to see if R'ton is watching.. Not spotting him, he is momentarily forgotten as she turns and once again promises. "I'll never let you be hungry again.. We need food, dearheart.. " A brief look goes to Lymera, wistful, as she turns to her new duties. R'lann shoos Valesa back out, off the sands.

Siana grins and walks up to Leann, "Congrats Leann, I think you and Irabeth will do wonderfully together."

Lymera, on the other hand, doesn't seem that regretful at all, staring after Leann with a pleased grin. The world has been arranged the way she would have it.

R'ton looks to Siana to ensure she is alright. "Mind if I walk her over to the candidate barracks?"

R'lann looks at Lymera and Fiona. "Now you are welcome to stay here at Xanadu until a hatching at another weyr. Your mate is out there, I promise you that. Just waiting for you."

Leann beams at the Weyrwoman, then spotting the Weyrleader she pales. He didn't want her to impress. Moving closer to Irabeth, she curls a possessive arm about the autumn tinted dragonet.

Siana grins and looks to R'ton, "You mean the Weyrling barracks?" She smiles and shakes her head, "Sure, go ahead." Siana grins to Leann, "No worries, Irabeth is yours, and you are hers. Nothing changes it."

Fiona is at the doorway even before R'lann starts, and so doesn't even hear him. She isn't waiting to hear something she's heard enough before while lingering in the stands after a hatching.

Lymera nods, shortly, her beam firmly in place, cheeks almost as red as her hair. "That was fun," she announces. "Did you see that? Leann impressed /gold/. I knew she would." Lymera mightn't have heard the speech before, but she's almost bouncing on the spot for joy at not impressing.

R'ton hears R'lann and remembers the candidates that did not impress. "He knows this feeling well. I will be right back." He first walks over to R'lann. "I have been here before and know that because your lifemate is not on the sands tonight it does not mean the that one day he/she will not be. I have stood the sands a couple of times before impressing." He gives a nod of support to R'lann and walks to Leann and her lifemate.

Leann starts moving, trying to avoid R'ton and his possible anger with her. Irabeth moves along at her side, crooning quietly as they move that much closer to food.

Lyrath rumbles to Promith and nuzzles his head against hers.

R'lann nods, "I stood three times actually before Mahlth found me."

R'ton runs to catch up to Leann.

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