Busy Breakfast

Xanadu Weyr – Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

Morning dawns over Xanadu, bringing with it a warm humidity that is slowly chased away by sea breezes. The caverns are beginning to fill with folks arriving for breakfast, but this is the early crowd. Those up before dawn and set to their tasks by the time most others are awake. One of these folks might be surprising, since most teenage boys like to sleep until noon. But new habits die hard, and Muir is up before the sun, brooding over a mug of klah and some eggs and toast.

One of those people up before dawn would be the Weyrwoman. Some might wonder if she even bothered going to bed last night. She enters the caverns with a sheaf of papers in her hand and an empty klah mug in hand and heads for where some hot klah can be had. Of course the servers are going to force something to eat on her, so she tucks those papers under an arm, takes the plate they hand her absently and turns to the room. Ah. Son-radar goes beep! She heads for him, places the plate on the table and lowers herself into a chair beside him, fingers brushing through his dark hair briefly. "Morning you. Sleep alright?"

Feeding his little Green Firelizard some fish as he eats his own breakfast of bread, fruits and just a hint of wherry, Garait sits near a corner, staring almost blankly ahead except when the firelizard nudges him making him smile at her and return to the food. He's used to being up early, since that is when most of his duties are as an Apprentice, but he doesn't seem as happy about it today as he usually is. A small wave to those he knows is all they get, no formal greeting this morning, except when see sees the Weyrwoman, who does get a greeting, "Greeting Weyrwoman." Weyrleaders must be addressed properly, no matter what!

Mikal hasn't been up for long, this much is apparent in his sleepy glazed eyes as well as his shuffle from the direction of the resident's rooms. A bright eyed green chirrups cheerfully from where she sits on his shoulders, Elsie's looking quite bright this morning already. "Food…" murmurs the teen and quickly heads to that place where all the food resides. An absent greeting is given to his foster mum as she passes by him on her own path to the kitchens. Once food is obtained he tackles the next challenge which is to find a place to sit. Sweeping his green gaze around he spies the one closest to his age and heads that way. "Heya Muir, mind if I join?" he asks about 10 seconds before noting the Weyrwomen. She's given a quick, if slightly worried, look and a nod in greeting "Morning Weyrwomen."

Muir turns his head when his mom-radar goes off, and he sits up a little bit, straightening his posture and putting on a smile for her. His head ducks just a bit when she touches his hair, but at least he doesn't push her hand away? "Okay," he answers with a little shrug. "How're you?" he tacks on, turning to stare keenly at his mother's face, brown eyes searching. Pulled away from his study of his mother by Mikal, the boy grins crookedly and shakes his head, "I don't mind, sit down. Mom, you know Mikal? He's a Healer, or something. Mikal, this is my mom, Weyrwoman Thea." His brown eyes scan the room and he spots Garait as well, nodding a silent greeting to the other teen.

Warmer weather means a certain greenrider is out prowling about, be it early morning or not. Anoryn has enough Turns under her belt to have routines so deeply ingrained she likely goes on autopilot half of the time. Striding into the caverns, she looks fresh from flying as her long fingered hands work the clasps of her riding jacket and her cheeks reddened by the wind. At least most of her greying hair has remained in it's plait this time, though it helps lend more to the image of her semi-coherent state. Early start or not, the greenrider needs something to wake her up and without a second look to scan the caverns, Anoryn seeks to raid what is available among the serving tables. Once klah and a generous plate has been procured, only then will she dart a casting look with her blue eyes, spotting none familiar save, perhaps, for the Weyrwoman to a slight degree. "Good morning, Weyrwoman," she'll greet formally enough, voice gruff and rather unfeminine. The greeting is echoed for the others gathered in a polite nod, though her mouth twists into a lopsided, faint smile. "Mind another to join in?" she asks, extending it to all as she ponders a spot to slip in.

Uncommunicative, sleepy people staring at nothing this early in the morning is nothing unusual, so Thea merely nods pleasantly to Garait, quirks Mikal a puzzled glance for his worried nervousness. "Should I ask you what you've been up to Young Man?" she asks Mikal with an air of mock severity. Then she smiles. See? She's not so scary, is she? She lifts her mug, her gaze settling on Muir, returning that keen scrutiny. Hmm. Instead of grilling him on what's troubling him, she nods. "I do," she answers of Mikal and then, "Please do. How are the new babies?" That's to Anoryn of the now week-old hatchlings from Seryth and Yarovith's clutch. Only then does she actually glance at her plate to see what the cook put on it.

Duty called at an absurdly early time this morning, or last night (whichever!) and so Tazemi is already up and about, but looking mostly like a shambling zombie. Minus that gross rotting flesh, weird limp and hankering for brains. His eyes are half-way lidded as he walks into the caverns, and bee-lines straight for the klah. He at least to have enough presence-of-mind not to run into Anoryn as the older woman serves herself. Taz is content just to stare at the klah pot, apparently thinking its going to fill a mug for him, until nearly a minute later he finally reaches forward to fill up a mug. And again? Pause. What was next on the list?

Oh how his eyes widen ever so much. Having been working so hard lately at /not/ getting into trouble all Mikal can do is shake his head vigorously and deny everything! OF course he can hardly admit his slightly worried look stemmed from ensuring she's not as…arm, proddy-like as the last time he's been too terribly close to her. "No trouble!" he manages to squeak out. Perhaps he relaxes a bit as he folds himself into a seat along side Muir. Since she's replied to Muir's introduction he merely nods in agreement with her. Nodnod. See his head bobble. Others are noted, including the unfamiliar Anoryn who apparently is in charge of the younger weyrlings the Weyr now boasts. Witgh nothing else to say he digs into his overly full plate of food in which several bits of fresh meat go to Elsie, on his shoulder still.

Garait nods towards Mikal as he enters and considers moving, but a slightly annoyed chirp from his firelizard stops him. Ah, yes more food. Maybe once she's full. He Feeds the firelizard, and then himself, a little more and does take note when the riders enter, particularly the Greens, so he sees when the one addresses the Weyrwoman. No, not his mom, but maybe she's already out or has afternoon duties today. He is close enough to listen into the conversation, and does send his greetings to the rider.

Muir hides briefly behind his klah mug as he takes a sip of the bitter, scalding liquid, clearing his throat and gazing at his mother again. There's a pause, and then the boy just shrugs. Now isn't the time, it seems, as he turns to grin crookedly at Mikal and give his shoulder a little nudge. "Lighten up. How's the firelizard? What's her name, anyway, Nibbles?" Eyes lift and scan around once more, closely watching those that arrive and trying to piece together the people he knows and recognizes, and those he doesn't.

Babies? Anoryn's gaze settles on Thea, lingering perhaps for a hairbreadth too long as the assistant weyrlingmaster's thoughts slowly click. Thankfully she can keep a respectful smile in place while her mind fails for a moment. Runner babies? No. Human babies? Uh, no. Oh right. "They're settling in well. Been only a sevenday, but they're adjusting. Good group, though we'll see how they develop once the new bonds are a bit more set in and the real tests begin." she muses dryly, dipping her head again in polite thanks before taking a seat somewhere at the table, if not awkwardly wedging in between others already seated. Once settled, Anoryn will finish slipping out of her jacket, turning to fold it over the back of her chair before facing forwards and reaching immediately for the mug of klah. Ahh, finally! "Nibbles is an apt name for a firelizard," she'll murmur over the rim of the mug with a slight chuckle as she overhears a snippet of conversation.

If only Thea could recall being proddy. Alas. So Mikal gets a mildly amused look for the squeak, another smile and a "Wonderful! Let's keep it that way, eh?" Clearly teasing him. Her eyes drift across the room, note the handyman over there becoming one with his klah and she lights up. Ah ha! She must have something to repair somewhere! Tazemi gets a beckoning little wave, but as the room is a-bustle, she doesn't lift her voice to speak over the clamor. She'll talk to him when he's closer. "I'm fine," she answers Muir reluctantly when prompted by that shrug. Here, in public, she does seem to be anyway. He is smiled at fondly but the concern for him overshadows the warmth in the pale green eyes. "Have you thought any more about what you'll be doing yet?" Not that she's rushing him, but now that he's too old to sit in harper lessons all day… Her attention is reclaimed after Anoryn recovers from her ill-worded query, the AWLM's confusion wrests a smile from her lips and she nods, pleased. "I'm glad to hear there are no pressing problems." It's a veiled question afterwhich she adds, "I'll be down to see them later. Briefly." Because they're still forming those bonds, she won't stay long. Her glance flicks to Garait then, but his firelizard is behaving, so she doesn't comment save to smile at him.

Tazemi is likely recognizable, it's just no know really seems to know him. He's been around Xanadu for his entire life, and just over the last four turns has he been helping out as a handyman and learning. Thankfully Taz doesn't seem intent on just standing in front of a table, looking at the arrangement like a space cadet. A plate is filled up with all sorts of breakfast-y type foods, and an amount which only a teenage boy can easily put away. While on the topic of food and firelizards, a relatively new-hatched brown comes zipping from the residential area on wobbly new wings. It collides with the side of Tazemi's head, latching onto his ear as it starts up it's piteous 'feed me!' creel while the brown's tail swishes impatiently over Taz's shoulder and back. "Trevor.." Taz all but moans, continuing the zombie facade. "Couldn' you've wai'ed half 'n hour more?" Oh yeah. Slurry speech too. Nope. Not drunk. But a little bowl of scraps of meat is added onto the pile that's his plate as he picks both it and his mug up and turns around, trying to bleerily spy a good place to sit, while his brown is making that racket. In his ear. Loudly. But bleery eyes do catch Thea's wave, and the handyman is doing his zombie-shuffle on over to the table and sliding into a seat at the table, not overly close to anyone, fishing for a scrap of meat to shove into Trevor's mouth so his ear(s) can stop ringing. "Weyrwoman, ma'am." She gets a respectful nod.

Finally! The little green stops bugging Garait for good and lies on his shoulder near his neck, which allows him to pick up his food and drnk to move closer to the group of people now forming around the Weyrwoman. Upon hearing the conversation about firelizard names, he shakes his hea, "Nibbles? A firelizard names Nibbles?" His own firelizard is just a few days old and already starting to be spoiled a little. He nods at the Weyrwoman and scritches his little firelizard's eyeridges as she lays on him. Fairly good and calm firelizard, just don't stop feeding her once you start.

Mikal offers a flash of a smile at Muir's nudge and following words. "S'long as your half sister isn't near." his muttered words are clearly intended for Muir's ears only. "Oh she doesn't normally nibble." or bite. "Yesterday she was just grouchy." proddy. "Today she's back to normal." for now. Mikal grins again, shifting attention to Anoryn briefly as she's now closer. "Naw, I'm older now. Less trouble to get into." is his reply to Thea as he relaxes a shade under her teasing. "Her name's Elsie." comes the almost forgotten comment to Muir's question on the green fire lizard. He too feeds her scraps from his plate as he works on filling his teenage sized stomach.

Muir darts a quick look at his mother and sighs, shrugging and frowning. "I don't know," he says, a sudden fit of irritation taking him as he pushes to his feet. "It's too damn crowded in here," he mutters, taking his mug and turning to stalk moodily out. Poor Mikal's statements are also ignored by the boy, as are everyone else as he leaves.

Anoryn has turned her attentions towards Mikal briefly, though the discussion may not be aimed directly to her, the subject has her curious. "I'd mind that grouchiness," she says in a sort of drawled warning to the boy as her blue eyes drift briefly to the firelizard. Chuckling again to herself, the assistant weyrlingmaster takes another sip of her klah and then sets the mug to the table's surface as she faces the Weyrwoman again. Now there is a seriousness to her eyes, even though her mouth remains quirked into a faint half-smile, half-smirk. "None, Weyrwoman. Though I'll be certain to inform the Weyrlingmaster if I notice anything troubling. Doubtful, mind you. Don't mean no disrespect or anything," and she waves one of her hands in a dismissive-like gesture. She nods then, "Later would be best. They'll be winding down for the day then." Anoryn starts a little when Muir makes his heated exit, frowning though she does not question his behavior — wisely, perhaps, considering his mother is /right/ there and outranks her considerably.

The sound of discussion precedes the people who enter. And who enters? Why, Garawan, of course! From the sounds of it he and another trader are discussing supplies that are needed. Nodding to the other trader's statement, Garawan heads into the caverns, looking around as if looking for something. Or perhaps someone. However, he pauses to smile at those that are gathered.

Thea winces as the creeling draws nearer. She doesn't speak to Tazemi quite yet, she'll give him a minute to stuff the voracious creature clinging to him first. When it's quieter, she asks pleasantly, "When you get a chance, there's a chair with a loose leg in my office. Can you add that to your To-Do list? No rush." Her breakfast is next, the roll with fluffy eggs, cheese, bits of onion, peppers and ham inside bitten. She's savoring that when Mikal mentions Muir's half-sister. He doesn't use a name, but it can be no one else. She gives Muir a sharp look and asks her son darkly, "What's Darsce done now?" His answer and abrupt departure leaves her blinking, lips pressed together in disapproval. He knows better. Her eyes follow his retreat and she sighs, troubled for him. Ah well, she'll have to catch him later. As for Darsce, she can't hide from Thea. The Weyrwoman lifts her klah, nods to Anoryn while sipping. Later this evening, duly noted.

Mikal gives an understanding nod towards Muir as he stomps off suddenly. Chances are he would most likely follow but he's still eating so he endures the growing crowd with some patience. "Was thinking perhaps she was proddy." admits the youth to Anoryn though doubt lingers in his tone. Certainly he's never experienced any dragonkin being proddy around him so he only has his guesses based off years of living in this weyr and before that Ista. "But not so sure now cause she's happy again today." indeed the fire lizard is meticulously cleaning herself, having hopped down to Mikal's lap from his shoulder to do so. Thea's darkly toned question brings a flush to his ears and a duck of his head. Since he wasn't asked the question he's not going to answer it but there's little doubt he was the subject of some flirtatious teasing from the unable-to-hide Darsce. Garawan's not noted yet but that's because his attention is fully on the green in his lap.

Garait blinks as he listens to the conversation at hand, and says nothing as Muir leaves. he sighs then, glancing around and notices Garawan, whom he signals over. Even though they only met a little, it would be nice to have a longer conversation with him. he sips on his drink and eats some more fruit as he continues to listen.

One bite for Trevor to keep him quiet, two bites for Tazemi. It's almost like a juggling act, watching the show, if one was inclined to watch a person eat. Muir's sudden departure receives a quick jerk of Taz's spine and some startled open-eyed blinking. Did he do something? But then he slumps a little more again with a quiet grunt, putting another piece of meat in Trevor's mouth before the brown can continue his creeling with an empty mouth. "Chair 'n your office." There's a pause as no doubt Taz is trying to make a mental note he'll actually remember later. "D'you remember which one, Weyrwoman?" Well, at least his speech is getting a little better, with both klah and most of his plate in his stomach. And he asks, just so he - or whomever - doesn't have to play with all the chairs in her office later. And thankfully as the bowl of meat scraps is gone, Trevor's belly is partially distended, and the brown lets out a soft burp and settles himself down on Taz's shoulder in a sturdy little ball of Nap, talons firmly clipped onto his shirt and tail-end twitching like a napping cat's.

Anoryn dips her head to acknowledge Thea briefly and then the greenrider tucks into her breakfast as well, before the plate of food grows too cold. She is a few bites in when Mikal's comment has her lowering her fork as she swallows, blue eyes turning sidelong to give the boy and the firelizard of his a rather studious look. "Likely." she replies bluntly. "Could be she's in the early onsets of it. Rysith will often begin to behave out of sorts before she glows. Usually the hide is the last of it. I'd keep an eye on your little green, all the same." Anoryn's smile broadens then, but whether or not it's in amusement or simply sympathy and reassurance for Mikal, it's hard to say.

Ohay! Garawan notices Garait's wave, and blinks. Then he smiles, and turns his steps in the direction of the signalling young man. "Hello there," he replies quietly, giving a polite bow. "I saw you waving me over, did you need something?" Now he's got the shrewd-eye look going! Possible opportunity?

That flushing and ducking of Mikal's on the heels of her question about Darsce draws Thea's gaze. She can guess the poor lad has had a memorable encounter with the young woman and her eyes narrow slightly. This does not bode well for Darsce. "Eventually, Mikal, you either learn to just laugh her off or give her back what she dishes out," the Weyrwoman suggests kindly as she rises, mug in hand. Her eyes drift over the gathered, absently noting Garait's quietness and Garawan's arrival. Both are smiled at faintly, but it's clear her mind is running over the list of tasks she needs to get to. "Hmm? Oh! Mine, sorry, Tazemi." Her smile is a touch sheepish. She knows the handyman's name, at least but that's probably been because of Ocelara's reminders. She reaches for her papers, tucks them under her arm, snagging her egg roll-thing last. "I'll see you later, Anoryn," she says as she passes by the woman and heads out in the direction Muir took. Running the humming Weyr can come after she has had a word with her son.

Mikal looks a little worried over the prospect that his guess of Elsie being proddy was actually correct. What's he to do with a proddy green?! One supposes he'll figure it out though. The lanky youth stands, his meal complete. "I should bath her." her murmurs to those around him. Thea's words of advice are heard and mentally stored away for later. He simply disposes of his now empty dishes and veers out of the caverns without another word.

Garait glances around as the Weyrwoman leaves, then shrugs. He nods at Garawan, "I was hoping you'd have a couple of things. I was thinking of getting a gift for someone." He sees the area starting to thin a little, and thinks for a moment before nodding at Garawan, "Did you want food as we talked?"

With food gone, it seems to be the time for the early-morning exodus. Tazemi is no exclusion from that. His plate is clean, Trevor is just about napping, and he has more work to do. Quiet, as seems to be his nature, Taz stands up and gives a little nod to Anoryn, and even the now-retreating Mikal before he's dropping off his own dishes. "Seems like a few things're wobbly around the Weyr today, huh Trevor?" Yes. He's totally talking to his lizard and not another human being. Odd teenager. And with that, Tazemi is walking (like a normal person, now) towards wherever Handyman Headquarters is, muttering to himself repeatedly about the Weyrwoman's office chair.

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