Ellamariseth's Clutching, November 22, 2008

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

Neferennu is sitting in one of the front seats next to an older rider who is making comments about the eggs Kilaueth is guarding. "Now see how she has put sand up around them to make sure they stay warm? That is why we have to quickly take them to the incubator if we hope to get them to hatch if there is a problem." He motions towards the egg with tiger spots and mutters something about betting a blue will come out of that egg. Meanwhile, Rennu is taking notes about the impromptu lecture on the care of dragon eggs. That is until more people are noticed coming in. "Good day." This is sent to those she knows and a nod.

Delynni runs in eagerly, breathless and still chilly from her between lesson. Her jacket trails behind her, fastened around the neck but not with her arms in the sleeves. She runs for a seat, looking behind her to see if L'alie is coming too.

Cazai's not precisely the most social resident at the Weyr, usually holed up with her machinery and wires. But it'd be the height of rudeness to miss a clutching, so the scruffy woman wanders into the observation area and takes up a lounging slouch on the seats. Of course, she does also get some sort of gadget out of one of her numerous pockets, and a tiny screwdriver from another.

Xarra enters the stands with cheerful eagerness. Finding her favorite seat, she sits and waves to those she knows. Sitting a bit forward in her seat her gaze then peers down to the sands. "Good. I have not missed anything." She smiles

From the sands, Ellamariseth makes sure to trumpet, bugle, and make a show as she gets up from her nap in the middle of the clearing and slowly makes her way towards the sands. Afternoon was a perfect time for a clutching, too. Her wings were pinned to her side, as the one was still broken and all and she wasn't allowed to move it. But that doesn't stop her from turning her maw to the sky and trumpeting again. Egg time! Her whirling eyes give the Senior a glance before she steps over towards the other side of the grounds, closer to the galleries, as she whuffles at those gathering. Ysa isn't too far behind, a skin of wine held tightly in her hand. "Little less volume, Ella, 'm sure all of Pern has heard ya by now!"

From the sands, Kilaueth is settled particularly close to her own eight eggs as Ellamariseth dares to invade her space, and dares to add her own eggs. Trumpeting, her voice reverberating through the Hatching arena, the senior gold huffs and puffs, scooting a bit closer to her eggs, and spreading her wings out over them, as if the other gold could possibly hurt them.

Thea enters with a small crowd of folks, curiosity clearly showing on the Assistant Headwoman's face as she cranes her neck to get a glimpse of the sands. No dice, there's just too many people. She eases out of the crush and finds a seat near the railing. She spies Delyinni and give the woman a finger waggle. Not likely to be seen in all the activity 'round about her. Ellamariseth's bugle causes her to start and turn her attention to the sands.

Delynni sees that and ho boys. "Talk about possessive." She rolls her eyes. "Be reasonable ladies, there's enough sands for everybody." She says sarcastically. "Double hatching though. Absolutely awesome. Double your trouble, double your fun."

From the sands, Arinith flutters down from the sky and onto the sands. He's gotten a message from Ella, but his rider is busy off at a meeting. So R'miel has been abandoned so the slender bronze can look after his weyrmate queen laying her eggs. So here he was. There's a nose rub for Ella, though he doesn't expect one in return. The bronze flutters his wings and slinks back and forth a bit away from the two queens. Kilaueth is only spared a cursory glance from the bronze as Ella gets ready.

Xarra looks upwards, and after a search, she finds her mother and her mother's Green up high. Waving, she settles down and peers between the two queens now occupying the sands. "This should prove to be interesting." She comments to no one in particular.

S'ya makes her way up the stairs, huffing and puffing all the way. With a look towards the sands she grins, catching the tail end of Ysa's whining. She slips in to one of the seats nearer the sands and settles in. "Oh, someone is not in a good mood." She says of Kilaueth, watching the fussed gold hover protectively over her eggs.

Cazai shakes her head in a 'my poor ears' sort of twitch, sparing a glance for the non-tactile scuffle on the sands. Then, shaking her head again, she prods in the innards of her little gadget with her littler screwdriver. Clutchings, apparently, don't really impress her. But she's being mostly polite about it.

Zipalla slips in too, quietly, eyes keening toward the sands. She rises up to tiptoes and watches, eyes moving from one queen to the other, her head nodding at comments made though she doesn't make any herself.

Delynni spots S'ya and hurries over. "S'ya! I know. I knew Queens were possessive but this takes the cake." She sighs and watches as Arinith enters the sands as well. "This is going to be fun watching the candidates eh?"

Neferennu gives a wave over to Xarra as the other woman arrives and then turns her eyes back to the sands when Kilaueth opens her wing. More notes are taken down as T'maz begins ranting about the possessiveness of golds and their eggs.

From the sands, Ellamariseth gives those watching a look over, huffing as she notices people still trickling in. Too slow! Her sides were rippling with contractions and she shifts uncomfortably. Kilaueth gets another eye, but the younger gold's attention is completely on Arinith when he comes in. A soft croon is given to him, accepting his nose rub quickly before she goes stomping to a spot before the bronze even has time to start digging. Her neck and tail stretch out and she gives a rumble as a ripple runs through her again and her first egg is quickly dropped to its warm sandy bed.

Along Came A Spider Egg
For all its diminutive size, this little egg has a rather unsettling look to it. The majority of the shell, the side facing the galleries at least, is white. The rear shades to black, ripples in the colouration giving it an almost hair like appearance. Near the tip on the white side a patch of black has seeped forwards, trickling down to encircle a giant eye shape that stares, unblinking, at the galleries. Underneath the eye it breaks into four trails, each fading off to white once more before they reach halfway. Near the base of the white the black once more appears, carving a dark frown that dips into the sand.

From the sands, As Ella gets ready to lay, Arinith starts peering around the sands, picking out spots where the gold might pick to lay. Then he starts digging in the sands, making the little indentations for the eggs to be dropped into. Perfect little holes. At least as perfect as the bronze can make them in such a short span he has. There are some croons of encouragement given to the gold, too!

Xarra waves back to Neferennu with a pleased smile and then turns her silent attention back towards the sands as the first egg is laid. An approving smile is given it.

S'ya blinks a bit at Delynni as she joins her, scooting some so that the weyrling can take a seat. "I do not even remember Kilaueth being so protective, I mean, more than any queen." She says, shifting a bit so that her belly is not in the way of her arms. "And yes, it will be interesting I am sure. Hopefully they do not prove to be too much of a handful though." When the first egg is deposited she points excitedly. "Oh, it is, um." Blink. "An interesting egg."

Neferennu leans over to Xarra. "That one looks kind of creepy with the eye look at us like that." A slight smile that turns into a frown with another look at the egg. A shake of head as she leans forward in her seat to get a better view of what is going on. Shorthand notes are made about the Arinith making the holes for the eggs and not Ellamariseth.

Delynni nods. "its eerie." She shakes her head. "Its like its measuring up the galleries and its gonna eat them whole. Oh, S'ya guess what me and Ryukith just came from? Our first between lesson! I am SO happy!" She squeaks. "Ryukith was excited too!"

From the sands, Ysa is there, too, though the show was mostly for Ellamariseth. "No Ram?" she questions her lifemate before the gold goes off to lay the first one. Ysa didn't look too happy to be stuck on the sands without anyone there, her boots shifting uncomfortably. She moves along the edge carefully, keeping her eyes on the bigger queen. "Good job," she says towards Ella, moving to inspect the first egg herself with a smirk. "Kind of small, don't you think?" The gold huffs, letting Arinith take care of the egg as she goes to his previously dub holes. Her muzzle gives them a poke, shifting sand here and there before turning to stare at the galleries. Are you watching?

Thea scoots down the row of seats, leaving a few empty seats on the edge of the aisle so late-comers may sit without having to squeeze past her. She props her elbows on the railing and gives the Sands her attention. She murmurs, to no one in particular. "I've never been to a Clutching…" Or any other dragon-type event most likely by the expression on her face. The duo of Queens get a quizzical glance. "They don't mind… sharing?" Anyone more knowledgeable than she might answer.

Xarra nods in response to Neferennu's comment. "Yes, it is a little…..unique." She did not know how else to put it. It certainly was….unique.

Zipalla watches the egg drop and her head tilts as she studies the coloring. Beautiful. Though really she thinks they all are in their own way and it shows in the somewhat awed expression that cloaks the girl's features.

Delynni hms when Thea arrives. "Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on the queen, but they tend to be territorial when it comes to hatching ground space." The blue weyrling replies. "And a double clutch, two queens, means that things will be even more chaotic than normal. One set of eggs will hatch, and then not long after so will the next. The candidates don't have much of a break inbetween."

"Yes, eerie. That is a good word for it." S'ya says, tilting her head a bit to get a better look at the first of the clutch. "Betweening? Oh, I remember that lesson. I did not enjoy it much." She bobs her head over at Thea as Delynni goes on. "Luckily Ella is not a protective queen really, she is much more easy going than most golds." And she sends the dragon a wave when she sets to staring. "Such an attention hog." She says fondly.

All the excitement has even brought out the more reclusive form of Senkyou, the brownrider is wearing an oversized jacket and shirt. Hiding any sign of her pregnancy and sitting in the first availble seat, as close to the exit and the railing as she can get. Holding her hand is the curly blonde haired, crook nosed Zalyu. The little boy waving to everyone and giggling. His mood a direct contrast to his mothers, refusing to sit the little boy goes right up to the railing and Senk has to grab him to keep him from falling, "Zal.. none of that."

From the sands, Ellamariseth's tummy ripples, indicating that another egg would be joining its sibling shortly. She paces the wall where the galleries are, turning her attention on them more than the more protective queen. As Arinith finally settles the first little egg as well as possible, she moves back to his trench and stands there a moment. Her head sways gently before her tail finally lifts again, and out comes the second after a moment's strain.

Big Wheel Egg
This little egg is something of an oddity. It looks as though it has been hewn from granite and placed among the other eggs as a decoy — its edges are rough and unpolished, and the shell itself is pockmarked and uneven. Even its base colour is unremarkable - a dull slate grey, speckled with the faded yellow of lichen near the base. What does, perhaps, redeem it somewhat is the silvery patch that crowns its very tip. From that spot thin lines of silver spread across the otherwise dull shell, breaking up the flat hue into a great circular maze that stretches from tip to sands.

Xarra tuning out everyone and everything, she peers intently upon the sands below with great interest.

From the sands, Kilaueth continues to hover over her eggs protectively, snorting loudly at Hesketh to ensure that the bronze is also helping guard their eggs. As Ellamariseth is occupied with the slow process of laying, Kilaueth is rotating her eggs in the sandy bed, first this one, and then that one, before she's recovering them with the white and red sands.

Delynni grins. "oh yes, indeed, she should sing opera. Wow…… plain." She remarks at the new egg. "I'm just happy to be able to go. My parents wrote last sevenday that they wanted to meet Ryukith. Sango and Naluti came to visit after the Eastern hatching but mom and dad were busy in the stables."

Neferennu is intently watching the clutching, in between taking notes from T'maz who continues to ramble on. At this point, the conversations around her are being ignored.

From the sands, Ysa paces just like her lifemate does when she wasn't laying eggs, glancing towards the next one. "At least they're nothing like the eggs ya had the last time with Arinith," she remarks to her lifemate. The gold actually turns back to stare at the new egg, tilting her head a bit. Nope, those eggs are boring. She makes sure to keep the bronze clutch father busy by moving back and forth from one egg to the next even as she moves on to his other holes. She claws a bit at them, shifting. "Shells, Ella, you're going to take all day," grumbles the goldrider as she takes a swig from her skin. With another glance towards the more protective Kilaueth, the woman sighs and starts to head towards the entrance, turning her back on her lifemate as she shifts on her feet to lay a pair of eggs almost one after the other.

Thea turns her head as she hears Delynni answer her question. She looks as enlightened as a total newcomer to a Weyr might look (which is not much). "Oh, ah… break between?" So intelligent she sounds. She nods, smiling faintly as S'ya explains further. "Thanks." She cannot keep her eyes from wandering over the Sands. My, it looks busy out there, with all the digging and rippling and rotating…

Wake Up and Smell the Egg
Perfect circular globules of crimson float across the shell of this large egg; its long and wide shape contrasts against the rounded spheres. The orbs trickle in slowly from the bottom in a variety of shapes, growing in multitude as they travel up the egg. Overlapping and merging with each other, they nearly encompass the entire sky-blue background of the shell into a pool of blood-red droplets at its rounded top. Its base is a sandy plain with dark splotches that give the illusion of the the spheres casting shadows, almost as if they were to be able to float off the smooth surface and over the hatching ground sands.
Fly Chicks, Fly Egg
Predominantly black, this large egg's background bears no different shades: just a uniform inky darkness. Yet nearly connecting around the entire center of the large shell, slanting slightly upwards, are three perfect circles overlapping each other along the edge; each of a different marking, colors, and (when viewed up close) texture. The middle has minute ripples all along the inside in the brightest of sulfur-yellow with tiny striations of iridescent blue inside two black marks. To the left, split into gray and slate, the circle is smooth with thick bands of cream near the center. The far right one is has the same iridescent blue and darker tan, minuscule scales peppering the surface in small bumps, split by a crimson vein.

S'ya tilts her head as the next egg is deposited. A look between the clutch parents and then the rather unremarkable egg. "Well, at least it is not as dark as the other clutch they had. Shells, those eggs were nightmarish, and so were the hatchlings!" A curious look is sent over to Thea along with a little wave. "Afraid I have not seen you around, love. Are you from here?" And to Delynni she bobs her head. "I remember how excited everyone was when I found So a few turns back. Certainly was a special time."

Delynni grins. "Oh the shell on that one is lurid." She says, meaning the new egg. "I was excited, until I got left behind. Oooooooh, but Ryu found me right quick!" Delynni beams. "he darted back and forth all over the grounds and then he came over to me. He was the last one too!"

Xarra whispers softly, "Wow." And then falls back into silence. The world around her, except for the sands did not exist.

Neferennu leans back over to Xarra. "I kind of like the red splattered one. Better than that staring eye." Yet she is quickly brought back to attention by T'maz as he gets quite upset she isn't 'listening.' "I am listening! See, I'm taking notes!" The notebook is shown to him, which only gets a grunt and he continues. She does notice Ysa coming up the stairs and gives her a slight wave, but quickly turns away.

Xarra a slight nod for whatever it was that Neferennu has said, is given. Her eyes never wavering from their point of interest.

From the sands, With Ysa hanging off to the side to cool off, Ellamariseth continues her clutch laying. Which was less laying and more her taking a break in the middle, with two eggs on one side and two on the other. Arinith was a busy clutch father, at least, making sure that they were all nestled well. Eventually the queen gets up with a rumble, starting her pacing all over again. And with her clutch divided, she moves to paw at a spot in between, finally ready to lay a new one. She stops when she is satisfied, then sits back up as the contractions hit, and a new egg rolls out.

Tragically Without Fruit Egg
The majority of this egg is painted in a thick sky blue, save for a sandy straw-colored that seems to have washed over its lowest bits. On one side, there is a spidery pattern sprawling up from the bottom portion in dark mahogany. It's rooted in a thick brown stripe and thins as it climbs upwards and expands. At first glance this pattern may give the notion that this egg is a dud, since it appears already cracked, but on closer inspection it is indeed just coloring. Slightly displaced from this pattern are two circular orange splotches with bits of green fanning out from their tops. A few flecks of brown decorate the orange with purpose.

From the sands, Kilaueth seems to have decided that Ellamariseth has ventured too close to 'her' portion of the hatching arena, and the gold is snapping at the junior, almost hissing as she rocks back on her haunches, wings spread wide as if to tell her to stay back.

Delynni shudders. "Shards lady. Cool it. You're head honcho, you don't need to do that." She shakes her head and smiles at S'ya. "Ooooh, another happy egg. Lookit it." She says with a grin. "How cool!"

Thea half-listens to Delynni's bubbling as she watches the egg-laying. She turns her head to answer S'ya, "I haven't been here long, few weeks only." An exclamation from a nearby spectator causes her to turn her head quickly back to the Sands briefly before continuing, "Thea from Coldstone Hold, Ma'am." Once again the activity on the Sands gain her attention, but this time it is Kilauth's movement drawing her eyes. Thea's eyebrows flick upwards. "Its… easy to see why folks watch these things." Meaning Clutchings, of course. Farbeit from her to call Queens 'things'!

From the sands, Ellamariseth has barely laid the next egg when she startles by Kilaueth. Her one good wing comes out, and she bares her teeth back suddenly. Sure, it was the Senior queen, but Ellamariseth was already on the other side of the grounds! She toes a spot just a bit closer before huffing in annoyance and turning back around and moving to the gallery wall again. This time she rests against the side. Humans are better company during clutching's, anyway. She turns her whirling eyes on those in the front seat, as if seeking comfort from them.

From the sands, Arinith warbles a bit to the other queen. Ella hadn't gotten /that/ close! He slinks over to the latest egg dropped, nosing some sand around it. Then he moves to the next closest, making sure it was tipped just so… then pushing some sand around this one as well. Little statues, they looked like, round and shiney and colorful. And perfect! There's some more warbles of encouragement as Ella works out the last of their brood.

"Oh dear, seems Ella moved a bit too close there." S'ya says with a frown as Kilaueth sets to snapping, she gets up a bit in her, trying to peer over and spot Ysa but failing. She roughly sits back down, letting out a little 'of!' as she does so. When Delynni points out the newest addition she bobs her head happily. "Much better than the earlier ones. Oh and my name is S'ya, love." But then Thea calls her something terrible and the greenrider just stares in awe. "Ma'am?" But then there's a big huffy gold nearby and she just giggles. "Poor Ella, is that mean old queen bothering you?"

Peep. An auburn-haired head peeks cautiously into the gallery. For a moment, he pauses there, looking about at the people gathered, as though he's trying to decide whether or not to join the party. Aloysius makes the decision for him, however, sending up a joyous trill of greeting to those assembled. The sound seems to startle Aradir more than it may startle anyone else, and he looks to the blue firelizard suddenly, sending him a slightly dirty look. Aloysius snorts, and then flies into the air off of Aradir's shoulder, into the gallery. Aradir makes a gentle grab for him in the air and misses. With no choice now, Aradir's shoulders droop slightly, and he jogs into the gallery after his wayward firelizard.

Xarra wordlessly croons very quietly to Ellamariseth when the queen rests nearly right underneath her. "Poor thing. You'll be okay."

From the sands, Ysa returns with her wine and this time some cool sweet rolls she had taken from a drudge she called by the entrace. "I leave ya for a moment, Ella." She gives Kilaueth a good glare, though it doesn't really do much coming from the rider. Ellamariseth wasn't quite one for a confrontation with the Senior, either. She gives the galleries a whine, whirling eyes on those that speak to her as if to say: 'She hurt my feelings. Make it better.' But the break doesn't last long as her sides spasm again, forcing her to get up and over to the bronze again as he makes sure she keeps inside the invisible line. She finds a new spot closer to the other eggs, making sure she doesn't squash any of them, and then her tail goes up once again. Probably the tension forced her to get them out faster, but another two suddenly make their way out of her with just a little bit of space between them.

Ocean See Sky Egg
The top of this egg starts off an inky black and continues in a band about a third of the way down as such. There are only tiny speckles of white upsetting the darkness here, like stars on a moonless night. Then the darkness fades gradually, first into dark navy blues, then lighter sea blues and even whites. The blues make up a wave like pattern as they roll down the egg, almost giving it a textured appearance. The very top of this egg, amongst the deep black there is an eye-shaped splotch outlined in blue. A circular swirl in the inside of the eye makes up its pupil, colors ranging from brown to blue to white. Straight up into the heavens it seems to be looking, or maybe up at its clutchmother.
Life is Short Egg
This fat little egg is covered in an odd texture. Parchment paper seems to fold over the egg, crinkles and spots of lighter and darker color blotting the surface from time to time. Near the apex a shimmering shade of mint green veils the vibrant red double hoops that has been stamped onto the shell. The same mint green makes its way along the middle of the egg, the thin band composed of tiny wavy lines, each moving along vertically. A sky blue circle breaks the band, positioned perfectly in the center is a snow white bird, its wings held aloft in mid flight.

Delynni rolls her eyes. "I'll say. Poor darling. You need those sands too." She shakes her head. "I guess Kilaueth isn't the sharing kind of queen." She sighs. "OOOOOH! Two new eggs! look! There seems to be a lot of blue on the shells. Do you think the entire clutch will be blues?" She asks curiously.

Thea has her eyes upon the tableau in front of her, so she misses the stare given to her by S'ya, which is probably just as well. "Well-met," she murmurs politely without taking her gaze from the Sands. The high-pitched trill of a firelizard significantly differs from the rumbling and grumbling notes below; enough so that she looks up and notes Aradir's arrival. He's given a nod of welcome and a wave at the empty seats nearby if he so wishes to sit there.

"I figured she would go for some wine." S'ya says mostly to herself as she spots the Junior, giggling a bit before watching as Ellamariseth moves to deposit two more eggs on the sands. "Oh, those two are lovely. Especially that one." And she points over to the Ocean See Sky Egg. "And as for an entirely blue clutch, I find that extremely unlikely." She says with a wink to Delynni, shifting a bit as the baby moves. She places her two hands on her belly but keeps her hazel eyes on the sands. "Wonder how many more she has in her."

Delynni nods. "probably." She agrees. "Its just random I guess. The black one that came first I'm almost certain is a male dragon, but I'm not gonna get to touch it so I guess I'm gonna have to wait for it to hatch to see."

From the sands, Laying two at a time really is exhausting. Ellamariseth finds a spot away from her eggs to lay down for a moment. Popping them out was hard word! At least she had the skinny little bronze Arinith to carefully cover them up and get them all snug. She lays her head beside the arriving Ysa, who gives her a few scritches along the eyeridges. "Kila's just old and grumpy cause ya got better eggs, love. Don't let her get to ya." She was still wary of the Senior, but can't do much about it. With a heavy sigh, Ella gets right back up. She's still got more in her! She barely even moves away before she's dropping another egg onto the sands.

Possibly Not Doing Something Egg
A flood of red, perhaps paint that's been thrown onto the wall that is the shell of the egg. Careless, almost, but there's no peek of the original color of the wall from behind the red. Deliberate in color, but purposely looking reckless. It fills the surface of the egg entirely, the background only. The foreground of the egg shows two figures, blurred from movement. They don't seem to be doing anything, but perhaps they're doing /something/. The image appears as if they're tilting, or, perhaps falling backwards, stumbling around. This still piture is along the surface of the egg, a sense of mischeif in the image.

Aradir almost seems to shrink back at Thea's look, and pauses in his running just a step. Then he seems to get over whatever has him so nervous - at least partially - and returns the nod, continuing to chase after his firelizard. Who seems to be delightedly flying around behind the seats. Aradir catches up to the firelizard and finally manages to catch the little blue, who gives a squawk of surprise as he's gently snagged from the air. And then the auburn-haired man turns Aloysius is his hands, turning the blue's face towards him, and gives him a look. "No. Running. Away." It's spoken in a gravelly tone of voice, as if raspy from disuse. Then he tucks Aloysius under one arm and finds a seat.

From the sands, Ellamariseth's mood starts lifting up a bit again as she noses the latest egg and turns her attention to the space she still has left to fill! She moves along the edge again, pacing the entire length of her clutch before stopping. Ysa was shifting again in the heat, munching on a roll while she has a bit of time. The rider eyes the exit, as if hoping to get a moment to cool down soon, but doesn't really get the chance as her queen moves back to the line, staring at Kilaueth as if daring her to snap again. And this time she faces the other gold as her spasms hit, her tail lifts, and she strains the new egg out.

Swax On, Swax Off Egg
A mishmash of golds and khakis, and olives and browns mingle upon this shell, darker hues acting like shadows, while lighter hues are touched here and there, framed by a soft blue. Amidst the shifting colors and the varies pieces of gold and olive, it almost seems as if there is a something actually there - a pair of eyes, perhaps, peering over the top of a scarf.

Delynni eeks. "Well there's /less/ blue on that one. Oh my, somebody's being a brat." She shakes her head and rolls her eyes. "She's asking to be snapped that time. I wouldn't be surprised if Kilaueth chases her." Delynni says with a chuckle.

Thea leans back in her seat, just watching the scene quietly. Her expression is one of interest, but now and then her eyes wander to the crowd in the galleries with her. Her gaze rests on a face here, then a face there, ever so briefly. Weyrfolk are perhaps as interesting as dragons!

S'ya peers over at Aradir, her interest having been perked by the flitter's squeaking. She gives him a little wave before tilting her head a bit. "Do I know you, love?" She asks curiously, taking in his form over and over. She turns her head to watch the gold as she lays yet another egg. "Does it not look like that egg is staring at us?" She asks those around her, straining to take in the 'eyes' on Swax on eggs. "Ella is not a brat, she is just getting back at Kilaueth. Poor thing, trying to just lay her eggs in peace and that big old thing snapping at her."

Delynni nods. "oh i know. poor dear. she's in labor and she has another gold snapping at her." Delynni shakes her head and sighs, the Swax egg gets a curious squint. "I wonder… it reminds me of something. Not sure what but it does."

Aradir pauses and looks as S'ya speaks to him. He blinks a few times, and tilts his head to look at her. "…Maybe. Familiar…?" he inquires slowly. He speaks little, just a few words, and these sound almost forced out. In the meantime, Aloysius has managed to get out from under Aradir's arm - not that the auburn-haired man was making him stay there - and climbs up Aradir's shirt, to his shoulder. From here he can see better. Not just the people, but the dragons. Aloysius gives a shrill sound of encouragement to the ladies laying their clutches on the sands.

From the sands, Ellamariseth looked just about done and pretty exhausted to boot. The more protective of the queens stays… protective, which means that Ella wasn't too interested in her anymore. She passes Arinith to give him a caress, as if to signify that the clutching is over. And just as she was moving towards her big empty spot to curl up in, the ripples start up again. Not done! She rumbles and claws, moves again and then claws some more sand until she is finally ready to lay another egg. She shifts over the hole, stretches out, and its only when the egg is out that her body sags with little energy left.

The Dim and the Dark Egg
A green-tinged khaki sweeps over this egg's shell, golden hues set behind it, slightly iridescent as it wraps it from one end to the other. While a single band of mahogany spirals around the shell, deeply contrasting the background hue, darker olive-green filigree spirals from end to end, like creeping vines stretching up a guiding line. A simple pattern, mimicking the lines of an avian's wing, is imprinted upon the top curve in white, contrasting the warmer hues behind it.

Xarra is pleasantly surprised when she sees this egg. "Very nice."

Delynni beams and points to the newest egg. "Oh look S'ya, that one is very nice, very delicate. Its almost like it was painted don't you think?" She asks, grinning. "uh oh, Ellamariseth doesn't look very good."

S'ya bobs her head quickly at Delynni. "Yes, the poor dear must be exhausted too. I mean just look at her." And she waves off in the general direction of Ellamariseth. "Hmm, she will be alright, love. I think she is just very tired from laying all those eggs." She finally turns her eyes back on Aradir as she gets to her feet slowly, stretching out now that it seems that the gold is done clutching. "Yes, I just feel like I have seen you somewhere before. Have we meet?"

Delynni inches closer to S'ya and grins. "That was a clutch well earned don't you think?" She asks, "that was a pretty egg to end on though. Hopefully the two queens won't fight anymore." She says with a sigh.

Aradir pauses, thinking a moment. "Think so. Maybe. Firelizards?" He points at Aloysius, who is still trilling encouragement to the clutching dragons (particularly when Ellamariseth's energy seems to give out somewhat). "At the hatching?" He's almost certain he saw S'ya at one of the two he's been at. As he hears someone mention that Ellamariseth looks worse for wear, Aradir turns and bit, to look at the dragon in question. A worried expression crosses his face.

Thea doesn't comment upon the eggs or the color of their shells, but she has watched admiringly — at least until they've been covered with sand. When the queen seems to be finished, or at least pausing, Thea rises and rubs her back for a moment before heading for the entrance. "I feel as tired as she looks. And I've to be up early."

From the sands, Ellamariseth hovers her head over the clutch one last time, satisfied by the number. "One of your biggest, yet, Ella!" Ysa calls over from her spot, grinning and taking a swig from her skin. "Shells. Ten eggs…" Ellamariseth gives a tired little croon before turning her eyes once more on the galleries, as if making sure the people were still there. The show was over, though, and she gives them all a last whuffle before she moves to that empty spot to curl up in. She does purposefully flick some sand towards Kilaueth as she makes herself a wallow. Ysa moves over for a few last rubs before she steps aside to allow her lifemate to rest.

From the sands, Once Ella seems to relax after finishing up, Arinith gives off a quiet trumpet to her. Loud enough to show off his excitement, but not loud enough to bother the senior queen. After he's finished situating the last egg, me moves over to the queen to rub against her gently. There's a bit of warbling and some nose rubs before the bronze settles in next to her, content to just look at the eggs for a long while.

Xarra sighs with delight and satifaction. This clutch was just beautiful. Standing, she heads away as ones slowly make there way out of the stands.

"Maaaybe." S'ya says slowly to Aradir, leaning against the railing before bobbing her head. "Well, I had best be going. I am not feeling so well from all this sitting." And she sends a little wave before heading out, already starting that pregnancy waddle. Yay, babies!

Cazai jumps as the device she's been tinkering with gives off a sudden, thankfully muted blat of static. Muttering something rude, she levers herself off the bench, stuffing it into a pocket, and makes her way back out of the cavern with absent, polite nods to people as she passes.

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