Findings in a Cave

Ressac Hold - A Hidden Cove
An archway of rock leads into a secluded cove easily missed by both air and sea. The water that buffets up against the sandy beach is almost green in places from the seaweed that grows there, and the high tide mark is easily visible on the shore. Also visible are the drag marks from where a boat has been drawn into the water from a cavern set in the rocky wall to the North.
Inside the cave it is clear that several people had made their home here for quite some time. Belongings still litter the rocky floor and some of the upper niches had been turned into watch posts and resting areas. Two offshoots lead away from the cavern - a nursery room to the north and a kitchen and dining area to the east. Due to recent events here there is a musty, almost sickly smell in the area, and very little light.

As days have passed since the gruesome discovery in the secluded cove, many of those at Xanadu Weyr have been waiting impatiently for a report from Ressac Hold, as to what was found there. And, it was on this autumn day that a messenger finally appeared, with what amounted to little more than, 'The bodies have been dealt with'. After a long argument, much yelling and even more cursing, a call went out to all the riders of Xanadu - They were sending a Search party to the Cove. Immediately. Any and all available riders should meet in the Clearing, to prepare. Granted, with it being mid-afternoon, most had already departed on their tasks, leaving a small group to gather. Included in this group was the Weyrwoman herself, with the strange little girl at her side, looking fit to bolt at any moment.

Shellie is dressed for work, wearing her scrubs, a large pack over her shoulder with medical supplies. Just because the place has been cleared doesn't mean they won't be needed. She frowns, as she unslings the pack, and latches it firmly onto Rieselth's straps.

A pair of very nervous looking greenriders keep to the edge of the small group, talking quietly to each other and waiting for some sort of instruction. One looks a little green herself, as if expecting the worst. The other is trying to keep her friend calm while making sure all their equipment is safely stored.

Having heard of the gathering, Ysa dressed in full riding gear, thick boots, and strapped beltknife just in case and ran out for the Clearing looking wild with her hair all over the place. She was gone for a week, and once back, the whole coastal problem nagged at her all over again. Ellamariseth was ready as well, and the junior weyrwoman pair mounted up and were ready in almost record timing. "'Bout sharding time!" she yells out to the Weyrwoman, gritting her teeth, her eyes scanning at those gathering.

Y'ki is in said gathering, oh yes he is. He works on his gloves for a moment, pulling them a bit tighter over his fingers. Other things receive checks as well, just to make sure it's all at the ready, with Ecoatleth weaving his head back and forth near his shoulder. After giving the blue a swat, Y'ki's gaze shifts, turning his eyes onto that little girl, just watching. Though likely a good thing, he keeps his mouth shut for now.

Zevida is with Avaeth, decked out in her riding gear. She's mounted up in silence, watching those in the clearing carefully as she seems to be having a conversation with her lifemate. Her eyes fall to the little girl, a frown drawn forth into her brows before she gives Avaeth a gentle pat with her gloved hand.

Ysa is the recipient of a dirty glare from Niva, before the goldrider is practically dragging the little girl onto Kilaueth's neck with her, while those nearest can hear cries and whimpering protests. "No! Its dark there!" She squeals, struggling even as Niva's tightening the straps and turning to check on the others, lifting her arm and giving a pump of her fist before the Senior gold is taking off, spiraling back towards the shoreline, to head towards Ressac Hold and the secluded cove.

Shellie quickly hops up onto Rieselth's back, and buckles her straps on, even as Niva is struggling with the little girl. She glances over at the child, concerned, but knowing that they have to take her. However, when Niva gives the signal to take off, Rieselth does so, practically on Kil's heels.

Ysa frowns right back at Niva, and then rolls her eyes. That glare didn't even make her flinch, nope! There's even a bit of a smirk as she listens to the little girl's complaining, tightening her straps on her lifemate as well. Ellamariseth tries to ignore those around her, but she can't help turn her head and give the gathering dragons a soft whuffle of a greeting before focusing again. They're quick to push off the ground, following right after the much bigger Senior, and following the somewhat familiar flight back to the cove.

The two greenriders have a quick hug and then mount up, their dragons spiralling up behind Kilaueth in silence.

Y'ki narrows his eyes just a little as the girl makes her cries and protests. Ecoatleth's head lowers just a little, a small keening noise coming from the blue, before the teen hops on. It's not long before Ecoatleth springs right after the others

Zevida rolls her eyes at Ysa and Niva's silent bickering then looking to the girl with her silent protests. Avaeth takes off a moment after the others, to allow for room as she keeps to the back of the flight.

Kilaueth's pace is a quick one, enough to force the smaller dragons in the group to work to keep up, though the gold seems completely unbothered by the girl upon her back who is continuing to scream and cry, and half looks as if she's trying to throw herself from the gold's back. Thankfully for all involved, though, in time they arrive at the cove without any real incidents, and Kilaueth is settling just long enough for Niva and the girl to dismount before taking off again, giving up the space for the others of the group to land.

Shellie approaches, but Rieselth hovers above the ground. The petite healer signals the other riders to land first. "I'm going to keep Rie here, in case we need an emergency transport." Indeed, if you look carefully, you'll notice that Rie's straps are SAR pattern, and she's got a couple of wicker litters strapped to her as well.

The greens touch down in tandem, discharging their nervous riders quickly before vacating the beach in favour of perching on the cliffs and looking out over the sea - clearly having been ordered to do so by their riders. The two riders stick close together, the observant would probably notice that at one point they clasps hands in a show of support.

The cove itself is quiet, devoid of all noise — it seems that even the birds avoid this place. Here and there across the beach are scattered possessions. Some half-burned, others still recognisable as wooden utensils, pieces of clothing, even a trunk that seems vaguely salvageable.

Ellamariseth doesn't need much effort to keep up, happy to be going at the larger queen's pace. Ysa was even leaning forward, as if eager to get there, eyes on the girl on the back of the other gold the entire time. They land after the other queen and Ysa unbuckles and dismounts in record timing. "Don't worry 'bout me, love, ya know where to find me now," the goldrider tells her lifemate, giving her eyeridges a rub before the gold takes off again for the room. Ysa strides over towards Niva with pressed lips, her green eyes glancing first to the girl and then to the cave. "Shells," she mumbles, and gives a shudder. "This is the same place." Her eyes trail around cautiously.

Avaeth settles down slowly, then kneeling to allow Zevida to dismount. The goldrider simply takes a breath before letting out between thinly pressed lips. Gently patting Avaeth, she smiles slightly before leaving her lifemate's side to join Niva. Avaeth doesn't venture too far, her eyes on her lifemate as she attempts to make room and hide in the shadows.

Y'ki jumps down from Ecoatleth, giving a brief glance at the dragon. He slinks off then a ways, giving a faint whuff at an object in the sand. The bluerider definitely looks a bit irritated, eyeballing the scattered items before he makes his way right on over to Niva and Ysa. Retrieving something from his belt? Yes he is! And it's…a flashlight? There's a brief bit of fiddling before he gets it turned on, and then is abruptly shoved at the little girl. "There. Won't be dark anymore. Quit making all that noise." It's certainly not that he's trying to be nice or anything.

The little girl stares up at Y'ki with too big eyes, stammering a bit before the flashlight is snatched and cradled against her body, even if it really doesn't do too much good as the light is now shining upwards at her chin. Niva starts to say something before the bluerider is giving a brief nod and she's letting go of the little girl to motion everyone else into the cave. Of course, at this freedom, the girl is running off herself, straight inside, without waiting for anyone, the light bobbing on the ceiling as she goes. Niva, meanwhile, is more reluctant, looking nervously at the others as she steps into the silence of the cave.

Rieselth backwings to a landing, eyes whirling an uncomfortable yellow green. Shellie, looking just about as uncomfortable as her dragon, slides to the ground, and unslings her healer's kit, then throws it over her shoulder, and pulls out a large flashlight of her own, which is turned on. She hesitates before entering as well, but follows.

Zevida gives Y'ki a look, smiling at him before the girl takes off into the cave. A blink from the goldrider before she eyes Niva to see if she'll make chase of the girl. Not seeing that, she steps after the Weyrwoman but is no more in a rush than any of the others. At least she's not showing a reluctant look upon her face.

Ysa gives Y'ki a smirk, looking just a bit relieved that the blubbering can be silenced. "If that was all we needed to give her to shut up," she mumbles, turning to kick at some item in the sand with a frown. "This place gives me the creeps even without the large men posted 'round." She starts moving slowly towards the cave, in front of the weyrwoman, before her eyes catch the little girl darting off. "Hey!" she calls out, turning to give Niva a wide-eyed look. "Was… was that a smart idea?" But she doesn't wait for an answer, stomping off after the girl and into the cave.

Y'ki rolls his eyes slightly as the girl takes off, growling under his breath. "Oh yeah, let her /go/. That's a great idea." He shakes his head then, since no one else seems inclined to actually give /chase/, and moves to head into the cave as well. No, he's not going to tear off into the darkness. Probably trip over a rock and break his neck.

The air inside the cave is heavy, the unmistakable smell of rotten food mixed with a sour smell is most likely left over from when the bodies were removed. Patches of darkness lurk at either side, tunnels leading off into other parts of the cave system. With the torches lighting fragments of the main room it appears to have been seated at one point, though the benches have been overturned and in places appear burned.

"What? Where's she going to go.. If she comes back out, it'll be run into Rieselth." Niva replies to the group as they just look at her in shock, shrugging a bit, clearly unbothered by the fact that the weird little girl has disappeared into the weird cave system that was her home for all those years. Fumbling for her own flashlight, its flipped on, and the Weyrwoman is swinging it this way and that, the slender beam of light doing little to light up the shadows of the passageways. "Shards.." She murmurs, staring in shock at the remains of the society that was here, if you want to call it that.

Shellie frowns as well. "What in Faranths name was going through the minds of these people." She seems completely disgusted. Suddenly, she stops, and kneels down, shining her light at her feet as she picks up something with her free hand, what looks like a piece of slate with a name - Kefai - written on it, as well as a couple of pieces of chalk. "I've been in the infirmary so much, someone please, give me an idea of what was found here?

Zevida lets out a soft grunt in Y'ki's direction. "I think it'd spook her more if someone tried to stop her." She notes, shifting to pull her own flashlight from her pouch as Ysa takes after the girl. "Hope she doesn't get herself into a mess.." A chuckle before she takes a look around, wrinkling her nose at the smell that the cave emits. "Nnn. Shards, it reeks…" She glances towards Shellie as she finds the slate, shrugging she moves to take after Ysa who has stomped off, if only to make sure the woman doesn't break her neck.

There is a rush of wind outside the cave as another dragon lands - another green - and it's passengers dismount. Kathan, one of the recently arrived miners jostles through the cave with a black satchel in hand, his other on the back of his daughter. The lingering sour smell causes the both of them to blanch, but they approach the group as he pulls a flashlight from a hook on his belt. "Journeyman Kathan here," says the man. "I've come for samples of the cave wall." Why Ralily has tagged along is anyone's best guess, but she looks curious enough… "It's true, then? There were /really/ bodies in here?"

Y'ki tilts his head somewhat, and just gives Niva a slight glare. "Oh yeah. Even /better/. She can find a good place to hide in the dark, and starve herself to death while we search around like idiots." He looks over at Zevida then, calmly letting out a slight sigh before..well. That's a definite odor. "Ugh." He makes a face, and then heads a bit deeper. "It's like rancid meat stuffed in rotten fruit." Lovely picture it portrays, isn't it? He kicks one of the overturned benches, before raising his voice after Ysa. "You see her?"

Ysa doesn't quite make it too far, as her eyesight fails her and she knocks her foot into something with a "Shells!" Ouch. Ouch… She turns towards the bobbing lights behind her with a frown. "Ugh, I don't think they even took all the bodies out of here, by the smell of it." She stays where she was, not really moving further as she awaits for those that do have torches. "That crazy bastard… This place was full of people." She glances here and there with a frown on her face, turning towards the others with a shake of her head. "Nah, the brat's probably hiding. Or maybe she was working with Kefai after all. Hey, little girl!" she calls louder, into the darkness. "Come on back here, already!"

The mention of Kefai's name a scream comes from behind one of the benches. A torch is swung in that direction and the creepy little girl is spotted with her hands over her ears. She's clearly terrified.

Niva had been shining her light down the tunnels, attempting to figure out which way they ended up going, and how often they split. But then, there's a sudden scream and Niva's spiraling back around spotting the girl. Whether the look on her face is one of disgust from the smell, or the surroundings, or of the girl running to hide, its certainly there, as she moves to try and grab the frightened girl again. "They won't move!" The girl shrieks, before running down the left most tunnel off the center area, her flashlight dropped in her wake, rolling back and forth on the ground before getting wedged by a partially burnt mug, half buried.

Zevida suddenly stiffens, not moving anymore to follow Ysa.. Instead, she turns her light towards the right. "I think there's something over there." A glance around towards the others before she ventures forward, her brows working into a frown. "Very.. Accurate description, Y'ki." She calls back towards him. But, the girl screams and she's looking over in that direction as the girl takes off running again.

Shellie is probably the only one not particularly bothered by the smell. Being a Healer, she's probably used to it and other unpleasant odors. She turns, and carefully puts the piece of slate into a small pouch, and watches, a worried look on her face as the girl runs off deeper into the cave, then follows.

Y'ki hisses in Ysa's direction. "Oh /well/ done." He takes off then, skirting around his own kicked bench in order to make his way to the screaming girl…who..promptly takes off again. "Damn it!" He dips quickly to grab that fallen flashlight, snatching it floor before he takes off after the girl.

"Well, that was easy," Ysa notes as she blinks over towards the screaming girl, surprised by her reaction to… what was it, the man's name? "Faranth," she growls, leaping forward as well with the others. Too late! She looks to the fallen flashlight, only for it to be snatched away by the bluerider. "Hold on there, Y'ki! She can't get far!" She looks once to Niva in question, but immediately goes after them, hoping to follow after Y'ki's light so as not to get hurt herself.

Kathan, faithful to his purpose, retreives some vials with some clinking and moves towards the walls near the entrance of the cave. A small tool in hand, he peers closely at the stone and hesitates. "There is some, um. /Blood/ on the walls over here…" He scrapes away anyways, getting a few vials worth before the scream causes him to drop them all. It shatters loudly, Ralily jumps nearly a foot in the air. Despite her father's protests, she moves with the group further into cave after the girl with her own light in hand, leaving Kathan to clean up the glass and procure new samples.

"Y'all plan on having all the fun without me?" Comes a voice behind the group that quickly trails off as the smells of the room come upon Laera. A hand comes up to her voice in an automatic response though she does not loose her cookies just yet. "Yara said y'all might need another hand…" She finally says in a softer voice but whatever else she was about to say gets caught in her voice as she hears the scream and sees the girl run off. She jumps a bit at the sound of broken glass but follows the others after the girl, a bit mroe sedately then when she walked in.

The left hand tunnel leads downwards at first, before curving around in a more northerly direction. The littering of belongings is thicker here, and some struts that would be better placed in a mine seem to be holding up the roof. At the end of the tunnel is a large round room that appears to have been used as some sort of meeting room. The only furniture left is a large table that dominates the room, the little girl is currently hiding underneath it. The table appears to have had something pinned to it at one point — several torn corners remain under the pins, the rest of the paper is missing.

Deeper into the cave it is - after all, with the rest of the group headed after the fleeing girl, Niva's not about to wait around in the main cavern - who knows what could be waiting there, if the girl was able to hide so easily. Flashlight is shone down the tunnel, counting the openings to either side, before swinging back hurriedly to shine it at the new arrival. "Shards.." The Weyrwoman gasps a bit, shaking her head before she's following the tunnel as it curves, stopping as it opens up into a wide room, the beam of light sweeping over the contents, girl unseen for the moment.

Ralily knows better than to try to be the first person in the group, arriving behind and to the side of those proceeding forward. She shines the light on the table and around it and the girl is spotted. "There! She's under the table!"

When Ralily's flashlight shines on the girl, Shelly moves forward, quietly and calmly. "It's all right sweetie. You're safe now. Come on out…" She glares at other riders, particularly a certain rather obnoxious bluerider to keep their big mouths shut, as she tries to comfort the child.

Zevida jumps at the sound of the glass breaking, slowly shifting to follow after the girl without a second thought. She begins looking around the room, not spotting the girl until Ralily points her out. "Poor thing must be so frightened." She mutters, glancing at Shellie as she tries to approach. So, Zevi takes a step back and begins searching the area.

"Stuff it." Y'ki snarls as he's told to wait. No, taking direction isn't exactly a strong suit of his, especially when he's determined to do something. He does make it to the large room, however, eyes narrowed in the darkness. His flashlight shines briefly though over the contents..and..well. There's a table. It's not exactly rocket science to figure out where a kid would hide. "I'm not blind." He strides forward then, and simply crouches down next to the table, setting that flashlight down so that it doesn't point /directly/ at the girl, and just looks at her….with a sharp glare at others as well. "If she were safe, she wouldn't be hiding in the first place. Let her stay under there if she feels better about it."

Ysa scowls at all the littered things everywhere, trying hard not to knock her legs or feet around anymore than they have to. Which is not that easy when things suddenly pop out in the darkness. She'll have bruises there tomorrow… "Can we get everyone together here and get more light?" she grumbles out to the group that follows with their bouncing torches, as she was one of the few without one. She does stop, though, and looks around again with an uneasy feeling. There's that shudder. "This looks… familiar," she mumbles to those catching up, rubbing down her arms. Her eyes turn upwards, around, back in front, as if looking for something or someone. Her eyes rest on the girl as she's pointed out, nodding her head slowly as she approaches behind Y'ki towards the girl. "Yet maybe she knows where there are stuff here that might help us. Maps, plans, letters— I don't know. Anything your daddy keep in this room, girl?"

The little girl looks up at Shellie, fear written all across her face. "He left us. He left us!" She doesn't come out, she backs a little further away from all the faces staring at her.

Ralily's eyes scan the group, as if not wanting to be the one to move forward to the girl. When Shelly moves, she shifts her focus to the table itself, noticing the pins stuck. She moves her light away, as if not understanding that something must have been there, and looks at the walls and finally the floor. She flinches at Y'ki's snarl; who knew riders could be so rude! She examines a few things on the edge of the floor on the right hand side, scuffing things around with her feet, not hearing Ysa's suggestion to have people group together.

Niva will let the others deal with the child - clearly all she'll do is run from Niva anyway. Grabbing at Ysa's arm as she protests the lack of light, she's pulling her towards the table. "Help me get these corners up.." She orders the junior, already starting to tug them up, shining her light over them, trying to determine if there is anything there of worth. "Do you remember what was here?" She is still a bit demanding, even as the girl starts protesting and with a sigh, Niva is leaning to glare under the table at her. "What?" She snaps. Clearly she's not a believer in killing them with kindness.

Y'ki rolls his eyes somewhat. "Oh good grief, quit /interrogating/ her with crap." Yes, that's a rather exasperated noise from the Y'ki, as he moves from where he get around the table, and more behind the girl. Why? So that he can scoot himself right on under, and hook an arm around the frightened thing, hauling backward as he drops into a seated position. Hey, it's hard to move /back/ again after crawling under a table. But for now he'll just concentrate on holding on, lest she try and run off /again/.

"Aww come on people, don't crowd the kid. She looks to have herself right spooked." Laera says to the people approaching the girl. She shines her light around the room before crouching where she stands, "I don't rightly blame her, I think I am getting the urge to hide under there with her." She looks to the girl, perhaps her face a bit more kindly than Y'ki, "We won't leave you…" She assures her from a distance at least, not to crowd the girl. She looks up to the Weyrwoman and frowns, "Have a little heart Ma'am…she has gotten a real fright."

Shellie glares at Y'ki. "Bluerider, either you shut your mouth, or I will dose you with fellis, and personally stuff your foot into it, AFTER I have surgically removed it from your leg." She growls at the tactless Y'ki, clearly at the point where she's had enough of the abrasive boy.

The girl screams again, the noise echoing off the walls of the room as she struggles against Y'ki's grip. Her fingers pull at his, trying to force him to let go, while her legs kick repeatedly against everything and anything that she can come into contact with.

"Enough!" Niva shouts, her voice echoing in the eerie cave. Of course, this only helps the chaos that seems to be ensuing, as the girl is grabbed and is now fighting, her own cries echoing oddly. "There's nothing else here. Take her back outside. We have to search the rest of it." And the flashlight is waved a bit, as if encouraging them to move. Then, however, it seems that an extra word is needed. "/Now/!" Man. Grumpy.

Ysa was staring at the little girl when she's suddenly pulled by Niva, giving a bit of a jump in surprise, one hand flying to her chest. "Shells, Niva, careful in scaring someone like that." This goldrider was just a bit wired up. She sends a glare Y'ki's way, but lets the Weyrwoman deal with the little brat as she moves to the table, tugging at the other corners to see just what it is. "OW! FARANTH!" she whirls towards the bluerider, pulling at the girl. "I thought ya said to leave her alone!" She glares some before turning towards the Weyrwoman's should with a grunt. She rubs her leg a bit, falling a few steps back with a furrowed brow. "Did we even search the first cave?" she pipes up, glaring at the table now. "We probably can't read anything off of this crap."

Zevida winces as screaming ensues, a look towards Y'ki before she shakes her head and continues her exploration without the others, looking along the walls idly. She pokes along the wall, as if expecting that something will budge, or perhaps idle prodding to looks busy..

Y'ki lifts his eyes toward Shellie in the dark, smirking just slightly. "Try." But he has a bit to deal with at the moment anyway with an armful of struggling child. He lets her kick, and keeps holding on despite the prying, although his voice does lower a bit. "Shhh..come on and calm down.." And then there's more bellowing and instruction to /remove/ the girl from the cave? "Make up your mind.." He mutters lowly then, and scoots backward on the floor to get out from under the table. He holds on though, tsking softly. "Well then..looks like it's back to the light of day. Gonna walk, or do I gotta carry you?"

Ralily winces at the scream. There is no crowding, she's not crowding, at least! She frowns at Y'ki grabbing the girl, but knows better than to meddle when adults are trying to do something, and jumps at Niva's reprimand. Lily does approach the table, but is careful to move slowly because of the action underneath. She shines her light on it and something under one of the pins catches her eye. "It's a map," she says loudly, hoping someone would notice. "Or rather, it was." She moves her hand toward it and with a bit of effort, removes the rusted pin and picks up the sliver of material.

Shellie pointedly ignores Y'ki, now in a foul mood. Faranth help the bluerider if the Healer ever finds him in her infirmary. She kicks at some of the debris, and starts to scan the floor, then pauses, and moves over to Ralily. "Stay with me, dear." She can't help and look over the girl's shoulder at the find.

The girl falls quiet as they mention outside, some of the fight gone though the fear is still very obvious in her expression. As soon as she's able to stand she does so quietly, head down. For a moment it seems she'll go quietly, then without warning she kicks Y'ki on the shins and tries to make a break for it.

Laera moves over to Y'ki when he grabs the girl, "Calm down girly, we just trying to help you. Noone is gonna leave you alone again, alright?" Her words are softly spoken with a relaxed tone to it. The young woman never has been one to seem stressed at least even if she really is. As the girl makes a break for it, she reaches out to grab her since she is nearby. "It ain't safe to be running around here alone girl…" She says trying to reason with the little brat. Yep ignoring the grumpy Weyrwoman. So her maternal hormones are set up a few notches, forgive a pregnant rider. ;P

"We'll go look." Niva reassures Ysa, her voice more even, and certainly quieter - it seems that the odd echoes were enough to prevent even the Weyrwoman from yelling. Flashlight sweeps over the people there, pausing at Ralily. "Bring it with you.." She says firmly, even as her light hesitates on Zevida. While she'd start to question her youngest junior, there's suddenly action from Y'ki's corner, and Niva's moving to try and intercept the brat, lest she get away, even if Laera's done it. "I want to look down the other side.."

Nodding and looking back, Ralily shifts to the side and shows Shellie what she found. "Dad has a lot of maps at home, I recognize this. It's a mountain range, but I'm not sure where. If the map was a widely distributed copy, maybe we can match it up?" Well hey, at least she's smart for her age. She holds it gently and calls an affirmative to Niva before looking to Shellie.

Y'ki is kicked. In the /shin/. …Well thankfully it wasn't in other, horribly vulnerable places. He hisses, and does halfway lose his grip before his other hand grips at her by the arm. "/OW!/ Oh that's /it/." Fuming and angry….the extend of Y'ki's wrath seems to be to haul her right up and carry her…albeit with a limp. "/Laera./" Yes. Other bluerider..lend aid! "Make sure she doesn't /bite/ me or something." Gag her! ..Maybe not.

Zevida glances back as commotion starts again, rolling her eyes as she tries to keep out of it. "Really, Niva.. Do you want her out or in?" She quirks a brow before moving over towards the others and snorting as Y'ki gets kicked. "I warned you about grabbing her earlier." She offers towards the boy, shaking her head as she moves to grab his arm. "Being angry'll scare her more, let Laera take her.. Otherwise she might.. Do something worse?"

Ysa just shakes her head towards Y'ki and the girl, happy she didn't have to deal with it. "A map?" she questions Ralily, looking excited by the news. "It might tell us where the man's hiding now, or where he will be going. Or even his raid routes. They had to get all this stuff from /somewhere/." She kicks at a chair and then whirls around at the sound of the scuffle between the girl and the other riders. "Got her?" she asks the blueriders, eyes narrowed at the kid. Little trust there before she nods sharply towards the Weyrwoman. "I'm all for that. I didn't get a good look 'round when I was here but… there's got to be /something/ in this mess."

The girl starts screaming again, trying to bite/kick/slap her way to freedom. She yells the whole time, her voise rising in pitch until it nearly vanishes in a shriek, the only word that is really recognisable is 'no' repeated over and over again.

Well Laera is at least trying to keep her calm with the kid, trying to get some control over the kid with Y'ki. "We will get you out of here, just let us do it safel…ummph…" A grunt as she is punched in the stomach. She reaches for the offending arm of the girl, trying to draw her to her in a tight embrace to keep any further limb flailings. "It is alright, nothing is going to happen to you with us. We are riders, we will protect you." She just tries to get through the crying girl, trying to keep her from causing anymore injury to those here. "I am trying Ysa.." She calls up to the woman.

"We'll look.." As the various protests, she shakes her head, before headed back around the curving passage, leaving them to follow or not. And try and bring the girl or not - she's done arguing. "Bring the papers, Ysa." She replies, and then she and her flashlight are vanishing into the darkness of the tunnel.

"Somehow, I don't think that's going to comfort her much." Y'ki shakes his head slightly at that, and then sighs. There's going to be much bruising in the morning, that's for certain, but it's better to get out of the dark for the time being. "Let's just get her out and worry about it later." Forward! ..Or backward. The way they came!

Zevida takes after Niva as she calls for Ysa, might as well see what's up and let the other deal with the screaming and fighting girl. Though as she follows, she's looking around curiously, flashing her light this way and that, just in case.

Ralily nods again, "Definitely a map. And since it's a corner, it should be easier to figure out if it belongs to any major copies." She looks toward the tunnel back, then to Shellie again. "My dad must be worried about me. I'll take this to him, he might know what it's to, or take it to someone who will." With that, she jogs back towards the entrance.

Ysa gives the meeting room another glance around, not having a flashlight to shine on things that might look suspicious or familiar to her. She nods back towards the Weyrwoman, calling out a "Will do, ma'am" and moving to gather up the the papers they found there. She still doesn't look too happy, shooting the girl a few glares. "Shellie, is there anyway to calm her down? She isn't of much help screaming like that." But with papers in hand, the goldrider was already eagerly following those going back the way they came. Lights! She needed those! The blueriders get a sympathetic look in their struggles as she passes.

Shellie sighs, and follows Niva as well, nodding to Ralily. "Be careful going back dear." She frowns towards the blueriders and the child again. Faranth deliver us all.

The girl keeps up her struggles all the way back to the main cavern, even then she keeps fighting against her captors, but for some reason the screaming stops as soon as she's there.

The main cavern is just as dark as it was when they got there, the miner and his daughter having returned to Xanadu with the scrap of map and the samples from the cave, and Niva is flashing her light around rather uselessly, never letting it linger on something long enough to really do any good. "Sharding Holders. They could have at least cleaned it out." Though, then they might not have found anything, in the end.

Zevida tenses again, shifting her light to the other side of the cavern. "Something is over there." She insists, giving Niva a firm look before she strides in that direction with a stubborn intent. Seeing as the girl is calm now, there can't be much more distraction.

The struggling, Y'ki expects. What's not expected, however, is the very sudden silence from the girl. He blinks just a little bit, glancing back at Laera briefly. His grip shifts, giving himself a better look at the suddenly quiet child. "Hey, you alright? Don't tell me you don't got anymore wind left in those lungs."

On the other side of the main cavern a patch of darkness gives way to torchlight, showing yet another tunnel. This one seems to have some sort of marking above the tunnel entrance, a lightning bolt carved into the rock.

Laera crouches down next to the little girl again, just holding her in an embrace as she looks around. "Safer here?" She asks the little girl, as a hand comes up to stroke the girl's hair. Well it worked for her as a child, maybe it will work for this girl. She glances to Y'ki with a faint shrug, "She just relaxed when we got in here…" She says before she lifts her flashlighted hand toward Zevida and up toward the tunnel. "What about that one girly? Is that a bad cave? You don't have to go there, we just need to know."

Shellie looks around, and responds to Ysa's earlier query. "I was trying to when Y'ki came in all hamhanded and started her off." As the screams from the girl stop, though, she shrugs. "Sounds like a moot point at the moment. He'd better not have hurt her." She frowns, then shines her light over on the wall, and pauses. "Over here! I think I found another passage." The flashlight illuminates a small tunnel, with what looks like a lightning bolt carved into the rock above it.

The girl whispers something to Y'ki, shaking her head at Laera but not willing to speak above a whisper. Even the fighting stops now, but the girl keeps on trembling.

Ysa looks back to the blueriders and the girl, arching her brows in surprise. "Does she finally have anything good to say? Now that she's quiet?" Or rather, say nothing at all. She reaches a hand up to rub at her temples before giving the cavern a good look around. Her forehead furrows in concentration before she moves over to a spot, circling in. "Kefai and the boat took off, right? Probably took some people— Niva! Look here! Maybe they didn't take it all?" Uh huh, she was kicking a chest now, eyeing the drag marks as she bends to to pick at some red scraps. Her head turns up towards Shellie's call, blinking in surprise at the new passage. "I bet there's something down there, too. That was their symbol."

The girl shrieks again once Ysa mentions that name, fighting once more against those that hold her.

Zevida looks over the new passage revealed before shooting a look at Ysa. "Obviously that name upsets her, so, no one say it again." She huffs, continuing toards the new passage to peek at it and see if anything is in it."

"Zevida. You, Shellie go look down there. Be careful. Laera and Y'ki, try and get her to say something. /Anything/." Niva directs those around her, even as she's moving to the chest that Ysa has discovered, trailing her flashlight backwards long the drag marks, finally holding it steady for the other woman to see by.

Y'ki blinks for a moment as there's whispering, brows lifting slowly. Then..well, he speaks! "You don't have to, don't worry 'bout.." Gahhh. More screaming. He whips his glare off in the direction of the goldriders, growling. "For the love of /Faranth/!" He shakes his head then, and moves, making sure to keep his hold on the girl as he moves further to the light of outside, before finally setting the girl down again, although he makes sure not to let go. "Niva! Wouldn't try taste-testing anything you find. She mentioned some 'special' drink."

The new tunnel seems less cluttered than the other, things having been swept mostly to the sides of it. The rock itself seems damp in places, the tunnel rising upwards into the darkness. The belongings on the floor here appear more personal than on the other side, a few pieces of jewelery scattered in among the detritus on the floor.

The chest Ysa found is rather a let down in the end. Once open it contains only some scraps of green material and a couple of high denomination marks.

Shellie kneels down, and picks up a piece of the jewelry from the floor, and inspects it, before putting it back down carefully. As Y'ki's warning about taste testing anything echos up the hall, she mutters under her breath "First sensible thing he's said today…"

Niva looks over her shoulder, holding the light steady for Ysa as she watches Y'ki with the once again screaming girl, actually taking his words into consideration. And then the chest is open, and Niva's peering down with interest, reaching for a scrap of the green material, rubbing it between her fingers before shoving it in her pocket, and continuing to stare.

Ysa nods towards the Weyrwoman as she directs others down the new tunnel, kneeling herself in front of chest. Zevida is given a roll of her eyes too, especially as the girl starts screaming. She snorts at their struggles again as she opens the chest. "Useless, useless… Hey, Niva, can I keep these?" she says, immediately falling upon the marks. She brings the green material out with a frown, her other hand bringing the marks higher to her face. "Hmm… or not. I bet these'll be worthless." Her eyes raise up to Y'ki again, brows arch at the comment. "Poison?"

The little girl goes back to muttering now, her voice almost chant-like but too quiet to understand the actual words. As she chants she calms, but her eyes still dart about, checking for danger.

Zevida travels down the tunnel, looking over the belongings on the floor as she passes them. She stops to examine a few pieces, picking them up to look them over before returning them to their previous. She repeats the action with each different piece she finds, looking for indication of who the owners might be.

"Ouch!" That's from Shellie, who immediately starts to rub at her forehead. "What the sharding…"

In the kid's corner, Laera remains next to Y'ki, trying to help keep the girl calm despite names mentioned. Let the crazy adults go after special drinks and closed trunks. The kids will deal with the rabid 8 turn old. Ooh fun. She stands close to Y'ki, trying to help provide a physical barrier to protect the girl. "It is alright, we will protect you…" She glances over to the weyrwomen and Shellie, "Not gonna get much sense out of here I think…She needs to get to a mindhealer…" She looks over to Shellie as she exclaims, "What's wrong?"

"Safe to assume." Special drinks that the child is terrified of? Poison does seem to fit with it. Y'ki stays put though as the girl begins muttering and chanting, giving a brief glance at Laera. He's doing what he can, but it's not like he's really used to children, anyway. "Hey.." He offers after a bit, trying to catch those darting eyes. "I'm gonna think up a name for you, if you don't ever plan on telling what yours is." Be prepared for a Y'ki!

Zevida isn't one to scream, instead, she lets out a loud yelp as she begins to search for what bounced off her arm. There's a glance back to Shellie as she seemed to experience the same thing, somewhat. "What was that?"

Niva is reaching to take the marks from Ysa as she comments on them being worthless, putting one flat in her hand, and shining the light on it, before making a face. "Don't look real.." She murmurs to the other goldrider, again slipping it in her pocket, letting it join the green fabric, before the light is getting flashed down the tunnel. Sparing Laera, Y'ki, and the girl a look to ensure they are still reasonably well, she's then turning to rush in the direction of the shouts and the questions.

Shellie is rubbing her forehead, and shines the light forward. "I don't know, but it hurts like shards.

The girl sinks down into a sitting position on the floor, her arms wrapping around her knees as she draws them to her. Slowly she begins to rock back and forward, muttering away quietly.

Ysa's face falls. "And here I was hoping for some compensation," she mutters as she also pockets some of the fake marks, just for fun probably, and then stretches the green fabric out before she grows bored of it. "Red and green, here, probably used for the boat. Who knows." But her head snaps up to the yelp, and she gets up slowly as she watches Niva rush off that way. "Jus' call her brat," she says as she picks up on Y'ki's idea, moving off after the other tunnel before all the light disappears.

Zevida blinks, "I think.. It was a stone." She points out, spotting another one bounce off Shellie's shoulders. Slowly, she tilts her head up and moves her light up that way to peek there.

Laera crouches on one side of the girl as she sinks down, hand lightly stroking her back as she shines her light around the cavern toward the sound of Shellie's voice, "Bleeding?" She asks of the healer before shining the light toward the weyrwomen again, the following Zevida's light with a curious look

Shellie's light follows suit, and she carefully moves forward along the passage.

The torches reveal a long gash in the side of the tunnel, about halfway up the wall. It's definitely from this place that the stones are coming, for another one is heading for Zevida.

"If you don't work, you don't get anything." Niva snaps at Ysa, pausing at the entrance to the side tunnel, flashlight settled on Shellie's back, before she's waiting for another stone to fall, so that she can follow it back to the source with her flashlight.

Y'ki blinks, looking off in the direction of the tunnel..and then down at the little girl again. He sighs then, sinking down to crouch beside the girl as well, resting his hand lightly on her shoulder.

Zevida lets out a soft hiss, "there's a gash in the wall." She calls out, flashing her light towards where the stones are falling from. Unfortunately, she misses the one coming for her and gets pelted on the shoulder. Another hiss from the woman as she raises her hand to rub the spot. "I think we'd be better getting out.."

Ysa frowns after Niva. "I work. I wouldn't've of been so sick for months if this search happened sooner, too," she jabs back in a low mutter after the older goldrider, unable to do anything but follow her, seeing that she had the flashlight and was going in the same way. "Where're those miners when ya need them… this doesn't look safe here." She stops moving forward, nodding towards the younger junior as she starts stepping back befor the whole place caves in.

Shellie shines her own light at the gash, frowning, trying to make sure it's not someone throwing stones…

There's definitely movement as all the torches fall on the gash, something squirming away from the light. Several stones come in quick succession this time, no real aim directing them.

The girl keeps rocking, it's only when Laera moves off that she stops. One hand reaches out, gripping tightly on to Y'ki. "Don't leave me." Her panic is rising again, her voice barely audible.

Y'ki blinks. Well, no, he wasn't expecting to get latched onto. He shifts then, nodding, and settles himself down. It's more comfortable to sit! "Don't worry. Not going anywhere."

Shellie holds up her hand. "It's not a cave in. There's someone in there." She approaches the gash more closely, shining her flashlight towards the movement.

"You could have come back." Ysa is told sharply, even as Niva is stepping closer, the woman awkwardly stretching to lift her torch high enough to shine into the crack. "Hey, come out!" She snaps a bit, lifting her chin to try and catch a glimpse of whatever - or whoever is getting out of the way, even as one of the stone catches her cheek when she doesn't duck fast enough. Damn.

More stones, a whole shower of stones this time, and a vague glimpse of a hand pushing them.

That stops Ysa from moving out of there. "Someone /is/ here?" she says, looking up towards the gash as well and finally stepping forward when it was clear that it wasn't a cave in. "H-hey!" She calls out, catching a few of the stones herself as she raises an arm to protect her face and eyes. "Come down here already, we only want to talk!" She grits her teeth though. Talk, beat information out of them… same thing.

Zevida blinks as the stones begin to fall again, a frown and she ventures closer to peek in. Her light is brought closer and finally snaps. "Gitcher rear out here or I'll climb in and smack you with stones myself, I see your shardin' hand." She growls, now clearly irritated as she gets pelted with a few more stones and attempts to find a way to climb in.

Shellie doesn't say anything, instead, she shifts her light, trying to see who's hiding in there better

"I've got a knife." The voice is young, female, and definitely scared. "Just go away. I won't go. You can't make me."

Laera looks down to the girl next to Y'ki and up to the gap in the wall, "You know the girl?" She asks the one at their side as she shines her own torch toward the gap, trying to stay out of the range of the flung rocks if she can. She looks over to the adults, a serious look upon her face. Wondering just what they are gonna do.

"So do we." Niva snaps, clearly unamused by the comment on the knife, sighing softly then, held tilting to the side, hands going to her hips. "We aren't going to hurt you, but you need to come down.. We.. We need to make sure you're okay. We have a Healer." Voice may be a bit strained, but at least she's trying.

Shellie nods. "We're not going to hurt you. Please, come out." Her tone is the gentle one of a mother and a healer, someone used to dealing with scared patients, and calming them down. "It's going to be all right…"

Zevida growls, "and I got a dragon who will try an' tear the cave apart." She snaps in retort, "I'll haul you down myself, girl. I don't care." She finds a way up, shifting her light into her belt as she climbs into the space and hardly fitting. Shifting again, she points the light at the girl and gapes. "Shells, girl.. Don't lie like that. You're hurt, we'll get you healed up if you come with us. We really won't hurt you, you shouldn't be throwing stones at people. We'll help you." She states, looking over the girl before glancing back down. "Niva, we need a healer now. She's injured." Then, she's going back to trying to get the girl to come down.

Y'ki blinks somewhat. Another voice? He looks off in that direction quickly, then back down to the girl clinging to him. "Hear that?" She's bound to know the owner of that voice, right?

Ysa's hand goes to her own knife at her side, snorting at the threat. She's got to bit her tongue to stop herself from saying anything along the lines of their knife is bigger than hers. "We're only here to help," she tries herself, after the Weyrwoman, with a bob of her head. "This is Weyrwoman Niva, from Xanadu. We're riders and we aren't going to do anything to hard you." Her eyes follow after Zevida, brows raising before she turns to Shellie. "Go on up? Is there anyway to get her down here, Zevida?"

The girl near Y'ki stiffens, putting her head down quickly and covering her ears. "Too many voices."

In the gash the girl freezes, looking at Zevida in wide-eyed panic. If the soothing words from below have any effect on her it's not immediately apparent, but she stares at Zevida for a time, then shuffles backwards a little. "Why did you come back? He said he wasn't coming back. He laughed."

Shellie nods and starts to climb up, but pauses. "Laera, go out to Rieselth, and get one of the litters strapped to her, then bring it in here. I may need your help if she's really badly injured.

Y'ki blinks, and then simply shifts to settle his arm around the frightened girl near him. "Alright, okay. Don't mind the voices then."

Zevida glances at Shellie, trying to stop her from climbing. "There's not alot of room, she looks cramped in there, don't want to make her feel boxed in." She states before looking at the girl once more. "I think I'd have to get her to cooperate to hold on to get her down, her leg looks broken." She offers, slowly climbing a bit further into the tunnel and offering a soothing voice. "We're not with him, we're dragonriders.. From Xanadu. I don't know why he did what he did, but we're going to help you if you let us. Then you can tell us all about him and we'll get him and he'll be punished. Okay? We need the healers to look at you so you can walk again."

Even Laera is subdued by all of this, hard to make little quips and jokes when you are looking after a half catatonic traumatized child. She is about to crouch back down by the girl when she hears Shellie's orders. Perhaps odd that the orders should go to her, but she has been studying with them for the last couple months. "Yes Ma'am…" She replies and makes quick steps outside. When she does return it is with a little held under one arm, another medkit in one hand and her flashlight in the other. She moves cautiously toward the gap and Shellie, setting down the supplies.

The older girl doesn't seem ready to trust anyone, "He's not here?" There's a pause before she begins to cry quietly, "You're not lying? It's really safe now?" She ventures closer to the edge, peeking down at those in the tunnel. As she spots Ysa her eyes widen. "I know you!"

"He's not here, we promise.." Niva reassures her, nodding slowly. "We don't know where he went.. we need your help to find him.." She continues softly, trying to lure the girl down, even as Laera appears with the litter.

Shellie climbs up into the crevasse. "No, we're not," she says, her voice soft and reassuring. "We're here to help you." She frowns as she quickly assesses the girl's condition. "Laera, you got that litter? We're going to need it. She seems to have a broken leg." She sighs, and turns back to the girl. "You look hungry, dear. Would you like us to take you back to the weyr, and get you some food?"

The little girl leans in against Y'ki, singing to herself once more. Quietly she mumbles something to him, then begins to rock once more.

Ysa can't do much but stand there with her hands on her hips now that the stones aren't falling. "Whatever that man said to ya 'bout us is a lie. He's been lying to all of ya ever since. We're not here to hurt, only to help." She shifts on her feet, turning to watch as Laera brings in the supplies, head bobbing a little. Her head snaps back around to the girl, brows arched. "I was here a long time 'go, yah. Your dad, was it?" She squints her eyes up in the darkness, getting closer now to try to get a good look of the girl as well. "Ya were there with us, weren't ya? We're not the bad people here."

Zevida nods slowly at the girl, smiling. "He's gone. He can't hurt you or.. What's her name down there." She states, slowly climbing town to allow Shellie room. She's watching the girl carefully, a look of concern etched on her face as she crosses her arms and leans against the wall of the tunnel. "Don't think I'm gonna have kids after this mess." She mutters softly, towards no one in particular.

Y'ki does look a little surprised, setting one hand on the girl's hair and just..pets a little bit. "That you, or her?" Hey, it's good to know the difference, after all. Though he doesn't quite know if he'll actually get a response.

"Yes Ma'am…right here.." Laera calls up, flashing her light up so the healer and other rider have better visibility. "Ain't noone here but us gals…and well Y'ki…but he is harmless." She says with a wink to the younger bluerider in teasing. So she is starting to get some humour back even if it is masking false bravado. "We are riders, we can't hurt anyone without reason, our dragons wouldn't let us." She offers to the girl in the crevice. "Let us get you fixed up…and sort all this out, that leg must hurt something awful."

The older girl leans out from her hiding place now, carefully eyeing each of those in the tunnel in turn. "They brought you. You wouldn't leave." She rolls now, clinging on to the edge of the rock and peering down, face down. "They took the boat." There's a hint of sadness mixed in with the fear, "After… after…." She stops, swallows, "I hid."

The little girl simply nods to Y'ki, answering his question but at the same time just confusing things more. One finger sketches something in the dirt on the floor - a lightningbolt.

"Who's they?" Niva asks softly, looking over the girl as she leans out of the crevice. "Its.. Its okay to hide." Niva seems to have lost her anger, as at least this one isn't freaking out and saying weird things. "Let us help you down.. I have a daughter about your age.." And the coaxing continues, as she watches the placement of the litter, and the practicing healer.

Shellie reaches out to the girl. "Come on out, dear. We'll get you back to the weyr, fix up that leg and arm, and get you fed." She tries to take the hand, and if successfull, squeezes gently. "You're going to be all right.

Ysa shakes her head up to the girl. "No, I didn't want to. Kefai wasn't right in the head, and he was leading all of ya on." She sighs and runs her hand through her hair, dislodging some of the pebbles that had fallen into the mess, too. "Don't worry, 'm not mad at ya for helping, and we only want to help ya out, get ya a decent home. This isn't a place to be." She glances back out towards the main cavern, still frowning. "How many people did he take?" She does wince at her own question. "Nevermind. Talk when ya can. We got to get your injuries set, first."

Y'ki watches the finger-sketchiness, and then just shakes his head, calling out to the rest of the tunnel. "Hey! C'mon and hurry up already! This one's still pretty shaken up 'bout being back in here again! Either the one in there is Keiva, or this one here's Keiva."

The older girl shrinks back at the mention of her father's name, though at least this one isn't screaming. She opens her mouth to say somethign else but Y'ki's call makes her pause. "Keiva?" She blinks down at the others, swinging her legs out of the gash and dropping to the ground in a heap. "Keiva!" This time the name's a yell, and she's trying to get to her feet again though clearly in a lot of pain.

Shellie drops out as well, and moves to catch the girl when she falls. "It's ok. Keiva's safe, she's just outside the cave."

Laera moves quickly to the girl as she jumps from the crevice, "Oh girl, there were easier ways of doing that…" She admonishes as she tries to help her onto the little, "Just get on here…we can get you out and get ya tended to." She looks over to the first girl and back again, "Y'all want to ride together?" She asks of the pair, hoping they have some connection.

Ysa glances back towards Y'ki at the mention of the name. "Faranth, finally something to call her." She winces as the other girl drops down, moving forward. "Sorry. She's alright, she's been with us for awhile now with some other kids as well. What's your name?" She glances between her and then in the direction of the little girl, still frowning. "If ya get on the litter, we can carry ya out of here and back to the Weyr. Think we got 'nough here, Niva? I bet there's still more 'round these parts…"

Zevida follows the girl out of the tunnel to where Y'ki is, smiling down. "I can give them both a ride as long as this one doesn't give any fuss." She notes, indicating Keiva with a nod of her head before she looks to the older girl with a curious look, waiting on the response for a name.

The little girl barely reacts to the call of her name, her head turns towards the other passage, but all she says is, "Voices." The older girl nods to Laera, finally seeming to have something to be happy about. "Keitari." There's a definite theme to the names. "She's really okay?"

Y'ki tilts his head, and then just smirks a little to himself. Well, /that/ got her moving. "Sounds like someone's happy to see you." Or at least extremely intent on doing so. He shakes his head though, keeping an eye on the younger of the girls. He does peer up at Zevida though once she appears, head tilting just a little. Well…alright, so he's not a fan of the idea. "If she wants to go." After all, if she doesn't…there's bound to be more flailing and fussing.

Niva is joining Ysa in the wincing, but it seems that at least that problem is solved, and Niva is back out to the main tunnel, giving the cave one more sweep with her flashlight. "If its not.. we can always come back." Niva comments, though seems that its not high on her list of things she wants to do. As Zevida offers to be the one to carry the children, she's more than willing to agree, letting them handle the children while she's pacing once more around the area, light on the ground infront of her to make sure they didn't miss anything.

Zevida peers back down at Y'ki, "what? It's not like Niva was too gentle with her." She offers in a soft mutter towards the boy. "'fraid I'm going to hurt them?" She asks, pressing her lips into a thin line before she turns away from the bluerider to peek at the entrance of the cave to look to see where Avaeth has situated herself.

Shellie moves to Keitari's side, and frowns. "That arm looks pretty bad, Keitari. May I call you that? I'd better patch it up." She drops her kit, and opens it up, pulling out redwort, numbweed ointment, and bandages.

Ysa follows after Niva now, giving the kids another look over as she worries her bottom lip. "Don' like this… don' like it at all," she mumbles as she scans the area. "He might've been thorough, but there still must be something that points to what he plans." Because this goldrider is /certain/ that they hadn't heard the last of Kefai. She kicks again at some debris, picking up a trinket here or there, maybe pocketing something shiny in the process.

"Kate." The answer takes a moment, then the older girl offers her arm over to Shellie, "Can I see my sister first? Please? I'll tell you everything, but I need to know she's okay. I thought he'd taken her too."

"I think she might be better now…she is a might frightened though." Laera says to the older girl as she helps Shellie patch her up for the trip back."She is safe…" She says softly before looking towards the cave exit, "Come on lets go, just stay on the litter…don't want you breaking anything else." She smiles warmly to the girl and prepares to move the litter towards where Y'ki and Keiva are.

Shellie moves to take one of the corners of the litter, and motions to the two female greenriders to help. "Ok, on three. One….Two…Three!" She lifts up her corner.

Y'ki rolls his eyes slightly. "I don't think /that/, Zev." It's not about the goldrider 'hurting' the girl, after all. But for now, he just..waits, not doing anything.

Niva glances at Ysa as she pockets something, before shaking her head. "We'll talk to the older one, later. Find out more about the boat." Niva murmurs under her breath, before she's turning to look at them. "Lets get back.. This place.." She looks around her one more time. "We can talk at the Weyr." And that seems to be the end of the matter, for Niva and her flashlight are headed outside, to let everyone else proceed her back to the Weyr.

Zevida gives Y'ki a look, puffing up her cheeks, as clearly, his opinion means /something/ to her. "Fine then." She grumbles in reply, watching the sisters quietly as she folds her arms across her chest. As the search seems to be over, she waits for the girls' decisions to ride with her or not.

The litter is hoisted, Kate seemingly a little embarassed about being carried. Keiva clings to Y'ki as everyone else appears again, seemingly not recognising her relative or even wanting to look at her.

Ysa swipes at something else glittery on the floor before she looks up to Niva and nods her head. "At least we'll learn something, too." She glances back towards the kids and those still getting them ready for the trip back to the Weyr before she hurries after the Weyrwoman and her fading light, not wanting to remain in the cave and the darkness for much longer either. Ellamariseth was waiting in the small space in the cove to take her back to the Weyr, happy to return as well.

Shellie makes sure the litter gets attached to Rieselh, hooked on so that it stays solidly upright. "Ok, Kate. I'm going to have to strap you in tightly so we can go back." As she does, she takes a couple of very heavy blankets out of a pouch, and wraps them around the girl. "We're going to go Between to save time, and we'll get you back as quickly as possible." She turns to Y'ki, who's still on her blacklist at the moment, but is civil to him. "Could you and Keiva fly back with me?

Y'ki does offer Zevida a grin after a moment, shrugging. "Think this one's a bit like glue right now, anyway." And when Keiva doesn't seem inclined to really aknowledge the presence of the older girl, he just shakes his head, moving to get up and help her up as well. Though Shellie gets a fairly odd look, before giving a snort. "This one's not hurt, she doesn't need to go to any healer. I'll take her back."

Zevida chuckles softly at Y'ki, "looks like it. Take care of her, Y'ki.. And don't make her kick you again." She chides, moving to join Avaeth again. She gently pats her lifemate before mounting up and the pair is quick to go between.

Niva must have an immense amount of trust in those dealing with the children, for once she's outside, its only a few moments before Kilaueth is backwinging to land in the cove, and then the Senior pair are taking off.

Shellie rolls her eyes. She'll either teach the teenaged Bluerider about tact or suture his lips together later. She finishes securing Kate, then swings up onto Rieselth's back, and straps herself in, the green taking off immediately, and vanishing between.

Y'ki shakes his head just a bit, and just guides the little girl right out of the cavern. Tact? Well thankfully, the bluerider wasn't actually being tactless. Since Keiva doesn't need a healer, he's certainly not going to subject her to any poking or prodding. He simply takes her to Ecoatleth, and then the two are off, heading back to the Weyr.

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