Kilaueth's Clutching: March 22, 2008

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.

When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.


From the sands, Onto the sands lumbers the large gold Kilaueth, her dark hide contrasting against the pink-tinted sands of the hatching ground. As she crosses the threshold, there is a loud trumpet from the gold, the sound reverberating through the cavern as she surveys it.

From the sands, Hesketh follows behind Kilaueth at a safe distance, ever the attentive courtier not wanting to anger the gold but ready should she need him for anything.

Myesha is in a rather fast passed conversation with a shorter man at the foot of a set of staircases. Bobbing her head quickly in agreement she gives him a kiss on the cheek as he sets off down the stairs, leaving her alone in the unfamiliar area. Her eyes quickly scan her surroundings and in no time she claims a seat right in the middle of one of the lower rows.

From the sands, It seems that everything has been found to her liking, or else the need has simply overcome everything else, for Kilaueth's soot-colored talons are set to work digging a trench in the center of the sand, pushing sand out of the way.

The news had circulate rather quickly around the the Weyr as Deianeira gets to the Observation Level-the eggs were clutching. Deianeira moved from the steps and began to find a place to sit.

Senkyou walks up the stairs to the observation level, the brownrider has a new set of clothes from the gather and a small spring in her step. Around her neck is a silver chain with a topaz necklace, the brownrider seems not to be able to keep her hands off of it. With Kilaueth on the sands she watches the gold with mild interest, sitting down at the rail with little concern to the others around her.

Alara is simply curious. The quiet Healer, lurking as usual, has decided to follow the crowd and come see the spectacle… Afterall, its a learning experience, right? She sure thinks so, hopefully her mentor will agree.

Kitty makes her way up the steps and then around the top as she makes her way towards the far end. Shes alone this time, course Mionarracth is less inclined to want to watch any event where there are a lot of people. Brushing off some sand that's blown up unto the seats, Kitty settles herself down to watch with a bit of a yawn from the late nights she's been keeping.

T'eo comes up the stairs to the observation level with a little girl, no older than 8 in his arms. "Now you're gonna have to behave yourself… There's lots of people here who want to watch." The little girl nods enthusiastically at her father's words, her eyes gazing about at the others. She spots Lorena and lets out a delighted squeel. "Aunt Lory!" T'eo's eyes tighten shut with a 'well, it was worth a shot.' "Daddy? Daddy, please?" With a sigh, Western's weyrleader sets down the little girl and she runs straight for his sister. "Aunt Lory!"

With hesitation and fascination Heeva sidles up beside Alara and sits tentatively, never taking her eyes of the huge gold on the sands. Her eyes sting as she forgets to blink, not wanting to miss a single moment of this amazing spectacle - she's never seen a clutching before and can't even now believe she's /here/ watching.

Ryski is simply, quite agitated to be /here/ of all places. Especially since he's being..herded..along with a small group of people, most of whom chatter louder than a whole group of firelizards. In his educated opinion, anyway. "This don't got nothing to do with what we were talking about," He grumbles quietly, fixing a glare on the oldest of the bunch. Stupid group study.. A glance is given down to the sands though, before he gives a slight roll of the eyes, tucking himself into a corner seat. In the back, of course.

From the sands, Talons continue to dig until the gold has a satisfactory hole, the sides built up to create what might even pass as a volcano if one was looking for a simple model. And then the gold is moving to hover over it.

Lorena, sitting at the far most seat from the entry, looks up at a familiar little voice. Seeing her brother, she grins before being near tackled by the little girl. "Teila!" She coos, wrapping her good arm around the girl in a big hug. "Have you been enjoying Western?" The girl nods vigerously, prattling off all the things she's done in the past week. Lore listens intently, nodding and smiling while T'eo moves to the railing to look out at the all to familiar Xanadu sands.

Ethne walks up the stairs, with her 6 turn old son and 4 turn old daughter as she takes them quietly over to a good spot to watch the clutching. The Jr. Weyrwoman smiles down to the sands as Arana and Kethalt both sit up eager once again to see a clutching. She gives a polite but quiet nod to most in the galleries. She waves to Senkyou, T'eo and Kitty as they are the most recognizable of the faces to her as she settles down to watch Kilaueth and remembers back to when her Mellonath was clutched.

Alara looks quite surprised as someone settles in next to her. Her eyes widen and she takes a hesitant look at the Heeva before her attention turns back towards the Sands, the shy Healer glancing away.

From the sands, Hesketh takes a step towards Kilaueth, but a well times raising of a forefoot has him backing off once again. A quick glance to the stands to make sure nobody is misbehaving, and he sits down to await her bidding.

Kitty winces a little at the squeal but doesn't make any faces on it as it was more loud than upsetting. It does, however, divert her attention from Kilaueth and she gives a smile and a wave for Ethne as the Jr. Werywoman comes to join the watchers.

Heeva risks looking away from the sands to the woman next to her and offers a brief smile. "Hi, I'm Heeva, apprentice dolphineer" and holds out her hand in greeting and at the same time looking quickly back to the activity on the sands.

Catching sight of all the kids entering the cavern Myesha smiles. "They sure are cute when they're that small." She comments on T'eo and Ethne's charges. "It's when they get older though that the real fun starts." An elderly nanny near her gives a nod in agreement, smiling as she too looks over the children. Myesha's eyes linger on T'eo for a moment longer before moving them back to the sands.

Senkyou has come to the galleries childless, unless you count the one she is carrying. Peering down at the red and white sand that makes up the Xanadu she chuckles as Hesketh waits on Kilaueth. T'eo's entrance gets a small wave from the brownrider. "Well look what we've got here! Heard yur good news." She says to T'eo, smiling just a bit and waving to Ethne.

From the sands, Kilaueth rumbles, shifting uncomfortably as her muscles ripple. The spasms of the contraction ease up, and when she moves from that spot on the sand, she leaves behind a simple stripey egg looking rather alone for the time being.

From a Forgotten Realm Egg
Many would describe this egg as plain — after all it is rather simplistic in its chosen patterning. Five bands of colour stripe the fairly large shell - black, blue, green, red, white - each one resting peaceably next to the other and no one colour more prominent than the next. It is up close that the oddity of the egg becomes apparent, because it's only on close inspection that the variations in colouring can be spied. Each coloured stripe appears to be made up of millions of tiny scales, invisible at a distance and rather unsettling up close — almost as if the shell itself were alive.

Cute? Kids cute? Nah. Course Kitty would be hard pressed to call any kid cute. Afterall, she avoids them like the plague. Internal or external. Of course with the murmurings of others, the first egg is notced by Kitty and she pulls her attention away from those with the scarry little critters known as kids. Not even Mionarracth was that scary.

T'eo looks up to Ethne with a gracious halfsmile, watching her two before his gaze flicks to Lorena and Teila. A comment from a harper apprentice catches his ears and, still leaning on the rail, he looks over his arm at her in curiousity. Erp. She's looking at him. He starts to look away but Senkyou's voice catches his ears and he peers towards her now. "Good news…? Oh! M'iri? Yeah." Smirk. More kiddos. In a contained sort of way. After all, T'eo's a responsible bronzer. There's a surrounding 'ooh' from the crowd which causes him to look back to the sands and see the first egg laid.

From the sands, Hesketh greets this first egg with a proud trumpet. For the moment he remains where he's seated, shuffling his forefeet and clearly desperate to get in and help. But not yet, just in case it annoys Kialueth.

Lorena gives a bit of a giggle but gets Teila's attention directed towards the sands as the first egg is laid. She squeaks and hops to her colorful sandaled feet. "If you go with your daddy you can see better." That's all the prompting she needs before she scuttles over beside T'eo and peers out between the railing. "Daddy! Daddy look! That one's got stripes!" Lorena just sits back and chuckles.

From the sands, Kilaueth turns her head as the first egg appears on the sands, regarding it with a large, faceted eye before she pushes sand back over it, burrowing the striped shell beneath the warm grains, leaving only the gentle curve of the top of the shell visible.

Ryski shifts a bit in his seat, finding a nice section of wall to lean on. It just makes things more comfortable to be able to lean in peace. That way, there isn't chattering on /all/ sides of him, at least. Even if the very wall seems to reverberate with the noise filling the cavern. The commotion over the laid egg gets a little snort from the boy, and he sits up just a bit to look down at the sands. Stripes, huh? "Well that's just weird." He settles back once again, fingers fiddling with the edges of his tunic, attention focusing on a loose thread.

Deianeira watches. "Stripes.." she peers over the railing at the egg. "Pretty, and unique." she says fiddling with her dark hair. "Perhaps a sign of things to come."

Lucky for Myesha her eyes are now glued to the sands as the first egg arrives. "Oh that's a nice way to start it!" She states, smiling brightly at the little banded egg. "Aw, it isn't weird, eggs come in various colors and shapes too." She tells Ryski with a waggling of her fingers. "I'm gonna guess that's a green. Greens first make for lucky clutches they say."

"Who else did yu think I mean?" Senkyou teases slightly, the brownrider smiling and has brightened up nicely. "Though it seems the whole Weyr's having babies." Senk still looks a little uncomfortable around T'eo, her smile faultering and her voice get lower, a near whisper as she says to T'eo "I'm so sorry about the beach, and the incident, I didn't tell L'alie anything. Dulacth kept quiet and all." Though seeing and T'eo has Teila him and L'alie are probably on good terms.

Heeva runs her hands through her spiky hair and remembers to breathe as she stares at the stripy egg. "Didn't know they came in stipes" she murmers to no one in particular though she may be including Alara her comment. "Amazing."

Ryski tilts his head just a bit at being addressed and…waggled at. Narrowed eyes lift to look right back at Myesha, still looking bored with things. "Eggs aren't /shaped/ like anything other than eggs. No color makes anything /lucky/, anyway. That's just dumb." He shifts just a little then, stretching his legs out in front of him as far as they can, without deliberately kicking anyone that might be sitting nearby, at least. "Besides, people say the same thing about bronzes hatching first, and it's not like it /really/ makes a difference. They just use it to make marks off things."

T'eo glances back to Senkyou. "I guess, just having known a while myself, that I figured it old news. Tho no less important of course. And yes…" Wry grin. "So I, er… found out. Thank you." But Teila distracts him. He chuckles at his daughter, reaching down to pick her up again and hefting her up to sit on the railing leaning back against his chest with his arms around her. "No no squirming or you'll be a dragon snack." The little girl giggle. "Naw, daddy. You ain't gonna let me fall!" T'eo snerks. "I'm -not- going to let you fall. Speak properly or no more visits with the crew." Siiiiiiiigh. "Yes, Daddy." "Did you say 'hello' to Wingleader Senkyou?" The little girl peers over his shoulder at Senkyou and beams at her. "Hello, Wingleader Senkyou!" That's my girl.

From the sands, Niva isn't even lucky enough to be told of the arrival of the eggs, for it is only as Kilaueth is burying the first that the weyrwoman appears on the sands, and given her expression she's less than thrilled by the development. Yet, she retreats to the platform, and its there that she settles quietly for the ordeal.

From the sands, In her attempt to bury the first egg to her satisfaction, Kilaueth has already begun to form a second trench rather close to the first, and it is to this that Kilaueth moves, pushing sand this way and that to widen it, and then she's settling over the shallow hole.

Even at Ryski's not so pleasant attitude Myesha is able to keep a smile in place however it does change into a grin quickly enough. "I've seen eggs that are shaped more triangular and others that more boxy but you may be right about the colors. It really all depends on if you believe in luck or not. But you have to admit if it is a ploy to make marks its a rather good one." And she gives the young boy a wink before turning her gaze back to the sands. But in a moment the man she'd be talking with earlier reappears and whispers into her ear. With a torn look she glances back at the sands before following after him.

From the sands, A slight hiss escapes as Kilaueth pushes in time with her latest contraction, letting an egg roll out onto the sands. It is regarded by the gold for a second before she snorts disdainfully at it and leaves it for Hesketh to deal with.

Behold the Pink Book Egg
Perhaps more red than pink, this egg is certainly a sight to behold - if not for the vivid colouring then for the crease that seems to run right down one side of it. An egg with a spine is an odd thing indeed, and the trail of golden flakes that run the length of the crease seem to only enhance the image of this egg belonging more on a bookshelf than on the sands. The thick magenta colouring that coats the rest of the shell glistens as if permanently anointed with oil, a slight ripple in the shell near the base adding to the cream-like effect.

T'eo chuckles as Teila gives a squeal of delight at the -pink- egg. "Ooooooh look Daddy! It's pink! Adie's favorite color!" He sets his head down upon the little girl's shoulder lightly and smirks. "You should tell him about it when he and your mother get back." The girl nods and squirms where she sits. "Do you think it'll be a brown like Adie?" This evokes another chuckle. "I think Xanadu, well, Pern even, only has room for one Adinaeth." Faranth hope it isn't for all their sanities.

From the sands, There isn't even a backwards glance by Kilaueth as she leaves her second egg just sitting - it seems that she's lost her interest in it already. Or, rather, for the time being. Instead she finds a bit of sand that particularly intrigues her, and its there that she begins to dig again.

From the sands, Hesketh hesitates for a time after the second egg arrives, watching and waiting till the coast is clear. As soon as Kilaueth is turned and apparently no longer interested he's there in a flash, gently rolling the egg into it's new palce and heaping sand around it.

From the sands, Soon there is a rather round shaped wallow, and there amidst the pink sands that a more traditionally sand-colored egg is deposited with a ripple of golden sides, and the gold curls around the spot, maternal instincts popping up for a moment.

Plucked from the Wallow Egg
Rather unremarkable, this egg merely appears as if it is a well-shaped section of a particularly secure sand dune, egg rounded gently, not particularly larger nor smaller than the clutchmates with which it sits. And yet, despite the sandy-hues of the shell, within it there is subtle variation - near the bottom the shell seems particularly silty as gray intermingles with the peach hues, like a thin layer of rich soil has been left behind upon the otherwise barren desert. As the shell curves upwards, the coloration lightens, before near the very top it is quite pale, a sun-beached dome with no signs of even the toughest greenery to give a sign of life.

From the sands, With time, it seems that something else is driving the gold, for she's unwrapping her large form from the third egg to hurriedly hide it beneath the hot sands, pushing it away and leaving only a tell tale ripple in the Hatching Ground sands.

T'eo watches Kilaueth drop another egg with his little girl who wrinkles her nose. "That one's boooring." Frown. "Acht! Teila! What have I been telling you?" The little girl sighs. "Not to judge a hatchling by its egg. But daddy, I wasn't! I didn't say the -dragon- was boring." Smart girl. T'eo smirks, and pinches her knees. "Same thing!" He teases as she giggles. "Besides, would you want to hear something of yours was boring? Poor Kilaueth." The little girl looks suddenly concerned. "Did she?" "I don't know… But you should be careful next time." The little girl calls out to the gold. "That one's real pretty Kilaueth!" T'eo lowers his head to hide his laughter, told only by his shaking shoulders. "Daddy are you alright?" "Yeah… yeah I'm fine."

From the sands, If dragons could sigh, Kilaueth very well may be doing so. The struggle of laying the eggs, combined with the heat of the sands, is hard even on a seasoned gold. Wings go out a bit to the sides for balance as she shudders, working at digging just the right trench in a new area of the sands.

From the sands, After a while it — and more importantly /she/ — is ready. Shortly thereafter an egg that seems serene until the dash of black on it is seen is laid. With a tired expression, Kilaueth uses her muzzle to tenderly push it into place, making well sure the warm, incubating sands support it.

Spiral Tower Egg
The soft hues of sunset paint a backdrop upon the curvatures of this egg. The sands blend into the golden orange-reds as they rise from the purple-black clouds. In the foreground, a blackened landscape juts into a cliff, a dash of green moss hither and fro upon the rocky surface. Seemingly a part of that cliff is a structure that rises boldly into the foreground: black, twisted, and decidedly sinister. At odds with the serene scene of a setting sun, it bellows cold and dark out to the lands below.

From the sands, Hesketh follows Kilaueth around the sands, gently adding a little more sand around the eggs that she's settled already. When their paths near he offers a reassuring croon but not physical contact.

T'eo looks up as his little girl gives a gasp at the next egg. "That one's really pretty! It looks like one of those fish you have, daddy!" T'eo nods, watching Kilaueth with a sympathetic look. She is after all the reason he has Raenth. He looks back about to the rest of those assembled, catching Lorena's eye and smirking somewhat. His eyes drift back to the sands.

Like the rest of the people on the observation level at Xanadu, J'rezi take time from his day to come out and watch the clutching. The bronze weyrling stands alone, eyes watching the senor queen as she deposits her eggs. He looks a bit dirty, face streaked with sweat and dirt — the boy must've just ended a weyrling lesson, or something of the sort.

From the sands, With every bit of the previous egg, including the dash of black, disappears beneath the sands, the gold takes a rest, finding an unoccupied bit of sand to settle down upon, faceted gaze watching the eggs that she has produced so far.

Lorena chuckles at her brother and his girl before she too does look about to seeee a weyrling! "Yoou! Boyo! Come this'away and have a seat with me." Yup. Assistant Weyrlingmaster has its perks. Like ordering people around. Or well, weyrlings. "You look a mess… Myra and R'in just let you out?" Yup, cause it's Lory's day off. The loose shirt over a bathingsuit top and wet hair are clear evidence of what she's been doing.

With an easy chuckle, J'rezi brightens considerably as Lorena beckons for him to move her way. His hazel eyes sparkle with delight as he makes his way towards the assistant, "Afternoon!" The greeting is a cheery one, excitement lacing the edges of J'rezi's tone. The boy, still young, can't help but grin at the sight of the new clutch out across the sands. Matter of fact, it's only his second clutch ever seen — apart from his Ciniterrath's!

From the sands, With time, eventually the gold begins to stir again, not yet able to truly rest. And so Kilaueth shifts her great mass back to her feet, the gold beginning to dig here and there with renewed interest.

Senkyou has been sitting quietly, she seems to be talking to Dulacth as her eyes are glassed over. She wears a smile, but perks up as the other new weyrling has come in. Senk scans J'rezi up and down, like she may soon be putting him up for sale then with a tiny flick of fingers, could pass off as a very relaxed wave.

Lorena grins brightly at the young bronzer. "So how're you doing? You an' your bronzer? Hey Matt! Matt, come meet one of my 'lings!" She chirps to her brother. T'eo looks about at his sister and the bronze weyrling, lifting Teila off the railing. "C'mon. We're gonna go sit with Aunt Lory." "But Daaaadddddy! She's gonna lay another egg!" "She's going to… and you can see just as well over there as here." He sets her down and ushers her towards Lorena and J'rezi, passing a glance to Senkyou and smirking. But says nothing. A look conveys so much. "This is my brother, Western's Weyrleader, T'eo. T'eo, one of my weyrling's, J'rezi, bronze Ciniterrath's." T'eo sets down beside the kid as Teila stands befor them at the railing watching.

"We're doing well, thanks!" J'rezi chirps brightly, but his gaze is drawn to the sands as Kiluaeth stirs, digging and restlessly moving about. As Lorena catches her brother's attention and invites him over, J'rezi's gaze is glued to the sands. It isn't until Western's Weyrleader has actually made his way over, and is physically present, that J'rezi pays attention to him. He greets the man with a smile, "Well met, Weyrleader." J'rezi says it confidently, meeting T'eo's gaze levelly, though a friendly smile is stretched across his face. Tearing his eyes away to glance at Senkyou, J'rezi beams brightly and returns her wave.

From the sands, A trench is dug amidst the rest of the eggs and prepared with a rumble at Hesketh as she does so, before the gold settles to lay a particularly metallic-hued egg, an egg that glimmers for a moment before the sand covers the gleam.

Transformed by Greed Egg
The hodgepodge of hoarded metallic hues smattering the shell sets this otherwise ordinary egg apart from its siblings: silver at one end, gold on the other, hints of copper and bronze in between. One notable diversion from this scheme is a golden ring that mars the silvery portion of the shell. The texture across the metallic swaths mimics coins and links, with occasional metallic deviations forming larger circles or goblet-like shapes. Strewn haphazardly across the mingling metallic tones, and further disrupting the texture, are emerald green splotches, sapphire blue specks, ruby red spots, and glittering white speckles.

The wave prompts Senkyou to move, if just slightly towards the group of Lorena, J'rezi, T'eo and Teila. A slow stride, she's in no hurry and she stands near the group. T'eo's little smirk is not missed, and she inclines her head towards her right shoulder shaking it slightly and sighing deeply while rolling her eyes, exasperation. In a quiet tone, as if trying to respect the queen and her laying "Not even on my mind." She says to him before saying to J'rezi with a nice smile for the new bronzerider. "Welcome to Xanadu, you're the new weyrling aren't yu?"

From the sands, A final push of pink sand, and the silver-tinged egg is hidden away, the gold never even giving it another look once it's hidden from view, and rather than protecting it, she treats it with less care than many of the other eggs are getting.

"Igen, right? I think I saw that one." T'eo muses, glancing at Teila who squeals excitedly. He buries his face in his hands a moment. "I told her to keep it down." Lorena smiles sympathetically at him. "She's only 8. Hey… hey Teila, darlin', come sit with me. Awful lonely with these bronzers." Except that Senkyou arrives. But Teila lovers her aunt and scuttles over. "Didja see?? Didja see? It was all shiney and pretty! Like Daddy's Raenth!" There -are- other shinies, but, well, it's -daddy's- dragon. Yup. "Yes I did see." She pulls her one handedly up onto her lap. "Teila, this is J'rezi." "Hi!" She squeaks. Meanwhile T'eo's eyes raise at Senkyou's arrival. "Wingleader, I didn't say a thing."

Senkyou's question recieves a bob of J'rezi's head, an affirmative. "Yep, it's Laera and I from Igen," he says matter-of-factly, eyes darting out to watch Kiluaeth bury the silver-tinted egg. Then his gaze darts to T'eo, scanning his face as he calls to his daughter and introduces her. "Nice to meet you," the boy replies with a warm and friendly smile, quite cheery compared to the melancholy state he's been in lately.

From the sands, Sands shift. They never remain in the same place all of the time. But Kilaueth does her best to ensure that they do. She kicks sand away and even pushes at it with her head to get it to sit /just right/ for her eggs. Small trenches arranged seemingly haphazardly in preparation for the eggs to come.

Lorena gives a bit of a grin watching the boy watch the eggs as intently at Teila. Though with less vocals. "Did you get a chance to see your bronzes egg laid?" That's a funny sounding question. But as Kilaueth starts moving again Teila is up and bouncing towards the railing again. Can't sit still this one.

With a glance to Lorena, J'rezi frowns slightly and shakes his head. "Naw, I didn't see his egg laid. I hadn't been brought to the Weyr, yet — I was still at Fort," he explains a bit lengthily, perhaps rambling a bit. "Did you see yours' eggs' laid?" He asks, peering back at Lorena, and then glancing towards T'eo.

Amarante creeps in to the Observation area for a peek at the eggs. The pale-haired girl tries to stay out of the way of those entering or exiting while retaining a vantage on the sands. She brightens and smiles to see them out there, to see Kilaueth pushing the sands around to make little beds for the eggs to rest on. She sinks into a seat and laces her fingers together in her lap. All the same, one leg bounces excitedly. She just wants a little look at the eggs as they're laid, then she'll get back to the stables. "So pretty," she murmurs to herself a little dreamily.

From the sands, Shifting uncomfortably, Kilaueth busies herself with digging a particularly large hollow, tail sweeping carefully through the nearby sand to create a series of lines that might almost appear to be like a pattern, of sorts. This, however, is quickly forgotten as she settles over the newly made hole, sides rippling and eyes whirling red with effort as her latest creation falls securely into its protective nest with a sentinel's stance.

Imperial Magistrate Egg
Turquoise and cerulean blend in a pattern born of intricacy, bold waves and curves flowing into a picturesque mosaic of aged marble over the shell of this rather large creation of Kilaueth's. Each stroke and line varies from the one that preceded it, creating the impression of soft, dusted blue mountains that meet the swirls descending from the heavens above. Below churns the sea, its once brilliant jade dulled to a faded patina, an echo of dynasties bygone. But the brilliance of the predominantly blue shell is no match for the sudden flare of luminous, sun-touched hue that shines from around the middle of the egg - golden fury personified, undulating shapes take on the forms of guardians of some long forgotten age, furled protectively about the ovoid as if to cradle it in their fiery grasp until they are needed no more.

Lorena nods to J'rezi. "Yep… I was here at the weyr in T'eo's care for that time. Just the same age as you actually when I impressed." She gets a dreamy smile as T'eo becomes distracted. Person coming up the stairs? Could it be M'ir- er…no. It's not M'iri. Sigh. Oh dear. That must have looked bad, stairing at the girl like that. He quickly looks back towards the Sands till Lorena pokes him. "You! You say Raenth's egg, right?" "What? Huh? Oh… yeah." And another squeak from Teila. But one of her friends has been brought up at the two girls twitter at the rail about the bright blue egg that's been revealed.

From the sands, Just as quickly as the last egg appeared, Kilaueth is swiveling to look at it, nudging at it for a moment with her muzzle, rearranging it just so within its bed of sand. And then she's pushing sand around it, leaving the tip exposed.

There are slow steps up to the Gallery and finally arrives, Lyn and her weyrmate Laureate, Laera's parents. The former with her arm in a cast and healing bruises on her head, sutures along the hair line on one side of her face. Pretty poor shape, but she is awake and mobile no way she is going to miss a clutching. "Stop fussing over me woman and find me a seat and I will sit down." Lyn says to her weyrmate as they get to the landing. Laureate does look like she is worrying over the woman, "Well the healer said you needed to be in bed a few more days." Lyn snorts and rolls her eyes and finally just plops herself down on the end of a bench, "My legs work, no reason to not be out of bed." Lyn logic.

Amarante glances from the new blue egg to those who are watching. Not that she people-watches regularly (and she glances away with a ducked head if anyone does look her way, going a touch pink for the attention), but her curiosity is limitless. At least between eggs.

From the sands, Kilaueth seems happy with the state of the sands, for she returns to one of the shallow trenches of earlier, moving to deepen it into a hole, pushing the sand this way and that.

Lorena peers back among the stands to see what T'eo was looking at so intently. Some girl? That's weird. He's not becoming one of -those- bronzers is he? She blames Western, yep. Must have someone over there keep and eye on him. But as Laera's mother and her weyrmate arrive she smiles brightly at the pair. "Rider Lyn! So glad to see you out and about. Your daughter told me you were doing better. I'm so glad to hear it." She gets up and moves over to them to better introduce herself without having to make too much noise. "I'm Lorena, Assistant Weyrlingmaster. They've been doing just splendidly, her and her little blue."

Ryski is, of course, still here in the galleries. Oh yes. Still in that same seat, leaned against the far wall, up in the back. The only difference is, that by this time, the boy has in fact fallen asleep, despite the din of conversation buzzing about in the seating areas. Legs stretched out, arms rest comfortably crossed over his chest, rising a bit as the boy breathes in and out.

T'eo wonders why Lor's looking at him that way. But before he can ask she's up and about to do a sort of 'parent-teacher' thing. That's right, she's got a job now… not his coxswain anymore. But as his eyes move back to his daughter and the sands, they pause on Ryski with a snicker. "Acht, boyo…" He reaches over and wiggles the boy's foot to shake him.

Myesha returns to the observation level, casting a look behind her to make sure no one is following her before making her way up the stairs. She starts to look for her original spot and it is when she catches sight of the snoozing Ryski that she remembers her previous perch and reassumes it. "Poor dear," She comments to a girl about her age as she settles next to her. "Must've gotten bored. Not that I can see how." She adds with a smile before turning her attention now to the sand and begins to look over the eggs she was not able to see clutched.

From the sands, There is a ripple of golden sides, and a low rumble of what may be annoyance to the hovering bronze, but then Kilaueth is settled over the newly made trench. After a much longer wait than many of the earlier eggs, there is another ripple, and then there is an ovoid filling the void, bits of turquoise and royal blue briefly visible.

Smoke and Mirrors Egg
Deep curling gray encompasses this egg, twirling around in a long forgotten dance across the shell and over the top. Along the bottom, glimmers of a pale golden-tan seep through, almost as if one could see the sand itself through the shell; rotund bottom sitting heavily in it's mound as it ascends into colors of turquoise and royal blue. The colors speckle along the gray in smaller dots, giving off an impression of holding their own sort of sheen, like gems hidden in soot filled floors. White intermingles across the mid-section, flowing out in swaying clouds, almost as if wings set against a storm. As the twist and twirl of gray tips to the top, a sudden whorl of darker gray bedecks the surface, much like the formation of a tornado. The twirl ends in a black spot right at the middle of the gray, giving the illusion of an eye staring outwards from the shell.

From the sands, A large nose shifts the latest egg within its wallow, shifting it to stand upright, balancing the grey smoke end as her tail pushes sand around it. And then, despite the time it took the egg to appear, it's hidden away by its dam.

Lyn extends her left arm to Lorena and grins, "Yes the rumours of my demise are greatly exagerated…" She says with a wink even though it was a rather close one. "Of course she is, she is my daughter and blues run in the family." She says with a laugh and scoots up the bench a bit to make room if the woman wants to join them. "I may have to go take a look at them later if they are free. Ain't got to properly look over the little lad." There are eggs to watch right now. "As you can see I go to great lengths to keep my children close." She says with a snort as she raises her casted arm.

Ryski's foot has been /violated/. The boy jerks awake at all that wiggling going on, drawing his leg back and away with a start. "Hey! Don't go grabbin' on people!" Lips purse together a bit, forming an unhappy line as he looks at T'eo, trying to figure out who the unfamiliar person might be. Though he does slowly put the foot back down again, shifting to sit up in his seat. He tilts his head then, looking down at the sands lazily. "Ugh../still/? Come on already.." A look is given around then, trying to locate the group he wandered in with..and promptly finds them, still huddled together and chattering animatedly, with fingers pointing occasionally toward the sands.

As her eyes move over each egg Myesha smiles. "I like the red one, those golden speckles on it really add a nice touch.

T'eo looks up to Myesha as she sits down beside the sleeping boy he's tried to rise. Teila and her friend give girly squeels of glee at another egg on the sands and he looks back once more to give the bedecked greyish egg a curious glance. As the boy wake, T'eo looks back and smirks. "Best be a better example for your weyr then, boyo. No napping on the job. Or at least learn how to sleep with your eyes open." Wink. "Always worked for me."

From the sands, There is a particularly long lull then, as the gold shifts through the sands, actually beginning to fill in a few of the trenches she's made previously. Yet there are still rather awkwardly shaped lumps present on the gold's form, leaving doubt as to whether she's actually finished yet.

As her eyes move over each egg Myesha smiles. "I like the red one, those golden speckles on it really add a nice touch." And she seems to ease up now that she's picked a favorite, leaning back into her seat. At Ryski's protests she turns her head to see the boy, giggling at him. "But it's so creepy when people sleep with their eyes open. It's like you've died." She says with a broad grin to T'eo.

Lorena gives a small chuckles at the woman's left arm should be met but her right, but that's still in a brace with will be for another week. She takes it with her right and shakes it rather gently. Hm. So far so good. She takes the proffered seat nodding. "He's a lovely sort. She tells me he's been a bit clingy. I thought it might just be because she was concerned about you, but I guess it's continuing even while her mood has improved. So it may just be his personality. J'rezi is here, but I suppose she might not have been able to get Kereth to go to sleep to come. It's may day off, you see."

From the sands, The gold has settled down in a untouched dimple in the sands, wings sagging a bit as she settles down, stretching her neck out to touch the nearest of the eggs even beneath its sandy covering, as if reassuring herself its still there.

Amarante taps her fingertips a little. At least her leg has stopped hopping by this point. "It must be tiring," she says with a little nod. "So many eggs…" She looks at the last egg that's come and tips her head a little. It reminds her of the storms at the Hold where she was born. There are a flurry of questions that flutter through her eyes silently, but she remains close-lipped, still fascinated.

Ryski gives T'eo a rather confused look, brows furrowing slightly at the man as he rearranges himself in his seat. "I don't got any /job/ to be napping on." Not many twelve turn old boys do, at least. Though recently knotted an apprentice, he's not in any class, either, given his whole study group seems more eager to eggwatch than anything else. Thus, the boy gives the Western Weyrleader a bit of an eyeballing for the advice, before he turns a particularly acidic look on Myesha. "Yeah, too bad some people won't just go and do that."

T'eo looks again to Myesha and chuckles. "That's only if you get caught. Most people don't even notice." Half-smirk. But Ryski's comments get a frown. "None of that, boyo! Shame on you for speaking in such a way to a visitor. And so long as you are here among so many visitors you have a job to your weyr to be presentable. Or at least pretend to be so." He looks to Amarante at her comment, only just realizing that, yes, this is going to be a large class. Without warning, Teila comes running over and jumps in his lap. "Are there gonna be more, Daddy?" He glances down at the sands. "Looks like, love."

From the sands, Already an egg has caused Kilaueth to move and shift it, for the earlier metallic egg has drawn Kilaueth's gaze for one reason or another. And so the gold shifts enough to remove some of the sand from the top, nudging it a tad with her nose before seeming satisfied and recovering it to return to her dimple in the sands.

So with both lady's in splints, the handshake is just a bit awkward but Lyn manages in the end. "Yeah, she was worried between may have contributed to it too.." She gives a shrug, "I suppose we won't know, I would have prefered her far away then have her go through all of this." She smirks as she raises her casted arm, "Well I would have prefered not have gone through all of this in the first place as well." She laughs a bit and looks down to the sands, "healthy size clutch there.."

Myesha clicks her tongue as she watches the gold grow tired from clutching all those eggs. "Poor thing, but it will probably be over soon. She's got a good number on the sands so far." She says with a nod of her head to Amarante as if trying to reassure the girl. At Ryski's words however she shakes her head. "Oh it's alright, he's probably just grumpy. He did get quite the start from his nap." She says to T'eo, giving a wink to him before turning her attention fully to Ryski. "I guess you've seen too many clutchings in your time?" She asks

From the sands, Kilaueth has settled on that dimple, however, as the resting place for the next egg - as unlikely as it may seem. But, nevertheless as her sides ripple she makes no move to take to one of the deeper trenches, instead depositing an egg with a distinctive starburst to the sands.

Simplicity of Color and Form Egg
Its own inner glow seems to give this timid sapphire orb a drawing warmth. Deep royal blue flushes outward from the base, softening to icier tones towards the acme where a starburst of white appears. Adding to the brightness is a constant appearance of glistening wetness that clings stubbonrly to the surface to add movement and more to the shell that is all a figment of the imagination..or is it. As if added as a second thought to give something more to this eggs appearance is a faint blushing of gold flecks that capture the light no matter which way it is peered at.

Amarante nods at Myesha a little, sending a quick smile her way. "I hope so. I know I'd be exhausted if I had that many little ones at once." She grins a little more and sits up as another egg makes its appearance. She's not too far up the stands, but is as much out of the way as she can get. And still dressed as if she were in the stables or going to them.

From the sands, When the egg that has just appeared dares to move Kilaueth seems quite shocked, for the gold shifts in a hurry, regarding the egg with a look of near disdain before pushing sand around it to stabilize it, but leaving it to Hesketh to finish covering it over.

From the sands, Hesketh rests his snout gently on the tip of this latest egg, scooping the sand around it carefully until such a time as he thinks it's going to behave enough to be left for the time being.

Ryski just manages to look all the more irritated. As for treating visitors nicely, well. That just doesn't seem to be on the menu. Not from the way he glares at Myesha when the girl speaks again. "What the heck is /so/ exciting about watching eggs drop? Tell me that, huh? Or maybe we should let you get nice 'n full of babies, and let half the Weyr wander in while /you're/ trying to push it out. See how great a show it is." No, Ryski just isn't one that tends to follow directions all too easily. He just shakes his head though, making a point of /not/ looking out at the sands as another egg is laid, nose wrinkling up somewhat.

Lorena gives and understanding arm. "No kiddin'… yeeah, I can't say I know how to feel, but just the arm a lone has been obnoxious enough for me." Mmm long story that one. "My brother's been through his fair share of injuries for both of us I suppose." She nods towards T'eo and his daughter, before her eyes move back to the sands for another lovely blue egg, appearing like water. Smile. Water. She suddenly has the desire to go crawl up the rigging of T'eo's ship and sit in her favorite spot. Blast this arm! She would never be against her job with weyrlings… just the arm. "Yeah… what's that one… 8 now it seems?"

From the sands, Now, it seems the gold is ready to return to the proper way of doing things, for she's left the dimple and returned to digging a nice trench near the outer wall, body as close to it as her size allows, sand turned away to her satisfaction.

Arkoss has a very good reason for not having been here earlier, for all that he was eagerly waiting for it to happen. He got lost. Again. And his brand new firelizard was no help either, giving him pictures that meant absolutely nothing to the lad. "Kira." he sighs. "I think you're deliberately misleading me sometimes." the teenager and blue finally arrive in the observation level, and he's just in time to see the seventh egg clutch. "Oh no, I missed the beginning!" he almost wails, but quietly lest the gold decides she needs a clutching snack and pick him out of the crowd for being excessively noisy. The silver-haired guy looks around for friendly faces and sees Amarante, making a beeline for his fellow stablehand. "I missed the beginning." he tells her glumly. "When did it start?"

From the sands, Kilaueth shuffles to hover over this spot in the sand as her sides give another ripple. With some urgency, she digs further into the sand, kicking it away until she's made a sufficient hole. Then, two more spasms of her sides see a bluish egg deposited into the depression, and already beginning to topple in and cover it from sight.

Lyn grins at Lorena and nods sympathetically before turning her head toward the apprentice Ryski, "You say that now, wait till you see a dolphin giving birth…now that is a sight." She says with a wink before looking at the eggs, "And sides…those eggs out there will be dragons someday…and you got to see their start…it is something special."

Shores Of Honah Lee Egg
This egg would surely be overlooked if one didn't expect to see it there. The surface of this egg mimicks the sand it lays in. Single grains of brown and bronze, flecks of gold and white cling to the shell like iron flakes on a lodestone. As unassuming as this egg is, one might wonder if it is a trick of the eye rather than part of the clutch.

T'eo shoots a look at the boy. But Teila beats him to it, watching him with oddly scruitinizing eyes for a 8 year old. "Stop being mean! They're pretty and Kilaueth is amazing… and you don't know nothing about eggs. You're just a -boy-." Blink, goes the T'eo. He has a hard time biting his lip to keep from cracking up. As he struggles with teh expression on his face, he looks back to the sands. "Right Daddy?" Of course, 'daddy' is not a boy… He's a Weyrleader. Big difference to little Teila. "Um… well… yes, love. You're right. Ryski," Will not smile. "don't ruin it for people who enjoy it. If you don't, that's fine. No one's asking you to."

From the sands, Kilaueth hurriedly pushes the remainder of the sand she'd moved so urgently before back over the blue-hued egg with the same haste, a large curve to the ground showing where the egg is hidden.

From the sands, Tail thrashes as Kilaueth seems to survey the sands, finding a particularly barren section of sands in which she begins to shift, creating another large dimple for her efforts, in contrast to the upward curves of where the eggs had been hidden. And then there is another egg joining those already upon the sands.

"Eight little ones, and at the same time, would put me into quite the damper." Myesha agrees with Amarante, bobbing her head happily as she watches the gold at work on the sands, covering her latest addition. At the latest insult from Ryski she seems a bit taken aback, her hazel eyes fixed on the boy before she breaks into laughter. "Well that would be an quite the show!" And after wiping a tear away she continues to talk to the boy, not seeming to phased by his rude attitude. "Well I think clutchings are wonderful, their is just so much going on. And every egg is so unique. You must admit that they are rather pretty. Oh and special." And she gives Lyn a wink, obviously in full agreement with her. At Telia's reaction she can't help but smile and add. "Boys will be boys, right?"

Elusive Wonders Egg
A dark thick cover of a deep forest green engulfs this egg, the color flowing as if viewing a rainforest canopy from high above. The shades swirl in varying shades of green as the surface seems to be changing the farther it creeps up the egg. Small amounts of gold, as if bright yellow eyes were staring out from the canopy, fade into the forest. Light lilac and bright canary yellows blossom and speckle the shell. At the top of the egg the green fades and the shades mix as if the forest has slowly come alive.

From the sands, Is the task complete? Even as Kilaueth pushes the last bit of sand over her egg, she seems to be looking for a place to rest, a place to settle down. Her color has started to fade slightly from the exertions of the clutching.

Amarante blinks and glances over at Arkoss as he comes in all glum. And with his new little blue firelizard to boot. "I didn't make the start either," she says with a shake of her head. "But you still made it, and she's not done yet, so hush and sit." She even reaches up to tug him down with a fierce looking scowl. And then? Another egg! She beams and nods. "See?" she says with a smug look. "Told you so." She settles back again and her head tips just a little bit. "They've been really pretty so far, though," she admits. "Lots of blue colors and pinks and reds…" Her breath catches at the last. "And green, now," she whispers excitedly.

From the sands, Nary a ripple can be seen on the golden sides for a long while, prompting discussion that perhaps the clutching has been completed, and 10 eggs are meant to grace the sands. And yet… still Kilaueth remains moving a bit, never truly settling down.

Ryski tips his head slowly at being scolded by a..little girl, and just rolls his eyes. Somehow, he doesn't find his own gender being thrown at him to be a very biting insult. T'eo does get another look though, a brow raising at the use of his name..that he certainly didn't give. "I'm not ruining it for anyone. She seems just fine and dopey eyed about it to me." Lyn speaking up does have him looking toward the woman, however, tensing up just a little. Erk. "Someone said there's blood all over the place when that happens." Doesn't that sound like an exciting show?

From the sands, Hesketh moves over to where Kilaueth lies, finally daring to give her an affectionate neck rub in a gesture of pride and encouragment.

From the sands, Kilaueth lifts her muzzle, her restlessness seeming to evaporate at the neck rub from Hesketh, crooning slightly as she curls her tail protectively around the closest egg, as if saying, 'look at them all!'.

"There's no way of telling what color a dragon is by the color of the shell." Arkoss tells Amarante firmly. "Except maybe a gold egg." he looks at some of them speculatively. "Not that /that/ would matter to someone like me really." when the gold dragon doesn't seem to move anymore currently, he sighs. "Came just in time to see the ending. Or…is it?" he watches the gold in some puzzlement.

Lorena grins and nods. "I've never seen a baby born, but the dolphins are amazing. My brother and I worked with them a lot several turns ago. I was thinking abbout going into Dolphincraft right before they scooped me up for Search and I impressed Loyauth." And there goes one egg right after another, and little Teila, with a nod to Myesha, hops off her father's lap and runs to the edge to try and see these two before they get covered, Ryski dismissed as a 'dumb -boy-', pft. T'eo can use Ryski's name because he knows it, yep. He was the one who intervened to help the boy when he was very little with his twin sister long ago when there was a death in the weyr. Some crazyu lady. T'eo doesn't remember exactly what was recorded to have happened, but it was him who stepped in and removed the lady from harming the two children. Yes. He knows Ryski, tho Ryski may not remember him.

From the sands, Finally, as time passes another shiver moves over her hide, and Kilaueth scouts over the sand with a snout low to the ground. After a few steps here and another shiver over her gleaming belly, she finds -the- spot and quickly digs. Despite its earlier hesitance, this one won't wait any longer as she steps over the hole. Gold tremors, and a flash of jungle green drops into the sand before being hastily padded over with layers of rosey pink.

Ancient in the Jungle Egg
This egg appears wrapped in dense foliage, twisting about it's ovoid form in a fashion that gives the impression it might have sat there for thousands of turns. The intense greenery is woven about in an intricate pattern, oldest layers in the richest of emeralds, brightening to brilliant spiraling tendrils of lime. The younger layer almost appears to stretch out from the egg, as if you could reach out a hand and pull it off. But the surface is smooth and flat to touch. As one wanders around the egg to inspect this illusion there can be seen small gaps in the layers of vines, exposing the dull brass of tarnished gold. A larger gap nearest the resting base reveals a boldly carved eye with a hollow that once might have held a precious stone.

From the sands, Hesketh brushes a tail-load of sand back up towards the once tail embraced egg, giving it a little extra protection and an excuse to brush Kilaueth's tail with his own before she moves off. He watches her carefully, moving quckly to her side once more as this new egg makes its appearance.

From the sands, Now there is no doubt as to the completeness of the task, for as soon as the last egg is out the gold is retreating to 'her' spot on the sands, leaving her mate to finish covering up the last of the eggs. Wings droop as she settles to the sands, stretching out to watch her clutch of 11 with a protective eye, actually leaving a spot for Hesketh should the bronze desire to settle down as well.

"This is going to be a big clutch!" Myesha states happily as she watches the new egg emerge. "How many so far, eleven?" She asks those sitting near her, her feet tapping the ground quickly. "This place is going to be lively in a few months." And she nods her head as her eyes meet a group of teenage boys who seem to be in agreement with her. "Oh, looks like she through." She says cheerfully as the gold settles down to watch her handy work, and the bronze's work too of course.

From the sands, Hesketh nudges this last egg upright, takes a step abck to survey it, and then nudges it again. Positioned to his satisfaction he buries it completely in the sand, giving it a gentle tap with his nose once he's finished. He takes some time, turning to survey the clutch before giving his attention completely to Kilaueth again. Back to her side he goes, dipping in a bow-like motion before settling beside her, practically glowing with pride. After a moment his tail sneaks across to lie against hers.

Amarante tugs at Arkoss' arm hurriedly. "Another green one!" she says excitedly. And then pauses and looks at him dubiously. "I know you can't /tell/," she replies with a little roll of her eyes. "I'm just saying there are a lot of dominant COLORS to the clutch's eggs. Not what's IN them." She crosses her arms at her chest and eyes the gold for a moment. "I think she's done, though. Eleven. That's pretty big." She looks suitably impressed, too.

"There is some blood but it mostly gets washed away before you know it." Lyn calls back to the apprentice, "Just watching them wiggle out of that little hole then just take off swimming…well it is amazing to watch." She winks at the young lad before turning her gaze back to Lorena and then the sands. "It is really amazing to watch." She repeats to Lorena, "Perhaps I can let you know when Flapper is due iffin you want to see a delivery for yourself."

Ryski does finally heft a long sigh, as the group of apprentices he walked in with, now seem to be vacating the area. With the eggs laid, they have no more reason to be loitering about. The boy shoves himself to his feet then, although he does pause, peering at Lyn with a hint of curiosity, brows lifting somewhat. "That sounds..okay." Because it's not allowed to be /too/ interesting. Not after his rant about dragon eggs. He moves off in a rush then, trailing the older apprentices as they move on out.

Myesha looks over to Amarante and Arkoss, smiling as she adds her own remark in. "I think that way too, sometimes you can just /feel/ what's inside. I've been right about a good number of those guesses too. Go with your gut I always say." Ryski's departure is noted with a smile, amused at his interest in dolphin birth. "I don't think I have ever seen anything be born besides dragons and firelizards." She says, stretching out loudly.

Lorena gives an enthusiastic nod to Lyn, before watching Ryski go with a smirk. Silly boy. T'eo goes to stand, stretching a bit before walking to to his daughter at the rail. "Teila, hun? We gotta go visit M'iri and then get back." The girl gives a grumbly sigh. "Do I haaave to?" "There's nothing more to see and I've got stuff I have to do." He says, crouching down beside her and fondly stroking her hair. "Can't I stay with Aunt Lory?" He shakes his head. "No, Aunt Lory's got a day to herself and she deserves to spend it without worrying about getting you back." Lorena looks over at T'eo. "If you want Matt, I can keep an eye on her while you visit M'iri." T'eo looks relieved and nods. "That'd be wonderful Lore. You going to stay here or-" "Maybe. Have Raenth find me." "Alright." Teila give a squee as T'eo kisses her cheek and heads out to check on his weyrmate.

Arkoss pets the tiny firelizard standing proudly on his shoulder, tail wrapped around his neck. "I've seen a dragon hatching, a firelizard hatching, and now part of a dragon clutching. I don't want to see anything giving birth though." he wrinkles his nose. He looks at the eggs. "Eleven? That is a pretty nice-sized clutch. I read that when there was actually Thread they'd have up to forty something eggs though. It's a good thing they're this size now though, otherwise where'd we put all the dragons?"

Amarante chews on her lower lip a bit and leans forward, focusing more on Myesha. "What does it feel like? When you say you feel what's inside? Just… your first impression? Or do you think about it a while and realize it feels right?" She taps her fingers together a little in her lap, watching the other woman curiously. She glances over at Arkoss for a moment at his comment about clutch sizes, but she doesn't comment. She isn't particularly sure either.

"Oh I think I remember you two." Myesha says, pointing a finger in the general direction of Amarante and Arkoss. "Weren't you at the flit hatching at the weaver gather?" She asks with a grin as their faces seem to reflect that she is correct in her assumptions. "I believe so, they had really big clutches back in those days. I can't even imagine how those golds fared with that many eggs." She says as she examines the already large clutch on the sands. "And I think you just feel it immediately. When the egg hits the sands my mind just immediately thinks of a color. I'm not always right but," And she leans back, shrugging with a grin. "I have been right a good amount of times."

"So do /you/ think there's a gold egg in this bunch?" Arkoss asks curiously. "Some look a little shiny, but there can't be more than one. And yes." he pries the little blue off his shoulder, causing the firelizard to make a faint noise of disgruntled offense, and holds him out. "I got Kira. Still trying to train him, but he eats almost /all/ the time." sigh.

In comes the dark woman, a pale blue firelizard resting on her shoulder with quick whirling eyes tinged with an orange shade. The woman, Zevida, scans the area before making her way to find a seat close to the sands. Her eyes quickly scan the area before she shifts her arm for the firelizard. He moves along easily before settling in her lap. Head tilting only slightly as she hears some of the comments and the woman offers a slight smile but noting more. "A gold, e'? 'ave t'e bets stared?" She asks curiously, her eyes on the eggs and she casts no glance towards any particular person.


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